Two day Antique Sale on
Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th July 2017

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1.      Royal Albert Hamlyn pattern dinner wares comprising oval meat plate, six dinner plates, six dessert plates, six side plates, six soup/dessert bowls and sauce boat and stand, together with Minton Jasmine pattern wares comprising eight dinner plates, eight dessert plates, seven soup/dessert bowls, a tea pot and a sugar bowl and further large quantity of Royal Worcester Coventry pattern wares comprising eight dinner plates, eight dessert plates, sauce boat and stand, twelve side or tea plates, ten tea cups, ten tea saucers, eight coffee cups and eight coffee saucers. 60-80
2.      A pair of Beswick wall plaques modelled as sea gulls in flight with impressed numbers to base 658/1 658/2 60-80
3.      A large Rosenthal classic rose vase with gilded and marbled scrolling stylised floral decoration to the shoulder, with printed marks to base, height 30cm 50-80
4.      A quantity of Victorian tea wares with painted pansy decoration comprising tea pot, covered sucrier, milk jug, slop bowl, pair of cake plates, eight tea cups, eight saucers and twelve tea plates. 30-50
5.      Royal Doulton figures of Falstaff HN2054 and The Pied Piper, HN2102, together with a USSR blue and white figure of a female character, a pair of Royal Tichelaar Makkum tin glazed earthen ware dishes in the Delft manner with blue and white painted fish decoration and a further similar polychrome version all with painted mark to base Makkum, 28cm long and also together with five small Danish B & G dishes 60-80
6.      A graduated pair of Wood & Sons, Enoch Woods' Castles series blue and white printed meat plates, one showing Windsor Castle, 45cm long, the other showing Warwick Castle, 41cm long, both with printed and impressed marks verso. 50-70
7.      A collection of Royal Worcester dessert wares painted with various birds including robins (2), bullfinch, goldfinch, redstart and wren etc all signed E Barker comprising a pair of high comports and four plates all with puce printed marks and inscriptions to base. 80-120
8.      An outsized Torquay ware tea pot inscribed Auld Lang Syne, with impressed mark Longpark to base, 35cm long approx 50-70
9.      A Victorian George Jones & Sons majolica sardine dish, cover and stand, the cover modelled as fish amongst water weed, the stand base with impressed G J monogram and painted numbers 2831 against a mottled ground (for repair) 25-30
10.     A Beswick model of a recumbent white shire horse with printed circular mark to base, 24cm long approx 70-90
11.     A collection of Royal Doulton series ware comprising a Dickens ware Little Nell pattern bowl, Cap'n Cuttle and Sairey Gamp plates, further plates including Don Quixote, The Jester, Sir Roger De Coverley, etc, an Old English Scenes series fruit bowl showing The Gleaners, a further bowl with plated mount and coaching scene decoration, etc 50-80
12.     A collection of Royal Crown Derby blue and white printed tea wares with chinoiserie decoration comprising a pair of cake plates, twelve tea cups, twelve saucers, nine tea plates and a pair of further side plates in the Mikado pattern, also together with a collection of Royal Crown Derby dessert wares comprising a pair of oval serving dishes and six plates with printed and impressed marks to base. 60-80
13.     A set of four 19th century white glazed figures of male and female characters in 18th century style costume, possibly representing the seasons and carrying fruit, game, etc, height 29cm approx, together with a continental ink stand with floral decoration and a gilt trident mark to base 40-60
14.     A quantity of Wedgwood Covent Garden pattern wares comprising three tureens and covers, oval meat plate, sauce boat and stand, five dinner plates, six dessert plates, nine side plates, six soup or dessert bowls, coffee pot, cake plate, two cream jugs, two graduated sugar bowls, five tea cups, six tea saucers, five coffee cans and six coffee saucers and also together with a Wedgwood Mayfield pattern sauce boat and stand. 40-60
15.     A collection of early 20th century Wedgwood majolica dessert wares with fruiting vine decoration on a pale yellow ground comprising oval serving dish and six plates with impressed marks to base, also together with a Wedgwood blue and white Willow pattern oyster or hors d'oeuvre dish, further blue and white printed wares including a basin, fruit bowl, tea wares, etc. 50-80
16.     A quantity of Wedgwood Jasper wares mainly in a blue colourway including a mantle clock, a two handled vase, flared vase and flower holder, various trinket boxes and covers, etc together with a Wedgwood black background jasper ware trinket box and cover in the Egyptian manner, etc 40-50
17.     A collection of Wedgwood Beatrix Potter nursery wares comprising a lamp base showing Peter Rabbit, a boxed feeding bowl showing the Flopsy Bunnies, two further feeding bowls, five mugs (one boxed) four plates and a saucer 30-40
18.     A collection of Royal Doulton figures comprising Loretta HN2337, Yours Forever HN3354, Simone HN2378, Top O' The Hill HN1834, Fair Maiden HN2211 and Debbie HN2385 30-50
19.     A quantity of Tuscan china tea wares with anemone decoration comprising a pair of trios, Royal Albert Celebration pattern wares comprising three cups, five saucers and four plates, a 19th century green and gilt candlestick, etc 30-40
20.     A 19th century continental clock case modelled as a grey and white seated cat (23cm tall) with impressed numbers 2186 to the reverse, fitted with a simple time piece together with a 19th century continental lamp base in the form of an owl (16cm tall), with printed marks to base William Whiteley, China manufactured in France 30-50
21.     A pair of unusual 19th century cream ground vases with painted floral sprigs and sprays and with further relief moulded rose and other floral sprays and lion mask detail, both with indistinct painted marks to base, Swansea, 30cm tall approx (restored) 80-120
22.     A quantity of Portmeirion wares in the Garden Herbs pattern by Pat Albeck for the National Trust comprising a pair of lidded storage jars, two jugs, a sugar bowl, a tea pot stand, five dinner plates, eight side plates, five bowls, six tea cups, six saucers and seven tea plates, etc 40-60
23.     Royal Doulton wares comprising a Jackdaw of Rheims jug, 17cm tall, a relief moulded stoneware tankard, figures of Daydreams HN1731, Silks and Ribbons HN2017, Tootle's HN1680 and Valerie HN2107, two character jugs of Old Charley, D5527 and Toby Philpots and a set of six Arcadia pattern dinner plates. 40-60
24.     A collection of Royal Albert Braemar pattern tea wares comprising tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, cake plate, six cups, six saucers and four tea plates, together with a Roslyn china sugar bowl 25-30
25.     A collection of Italian ceramics including a Bindi cockerel, a Bindi turkey, a Capodimonte cockerel, a Capodimonte figure of a elegant Edwardian style lady, etc together with a Bossons wall plaque in the form of a woodpecker at its nest, a border fine arts group - Happy Days showing mice at a nest, an Aynsley Mastercraft group of mice eating a peach, etc 30-50
26.     A quantity of Myott Rialto dinner and tea wares comprising a pair of circular tureens and covers, an oval meat plate, sauce boat and stand, eight dinner plates, eight dessert plates, eight dessert bowls and eight soup bowls, eight tea cups, eight saucers and eight tea or side plates. 30-50
27.     A large Beswick model of a recumbent short haired dachshund, with circular printed marks to base, 41cm approx; together with a Beswick model of a brown shire horse, 27cm tall approx, both with circular printed marks to base and paper label. 40-50
28.     A extensive collection of continental dinner wares with printed floral sprigs on a cream coloured ground comprising tureen and cover, large jug, two handled sauce boat with integral stand, a pair of graduated oval serving bowls, six graduated serving dishes, twelve dinner plates, twelve soup plates, twelve dessert plates and twelve side plates, with printed name to base Hackefors 60-80
29.     A collection of ceramic and other models of pigs including a B & G Copenhagen example marked 1582 to base, a boxed Leonardo collection example, a green glazed money bank in the form of a seated pig, a Dartmouth pottery money bank, an Aynsley group of a sow and litter, a similar border fine arts group, etc together with a heavy limited edition cast model of a wild boar - The Forest Dweller. 40-60
30.     A collection of 19th century and other tiles including a Minton & Co encaustic example with stylised bird detail, 15cm square, an eastern style example with peacock and flowering tree detail, a floral example with impressed mark to reverse, Craven Dunnill & Co and four cream ground examples in the Isnik manner marked Sherwin patent. 30-50
31.     A collection of Royal Doulton wares comprising two large character jugs Monty D6202 and The London Bobby D6744, a Toby jug in the form of Winston Churchill and a pair of relief moulded dishes showing The Old Balloon Seller D6649 and The Balloon Man D6655 also together with a pair of majolica leaf moulded dishes 30-40
32.     A 19th century Meissen tray of rectangular form (28cm long) with reserved gilded cartouche containing Watteauesque dancing figures and musicians on a yellow ground within a shaped border together with a matching lidded hair tidy and hat pin holder, all with crossed sword mark to base 150-170
33.     An early 19th century Flight, Barr & Barr Worcester dessert plate with painted rural scene to the centre within a deep puce and gilt border with printed and impressed marks verso, inscribed Cottage Scene near Worcester, 22cm diameter 80-100
34.     An early 20th century continental two handled vase in the Zsolnay Pecs manner with painted and gilded stylised floral, bird and insect detail, 25cm tall 30-40
35.     A late 19th century continental clock garniture comprising a clock with applied cherub and floral encrusted decoration raised on a pierced and scrolling base, fitted with a simple time piece, together with a pair of matching three branch candelabra each with applied female figures, 27cm tall max, approx 100-120
36.     An unusual late 19th century faience tile with painted decoration of a classical style male character, probably representing Pan, with pipes and a bunch of grapes and dancing beside a goat, with incised signature bottom left, F Holkaerts and with impressed marks verso, Victor Vogt Manre De Fayences, Rue De La Roquette, 44 x 28cm 50-80
37.     A collection of ceramic cats including Goebel example in the form of a arched back black cat, a Price Kensington model of a seated tabby, a Mike Hinton model of a recumbent black and white cat, etc 30-40
38.     A collection of four Royal Crown Derby imari paperweights, Persian from The Royal Cats series, a seated Siamese type cat, a blue striped tabby kitten and a further recumbent striped animal. 30-40
39.     A quantity of Royal Doulton Rose Elegans tea and coffee wares comprising coffee pot, eleven tea cups, twelve tea saucers, thirteen coffee cups and thirteen coffee saucers. 30-40
40.     A Brannam Barum ware vase of waisted form with three scrolling handles and with incised and painted decoration on a blue ground incorporating the date 1894 and initialled W, with incised mark to base and further dated 84, 19cm tall approx, together with further ceramics including a Burleigh ware jug with relief hunting decoration - Tally Ho, a small 19th century Belleek jug with basket weave and flower head detail, a 19th century pastel burner and cover in the form of a cottage, a Bursley Pagoda bowl, etc. 25-30
41.     A 19th century continental ink stand (probably French) with polychrome painted Watteauesque style figures in landscape settings, further floral sprigs and sprays, etc and fitted with an ink well, sander pot, two lidded compartments, drawers, including one to the side, etc with painted red fleur de lys mark to base, 19cm long approx. 80-120
42.     A collection of Victorian dessert wares with printed and infilled passion flower and foliage borders comprising a pair of oval low comports and eight plates, with printed lion and unicorn crest to reverse. 30-50
43.     A Herend vase of flared form with painted blue floral decoration and raised on lion paw supports, 10cm tall, together with a similar small Herend tureen and cover, 13cm long approx, a Royal Doulton figure of the year, Mary HN3375, an Emma Bridgewater tureen and cover with pink rose detail and printed mark to base 'sample', two 19th century comports with turquoise and gilt borders, a Minton Haddon Hall pattern tea pot, etc 40-60
44.     A collection of Villeroy & Boch dinner wares designed by Paloma Picasso, red, black and gilt geometric border decoration, comprising a two handled tureen and cover, a circular serving bowl, oval serving dish and smaller serving dish, large circular serving platter, twelve dinner plates, twelve soup plates and twelve dessert plates. 350-400
45.     A collection of early 20th century Mintons tea wares with blue and gilt swag border decoration comprising four cups, three saucers and two tea plates, a moustache cup with floral detail and gilt inscription dated 1900, etc 40-60
46.     A pair of early 19th century Chamberlains Worcester dessert plates with painted and gilded imari type floral decoration, 22cm diameter approx with red painted mark to reverse of one, Chamberlain Worcester, number 276 25-30
47.     An Italian pottery model of a female flower seller with multi coloured costume, raised on a circular base, (33cm tall) together with an Italian humorous model of a dachshund with painted purple floral decoration (30cm long) and a seated figure of a native style female character holding a vase, (25cm tall) with painted indistinct mark to base and number A179 50-60
48.     A pair of good quality 19th century Vienna two handled vases, each having two reserved painted panels showing classical figures and children, possibly representing the four seasons, set against a blue and gilt ground raised on a square cut base with further gilt scrolling and floral decoration and with blue shield mark to interior of bases, 28cm tall approx (converted to lamps) 100-150
49.     A 19th century majolica dessert plate by George Jones with horse chestnut leaf decoration against a white ground and with mottled green and brown glaze to reverse, impressed GJ monogram and painted numbers 1804, 23cm diameter approx 30-40
50.     A 19th century oriental blue and white meat plate with painted decoration incorporating a landscape, figures on a bridge, etc, 46 cm long approx. 60-80
51.     Antique Chinese porcelain dish, with scalloped faceted rim decorated with panels of scrolled foliage, centrally decorated in polychrome with a standing dog of fo, blue and white calligraphy symbol verso, 36cm diameter (AF) 80-120
52.     A pair of oriental turquoise glazed dogs of fo, 24cm tall, together with a white ground vase of ovoid form with simple stylised leaf shaped embossed and painted decoration in blue, 51cm tall 30-50
53.     An early 20th century vase with printed blue and white decoration in the chinoiserie manner incorporating figures in a landscape setting beneath a border of bats, with printed mark to base DEC 711, 28cm tall, converted to a lamp, together with a further vase of four sided form in the oriental manner with relief moulded chrysanthemum and celadon type glaze, 34cm tall 30-50
54.     A collection of mainly 19th century oriental ceramics including a plate with blue, red and gilt painted decoration of two birds and a flowering tree, 23cm diameter, a blue ground bowl with green floral decoration and turquoise glaze to the interior and base and with painted red seal mark to base, 14cm diameter, an early 19th century bowl with polychrome chrysanthemum and rock decoration, an imari bowl and a pair of early 19th century tea bowls with painted chinoiserie figure decoration together with a matching saucer 40-60
55.     A 19th century Cantonese vase with globular body and drawn neck, 22cm tall, together with a further modern oriental vase with landscape detail 30-40
56.     A collection of oriental ceramics including two blue and white vases with prunus blossom decoration, further cylindrical vase, an imari saucer, etc 25-30
57.     A 19th century oriental blue and white vase of ovoid form with dragon and foliage decoration and with four character mark to base, 29cm tall approx (converted to lamp) 100-120
58.     A late 19th century Fielding's Crown Devon Teck pattern jug and basin set together with a large silver lustred hanging sphere, 23cm diameter approx 25-30
59.     A Burmantofs late 19th century majolica type jardiniere stand with relief moulded and painted sunflower decoration on a cream and turquoise ground, 68cm tall approx, together with a reproduction 19th century style ceramic roundel with female character decoration in a circular gilt frame 30-40
60.     A pair of large contemporary Studio Pottery chargers with iridescent pale crackle glazed finish, with impressed seal marks. 56 cm diameter approx. 50-80
61.     A pair of substantial and unusual contemporary studio pottery vases formed in two sections with painted decoration of a clown and a further figure in peaked hat, both with moulded seal marks to lower sections, 78 cm tall approx. 80-120
62.     A humorous Art Deco green glazed model of a doleful terrier, probably by Crown Devon, 23 cm tall approx together with a collection of Colclough tea wares with landscape decoration including cake plate, milk jug, sugar bowl, six cups, five saucers and six tea plates, a Mason Fruit Basket pattern cylindrical box and cover and a small collection of embroidered and other table linen. 25-30
63.     A set of four ceramic tiles in the majolica style by Maw & Co with art nouveau style female characters representing the four seasons, 20cm square approx, a pair of panels each composed of two tiles, one showing children and a cat, the other showing a clown inscribed Greco, overall size 40x20cm all framed, together with a Royal Doulton figure - The Silversmith of Williamsburg HN2208, a Beswick model of a running fox, a pair of plates commemorating the 1897 Victoria Jubilee and a dressing table set with painted pink floral decoration including lidded jars, ring stand etc 30-50
64.     A collection of Beswick relief moulded hunting wares including a biscuit barrel, muffin dish and cover, milk jug, condiment set, preserve pot and a four piece tea service, together with a pair of brass lamp bases and shades with painted hunting scene decoration 60-80
65.     19th century and other ceramics including three graduated ironstone jugs with chinoiserie decoration and serpent handles, a collection of Heathcote Daphne pattern tea for two wares comprising tea pot, sugar bowl, a pair of cups, a pair of saucers and three small plates, a tin glazed earthenware candlestick with polychrome painted decoration, three reproduction oval planters in the chinoiserie manner with fish decoration and printed mark to base - India Jane, a frog mug, a set of seven Cauldon China crescent shaped side dishes with gilded crest, etc 40-60
66.     A collection of Royal Commemorative wares including a Doulton Lambeth jug commemorating the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary, with impressed numbers to base 602, 10cm tall approx, a Royal Doulton loving cup commemorating King George V, a Prinknash terracotta bust of Queen Elizabeth, etc together with crested wares including an unusual Arcadian model of a black cat with a red bow tie, holding a bottle with the Warminster crest, a crested frog, a seated bear, pig, shoe, etc (smaller items displayed in cabinet adjacent) 30-50
67.     A Beswick model of a lapwing with printed mark to base 2416, together with a Beswick model of a thrush with impressed mark to base 2308 30-40
68.     A collection of Moorcroft Hibiscus pattern wares in the olive green and coral colourway comprising a quaiche type wares dish with lug handles, 21cm diameter, a rectangular tray 21cm long and a pin dish, 12cm diameter approx all with various impressed marks to base 40-50
69.     A Beswick model of a woodpecker with impressed number to base 1216, together with a further Beswick model of a lesser spotted woodpecker with impressed mark to base 2420 40-60
70.     Three various Moorcroft Hibiscus pattern bowls in the olive green and coral colourway, 21cm, 16cm and 12cm diameter approx with various impressed marks to base 50-80
71.     A collection of three Beswick models of birds comprising a Jay with printed mark 2417, a magpie with impressed number 2305 and cuckoo with impressed number 2315 40-60
72.     A Moorcroft tray of rectangular form with columbine decoration on a cream coloured ground with impressed marks to base, 21cm long approx 25-30
73.     Four Royal Worcester jugs comprising an ivory ground example of lobed form with painted and gilded nasturtium and other floral decoration and gilded coral type detail to the neck and handle, with puce printed mark to base number 1507, 22cm approx, a blush ivory flat back example with green printed mark to base 1094, an ivory ground glazed example with bearded male mask and puce printed mark 1366 and a white glazed leaf moulded example 80-120
74.     Two Beswick models of birds - a pigeon in the grey colourway with impressed number to base 1383 and a kestrel with impressed number to base 2316 30-50
75.     A Copeland Spode Chelsea pattern ink stand with printed and infilled bird and floral sprig detail, fitted with a central ink well and two further compartments (one missing) together with a copper lustred tankard with painted floral sprays, etc 20-25
76.     A Beswick toby jug in the form of a mayor, advertising Worthington's Pale Ale, inscribed Behind Every Great Man 40-60
77.     A Beswick model of a leaping trout with impressed and printed marks to base 1032 30-50
78.     A Clarice Cliff tankard in the Rhodanth pattern with orange and brown colourway with printed mark to base, 16cm tall approx 30-50
79.     A Royal Doulton stoneware whiskey jug with printed decoration advertising John Dewar & Sons of Perth with portrait and landscape detail and impressed marks to base numbers 4738, 16cm tall 40-50
80.     Three Beswick models of birds comprising a Kookaburra with impressed number 1159, a budgie number 1216 and a Cockatoo number 1180
81.     A pair of 19th century cream ground two handled vases with painted decoration of a traveller in a landscape, with further gilt leaf and floral decoration and inscribed Feltspar to base, 18cm tall (converted to lamps) together with a pair of cream shades, also together with a further pair of lamp bases in the antique style with brick red printed decoration and pleated paisley type shades to fit over simple cream shades, 52cm tall approx total size including shade
82.     A pair of unusual early 20th century vases of ovoid form with gilded glaze and abstract trailed relief finish, 14cm tall approx 30-50
83.     An oriental two handled vase with raised and painted floral decoration together with a collection of Japanese eggshell porcelain Samurai coffee wares comprising coffee pot, sugar bowl, six cups and six saucers. 20-25
84.     A Royal Doulton figure of Nanny HN2221 together with a Royal Doulton figure Affection HN2238
85.     A collection of Poole pottery wares comprising a fruit bowl, further circular bowl, a doughnut shaped posy holder, cheese dish and cover and a further small flat bowl, together with a studio pottery bowl of flared open form with deep blue glazed finish and impressed seal mark to base DC 50-70
87.     An early 19th century blue and white printed pickle dish modelled as a leaf, 14 cm long approx 30-40
88.     A collection of Royal Albert Crown China tea ware comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, twelve cups, twelve saucers and twelve tea plates 30-40
89.     A quantity of Denby wares with brown textured glazed finish and with painted brown detail including oval serving plate, tureens and covers, teapot, hot water jug, condiments, milk jug, covered soup bowls, etc together with further ceramics including Oriental Cherry China pattern tea wares, boxed collectors plate showing spaniels, etc. 30-40
90.     A Troika two sided vase of circular form with abstract painted and textured decoration in blue and grey and with painted mark to base Troika St Ives England, with indistinct initials, 11.5cm 40-60
91.     A Beswick Double Diamond advertising decanter and stopper in the form of a running city gent with brief case and beer bottle, inscribed A Double Diamond Works Wonders, with printed, impressed and moulded numbers to base 1517 60-80
92.     A Beswick equestrian figure of a Lifeguard on a dappled grey horse with printed mark to base 280-300
93.     A Beswick group of a pair of red grouse with impressed numbers to base 2063 150-180
94.     A Troika pottery vase of cylindrical form with painted geometric decoration on a textured grey ground, with painted mark to base, 15cm tall approx 30-50
95.     A Copenhagen B & G figure of a young boy buttoning his shorts, with printed mark to base and painted numbers 1759, two Beswick Beatrix Potter figures of Samuel Whiskers and Tabitha Twitchett, both with brown stamps to base, together with a small Royal Worcester pill box and cover with painted floral decoration and green printed mark to base 30-50
96.     A Moorcroft blue ground bowl with curved rims and pink anemone detail to the interior, with printed signature mark to base inscribed Potter to HM The Queen, 12cm diameter approx 25-30
97.     A set of three Royal Copenhagen matt brown glazed models by Knud Kyhn of bear cubs in various poses with printed and painted marks to base 21435, 21436 and 21437 25-30
98.     A collection of Beswick Alice in Wonderland figures including White Rabbit, King of Hearts, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat and Gryphon together with further Beswick figures including Just Good Friends from the Kitty MacBride series no 2533, a Beatrix Potter figure Tommy Brock, a Cat Musician, a Peter Scott model of a teal and model of a seal with impressed number 1544 40-50
99.     A collection of oriental wares including a pair of dark red ground cloisonne vases of ovoid form with flowering tree decoration, a tea bowl with simple blue decoration and painted mark to base, a reverse painted egg with oriental landscape details and a bottle and stopper with oriental character detail 30-40
100.    A Beswick Alice series 'Fish Footman'; together with Beswick Alice series 'Mock Turtle' (2) (AF) 30-50
104.    A pair of Royal Doulton figures, The Old Balloon Seller HN1315 and The Balloon Man HN1954, a 19th century Staffordshire red and white spaniel, a Staffordshire type hen on nest basket, a continental tin glazed earthen ware candlestick of pierced and scrolling form with initials FC to base, a Deruta dish, a Midwinter model of a recumbent fawn etc 40-50
105.    An extensive collection of ceramics including an Imari charger, a pair of Fielding's Crown Devon Wye pattern tea wares, a 19th century barge ware tea pot inscribed Mr & Mrs Dougal, Bristol 1882, a Wedgwood John Peel hunting jug, a Wedgwood Jasperware vase, a Bristol red ground jardiniere with chinoiserie detail, etc 30-50
106.    A graduated pair of Poole pottery tureens and covers with marrow detail and a further matching cover, together with a collection of stoneware studio pottery coffee wares, a quantity of Wedgwood blue ground Jasper wares including a loving cup commemorating the 1970 Diamond Jubilee, various heart shaped and other trinket dishes, a small collection of Wade whimsies, etc 30-40
107.    A collection of Booths Blue Dragon dinner wares comprising a pair of two handled tureens and covers, an oval meat plate, six dinner plates and six side plates, together with a quantity of Shorter & Sons fish moulded wares including a circular oyster dish, oval serving dish, sauce boat and stand, etc 25-30
108.    A collection of Wedgwood Ashford pattern dinner wares W4106 comprising three oval meat plates, a pair of lozenge shaped stands, seven dinner plates and 20 further plates and bowls of various size 25-30
109.    A boxed Wedgwood commemorative wares including a limited edition tankard designed by Richard Guyatt commemorating the 1981 Royal Wedding, a further tankard commemorating the Investiture of 1969 designed by Norman Wilson, etc together with a boxed Royal Crown Derby limited edition loving cup celebrating the Queen Mothers 80th birthday, a Crummles enamel trinket box commemorating the Queen Mothers 100th birthday, etc 40-60
110.    An extensive collection of ceramics including two Royal Worcester limited edition figures - True Love and A Gift of Love, a boxed Pendelfin figure- Father Rabbit, a boxed Seton pottery decanter and stopper - Courvoisier, a quantity of graduated Victorian and later jugs of various design, a farmers arms loving cup, etc 30-50
111.    A collection of ceramics including kitchen storage jars and covers with printed floral decoration inscribed coffee, oatmeal, rice, cinnamon, etc, a large Losel ware jug, a reproduction jug and basin set with floral detail, a biscuit barrel with plated mount and cover, a Carlton ware lemon squeezer with buttercup detail to the handle, a small collection of glassware including a glass dome, bottles etc, 30-50
112.    A collection of mid 19th century tea wares with green and gilt borders and printed and infilled floral decoration in the Rockingham manner comprising tea pot and stand, slop bowl, milk jug, sucrier, cake plate, nine cups (two sizes) and six saucers 40-60
113.    An early 20th century blue ground Wilton ware two handled bowl with chinoiserie decoration, 26cm diameter approx, together with a pair of four sided printed vases, a Bristol Poutney jug and basin set, etc 20-30
114.    19th century and other ceramics including a Masons Ironstone plate and further Ironstone plates, a Ridgways coaching jug, a blue and white dish of oval form with embossed initials verso, eleven Japanese eggshell porcelain plates with painted landscape decoration, glassware including a pair of studio glass vases with scrolling detail, carnival glassware etc, together with a poker stand in the form of a Scottie dog, a pair of brass candlesticks with eastern style decoration, etc 25-30
115.    A collection of blue and white printed Willow pattern ceramics by Alfred Meakin including tureen and cover, further tureen bases, oval meat plate, sauce boat, thirty five plates of various size, etc together with a pair of imari dishes, and an oval glass dome, 35cm tall approx, a Victorian encaustic tile and three Prewett's loaf tins 25-30
116.    A collection of Denby stone wares with brown striped decoration on a mottled grey ground comprising tea pot, hot water jug, tall milk jug and covered circular pan with single handle, together with three pieces of studio pottery comprising two graduated candle holders with textured brown glaze finish and raised on tapering bases, 14cm max, and a bowl of four sided form raised on a cylindrical base with impressed seal mark to underside, 18cm tall 30-50
117.    A Paragon china tea pot in the art deco manner with solid moulded yellow floral handle and knopp, together with a collection of Melba china Dolly Varden pattern tea wares comprising cake plate, milk jug, sugar bowl, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates 30-50
118.    A Torquay ware vase with aubergine coloured glaze, flying bird detail and three scrolling handles together with a Torquay ware tea pot and hat pin stand, a wall pocket in the form of an owl with impressed number to base 587, a Crown Devon type blue glazed model of a doleful dog, a continental figure of a boy pursued by geese, etc 30-40
119.    A collection of Colclough art deco tea wares with blue printed and infilled floral decoration and angular handles comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates 30-40
120.    A collection of Beswick Apollo pattern coffee wares comprising coffee pot, hot water jug, sugar bowl, six cups and six saucers 30-40
121.    A quantity of Crown Ducal art deco dinner and tea wares with yellow and orange printed and infilled floral decoration with angular handles comprising a pair of tureens and covers, sauce boat, two oval graduated meat plates, six dinner plates, six dessert plates, six side plates, milk jug, sugar bowl, cake plate, five cups, six saucers and six tea plates 50-70
122.    A Clarice Cliff ivory ground charger with high relief moulded and painted flower basket and ribbon detail, with printed mark to base, 34cm diameter 40-60
123.    Art deco ceramics with printed pansy decoration on a blue ground and plated mounts and covers comprising a biscuit barrel, a salad or fruit bowl, a preserve pot and a mustard pot, together with Czechoslovakian art deco tea wares with swallow detail comprising cake plate, milk jug, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates, three unusual studio pottery dishes with incised and painted decoration '20th Century Fox Presents: Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines' and also together with a Fielding's Devon ware cake plate with cottage and beehive decoration 30-50
124.    A quantity of Royal Worcester Evesham pattern oven to table wares including a pair of oval tureens and covers, further tureen and cover, serving platter, rectangular serving dish, tea wares, etc 30-50
125.    A collection of Crescent china art deco dinner wares produced for Heal & Son with painted blue and green border decoration comprising four oval serving plates, four elongated leaf shaped serving dishes and twenty six further plates and stands, with printed Heal & Son of London mark verso, etc 50-80
126.    A collection of pottery wares including two Honiton jugs, two Carn pottery vases, a Dartmouth jug modelled as a fish, etc 25-30
127.    A collection of mainly art deco ceramics including Alfred Meakin dinner wares comprising a pair of tureens and covers, a pair of sauce tureens, covers and stands and two oval meat plates, etc a Tuscan china ornament modelled as a flower garden, relief moulded serving dishes including Crown Ducal examples, John Maddock Sunset ware salad bowl and matching servers, etc together with a Royal Doulton ewer, a silver plated cigarette box, etc 40-60
128.    A quantity of Denby dinner and tea wares with pale blue glaze comprising eight dinner plates, two side plates, six bowls, nine cups (two sizes) nine saucers (two sizes), etc together with further Denby wares with pink floral detail including seven dinner plates, five side plates, two bowls, two cups, six saucers, etc 40-60
129.    An Anita Harris studio charger in the Poole Pottery manner with sailing boat and sunset detail, 42cm diameter 40-50
130.    A set of four Italian majolica plates with shaped borders and painted central panels incorporating musical instruments, sheet music etc, together with a pair of rustic pottery chargers with painted lemon and cherry decoration 20-25
131.    A collection of Royal Worcester Evesham pattern oven to table wares including a coffee pot, cups and saucers, preserve pot and cover, serving dishes, etc together with a small collection of Portmeirion Botanic Garden pattern plates, etc 25-30
132.    An extensive collection of mainly Coalport boxed royal commemorative wares including a limited edition bowl with rose decoration commemorating the 1981 royal wedding, a 1977 jubilee beaker, three 1978 25th anniversary coronation dishes and a matching circular box and cover, a set of dishes showing the 12 days of Christmas, etc 30-50
133.    Three graduated studio pottery bowls with pale glazed interiors and simple notched detail to the rim, a pottery figure of a woman in renaissance style costume, two Belleek dishes of heart shaped and circular form, with green printed marks to base, miniature tea wares with gilded finish, Portmeirion Botanic Garden wares, etc 40-60
134.    A quantity of Poole pottery dinner tea and coffee wares with brown and cream glazed finish including coffee pot, tea pot, butter dish, tureen and cover, oval meat plate, sauce boat and stand, etc 20-30
135.    A heavy vase with incised floral decoration in the oriental manner against a celadon type ground, 28cm tall together with a continental blue ground studio pottery bowl with abstract decoration, a boxed Morgantown American glass dish with etched decoration of a young girl, five slender drinking glasses with wrythen stems etc 30-50
136.    A substantial Studio Pottery open bowl by Alan Caiger Smith with painted lustred sunflower and other stylised organic decoration in tones of red and gold, with painted mark to underside, 47 cm diameter approx. 150-200
137.    A Royal Worcester cabinet plate hand painted with a still life of pears and raspberries amidst a classical gilt border; together with a further Royal Worcester cabinet plate centrally painted with apples and grapes signed Frank. T. Higgins, verso (2)
138.    A quantity of ceramics including a pair of Wedgwood Clementine pattern tureens and covers and matching sauce boat and stand, a white glazed vase in the form of a swan, etc together with a Wade Whimsy type Walt Disney figure of Lucky from the film 101 Dalmations (displayed in cabinet) plated wares including a cigarette case, tea spoons, etc 25-30
139.    A boxed Rosenthal Versace glass bottle stopper, the green glass knop in the form of a classical head. 25-30
140.    A quantity of glassware including comprising drinking glasses including slender tapering examples, a large fluted glass vase, etc. 20-30
141.    A quantity of pewter tankards, an oak biscuit barrel with plated rim, brass ware including five pairs of candlesticks with knopped stems, eastern brass tray, a Seth Thomas type clock, brass weights, tin cash boxes, etc. 30-40
142.    A canteen containing a quantity of Ashberry Sheffield silver plated cutlery with embossed handles together with a cased set of plated fruit knives and forks, further cased and other plated flatware, silver plated four place egg cup stand, etc. 30-50
143.    An aubergine coloured glass vase of four sided form with alternating textural panels, 17 cm tall approx together with a green tinted glass bowl with moulded detail, 29 cm diameter approx. 40-60
144.    A tantalus with brass mounted finish containing three decanters of four sided moulded form. 25-30
145.    A Holmegaard turquoise glass bottle and stopper of pinched form, a Kosta Swedish glass vase with etched floral decoration, a small collection of Murano type glass animals and birds, a pair of decanters and stoppers with blue overlaid detail, six blue glass wine glasses, four ruby coloured glass wine glasses, etc. 30-50
146.    A quantity of cut glass drinking glasses of various make and design including whisky tumblers, wine glasses, etc, together with a pair of four sided cut glass decanters and stoppers, glass fruit bowls, etc. 25-30
147.    A suite of drinking glasses with facet cut detail and etched fruiting vine border decoration including five rummer type glasses, spirit glasses, etc together with a matching ewer and two graduated decanters. 40-60
148.    A collection of boxed and other Dartington glassware including a decanter and stopper, floral moulded serving bowl and four matching dishes with frosted finish, Christmas serving plate, Max & Millian sugar and cream jug, Genis funnel vase, etc together with nine 19th century George Jones Crescent china plates with printed and gilded Imari type decoration, etc. 40-60
149.    A collection of glassware including two rummer type glasses with etched inscriptions, 19th century ale glasses, cut glass toilet bottles and stoppers, a Victorian blue slag type glass beaker, a collection of paperweights including a Medina glass example in the form of a bird, etc together with a four piece Picquot ware tea set and a small collection of various metal and other thimbles. 30-50
150.    An extensive collection of 19th century and other glassware including a pair of cut glass decanters with mushroom shaped stoppers and hobnail cut detail, further decanter and stopper, various drinking glasses including examples with Greek Key pattern engraved detail, three finger bowls with lily of the valley etched decoration, etc. 40-60
151.    A collection of silver plated and glasswares including a set of four salts and three further condiments, a Victorian teapot, circular tray, chamber stick, a pair of glass shades with opaque glass striped finish, two rummer type drinking glasses, etc. 30-50
152.    A silver plated hors d'oeuvre tray fitted with six shaped glass dishes around a central lidded dish with star burst detail together with two further stainless trays, an embossed plated tray, a collection of escargot eating tools, etc together with a set of twelve Rosenthal white glazed plates with gilt borders. 30-50
153.    A collection of plated wares including an oval gallery tray with engraved detail, a circular gallery tray, a Mappin & Webb kettle, a teapot of gadrooned form, a bottle coaster, etc. 30-50
154.    A collection of glassware including crescent shaped side dishes, cut glass finger bowls, cut glass plates, etc together with ruby tinted glassware including a tall jug, six slender drinking glasses, six further glasses, etc. 30-50
155.    A quantity of silver plated wares including teapot, hot water jug, coffee pot and sugar bowl with gadrooned lower section, two sugar casters, a pair of condiments with blue glass liners, further condiments, basket, etc, together with various cased and boxed flatware, a heavy cut glass vase, etc. 40-50
156.    A quantity of glassware including cut glass drinking glasses, decanters, a large quantity of stoppers, etc. 40-60
157.    A substantial floor standing green tinted glass vase of tapering form with flared rim raised on a wrought iron tripod base, 138 cm tall approx. 150-200
158.    Oak cased canteen of old English style cutlery 20-40
159.    A pair of 19th century leaded stained glass panels of 'Adam and Eve' and 'Paradise Lost', each depicting figures and animals foliage and ecclesiastical architecture, 115 x 45cm; together with a part complete pair of Courage and Victory leaded stained glass panels (5) 100-150
161.    An Arts & Crafts brass charger with butterfly, foliate and further detail, 59 cm diameter approx. 40-60
162.    An Arts & Crafts copper wall candle sconce with flowering tulip and hammered detail, 27 cm high approx. 40-60
163.    An Arts & Crafts style oak wall shelf with carved stylised dolphin and chamfered frieze, 76 cm long approx. 30-50
164.    An Arts & Crafts shallow copper bowl/dish with simple apple and sprig detail to the flared rim, raised on three angular brass supports, stamped to reverse of rim The Birmingham Guild Limited, 31 cm diameter approx. 40-60
165.    A Cotswold School style light oak frame with inlaid checkered banding enclosing an embossed leather panel with leaf and berry design, stamped verso to top of frame C Vickers, 40 x 38 cm approx. 40-60
166.    An early 20th century stained wooden wall bracket with simulated tiled pitched roof housing a brass bell, the back panel with decorative green stained floral detail, 38 cm high approx. 30-50
167.    An Arts & Crafts style anodised copper framed porch lantern of square tapered form with frosted glass panels beneath a gabled style roof. 40-60
168.    Six Bensons patent copper and brass jacketed vessels of varying capacity, (stamped Marks). 80-100
169.    A Kayserzinn pewter charger/dish of oval form with shaped outline and embossed, raised relief of a swimming maiden and further detail, stamped Kayserzinn to outer rim and signed J Garnier. 80-120
170.    An Arts & Crafts brass outsized goblet or stemmed dish with planished finish and embossed fruiting vine and further detail, with lettering "To Short". 40-60
171.    An Arts & Craft style oak framed Canterbury with blue leatherette support, 43cm long 30-50
172.    A Liberty & Co "Tudric" English pewter milk jug attributed to Archibald Knox with honesty design and sledge supports together with a similar small dish and a tin sewing box with embossed design to the lid and concertina folding tray divisions. (3) 80-120
173.    An Arts & Crafts style mantel clock/timepiece, the good quality brass frame of octagonal form with loop handle and shaped feet enclosing a circular silvered dial with Roman numerals. 60-80
174.    A Hugh Wallis Arts & Crafts mixed metal tray of oval form with central galleon detail and impressed HW monogram together with one other smaller example, with rope twist border and foliate detail. 50-80
175.    One lot of miscellaneous Arts & Crafts related metalware to include a good quality copper and brass chamberstick in the manner of W A S Benson, a copper and brass sparrow beak milk jug, a planished copper box with hinged lid, a WMF silver plated table lighter with planished finish, etc (8). 60-80
176.    A pair of good quality Arts & Crafts copper fire dogs with hammered finish and flattened feet. 50-80
177.    Attributed to Goberg, an Arts & Crafts candlestick and vesta box holder in the form of a Viking ship at full sail together with a silver plated box/casket of rectangular form with hammered finish and nailed framework. (2) 60-80
178.    Six items of Arts & Crafts metalware to include a brass chamberstick of circular form with embossed moth detail, a planished brass kettle with Glasgow rose design, a rectangular copper tray with stylised dragon detail, a further simple brass two handled tray of rectangular form and a copper jug and jardiniere with varying foliate design but both stamped to bases JS & S. 40-60
179.    A pair of good quality Gothic revival brass candlesticks with stepped disc shaped platform bases and partially twisted stems together with a further good quality brass crucifix with rectangular stepped base, stamped to back Cox Sons Buckley & Co, London WC, a small pitch pine lectern, a Victorian ceramic cream and blue banded tile, 23 cm square approx, a glass communion jug with silver plated mounts and a Maw & Co Bentham Works Broseley turquoise and deep blue glazed Gothic tile with floral detail, 6 inches square approx, and a three legged stool with painted Celtic style design. 60-80
180.    A good quality Art Nouveau cast bronze inkwell with sinuous lines, signed bottom right Gurschner, 30 cm long x 17 cm wide x 10 cm high approx. 100-150
181.    A pair of good quality cast bronze fire dogs in the form of bulrushes with shaped and flattened feet, 48 cm high approx. 100-150
182.    A set of three late Victorian Gothic revival brass fire irons with diamond and sphere patterned pommels with small lozenge shaped registration mark. 40-60
183.    A W. A. S. Benson cast metal and copper oval two handled tureen and cover with turned finial surmount, stamped to base W.A.S. Benson, Hammersmith. 60-80
184.    A good quality aesthetic movement period cast brass fender with repeating stylised sunflower frieze, stylised dolphin rail supports and urn finial's, 145 cm (full length). 60-80
185.    An Arts & Crafts style cast metal possibly bronze sculptural ornament in the form of two recumbent deer raised on a wooden platform base, stamped to reverse Iris Soanis. 40-60
186.    An Arts & Crafts copper tray of rectangular form with embossed busy foliate design, stamped to border KSIA (Keswick School of Industrial Arts), 39 cm x 29 cm approx. 40-60
187.    An Art Deco period veined marble inkstand with matching blotter together with a small satin wood cased mantle clock with circular painted dial and French brass movement. 40-60
188.    An Arts & Crafts easel backed photograph frame, the wooden surround with applied silver frame with bullrush detail, stamped 925 and letters AA, etc, velvet backed and silk lined to enclose an oval portrait, 33 cm x 27 cm approx. 80-120
189.    An Arts & Crafts silver stemmed dish with planished finish, the stem flanked by three scrolling supports and domed circular disc shaped base, stamped to bowl rim J D & S (James Dickson & Sons), 15 cm high approx, the bowl 12 cm diameter approx (on view in cabinet) 100-150
190.    A sterling silver brooch in the Art Nouveau manor with pierced decoration in the style of A. Mucha together with two white metal brooch/pendants each set with Ruskin ceramic roundel's (on view in cabinet) (3) 20-40
191.    A Brannam pottery candlestick of squat and domed form with raised worked relief fish and further impressed detail with a turquoise mottled glazed finish, stamped/impressed to underside interior C H Brannam, 12 cm high approx (on view on top of ceramic cabinet). 40-60
192.    A Studio Pottery bottle shaped vase with drawn neck and green matt glaze, with impressed seal mark BL (possibly Bernard Leach), 16 cm high approx together with a further Studio Pottery pot and cover of squat circular form and a small Winchcombe Pottery rectangular slip glazed dish of rectangular form (on view on top of ceramic cabinet). 60-80
193.    A box containing a quantity of reclaimed ecclesiastical Gothic revival cast brass candle sconces with simulated twig and scroll work detail, etc. 40-60
194.    A reclaimed Gothic revival wall mounted gas light with single adjustable arm, the stepped octagonal wooden bracket with geometric detail and painted finish. 40-60
201.    Silver topped containers with embossed detail. 20-40
202.    A silver sauce boat of geometric form Birmingham 1952 by Barker Bros Ltd 7.2oz 50-80
203.    Two similar silver and guilloche enamel hand held dressing table mirrors, Birmingham 1927/1933 (glass missing). 30-50
204.    Victorian silver dressing table box with relief acanthus decoration, Birmingham 1897; together with an Edwardian dressing mirror with relief decoration Birmingham 1909 and a dressing table brush (3) 60-80
205.    Collection of Victorian and later silver topped vitrine items together with a silver vesta case. 30-50
206.    An ivory and silver page turner, the handle with embossed figural detail Birmingham 1902.
207.    George V silver pedestal teapot, maker William Aitken, Birmingham 1915, 20 oz. 150-200
208.    Edwardian Asprey's tea strainer, with drip tray and ebony handle, Birmingham 1907 20-40
209.    Collection of five silver napkin rings 3oz approx 20-40
210.    A silver topped cut glass dressing table pot together with two cut glass silver coloured scent bottles and a white metal circular hand held mirror with raised floral decoration. 20-40
211.    Three Victorian sterling silver fiddle pattern dessert spoons together with numerous plated items - silver weight 2.1oz 20-30
212.    A pair of small Victorian silver candlesticks 15cm high, Birmingham 1899, together with a silver plated lidded mustard pot and two silver napkin rings 50-80
213.    Three sterling silver items to include a small silver salver with scalloped border raised on 3 feet; a small sterling silver candlestick and a small silver bowl raised on a circular foot with scrolling handles 8.5oz (estimated) 40-60
214.    A sterling silver cedar lined single cigarette box with engine turned decoration Birmingham 1978 together with 3 Victorian and later sterling silver napkins rings - 12.5oz including lining
215.    A sterling silver pocket cigarette case with gilded interior, London 1919 by Sampson Morden & Co, 3.0oz together with a pair of early 20th century engine turned oval napkin holder and a silver backed clothes brush with art nouveau decoration and a treen snuff box. 30-50
215A.   An Irish silver fiddle and shell pattern ladle Dublin 1852 and a pair of silver sugar nips, 2 oz 30-40
216.    An Edwardian silver handled letter opener with raised acanthus leaf decoration Birmingham 1910 together with a further late 20th century silver handled letter opener. 40-60
217.    A boxed set of 6 sterling silver rats tail teaspoons - Sheffield 1927 by Lee and Wigfull, together with a boxed set of silver christening utensils to include spoon and food pusher. 30-40
218.    A leather boxed pair of sterling silver backed hair brushes with engine turned decoration and silver mounted comb, together with a set of 6 sterling silver coffee spoons with crown finial's, together with a white metal swan ornament and other items of plated silver cutlery.
219.    Two cut glass sterling silver collared scent bottles together with 2 further scent bottles with plated collars together with a silver thimble and 3 further white metal examples. 20-30
220.    A pair of Edwardian Corinthian style sterling silver candlesticks, 16cm (AF) together with a plated four part condiment set. 30-40
221.    A large oval two handled sterling silver tray with shaped surround, Birmingham 1927, 51oz approx size 55cm x 35cm. 400-500
222.    An Edwardian sterling silver trumpet vase with flared rim, London 1904 by Horace Woodard & Co together with a small white metal vase with raised floral decoration, seven sterling silver coffee spoons and other items of plated cutlery. 30-40
223.    A pair of Irish Victorian ladles by Christopher Commins, Dublin, 1846 4.3oz 60-80
224.    A set of Victorian sterling silver dessert knives and forks, Sheffield 1877 200-300
225.    A pair of Victorian silver fish servers, Sheffield 1860, 8.4oz 70-100
226.    A small silver circular lidded pot raised on 3 feet together with a Wedgwood peperette and numerous items of plated cutlery 20-40
227.    A set of six Georgian sterling silver tea spoons 2.6oz and silver thimble, together with a Victorian Temperance mug 20-40
228.    A pair of ornate Victorian grape shears of heavy gauge Sheffield 1898 by Harrison Bros and Howson 3oz 20-40
229.    A near complete Victorian sterling silver mounted crocodile skin sewing kit, London 1891 120-140
230.    An Edwardian sterling silver tea caddy with raised and embossed decoration depicting a village scene, 2.8oz by Williams Ltd, Birmingham, 1905. 40-60
231.    A vintage Oris automatic pointer date stainless steel gentleman's wristwatch. Circular champagne dial with baton markers and Arabic numerals at the points, with outer calendar ring on leather strap. Movement stamped Oris SA457. Working order. 60-90
232.    A 9ct gold ladies cocktail watch by Ca'Doro with plated damaged strap. 30-50
232A.   withdrawn 40-60
233.    A gentleman's vintage stainless steel 'Tudor' Oyster Royal wrist watch, cream dial with baton numerals and numbered points, working order
233A.   Fortis official cosmonauts automatic 200 m wristwatch number 4242 with original stainless steel strap, working 200-300
234.    A 9ct gold ladies Rotary cocktail watch with integral pierced 9k gold strap. Gold oval face with baton markers. 17g 100-150
234A.   A stainless steel rectangular faced gentlemen's wristwatch by Spikins from Dent in the Art Deco style in original fitted case. 20-40
235.    A late 20th century gentleman's Omega Constellation Chronometer automatic wristwatch, set to a two tone stainless steel and yellow metal bracelet, circular cream dial with baton numerals and date aperture. working order, boxed with paper work and receipt.
236.    A vintage 9k gold ladies cocktail watch by Everite, circular silvered dial with baton markers and subsidiary second hand, marked Everite Incabloc on articulated gold plated strap 17g, together with an oval faced Smiths 9k gold cocktail watch on articulated white and yellow metal strap 14g 60-80
237.    A vintage gentleman's Longines 9ct gold flagship automatic wrist watch with integrated 9ct gold strap, gold face with baton markers, total weight 56g.
237A.   An 18k gold Cyma ladies circular cocktail watch on integral 18k gold strap. Total weight 25g. 200-300
238.    A vintage 18k gold gentleman's Jaeger Le Coultre automatic wristwatch. The circular 32 mm silvered dial with applied gold baton markers at the points. Stamped verso A960959 on leather strap with gold plated Jaeger Le Coultre clasp. Working order (lacking box and papers). 300-400
239.    A rare gentleman's stainless steel Rolex Tudor Oysterdate automatic chrono-time 'Big Clock' chronograph bracelet watch with original box, booklets and paperwork. Silvered panda dial with silver baton markers, 3 black subsidiary registers, hours, minutes and continuous seconds, with date aperture. 17 jewel automatic movement, case stamped verso 'original oyster case Rolex Geneva', with Rolex triple lock crown and pushers. 2000-3000
241.    A 9k gold fancy link chain, 80cm, 26.5g 250-300
241A.   An early 20th Century 9k gold bangle with chased floral decoration 35.1g together with a boxed yellow metal tie pin with pearl knop. 200-300
242.    An 18k gold and emerald pendant, single round cut emerald in a four prong setting suspended from an 18k gold rope link chain (60cm), 5g 80-120
242A.   An 18k gold ladies 5 stone diamond ring set with graduated line of old cut diamonds to an open work setting. 2.6g, size L 80-120
243.    A 9k gold bar brooch set with central round cut peridot and split seed pearl, 2.5g 20-40
244.    An early 20th century unmarked yellow metal and enamel floral brooch 7.0g 60-80
245.    An early 20th century 18k gold ladies ring set with a central navette shaped cameo, with a surround of split seed pearls, 2.0g ring size N 40-60
246.    An 18k gold Victorian signet ring centrally set with star mounted single old brilliant cut diamond, ring size M, 3.9g Birmingham 1852, 3.9g 300-400
247.    An 18k gold and channel set diamond ring line set with nine tapered baguette cut diamonds interspersed by 3 marquise cut diamonds, approx diamond weight 0.65cts, 4.4g ring size K 300-400
248.    An 18k white gold sapphire and diamond pendant and earring suite, pave set diamonds with a surround of round cut sapphires on integral rope link chain with matching stud earrings approx diamond weight 1.0cts, 11.5g 150-250
249.    A ladies gold ruby and diamond ring, central oval cut ruby flanked by 3 single cut diamond shoulders, 2.6g ring size L 80-120
250.    An 18k gold and diamond gentleman's wedding band set with single brilliant cut diamond, 12.5g ring size T 200-250
251.    A sterling silver dragonfly brooch, together with a sterling silver and mother of pearl flower brooch and two sterling silver bangles 20-40
252.    An early Victorian ruby/emerald/diamond pendant brooch in unmarked yellow metal, openwork mount numerously set with untreated old mine cut ruby/emeralds and rose cut diamond (central ruby 6 x 7.5mm) 14.5g 600-800
253.    A collection of sterling silver necklaces to include 2 torques, 2 snake link chains and a further box link silver necklace, 2.4oz 20-40
254.    A ladies 18k gold diamond and sapphire flower ring, centrally set with round free cut sapphire with a surround of illusion set diamonds. 3g, ring size P

255.    An unmarked white metal and illusion set diamond eternity ring, size O, 2.6gm
256.    A Victorian yellow metal beetle brooch set with tigers eye body, ruby eyes and numerously set with rose cut diamonds, 7.3g 400-600
256A.   Two whimsical enamel brooches by Erickson Beamon, an amusing bird in an enamelled green and white pin striped suit with articulated head, another depicting an urban developer standing against a bill board with enamelled detail, both boxed 60-80
257.    A 9ct white gold ladies ruby and diamond dress ring, 6 marquise cut rubies flanked by 9 single cut diamonds, 3.5g, ring size N 80-120
258.    An 18k gold opal/sapphire and diamond cluster ring central oval white opal with a surround of single cut diamonds, 4.2g ring size O 60-80
259.    A small collection of 9k gold items to include a sapphire and diamond chip pendant, a fancy link bracelet, an iolite and diamond chip pendant and a gold and pearl earring and pendant set 50-80
260.    A platinum, rock crystal, lapis lazuli and diamond jabot or cravat pin, numerously set with rose cut diamonds and lapis cabochon finial's. 600-800
261.    An 18k gold giardinettio or basket brooch, numerously set with free cut ruby/emerald/sapphire and diamonds, 4.6g 250-300
262.    18k gold and platinum 3 stone diamond ring set with brilliant cut diamonds central diamond approx 0.33ct, total diamond weight 0.80 approx, 2 gms ring size I 500-600
263.    9ct gold curb link bracelet with heart locket, 30 gms 200-250
264.    A pair of early 20th century yellow metal and Lapis Lazuli drop earrings. 400-600
265.    A 9k gold gentlemen's wedding band set with 3 illusion star set single cut diamonds 2.7g, ring size T 60-80
266.    A platinum onyx and diamond Art Deco plaque ring, central rectangular onyx plaque set with central old brilliant cut colette-set diamond with a surround of single cut diamonds and diamond shoulders. 4.7g ring size N. 1500-2000
266A.   A ladies 18ct gold and diamond ring, channel set with seven square cut diamonds, 3.7g, ring size J 150-200
267.    A 9k gold amethyst set third eternity ring, set with 5 square cut amethysts 2.7g ring size M 60-80
268.    A 9k gold gate link bracelet with a 9k gold heart locket. 10.4g 80-120
269.    A French 18k gold aquamarine and diamond dress ring, centrally set with oval aquamarine and a surround of single cut diamonds 3.4g ring size N 1000-1500
269A.   A 9ct gold ladies diamond ring with single square cut diamond, est diamond weight 0.22ct, size L, 3.2gm 80-100
270.    A 9k white, yellow and rose gold snake link bracelet with matching 9k gold ring. 13.8g ring size P 150-250
271.    A platinum and diamond circular target/dress ring .Centrally colette-set with old brilliant cut diamond, undulating pierced surround to a border of single cut diamonds. Ring size O. 600-800
272.    A Victorian gold sovereign 1896 with 9k bezel mount and bow brooch fastener. 11.7g. 200-250
273.    A 9k white gold Amethyst and diamond dress ring in the Art Deco style. Central oval amethyst with a surround of illusion set single cut diamonds. ring size P 80-120
274.    A pair of white and yellow metal Victorian/Edwardian sapphire and diamond pear shaped drop earrings, centrally set with pear shaped sapphires with a triple surround of old brilliant cut diamonds. 3000-3500
275.    An 18k gold emerald and diamond double flower ring 3.8g ring size Q 50-80
276.    A platinum and diamond 3 stone ring. With central old brilliant cut diamond approx 1.00ct with 0.25ct diamond accent stones. Total estimated diamond weight 1.50cts. Ring size M. 1800-2200
277.    An Art Deco platinum, sapphire and diamond bow brooch, with central old brilliant cut diamond and channel set sapphire surround and points. 500-600
278.    An early 20th century oval openwork diamond and pearl pendant. Single 6mm single pearl with a surround of old brilliant cut diamonds. Approx total diamond weight. 2.5cts 2200-2800
279.    A diamond and platinum drop pendant on platinum chain link chain with central bezel set old brilliant cut diamond. 500-700
280.    An Art Deco platinum and diamond bow brooch backed in unmarked yellow metal. Numerously set with old brilliant cut diamonds. Principal centre stone approx 0.33ct, estimated total diamond weight 1.70cts , 4.6g, Length 5cm. 600-800
280A.   An unmarked white and yellow metal openwork ring with central brilliant cut cubic zirconia, size 'M', 1.7g 80-120
281.    A ladies yellow metal ring with continental marks, centrally mounted with collette-set pale green sapphire. 4.9g, ring size J. 50-80
281A.   A large collection of costume jewellery. 20-40
281B.   A small collection of mainly costume jewellery to include a white metal St Christopher, a yellow metal cocktail watch, faux pearls and other white metal items. 20-40
281C.   A small collection of sterling silver and costume items. 20-40
281D.   2 pairs of unmarked yellow metal gold coloured pince nez and a white metal vesta case.
281E.   A small collection of sterling silver, white and yellow metal items and 4 vintage watches. 20-40
281F.   A collection of costume jewellery 20-40
281G.   A small collection of costume jewellery, together with 2 strings of synthetic pearls. 20-40
281H.   Three large bags of sealed costume jewelry 20-40
281J.   Four large bags of sealed costume jewelry 20-40
282.    A mixed collection of modern and vintage watches. 20-40
282A.   A collection of 21 modern and vintage wristwatches.
282B.   A collection of 21 modern and vintage wristwatches. 20-40
282C.   A large collection of modern and vintage wristwatches. 20-40
282D.   A large collection of modern and vintage wristwatches.
282E.   A large collection of modern and vintage wristwatches. 20-40
282F.   A selection of boxed late 20th century Swatch watches (6) 20-40
282G.   A large quantity of watch parts, part movements and part cases to include some military watch parts and movements. 20-40
283.    Nine bronze coins pertaining to be part of the hoard found in the Banda district of India in 1927, the date of the majority of the hoard circa 634 - 684 AD (see contemporary newspaper article attached March 11 - 1929) 60-80
284.    A teakwood coin or specimen box with five tiers of shelving containing a very mixed selection of English and foreign coins and commemorative medallions, generally 19th century or later 80-100
285.    A selection of vintage and other fountain and ball point pens including Sheaffer with 14ct nib 30-40
286.    A 19th century Chinese ivory card case with deeply carved landscape and processional scenes to all sides 200-250
287.    Four silver teaspoons, misers purse, vintage corkscrew in the shape of a bottle, two watches, two 10/ notes (1966 - 70 period) 20-30
288.    Four mid 19th century plaster roundalls showing Wellington, Calvin, Van Dyck and Canovi in brass frames - 8 cm diameter. Together with a copy of Britannia, an illustration of the kingdom of England and dominion of Wales, by John Ogilby. 60-80
289.    Late 19th century Chinese porcelain tea pot in an hexagonal hand engraved case, 2 pairs of tiny Chinese shoes, etc 60-80
290.    Two silver yard - o - led propelling pencils with engine turned details in a single case 40-60
291.    Ten 1977 jubilee crowns and seven 1972 silver wedding crowns, together with seven packs of Britain's first decimal coins 30-40
292.    an art deco ladies evening bag with printed silk panels, the gilded borders mounted with enamels and cut glass detail 30-40
293.    A collection of Pobjoy mint crowns - 2 silver gilt Montgomery commemorative's, silver gilt 1977 jubilee, silver 80th anniversary of the Queen Mother 1980; together with a Bahamas's 5th Anniversary of Independence 10 dollar piece and a tower mint bronze 1981 wedding medallion 40-60
294.    Late 19th century Japanese Okimono - farmer and child harvesting, two actors, and two workshops (one in bone) 60-80
295.    46 various Queen Elizabeth II crowns and two packs of Royal Albert memorial medallions 1971 30-40
296.    A pair of Chinese carved green rock crystal lidded vases detailing pheasants, foliage etc on carved hardwood bases 23cm overall 60-80
297.    Anglo-Swiss military compass dated 1915, the leather case with shoulder straps dated 1916 30-40
297A.   A late Victorian gold sovereign 1896 8g 180-220
297B.   A Victorian gold sovereign 1897 with a 9k bezel mount. 8.8g 200-220
298.    Two meerschaum pipes with silver collar, two 1855 Paris exposition medallions, 1951 crown, etc 30-40
299.    A collection of post 1920 pre 1947 English silver coinage - 57oz 150-200
300.    A newlyn copper vista case with hammered fish detail, pony hoof nip wipe, articulated carved timber boxer dog stick head, etc 60-80
300A.   A white metal medal commemorating the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1840 - marked Halliday 30-50
301.    A German carved walnut architectural two train (type) clock with silvered two train dial, fitted with a plaque inscribed "Presented to Miss Gilmour on the occasion of her marriage, by the Amateur Dramatic Society, Dumfries, 26/8/08", 40 cm high approx. 50-80
302.    An Edwardian desk clock, barometer and thermometer, the mahogany stand centrally fitted with a thermometer flanked by a bulkhead clock and barometer, inscribed Edwin Langford, Paris, 20 cm high approx (AF).
303.    Good French Ormolu two train figural mantle clock, mounted with a seated Romanic soldier next to a campania urn, fitted with an 8cm dial and further relief decoration of a soldiers helmet and spear, upon paw feet, the movement striking on a bell, 57cm high.

304.    A 19th century black slate mantel clock of small proportions with a two train 9 cm enamel dial, 19 cm high approx. 20-30
305.    A German two train bracket clock with arched gilt face in an architectural case, 44 cm high approx together with a further Art Nouveau mantel clock (AF) (2). 60-100
306.    Victorian black slate two train mantle clock fitted with a 10cm ebonised dial and Roman numerals, fitted with a plaque inscribed 'Presented to the Reverend R Clarke by friends at Upton Chapel as a token of affectionate regard - 1st July 1867', the movement inscribed A F and striking on a bell, the clock mounted by a twin handled campania urn, 36cm high.

307.    A good 19th century black slate mantel clock, the 13 cm enamel dial with open escapement inscribed "Graverand of Paris", 32 cm high approx. 60-100
308.    A 19th century black slate mantel clock garniture comprising architectural mantel clock with bronze mounts and Corinthian columns, a two train movement and chapter ring dial, 30 cm high together with two further architectural temples fitted with figures (3). 40-60
309.    Two train German mantel clock together with a further two train vintage mantel clock (2). 30-50
310.    A continental oak case two train mantel clock, with gilt dial with scrolled acanthus panels and mask, 14cm silver chapter ring, 32cm high

311.    An ebonised wooden two train mantel clock in the black slate manner, the 15cm two train dial within an architectural case, 30cm high

312.    A mahogany two train Napoleon hat type mantel clock with relief decoration of a sprouting compagnia urn, 54 cm long approx. 20-40
313.    A 19th century black slate mantel clock, the two train dial with black enamel chapter ring inscribed Martin & Co, Cheltenham, further relief brass plaque of a procession of figures and animals, 33 cm high approx. 60-100
314.    Mid 20th century oak two train mantle clock in architectural case, fitted with a 12cm dial inscribed 'made by the Sessions Clock Co, Forestville Conn USA', 28cm high.

315.    An Edwardian walnut and box wood inlaid lancet clock with 10 cm two train enamel dial together with a further three train Napoleon hat mantel clock (2). 50-80
316.    A 19th century black slate architectural mantel clock together with two further vintage clocks and workings (AF) and an Allwyn cash box. 50-80
317.    A box containing a collection of clock parts and movements. 60-100
318.    A 19th century rosewood banjo aneroid barometer signed TH Millard of Bristol.

319.    Oak two train drop dial wall clock, the silvered dial inscribed 'PE Hengel, Limoges'.

320.    American two train drop dial ogee walk clock in simulated rosewood frame, with painted glazed panel of a boating landscape.

321.    An early 20th century Vienna drop dial wall clock with two train movement, the case mounted by an eagle, 100 cm high approx. 40-60
321A.   A late 19th century Vienna style regulator clock, the case with split spindle mouldings with spring driven movement 40-60
321B.   An marine barometer in a brass case with enamel dial 30-40
322.    19th century black slate mantel clock (open in pieces) together with a three train wall clock (2). 40-60
323.    Albert Cheuret (1884-1966, French) - Art Deco bronze mantel clock with cast faceted scrolled case, fitted with an 8 cm enamel dial, mounted by a curved hardstone finial, 17 cm high x 38 cm long approx. 10000-15000
324.    L'Epee repeating brass carriage clock with white enamel dial with subsidiary seconds, subsidiary phases of the moon dial and day, hour and calendar chapter rings - striking on a gong, running (strike sticks) 500-600
325.    Japy Freres carriage clock with white enamel dial, striking on a bell marked Henry Marc Paris, movement 38625, 14cm, working 300-350
331.    A Malacca walking cane with white metal collar and carved horn handle in the form of a dog head together with a further crooked walking cane with white metal collar and knop (2). 40-60
332.    Two good 19th century parasols, one with elaborate horn crook handle with gilt metal art nouveau fittings (2).

333.    A collection of thirteen assorted sticks and parasols.

334.    An unusual carved Sunday stick, 92 cm long. 40-60
335.    Tribal interest - carved hardwood stick with carved knop in the form of a gentleman. 30-50
336.    A ladies Malacca walking cane with carved knop of a seated nude child with floral bouquet. 60-100
337.    Two similar silver tipped walking sticks. 30-50
338.    Two similar silver tipped walking sticks, one with silver collar. 30-50
339.    Three similar walking sticks each with silver knop or collar. 30-50
340.    A set of four abstract patinated sheet copper wall hanging figures each fitted centrally with a shaped mirrored heart with articulated and relief details, each 135 cm high approx (4).
341.    A period enamel advertising sign "Nugget Boot Polish" with black text on a yellow ground, 62 x 122 cm approx. 50-80
342.    Vintage Castrol fuel container together with a vintage golf club (spade mashie) and Sunday stick (3) 20-40
342A.   An antique wrought iron floor standing rush light with pigs tail finial and tripod supports 200-300
343.    Good antique cast iron wall sconce in the form of a fist gripping a gilt torch, 45cm long x 30 high 100-120
344.    Tribal interest - Carved hardwood study of a grimacing face, 31cm high
345.    Limestone study of figures and faces upon a old rooted stump together with a further Pegasus type clay figure and a plaster study of a tortoise (AF) (3) 40-60
346.    A vintage timber pond launch 'Lady Enid of Epsom', good quality hull with painted finish, teak decking and brass fittings, powered by a Luton Bowman BM valveless side by side steam marine engine; together with a box of loose parts including an early photograph of the launch, 100cms 300-500
347.    Cased wooden model inscribed Jacks House together with a large collection of die cast toys to include Corgi and Dinky 40-60
348.    Collection of upholstering fabric to include piping and strapping together with a further collection of wadding 20-40
349.    Tribal interest - Two carved wooden female standing figures together with a mogul school lacquered tray together with a picture of a carpet seller (4) 30-50
350.    Large collection of wool and rug making type materials 10-20
351.    A very large quantity of photographic and camera equipment to include many cameras and lenses, etc 100-200
352.    Collection of Corgi Major Chipperfields Circus to include many wagons and vehicles together with a further Corgi Batmobile and a Corgi Batboat 50-80
352A.   Hornby Britannia engine together with four associated carriages and a small selection of track, with a Ladybird Book of British Railway Locomotives 30-50
353.    Two boxes of Railwayana and toys to include Hornby Blue Pullman set, further train set etc 30-50
354.    Large collection of various vintage textiles to include printed linens, wool blends, 1970's fabric samples, knitted blanket etc 40-60
355.    Good cased corona number 3 portable typewriter circa 1922, cased with instruction manual 100-150
356.    1930s Remington portable typewriter with instruction manual and box 30-50
357.    Imperial N660 typewriter with dust jacket 80-120
358.    Mixed miscellaneous lot to include embossed metal fire screen with a tavern scene, collection of cigarette cards of classic cars, circular wall mirror together with a wall barometer, weighing scales, ceramics, glass etc, together with a walking cane with shagreen style finish 30-50
359.    A box containing a large quantity of new light shades of various sizes together with 5 jewellery display stands 30-50
360.    A full body set of racing leathers together with a racing waterproof jacket by Frank Thomas (2) 20-40
361.    Collection of seven vintage pay telephone receivers 40-60
362.    Vintage ladies opera/evening coat in parma violet suede with matched silk lining, approx size 14 - 16, previously owned and worn by Sarah Walker CBE Mezzo Soprano with performances at the last night of the proms together with a stitched evening bag (2)
363.    Louis Vuitton branded leather suit or dress carrying case 40-60
364.    A quantity of art deco fabric with geometric black and brown patterns 20-40
365.    A good large wicker basket with hinged lid enclosing a large quantity of linen 30-50
366.    A cast fibre glass study of a teratapis grandis, the third largest trilobite ever to live, 86cm high 20-40
367.    A collection of fossils, geodes and archaic finds 50-80
368.    An unusual three tier candelabra in the manner of Palissy of Portugal, the central column decorated with coiled serpents and lizards on a stepped square base, 78cm high 30-50
369.    Antique stone head 400-500
370.    Antique copper twin turned brazier twin handled dish together with a further continental copper dish embossed with a twin headed eagle amidst fruiting vines (2) 200-300
371.    Interesting framed white metal Janbiya framed and glazed, the mount inscribed, 'The Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships Maiden Stakes (Class 4), 16th April 2011 - Newbury UK - Winning Owner' the frame 57 x 53 cm 50-100
372.    Novelty carving of a Gorilla wearing a blue coat holding a beaded club with a drum/barrel at his feet, 52cm high 50-80
373.    A cased and glazed fronted diorama fitted with dolls house furniture and figures for a drawing room scene 30-50
374.    Four various glazed domes on ebonised bases fitted with porcelain fantasy type character groups (4) by Paul David Jackson 30-50
375.    Good large glass dome fitted with a floral diorama, 42cm high 60-100
376.    Welsh Folk Art treen model of Noah's Ark, 75 cm long approx 150-200
377.    A mixed lot to include a pair of candlesticks, further brass oil lamp converted to electricity, ecclesiastical mirrored back wall bracket, British coal mining lamp and two boxed reproduction tin plate toys 40-60
378.    Good quality early 20th century pierced brass eastern charger, centrally embossed with mermaids amidst panels of agricultural workers, 61cm diameter 80-100
379.    Two boxes of interesting items to include dolls house porcelain, boxed flatware, vintage camera and with original instructions Anchor box number 5 building blocks set, with original instructions, etc 40-60
380.    Victorian serpentine toll ware metal tray painted with a peacock amidst foliage, 55cm x 70cm 60-80
381.    Brass ships barometer fitted on a mahogany plinth together with a further boxed set of rulers and a further suede brush (3) 40-60
382.    Morocco leather filing case painted with a floral bouquet; together with two sheet metal characters of knights, a carved wooden ox, two carved dogs of fo and a cast metal dish in the form of a leaf (7) 30-50
383.    Collection of masks to include two ceramics masks of clowns, an Indonesian mask of a beast, tribal interest, a modernist study and one other (6) 30-50
384.    Edwardian walnut lancet mantle clock by Gaydon & Sons; together with a carved wooden tray and a wooden medicine ball (3) 30-50
385.    Mixed miscellaneous lot to include two pine telescope boxes, the twin handled gallery tray, a collection of brass ware and a porcelain tazza
386.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include servants bell cabinet inscribed 'J. Palmer & Sons, 58 Queens Road Clifton'; together with vintage coffee grinder, a brass candelabra, a stained glass hall lantern and others 30-50
387.    An inlaid sorrento ware wooden panel of a duck hunt, 49 x 69cm 30-50
388.    Apprentice mahogany chest of four long drawers together with a twin handled gallery tray (2) 30-50
389.    Mixed miscellaneous lot to include wool work picture of a hunting scene, various other pictures, a small kelim prayer mat fencing foil 10-20
390.    Large collection of boxed die cast toys to include items such as Noddy in Toyland, Cargo Kings, Days Gone and Yester Year models, etc 80-100
391.    A box containing a collection of camera and projecting equipment to include cameras, lenses and projection equipment 80-100
392.    A large collection of die cast toys mainly unboxed, together with boxed Triang railway carriages and boxed models of yester year cars
393.    Large collection of vintage telephones to include trim type phones, etc 50-80
394.    Collection of vintage fishing rods together with a box containing a collection of tackle 50-80
395.    Impressive brass hanging oil ceiling light with opaline glass shade and impressive pierced brackets; together with a further mottled glass ceiling light
396.    An engraved steel plaque inscribed Within This Bowl Rich and Deep I Cradle My Woes To Sleep, by Lancaster & Sandland, 33 x 33 cm approx together with a further cast iron plaque in the form of a sun, also together with a brass locomotive and carriage inscribed Stephenson's Rocket (3). 40-60
397.    A mixed lot to include a collection of blue glass side plates, a pair of carved classical character groups and a further Clifton Suspension Bridge plate. 30-50
398.    A collection of Japanese lacquer ware to include a pair of wall brackets and further panel together with a pair of marble eggs and others. 30-50
399.    A pair of crested gold thread upholstered panels decorated with eagles and panthers with wrought iron arrow brackets (2). 30-50
400.    A vintage banjolele. 40-50
401.    Two boxes of good quality linen and lace. 30-50
402.    An ostrich egg with panels decorated with a lion and lioness, an ostrich and a giraffe. 10-20
403.    A Stieff mohair stuffed terrier (Tessie) with tag and button in ear. 20-40
404.    A Huntley & Palmer biscuit tin in the form of a travelling suitcase. 20-40
405.    Inlaid satin tea caddy the top with flower emblem enclosing a fitted interior, 10 cm high.

406.    A Lord Mayor of London coat of arms from a carriage which was dismantled in the 1940s together with a door handle from the same carriage (3). 50-80
407.    An interesting Khukri with jade type handle together with a further paper knife in the form of a Samurai sword and a parasol with ivory detail and silver collar (3). 30-50
408.    A large quantity of beads, buttons and brooches, together with cut steel and other buckles, a small quantity of 19th century and other coinage, etc 20-40
409.    A pair of blue and white pottery baluster table lamps together with a collection of lamp shades and four good quality cushions. 30-50
410.    A Benson type brass desk lamp with frosted glass shade and articulated arm. 30-50
411.    Two brass oil lamps with Vaseline type glass shades and glass flues both stood on Corinthium type columns.

412.    A cast metal baluster table lamp in the form of a companion urn embossed with cherubs and foliage. 20-40
413.    Mixed miscellaneous lot to include three clutch bags/purses, resin figure of a seated Grecian character, two further resin figures and a resin seal in the form of a half lion half fish mythical beast.

414.    A good vintage telephone with brass carry handle and gilt decoration. 40-60
415.    A primitive alabaster carving of a wild cat, 30 cm long.
416.    An Arts & Crafts brass table lamp in the form of a column, 38 cm high approx.
417.    An early antique oak spice cabinet, the hinged door enclosing an interior fitted with an arrangement of eight small drawers all with brass acorn handles, 28 cm high approx. 60-100
418.    An Austin Reed of London "Gerrard" folding opera hat together with a wool work panel (2) 30-50
419.    A vintage Bakelite telephone. 20-40
420.    Possibly Irish mahogany brass bound peat bucket together with a further iron bound oak vessel and brass scent box (3).
421.    An inlaid marble checker board, the octagonal piece with moulded borders, 40 x 40 cm approx. 30-50
422.    An Olden & Sons Limited cast aluminium bomb proof lamp. 30-50
423.    A Georgian mahogany and box wood inlaid tea caddy with canted corners, the hinged lid enclosing a fitted interior, 12 cm high approx. 50-80
424.    A good quality burr walnut and satin wood sarcophagus box with twin brass handles and carved paw feet, 30 cm long approx; together with a carved oak book slide (2) 60-100
425.    An apprentice piece mahogany and walnut chest of four drawers, 38 cm high approx.

426.    An attractive embossed copper jewellery casket, the hinged lid enclosing a fitted interior with panels of nudes and floral geometric borders together with a vintage cased camera (2). 30-50
427.    A good antique heavy cast brass door knocker. 60-100
428.    A pair of gilt metal table lamps in the form of Louis Philippe period style candlesticks (2). 30-50
429.    A Steiff bear "Robby" with original cardboard tag and button in ear. 30-50
430.    A set of five graduated Le Creuset lidded saucepans in yellow (5). 50-80
431.    Taxidermy interest - A cased Victorian study of a gull and lapwing in a glazed case. 30-50
432.    A pair of Victorian style baluster lamps with Japanned/Toleware type decoration of foliage and gilt highlights upon a black ground, the lamps 37 cm high approx. 40-60
433.    An antique leather wrapped and brass draw telescope together with a GWR railway lamp by T Bladon & Son n umber 28527 (2). 40-60
434.    A box of interesting mixed metal ware to include paper clips, tazzas, coat hooks, etc. 40-60
435.    Lancers 16th Regiment of Light Dragoons Chapka (troopers helmet) detailing battles on the helmet plate from 'Talavera 1809' to the 'Relief of Kimberley 1900', complete with black horse plume 600-800
436.    A Laura Ashley bronzed corinthium column table lamp together with one other 50-80
437.    Good mixed miscellaneous lot to include silver picture frame, small walnut work box, cranberry and clear glass decanter, silver plated wine coaster, Arts and Crafts copper pot, small Gesso glass dome on gilt stand and others. 30-50
438.    An eastern bronze graduated set of three hanging bells upon a steel chain. 30-50
439.    A cased scale replica of a Fokker Tri-plane in original packaging. 40-60
440.    A cased Victorian style moulding of a flower head amidst foliage. 10-20
441.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include a brass oil lamp with orange shade, cast brass door knocker, a collection of die cast toys to include Dinky and Corgi and three novelty waking canes. 50-80
441A.   5 small carved hardwood portrait plaques, Florence Nightingale, Duke of Wellington x 2, Queen Mother, Sir Walter Raleigh 20-40
442.    A Tonka Toy car carrier together with two Mamod engines (3). 50-80
443.    A mixed metalware lot to include silver plated flatware, pewter tea service, cast bronze door knocker in the form of an imp, silver plated oil lamp, etc. 30-50
444.    Five carved pieces of malachite to include a lion, a rhino, a frog, two masks and tribal triptych head together with two further soapstone carvings (8).

445.    A mixed metalware lot to include an interesting bronze vessel and warmer (4). 50-70
446.    A cased Boley staking tool with an original wooden box together with a collection of other tools etc. 80-120
447.    A Georgian brass candlestick with knopped stem, a further pair of candlesticks, an old wrought iron boot scraper, iron girdle, linen fold panel, pottery dairy or fruit bowl with ribbed detail and sponge type detail and a printing block with lettering 'Longcloth'

448.    A mixed lot to include open barley twist brass candlestick, a mottled pink glass hanging glass shade, a vintage siphon bottle and a small collection of antique linen. 30-50
449.    An early 20th century waterfall stationery rack fitted with two glass inkwells, 38 cm wide approx. 40-60
449A.   A 19th century brass door knocker and an oval silver plated 2 handled dish
450.    A good mixed lot to include a brass inlaid mahogany writing slope, a pair of sectionist type candlesticks, two further candlesticks, engineer's microscope on stand, pewter ink Standish from the County Court Harwich and a cut glass vase. 60-100
451.    A boxed Mamod steam roadster together with a Bakelite stereoscope, a carved wooden toy and others. 40-60
452.    A cast resin monument of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, boxed. 30-50
453.    Tribal interest - Two antique pottery vessels. 30-50
454.    Six vintage boxes of Meccano. 50-80
455.    A pair of dress swords by Wilkinson of London. 50-80
456.    A collection of Star Wars memorabilia to include Return of the Jedi complete portfolio by Ralph McQuarries; together with two Return of the Jedi puzzles, Return of the Jedi story book and The Art of the Empire Strikes Back by Deborah Call (5).

457.    A Roca Spanish guitar. 50-80
458.    A gilt wood wall mirror in the Rococo manner together with an oak tray and four hardwood souvenir carvings (6) 30-50
459.    A walnut cased Frister & Rossmann cast iron sewing machine with gilt highlights. 20-40
460.    A Stradivarius copy violin with case and bow. 40-60
461.    A large collection of native and eastern treen and woodwork to include Mauchline ware string box, folk ware, painted wooden vessels, Japanese lacquered boxes, etc. 100-200
462.    Good quality 19th century mahogany and boxwood inlaid gallery tray
463.    A large collection of vintage toys, games and puzzles. 40-60
464.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include Spelter figure of a cavalier, a pair of wooden barley twist candlesticks, a collection of Homepride Fred storage vessels, silver plated items, binoculars, etc. 50-80
465.    A box of miscellaneous items to include Vienna cold painted bronze horse fitted to a green onyx ashtray, various card boxes, binoculars, ladies gloves and bags. 40-60
466.    A mixed treen and metalware lot to include Regency style convex mirror, Indian brass inlaid gallery tray, horse brasses fitted to leather, a planished pewter tazza, a pair of open barley twist candlesticks, etc. 50-80
467.    Three vintage coin operated parking meters together with a further vintage franking machine (4). 40-60
468.    A box containing a collection of 19th century horse brasses, many mounted in pairs on shaped leather straps, martingales, etc together with individual examples in traditional patterns 200-400
469.    A collection of model railwayana mainly by Lima freight and passenger set
470.    Two boxes of miscellaneous items to include metalware, lacquerware, and glassware. 30-50
471.    'Topic' astronomical telescope with case, stand and lenses.

472.    A pair of sheet metal and wirework ceiling lights with flower, leaf and butterfly decoration fitted with prismatic drops. 30-50
473.    A box of sampler and tapestry materials. 30-50
474.    A helicopter motor.
475.    Collection of antique brass and metal ware to include a pair of Japanese baluster vases decorated in relief with coiled dragons.

476.    Taxidermy interest - A 19th century cased monkey dressed as a cobbler in a fitted diorama glazed case, the case 60 x 60 cm approx. 100-200
477.    A Victorian cast iron foot powered dentist drill. 50-80
478.    A bronzed fibreglass bust sculpture of a horse upon a black marble base, 66 cm high approx. 50-80
479.    A carved wooden scale statue of a standing goat with polychrome detail, 67 cm high approx. 40-60
480.    A mahogany "Corinthian" bagatelle board. 40-60
481.    A classical style gilt wood wall mirror, the rectangular bevelled glass plate beneath two relief moulded panels with cherubs and a maiden, the mirror 94 x 52 cm approx. 40-60
482.    Primitive whittled wooden crossbow 20-40
491.    A good gilt cast metal six branch chandelier with prismatic glass drops.
491A.   Two contemporary partially frosted glass bell shaped pendant lights with sliced polished stone finial's together with two others (4) 40-60
492.    A gilt wood six branch ceiling light with scrolled metal leaf decoration. 40-60
493.    Two boxes containing a collection of prismatic glass and other chandelier pieces. 30-50
494.    An Empire style six branch chandelier, the central column mounted by a flambeau finial over a base with engraved metalwork and flower head roundel, recently rewired 150-200
495.    An interesting antique hexagonal hanging toleware ceiling lantern with polychrome details and pierced decoration. 150-200
496.    A pair of contemporary French Empire style spherical ceiling lights with geometric prismatic drop decoration 160-180
497.    A good large Venetian glass ten branch step chandelier fitted with glass swags and prismatic drops, recently rewired 400-450
497A.   A cast polished gold coloured metal 5 branch electrolier, together with a pair of matching 2 branch wall lights.
498.    A continental gilt cast metal prismatic drop ceiling light (AF). 30-50
499.    A continental wrought iron oval hanging ceiling light fitted with various torch shaped sconces. 50-80
500.    A gilt metal five branch electrolier with acanthus type decoration. 60-100
501.    A modern five branch wirework electrolier decorated with leaves and prismatic drops. 30-50
505.    A Persian style floral runner decorated with brown medallions and flowerheads upon a fawn ground, 265 x 130 cm approx. 150-200
506.    A large Persian floral carpet decorated with red Islamic medallions upon a gold ground, 350 x 250 cm approx.
507.    A Bokhara floor runner decorated with medallions upon a red ground, 270 x 90 cm approx. 180-200
508.    A bright Eastern wool carpet, the pale green ground within white ground borders with overall multi-floral detail, 310 x 200 cm approx.
509.    A Persian floor rug decorated with multi-coloured geometric medallions upon a deep navy blue ground, 295 x 195 cm approx. 200-250
510.    A Persian floor rug decorated with red scrolled foliate upon a blue ground, 200 x 95 cm approx. 100-150
511.    A Kelim floor carpet decorated with geometric diamond shaped patterns upon a dark red ground, 320 x 180 cm approx. 50-80
512.    A good large Bokhara carpet with geometric medallions upon a red ground, 290 x 195 cm approx. 100-200
513.    A Persian floor carpet decorated with orange and green medallions upon a deep navy blue ground, 310 x 165 cm approx. 150-200
514.    A good quality modern Persian carpet profusely decorated with scrolled foliage upon a black ground, 310 x 200 cm approx. 300-400
515.    An Afghan floral carpet decorated with various medallions upon a red ground, 295 x 170 cm approx. 200-300
516.    Meshwani runner decorated with red and blue diamonds, 241 x 64 cm.
517.    A Persian floral carpet decorated with scrolled red medallions and foliage upon a blue ground, 320 x 210 cm approx together with a further Kelim rug in red and blue with typical decoration (2). 60-100
518.    A Chinese wool rug with typical scrolled foliate decoration, 280 x 150 cm approx. 40-60
519.    A Bokhara floor rug decorated with geometric decoration upon a red ground, 180 x 95 cm approx. 40-60
520.    A Persian floral carpet decorated with scrolled foliage and medallions upon a red and blue ground, 390 x 290 cm approx. 450-500
521.    A Persian carpet decorated with blue foliage and medallions upon a pink ground, 320 x 205 cm approx. 50-80
522.    An Afghan floral carpet decorated with various geometric flowers, animals and medallions upon a deep red ground, 300 x 220 cm approx. 60-100
523.    Large Chinese wool rug typically decorated with floral sprays upon a cream ground, 400 x 280 cm.
524.    A large country house carpet decorated with sky blue medallions upon a pink ground, 420 x 320 cm approx. 50-80
525.    Persian type floor rug decorated with various pink floral geometric medallions upon a cream ground, 160 x 110 cm.

526.    Keshan floor rug fitted with various geometric medallions upon a pink ground, 190 x 130 cm; together with a further Kelim type floor rug and two Kelim upholstered cushions (4)

527.    Four antique Persian rugs of various designs. 100-200
528.    Three thick weave Persian carpets of various designs and quality. 60-100
529.    Four antique Persian rugs of various design and condition. 80-120
530.    Five Persian rugs of various quality and condition. 100-200
531.    Five antique Persian rugs of various quality and condition. 100-200
532.    A large Persian carpet decorated with green details upon a red ground together with two similar carpets and two others (5). 100-200
533.    A Belgium wool hanging tapestry of floral panels amidst scrolling foliate borders, 160 x 150 cm approx. 50-70
551.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas of a colourful cityscape river scene, indistinctly signed bottom left and inscribed Dresden, 40 x 80 cm approx in white and gilt frame. 25-30
552.    An oil painting on canvas of a winter scene with figure, signed bottom left Lapierre, with plaque to frame reading Viateur Lapierre, and inscription verso Bourrasques(?) a St Augustine, further signed and dated 1985, with biographical details, 30 x 40 cm approx in blue and gilt frame. 30-40
553.    A pair of coloured prints after Doris Zinkeisen, both showing Regency style scenes with ladies and gentlemen in horse drawn carriages, one in a country setting, the other in a city setting, both with Frost & Reed labels verso inscribed Regency Times and Country Drive, dated 1956, 51 x 60 cm approx in cream coloured frames with linen slips 40-60
554.    A collection of coloured posters relating to motor racing subjects including vintage style subject advertising Bugatti after Rene Vincent, signed and inscribed example from the Paris-Deauville Rally 2003, etc, together with a coloured poster from the Phyllis Lucas Gallery dated 1977 inscribed Currier & Ives Dali Interpretations, various sizes 77 x 84 cm maximum approx, all framed. 40-60
555.    A late 19th century watercolour and gouache study of a coastal scene with ruined castle, cattle, etc, 45 x 67 cm approx in gilt frame. 40-60
556.    An oil painting on canvas in the manner of Lempicka showing a woman with arm raised, painted in the Art Deco manner, with indistinct monogram to bottom left, 55 x 46 cm approx, unframed. 25-30
557.    A late 20th century oil painting on canvas, shoulder length portrait of Field Marshal Montgomery shown against a map detailing locations of his military campaigns, signed with monogram bottom right FBG (?), 40 x 30 cm approx in silver coloured frame. 30-40
558.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas laid onto board by Claire Power showing a three quarter length study of a bearded Irish gentleman in blue jacket, yellow waistcoat and trilby hat standing beside a horse at a horse fair, signed bottom left Claire Power, with label verso - A Man of Substance, dated 2002, 38 x 28 cm approx in cream painted frame. 100-150
559.    A 20th century German coloured etching of swans in flight over the sea in the manner of Carl Thiemann, inscribed bottom left Sang Schwane Uber Der See, further signed and inscribed indistinctly bottom right, 30 x 34 cm approx in simple wooden frame. 50-70
560.    An early 20th century oil painting on canvas by Norman Bradley showing coastal scene with seagulls, distant shipping, etc, signed bottom left, 50 x 75 cm approx in moulded gilt frame and gilt slip. 50-70
561.    A collection of watercolours by Eric J Morton of local subjects including The Old Barn near Rodmarton, etc together with further watercolours of landscape subjects including A View at Easton Grey by Hector G R Hook, a pen and ink study of Bradley Court, Wotton under Edge by Vic Jellings, etc, various sizes, all framed. 25-30
562.    Two 20th century oil paintings on canvas by Vernon Wethered, of a classical style temple and a landscape, both inscribed and signed verso, 40 x 58 cm approx, unframed, together with a charcoal and chalk study of a harvesting scene by the same hand, signed with initials and inscribed verso - Barn For Storing Wood, Arundel Park, circa 1926, also together with an oil painting on canvas by Alan Durman showing a river scene with figure in a punt, signed bottom right Durman, with Frost & Reed label verso - View Below Keynsham, 62 x 91 cm approx, unframed. 40-60
563.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas of a Regency style interior scene with young lady in yellow dress seated at a table beside a window, 71 x 55 cm approx in wide gilt frame. 100-150
564.    A 20th century oil painting on paper by Montague Leder of a still life with flower vases, signed bottom right with initials ML, with label verso - Studio Table 1966, Montague Leder, 44 x 41 cm approx in wooden frame. 30-50
565.    A mid-20th century watercolour and ink abstract study by Kenneth Wood showing a male figure, etc, in tones of green, blue and black, signed bottom right Kenneth Wood and dated 47, 35 x 53 cm approx in gilt frame and linen slip. 100-120
566.    Three signed coloured limited edition lithographs by Virginia Powell of an interior scene with Maclean Gallery label verso - Pincher and Crab Apples in the Window, dated 1984, 52 x 44 cm approx and two smaller views through windows, 31 x 22 cm approx, all signed, together with a watercolour and gouache study of a jug of tulips, signed bottom right Pandora Smith, dated 1985, 60 x 40 cm approx, a pencil study of a similar subject, probably by the same hand, a large sheet of watercolour studies of flowers including delphiniums, poppy, etc, 47 x 61 cm approx, a pastel landscape signed with initials CMW, etc, various sizes, all framed. 50-70
567.    Two 20th century oil paintings, one showing a coastal landscape with stone wall, signed bottom right Kristin and dated 1971, with Dawson Gallery, Dublin label verso, 32 x 42 cm approx, the other showing a distant view of Florence, signed Kristin bottom right and inscribed verso - Florence in Morning Mist, 55 x 70 cm approx (both understood to be by Kristin Jameson of the Irish Whiskey family), both framed. 80-100
568.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas of a panoramic view across houses towards distant hills, inscribed verso - Christopher Baker, Gloucestershire College of Art & Design, with Pittville, Cheltenham address details, 82 x 110 cm approx in simple wooden frame, together with a double sided oil painting on board of a landscape and an abstract subject 30-50
569.    A pair of 20th century gouache studies by Janet Rawlins (born 1931) of a city street scene and a market scene, signed bottom left and bottom right, inscribed verso - Street Corner and Market Day, Janet Rawlins, 37 x 54 cm approx in gilt frames. 150-200
570.    A 20th century pastel study by Susan Sansome showing a portrait of a seated female character in blue ruffled dress, signed bottom left Susan Sansome with Mall Galleries label verso - Blue Taffeta Dress, with Leicester address details, 73 x 53 cm approx in gilt frame. 80-100
571.    A gouache study of a pair of stylised characters in geometric costumes with label verso Tilly Losch, 47 x 29 cm approx together with further pictures and prints including a signed coloured print after Catrin Whitway showing cats - A Fishy Tail, a coloured Hampton Hunt series map of the Fox Hound Hunts of Great Britain, a set of six silhouette portraits of oval form (in one mount), etc, various sizes, mostly framed. 50-80
572.    A 20th century painting on canvas of a scene at Bibury, Gloucestershire with stone bridge, figures, etc, signed bottom left W McGregor, with Frost & Reed label verso - W McGregor, Bibury, Cotswold, 60 x 76 cm approx in cream coloured frame. 50-80
573.    A 20th century oil painting on board by George Deakins in the impasto technique of native figures, cart, etc, in a landscape setting, signed bottom right Deakins, 30 x 40 cm approx in white frame. 30-50
574.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas of a coastal scene with fishing boat, signed bottom right Ferdi, 80 x 60 cm approx in gilt frame. 30-50
575.    A signed coloured limited edition print after Dawn Sidoli showing a row of houses, signed bottom right Dawn Sidoli, dated 94, inscribed Autumn, Isle of Bute, edition 4/20, 28 x 37 cm approx in gilt frame. 40-60
576.    An oil painting on board by Dawn Sidoli showing a church with inscription verso The Little Old Church at Didmarton, Dawn Sidoli, NEAC RWA, 50 x 39 cm in painted frame with gilt slip 60-80
577.    A signed coloured limited edition print after Deborah Jones - An Edwardian Collection showing a group of vintage toys, signed bottom right, together with Alexander Gallery information, 35 x 50 cm, together with a further Alexander Gallery publication - Evening Tide, Bristol after Kenneth Stanley Tadd, also with accompanying literature 46 x 65cm, both in gilt frames and a coloured print after Monet of a poppy field 30-40
578.    A 19th century bust length watercolour portrait of a bearded man signed to right W Percy and dated 1884, understood to be a self portrait of William Percy, portrait artist of Mancester, 33 x 28cm in wood and gilt frame (together with accompanying information) 80-100
579.    A signed coloured limited edition etching by Tom Carr showing a hunting scene signed bottom right and inscribed 'To Ground in the Rocks' edition number 41/75, 37 x 37 cm in wooden frame 30-40
580.    A pair of early 20th century watercolours of mountainous river scenes, one signed bottom right R Herdman-Smith with labels verso attributing to Robert Herdman-Smith, 25 x 36 cm in textured frames 30-50
581.    An oil painting on canvas of a woodland scene with waterfall signed bottom left David A James, dated 74 with biographical information from the Brunel Gallery Swindon, 60 x 91 cm in green and gilt frame together with a further painting by the same artist of a windmill, 40 x 30 cm approx in green and gilt frame. 30-50
582.    An unusual oil painting on canvas with applied collage detail, thickly painted and showing a landscape with trees and flowers 77 x 116 cm unframed 25-30
583.    Two early 20th century watercolours by James Blain, one showing an elderly woman walking along a lane in a mountainous landscape, the other showing a coastal scene, both signed and inscribed verso, 'Highland Landscape and Drumadoon - Arran, James Blain, 35 x 45 cm together with a further watercolour of a woodland scene and an oil painting on board of a landscape signed Jean Nuding 30-50
584.    A 20th century oil painting on board by Colin Vincent of a still life with jug, fruit, etc signed bottom right, with label verso, together with a further oil painting by the same hand of a quayside scene with the SS Great Britain, signed bottom left and dated 1995 with label verso SS Great Britain C Vincent, 25 x 38cm both framed 40-60
585.    A 20th century oil painting on board by Norman Battershill of a wooded landscape inscribed verso Norman Battershill RBA ROI PS - Sussex Landscape and also with Mall Galleries label with Sussex address details, in wooden and gilt frame 50-70
586.    A pair of oil paintings on board showing 3/4 length studies of a lady and and gentlemen in 17th century style costume 30 x 25 cm in gilt frames 40-60
587.    A late 19th century coloured print showing Lord Nelson and Wellington meeting and discussing strategy - The Army and Navy, 58 x 50 cm in wooden frame with gilt slip 30-50
588.    Two 19th century Vanity Fair Spy prints from the Men of The Day series, number 23, Mr John Everett Millais, RA and number 33, Mr Charles R Darwin, 55 x 23 cm in wooden and gilt frames 40-60
589.    A signed limited edition print after Llewellyn Xavier of an abstract subject including chains, postage stamps, address details, etc with printed inscription 'Pour George Jackson' signed in pencil bottom left Xavier, dated 71, edition number 66/75, 76 x 58 cm in silver coloured aluminium frame 80-100
590.    A collection of works by Tory Lawrence comprising an oil painting on board of a reclining woman and dog, signed with initials bottom left and dated 1990 and inscribed verso Jill and Pooch, 37 x 62 cm, a watercolour of polyanthus signed bottom right and dated 87, and a limited edition signed print - Homage a Matisse, edition 1/1, together with a watercolour study of a country house signed bottom right R Miller-Williams 1994, 22 x 33 cm, all framed 30-50
591.    A signed coloured limited edition print of Clifton Suspension Bridge - Evening Tide, Bristol after Kenneth Stanley Tadd published by the Alexander Gallery, 46 x 65 cm, a 19th century needlework sampler by Hellen Harper? a map after Robert Morden of Somerset, a map of the County of Gloucester printed for C Smith 1801, two maps of Northumberland, 19th century botanical prints of grasses etc, a late 19th century German black and white humorous print of a poorly puppy - The Doctors Visit after J Schmitzberger, etc various sizes all framed
592.    A set of six 18th century black and white engravings by Richard Earlom after William Hogarth published by John Boydell 1795 - Marriage a la Mode, 50 x 62 cm in black and gilt Hogarth type frames 200-250
593.    A set of four coloured equestrian prints showing 19th century winners of the Derby, 24 x 29 cm approx in burr wood style frames with gilt slips together with a coloured print after Juliet McLeod showing the racehorse Brigadier Gerard, 46 x 57 cm in a wooden frame, a study of a racehorse before the start, indistinctly signed Fairlauf (?) and dated 75, a pair of signed limited edition coloured prints of golfing subjects after Terry Marmagon, a 19th century engraving of Jenny Lind, a coloured etching portrait of Napoleon, etc. 30-40
594.    A pair of early 20th century humorous coloured hunting prints showing Mr Jorrocks, 35 x 44cm in oak frames with gilt slips, together with a pair of 18th century black and white engravings of Venetian lagoon scenes, 48 x 70cm, an oil painting on canvas of native characters signed bottom left Fabunmi and dated 70, a pair of further similar paintings signed Amonis dated 1978, etc various sizes all framed 30-50
595.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas of a harvesting scene, signed Campbell Hunter, 60 x 91cm, two oil paintings on canvas of a wooded landscape by JK Whitton with Painswick address details verso, an oil painting on canvas of a continental street scene with cafe signed W Fotton, 60 x 50cm approx, a pair of similar oil paintings on board, a watercolour of daisies in a field, etc various sizes all framed 30-40
596.    An 18th century needlework sampler by Sarah King born 1758 with text including the Ten Commandments, 24 x 20cm in burr wood frame with gilt slip 30-40
597.    A pair of mixed media and collage studies by Margaret Priest of stylised architectural subjects with labels verso, Room With A View, Margaret Priest 1968 and Terrace Margaret Priest 1968, 18 x 18cm in silver coloured aluminium frames 200-300
598.    A grisaille study by Ernest Proctor of a pair of heavy horse and a boy, signed bottom left and dated 35, with Fine Arts Society Ltd label verso October 1970 - A Boy With Two Horses, Ernest Procter ARA 1886 - 1935, 27 x 36m in silver coloured frame with linen mount 150-200
599.    A pair of coloured etchings in the 1920s manner showing a female character bathing beneath a fountain whilst observed from above by two elderly men, with label verso Original Etching by Pierre Puisard, 57 x 19cm in wooden frames 100-150
600.    A pair of Indian moghul type paintings of male and female characters and wild animals in garden settings, 24 x 18cm together with further similar paintings including male figures smoking a pipe and conversing, a study of a bird of prey, a kashmir type mirror frame with painted floral and bird decoration on a cream coloured ground, etc 80-100
601.    An early 20th century watercolour by Beatrice Parsons showing a formal garden scene with a circular pond, fountain, rhododendrons etc, signed bottom right Beatrice Parsons and further inscribed verso Petwood Woodhall Spa, 20 x 28cm in gilt frame 80-120
602.    A pair of watercolours of Maltese harbour scenes both signed EL? Galea, inscribed Malta, 30 x 42cm in gilt frames 30-50
603.    A pair of 18th century black and white engravings after Claude Lorrain - Apollo and the Sibyl and The Molten Calf, both with printed details verso with title and one inscribed with dedication dated 1784, John Boydell, 51 x 76cm in beaded and moulded gilt frames, together with a pair of further 18th century engravings after Cipriani engraved by Bartolozzi - A Sacrifice to Jupiter and Vulcan and Venus, 14 x 47cm in black moulded frames, together with a further six mounted 18th century black and white engravings of classical style subjects including friezes, etc 37 x 41cm (mounted) 80-120
604.    An early 20th century oil painting on canvas of sheep in a moorland landscape indistinctly signed bottom left W Tippet? dated 1902, 22 x 32 cm in moulded gilt frame 30-40
605.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas by John Ash showing a busy promenade scene at Eastbourne with numerous figures, pier, etc signed bottom right Ash, with label verso Eastbourne Beach, 30 x 40cm in gilt frame and linen slip 100-120
606.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas of a city scene with figures, 35 x 45cm in gilt frame with blue slip, together with two oil paintings on board by Dorothy Light of landscape subjects 46 x 58cm max and an unusual 20th century reverse painting on plastic by Dodie Masterman of a garden scene, signed initials DM bottom right, inscribed verso Grotto in a Garden, Painting on Plastic Dodie Masterman with London address details, 23 x 27cm all framed 50-70
607.    A set of six 19th century Chinese watercolours of scenes including enthroned royal characters with their attendants, women, children and a feeding baby, figures mourning a deceased man, etc in black and gilt laquered frames, 26 x 38cm overall 200-250
608.    19th century and other prints and engravings relating to equestrian subjects including a coloured lithograph after Henry Barnard Chalon showing Gladness - An Old Favourite Hunter from the Passions of the Horse series 48 x 60cm, a coloured engraving of a farmyard scene, an early 19th century caricature of a humorous hunting scene, a coloured limited edition print after DM Dent - The Cheltenham Gold Cup, etc together with a late 19th century watercolour of a wily fox and some geese after Briton Riviere signed with initials CDE, various sizes all framed 50-80
609.    An early 19th century needlework map of England and Wales, by M M Cooper, dated 1805, including county names and some towns including Stroud, Gloucestershire 50 x 40cm in beaded gilt frame 30-50
610.    Two 18th century coloured engravings, one showing the Holy Family, the other showing a bearded saint, possibly St Peter, being offered a key by the Christ Child, 18 x 20cm approx in moulded gilt frames 40-60
611.    A late 19th century coloured print after A Sutherland showing the battle of Omdurman, 2nd September 1898, published by GW Bacon & Co, 51 x 70cm, framed 60-80
612.    A small black and white engraving of an elegant lady and gentleman in 18th century style costume shown at an open window inscribed - Love, number 304, inscribed verso Original Etching by John Kay of Edinburgh, 10 x 8cm in wide mount and black and gilt reeded frame 30-40
613.    An early 19th century needlework sampler by Mercy Chaloner aged 9 October 31st 1823, including moral verse, flower vases, etc 39 x 40cm in black and gilt frame 40-60
614.    A 1950s continental oil painting on canvas by Rufino Ceballos showing a 3/4 length study of a seated child holding cherries and with cherry earrings, signed Cebal, inscribed verso Josette, Cebal, Paris, 45 x 37cm in moulded frame and painted slip 200-300
615.    A 19th century watercolour by William Payne of a coastal scene with fisherman, signed bottom right W Payne with Bonfiglioli Ltd, Oxford label verso, William Payne - A Sea Mist, 16 x 23cm together with further 19th century pictures including an oil painting on board of a traveller and dog, a watercolour of figures seated in a mountainous landscape beside a cottage, an engraving of Aske Hall after J W Turner, a pair of lithographs of trees published by J Dickinson, etc, various sizes, all framed 80-120
616.    A collection of unframed oil paintings on canvas, subjects including floral studies, portrait studies, continental town scene with figure signed bottom right M Herschel (?), various sizes, 56 x 46 cm maximum approx together with a quantity of unframed watercolours, charcoal life studies, etc, various subjects. 30-40
617.    A montage of six grisaille watercolour figure studies of male and female characters, woman with child, etc., inscribed to mount Alfred W Hunt 1830 - 1896, from an 1885 sketch book, 21 x 8 cm approx maximum sheet size in wooden and gilt frame. 30-50
618.    A quantity of mounted photographic prints including Marilyn Monroe, The Queen, various stage productions, etc., together with a signed letter from Virginia Bottomley and the Department of Health, 30 x 36 cm maximum size approx, all mounted. 25-30
621.    A collection of photographic prints of motor racing subjects including vintage subjects, Formula One and including a photograph of Fay Taylour in the speedboat Whoopee in the International Trophy at Chiswick 1930, various sizes, 28 x 40 cm maximum approx, all mounted. 25-30
622.    An early 20th century oil painting on board by H Livens showing a harvesting scene, signed bottom left, 40 x 60 cm approx in gilt frame. 40-50
623.    A continental oil painting on canvas of a harbour scene with figures on a jetty preparing to unload a barge, signed bottom right W H Andersson and dated 1932, 34 x 50 cm approx in moulded gilt frame. 40-60
624.    An early 19th century silk work embroidered picture of oval form showing biblical characters, possibly Mary and Joseph, in a landscape setting, within a gilded glass mount and moulded gilt frame, 50 x 53 cm approx. 50-70
625.    A large coloured exhibition poster showing a female figure by Gustav Klimt for an exhibition of Viennese Art 1880 - 1938 held at the Centre Georges Pompidou in 1986, 150 x 99 cm approx in simple black frame together with a pair of icon type coloured prints of The Annunciation, etc., on wooden blocks and a further block mounted print after Giotto showing St Francis, etc. 25-30
626.    A 20th century watercolour of a church interior scene by Eustace H Button inscribed verso Evensong - Bristol Cathedral, with Clifton address details, 38 x 25 cm approx in simple white frame. 25-30
627.    A large 20th century oil painting on canvas by JOHN WHITLOCK CODNER (1913-2008, BRITISH), full length portrait of Eustace H Button (architect and founder of the Bristol School of Architecture) shown in overcoat and bowler hat, holding a cane and standing beside an occasional table with decanter, wine glass, etc., signed bottom right John Whitlock and dated 53, with various labels verso Eustace H Button RWA, FRIBA, JP, RWA, 53, etc., 182 cm x 100 cm approx in grey painted wooden frame. 600-800
628.    Abstract oil on canvas - town house and a further watercolour of riverside houses both signed Armorth? 57
629.    An early 19th century coloured engraving after Pollard showing a coaching scene with The Cambridge Telegraph at the White Horse Inn, Fetter Lane, engraved by George Hunt, two further 19th century engravings of coaching scenes and a coloured print of a early 19th century caricature, various sizes, all framed. 50-60
630.    A 1960s oil painting on canvas of a pair of large eyed children, indistinctly signed June Dunn (?), dated 1966, 92 x 65 cm approx together with a pen and gouache study of a harbour scene with fishing boats, etc., signed bottom right Patrick Collins, 37 x 72 cm approx and a monochrome print, bust length study of a young woman after Barba, 76 x 51 cm approx, all framed. 40-60
631.    Two pairs of early 20th century oriental watercolours of wildfowl, swallows, etc., all with red seal signatures, maximum size 29 x 6 cm approx in oak frames. 25-30
632.    A 19th century folk art style embroidered panel showing a house, with inscription God Bless Our Home, 35 x 44 cm approx in rosewood frame. 40-50
633.    A 19th century coloured lithograph of Queen Victoria and a female companion travelling in a horse drawn coach before Windsor Castle, 28 x 50 cm approx together with a pair of 18th century French black and white engravings after Lambert showing female characters, engraved by J. C. Le Vasseur, 46 x 35 cm approx in ornate gilt frames with high relief floral swag detail also together with an 18th century coloured engraving after Cipriani, engraved by Bartolozzi showing a procession of Cupid and Psyche and a further similar engraving of circular form, both in gilt frames, etc. 50-70
634.    A pair of 19th century watercolours of continental street scenes, signed bottom right E Lewis, with labels verso St Jacques Cathedral, Dieppe and Rue Cousin, Dieppe by E Lewis, 35 x 24 cm approx in gilt frames, also together with a framed set of Player's cigarette cards from the National Flags and Coats of Arms Series in gilt frame. 30-50
635.    A collection of 19th century topographical engravings including views in the Lake District, Highlands, Edinburgh, etc., various sizes, 16 x 20 cm approx, all framed. 20-25
636.    A signed limited edition black and white etching showing Soho House, Houndsworth, signed bottom right S Howard, dated 1996, edition 10/100, 42 x 55 cm approx in black and gilt frame together with a 20th century tapestry panel after a design by Kaffe Fasset, a pair of paintings on velvet of birds, fruit, etc., a pair of mirrors in the Art Nouveau style, etc. 25-30
637.    A watercolour of sweet peas by Marilyn Kendall, a watercolour of a country landscape by the same artist, a Vanity Fair Spy type print showing the Lord Chief Justice, four coloured prints of Dickensian characters after Kyd, etc, various sizes, mostly framed together with "The Life of Christ by Chinese Artists". 20-25
638.    Four 19th century coloured humorous engravings after Phiz, representing four of the five senses - Seeing, Smelling, Hearing and Tasting, published by Grant & Griffith, 23 x 31 cm approx in wooden and gilt frames. 40-50
639.    A set of three unframed early 20th century Japanese wood block prints by Eijiro Kobayashi and Shoda Koho from the Hasegawa Night Scenes Series, 26 x 19 cm approx sheet size, unframed together with a small Indonesian type painting of masked characters amongst further figures, 11 x 8 cm approx in carved oak frame. 40-60
640.    A set of three 1950s coloured prints/nursery friezes showing panoramic scenes from The Tales of Beatrix Potter, published by Frederick Warne & Co Limited, dated 1952, 26 cm x 101 cm approx, unframed together with a small collection of Copeland Spode Harlequin coffee cups and saucers with various coloured glaze and gilt border decoration comprising six cups and seven saucers. 30-40
641.    A small collection of early 20th century photographic portraits and frames together with Paul and Virginia published by George Routledge & Sons 1888 (edition limited to 800 copies - number 492). 20-25
642.    A pair of small 19th century oil paintings on board of marine and coastal scenes with initials bottom left HK and attributed to Hermanus Koekkoek Junior (Jan Van Couver), 10 x 14 cm approx in gilt frames with gilt slips. 200-300
643.    A folder containing a set of four coloured prints after Tito - Quatre Proverbes Par Tito showing 1920s ladies embracing, riding a donkey, mending a car, etc., 26 x 20 cm approx, unframed. 40-60
645.    A pair of framed oriental studies of birds and flowering trees together with a further pair of oriental raffia work pictures 20-25
646.    A coloured print on glass in the early 19th century manner showing a hunting scene with Thomas Oldaker, huntsman to the Berkeley hounds on his favourite hunter Brush, with label verso Reverse Glass Painting by Margaret Ellaway, 44 x 54 cm approx in wooden frame with gilt slip 20-30
647.    A set of six 18th century black and white engravings of historical characters including George Prince of Denmark, Edward Seymour, Lieutenant General Talmash, etc., 35 x 22 cm approx together with further 18th and 19th century pictures and prints including an engraving of boys stealing fruit, an oil painting on canvas of women in Tudor style costume, a coloured Medici Society print after Leonardo Da Vinci of The Annunciation, etc. 50-80
648.    A Pears print of a blacksmith at work, two further Pears type prints of a Christmas meal, 46 x 70 cm approx in burr wood frame and silver coloured slip and a bride at her wedding reception. 30-40
649.    Two 19th century gilt and plaster work frames with relief moulded decoration, 81 x 780 cm maximum outside dimensions. 30-50
650.    A 19th century coloured print of a scene in the House of Commons 1882 after the painting by F Sargent, published by Beckmann Bros, 56 x 94 cm approx in wooden and gilt frame together with a key to those depicted, also together with a 19th century needlework picture showing The Last Supper, 66 x 58 cm approx in wedge shaped rosewood frame with gilt slip. 30-50
651.    An early 20th century coloured print after Louis Wain showing performing mice outside Mrs Tabitha's Cat's Academy, 31 x 40 cm approx together with a quantity of further 19th century and other pictures and prints including a coloured print of hares playing golf, a print after Randolph Caldicott, The Farmer's Boy, a coloured engraving after Gainsborough Dupont showing Admiral Richard Howe, 33 x 30 cm overall in rosewood frame with gilt slip, etc. 40-60
652.    A quantity of artist materials including acrylic paints, painting box, etc. 20-30
653.    18th and 19th century pictures and prints including a grisaille study of a female harvester, pencil study of a young girl in costume, a pair of engravings of Princess Charlotte of Wales and the Queen of Prussia, etc. 25-30
654.    Two early 20th century watercolours, one showing a country landscape with red brick house and the other a church gateway, both signed Rosina Byron, one dated 1908, 24 x 13cm in gilt frames 20-25
656.    An oil painting on canvas of a Scottish street scene, signed bottom left A Cree, inscribed verso Braeheads Loan, East Linton, 45 x 53 cm approx, further oil paintings including a harbour scene signed Donald, etc., various sizes, all framed. 25-30
657.    A quantity of black and white etchings and engravings including example by E Sharland of a cathedral gateway, etching showing Lancing from the east, signed Wallace Hester, river scene in a university town, probably Cambridge, with students besides a river, signed bottom right A H Haig, 51 x 37 cm approx, etc., various sizes, all framed. 25-30
658.    Two gouache studies of coastal landscapes both signed bottom right G Anthony Glover and dated 73, inscribed with Isle of Man locations, further inscribed verso Tony Glover Art Master, King Williams College, Isle of Man, 35 x 54 cm approx. 25-30
659.    A late 19th century oil painting on board of a mountainous lakeland scene with fisherman in a rowing boat, signed bottom right B Ward, 40 x 60 cm approx in moulded gilt frame and gilt slip (displayed on stairwell)
. 30-50
660.    A collection of four black and white etchings after Rembrandt Van Rijn - self portrait with hat and embroidered cloak, dated 1631, inscribed B7, seated portrait of Rembrandt's mother, inscribed B343, seated portrait of an elderly man inscribed Johannes Lutma, inscribed B276 and the Rat Catcher, inscribed B121, approximate size 26 x 18 cm, unframed 50-80
661.    Colour print The Redoubtable at Trafalgar after Auguste Mayer
663.    An interesting collection of 18th century black and white architectural engravings relating to London churches including views of St Paul's Cathedral by William Ellett, J Schynvoet, Colen Campbell, etc., and a view of St Martin's Church after Jacobo Gibbs, engraved by H Hulsbergh, a view of Bow Church, Cheapside, by Nicholas Hawksmoor, engraved by H Hulsbergh, etc., 63 x 92 cm approx maximum sheet size, all unframed but mounted. (14) 100-150
664.    An interesting collection of 18th century black and white architectural engravings of London buildings including examples after Colen Campbell including Greenwich Hospital, Buckingham House and the Royal Exchange, etc., an engraving after Sir Christopher Wren showing the Greenwich Hospital engraved by Millam, an engraving of a view of Richmond Palace engraved by J Basire, etc., maximum sheet size 54 x 67 cm approx, all unframed but mounted (12) 100-150
665.    a pair of coloured prints after Lionel Edwards of hunting scenes, an early 17th century coloured engraving of the Liverpool Grand National, further pictures and prints etc together with a box of vintage wallpapers 30-50
690.    A collection of 1970s music posters featuring groups such as Wishbone, Ash, Curved Air, Steve Hillage, Pink Floyd, etc., plus art posters popular at the time and a poster advertising Lynyrd Skynyrd at the Colston Hall, Bristol January 1977. 60-80
691.    A stockbook containing a collection of GB Commonwealth stamps from QV to modern (displayed in cabinet) 50-80
692.    A stockbook containing a collection of GB stamps from 1840 QV to modern, mint and used (displayed in cabinet) 50-80
693.    A collection of stamps from the German Empire in a folder 60-80
694.    Two stockbooks containing stamps from Switzerland from early issues to modern (displayed in cabinet) 60-80
695.    Two albums and a stockbook containing World stamps (displayed in cabinet) 40-60
696.    A box containing an extensive collection of postcards, mainly British topographical subjects but also including some humorous, risque, military, etc (400 cards approx) 30-50
697.    Commonwealth stamps from Antigua and Grenada, mint and used, in three lighthouse stockbooks 20-40
698.    Two stockbooks containing a large quantity of GB stamps 30-50
699.    World stamps in two stockbooks 30-50
700.    Two stamp albums containing a quantity of Southern Rhodesian and South African stamps, an album containing a quantity of worldwide stamps together with a further album containing a good collection of British stamps, dating from the early 20th century onwards 40-60
701.    Two small stockbooks containing a collection of British stamps and stamps from the Cape of Good Hope (displayed in cabinet), an envelope of unsorted mint British stamps, three volumes of the Great Britain Stamp Albums - Stanley Gibbons containing a small number of stamps, a collection of various sheets of private postal service stamps all dated 1971 (Post Office Strike) with examples from Worthing, City of London Delivery, Dromoderry Emergency Postal Service 30-50
702.    Commonwealth stamps from Bermuda and St Vincent, mint and used, in two lighthouse stockbooks. 20-40
703.    A loose leaf stamp album containing a quantity of British and worldwide stamps, a stockbook containing further British and worldwide stamps, an envelope with examples of 1924 airmail postage and a box containing a quantity of early 20th century British stamps, etc 20-40
704.    Two albums containing a quantity of 19th and early 20th century British stamps including Penny Red and two Penny Blue examples 80-100
704A.   Coronation anniversary album, a collection of Commonwealth FDCs, a number of mint issue stamps, postcards, etc 60-80
705.    Eight good quality padded 'Leuchtturm' albums with their sleeves, containing GB(2), Canada(1) and USA(5) hingeless album pages from 1967 to 2013. Mainly empty with just a few stamps. 80-120
706.    A box containing a large quantity of FDC's, a quantity of PHQ cards, together with a small quantity of Royal Mint stamps 60-80
707.    A box containing a quantity of GB and world stamps in stockbooks, folders, FDCs etc 30-50
708.    Four unused Grafton stamp albums together with two packets of Grafton album leaves and a further loose leaf file 20-25
709.    Two Stanley Gibbons Great Britain stamp albums, together with two FDC albums which include a number of Royal Mail Mint stamp collections 30-50
710.    A large quantity of unsorted British and worldwide stamps together with a bag containing further unsorted stamps and some FDCs etc 30-50
711.    Three albums containing a large quantity of FDCs and three pages of mixed worldwide stamps
712.    Late 19th century leather bound album with brass edging and clasp containing a collection of topographical and art photographic prints 30-40
713.    Five albums containing a large quantity of FDCs and some Royal Mail Mint Stamp collections 30-40
714.    A collection of mint stamps from Papua New Guinea and Tokelau together with two A4 sheets of Canadian stamps. 30-40
715.    A collection of sheets containing some high value early German stamps. 30-50
715A.   A collection of used and mint Commonwealth and early Canadian stamps. 50-70
716.    Eight stock books containing a collection of stamps from Singapore, India, South Africa and Ceylon. 25-40
717.    A stock book containing a collection of world stamps, various ages. 15-25
718.    Two crates containing a large quantity of stamp albums containing various mixed stamps. 30-40
719.    An album containing a collection of mixed bus tickets with examples from Bristol, Chester, London, etc 20-25
720.    Enchiridion Botanicum; published by G Robinson, London 1782 in leather binding 30-50
721.    Coelebs In Search of a Wife in two volumes (13th edition) published London 1810 20-25
722.    The British Expedition to the Crimea by WH Russell, published by G Routledge & Co, London 1858 with marbled boards and leather spine with gilt lettering 30-50
723.    Death in the Air - The War Diary and Photographs of a Flying Corps Pilot, 1st edition, published by William Heimann, Ltd London, originally published as a factual account but later exposed as fiction complete with fake photographs, etc 30-50
724.    Two Tiger Tim's annuals dated 1933 and 1934, a 1959 Who's Who, a collection of vintage sheet music, etc 15-20
725.    A Mackintosh Bros. Ltd, stoneware flagon together with an envelope containing a quantity of beer labels dating from the 1940/50's 20-25
726.    Seven Herge Tintin comic books, Tintin hardback book entitled Flight 714, together with four Asterix comic books 20-25
727.    An envelope containing a signed postcard of the Portuguese footballer Eusebio, together with an accompanying letter (displayed in cabinet) various football rugby and cricket programmes dating from the 1970/80's, coin collection commemorating various sporting events, etc 20-25
728.    A large and interesting collection of vintage ephemera and publications including the Picturegoer magazine, knitting patterns, sheet music books, various copies of the fortnightly publication "Japan's Fight for Freedom", etc 20-30
729.    Fourteen cigarette picture card albums together with a large quantity of loose cigarette cards 15-20
730.    An extensive collection of assorted football club souvenir programmes of various dates from the 1960s through to the 1980s, clubs including Reading, Oxford United, Swindon Town, Leeds United, etc 30-40
731.    A large collection of interesting vintage children's books including, Babar The King, Orlando (The Marmalade Cat) His Silver Wedding, Edmund Dulac's Picture Book, various early Rupert books and annuals including Rupert and the Robber Wolf by Mary Tourtel, etc 40-60
732.    19 volumes of the Works of Charles Dickens, published by Chapman & Hall Ltd London, 10 volumes of late 19th century editions of the Waverley Novels, published by A & C Black Edinburgh, 2 volumes of Waverley Anecdotes published by James Cochrane and John Crone, 1833, etc 30-50
733.    A mixed collection of books about art and music including Humorous Illustrations by John Leech, Songs of Two Savoyards by Gilbert and Sullivan, etc 20-25
734.    A collection of assorted books on riding and hunting, approx 30 volumes 20-30
735.    The Life of a Sportsman and Life of John Mytton both by Nimrod published by Kegan, Paul & Co, 6 volumes of Jorrocks Edition published 1926, together with three further volumes by R S Surtees 30-50
736.    A first edition of Thoroughbred Racing Stock by Lady Wentworth, published by George Allen & Unwin Ltd together with a collection of early 20th century equestrian books 30-40
737.    The Complete Works of Charles Dickens in thirty six volumes produced by Heron Books, London with green covers and ornate gilt spines, The History of England in four volumes produced by Heron Books, London together with eleven volumes of John Buchan novels. 30-50
738.    Thomas Sheraton, The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Drawing-Book produced by Praeger Publishers, New York, with original dust jacket. 20-25
739.    Two volumes of The Life of Samuel Johnson by James Boswell published London 1791 together with four volumes of The Lindleian. 20-25
740.    A first edition of Half-Hours with the Highwayman in two volumes by C G Harper, published by Chapman & Hall Limited, London 1908, a collection of local topographical books, a boxed set of three LPs entitled Cotswold Voices, Cotswold Characters and Cotswold Craftsmen and Volume 31 of The Illustrated London News. 30-50
741.    A collection of antiquarian and later leather bound books (21 volumes approx) including Natural History of Selborne, The Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets, etc. 20-30
742.    Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner, illustrated by J Noel Paton R.S.A., produced by Art-Union of London 1863. 20-25
743.    A collection of mixed books including some Folio Society editions, seven "Romany" titles by Bramwell Evens, etc together with a box of classical LPs including some boxed sets. 20-25
744.    Ten volumes of The Life & Works of Tennyson, published by MacMillan & Company, London 1898 together with nine volumes of Frederick The Great by Thomas Carlyle. 20-30
745.    An interesting collection of mixed books, subjects include opera, natural history, carriages, etc together with the 29th edition of Molesworth's Pocket Book of Engineering Formulae plus two fold up maps including a red map of India. 20-30
746.    A collection of classic literature and poetry including R L Stevenson, Rudyard Kipling, J M Barrie, Robert Gibbings and V. Sackville-West, etc. 30-50
747.    An unusual collection of art related books including first edition of The Letters of Eric Gill, published by Jonathan Cape, London 1947, How To Draw Horses by John Skeaping, published by The Studio, Liechtenstein's Picassos; 1962-1964 produced by the Gagosian Gallery, New York, a boxed Miniature History of England (on display in cabinet), etc. 30-50
748.    An Illustrated History of English Plate in two volumes by C J Jackson, published 1911 with owners details inside front cover of second volume - S J Shrubsole of London and New York. 150-200
749.    An interesting collection of mixed books including six volumes of Old Stories and Sayings from...produced by C W Daniel, London, Biggles of the Special Air Police, William & A.R.P., etc. 15-20
750.    A collection of books relating to The Life and Works of Katherine Mansfield and related subjects.

751.    Thirteen volumes of The Complete Peerage (14), published by The St Catherine Press Limited, London 1910. 30-40
752.    A box containing a collection of vintage and other children's books including a number relating to honey bees. 15-20
753.    A leather bound Standard Dictionary of the English Language, published by Funk & Wagnalls Company, London & Toronto 1895 together with a late 19th century bible with ornate leather cover, etc. 30-40
754.    Eight 19th and early 20th century bound copies of The Engineer with Office Reference Copy embossed on the front cover, various dates. 20-40
755.    A box containing a large quantity of Victor and The Wizard Comics, mostly dating from the 1970s. 15-20
756.    Three volumes of The Library Shakespeare, published by William MacKenzie, London together with a box of assorted books and three copies of The Beano Comic all dating from the 1970s, etc. 20-25
757.    Five boxes of miscellaneous books including four volumes of The History of England from the Earliest Times to the Death of George the Second, published London 1823, various topographical books, some Ward Lock guide books, topographical subjects, etc. 15-20
758.    HMV table top gramophone in an oak case (with two needle pins) a late 1940s electric turntable in a walnut case, together with a large stack of 78s
759.    A collection of classical LPs (40 approx). 15-20
759A.   A quantity (approx 100) of opera programmes - English and European 1990 - 2000 era, together with a reproduction brass 3 branch students lamp
760.    Two "His Masters Voice" albums containing a collection of 78 RPM records together with a further quantity of loose 78 RPM records.
761.    A collection of children's LPs and singles including some Disneyland Record and Book singles including Mickey Mouse, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, etc. 15-20
762.    Three boxes of assorted 45 rpm single records including two Cliff Richard and The Drifters and some early Elvis Presley. 20-25
763.    A collection of mixed LPs including classical (35 approx). 15-20
764.    A large collection of mixed LPs including classical, popular, easy listening, 1980s pop and rock. 20-25
765.    A large collection of mixed 45 rpm singles, various dates. 15-20
766.    A quantity of mixed LPs together with a number of 78 rpm records including Buddy Holly, Tommy Steele, Lonnie Donegan, etc., and a boxed set entitled More Songs of Wild Birds produced by H F & G Witherby Limited. 20-30
767.    A carrying case containing approximately 30 LPs and some singles, artists include Sex Pistols, Malcolm McLaren, The Stranglers, Squeeze, etc. 20-25
768.    Eighteen volumes of the Collins Illustrated Dickens together with twenty three volumes of the Everyman's Library of Classical Literature. 20-25
769.    An interesting collection of books about all aspects of Gloucestershire including some local towns (50 volumes approx). 20-25
770.    A large collection of books about the countryside and country life including twenty six volumes of The Country Book Club. 20-25
771.    An extensive good quality collection of gardening reference books (55 volumes approx) including books by Dan Pearson, Christopher Lloyd, etc., and a copy of Garden Ornament by Jekyll & Hussey with green leather spine and ornate gilt decoration. 40-60
772.    Two volumes of Military Operations Macedonia compiled by Captain Cyril Falls together with two boxes containing the associated maps. 20-25
773.    A large collection of good quality garden and plant reference books (30 volumes approx). 20-25
774.    A collection of books about Bristol and its history, two DVDs about the west country and Bristol experiences during the war, a small collection of Bristol related pamphlets, etc., together with six volumes of The War in Pictures produced by Odhams Press Limited, London. 20-25
775.    Two volumes of Chatterbox (1914 & 1916), The Wonder Book of Children and The Wonder Book of Railways plus further children's books including Enid Blyton, etc., together with The Times Contour Road Map (edition deluxe). 20-25
776.    A collection of early 20th century black and white photographs depicting various bee keeping clubs and country fairs, a box containing a collection of early 20th century glass photographic slides (displayed in cabinet), a collection of prize certificates dating from the 1940s and 1970s, an autograph album, framed black and white photograph, etc. 30-50
777.    A collection of books about bee keeping and related subjects including The New Naturalist - The World of the Honey Bee. 20-25
778.    A large collection of early 20th century books about bee keeping and related subjects (45 volumes approx). 20-25
779.    A mixed collection of bee related items including a miniature model of a beehive, a collection of bee related lidded pots including a Goebel example in the form of a bee, etc. 20-30
780.    An interesting collection of late 19th century and other books about allotments, gardens and bee keeping including an 1894 edition of Cottage Gardening, a rebound edition of The British Bee Journal dated 1875, The Apiary or Bees, Beehives and Bee Culture, etc. 30-50
781.    The ABC of Bee Culture by A I Root, published Medina Ohio 1895, two volumes of The ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture by A I Root, dated 1910 and 1917, two volumes of Bee-Keeping, New and Old Described with Pen and Camera by W Herrod-Hempsall, published by The British Bee Journal 1930 together with further books about bee keeping, particularly queen bees. 60-80
782.    A framed late 19th century leaflet advertising Marriott's exhibition of working bees held in the Crystal Palace (can be viewed from both sides), a box containing a quantity of printing blocks with various bee related designs and a framed print of The Beekeepers and The Bee Birdnester after Bruegel. 30-50
783.    An interesting collection of books about beehives, honey and related subjects (35 volumes approx) together with a quantity of vintage pamphlets and booklets about bee production, etc. 20-25
784.    A collection of fifteen books about various aspects of bee keeping and related subjects including A Treatise on the Management of Bees 1770 by Thomas Wildman, produced by Kingsmead Reprints 1970, My Bee Book by W C Cotton also by Kingsmead Reprints, Lippincott's Farm Manuals - Productive Bee-Keeping by Frank Pellett, etc. 20-25
785.    A collection of turn of the 20th century and later natural history books with particular reference to bees and insects and including two editions of The Natural History of Selborne, etc 30-40
786.    A Salina FCM-12 Crusher cider press, boxed honey sieve, various blocks of beeswax, doll in bee keeping costume, etc 30-50
787.    A large and interesting collection of vintage booklets, pamphlets and leaflets about bee keeping and related subjects (displayed on top shelf of middle white shelves) 30-40
788.    A suitcase containing a quantity of mainly topographical books including four volumes of The Churches of Derbyshire 20-30
789.    Two boxes of books about horse racing and related subjects including Classic Lines - A Gallery of the Great Thoroughbreds, signed by the author together with a number of framed horse racing prints 20-25
790.    A box of mixed books including poetry, nature, classic literature, etc 20-25
791.    A collection of mixed books subjects include art, children's stories, exploration, etc together with a collection of The World's Library of Best Books, together with two volumes of The Pictorial Family Bible, published 1856 and two small photo albums with ornate covers and metal clasps containing a quantity of black and white family photos (displayed in cabinet) 20-30
792.    A box containing a quantity of mixed early 20th century unusual cookbooks including Mrs Beeton's Shilling Cookery Book, etc together with a collection of the Pins and Needles magazine 20-30
793.    Two boxes of mixed books including two leather bound ledgers, etc 15-20
794.    16 volumes of the Works of WM Thackeray produced by Smith, Elder & Co, London 1868 in green covers with ornate gilt decoration, together with further mixed books including Moore's Irish Melodies, Isabella D'Este in 2 volumes, 5 editions of The Cornhill all dating from the 1940's, etc (displayed over two shelves) 30-50
795.    Thirteen volumes of Trollope & Bronte titles produced by The Zodiac Press, London together with 10 volumes of Shakespeare published by George Newnes Ltd, London 20-25
796.    9 volumes of The Novels and Tales of Henry James, published by Charles Scribener's Sons, New York 1922, together with further books by Rudyard Kipling and Sir Walter Scott 20-25
797.    6 volumes of Scott's Poetical Works, 5 volumes of Spenser's Poetical Works, together with further books about poetry 20-25
798.    The Diary of Samuel Pepys in four volumes published by Swan Sonnenschein & Co Ltd, 1906, 3 volumes of The Autobiography and Correspondence of Mary Granville, etc 20-30
799.    14 volumes of The Poetical Works of Geoffrey Chaucer published Edinburgh 1872, together with a large collection of antiquarian and other books 30-50
800.    3 volumes of Motor Repair and Overhauling, further motor related books and a collection of vintage and other motoring leaflets and booklets, etc 20-25
801.    A collection of books about embroidery and related subjects 15-20
802.    A box containing a large collection of mixed LPs together with a small number of 45rpm singles 20-25
1000.   An oval copper tub, further galvanised water tank, vintage ladder, stools, etc.
1001.   Two teak folding garden chairs.
1002.   A teak planters chair with folding frame and adjustable foot rest.
1003.   An aluminium garden table of circular form with pierced top on tripod base.
1004.   A large quantity of terracotta flower pots of varying sizes (300-400 pots).
1005.   A collection of six teakwood folding garden chairs.
1006.   A pair of cast iron bench or seat ends with lion mask and other detail.
1007.   A collection of reconstituted and weathered garden pots and ornaments together with two galvanised iron buckets and three cast iron hoppers (12).
1007A.  Three reclaimed cast iron drain water hoppers together with two galvanized buckets 20-40
1007B.  A simple pine bench with plank seat and shaped supports - 187cm long approx 30-50
1008.   A pair of simple pine benches on shaped supports, 150 cm long approx. 60-80
1009.   A pair of simple pine benches on shaped supports, 135 cm long approx. 60-80
1010.   A pair of simple pine benches on shaped supports, 1.5 m long approx. 60-80
1011.   A pair of simple pine benches on shaped supports, 1.4 m long approx. 60-80
1012.   A galvanised iron bath of oval form.
1013.   A large quantity of miscellaneous terracotta flower pots of varying sizes (200 approx).
1014.   A Victorian pine farmhouse table with single frieze drawer, raised on turned supports, (painted) together with a large vice.
1015.   A petrol driven single axle rotary strimmer with Briggs & Stratton engine.
1016.   A Victorian cast iron stool on lions paw feet, a two tier steel rack, decorative Canterbury, etc.
1017.   A good quality weathered garden figure of a female with sickle and corn representing summer, 120 cm tall approx. 80-100
1018.   NO LOT
1019.   A reconstituted garden figure of a classical female with drapery together with a column stand. 60-80
1020.   A pair of Chinese style weathered garden ornaments in the form of Dogs of Fo, raised on square cut bases. 60-80
1021.   A reconstituted garden figure of a classical male bust on a fluted stand and a further ornament in the form of a young girl. 60-80
1022.   A pair of weathered reconstituted figures of a boy and girl together with three weathered garden pots with Greek Key and grape detail. 40-60
1022A.  Thee reconstituted garden urns with grape detail
1023.   A quantity of galvanised iron chicken feeders and water feeders.
1024.   A painted aluminium garden terrace bench, further matching armchair and a circular table.
1025.   A painted aluminium garden table and chair with rose bud detail.
1026.   A weathered garden ornament in the form of a miniature well with seated characters, raised on a fluted column and base together with a further three tier waterfall.
1027.   A cast aluminium terrace table of rectangular form with pierced top and four scrolled supports.
1028.   An iron framed garden armchair and matching stool together with an iron obelisk.
1029.   A three sectional reconstituted garden bird bath and an iron sundial.
1030.   Two Victorian buff coloured clay chimney pots, a pair of urns and two salt glazed sinks.
1030A.  A pair of cast composition garden flower troughs of rectangular form with foliate detail together with a matching slightly smaller example and a pair of campanula shaped urns (5)
1030B.  A pair of cast composition stone pedestals of square form supporting associated planters, together with two circular planters with trailing floral detail and a sphere and plinth
1030C.  A pair of brown matte glazed Chinese style planters/jardineres of ovoid form with dragon detail 40-60
1031.   A rectangular garden table with scrolled framework.
1032.   On the instructions of executors
AUDI A3T FSI Automatic 5 door hatchback, petrol, 1984cc, Black, Reg YT55 VYO - first registered September 2005, 115k miles approx, MOT'D until September 2017, comprehensive collection of further paperwork. Believed on SORN statement
1032A.  Benassi rotovator powered by a Honda GC 160 5mp engine 100-150
1033.   Nine various 19th century and early 20th century leaded light panels all in pine frames, various sizes, mainly with geometric detail, together with a similar framed mirror picture of the Mary Rose and one other 80-100
1034.   Sixteen various sash clamps, mainly 1.2 m long or longer. 100-200
1035.   A petrol driven brush cutter (little used).
1036.   A Leabank Eagle household combination safe 42 cm wide x 37 cm tall approx, key and combination details in Auctioneers office.
1037.   A pair of weathered campana shaped urns on waisted columns and square cut bases, 40 cm tall approx. 80-100
1038.   A good local limestone D end trough, 50 cm maximum approx. 60-80
1039.   A cast iron garden planter of rectangular form with lion mask and swag detail.
1040.   Two carved and weathered hardwood figures of cloaked females, 130 cm and 100 cm tall approx. 80-100
1041.   Approximately 10 sash clamps, mainly 1 m and smaller. 50-70
1042.   An iron table base with pierced column and octagonal foot. 20-40
1043.   A cast iron wood burning stove with arched and glazed panelled door on shaped supports, 70 cm tall approx. 80-100
1044.   A cast iron French garden planter of rectangular form with floral swag and scrolled detail, 60 cm wide approx.
1044A.  A mannequin wearing a rusted suit of armour complete with sword, 80 cm tall approx.
1045.   A pair of brass exterior lanterns in the form of coaching lamps.
1046.   A garden ornament in the form of a barn owl with outstretched wings, 70 cm tall approx together with a further weathered figure of a falcon.
1047.   A Victorian combed terracotta garden urn together with a Victorian blue and white printed lavatory pan by The Trent Sanitary Closet and leaded glass cloche (3)
1048.   A heavy cast iron press by N Clover & Co Limited of Leeds.
1049.   An iron fire basket raised on a pair of iron fire dogs with spiral twist detail.
1050.   A traditional English weather vane in hammered copper surmounted by a cockerel, 130 cm high approx. 60-80
1050A.  A pair of unusual Georgian iron panels simulating padlocks.
1051.   An Edwardian cast iron gas fire surround with laurel and further garland detail.
1052.   A carved alabaster life sized model of a horse's head with flowing mane, 65 cm tall approx. 200-250
1053.   A vintage Raleigh Twenty cycle with folding framework.
1054.   A Ryobi mulching blower vaccuum.
1055.   A good quality Pietra Dura circular table top, the black ground decorated geometrically with shells, trailing floral bands, 140 cm diameter approx, etc. 800-1000
1056.   A cast iron water pump with lead pipework.
1057.   A Kawasaki petrol driven strimmer, Model No KBH 27A.
1058.   A collection of garden tools, small electric chainsaw, aluminium milk churn, further hand tools, etc.
1059.   A continental shire horse collar with painted framework.
1060.   A Victorian wirework jardiniere stand of rectangular form on scrolled feet.
1061.   Three Victorian pitch pine doors with original fittings, one enclosing a bevelled edged mirror plate.
1062.   A good quality pair of oak ledged doors of arched outline set within a complete framework with ironwork fittings including lock and a set of keys, overall height including frame 195 cm, width including frame 168 cm approx. 200-300
1062A.  A vintage cut out hardboard sign advertising "His Masters Voice" 40-60
1063.   An Edwardian mahogany lamp or side cupboard enclosed by a single carved and panelled door over an open shelf, raised on turned and swept supports. 50-70
1064.   An Edwardian oak bookcase of full height enclosed by four doors, two with leaded light panels beneath a carved frieze. 80-100
1065.   A painted canvas theatre sign "Tea for Two" starring Doris Day, 2.6 m long approx. 30-50
1066.   An Art Deco longcase clock, the oak cigar shaped case enclosing an anodised dial and three train movement enclosed by a partially glazed front. 60-80
1067.   A 19th century striped and waxed pine demi-lune frame with recessed panels and applied mouldings. 60-80
1068.   A reproduction carved hardwood fire surround with face mask, scrolled acanthus and Corinthian column supports beneath a raised tapered panelled back, the mantle 158 cm wide, 220 cm high approx including main panel.

1069.   A Victorian iron safe by T Withers & Son of West Bromwich with original painted framework and brass fittings, complete with keys held in Auctioneers office. 60-80
1070.   A Victorian iron and brass four divisional stick stand with turned finials. 60-80
1071.   A mid-20th century mahogany long case clock with broken arch brass dial and chiming movement. 60-80
1072.   A Victorian style mahogany framed overmantle mirror with reeded and shaped framework, 130 cm wide approx.
1073.   A Victorian gilded overmantle mirror with reeded column supports, the frame with further geometric detail, 155 cm tall approx. 280-300
1074.   A Georgian wall mirror, the mahogany frame with fretted outline together with a further rectangular gilt framed wall mirror.
1075.   A gilded wall mirror of rectangular form, the lower plate with bevelled edged borders, the upper section enclosing an 18th century style print beneath an acanthus and urn swag. 40-60
1076.   A substantial 19th century overmantle mirror, the cushion moulded frame with acanthus and other scrolled detail, 130 cm wide approx.
1077.   A mid-19th century continental rosewood wall mirror with shaped and moulded frame, with boxwood string inlaid detail and floral marquetry panel. 60-80
1078.   Two Edwardian oval wall mirrors both with bevelled edged plates.
1079.   A substantial Chippendale style wall mirror, the bevelled edged mirror plate within a large and ornate gilded frame with C scroll, acanthus and other detail, 150 cm high approx. 140-160
1080.   A substantial Victorian pine carpentry box fitted with a comprehensive collection of vintage tools of all types, a further box containing a quantity of moulding planes and a further carpentry box and contents. 150-180
1081.   A substantial Victorian arched overmantle mirror, the frame with moulded and rope twist detail, 135 cm high approx. 120-150
1082.   An overmantle mirror of rectangular form enclosing a rectangular bevelled edged plate beneath a deep frieze with quiver, arrows, birds and foliated detail, the frame with overall simulated and aged marbled effect within gilded borders, 145 cm high x 85 cm wide approx. 100-120
1083.   An aesthetic movement overmantle mirror containing three mirror plates within a black and gilded framework together with a demi-lune shelf, the painted panels showing wild birds. 60-80
1084.   Six matching wall mirrors each enclosing bevelled edged mirrored plates within cushion moulded gilded frames, 1 m x 70 cm approx.
1085.   A 1950 bagatelle table, the Fleet 3000 with original paint work, the game involves a central rocket shaped framework in chrome running on a 12 volt battery system, in working order, 1 m long x 44 cm wide approx. 450-550
1086.   A stripped and waxed Victorian pine farmhouse bedstead with turned finials to accept a 4ft 6 inch standard mattress.
1087.   An Edwardian oak framed wall mirror with fretted outline and bevelled edged mirror plate.
1088.   A 19th century gilded pier glass with bevelled edged mirror plate and two others.
1089.   A 19th century Italian carved and gilded mirror frame with pierced detail and acanthus and other scrolled decoration enclosing a rectangular mirror plate, with original bright gilt decoration, 60 x 76 cm approx. 60-80
1090.   A Victorian brass and iron bedstead to accept a 5 ft standard mattress. 60-80
1091.   A cast resin panel moulded in deep relief showing cherubs with ribboned garland, with ivory effect finish, 90 x 95 cm approx.
1092.   A decorative Victorian cast iron and brass mounted double bedstead, the headboard with geometric detail with scrolls, flowerheads, etc, to accept a standard 5 ft mattress.
1093.   An Edwardian oak bookcase with blind fret frieze enclosed by two astragal glazed panelled doors.
1094.   A modern four tier folding bookcase.
1095.   A good quality contemporary wall mounted headboard of arched outline with floral detail on a cream ground, to fit against a standard 6 ft bedstead.
1096.   An 8 ft sleigh bed in mahogany complete with a virtually new pocket sprung mattress. 200-300
1097.   NO LOT
1098.   A vintage olive green four drawer filing cabinet with gilt lined detail.
1099.   A stripped and waxed freestanding corner cupboard with painted interior. 120-150
1100.   An Indian carved hardwood occasional table of rectangular form on four turned supports with pegged frame and carved detail. 60-80
1101.   Two small vintage oak coffers both with linen fold detail.
1102.   A quantity of vintage kitchen equipment including bread bin, flour bin, pastry moulds, etc. 30-50
1103.   An Indian travelling trunk with painted detail.
1104.   A late 19th century cast iron ice shaver with decorartive frame, manufactured by Meidigogo, 65cm
1105.   A pair of contemporary bedside cabinets each enclosed by a frieze drawer and cupboard door, raised on ogee supports.
1106.   A low mahogany chest fitted with an arrangement of seven drawers of varying sizes, raised on bracket supports, 150 cm wide approx. 100-120
1107.   An Art Deco walnut veneered display cabinet with astragal glazed panelled doors on pad feet.
1108.   A Victorian single brass and iron bedstead complete with base spring.
1109.   Grand mother clock - please provide description
1110.   A stripped and waxed pine kitchen table on turned supports to seat four people.
1111.   A small pine cottage dresser, the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors and two frieze drawers, the upper section enclosed by two further doors, 80 cm wide approx.
1112.   A late 19th century Dickens desk fitted with an arrangement of 8 drawers over a sloping top flanked by further small drawers 60-80
1113.   A 19th century Windsor stick back elbow chair with elm seat and beechwood supports with stripped and waxed finish
1114.   A pair of large contemporary ebonised metal urn shaped table lamps with square cut bases, 40 cm high approx (excluding fitting).
1115.   A collection of 11 vintage trunks mainly mid 20th century many with original destination stickers and labels 60-80
1116.   A painted pine chest fitted with an arrangement of four deep and six shallow drawers in a side by side arrangment with painted finish, 130cm wide 60-80
1117.   An oak chest of 8 short drawers in a side by side arrangment 115cm wide 60-80
1118.   A Bosch Economic upright freezer (sold on behalf of executors) 60cm wide
1119.   Two Allowmere military travel trunks with recessed fittings together with military antennae model number 518-D3 and 3 further timber trunks
1120.   A vintage draftsman's table with adjustable framework, further adjustable squares, T squares, etc
1121.   An Edwardian child's metamorphic high chair 20-40
1122.   A miscellaneous collection of chairs including a Victorian black lacquered mother of pearl inlaid bedroom chair with cane seat, two arts and crafts chairs in oak with cane seats, two 19th century mahogany dining chairs and two others (7)
1123.   Two Fortnum and Mason wicker hampers and further wicker ware 40-60
1124.   A painted exterior lantern in metal with pyramid roof and tapering sides 40-60
1125.   An early 20th century oak school room desk and chair, the desk with rising lid 60-80
1126.   A vintage flood light in steel case work, 50cm diameter together with a good example of a Wee Baby Belling number 51 vintage cooker
1127.   Two stripped pine corner cupboards and two stripped pine shelves
1128.   An Edwardian beech wood rocking chair with rush seat, Victorian mahogany hall chair with carved back, a spinning chair and a further stick back chair
1129.   A 19th century pine blanket chest with original oak grained finish
1130.   A collection of vintage glass lampshdes, principally in milk white, approx 12 30-50
1131.   Approx 150 unused padlocks complete with keys 40-60
1132.   Two crates containing a miscellaneous collection of timber and other door knob and handles, all with painted finish
1133.   A quantity of heavy duty traditional iron work exterior door furniture, mainly handles 30-50
1134.   Approx 50 pairs of traditional ironwork door handles 30-50
1135.   A crate containing 22 traditional door locks/latches 20-30
1136.   A large quantity (4 crates) of antique and later furniture fittings including handles, castors together with bed knobs, brass handles, etc 30-50
1137.   Approx 300 brand new cabinet locks by Decor complete with keys, each plate 7.5cm long by 4cm approx 180-200
1138.   Approx 300 brand new cabinet locks by Decor complete with keys, each plate 7.5cm long by 4cm approx 180-200
1139.   Approx 300 brand new cabinet locks by Decor complete with keys, each plate 7.5cm long by 4cm approx 180-200
1140.   Approx 300 brand new cabinet locks by Decor complete with keys, each plate 7.5cm long by 4cm approx 180-200
1141.   47 cast iron work rope twist handles, 8cm long approx, a quantity of cast cup pull drawer handles and approx 100+ partially twisted bar pull examples 100-120
1142.   38 traditional ironwork window latches 20-30
1143.   Ryobi 12v cased cordless drill with battery and charger, together with a small selection of good quality hand tools
1144.   A collection of Devon pottery jugs, salt glazed ware, two timber table lamps, small amount of enamelled ware, etc
1145.   A substantial salt glazed barrel of oval form in a cream and brown banded colourway with royal coat of arms
1146.   A box containing a miscellaneous collection of vintage brass gas and electricity arms, a small amount of hand accessories, tools and fittings, etc
1147.   A collection of three vintage galvanized iron watering cans and further ironware 60-80
1148.   Two graduated copper saucepans with steel handles, a riveted galvanized iron pail and pump with applied label, 'The Four Oaks' a set of 19th century elm bellows, etc
1149.   Five vintage Shell and other petrol cans, a Valor Esso blue paraffin can, a number of vintage car registration plates, etc
1150.   A miscellaneous collection of 19th century and later copper including a large hot water can, Georgian style kettle, brass jam pan, two brass jardineres, copper warming pan together with steel fire irons, etc
1151.   14 various 19th century and later flat irons
1152.   A galvanized iron tub, storm latntern, two timber shoe lathes, a pair of good qulity iron fire dogs, etc
1153.   Four crates containing a miscellaneous collection of brass oil lamps, oil cans, hand tools, Hames etc
1154.   NO LOT
1155.   Two boat shaped laser sight fairing's for a tornado jet aircraft, 108 cm long approx
1156.   A Myford engineers lathe with electric power plant with a range of additional chucks and gearing set on a shallow tray 90cm long approx, (private ownership, very good condition) 500-600
1157.   A large quantity (4 crates) of G clamps and various small electric circular saws, etc 80-100
1157A.  A stained wooden box with flush fitting carrying handle 30-40
1158.   A quantity of T squares, iron hinges, mallets and other hand tools 30-50
1159.   A large quantity of (6 crates) of door fittings, hinges and other door furniture 180-200
1160.   A large Victorian Gothic rainwater hopper with castellated and other detail, further hoppers and nursery guard, horse brasses, together with a brass swan neck table lamp with frosted bell shaped shade, etc
1161.   A 19th century continental pine knockdown wardrobe the central mirrored panel door enclosed by three doors over three drawers, 150cm wide 80-100
1161A.  A upholstered foot stool of rectangular form raised on claw and ball supports together with one other (2) 50-70
1162.   A Victorian stripped and waxed pine side table enclosing two drawers on turned supports together with an upholstered hearth stool on claw and ball supports
1163.   A pair of vintage industrial street lights with wall mounted fittings and painted enamelled shades
1164.   A Victorian oak chest of three long and two short drawers
1165.   A contemporary pine bookcase of full height with reeded framework and five adjustable shelves, 90cm wide
1166.   A 19th century stripped and waxed pine chest of three long drawers on bracket supports 82cm wide
1167.   A reproduction chest of three long and two short drawers in a Georgian mahogany style
1168.   A contemporary chest of five long drawers with brass plate handles and a matching tower of three drawers
1169.   A solid oak contemporary chest of two long and six short drawers, 90cm
1170.   An HMV table top gramophone model 109 with HMV sound box number 4 together with a quantity of later vinyl records
1171.   A polished steel and oak French shop display shelves/stand fitted with scrolled detail 75cm wide 70-90
1172.   A small reproduction Georgian style kneehole desk with eight drawers and inset leather top
1173.   An Edwardian mahogany vitrine of square cut form enclosed by four glass panels 50-70
1174.   A mid 19th century mahogany side cupboard enclosed by a pair of panelled doors and a single frieze drawer, 115cm wide 80-100
1175.   A Victorian stripped and waxed pine washstand of side table with 3/4 raised gallery over two frieze drawers on a stretcher base 60-80
1176.   A contemporary oak ladies sewing cabinet with rising lid over two frieze drawers on shaped supports
1177.   A pair of Victorian mahogany hall chairs with turned spindle backs, a further similar chair together with a mid 20th century office chair with upholstered seat and back and a two tier occasional table (5)
1178.   A Victorian mahogany serpentine chest of three long and two short drawers on bracket supports 80-100
1179.   A Victorian painted pine two tier washstand with frieze drawer and partially painted finish
1180.   A mid 19th century mahogany Pembroke breakfast table on turned pillar and quadruped base
1181.   Small Victorian oak pedestal writing desk with nine drawers and leather top 60-80
1182.   A Regency beechwood elbow chair with cane panelled seat, a Windsor style stool, a Georgian shield back dining chair etc
1183.   An Edwardian mahogany ladies writing desk fitted with five frieze drawers on square taper legs with satinwood, boxwood and ebony sting inlay detail 100-120
1184.   18th century walnut strong box with blind fret details showing characters in battle, etc 92cm long
1185.   French oak tamber fronted filing unit, the tamber front enclosing a shelved interior, 123cm high
1186.   A broad Edwardian bedroom chest of two long and two short drawers, 4ft wide approx 30-50
1187.   1970 mahogany waterfall wall shelf, 57cm high; together with an Eastern fold table pierced with birds amidst foliage (2) 30-50
1188.   An unusual early 20th century walnut drop leaf dining table with barley twist and cup and cover supports together with an arts and crafts style oak carver chair 10-20
1189.   Oak copper bound barrel jardiniere on three splayed legs supported by a triangular under tier; together with a further mahogany pot cupboard (2) 20-40
1190.   Provincial pine cupboard with tongue and groove door, together with one other (2) 60-80
1191.   Regency style bow fronted dressing table, the raised back with arched mirror and Corinthian column pillar supports upon a base fitted with an arrangement of three drawers flanked by further Corinthian column legs; together with a white painted coat and hat stand and a 19th century pier glass (3) 50-80
1192.   Victorian mahogany twin pedestal desk fitted with an arrangement of 9 drawers to the kneehole frieze, 103cm wide 60-100
1193.   A late 19th century Singer treadle sewing and a machine together with one other by Columbia (2)
1194.   A 19th century stripped pine dresser base enclosed by three frieze drawers and three panelled doors, 205cm 100-120
1195.   A Victorian stripped waxed pine wash stand with three quarter gallery over a frieze drawer on turned supports
1195A.  A pair of bleached antlers 70cm long approx. 30-50
1196.   A Victorian stripped and waxed pine chest of three drawers, 83cm long 60-80
1197.   A Victorian stripped and waxed pine wash stand on two tiers together with a contemporary floral pattern jug and basin set and a further wash stand with sea blue paint work
1198.   An Edwardian oak dresser, the lower section enclosed by two panel doors and two frieze drawers, the upper section fitted with a two tier plate rack with applied moulded detail raised on barley twist legs, 160cm wide 60-80
1199.   Contemporary decorative objects to include a Lambretta table lamp, a number of wire work stands supporting glass Cornucopia, 5 polished cast alloy desk car ornaments, 4 pictorial glass paper weights, further clock ornaments with circular dials raised on simple metal stands etc.
1199A.  Miele vacuum cleaner model S4211 - 300 - 2000w
1200.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany two tier jardinere stand with a string inlay detail
1201.   19th century mahogany centre or breakfast table raised on a turned pillar and quadruped base with lions paw feet
1202.   A 19th century French cherry wood farmhouse dining table, the plank top with cleated ends raised on square tapered supports, 180cm long 120-180
1203.   Two folding 'Batribikes' in original holdalls, with branded accessories
1204.   A contemporary oak occasional or side table of low form enclosing a single frieze drawer
1204A.  A pair of contemporary wooden urn shaped table lamps with painted finish raised on square cut platform bases 40-60
1205.   A Victorian pine washstand with original simulated grained mahogany finish and simulated marble top
1206.   A 19th century salt glazed egg pan
1207.   A 19th century pine chest of three long drawers with original simulated oak grained finish, 1m wide 60-80
1208.   A Victorian mahogany open book case fitted with three shelves, 145cm wide 80-100
1209.   A late Edwardian oak bureau bookcase combination, the central bureau over a frieze drawer and cupboard flanked by glazed bookcases to either side with carved floral detail in deep relief together with a good quality Edwardian light oak two tier occasional table of rectangular form with turned supports and castors. (2)
1210.   A Victorian oak hall bench with four turned supports beneath a plank top, 122cm long
1211.   A set of six (4+2) Regency style mahogany sabre leg dining chairs with drop in seats 60-80
1212.   A pair of contemporary open arm chairs with upholstered seats and back panels
1213.   A Lloyd loom tub chair in a blue colourway with upholstered and sprung cushion
1214.   An Edwardian tub chair with turned spindle gallery and upholstered finish
1215.   A Windsor smokers elbow chair with elm seat
1216.   A set of four Regency mahogany dining chairs with carved and shaped splats, upholstered seats on turned and fluted supports
1217.   A late Victorian drawing room or bedroom chair with velvet upholstery and button back frame on turned supports
1218.   A Victorian button back drawing room chair on turned supports
1219.   A set of eight (6+2) Hepplewhite style shield back dining chairs with pierced splats and upholstered seats on square tapered supports
1220.   A set of eight simple Georgian style dining chairs with vase shaped splats and solid seats on square tapered supports 100-200
1221.   An Edwardian light weight parlor chair with show wood frame and cabriole supports together with a spinning chair with chip carved detail

1221A.  A pair of continental oak open elbow chairs with triple wavy moulded bar backs over rush seats and turned supports united by stretchers 50-70
1222.   A Georgian style elbow chair raised on shaped forelegs with upholstered seat and back
1223.   Georgian style mahogany elbow chair with pierced splat and drop in seat on square cut supports
1224.   A mahogany chair in the Georgian style with carved and pierced splat, drop in seats and square cut supports
1225.   A 19th century Windsor stick back rocking chair in elm and beechwood with waxed finish
1226.   A 19th century lathe back elbow chair in elm and beechwood with stripped and waxed finish
1227.   An arts and crafts oak elbow chair with carved and pierced splat and a further single chair of similar design
1228.   A Georgian style wing chair with scrolled arms and short cabriole supports
1229.   A Victorian drawing room chair with carved and moulded mahogany frame and upholstered framework
1230.   A modern ash elbow chair of tradition shape with upholstered seat, back and arm panels
1231.   A Windsor lathe back elbow chair on turned supports
1231A.  A contemporary armchair with oatmeal ground upholstery button back, rolled arms and cabriole forelegs
1232.   Chinese hardwood occasional table of low form, square cut, carved and pierced top with shaped and pierced borders
1233.   A Victorian rosewood side chair with barley twist supports carved and pierced cresting rail and handwork tapestry seat and back
1234.   A small stripped and waxed pine settle with enclosed box base, two further 19th century pine stools, corner bracket, wicker basket, barbola mirror and circular foot stool with hand worked tapestry top 80-100
1235.   A contemporary pine bureau in the Georgian style fitted with four long drawers raised on bracket supports
1236.   A contemporary pine chest of three drawers, the drawer fronts with wicker panels, a heavy oak two tier occasional table and a folding dining table with lattice work frame
1237.   A Victorian pine chest of three long and two short drawers with bracket supports 60-80
1238.   A set of 10 beechwood kitchen chairs with rush seats, triple bar backs and coloured frames 60-80
1239.   An oak refectory table raised on a pair of baluster shaped supports with carved freize, 155cm long to seat six
1240.   A contemporary pine farmhouse table, the sanded plank top raised on traditional refectory base with four turned supports and central rail, 180cm 150-200
1241.   A set of 4 Windsor lathe back kitchen chairs with waxed finish
1242.   A Victorian mahogany piano stool the circular top with adjustable mechanism raised on a fluted column and three scrolled supports
1243.   A rustic pine kitchen table with a waxed pine plank top raised on a painted framework with four turned supports, 170cm long to seat six
1244.   A shaped dining table with floral marquetry detail raised on a carved pillar and quadruped base with a matching set of six dining chairs and side cabinet
1245.   A Victorian mahogany tea table, the circular top raised on a octagonal onion shaped pillar and platform base
1245A.  A set of five Victorian oak dining chairs with carved rampant lion and cartouche cresting rails raised on turned and fluted supports and stretchers 50-80
1246.   A 19th century mahogany Pembroke table on turned supports and a further oak gateleg table
1247.   An Edwardian oak book case with central division, each section enclosing adjustable shelving, 140cm long
1247A.  a beechwood standard lam with partial fluted and reeded column, raised on a circular platform base
1248.   A pair of contemporary light oak side tables with arched supports each enclosing a frieze drawer on two tiers
1249.   A set of eight Victorian style balloon back dining chairs on fluted forelegs with upholstered seats 80-100
1250.   A set of five Edwardian satin wood side or dining chairs each with carved and pierced splats and string inlaid detail
1251.   withdrawn
1252.   A Victorian style mahogany extending dining table with single additional leaf and four turned and fluted supports to seat eight 80-100
1253.   A panelled coffer with plank top 105cm wide
1254.   A contemporary light metal framed chest fitted with an arrangement of five multi coloured drawers raised on shaped supports, 76 cm wide
1255.   A low bookcase enclosed by two glazed panel doors with fitted shelves
1256.   An early 19th century mahogany side cupboard, the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors, the upper section recessed by two further doors, 80cm wide
1257.   A Victorian loo table of usual form, the low top raised on four baluster supports and carved legs
1258.   A Lloyd Loom occasional table of square cut form with painted finish
1258A.  A Lloyd Loom chair in pink with swept arms together with one other
1259.   A rustic pine farmhouse table, the heavy plank top raised on four square cut supports together with a set of four beechwood ladder back chairs with good rush seats 80-100
1260.   A Georgian style mahogany occasional table the circular dished top raised on turned and fluted column and carved tripod base with bird cage action
1261.   A reproduction 19th century style torchiere, the circular dish top upon a fluted and baluster turned column, 99cm high 20-40
1262.   A set of four 19th century dining room chairs with turned spindle mouldings and upholstered seats
1263.   An inlaid mahogany elbow chair and a further similar single chair
1264.   A Georgian style mahogany pedestal desk fitted with an arrangement of nine drawers with inset leather top, 150cm wide 120-140
1265.   A late Victorian mahogany partners desk, each side fitted with an arrangement of eight drawers and slide, with brass plate handles and inset top, 150cm long 150-200
1266.   A contemporary, but traditional style, two to three seat sofa, with shaped outline, rolled arms, cream ground floral upholstery and loose cushions raised on short square tapered forelegs with brass caps and castors, together with a matching stool 60-80
1267.   A miscellaneous collection of furniture including a 19th century pine side table with painted finish, an oak occasional table, Regency dining chair, further rosewood dining chair, Regency simulated bamboo chair, ladder back chair, stool, octagonal table in the Georgian style, etc
1268.   A substantial 19th century stripped pine travelling box with iron banded boarders 60-80
1268A.  A 19th century pine blanket box with hinged lid and later painted and distressed finish 40-60
1269.   An upholstered armchair with swivel base and simulated leather finish, together with a matching foot stool
1270.   A small wicker conservatory sofa in a twin colourway together with a matching occasional table on swept supports
1271.   An Edwardian drawing room chair with traditional Jacobean style upholstery with sprung frame raised on bun supports
1272.   A Georgian brass dairy bowl together with two Indian engraved salvers
1272A.  A pair of contemporary cream leather two seat sofas and matching armchair with shaped outline raised on simple squat square tapered supports 100-150
1273.   A contemporary freestanding four fold screen with simulated crackled painted finish and floral panels.
1274.   A substantial Laura Ashley Edwardian style, but modern, drawing room chair with scrolled arms, loose cushions and pale cream linen upholstery 100-150
1275.   Eight various wheelback and other kitchen chairs
1276.   A traditional 19th century spinning wheel, stripped finish, together with a spinning chair, also stripped with turned spindle back
1277.   A circular mahogany occasional table raised on four turned and tapered supports with x shaped stretcher
1278.   An Edwardian mahogany three fold room divider with partially glazed panel
1279.   A JVC Stacking music system comprising a fully automatic turntable, AL-E300BK, stereo double cassette receiver DR-E500l, compact disc player XL-E300BK and a pair of SP-E300 speakers
1280.   A pine farmhouse kitchen dresser, the base fitted with two towers of three drawers flanking a central cupboard, beneath a recessed raised plate rack with three fixed open shelves and boarded back, 6ft long approx 60-80
1281.   A late 19th century walnut wardrobe with mirror panelled door over a single frieze drawer.
1282.   A small inlaid Edwardian walnut side cabinet, freestanding and enclosed by a rectangular glazed panelled door, raised on shaped cabriole supports.
1283.   A small 19th century oak bedroom chest of three long drawers with later painted finish and polished brass cup pull handles, 70 cm wide approx. 40-60
1284.   A Victorian stencilled pine dressing chest of three long graduated drawers beneath two trinket drawers with swing mirror over, with architectural pediment. 60-80
1285.   A contemporary floorstanding pine side cupboard enclosed by a pair of folding lancet panelled doors.

1286.   A Victorian mahogany tilt top loo or breakfast table of circular form with moulded outline, raised on a central pillar and scrolled tripod, 104 cm diameter approx. 40-60
1287.   A cane and rattan conservatory suite comprising a table of circular form together with a set of four matching chairs with triangular seats designed to sit flush around the edge of the table. 40-60
1288.   A pitch pine simulated bamboo centre table the circular top upon four bamboo columns, serpentine quatrefoil plato and four splayed feet, 153cm diameter.

1289.   A Harlequin set of four Windsor stick back kitchen chairs in elm and beech, raised on turned supports united by double H shaped stretchers.
1290.   A set of four stripped and elm beech wood Windsor lathe back kitchen chairs with turned supports and stretchers. 40-60
1291.   A mahogany standard lamp, the column partially fluted and carved with foliate detail, raised on shaped tripod supports together with a further gilt example partially fluted, with foliate detail, raised on a disc shaped platform and bun feet. (2) 40-60
1292.   A pair of decorative standard lamps, the simple turned columns with trailing floral and acanthus detail raised on circular moulded disc shaped platform bases with all-over painted finish with gilt highlights. 60-80
1293.   A Victorian walnut nursing or low occasional chair, the show wood frame with moulded and scrolling acanthus detail, green velvet upholstered seat and scrolled cabriole forelegs. 40-60
1294.   A Victorian walnut veneered pier cabinet with inlaid floral detail and further stringing, enclosed by a rectangular glazed panelled door raised on a deep plinth with shaped apron. 70-90
1295.   An Edwardian walnut sideboard, the raised panelled back incorporating three bevelled edged mirror plates, pronounced shelves and architectural mouldings, over a base enclosed by an arrangement of cupboards and drawers of carved foliate panels, etc.
1296.   A pair of large contemporary ebonised cast metal table lamps of flared trumpet and bun form, raised on polished square cut bases, 58 cm high approx (excluding fitting).
1297.   A vintage teak flight of twelve card index filing drawers housed within a cabinet with tapered front elevation, raised on a stand with four square tapered legs, 67 cm wide x 118 cm high x 49 cm deep approx. 80-120
1298.   A reproduction mahogany faceted baluster standard lamp.

1299.   A Victorian walnut occasional table of rectangular form with shaped ends and inlaid detail, raised on a pair of turned column supports and swept feet united by a central further turned stretcher together with a small Victorian mahogany toilet mirror of arched form, a wine table with circular disc dish shaped top and a mahogany side cupboard enclosed ;by a single drawer with mock four drawer elevation, raised on turned supports (converted) and an inlaid Edwardian light weight open elbow chair with pierced splat. (5)
1300.   A Victorian mahogany twin pedestal sideboard with scrolled back over three frieze drawers and pedestals each enclosed by deep arched panelled doors with flame veneers, with partially fitted interior, set on moulded plinths, 5 ft long approx. 60-80
1301.   A Victorian Gothic oak side table fitted with a frieze drawer with scrolled acanthus and mask cup handles, raised on turned forelegs united by a platform stretcher/under tier. 40-60
1302.   A Regency rose wood shallow inverted break front side cupboard with decorative painted (to simulate marble) top over two frieze drawers and four rectangular pleated panelled doors with brass floral inlay, set on a moulded plinth, 5 ft long approx. 100-150
1303.   A Victorian carved oak occasional table of rectangular form with acanthus and further detail raised on four turned supports united by an H shaped stretcher together with a similar two handled carved tea tray of rectangular form. 40-60
1304.   A pair of vintage brass hames together with four domestic pans of circular form in copper and brass, three Eastern trays of varying design with engraved detail and a further copper bowl in the Arts & Crafts style.

1305.   A gilt wood pier or side table with shaped and moulded outline raised on four slender cabriole supports with acanthus detail. 50-80
1306.   A late Victorian oak sideboard with raised panelled back incorporating three bevelled edged plates and open shelves, etc., over a base enclosed by an arrangement of cupboards and drawers, raised on short turned supports. 60-80
1307.   A good example of an Art Nouveau satin walnut single wardrobe enclosed by a central three quarter length slightly arched bevelled edged mirror panelled door, flanked by carved organic panels over a long drawer and shaped bracket supports. 80-120
1308.   A Victorian walnut veneered bedroom chest of two long and two short drawers with rounded front corners, 96 cm wide approx. 40-60
1309.   An Edwardian oak dressing chest of three long and two short graduated drawers raised on a moulded plinth, 108 cm wide approx. 40-60
1310.   An early 20th century oak hall bench, the rectangular panelled back with applied mouldings over down swept and rolled open arms and boxed seat with hinged lid and panelled frame. 60-80
1311.   A good quality Victorian mahogany bedroom chest of three long and two short graduated oak lined drawers with turned domino shaped handles flanked by rounded corners and raised on a moulded plinth, 106 cm wide approx. 80-120
1312.   A late Victorian two divisional bamboo Canterbury together with an Old English style oak stool/occasional table with carved top and chamfered supports, a further unusual carved stool with entwined chip carved dragon shaped end and an oak floorstanding towel rail with chamfered frame and through jointed construction and later painted finish. (4) 40-60
1313.   A 19th century mahogany drop leaf dining table, the rectangular leaves with moulded outline raised on four turned tapered legs with brass caps and castors, to seat 4/6. 40-60
1314.   A 19th century mahogany Pembroke table with one real and one dummy end frieze drawer raised on reeded and tapered legs with brass caps and castors. 40-60
1315.   A reproduction mahogany four tread flight of metamorphic library steps with inset green leather panels. 40-60
1316.   A pair of oak bedside cupboards of square cut form with white and grey flecked marble tops over frieze drawers and cupboards enclosed by quarter veneered panelled doors, raised on squat cabriole supports. 80-120
1317.   A Victorian walnut bedroom chest of three long and two short graduated drawers with moulded skirting, 108 cm wide approx. 40-60
1318.   A Victorian walnut veneered two tier whatnot with four turned column supports over a frieze drawer, further turned supports and brass castors (originally a Canterbury whatnot).
1319.   A good quality late Victorian oak wardrobe enclosed by a central three quarter length bevelled edged mirror panelled door flanked by further panels beneath an arched pediment with central carved flower head, over a long drawer to base together with an inlaid Edwardian mahogany two tier jardiniere stand with box wood stringing. 60-80
1320.   A reproduction stained beech wood, to simulate mahogany, longcase clock with arched hood and dial with glazed panelled door to trunk. 40-60
1321.   A pair of good quality Victorian mahogany hall chairs, the shield shaped backs with scrolled detail over solid seats and turned tapered forelegs. 60-80
1322.   A Georgian mahogany fold over top tea table of rectangular form with moulded outline over a shallow frieze drawer raised on four square tapered legs with brass caps and castors. 40-60
1323.   An eastern carved hardwood fold down table, the top carved with various foliate panels upon a pierced square base, 56cm high together with a further fold over table (2).

1324.   A Victorian mahogany sideboard with well matched figured/flame veneers, the raised arched back with scrolled and moulded detail over three frieze drawers and three rectangular panelled doors with shallow inverted break front, raised on a moulded plinth, 5 ft long approx. 80-120
1325.   An early 20th century oak hall stand of full height, the raised stepped arched back incorporating a bevelled edged mirror plate and carved foliate panel over a central drawer and two divisional umbrella/stick stand. 80-120
1325A.  Fourteen rolls of Laura Ashley Lemons pattern washable/ready trimmed wallpaper. Each roll 10m by 53cm.
1326.   A Victorian brass telescopic oil lamp standard with simple knop stem and domed disc shaped base, with splayed feet (later converted to electricity).
1327.   A good quality reproduction mahogany clerk's desk with raised three quarter brass gallery over a writing slope with hinged lid and simple interior, over a side drawer and cupboard (dummy to other side), raised on an open framework with turned column supports, applied label to drawer reading Brights of Nettlebed, 045808. 60-80
1328.   A small 19th century mahogany drop leaf occasional table raised on four ring turned and tapered supports.
1329.   An early 19th century mahogany bow fronted bedroom chest of three long and two short graduated drawers with shaped apron and splayed bracket supports, 106 cm wide approx. 60-80
1330.   A late Victorian walnut pot cupboard with carved detail, with later painted and partially stripped finish together with a polished brass standard lamp with rope twist column and stepped disc shaped platform base and a Victorian mahogany footstool of circular form with scrolled supports. (3)

1331.   A Good Arts & Crafts oak dressing chest centrally fitted with a large swing mirror flanked by two banks of three drawers mounted by art nouveau tulip carved backs, on a base fitted with a single long drawer with further floral carvings.

1332.   A 19th century pine dressing chest/washstand with raised three quarter gallery over two long and two short drawers on turned bun feet, with painted finish. 80-120
1333.   A 19th century mahogany bow fronted bedroom chest of two long drawers raised on an associated stand with shaped apron and cabriole supports. 40-60
1334.   A Georgian mahogany library bookcase, the recessed upper section enclosed by a pair of segmented glazed panelled doors with lancet shaped mouldings revealing four sliding adjustable shelves to the interior, over a shallow frieze drawer and cupboard enclosed by a pair of doors set on a plinth, 4 ft wide x 8 ft high x 16 inches deep approx. 60-80
1335.   An Edwardian mahogany occasional table of rectangular form with end frieze drawer, raised on four ring turned bobbin legs united by an X framed galleried stretcher with platform surmount.
1336.   An unusual mahogany hat stand with turned stem and six shaped branched hooks.
1337.   A Victorian oak wall bracket with carved lions mask and trailing fruit detail, 58 cm high approx, the shelf 43 cm wide approx. 40-60
1338.   A Georgian mahogany bookcase enclosed by a reeded and astragal glazed panelled door revealing three adjustable sliding shelves to the interior.
1339.   A late Georgian oak free standing corner cupboard with galleried rail.

1340.   A 19th century oak snap top occasional table, the rectangular boarded top raised on a central turned pillar and shaped tripod. 40-60
1341.   One lot of miscellaneous furniture to include a Victorian style mahogany small work table of rectangular form raised on four turned tapered supports, two nests of three graduated occasional tables of varying design, a Regency mahogany and brass inlaid dining chair with cane panelled seat and sabre supports, a pair of further reproduction examples, a reproduction rise and fall piano stool with buttoned floral upholstered seat, a small Chinese hard wood occasional table with carved detail, two Victorian balloon back dining chairs of varying design and a contemporary dining or bistro table with circular plate glass top raised on a central brushed steel column and disc shaped platform base (11).
1342.   A Georgian style reproduction walnut veneered dwarf side cabinet, freestanding and enclosed by a pair of three quarter length arched and segmented glazed panelled doors revealing two fixed shelves to interior over two drawers and bracket shaped supports, 78 cm wide approx. 60-80
1343.   A 19th century mahogany linen press, the upper section enclosed by a pair of lancet panelled doors with well matched flame veneers, the interior converted to a hanging rail (lacks original linen slides), over two long and two short drawers (the two short drawers later fixed/false), all raised on bracket shaped supports. 60-80
1344.   A set of five Edwardian mahogany Queen Anne style dining chairs with vase shaped splats, drop in seats and cabriole forelegs.
1345.   A contemporary brass two branch standard lamp with crimped glass shades and foliate detail together with one other, both raised on disc shaped platform bases.
1361.   A set of four Verner Panton "S" chairs, possible reproductions, signed Verner Panton to the base. 180-200
1362.   1950s teak and cross banded twin pedestal desk fitted with an arrangement of six drawers to the kneehole frieze, 137 cm long.

1363.   A vintage industrial steel cased light box advertising Hormann, 73 cm high approx.
1364.   A vintage industrial coffee table, the base an engine turbine reclaimed from an aeroplane with circular glass top, 36 cm high x 110 cm diameter approx. 100-200
1365.   A Danish teak long coffee table on four circular legs, 138 cm long x 41 cm high approx. 40-60
1366.   A modern slim oak side cabinet fitted with a single door over two drawers, 130 cm high approx together with a similar modern oak two drawer side table 30-50
1367.   A 1950s G-Plan E.Gomme light oak dressing table. 40-60
1368.   A good quality Art Deco Kingwood and walnut veneered dressing table and chair, the dressing table with typical ebonised mirror frame and supports, fitted with two short drawers (2). 50-100
1369.   A limed oak twin pedestal desk fitted with a cupboard drawer and three short drawers to the kneehole frieze. 30-50
1370.   A G-Plan teak nest of three tables. 40-60
1371.   A set of six Ercol light elm Windsor dining chairs. 100-200
1372.   A Danish teak extending dining table, 79 cm high x 210 cm extended. 50-80
1373.   A Danish teak two tier coffee table, 61 cm long x 48 cm high approx. 30-50
1374.   A Gordon Russell of Broadway teak circular coffee table with stylised under tier, 81 cm diameter approx. 40-60
1375.   A G-Plan teak nest of three tables. 40-60
1376.   A 1970s Avalon teak dressing table fitted with a triptych mirror and seven drawers to the kneehole frieze. 40-60
1377.   An Ercol Golden Dawn bedside/pedestal table fitted with a single slim drawer and under tier, 55 cm high approx. 40-60
1378.   A vintage industrial machinist engineer's stool upon a tubular steel frame, 87 cm high approx. 20-40
1379.   1950s teak sideboard fitted with two banks of five graduated drawers, 131 cm long.

1380.   A Danish teak side cabinet fitted with twin sliding glazed doors enclosing a shelved interior, flanked by a single cupboard door, 83 cm high x 107 cm wide approx together with a further 19702 teak freestanding corner cabinet and teak framed wall mirror (3). 50-80
1381.   A Danish teak glazed cabinet fitted with twin sliding glazed doors over two short drawers, 86 cm high x 107 cm wide approx. 40-60
1382.   An Ercol Golden Dawn freestanding corner cupboard fitted with two shelves over a single cupboard door enclosing a shelved interior, 184 cm high approx. 30-60
1383.   A Danish style teak sideboard fitted with three circular panelled doors flanked by three short drawers, 184 cm long approx. 50-80
1384.   1950s teak sideboard fitted with four short drawers and four cupboard doors on stylised tapered legs 173 cm wide.
1385.   An Ercol Golden Dawn tier Delft rack together with a further teak wall mirror together with a pair of interesting stacking chairs (4).
1386.   An Ercol two tier hanging Delft rack, 38 cm long approx. 30-50
1387.   Two similar anglepoise type desk lamps (2). 30-50
1388.   A G-Plan style teak extending dining table and six chairs. 50-80
1389.   A G-Plan Fresco extending dining table together with a set of six chairs. 100-200
1390.   A mixed lot of 1970s teak furniture to include sideboard, corner cabinet, two nests of two tables and Canterbury. 50-80
1391.   Vintage industrial orange painted steel medical cabinet by Dreva, the top half fitted with twin glazed doors enclosing a shelved interior over further panelled doors with cast aluminium fittings, 170 cm high
1392.   Vintage industrial orange painted steel medical cabinet by Dreva, the top half fitted with twin glazed doors enclosing a shelved interior over further panelled doors with cast aluminium fittings, 170 cm high.
1393.   A 1970s teak bureau cabinet, the fall front over two short drawers and twin cupboard doors. 20-40
1394.   Stag furniture C range dressing chest and tallboy, the dressing chest fitted with three graduated drawers, the tallboy with fitted interior.

1395.   A set of four good quality G-Plan teak dining chairs. 80-120
1396.   G plan fresco teak bedroom suite comprising a two door and three door wardrobe (2)
1397.   1970s teak freestanding glazed bookcase in the Danish manner, with sliding glazed doors enclosing a mirrored backed shelved interior over a base fitted with a single drawer upon square legs, 132 cm high .

1398.   Ercol Golden Dawn two seater stick back sofa.

1399.   Three interesting pieces of modern office furniture by Orangebox comprising two deep chairs and a footstool on castors (3). 100-120
1400.   Le Corbusier chaise longue with leather cover and cushion upon a chrome frame (lacks stand). 50-80
1401.   A modern good quality brown leather three seater sofa. 50-80
1402.   An Italian black leather/leatherette lounge chair upon cast metal feet. 20-40
1403.   A good pair of contemporary Ercol Isola lounge chairs with contemporary textured biscuit upholstery and blonde elm frames. 150-250
1404.   Jorge Zalszupin (born 1922) - Brazilian rosewood executive twin pedestal desk, fitted with 7 drawers to the kneehole frieze, also fitted with a vanity screen, of modernist construction, 190cm wide x 76cm high and 90cm deep 500-800
1410.   An Indian hardwood floorstanding bookcase with moulded cornice over three fixed open shelves and cupboard to base enclosed by a pair of lattice panelled doors, raised on a moulded plinth (to be sold with the option of buying the matching following lot at the same unit/hammer price). 80-120
1411.   An Indian hardwood floorstanding bookcase with moulded cornice over three fixed open shelves and cupboard to base enclosed by a pair of lattice panelled doors, raised on a moulded plinth (to be sold with the option of buying the matching following lot at the same unit/hammer price). 80-100
1411A.  An Architectural door pediment with broken arch and carved acanthus detail, 164cm approx.
1412.   Four sections of internal architectural panelling with chamfered detail, each panel 178 cm x 114 cm approx. 80-120
1413.   A floorstanding four fold screen with ebonised frame and decorative bird and foliate paper panels. 80-100
1414.   A Georgian mahogany washstand of square cut form with three quarter raised gallery, front elevation enclosed by an over door, pull out drawer with leather top.

1415.   A late Victorian oak hall stand of full height, the raised panelled back with carved shell and foliate detail flanking a rectangular bevelled edged mirror plate over a central glove drawer flanked by umbrella/stick stands and turned column supports. 60-80
1416.   A substantial wooden fire surround with applied carved lions masks, scrolling acanthus corbels and fluted detail, etc., the mantle 6 ft long approx. 80-120
1417.   An Arts & Crafts oak floorstanding open bookcase with three adjustable shelves beneath a shallow raised back with pierced motif, 73 cm wide x 153 cm high approx. 75-100
1418.   A low upholstered armchair with shaped arms and arched back raised on simple square tapered forelegs.
1419.   A three piece salon suite comprising a two seat sofa and a pair of matching elbow chairs with cameo shaped backs, all within cream painted shaped and moulded frames raised on turned tapered and fluted supports. 100-150
1420.   A set of twelve Regency mahogany dining chairs with scrolled bar backs and shaped splats with central carved shell detail over drop-in cane panelled seats and sabre supports. 1500-2000
1421.   A William IV double scroll arm sofa with pale blue upholstery and loose bolster cushions within a mahogany show wood frame with acanthus and further detail, raised on turned and reeded supports with brass caps and castors, 7 ft long approx. 300-400
1422.   A pair of early 20th century bergere chairs, low deep seated with shaped outline and rolled arms, with wave and trefoil detail. 40-60
1423.   A good quality Howard style low slung deep seated 2-3 seat sofa with shaped outline, alternating striped upholstery and loose feather filled cushions, raised on turned forelegs with brass caps and castors together with a matching armchair. (2) 200-300
1424.   A Victorian walnut kidney shaped occasional/writing table with string inlaid detail and inset leather panelled top raised on four turned supports with carved detail united by a X framed stretcher. 50-80
1425.   An Edwardian walnut double bedstead with partially open vertical slatted panelled head and foot boards beneath moulded rails and square cut supports, the headboard with hinged pierced and arched brackets, label to lower rail Heal & Son, 196 Tottenham Court Road, London complete with side rails and mattress. 100-150
1427.   A 19th century pine side/writing table, the raised three quarter gallery with shaped outline over an inset leather writing surface, raised on four square tapered supports, with all-over decorative painted finish with floral and further detail together with an associated Regency bar back chair with cane panelled seat. 80-120
1428.   A Victorian Gothic oak centre table of rectangular form with moulded outline and canted corners over a carved frieze with lions mask and further detail, raised on four turned tapered columns with fluted detail united by a central stretcher and stylised dolphin carved feet, 3 ft long x 66 cm wide approx. 80-120
1428A.  An oak cricket table with moulded supports united by an under tier 80-120
1429.   A good quality Edwardian mahogany bureau in the Georgian style, the fall flap with well matched flame veneers enclosing a simply fitted interior over four long graduated drawers, raised on shaped bracket supports, 85 cm wide approx. 40-60
1430.   A Georgian mahogany snap top occasional table of circular form with satin wood banding, raised on a turned vase shaped pillar and tripod (top possibly associated). 60-80
1431.   A Gothic Revival four poster bedstead with Gothic tracery carved detail and panelled headboard with shaped and moulded detail, the framework to accept a 4 ft divan mattress. 300-400
1432.   Seven (6 + 1) Georgian mahogany dining chairs, five in the Chippendale style with pierced Gothic tracery splats, all with well worked drop-in floral tapestry and exotic bird seats. 80-100
1433.   A Victorian mahogany wind-out extending dining table of rectangular form with moulded outlin, rounded corners and two additional leaves raised on four substantial turned tapered legs with carved flower head detail, raised on brown ceramic castors, 7 ft long approx when open. 80-120
1434.   A pair of Old English style hall chairs with carved linen fold panelled backs within carved frames with raised tied ribbon, flowerhead and further detail over solid seats, raised on turned bobbin and block supports united by stretchers. 80-120
1435.   A good quality reproduction Regency style metamorphic library chair/steps with bar back and scrolled arms over a green leather seat which morph's into a four tread flight of steps with inset leather panels, raised on Sabre forelegs. 80-120
1436.   A good quality Old English style oak refectory table, the thick rectangular top raised on four gun barrel columns and sledge/scrolled wedge feet united by a pegged central stretcher, 7 ft 3 inches long x 2 ft 9 inches wide approx. 300-400
1437.   An Old English style oak refectory table, the rectangular planked top with cleated ends raised on a pair of shaped column supports united by a pegged rail and sledge feet, 8 ft long x 2.9 inches wide approx. 200-300
1438.   Two similar stained pine refectory benches with rectangular planked seats raised on through joined and shaped supports united by a pegged rail. 40-60
1439.   Twenty five wooden balustrades with carved trailing floral detail 60-80
1440.   A good quality carved newel post finial in the form of a monk/friar, 30 cm high approx together with two further carved figures, one of a countryman wearing boots, smoking a pipe and carrying a sack over one shoulder, the other a carved figure depicting Abraham Lincoln (3) 40-60
1441.   A good quality well detailed carved newel post finial in the form of a unicorn clutching a shield, 46 cm high approx. 60-80
1442.   An Edwardian mahogany freestanding china display cabinet enclosed by a central partially glazed segmented panelled door with lancet shaped mouldings flanked by curved glass panels, raised on square cut and moulded supports with pierced fretwork brackets. 80-120
1443.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany bureau bookcase with satinwood cross banded detail and boxwood stringing, the upper section enclosed by a pair of astragal glazed panelled doors revealing three adjustable shelves to the interior, the fall flap enclosing a simply fitted interior over four long graduated drawers and bracket shaped supports. 40-60
1444.   A pair of good quality contemporary mahogany children's sleigh beds with detachable side rails complete with mattresses 80-100
1445.   A set of six (4+2) late Victorian/Edwardian mahogany dining chairs in the Hepplewhite style with pierced vase shaped splats over drop-in upholstered seats, raised on square tapered forelegs united by H shaped stretchers. 60-80
1446.   An antique oak lowboy, the rectangular top with moulded outline over three frieze drawers with shaped apron, raised on four slender cabriole supports. 80-120
1447.   A Georgian mahogany bedroom chest of three long and two short graduated drawers, raised on squat turned supports together with a 19th century mahogany toilet mirror of rectangular form, the box base with bow fronted outline fitted with three frieze drawers. 80-120
1448.   A contemporary Indian hardwood domed top chest with panelled frame and brass inlaid detail raised on bracket supports. 60-80
1449.   A good quality 19th century mahogany flat fronted bedroom chest of four long graduated drawers with turned knob handles, 114 cm wide approx. 80-120
1450.   A pair of Victorian mahogany hall chairs, the shield shaped and waisted backs with carved scrolling acanthus detail over solid seats with serpentine front, raised on turned tapered forelegs. 60-80
1451.   An early 19th century mahogany secretaire chest of four long graduated drawers, the secretaire with patent brass push button release fall front enclosing a fitted interior of small drawers and pigeon holes and vacant leather writing surface over a shaped apron and splay bracket supports, 104 cm wide approx. 100-150
1452.   A large Georgian mahogany drop-leaf dining table central section with boxwood and ebony stringing raised on six square tapered supports, 150 cm long (when open) x 148 cm wide approx. 60-80
1453.   An antique Old English style oak refectory table, the rectangular plank top with cleated ends raised on simple shaped end column supports united by a central pegged stretcher, 172 cm long x 76 cm wide approx. 200-300
1454.   An antique oak window frame and shutter enclosed by a pair of doors with simple sliding latch. 60-80
1455.   An antique oak coffer with hinged lid, the front elevation with triple lozenge panels beneath a carved foliate frieze and steel lock plate. 200-300
1456.   A good quality contemporary hardwood bedroom chest with brass inlaid stringing and serpentine front, fitted with four long and two short drawers, raised on bracket shaped supports. 97 cm wide approx (to be sold with the option of buying the matching following lot at the same unit/hammer price). 80-120
1457.   A good quality contemporary hardwood bedroom chest with brass inlaid stringing and serpentine front, fitted with four long and two short drawers, raised on bracket shaped supports. 97 cm wide approx (to be sold with the option of buying the matching following lot at the same unit/hammer price). 80-120
1458.   A Victorian Polyphon in a pale walnut case, with turned timber column supports with original mechanism (penny mechanism missing) 150-200
1459.   A Victorian Polyphon in a dark walnut case, with turned timber column supports with original mechanism (penny mechanism missing)
1460.   A substantial oak break front side cabinet, the central tower of three drawers flanked by two cupboards, all with geometric carved detail, raised on short cabriole supports, set beneath a parquetry top and shallow frieze back, 260 cm long approx.

1461.   A Georgian elm dresser, the base enclosed by an arrangement of three doors and six drawers, the plate rack with three graduated shelves and two enclosed cupboards, set beneath a dentil frieze, 220 cm wide approx.

1462.   An antique oak wall cupboard enclosed by an associated floral marquetry panelled door, the interior partially fitted with small drawers with carved foliate detail. 150-200
1463.   A Georgian oak cottage longcase, the 30 hour movement with bird cage frame, the 30 cm square dial painted with flowers and strawberries, the hood with architectural cornice.

1464.   An early Georgian mahogany davenport in mahogany with swivel top over four frieze drawers on bun supports with inset leather writing surface, 50 cm wide approx, stamped W & C Wilkinson - 14 Ludgate Hill 5864.

1465.   A Georgian mahogany two tier washstand, the folding brass hinged top enclosing cut out bowl receptacles, the lower tier fitted with a frieze drawer raised on square tapered supports united by an X framed turned stretcher with central dish shaped platform 50-80
1466.   A Georgian mahogany D end fold-over top tea table with reeded border raised on square taper legs with inlaid detail 60-80
1467.   A pair of 19th century Chinese elbow chairs principally in elm wood with stick backs and carved detail 100-120
1468.   A Georgian mahogany D end extending dining table in three sections with central leaf raised on eight square tapered supports to seat 8 100-150
1469.   A set of four late 19th century French walnut dining chairs with carved and shaped show wood frames and recently re-upholstered seats and backs 80-120
1470.   A substantial Victorian oak partners desk, each side fitted with an arrangement of nine drawers and with inset top, 160cm wide 300-400
1471.   A Georgian mahogany oval Pembroke table with inlaid detail and string banded borders, raised on square taper legs and spade feet 80-100
1472.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany drawing room chair with inlaid splat, upholstered seat on square tapered legs
1473.   A vintage bentwood rocking chair with cane panelled seat and back 80-120
1474.   A Georgian mahogany serving table of rectangular form the top with cross banded and checkered string inlaid detail, raised on four tapering and chamferred supports with moulded detail, 140cm wide x 79cm high 300-500
1475.   A good quality traditional oak refectory table with heavy plank top, the stretcher base with central rail and acanthus scrolled detail, further winged lion supports raised on unusual pad feet in the form of turtles, 245cm x 110cm wide to seat eight 400-600
1475A.  A pair of arts and crafts fireside stools of shaped outline raised on square cut and tapering supports, together with a Victorian gout stool with adjustable frame (3) 150-200
1475B.  A substantial 19th century box Ottoman with rising lid over a serpentine frame with tapestry top 60-80
1476.   A small 18th century oak side table raised on turned supports with carved detail, 70cm wide 300-400
1477.   A small Regency mahogany chest of two long and two short drawers on swept supports with ebony string inlay, 78cm wide 100-120
1478.   A contemporary dresser and plate rack in elm fitted with two frieze drawers, the plate rack enclosing two shelves, 140cm wide 70-90
1479.   A large good quality late Victorian oak side board, the front elevation enclosed by an arrangement of four drawers and two cupboards with central alcove with applied geometric moulding, raised on shallow bun feet, with raised back with turned column supports and Arcadian panel detail, 220cm wide 150-200
1480.   A set of four Victorian mahogany dining chairs with shaped and pierced splats, upholstered seats on cabriole forelegs 40-60
1481.   A graduated set of four Chinese hardwood occasional tables, each of square cut form raised on simple turned supports and rails, 44cm square and smaller 250-350
1482.   A Georgian mahogany chest of two long and two short drawers with cast brass handles, raised on bracket supports, 80cm wide 100-120
1483.   A polished steel and brass mounted club fender with upholstered corner seats and square cut column supports and 'U' shaped centre rail, 170cm long x 58cm deep max 200-250
1484.   A pair of gilded lamp standards with spiral column supports on disk shaped bases 60-80
1485.   A mid 19th century papier mache occasional table on turned column and tricorn base, the circular top with mother of pearl and floral inlaid detail, together with a further side chair of similar age and construction 40-60
1486.   A Georgian mahogany corner wash stand on three tiers and a further wash stand with circular top on short cabriole supports 40-60
1487.   A Georgian mahogany elbow chair with reeded frame and hand work floral tapestry seat together with a Georgian mahogany occasional table with turned pillar, tripod bird cage and circular top 40-60
1488.   A Victorian mahogany break front triple wardrobe enclosed by three panelled doors, the centre section enclosed by two long and two short drawers and a further three open slides, 220cm wide 100-150
1489.   A good quality Edwardian style mahogany bookcase of full height with carved dentil frieze below an inlaid flroral swag and garland border, enclosing adjustable shelf, 100cm high x 100cm wide 100-120
1490.   A Victorian pale mahogany side table of serpentine form, fitted with three frieze drawers, raised on carved and scrolled forelegs with under shelf, 120cm wide 60-80
1491.   An 18th century French buffet in mixed fruit woods with fretted steel mounts, enclosed by two panelled doors and two frieze drawers, 135cm wide 200-250
1492.   A French Empire period mahogany chest of four long and two short drawers, flanked by square tapering column supports with embossed brass fittings, 120cm wide 100-120
1493.   A Victorian oak Gothic revival cabinet enclosed by an astragal glazed panelled door enclosing four shelves flanked by lion mask and trailing fruit panels with further geometric detail, 80cm wide 80-120
1494.   A good quality fumed oak centre table, the octagonal top incorporating segmented veneers within a cross banded border, the frieze enclosing four alternating drawers raised on a platform base with column supports and carved lions paw feet, 130cm wide 500-800
1495.   An early 19th century Irish centre table the circular top with parquetry detail in various timbers, rosewood, mahogany, maple, etc further enclosing a circular turtle stone centre raised on a rosewood column of octagonal vase shape and a tricorn platform base with carved lions paw feet, the table top underside with simulated rosewood finish, 110cm diameter 400-600
1496.   A Georgian mahogany occasional table with pie crust border raised on a turned and carved column, the tripod base with further acanthus detail with bird cage action 60-80
1497.   A pair of 20th century floor standing torcheres with character supports raised on tricorn bases with scrolled feet, each buoy supporting seven branch floral candelabra, 180 cm height 250-300
1498.   A chinoiserie display cabinet in an 18th century style, the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors, the upper section by a single door with glazed and barred panels within a shaped cornice, the black lacquered finish highlighted with geometric and gilded detail (c1920), 100cm wide 400-500
1499.   A Victorian Sutherland tea table in mahogany of usual form on turned supports and rails 40-60
1500.   A Georgian mahogany snap top table, the square cut top with rounded borders and cross banded finish, raised on a turned pillar and tripod with acanthus toes, 75cm square 40-60
1501.   A 19th century mahogany torchiere raised on a square stepped and moulded base, with tapering column and acanthus moulded capital, 140cm high 60-80
1502.   An Edwardian mahogany patent ladies writing desk with fold over top revealing a comprehensively fitted interior, pigeon holes and further leather compartments including clipboard, stationery bag, etc with chromium brass mounts, the exterior cross banded in satin wood and ebony rasied on square taper and swept supports, 66cm wide 150-170
1503.   A Georgian mahogany kneehole dressing table fitted with an arrangement of seven drawers around a central kneehole cupboard, with brass plate handles 150-200
1504.   A 17th century oak side table with frieze drawer on turned supports united by a central rail, 90cm wide 60-80
1505.   A 19th century walnut cabinet enclosed by two panelled doors and a single frieze drawer with concave sides, 90cm wide 150-200
1506.   A Regency mahogany fold over top tea table raised on a square cut and tapering column, platform base and sabre legs with cast brass toes 100-120
1507.   Titchmarch & Goodwin dressing table and stool in figured walnut, with further cross banding and chevron banded inlay, the kneehole arrangement of five drawers set beneath a large triple mirror with gilded shell detail and raised on cabriole supports with further shell carved knees together with a matching stool with upholstered seat (the triple mirror detaches from the base allowing this piece to be used as a writing desk or side table if required) 200-250
1508.   A small Georgian mahogany chest of three long drawers on bracket supports, 50cm wide 60-80
1509.   An old English style oak credence cupboard enclosed by carved and panelled side raised on turned gun barrel supports, 110cm wide 150-200
1510.   An arts and crafts oak side table of rectangular form, the top inset with ceramic tiles raised on four square cut supports united by a shaped and pierced 'H' shaped stretcher, 95cm max 80-100
1511.   A Georgian mahogany serving table of simple form, raised on four square taper legs with spade feet, with shallow raised grooved back 160cm long 89cm high 300-500
1512.   A pair of good quality reproduction Chippendale style side chairs with Gothic tracery detail and upholstered seats on square cut supports 40-60
1513.   An inlaid occasional table of oval form, the top principally in rosewood with further satin band and inlay borders in a geometric form raised on four square taper supports, united by and under gallery, 58cm diameter 100-120
1514.   19th century lacquered teapoy on turned pillar and tripod with chinoiserie detail, a further bamboo occasional table with lacquered panels 40-60
1515.   An early 19th century rural long case clock, pine case with original mahogany grained finish and with simulated ebony string detail, the hood with swan neck cornice and enclosing a painted dial and 30 hour striking movement by John Long, Chalford (Nr Stroud, Glos) 60-80
1516.   An early 19th century oak long case clock, the column with a square cut painted dial with floral spandrels and enclosing a 30 hour striking movement by Mear or Dursley (Nr Wotton Under Edge Glos) 60-80
1517.   A good quality cheval mirror in mahogany in the Georgian style by Brights of Nettlebed, serial number 007631, raised on swept supports 80-100
1518.   An 18th century panelled oak coffer, front elevation with geometric floral and other detail, the rising lid revealing two small interior drawers, set beneath a plank top, 145cm wide 100-150
1519.   An 18th century panelled coffer in elm and oak, front elevation enclosed by three fielded panels, raised on unusual turned supports, 50cm wide 150-200
1520.   A small 18th century oak cottage dresser enclosed by three frieze drawers raised on square cut supports and incorporating a lower pot-board, with original plate rack fitted with four shelves, 155cm wide x 205cm high 500-700
1521.   A 19th century three tier buffet with profusely carved side panels with anthemion acanthus and other pierced detail, 95cm long 150-200
1522.   A 19th century mahogany tamber top writing desk by Gillow's, raised on square taper and moulded supports, fitted with two frieze drawers, the tamber top enclosing a pull out writing slide, nine frieze drawers (cedar lined) and five pigeon holes, 95cm wide 450-650
1523.   A Victorian oak estate made chiffonier with carved geometric detail and with raised back, overall in a Gothic/Aesthetic movement style, enclosing six hand painted ceramic tiles showing herons, a crane, swallows, swift and house-martin, formerly from the estate of Lady Mary Shelley, 90cm wide 500-600
1524.   A large Venetian wall mirror the rectangular bevelled edge plate set within a further decorative mirror plate frame, with etched floral detail highlighted in gold, beneath a shaped pediment, 155cm high x 67cm wide 250-300
1525.   A Georgian mahogany secretaire chest, the front elevation enclosed by an unusual arrangement of six short drawers, the secretaire draw fitted with drawers and pigeon hole 100-150
1526.   A late 19th century chinoiserie elbow chair principally in a green lacquered colourway with gilded detail, with cane panelled back flanking a vase shaped splat, with hand worked floral tapestry seat on pad feet with shell carved knees 100-120
1527.   A pair of carved timber Venetian style characters each wearing a turban, with gilded costume and further highlighted detail, each holding aloft a cornucopia raised on square cut plinths with canted corners with scrolled detail, 157cm high 400-600
1528.   A Crimean war commemorative table, the mahogany framed centre table enclosing two real and two dummy drawers raised on a turned and carved column with quadruped base enclosing a polished marble top engraved, Sevastopol Docks, 1855, 62cm max 300-400
1529.   A Collection of 19th century and later French furniture all with painted finish comprising an open elbow chair with cane panelled back and upholstered seat, a further similar single chair, an oval stool and a circular two tier occasional table with inset marble top 100-150
1530.   An Edwardian style envelope card table in mahogany, with string inlay detail on square taper legs 60-80
1531.   A 19th century embossed leather two fold screen of full height 100-120
1532.   A mid Victorian rosewood centre table, shaped oval top raised on an open stretcher base with carved and moulded supports, 145cm max 250-300