Two Day Antique Sale on
Tuesday 17th & Wednesday 18th October 2017

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1.      A collection of Villeroy & Boch Geranium pattern dinner and tea wares comprising a two handled tureen and cover, two graduated serving bowls, circular bowls with integral stands, oval meat plate, two oval serving dishes, four oval dishes, six dinner size plates, six dessert plates, six shallow soup or dessert bowls, six floral dessert dishes, eight tea cups and seven saucers 80-100
2.      A collection of mainly 19th century ceramics including a Staffordshire spill vase with applied figures flanking a clock face together with a further similar Staffordshire clock group, a bowl modelled as a floral encrusted straw hat, a blue and white printed tankard of waisted form with alpine scene decoration, a Wedgwood creamware crescent shaped supper dish, a candlestick with marbled finish, two further candlesticks, a set of five Ashworth Acropolis pattern plates, etc 30-50
3.      A good quality 19th century dessert set with pierced and gilded decoration to the borders and floral cartouches comprising a pair of two handled circular serving dishes and covers raised on triple scrolling supports and circular bases, a set of three comports of similar form with gilded detail to the centres, together with a set of twelve dessert plates with matching border decoration and gilded monogram to the centre, the plates with printed retailer mark to base WP & G Phillips, Late Chamberlain, New Bond Street, London 80-120
4.      A collection of Royal Doulton Berkshire pattern coffee wares, TC1021 comprising a pair of coffee pots, cream jug, sugar bowl, six coffee cans and six saucers, together with two Lladro groups of children in night dresses, a Waterford white glazed Garden of Powerscourt pattern vase and an oriental blue and white bowl with 6 character mark to base and painted floral decoration 30-40
5.      A quantity of Wedgwood Mirabelle pattern dinner wares comprising a pair of two handled tureens and covers, a pair of sauce boats and stands, two oval serving dishes and two oval serving plates, nine dinner size plates, nine dessert plates, nine dessert bowls, nine side plates, nine soup bowls, nine saucers and a small circular dish 50-70
6.      An early 19th century dessert service by Grainger, Lee & Co with painted and gilded floral decoration in the Imari manner comprising a pair of leaf shaped serving dishes with rustic handles, two further serving dishes and eight plates with painted pattern number to underside 1492 80-120
7.      An extensive collection of Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern dinner, coffee, tea and other wares comprising a pair of two handled tureen and covers, sauce boat and stand, two oval graduated meat plates, twelve dinner plates, twelve dessert plates, twenty five side or tea plates, eleven soup bowls and twelve saucers, a pair of condiments, two graduated coffee or hot water jugs, a small tea pot, three milk or cream jugs, three sugar bowls, a cake plate, two tier cake stand, jardiniere, fourteen tea cups, fourteen tea saucers, twelve coffee cups and twelve coffee saucers 200-250
8.      A reference collection of late 18th and early 19th century tea wares of various designs and including examples in the Imari manner comprising tea cups, coffee cups, tea bowls and saucers, etc, together with a set of six 19th century Derby side plates in the Imari manner, four matching saucers, etc 50-70
9.      A quantity of Wedgwood Ferrara pattern blue and white printed tea wares comprising a pair of cake plates, milk jug, cream jug, slop bowl, twelve cups, twelve saucers and twelve tea plates, together with further blue and white printed wares including Wilkinson Ltd Ko-Shan pattern dinner wares including a pair of tureens and covers, sauce boat, three graduated meat plates, etc Copeland Spode Italian pattern blue and white printed wares including a pair of circular serving bowls, an outsized cup and saucer inscribed Auld Lang Syne, etc 50-70
10.     A 19th century Coalport type dessert service attributed to John Randall, with central painted ornithological decoration showing exotic birds amongst foliage within moulded and shaped borders with gilded stylised floral decoration, comprising a pair of low comports and eight dessert plates, together with a further matching plate with native bird painted detail to the centre 80-120
11.     A pair of early 20th century Hungarian two handled vases of reticulated form in the Zsolnay Pecs manner with polychrome painted and gilded stylised floral decoration, with faint impressed marks to base and printed marks L Fischer, Budapest with impressed numbers 873, 40cm tall 200-220
12.     A reference collection of late 18th and early 19th century tea wares of various form including examples with polychrome painted floral sprigs and spray decoration, transfer printed examples, examples with painted landscape detail, examples in the chinoiserie manner, etc and including tea cups, tea bowls and saucers, etc together with a 19th century Derby green ground vase with polychrome painted and gilded decoration in the chinoiserie manner with printed mark to base, 12cm tall approx, etc 50-70
13.     An extensive collection of Johnson's Brothers Indies pattern wares including a pair of tureens and covers, a pair of sauce boats and stands, three oval graduated serving plates, a pair of oval serving dishes, a pair of condiments, a rectangular serving dish, butter dish and cover, thirty seven plates (four sizes) eighteen soup or dessert bowls (two sizes) six two handled soup bowls, six saucers, coffee pot, two milk jugs, two sugar bowls, ten tea cups, fifteen saucers, breakfast cup and saucer 50-70
14.     A good quality 19th century dessert service with central painted landscape panels within green and gilt moulded and pierced borders incorporating fruiting vine detail comprising a pair of shaped serving dishes and eight dessert plates 60-80
15.     A 19th century Berlin high comport with polychrome painted garland of leaves and flowers incorporating miniature figures of fairies within a gilt border with printed KPM and sceptre mark to base 40-60
16.     A late 19th century Doulton Lambeth stoneware jug of tapering form with painted and moulded stylised floral and foliage detail in tones of blue, mauve and brown, with impressed marks to base number 1876 and incised monogram, 24cm tall together with a Royal Doulton Kingsware flask showing a Dickensian scene with Mr Pickwick, with printed mark to base, 19cm tall 40-60
17.     A pair of 19th century Staffordshire figures of male and female musicians accompanied by dogs, together with a Staffordshire box and cover in the form of a lady in a crimson dress, a further small 19th century figure of a girl carrying a lamb and a 19th century two handled bowl with landscape panels against a blue and gilt ground 30-50
18.     A six place Royal Albert Masquerade pattern tea set including milk jug, sugar bowl, cake plate, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates 30-40
19.     A 19th century French box and hinged cover of shaped circular form in the Sevres manner with painted panel in the Watteauesque style of lovers in a landscape, with signature Auque within a blue and gilt ground with gilt metal mounts and with painted Sevres type mark to base 30-50
20.     A boxed Moorcroft limited edition vase and cover in the Bullfinch Blues pattern 401/5 designed by Kerry Goodwin and produced for the RSPB, with painted design of Finches and Teasels and with printed and painted marks to base and dated 2014 edition number 58/60, 16cm tall approx 150-200
21.     An unusual Moorcroft two handled box and cover of four sided form designed by Philip Gibson in the Swaledale sheep pattern, with painted and moulded decoration of sheep, lambs and a sheep dog in a landscape setting, the cover with oak leaf and acorn detail (boxed) with impressed and painted marks to base, dated 2007, 18cm tall approx 80-120
22.     A large 19th century Staffordshire figure of a man holding a bird of prey and accompanied by a red and white spaniel, raised on a base with gilded leaf detail, 41cm tall 30-50
23.     A collection of Royal Albert tea wares with green glazed finish comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, pair of cake plates, ten tea cups, ten saucers and ten tea plates, together with co-ordinating Carlton ware tea and coffee wares in the art deco manner comprising two coffee or hot water pots, two cream jugs and a two handled sugar bowl and cover 30-50
24.     A reference collection of mainly early 19th century teawares including examples with painted floral sprays on a blue and gilt ground in the Coalport manner, further floral decorated examples, etc together with a mid 19th century jug in the Coalport manner with relief moulded and painted floral sprays, a pair of similar oval dishes, square shaped dessert dish, etc 50-70
25.     A collection of 19th century and later Staffordshire wares including a pair of figures of children catching rats, both raised on oval bases with moulded leaf design, a pair of ink wells with figures of recumbent greyhounds, further model of a standing greyhound, two money banks in the form of cottages, two further cottage groups, a model of a witch riding on a goose, etc 40-60
26.     A collection of mid 19th century tea wares with gilded fruiting vine detail comprising tea pot, covered sucrier, slop bowl, milk jug, pair of cake plates, twelve cups (two sizes) and twelve saucers 40-60
27.     A pair of late 19th century Masons ironstone plates with blue and gilt floral decoration, together with a Masons Mandalay dish, a Poole pottery jug pattern number 459, a Carlton ware green ground jug with moulded and painted leaf detail, etc 25-30
28.     An extensive 19th century dessert service by Ridgway with painted central panel of fruit within a shaped and pierced green and gilt border comprising a high comport, four medium comports and four low comports, together with sixteen plates, some with painted number to base 6595 150-200
29.     A late 19th century Hungarian ewer by Zsolnay Pecs with painted and gilded floral decoration and handle modelled as a dragon, in the oriental manner with printed mark to base, 26cm tall approx together with a similar unmarked example with sponged gilt decoration of a dark red ground, also 26cm tall approx 150-180
30.     A Beswick model of a huntswoman in black habit on brown horse leaping a fence, with circular printed mark to base, together with a Beswick hound 80-100
31.     A boxed Moorcroft limited edition vase designed by Nicola Slaney, commemorating the Queen's Jubilee, the design incorporating roses, thistles, daffodils and shamrocks, with signature to base and edition number 481, 11cm tall 80-120
32.     A Moorcroft vase of squat form with drawn neck and with raised and painted hibiscus decoration in red, mauve and yellow, with painted signature to base and painted label, Potter to the Late Queen Mary, 10cm tall approx (together with a later box) 60-80
33.     A pair of tall Royal Doulton vases of tapering form with moulded and painted rose and leaf decoration on a mottled blue and purple ground with impressed marks to base and impressed numbers 716, 33cm tall approx 50-70
35.     A Maling blue ground lustre fruit bowl with butterfly detail to the interior and dragonfly and other insect border to the exterior and with printed mark to base number 4069, 27cm diameter 30-50
36.     An extremely extensive late 19th and early 20th century Royal Worcester dinner service with printed and infilled chinoiserie floral detail in pink, turquoise, green and red including sauce tureen, cover and stand, further cover and stand, 21 crescent shaped serving dishes, in excess of 270 further plates, soup plates, etc in various sizes, 35 cups and 34 saucers, etc 200-300
37.     A late 19th century S Fielding & Co presentation plaque of shaped scrolling and pierced form with printed and infilled panel of a large country house inscribed, Trentham Hall, Staffordshire, The Seat of his Grace The Duke of Sutherland, with further printed inscription verso, with the compliments of S Fielding & Co, Railway Pottery, Stoke on Trent, Xmas 1893, 48cm approx 30-50
38.     A large Belgian Boch vase and cover in the Delft manner with blue and white printed floral decoration and with Dog of Fo knop to the cover and printed mark to base, Made for Royal Sphinx, 48cm approx 20-30
39.     An early 20th century Royal Dux table centre piece with applied figures of female characters standing beside an outsized orchid and raised on a two sectional asymmetrical base with further floral detail, with raised pink triangle mark to base and impressed numbers 647, 40 cm high approx 120-180
40.     A pair of large early 20th century Royal Dux figures of male and female water carriers, both in middle Eastern style costume and both raised on circular bases with leaf encrusted detail and both with moulded deep triangle mark to base and impressed numbers 999 and 1000, maximum height 61 cm approx 150-200
41.     A large lamp base with celadon type glaze and brass fittings including double bulb aperture, with cream shade, 100cm including shade, together with a pair of vases with celadon glazed finish, 7cm tall, a large late 19th century ceramic figure of a Japanese woman in ornately decorated robes, 55cm tall, also together with a blanc de chine type figure of a seated deity, 70cm tall 50-80
42.     A pair of substantial oriental blue and white vases and covers with painted flowering tree and flower decoration and Dog of Fo knops to the covers, 64cm tall total approx 80-120
43.     A boxed set of Palissy coffee wares comprising six coffee cans and six saucers together with further ceramics including a Royal Doulton South African series charger - Giraffes, a Royal Copenhagen charger with classical scene decoration, 19th century dessert wares with landscape and floral decorations on a duck egg blue ground comprising comport and three plates, a pair of Royal Worcester dessert plates with floral sprays, further Royal Worcester dessert wares, Royal Albert floral plates from the Queen Mothers Favourite Flowers series, a 19th century oriental plate with imari type decoration, etc 40-60
44.     An extensive collection of Masons Regency pattern wares including two oval graduated meat plates, a pair of oval two handled tureens and covers, gravy boat and stand, sauce boat and stand, condiments set, circular serving bowl, tea pot, coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, fifteen cups (three sizes) fourteen saucers (different sizes) eleven tea plates, four two handled soup bowls and saucers, etc 50-70
45.     A collection of mainly 19th century miniature dolls tea wares including floral printed examples, pink ground examples, green printed examples, Hancock & Sons Fums Up wares including jug and bowl, a pair of cups and saucers, etc together with two miniature glass liqueur sets with painted floral detail and a collection of Torquay wares including miniature tea wares, etc 40-60
46.     A 19th century punch or fruit bowl in the 18th century manner with blue scale ground and painted floral and bird cartouche to the exterior and with further floral and bird detail to the interior, 29cm diameter 60-80
47.     A pair of early 19th century Staffordshire type models of sheep with bocage together with two similar pairs of recumbent sheep with shredded clay fleeces and gilt anchor marks to reverse and a further pair of similar models of recumbent sheep with floral bocages 60-80
48.     A pair of 19th century continental tin glazed earthenware vases and covers, 17cm approx, together with an early 20th century novelty nodding ornament of a kneeling oriental boy, and earthenware type figure of a classically draped character together with a pair of continental alabaster figures of a monk and a man in reading contemplation, 29cm max 20-30
49.     An oriental dish of rectangular form with pierced border decoration painted in gilded Imari type detail and six character mark to reverse, 28 x 24 cm together with a matched pair of early 20th century oriental blue and white chargers with crackle glazed finish, relief moulded borders and painted blue and white landscape bird and floral detail, 31 cm diameter approx 50-70
50.     A collection of four Hummel figures of children, two Beswick Beatrix Potter figures of Mr Benjamin Bunny and Appley Dapply, both with gold back stamps to base, a Shelley Tall Trees pattern cream jug, pattern number 11678, a Lladro figure of a child in a nightdress, a Nao group of kittens in a box and a further similar figure of a child holding a teddy bear 30-50
51.     A collection of Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge wares comprising a set of four seasons plates, a further plate - The Snow Ball and Autumn cup and saucer 20-30
52.     A Royal Doulton figure of Polly Peachum from the Beggars Opera HN549 together with a further miniature figure of the same subject mounted as a book end 30-50
53.     A pair of Royal Worcester blush ivory dessert plates with shaped borders and floral detail and with puce printed marks to base, together with a Wedgwood tray of oval form with blue and white classical figure decoration, a set of eight Spode Italian pattern tea plates, a small oriental polychrome vase, a Gobel model of a robin and a Derby Mikado pattern dish 30-40
54.     A Royal Doulton figure of Flora, HN2349 together with two further figures of Diana and Denise. 30-50
55.     An early 20th century Hungarian Zsolnay Pecs bottle shaped vase with moulded and painted scrolling decoration in cream, brown, blue and gold and with impressed number to base 2737 and further impressed marks, 26 cm tall, together with a similar Zsolney Pecs jug with relief moulded figure decoration and impressed numbers to base 2937 13 cm high approx
56.     A 19th century majolica punch bowl by Joseph Holcroft with moulded and painted water lily and fern decoration to the exterior against a brown ground and with turquoise glazed interior and with impressed J Holcroft mark to base, diameter 35 cm approx 30-50
57.     A collection of late 18th and early 19th century English ceramics including an 18th century creamware tea bowl and saucer with painted floral sprigs, a late 18th century creamware drainer with pierced border and raised on three fluted supports, a Wedgwood dish with painted and gilded stylised floral decoration and impressed marks to base, a matching similar dish, both in the chrysanthemum pattern, a Wedgwood supper dish and cover of crescent shaped form, a fluted bowl in the Worcester manner with blue painted floral sprigs etc 80-120
58.     A collection of oriental ceramics including a blue and white painted cache pot with painted landscape decoration incorporating fishermen, fishing boats, etc 14 cm high approx, an Imari type dish with dog of fo decoration to the centre, a polychrome painted bowl with male and female character decoration, etc 40-60
59.     A 19th century Parian figure of a classical style male character holding a pipe and wearing an animal skin around his shoulders, raised on a circular base, 41 cm tall, together with 2 small Chinese planters 30-50
60.     A collection of early 19th century and later tea and other wares with painted and gilded Imari pattern decoration including early 19th century cup and saucer with ring handle and pattern number 240 to base, Derby cup and saucer with painted mark to base and painted number 28, further Derby plates, two Royal Crown Derby cup and saucers with ring handles pattern number 2451 together with matching saucer, etc 50-80
61.     A pair of early 20th century two handled vases with swan decoration, a further continental vase with classical figure detail, a Royal Albert Moss Rose pattern coffee pot, further tea and coffee wares, etc 25-30
62.     A 19th century Staffordshire arbour group, a collection of Japanese eggshell porcelain tea wares including tea pot, covered milk jug, covered sugar bowl, 6 cups and six saucers, further ceramics including dressing table set with printed floral decoration, etc 25-30
63.     Royal Albert Gossamer part tea service with 6 cups, 6 saucers, 6small plates, milk jug and sucrier with coloured mottled finish and gilt highlights 30-50
65.     A 19th century Della Robbia dish with painted green strapwork style decoration on a brown ground and with painted ship mark to base with initials BR and inscribed Enid, 20 cm diamter 60-80
66.     A Poole Pottery red ground vase of ovoid form with drawn neck and with stylised poppy decoration, moulded mark to base and initials VH, 13 cm tall approx 25-30
67.     A 19th century Capodimonte figure of a classical style female figure representing time and holding timepiece in her hand, decorated in gold on a white ground and with crowned M mark to base, 20 cm tall 80-100
68.     An early 19th century Derby figure of a male character in 18th century style costume, his jacket decorated with playing cards to one side and raised on a circular base with scrolling detail and red painted mark to base, 20 cm tall 50-80
69.     A late 19th century satsuma vase of ovoid form with polychrome painted and gilded decoration of male figures and with black and gilt seal marks to base, 15 cm tall 30-50
70.     A collection of Sylvac figures of dogs including a humorous stylised model of a seated spaniel with a barrel, number 241, a terrier with injured paw number 1433, a further seated terrier 78504? and also together with a Sylvac model of a pair of kittens in a basket, number 1296 30-50
71.     A Royal Doulton flambe vase with drawn neck in the Woodcut pattern number 1612, printed impressed numbers to base 1612, 20 cm tall 50-80
72.     Two Royal Worcester jugs from the 250th anniversary collection - Kingfisher Barrel and Wigornia Cream Boat, together with a Halcyon Days enamelled trinket box and cover in the form of the Royal Albert Hall, Halcyon Days Winnie The Pooh enamelled musical box, further enamelled trinket boxes and a Staffordshire enamelled brass cased clock of hexagonal form with London landmark decoration, a Herend model of a sand dollar, etc 25-30
73.     A late 19th century Wedgwood creamware type pot pourri basket of circular form with ridge moulding and with painted fruiting vine detail and fitted with a pierced cover and with impressed marks to base and painted number C3972, 12 cm high approx 30-40
74.     A small 19th century Delft model of a goat-like animal with blue and white painted floral decoration and painted monogram AG to base, 10 cm high approx 30-40
75.     A Royal Worcester figure of Saturday's Child Works Hard For a Living in the form of a little girl knitting and accompanied by a cat, black printed mark to interior number 3262 30-40
76.     A Royal Doulton figure of Pickwick HN556 40-60
77.     A Ruskin pottery vase of cylindrical form with speckled brown glaze and with impressed marks to base Ruskin and dated 1922, 10 cm high approx 30-50
78.     A Pilkington's Royal Lancastrian vase designed by Annie Burton and with blue painted stylised floral decoration on a dark green ground and with further lustred highlights and with printed and impressed marks to base, numbered 2783 and with further painted capital B mark, 10 cm tall approx 150-200
79.     An early 19th century miniature Brameld Rockingham model of a recumbent sheep with impressed mark Brameld to base and inscribed number NO109, 4 cm long approx 80-100
80.     A fine quality 18th century continental trinket box with hinged cover and with well detailed painted river landscape, harbour scene and figures to the exterior of the lid, the sides and the base and with further painted Watteausque type panel to the interior of the lid incorporating a gentlemen musician entertaining two ladies, with gilt metal mounts, 8 cm diameter approx 300-500
81.     A 19th century figure of a Mansion House dwarf, in the Derby style, wearing a pink hat with yellow underside inscribed Two Small Cottages to be Let and with decorated waistcoat and raised on a circular base, 14 cm tall 80-120
82.     A 19th century Chinese eggshell porcelain tea bowl and saucer with famille rose floral figural decoration, saucer diameter 10 cm approx 80-100
83.     A Chinese bowl with polychrome painted dragon and flaming pearl detail and six character mark to base, 11cm diameter 80-120
84.     A boxed Moorcroft vase in the Cherry Blossom pattern and graduated red ground, with impressed and painted marks to base, dated 2010, 8 cm high 40-60
85.     Two Royal Worcester figures both designed by F G Doughty - Scotland 3104 and England 3075 30-50
86.     A pair of 19th century continental leaf shaped dishes with polychrome painted decoration to the interior, exterior and underside, the handles modelled as flower stems, 16 cm long 40-60
87.     A 19th century Meissen blue ground loving cup with good quality painted panels, one after Watteau and the other with a floral spray, with crossed swords mark to base, 8cm tall together with a 19th century Meissen type jug with painted pink and gilt floral sprigs and sprays and corn-stook with crossed swords mark to base, 10cm tall approx also together with a 19th century continental tea bowl with painted floral sprays and shield shaped mark to base, 8cm diameter approx 80-120
88.     A good quality 19th century Meissen bowl of circular form with painted panels in a Watteauesque manner of a woman and child in a landscape setting, the child holding a bird and another scene with the older child releasing the bird from its cage, with further floral sprigs and insect decoration, blue crossed swords mark to base and gilded number 34, 11cm diameter approx 80-100
89.     A large 19th century salt glazed novelty flask modelled as Jonny Souter wearing a bow tie and night cap, 28cm high 300-350
90.     A John Mortlock & Co of London salt glazed Lambeth type jug dedicated to Benjamin Disraeli Earl of Beaconsfield, centrally fitted with an embossed plaque bust of Disraeli, flanked by inscriptions of quotes, with sterling silver handle and borders, 23cm high 200-300
91.     A 19th century George Jones majolica cheese dish and stand in the form of a wheatsheaf with typical sky blue interior glaze, date mark for 1872 and monogram to base, 36 cm high approx (AF). 60-100
92.     A matched pair of 19th century Dresden bottle shaped vases and covers, both with alternating Watteausque style panels and floral panels, one on a pink ground and one on a turquoise ground, both with painted Dresden marks to base and numbers 157, 34 cm high approx 50-70
93.     An early 20th century Barum of Barnstaple green glazed vase with asymmetrical handles and stylised fish decoration and incised mark to base, 15 cm tall, together with a pair of Royal Stanley ware Vine pattern vases, 23 cm tall approx, 33 graduated Falconware floral moulded jugs, a Clarice Cliff relief moulded bowl with buff coloured glaze, etc 25-30
94.     A 19th century continental table centre in the form of an oval pierced basket with floral encrusted decoration raised on a floral encrusted and scrolling stand with applied figures of a classical female character and cupid, 55 cm tall approx 50-60
95.     A quantity of Wedgwood blue and white printed willow pattern dinner and teawares including 14 dinner size plates, 12 soup plates, 11 dessert dishes (2 sizes), teawares, etc 50-70
96.     A Carnation pattern art deco two handled box and cover with floral decoration, three Bristol pottery Taunton Cider blue ground mugs, three oriental blue and white pierced vases of hexagonal form, etc, together with further items including silver plated chamberstick, an oil lamp, a leather cased tape measure, a boxed Comet camera, corkscrew, etc 30-40
97.     A collection of Royal Doulton Sherbrooke pattern wares including six coffee cans and saucers, teapot, two tea cups and two saucers, together with further ceramics including a yellow ground Burleighware jug with squirrel handle, an Avonware Fat Boy jug, two novelty teapots including The Rovers Return Inn, etc 20-25
98.     A collection of Royal Worcester ceramics including a limited edition figure group, Safe At Last, a boxed Royal Worcester candle snuffer to celebrate the millennium, a charger from the Art Deco collection in the Blue Lagoon pattern, etc, together with ceramics including a Royal Doulton figure of Marilyn HN 3002, an oriental blue and white dish of oval form with male character decoration, etc 30-50
99.     A Noritake two handled vase with painted Egyptian style scenes incorporating camel and rider, pyramid, etc with printed marks to base, 19 cm tall, together with a twelve place Kokura Japanese tea service with desert theme decoration 25-30
100.    A quantity of 19th century blue and white painted asiatic pheasant pattern dinnerwares including seven various graduated meat plates, tureen and cover, further tureen base and cover, etc 25-30
101.    Two Royal Doulton figures, Autumn Breezes HN1934, and Joanne HN3422, a Nao figure of a girl with bird and a further Nao figure of a swan, two Valencia figures, a collection of blue and white printed wares including Spode Italian pattern dishes, six small tea plates, pair of napkin rings together with a Spode Blue Room woodland pattern plate, small collection of glassware including finger bowls, drinking glasses with hunting scene decoration, a cased set of silver plated teaspoons and tongs, further plated wares, etc 30-50
102.    A quantity of Japanese eggshell porcelain wares including blue ground coffee wares with dragon decoration including coffee pot, covered sugar bowl and milk jug, a tea service with polychrome painted and gilded female character decoration including teapot, covered sugar bowl and milk jug, further teawares with gilt sailing boat decoration, etc, together with a Royal Doulton figure The Old Balloon Seller HN1315, a Tony Wood Staffordshire teapot in the form of The Mad Hatter and a Wood & Son Toby - Betsy 30-40
103.    A vase in the oriental manner with crackle glazed finish and elephant head handles, 52 cm tall approx, together with a tall blue glazed bottle shaped vase, a humorous ceramic model of a duck, reproduction oriental jardiniere with spiders web detail, Italian serving dish with seafood detail, two matching bowls, etc, together with a quantity of kitchen related items including set of scales, various turned wooden examples including vase and dish, etc 30-40
104.    A collection of Royal Worcester floral teawares comprising teapot, milk jug and a trio, together with further decorative teawares including slop bowl and trio, together with a Shelley Melody pattern chintz teapot, various cups and saucers and trios including Tuscan china, Aynsley, Foley china and other examples, together with a teapot in the form of a blue and silver lustred racing car 50-80
105.    A collection of Royal Albert Kentish Rockery pattern teawares comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, cake plate, five tea cups, six saucers and six tea plates and six tea cups, together with a small collection of St Michael china Shrewsbury pattern teawares 30-50
106.    A Coalport strawberry set with printed floral decoration and incorporating a sugar bowl and cream jug, a collection of Noritake teawares including milk jug, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates, a collection of small ceramic animals including Beswick model of a recumbent Chiuhuahua, Wade examples, etc 25-30
106A.   A collection of Bisto Almaz pattern dinner wares including an oval meat plate, a pair tureens and covers, pair of sauce tureens and stands, etc together with three cream glazed jelly moulds and a small collection of Foley china coffee wares with silhouette decoration against a yellow ground comprising six cups and six saucers
107.    A small 19th century white ground jug and basin set with red and black printed border decoration with retailer mark for John Mortlock of London and impressed Wedgwood mark to base, together with a pair of Wedgwood dessert plates with shaped borders, and floral detail 50-70
108.    A 19th century Majolica dessert plate, probably by George Jones with relief moulded and painted strawberry leaf and blossom decoration on a turquoise ground and reserved panel to reverse with painted number 3363 together with a Beswick Turquoise Cathay pattern vase, 18cm tall, a small collection of Susie Cooper coffee wares comprising a pair of coffee cans and saucers, a milk jug and sugar bowl, etc together with three glass tumblers with painted floral and insect decoration 30-50
109.    A collection of ceramics and glass to include three 19th century graduated jugs with Kaolin pattern oriental style character decoration, a Losol ware jug and basin set in the Chusan pattern comprising jug, basin, pair of chamber pots and a toothbrush jar, further decorative ceramics including Wedgwood Jasper wares, Royal commemorative wares, etc also together with a 19th century cranberry glass ewer and stopper and bowl with swagged detail 30-50
110.    A quantity of Johnson's Brothers dinner wares with printed leaf sprays against a yellow ground comprising two oval graduated meat plates, a tureen and cover and further tureen base, sauce boat and eighteen plates (three sizes) together with further Johnson's Brothers Snow White pattern dinner wares including a pair of tureens and covers, two oval meat plates, sauce boat and stand, etc also together with a Myott Sandhurst six place coffee set 25-30
111.    A collection of 19th century Royal Worcester pink bordered dessert wares with painted floral and heather sprays comprising a pair of high comports, a pair of low comports and eight plates 40-60
112.    A quantity of Spode Italian pattern blue and white printed wares including a cake stand, circular serving plate, tureen and cover, preserve pot and cover, covered sugar bowl, seven cups, nine saucers and nine tea plates, six soup plates, etc together with further blue and white wares including three Abbey pattern shredded wheat dishes, a blue and white banded T.G. Green Cornish Kitchen wares storage jar and cover, heavy cut glass bowl, etc 40-60
113.    A collection of Spode Provence pattern coffee wares including coffee pot, two milk jug, pair of rectangular serving dishes, eight cups, eight saucers and six tea plates, together with Royal Doulton tapestry pattern tea wares 25-30
114.    A collection of ceramics including a pair of continental relief moulded chargers with deer decoration, a green glazed jardiniere stand, a pair of late 19th century continental candlesticks with applied figures of female characters, mark to base W & R, a Copeland Spode Italian pattern blue and white printed bowl, a vase in the form of a shell with moulded forget me not decoration, a 19th century brown glazed jug with animal head spout and relief moulded figural detail, etc 40-80
115.    A collection of mainly 19th century ceramics including an imari charger, a continental tin glazed earthenware bowl with blue and white painted decoration in the Delft manner, a similar plate, a yellow ground bowl and cover and matching plate in the Meissen manner, a collection of relief moulded and lustered tea wares including slop bowl, milk jug, six cups, six saucers and circular dish, etc 40-60
116.    A 19th century tin glazed earthenware charger in the Delft manner with blue and white painted chinoiserie style decoration , 35cm diameter 50-80
117.    A late 19th century Minton dessert plate with central painted panel of fishing boats within a blue and gilt border, an early 19th century Chamberlain Worcester dessert plate with painted floral detail, a dessert comport with painted bird decoration within a blue and gilt border, etc 50-80
118.    A pair of early 19th century two handled sauce tureens, covers and stands with painted and gilded cornflower sprig detail, together with a 19th century tankard with painted botanic decoration, an early 19th century tea pot with painted and gilded three feather emblem and inscription Ich Dien amongst thistles, a pair of good quality 19th century cups with painted floral sprays and a matching saucers, etc 50-80
119.    A set of four 19th century Minton's Majolica green glazed plates with basket weave style moulding and impressed marks to base together with a 19th century Cantonese type vase with character decoration, a Noritake pot pourri vase, cover and inner liner with painted desert scene decoration against a blue and gilt ground, a pair of 19th century oriental wall pockets of fluted form with blue and white painted decoration, etc
123.    A Crown Ducal tankard designed by Frederic Rhead with a double looped handle and painted fruit design with printed marks to base, signature Rhead F and impressed number 198, 19cm tall 40-50
124.    A Crown Ducal vase of ribbed moulded form designed by Charlotte Rhead with painted autumn leaf design, with printed mark to base, painted signature C Rhead and with painted numbers 4921 and impressed number 207, 20cm tall approx 40-50
125.    A Crown Ducal tankard designed by Charlotte Rhead with double looped handle and painted falling autumn leaf detail with painted signature C Rhead and painted numbers 4921 and impressed numbers 198, to base, 19cm tall approx 40-50
126.    A small collection of Susie Cooper Glen Mist pattern coffee wares including four coffee cans, four saucers, milk jug and sugar bowl, together with a small collection of Carlton ware Rouge Royale type coffee wares comprising four cups and four saucers 20-25
127.    A set of three Poole pottery wall plaques in the form of flying gulls together with a pair of Sylvac bookends with applied green rabbits, impressed numbers to base 1311, a Shorter & Sons posy holder with applied budgies, a Honiton Devon Wall pocket, 19th century ceramic figures of dancing ladies and gentlemen, etc 60-80
128.    A collection of Doulton wares including a Slater's Patent vase and similar tobacco jar base, a further relief moulded tobacco jar base, a silver mounted pot with relief moulded hunting scene decoration, etc 25-30
129.    A six place studio pottery coffee set with painted blue and brown decoration including coffee pot, milk jug and sugar bowl, together with a Royal Worcester nursery mug - Saturdays Child, a Poole pottery tankard, impressed mark to base Carter Stabler Adams, a Royal Doulton Bunnykins christening cup, together with a six place Minton Fortune pattern tea service including tea pot, milk jug and sugar bowl 30-50
130.    A set of four Wedgwood green glazed tankards designed by Keith Murray with triple ribbed detail to the lower section and printed marks to base, 12cm tall approx 60-80
131.    A graduated set of three Sylvac buff glazed rabbits with impressed numbers to base 1026, 990 and 1062, together with a Shelley vase with pink and buff banded decoration, a Price Kensington blue and cream banded coffee pot and matching hot water jug together with a small Susie Cooper jug 25-30
132.    A Royal Doulton figure of Linda, HN2106 together with a Paragon China figure of Veronica, a 19th century Staffordshire Arbour group, a Wedgwood Jasperware biscuit barrel with plated mounted cover, a Sylvac two handled red ground vase with white wiggle work design number 2300, a matching flower holder number 2297, two further Sylvac vases, a Capodimonte vase with relief moulded classical figure style decoration and further similar open vase, etc 30-50
133.    A collection of Shelley Queen Anne tea wares in the Black Leafy Tree pattern number 11575 comprising tea pot, milk jug, cake plate, seven cups, seven saucers and seven tea plates 300-350
134.    A Royal Doulton figure of Florence Nightingale HN3144, two Coalport figures of Clare and Janet, together with a collection of Royal Doulton Leonie pattern tea wares, H4451 comprising three cups, four saucers and six tea plates and a further collection of Royal Grafton Sheepcombe pattern coffee wares 30-40
135.    A collection of ceramics including two graduated Goebels white glazed wall plaques in the form of Nefertiti, a pair of Doulton Lambeth bowls with shaped rim and applied floral detail, a Wedgwood black basalt bowl and cove, designed by Keith Murray, 9cm tall approx, a Sarreguemines tobacco jar and cover, a further Sarreguemines vase, a studio pottery dish with crackle glazed finish and painted monogram to base SEGB, and further impressed mark France to one scrolling foot, etc 60-100
136.    A 19th century Parian type model of a font, 18cm tall approx, a 19th century spoon warmer in the form of a nautilus shell, a 19th century Cantonese type plate with figure decoration, a small oriental blue and white dish, etc 30-50
137.    A quantity of Broadhurst Ironstone wares in the Rushstone pattern designed by Kathie Winkle including 22 plates (four sizes) milk jug, sugar bowl, eight cups, eight saucers, etc 20-30
138.    A collection of Wedgwood black basalt coffee wares including coffee pot, covered sugar bowl, cream jug, six cups and six saucers, a small collection of blue ground Jasperwares, a Richards Ricardia pattern vase, etc together with a wall clock with sunburst style frame 25-30
139.    A collection of Denby wares with peach coloured floral decoration, including oblong serving dish, tureen and cover, tea pot, milk jug, covered sugar bowl, hot water jug, tall jug, etc together with Wedgwood Aquarius pattern wares including three casserole dishes and covers, two graduated serving dishes and two boxes and covers, etc, further ceramics including a large Poole pottery vase of ovoid form with white speckled lustered finish, 27cm tall, a quantity of black ground coffee wares with a seahorse design, Wedgwood Passion Bird pattern tea wares, etc 40-60
140.    A TG Green Cornish Kitchenware butter dish and cover of circular form, further similar Chef wares, a set of six Susie Cooper blue banded soup plates, a Fielding's Crown Devon John Peel hunting jug, a collection of souvenir ribbon plates including examples for Llandudno, Lerwick, etc 25-30
141.    An extensive collection of Masons Ironstone Regency pattern wares including oval meat plate, two tureens and covers, further tureen base, condiments set, sauce boat and stand, further sauce boats, six crescent shaped serving dishes, 28 plates of various size, a dessert serving bowl and six matching dishes, etc 80-120
142.    An unusual studio pottery figure of a mermaid by Guy Sydenham with accompanying literature from the Green Sleeves Studio dated 1977 and 1987, a set of four Spode plates from the Audubon Bird series, a two handled cream ware bowl with pierced detail, etc 50-80
143.    A collection of Clarice Cliff wares including a circular tureen and cover in the Rhodanthe pattern in tones of orange, gold and grey, a rectangular serving plate with similar toned banded decoration, a vase with relief moulded floral decoration and asymmetrical handle, 22cm tall approx, a similar relief moulded charger, 34cm diameter, etc together with a large late 19th century vase with painted floral decoration, a blue and white charger in the Delft manner showing figures in a horse and cart, etc 50-70
144.    A quantity of Royal Worcester Evesham pattern table wares including various serving dishes, tureen and covers, sauce boat and stand, thirteen dinner sized plates, etc 40-60
145.    A quantity of ceramics and glass ware including a Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern tea pot, a Spode Italian pattern dish of rectangular form, a harlequin set of seven drinking glasses with coloured bases, etc 25-30
146.    A collection of various ceramic lamp bases, a jardiniere with relief moulded decoration, a stick stand with relief moulded woven effect and leaf detail, a jardiniere in the form of a classical style bust, studio pottery model of a stylised bird, etc together with further miscellaneous items including a carved hard stone type bust of a stylised female head, an alabaster lamp base in the form of a horses head, etc 30-50
147.    A quantity of ceramics including Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern tea wares, a Royal Albert Silver Maple pattern tea pot, further tea wares, etc 30-50
148.    An extensive collection of Masons Regency pattern wares including cheese dish and cover, butter dish and cover, trefoil shaped serving dish, rectangular sandwich tray, toast rack, preserve pot cover and stand, tea pot, a pair of cake plates, covered sugar bowl, seven jugs, breakfast cup and saucer, four further cups, thirteen saucers, nine tea plates, etc 80-120
149.    A collection of ceramics to include a Royal Doulton Autumn Glory pattern wares including an oval serving dish, Royal Winton tea and dinner wares for six places, a Beswick model of a goldfinch, etc 25-30
161.    A good pair of green glass and silver plated vases, with flared rims upon an ovoid silver plated square plateau, 47cm high (2) 40-60
162.    Attractive Cameo glass vase of baluster form decorated in relief with a winter landscape with deer and trees by a river setting, signed De Vez, 12.5cm tall 150-250
163.    Possibly Geoffrey Baxter for Whitefriars Studio glass vase in blue, 21cm high 50-80
164.    Possibly by Mdina Studio art glass 'Axe' vase with mottled interior bowl, 23cm high 40-60
166.    A mixed glass lot to include three antique cordial glasses together with two other examples and a further Georgian, Irish glass syllabub 130-150
167.    Interesting Cranberry glass dimpled chalice, etched with various northern europe landmarks; together with a cranberry glass fruit bowl star cut detail and one other (3)
168.    Good mixed glass lot to include a green glass casket with gilt overlay and further decoration, four similar opaline glass baluster vases, vaseline glass shade, etc 50-80
169.    Keith Murray for Wedgwood asparagus vase with impressed dimple decoration upon an octagonal plateau, 17cm high 40-60
170.    19th century blue glass ovoid claret jug with gilt metal spout and handle and further gilt overlay, 24cm high 30-50
171.    Large mixed collection of glassware to include large Art Glass fruit bowl, heavy etched glass ale glass with a romantic scene, two opaque glass paperweights one in the form of an elephant, the other a hedgehog and others
172.    Large collection of good quality glasses to include wine glasses tumblers and decanters, etc 50-100
173.    Three various art deco mottled glass pendent light shades together with a collection of antique and later eye baths and a ceramic jug and bowl set 60-100
174.    Collection of various glassware to include art glass, cruet sets, etc 50-80
175.    A pair of faceted leaded glass light shades in the manner of Tiffany, each panel decorated with iris (2) 40-60
176.    A set of six French fluted glass light shades, with scalloped rims (6) 20-40
177.    Three glass heads to include one in red glass together with two ceramic examples (5) 40-60
178.    A collection of various art glass to include a lemonade set, amethyst glass goblet, mottled glass shade, etc 30-50
179.    Three various Nailsea walking sticks, one fitted with coloured beads, together with a further Bristol Blue type glass walking stick and a silver coloured riding crop; together with three murano type fish (8) 50-100
180.    A collection of antique and later glass ware to include a blue glass decanter with overlay of a gentleman in period dress, a green glass bowl and jug each with floral overlay and other 60-100
181.    Impressive art glass bowl with black and red mottled detail; together with six further pieces of art glass 100-150
182.    A Perrier - Jouet champagne bucket in green glass with overlay of flowers together with other glass ware 40-60
183.    Extensive collection of good quality cut glass ware to include sherry glasses, champagnes, tumblers, finger bowls, etc 100-150
184.    Impressive vaseline glass eupergne floor vase, 124cm tall (AF) 40-50
185.    Tiffany style leaded glass circular panel with sunflower type motif, 61cm diameter 40-60
186.    Four oversized turquoise glass floor vases, 73cm high (4) 50-80
187.    Graduated set of three Sabino glass scent bottles, each decorated in relief with art deco bathers, the largest 16cm high (3) 100-150
188.    Lalique frosted glass mascot in the form of a cockerel head, 18cm high 100-120
189.    Lalique frosted glass mascot in the form of an eagle's head, 12cm high 100-120
190.    Lustered glass art bottle neck vase; together with a further glass goldfish, (2) 30-50
191.    Interesting Chinese red glass baluster vase, centrally fitted with medallions and framed by mythical beasts, with character mark to base and green glass highlights, 15cm high 80-120
192.    19th century glass Witches Ball with silver finish, 38cm diameter 50-80
201.    A pair of classical style silver plated twin branch candelabra with scrolled brackets and baluster scones upon turned tapered columns, 44 cm high (2) 30-50
202.    Three pieces of silver plate to include a dish a gallery tray and a salver 10-20
203.    A good collection of W.M.F to include an early 20th century leaf dish, together with five others, good W.M.F planished bowl, W.M.F milk jug and sucrier 80-120
204.    WMF silver plated tazza, upon a faceted pierced Islamic column and stepped circular base, 16.5 cm high 80-120
205.    Large and impressive silver plated salver with cast acanthus scrolled rim over a bowl engraved with scrolled foliage and cartouche, upon further four scrolled feet, 60 cm diameter together with a further silver plated waiter; together with a cased spoon and fork set engraved with oak leaves and a further silver lidded scent jar, a silver plate lidded scent jar and sweet of Crown Derby porcelain jewellery (6) 100-150
206.    Silver plated square plinth type stand with gadrooned rim and cast scrolled feet, 13cm x 38cm wide 80-100
207.    Mixed lot of silver plate to include gallery trays, tea wares, etc 80-120
208.    Mixed lot of silver plate to include baskets, flatware, tea wares, etc 50-80
209.    Mixed lot of silver plate and metal wares to include twin handled vases, cruet stands, candlesticks, etc 50-80
210.    A mixed lot of silver plate to include cut glass silver rimmed bowls, a five piece tea service, gallery trays, etc 40-60
211.    Impressive twin handled kidney shaped gallery tray, engraved with a rococo type pattern, the handles held aloft by cast silver plated cherubs, 74cm long; together with a silver plated cloche and tea pot (3) 180-200
212.    Good quality silver plated baluster oil lamp with embossed ribbon band, 26cm high 50-80
213.    "The Twelve Zodiacs sculpted by David Cornell" within a John Pinches of London fitted case, Limited to 1855, the case 42.5cm long, 9oz approx 80-120
214.    800 silver mesh purse, 6oz approx together with a further continental white metal toddy ladle with baluster turned horn handle (2) 50-80
215.    Late Victorian silver soup ladle maker Mappin & Webb, London 1895, 10 oz approx 120-150
216.    Set of six Victorian fiddle pattern tea spoons, each monogrammed with a 'W', maker T S, Chester 1833, 5oz approx 40-60
217.    Mixed lot of silver to include a pedestal bonbon dish with faceted bowl, silver twin handled ashtray embossed with geometric shapes, pair of sugar nips, silver glass lined salt, dwarf candlestick and agate lidded white metal trinket box marked 925 80-120
218.    Mixed collection of bijouterie silver to include two vesta cases, a sovereign case, a whistle, trinket box and scent bottle (6) 80-120
219.    Mixed collection of silver frames to include an easel frame inscribed 1873 - 1898 and two others (AF); together with a further silver boudoir clock frontage and a further eastern silver plated frame (5) 60-100
220.    Cased sweet of six Albany tea spoons and a pair of sugar nips, together with a further cased set of six silver apostle spoons, 6oz approx 50-80
221.    A mixed collection of silver to include a cased set of six silver tea spoons, silver letter knife, silver salt in the shape of a scallop shell, various further silver flatware and a silver oval frame 80-120
222.    Early 20th century silver mesh purse, maker EC, London 1916, 11oz approx 80-120
223.    Early 20th century silver squat baluster sifter, maker marks worn, Birmingham 1912, 6oz approx 50-80
224.    Georgian silver toddy spoon bowl of lobed form (open handle AF) together with a further white metal caddy spoon, white metal toasting fork, fountain pen, letter opener, two mesh purses, silver fob and continental 800 metal clasp pierced with cherubs (9) 30-50
225.    Late 19th century silver four piece bow shaped half fluted tea service, maker Walter J Barnard, London 1892 - 1895, 39 oz approx 300-500
226.    A mixed collection of bijouterie silver and white metal to include four thimbles, silver mounted scent bottle and powder jar, silver handled boot hook, pen holder and various hat pins on stand 50-80
227.    A collection of various continental white metal apostle spoons and forks together with further novelty silver flatware, 12oz approx 80-120
228.    An interesting antique twin handled white metal wine tasting bowl on three paw and ball feet, hall marked with a rampant lion above "1832 Pesquero", 3oz approx 40-60
229.    1920 silver easel picture frame, engraved with a crest of a crown inside a cross, maker FH, London 1926, top fit a picture 21 x 15 cm 50-80
230.    Exquisite pair of Victorian silver figural table salts in the form of sea maidens upon the back of dolphins holding cornucopia shells upon naturalistic bases, maker John Wilmin Figg, London 1841, 16.5cm high, 33oz approx 1500-2000
231.    A pair of cast silver bugles, each inscribed "Presented to Colonel G.B. Heywood. J.P. High Sheriff of Herefordshire, by the members of the Provincial Wholesale Newsagent's Association, 27th November 1929", maker H & SN, London 1929, 62oz approx; together with a pair of bugle flags each stitched with a crest one with a bird and the other three lions, (4) 600-1000
232.    Exquisite silver gilt lidded presentation casket, inscribed "Presented to Alderman Heywood, 27th November 1891" mounted by the Manchester crest above the logo "Concilio et Labore", the lid enclosing a silk lined interior over a body with Corinthian columns and Islamic arcaded panels over further enameled and gilt emblems to include central emblem inscribed "The freedom of the city of Manchester", upon an ebonised wooden base, fitted in a Victorian mahogany glazed case, the casket 27cm long x 18cm high, maker Elkington & Co Ltd, Birmingham, 1891 800-1200
233.    Mixed silver plate and glass lot to include various scent bottles, hat pin stand, Victorian lacquered box with mother of pearl inlay and three pieces of silver plate 40-60
234.    Collection of Norwegian 830 silver flatware including table forks, cake slice, strainer, spoon, etc, all cast with a Tudor Rose type emblem, 15 oz approx 80-120
235.    Collection of Norwegian 830 flatware to include pair of serving spoons, each cast with a heron within an Art Nouveau type motif; together with three further 800 silver stylised spoons, 9 oz approx 60-100
236.    A silver and leather mounted Victorian silver and glass hip flask by James Dickson & Sons, 16 cm long approx. 40-60
241.    A gold sovereign dated 1896 7.9g, together with an 1873 gold dollar 1.5g 200-250
242.    Five gold rings, one set with cabachon malachite and an engraved ring set with orange stone, 19g total weight 100-150
243.    Mixed lot to include six bar brooches, one set with a diamond in 15ct gold. Together with a 9ct heart padlock bracelet, 28.5g total weight (af) 200-250
244.    A George IV gold sovereign dated 1827, 7.9g 250-350
245.    A gold locket suspended from a 9ct bow brooch, together with a 9ct floral brooch and two further yellow metal lockets, 21.5g total 180-200
246.    A yellow metal brooch set with faceted citrine, a yellow metal and seed pearl stick pin, silver vesta case, a GWR cap badge, etc 30-50
247.    A 9ct necklace with oval pink quartz pendant in scrolling diamond set mount, 5.5g 80-120
248.    An 18ct gold claw set solitaire diamond ring 3.5g, size M, diamond 1.1ct approx 1200-1500
249.    A 9ct brooch depicting a lion with embossed script "Virtus Veritas Libertas" to edge, together with a yellow metal propelling pencil set with carved intaglio of a turret 60-80
250.    A 9ct gold art nouveau style pendant and chain together with a 9ct bar brooch and an engraved silver locket 50-80
251.    An early Victorian yellow metal ring set with seven large diamonds size E, 5g 1500-2000
252.    A yellow metal mother of pearl brooch together with a silver ingot pendant and a cameo brooch 20-30
253.    A collection of brooches to include four enamel examples, one modelled as a butterfly. Together with a micromosaic bracelet (af) and a small quantity of enamel buttons 60-80
254.    An 18ct diamond cluster ring and a 9ct dress ring, both size Q, 6g total 80-120
255.    Two 9ct gold necklaces, one with heart pendant, together with a quantity of silver paste jewellery 30-50
256.    An Italian 9ct gold bracelet by Unoaerre of intertwining design, 18g 120-180
257.    A 22ct wedding band, 7.5g, together with a twisted diamond ring with central green stone 80-120
258.    A gold sovereign dated 1912, 7.9g 180-220
259.    A 9ct seed pearl and almandine garnet pendant of trefoil form with articulated drop, together with a 9ct ruby and diamond brooch and a 9ct necklace with heart pendant 80-120
260.    22ct gold 5 proof coin, 40g approx, 2004 Entente Cordiale certificate, Limited 0384 of 1800, certificate and box 800-900
261.    A silver bracelet set with graduating moonstones, together with a 9ct cameo brooch and an HMS Rodney compact with two postcards and books relating to HMS Rodney and similar vessels 40-60
262.    A diamond pendant on 18ct white gold chain, 0.3cts approx, together with a further 18ct white gold and diamond cross pendant 200-250
263.    A yellow metal flask pendant set with a garnet in heart form, four pairs of stud earrings, 9ct cross pendant, etc. 14g total 100-150
264.    Six Victorian brooches including a yellow metal memorial brooch with plaited hair under glass, etc 60-80
265.    A 9ct gold back and front locket engraved with floral decoration. Together with a 9ct chain and a further yellow metal chain, both af, 27g total 60-80
266.    A 9ct gold gentleman's wedding band, size V, 5.5g, together with a 9ct dress ring set with pink and white stones, and three further rings 60-80
267.    Two silver enamel brooches in the form of butterflies, both marked to reverse Sterling 925 Norway 30-50
268.    Two 9ct diamond rings, 3.5g total 70-90
269.    An 18ct gold ring with oval sapphire flanked by baguette cut diamonds, size J, 3g 300-500
270.    A five stone diamond ring in 18ct gold, size J, 2g 300-400
271.    An emerald and diamond three stone ring in 18ct gold, size K, 1.5g 150-200
272.    A gold sovereign dated 1901, 7.9g 180-220
273.    A cross link bracelet marked 14k, set with nine diamonds to each link, 23.5g (af) 200-250
274.    An 18ct gold five stone diamond ring, size Q, 4g 350-400
275.    A pink ruby and diamond ring in 18ct white gold starburst design, size N, 7.5g 300-350
276.    A diamond cluster ring marked 750, in white gold setting. 5.5g, size P/Q 300-350
277.    An 18ct white gold diamond and sapphire ring, size J/K, 5g 700-800
278.    An 18ct white gold pink ruby and diamond ring, size M/N, 4.5g 350-400
279.    An 18ct ring set with three old-cut diamonds, 4g, size P/Q 180-220
280.    A pair of closed set diamond drop earrings in yellow metal 60-80
281.    A 9ct gold gentleman's ring, of belt and buckle design with engraved decoration, size Y, 9g 100-120
282.    Silver items including a bracelet formed of eight threepence coins dating 1916 - 1937, an 1888 crown, a 1977 crown mounted as a necklace, etc 30-50
283.    A collection of semi precious stones together with a quantity of silver gem set jewellery and a pair of diamond stud earrings 80-120
284.    A 9ct crescent shaped garnet and seed pearl brooch together with five crowns and a small quantity of costume jewellery 20-30
285.    An interesting collection of mostly silver items including two charm bracelets, four hinged bangles, various brooches 60-80
286.    A mixed lot comprising silver cigarette case and vesta, two silver chains, cameo brooch in yellow metal mount, stick pin set with three rose cut diamonds and a heart shaped locket on a 9ct box chain 70-90
287.    An interesting collection of costume jewellery including a silver amethyst pendant and brooch, a carved bog oak locket, etc 40-60
288.    Mixed collection of costume jewellery comprising mainly brooches 20-30
289.    An enamel brooch in scrolling mount, a cameo necklace and a further brooch of knot design 50-70
290.    A 9ct pair of hoop earrings with diamond pattern, 2g, together with a 14k Sheaffer's fountain pen and a penknife marked 10k to casing 30-50
291.    Early 20th century platinum and diamond bezel ladies cocktail watch, fitted with a fifteen jewel movement, upon a recent leather strap 200-300
292.    Marcel Drucker ladies gold plated cocktail type watch the bezel fitted with ten diamonds, within original box and papers 40-60
293.    Silver fob watch together with a collection of quartz and other wrist watches and Four Elizabeth II 5 coins, 1822 crown, further 20th century coinage 40-80
294.    A late 19th century sterling silver Goliath pocket watch, hall marked London 1982, the dial inscribed "H.H. Beaumont, J L Keston" with subsidiary second dial; together with a further silver chain with 'T' bar (2) 100-200
295.    A vintage 9ct lughead rose gold bracelet watch with 9ct sprung strap 80-120
296.    14ct Swiss fob watch with enamelled face and gilt markers and Roman numerals, the case stamped Guivere, numbered 168443, enamelled with a floral spray with planished case 50-80
297.    Two silver pocket watches, one inscribed "The Climax Trip Action Patent" by H Samuel Manchester, together with another Acme lever by H Samuel Manchester, one with gold chain and key with 'T' bar together with a further gun metal pocket watch (3) 60-100
298.    A collection of pocket watches to include an Omega nickel Goliath pocket watch inscribed Omega, Kilpatrick & Co, Melbourne; together with four silver fob watches and a further Waltham USA vintage watch head (6) 100-150
299.    A vintage 9ct Omega ladies automatic bracelet watch with recent brown leather strap 80-120
300.    A vintage 1930 9ct gold lug watch head by Vertex, with subsidiary dial and brown leather strap (AF) 60-100
301.    Elgin national watch company 9ct pocket watch with 7 jewel movement ref: 17153387, the enamelled dial with subsidiary second dial marked Elgin 60-100
302.    Continental 925 silver eight day pocket watch with fancy enamelled dial and open escapement; together with a further silver plated hunter pocket watch with embossed scrolled foliage and a further rolled gold Waltham pocket watch (3) 60-80
303.    Two vintage 9ct rose gold lug watch head upon primitive straps (2) (AF) 50-80
304.    Continental white metal and guilloche enamelled fob watch 50-80
305.    A lady's Art Deco diamond wristwatch, Josarn, the rectangular dial with black Arabic numerals, flanked above and below with a baguette- and old-cut diamond, within a single-cut diamond border, the articulated bracelet strap highlighted with single- and old-cut diamonds, in platinum 600-1000
306.    No Lot
307.    18ct Baume Mercier automatic ladies bracelet watch, with leather strap 100-200
308.    Collection of various vintage gentlemen's and ladies bracelet/wrist watches to include Armani, DKNY and other designers 20-40
311.    A walnut and marquetry drop dial wall clock, fitted with a two train 29cm dial and gilt pendulum, 68cm high 40-60
312.    A 19th century English mahogany dial clock fitted with an 18cm single train dial 60-100
313.    American mahognay drop dial ogee wall clock, the square painted two train dial with open escapement over a reverse printed panel with a manor house scene, 66cm high 40-60
314.    A mahogany and box wood inlaid aneroid barometer thermometer, by D K Murray or Winchester, with silver thermometer back plate and dial, 97cm high 50-80
315.    Vintage grey painted wall hanging perpetual date calendar, with month and day aperture, 27cm high 30-50
316.    Mahogany barometer thermometer by J Di Marco of Taunton, with silvered dials and boxwood inlay, 93cm in total (AF) 40-60
317.    A vintage railway electric bakelite wall dial by Magneta, with 30cm dial 150-200
318.    Bid Ben picture clock, engraved silvered plate with three train movement and 4cm dial, framed 80-120
319.    Good antique ebonised three train bracket clock, in architectural arched case fitted with gilt coronation columns, the arched gilt dial with pierced overlay work fitted with a silvered chapter ring and two further subsidiary dials, the movement fitted with eight bell movement on a gong with engraved back plate, key and pendulum, 47cm high 1000-1500
320.    A 19th century two train oak cased vineyard clock, the two train 24 cm dial inscribed Martin Basket & Martin, A Paris, the case 55 cm high approx. 40-60
321.    Walnut cased Vienna regulator drop dial wall clock, with two train enamel dial, weights pendulum and architectural pediment, 106cm high 100-200
322.    19th century mahogany fusee wall dial, the 8" dial inscribed "S.I.R. Jno Walker Ltd, 63 New Bond Street, London", 28cm in total 100-150
323.    Vienna style two train wall clock fitted with an architectural case, gilt dial with enamel chapter ring, etc, 81cm in total 30-50
324.    A walnut barometer thermometer, with silvered and brass dials, 95cm high 50-80
325.    A 19th century rose wood and boule work postman's dial. 50-80
326.    A 19th century black slate mantle clock with 10cm two train dial 40-60
327.    Art deco marble figural mount mantle clock, the stylised clock mounted by a spelter panther, with octagonal gilt two train dial two garniture vases, (3) 100-150
328.    Interesting arch cased Jacobean style mantle clock, the two train double fusee gilt dial inscribed "Rowell & Sons, Oxford," striking on a gong, on ball feet, 42cm high 300-350
329.    Antique style burr walnut veneered two train bracket clock, the architectural case with ormalu type castings of maiden heads and foliage, the face fitted with a moon face type movement signed John Taylor of London 100-150
330.    French two train boulle work and ormolu mantle clock, the two train 10cm gilt dial fitted with enamel Roman numeral batons, 31cm high 250-300
331.    Miniature oval brass carriage clock the enamelled dial inscribed "L'Epee", 8cm high 3-50
332.    Brass carriage clock in cornice case with enamelled dial, the back plate engraved with a striding lion and the intials JPFA, 11cm high 50-80
333.    Good 19th century oval brass carriage clock fitted with a circualr enamelled dial on a gilt plate, 10cm high 200-300
341.    20th century sword with filigree scabbard and grip 40-60
342.    Victorian silver presentation fork and spoon with bright cut decoration, London 1879 and boxed Worcester mug (2)

343.    A late 19th century desk top paper clip, the brass top monitor with a fighting bull and bear together with a 19th century cast brass stationery rack, a segmented tree trunk with fox, bear and axe detail 80-100
343A.   WWII memorabilia of Driver T/245962 H.B. Fackrell 1939-45 African and Italy Star, war medal with bronze leaf and defence medals, service medal of the Order of St John, St John's Ambulance medal and silver medallion, Royal Life Saving medallion together with sundry military papers 50-80
344.    19th century mahogany backed mirror, small brass abacus, etc 30-40
345.    Art Deco compact with fitted interior, silver and enamel vesta, further silver vesta (4) 40-60
346.    19th century sandlewood, ivory and metalwork card case 30-40
347.    Six Art Nouveau buttons, steel buckle, silver Gloucester regiment brooch, etc 30-40
348.    A quantity of pre 1947 silver coinage 16 oz, together with a further quantity of post 47 mixed coinage 70-90
349.    A cased Victorian travelling knife and fork set with matching cigar cutter by P & F Schafer, 27 Piccadilly, sealing wax set, padlock, hip flask, etc 40-60
350.    A collection of British Military cap and regimental badges, etc 30-40
351.    A 19th century travelling inkwell cased in a violin shaped travel case, silver ARP badge, propelling pens, etc 60-80
352.    A pair of cold cast painted bronze figures of cock pheasants, 12 cm long and two Victorian paperweights 30-40
353.    Victorian silver plated card case with embossed detail, Art Nouveau embossed brass note pad, shoe buckles, etc 30-40
354.    Four pieces of small W.M.F. ware, tankard, dish, canister frame, a vase frame 80-120
355.    A mauchlineware cotton spool for three reels bearing the Tudor Arms of Gloucester, 10 cm max 40-60
356.    A British Airways Concorde pewter letter opener/paperweights, Impressed B.A. 91 10-15
357.    An unusual collection of ten pewter knife rests in the form of stretched animals, squirrel, lizard, hare, fish, etc 100-120
358.    Am Arts & Crafts hand wrought copper candlestick raised on six shaped supports on a domed base, 12 cm 30-40
359.    A Japanese simulated tortoiseshell cigar pouch with gilded lacquered finish, signed 30-40
360.    Vintage Parker Duofold fountain pen with presentation case, a Conway Steward example, four divisional silver toast rack and a silver napkin ring 30-40
361.    A collection of six 19th century miniature travelling salesmen samples in copper and brass, conical shaped milk churns with lids, open pan, measure, two barrels and a coal scuttle 9 cm max

362.    No Lot
363.    19th century Japanese Okimon group of characters and monkies, 21 cm 60
364.    19th century Japanese Okimono man carrying on his back the carcass of a large eagle, 14 cm 60-80
365.    A Chinese ivory carving of an elephant and master, a further ceremonial elephant and master and one other (3) 60-80
366.    A carved ivory model of Ganesh, together with an Indian ivory ceremonial elephant with howda and attendants 40-60
367.    An ivory trinket box with engraved elephant detail, three wise monkeys, notebook, etc 30-40
368.    A Kobe doll, charactger with a basket on his head and a macabre figure of a crouching human skeleton 40-60
369.    19th century Cantonese ivory seal with foliate detail, 8 cm 30-40
370.    Two 19th century ivory netsuke, a beggar holding a bowl aloft and two characters stirring a bowl 40-60
371.    19th century Japanese ivory Okimono snake charmer, 8 cm 40-60
372.    A 19th century Japanese ivory box and cover decorated with multiple carved faces, 6 cm 40-60
373.    19th century Cantonese reticulated ivory ball on stand with character carved column 16 cm, together with a cylindrical Cantonese case with carved detail 16 cm 60-80
374.    19th century Japanese ivory clam shell, the interior carved with fisherman, nets, boat, etc, 9 cm
375.    19th century European turned ivory open basin on turned stem and square cut foot 9 1/2 cm diameter 40-60
376.    Service medal of the Order of St John named 12832 L/Cpl H Watson and dated 1934, Crimea War Medal named 5105 John Henderson, 79 Cameron Highlanders (converted to a brooch) sundry coinage, etc 40-60
377.    A 19th century 1st Regiment of Light Cavalry belt pouch - Sering-a-patam with brass face and leather interior 60-80
378.    A Victorian memorial brooch with hunting scene panel within a black and scrolled framework - Henry Harford Obit - March 16th 1864 - 63 years, an oval silver frame, a Victorian needle case by W. Avery & Sons of Redditch, The Quadruple Golden Casket model; together with an oval silver photograph frame. 40-60
379.    A Chinese pewter photograph frame with dragon detail; together with a dish and trinket box of Burmese origin 30-40
391.    Two similar hiking staffs one of Swiss origin the other Japanese (2) 60-80
392.    A walking stick with carved Toucan handle 30-50
393.    A walking stick with carved handle in the form of a thrush 40-60
394.    Hawthorn Irish Shalaley walking stick 30-50
395.    Two similar gents walking canes one with silver knop, the other with stitched leather knop (2) 40-60
396.    Two walking canes with silver knop one hall marked for London 1920 (2) 40-60
397.    Walking stick with carved parrot knop 30-50
398.    Malacca walking cane with silver knop 40-50
399.    Two gentleman's walking sticks both with white metal knop 40-60
400.    Two similar gentlemen's walking canes each with spherical ball knops (2) 40-60
401.    Early 20th century sword stick 100-150
402.    French walking stick with gold band engraved 3rd September 1900 60-100
403.    Slim walking stick with ivory type crooked handle and embossed silver band 60-100
404.    Hiking stick with goat horn handle and carved shaft 40-60
405.    Early 20th century fireman's axe 40-60
406.    Late 19th century sword stick possibly of Greek origin with fine blade and figural knop 150-200
407.    Sword stick with 26 inch taper blade and heavy bamboo shaft engraved with flowers, etc 150-200
408.    Collection of walking sticks to include a Sunday stick with golf club knop which unscrews to reveal a spirit flask and four others 80-120
409.    19th century walnut writing slope; together with a further Chinese celandon plate and a further delft type plate (3) 30-50
410.    A good 19th century carved mahogany plate stand with flower head roundel's and geometric work detail, 33cm high 150-200
411.    Far Eastern carved wooden panel with deep relief of a sage flanked by two birds sat on flower heads with further leaves and flowers, 94cm long; together with a wool work tapestry fire screen (2) 40-60
412.    A large collection of die cast and other toys to include a traction engine, models of yesteryear, Wallace and Gromit, etc 60-80
412A.   A vintage enamel sign for C. W. S inscribed "Put Smiles Into Miles With A Cycle" with text upon a red ground, 107cm long 80-120
413.    Box of interesting items to include an bronze and treen rabbit, vintage bakelite clocks, vintage radio, three mast model galleon 30-50
414.    A pair of cast metal fire dogs, with spherical finial's and scrolled bases; together with a further two train Victorian mantel clock (3) 40-60
415.    Mixed miscellaneous lot of mainly textile items to include silk works, satchels and bags, linen, dressing items, etc (a collection) 50-80
416.    Mixed metalware lot to include a riveted copper log bin, cast brass fox head, fire dogs, etc 50-80
417.    A pair of vintage brown leather riding boots with fitted wooden stretchers 50-70
418.    Three boxes of table linen and lace 40-60
419.    Coronado Italian Accordian 30-50
420.    Three carved Eastern trays, two twin handled, one galleried, together with a wool work fire screen (4) 40-60
421.    Two boxes of kitchenalia to include Le Creuset enamelled lidded saucepans and further stainless steel wares, etc 40-60
422.    Box containing a quantity of French natural linen 60-100
423.    A collection of mixed metal ware and lighting to include a French fluted glass pendant light, a further prismatic drop ceiling light, various candlesticks, etc 50-80
424.    A mixed eastern lot to include mainly metalware to include cloissone together with a small Japanese table top cabinet and further lacquered box 60-100
425.    Chinese lacquered cinnabar vase of baluster form, decorated in relief with a coiled pearl chasing dragon and foliage, together with a further eastern baluster jardiniere with gilt highlights, an interesting framed work on paper of a gilt rabbit and mythical beast and a blanc de chine baluster table lamp (4) 60-100
426.    A collection of vintage enamel ware to include a lidded flour canister, a lidded bucket, pie tin and funnel (4) 30-50
427.    Large Aubusson lined textile with fringing and floral decoration, possibly used as a frame or wall decoration,together with box containing fragments of the same. 400-500
428.    Rococo style cast metal garden fountain, with baluster spout and scallop shell tray; together with two archaic looking kettles (4) 50-80
429.    A gilt cast metal baluster table lamp together with a further alabaster model, various wool work cushions shoe stretchers, records, etc 30-50
430.    Three good quality polished steel arts and crafts fire irons 250-300
431.    Cast metal sculpture figure of a dancer with gilt highlights and plateau, 120cm tall 50-80
432.    Plaster sculpture of a Roman chariot scene upon a wooden plinth base, 74cm long 100-150
433.    Two cast metal torsos, one masculine and one feminine, together with a sheet metal pig (3) 40-60
434.    Cast bronze figural study of a seated bacchanalian character in robes holding a bunch of graqpes, 45cm high 100-150
435.    A plaster bust of a lady in a head scarf, upon a stepped circular plinth base, together with a further plaster sculpture of a standing nude female (2) 80-120
436.    Interesting gilt bronze Olympic trophy cast as a gilt figure with arms raised, holding a ribbon embossed with the Olympic rings under a star, fitted to a marble base and further wooden stand
437.    A large Jurassic ammonite, Agadir Morroco 49 x 38cm 80-120
438.    A 19th century alabaster character group - Psyche Revived by Cupids Kiss after Canova (AF), 44cm long 120-140
439.    Newton's New Terrestrial Globe, th 12inch globe upon a turned mahogany column and triform plateau with ball feet (AF) 60-100
440.    A cast metal crest flanked by horses and scrolled fruits, 82cm long 80-100
441.    A painted plaster bust of a horses head, 60cm high 40-60
442.    A copper cased ships binnacle compass with circular glass viewing panel and lamp box to the side, 21cm high 200-250
443.    A pair of far eastern (possibly Indonesian) theatrical puppets of a gentleman and his partner in traditional headdress and clothes 40-60
444.    A good pair of cast ormolu four branch figural wall sconces modelled as cherubs holding a loft a floral bouquet with scrolled branches and fluted sconces, 36cm high 350-400
445.    Three boxes of various vintage textiles, table linen and lace, together with a pleated and panelled apron/ overskirt with concealed pocket

446.    A box of various board and further games to include Ker Plunk by Ideal number 2514-8, Go For Broke, Dare, Ding Bats, Spears Three or More, etc 20-40
447.    Large collection of photographic and projecting equipment 40-60
448.    Eastern brass charger decorated with ebonised and copper panels of lions and Buddistic deities, the back inscribed "with all good wishes to Mr Brian Lock from the Institution of Engineers Union, March-April 1982" 49cm diameter 30-50
449.    A pair of Japanese lacquered table top cabinets, the panelled doors decorated in gilt with birds enclosing six specimen drawers over a deeper drawer upon typical wooden plinth bases, 40cm high (2) 160-180
450.    A vintage Crams Imperial 12inch world globe, upon a gilt metal frame 50-80
451.    Gilt metal baluster electric samovar, decorated in relief with arch panels and figures, 40cm high 30-50
452.    Scale model of HMS Royal Soverign, a three mast war ship, with canons, flags and figures 50-80
453.    Boxed Wedoco compass/stationers set, fitted with two tiers and compasses and other measuring tools; together with a vintage set of folding scales with a boxed graduated set of weights 40-60
454.    A pair of vintage cardboard "Wheetabix" advertising panels 20-40
455.    Vintage plaster standing figure of a WREN in WWII type uniform, together with a further plaster bust wall hanging of a lady (2)
456.    A box of interesting items to include mainly magnifying glass and brise hand fans 40-60
457.    Cast bronze bust study of Napoleon, upon a wasted square plinth, initialled with the letter N under a star, signed Lecomte 82 verso, upon a stepped square white veined marble base, 36cm high 80-120
458.    Stuffed and mounted Woodcock 30-50
459.    Interesting pair of carved wooden rams heads, 23cm high (2) 150-200
460.    Taxidermy interest - glazed cased study of a sparrow hawk catching a bird, upon a mossy log, the case 53cm high 80-120
461.    Mixed lot to include two brass oil lamps, a cased set of vintage domino's and eccentric Indian carved case in the form of a clutch bag (4) 40-60
462.    A mixed lot to include Georgian style boxwood inlaid mahogany tea caddy with canted corners, inlaid with birds, ribbons and foliage; together with a pair of cast metal grotesque figures (possibly chess pieces) and a mahogany framed wall mirror (4) 60-80
463.    Antique brass and mahogany draw telescope with shutters on both lenses 80-120
464.    A carved wooden pharaoh, 48cm high together with a smaller example, 31cm high (2) 200-250
465.    HMV green leather cased portable gramophone, originally retailed and bearing the Harrod's label 40-60
466.    Vintage toy lot to include die cast toys and car garage, together with sailing boats, dolls, vintage small sized Zither type instrument and others 40-60
467.    A box containing a collection of dolls clothes and linen 40-60
468.    An antique bisque headed doll with shutting eyes, open mouth with four teeth and articulated wooden limbs, inscribed 'Special 5 1/2 Germany' to the back of the neck, 57 cm long.

469.    Probably German bisque headed doll with shutting eyes, open mouth with teeth and articulated wooden limbs, marked '5' to the neck, 54 cm long approx. 50-80
470.    A bisque headed doll with open mouth with teeth, articulated wooden limbs and sailor suit, 52 cm long approx.l 30-50
471.    An antique bisque headed doll with fixed eyes, open mouth with top and bottom rows of teeth, articulated wooden limbs and period dress, 49 cm long approx with clock work mechanism allowing movement of arms and legs, (AF) together with a further wooden doll with articulated limbs, 31 cm long (2). 40-60
472.    A bisque headed doll by Valkare of Germany with closing eyes, open mouth, dimpled chin and articulated wooden limbs, 38 cm long approx. 40-60
473.    A good Armand Marseille bisque headed doll with shutting eyes, open mouth with teeth and leather clad torso, inscribed verso 'S200 AM 2/0 DEP Made in Germany', 42 cm long approx. 60-100
474.    A Schoenaau & Hoffmeister German bisque headed doll with shutting eyes, open mouth with four teeth and articulated wooden limbs, inscribed to neck 'SH PB 1909 3 Germany', 48 cm long approx. 40-60
475.    Two Armand Marseille bisque headed baby dolls, both with closing eyes, open mouth revealing two bottom teeth, stitched bodies and wooden hands, the largest 41 cm long, the other 25 cm long approx (2). 50-80
476.    A Chad Valley mohair straw stuffed Teddy Bear with articulated limbs and glass eyes together with a smaller Merrythought Bear (2). 40-60
477.    An Armand Marseilles German bisque headed baby doll with closing eyes and open mouth with two bottom teeth and articulated wooden limbs; together with two further dolls (3).

478.    A box containing four vintage dolls. 30-50
479.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include a Georgian mahogany mirror, helmet copper coal bucket, fire irons, bags, etc. 30-50
480.    A box containing a collection of antique oak and other carved wooden panels together with a collection of antique brass and metalware. 50-80
480A.   A mixed collection of metalware to include mainly brass fire tools and trivets 30-50
481.    A mixed lot to include an enamel jug, vintage GPO telephone, carved treen duck on wheel,s three baskets and an iron bound oak barrel. 50-70
482.    A Newlyn Arts & Crafts copper tray of oval form, the rim embossed with fish and shells, 52 cm long approx. 100-150
482A.   A Hanimex tele lens No H47281, Tamron Zoom lens No 480617, Vivitar automatic tele converter lens, etc
483.    A Kirnbasa classical acoustic guitar within a leather carry case. 30-50
484.    A Marina hand crafted acoustic guitar Mark 31 within a blue carry case. 50-70
485.    Six vintage fishing rods in carry cases to include Hardy's, C. Farlow & co of London and others 100-150
486.    Taxidermy interest - glazed cased diorama fitted with a Goosander, Lapwing and Sand Piper amidst foliage and driftwood, the case 78 cm high approx.
487.    An 18th century Morocco leather and brass studded casket, 34 cm wide approx. 200-250
488.    A pair of Carl Zeiss Jena binoculars, a further pair of cased Ross examples, a quantity of folding pocket knives (55) including bone handled examples and a rectangular wooden box containing a quantity of keys 20-40
489.    An interesting eastern brass oil lamp fitted with a screen and revolving globular sconce holder, 92 cm high approx. 20-40
490.    A provincial pine apprentice chest of two short over three long drawers, 32 cm high approx together with a collection of miscellaneous items to include decoy ducks, lacquered box, pictures, etc. 40-60
491.    A box containing a collection of vintage fishing tackle to include a collection of reels and others. 40-60
492.    A large quantity of Fischer Technik engineering modelling equipment to go with further die cast and modelling items. 40-60
493.    A Japanese tin plate wind-up toy of a submarine inscribed 'Nautilus' together with a further tin plate wind-up toy of a speed boat (2). 50-70
494.    An interesting Far Eastern ceremonial Kris, the carved wooden hilt in the form of a theatrical mythical beast and scabbard carved with various grotesque faces and scrolled acanthus, with blackened blade with mottled white highlights, 59 cm long approx in total. 150-200
495.    F Barker & Son of London 1930s brass pocket compass, registered number 2502 and dated 1937. 50-80
496.    Three wooden carvings of masks of bearded gentleman's heads above a scrolled cartouche and acanthus, each 19 cm long approx (3). 120-140
497.    M. Aronsberg of Liverpool brass and leather clad draw telescope, 22 x power. 50-80
498.    W Ottway & Co Limited of London steel and leather clad draw telescope, dated 1944 and registered number 6478. 60-100
499.    Kammer & Reinhardt miniature porcelain doll with shutting eyes, open mouth with teeth and wooden limbs, in period dress, 23 cm long approx together with a pair of German bisque headed miniature baby dolls, both with shutting eyes, open mouth with two teeth and tongue and articulated wooden limbs, 20 cm long approx (3). 60-100
500.    A collection of small miscellaneous items to include a Meerschaum pipe carved in the form of a skull, a further cased Meerschaum pipe, a pair of cased field binoculars, various medals, etc.
501.    A Mixed Japanese lot to include two carved hardwood character groups of figures on the back of ox's a three legged cast bronze vessel, soap stone bookend carved flowers and further house keepers brush with bobbin turned jade type handle (5).

501A.   A vintage wooden pond yacht with mast and sail
502.    A mixed bijouterie and costume jewellery lot together with a mother of pearl Brize fan. 30-50
503.    A carved wooden figure of a nude child on one leg, 36 cm high approx. 120-150
504.    Two similar brass oil lamps, one with cranberry type glass shade together with a further pedestal glass fruit bowl with gilt highlights of scrolled foliage (3). 40-60
505.    A mixed collection of metalware to include brass oil lamp, brass candle lantern inscribed Palmer & Co, London, a pair of polished pewter tankards, etc. 30-50
506.    An impressive large brass and cut glass oil lamp with opaque lobed glass shade over a star cut glass well upon a Corinthian column stand and ebonised stepped circular base, 74 cm high approx including shade. 60-100
507.    A Victorian brass and opaline glass oil lamp with opaque glass shade with floral overlay, 50 cm high approx in total together with an Edwardian iron and brass oil lamp with blue glass reservoir (2). 40-60
508.    No Lot
509.    A good Scott & Co of Piccadilly brushed silk top hat and box together with two South American figures (3). 80-120
510.    A Japanese cast bronze censor in the form of a mythical beast lion type creature wearing a ceremonial collar with serpents at its feet, 22 cm high approx together with three antique copper pans (4). 50-80
511.    A terracotta figural study of Michelangelo in contemplation, 43 cm high approx. 40-60
512.    A good boxed Lock & Co brushed silk top hat within original box with brush together with a further G A Dunn & Co bowler hat (bowler AF) (2). 50-100
513.    A collection of vintage Matchbox and models of Yesteryear die cast toys. 50-70
514.    A small mixed lot to include a Chinese carved hardwood plate stand, a vintage treen ring sizer and an engraving (3). 20-40
515.    A mixed collection of brassware to include a pair of baluster brass candlesticks, two further brass candlesticks, a wrythen fluted water jug and trivet (6). 40-60
516.    A mixed collection of antique polished copperware to include a large funnel, copper kettle, teapot, large copper lid and copper jug (5). 60-100
517.    A miscellaneous lot to include a cast metal twin handled tazza with floral relief bands, a mottled glazed Studio Pottery plate, various other ceramics, Japanese pierced wall hanging, further wall hanging, large ceramic sand dollar, etc 20-40
518.    A pair of Black Forest type carved oak figures of tavern characters to include a drunk on a beer barrel and a squeeze box player on a stool (2). 100-120
519.    A vintage Phillips radio with Bakelite case. 20-40
520.    A cast gilt metal baluster lamp base of lobed form, 55 cm high, including shades together with a treen wig stand (2).

521.    A cast bronze figure of a English looking gentleman in subcontinent type dress upon a stepped circular turned wooden plinth base, 15cm high.

522.    A cast bronze bust study of Queen Victoria dated 1837 - 1897 to the bust, inscribed verso 'March 1897 O. Wheatley, London' and three further indistinct signatures, upon a turned wooden plinth, 26 cm high approx.
523.    A cast bronze study of a sleeping girl and a hound upon a black marble base, 16 cm high approx. 50-70
524.    A French cast spelter figure of a nude Grace with wreath in her hair holding a flower, 41 cm high approx. 40-60
525.    A collection of ecclesiastical type pierced brass wall sconces. 40-60
526.    A pair of carriage lanterns with blackened frames and brass highlights. 30-50
527.    A Victorian stained pine six draw specimen cabinet upon a plinth base, 42 cm high approx. 60-100
528.    A mixed lot to include books, costume jewellery, etc. 10-20
529.    A good quality carved ivory part chess set within a mahogany games box, hight of King 10 cm approx (pieces missing - 2 red knights and 1 white knight). 50-100
529A.   A collection of vintage golf balls - still wrapped; Penfolds 1-4, Dunlop, Wilson, etc (35); together with a golf bag and 15 clubs, midwinter tea pot, Cannes pattern fashion shape and an oil on canvas 40-60
530.    A pair of cast resin bronzed nude female characters, signed S Mitchell, the largest 30 cm high approx (2). 20-40
531.     A pair of 18th century cast brass turned candlesticks on stepped square bases, 26 cm high approx 40-60
532.    A carved wooden figure of an angel holding aloft leaves, 31 cm high approx. 70-90
533.    One gallon copper jug together with three planished eastern copper pieces (4). 30-50
534.    A collection of die cast vehicles to include Corgi and Dinky etc. 30-50
535.    A 19th century rosewood and pearl inlaid dressing chest, the hinged lid enclosing many white metal topped glass compartments, and others (AF). 50-80
536.    A pair of square baluster cloisonne vases with panels of birds, dragons, etc., 31 cm high approx (AF) (2). 40-60
537.    A mixed lot to include a French ormolu Rococo twin branch candlestick, two Trench Art shell spill vases and a pair of Art Deco ivory type candlesticks (5). 30-50
538.    A Vintage Tri-Ang type tin plate toy crane together with a further tin plate toy cash register by Codeg and a boxed Simplex typwriter (3). 50-70
539.    A box of interesting items to include marquetry jewellery box, brass novelty bells, an ashtray mounted by a cast metal Scottie dog, various treen and text on items. 40-60
540.    A box of interesting metalware to include a pair of brass fire dogs and a pair of oak brass bound barrels and one other (5). 60-80
541.    A box of die cast toys to include a Corgi Muppet Show Animal, a Corgi Muppet Show Foggi, 2031 a Corgi Muppet Show Miss Piggy and nine others. 40-60
542.    An interesting wooden cased scientific/engineering instruments with German text across the glass viewing panel and mainly brass cogged interior together with a vintage Ever Ready portable radio (2). 30-50
543.    Two large early 19th century linen sheets monogrammed A.T. and dated 1813 40-60
544.    A box of interesting items to include eastern hardwood jewellery box fitted with glass cabochon, soap stone carvings, further eastern boxes, etc.

545.    A box of antique and later linen lace together with a further modern novelty chess set of marine interest and two eastern silk panels. 30-50
546.    A collection of nine lacquered boxes with decorative hinged lids with various illustration and sporting scenes. 120-180
547.    A box of Art Deco bankers light fittings, the shades fitted with a plaque inscribed 'Whiteway Reflector Whiteway Lighting Limited'. 30-50
548.    A vintage cased View-Master with various box slides to include Jungle Book, Tom & Jerry, etc. 30-50
549.    A cased table top small sized polyphon with various steel disks together with a collection of further miscellaneous items. 50-80
549A.   A small African stool with dished seat raised on 4 legs hewn from a single piece of timber with old painted finish 30-40
550.    W R Prior & Co of London monocular cast metal and brass microscope in a case fitted with further lenses. 50-80
551.    An interesting cast bronze and steel dagger, the hilt in the form of a cross and pierced with a cross with various diaper and banded engravings, 44 cm long approx. 50-70
552.    A collection of antique and later wooden boxes to include a rosewood and mother of pearl inlaid box, a 19th century walnut dome topped box with recessed brass handle, together with a further vintage glove box Mauchline ware, etc (9) 50-80
553.    A violin labelled Copy of Nicholas Maati together with a nickel mounted bow.
554.    A vintage cased Stellaphone tape recorder together with three reel of tapes, recordings of 1960's radio Luxemburg broadcasts 30-50
555.    A good cast brass imperial yard measure with engravings inscribed 'Imperial Yard, County of Borough of Daventry, Northampton, De Grave, London'. 400-600
556.    A boxed Hornby Type 501 metal locomotive together with a further boxed Hornby Type 501 carriage and a further cast metal locomotive (3).
557.    An antique violin by London Violin Co Ltd, further stamp for Antonius Stradivarius, within a baize lined case.
558.    A vintage cased banjolele by John Grey & Sons of London.
559.    A box of interesting items to include various Brize fans, small spirit level, scent bottle in the form of an egg, cigar cutter, coinage, further boxes, etc. 30-50
559A.   A Texas instruments home computer T1-99/4A in origianl packaging together with a quantity of related discs 20-30
560.    A box of various die cast and lead toys to include Corgi and Britains. 40-60
561.    A collection of boxed Corgi die cast vehicles to include haulage and other smaller vehicles together with two vintage paper bins. 40-60
562.    A quantity of approx 80 vintage coloured and black and white slides of varying subjects to include native American, Indian and civic war settlers, etc 150-200
563.    Two cast brass chargers, one decorated in relief with the Adam and Eve story, the other with men hunting bear, 50 cm diameter approx together with a pair of Tudric pewter candlesticks (4). 50-80
564.    A World War 1 officer's weighted trench club, 91 cm along approx. 50-80
565.    A naval officer's Wilkinson sword with shagreen hilt, lion head mount and leather scabbard, 100 cm long approx. 80-120
566.    A large collection of larger die cast vehicles, mainly boxed examples, by Burago with others. 80-120
567.    A collection of miscellaneous items to include wooden boxes, postage scales, French jewellery casket barometer together with various bags and gloves, etc. 50-80
568.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include a Bulle electric mantle clock, a WMS style twin handled tray, a cast brass elephant and a pair of 19th century marble columns, mahogany stool etc 50-80
569.    A collection of vintage camera and photographic equipment. 40-60
570.    A box of metal ware to include antique copper jug, interesting cast pewter candlestick and further antique brash candlestick together with a Japanese hardwood table lamp.

571.    A tin trunk containing various miscellaneous items to include letters and other works on paper. 40-60
572.    A boxed Cliftophone gramophone. 20-40
573.    Two boxes containing a large collection of antique and later woodworking planes and others. 50-80
574.    A large collection of vintage photographic camera and optical equipment. 50-80
575.    A cased gold lacquered brass Lafleur trombone inscribed 'J. R. Lafleur & Sons Limited, London, Paris, New York'. 40-60
576.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include lighters, compacts, costume jewellery and coins and others. 30-50
577.    A collection of various photographic and optical equipment. 30-50
578.    A cased Craftsman router and tooling together with further cased Makita plate joiner and further Makita biscuit dowel. 60-80
579.    A cased archery set to include bow and accessories by Petron within a zebra print case. 40-60
580.    A collection of polished brass and copperware to include kettles, candlesticks, warming pans, Trench Art, etc. 40-60
581.    Two leather jackets and tweed overcoat together with a leather sports bag, a leather vanity case and a further red leather satchel (6). 40-60
582.    An impressive gilt metal floral ceiling light fitted with ten frosted glass floral shades. 50-80
583.    An Art Nouveau style ceiling light with blackened iron hanging frame fitted with a large mottled orange glass centre shade framed by five further hanging glass shades together with a pair of matching wall lights with orange glass shades, together with a pair of matching wall lights 60-100
584.    An antique hanging boudoir lamp fitted with four scrolled branches centrally fitted with a centre light, framed by a pleated silk panel with floral garlands and glass droplets. 60-80
585.    Ladies black velvet cape with applied decoration to edges and collar and quilted lining, together with a gentlemans long black jacket 40-60
586.    A vintage enamel street sign for Victoria Embankment SW1 from the City of Westminster. 60-100
587.    A pair of gentleman's leather riding boots with stretchers. 30-50
588.    A Triptych folding screen centrally fitted with a leaded glass panel with a manor house scene. 100-200
589.    A pair of contemporary multi coloured curtains with slub weave, pencil pleat heading, lined and interlined, 2.8m long, 2.25 wide 40-60
592.    Two similar fabric panels with embroidered oriental design with some gold work still evident, with patterned fabric backing, each 1.7m x 1.2 m, together with a further piece of heavily embroidered red silk fabric 2.35 m long 200-300
592A.   A vintage Kelim holdall with leather strap work
593.    A pair of curtains, approx 2.8m long and 2.25m wide, lined and interlined, together with a matching pelmet and a further 5m length of fabric to match pelmet 50-70
594.    A 19th century work box with overlay of various leaves, the interior fitted with sectional two tier compartment. 40-60
595.    A scale model of a three mast battle ship fitted with canons and sails. 30-50
596.    A pair of pale gold curtains in dupion silk, lined and interlined with edge trim and tie backs, length approx 2.4m, width 2.2m 40-60
597.    A Lie-Nielsen No 5 1/2 woodworking plane, 37 cm long approx. 50-80
598.    A Lie-Nielsen No 212 woodworking plane, 14 cm long approx. 50-80
599.    A Lie-Nielsen No 2 woodworking plane, 19 cm long approx. 50-80
600.    A Lie-Nielsen No 112 woodworking plane, 26 cm long approx. 50-80
601.    An H Slater of London woodworking plane, 19 cm long approx together with four further woodworking tools (5). 50-80
602.    A Japanese carved ivory mounted sword hilt and scabbard, the hilt terminating in a dragon head with scrolled clouds, the hilt and scabbard carved in deep relief with dragon scales and figures with fine carving, 93 cm long approx. 200-400
603.    A fine 19th century scale presentation of the Skerries Life Boat - "The Lorna Platt" with engraved presentation plaque - The boat stationed at Skerries County Dublin - This model was presented by Thomas Platt 1873 - within a glazed case, 85cm long 200-300
604.    Large heavy single curtain in heavy brocade fabric, with thermal lining and showing no sign of usage, approx 2.8m long and 2.8m wide 40-60
605.    A collection of boxed die-cast cars and vehicles to include Corgi and others, many in mint condition 50-80
606.    Tribal interest - Makonde carved African family tree of life, 117cm high 800-1200
607.    John Mainwaring - two signed wooden cats; together with Inuit birds (4) 30-50
611.    A Persian style floral runner decorated with brown medallions and flower heads upon a fawn ground, 265 x 130 cm approx
612.    Persian runner with central blue and red medallions upon an orange ground, 280 x 90cm 60-100
613.    Persian Terbriz rug with floral sprays and medallions upon a cream ground, 185 x 125cm 80-100
614.    Royal Keshan rug with floral sprays upon a vegetable dye brown ground, 200 x 140cm 60-100
615.    Karabagh runner, with colourful medallions and floral highlights upon a pink ground, 260 x 105cm 60-100
616.    Three small Kelim rugs all with similar typical palette 40-60
617.    Large Kelim runner, with banded decoration of geometric patterns, 310 x 85cm 60-100
618.    Large Kurdish runner decorated with geometric pink and white medallions upon a blue ground, 530 x 110cm 60-100
619.    Meshwari runner, decorated with diamond shaped medallions upon a bleu ground, 258 x 60cm 50-80
620.    Persian Tabriz rug decorated with floral sprays and wildlife upon a cream ground, 192 x 130cm 60-100
621.    Modern thick weave wool rug with shaped outline upon a red ground, 190 x 120cm 20-40
622.    Tribal Gazak rug, with blue and red relief decoration upon a blue ground, 130 x 114cm 50-80
623.    Massive country house carpet decorated with various Islamic medallions upon a red ground 12 x 15 feet 100-200
624.    Three various Chinese wool rugs to include a circular, an oval and a rectangular example (3) 30-50
625.    Meshwari runner decorated with red medallions in relief upon a blue ground, 62 x 157cm 50-80
626.    Massive Persian runner decorated with blue and white floral central medallions upon a red ground, 19 ft 6 inches long x 3ft 6 inches wide 100-200
627.    Suzmi Kelim runner decorated with colourful diamond shaped pattern upon a brown ground, 170 x 57cm 30-50
628.    Suzmi Kelim runner decorated with vibrant diamond medallions upon a dark ground, 174 x 66cm 40-60
629.    Afghan type floor rug decorated with orange medallions and stars upon a cream ground, 210 x 135cm 40-60
630.    Four modern Axminster type rugs 80-120
631.    A Balochi rug decorated with a geometric red pattern upon a blue ground, 135 x 83cm 40-60
632.    Large country house carpet decorated with various salmon and blue medallions, 372 x 274cm 50-80
633.    Persian Keshan type runner with central geometric medallion decoration with blues upon an orange ground, 310 x 80cm 60-100
634.    Three Kelim rugs all in typical palette 80-120
635.    Russian Soviet period red velvet commemorative flag, stitched to a high quality with Lenin to one side and wreath of wheat and inscriptions to the other, 120 x 140cm 60-100
636.    Belgian machine woven tapestry in the William Morris style decorated with birds amidst foliage with autumnal borders with figures and campania urns, 160 x 125cm; together with a further Belgian machine woven tapestry with three figures amidst foliage, 130 x180cm 80-120
637.    Persian floor runner with geometric medallions upon a blue ground; together with a further thick weave runner (2) 40-60
638.    Five modern thick weave floor rugs in various sizes and designs 60-100
639.    Five modern thick weave floor rugs of various designs and sizes 60-100
651.    A late 19th century oil painting on canvas by Charles John DeLacy showing a busy marine scene with a schooner being towed into harbour by steam boat, signed bottom left C J De Lacy and dated 1882, inscribed verso scooner John De Lacy entrance to Margate Harbour, evening, 29 x 34 cm in wide moulded gilt frame and gilt slip 300-400
652.    Two signed and coloured limited edition prints after Tom Merrifield, both showing dancers, both signed bottom right one edition 1/250, the other edition 14/150, approx size 50 x 30 cm both in silver coloured aluminium frames 40-60
653.    An early 20th century coloured print after J Downman showing portrait of a woman in 18th century style costume, of oval form and in a moulded gilt frame, 32 x 28 cm overall frame size, together with a pair of early 20th century coloured prints after Lionel Edwards - The Stag and The Hare, 51 x 67 cm, both in oak frames, two coloured prints of children, one after Mabel Lucie Attwell, the other after C Twelvetrees 60-80
654.    A set of three black and white prints of photographs showing 1920s Tour De France subjects, including cyclists passing a horse drawn hay cart, cyclists entering a tunnel, etc, 49 x 66 cm in simple wooden frames 80-100
655.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas attributed to Joseph Thors of a rural scene with figures beside a thatched cottage and with ducks in a pond to the foreground, signed bottom right J Thors, 34 x 44 cm in moulded gilt frame and gilt slip 500-600
656.    A 20th century oil painting on board, waist length portrait of a lady in pink and black hat, signed with initials top left FB, 48 x 34 cm in moulded gilt frame 40-60
657.    A set of four early 20th century gouache paintings of oriental coastal scenes with sailing junks, 19 x 24 cm in moulded frames with blue painted finish, together with an oriental coloured print on silk of female figures and children in a garden setting, 34 x 20 cm in wooden frames 30-50
658.    Two humorous coloured limited edition signed prints after Sue Macartney Snape, one showing a life drawing class - The Art Class, the other showing an after dinner scene with gentlemen drinking - Pass The Port, both signed bottom right and editions of 750, 48 x 37 cm both in gilt frames 40-60
659.    A collection of pictures and prints including a gouache study of three dancing girls with feathered head dresses, signed bottom left Armstrong, 75 x 48 cm, a mixed media study of a still life with vase of flowers, fruit, etc, a pair of botanical studies of violas, signed with initials J Key? dated 78, a late 18th century black and white engraving after W R Artaud - the woman accused of adultery, etc 25-30
660.    An unusual pair of early 20th century oil paintings on wooden panels, both showing full length studies of a lady and a gentlemen in historical style costume, possibly costume designs, signed bottom right Pattie Mayor, dated 1900, 44 x 19 cm in simple oak frames 40-60
661.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas, half length portrait of a gentleman in yellow waistcoat and green cravat, 50 x 50 cm in wide moulded gilt frame with gilt slip 80-100
662.    A quantity of 19th century and later pictures and prints relating to sporting subjects and including a pair of lithographs of a hound and her pups and kittens watching a mousetrap 37 x 49 cm in oak frame with gilt slip, coloured print after Dorothy Hardy - The Grey Leads, a signed coloured photographic print showing Denman and Ruby Walshe jumping the last fence at Newbury 10th February 2007, coloured print after Lionel Edwards showing stag hunting subjects etc 30-50
663.    A 19th century oil painting on board showing a brown and white long coated dog standing in a landscape setting, indistinctly signed bottom right Thomson? dated 1890, understood by the family to represent the dog Toby, 60 x 74 cm in wide gilt frame
664.    A 19th century needlework sampler dated 1863 and with monogram W K, incorporating a lion, a stag, a church, Adam and Eve, etc, 43 x 43 cm in simple wooden frame 40-60
665.    A 19th century oil painting on board attributed to George Morland showing a cavern scene with horse and rider, female inn keeper, doll, child,etc, with plaque to frame George Morland, 29 x 37 cm in gilt frame 100-150
666.    A 19th century charcoal, watercolour and chalk study by Hablot Knight Browne (Phiz) of a gypsy encampment with cooking pot, mother feeding a child, recumbent figures, etc signed with monogram bottom right and with further label verso, Gypsies by H K Browne "Phiz", 39 x 45cm in gilt frame with moulded floral and fern detail to the corners 250-300
667.    An early 20th century gouache study of a moorland landscape by Daniel Sherrin, signed bottom left D Sherrin, 32 x 52cm in gilt frame with gilt slip 40-60
668.    A large ornately painted and gilded illuminated presentation style panel presented to Abel Heywood, from the city of Manchester and noting his achievement as Mayor in 1862 and 1876 and including his portrait, sepia views of the town hall, the opening of the tramways in 1877, and including signatures of the Alderman and Councillors, 84 x 59 cm in moulded gilt frame and gilt slip, together with further illuminated panel relating to the awarding of the freedom of the city of Manchester to Alderman Heywood 1891, 41 x 19 cm with attached watered silk ribbons and in a display case with green velvet backing. Also together with a further set of seven small illuminated panels (in one frame) relating to the statue of Cromwell presented by Alderman Abel Heywood on behalf of Mrs Heywood, 44 x 62 cm overall framed size 200-300
669.    A late 19th century watercolour by Cyril Ward, one showing a landscape with grazing sheep, signed bottom left and inscribed verso, "In The Meadows, Conway Valley", 39 x 60cm, together with a further watercolour by the same hand signed bottom left with label verso, "An Autumn Morning in North Wales", 35 x 54cm both in moulded gilt frames with gilt slips 60-80
670.    A 19th century watercolour of a river landscape with sheep, attributed to Joseph William Allen with label verso, "Watercolour - A Common by JW Allen and with Leggatt Brothers gallery label verso, 19 x 38cm in gilt frame 60-80
671.    A 19th century watercolour and body-colour study attributed to Samuel Prout, showing the Igel Column, Trier, Germany, with male and female characters below, 39 x 26cm with Leggatt Brothers gallery label verso and further label inscribed, "Watercolour, Italian Monument, by Prout" 39 x 26cm in moulded gilt frame with floral detail 100-120
672.    A 19th century watercolour of a country lane with figures, buildings, etc with Leggatt Brothers gallery label verso, inscribed "JH Flathey" 16 x 23cm in moulded gilt frame with floral detail
673.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas of a mountainous Highland lake scene, at sunset, signed bottom SB Jamieson, 49 x 74cm in moulded and pierced gilt frame 80-100
674.    An oil painting on metal panel in the 17th century manner showing a still life with glass and metal goblets, peeled orange, etc, 31 x 39cm in substantial black and gilt moulded frame, together with a 19th century black and white engraving after J Buckler, showing The Cathedral Church of Wales, 51 x 70cm in simple black frame 40-60
675.    A late 19th century oil painting on canvas of a river scene, signed bottom left J Allan, understood to show a view of Henley on Thames, 24 x 44cm in silver coloured frame 100-200
676.    A pair of late 19th century watercolours by Cyril Ward, both showing village scenes, probably at Clovelly, one including children, both signed bottom left, 38 x 16cm in moulded gilt frames and gilt mounts
677.    A late 19th century bust length portrait of oval form showing a fair haired young woman in a pearl necklace and gauzy shawl, possibly a photographic portrait with over painted finish, inscribed Dickinsons, dated 1882, 29cm max in gilt frame 40-60
678.    A 19th century watercolour and body colour portrait of oval form - bust length study of a young girl with flowing hair, with signature below edge of frame to the centre right, R Pietrocola, dated 1881, attributed to Rudolfo Pietrocola (edge of paper fragile so picture left inside frame for protection,image provided of signature) 43cm max, in simple gilt frame 60-80
679.    A watercolour of a London Thames scene signed bottom right Phillip Foster, dated 1988, an early 20th century watercolour of a continental town square, an oil painting on board of a continental street scene with flower market signed Aaron, a pair of studies of 1950 style Parisian street scenes in the form of prints with over painted finish after Signie, etc 30-40
680.    A coloured Pears print from Christmas 1899 showing a blacksmith in his forge, together with two further Pears type prints, one showing a Christmas meal and the other a bride at her wedding reception, various sizes, all framed 20-25
681.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas by Richard Gay Somerset showing cattle driven along a country lane, signed bottom left R G Somerset, 58 x 43cm approx in wide gilt frame and gilt slip 150-200
682.    A charcoal and chalk study by Sir Thomas Monnington showing a pair of gentleman's shoes, with Nicholas Bowlby label verso "Study for a Director Announcing the Bank Rate to the Chief Officials, 1931", Sir Thomas Monnington PRA, 10 x 14cm approx in reeded gilt frame and wide mount, together with a further small study by the same hand, also with Nicholas Bowlby label verso - Halifax from the Astrodome, 6 x 8cm approx in simple wooden frame, both with further background information, verso 80-120
683.    A 20th century watercolour of fishing boats in a harbour signed bottom right C Fauss, dated 89, 30 x 42cm, a watercolour of a harbour scene signed bottom right Pierre Legrand and inscribed "St Daust, La Hougue, 48 x 33cm, also together with a further watercolour of a peaceful harbour scene signed bottom right, A Postaire, 24 x 34cm and a coloured print of little girls paddling, all framed 40-60
684.    A collection of three late 19th and early 20th century watercolours by Cyril Ward, all showing rustic scenes including landscape with hay cart and horse inscribed verso, "Stubble, September", 25 x 35cm, example with haystooks in a mountainous landscape, 25 x 34cm both signed bottom left, and an example showing a donkey pulling a timber cart in an extensive wooded landscape, signed bottom right and dated 1896 with label verso "A Sandy Road, Suffolk", 31 x 46cm all in gilt frames 150-200
685.    An oil painting on canvas in the 17th century Dutch manner showing an interior scene with woman, cradle, cat, etc, 53 x 43cm in wide moulded gilt frame 60-80
686.    A 20th century oil painting on board of a coastal scene with rocks, signed bottom right, C Stylianou dated 91, 57 x 45cm together with two further 20th century oil paintings on canvas, one showing a jetty with bathing tents, figures, etc, indistinctly signed bottom right, 36 x 45cm, and the other showing a coastal scene with beached fishing boats, cottages, etc, signed A Postaire, with plaque to mount Andre Postaire, 31 x 40cm, framed 40-60
687.    A pair of 19th century watercolours of mountainous landscapes, one with wood gatherers and sheep, the other with a figure driving cattle, both signed bottom right S G Morley, 27 x 46 cm approx in gilt frames. 50-80
688.    A collection of five late 19th and early 20th century watercolours by Cyril Ward, all of coastal landscapes including example inscribed verso Morning, Off the Isle of Man, 43 x 75 cm approx, one inscribed A Wet Day on the Coast of Cornwall, 25 x 35 cm approx, an example with twin masted sailing vessel beside an estuary, 55 x 45 cm approx, etc., all signed and all in gilt frames. 200-300
689.    A coloured screen print incorporating six vignettes of nude female characters in a studio setting, signed bottom left A Kosowsky, 53 x 71 cm approx together with a mixed media study of a landscape with bridge, indistinctly signed bottom left and dated May 99, 53 x 74 cm approx, also together with two studies of flowers singed Mary Zuill, a Spy print - The Tory Bloodhound, etc., various sizes, mostly framed. Together with a modern adjustable drawing board. 30-50
690.    A late 19th century watercolour by Cyril Ward of a castle set in a river landscape with label verso Ludlow Castle, Cyril Ward RCA, 40 x 60 cm approx together with three further watercolour studies by the same hand, all framed 150-200
691.    A brightly coloured contemporary abstract subject on canvas incorporating figures, buildings, etc., with monogram verso DW (?), dated 13, 75 x 102 cm approx 30-40
692.    A pair of early 20th century gouache studies of Egyptian style landscapes with ruins, camels, etc., signed Frank Holmes, 39 x 19 cm approx together with an oil painting on canvas of white roses, a pastel study of cattle in a landscape, signed M R Page, inscribed verso Amberley Landscape, Mike Page, a 20th century watercolour and gouache study of a townscape with blue car, signed bottom left Boshier, with inscribed verso Boshier, Ratby, dated 61, 37 x 51 cm approx, etc. 30-40
693.    A 20th century painting on canvas of a landscape with red roofed buildings, inscribed bottom left Zagora, 48 x 100 cm approx in brown frame with linen slip. 25-30
694.    A 19th century continental oil painting on canvas of a resting female harvester holding a circular woven basket, seated in a landscape setting, 51 x 38 cm approx in gilt frame. 100-150
695.    A 19th century continental oil painting on canvas showing a full length study of a young boy in Tyrolean style costume, playing a pipe and standing in a landscape setting, 65 x 48 cm approx in gilt frame. 150-200
696.    An early 20th century oil painting on canvas, bust length portrait of a woman with upswept hair, with three purple pom poms pinned to her dress, possibly with some connection to the Suffragette Movement, signed or inscribed top left E M Davidson, 49 x 39 cm approx in moulded gilt frame. 80-100
697.    An early 20th century watercolour portrait by Cyril Ward, showing a half length study of a gentleman with white beard and greatcoat over his shoulders, signed top right Cyril Ward and inscribed After J F Sargent RA and dated 1903, 44 x 36 cm approx in moulded gilt frame. 60-80
698.    A collection of four late 19th and early 20th century watercolours by Cyril Ward, all showing landscapes with sportsmen, including an example inscribed verso Rails Drive, 29 x 60 cm approx, an example with sportsmen behind a hide shooting red grouse in a mountainous landscape, 30 x 47 cm approx, an example with figure walking through a wooded landscape dated 1897, 24 x 45 cm approx, and a scene with pheasant shooting, 25 x 35 cm approx, all signed and all in moulded gilt frames. 150-200
699.    An early 20th century watercolour and bodycolour study of a shepherd feeding his flock and accompanied by an Old English Sheepdog, inscribed to mount C E Swan, with label verso Cuthbert Edmund Swan - Watercolour Shepherd and Sheep, 33 x 46 cm approx in moulded gilt frame and gilt mount. 60-80
700.    A watercolour and bodycolour study by William Walcot of a busy London city scene with figures, buses, etc., signed bottom right W Walcot and with Fine Arts Society label verso William Walcot RBA, RE, The Bank and the Royal Exchange, 28 x 38 cm approx in simple wooden frame. 300-400
701.    A 20th century eastern European oil painting on canvas of a harvesting scene with horse, cart and figures, signed bottom left Gasperowicz Z, with label verso Zdzislaw Gasperowicz (Polish) Bringing in the Hay, 47 x 62 cm approx in cream coloured frame with black slip. 50-80
702.    A late 19th century three quarter length watercolour study of an elderly man wearing a rustic smock and brushing his Sunday hat, signed bottom left A C Purvis and dated 1895, with label verso A C Purvis, His Sunday Best, 44 x 33 cm approx in moulded gilt frame. 40-60
703.    An oriental coloured woodblock type print of a bird amongst foliage, with various character marks, 21 x 15 cm approx in black and gilt frame. 25-30
704.    A set of three 20th century gouache studies of Indian scenes including elephants and riders, women seated in the shade of a tree, etc., all signed A J T James, maximum size 24 x 33 cm approx in gilt frames. 50-70
705.    A mid-18th century coloured engraved plan of The Bishopsgate-Street Ward, published for Stow's Survey 1754, 32 x 19 cm approx in gilt frame.
706.    Two 20th century black and white etchings of Parisian river scenes including figures loading a barge on the Seine, both signed Kelly and dated 1925 and 1927, with labels verso Andor Szekely Von Doba (signed with pseudonym Kelly), dimensions 26 x 31 cm approx, both in black and gilt frames. 40-60
707.    A 19th century needlework sampler by Mary Ann Papworth aged 9 years, including a verse - A Fairer Isle Than Britain, Never Sun Viewed in his Wide Career... within a floral garland including animals and birds, 42 x 33 cm approx in simple black frame. 100-120
708.    A mid-19th century needlework sampler by Margaret Miles aged 15-years, dated 1842, including a moral verse, flower vases, animals, trees, etc., 42 x 34 cm approx. 100-120
709.    An early 19th century cross stitch sampler dated 1821, inscribed Cath (?), 25 x 21 cm approx together with a coloured engraving of oval form showing a young girl accompanied by Cupid in oval gilt frame, 67cm maximum, together with a late 18th century miniature engraving of oval form after Angelica Kauffman showing a Cupid inscribed Gardez-vous, 11 cm approx maximum dimensions in black and gilt oval frame, also together with a pair of further small similar frames. 40-50
710.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas of an extensive landscape with red roofed farm buildings, shire horse, etc., signed bottom right Campbell Hunter, 60 x 91 cm approx in gilt frame together with a watercolour of a country landscape by Jane Lampard, signed bottom left and inscribed Morning Mist, Kilcot Valley, 29 x 40 cm approx and a collection of three signed limited edition coloured prints after Nicholas Egon showing landscapes including the Dead Sea, Petra, etc., all signed and editions out of 75 or 100, 35 x 47 cm approx in reeded gilt frames. 40-60
711.    A late 19th century watercolour study of a bowl of roses, signed bottom right H A McMurray and dated 97, 35 x 52 cm in gilt frame with gilt mount. 40-50
712.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas by Marc Chailloux showing a river scene with water lilies, signed bottom left M Chailloux, 44 x 37 cm approx in moulded frame with white painted slip. 50-70
713.    A mid-20th century oil painting on board by Alexander Scherban of an Tyrolean view with houses, towering peaks, etc., signed bottom right Scherban Alexander and dated 1950, inscribed verso Berghof in Tyrol. 200-300
714.    A grisaille study of a rustic timber barn, signed bottom right Geo Cooper, with label verso George Cooper, Watercolour, The Old Barn, 30 x 42 cm approx in simple gilt frame. 30-50
715.    A watercolour of a Maltese street scene with figures, signed bottom right Joseph Galea, inscribed Malta and further inscribed Strada Mergant Valletta, 32 x 25 cm approx in simple wooden frame. 30-50
716.    A pair of 19th century oil paintings on canvas of marine scenes, understood to be by Thomas Whitcombe, one showing three masted sailing ships at high seas, the other showing two three masted sailing ships off the coast, 30 x 43 cm approx, together with a pair of swept and moulded gilt frames, with accompanying information relating to the cleaning and restoration of these paintings in 1972. 400-500
717.    An early 20th century over-mantle mirror with central mirror panel flanked by a pair of coloured prints after Toulouse Lautrec, both showing music hall scenes, each print 31 x 23 cm approx, the mirror with gilt frame, dimensions 43 x 83 cm overall. 30-40
718.    Two 20th century oil paintings on board of floral still lifes, both signed with monogram bottom left DB (?), 24 x 29 cm approx and 22 x 18 cm approx both in silver coloured frames together with a small collection of books including The Antique Collectors' Club Edition of the Dictionary of Victorian Painters, The Old Inns of England by A E Richardson, cricketing books including Jackson's Year by Alan Gibson 1966, etc., (books displayed on shelves below). 25-30
719.    A late 19th century oil painting on canvas by Albert Gyngell, of a river landscape with hills to the distance, signed bottom right A Gyngell, 40 x 61 cm approx, unframed. 100-120
720.    An early 20th century travelling easel fitted with a paint box and palette together with a canvas and leather portfolio and a tin paint box. 25-30
721.    A set of four early 20th century coloured lithographs of Dutch style scenes with figures, windmill, etc., after H Cassiers, 29 x 19 cm approx in black frames together with a set of three black and white woodcut type prints of Beethoven, Handel, etc., an 18th century black and white engraving of William Shakespeare, etc.
722.    An early 20th century oil painting on canvas of a village street scene with figure entering a churchyard, 25 x 40 cm approx in moulded gilt frame. 25-30
723.    A pair of 19th century monochrome portraits of oval form, possibly over a photographic background, showing a lady in white bonnet and a gentleman with side whiskers, both inscribed bottom right Vandyke & Brown and dated 1872 and 1873, both in oval gilt frames, maximum frame size 55 cm approx. 25-30
724.    A large coloured print, bust length portrait of a gentleman in 17th century style costume, in black and gilt moulded frame, maximum frame size 120 x 95 cm approx. 20-30
725.    A large 20th century oil painting on canvas by John Whitlock Codner(1913-2008, British), full length portrait of Eustace H Button (architect and founder of the Bristol School of Architecture) shown in overcoat and bowler hat, signed bottom right John Whitlock and dated 53, with various labels verso Eustace H Button RWA, FRIBA, JP, RWA, 53, etc., 182 cm x 100 cm approx in grey painted wooden frame together with a 20th century watercolour of a church interior scene by Eustace H Button inscribed verso Evensong - Bristol Cathedral, with Clifton address details, 38 x 25 cm approx in simple white frame.

726.    A 20th century oil painting on board of a river scene, signed bottom left W Maxwell Reekie and dated 1927, inscribed verso The Bend at Caradoc and dated 30th April 1927, further inscribed To Colonel & Mrs Heywood, with all good wishes from the artist, 29 x 40 cm approx in moulded gilt frame. 60-80
727.    A pencil caricature study of a gentleman seated cross legged on a barrel, representing John Elliot Burns, Trade Unionist, signed with monogram ETR and attributed verso to E T Reed, 19 cm square approx together with a further pen and ink caricature of a busy London street scene with horse drawn and motor vehicles, signed bottom left S J Robbins and dated 05, 22 x 29 cm approx, etc. 30-50
728.    A collection of three antique maps of Herefordshire, two after Christopher Saxton and one after Robert Morden, maximum sheet size 42 x 55 cm approx, all framed.
729.    A signed coloured artist's proof by Edwina Sandys - Daffodils, signed bottom left and inscribed Artists Proof, 74 x 55 cm approx together with an oil painting on board of a red tulip head, signed bottom right Laffanki and dated 1997, inscribed verso Painted in Tenerife, 60 x 50 cm approx, also together with a pastel study of a donkey, signed bottom left Halcyon Weir and dated 1976, inscribed Tatu of Grafton, 39 x 49 cm approx, all in gilt frames. 30-50
730.    A signed limited edition lithograph after the Prince of Wales showing Balmoral Castle, signed and dated 2001, edition 52/100, 32 x 41 cm approx in gilt frame and presentation case together with certificate.
731.    An unusual wood carving in the abstract manner, in simple wooden frame, 105 x 55 cm approx, also together with further pictures and prints including an embroidered floral picture, further botanical subjects, a set of four small prints of dancing figures, a pastel study of a female nude, etc.
732.    NO LOT 300-500
733.    Two early 20th century watercolour full length studies of women, probably in theatrical costume, with label versos attributing them to Annie Harvey Double, 30 x 15 cm approx together with a chalk life drawing of a female nude, signed bottom left Jean Williams, a black and white engraving after Rowlandson of a family, etc., together with a mixed media painting of lilies in tones of blue, signed bottom right Elizabeth Lloyd, 41 x 54 cm approx, all framed. 30-50
734.    A signed coloured lithograph after Virginia Powell showing an interior scene, signed bottom left, edition 9/15, with label verso - Virginia Powell, Figure by a Table and dated 79, 46 x 33 cm approx together with a signed limited edition black and white lino cut - Listening to the Wind, signed Kanuge JB, dated 97, edition 1/3, 42 x 62 cm approx and a further brightly coloured screen print of an abstract subject with fruit boxes, signed bottom right D Hall, edition 3/12, all framed. 30-50
735.    A pastel study of a still life with Buddha, vase of dried flowers, etc., signed with initials bottom left EB, with label verso - Green Buddha, Erica Bean together with an oil painting on board of a winter scene, indistinctly signed bottom right Denny (?), and a pair of monochrome prints of a group of antelope and a tribal battle scene with trumpeters, etc., one indistinctly signed Maurice (?) Tievel (?), 37 x 55 cm approx, all framed. 30-50
736.    A watercolour study of a reclining female nude figure against an abstract style background, inscribed verso - Alissa Jarman, Fabric Dream, 34 x 52 cm approx in simple wooden frame. 25-30
737.    An interesting collection of watercolours, photographs and other ephemera relating to Caradoc Court, Ross on Wye, including four early 20th century watercolours by Cyril Ward all showing views of the house and garden including an example showing the half timbered facade with colourful garden border, signed bottom left and dated 1925, 30 x 45 cm approx, another showing the gabled front and main entrance, also signed and dated 1925, 29 x 44 cm approx, two calendars from 1949 both with photographic prints of the house, two early 20th century albums of black and white photographs showing interior and exterior shots of the house and further photographs including aerial examples, etc 100-150
738.    A collection of five Indian Moghul type gouache paintings of male and female characters playing music in garden settings, etc., 21 x 12 cm approx maximum size in gilt frames. 160-200
739.    A 19th century watercolour of a coastal scene, understood to represent Torquay, signed bottom left J N Carter, with label verso - Torquay J N Carter and also inscribed Joseph Newington Carter, 12 x 17 cm approx together with a further early 20th century watercolour of a lake scene, signed bottom left J Miller, inscribed verso - Talyllyn Lake, 12 x 24 cm approx, both in gilt frames. 30-50
740.    An unusual 19th century sepia print of a procession of animals dressed in their Sunday best, with label verso - Church Parade at the Zoo, 7 x 23 cm approx in arch topped mount and oak Oxford type frame together with a small early 20th century watercolour of a camel and rider dated 1902, 19 x 10 cm approx, framed 25-30
741.    A 19th century continental three quarter length study on panel of a young woman in classical style costume, with signature top right Comerre-Paton, attributed to Jacqueline Comerre-Paton, with faint impressed inscription lower right Gesetzlich, 25 x 13 cm approx within moulded black frame and gilt slip. 300-500
742.    A collection of four early 20th century Japanese coloured prints on textured paper, subjects including a pheasant in a mountainous background, figures running from a storm, a bird in flight, etc., 26 x 17 cm approx. 40-60
743.    A set of six coloured botanical prints including Iris, etc., 30 x 22 cm approx in textured wooden frames together with a coloured print, shoulder length portrait of a young woman after Modigliani and a pair of coloured prints of an early 19th century style equestrian subject, all framed. Together with a further large oak frame containing a coloured print of a landscape. 30-40
744.    A collection of twelve early 20th century watercolours by Cyril Ward all of landscape subjects including a Cumberland river scene, a view of Walberswick Common, Suffolk, etc., further landscape and river scenes, etc., mostly signed, various sizes, 29 x 46 cm maximum approx size, all framed. 100-150
745.    A collection of pictures and prints including four unframed sheets of pencil and watercolour studies of poultry, a Michaelangelo horses and dogs, three signed J Wynne Hall, two dated 1929, approx sheet size 38 x 55 cm approx together with an early 20th century watercolour of a standing female nude, signed bottom right Frank Dobson and dated 29, a similar pencil life drawing by the same artist, a study of the head of a Spanish beggar boy, a sepia coloured engraving after Guercino by Bartolozzi, a further Bartolozzi engraving after Michaelangelo, etc. 40-60
746.    An unusual watercolour and ink caricature by Leonora Carrington showing a figure of a kneeling naked character with elongated black finger and toe nails and pointed ears against a blue and green background, signed Leonora Carrington and inscribed To Johnnie from Prince (?), dated 26-7-33, 28 x 22 cm approx in simple green and gilt frame. (This caricature possibly represents John Peter Wakefield, British Motor Racing driver of the 1930s of whom more related items are included in this sale) together with a black and white photograph of John Peter Wakefield as a young man, 29 x 24 cm approx in leather frame. Please see also lot 780 relating to John Wakefield's career 300-500
747.    An early 20th century Indian Moghul type miniature painting of a company of gentlemen, painted on ivory type panel with inscribed verso - Court of Shah Jahn, 15 x 9 cm approx, unframed. 50-80
748.    A Windsor and Newton adjustable floor standing easel
750.    A collection of five early 20th century watercolours by Cyril Ward, all of rustic scenes with animals grazing including example with poultry in a farmyard setting, sheep grazing beside a river, sheep in a mountainous setting, etc., all signed, maximum size 56 x 55 cm approx, all in gilt frames. 100-150
751.    An early 20th century watercolour by Cyril Ward of an extensive river landscape with figures, signed bottom left, with label verso - A Sunny Morning, Autumn, 45 x 78 cm approx together with four further watercolours by the same artist of landscape subjects, all signed, all in gilt frames. 80-120
752.    A collection of coloured prints of military subjects including a limited edition example after David Rowlands showing a helicopter landing site in Iraq, edition 206/250, a 19th century coloured engraving showing the Zulu War - In Sight of Ulundi, a coloured print after William T Trego - Rescue of the Colours showing American Civil War subjects, etc., together with a pair of coloured print reproduction prints of golfing scenes after W Dendy Sadler, various sizes, all framed. 30-40
753.    A late 19th century watercolour by Cyril Ward of an extensive river landscape, signed bottom left and dated 1892, with label verso - The Lower Valley of the Esk, 45 x 75 cm approx together with five further late 19th/early 20th century watercolours of river scenes by the same hand including A Fall in the Willau, Eskdale, etc., various sizes, all framed. 100-150
754.    A collection of pictures and prints including Cruchley's New Plan of London, 42 x 62 cm approx, a watercolour of a mountainous landscape in oak frame, a Victorian coloured print of a still life subject with fruit, etc. 25-30
755.    A coloured print on glass in the early 19th century manner showing a military drummer, 41 x 29 cm approx in burrwood style frame, a collection of 19th century coloured prints of fruit including varieties of apples and pears, a similar coloured botanical engraving including leaves, berries and insects after Eleazar Albin, a pair of coloured prints of 19th century coaching scenes, a signed limited edition print of a study of a seated female character in wide brimmed hat, a watercolour of a village street scene signed Geoff Bartlett, etc., various sizes, all framed.
756.    An early 20th century watercolour of a coastal scene with fishing boat, signed bottom right N Taylor, inscribed Scarborough, 28 x 35 cm approx in gilt frame together with a signed coloured print after Simon Drew - Cat A Meringue, 24 x 36 cm approx in red frame. 20-25
757.    A 19th century copper engraving plate showing a view of St Peter's Place and the Manchester Reform Meeting being disbursed by civil and military power 1819 together with an engraving from the plate, a 19th century sepia coloured print showing The Life Boat Laura stationed at Skerries, County Dublin, dated 1873, 25 x 38 cm approx in gilt rope twist style frame, a 19th century black and white photograph of a carpenter in his workshop, etc. 25-30
758.    A 20th century oil painting on board of a still life with vase of tulips, signed bottom right Eric Stephens, with exhibition label verso - February Tulips, 56 x 36 cm approx in stepped gilt frame together with an oil painting on canvas of The Virgin Mary beneath a rose arch, signed bottom right L Orchard and dated 1964, 56 x 44 cm approx, unframed. 80-120
759.    A humorous coloured print showing a family of Staffordshire Bull Terriers - Caesar's Wife, after Camdler together with a pair of humorous French engravings of street dogs and a pair of pastel studies of terriers in burr wood frames, various sizes, all framed. 25-30
760.    A pair of 19th century paintings on cream velvet panels, one showing a group of shells and coral, the other a group of flowers and butterfly, 44 x 46 cm approx size together with the remains of burrwood frames and gilt slips. 30-50
761.    A portfolio containing an interesting collection of pictures and prints by G Grimm comprising silhouette subjects including figures, musicians, landscapes, etc., signed G Grimm and dating from the 1920s and 1930s, maximum sheet size 35 x 28 cm approx together with a Daler Rowley adjustable easel in carrying case and a further adjustable desk top easel. 30-50
762.    A coloured print after Henry Moore of a recumbent figure, dated 60, 37 x 58 cm approx together with two coloured prints after Maurice Utrillo of city scenes, a gouache study of a stone archway, signed bottom right J Fielder, etc. 20-30
763.    A 19th century watercolour of a marine scene with sailing and rowing boats, 34 x 49 cm approx in gilt frame. 25-30
764.    A watercolour by Harry Lea showing a South African coastal landscape including Cable Bay and Cable Mountain, signed bottom right and dated 74, with labels verso (Harry Lea was former principle of Newport Gwent College of Art), 36 x 54 cm approx in gold coloured aluminium frame. 25-30
765.    A collection of six double sided French educational posters with coloured printed decoration on natural history topics including spiders, snakes, frogs, etc., 74 x 89 cm approx, unframed. 80-120
780.    A unique motor sport archive containing a large quantity of photographs, personal correspondence and ephemera relating to the British racing driver John Peter Wakefield (DOB - 5 4 1915) who won three Grand Prix races in 1939 and was considered to be of the top drivers prior to World War II. This collection includes numerous framed and unframed press and agency photographs including some of him winning at the Naples Grand Prix, various correspondence regarding race entries and wins, touring maps and other general motor memorabilia. John Wakefield was also a test pilot for Vickers Armstrong and in a separate suitcase there is a quantity of ephemera relating to his career as a pilot including his pilot log books and various photographs. In addition to the previous listed items there is also a signed photograph of John Wakefield and a Brooklands racing badge (displayed in cabinet) 200-400
781.    A collection of GB stamps from 1840 QV to QE in a Stanley Gibbons printed pages Windsor album (DISPLAYED IN CABINET) 100-150
782.    A 19th century album containing large format photographs with coloured finish depicting various aspects of Japanese life and culture, contained within an ornate lacquered cover decorated with mother of pearl cranes and gilt coloured bamboo. 100-150
783.    A White Star Line timetable of proposed sailings from New York and Liverpool - 1898, a menu from the Arandora Star Liner dated 1936 together with some black and white photographs of various cruise holidays and a photo album also containing further similar photos. 20-25
784.    A first edition of Love Letters to the Beatles selected by B Adler, published 1964. 30-50
785.    A late 19th century edition of Oyucha San, a songbook on crepe paper. 30-50
786.    A hand written letter on note paper embossed American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society, New York, signed by Lewis Tappan relating to The Amistad Case. 50-100
787.    A Cunard Line brochure for the RMS Mauretania which includes a list of passengers. 20-25
788.    A 19th century hand written journal with examples of poetry and essays, etc. 30-50
789.    A small leather suitcase containing a quantity of unsorted stamps, some attached to envelopes, with examples of Penny Blue and Penny Red. 30-50
790.    A box containing a quantity of Commonwealth and Empire stamps plus stamps from Egypt and Iceland. 50-70
791.    Two albums containing a quantity of mixed stamps including early 20th century examples, greetings stamps, booklets, miniature sheets, etc., together with a box containing two stock books and quantity of mint stamps, etc. 20-40
792.    A stock book containing a collection of world stamps, various ages. 20-30
793.    A collection of used and mint Commonwealth and early Canadian stamps. 40-60
794.    A book containing a quantity of stamps from various African countries. 25-35
795.    A book containing a quantity of mixed stamps from the Channel Islands. 25-45
796.    A collection of stamps from Australia in a Stanley Gibbons printed pages album 30-50
797.    A Stanley Gibbons stamp album containing a quantity of British and worldwide stamps together with a collection of loose stamps and other postal ephemera.

798.    A box containing Ceres albums of stamps from France and a folder of Special Anniversary limited edition stamp cards 'encart document Philateliques' 30-50
799.    A stockbook containing a quantity of mostly mint stamps from GB Commonwealth Grenadines of St Vincent 20-30
800.    Six stockbooks containing an accumulation of GB, Commonwealth and world stamps 30-50
801.    Three stockbooks of mint and used GB Commonwealth stamps 30-50
802.    Three stockbooks containing a mint and used collection of British Commonwealth stamps from the West Indies, Europe and India including Canada and the Atlantic Islands including Bermuda, British Guiana, Ascension, Cyprus, India States etc from early QV to QE 60-80
803.    1940's Mint stamps from France in sheets, several 1000's 30-50
804.    Four stock albums containing GB and world stamps including China and Italian Colonies 20-40
805.    Two stamp albums containing a collection of British and worldwide stamps including some mint examples, a bag containing a quantity of loose stamps, envelopes and a collection of World Cup 1966 mint stamps together with some indenture documents. 30-50
806.    Three stamp albums containing a quantity of mainly worldwide stamps, boxes and envelopes containing further unsorted stamps, an envelope containing a quantity of first day covers, etc. 30-40
807.    Three stockbooks containing a mint and used collection of GB Commonwealth stamps from South East Asia, Australia, Pacific Islands and Africa from early QV to QE and including Hong Kong, Sarawak, North Borneo, Labuan, New Zealand, Nigeria, etc 60-80
808.    Four boxes containing a very large quantity of stamps, FDC's, albums, catalogues stockbooks and philatelic material, together with a collection of GB Commonwealth stamps in two albums, mint and used 30-50
809.    A box with a large quantity of GB and world stamps on covers 30-50
810.    Three stamp albums containing a quantity of British and worldwide stamps, an exercise book containing a quantity of British stamps, many mint, a collection of first day covers together with a small collection of postcards of Sheerness, a 1933 Christmas card from the 8th Field Battery RA and an oval over-painted photograph of a young lady dated 1912 (displayed in cabinet). 30-50
811.    A box containing a collection of assorted dress patterns from various eras together with a collection of miscellaneous knitting patterns. 20-30
812.    A loose leaf album containing a large quantity of overseas mint stamps celebrating the Royal Wedding 1981 together with two further albums containing a large quantity of first day covers. 30-40
813.    An extensive quantity of assorted cigarette cards, mostly in albums, including an example of the sectional Animolloys produced by Will's 1934, etc. 30-50
814.    A box containing a miscellaneous collection of ephemera including photos, theatre programmes, postcards, etc., together with an unframed oil painting of a Portuguese water front. 20-25
815.    An album containing a selection of postcards including some early 20th century examples of the Colston Hall, Avonmouth Dock, St George's Park, Bristol, etc., plus romantic and topographical examples (in cabinet) 20-40
816.    Two albums containing a large collection of miscellaneous postcards including some local topographical subjects such as Badminton House, Keynsham, Brislington, etc., also including the Bradford tram accident 1907 and an incident with a GWR train. 60-80
817.    Two late 19th century scrap albums together with an edition of The Legend of St Christopher, published Birmingham 1901. 40-60
818.    An album containing a quantity of early 20th century black and white photographs of a holiday in Norway but also including photographs of a German boat, a submarine and a naval cadet ship - The Wilhelm Gustav. 50-80
819.    Three photograph albums containing a collection of family holiday shots and other interesting subjects such as John Avery Scrambles champion 1952, an album devoted to a trip to Clovelly in July 1910, together with a number of loose photographs many on sailing subjects and a framed picture of Christine Hamlyn "For 52 years devoted owner of Clovelly" 20-30
820.    A large collection of assorted dog photographs, early 20th century dog manuals and books, etc., together with a framed watercolour study of a Jack Russell Terrier by Cyril Ward and two Cecil Aldin prints. 80-100
821.    A collection of military related ephemera and photographs from various ages including an edition of The Young Officers Guide To Knowledge - by The Senior Major and The Morse A.B.C. For Flag Signallers, Fourth Edition, etc 20-30
822.    An extensive and interesting collection of mixed postcards including general topographical with some early 20th century African examples, various humorous and cute cards including examples by Mabel Lucie Attwell, a collection of Caldecott Post Card Series and a collection of cards which appear to show the celebrations to mark the Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary (1911). 40-60
823.    A collection of interesting maps including The Ordinance Survey Aviation Map and a map printed on a piece of cotton entitled, War Department Land on Salisbury Plain, embellished with some hand embroidery of a chain and key 20-40
824.    Three folders containing a large quantity of Royal Mail Mint Stamp Collections together with a stamp album, etc., containing a quantity of British and worldwide stamps. 60-80
826.    An interesting collection of sporting memorabilia including various Olympic Games guides including Los Angeles 1984, Munich 1972, various cricket programmes, tickets and three Marylebone Cricket Club Rover Ticket Regulations, etc. 20-50
827.    A collection of vintage and other children's books including two Eagle annuals, two stamp albums containing a quantity of British and worldwide stamps, Mini Cooper Club pamphlets, etc. 20-25
828.    Seven envelopes containing late 19th century documentation relating to patents registered by Henry James Hogg King and others for a number of inventions including improvements to combined reaping and sheaf binding machines, improvements to Mercurial gauges, etc. 80-100
829.    An extensive collection of mixed ephemera including various pictures of race horses, a 1934 edition of Country Life, Strand Magazine, various early 20th century theatre programmes, diaries, leaflets, etc. 30-40
830.    A large collection of mixed postcards including general topographical examples, romantic, comedy, etc., including examples by Mabel Lucie Attwell together with a small quantity of vintage greetings cards and a bag full of unsorted loose stamps. 30-50
831.    Two 19th century albums containing a quantity of newspaper clippings and other ephemera mainly relating to the City of Manchester and the life and career of Abel Heywood, also items such as newspaper stamps, election coverage, theatre reviews, etc., together with a further 19th century album which contains a quantity of signatures, seals, letters, etc., and an 1871 Sims Railway Guide (for related items please see picture Lot 668). 40-60
832.    A collection of interesting British Red Cross ephemera including a number of patterns for clothing, needlework and knitting instruction books, an envelope containing fabric samples, etc., together with some assorted knitting patterns and a Win The War Cookery Book, knitting needles, etc. 30-50
833.    A collection of charming antique and vintage greetings cards, dance cards, stationery, booklets and pamphlets, etc. 20-30
834.    A folder containing a large quantity of early 20th century educational pictures. 20-25
835.    An extensive collection of mixed ephemera including vintage patterns, wedding cake brochures, pet welfare pamphlets, etc., together with some sketch books containing some fashion drawings. 20-30
836.    A quantity of vintage children's books including Mabel Lucie Attwell's Annual, Walt Disney Annual, Ladybird books, nine Beatrix Potter books including a French edition, etc. 40-60
837.    A mixed collection of mainly travel and sport ephemera including, a photograph album with early 20th century photographs of a trip to Egypt, together with some loose photographs of the Sphinx and Pyramids, etc 30-50
838.    Five late 19th century photograph albums containing a large quantity of family portraits and other family photographs together with a box full of similar loose pictures. 30-40
839.    A collection of 19th century legal documents including various conveyances and mortgage assignments, etc. 20-25
841.    China Quest by Elizabeth Foreman Lewis 1937, Sauces of Chinese Tradition, Burying the Bones, Pearl Buck in China, Wild Swans, Three Daughters of China and other Chinese related books (13 volumes). 40-60
842.    A Picturesque Europe (4 volumes) published by Cassell, Petter & Galpin, London with red cloth binding. 40-60
843.    Hoods Poems, illustrated by Birket Foster, Milton's L'Allegro, illustrated by Birket Foster and The Art Annual for 1890, Birket Foster, His Life & Work. 20-30
844.    A collection of good quality art related books including The Drawings of L S Lowry by Mervin Levy, Rodin, Drawings and Watercolours, Rubens Selected Drawings, etc (12 volumes). 30-40
845.    Nineteen volumes - all jazz related.
846.    Picasso Erotique with dust wrapper. 20-30
847.    Records of the Lumleys of Lumley Castle by Milner Benham 1904 and four volumes of The History of The County Palatine of Durham. 20-30
848.    An 18th century bible including the Apocrypha, printed by Thomas Baskett, 1759.
849.    An early 18th century bible printed by Charles Bill 1708. 30-40
850.    The Grand Fleet 1914-16, its creation, development and work by Jellicoe together with an Admiralty chart Review of the Fleet at Spithead 20th May 1937. 20-30
851.    A large collection of railway related books, mainly mid to late 20th century publications, principally steam (60+ volumes). 60-80
852.    Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management 1909 edition, a Victorian self-interpreting illustrated family bible with black and gilt leather covers, brass bound, a small collection of leather bound books by Thackerey & Shakespeare, and a quantity of cigarette cards. 30-40
853.    A box containing books relating to topography including Japan, Spain, Afghanistan, etc. 10-20
854.    Two boxes including antique reference books, books on wine, etc. 20-25
855.    William James - The Naval History of Great Britain (5 volumes) 1824, John Charnock, Biographical Memoirs of Lord Viscount Nelson 1806, N P Willis, Pencillings by the Way, second edition, 1836 (The Journal of a Grand Tour). 40-60
856.    A collection of Edwardian and later hunting/equestrian books including Hare Hunting and Harriers by Brydon, The Life of John Mytton by Nimrod, etc (16 volumes). 20-30
857.    A collection of ghost/supernatural related books including The A-Z of British Ghosts, Classic Ghost Stories, Railway Ghosts and Phantoms as well as several parochial ghost related works (40 volumes approx). 30-40
858.    Miscellaneous book -1914 and Other Poems by Rupert Brook, The Wanderer, John Masefield, Poems 1903 - 1923, etc. 15-20
859.    A W Kinglake, The Invasion of the Crimea, four volumes, second edition 1863, Henry Tyrrell, The History of the Wall with Russia (9 volumes). 40-60
860.    Memories of the Duke of Sully, Prime Minister to Henry the Great (3 volumes 1756). 40-60
861.    Five royal books - Queen Victoria to George VI, facsimile map of Gloucestershire and a view of Chipping Sodbury Market Place 1903. 10-20
862.    A collection of books about film and cinema including Spectacular - The Story of Epic Films, published by Hamlyn.

863.    Miscellaneous books including Seven Enterprise, Odd Corners of North Wales, several books on two stroke motorcycle engines, Altas van, Fouquet, etc 10-20
864.    Ruskin - Modern Painters volumes 1-5, Lalique Perfume Bottles, Art Nouveau Domestic Metalware together with a collection of artists materials including pastels, oils, watercolours, etc. 30-40
865.    Miscellaneous collection of 18th and 19th century books, mainly leather bound, including Goldsmiths Natural History (2 volumes 1790), Iliad of Homer translated by Alexander Pope, etc (40 volumes approx).
866.    A large quantity of books relating to timber including Fine Woodworking Techniques, The Woodworker Annual (40 volumes approx) together with a few further volumes antique related. 30-40
867.    Hadland Davis - Myths and Legends of Japan, a number of 19th century leather bound works Hereward The Wake, Electricity by Bragg, Vanity Fare by Thackeray together with further 19th century and later books, some suede bound. 40-60
868.    Leaders of the Senate by Wald (5 volumes) a few volumes by Ruskin, etc. 30-40
869.    A good collection of the Beano Annuals, in good condition, mainly covering the 1980s/early 1990s period together with further Dennis the Menace volumes, Dandy and Beano - 101 Great Stories, Dandy and the Beano 50 Golden Years, etc (32 volumes). 40-60
870.    A quantity of art reference books together with a box containing books about travel and exploration, etc.

871.    Mixed books including Modern Domestic Cookery 1862, The Beatles - A Hard Days Night, paperback edition 1964, further books on trout fishing, poetry, etc. 20-30
872.    The History of English Furniture by Percy MacQuoid (4 volumes), further books on pewter and Britannia metal, etc. 20-25
873.    A collection of 19th century and later books on poetry including works by Blake, Masefield, Brooke, Scott, Milton, etc. 30-40
874.    Rudyard Kipling including 27 volumes published by McMillan & Co 1930 and further works by the author (50 volumes approx). 30-40
875.    A collection of 18th and 19th century leather bound works including The History of The Jews (3 volumes) by Milman 1863, Club Life in London 1866, The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Grayon 1831 (2 volumes), Zoological Gardens, Birds & Quadrupeds 1831, Thaddeus of Warsaw (4 volumes), seventh edition 1816, etc (55 volumes approx). 100-150
876.    28 volumes - The Novels of Charles Dickens published by Caxton. 20-30
877.    Mainly British topographical and natural history including The Young's Farmer's Tour 1771, volume 3, The County Books Series, The Shetland Isles, The Islands of Ireland by Mace, etc (approx 40 volumes). 30-40
878.    Michaelis Angeli Causei Romanus Museum Thesaurus of Antiquitatis, published Rome 1707, vellum bound. 60-80
879.    MacArtney's Embassy to China being an authentic account of an embassy by Sir George Staunton, 2 volumes, 1797 (lacks accompanying folio volume of plates). 60-80
880.    A collection of books on English period furniture, repairing and restoration (50 volumes approx). 40-60
881.    A collection of vintage and later children's books including Anderson's Stories for the Household, Robinson Crusoe, Edward Lear, Teapots and Quails, etc. 20-30
882.    The Stock Exchange in the year 1900, deluxe edition, leather bound with gilded clasps. 30-40
883.    A large collection of 19th century reference books published by Nattali, circa 1830-1850 covering such subjects as monkeys, vegetable substances, criminal trials, menageries, Davis's Chinese, British costume, insect architecture, faculties of birds, Elgin marbles, Paris, etc (43 volumes). 80-100
884.    The History, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon 1783 edition (13 volumes). 40-60
885.    Oeuvres D Monsieur De Montesquieu, published in Amsterdam 1785 (8 volumes). 30-40
886.    Boswell's Life of Samuel Johnson, leather bound 1835 (10 volumes). 40-60
887.    A collection of 18th and 19th century leather bound volumes including The Tower of London 1872, Sterne's Works 1793 (10 volumes), The British Compendium of the Genealogy of the Nobility of England 1746, Random's Collections of the House of Commons 1837 (11 volumes), (60 volumes in total approx). 80-100
888.    A large collection of books on woodworking including techniques, design, craftsmen, finishes, joints, etc (75 volumes approx). 80-100
889.    Continental travel books including 8 volumes from the Baedeker's Series, mainly middle Europe, etc. 10-20
890.    The Intimate Journals of Paul Jauguin, published 1903, Ballet Design Past & Present by Beaumont, etc. 20-30
891.    Mixed books including The Girl's Own Annual, volume 48, The Hundred Best Picture Series, Kearton's Nature Pictures, etc. 20-30
892.    A collection of leather bound books including The Eustace Diamonds by Trollope (3 volumes) 1873, further works by Walter Scott circa 1810, etc (14 volumes). 40-60
893.    A Diary of the Great War by Samuel Pepys Junior with effigies by M Watson-Williams 1917 (2 volumes). 30-40
894.    Sir John Hill MD, The Family Herbal with hand coloured plates, published 1912, Aristotle's Complete Master peace, displaying the secrets of nature in the generation of man, 25th edition 1753, The Boys Own Book, a complete encyclopedia of athletics, scientific and recreation of boyhood and youth 1828 (3 volumes). 40-60
895.    The Ladies Assistant in the Economy of the Table, a collection of scarce and valuable recipes by the late Anne Battam, 2nd edition 1859, Every Man His Own Gardener by Thomas Mawe, 9th edition 1782. 60-80
896.    Philippi Finella De Metroposcopia published 1648, 372 pages plus index, leather bound and illustrated. 40-60
897.    The History of the Civil Wars of France by H C Davila, 15 books bound as one covering the years 1515 - 1600 approx, published 1678 ;by Roger L'Estrange. 30-40
898.    The Waverley Novels, leather bound, published 1846 (25 volumes). 30-40
899.    Reference books including Engravings in England in the 16th & 17th Century by Hind (5 volumes), 18th century English books - An Author Union catalogue and other works. 20-30
900.    A collection of interest early to mid-20th century black and white photographs of family images on holiday, landscape, portrait (several hundred) together with a few framed portraits, etc. 80-100
901.    Three years of Playboy Magazine publications covering the years 1967, 1968 & 1969 bound in six volumes. 80-120
902.    Copies of the Playboy Magazine publications covering the years 1970 - 1972 bound in six volumes. 80-120
903.    Copies of the Playboy Magazine covering the years 1973, 1974 & 1975 bound in six volumes. 80-120
904.    Playboy Magazines covering the years 1976, 1977, 1978 & 1978 bound in eight volumes. 80-120
905.    Boxed set published by Decca - Wagner, The Ring, Siegfried, etc. 30-40
906.    89 vinyl records including Springsteen, Hendrix, Clapton, Super Tramp, Bryan Ferry, Abba, etc. 40-60
907.    Mixed vinyl albums including Elton John, The Stranglers, Johnny Matthis and more general genres, plus a collection of 78s including Al Jolson, Tommy Steele as well as other early rock and roll and skiffle groups, also some 45s from the 60s to 80s 20-30
908.    Mixed vinyl LPs to include Buddy Holly, Scott Joplin, Beach Boys together with classical works.
909.    A collection of vinyl LPs and singles, mainly from the 1980s. 20-30
910.    Vinyl albums including Abba, The Beatles (5 albums) and Johnny Cash 20-25
911.    A collection of vinyl LPs and singles. 20-25
912.    A collection of boxed sets of classical LPs including Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, etc. 40-60
995.    A Victorian cast iron pub table of circular form with decorative pierced detail and swept tripod supports beneath a weathered timber top, together with a further cast iron pub table stamped Payton, Birmingham to central rail (dismantled) 40-60
996.    A shallow salt glazed sink - Doulton & Co 10-15
997.    A rough hewn limestone trough, 100cm x 60cm 50-70
998.    A pair of Victorian clay urns with geometric detail raised on later plinths 60-80
999.    A small D end trough raised on a stonework block 80-100
1000.   1967 Piaggio Vespa Sprint, 150cc, Frame Number VLB1T 042190, Engine Number VLB1M 042789, SORN 17/08/16, body work in mint condition with Union Jack details, twin seat, DVLA registered, 'British Lambretta Archive' certificate of authenticity, MOT expired 17/02/16. 2500-3000
1001.   A painted steel framed garden lounger with shaped outline
1002.   Three vintage galvanized steel dolly tubs with ribbed or fluted detail, together with a further small collection of galvanized wares, etc 80-120
1003.   A pair of reclaimed buff coloured chimney pots of cylindrical form 40-60
1004.   A reclaimed terracotta chimney pot of cylindrical form with Louvre vents, together with one other 40-60
1005.   Eleven good quality contemporary navy and light blue drip glazed planters, mainly of circular tapered form, all containing well established ferns 200-250
1006.   A wooden framed folding trestle table with enamelled top, a further folding table, a reclaimed painted door with thumb latch, steel porch canopy, etc
1007.   A three gallon galvanized watering can complete with rose, together with two small oval galvanized two handled baths, galvanized bin, cast iron oval cooking pot and cover with loose loop handle, five reclaimed cast iron drain water hoppers, etc 40-60
1008.   A contemporary teak three seat garden bench in the lutyens style 180-200
1009.   An oval galvanized tin two handled bath, further vintage galvanized wares including various buckets and watering cans, etc two garden hose reels, etc 40-60
1010.   Approx 30 terracotta flower pots of varying size
1011.   A vintage wooden barrow/hand cart with open slatted bed yoke shaped rail and later hard rubber tyre 40-60
1012.   A garden wheelbarrow and contents to include a contemporary composition stone planter of tapered form with swag detail and later painted finish, two further planters of varying design, a contemporary sundial of circular form, a small quantity garden related hand tools
1013.   Seven vintage reclaimed cast iron tubs of circular tapered form with pronounced rims, together with a further vintage pot bellied cast iron cauldron raised on tripod supports (AF) 80-100
1014.   Four pairs of vintage sprung steel garden bench ends/supports
1015.   A vintage Hatherley pine folding step ladder together with one other, (to be sold for decorative display purposes only)
1016.   A two to three seat garden bench with open painted and weathered wooden slatted seat and back raised on simple angular steel supports
1017.   A reclaimed galvanized steel water tank of rectangular form with riveted seams, 3ft x 2ft approx 60-80
1018.   Three heavy cast iron tubs/planters of squat cylindrical form with pronounced rims and green painted finish, 17.5 inches diameter approx 30-50
1019.   A pair of weathered contemporary composition stone garden urns in the Georgian style with squat circular lobed bowls and pedestal supports, together with three reclaimed Victorian terracotta ridge tiles with pierced trefoil detail and three weathered terracotta planters of varying size and design 40-60
1020.   A set of four contemporary but partially weathered cast composition stone garden planters/flower tubs of circular tapered form with foliate relief detail and rope twist rims, together with four others of varying design, together with a circular garden table and four chairs by Hartman 40-60
1021.   Five weathered oak and steel banded barrels, each approx 20 inches tall 40-60
1022.   A weathered teak garden bench with planked seat raised on shaped and moulded supports, 83 inches long approx 40-60
1023.   Four vintage pine packing crates with printed and painted lettering advertising Maple & Co Ltd Removals, Bentall's Depositories, Kingston, Staites Removal Specialists, Gloucester 60-80
1024.   A reclaimed 19th century painted pine panelled door and surround together with a fan light with simple glazed panel
1025.   A reclaimed substantial weathered oak entrance gate with partially chamferred frame, open vertical square bar slats and applied iron strap work hinges with scrolling foliate detail (AF) 2.5m span approx excluding hinges, together with a matching pedestrian gate 60-80
1026.   A pair of 19th century wrought iron pedestrian gates with scrollwork detail and painted finish each 24" wide (excluding hinge) x 66" high approx 80-120
1027.   A pair of impressive cast iron entrance gates of stepped arched form with decorative scrolling foliate panels and internal side pedestrian gate, 8ft 4 span (excluding hinges and fabricated square posts) 2000-3000
1028.   A pair of reclaimed tongue, grooved and braced painted wooden garage doors/gates, 7ft span x 78.5 inches high approx 60-80
1029.   A pair of steel framed garden obelisk of cylindrical pyramid form with ball finial's and graduated hooped frames, 2.9m tall 120-180
1030.   A vintage sprung steel framed garden/park bench with scrolled arms and weathered timber slatted seat and back, 7ft long approx
1031.   A three seat garden bench with weathered timber slatted seat and combined back rasied on scrolled steel supports, 6ft long 40-60
1032.   A sprung steel framed three seat garden bench with open scrolled arms and weathered timber open slatted and back, 193cm long approx 40-60
1033.   A pair of weathered cast iron refectory style pub tables of rectangular form with decorative button scrolling acanthus and further detail, stamped Gaskell & Chambers Ltd, with associated marble tops 60-80
1034.   A Neptune Classic weathered teak garden table of oval form with open slatted top raised on folding x supports, 175cm long x 100cm wide approx
1035.   Three weathered composition stone clad planters/troughs of rectangular form, each approx 25 inches x 19 inches (originally reclaimed white glazed butlers sinks) 60-80
1036.   A near pair of weathered composition stone clad planters/troughs of rectangular form, 22 inches x 17 inches approx (originally white glazed butlers sinks) 40-60
1037.   Two similar shallow weathered composition stone clad planters/troughs of rectangular form, (originally reclaimed white glazed butlers sinks) 40-60
1038.   A near pair of weathered composition stone clad planters/troughs of rectangular form, 37 inches x 21 inches approx (originally reclaimed white glazed butlers sinks) 60-80
1039.   A shallow weathered composition stone clad planter/trough of rectangular form, 27 inches x 23 inches approx (originally reclaimed white glazed butlers sinks)
1040.   A Champion rotary petrol lawn mower R484SP 40-60
1041.   A vintage Newhome Kitchenette freestanding cream enamel two ring gas cooker, together with a further vintage Acme Wringer raised or mounted on an associated pine stand
1042.   A vintage steel two handled milk churn and cap stamped South Coast Dairies Ltd 40-60
1042A.  An early cast iron fire back dated 1679 with biblical scene detail, 80cm high x 60cm wide 150-200
1042B.  a Victorian cast iron circular pub table with rams mask detail and later white marble top 70-90
1042C.  A carved and weathered marble black, two 19th century foot scrapers, drain grid and two horseshoe shaped brackets 40-60
1043.   A vintage Deville & Co Ltd free standing cast iron purple coloured enamel stove of oval form with decorative flower head and leaf design and arched panelled door raised on four short tapered supports 80-120
1044.   A pair of vintage cast iron trestles 40-60
1045.   A Georgian style stripped pine fire surround or chimney piece with applied classical urn, tied ribbon and trailing hair bell swag and further classical details, the mantle 167cm and insert 118cm x 85cm approx 40-60
1045A.  A natural stone 'D' end trough 60-80
1046.   A vintage painted wooden lorry advertising sign for Troughton's Transport, phone Falfield 212, together with an associated vintage lorry tyre with spoked iron hub
1047.   A vintage Raleigh RSW 16 tubular steel framed shopper bicycle with sprung saddle and kick stand
1048.   A novelty child's moulded plastic toy biplane
1049.   A 19th century cast iron simulated bamboo two divisional hall stand with raised back supporting eight hat/coat hooks, (AF) 60-80
1050.   A good quality terracotta campana garden urn, with egg and dart rim, fluted arched open handles with satire face masks, scrolling acanthus and lobed body, swept petal pedestal and square cut platform base, approx 30 inches high x 2ft wide x 2 ft diameter (at widest) 150-200
1051.   Three weathered cast composition stone garden gnomes, in varying poses, one supporting two simulated coopered half barrel planters 60-80
1052.   A well detailed carved architectural corbal in the form of a stylised dolphin, 50cm tall approx 200-250
1053.   A late Victorian/Edwardian architectural terracotta rectangular brick with flower design, 47cm x 40cm approx 40-60
1054.   A late Victorian/Edwardian architectural terracotta brick of rectangular form with moulded urn design, 47cm x 26cm approx 40-60
1055.   A well detailed carved architectural wooden corbel with female face mask, scrolling acanthus, trailing floral and further detail, 84 cm high approx
1056.   A small but heavy old English style cast iron fire back of stepped arched form with raised rampant lion and armorial shield and crowned relief detail, 60 cm x 48 cm approx 40-60
1057.   A well detailed carved wooden architectural corbel in the form of a female face mask with flowing hair, headband and raised shell detail, 32 cm approx 100-150
1058.   Two small shallow rough hewn natural stone troughs 60-80
1059.   A reclaimed cast alloy sign of rectangular form with rounded corners and black painted lettering on a white ground "unadopted", 84 cm x 23.5 cm, (royal label factory), and a further sign "No Through Road" (2) 40-60
1060.   A contemporary copper garden sprinkler, the hooped revolving finial with pierced bird detail
1061.   Two similar weathered teracotta outsized flower pots of circular tapered form together with two reclaimed cast iron tubs (some damage) 60-80
1062.   A pair of well modelled contemporary cast composition stone garden ornaments in the form of hounds in seated pose, 72 cm high approx 80-120
1063.   A cast iron campana shaped garden urn with flared egg and dart rim, square platform base, 63 cm high approx 60-80
1064.   An antique cast iron fire back of square form with classical relief detail depicting two figures warming by a fire within a classically draped and scrolling acanthus border, 69 cm square (AF), cracks/repairs 40-60
1065.   A quantity (approx 50) reclaimed Cotswold stone roofing tiles 60-80
1066.   A vintage painted light steel framed newspaper rack/stand with eight divisions
1067.   A vintage Mobo prairie king child's toy galloping horse raised on a painted tubular steel stand
1068.   A pair of cattle horns mounted on a shaped and moulded hardwood plaque 112 cm width from tip to tip 40-60
1069.   Seven reclaimed teracotta ridge tiles and a further reclaimed buff coloured chimney cowl
1070.   A Performance Power 370 electric rotary lawn mower and grass collection box together with a Florabest cordless pruner FAHE 18 B2, and a Qualcast 18 volt Li-ion cordless grass trimmer (mains rechargeable)
1071.   A large 19th century floorstanding side/housekeepers cupboard enclosed by two pairs of moulded multi panelled doors, the interior with fixed shelves, approx 8ft long x 156 cm high x 47 cm deep 200-300
1072.   A heavy cast iron fire basket of rectangular form with trellis frieze and simple scrollwork detail 40-60
1073.   Two similar small 19th century fire grates with trailing foliate relief detail, together with four reclaimed decorative cast iron panels with urn, stylised dragon and further detail, two cast iron fenders of varying design and three late Victorian telescopic oil lamp standards with scroll work and further detail, etc (AF)
1074.   A good quality Empire or Regency style hanging ceiling light with frosted glass shade/plafonier, cast gilt metal and ebonised hoop, supporting six scrolling branches supported further by three reeded supports beneath a pierced anthemion crown finial (chip to glass shade) 150-200
1075.   A contemporary painted steel hanging ceiling light with six simple scrolling branches with ball/sphere mounts 50-80
1076.   A vintage cast iron garden lawn sprinkler, and three galvanized containers, etc
1077.   A Bisley steel filing cabinet fitted with fifteen shallow index filing drawers 40-60
1078.   Taxidermy interest - A stuffed badger in standing pose raised on a stained rectangular wooden plinth 40-60
1079.   A stuffed racoon in standing pose mounted on a simulated rocky outcrop
1080.   A reproduction Georgian style mahogany side cupboard enclosed by three moulded panelled doors beneath three frieze drawers and raised on bracket shaped supports
1081.   A Georgian style oak dresser base fitted with a T shaped arrangement of five drawers flanked by cupboards enclosed by rectangular panelled doors with exposed brass H shaped hinges and raised on bracket shaped supports, 5 ft long approx 80-120
1082.   A substantial contemporary Eastern hardwood dresser with carved foliate, wave and geometric detail, the slightly recessed upper section with shaped pediment over four glazed and stepped arched moulded panelled doors revealing fixed shelves to interior, the lower section fitted with a central tower of four drawers flanked by cupboards enclosed by rectangular fielded panelled doors raised on squat shaped supports, approx 200 cm wide x 56 cm deep x 210 cm in height 150-250
1083.   A large contemporary wall mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge plate within a decorative faceted gemstone type frame, 180 cm x 90 cm approx 60-80
1084.   A large contemporary reproduction wall mirror in the 19th century style, the bevelled edge plate set within a moulded arched frame with trailing foliate detail beneath a scrolling pierced acanthus pediment with central cherub or putti, 196 cm x 100 cm approx 150-200
1085.   An early 20th century frameless wall mirror of oval form with bevelled edge plate and simulated petal surround, 86 cm x 60 cm approx 30-50
1086.   A contemporary reproduction Georgian style fan light shaped mirror with applied segmented mouldings with flower head detail, 122 cm x 61 cm approx 40-60
1087.   A 19th century gilt framed overmantle mirror the triple plate with moulded column surround with tulip/petal detail and floral rosettes, 160 cm x 58 cm approx 100-150
1088.   A contemporary pub mirror advertising" smoke St Bruno Flake Nutty flavour" set within a stained and moulded frame, mirror plate 60 cm x 46 cm approx 30-50
1089.   A 19th century cushion moulded wall mirror with bevelled edge plate surround with applied embossed brass scrolling acanthus, trailing floral, satire mask and further detail, 100 cm x 60 cm approx 120-150
1090.   A Chippendale revival wall mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge plate, gilt moulded slip, moulded and carved fretwork surround, 80 cm x 46 cm approx 50-70
1091.   A large contemporary wall mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge plate within a gilt moulded surround with scrolling acanthus and reeded detail, 130 cm x 103 cm approx 40-60
1092.   A single brass bedstead with square cut rails beneath mushroom finial's 80-120
1092A.  A late Victorian brass single bedstead with vertical turned rails, beneath a square arched rail with laurel garland detail
1093.   A small Chippendale revival wall mirror with carved fretwork outline and moulded detail
1094.   A contemporary wall mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge plate within a mirrored circular and pierced panelled frame, 120 cm x 80 cm 40-60
1095.   A wall mirror of rectangular form with bevelled plate within a stepped and moulded oak frame, 94 cm x 64 cm approx
1096.   A collection of eleven Georgian and later dining, side and occasional chairs of varying design, together with an iron telescopic oil lamp standard (converted to electricity), small vintage painted pine box with later upholstered lid, a shield shaped wall mirror and a flight of Victorian open wall shelves with pierced detail 50-80
1097.   A novelty wall mirror fashioned from a heavy horse collar with decorative brass stud work detail 40-60
1098.   A wall mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge plate within a stepped and moulded frame with gilt slip and simulated rosewood painted finish, 66 cm x 58 cm approx 40-60
1099.   An early 20th century metal framed wall mirror of oval form with bevelled edge plate and applied scrolled detail together with three frameless wall mirrors of varying design (4)
1100.   A novelty wall mirror in the form of an arched window and surround with painted and distressed finish over two mock frieze drawers with iron ring handles and stepped and moulded detail, 100 cm x 54 cm approx 40-60
1101.   An oval Arts & Crafts style wall mirror with bevelled edge plate within a silver coloured metal clad frame with hammered finish and applied detail, 90 cm x 65 cm approximately 60-80
1102.   A decorative wall mirror, the shaped and moulded gilt coloured frame with scrolling acanthus and flower head detail, 120 x 116 cm approximately 50-80
1103.   A Victorian overmantle mirror, the moulded arched frame with trailing oak leaf and acorn detail and later painted finish, 118 cm x 74 cm approximately 60-80
1104.   Three matching painted wooden framed triple folding mirrors with shaped outline and moulded detail, together with two others (5)
1105.   Three cream painted "florentine" wooden curtain poles with hand painted detail, two 200 cm long x 30 mm in diameter, the further one 60 cm long
1106.   A 19th century French double bedstead with shaped and moulded arched outline, carved C scroll pediment and well matched quarter veneered walnut panels, raised on scrolled supports with acanthus detail
1107.   A pine plate rack with four open fixed shelves and shaped outline
1108.   A polished brass standard lamp with partially knopped stem and weighted disc shaped platform base, a reconditioned telescopic oil lamp standard (later converted to electricity), three fenders or fire kerbs, two in brass, one in copper
1108A.  A 1920s/30s stained beechwood frame fireside chair with open arms and cane panelled back (AF)
1109.   A set of four Edwardian Queen Anne style dining chairs with vase shaped splats, drop in seats and later painted finish
1110.   An Edwardian/early 20th century stained beechwood writing table of rectangular form with inset writing surface and raised on four square tapered legs and platform feet, 175 cm x 74 cm approximately
1111.   A Victorian tin trunk with domed top and timber lathes together with three others (4)
1112.   A vintage telephone with black colourway and circular dial, one other and a more contemporary coin operated example (3)
1113.   A late Victorian brass coal scuttle with decorative handle and embossed lid with classical urn and trailing floral detail 30-50
1114.   A Victorian style pine farmhouse kitchen table of rectangular form raised on four turned, tapered legs, approximately 6ft long x 34 inches wide 60-80
1115.   A large machine woven tapestry wall hanging of rectangular form showing deer and further wildlife in extensive woodland landscape setting (11.5ft) 350cm x 176cm approx 100-150
1116.   A collection of seven 19th century and later chairs to include a vintage bentwood rocking chair, three ladder back chairs of varying design, a high spindle back elbow chair, probably American, etc 40-60
1116A.  A painted pine side table with scrubbed top
1117.   a vintage oak carpenters tool box labelled WM Marples & Sons Ltd Hibernia Works Sheffield England - containing a selection of hand tools 30-50
1118.   A stripped pine floorstanding side cabinet enclosed by a pair of rectangular moulded panelled doors revealing three fixed shelves to interior, 86 cm wide x 138 cm high x 40 cm deep approx 40-60
1119.   A pair of cast iron framed child's size garden armchairs with weathered timbered slatted seats, later painted frames and decorative pierced detail 40-60
1120.   A low stripped pine side cupboard enclosed by a twin rectangular panelled doors, the interior fitted with two shelves, 92 cm wide x 93 cm high x 43 cm deep approx 40-60
1122.   Three weathered marble slabs of rectangular form, the largest 107 cm x 38 cm
1123.   A pair of Indonesian hardwood friezes with deep carved bird, branch and foliate detail with polychrome finish (AF), approx 202 cm long 60-80
1124.   A contemporary pine freestanding open bookcase with moulded outline and five adjustable shelves with later painted finish, 184 cm high x 96 cm wide approx 50-80
1125.   A freestanding four fold screen with upholstered arched panels with acorn, oak leaf and galleon patterned fabric together with a vintage patent stained pine folding safety ladder (ladder to be sold for display purposes only) 30-40
1126.   A small collection of stoneware flagons, jars and bottles, two flagons with merchants marks one impressed Brodribb wine merchant Warminster, the other with printed lettering The Stroud Brewery Company Ltd, Stroud, etc
1127.   A vintage steel filing cabinet fitted with eleven two divisional index drawers, some with original brass fittings 80-100
1128.   Eight rough cut/sawn planks of yew (varying lengths), together with a further yew wood stump, the longest plank 190 cm x 30 cm approx 80-120
1129.   A Clarke woodworker 900 mm reversible head wood lathe and stand, together with various attachments, selection of chisels and further hand tools, etc 150-200
1130.   A vintage Thonet bentwood half hallstand of full height with shaped tripod supports 60-80
1130A.  A vintage painted tin trunk with hinged lid enclosing a quantity (approx 50) vintage carpentry planes 40-60
1131.   An Edwardian oak sideboard enclosed by an arrangement of cupboards and drawers flanking a central open compartment/dog kennel
1132.   Three small wooden boxes with hinged lids and upholstered finish
1133.   An early 20th century stripped oak bookcase freestanding and enclosed by a pair of quarter glazed panelled doors with carved flower head and reeded detail, two adjustable shelves and turned baluster forelegs
1134.   A kneehole dressing table, fitted with an arrangement of four drawers raised on turned and bracket shaped supports with all over later painted and distressed finish
1135.   A Victorian two fold screen with shaped outline and carved dragon and scrolling acanthus detail 40-60
1136.   A contemporary cherry wood side cupboard enclosed by a pair of arched moulded panelled doors, the interior partially mirror lined over frieze drawers, etc and raised on bracket shaped supports 100-150
1137.   A vintage painted side cupboard freestanding and enclosed by a full length rectangular moulded panelled door, the interior shelved
1139.   A Farnham floorstanding modern electric stove with remote control and instructions, model number 0581921, power 900/1800w
1140.   NO LOT
1141.   A vintage brown fibre and leather reinforced domed top travelling chest with brass lock and army and navy store label 40-60
1142.   A small quantity of wicker baskets of varying size and design, etc
1143.   Approximately one hundred reclaimed pine staircase spindles with barley twist and turned bobbin columns, 74 cm long approximately, together with eight further examples of slilghtly different and substantial design 100-150
1144.   A Barlow Whitney electric glue pot, a cased Makita mains rechargeable drill 9.6 v 6095D, a cased Erbauer 14.4v mains rechargeable battery drill Erbb114, a Roybi cordless disc grinder CAG-180, a Roybi CDI-1802 battery drill, etc
1145.   A reclaimed painted pine quarter panelled door, stained wooden box, further box on wheels and a contemporary chess set
1146.   A Wagner power steamer 30, used but in original cardboard packaging, two Cuprinol deck sprayers, a small aluminium folding step ladder, four small boxes of various hand tools, fittings, etc
1147.   One lot of miscellaneous items to include a performance pressure washer PWR1650PWC in original cardboard packaging, two modern folding step ladders, green painted steel cabinet enclosed by a single door complete with lock and key, a selection of long handled contemporary tools, etc
1148.   Three graduated Kenrick cast iron cooking pots of oval form, complete with lids, 6, 4 and 6 gallon capacity 60-80
1149.   An electronic digital safe S-25E
1150.   A Trend back to back 42 inch bench clamp
1151.   Two 36 inch long piano style edge to edge ball jointing clamps
1152.   A pair of Record 136 heavy duty 48 inch sash clamps, together with a further 24 inch example, two sash clamp extension bars and a 36 inch mahogany draft mans 'T' square stamped 'Wooldridge'
1153.   A vintage croquet set housed within its original stained pine box, (unmarked) 40-60
1154.   Two small 19th century stained pine boxes with hinged lids and iron fittings 50-70
1156.   A vintage stained pine carpenters chest with hinged lid, enclosing a segmented tray interior containing a selection of woodworking tools including a selection of chisels, Adze, etc
1157.   A Chervon electric powered woodworking lathe, model BWL1000 60-80
1158.   A vintage tin trunk of rectangular form with side carrying handles and applied brass plaque to lid, JE Holmes Esq, Volunteer Artillery together with one other, (2)
1159.   A vintage comptometer together with a cased compass set label to lid Allott, Jones & Co Ltd, 22 Pall Mall, Liverpool 3
1160.   A Jacques London croquet set in an original cardboard and wooden box together with a toboggan and a galvanized container of cylindrical form with removable lid and loose loop handle, WWI English bayonet and a vintage mountaineers ice pick 40-60
1161.   A collection of nine 19th century and later mainly salt glazed spirit barrels to include four two gallon examples with coat of arms lion, horseman, grapevine and further detail 100-150
1162.   9 stained beechwood framed vintage haberdashery cabinet drawers with rectangular glazed panelled fronts
1163.   A harlequin set of 10 Windsor elm and beechwood stick back kitchen chairs with turned supports and H shaped stretchers 80-100
1164.   A harlequin set of eight 19th century Windsor elm and beechwood bar back chairs with turned supports and stretchers 60-80
1165.   12 Windsor elm and beechwood kitchen chairs all with shaped and pierced central splats raised on turned supports united by H shaped turned stretchers 80-100
1166.   A harlequin set of 8 Windsor elm and beechwood lathe back kitchen chairs together with four further examples (AF) (12) 100-150
1167.   Five Windsor elm and beechwood kitchen chairs with turned spindle backs raised on turned supports and stretchers; together with one other, (incomplete)
1168.   Four vintage bent wood child's chairs consisting of a rocker, an open elbow and two single examples, one labelled thonet together with two further child's sized chairs, (6) 40-60
1169.   A collection of 14 vintage elm and beechwood child's school or chapel chairs with simple bar backs, mainly raised on square cut supports united by stretchers 60-80
1170.   A collection of vintage agricultural effects including a butter churn, horse bits, bull leading ring, mole traps, milking stool, humane killer and others 30-40
1171.   A collection of workshop effects to include locks, padlocks, boxes of screws, etc, a Hamilton lemonade bottle, a cigarette card album, etc 30-40
1172.   A collection of vintage travel effects including two velum suitcases and two pine boxes (4) 40-60
1173.   A collection of vintage workshop tools, saws, jack plane, clamps and other hand tools 30-40
1174.   A quantity of electric workshop power tools to include a heavy duty Bosch disc grinder, further Wolf grinder, Black & Decker disc sander KA220E155W morticers, etc 60-80
1175.   A Hitachi HDMI flat screen television, together with a Goodman's sound bar (control units for both)
1176.   An Edwardian oak dresser in the Jacobean style the base enclosed by two panelled doors and two drawers, the plate rack with shaped borders and frieze
1177.   An old English style oak hall robe with geometric moulded detail and iron hinges 40-60
1178.   A vintage canvas and steel bound travel trunk with partially fitted interior 40-60
1179.   A mahogany cheval glass of narrow proportions raised on shaped supports, together with a brass telescopic lamp standard raised on a stepped square cut base
1180.   An 18th century oak gateleg table raised on eight gun barrel supports and enclosing a single frieze drawer
1181.   A reproduction Georgian style pedestal writing desk fitted with nine drawers, with inset leather top on bracket supports 60-80
1182.   A Sentry 1160 strong box complete with key together with a Golding Lenco GL75 stereo transcription turntable 40-60
1183.   A 19th century mahogany side table fitted with three frieze drawers on square and chamferred supports 80-100
1184.   A small 19th century pine blanket chest with original grained finish, with flush fitting brass handles
1185.   A 19th century mahogany side cupboard, partially enclosed by two panel doors with open alcove above
1186.   A mid 19th century mahogany chest of four long graduated drawers on bracket supports 40-60
1187.   A 19th century stained pine side cupboard enclosed by two panelled doors, together with a late 19th century American walnut chest of three long and two short drawers 60-80
1188.   A stripped and waxed pine open bookcase enclosing three adjustable shelves, 105cm wide
1189.   An Edwardian oak chest of four long graduated drawers in the Jacobean style with applied moulded detail
1190.   A reproduction Georgian style open bookcase with ionic column supports, 95cm wide; together with a further Edwardian mahogany bookcase of small proportions, 43cm wide 100-120
1191.   A 1920 oak China display cabinet with leaded light doors
1192.   A Victorian side/writing table fitted with two frieze drawers with inset leather top on turned supports 40-60
1193.   Two steel travelling trunks with travel stickers, 70cm wide max
1194.   A reproduction Georgian style bow front chest of three long graduated drawers with brass swan neck handles, together with a brush slid, 62cm wide 40-60
1195.   A small 19th century pine chest of two long and two short drawers on turned supports with original finish, 90cm wide 60-80
1196.   A panelled oak coffer 90cm wide together with a further blanket chest with upholstered top
1197.   A Chinese hardwood altar table of usual rectangular form with scrolled ends on square cut supports, 150cm wide 60-80
1198.   A Habitat pine chest of four short drawers with open framework
1199.   An oak occasional table on barley twist supports, a further 1930s occasional chair with upholstered frame and a rectangular two tier occasional table (3)
1200.   A Regency oak hanging corner cupboard, the panelled door with inlaid detail, the shelves with shaped outline
1201.   A Georgian style D end fold over top card table on turned column and swept quadruped base
1202.   A Queen Anne style walnut side or hall table with quarter panelled top over two frieze drawers on baluster shaped supports with shaped stretchers, 85cm wide 60-80
1203.   A Georgian style yew wood veneer cocktail cabinet with maple lined interior, the stand fitted with two frieze drawers on square taper supports 40-60
1204.   A good quality Victorian brass coal scuttle with hinged cover pierced handle supports and original shovel 60-80
1205.   A reproduction Georgian style yew wood side table fitted with two frieze drawers on turned and fluted supports, an inlaid Edwardian mahogany occasional table, the circular top raised on four square taper legs and a further oak occasional table of rectangular form 40-60
1206.   Three National time recording machines, the largest an oak cased wall mounted model, together with two small counter tops models 100-150
1207.   A good quality reproduction Old English style oak table/chair, the circular hinged top over a solid seat on turned supports with carved detail 80-100
1208.   A waxed pine kitchen dresser base enclosed by four panel doors and four frieze drawers, 183cm wide 100-120
1209.   An early Valve radio, panelled timber case with bakelite dial, the interior (which appears complete) fitted with three valves 50-70
1210.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany sewing box with sliding lid, together with a further 19th century mahogany pad foot dining table with chequered string inlay (2)
1211.   A reproduction Georgian style mahogany bow fronted two tier corner cupboard on swept supports 60-80
1212.   An old English style oak sewing box with rising lid over a single frieze drawer containing a quantity of vintage effects, together with a mahogany side table with serpentine outline
1213.   A Chinese ceramic garden seat in the form of a recumbent camel with glazed finish 40-60
1214.   A 19th century stripped pine dresser base enclosed by two panel doors and two frieze drawers with brass cup handles, 150cm wide 100-120
1215.   A set of Victorian brass fire dogs, together with a set of three brass fire irons, a circular stool with upholstered top and a blue and white foot bath with peony detail 40-60
1216.   A Victorian pine dressing chest with original stenciled detail and rasied mirror back, 92cm wide 60-80
1217.   A painted pine tower of four graduated drawers, a further painted pine chest of three long and two short drawers, a pine stool, and a painted Ottoman with rising and upholstered cover 60-80
1218.   A stripped kitchen table of narrow proportions raised on four square taper legs, 153cm x 60cm
1219.   A George Rogers & Sons iron frame upright piano
1220.   A late 19th century mahogany three fold room divider with obscured glass panels and upholstered sections
1221.   A good 19th century cast iron pub table with fruiting vine detail and original mahogany top 60-80
1222.   Four 3 gallon salt glazed merchant jars impressed T Flook, J Phelps, Wine Merchant Gloucester, printed detail, The Tewkesbury Brewery Company, and one other (4) 40-60
1223.   A stripped and waxed pine tower of three drawers with central locking plate, together with a further pine open bookcase fitted with three shelves
1224.   A vintage painted writing desk fitted with a single tower of five drawers
1225.   A late 19th century pine and mahogany lined carpenters chest with rising lid, and partially fitted interior, enclosing a miscellaneous selection of hand tools 40-60
1226.   An Edwardian smokers bow elbow chair with upholstered seat 40-60
1227.   A Victorian oak framed office chair with horseshoe shaped back raised on turned supports and spindles with upholstered seat and back panel 80-100
1228.   An Edwardian Windsor style smokers bow armchair with pierced splat 40-60
1229.   Four beechwood elbow chairs with dished seats and bentwood arms 40-60
1230.   A Chippendale style elbow chair with carved and pierced Gothic tracery splat and other carved detail, upholstered seat and claw and ball supports 40-60
1231.   An old English oak framed elbow chair with upholstered seats and back 40-60
1232.   A Victorian mahogany drawing room chair with show wood frame, upholstered finish upon cabriole supports 40-60
1233.   An Edwardian drawing room chair, recently re-upholstered with scrolled back and arms upon turned supports 100-150
1234.   A Vintage tub chair with recently re-upholstered finish raised on square taper legs with spade feet 40-60
1235.   A pair of Windsor style elbow chars with pierced splat on turned supports and rails 40-60
1236.   A set of eleven (9+2) Georgian style shield shaped dining chairs with upholstered seats 60-80
1237.   A Victorian mahogany drawing room chair with carved and moulded show wood frame on turned supports 40-60
1238.   A Victorian drawing room chair with button and upholstered finish on turned supports 40-60
1239.   A 19th century drawing room chair raised on turned supports upholstered with a suede finish
1240.   A Victorian mahogany drawing room chair with deep seat and swept back and with later upholstered finish upon turned supports 60-80
1241.   A mid Victorian mahogany drawing chair with carved and moulded show wood frame and lion mask and other detail on turned supports 60-80
1242.   A Victorian drawing room chair with upholstered finish on shaped forelegs 50-70
1243.   A pair of arts and crafts oak elbow chairs with vertical stick backs and sea grass seats 40-60
1244.   A set of four oak framed dining chairs with shaped splats and upholstered seats raised on shaped forelegs 40-60
1245.   A substantial Edwardian drawing room chair with scrolled arms on turned supports 60-80
1246.   Sofa work shop wing chair with scrolled arms, feather filled cushion and loose covers 40-60
1247.   An inlaid Edwardian elbow chair with x shaped splats, satin wood and other banded inlay with upholstered seats on turned supports 40-60
1248.   A pair of wing chairs with scrolled arms raised on square cut supports
1249.   A set of five (4+1) Edwardian bow fronted dining chairs in the carolean manner with cane work backs, barley twist supports and drop in seats
1250.   A Windsor lathe back elbow chair in elm and beechwood 40-60
1251.   A steel framed stool in the Regency style with scrolled arms and feet and with painted finish 60-80
1251A.  A Windsor elm and beechwood smokers bow chair with shaped arms, saddle seat, turned supports and stretchers 40-60
1252.   A circular dining table with plate glass top raised on a scroll work base together with a set of four matching dining chairs 60-80
1253.   A Victorian walnut coal scuttle with brass plate handle, a Victorian hall chair with shield shaped back on turned supports, a Lloyd Loom style wicker laundry basket and a contemporary leather footstool on turned supports 60-80
1254.   A circular pine dining table raised on a turned pillar and tripod base, 130cm diameter 40-60
1255.   A small reproduction Georgian style drop leaf occasional table with frieze drawer on turned pillar and quadruped base
1256.   A pine farmhouse table with plank top raised on four turned supports together with a set of six (4+2) Windsor style lathe back dining chairs, the table to seat 8 100-120
1257.   A stuffed and mounted Vixen standing on a log, overall length 90cm 40-60
1258.   A vintage stitched leather pouffe with geometric pattern detail and a further shallow pouffe in soft leather
1259.   A bentwood rocking chairs with cane panelled seat and back 60-80
1259A.  A bentwood rocking chairs with cane panelled seat and back 60-80
1260.   A reproduction Old English style drawleaf dining table of turned and fluted baluster supports united by a x stretcher, 155cm long when closed, 235cm max length
1261.   A good quality reproduction low foot stool retailed by Past Times with hand worked cruel work upholstered top raised on four turned supports, 85cm x 45cm 60-80
1262.   A pine table in the farmhouse style with plank top rasied on four square cut supports to seat 8/10, 2m40cm long and 1m wide 80-100
1263.   A set of six (4+2) lathe back kitchen chairs principally in beech 60-80
1264.   A mahogany counter top display cabinet enclosed to all sides by glazed panels, 82cm wide x 54cm high 60-80
1265.   An Edwardian counter top display cabinet with glazed panelled side, 85cm tall x 54cm deep x 60cm wide 60-80
1266.   Two Edwardian folding garden chairs with upholstered seats and backs
1267.   An Edwardian mahogany and brass two divisional Canterbury on a tripod base
1268.   A set of four Edwardian oak dining chairs with barley twist supports and drop in seats 50-70
1269.   An arts and crafts hammered coal box of square tapering form with rivet panels with rising lid and zinc lined interior
1270.   A mahogany marine locker, the fall front enclosing a simply fitted interior together with a nest of three graduated oak occasional tables 40-60
1271.   An oak occasional table of rectangular form, the panelled top raised on an open framework, 110cm long, together with a 19th century mahogany Pembroke table
1272.   Seven various cafe tables, principally in pine, of refectory and pedestal form each to seat either two or four people 60-80
1273.   Three small old brass four branch chandeliers, 34cm high
1274.   A set of six (4+2) reproduction Queen Anne style dining chairs with vase shaped splats rasied on shaped forlegs 40-60
1275.   Two 19th century Windsor elbow chairs principally in elm and beechwood 100-150
1276.   A 19th century rosewood occasional table raised on four turned supports together with a reproduction Chippendale style dining chair and a further upholstered bedroom chair
1277.   A good quality low occasional table/chest with rising lid, one side fitted with an arrangement of twelve short drawers, 120cm x 68cm, retailed by Laura Ashley 80-100
1278.   Twenty one Victorian brass stair rods with trefoil shaped ends, 80cm
1279.   A Victorian mahogany counter top display cabinet of D Shaped form with mirror plate back (incomplete) 127cm long
1280.   A Victorian oak extending dining table raised on turned and fluted supports, together with two additional leaves, 2m40cm max, 150cm min 60-80
1281.   A stuffed and mounted pine martin on a log 30-40
1282.   An Edwardian library bookcase the base enclosed by two arched panel doors and two frieze drawers, the upper section recessed and enclosed by two glazed panel doors, 125cm wide 80-100
1283.   A stripped pine kitchen table enclosing a single frieze drawer raised on square taper legs united by a central stretcher, 120cm
1284.   A pine top kitchen table rasied on a teakwood base together with a pair of ladder back chairs and a further pair of spindle back chairs
1286.   A pair of French open arm chairs with carved and painted finish with upholstered seats, backs and arm panels raised on cabriole supports and united by and X shaped stretcher 60-80
1287.   A Chinese style ceramic garden seat of barrel form with cobalt blue ground and applied detail together with a 19th century coach lamp, bamboo jardinere, etc
1288.   A set of six Victorian windsor stick back kitchen chairs, with elm seats on turned supports 80-100
1289.   A Victorian pine farmhouse table raised on four square taper legs with later replacement oak parquetry top, to seat eight 150-200
1290.   A Victorian pine farmhouse table with plank top, raised on four square taper legs with frieze drawer, to seat 6/8
1291.   A 1930s walnut bureau bookcase of side by side arrangement, 125cm long
1292.   A stripped beechwood cot/cradle raised on two rockers with spar sides
1293.   A virtually unused wheel chair with pneumatic tyres and a further walking frame
1294.   A Georgian style wing chair with busy floral and shield pattern upholstery, raised on square cut supports united by a H shaped stretcher 60-80
1294A.  An Edwardian wing chair with floral tapestry detail
1295.   A mixed collection of 19th century and later Windsor elbow chairs (8) comprising Oxford bar backs, wheel backs, comb backs, etc; together with a 19th century Windsor stool principally in elm 80-100
1296.   Four 19th century Windsor stick back high chairs 80-100
1297.   A small art deco style two seat sofa with roll over arms 60-80
1298.   A pair of good quality wicker conservatory chairs in an art deco style with loose cushions
1299.   A bed settee in the art deco style in black and white striped fabric
1299A.  Italian style aluminium coffee table with brass lacquer and glass top, 108 cm long
1300.   A collection of 19th century Windsor elbow chairs for restoration, various styles, Oxford bar back, stick back, lathe back, etc
1301.   A traditional travelling trunk in a red and black colourway
1302.   A pair of traditional armchairs in an art deco style, and art deco sofa bed upholstered in tan leather, 180cm 60-80
1303.   Three occasional tables in simulated bamboo, with plate glass tops and cane work bases
1304.   A set of four metal framed conservatory or dining room chairs on scrolled supports with upholstered seats together with a open elbow chair

1306.   A 19th century Windsor stick back elbow chair with elm wood seat, together with a further hoop back Windsor chair 40-60
1307.   A painted pine bookcase with arched outline, four adjustable shelves and frieze drawers, 1m wide 40-60
1308.   A traditional brass lamp standard with reeded column, raised on a stepped base with lions paw feet
1309.   A 19th century painted pine coaching trunk with fall flap and original painted detail 40-60
1310.   A Victorian stripped pine chest of two long and two short drawers, 92cm wide 60-80
1311.   A 19th century mahogany Pembroke table, wicker armchair and one other together with a 19th century North Country single chair with solid seat 60-80
1311A.  An inlaid Edwardian mahogany smokers cabinet, invalid bed tray, small stool and a rug
1312.   A painted pine side table raised on square cut supports, an oak occasional table on turned supports
1313.   An Edwardian mahogany framed three fold room divider, the panels partially upholstered and partially enclosed by bevelled edge plate glass panels, set within a carved and moulded framework 60-80
1314.   A Victorian mahogany library bookcase, the lower section enclosed by two arched panel doors and two frieze drawers, the upper section by two arched glazed panelled doors with carved and moulded boss detail, 130cm wide 200-250
1315.   A late 19th century satin walnut chest of three long drawers on bracket supports, 92cm wide 60-80
1316.   A Victorian stripped pine chest of three long and five short drawers, with turned and tapered column supports 100-120
1317.   An old charm oak draw leaf refectory dining table raised on a pair of shaped and pierced supports with pegged frame, together with a set of eight (6+2) Windsor wheel back dining chairs 100-150
1318.   An old charm oak court cupboard, the base enclosed by a series of doors and drawers, the upper section with glazed panel doors set within a carved framework, together with a further small old charm side cupboard, enclosed by two doors with linen fold detail and a further side cupboard with carved finish 100-150
1319.   An old charm oak dresser, the base enclosed by two panel doors and two frieze drawers with linen fold and geometric detail, set beneath a bow top plate rack 60-80
1320.   A nest of three graduated oak occasional tables in the old English style 40-60
1321.   An old charm free standing corner cupboard, the lower section enclosed by two carved and panelled doors, the upper section by leaded glass doors 40-60
1322.   A 19th century pitch pine side cupboard enclosed by two leaded glazed panelled doors, with adjustable shelves 40-60
1323.   A late 19th century carved hardwood serving tray with trailing ivy leaf detail, together with a further smaller table top writing slope
1324.   A good quality contemporary kitchen dresser, the lower section enclosed by three panelled doors, the upper section with stripped pine top set beneath a plate rack fitted with two shelves, with overall painted and distressed finish, 170cm wide
1325.   A nest of three graduated occasional tables in the Georgian style with reeded column supports 40-60
1326.   A white ground bedroom or occasional table with frieze drawer, plate glass top and cane under gallery, together with a further matching ladder back chair with rush seat
1327.   A Victorian mahogany washstand fitted with a frieze of drawers below a three quarter gallery raised on turned supports 80-120
1328.   A mid 19th century mahogany chest of three long and three short drawers on bracket supports
1329.   A traditional cheval glass with brass fittings on swept supports 100-120
1330.   A turned wood hat and coat stand on turned column and quadruped base
1331.   An Edwardian oak old English style monks chair with folding back raised on turned supports with hide upholstered seat 80-100
1332.   A regency mahogany sofa table the top cross banded with an ebony string inlay fitted with two frieze drawers raised on a horseshoe shaped frame and platform base 60-80
1333.   A farmhouse dairy table in pine, the planked top raised on a square cut frame incorporating three frieze drawers, 182cm long x 65cm wide 200-250
1333A.  A pair of reproduction occasional tables of military format the inset tops with 18th century style marine views on glass, within brass borders and raised on square cut supports, 46cm square 50-80
1334.   A 19th century blanket chest
1335.   A substantial 19th century pine and steel banded travelling trunk with iron carrying handles
1336.   A primitive oak snap top table, the circular top raised on a vase shaped column and cross over base 40-60
1337.   A three fold three quarter height room divider with hand worked cruel work detail in the Jacobean style, a further tapestry fire screen with walnut framework, together with a 10 branch candelabra a small primitive desk and a carved chair 60-80
1338.   A small oak gateleg occasional table on turned and tapering supports
1339.   A substantial pine kitchen dresser, the base enclosed by six panelled doors and three frieze drawers, the plate rack fitted with further spice drawers, with break front centre enclosing further adjustable shelves 2m 45cm wide 100-150
1340.   A 19th century cast iron brass moulded fire curb with Welsh Dragon corners, 140cm by 38cm exterior measurement
1341.   A break front oak four door book case with leaded light doors over four shallow frieze drawers, 140cm wide 1m tall
1342.   A hand painted carved wood model of a standing cormorant, 110cm high 40-60
1343.   An Edwardian dining table of small dimensions the oval top raised on four bobbin supports, united by a central rail together with a carved oak circular top occasional and a gateleg table raised on turned supports (3)
1344.   A pair of primitive pine D end side tables
1345.   An Edwardian mahogany dining table of oval form raised on four pad feet 135cm, together with a further additional leaf (total 180cm)
1346.   A Georgian rocking cradle with original scumble finish and canopy shaped hood 50-70
1347.   A Georgian oak gateleg table raised on eight gun barrel shaped supports enclosing a frieze drawer, 120cm max
1348.   A late 19th century oak roll top desk, the serpentine tambour top enclosing a fitted interior over an arrangement of drawers, 130cm wide 150-200
1349.   A polished pine pedestal raised on a square cut and reeded column
1350.   A mahogany three tier delft rack with pierced borders, 125cm wide
1351.   A 1930s walnut veneered display cabinet on short cabriole supports
1352.   A 19th century pine butlers tray with three quarter gallery, raised on a folding detachable stand 40-50
1353.   A Georgian mahogany wall mounted hanging corner cupboard with chequered string inlay detail 40-60
1354.   A Georgian oak hanging corner cupboard enclosed by an arched and panelled door 40-60
1355.   A pair of old English style oak side chairs with solid seats, the stick backs with wavy moulded outline raised on turned supports and stretchers 40-60
1356.   A substantial pine blanket chest, 120cm wide
1357.   A mid Victorian ebonised occasional centre table raised on three turned and fluted supports, with tricorn platform base and swept supports, with inlay detail, 53cm diameter 40-60
1358.   An interesting carved hardwood boss or bracket in the form of a grotesque facial mask, 34cm long 150-200
1359.   A 19th century continental pine draw leaf dining table raised on square cut supports with X shaped stretcher and original painted detail, 100cm long min, 220cm max 40-60
1360.   A Victorian mahogany office chair with pierced splats, circular cane work seat (brackets missing) raised on turned supports
1361.   A Georgian mahogany corner wash stand on two tiers, raised on shaped supports 40-60
1362.   A Victorian mahogany wash stand with marble top and raised ceramic splash back on turned supports 60-80
1363.   A hand painted resin model of a Boston Terrier and a Bulldog 20-30
1364.   An oak refectory table, the heavy planked top with cleated ends raised on square cut supports, together with a set of 6 ladder back chairs 60-80
1365.   A small late 19th century octagonal occasional table in the Moorish style with mother of pearl chip detail
1366.   A pair of bentwood elbow chairs with scrolled arms and turned spindle moulding's, complete with cane seats, together with a further side chair with carved frame work and a further inlaid chair 60-80
1367.   A reproduction Georgian style D end dining table with singular additional leaf raised on turned pillar and swept supports
1368.   A 19th century pine farmhouse table, the scrubbed top over four square cut supports and two frieze drawers, to seat 6/8, 185cm 100-150
1369.   Three Georgian country made dining chairs and a further Georgian style toilet mirror on skeleton frame
1370.   19th century mahogany hanging cupboard enclosed by two panelled doors, the interior partially fitted and capable of shelving, 130cm wide.
1371.   A Globe Wernicke three sectional bookcase with additional bureau section with fall front 100-150
1372.   Three vintage suitcases
1373.   A 1930s walnut display cabinet of shaped outline, a low occasional table on turned supports, a bookcase enclosed by sliding plate glass doors and a pine delft rack
1374.   A contemporary metal work side table of rectangular form, with plate glass top, 110cm long 40-60
1375.   An Edwardian oak bookcase of full height, the lowest section enclosed by a pair of quarter panelled doors, the upper section by astragal glazed panelled doors within a moulded framework labelled to door Waring and Gillow 100-150
1376.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany commode elbow chair in the Georgian hepplewhite style with inlaid detail 40-60
1377.   A nursing chair with William Morris style pattern cover, raised on cabriole forelegs 40-60
1378.   A Chinese hardwood occasional table, the circular top with deep relief carved detail enclosed by a plate glass panel, raised on a turned pillar and disc shape base, 60cm diameter
1379.   A reproduction Georgian style yew wood veneered wotnot of five tiers enclosing a frieze drawer 40-60
1380.   Two mid 20th century occasional tables with reeded brass supports supporting plate glass panels 40-60
1380A.  A contemporary moulded plastic wall mounted anatomical panels, the heart/skiin/brain, etc together with a CPR prompt training manikin 30-40
1381.   A square cut card table with folding framework and baize lined top
1382.   A Victorian pitch pine pew with shaped ends, 185cm long 60-80
1383.   An Edwardian beechwood garden chair with folding framework and recently re-upholstered finish 40-60
1384.   A 19th century English elm bedstead with four turned corner posts, to accept base spring and mattress approximately 5ft wide
1385.   A small good quality mahogany bow fronted chest in the Georgian style fitted with six long graduated oak lined drawers raised on squat cabriole supports, with shell moulding to knees, 50cm wide approx 100-120
1386.   A small 19th century wall mirror of rectangular form , the gilt moulded frame with classical urn, fan and beaded detail, 66cm x 42cm approx 100-120
1387.   A Victorian walnut and figured walnut veneered sewing/work table, with inlaid floral detail, the hinged lid enclosing a segmented interior, raised on a pair of turned column supports, united by a central turned stretcher and raised on scrolled supports 80-120
1388.   A late Victorian mahogany three tier buffet or wotnot, with raised three quarter gallery on turned column supports, with carved foliate detail over a long drawer to base, 78cm wide x 110cm tall approx 60-80
1389.   A Georgian cottage long case clock, the oak and mahogany cross banded case with square hood and broken swan neck pediment enclosing an 11 inch square painted dial with Roman numerals, floral spandrels, secondary dials and 30 hour movement 150-250
1390.   A late Victorian mahogany floor standing open bookcase with three adjustable shelves, flanked by fluted and carved foliate detail, raised on a moulded plinth, 90cm wide x 152cm tall 80-100
1391.   A Georgian mahogany bookcase, enclosed by a pair of astragal glazed panel doors, revealing two adjustable shelves to interior beneath a blind fret Gothic tracery and moulded pediment, 106cm wide 40-60
1392.   An Georgian oak bureau, the fall flap enclosing a now vacant interior over four long graduated drawers, raised on bracket supports, 103cm wide 40-60
1393.   An unusual oak free standing screen in the Costwold School style with open lattice panel, tenon jointed construction and raised on sledge shaped supports, 152cm tall x 55cm wide 60-80
1394.   A Georgian style torchere, the circular dish top raised on a fluted pillar and shaped tripod
1395.   An Edwardian mahogany dwarf freestanding open bookcase, with three adjustable shelves and blind fret decoration, raised on square tapered supports, 4ft wide approx 60-80
1396.   A late Victorian/Edwardian mahogany floor standing open bookcase, with four adjustable shelves, raised on a moulded plinth, together with a further mahogany open bookcase with shaped pediment and architectural detail 80-120
1397.   A late Victorian oak three piece drawing room or parlour suite comprising a three seat sofa and a pair of matching armchairs, with shaped outline and show wood frames, with moulded and carved details, raised on turned supports and castors 150-200
1398.   Two similar Georgian country made dining chairs in the Chippendale style, with pierced splats and solid seats raised on square cut and moulded supports united by stretchers 80-100
1400.   A pair of good quality empire style open armchairs, with green ground upholstered seats and back pads with laurel detail, heavily cast metal winged mythical sphinx and bird mounts 400-500
1401.   A contemporary knoll armchair with Kelim type upholstery, acorn shaped finial's and tassel tie backs and fringe 60-80
1402.   A pair of bleached stags antlers and scull cap raised on a shield shaped ebonised wooden plaque 80-100
1403.   3 pairs of stags antlers and scull caps, raised on shield shaped plaques, one with acorn and oak leaf detail 100-150
1404.   A 19th century three seat sofa, with yellow ground, floral patterned upholstery within a shaped, carved and moulded show wood frame, with shell and scrolling acanthus detail, raised on swept supports 200-300
1405.   A pair of substantial three seat sofas, loosely in the knoll style with slab arms, alternating navy and lighter blue striped upholstery and loose feather filled cushions, together with an associated stool of square form with upholstered finish, each 7ft long approx 200-300
1406.   Four floor standing life sized shop display mannequins with moveable limbs (AF)
1407.   A reproduction wall mirror, the decorative gilt moulded frame with scrolling acanthus, flower head and further 'C' scroll detail, 160cm x 90cm approx 80-120
1408.   An Edwardian two to three seat carpet sofa, with rolled bolster arms, shaped back, decorative foliate patterned detail over a tasseled fringe and turned supports 170cm long approx 150-200
1409.   A Victorian two to three seat low Chesterfield sofa, with cream ground floral patterned upholstery, deep button back rolled arms and squat turned forelegs with brass caps and brown ceramic castors, 200cm long approx 80-100
1410.   A pair of 19th century campaign chair frames of flat pack form with leather strap arms (lacks seat and back) with later bright green painted finish 100-120
1411.   An Edwardian two seat sofa with swept arms, arched back, and serpentine seat, with floral patterned upholstery on a rose coloured ground, raised on square tapered forelegs with inlaid satin wood banded detail, 146cm long approx 80-120
1412.   A Victorian style mahogany drawing room chair with claret/Burgundy leather upholstered loose squab seat cushion and deep button back, over open shaped and moulded arms, raised on turned forelegs with brass caps and castors 100-150
1413.   A low green leather upholstered tub chair with rolled arms and loose seat squab cushion and buttoned back, raised on square tapered forelegs (rip/glue repair to back) 80-100
1414.   A Georgian snap top occasional table, the circular mahogany one piece top, 80cm diameter approx raised on a turned vase shaped pillar and yew wood tripod with square tapered spade feet 100-120
1415.   A 19th century tolware serving tray, with shaped outline, the raised border decorated with floral bouquets in gilt and natural colourway, together with a late 19th century mahogany occasional table, in the arts and craft style, the square moulded top raised on four splayed and tapered bobbin supports united by an under tier 60-80
1416.   A Georgian mahogany Pembroke table with frieze drawer raised on square tapered legs with brass caps and rolled castors 40-60
1417.   A good quality Georgian style open elbow chair with recent leather upholstered seat and arched deep button back with brass studded detail over open shepherds crook arms and cabriole forelegs 200-300
1418.   A Chinese centre/ occasional table of square form, red lacquered on elm, raised on shaped and moulded supports, 64cm high x 100cm square approx 60-80
1419.   A Georgian mahogany demi-lune fold over top tea table raised on four square tapered and moulded supports 60-80
1420.   A good quality contemporary reproduction oak draw leaf refectory dining table, with figured panel top, raised on a pair of shaped and waisted column supports united by a central peg stretcher and sledge feet, together with a set of eight (6+2) associated oak high back dining chairs with upholstered seats and arched padded backs raised on turned bobbin and block forelegs united by stretchers, the table 9ft long (fully extended) x 3ft 4inches wide approx 300-500
1421.   An early 19th century mahogany Pembroke table with oval drop leaves and good figured or flame top over an oak lined frieze drawer raised on square tapered supports 60-80
1422.   An early 19th century mahogany bow fronted hanging corner cupboard with inlaid shell, chequered stringing, chevron banding and further detail, enclosed by a pair of doors with shield shaped escutcheon's, the interior later painted and fitted with three shaped shelves
1423.   A reclaimed Victorian ecclesiastical oak font or wine cooler of elongated octagonal form, the carved multi panelled surround with Gothic tracery, berry, flower and leaf detail, with removable galvanized tin liner, 63 x 52cm approx 350-400
1424.   A 19th century two seat salon sofa, with serpentine upholstered seat, back and arms, within a shaped carved and moulded gilded show wood frame with acanthus and further detail raised on scrolled cabriole forelegs, 140cm long approx 200-300
1425.   A rustic light elm refectory table, the one piece rectangular plank top raised on a pair of shaped column supports united by a pegged rail/stretcher, 246cm long x 68cm wide 200-250
1426.   A 19th century mahogany snap top occasional table of rectangular form, with rounded corners raised on a turned vase shaped pillar and swept tripod with decorative cast brass caps and castors 60-80
1428.   A good quality large machine woven tapestry wall hanging in the 17th century flemish style showing a hunting scene with horsemen, hawls and dogs in a woodland landscape within a floral border, 215cm x 205cm approx 100-150
1430.   A large gilt framed over mantle mirror with classical moulded detail, 142cm wide x 146cm tall approx 220-240
1431.   A contemporary hardwood double bedstead, the low arched head and foot boards with carved flower head and moulded detail complete with side rails and good quality 6ft mattress, together with a pair of matching bedside cupboards, each enclosed by a door and frieze drawer, raised on bracket shaped supports 80-120
1432.   A contemporary hardwood dressing table with oval swing mirror, flanked by carved and pierced acanthus brackets, raised on a platform with serpentine outline and fitted with three trinket drawers, over a further serpentine frieze of three drawers raised on rope twist column supports, together with a matching dressing stool with cushioned seat with further serpentine outline (2) 60-80
1432A.  A pair of decorative Moroccan hanging lanterns with pierced and fretted detail with coloured glass panels 100-150
1433.   A worn tan leather upholstered easy chair with rolled back and arms, raised on simple square tapered supports 60-80
1434.   A pair of carolean style open armchairs with tapestry upholstered sprung seats and arched panelled back over down swept arms, shaped supports and stretchers 180-200
1435.   A 19th century mahogany bateau lit, or sleigh bed, the head and foot board with shaped outline and moulded detail and decorative applied Athenian and laurel ring cast gilt metal mounts (to accept a 4ft mattress) 80-120
1436.   A good quality and unusual large low centre stool approx 4ft square, with recent deep charcoal coloured leather upholstery, raised on late regency/William IV rose wood supports with brass caps and castors 1200-1400
1437.   A Victorian rosewood veneerer fold over top lined card table of rectangular form, with rounded front corners and circular baize, over a frieze with scrolled acanthus moulding raised on a central vase or onion shaped pillar, the circular domed platform with carved lions paw feet with integral castors 80-120
1438.   A 19th century mahogany drop leaf dining table of rectangular form with deep leaves, raised on four square cut and chamfered supports, to seat 6
1439.   A substantial Victorian walnut breakfront triple compactum wardrobe, the central tower of drawers beneath an open alcove and two short cupboard doors of full height with ribboned, garland and other detail, 2 metres in length 80-120
1440.   A good quality (heavy gauge) tan leather suitcase with reinforced corners and brass fittings, stamped Finnegan's Ltd Manchester & Liverpool, black lettering to top Leut. Col. G. B. Heywood, 6th Batt Ches Reg, together with one other Finnegans case (2) 80-100
1441.   An unusual Edwardian mahogany twin pedestal partners desk in the Georgian style, with worn inset green leather panel top, one side fitted with an arrangement nine frieze drawers, the other with bow fronted outline and three dummy frieze drawers over cupboards enclosed by applied moulded panelled doors raised on splayed bracket supports, 140 x 80cm approx 250-300
1442.   A Victorian spoon back drawing room/nursing chair with green dralon upholstered serpentine seat and button back, with a mahogany show wood moulded frame raised on scrolled cabriole forelegs 40-60
1443.   An unusual oak fold over top tea table of rectangular form with carved and fluted frieze raised on four spiral twist column and turned supports 60-80
1444.   A Georgian oak bedroom chest of three long and two short drawers of varying size with moulded detail (presented as eight short) flanked by panelled sides and raised on short bracket shaped supports, 106cm wide; together with an Edwardian mahogany piano stool, with shallow box seat raised on claw and ball supports 80-120
1445.   a large tapestry wall hanging showing putti/cherubs amongst the branches of a tree within a classical border with trailing floral, cornucopia, instruments, medallion face mask and further detail, 260cm x 140cm approx 60-80
1446.   A 19th century rosewood fire screen with pronounced carved and pierced foliate frame raised on scroll supports with hand work tapestry panel 60-80
1447.   An oak commode with later cream painted and distressed finish and gilt detail, fitted with three long and two short drawers over a shaped apron and scrolled cabriole supports; together with a similar dressing table, with serpentine outline and raised arch swing mirror back with bevelled edge plate (2) 200-300
1448.   An antique oak dresser, the base fitted with a T shaped arrangement of six drawers flanked by stepped arched and moulded panelled doors within a panelled frame, raised on bracket shaped supports, beneath a raised recessed open plate rack with three fixed shelves, three small drawers, moulded pediment and boarded back, 136cm long x 198cm tall approx 400-600
1449.   A Georgian style dwarf side cabinet enclosed by a pair of rectangular moulded panelled doors, with applied moulded roundel's raised on bracket supports, beneath stepped open shelves, with pierced lozenge/geometric fretwork side panels, 70cm wide x 134cm tall approx; together with a further small mahogany floor standing open bookcase, with moulded outline and two divisions with two adjustable shelves (2) 100-150
1450.   A Georgian mahogany oval drop leaf Pembroke table, with string inlay and satin wood detail, raised on four tapered legs with brass caps and castors, (one missing)
1450A.  A Victorian mahogany hall chair, the shield shaped back with moulded outline over a solid seat with serpentine outline, raised on octagonal tapered forelegs 60-80
1451.   A reproduction writing table/desk of rectangular form with inset leather panel top and gadrooned moulded surround, over two frieze drawers raised on claw and ball supports, together with a Georgian style two sectional free standing corner cupboard, the upper section astragal glazed, together with a Georgian country made dining chair with graduated wavy ladder back, solid seat, turned forelegs and pad feet united by stretchers 80-120
1452.   An antique oak oval drop leaf gateleg dining table with frieze drawer raised on six turned vase shaped column and block supports
1453.   A Georgian oak bedroom chest of three long and two short graduated drawers, raised on bracket supports, 96cm wide approx 150-200
1454.   A good quality Georgian style mahogany bookcase or side cabinet, with dentil moulded frieze over a pair of astragal panelled doors, velvet lined interior and two fixed shelves, raised on a stand with two frieze drawers and four square cut and moulded supports, 107cm x 102cm approx 100-150
1455.   A Georgian mahogany snap top table, the single piece top 60cm in diameter raised on a slender gun barrel shaped pillar and tripod base 100-150
1456.   A Georgian mahogany secretaire bookcase, the lower section fitted with an arrangement of four drawers, the secretaire with fitted interior of drawers and pigeon holes and with cast brass furniture, the bookcase with astragal glazed panelled doors set beneath a simple moulded frieze, 109 cm diameter 200-250
1457.   A large harpsichord by William De Blaise with two tier keyboard, set in a painted case with an iron framed trolley, 2m60cm long 80-120
1458.   An Edwardian mahogany vitrine or bijouterie table of oval form with hinged lid, glazed panels and velvet lined interior, raised on four slender square tapered and scrolled feet 100-150
1459.   A small Georgian mahogany snap top occasional table, the circular dished top raised on a turned pillar shaped tripod, together with one other with fixed top 100-120
1460.   An antique old English, child's size wainscot or panel back chair, with down swept open arms, lozenge carved panelled back, solid seat, moulded rails and square cut supports on rockers 450-500
1461.   A 19th century, stained beechwood child's correction chair, the turned spindle back with bobbin detail, oval cane panelled seat and further turned supports united by stretchers 60-80
1462.   A 19th century music stool/chair in satin wood with shaped and scrolled bar back, pierced splat, circular revolving floral tapestry upholstered seat and swept supports with hand painted floral, urn and further detail 100-150
1463.   A Regency mahogany caddy top bedroom chest, with deep satin wood banded detail and boxwood stinging, fitted with an unusual arrangement of four long and three short graduated drawers over a shaped apron and bracket supports, 107cm wide 120-150
1464.   A Victorian walnut and figured walnut veneered occasional table, the rectangular top with serpentine moulded outline, raised on a pair of wrythen turned columns with foliate collars and scrolled supports united by a central further turned stretcher 80-120
1465.   A good quality Regency mahogany kneehole side/dressing table with serpentine front fitted with an arrangement of four drawers with cast gilt metal ring pull handles with classical urn back plates, raised on ring turned and tapered supports with brass caps and castors, 110cm wide approx 100-150
1466.   An Eastern or Islamic open slatted X framed folding chair with profusely carved foliate and geometric inlaid detail 50-80
1467.   A 19th century mahogany veneered secretaire or abbatant the front elevation with dentil frieze and canted corners with frieze drawer over a full front with inset leather writing surface and fitted with an arrangement of small drawers and pigeon holes, over a cupboard enclosed by a pair of panelled doors, with string inlay detail flanked by mock fluted columns, raised further on square tapered supports, 90cm wide 145cm tall approx 200-250
1468.   A 19th century mahogany drop leaf Pembroke table raised on four square tapered legs with spade feet with satin wood borders and string and ebony banded detail with frieze drawer 40-60
1469.   A small 19th century mahogany chest of four long graduated drawers, crossbanded in satinwood with further boxwood and ebony string inlay with cast brass fittings and raised on bracket supports, 82 cm wide 120-150
1470.   A 19th century mahogany apprentice piece in the form of a chiffonier, with inlaid star and chequered banding, frieze drawer and cupboard enclosed by a pair of moulded panel doors, raised on a plinth/platform base, 31cm wide x 22cm high x 13cm deep approx 60-80
1471.   A well detailed carved corbal of a male bearded character wearing a hat, plus further scrolling acanthus and moth detail, 36cm x 20cm approx 150-200
1472.   A George III writing bureau, the interior of simple form enclosed by drawers and cupboards, raised on bracket supports 60-80
1473.   A Georgian oak writing bureau or clerks desk, the hinged fall flap enclosing a fitted interior of small drawers and pigeon holes over a shallow frieze drawer raised on tall square cut supports, 84 cm wide approx. 60-80
1474.   An 18th century oak coffer with hinged lid and panelled frame, the front elevation with carved foliate frieze over four square carved and moulded foliate panels and two shallow drawers and moulded stiles approx 140cm long x 54cm deep and 79cm high 150-200
1475.   A Regency rose wood four divisional Canterbury with turned spindle mouldings over a frieze drawer on turned supports.
1476.   A Georgian mahogany D end dining table with single additional leaf, deep banded border and ebony stringing raised on four square taper supports. 60-80
1477.   A Chinese hardwood table cabinet enclosed by a pair of rectangular panelled doors beneath a shallow frieze drawer within a panelled frame. 40-60
1478.   A carved hardwood seat or stool in the form of a rearing or trumpeting bull elephant with decorative head dress and painted finish. 100-120
1479.   A 19th century mahogany partner's desk/writing table of rectangular form with moulded outline and rounded corners and worn inset leather top over two frieze drawers to each side, raised on turned tapered supports, 136 cm x 97 cm approx. 150-200
1480.   An antique elm clerks slope with hinged lid over two frieze drawers, raised on an associated stand with further drawer, shaped apron and simple turned tapered supports with pad feet. 300-350
1481.   A Harlequin set of seven 19th century mahogany dining chairs with broad curved bar backs, partially reeded frames, upholstered seats, raised on turned and reeded forelegs. 60-80
1482.   A Georgian mahogany snap top breakfast table of rectangular form with rounded corners and reeded border, raised on a central ring turned pillar and swept quadruped with hairy paw cast brass caps and castors, to seat 4/6, 137 x 105 cm approx. 200-300
1483.   An unusually deep 18th century oak coffer probably of Somerset origin, with hinged lid and moulded panelled frame, the front elevation enclosing three rectangular panels with carved foliate and further detail and surround, 112 cm long x 80 cm high approx. 600-700
1484.   A Victorian mahogany knee hole twin pedestal writing desk of rectangular form with inset panelled top, moulded outline and rounded corners over an arrangement of nine frieze drawers, set on a moulded plinth, 136 cm long x 64 cm wide approx. 150-200
1485.   A Georgian mahogany side table of rectangular form with moulded outline over a shallow frieze drawer raised on square cut and moulded supports. 100-120
1486.   An 18th century walnut chest of three long graduated drawers flanked by panelled sides, raised on turned bun feet, 91 cm wide approx. 200-300
1487.   A Georgian mahogany demilune foldover top card table with satinwood banding, shell inlay, boxwood stringing, etc., baise lined and raised on four square tapered supports and spade feet. 150-200
1488.   A pair of well detailed carved wooden architectural fittings in the form of stylised dolphins, 34 cm high approx. 250-300
1489.   A Victorian oak hall table with shallow raised back, shaped outline and moulded detail, central frieze drawer and scrolled cabriole forelegs/supports, raised on a platform and turned bun feet, 122 cm long approx. 150-200
1490.   An 18th century oak coffer with hinged lid and panelled frame, the front elevation enclosing three square panels with carved foliate and arcaded detail beneath a further carved frieze flanked by moulded stiles, 136 cm long approx. 200-300
1491.   An 18th century oak coffer with hinged lid and panelled frame, the front elevation enclosing four deep rectangular moulded panels with carved foliate and scrolling detail plus further carvings to the surround, 136 cm long approx. 200-300
1492.   A 19th century mahogany book or display case with moulded cornice over a segmented glazed panelled door revealing three fixed shelves to the interior. 60-80
1493.   A Georgian oak cottage longcase clock, the door crossbanded in walnut, the simple square hood with column supports and swan necked pediment enclosing a 27 cm square brass dial with applied spandrels and engraved dove and leaf detail and thirty hour striking movement.
1494.   A Georgian oak longcase clock crossbanded in rosewood, the short door with marquetry panel enclosing a broken arch painted dial and eight day striking movement by Huband of Evesham.
1495.   A Georgian mahogany longcase clock with inlaid detail, 30 hour movement, the trunk door flanked by canted and reeded columns with brass capitals beneath a square hood enclosing a 12 inch dial with painted oriental character, floral and air balloon detail by Joseph Hitchins, Painswick. 200-250
1496.   A mid 19th century north country longcase clock, the inlaid case supporting a hood with turned columns and swan necked pediment, the painted dial with ruined abbey and castle spandrels with rolling lunar dial, subsidiary calendar and secondary dial and eight day striking movement, T E Andrew of Hornsby.
1497.   A Victorian wall mirror of rectangular form, the rosewood frame with carved and scrolling outline with shield detail together with a further rosewood desk top letter stand with pierced handle and arched divisions. 80-120
1498.   A good quality Edwardian satinwood bookcase or side cabinet, freestanding and enclosed by a pair of full length astragal glazed panelled doors with adjustable shelves to the interior, flanking a central narrow cupboard with hand painted tied musical instrument and floral detail beneath an alcove and further painted decoration, all raised on shaped bracket supports, 152 cm long approx. 250-350
1499.   A good quality late 19th/early 20th century wing armchair in the Georgian style with shaped outline, upholstered finish and loose T shaped squab cushion raised on claw and ball forelegs with acanthus knees. 250-350
1500.   A pair of good quality Regency style dwarf floorstanding open bookcases, oak and figured oak veneered and shallow break fronted, each enclosing three adjustable shelves flanked by painted and carved pilasters, set on a plinth base, 143 cm long x 38 cm wide x 95 cm high approx. 800-1000
1501.   Military banner of the 6th Battalion of the Cheshire Regiment with hand embroidered detail and list of major engagements from South Africa 1900-1902 to France and Flanders 1914-1918; together with a further banner - same battalion embroidered upon union flag - both presented on polished mahogany staffs with gilded crown and lion surmounts, each bearing a silver plate - Presented to Col G B Heywood by the Old Comrades Association of the 6th Bn - The Cheshire Regiment - Hallmarked Birmingham 1932 200-300
1502.   A good quality Victorian brass telescopic lamp standard in the form of a Corinthian column with scrolled capital, raised on a square stepped base and paw feet. 80-120
1503.   An unusual Georgian mahogany writing slope, the twin brass hinged top revealing an inset baise lining and shallow box compartment, with two side drawers, one segmented for inkwells, raised on an associated stand with shallow frieze drawer raised on four square tapered supports. 200-300
1504.   A good and unusually large 19th century breakfast table of circular form, with well matched fine segmented veneered sunburst top and deep rosewood banded border, with inset bead moulded surround raised on a squat turned pillar and swept quadruped with further beaded detail and decorative cast brass caps and castors, to seat 8, 6 ft diameter approx. 3000-4000
1505.   A small antique threadwork covered dome topped casket with armorial shield and coronet to lid with brass clasp. 250-300
1506.   An early oak bible box with hinged lid and carved detail raised on an associated stand with stop fluted frieze and shaped supports. 300-350
1507.   An Edwardian mahogany desk chair, the bowed back with open vertical slats, inset leather upholstered revolving seat and shaped quadruped. 60-80
1508.   A Georgian or possibly earlier, wall mirror of rectangular form, the moulded gilt frame with beaded detail beneath a classical urn, rams head, vine, scrolling acanthus and further detail. 300-400
1509.   A pair of carved timber Venetian style characters each wearing a turban, with gilded costume and further highlighted detail, each holding aloft a cornucopia raised on square cut plinths with canted corners with scrolled detail, 157 cm high.
1510.   A Georgian or possibly earlier, wall mirror of rectangular form, the moulded frame with beaded detail beneath a raised urn and scrolling foliate detail, 110 x 50 cm approx. 400-500
1511.   A Regency mahogany side table of rectangular form fitted with two frieze drawers raised on ring turned and tapered supports, 78 cm approx. 60-80
1512.   An 18th century walnut and inlaid floral marquetry wall mirror of rectangular form with cushion frame, 78 x 62 cm approx. 1000-1500
1513.   An Art Deco low centre table, the oval decorative white grey flecked and veined top with central triple line inlay, raised on a light oak pedestal support with moulded detail, 136 cm long x 70 cm wide x 66 cm high approx. 300-400
1514.   A tan leather upholstered floorstanding fourfold screen with hand painted floral bouquets and brass stud work surround, 138 cm high approx. 80-100
1515.   A pair of continental bedside chests of serpentine outline, each fitted with two drawers on shaped supports and with painted finish.
1516.   A Victorian oak three tier floorstanding buffet with carved foliate and further detail, urn finials and bobbin turned column supports, 120 cm wide approx. 150-200
1517.   A carved wooden architectural lions mask with well detailed features. 250-300
1518.   An antique tan leather clad and steel reinforced travelling trunk/chest with side carrying handles, 68 cm approx. 60-80

1520.   An Old English oak two sectional court cupboard with panelled frame, the front elevation enclosed by four doors with carved lozenge panels, the upper initialled and dated 1643, all flanking further carved detail, the lower cupboard flanking a carved figure in the form of a standing angel, etc., 122 cm wide x 167 cm high approx. 300-400
1521.   A pair of carved wooden pilasters in the form of classically draped female figures with trailing head dress and one arm raised aloft, 98 cm high approx. 350-400
1523.   A Georgian mahogany chest on chest with inlaid detail fitted with an arrangement of eight long and two short drawers, raised on bracket supports, 112 cm wide approx. 300-500
1524.   A carved wooden half model of an Atlantic Salmon with naturalistic decoration raised on a rectangular plaque with painted lettering '50 1/2 lb February 1930, Flax Ridge Bridge, A Jenkins, Keeper', 144 x 44 cm approx. 200-300
1527.   A Georgian oak long case clock, the trunk enclosed by a moulded arched door beneath a square hood with broken architectural swan neck pediment, painted 12 inch arch dial with shell and floral detail, secondary dial and eight day movement by Haynes, Stamford 150-200
1541.   Designer swivel chair in grey 30-50
1542.   A Danish style extending teak oval dining table together with a set of four teak stick back dining chairs with Danish strung seats (5). 80-120
1543.   Vintage stereo equipment to include Technics Stereo double cassette deck, Technics compact disc player and two wharfdale Dovedail 3 speakers. 40-60
1544.   A Nathan Danish style teak long sideboard fitted with three frieze drawers and three cupboard doors upon square tapered legs, 214 cm long approx. 80-120
1545.   A 1970s beaver and tapley teak shelving storage unit in the manner of Ladderax. 20-40
1546.   A vintage Kenwood Chef with bowl, whisk and instruction booklet. 30-50
1547.   A 1970s teak desk/dressing table fitted with four drawers to kneehole frieze upon arch shaped feet, 164 cm long approx. 40-60
1548.   A Danish Mobelfabrikken Toften teak nest of three tables with tiled top with a scene of a group of deer. 30-50
1549.   A contemporary floor standing chrome floor lamp, on a telescopic black tripod stand 160-180
1550.   A set of four Hans Wegner style dining chairs in satinwood with Danish strung seats (4). 80-120
1551.   A set of six bent plywood stacking chairs in the manner of Arne Jacobsen (6). 60-80
1552.   A contemporary bistro type table, the circular glass top upon four metal spoke legs together with a further lacquered occasional table and a pair of chrome side tables (4) 20-40
1553.   Domitalia Crystal Comfort Living Italian stacking smoked plastic dining chairs (4). 80-120
1554.   A G-Plan Fresco tower of six drawers, 103 cm high approx together with a further 1950s chest of drawers (2). 60-100
1555.   A G-Plan Fresco teak oval extending dining table together with a set of four chairs (5). 80-120
1556.   A good Morris of Glasgow teak side cabinet fitted with glazed slide doors enclosing a shelved interior aside panelled doors upon a plinth base, 137 cm long approx. 60-100
1557.   An Ercol light elm stick back lounge chair together with a further painted Ercol chair (2). 50-80
1558.   A novelty designer coffee table, the thick glass bevelled glass top upon a Corinthian type column. 40-60
1559.   Good Italian chrome arched floor lamp fitted with five branches, each with globular shades upon a circular column and disc marbled base. 100-200
1560.   A 1970s egg type lounge chair with button back floral upholstery upon a four spoke cast aluminium base. 50-80
1561.   A 1930s hostess trolley, the hinged top enclosing a full fitted interior, tapered legs and castors, 101 cm long.

1562.   A set of four Werner Panton stacking fibre moulded dining chairs. 150-200
1563.   Staples Ladderax teak shelving system comprising cupboards, single drawers and racking. 200-250
1564.   A pair of Danish teak dining chair with strung seats together with a mirrored side table (3). 180-200
1565.   A Retro Italian designer brushed steel ceiling light. 150-200
1566.   A good quality Italian chrome and brass dining table, the oval glass top upon a stylised central column. 150-200
1567.   A Danish style teak two tier coffee table, 114 cm long approx. 20-40
1568.   A rare pair of Ercol 427 turned beech lounge chairs 60-100
1569.   A Merrow Associates style chrome dining table and four chairs (5). 100-150
1570.   A Platignum fountain and ball pen haberdashery display cabinet with glazed front and oak frame together wtih a further confectionary waterfall stand (2). 150-200
1571.   Two modern beech storage systems 50-80
1572.   A 1980s Ekornes green leather safari sofa upon a teak frame.
1573.   A Samsung 28 inch television set with remote control. 30-50
1574.   A contemporary stitched leather lounge chair on swept square supports. 30-50
1575.   A vintage industrial draughtsman's stool. 30-50
1576.   Two mid-century kitchen refectory tables, both with melamine tops (2). 40-60
1577.   A good Danish teak sideboard, possibly by Johanees Andersen, fitted with a slide door enclosing a shelved interior aside four long drawers upon typical circular tapered legs, 151 cm long approx. 100-200
1578.   A Danish teak, possibly Johanne Andersen, extending dining table, 198 cm extended together with a set of four Danish teak dining chairs (5). 80-120
1579.   A G-Plan teak nest of three tables together with a further 1970s button leatherette teak lounge chair (4). 30-50
1580.   Two 1970s teak table lamps. 30-50
1581.   A Danish teak two tier surf board type coffee table, 121 cm long approx. 30-50
1582.   Jubilee 'Riviera' TIC-TAC-TOE one armed bandit, 10p play, chrome finish 80-120
1583.   Berkeley 'Jovial Jester' one armed bandit, 6d play, chrome and formica finish 80-120
1584.   Interesting leather chair fitted into the bonnet of a car with working headlights, 150 cm wide 150-200