Two Day Antique Sale on
Tuesday 19th & Wednesday 20th September 2017

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1.      A quantity of Burleigh Calico pattern blue and white printed wares including storage jars and covers for tea, coffee and sugar, further butter jar and cover, two further storage jars and covers, a fruit bowl, a bowl with pouring lip, tureen and cover, tea pot, coffee pot, two milk jugs, sauce boat and stand, cream jug, cake plate, eight dinner plates, four side or dessert plates, etc
2.      A collection of 19th century blue glazed drugs jars of cylindrical form comprising five large examples and three covers, 25 cm max, three with gilded inscriptions to the front, three smaller examples also with gilded inscriptions to the front, a pair of smaller blue glazed lidded jars and covers, etc £40-60
2A.     A 19th century tin glazed earthenware plate with blue and white painted flower vase decoration with painted marks to base and numbers 200, 27cm diameter, together with a similar further tin glazed earthenware plate, 52cm diameter and further continental plates and dishes, etc £50-80
3.      A collection of ceramics including 19th century Staffordshire spill vase in the form of a running stag, four Lladro figures including a chef dragging a pig, Don Quixote, two small Belleek vases, a Royal Crown Derby vase of globular form in the form of a hod, etc £30-50
4.      A quantity of Paragon china Meadowvale pattern tea wares comprising teapot, milk jug, two sugar bowls, pair of condiments, oval dish, fourteen cups, fourteen saucers and fourteen tea plates £30-50
5.      A collection of nine Lladro figures of angels and children in night dresses, etc, small boy admiring a toy lorry, etc, together with a Nao figure of a reading child £40-60
6.      A collection of Spode Provence pattern coffee wares comprising coffee pot, two milk jugs, pair of rectangular serving dishes, eight cups, eight saucers and six tea plates, together with Royal Doulton Tapestry pattern tea wares comprising six cups, six saucers and six tea plates £40-50
7.      A 19th century blue ground dish of oval form with reverse painted panels of cherubs, floral sprays, etc within a gilt metal rim, 31 cm together with a 19th century floral encrusted serving dish, a black ground vase with painted birds nest detail and ring handles, a Royal Worcester vase simulating an ivory tusk and with puce printed mark to base number 1116, a Dresden cup and saucer, etc £50-70
8.      A collection of Wedgwood Asia pattern dinner wares with Greek Key style border decoration comprising tureen and cover, sauce boat and stand, two oval graduated meat plates, six dinner plates, six dessert plates, six soup bowls and coffee can and saucer £30-50
9.      A collection of three Lladro models of polar bears in various poses together with four Nao models of geese £25-30
10.     Three large Royal Doulton character jugs, the Walrus & Carpenter D6600, Merlin D6529 and Capt Ahab D6500 £30-50
11.     A quantity of Royal Doulton Fairfield pattern dinner wares comprising a pair of circular tureens and covers, three oval graduated meat plates, a sauce boat, six dinner plates, six dessert plates, six side plates, five soup plates, a dessert serving bowl and five dessert dishes £40-60
12.     A collection of Copeland Spode Italian pattern blue and white printed wares comprising six dinner plates, five dessert plates and five side plates £30-50
13.     A quantity of Paragon china Queen Alexandra Rose pattern tea wares comprising water jug, milk jug, sugar bowl, pair of cake plates, eight cups, twelve saucers and eleven tea plates £30-50
14.     A tall Lladro Daisa model of an elegant lady holding a Pekinese, together with three further Lladro Daisa figures of a woman in a bonnet, a girl with a parasol and a pair of nuns, also together with a Royal Doulton Bunnykins teaching clock and a Bunnykins two handled cup and feeding bowl, etc £30-50
15.     A collection of Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern tea wares comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, cake plate, seven cups, seven saucers and six tea plates £40-50
16.     A set of ten early 20th century Mintons tiles with blue, pink and cream coloured stylised flora detail and moulded marks to reverse Minton Hollins & Co together with four further brown printed floral tiles £25-30
17.     A collection of late 19th century Mintons dinner wares with blue and red printed decoration comprising two oval serving plates, seven dinner size plates, sixteen dessert plates, three side plates, eleven soup plates, two cups and five saucers £30-50
18.     A quantity of Lilliput Lane cottages including Double Cottage, Periwinkle Cottage, Rose Cottage, etc (many boxed and with certificates) also together with the collectors handbook of Lilliput Lane Cottages, etc £40-60
19.     A collection of art deco tea wares with yellow and blue printed and infilled floral decoration comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, pair of cake plates, eight cups, nine saucers and twelve tea plates £30-50
20.     A collection of mainly 19th century ceramics including a tobacco jar and cover in the form of an elderly man in purple robes and spectacles, reading the Times newspaper with incised numbers to base 2337, together with a Toby jug in the form of a seated black jacketed man, three majolica dessert dishes modelled as leaves, an oval drainer with printed and infilled chinoiserie decoration, and an early 19th century blue and white printed serving dish £40-60
21.     An extensive quantity of Masons Ironstone Strathmore and Regency pattern wares including an octagonal jug, small kettle, tea pot, milk jug, three sugar bowls, preserve dish and cover, a pair of cake plates, rectangular dish, twenty cups, (various sizes) 39 saucers, (various sizes) 28 side or tea plates (various sizes) two serving plates, sauce boat, approx 70 further dinner and dessert plates and twelve dessert bowls, etc £150-200
22.     A collection of Royal Crown Derby imari pattern wares number 1128 comprising coffee pot of oval form, a matching cream jug and sugar bowl, six coffee cans and six saucers, a crescent shaped dish, three plates of varying size, etc £50-70
23.     A collection of eight Lladro Daisa matt glazed figures including a pair of Inuit children, three South American style street sellers, a girl with a basket of gosling's, a girl with sombrero and water bottles and a Chinese style girl carrying baskets £60-80
24.     A collection of Royal Crown Derby wares including a cup and saucer pattern number 2451, a matching coffee can and two saucers, three graduated plates in the Gold Aves pattern, etc £30-50
25.     A collection of ceramic figures including a Royal Doulton figure of Fleur HN2368, Top O' The Hill HN1834, 3 Royal Worcester figures of elegant ladies including Autumn Song, two Lladro Daisa figures of angels, a Capodimonte figure group of a photographer and his subjects, a pair of Capodimonte type figures of dancing children and a pair of 19th century continental candlesticks with applied figures of cherubs catching fish in a basket and with bird cage and with cross hatched marks to base £50-70
26.     A quantity of Wedgwood blue and white printed Willow pattern dinner and tea wares including fourteen dinner size plates, twelve soup plates, eleven dessert dishes (2 sizes), oval meat plate, tea pot (matched lid), sucrier and cover, milk jug, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates, etc £60-70
27.     An early 20th century biscuit barrel with painted moonlit decoration on a green ground with impressed numbers to base 458 and printed initial WB, a further Wades biscuit barrel and cover with imari type decoration, a pair of early 20th century vases of triangular form with printed chinoiserie type floral detail, a set of four graduated British Anchor jugs with crinoline lady decoration, Royal Windsor rose printed tea wares, etc £40-50
28.     A collection of Coalport floral patterned tea wares comprising tea pot, sugar bowl, milk jug, cake plate, six cups, six saucers and five tea plates, together with plant Tuscan china coffee wares with blue daisy decoration comprising coffee pot, cream jug, sugar bowl, six cups and six saucers, also together with Minton Spring Bouquet pattern coffee wares comprising six cups and six saucers £30-40
29.     A set of six Parian type relief moulded roundel's with classical decoration and impressed marks to reverse Eneret, together with a Royal Doulton figure Stayed at Home HN2207, a Royal Doulton figure Miss Muffet, HN1936, a Royal Copenhagen model of a trout, a Royal Copenhagen dish and vase, a boxed Royal Worcester 2001 collection rectangular dish and matching trinket box and cover, etc £30-50
30.     A 19th century Chinese blue and white meat plate of oval form with pagoda and willow decoration, 38cm long together with a further 19th century oriental serving plate with blue and white painted detail, 32cm long £50-70
31.     A collection of oriental ceramics including an imari bowl and dish, a pair of tea caddies and covers of hexagonal form with blue and white painted decoration a further hexagonal vase and cover, a gourd shaped vase and cover with a pierced wooden stand with simulated bamboo detail £30-50
32.     A collection of Japanese porcelain tea wares comprising tea pot, covered milk jug, covered sugar bowl, six cups and six saucers of elongated form all with painted stork and floral decoration £25-30
33.     A collection of 19th century and other oriental ceramics including a tile with famille rose painted flowering tree decoration, 23cm square, a 19th century imari tankard of cylindrical form, a pair of imari plates, a box and cover of rectangular form, a quantity of pottery animals and birds with blue and yellow painted finish in various poses, a tea bowl with painted deer decoration, etc £50-70
34.     Four various oriental blue and white plates with painted floral and pagoda decoration approx size 23cm £80-100
35.     Two pairs of 19th century oriental yellow ground dishes with incised pattern decoration and painted pink blossom detail with blue seal marks to the underside, max size 25cm approx, together with a further oriental dish with polychrome painted decoration in the form of hexagons and with painted mark to underside with metal rim and base, 20cm approx diameter £50-70
36.     An oriental charger with painted and gilded flying bird chrysanthemum and cloud decoration within a gilded lotus flower border, with blue painted decoration to underside and character marks, 38cm diameter £60-80
37.     A late 19th century oriental dish with blue and white painted dragon cloud decoration with six character marks to reverse, 27cm diameter approx, together with an early 19th century tin glazed earthenware plate with blue and white painted chinoiserie style decoration incorporating a bird on prunus blossom, etc 23cm diameter approx, also together with an 18th century Worcester tea bowl and saucer with blue printed fruit and floral decoration and crescent mark to base £50-80
38.     An oriental vase of cylindrical form with blue and white painted decoration of figures on a river beside a palace, etc with four character mark to base, 30cm high approx, together with further oriental ceramics including a ginger jar and cover with polychrome painted decoration, two further blue and white graduated ginger jars and covers, a kettle, etc together with a large white glazed figure of an elderly oriental bearded male figure carrying a yoke on his shoulder supporting a pair of pails, 51cm high £40-60
39.     A Noritake two handled vase with painted Egyptian style theme incorporating camel and rider, pyramid etc with printed marks to base, 19cm, together with a quantity of Kokura Japanese tea wares with dessert scene decoration comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, pair of cake plates, twelve cups, twelve saucers and twelve tea plates £40-50
40.     A quantity of oriental ceramics including lamp base with celadon type glaze with moulded floral and foliage decoration 42cm tall, a pair of blue and white vases and covers with dragon and flaming pearl detail and four character mark to bases, 32cm tall, a neck pillow in the form of a recumbent boy, jardiniere and stand, a set of six dishes with blue and white floral decoration, etc together with a carved figure of a Chinese immortal holding a young child, 16cm tall £50-70
41.     A collection of oriental ceramics including a plate with scalloped border and polychrome painted butterfly and floral decoration, 20cm diameter, a bowl with blue and white painted decoration together with certificate of authenticity The Treasure of Tek Sing, 16cm diameter, a bowl and cover with blue and painted figure decoration on a crackle glazed ground with four character mark to base, 13cm tall approx, various plates and dishes with polychrome painted decoration, etc £60-80
42.     A quantity of reproduction oriental ceramics in the Cantonese manner comprising two lamp bases, a cylindrical vase or umbrella stand, three fruit bowls, one with shaped rim £40-50
43.     An oriental lamp base with polychrome painted floral and tree decoration with green shade, three ginger jars, a vase of hexagonal form with painted female character decoration, etc £30-40
44.     A set of eight oriental copper glazed dishes with blue and white painted decoration each approx 9cm (presented in two frames) 75 x 25cm approx £30-50
45.     An oriental fish bowl with blue and white painted landscape and figure decoration, 31cm diameter approx £30-50
46.     A pair of large 19th century oriental blue and white chargers with painted landscape decoration incorporating pagodas, fishing boats, mountains etc within floral borders £100-150
47.     A large Royal Doulton character jug 'Mine Host' D6468 together with a pair of continental vases with polychrome painted decoration, Colclough tea wares, Victorian tea wares, a heavy art glass vase with pink and amber coloured tint, two further pieces of art glass ware, etc £25-30
48.     A collection of Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern wares comprising tea pot, coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, covered sugar bowl, cake plate, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates £40-60
49.     A quantity of 19th century and other ceramics including a pair of 19th century Staffordshire pastille burners in the form of cottages, a black ground jug with polychrome painted classical style detail, a Japanese sugar caster of conical form, a Bretby model of a vintage car, a boxed Carlton ware butter dish and knife, a boxed Beswick ware preserve dish and spoon, a Beswick model of a wren, an oriental turquoise ground ginger jar and cover, etc £30-50
50.     A collection of Susie Cooper dinner wares with spring flower decoration comprising a pair of two handled tureens and covers, three oval graduated meat plates, sauce boat, six dinner plates, six dessert plates and five side plates £30-50
51.     A collection of Delphine art deco tea wares with enamelled style fruit border decoration comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, octagonal cake plate, four cups, four saucers and six tea plates, together with Plant Tuscan china tea and coffee wares with similar decoration £25-30
52.     A set of six oriental blue and white dishes with dragon and flaming pearl decoration with six character mark to base, 19cm diameter approx, together with an oriental vase of globular form with celadon glaze, 13cm tall £30-50
53.     A collection of six Hummel figures of children including musicians, shoe maker, etc together with a Royal Worcester candle stuffer-budge, etc £25-30
54.     A good quality 19th century Meissen cabinet plate with reserved central panel of a landscape with figure, distant town, river, etc within gilt border and with outer pierced and gilded rim with painted forget-me-not detail and with painted inscription to reverse, Wesenstein and crossed swords mark, 26cm diameter £100-120
55.     A Beswick model of a Highland bull, together with a late 19th century Boer War invalid feeding cup with printed decoration, British Army South Africa 1889, retailed by T Goode & Co £30-50
56.     A pair of Royal Worcester plaques each painted with wildfowl and both signed A. Badham, 12cm x 17cm approx in gilt frames £30-50
57.     A pair of 19th century continental tin glazed earthenware vases and covers with blue and white painted armorial decoration bird knops to the covers and painted monograms to base, 17cm approx together with an early 20th century novelty nodding ornament of a kneeling oriental boy and an oriental figure of a classically draped female character £30-50
58.     Two 19th century Meissen type cabinet plates, one with central painted panel of a pair of musicians and a dove within a relief moulded and painted classical style border, with crossed swords mark to reverse and impressed numbers 44, the other with central cherub panel within a painted and gilded classical border with crossed swords mark to reverse, 23cm diameter approx £40-60
59.     An early 19th century Staffordshire Walton figure of a lady archer with impressed mark Walton to reverse, 18cm tall, together with three further Walton figures comprising a shepherdess and a boy with a dog and a female character holding flowers, a further similar figure, an ink stand with polychrome painted floral and figure decoration and two 19th century trinket boxes in the Sevres manner £40-60
60.     A Carltonware blue ground bowl of flared form with painted and gilded forest tree decoration, raised on three gilded supports with printed mark to base number 7792, 27cm diameter approx £40-60
61.     A collection of five Lladro figures of children including a boy fisherman, a girl holding a basket, a girl holding a cockerel, etc £30-40
62.     A collection of three 19th century Meissen type cups with painted bird and insect decoration with divided handles, together with a matching jug, all with crossed swords mark to base, together with a continental tin glazed earthen ware plate with flower basket decoration and an oriental plate with dragon detail £25-30
63.     A Victorian fruit wood lead mallet having an ovoid head and bamboo handle
64.     An unusual late 19th century faience tile with painted decoration of a classical style male character, probably representing Pan, with pipes and a bunch of grapes and dancing beside a goat, with incised signature bottom left, F Holkaerts and with impressed marks verso, Victor Vogt Manre De Fayences, Rue De La Roquette, 44 x 28cm £50-80
65.     A 19th century Staffordshire George Whitfield type Toby jug in the form of a seated preacher in brown great coat, holding a black cat and a lantern, 23cm approx £70-90
66.     A 19th century Staffordshire Toby jug with Pratt type colouring in the form of a blue jacketed man with mustard coloured breeches, holding a tankard, 25cm £150-200
67.     A 19th century Staffordshire Gin Woman Toby jug in the form of a female character in peach coloured floral sprigged dress with fruiting vine moulded detail to the base, 26cm approx £100-120
68.     An Allerton's Toby jug in the 19th century Gaudy Welsh manner in the form of a standing snuff taking Toby with lustre decoration to his blue jacket and moulded fruiting vine detail, 24cm approx £40-60
69.     A 19th century Staffordshire Hearty Goodfellow type Toby jug in the form of a standing pink jacketed Toby in jaunty pose holding a foaming jug and a pipe, 29cm approx £200-220
70.     A 19th century Staffordshire Toby jug in the form of a female snuff taking Toby in red, blue and green floral sprigged and striped costume, 25cm approx £200-220
71.     A matched pair of early 20th century Staffordshire type of Toby jugs of Punch and Judy, she with impressed registration mark to base 139844, 25cm max £100-150
72.     A 19th century Staffordshire Toby jug decorated in the Pratt palette in the form of a seated blue jacketed Toby holding a spotted tankard, 26cm £100-120
73.     A 19th century Toby jug in the form of a brown jacketed Toby holding a foaming floral decorated tankard, possibly Portobello, 24cm approx £200-250
74.     A 18th century Staffordshire Toby jug in the form of a seated Toby with sponged brown glazed jacket, holding a foaming tankard and with barrel between his feet, 25cm tall £350-400
75.     A 19th century Staffordshire Toby wearing a rust coloured coat holding a pipe and jug, with handle modelled as a male character, 24cm approx £150-200
76.     A 19th century Enoch Wood type Staffordshire Toby jug in the form of a seated Toby in rust coloured coat, spotted waist coat and holding foaming tankard, 26cm approx £250-300
77.     A late 18th century Staffordshire Toby jug decorated in the Pratt palette in the form of a blue jacketed seated Toby holding a foaming tankard and raised on a double base, 26cm approx £500-550
78.     A Staffordshire style Quaker type Toby jug in the form of a seated blue jacketed Toby, 23cm approx £40-60
79.     A 19th century Staffordshire Toby jug in the form of a seated Toby holding a foaming tankard, 25cm approx £250-300
80.     A large early 20th century Staffordshire style Toby jug in the form of a seated Toby with purple jacket holding a foaming tankard, 30cm approx £50-70
81.     A late 19th century Staffordshire Toby jug in the form of a female toper in spotted apron, 22cm approx £50-70
82.     An early 19th century Yorkshire Mexborough type Toby jug, in the form of a seated blue jacketed Toby wearing mustard coloured breeches and holding a further Toby jug and goblet, the base with sponged decoration, in blue, mustard and brown, 26cm approx £700-750
83.     An early 20th century Yorkshire type Toby jug in the form of a blue jacketed seated Toby holding a floral decorated jug with sponged painted decoration to base, with handle modelled as a male character, 24cm approx £100-120
84.     A set of 3 pewter art deco period photograph frames with original oak backs and easels £40-60
85.     A Beswick matt glazed model of a trotting grey shire horse together with a cast resin figure of an angel vanquishing the devil, impressed signature verso A Sautini, raised on a marble base £100-150
86.     An extensive collection of 19th century and other ceramics including a large 19th century blue and white printed soup tureen, cover and stand with floral detail and impressed mark to base Dresden Opaque China, Wood & Sons, Yuan pattern blue and white printed dinner wares including four oval graduated meat plates, a Royal Crown Derby plate, pattern number 2451, a matching sugar bowl and cover, an art deco Gardenia pattern salad bowl and servers, melba china tea wares, etc £40-60
87.     A 19th century Willow pattern blue and white printed Stone China meat plate of oval form, a smaller Willow pattern meat plate and two further blue and white meat plates together with a pair of Masons Ironstone Ianthe two handled tureens and covers produced by Liberty of London, etc £30-40
88.     A collection of continental tin glazed earthenware's including a large ewer, a pair of dishes with bird and deer decoration, together with a Bovey Tracey jug, etc £20-30
89.     A collection of Bisto Almaz pattern dinner wares including an oval meat plate, a pair tureens and covers, pair of sauce tureens and stands, etc together with three cream glazed jelly moulds and a small collection of Foley china coffee wares with silhouette decoration against a yellow ground comprising six cups and six saucers £30-50
90.     A quantity of ceramics including Minton Versailles pattern tea wares comprising tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates, further Wedgwood wares including a dark blue ground Jasperware vase of flared form, further Jasperware, a Wedgwood blue ground vase from the interiors collection, a Wedgwood Spirit white glazed bowl, etc £40-60
91.     A Denby ewer designed by Glyn College, 31cm together with a similar bowl, various tea wares including Copeland and Olympus pattern examples comprising cake plate, milk jug, sugar bowl, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates, Royal Albert six place tea service, etc £30-50
92.     A Beswick model of a budgie with impressed number to base 216, a Royal Worcester figure, The Queen of the May, a Nao group of a pair of children, a Beswick bird and one other bird £30-50
93.     A pair of large 19th century continental candlesticks in the form of male and female characters in 18th century style costume supporting vases raised on scrolling bases, 40cm high approx, together with a pair of early 19th century dessert serving dishes with painted armorial crest within a pale green and gilt ground, an early 19th century Derby type sucrier and cover, a Delft vase and cover with blue and white painted floral decoration, etc £40-60
94.     A pair of unusual art deco pottery figures of stylised male and female characters in standing pose with incised monogram R D verso, max height 48cm £60-80
95.     An unusual Edwardian EPBM Toby hot water jug £20-30
96.     A collection of Denby china tea wares with stylised floral decoration on a mottled blue ground comprising tea pot, milk jug, covered sugar bowl, five cups, five saucers and tea plates together with two 19th century blue and white printed meat plates, one with impressed marks to reverse - Spode, a reproduction blue and white printed two handled foot bath style planter of oval form, Royal Albert Val D'or wares and gilt tea wares, etc £30-50
97.     A collection of Booths Orchard pattern dinner wares comprising three oval graduated meat plates, a pair of tureens and covers, sauce boat, six dinner plates, six dessert plates and four side plates, together with Grindley Almond Petal green glazed dinner wares including a pair of tureens and covers, three oval graduated meat plates, etc £25-30
98.     A collection of Indian Tree pattern dinner wares including a pair of tureens and covers, oval meat plate, etc together with further ceramics including Wedgwood Jasperware, a Nao matt glazed figure of a girl, lamp bases, a relief moulded plaque showing a classical female character, etc £25-30
99.     Royal Paragon "Waterlily" pattern tea service comprising teapot, milk jug, sucrier, sandwich plate and six trios £60-100
100.    HRH Prince Charles print of farm buildings, Sandringham estate initialled and dated 1987, 14cm x 19cm £100-120
101.    A Beswick model of a race horse with dappled grey patches on a white ground and with jockey wearing a yellow cap and grey and green silks with number 12 painted to the saddle cloth £150-200
102.    A Beswick model of a huntsman on a rearing brown horse with impressed number to base 868 £80-100
103.    A Royal Doulton limited edition figure of Anne Boleyn HN3232 £80-100
104.    An 18th century jug with painted armorial crest and gilded initials JSK? with moulded masked spout, 15cm tall together with an early 19th century Barr Flight Barr Worcester tea bowl and saucer of writhen moulded form with puce painted and gilded floral sprigs and with impressed marks to base £30-50
105.    A Lladro Daisa figure of a lady with a parasol together with a Royal Copenhagen model of a mouse on a chestnut and an Isis Oxford pottery bowl with puce painted toadstool and other decoration £25-30
106.    A 19th century oriental green ground vase of shouldered form with crackle glazed finish, 15cm tall approx £60-80
107.    A Royal Doulton figure - A Saucy Nymph, HN1530 £100-120
108.    A collection of three Wade Walt Disney figures, Lady, Tramp and The General all boxed (General missing box lid) £30-40
109.    A 19th century Copeland Parian figure of a sleeping child in a wicker cradle with impressed marks to base together with a further matching cover, 14cm long approx £30-50
110.    Three Beswick Beatrix Potter figures, Jemima Puddleduck, Little Pig Robinson and Peter Rabbit, all with marks to base £25-30
112.    A Goebel condiment set in the form of bees on flower heads comprising mustard pot and cover, salt and pepper £20-25
113.    A Royal Worcester cabinet plate with painted fruit panel signed H Ayrton within a gilded scalloped border with black printed mark to reverse, 22cm diameter approx, together with a Royal Worcester potpourri pot of lobed form with painted fruit decoration indistinctly signed with black printed mark to base number 175, 11cm tall approx £50-80
114.    A ceramic plaque in the Royal Worcester manner with painted pheasant detail signed N Preed, 9cm square approx in gilt frame £25-30
115.    A Chinese Doucai type bowl with polychrome painted and scrolling leaf and floral detail, with blue character seal mark to base, 15cm diameter approx £100-150
116.    Royal Worcester blush ivory porcelain cup, saucer and milk jug, all decorated with floral sprays and with gilt highlights (3)
117.    A boxed pair of silver gilt chain cufflinks £20-30
118.    A pair of Chinese terracotta and glazed figures of hawks upon rocky outcrops - stamped China to base £40-60
119.    NO LOT - WITHDRAWN £40-60
121.    A Wedgwood vase designed by Keith Murray of ridged globular form and with all over pale yellow glaze, with printed marks to base, 18 cm approx high £40-60
122.    A Royal Doulton vase with painted and incised stylised floral decoration on a blue ground and with impressed mark to base and also impressed with WT Lamb & Sons Compliments, Exmouth 1928, with further impressed number 7654 and incised initials MW, 23 cm approx £40-60
123.    An early 20th century Barum of Barnstaple green glazed vase with asymmetrical handles and stylised fish decoration and incised mark to base, 15 cm tall, together with a pair of Royal Stanley ware vine pattern vases of ovoid form with printed marks to base, 23 cm tall, a set of three graduated Falconware floral moulded jugs, a Clarice Cliff relief moulded bowl with buff coloured glaze, etc £40-60
124.    A Troika vase of cylindrical form with painted abstract circle and line decoration in tones of black, blue and green and with painted marks to base, 14 cm tall approx, together with a Poole Pottery vase with impressed Carter Stabler Adams mark to base, initials EN, incised numbers 581, a continental vase with blue painted stylised bird decoration, a Studio Pottery trio with brick red and blue glazed finish, etc £30-50
125.    Nine pieces of Fishley Holland pottery wares including a jug with triple spotted decoration, further jugs with bird and fish design, a vase with impressed mark to base Dunster, etc £20-30
126.    A collection of ceramics including a large Beswick ware character jug with impressed number to base 372, a further Beswick character jug impressed number 2030 and inscribed to handle 'Last Will and Testament', a pair of wall plaques in the form of flying kingfishers, a Westland china model of an Appaloosa horse, Studio Pottery vase of asymmetrical form, an Art glass vase with amethyst tint and trailed decoration, quantity of crested wares, etc £30-40
127.    A Kelim covered boxed Ottoman with hinged lid on turned legs 80cm wide by 48cm deep by 42cm high £60-80
128.    A large vase with mottled blue and dark brown glazed finish with printed mark to base batik Indah - made in Vietnam, 27 cm tall approx, together with a pottery sphere with turquoise glaze and a ewer with classical style moulded and painted finish £20-30
129.    A pair of Wedgwood tureens and covers designed by Eric Ravilious in the Garden pattern with printed marks to base, 27 cm diameter approx £80-100
130.    A quantity of Shelley Art Deco tea and coffee wares in the Tall Trees pattern with yellow and black finish and comprising pair of cake plates, milk jug, sugar bowl, rectangular sandwich tray, seven tea cups, seven tea saucers, seven tea plates, six coffee cups and six coffee saucers, three small plates £40-60
131.    A collection of Finnish Arabia coffee wares with printed decoration of figures seated at tables, comprising four cups, four saucers and a wedge shaped plate together with co-ordinating Swedish Rorstrand Venezia pattern wares comprising five cups, three saucers and six plates, etc £20-30
132.    An extensive collection of German Thomas white glazed dinner and tea wares including three oval graduated meat plates, butter dish and cover, pair of milk jugs, pair of covered sugar bowls, condiments, etc
133.    A collection of Paragon china Art Deco tea wares with green, black and yellow stylised floral decoration comprising a pair of cake plates, milk jug, sugar bowl, twelve cups, twelve saucers and twelve tea plates, together with a boxed Yardley English lavender soap dish, glassware including a Murano type model of a swan, a pink tinted glass figure of a kneeling oriental figure, a matching pear shaped dish and an iridescent paperweight in the form of a toadstool £30-50
134.    A large Arthur Wood piggy bank in the form of a humorous pig with pink, yellow and blue painted floral detail, 50 cm approx, with printed mark to base £25-30
135.    A quantity of Denby Arabesque pattern wares including coffee pot, tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, six cups, six saucers, six tea plates, six side plates, serving bowl and six dessert dishes £25-30
136.    A collection of ten turquoise ground tiles in the Art Nouveau manner with stylised floral decoration together with one further tile, 15 cm square approx £20-25
137.    An extensive collection of various Denby wares including serving dishes, mugs, plates and bowls, tea wares, etc £40-60
138.    Early 19th century pylon shaped camphor wood trunk, the inside of the lid, mounted contemporary engraving of an American ship "US Ship of the Line Pennsylvania" the top inset lozenge shaped brass plate engraved "W, Boyce", 102cm wide £60-80
139.    A quantity of Denby wares with pale oatmeal and white glazed finish including five dinner plates, six cups, six saucers and seven tea plates, etc, together with a quantity of Hornsea Impact pattern brown glazed coffee wares including coffee pot, two jugs, etc
139A.   Eight old studio pottery tiles all hand painted - various finishes
140.    A collection of Wedgwood Tiger Lily pattern coffee wares comprising coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, six coffee cans, six saucers, together with Portmeirion botanic garden kitchen storage jars, coffee pot, etc, a pair of Winchcombe pottery bowls with oatmeal coloured glaze, a Bourne Denby vase designed by Glyn College, etc £30-40
141.    An extensive collection of Royal Worcester Evesham pattern oven to table wares including tureens and covers, large circular bowl, trefoil shaped dish, avocado dishes, teapot, sauce boat with integral stand, condiments, etc £40-60
142.    A collection of various tea and coffee wares including Royal Kent Golden Glory pattern, Ridgeway examples, Shelley Idalium pattern Art Deco wares, Plant Tuscan and china wares, etc £25-30
143.    A quantity of Royal Worcester Evesham pattern oven to table wares including two sauce boats and stands, oval dish and cover, coffee pot, teapot, jugs, tea wares, ramekins, etc £30-50
144.    Ann Gordon (Marchoness of Aberdeen) good ceramic models of a cauliflower, cabbage, pumpkin, goose, and asparagus stick; together with a large studio ware jug by Clive Bowen £40-60
145.    An 18th century oval mahogany gateleg table on turned supports terminating in full pad feet, 90cm long £40-60
161.    Interesting Cranberry glass dimpled chalice, etched with various northern europe landmarks; together with a cranberry glass fruit bowl star cut detail and one other (3) £30-50
162.    Two Mary Gregory style glasses with typical overlay of children amidst foliage, together with a further glass bowl decorated with scrolled leaves and three glasses (6) £30-50
163.    A Baden-Powell Mafeking dimpled glass commemorative type plate £20-40
164.    A collection of mixed antique and later glassware to include two lamp bases £50-80
165.    Large mixed collection of glassware to include large Art Glass fruit bowl, heavy etched glass ale glass with a romantic scene, two opaque glass paperweights one in the form of an elephant, the other a hedgehog and others £40-60
166.    Four various 19th century cranberry glass lustres, part fitted with prismatic drops, the largest 38 cm high (4) £40-60
167.    Large collection of various cut and press glass to include rummers, tumblers, decanters, etc £40-60
168.    A mixed lot to include a small quantity of cut glass to include baskets, vases, glasses, etc, together with a collection of pottery and ceramics to include a Poole pottery two tone teapot, Susie Cooper style part tea service and others £30-50
169.    Small selection of mixed glassware to include two waisted celery vases etched with leaves, a further pedestal bowl painted with daisies, a rolling pin and wasp trap (5) £30-50
170.    Seven various apothecary jars £40-60
171.    Set of eight cranberry wine glasses etched with paisley with star cut bases together with a small selection of other glasses £20-40
172.    Two novelty frosted glass paperweights in the manner of Lalique, one of a polar bear, the other a bird, together with further pair of novelty glass candlesticks of Jesus and Mary and further glass vases
173.    A collection of 20 various glass paperweights together with 2 Deco perfume diffusers (22) £30-50
174.    Large collection of various cut and pressed glass to include decanters, fruit bowls, tumblers, etc £40-60
175.    A collection of novelty cut glassware to include novelty paperweights in the form of owl, panda, sea horse, etc, various glass fruits and others £50-80
176.    Two similar Lalique frosted glass ashtrays each surmounted by birds together with a further Lalique frosted glass pheasant (3) £40-60
177.    Hand blown Murano style glass bottle neck vase and flared rim riveted with stretched coloured milliefiori batons, 13 cm high £40-60
177A.   Novelty cut glass silver cruet in the form of a car fitted with salt, pepper and mustard, together with a Waterford glass decanter and 2 other decanters, flared glass vase, and glass fruit bowl
178.    A heavy Victorian brass fire kerb with shaped kettle stand, 112cm wide by 28cm deep £30-40
179.    Good set of 8 quality cut glass open champagnes, with 11 smaller examples and one other £40-80
180.    Small collection of silver plate to include a half fluted Georgian style teapot, oval bon bon dish decorated in relief with scrolled acanthus and cartouche, hor d'oeuvre's dish, Danish type gallery tray, cake stand and tulip vase (6) £10-20
181.    Impressive pair of silver plated Corinthian column candlesticks upon stepped square bases, 40 cm high £50-80
182.    Comprehensive collection of silver plated items to include twin handled gallery tray, pair of twin branch candelabra, various sauce boats, salts,etc £50-80
183.    Four piece silver dressing set to include the frame for a hand mirror (glass missing) 3 brushes; together with various silver plated wares, three pewter jugs and a small quantity of costume jewellery £60-80
184.    Small collection of silver plated items to include entree dish with gadroon rimmer, six division lancet toast rack and others £30-50
185.    Mixed collection of silver plate to include various flatware items, teapot, handled basket; together with two vintage mantle clocks and three Caithness glass vases with boxes £30-50
186.    Two large Sheffield plate candlesticks with half fluted columns; together with a further wine coaster, salver and others within a leather Howards hat box £40-60
187.    Oneida canteen of vintage cutlery together with two further cutlery sets £30-50
188.    Walker & Hall oak canteen of cutlery £100-200
189.    Elkington & Co silver plated canteen of cutlery £100-200
190.    Pewter and cut glass eperne, together with various silver plated flatware and further pewter wares £30-50
191.    Two boxes of silver plated items to include a spirit kettle, canteen of cutlery, further flatware and others £40-60
192.    Two boxes of silver plate to include flatware, entree dishes, canteens, etc with others £40-60
193.    Large collection of silver plated items to include tea wares, dinnerwares, etc £180-200
194.    Large and impressive silver plated salver with cast acanthus scrolled rim over a bowl engraved with scrolled foliage and cartouche, upon further four scrolled feet, 60 cm diameter together with a further silver plated waiter(2) £280-300
195.    Box of silver plate to include various cased cutlery sets and further flatware £30-50
196.    A box containing various silver plated cased canteen sets together with a box containing various antique and later coinage £60-100
197.    A pair of classical style silver plated twin branch candelabra with scrolled brackets and baluster scones upon turned tapered columns, 44 cm high (2) £30-50
198.    A large Louis XV style nine drawer pedestal desk with gilt metal mounts and tooled leather top, 2m long x 90cm deep £200-300
199.    Exquisite antique leather cased Asprey of London gentlemen's dress case, fitted with various silver topped bottles and ivory brushes and leather accessories £400-500
200.    A pair of Walker & Hall open gravy boats with 'C' scroll handles and scalloped shell hoof feet, Sheffield 1934, 13 oz approx £100-150
201.    Early 20th century silver engine turned serpentine purse, Birmingham date mark, maker EFB; together with two circular silver easel picture frames (3) £30-50
202.    Mixed collection of smaller silver items to include two dwarf candlesticks, tulip vase and two silver lidded glass bottles (5) £40-60
203.    Mixed lot of smaller silver items to include two lidded mustards with spoons, three napkin rings, small half fluted cream jug and silver lidded cut glass sifter £50-80
204.    Mixed collection of various Georgian and later spoons to include a sauce ladle and pair of sugar nips, 6oz approx £50-80
205.    Edwardian/Georgian style silver bachelor tea pot, boat shaped form, maker J & C, Birmingham 1906, 12oz approx £100-150
206.    Georgian style silver waiter, with piecrust rim and four scrolled feet; together with a further silver ashtray, 8oz approx (2) £60-100
207.    Late 18th century silver vinaigrette, with gilt interior pierced with foliage, maker Thomas Shaw? Birmingham 1799 £50-80
208.    Silver and blue guilloche enamel compact, fitted with an RAF badge within an original suede pouch £40-60
209.    Two silver cigarette cases one with engine turned detail, 7.5oz approx (2) £50-80
210.    Miniature silver twin handled tray together with a further silver salt (2), 3oz approx £30-50
211.    Mixed collection of bijouterie silver to include silver and enamelled lidded box, marked sterling (AF); together with a further silver lidded scent bottle, a small silver vesta case and a filigree silver trinket (4) £50-80
212.    Mixed collection of silver to include 1925 and further continental 900 silver cigarette cases, 3 matchbox covers and a napkin ring, 11oz approx (6) £100-150
213.    Two ply-lined silver cigarette boxes together with a further silver pin tray, silver oil pourer, two napkin rings, sugar nips and a glass and sterling lidded brush pot £60-100
214.    Eastern filigree silver cigarette case with scrolled foliate decoration, 4oz approx £50-80
215.    Late Victorian silver card case, geometrically engraved with scrolled acanthus detail with fitted leather interior, maker Colen Hewer Cheshire, Birmingham 1894, 9 cm long, within an original leather case £80-120
216.    Victorian silver knife, fork and spoon set, all engraved with scrolled oak leaves and acorns, maker G A; together with various other silver and white metal spoons and a collection of 14 silver handled dessert knives and a small quantity of silver plated fiddle pattern flatware £50-80
217.    Viners silver ovoid cream jug, 6.5oz approx £50-80
218.    Good quality 1940s engine turned silver cigarette case with gilt interior, maker Alexander Clark, Birmingham 1946, 3oz approx £40-60
219.    Novelty Indian cigarette case with engine turned decoration, the hinged lid engraved with a map of the Indian sub-continent, inscribed sterling silver to the interior, 6oz approx £50-80
220.    15 various silver teaspoons together with two silver sugar nips (17) 10oz approx £80-120
221.    Georgian silver basting spoon together with a further silver tablespoon; together with a case of silver collared fruit knives, silver bladed carving knife, two toasting forks and two others £50-80
222.    Collection of good quality Victorian cast silver kings pattern flatware comprising 11 dessert forks, 2 dessert spoons; and two further other spoons, 29oz approx £250-350
223.    Silver half fluted milk jug and sucrier, maker Henry Matthews, Birmingham 1924, 15.5oz approx £120-180
224.    Antique Irish silver pair of sugar nips with scallop shell grips together with a further Georgian set of sugar nips and a miniature silver top cup (3) £40-60
225.    1920s silver sarcophagus silver cigarette box, maker George Halson, Sheffield 1920, 19cm long £200-300
226.    Mixed collection of silver to include a cased set of 6 silver teaspoons, cased set of 6 sterling handled fruit knives and a further christening cased fork and spoon set £40-60
227.    1990s silver standing pig, maker GS, Sheffield 1995, 5cm high £40-60
228.    Mappin & Webb silver twin handled trophy, hall marks rubbed, upon a turned ebonised wooded plinth base, 8oz approx £60-100
229.    A pair of silver candlesticks, maker W & D, 16cm high, (AF) £20-40
230.    Georgian style silver baluster tankard, maker GH, Sheffield 1942, 10.5oz approx £100-150
231.    Early 20th century silver sauce boat in the art deco manner, maker William Neale & Co, Birmingham 1938, 5oz approx £40-60
232.    A pair of George the IV silver sauce ladles, maker Maurice & Michael Emanuel, London 1828 4oz approx (2) £50-80
233.    A pair of Edwardian silver faceted tulip vases upon stepped shaped bases, maker, S W Smith & Co, London 1903, 22cm high (2) £40-60
234.    Good quality Georgian style silver sauce boat, with gadrooned rim, 'S' scrolled handle and 3 scallop shell feet, maker B Co Ltd, London 1937, 7oz approx £60-80
235.    Early 20th century silver squat baluster boat shaped tea pot, maker Jenkins & Timm, 17oz approx £130-180
236.    Set of 5 William IV silver fiddle patterned dessert spoons, London 1831, maker William Bennett; together with a cased set of 6 art deco silver coffee bean spoons and a small collection of costume jewellery, the dessert spoons 6.5oz approx £80-120
237.    A pair of baluster faceted silver vases with lion mask ring handles, maker W & H £60-100
238.    Edwardian silver tray engraved with scrolled acanthus with serpentine raised borders, maker G Ltd, Chester 1909, 31cm long, 11oz approx £80-120
239.    Four various silver cigarette cases to include three engine turned examples and another engraved with scrolled acanthus, 16oz approx £120-180
240.    Mixed lot to include dressing mirror and brush, shoe horn and two boot hooks (5) £30-50
241.    Victorian christening mug, engraved with diaper and dotted bands, centrally decorated with a monogram and dated June 18th 1876, maker mark rubbed, London 1893, 3.5oz approx £30-50
242.    A box of various bijouterie silver and white metal to include silver goblet, napkin ring, vesta case and others £40-60
243.    Early 20th century silver and pique work jewellery box, the hinged lid enclosing a lined interior; together with a further desk top match box holder and small trinket dish, 4oz approx £70-90
244.    Mixed lot of silver to include a Victorian baluster christening cup embossed with flowers and scrolled cartouche; together with a further small silver christening tankard, an arts and crafts teaspoon, white metal stylised arts and crafts spoon with turquoise cabochon, silver strainer and cased knife, fork and spoon set £50-80
245.    Set of twelve silver souvenir spoons, each fitted with a small silver plaque relating to a lodge; together with a further small pair of silver sugar nips, 4oz approx £40-60
246.    Edwardian three piece tea service comprising tea pot, milk jug and sucrier, faceted and embossed with scrolled cartouche and flowers, maker William Aitken, Birmingham 1906, 35oz approx (3) £300-400
247.    Attractive four piece silver tea service comprising tea pot, water jug, milk jug and sucrier, of lobed form with gadrooned borders and scrolled paw feet, maker Edward Souter, Barnsley, Birmingham 1921, 56oz approx (4) £450-550
248.    Attractive three piece silver dressing set comprising mirror and two brushes, embossed with scrolled acanthus and further foliage; together with four further silver dressing set items (7) £60-100
249.    Early 20th century cased sweet of twelve teaspoons with sugar nips, with stylised scrolled handles, maker Elkinton & Co, Birmingham 1920, 7oz approx £60-100
250.    Georgian style silver salver, with pie crust rim and scrolled feet, Harrison Bros & Halson, Sheffield 1943, 31cm diameter, 30.5oz approx £300-350
251.    Russian silver case set of twelve souvenir spoons, each spoon decorated to the back of the bowl in monochrome with a Russian landmark, within a oak stylised baize lined case, 6oz approx
252.    Cased set of six art deco silver teaspoons with stylised fanned handles, maker Charles Boyton, London 1934 with an original Charles Boyton box £80-120
253.    Three dressing set items to include silver mirror embossed with a cherub and flowers, and two further dressing brushes; together with a continental silver ashtray embossed with a tavern scene (4) £40-80
254.    Cased spoon and fork set engraved with oak leaves; together with a further silver lidded scent jar, silver plate lidded s cent jar and sweet of Crown Derby porcelain jewellery (4) £50-70
255.    Good quality three piece cruet set in the Georgian manner, with gadrooned rims and lion mask and paw feet, comprising salt, pepper and lidded mustard with original spoons, maker Harrison Bros and Howson, Sheffield 1920, 8.5oz approx £100-120
256.    A set of Victorian sterling silver dessert knives and forks, Sheffield 1877 £100-150
257.    Box of various silver items to include attractive silver dressing mirror engraved with scrolled acanthus, dressing comb and brush, continental white metal handle and further spoon and silver rimmed cut glass jar together with two others (8) £40-60
258.    Continental 830 silver three piece coffee service comprising baluster coffee pot, milk jug and twin handled sucrier, the coffee pot 23cm high, 34 oz approx £200-300
259.    Continental 830 silver oval serpentine tray with raised cast borders, 61 cm long, 50 oz approx £300-500
260.    Mixed collection of 830 silver to include a fluted bon bon dish, two pierced cups, napkin ring, a baluster pepper and trinket box, 9 oz approx £60-100
261.    Mixed collection of continental (Norwegian) 830 flatware, with fancy cast floral handles, 11 oz approx £60-100
262.    Mixed collection of Norwegian 830 and English sterling silver flatware comprising mainly teaspoons and others, 15 oz £80-120
263.    Matched pair of antique silver berry spoons, 1804 and 1823 respectively 4 oz approx (2) £30-50
264.    Late Victorian silver soup ladle maker Mappin & Webb, London 1895, 10 oz approx £150-200
265.    Victorian silver fiddle thread pattern soup ladle, maker W E, London 1841, 10 oz approx £150-250
266.    Collection of Norwegian 830 silver flatware including table forks, cake slice, strainer, spoon, etc, all cast with a Tudor Rose type emblem, 15 oz approx £80-120
267.    Collection of Norwegian 830 flatware to include pair of serving spoons, each cast with a heron within an Art Nouveau type motif; together with three further 800 silver stylised spoons, 9 oz approx £60-100
268.    Large collection of Norwegian 830 silver and other white metal flatware to include enamelled spoons, further teaspoons, etc with a box of silver handled fruit knives and further white metal handled fruit knives £60-100
269.    Cased set of six Norwegian 830 silver teaspoons by David Andersen with pierced stylised handles; together with a continental white metal hand bell, dwarf candlestick and others £40-80
270.    Matched pair of antique fiddle pattern tablespoons; together with two further older English tablespoons, 10 oz approx £80-120
271.    Set of five Victorian silver fiddle pattern dessert forks together with a further set of three Victorian fiddle pattern table forks, 16 oz approx £120-180
272.    Set of five Victorian fiddle pattern dessert spoons, together with matched set of eight old English teaspoons, 13 oz approx £100-150
273.    Continental white metal notebook with horn pages, decorated in relief with a boy and girl; together with further white metal jewellery £40-80
274.    Interesting 19th century Sampson Mordan & co silver propelling pencil fitted with Carnelian Lapham Arms Seal finial, London 1840
280.    Baume & Mercier quartz gents watch, with date aperture, roman numerals upon a black Arabic type dial and bi-colour stainless steel strap £60-80
281.    Goldsmiths and Silversmiths company cased guilloche enamel easel square boudoir clock; together with three wristwatches and two pocket watches (6) £50-80
282.    Raymon Weil tango rectangular bi-coloured stainless steel gentlemen's bracelet watch, with roman numerals and date aperture £80-120
283.    Jaeger Le Coultre ladies cocktail watch with diamond set bezel and 18ct strap, within an original blue leather box £600-700
284.    Vintage Omega 9ct ladies wristwatch with baton markers and woven link bracelet £150-250
285.    Vintage 9ct rose gold bracelet watch with sprung strap £100-150
286.    Art Deco silver watch head with gold sun burst dial; together with a silver plated vesta case (2) £30-50
287.    Vintage gents stainless steel Omega Geneve automatic wristwatch with baton markers and date aperture, with leather strap £100-200
288.    18ct half hunter fob watch, the case profusely engraved with scrolled foliage with enamelled chapter ring, 30 gms approx in total £300-500
288A.   A vintage Oris automatic pointer date stainless steel mid-size wristwatch. Circular champagne dial with baton markers and Arabic numerals at the points, with outer calendar ring on leather strap. Movement stamped Oris SA457. Working order. £80-120
289.    Prometheus Pro-1 mini kiln for jewellery making £40-60
290.    Cased set of four 9ct and mother of pearl dress buttons 7g in total; together with three 18ct cufflinks 2.2g and three mother of pearl examples £40-80
291.    A diamond and cabochon sapphire ring marked 750, size V, 13.5g £300-400
292.    Four pairs of 9ct gold clip earrings to include a pair designed as scallop shells, 10.5g total £80-120
293.    A pair of Victorian yellow metal drop earrings in original case, 10.5g total £150-180
294.    An almandine garnet and diamond three stone ring in white gold setting and 18ct gold shank. Size P, 3.5g £300-350
295.    A 22ct gold wedding band hallmarked for Birmingham, size K, 5g £80-100
296.    Two jet mourning pendants set with seed pearls. Hinged compartments to reverse £60-80
297.    A ruby and diamond cluster ring marked 750, size O, 5.5g £300-350
298.    Three brooches set with faceted amethyst stones £80-120
299.    A Chinese carved lapis lazuli clip in yellow metal mount, 16.5g £100-120
300.    Two yellow metal mourning brooches including an example set with seed pearls, together with an engraved pendant set with an amethyst, all unmarked. 22.5g total £60-80
301.    A 9ct gold flower head ring set with 7 diamonds size O/P, 3g £80-120
302.    A pink ruby and diamond ring in 18ct white gold starburst design, size N, 7.5g £350-400
303.    A 9ct white gold crossover ring set with 5 diamonds size P/Q, 1.5g £60-80
304.    A collection of yellow metal items including a bracelet set with white stones, a pendant with Egyptian hieroglyphics, a 9ct pink stone ring and a pair of earrings in the form of daisies. 13g total £60-80
305.    A diamond cluster ring marked 750, in white gold setting. 5.5g, size P/Q £350-400
306.    An 18ct white gold and diamond Art Deco style ring, with three central bezel set diamonds. Size Q, 6.5g £500-600
307.    An 18ct gold five stone diamond ring, size Q, 4g £400-500
308.    An 18ct diamond ring set with seven diamonds, size K/L, 4g £500-800
309.    An 18ct white gold and diamond daisy ring with twisted shoulders, size P 2.5g £60-80
310.    A suite of silver marcasite and green stone jewellery comprising necklace, ring, size O and earrings £60-80
311.    An 18ct white gold diamond and sapphire ring, size J/K, 5g £800-1000
312.    A 9ct gold sapphire and diamond cluster ring, size N, 3g and a further 9ct white stone ring, size N, 2g £100-150
313.    An 18ct sapphire and diamond Art Deco style ring in open frame, size N 3.5g
314.    An 18ct three stone ruby and diamond ring, size L/M, 3g
315.    An art deco Bakelite and lucite necklace in the style of Clarice Cliff £80-100
316.    An art deco cufflink collar stud and dress button set, stamped to reverse sterling. In original fitted box by Collingwood & Sons Limited, together with three Victorian brooches.
317.    An 18ct yellow gold necklace set with diamonds and sapphires, 35g
318.    An 18k sapphire and diamond pendant in the form of a flower, on 9ct chain together with matching stud earrings, 7g total £120-150
319.    A pair of South African 1/2 Pond cufflinks, 1897 with 9ct gold bullet fittings, 10.5g £150-200
320.    A 9ct gold gentleman's ring, of belt and buckle design with engraved decoration, size Y, 9g £120-150
321.    An enamelled silver pendant in the form of an articulated seahorse, together with sundry gold items to include a pair of hoop earrings £80-120
322.    Three 9ct gold necklaces, one with coffee bean pendant. 7g total £50-70
323.    An 18ct gold diamond daisy ring, size P/Q, 2g £80-120
324.    A gold Victorian almandine garnet and pearl brooch in cross form with articulated drop, 5.5g £100-150
325.    A Victorian silver open set rock crystal brooch in the form of a butterfly together with three stick pins £100-150
326.    An 18ct white gold ring set with 29 diamonds in a twisted setting, size L/M, 4.5g £100-150
327.    An 18ct white gold pink ruby and diamond ring £400-500
328.    An early Victorian yellow metal ring set with seven large diamonds, size E, 5g
329.    A gold pendant comprising of a large polished natural emerald, with rose cut diamonds and pearls. In fitted box marked Edward Tessier, 26 New Bond Street, London
330.    A Georgian portrait miniature of a young lady as a pendant under glass, set with split pearls and seed pearls in yellow gold, upon a pinchbeck chain with turquoise set clasp, red leather satin and velvet lined box. Understood to depict Mrs Mary Turton 1754 - 1841 (née Mary "Molly" Meysey), married to John Turton of Sugnall Hall, Staffordshire. Accompanied by poem written about her in 1772 describing her beauty and together with further family details and provenance. £2500-3000
331.    Mixed collection of costume jewellery to include a filigree work articulated bangle, a yellow metal type charm bracelet and others £30-50
332.    Fifteen yellow metal brooches of various design to include memorial brooches, paste set examples and a buckle brooch £40-60
333.    A cased set of six 9ct mother of pearl and enamel buttons £40-60
334.    9ct and garnet pin brooch, 9ct bow brooch and further 9ct rose gold ring (a.f) 10.5g total £80-100
335.    A gold bow brooch with attached 15ct clasp, together with a yellow metal mourning brooch with scrolling border to a blue enamel ground, surrounding a central oval glazed aperture 25g total £60-80
336.    Three brooches to include an enamel butterfly, a silver butterfly wing example and similar necklace, together with a silver ring by Charles Horner (5) £20-30
337.    A platinum, diamond and sapphire three stone ring with central sapphire flanked by two diamonds approx 0.50ct each, size K, 3.5g. £1200-1500
338.    An 18ct flower head ring set with 6 green garnets and seven diamonds, size M and a 9ct ring with central emerald and cubic zirconia surround size P, 6g total
339.    An Essex crystal yellow metal archery prize to the ladies of The Selwood Foresters, inscription to outer edge "TRANSFERABLE FOR HIGHEST SCORE FROM JOHN JARRETT ESQR 1840". Together with a Georgian white metal stick pin in the form of a honey bee, possible Napoleonic connection.
340.    A quantity of white metal jewellery including a diamond eternity ring, five pairs of cufflinks to include a silver pair with blue enamel stripes, a silver necklace with cross pendant, etc £60-80
341.    Three brooches, two set with diamonds and another with seed pearls and green stones together with an intaglio ring and a seed pearl buckle, 20g total (5) £60-100
342.    Costume jewellery including two boxed Swarovski necklaces, a coral necklace with gold clasp, a small quantity of badges, etc £30-50
343.    Box of interesting items to include cased set of six dress buttons, four brooches to include an agate example, three pen knives, silver lace hooks etc £30-50
344.    An 18ct gold claw set solitaire diamond ring, 3.5g, size M, diamond 1.1ct approx
345.    Large quantity of costume jewellery £30-50
346.    A 9ct blue stone diamond ring together with a silver necklace and ring both set with abalone shell, a silver bangle etc
347.    A white and yellow gold bar brooch, set with round cut aquamarine, 2.5g £80-120
348.    Small collection of hard stone costume jewellery to include Carnelian examples (6) £30-50
349.    Mixed collection of costume jewellery comprising various rings to include a jade example, amethyst type stone necklace, stick pin and others; together with a boxed Penhaligons pink leather purse £30-50
350.    Small quantity of costume jewellery £5-10
350A.   Collection of 15 agate bead necklaces £50-80
350B.   Collection of 15 various mainly jasper bead necklaces £50-80
350C.   A yellow metal and diamond flower head ring marked VO, size P/Q, 4g £100-150
351.    Interesting industrial Fontin mecurial barometer, with ebonised steel casing, brass plate and stained oak back board, 107cm high £40-60
352.    Vintage oak cased drop dial three train wall clock, with bevelled glass panels, 67cm high; together with a further drop dial clock case and box of workings (3) £40-60
353.    Contemporary wall dial, with three subsidiary dials for New York, Sydney and Paris, 54cm diameter £30-50
354.    American 'Seth Thomas' ogee wall clock, with square two train dial and painted front, within a mahogany case, 83cm high £30-50
355.    A 19th century two train oak cased vineyard clock, the two train 24 cm dial inscribed Martin Basket & Martin, A Paris, the case 55 cm high approx. £60-100
356.    Seiko novelty musical walk clock £10-20
357.    Mid 19th century two train Vienna regulator walk clock, 17cm enamel chapter ring set within a flamed case with scrolled carving and of good proportions £250-300
358.    Arts and crafts oak drop dial walk clock £40-60
359.    Oak cased aneroid walk barometer, thermometer £40-60
360.    Good antique three train eight bell bracket clock, the enamelled dial signed Simpson of Hadleigh "for spares or repair" £200-400
361.    19th century two train long case clock dial and movement, signed Hitchin of Rodborough; together with two further clock (3) £50-80
362.    A 19th century rose wood and boule work postman's dial. £100-120
363.    French drum head movement, the dial signed Oetzmann & Co, Hamstead Road, London £40-60
364.    Mahogany bulkhead two train mantle clock signed Comitti of London; together with three metal flasks and a cocktail shaker (5) £50-80
365.    Two Hermle torsion clocks £30-50
366.    19th century black slate mantle clock the two train 10cm chapter rings set within the architectural case £30-50
367.    Two train mahogany mantle clock, fitted with a 16cm silver dial; together with two boxes of flatware £50-70
368.    French architectural alabaster mantle clock fitted with a 8cm two train silver dial, under a dome upon a rosewood plinth base £100-150
369.    Art nouveau type boxwood inlaid walnut mantle clock, the 14cm dial signed Gilbert and inscribed "Made in Winstead Con. United States of America2; together with two wooden boxes (3) £40-60
370.    Impressive 19th century music box, playing on eight airs, the hinged lid enclosing an interior fitted with four bells and a drum, in sight, 50cm wide £200-400
371.    Small French carriage clock within brass cornice case fitted with a bevelled glass plate £30-50
372.    L'Epee lacquered brass French repeater carriage clock with subsidiary second dial, the cornice cased fitted with Corinthian column pilasters, inscribed 'Made in France, 11 Jewels unadjusted', 20 cm high approx. £400-600
373.    Rare and interesting 19th century French industrial bronze mantle clock in the form of a cylinder steam pump, fitted with two silvered dials and single train clock and barometer flanking a central thermometer upon a black slate base, 28 cm high x 29 cm wide £600-1000
381.    19th century ebonised walking cane with silver knop, 91cm long £30-50
382.    An ivory dogs headed walking cane with silver collar, dated London 1899, the dog with glass eyes, 83cm long £150-200
383.    A lacquered walking cane with ivory dogs head and glass eyes and silver collar, dated London 1892, 85cm £150-200
384.    Walking cane with knop being the head of a chimney sweep wearing a top hat, 88cm long £40-60
385.    A parrot headed walking stick, 92cm long £30-50
386.    An unusual walking stick fitted with mother of pearl tablets and snake like relief detail, 94cm long £30-50
387.    Tribal interest - African walking stick with carved tribesman head knop, 88cm long £30-50
388.    Interesting walking cane, the collar carved with humorous frogs with bull knop, 97cm long £30-50
389.    An unusual early sword stick, the knop in the form of a heavy brass ball, 95cm long £150-200
390.    A slim ladies cane with extended 10" Indian white metal handle with foliage, 87cm £80-120
391.    Ladies cane with beautiful faux ivory knop in the form of a beauty amidst foliage, 84cm long £60-100
392.    Good antique horse measuring stick, the white metal fitting enclosing a ruler and spirit level, 93cm long £60-100
393.    19th century Bosun stick, with string type decoration, 90cm long £50-80
394.    Early hand forged African sword, 80cm long £50-80
395.    Four tier hanging gun rack with baize lining £40-60
396.    Victorian Taffeta dress, with buttoned torso and striped decoration £30-50
397.    Railwayana interest - vintage enamel sign for Radcliffe on Trent station upon an iron bracket, 92 cm long x 26 cm high £80-120
398.    A wicker basket containing a collection of miscellaneous items to include two train mantle clock, Victorian style papier mache sarcophagus box, brass candlesticks, hand tools, bank notes, coinage, etc £30-50
399.    Mixed kitchenalia lot to include jelly moulds, cake tins, stoneware bowls, enamel saucepans, etc £40-60
400.    Mixed kitchenalia lot to include a collection of Kinox saucepans and Le Creuset saucepans, wooden chopping board with knives, weighing scales, others £40-60
401.    A box containing a large collection of vintage Tupperware £30-50
402.    A wicker picnic hamper by Optima £30-50
403.    Cast ormolu ceiling light (in pieces) together with further gilt metal and brass fittings £40-60
404.    Good brass and copper riveted early motoring Lucas "KingLite" carbide lamp £80-120
405.    Good polished brass gong, the frame in the form of a simulated scrolled horns; together with two brass fitted oak shields (3) £40-60
406.    Brass and cast iron scale model of a canon, with cast dragon frame on wheels £50-80
407.    Novelty cast brass door stop in the form of a foxes head and handle in the form of a whip, 47 cm high £40-60
408.    Vintage plaster standing figure of a WREN in WWII type uniform, together with a further plaster bust wall hanging of a lady (2) £20-40
409.    An Edouard Paul Delabrierre (French 1829 - 1912), 'L-Improvisateur', cast bronze study of an Arabic musician playing a bowl back mandolin, riding a horse sidesaddle, 43 cm high approx. £600-1000
410.    Cast bronze study of a recumbent hound £40-60
411.    Alabaster character group of two sons embracing (AF) 44cm long £170-190
412.    Pair of vintage 8KG cast iron kettle bells £50-70
413.    After the antique - 3 classical torso sculptures together with 2 busts (5) £40-60
414.    Box of interesting items to include carved stone/marble eggs, abalone shells, wood printers carving; together with brass watering can, 2 table lamps made from natural slate and others £30-50
415.    Scale model of a farmhouse £40-60
416.    Good quality French cast ormolu 3 branch electric candelabra, mounted by a campania type urn with mask and swag details, three scrolled acanthus branches upon a Corinthian column stepped circular base, 40cm high (AF) £40-80
417.    Dewhurst's "Sylko" three drawer sewing box, painted in sky blue with Dewhurst Sylko crest to the top, 14cm, high x 31cm wide
418.    Collection of Le Creuset cookware to include three Dutch oven type pans, four saucepans, a flatter pan and a loaf pan, (9) £50-80
419.    Victorian lacquered sewing box, the top decorated with a classical landscape scene with scrolled gilt highlights, enclosing a fitted two tier interior, 31cm wide £70-90
420.    Good gilt bronze oval plaque decorated in relief with a classical scene, 47 x 36 cm £60-100
421.    Japanese carved wooden Koi carp Jizai kettle weight £40-60
422.    Pair of Japanese carved grotesque wooden masks together with two further carved Okimono type figures including Tengu (4) £40-60
423.    Taxidermy interest - study of a woodcock hung on a wooden plaque, 36cm high £30-50
424.    Mixed lot to include a mahogany cased Mappin Bros silver plated and ivory canteen of cutlery comprising twelve knives and forks; together with four antique locks, one with gilt plaque inscribed E Cotterill & Co, Henry Fear Manufacturer Birmingham and a blue glass soda siphon (6) £80-100
425.    A box containing mainly a collection of religious ephemera to include crucifixes, candlesticks etc; together with easel picture frames, matchbox covers and others £50-80
426.    A box containing a collection of mainly tribal hard stone carvings to include busts and animals £40-60
427.    A large quantity of brassware, mainly candlesticks and lighting together with a bugle, trinket box, etc. £30-50
428.    Mixed collection of miscellaneous items to include toys, dolls stuffed animals, together with collectors cards and others £30-50
429.    Mixed Japanese lot to include two carved hardwood character groups of figures on the back of ox's a three legged cast bronze vessel, soap stone bookend carved flowers and further house keepers brush with bobbin turned jade type handle (5) £60-100
430.    Victorian flamed mahogany apprentice type cabinet, the top with raised arch back over an arched panelled door enclosing an interior fitted with three more drawers over twin cupboard doors upon a plinth base, 47cm high £80-100
431.    Big mixed miscellaneous lot to include a wicker fishing basket and further woven basket, carved soapstone figures, etc £30-50
432.    A big mixed miscellaneous lot to include relief brass coal box, further tin hat box, binoculars, candlesticks, clocks, carved figures, etc £50-100
433.    Collection of cloisonne to include two similar shallow bowls and carved wooden stands, a pair of Plique Du Jour, lidded baluster vases on wooden stands and a further baluster vase (5) £50-80
434.    Taxidermy interest - cased sea bird eating a fish flanked by two further birds upon a nautical type base £220-240
435.    Chinese mother of pearl and abalone shell inlaid box, the lid decorated with a landscape scene with figures, 21cm wide £30-50
436.    Large quantity of remnants and part rolls of upholstery fabric including approx 10 metres of Jane Churchill Tulip fabric, together with a long section of needlepoint and two curtain ties £30-50
437.    Mixed lot to include four vintage stuffed teddy bears, a 19th century meat fork, a cast metal bell, a drop dial clock and a novelty ceramic "The Beatles" plate, together with a print of Edward VIII in highland dress £40-60
438.    Box of interesting items to include eastern hardwood jewellery box fitted with glass cabochon, soap stone carvings, further eastern boxes, etc £30-50
439.    A collection of architectural moulding to include brackets and floral tiles all with gilt finish £40-60
440.    Collection of Star Wars related memorabilia to include two puzzles, two annuals and a collection of prints by Ralph McQarrie (5) £30-50
441.    Victorian ebonised papier mache and mother of pearl inlaid basket, centrally decorated with a floral bouquet; together with a similar corner wall bracket and two small red lacquer pin trays (4) £30-50
442.    Three carved Japanese hardwood netsukes of Daruma stretching (3) £30-50
443.    A vintage boxed Schuco remote controlled Varianto car with accessories and instruction leaflet, together with a further unboxed Schuco Varianto Bus example (2) £50-80
444.    A Schuco remote control wind up car with automatic stopping system (with key) together with a boxed German Accident car (2) £40-60
445.    A Schuco German tin plate wind up mouse together with a Schuco drumming clown, (with key) and a ladybird by Triang Minic Toys, (with key) £50-80
446.    Box of interesting items to include a scent bottle of cornucopia form made of blue glass with polychrome overlay various lighters, pocket watch, etc £40-60
447.    Antique bronze sundial signed Thomas Grice, dated 1705, 16cm diameter £50-80
448.    Britain's die cast search light on a mobile chassis, reg no 459993 (in original box) £40-60
449.    Exquisite Italian carved mother of pearl shell centrally decorated with the nativity scene framed by further circular panels of other religious scenes, 22cm diameter £300-500
450.    Stieff mohair stuffed Scottish Terrier, 20cm long £300-500
451.    Box of interesting items to include silver napkin ring, pocket watch, bead bag, Georgian mahogany tea caddy, silver applied horn serving spoons, Victorian lacquer pen box, marquetry box, etc £50-80
452.    Vintage 1936 bottle of Black & White Choice Old Scotch Whiskey £40-60
453.    Pair of Verres field glasses/binoculars fitted with a compass £30-50
454.    Collection of antique linen and lace including christening gowns, bridal head wear, gloves and trimmings £10-20
455.    Collection of antique glass slides, various interests £20-40
456.    Interesting gilt bronze Olympic trophy cast as a gilt figure with arms raised, holding a ribbon embossed with the Olympic rings under a star, fitted to a marble base and further wooden stand £100-200
457.    Good quality Japanese carved table top cabinet with raised shelved back over pierced cupboard doors with birds and foliage enclosing an arrangement of eight small drawers over two further drawers, 80cm high £100-150
458.    Antique copper jelly mould, inscribed "registered April 29 1863", 18cm high £30-50
459.    Good quality 19th century mahogany boxwood inlaid tea caddy, with lead lined interior, 13cm high £30-50
460.    Early 19th century tortoiseshell tea caddy, the sarcophagus lid with abalone shell inlay, enclosing a two sectional lidded interior with original lead lining upon ball feet, 21cm wide (AF) £60-100
461.    19th century coromandel wood box, with studded and mother of pearl strap work £50-80
462.    An interesting table lamp in the form of a Chinese tea canister with chinoiserie overlay together with two further table lamps (3). £30-50
463.    Vintage boxed set of Mecanno £50-80
464.    Collection of vintage pens and pencils to include Parker and others, together with a walnut standish, etc £50-80
465.    Box of interesting items to include a Smith's car clock, collection of wooden duck napkins rings, various cased measuring equipment, etc £50-80
466.    Box of interesting items to include a set of Elliot Bros of London binoculars, a brass fishing reel, a primitive wooden box, embroidered bell pull, etc £30-50
467.    R & J Beck Ltd of London cased microscope £40-60
468.    Sculptural study of two terns in flight fitted to a naturalistic bark base £30-50
469.    Arts and crafts copper twin handled bucket decorated in relief with peacocks amidst scrolled foliage, upon a planished ground, 21cm high £50-80
470.    Cast bronze figure of a English looking gentleman in subcontinent type dress upon a stepped circular turned wooden plinth base, 15cm high £50-70
471.    A clay bust sculpture of a boys face upon a wooden plinth base, 41cm high £30-50
472.    Good Lachenal & Co concertina within an original red baize lined box £100-200
473.    19th century flamed mahogany work box, with two tier interior, 33cm wide £40-60
474.    19th century rosewood and brass box, together with an RAC badge, tin cash box, a wristwatch, etc £30-50
475.    2 Mamod steam traction engines, with one original box £30-50
476.    19th century rosewood and mother of pearl inlaid sarcophagus box, upon four bun feet £30-50
477.    A cast bronze bust study of Queen Victoria dated 1837 - 1897 to the bust, inscribed verso 'March 1897 O. Wheatley, London' and three further indistinct signatures, upon a turned wooden plinth, 26 cm high approx. £300-400
478.    Interesting pair of antique iron divers boots £30-50
479.    Steiff Hippo together with a further real soft toys Siamese cat toy (2) £20-40
480.    Archibald Knox tudric pewter vase of bullet form with stylised supports; together with a pair of brass open barley twist candlesticks (3) £30-50
481.    Pair of French cast spelter figures of mandolin player and his partner; together with a further pastel study of a boy sat on rocks inscribed "Lawton MFG Co Ltd" (3) £30-50
482.    Serpentine ovoid lamp base together with an antique hardwood police truncheon (2) £40-60
483.    Mammod traction engine fitted to a hardwood base £30-50
484.    Pair of carved humorous Japanese figures of an elderly couple Jo and Uba £60-100
485.    19th century rosewood writing slope, the hinged lid enclosing a shallow interior fitted with a secret drawer revealing a folding slope and inkwell £40-60
485A.   A 19th century copper and brass peat bucket, copper anchor lantern, ale muller, copper kettle, measure, iron fire tongs, etc £80-100
485B.   An oval serving tray in the chinoiserie style, with gilded background, character and landscape detail and plate glass top £30-40
486.    Antique eastern gilt copper twin handled baluster jardiniere engraved with a battle scene £20-40
487.    Box of miscellaneous items to include a set of weighing scales and weights, brass fronted spirit level, small quantity of silver plate, trench art vase, blow torch, Victorian glass celery vase, etc £30-50
488.    Two similar 19th century concertina's £60-100
489.    19th century ebonised concertina within a shaped case £60-100
490.    19th century satinwood and rosewood cross banded work box, the hinged lid enclosing a shallow interior fitted with a single drawer enclosing a fitted work box interior upon cast claw and ball feet £150-200
491.    Bisque headed doll with articulated wooden limbs, back of the neck marked Germany, with shutting eyes and open mouth; together with two pairs of brown leather vintage children's shoes (5) £40-60
492.    Good quality early bisque headed doll with open mouth and two teeth, shutting eyes and articulated limbs, embossed with the letter v to the back of the neck £100-200
493.    Bisque headed doll with articulated limbs closing eyes and open mouth with four teeth, marked 21 Germany R587 to the back of the neck £40-60
494.    A 19th century continental porcelain headed doll with leather torso, wooden limbs, closing eyes and open mouth with teeth (AF). £60-100
495.    Armand Marseilles German bisque headed baby doll with closing eyes and open mouth with two bottom teeth and articulated wooden limbs; together with two further dolls (3) £60-100
496.    Three 19th century wooden boxes to include a rosewood and mother of pearl work box with fitted interior (3) £40-60
497.    A box of interesting items to include a Japanese lacquered box, hunting knife, various silver plated items, ebonised dressing table set and others £50-80
498.    Cased Boosey & Hawkes of London clarinet £50-80
499.    Box of interesting items to include set of postal scales, turtle shell vanity box fitted with a comb and mirror, two vintage horse hair brushes one with carved ivory handle, wool work bag, etc £40-60
500.    Antique violin by London Violin Co Ltd, further stamp for Antonius Stradivarius, within a baize lined case £60-100
501.    A box of interesting items to include two cork bottle stoppers in the form of Winston Churchill, treen barrel, interesting enamel unicorn type sculpture, serpentine type lamp base, etc £30-50
502.    Black forest carved ashtray in the form of a bear wearing a barrel on its back £50-80
503.    Cased pair of vintage binoculars by Goerz of Berlin within original leather carry case together with a further Veoighandr within case (2) £40-60
504.    Late 19th century 3/4 size violin with bow £40-60
505.    Box of interesting items to include a cast gilt metal easel picture frame, aneroid wall barometer, treen box fitted with horse brasses and other brass ware, etc £30-50
506.    Two boxes containing a collection of vintage wind up toys £30-50
507.    Violin labelled Copy of Nicholas Maati together with a nickel mounted bow £40-80
508.    Vintage cased banjolele by John Grey & Sons of London £40-60
509.    Late 19th century cased violin with nickel mounted bow £50-80
510.    Box of interesting items to include a Victorian papier mache plate with gilt metal rim decorated with a floral bouquet and a bird of paradise; together with a boxed pipe, two pens and a Ronson lighter; together with three unframed 19th century samplers £50-80
511.    Box containing a collection of good quality hand painted glass slides with political and other scenes of the time £50-80
512.    A large collection of glass viewing slides, mainly of children's nursery rhymes. £40-60
513.    box of interesting items to include a Sorrento style work box, costume jewellery, etc £30-50
514.    Mixed lot to include two gilt metal and etched glass hanging ceiling lights and two cased vintage cameras and a small collection of pewter £30-50
515.    Mixed metal ware lot to include brass Standish, trench art type spill vases, scrolled wall sconces, various stainless steel flatware, etc £40-60
516.    Good mixed stationers lot to include various boxed rulers, measuring tools and others £40-60
517.    Box containing a collection of wood working tools to include many plane's including Marples of Sheffield plane, and others; together with a polished copper Mason's Ideal Developing Tank, a Daily Mail silver bank and others £50-80
518.    Late 19th century campaign writing trunk, the hinged lid fitted with a recessed handle £40-60
519.    Mixed lot to include collection of apothecary bottles, weighing scales, miscellaneous metalware, etc £30-50
520.    A leather satchel containing a collection of lawn bowls together with a cased B & A Bowls indoor carpet bowls set £30-50
521.    A box containing a collection of vintage cameras and photographic equipment £50-80
522.    A box containing a collection of tribal treen wares to include figural sculptures and others £30-50
523.    Box of antique and later linen and lace £40-60
524.    Silver plated cake stand, biscuit barrel, silver backed dressing wares £50-70
524A.   19th century brass jam pan together with a collection of motor grill badges, AA, Austin Healey, etc silver plated buckles and collection of miniature blue glassware, etc £30-50
525.    A collection of textiles bobbins and wool working material, together with a part completed stuff over seat together with a vintage Union Jack and photography equipment £60-100
526.    A collection of four pieces of interesting studio pottery monogrammed KMK; together with interesting antique and later glassware, set of lawn bowls, mahogany Standish, etc £30-50
527.    Good twelve branch Venetian type electrolier, fitted with a collection of prismatic drops £180-200
528.    Edwardian brass and glass parlour light, fitted with glass tassels and scrolled branches £70-90
529.    Vintage enamel London street sign inscribed "The Royal borough of Kensington, Norland Square W.11." 41 x 92cm £80-120
530.    Box of metal ware to include antique copper jug, interesting cast pewter candlestick and further antique brash candlestick; together with a Japanese hardwood table lamp £30-50
531.    Tribal interest - Makonde carved African family tree of life, 117cm high £800-1200
532.    Carved wooden statue of a Thai Buddha, 118cm high £120-180
533.    Carved wooden Thai Buddha with gilt and Gesso highlights, 83cm high upon an associated turned wooden plinth base £150-200
533A.   Four 19th century brass hand bells, a mixed collection of used English coinage and a quantity of cigarette cards £30-40
534.    Good old Hornby locomotive engine together with a collection of Britain's lead figures of soldiers £30-50
535.    A box of interesting items to include photographs of the Falkland Islands, vintage board game, etc £30-50
536.    An old Chinese cast bronze jardiniere, with lobed rim, twin handles and Islamic type embossed cast panels, upon three feet, 30cm high x 32cm diameter £50-100
537.    Two turned complete box wood chess sets, in the manner of Calvert, together with a Sorrento style folded inlaid games board with chequer pieces and a card box £50-80
538.    Tribal interest - Collection of carvings to include a plant stand, car with two tiers of figures, further carved figures; together with an eastern copper pot and planished copper twin handled tray £50-80
539.    Mixed lot to include hand turned olive wood fruit bowl, Russian type icon triptych, brass candlesticks, bronze bell and further metal ware £30-50
540.    Eastern brass charger decorated with ebonised and copper panels of lions and Buddistic deities, the back inscribed "with all good wishes to Mr Brian Lock from the Institution of Engineers Union, March-April 1982" 49cm diameter £40-60
541.    An oak bound suit case containing a large collection on textiles
542.    Four blue curtains, 1.4m drop and 2.7m wide together with 4 further curtains in pale blue design, each 2.15m drop and 2.6m wide approx, all lined with pencil pleat heading £30-50
543.    Collection of ten curtains in red lion heart pattern, all lined with pencil pleat heading, size of each 2m drop and 2.6m wide £50-80
544.    Collection of curtains including salmon pink check 1.5m drop and 1.3m wide, floral pink with triple pleat heading drop 2.2m and fixed top width 0.85m and a multi coloured pair 2.2m drop and 1.8m wide, together with a further collection in pink/blue fabric containing two pairs of curtains with matching bedspread and fabric remnants £30-50
545.    Eight Kipling handbags and a purse in a variety of colourways
546.    Late 19th century silk scarf commemorating the winner of the Derby "Isinglass" centrally decorated with a jockey in polychrome silks on horseback, framed by cartouche and acanthus trailing panels, listing the Derby winners since 1780 £80-120
547.    No Lot
548.    Box of interesting items to include antique gilt metal and opaque glass lighting, various colours of prismatic drops, pair of etched glass wall sconce mirrors and others £30-50
549.    Kukri with ivory handle, the blade inlaid with yellow metal decorated with peacocks, within a dark leather scabbard £80-120
550.    Kukri with ivory handle within a tan leather scabbard £80-120
551.    Two boxes of French linen. £60-100
552.    Collection of furnishing in "Peony Garden" fabric including a pair of curtains, 1.45m drop and 2.25m wide with matching valance for standard double bed and remnants, together with a further 6 lined curtains in abstract design, all approx 1.4m drop and 1.9m wide £30-50
553.    Four curtains in cream and terracotta pattern from John Lewis Jonelle, each 1.35m drop and 1.9m wide approx, together with a further 4 curtains with gold stripe design, all lined with pencil pleat headings £30-50
554.    Collection of seven curtains in blue Heraldic Lion pattern all lined with pencil pleat headings, approx size 4 curtains each 1.5m drop and 2.4m wide, 2 curtains each 2m drop and 2.6m wide and 1 curtain 2m drop and 4.8m wide £50-80
555.    Cast gilt metal baluster lamp base of lobed form, 55 cm high, including shades together with a treen wig stand (2) £30-50
556.    Set of antique church keys, many over sized together with a trio of brass bells and an iron £20-40
557.    Cased paper and lacquer prizzi fan, painted panels of romantic scenes over chinoiserie type lacquer ware, the case 60 cm wide, together with a similar glazed cased fan printed with an exterior romantic scene (2) £200-250
558.    Marquetry lidded mahogany work box, the lined interior filled with sewing accessories; together with two Beswick horses and others £30-50
561.    Collection of boxed Hornby Railwayana to include LBSC Class E20 - 6-OT R.353 gauge model and further R.685 LMS 4-6-2 Coronation Class 7P, together with eight boxed carriages and a further electric train set ER high speed train (11) £80-120
562.    A box containing a large quantity of Railwayana modeling kits to include Airfix, Ratio, Peco Streamline, etc £80-120
563.    Two boxes containing a large collection of mainly Hornby carriages to include some advertising examples £50-80
564.    Collection of Airfix GMR model railway carriage together with further Lima examples £30-50
565.    Collection of nine Hornby scale railway carriages to include Brittannia 70000, Duchess of Abercorn, Great Western 6110, etc (9) £80-120
566.    Four Hornby die cast locomotive to include GWR Wren 48073, Devizes Castle 7002, Ludlow Castle 4075 and LMS2679 (4) £80-120
567.    Two boxes containing a quantity of Railwayana die cast and other model railway ephemera including Hornby, Lima and other examples £60-100
568.    Four boxed Hornby Top Link railway locomotives to include R315, R2053, R304 and R2023, together with two carriages, R433 and R433 (6) £80-120
569.    Three boxed Hornby railway locomotives, R303, R2558 and R2147 (3) £80-120
570.    Four boxed Hornby locomotives, R794, R2673, R2672 and R782 (4) £60-100
571.    Large collection of boxed Hornby railway carriages £60-100
572.    Collection of Hornby railway carriages and model kits, together with further boxed die cast vehicles £60-100
573.    Large collection of Hornby locomotives and carriages to include Western Pathfinder, D1001, Thomas The Tank Engine models and others £80-120
574.    Three boxes containing a large quantity of scale gauge locomotives and carriages to include Bachman, Lima, Airfix, etc £100-200
575.    A box containing a large collection of boxed Hornby railway carriages and accessories £100-200
576.    Five boxed Hornby locomotives, R125, R2402, R2460, R392 and R532 (5) £100-200
577.    Five boxed Hornby railway locomotives, R392, R041, R186, R760 a further GWR carriage number 29 and an unboxed King Charles Ist - 6010 (6) £100-200
578.    A substantial good quality lamp base with celadon type glazed finish, brass base and double light fitting with cream coloured shade £30-50
581.    A pair of oval silver cuff links together with a collection of crowns 1937, 51 together with 9 further Elizabeth II period crowns £20-30
582.    Cased set of 6 sterling silver teaspoons with chased handles £30-40
583.    Aesthetic period Japanese cloisonne enamel vesta case with floral and geometric detail £60-80
584.    Wrangler brass buckle and a similar oval version - North West Passage - showing Robert Cavalier expedition of 1669 £20-25
585.    A bronze buckle, Sun Record Company - Good Rockin' Tonight (Roy Brown) Elvis Presley and Scotty & Bill number 210 in a well crafted leather pouch £500-550
586.    Commissioned by their Royal Highnesses - to hold a slice of their wedding cake an embossed tin designed by Alec Cobbe containing a slice of the Royal wedding cake dated 9th April 2005 with original packaging £30-40
587.    18th century papier mache pen case with painted detail, landscapes, hares, mother and child, etc £20-30
588.    Two Italian enamelled portrait panels, Dante and Torquato Tasso in gilt brass frames 14cm x 10cm £40-60
589.    An Isfahan painting on ivory panel - courtyard scene and travellers together with 2 silver photograph frames £40-60
590.    A silver backed brush and comb set with engine turned detail, horn quaish with Scottish silver mounts, coinage, silver backed mirror, etc £30-40
591.    Jaeger Le Coultre travelling clock travelling clock, barometer and thermometer combination in a pig skin folding case £60-80
592.    19th century Chinese porcelain figure of a coiled dragon, 4cm max £40-60
593.    Pair of 19th century continental alabaster figures of a monk and a nun in reading contemplation 9cm max £30-40
594.    19th century ivory and bone figure or an Indian child sucking his toe and a further ivory canister and cover with coloured floral detail £30-40
595.    Smiths Astral wrist watch with 9ct gold case (with presentation script and plated strap, together with 2 tortoiseshell and silver backed dressing table pieces £40-60
601.    A Persian floor carpet decorated with orange and green medallions upon a deep navy blue ground, 310 x 165 cm approx

602.    A Persian style floral runner decorated with brown medallions and flower heads upon a fawn ground, 265 x 130 cm approx

603.    Four various Persian rugs to include a good Bokhara rug decorated with geometric medallions upon an orange ground plus three others (4). £100-200
604.    A Keshan type floor rug decorated with geometric medallions upon a mauve type ground, 220 x 160 cm approx. £50-80
605.    A Persian carpet decorated with square panels each decorated with a floral still life upon a red ground, 280 x 220 cm approx. £50-80
606.    A Suzmi Kelim runner decorated with colourful diaper patterns upon a brown ground, 277 x 76 cm approx. £50-80
607.    A Persian floor rug decorated with geometric medallions and architectural borders upon a blue and brown ground, 122 x 86 cm approx. £40-60
608.    Five various floor rugs to include Persian, Turkish and an oval example. £150-200
609.    A tribal Gazak rug decorated in relief with geometric red and blue stripes upon a blue ground, 137 x 119 cm approx. £50-80
610.    A Balochi rug decorated with multi-coloured medallions upon a navy blue ground, 129 x 85 cm approx. £40-60
611.    A massive country house carpet decorated with various Islamic medallions upon a red ground.
612.    Six antique Persian rugs of various sizes and decoration. £50-100
613.    Two antique Persian prayer mats together with a further Kelim rug and an Indian wall hanging (4). £50-80
614.    A good 19th century Persian floor rug centrally decorated with blue medallion framed by various flower head medallions upon a blue ground, 250 x 170 cm approx. £80-120
615.    A Meshwari runner, 256 x 61 cm approx. £50-80
616.    A large Persian carpet decorated with various scrolled foliage upon a red ground. £60-100
617.    A Persian floor rug decorated with colourful medallions upon a grey ground, 200 x 130 cm approx. £20-40
618.    A Meshwari runner, 247 x 61 cm approx. £50-80
619.    A good Persian Bokhara carpet with geometric black and gold medallions upon a red ground, 160 x 180 cm approx. £80-120
620.    An oval wall rug decorated with blue medallions upon a pink ground together with a woven wool Kelim type rug, 240 x 160 cm approx (2).
621.    A vintage hand stitched quilt decorated on one side with paisley on a red ground, the other side decorated with floral sprays on a pink ground. £50-80
622.    Five antique Persian type rugs. £60-100
623.    A vintage hand stitched quilt decorated with patchwork type floral panels upon a white ground. £50-80
624.    A large Persian carpet decorated with floral square panels upon a cream ground. £30-50
625.    A 19th century Persian rug centrally decorated with a large blue medallion framed by further flower head medallions upon a blue ground, 240 x 160 cm approx. £80-120
626.    A Persian floor rug with geometric flower head medallions upon a red ground together with a further Bokhara rug on an orange ground (2). £40-60
627.    A large Persian carpet decorated with various Islamic medallions upon a red ground. £80-120
628.    Persian floor rug decorated with blue medallions upon a brown ground, 130 x 82 cm.

629.    Persian floor rug decorated with floral sprays upon a brown ground, 265 x 150 cm.

630.    A large well worked Eastern panel, squared with applique detail including sequins, pearls, mirror and thread work with an overall burnt amber colour way 2.5m x 1.8m.

651.    A signed coloured artists proof by Edwina Sandys showing a still life with daffodils, signed bottom left and inscribed Artists Proof 74 x 55cm in simple gilt frame £30-40
652.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas of a wooded landscape with figure, signed bottom right K Ridgrove, dated 87, 90 x 70cm in moulded gilt frame with gilt slip £30-50
653.    An early 20th century watercolour and gouache study of a village street scene with female character and geese, signed bottom right Hurst Balmford, with Tamar Gallery, Cornwall label verso, 34 x 49cm in cream coloured frame £30-50
654.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas by Michael Long showing a landscape with trees illuminated by sunlight after a storm, signed bottom right dated 62 with Frost and Reed label verso, 50 x 75cm in white and gilt frame £50-70
655.    A pair of watercolour and pencil studies on textured paper, one showing a Palestinian mountainous landscape, the other a shore scene with the remains of a jetty, in the manner of David Roberts, 34 x 46cm in wooden and gilt frames £120-150
656.    A pair of contemporary coloured prints of geometric subjects in tones of brown, grey and cream together with a further coloured print of a collage subject incorporating sheet music, a further similar coloured print, a set of four signed prints with embossed detail of sailing junks, a pair of coloured prints of oriental kettles in unusual pierced hardwood frames, etc £30-50
657.    A 19th century English School oil painting on canvas, half length portrait of a gentleman with side whiskers, wearing a black coat, 75 x 62 cm approx in moulded gilt frame. £60-80
658.    A late 19th century watercolour and body colour study of a city riverscape at night time, possibly the Thames, with distant multi arch bridge, and distant spire with figures and fishing vessels to foreground, signed bottom right P. Mauris? 25 x 48cm in simple wooden frame £40-50
659.    Two 19th century continental oil paintings on canvas, one showing a young boy in Tyrolean style costume playing a pipe and standing in a landscape setting, 65 x 48cm, the other showing resting female harvester carrying a circular woven basket, 51 x 38cm, both in gilt frames £300-350
660.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas shoulder length portrait of a young boy inscribed verso Anthony Paterson - Portrait of Douglas Gibbon, with London address details 40 x 29cm in wooden and gilt frame £60-80
661.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas, bust length portrait of a young woman, signed bottom left Anthony Paterson, 50 x 40cm in pierced and swept gilt frame £100-120
662.    A group of three gouache, charcoal and mixed media life studies of female nude characters, 64 x 40cm approx in green gilt frames £30-40
663.    An early 20th century watercolour portrait, full length study of a seated young boy with information verso indentifying the sitter as Captain Vere Edward Osbaldeston Welch as a young boy (Captain of 5th London Regiment, Killed in Action in France, 30th August 1918 aged 21) also together with further biographical details of Captain Vere Welch, 53 x 42cm in moulded gilt frame with gilt slip £80-120
664.    A 20th century oil painting by David Foggie, on canvas laid onto board and showing a bust length portrait of a young woman in green print dress, signed middle left, David Foggie (the sitter showing family resemblance to the subjects of - The Young Miner 1926, (Royal Scottish Academy) and The Miner's Mother of the same year - see David Foggie - The Painters' Painter 2004), 50 x 35cm approx in green and gilt frame with distressed finish (accompanying book displayed in cabinet) £800-1000
665.    A half length watercolour study of an elderly oriental woman wearing a jade type earring, sewing, signed bottom right Ling, 50 x 37cm approx £30-50
666.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas of a still life with dead game, and ceramic ewer, etc signed bottom right G W Millen, dated 1850, 75 x 63cm in mahogany frame with gilt slip £60-80
667.    A set of nine embroidered and gold thread work crests of cities including Bath, Salisbury, St Albans, Lincoln, etc 25 x 19cm approx in wooden frames, together with an unframed watercolour of a village street scene signed bottom right W J Gavin, inscribed storm passing Riveaube? 25 x 35cm together with a further watercolour of a continental harbour scene probably by the same hand £25-30
668.    A 19th century gouache study of arched topped form showing a country landscape with children fishing in a stream, further figures, etc signed bottom right H Whatley, 62 x 42cm in blue and gilt frame £30-50
669.    A pair of early 20th century watercolours of scenes probably on the Norfolk Broads including sailing boats, windmill, etc both signed Frederick J Marjoram, 22 x 38cm in gilt frame £30-40
670.    Three 19th century coloured prints of natural history subjects including an armadillo, possum with young, ostrich, porcupine, lizards, etc 39 x 51 cm approx, framed £100-150
671.    A large oil painting on canvas in the 19th century manner showing a party of elegant ladies taking refuge from a storm in a cottage, 90 x 120cm in moulded gilt frame £180-200
672.    A watercolour by Harry Lea showing a South African coastal landscape, signed bottom right dated 74 with label verso, Harry Lea, ATD, FRSA, (former principal, Newport Gwent College of Art), Table Bay and Table Mountain, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa with Alexander Gallery, Bristol label, 36 x 54cm in gold coloured aluminium frame £40-60
673.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas of a still life, with fruit and a blue and white plate, etc signed top right Jessup, 34 x 44cm in moulded grey painted frame with cream coloured slip £40-60
674.    An early 20th century watercolour of a landscape with farm buildings and female figure with washing on a line, attributed on mount to J Aumonier, RI and further inscribed Sutton Scotney, Hampshire, 14 x 23cm in moulded gilt frame £40-60
675.    An early 20th century watercolour and bodycolour theatrical costume design of a female character in feathered headdress and oriental style costume - signed bottom right P Firneau, dated 1919 further inscribed number 3 with label verso, P Firneau From Exhibition, Erte and his contemporaries at the Charles Spencer Theatre Gallery, London 1980, 28 x 22cm in silver coloured frame £50-70
676.    An early 20th century watercolour of a harbour scene with sailing vessels attributed to Alfred James Collister, with label to front, The Quayside, Little Hampton, with label verso - I certify that this watercolour is executed by my father AJ Collister RBA, ARCA, AWG, (signed by AH Collister,) 40 x 55cm ingilt frame £80-120
677.    A signed coloured limited edition print after Mary Fedden showing a still life with sliced melon, cherries, ceramic ewer and mug, etc dated 1994 signed in pencil Fedden, edition number 460/550 with label verso - Bow Art, Chippenham Wiltshire - The Matisse Jug (1) 1994 and biographical details of the artist, sheet size 54 x 44cm in grey and gilt frame £100-150
678.    A pair of early 20th century oil paintings on card of river landscapes, one with timber bridge, the other flowing through a rocky gorge, both signed bottom left, AF Allwright, dated 1906, 52 x 37cm in simple wooden frame £30-50
679.    A pair of early 20th century gouache studies of Egyptian style landscapes of ruined buildings, camels and riders, etc, signed Frank Holmes, 39 x 19cm in black frame £30-40
680.    An early 20th century pencil and charcoal study of a shoulder length portrait of a female character with earrings and head scarf, signed bottom right CA Reilly, dated 1903, 49 x 37cm in moulded gilt frame, together with a late 19th century charcoal, shoulder length portrait of a young woman, signed Chas E, Georges, dated 1893, 47 x 33cm, and a further group of five black and white portrait studies of oval form showing young girls, in a simple frame, 20 x 64cm overall size £80-120
681.    A late 19th century needlework sampler by Mary Jane Davies, aged 12 and dated 1886, including the alphabet, religious texts, various further motifs including a robin, a horse, a kettle by a fireside, etc 63 x 83cm in simulated burr wood frame and gilt slip £80-120
682.    A pair of coloured prints after Laurence Roche both showing abandoned railway lines and station buildings at sunset - Branch Line Signal Box and Branch Line Memory, 32 x 42cm in wooden and gilt frame, together with a pair of coloured prints of 19th century style harbour scenes of Poole after Rodney Charman, a small watercolour of a 19th century style street scene at Poole, etc £30-40
683.    A 19th century charcoal portrait study of the head of a man believed to be the Duke of Wellington with label verso attributing it to Charles Sillem Lidderdale, 35 x 25cm in gilt frame £100-150
684.    A watercolour and bodycolour study by William Walcot of a busy London city scene with figures, buses, etc, signed bottom right W Walcot, with Fine Arts Society label verso William Walcot RBA, RE, 1974 - 1943, The Bank and the Royal Exchange, 28 x 38cm in simple wooden frame £600-800
685.    A 19th century oil painting on board attributed to George Morland, showing a tavern scene with horse and rider, female in keeper, dog, child feeding a cat, etc with plaque to frame George Morland, 29 x 37cm in gilt frame £200-250
686.    An 18th century red chalk drawing, study of the head of a man, with inscription verso - Attributed to Lorenzo Tiepolo, c.1736 - 1796 by Mr George Knox (George Knox was authority on 18th century Venetian art with especial emphasis on the Tiepolo family, 27 x 22cm approx in gilt frame) £400-500
687.    A signed coloured limited edition etching by Sue Lewington showing a barn interior scene, signed bottom right edition number 25/100 and inscribed Inside Donald's Barn, 43 x 34cm together with a pair of signed coloured limited edition etchings by Kathleen Caddick of landscape subjects, both signed edition number 79/150 inscribed Ridgeway Walk and Snowridge, 18 x 17cm all framed £25-30
688.    A signed coloured caricature print after Sue Macartney Snape showing a gentleman enjoying a relaxing bath, signed bottom right, inscribed In The Bath, edition 203/750, 38 x 49 cm approx in gilt frame. £80-120
689.    A pair of early 20th century coloured etchings of continental river scenes indistinctly signed bottom left with monogram within plate, MA? a further coloured etching of an English town scene signed bottom right MC Robinson, a sepia coloured watercolour by Alfred N Neate showing a river and church, signed bottom right and inscribed Falmer, Sussex, 14 x 19cm, etc £25-30
690.    A pair of oil paintings on card of oval form both showing wild flowers in a mountainous landscape setting, both signed Zoe Elze, 26 cm max in moulded gilt frames £25-30
691.    A 20th century signed coloured wood block print after John Hall Thorpe showing a harvesting scene, signed bottom right Hall Thorpe and inscribed The Open Gate, 37 x 29 cm approx in wooden frame together with a coloured print after Cecil Aldin of a ploughing team, 13 x 34 cm approx in wooden frame. £100-120
692.    An early 20th century continental school oil painting on canvas laid onto board showing a bust length study of an elderly bearded male character smoking a pipe, attributed to Raffaele Frigerio, signed bottom right, with label verso Raffaele Frigerio Neapolitan Fisherman, 38 x 29 cm approx in wooden frame with gilt slip. £80-120
693.    A late 18th century English School oil painting on canvas in the manner of Gainsborough, portrait of a gentleman seated four-square on a bench in a country landscape setting wearing a black coat, waistcoat and breeches, with his tricorn hat by his side, accompanied by a brown spaniel, 44 x 34 cm in moulded gilt frame, (possibly one John Abraham) £200-250
694.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas half length portrait of a gentleman in black jacket and white cravat, 75 x 62cm in wide gilt frame £60-80
695.    A 19th century oriental painting on rice paper of birds amongst foliage, 20 x 32 cm approx, an 18th century sepia coloured engraving of a classical scene with cherubs and an artist, a further similar print after Mazzola, an early 19th century coloured engraving of the Bear Garden on the South Bank of the River Thames, a 19th century engraving of haymakers and a watercolour of a landscape signed I R Need, various sizes, all framed. £30-40
696.    An early 20th century gouache study of a moorland landscape with river, signed bottom left H Wingate, 49 x 72 cm approx in gilt frame. £30-50
697.    A contemporary oil painting on canvas in the 19th century manner showing an interior setting with two women reading, 60 x 90 cm approx in moulded gilt frame together with two further oil paintings on canvas in the 17th century Dutch manner showing still lives with fruit and flowers, 60 x 90 cm approx size, both framed. £40-60
698.    A large 19th century oil painting on canvas of an unusual subject showing a mountainous landscape with a party of ladies and gentlemen in a rustic sledge accompanied by a running dog, with signature bottom right C Savage, 75 x 127 cm approx in moulded frame with gilt slip £100-120
699.    A 19th century needlework panel showing a sportsman with birds of prey, groom, greyhounds, etc., 63 x 79 cm approx in gilt frame together with a set of three coloured limited edition prints of a country house and garden, indistinctly signed bottom right, editions out of 7, 53 x 82 cm approx in gilt frames. £30-40
700.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas in the Dutch manner showing still life with flowers, 73 x 61 cm approx in moulded gilt frame. £60-80
701.    A collection of five Indian Moghul type gouache paintings of male and female characters playing music in garden settings, etc., 21 x 12 cm approx maximum size in gilt frames. £150-200
702.    WITHDRAWN £30-50
703.    An early 20th century oil painting on canvas of a woodland scene with sheep grazing beside a stream, signed bottom right G Collins, 50 x 75 cm approx in cream coloured frame with gilt slip. £25-30
704.    Two watercolours signed Eric McGregor showing St Swithuns Church, Leonard Stanley, 25 x 36 cm approx, an 18th century engraving also showing St Swithuns, a watercolour of a garden scene, probably in Leonard Stanley, signed Geoffrey Fisher, a sheet of pencil and ink drawings of life studies and figures in various poses, 52 x 48 cm approx and a coloured print of oval form of a lady in 18th century style costume, 39 cm maximum approx in oval gilt frame. £30-40
705.    A large contemporary oil painting on canvas in the late 19th century manner showing a pensive young woman seated in a punt, signed bottom left L Nelson, 75 x 100 cm approx in moulded gilt frame. £50-80
706.    A collection of three black and white etchings of London subjects comprising a view of the Thames signed H P Evans, 20 x 43 cm approx, a view of Bankside Old Wharf, signed Jim Lovegrove, 13 x 34 cm approx and a sepia etching of a Thameside view including the Adam & Eve Tavern, signed bottom left Walter W Burgess, 20 x 32 cm approx, all framed. £80-100
707.    A black and white etching by Geoffrey H Wedgwood showing an Italian city scene with numerous figures, signed bottom right and dated 31, inscribed verso Paia Capuana (1484), Naples by Giuliano de Maiano, 24 x 21 cm approx in simple black frame. £40-60
708.    A black and white etching of a horse drawn carriage entering a courtyard at the Bank of England, with Abbott & Holder label verso Henry Rushbury, RA, Private Plate for the Governor of the Bank of England - Lobby Court. £40-60
709.    An early 20th century watercolour of a busy London street scene, signed Ernest George and inscribed Holywell Street, London, 35 x 24 cm approx in gilt frame. £40-60
710.    A 19th century watercolour of a church interior scene with female character polishing a pew, signed bottom right R K Thomas, inscribed verso note on back of original frame Abbott & Holder - The Screen, Conway Church, North Wales, 36 x 50 cm approx in gilt frame.
711.    An interesting collection of three early 20th century black and white ink and body colour caricatures including example signed Frank Reynolds showing a husband and wife in an interior setting, signed bottom right and inscribed, 30 x 22 cm approx, an example by Edward Linley Sambourne showing a gentleman in his dressing room trying on a too tight coat inscribed Liberal Party, signed bottom left and dated 1901, 29 x 21 cm approx and a further example showing a gentleman taking the hand of Britannia, signed bottom right with initials BP, 32 x 25 cm approx, all framed. £80-120
712.    A pencil caricature study of a gentleman seated cross legged in a barrel representing John Elliot Burns, Trade Unionist and anti-alcohol politician, surrounded by books including The Wealth of Nations, signed with monogram ETR and attributed verso to E T Reed and inscribed The Right Honorable John Burns from Punch 'Dangerous John', 19 cm square approx together with a further pen and ink caricature of a busy London street scene with horse drawn and motor vehicles, signed bottom left S J Robbins and dated 05, 22 x 29 cm approx, a caricature of a gentleman in spectacles, signed bottom right Nicholas Bentley, 15 x 8 cm approx, etc. £60-80
713.    A late 19th century oil painting in canvas showing a dramatic scene with a dog rescuing a drowning child, 88 x 65 cm approx in gilt frame with mirrored panel below, 134 x 74 cm approx overall. £260-280
714.    A 19th century coloured lithograph after David Roberts RA showing temple ruins in a desert setting, 13 x 21 cm approx in gilt frame together with a further black and white engraving after David Roberts showing The Holy Tree at Metereah, published by F G Moon 1849, 37 x 26 cm approx, also together with a 19th century pencil and watercolour study by Richard Phene Spiers showing the museum at Berlin, signed with initials bottom left and inscribed Museum Berlin April 25th 1868 and further inscribed verso, 18 x 12 cm approx in gilt frame. £60-80
715.    John Piper (1903-1992) - 'Anglesey Baeach', signed bottom right John Piper, edition III/XXXV, visible sheet size, screen print, 59 x 46 cm approx in white mount and simple wooden frame. £800-1000
716.    A 19th century embroidered panel with chinoiserie type decoration of birds, flowers, etc., 29 x 45 cm approx together with a further 19th century embroidered panel of Watteauesque type ladies and gentlemen musicians in a landscape setting, 22 x 24 cm approx, further embroidered pictures including examples with gilt thread work detail, etc., various sizes, all framed. £50-80
717.    An interesting collection of 19th century and later pictures and prints including an engraving from The Illustrated London News of 1887 celebrating Queen Victoria's Jubilee and showing her family tree, a coloured print of an ocean going cruise ship after Norman Wilkinson dated 1910, an 18th century engraved plan of the City of Bath engraved by W Hibbart, 52 x 41 cm approx, further topographical engravings subjects including St Saviour's Church, Southwark, The Banqueting House at Whitehall by Inigo Jones, The Queen's House, Greenwich and the west prospect of St Paul's Cathedral, all engraved by Colen Campbell, etc., various sizes, all framed, together with a study of Wells Cathedral - F Robson, various sizes, all framed £40-60
718.    A signed limited edition screen print by Rory McEwan showing a peach coloured single tulip, signed bottom right, edition 56/500, 58 x 50 cm approx in copper coloured aluminium frame. £50-80
719.    A 20th century charcoal and gouache study of a coastal landscape with faint signature bottom left and Arlington Gallery, Bond Street label verso - Lewis Fry Exhibition 1925 - Lago di Garda, 23 x 32 cm approx together with a 20th century pencil and watercolour study of a city square, possibly in London, signed bottom left Amy (?) Joseph, 29 x 38 cm approx, both framed
720.    A 19th century watercolour of a continental landscape with red roofed buildings, tower, figures, etc., with signature bottom right J N W Turner, dated 1830, with partially visible inscription verso Turkish Mosque, 36 x 46 cm approx in gilt frame. £50-80
721.    A collection of pictures and prints including a pair of watercolours of oval form showing scenes at Painswick, Gloucestershire by Robert Roberts. a watercolour of a Japanese figure carrying vegetables, a coloured print after Vanessa Bell of a garden scene, a watercolour of a moorland scene signed H Winfield, a pencil study of the head of a child, a watercolour of a winter scene with lake signed J G Parsons, etc £25-30
722.    A watercolour and bodycolour study by David Rust showing a beach scene at Sennen, Cornwall, signed bottom right with label verso inscribed Incoming Sea Mist, Sennen Cove, with biographical details of the artist, 18 x 18 cm approx in simple frame with limed finish.
723.    An early 20th century reproduction of the Pearl of Brabant Triptych by Dirk Bouts, the central printed panel showing a procession of figures worshipping before Christ, flanked by panels showing St John the Baptist and St Christopher, the central panel 46 cm square enclosing a green and gilt framework. £30-50
724.    A black and white etching of a rural landscape signed bottom right Joseph Kirkpatrick, 11 x 14 cm approx, a further black and white etching of a lake scene signed Robert Houston, 12 x 15 cm approx and a 19th century profile portrait of a young boy in a garden setting, 17 x 13 cm approx in rosewood frame with gilt slip. £3-50
725.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas of a busy far eastern city scene with figures, rickshaw, etc., signed bottom right T Kelly, 91 x 61 cm approx in simple black frame. £25-30
726.    A coloured print after Modigliani, Woman with Black Cravatte, a coloured limited edition print of the head of a pensive woman in a similar style, a painting on fabric of a crouching tiger, a pair of black ground panels with embroidered chenille floral detail, a pastel study of a reclining nude, a leaded and grass panel in the Art Nouveau manner of wisteria, etc. £40-60
727.    A large oil painting on canvas of a conservatory interior with brightly coloured flowers, signed bottom right Tatum, with Artmaster Studios, San Fernando, California label verso, 120 x 135 cm approx in white and gilt frame. £30-50
728.    A coloured print after Gustav Klimt - The Kiss 69 x 49cm, together with a set of three signed coloured limited edition prints after M M Wood of Venetian subjects including Passing Gondola, Venetian Canal and The Fountain, max size 50 x 64cm all framed £25-30
729.    A contemporary oil painting on canvas in the 19th century manner showing a river scene with figures in a boat, 50 x 75cm together with a further contemporary oil painting of a beach scene with female figure indistinctly signed bottom right, 50 x 75cm both in gilt frames with linen slips £25-30
730.    A pencil drawing of Cardiff Royal Infirmary signed top right, Marie Preis? dated 1933, 30 x 22cm together with an early 20th century black and white photograph of a mineral traffic locomotive on the Barry railway, inscribed to mount, R & W Hawthorn, Leslie & Co Ltd Engineers Newcastle-Upon-Tyne dated 1914, 25 x 37cm in oak frame, also together with a hand drawn map of South America inscribed drawn by Maria Edwards October 1878, Royal British Schools, Thames aged 11 years in carved oak Oxford type frame £30-50
731.    An oil painting on canvas of a still life with vase of flowers signed bottom right Ena Russell, inscribed verso Japanese Motif, with Lady Russell St John ROI label verso with St Johns Wood London address details, 50 x 25cm, together with a screen type print of a London city scape including the River Thames, signed to mount Ena Russell inscribed St Thomas' from the Terrace, further inscribed verso St Thomas from the terrace of the House of Commons, 28 x 40cm and a further small oil painting of oval form of a floral still life, probably by the same hand £30-50
732.    A collection of 18th century black and white engravings of historical subject including Kings and Queens of England, The Defeat of the Spanish Armada, further battle scenes including Agincourt, etc examples after Wale published by Alexander Hogg, average sheet size 38 x 24cm approx £25-30
733.    An early 20th century oil painting on board of a river landscape, signed bottom right TH Ose Koste? 42 x 33cm in moulded gilt frame £40-60
734.    A quantity of mainly 19th century black and white engravings of historical characters, portrait subjects, etc together with a late 19th century fabric covered scrap book containing a quantity of colourful printed scraps £25-30
735.    A limited edition lithograph after The Prince of Wales showing a highland landscape of Ballochbus, Balmoral signed in pencil and dated 2002, edition number 30/100, 32 x 38cm together with certificate and presentation case £1000-1500
736.    A 20th century coloured etching after Armand Coussens, showing an elderly man drink from a flagon and seated beside a hand cart, signed in plate Coussens, 54 x 53cm in simple wooden frame £50-70
737.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas attributed to John D Michie of a male harvester sharpening his scythe, signed bottom right, J D Michie with label verso, Irish Reaper, by J D Michie, number 3, 41 x 35cm in gilt slip £80-120
738.    An early 19th century coloured engraving after Henry Alken from Sporting Anecdotes - Fighting It Out or Colonel and the Kentucky Boatman, plate 16, 29 x 37cm in black and gilt frame, together with a late 19th century watercolour of village street scenes, signed bottom left L Lewis, dated 99, 24 x 34cm in gilt frame
739.    An interesting 19th century portfolio containing a quantity of botanical watercolours of wild flowers and plants with identification inscriptions (15 sheets) 33 x 53cm approx sheet size, together with an 18th century black and white engraving of Hieroglyphics of a Christian published 1775, etc £60-80
740.    An early 20th century watercolour by Augustus Morton Hely-Smith showing a coastal scene with sailing vessels, signed bottom left Hely-Smith 12 x 17cm in swept and moulded gilt frame, together with a set of four small 19th century coloured ornithological engravings including a rose ringed Parakeet and a further similar engraving £50-70
741.    Two A3 sketch books containing a quantity of charcoal life drawings £20-30
742.    A pair of 1920s watercolour and body colour caricatures in the manner of Mabel Lucie Attwell of a baby at a dressing table and a pair of children embracing, signed bottom right Lillian Johnson inscribed "Copy" 28 x 18cm approx, together with a 1930s gouache study of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, 19 x 26cm approx £25-30
743.    An early 19th century Stranger's Guide Through The Streets of London and Westminster, published 1807 by W & T Darton, 14 x 57cm unframed, together with an early 20th century hand drawn map of Europe, 22 x 28 cm in oak frame £50-70
744.    A set of four unframed coloured prints after Tito showing 1920s style subjects of a female mechanic, girl riding a donkey, etc 25 x 20cm approx £25-30
745.    A substantial early English School oil painting on canvas after Sir Peter Lely, three quarter length portrait of King James II as Duke of York in period costume and holding a baton, seated in a curtained interior with view towards a landscape, with indistinct inscription centre left, 131 x 105cm in substantial carved gilt frame with acorn, oak leaf and floral detail £3000-3500
746.    A collection of decorative, mainly 19th century, pictures and prints including botanical subjects, watercolours of a tavern interior with sportsmen and hounds, an etching of Miss Mary Collins signed Robert Ball, two Baxter prints, etc various sizes, all framed £30-50
747.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas by William Merrett Hodges showing a lady in black and green evening dress in landscape setting signed bottom right Merrett Hodges 76 x 63cm unframed £40-60
748.    A 20th century watercolour and gouache study of a townscape with blue car signed bottom left Boshier inscribed verso Boshier, Ratby and dated 61, 37 X 51cm, framed, together with a coloured block mounted print of a continental town scene after Marcel Mouly 58 X 73cm £40-60
749.    A folder containing twenty six black and white prints of the Kentish Town panorama by James Frederick King with commentary by John Richardson, published by the London Topographical Society 1986, each sheet size 24 x 60 cm approx together with accompanying booklet. £25-30
750.    An early 19th century watercolour of St John's Wood Church with figures, horse and rider, etc inscribed to mounts St John's Church, Hardwick, 1815, 33 x 46cm, together with a 20th century oil painting on board of a church, signed bottom left J A Jenet, dated 65, an 18th century coloured engraving of a Thames river scene, further topographical etching, etc £30-50
751.    A coloured print after Henry Moore of a recumbent figure dated 60, 37 x 58cm together with two coloured prints after Maurice Utrillo of city scenes, a gouache study of a stone archway, signed bottom right J Fielder, dated 97, etc £25-30
752.    An oil painting on canvas of a continental landscape, signed bottom right, J Blanet, 64 x 53cm in gilt frame, together with a signed coloured limited edition print after Arthur Weaver of a cricket scene at the Centenary Test of England v Australia at Lords, together with a coloured print of a young gril and dog after William Ablett, a print of a steeple chasing scene, a portfolio containing a quantity of prints, etc including oriental woodcut type prints of cats and dogs, etc £30-40
753.    a late 19th century leather case containing a quantity of artist materials including wooden plate, brush holder, adjustable easel, etc
754.    A coloured printed map of Gloucestershire after Robert Morden, a 19th century sepia watercolour landscape, a pine framed mirror, an artist's portfolio, etc £20-25
755.    An oil painting on canvas by Patricia Winstone of a garden scene with white Japanese anemones, signed bottom left Winstone, with Patricia Wells gallery label verso, Spring Exhibition 1987, 25 x 20cm together with original invoice, also together with a study of a red auricula, with label verso - By Sara Anne Schofield and also from the Patricia Wells Gallery, all framed £50-80
756.    A pastel study of a donkey - Tatu of Grafton, signed bottom left Halcyon Weir, dated 1976, 38 x 49cm in gilt frame and velvet mount £25-30
757.    A pair of late 19th century coloured prints, supplements to Vanity Fair, showing elegant lady cyclists in Hyde Park, after Hal Hurs, dated 1896, in the Bois de Boulogne after Gust, dated 1897, 39 x 54cm in wooden frames with gilt slips £30-40
758.    An early 20th century watercolour of coastal scene with fishing boats M Taylor, inscribed Off Scarborough, 28 x 35cm in gilt frame together with a signed coloured print after Simon Drew - Cat A Meringue, 24 x 36cm in red frame
781.    A large collection of mint GB stamps from early QV to QE (Displayed in Cabinet) £50-80
782.    A stockbook of mint and used stamps from GB Commonwealth Antigua, Anguilla and Barbuda from QV to modern (Displayed in Cabinet) £50-80
783.    A stockbook of mint and used GB Commonwealth stamps including Australia, British Guiana, Gibraltar, Canada, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, etc (Displayed in Cabinet) £50-80
784.    A stockbook of stamps from GB Commonwealth Bermuda mint and used from QV to modern (Displayed in Cabinet)
785.    A collection of GB stamps from QV to pre decimal QE in a folder (Displayed in Cabinet)
786.    A stamp album containing stamps from China from early coiling Dragons to modern. (Displayed in Cabinet)
787.    A stock book containing a large quantity of Japanese stamps (displayed in cabinet). £30-50
788.    A stockbook of mint and used stamps from GB Commonwealth including early Australia and Australian States (Displayed in Cabinet)
789.    A collection of approximately forty early 20th century postcards depicting various scenes of Bristol and surrounding area together with a large photograph of Clifton Suspension Bridge and the river with boats below, etc. £30-40
790.    Two albums containing a quantity of British stamps together with a folder containing a collection of loose pages with a mixture of worldwide stamps, etc. £80-100
791.    A Stanley Gibbons stamp album containing a quantity of British and worldwide stamps together with a collection of loose stamps and other postal ephemera. £30-40
792.    A collection of GB Commonwealth stamps in two albums, mint and used. £20-40
793.    Two stamp albums containing a quantity of British and worldwide stamps and an album containing a collection of cigarette cards.
794.    An album containing a quantity of mixed postcards, subjects include romantic, topographical, historic, comic, etc., together with an envelope with a further collection of mixed postcards, etc. £30-40
795.    A collection of stamps from France from early issues, mint and used in two stockbook. Also some mint and used Monaco £30-50
796.    A Davo album containing a collection of stamps from Ireland, earlies to 1998, mint and used and including minisheets. £30-50
797.    Four folder/stockbook/albums containing a GB, Commonwealth and world stamps collection £20-40
798.    A stockbook containing mint and used stamps from Cyprus fro QV to modern £30-50
799.    An accumulation of stamps from Luxemburg in two stockbooks, from early issues to modern including mint minisheets and sheets. £30-50
800.    The Ideal Postage stamps album containing world stamps including French Colonies, Russia, South America, etc £20-40
801.    A large quantity of mint and used stamps from Italy, Italian States and Colonies and Vatican City in stockbooks and hingeless Lindner album pages £30-50
802.    A mint and used collection of stamps from the German Empire, German States and Germany in three stockbooks and on album pages £30-50
803.    A collection of mint and used stamps from Hungary in two stockbooks and album pages from early issues £20-40
804.    Two stockbooks containing an accumulation of stamps from South and North Korea from early issues to modern £20-40
805.    A mint and used collection of stamps from Austria in a stockbook and on hinge less Lindner album pages from earlies and also Liechtenstein mint 1960s stamps including minisheets on SAFE album pages. £30-50
806.    A mint and used stamps collection from GB Commonwealth Tristan Da Cunha including minisheets £20-40
807.    A very large mint and used accumulation of stamps from Belgium and the Netherlands in four large stockbooks, from early imperf issues and including postage dues, railway post, minisheets etc £50-80
808.    A box containing a large quantity of FDCs and stamps on covers and PHQ cards £20-40
809.    A large stockbook of mint and used stamps from Spain with some Spanish colonies from early to modern £30-50
810.    Two stockbooks containing a thematic accumulation of stamps including butterflies, birds, dogs, horses £20-40
811.    Two stockbooks containing stamps from Egypt, Iraq, Turkey and middle east £30-50
812.    A large stockbook containing a large quantity of mint and used stamps from South America including Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Panama, etc from early issues including minisheets and blocs £30-50
813.    French Colonies Madagascar and Tunisia in two stockbooks and world stamps in an album £20-40
814.    A Coronation Anniversary album, a collection of Commonwealth FDCs a number of mint issue stamps, postcards, etc. £60-80
815.    An extensive collection of art materials including pens, pencils, various transfer printing materials, dies, printing block, acrylic paints, etc. £40-60
816.    A box with a large quantity of GB and world stamps on covers £30-50
817.    A stockbook containing an accumulation of mint and used stamps from GB Commonwealth from QV to modern £30-50
819.    Two boxes containing a large quantity of mixed topographical postcards. £15-20
820.    Three boxes containing a very large quantity of stamps in albums, stockbooks, packs, loose and also philatelic material £30-50
821.    Twenty two plastic sweetie jars containing a large quantity of threads, beads, lace, etc., together with further jars containing beads and craft materials, etc. £25-30
822.    A large piece of contemporary textile art entitled 'In the Forest' produced by Anne Raphael comprising a tree design intricately stitched with textiles and coloured paper, etc., together with two smaller examples of work by the same artist and a collection of folders and portfolios containing research, information and experimental pieces of work. £30-50
823.    Eight boxes containing a lovely selection of mixed knitting wools and yarns and a further box containing a collection of dyed and stitched fabrics, etc. £20-30
824.    A large piece of contemporary style art in the form of a female torso with intricately machine stitched background and hand couched rolls of fabric for the main body, produced by Anne Raphael together with some further examples of work by this artist in mainly paper collages. £40-60
825.    A large piece of contemporary textile art by Anne Raphael entitled 'What Will Survive of Us' together with four further framed pieces of work by the same artist, etc. £30-40
826.    A small collection of Concorde memorabilia including a notebook, pen, boxed 2001 diary and a souvenir booklet. £50-80
827.    A collection of interesting photographs showing various military aircraft crashes in and around Catterick Camp during 1918. £150-180
828.    A stockbook containing stamps from GB Commonwealth Nigeria and Uganda £20-40
829.    The Meteor, Silver Jubilee and Strand stamp albums containing GB Commonwealth and World stamps £20-40
830.    A collection of various early 20th century magazines and periodicals including The Graphic, The Illustrated London News, The Sphere, etc. £20-25
831.    A collection of vintage children's books and comics including Lucie Attwell's Annual, various Walt Disney books, etc., plus Bunty, Dandy and Beano comic books, etc. £15-20
832.    Seven albums containing GB, Commonwealth and world stamps £30-50
833.    A box containing a quantity of late 19th and early 20th century mortgage title and conveyance documents. £30-50
834.    A box containing fifteen Giles cartoon albums. £10-15
835.    A box containing a quantity of vintage Ordnance Survey maps and guides including examples by Bartholomew's, Ward Lock & Co illustrated guide books and a 1959 Michelin Guide to France, etc. £20-25
836.    A collection of approximately fifty British Bird magazines, various dates 1940s/1950s. £30-50
837.    A collection of vintage boxed games and jigsaw puzzles including The ZigZag Puzzle, GWR jigsaw puzzle, Cunard jigsaw puzzle, etc. £30-50
838.    Two folders containing a large collection of FDCs, an edition of 'Pictures from Punch', Just Dogs by K F Barker, etc. £15-20
839.    A box containing a quantity of vintage and other Ordnance Survey and road maps, a collection of tins, a cigarette packet collection, etc. £15-20
841.    A hand written chemist apothecary formula book with the date 1866 to front cover (displayed in cabinet). £50-60
842.    A copy of My Struggle by Adolf Hitler, published by The Paternoster Library with pencil inscription to front reading To Comrade Jones, Adolf Hitler (displayed in cabinet). £150-200
843.    An extensive collection of quality reference books about embroidery and related subjects (35 + volumes) £20-25
844.    A collection of books including Milton's L'Allegro and Il Penseroso and Hood's Poems, both illustrated by Birket Foster, four volumes of Picturesque Europe and an 1890 edition of The Art Annual. £30-50
845.    A quantity of good quality art reference books (25 volumes approx). £20-25
846.    A quantity of reference books about embroidery and related subjects. £10-15
847.    Ten volumes of Je Sais Tout dating from 1906 through to 1910. £20-30
848.    Seven books by or about the artist Eric Gill including a first edition of The Inscriptional Work of Eric Gill, published by Cassell & Co Limited, London. £20-25
849.    A collection of topographical and travel books including a number of Medici Society publications, etc., together with a small collection of further mixed books including The Snow Goose by Paul Gallico. £20-25
850.    A leather bound Welsh bible dated 1799 together with a copy of A System of Practical Surgery by William Fergusson, published 1845. £20-30
851.    A large collection of good quality and wide ranging reference books about all aspects of sea faring and marine history including Jane's Fighting Ships 1919. £20-30
852.    Forty one volumes of Lardner's cyclopedia with marble board covers and leather spines. £40-80
853.    A leather bound prayer book and bible printed by Charles Bill and the Executrix of Thomas Newcomb, London 1708. £80-120
854.    A mixed collection of interesting books including The Water Babies, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Uncle Remus, etc., together with thirteen volumes of Memoires du Duc de Saint-Simon in thirteen volumes, published Paris 1864. £30-50
855.    A boxed set of The Works of Shakespeare, published by E P Dutton & Company, New York in three volumes with decorated vellum spines together with three late 19th century volumes of Proceedings of the Archeological Institute. £30-50
856.    A collection of children's books including The House at Pooh Corner, first edition, Methuen 1928, Now We Are Six, first edition 1927, published Methuen & Co with gilt embossed green leather binding, The House at Pooh Corner, first edition 1928, published by Methuen & Company with gilt embossed red leather binding, When We Were Very Young, 1924 (fourth edition), Winnie the Pooh 1929 (eighth edition) with gilt embossed blue leather binding together with two further editions of Winnie the Pooh titles, a late 19th century leather bound edition of Aesop's Fables and a first edition of Cavalcade by Noel Coward(Winnie the Pooh first editions displayed in cabinet). £200-400
857.    A late 19th century leather bound Bible with brass edging and clasps, a late 19th century edition of The Pilgrims Progress and an 1862 edition of Punch, etc. £20-25
858.    Three boxes of poetry books together with some classic literature including some first editions. £20-25
859.    A collection of mixed books including a first edition of Told After Supper by J K Jerome, the Wally Pug Birthday Book by G E Farrow 1904, etc., 30 volumes approx. £20-25
860.    Six volumes of The Great War published by The Amalgamated Press Limited, London 1914. £20-25
861.    Four volumes of The US Air Service in World War 1, edited by Maurer Maurer, published by The Office of Air Force History, Washington 1978. £20-25
862.    A collection of books about the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire and related subjects including Bath Episodes by J F Meehan, Bath 1909 and Beautiful Buildings of Bisley by Harold Berkeley, etc. £20-30
863.    Crusader Castles by T E Lawrence, 1936 The Golden Cockerel Press, edition 67/1000 together with a copy of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Revolt in the Dessert, etc. £30-50
864.    A mixed collection of books including a hard bound set of three volumes of Rudyard Kipling's Verse, published by Hodder & Stoughton, London 1920, complete with dust jackets, Le Cote de Guermantes II, Sodome et Gomorrhe I, Marcel Proust, published Paris 1921, various Folio Society editions, etc. £40-60
865.    Records of the Lumleys of Lumley Castle by Edith Milner, published George Bell & Sons, London 1904 complete with folding family tree and some associated press cuttings together with five parts of A History of the County Palatine of Durham, printed and published by T Fordyce, Newcastle Upon Tyne. £30-50
866.    A quantity of mixed books including Stories From The Arabian Nights with illustrations by Edmund Dulac, published by Hodder & Stoughton Limited, complete with original dust jacket, The Assent of Olympus by Rendel Harris, various Robert Louis Stevenson titles, etc together with a number of books and pamphlets about hydraulic equipment, tractors, machine guns, etc. £30-50
867.    A mixed collection of books including a Pevsner edition London 3; North West, a Folio Society edition of George Rapheli, Undertones of War, etc., together with an 18th century vellum bound edition of Annotations in Sacram Scripturam.
868.    A copy of V.R.I. Her Life & Empire by The Marquis of Lorne, published 1901, etc., together with a framed 19th century map of Gloucestershire, published by Pigot & Company and a framed photograph of Chipping Sodbury high street. £30-40
869.    A mixed collection of books including Atlas Van Fouquet, various motoring and motorcycle books, etc., together with a quantity of books and pamphlets about Alderney including an edition of The Homeland Handbook - volume 92, The Channel Islands, etc. £20-25
870.    A quantity of art reference books together with a box containing books about travel and exploration, etc. £20-25
871.    The Royal Artillery War Commemoration Book, published by G Bell & Sons Limited, London, on behalf of the R.A.W. War Commemoration Fund together with four volumes of I Was There. £40-60
872.    A leather bound 19th century Family Bible, a 19th century edition of Life of Christ together with a box of mixed books including Modern Masters of Etching, H Rushbury, Bartholomew's Handy Reference Atlas of London and Suburbs 1913, etc. £20-25
873.    A collection of books about film and cinema including Spectacular - The Story of Epic Films, published by Hamlyn. £15-20
874.    Four boxes of good quality poetry books. £20-25
875.    An extensive collection of mainly classical CDs. £15-20
876.    A collection of approximately forty classical LPs. £15-20
877.    A collection of twelve David Bowie LPs together with a 12 inch single of John, I'm Only Dancing (Again) 1975. £80-100
878.    A collection of approximately 40 LPs including classical, music sound tracks, easy listening, etc. £15-20
879.    Approximately 120 musical, film and easy listening LPs. £15-20
880.    A large collection of rock and pop LPs, mainly from the 1980s together with a quantity of similar 45 RPM singles. £20-25
881.    A mixed collection of mostly classical LPs and CDs together with a boxed DVD and book set about Elvis. £15-20
882.    An extensive collection of mixed CDs together with a Sony Walkman and CD storage case. £15-20
883.    Two boxes of mixed pop LPs together with a small number of 45 RPM singles. £20-30
884.    Three boxes containing a large quantity of mixed CDs. £15-20
885.    A copy of the Five Orders of Architecture, with the opinions of Sir William Chambers, printed London 1834 including numerous plates £20-40
1000.   On the instructions of executors, Hyundai i20SE MPI Coupe - silver, WU15 XJX, first registered March 2015, petrol, 1248cc with 8,500 miles, manual, full service history


1001.   A weathered cast composition stone garden ornament in the form of a classical female figure in standing pose clutching a shawl and item of fruit, stamped to reverse of plinth "patanla", 130 cm high approximately` £100-150
1002.   Four vintage galvanised watering cans of varying capacity, a further small galvanised oval two handled bath and a wicker basket
1003.   A pair of weathered cast composition stone garden planters of cylindrical form with relief detail together with one other in the form of a lattice work basket, containing an established plant
1004.   A pair of reclaimed buff coloured chimney pots of squat rectangular and moulded form
1005.   Two vintage wirework racks, slight variant in design but both with sloping shelves, together with a freestanding steel framed planter of rectangular form with simple scrollwork detail, a vintage stained pine stool, small pine step ladder, further extending ladder (to be sold for decorative use only)
1006.   Twelve simple rustic pine stacking fruit or vegetable trays of rectangular form with open slatted bases, each 66 cm x 30 cm approx £40-60
1007.   Two contemporary terracotta jardinieres of circular waisted form, the larger with incised floral detail and painted finish
1008.   A good quality contemporary dark green painted three piece garden terrace set comprising table of circular form and a pair of matching armchairs, all with scrolling foliate detail and shaped supports £50-80
1009.   A weathered contemporary hardwood garden table, the octagonal slatted panelled top raised on folding x framed supports
1010.   A pair of vintage cast iron twelve spoked implement wheels with iron hubs and painted finish, 115 cm in diameter approx
1011.   A reclaimed buff coloured crown top chimney pot (AF)
1012.   A freestanding steel framed and wire mesh birdcage/aviary of hexagonal form with pyramid shaped roof £75-100
1013.   A vintage cast iron garden roller with T shaped handle and circular plaque with lettering Parsons Brothers, Gloucester, together with a small composition three sectional bird bath £20-30
1014.   A cream painted wooden dovecote with conical shaped felt roof beneath turned finial raised on a circular table platform with square cut post support £100-150
1015.   A cream painted Victorian style cast aluminium garden terrace table of circular form with pierced top and swept tripod supports together with a set of four matching chairs with decorative pierced scrolling acanthus and trailing harebell detail £130-150
1016.   A rustic two seat garden bench with slatted seat and back and light green painted finish
1017.   Four small natural stone grinding/mill wheels, slight variant in size, the largest 38 cm, the smallest 30 cm approx £40-60
1018.   An aluminium milk churn and cap, small oval galvanized bath, two galvanized watering cans of varying design and capacity and an old reclaimed wooden packing crate containing a quantity of terracotta flower pots
1019.   Four small weathered marble urns of varying design but all with square cut bases £60-80
1020.   A set of five contemporary wicker effect conservatory/outside (weatherproof) chairs with horseshoe shaped backs (AF)
1021.   A pair of contemporary but partially weathered cast composition stone garden flower troughs of rectangular form with shell detail, together with one other pair with lattice panels £40-60
1022.   A stained teak wood two seat garden bench with slatted seat and back, probably a local Listers example £40-60
1022A.  A child's size cream painted steel framed and wirework garden suite comprising bench with open scrolled arms, pair of matching chairs and circular top table, all with lattice detail £100-120
1023.   Three large moulded plastic but simulated terracotta outsized flower pots of circular tapered form together with four further examples of square cut and moulded form (7)
1024.   A cream painted heavy cast iron pub/bistro table with reeded column and shaped tripod beneath a circular white marble and grey flecked top together with a pair of associated Victorian style cast aluminium chairs with decorative pierced foliate and geometric detail £40-60
1025.   Five reclaimed cast iron drain water hoppers with painted finish
1026.   A set of four contemporary but partially weathered cast composition stone garden planters/flower tubs of circular tapered form with foliate relief detail and rope twist rims, together with four others of varying design (8) £40-60
1027.   Four small cast iron hand operated water pumps of varying design £60-80
1028.   A pair of contemporary garden planters/flower tubs of ovoid form with foliate relief detail and distressed painted finish £100-120
1029.   A vintage wooden barrow/hand cart with open slatted bed yoke shaped rail and later hard rubber tyre £60-80
1030.   A vintage industrial steel floorstanding flight of open adjustable shelves with original green painted finish, approximately 6ft high x 34 inches wide
1031.   A heavy reclaimed and painted gothic revival front door with chamfered detail and thumb latch together with two further stained pine quarter panelled internal doors
1031A.  Pine box on wheels
1032.   A pair of reclaimed tongue and grove braced painted wooden garage doors or gates, 7ft span x 78.5 inches in height, approx; together with a reclaimed 19th century painted pine door and surround and a fan light £80-120
1033.   A well established cherry tree, three box, buddleia etc, housed in moulded plastic pots/containers (8) £30-40
1034.   A Hartman contemporary moulded plastic garden table of circular form with swept quadruped base, together with a set of four matching stacking open armchairs
1035.   A pair of stained hardwood garden open armchairs with slatted seat and backs together with a further similar single chair and a folding garden table with octagonal slatted panelled top £40-60
1036.   "The Stowaway" vintage cast iron mangle/ringer with later associated rectangular white marble and grey flecked top
1037.   A large good quality contemporary garden planter/urn of circular tapered form, ribbed detail and decorative turquoise glaze, 66 cm high x 56 cm in diameter approximately £100-120
1037A.  A bundle of various long handles gardening and further tools including a selection of spades, shovels, forks, pruner, together with an elm topped stool and small folding step ladder
1038.   A small but heavy cast iron fire back of rectangular and stepped arched form with flowering classical urn relief detail, together with a further small associated wrought iron fire grate/basket and combined dogs with scrolled finials £60-80
1039.   A pair of reclaimed Victorian salt glazed crown top chimney pots of squat cylindrical form with gothic tracery detail £60-80
1040.   A set of four Georgian style cast composition stone garden urns with squat circular lobed bowls, flared rims and square platform bases £80-100
1041.   A collection of mainly vintage long handled ash wood garden tools including spades, forks, etc
1042.   A natural stone trough of rectangular form, thick walled with end cut out channel, 94 cm long x 42 cm wide x 24 cm deep approx £100-150
1043.   A quantity of diamond and chain link railing, six lengths, 2metres and 85 cm approx, plus one further length approximately 2 metres
1044.   A Victorian style cast iron hand operated water pump and stand
1045.   A weathered natural stone trough of rectangular form, 106 cm long x 44 cm wide x 26 cm deep approx £100-150
1046.   A cast iron fire back of arched form with raised relief horseman, flag standard bearer within a trailing foliate border, 60 cm x 53 cm approx £40-60
1047.   An early carved limestone niche figure of an elderly woman wearing a pleated skirt and hooded shawl aided by a rustic walking stick, 78cm high approx £500-1000
1048.   A sun dial of square form with pierced gnomon, roman numerals and latin script quid stas transit hora, 28 cm square, raised on a weathered rough hewn natural stone plinth £50-80
1049.   A T Withers & Son West Bromwich Victorian under counter safe enclosed by an arched panelled door with brass T shaped handle and shield shaped escutcheon with slide stamped improved Inviolagle lock (complete with key), 47 cm square approx £80-120
1050.   Four old weathered terracotta conical shaped rhubarb forcers (AF), old chips, cracks and repairs £100-150
1051.   A small collection of reclaimed stained glass window panels, the largest with frosted and bulls eye detail £40-60
1052.   A weathered marble half torso of a female in kneeling pose (broken incomplete) £60-80
1053.   A bench top electric pillar drill supplied by Wickes, quarter HP single phase
1054.   An ironwork fire basket and accompanying dogs with simple scroll finials, shaped supports and hammered flattened feet, together with an associated ash collecting tray and fire guard with wire mesh panel £40-60
1055.   A moulded pine fire surround with decorative painted to simulate marble finish
1056.   A Homelite F3055 petrol strimmer/brush cutter and accessories
1056A.  A run of four reclaimed architectural carved mahogany panels with central flower head and scrolling detail, (painted) 126cm approx £120-140
1057.   A collection of seven small weathered marble urns of varying design but all with square cut plinths £80-120
1058.   A pair of good quality weathered contemporary cast composition stone garden urns in a Georgian style, the circular squat lobed bowls with egg and dart rims and square bases approx 2ft diameter x 2ft height (AF, some damage), together with a further contemporary terracotta flower trough of rectangular form with acanthus detail
1059.   A Record steel 35 bench top vice
1060.   A small contemporary steel safe enclosed by a single door with five lever lock, manufactured by Dacle products, Sussex (complete with key)
1061.   Three reclaimed galvanised revolving cylindrical and hooded roof/chimney cowls
1062.   A vintage industrial bank of twenty index filing drawers with D shaped handles and later mustard coloured painted finish, 96 cm wide x 140 cm high x 54 cm deep approx £100-120
1062A.  A pair of cast composition stone garden ornaments or pillar caps/finial's in the form of Griffin's or Gargoyles with terracotta coloured finish, 60cm high approx £100-120
1063.   A vintage number 25 Dunlop cast iron trolley jack together with a further Shelley double lift jack, a Kismit lorry foot pump, two BP oil cans, a Royal Automobile Club radiator badge with enamelled union jack flag, crown detail, two further AA badges, etc £40-60
1064.   A small quantity of good quality contemporary gardening related tools
1065.   A vintage Pickador air compressor complete with spray gun and associated two bottles £40-60
1066.   A vintage painted steel industrial flight/bank of fifteen index filing drawers with cup handles, 73 cm wide x 40 cm deep x 100 cm high approx £60-80
1067.   A Mcculloch trim mac 240 petrol strimmer
1068.   A vintage Raleigh single speed ladies bicycle with swept back handlebars, sprung seat and black painted livery
1069.   Two Wayfarer town and country Apollo three speed folding bicycles together with a further Raleigh example (3) £80-100
1071.   A reclaimed moulded fibre glass fairground ride in the form of comical Bunny with painted finish £200-300
1072.   A National Time Recorder Co Ltd clocking in/out clock £80-120
1073.   An old pine kitchen dresser with painted finish, the base fitted with three frieze drawers raised on square cut and moulded supports and recessed shelf, beneath an open plate rack with three fixed shelves, 5ft long approx £80-100
1074.   A set of four vintage industrial castors stamped Sheppard Patents, Archibald Kenrick & Sons Ltd, West Bromwich together with one other set
1076.   A vintage Herbert Terry & Sons Ltd anglepoise lamp, a further vintage desk lamp with adjustable bendy coiled stem, moulded cast metal base, stamped Rodale number 987 (painted), further Ergon lamp, three reclaimed industrial wall lights etc (7) £40-60
1077.   A low oak side cupboard with panelled frame, the front elevation partially enclosed by a twin fielded panelled door flanked by a nine divisional wine bottle rack; together with a wooden box with duck tiled lid and a hanging onyx and cast metal ceiling light £40-60
1078.   A light oak veneered single kneehole pedestal desk with rise and fall tambour style door and partial cast metal supports
1079.   Two Myers Venetian grey painted steel filing cabinets each fitted with nine shallow index drawers with moulded plastic handles together with one other Bisley four drawer example (3) £60-80
1080.   A heavy painted ironwork standard lamp with scrolled tripod supports, partial rope twist flowering tulip stem beneath a hexagonal partially glazed shade with further rope twist and floral detail £70-90
1081.   A contemporary large reproduction wall mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge plate within a swept, stepped and moulded silver coloured frame with scrolling acanthus, shell and further detail, 196 cm x 85 cm approx £80-120
1082.   A large contemporary wall mirror of rectangular form with simple stained pine frame, 160 cm x 110 cm approx £50-60
1083.   A Victorian style overmantle mirror with painted and arched moulded frame, 116 cm long x 81 cm high
1084.   Four matching contemporary wall mirrors in the form of arched windows with framework to simulate segmented panels, to include a bi-fold example, 105 x 74 cm approx £60-80
1085.   A wall mirror of rectangular form, the stepped and moulded frame with oak leaf and acorn detail surrounding a triple bevel edged plate with gilt borders, 134 cm x 85 cm approx £80-100
1086.   A Victorian style gilt framed overmantle mirror of arched form, the moulded frame with scrolling acanthus pediment 120 cm wide x 90 cm high £60-80
1087.   A reproduction wall mirror, the gilt frame with shaped outline, scrolling acanthus and floral detail, 124 cm wide x 116 cm high approx £60-80
1088.   A wall mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge plate within a stepped and moulded frame with gilt slip and simulated rosewood painted finish, 66 cm x 58 cm approx £60-80
1089.   A small oval neo-classical style wall mirror with bevelled edge plate and raised urn surmount incorporating an oval Limoges plaque £40-60
1090.   An Edwardian wall mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge plate within a stepped moulded and reeded mahogany frame, 110 cm x 84 cm together with a large eastern copper tray of circular form with crimped rim, a floral crewel work type panel in an oak frame, one other and a bagatelle by Bramhall Woodwear, Sheffield, England
1091.   A large late Victorian overmantle mirror with bevelled edge plate within a mahogany frame with moulded detail beneath a continuous arched pediment/frieze, 148 cm high x 114 cm wide approx £60-80
1092.   Two contemporary wall mirrors with bevelled edge plates and swept gilt moulded frames together with three further contemporary gilt framed coloured furnishing prints
1093.   Three contemporary wall mirrors of varying design with moulded frames
1094.   Eleven dining and occasional chairs of varying design, Georgian and later £60-80
1094A.  A small Victorian flight of walnut open wall shelves with shaped outline and pierced detail, a Victorian shield shaped mirror with moulded frame and two iron work standard lamps of varying design with scrollwork and floral detail and a small painted box with hinged lid (5)
1095.   A Regency style pier glass with bevelled edge plate flanked by split ebonised rope twist columns beneath a painted frieze with floral garland and moulded detail, 98 cm x 66 cm approx £100-120
1096.   A pair of wall mirrors of rectangular form with painted stepped and moulded frames and applied decorative tied ribbon mounts, each 57 cm x 47 cm approx £50-60
1097.   A Georgian style wall mirror, the walnut veneered frame with carved fretwork outline, rectangular plate with gilded slip beneath a still life of flowers and gilded shell detail £130-150
1098.   A moulded gilt frame of rectangular form with acanthus detail and beaded slip enclosing a mirror plate, 94 cm x 70 cm approx
1099.   A contemporary wall mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge plate and further bevelled silver coloured frame with diamond lattice decoration, 90 cm x 65 cm approx
1100.   A small Regency style wall mirror of circular form with reeded slip and ball surround together with two others (3)
1101.   A large contemporary reproduction wall mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge plate within a cream painted and moulded frame with scrolling acanthus and further detail, 194 cm x 98 cm approx £80-120
1102.   A late Victorian/Edwardian walnut sideboard back incorporating three bevelled edge mirror plates, open shelves and turned columns supporting broken arch architectural pediment (easily adapted to an overmantle mirror) £20-40
1103.   Georgian style painted side cupboard partially enclosed by two shallow frieze drawers over segmented open shelves flanked by mock fluted columns and bracket shaped supports, 156 cm long x 38 cm deep x 80 cm in height approx £60-80
1104.   A Victorian style stripped pine farmhouse kitchen table, the rectangular top with rounded corners over an end frieze drawer raised on four turned tapered legs, together with a set of six (4&2) modern Windsor lathe back kitchen chairs £100-150
1105.   A box of various board and further games to include Ker Plunk by Ideal number 2514-8, Go For Broke, Dare, Ding Bats, Spears Three or More, etc
1106.   A vintage Hacker portable mains record player GP15 record reproducer with Garrard turntable together with a further Hacker ampifier loudspeaker unit type AL42
1107.   A Victorian style reclaimed stripped pine farmhouse kitchen table of rectangular form raised on four turned and tapered supports, 5ft long x 3ft wide approx, together with two wall lights £60-80
1108.   Three 19th century Windsor hoop and stick back kitchen chairs principally in elm and ash raised on splayed turned supports united by further turned H shaped stretchers together with a further wheelback example (4) £60-80
1109.   A Myford ML8 wood turning lathe with 36 inch bed and combined cabinet with cream painted finish together with a box of accessories and Hamlet chisels £200-300
1110.   A Bisley steel filing cabinet fitted with twelve shallow index filing drawers £40-60
1111.   A Scheppach Basato number 3 workshop mains electric powered fretsaw and stand with bespoke trolley £100-150
1112.   A Draper 1500 watt bench mounted planer/thicknesser (appears unused), together with an associated stand/table £60-80
1113.   A Sandstrom upright fridge/freezer and enclosed by four doors with brushed steel effect finish, model number SFF4DS12 £60-80
1114.   An Edwardian mahogany bureau bookcase, the upper section enclosed by a pair of segmented glazed and arched panelled doors, the bureau with fall flap enclosing a simply fitted interior over three long graduated drawers and cabriole supports, together with four various mirrors
1115.   An Edwardian/1920s oak grandmother clock with arched hood and circular silvered dial and applied mouldings retailed by Pleasance & Harper, Bristol £40-60
1116.   A reproduction yew wood veneered freestanding five tier whatnot in the Georgian style with turned column supports over a full length drawer and turned feet £40-60
1117.   A 19th century rosewood veneered side/occasional table of rectangular form with rounded corners over a frieze drawer raised on four turned bobbin column supports united by a central stretcher £60-80
1118.   A small Victorian pedestal cupboard/filing cabinet enclosed by a rectangular panelled door with partially fitted interior, originally enclosed numerous sliding shelves
1119.   An Edwardian walnut piano stool with floral tapestry upholstered seat over a fielded panelled and hinged fall front with divisioned interior within a panelled frame with incised line detail
1120.   A good 19th century stripped pine side cupboard enclosed by five rectangular panelled doors with partially fitted interior beneath two a inch thick top, approx 7ft long x 21 inches deep x 38 inches in height £200-300
1121.   A gilt wood six branch ceiling light with scrolled metal leaf decoration
1122.   A very good quality cast brass 10 branch chandelier, the arms with scrolled and acanthus detail, the central column with lion mask and ring features (wired), 90 cm in height, 50 cm wide approx £200-300
1123.   A 19th century hanging cast metal ceiling light with rope twist stem, acanthus leaf and three scrolling branches £100-150
1124.   Three 19th century iron framed diamond pattern windows, one with opening, 6ft long x 13.75 inches, reclaimed from Saint Michael's Church, Winterbourne, South Glos £100-150
1125.   A reclaimed ledge and brace oak stable door, 30 inches wide x 75cm inches high approx £40-60
1126.   A vintage stripped pine freestanding side cupboard enclosed by two sliding quarter panelled doors revealing a fixed shelved interior, raised on square cut supports, approx 4ft wide x 71 inches high x 12 inches deep £80-120
1127.   An Edwardian mahogany floorstanding towel rail with simple string inlay detail raised on square cut and slightly swept supports
1128.   A cast iron pub table of circular form with face mask, heart and decorative pierced detail, together with 2 further matching examples (3) £50-80
1129.   A good quality pair of heavy cast iron Britannia head pub tables of circular form, stamped to circular under tier A Reynolds & Co, bar fitters Leeds £120-150
1130.   A good quality cast iron pub table of circular form with trailing fruiting vine, lions mask and further decorative detailing together with two others of matching design (3) £150-200
1131.   A 19th century threefold room divider, canvas panels with hand painted tulip, grape and other floral details
1132.   A good quality contemporary light beechwood kitchen work station/trolley with frieze drawer, knife block (with knives), sliding basket, loose chopping block, etc, the drawer bearing an oval label Survus, plus further monogrammed initials T E £40-60
1133.   A 19th century mahogany drop leaf dining table of rectangular form raised on four square cut supports to seat four/six
1134.   An Edwardian oak sideboard enclosed by an arrangement of cupboards and drawers flanking a central open compartment/dog kennel
1134A.  An eastern hardwood four fold freestanding screen with perfusely carved detail
1135.   A contemporary stripped pine wardrobe enclosed by a pair of twin panelled doors
1136.   An oak kneehole twin pedestal roll top desk, the S shaped tambour roll enclosing a fitted interior over pedestals, one fitted with three drawers, the other enclosed by a rectangular panelled door £60-80
1137.   A coopered oak occasional table with brass inset top £20-30
1138.   A Georgian linen cupboard with later painted finish, the upper section enclosed by a pair of twin panelled doors, the lower section enclosed by a pair of further panelled doors, raised on bracket supports (fixed shelves to interior) £80-120
1139.   A 19th century blanket box with scumbled finish with hinged lid, re-inforced corner straps and side carrying handles £70-90
1140.   A heavy duty green painted steel side cabinet floorstanding and enclosed by a full length door with two Chubb locks the interior segmented with open adjustable shelves partially vented sides (complete with keys), 5ft high x 2ft wide approx £60-80
1141.   A steel side cabinet floorstanding and enclosed by a full length door with single lock enclosing an adjustable shelved interior, approx 5ft high x 2ft wide £40-60
1142.   A grey painted steel side cabinet floorstanding and enclosed by a full length door together with further light steel framed locker £40-60
1143.   A Corby 220B electric trouser press
1144.   One lot of miscellaneous items to include a vintage domed top tin trunk, a cast iron door porter in the form of a pineapple, an anglepoise lamp with green painted colourway, two small wicker dog/cat baskets, an antique oak stool with carved lozenge panelled top, a Kenwood Chef, etc
1145.   A run of approximately fifty plus dummy books with faux leather spines
1146.   A collection of wicker baskets of varying size, design and purpose £30-50
1147.   A collection of thirty vintage and later woodworking planes Stanley, Anant, and Record examples £80-120
1148.   A vintage brown fibre and leather re-inforced domed top travelling chest with brass lock and army and navy store label £50-70
1149.   A vintage cast iron cauldron with loose loop handle and tripod supports, two 19th century brass jam pans, two flat irons, cobblers last, enamelled kettle, bundle of brass stair rods, etc
1150.   Two contemporary folding aluminium porter ramps for wheelchair use
1151.   A vintage H M V electric heater of demi-lune form with Bakelite top and skirting, one other, three vintage Shell petrol cans with screw caps and a reclaimed wooden packing crate (the electric fans to be sold for display purposes only)
1152.   A collection of vintage and later printed biscuit, tobacco, tea, oil and further tins
1153.   A painted pine framed and steel re-enforced tool chest and contents together with three others(4)
1154.   A vintage treen watch holder together with a further collection of contemporary treen including bowls, candlesticks, etc, mixed woods, a collection of brass weights, kitchen scales, etc
1155.   A Rexon WG-180A electric wet stone together with an embossed brass coal box containing a selection of cast iron glue pots, etc
1156.   A vintage Slazenger pine croquet box containing three croquet mallets, five balls, five hoops and a kum-bak Wimbledon model tennis trainer in original cardboard box
1157.   A small Victorian scumbled pine box with hinged lid and iron fittings (plus contents) £40-60
1157A.  Barlow Whitney electric glue pot, a cased Makita mains rechargeable drill 9.6 v 6095D, a cased Erbauer 14.4v mains rechargeable battery drill Erbb114, a Roybi cordless disc grinder CAG-180, a Roybi CDI-1802 battery drill, etc £30-50
1158.   Collection of miscellaneous items to include 2 wooden boxes, chess set, picture frame, pine door
1159.   A quantity of unused ready made curtains, various manufacturers/retailers, Charisma, Hamilton, McBride, etc (all in cellophane wrapping)
1160.   A vintage stained wooden tool box and contents together with a quantity of miscellaneous mainly carpentry related tools to include a selection of saws, Stanley and other planes, etc £40-60
1161.   A Stihl T5 350 petrol disc grinder (used)
1162.   A Perform electric bench top thicknesser model number 400066 £60-80
1163.   A large quantity of mainly contemporary unsorted workshop hand tools and accessories, briefly to include a number of assorted drill bits, spanners, Draper 11 piece torx screwdriver set, clamps, spare unused universal grinding/polishing discs, etc £60-80
1164.   A quantity of electric workshop power tools to include a heavy duty Bosch disc grinder, further Wolf grinder, Black & Decker disc sander KA220E155W morticers, etc £60-80
1165.   An Oxford oil immersed electric arc welder, model number RT110 together with two welding masks and a quantity of welding rods
1166.   A white painted wooden sign with black lettering advertising Barker Brothers builders, etc together with two further painted swept arched boards £40-60
1167.   A contemporary painted metal platform trolley with folding handle together with a small quantity of contemporary modern tools and fittings to include to Am-teck electric rotary tools, plastic segmented cases and contents etc
1168.   A late Victorian brass coal bucket with loop handle and embossed fruit and floral detail, a small selection of Eastern brassware, and a bush valve radio, etc
1169.   A Bialaddin pressure lantern model 320 in original cardboard packaging together with three others (also boxed), an oil lamp with amber tinted glass reservoir and decorative pierced cast iron base, etc
1170.   A Fridgidaire small counter top fridge together with a terracotta bread crock
1171.   A heavy reclaimed cast bell metal turret bell with iron support £100-120
1172.   A Panasonic inverter microwave oven together with a quantity of kitchenware to include baking trays, utensils, chopping board, white glazed Parma earthenware bowls, etc
1173.   Approx 30 reclaimed cider barrel bung rings with screw threads, stamped Wickwar, Glos (Wickwar Brewery)
1174.   A set of 12 modern stained beechwood Windsor kitchen chairs with turned spindle backs £80-120
1175.   A set of six modern stained beechwood Windsor spindle back dining chairs raised on ring turned supports united by stretchers £60-80
1176.   Eight modern Windsor stained beechwood dining chairs with vase shaped and bulls eye splats £80-100
1177.   A set of three beechwood bar stools with circular upholstered seats raised on square cut and chamfered supports united by stretchers together with four others (two pairs of varying design) (7)
1179.   Two pairs of elm and beechwood pub stools of varying design, the circular upholstered seats raised on ring turned supports £40-60
1180.   A set of six stained ashwood pub stools with circular maroon velvet upholstered seats raised on turned tapered supports united by further turned x framed stretchers
1181.   A set of four modern stained beechwood Windsor fiddle back dining chairs £40-60
1182.   A set of four ladderback dining chairs in ashwood with rush seats and pad supports £40-60
1183.   A 19th century stripped and waxed pine dresser, the base enclosed by an arrangement of three frieze drawers, two cupboards and a central alcove, the raised plate rack fitted with three fitted shelves within a moulded framework £100-120
1184.   Two vintage Revelation fitted suitcases, canvas and leather banded borders and a further suitcase
1185.   A small oak freestanding bookcase with arched outline and graduated shelves, a further pine freestanding corner cupboard fitted with five shelves, a further simple bookcase and a painted bookcase (4) £50-60
1186.   An oak bookcase with carved and panelled framework enclosed by two glazed panelled doors on bracket supports, 125 cm wide` £40-60
1187.   An old English style oak coffer of small proportions with panelled framework, 75 cm wide £40-60
1188.   A contemporary pine freestanding upright cabinet, the upper door with glazed panel, the lower door enclosed, 50 cm wide
1189.   A ceramic jardiniere containing a cluster of simulated flowering orchids
1190.   A Georgian oak hanging corner cupboard, the panelled door with arched outline and set within a moulded framework £40-60
1191.   A Victorian stained pine mule chest with rising lid over a single frieze drawer on turned supports £60-80
1192.   A waxed pine chest of eight short frieze drawers in a side by side arrangement, 125 cm wide £60-80
1193.   A mid 19th century mahogany washstand with three quarter gallery raised on turned supports with under shelf and a further 19th century oak mahogany cupboard
1194.   A pair of contemporary chrome and glass fibre bar stools of adjustable height in a dark maroon colourway £40-60
1195.   A mid Victorian mahogany chest of three long and four short drawers together with a further cushion moulded drawer £40-60
1196.   A Georgian mahogany chest of three long and two short graduated drawers on swept supports, oak lined (bearing an old auction label October 13th 1857 - lot 76), 108 cm wide £100-120
1197.   A small 19th century pine box with original mahogany grained finish £30-40
1198.   A Georgian mahogany D end fold over top tea table with inlaid detail raised on four swept supports £40-60
1199.   A Regency mahogany chest of three long and two short drawers with original cast brass fittings and raised on swept supports, 110 cm wide £80-120
1200.   A selection of five contemporary brass table lamps, three with adjustable arms and with a bright or brushed finish £40-60
1201.   A reproduction Georgian style mahogany low boy fitted with three frieze drawers on shaped supports, 64 cm wide £40-60
1202.   A pair of contemporary table lamps of vase shaped form and with simulated timber grain finish £40-60
1203.   A 19th century mahogany ladies sewing table with rising lid over a simply fitted interior raised on a pair of x shaped supports united by a central rail, 57 cm wide £40-60
1204.   A 19th century figured mahogany ladies sewing table with rising lid over a fitted interior with frieze drawer and raised on four bobbin moulded supports £60-80
1205.   A Victorian carved oak side cupboard enclosed by two panelled doors and two frieze drawers with geometric, lions mask and other detail, 130 cm wide £60-80
1206.   A small Georgian style reproduction ladies writing bureau fitted with a tower of four drawers raised on bracket supports, 58 cm wide £40-60
1207.   An arts and crafts style stripped oak sideboard, 155cm long £60-80
1208.   A mid 20th century tower of six drawers, 61 cm wide £40-60
1209.   A 19th century mahogany bedside cupboard enclosed by two cupboards and a frieze drawer, the top with drop leaf action, 37 cm wide, a two tier occasional table, a further rectangular fold over top occasional table together with a nest of three graduated brass and onyx occasional tables £60-80
1210.   A 19th century mahogany chest of four long graduated drawers with brass ring handles raised on bracket supports, 100 cm wide £70-90
1211.   A pair of contemporary floorstanding uplighters with reading light attachments with brushed brass finish, halogen bulbs £40-60
1212.   A 19th century four tier oak Canterbury whatnot with turned spindles and mouldings £40-60
1213.   A Georgian mahogany drop leaf dining table with simple string banded borders on four pad feet
1214.   A Victorian mahogany chest of three long and two short drawers on turned supports, 106 cm wide £60-80
1215.   An oak stool in the Carolean style, the cane panelled top raised on four turned supports with central rail, 65 cm wide £40-60
1216.   A mid 19th century mahogany chest of three long drawers, crossbanded borders on bracket supports, 91 cm wide £40-60
1217.   A mid 19th century mahogany chest of two long and two short drawers with 3/4 moulded gallery, 103cm wide £60-80
1218.   A set of three graduated oak occasional table in the Old English style together with an Edwardian mahogany dressing table mirror, the box base fitted with two frieze drawers raised on ogee supports, together with a further Georgian toilet mirror with box base £40-60
1219.   A panelled oak cupboard enclosing three adjustable shelves behind two panelled doors, 115 cm wide £40-60
1220.   A mid 19th century mahogany chest of two long and two short drawers on turned supports, 90cm wide £40-60
1221.   A Victorian carved oak hall table of rectangular form on turned supports, together with a further Old English style oak gate leg occasional table on six turned supports and an oak three tier folding cake stand
1222.   A stripped oak drop leaf dining table on chamferred supports £50-80
1223.   A Victorian stripped and waxed pine chest of two long and two short drawers on turned supports £50-60
1224.   An Old English oak gateleg occasional table in the 17th century manner raised on barley twist supports, together with a further Old English oak coffin or joint stool £60-80
1225.   Arts and Crafts period oak chest of three long and two short drawers with original anodised ring handles, 122cm wide £60-80
1226.   Georgian mahogany corner washstand on two tiers with swept supports together with a small oak gateleg occasional table, a small Persian rug, carved oak occasional table and an iron lamp standard
1227.   A small painted cottage dresser the base fitted with two panelled doors and a frieze drawer, the plate rack with three fitted shelves beneath a pierced heart shaped frieze with overall painted finish, 80cm wide £40-60
1228.   A Flatron M2262D flat screen television with handset together with an angle poise table lamp
1229.   A Victorian mahogany box commode with carpet seat
1230.   A Victorian stripped pine kneehole writing desk fitted with an arrangement of nine drawers with brass plate handle, 122cm wide £80-100
1231.   A Victorian cast iron refectory pub table with shaped and pierced detail and central rail by Gaskell & Chambers of Birmingham with later ashwood top, 150cm long £60-80
1232.   A Spanish coffer with carved and panelled outline and rising lid together with an oak gateleg occasional table on gun barrel supports and a further smaller example on six spiral twist supports £40-60
1233.   A small collection of 19th century stoneware flagon's and jars, two with impressed merchants stamps for John Holborow Didmarton and Alexander Hungerford & Marlborough
1234.   A Regency oak hanging corner cupboard with ebonised inlaid detail over one real and two dummy frieze drawers £40-60
1234A.  Two Viking cast iron saucepan towers, 6 tier and 4 tier with white enamelled finish £40-60
1235.   A 10 inch table saw with blade angle adjustment, 4800 rpm 2.5 hp model, manufactured August 1996 £60-80
1236.   A pair of open oak free standing book cases of tapering form each enclosing four shelves, 77cm wide
1237.   A Lloyd Loom style sofa with pale blue painted finish, 160cm £60-80
1238.   An Old English style oak refectory table, the plank top with cleated ends raised on turned baluster supports united by a central rail, 170cm long £60-80
1239.   A small quantity of old kitchen enamel ware, four tilly lamps, Pan Knight enamelled companion set, etc
1240.   A pine farmhouse kitchen table with plank top raised on four turned painted supports, 185cm long £40-60
1241.   An old steel trunk containing a collection of vintage hand tools, blow torches, jack etc £40-60
1242.   A heavy 19th century pine box with hinged lid and later painted finish £70-90
1243.   An unused chain saw by Coopers of Stortford, together with a chain saw sharpener and files, purchased 2014, still in original packaging £40-60
1243A.  An early 20th century oak freestanding side/display cabinet, the bow front enclosed by a pair of astragal glazed panelled doors raised on carved baluster supports united by moulded stretchers, 32" wide x 19" deep x 47.5" high approx £60-80
1244.   A Chinese yellow glazed barrel seat
1245.   A vintage 7 tier saucepan tower £40-60
1246.   A Jones & Co vintage mannequin raised on a turned and adjustable column and platform base with embossed brass plate stamp £40-60
1247.   A rustic stripped and waxed pine bedside cupboard, enclosed by panelled door and drawer
1248.   A Edwardian display cabinet enclosed by three astragal glazed panel doors with overall bow fronted outline raised on four shaped supports, 140cm wide £80-100
1249.   A graduated pair of late Victorian parlour room chairs with carved and moulded show wood frames and upholstered finish £40-60
1250.   A Cromwelian style oak elbow chair with turned supports and a hide upholstered seat and back £40-50
1251.   A set of 11 (9+2) reproduction Hepplewhite style shield back dining chairs with drop in seats on turned supports £80-100
1252.   A Windsor stick back elbow chair in beech and elm £40-60
1253.   A Victorian office or library chair with saddle shaped seat, turned supports and pierced mouldings, with horseshoe shaped back on turned supports £80-100
1254.   An Edwardian tub chair with later brown linen and pink piped loose covers
1255.   An Edwardian style tub chair with horseshoe shaped back raised on square taper legs with recently re-upholstered contemporary style fabric £40-60
1256.   A Victorian button back drawing room chair of open form on turned supports £40-60
1257.   A pair of contemporary Windsor style stick back elbow chairs with pierced splats on turned supports £60-80
1257A.  Edwardian wing armchair, with striped outline, upholstered in white calico and raised on turned bun feet with castors
1258.   An Edwardian drawing room chair with shaped outline recently re-upholstered with traditional floral fabric raised on square taper legs £60-80
1259.   A 19th century upholstered elbow chair raised on turned supports with later suede fabric £40-60
1260.   A Victorian drawing room chair with upholstered button finish, show wood frame and cabriole supports £80-120
1261.   A 19th century drawing room chair with deep upholstered seat and high back, with shaped mahogany show wood arms and square taper legs £40-60
1262.   A late 19th century walnut drawing room chair with carved detailed show wood frame with upholstered seat back and arm panels on fluted supports £40-60
1263.   A near matched pair of Edwardian drawing room chairs with swept arms raised on square taper legs £60-80
1264.   A mid 20th century wing chair with scrolled arms and later contemporary fabric finish with floral and other detail £40-60
1265.   A pair of Georgian style wing chairs with scrolled arms on square cut mahogany supports and rails with striped material finish (purchaser will have the opportunity to obtain the following two lots at the same unit price) £60-80
1266.   A pair of Georgian style wing chairs with scrolled arms on square cut mahogany supports and rails with striped material finish (purchaser will have the opportunity to obtain the following two lots at the same unit price)

1267.   A pair of Georgian style wing chairs with scrolled arms on square cut mahogany supports and rails with striped material finish
1268.   A Georgian upholstered library chair with swept arms raised on square cut mahogany supports and rails with original leather castors £100-150
1270.   Three Georgian oak country made dining chairs with reeded splats and solid seats with square moulded supports £30-40
1271.   A pair of substantial Edwardian drawing room chairs with carved and moulded show wood frames, upholstered seat back and arm panels raised on turned supports £40-60
1272.   A pair of 19th century French open arm chairs with carved and later painted finish, upholstered with recent leather effect fabric on the "Harry Potter" theme £60-80
1272A.  A Victorian mahogany library or drawing or drawing room chair with upholstered seat, button back and arms raised on turned forelegs with brown ceramic castors £60-80
1272B.  Antique elm seat windsor carver chair £60-100
1273.   A reproduction Old English style drawleaf dining table of turned and fluted baluster supports united by a x stretcher, 155cm long when closed, 235cm max length £80-100
1273A.  A folding beechwood easel of full height
1274.   A continental dining table with parquetry oak top raised on four turned supports united by a central rail, the lower part with painted finish, 160cm max, together with four matching spindle back dining chairs all with cane seats £100-150
1274A.  A 19th century mahogany torchere lamp standard on a carved tripod base £30-40
1275.   An art nouveau mahogany elbow chair, the raised back with upholstered panel beneath an inlaid cresting rail, the seat raised on square tapered legs £60-80
1276.   A set of six (4+2) Windsor fiddle back dining chairs, principally in beech, raised on turned supports £80-100
1277.   A rustic pine refectory table on simple square cut supports, 183cm long x 64cm wide £40-60
1278.   A substantial pine farmhouse table, the plank top raised on four square cut supports, 240cm long x 100cm wide £80-100
1279.   A set of six (4+2) Windsor lathe back kitchen chairs principally in beech wood £60-80
1280.   A reproduction Georgian style office or library chair, with buttoned finish in a simulated green upholstery £40-60
1281.   A set of six (4+2) early 20th century high stick back dining chairs with upholstered seats on square tapered supports £40-60
1282.   A collection of 12 pub or cafe tables four of square cut form and four rectangular, varying designs on turned pillars, refectory bases etc £80-100
1283.   19th century America piano stool, the rising top on a set of four turned supports with cast claw and glass ball feet £50-70
1284.   Ecko valve radio, model A104, together with a collection of Mullard, Mazda, Ediswan, Osram and other boxed valves £30-40
1285.   An art nouveau elbow chair with upholstered seat, a small dished occasional table of four shaped supports, three graduated Georgian style occasional tables £30-40
1286.   An oak bench or form of simple construction, 220cm long £50-80
1287.   A set of eight (6+2) Georgain style dining chairs with shaped and pierced splats, hide upholstered seats and square taper forelegs £80-100
1288.   A Georgian oak gate leg dining table with single frieze drawer lined in elm, raised on eight gun barrel shaped supports £40-60
1288A.  A vintage stained pine school desk with folding steel supports together with a matching stool
1289.   A Victorian satin birch toilet mirror, the oval base capped in marble, the mirror panel supported on a pair of carved and shaped horns £20-30
1290.   A hardwood farmhouse dining table raised on four square cut supports, 120cm x 90cm approx, together with a pair of stick back dining chairs in oak with rush seats and a further pair of traditional ladder back chairs £40-60
1291.   A late 19th century child's Windsor elbow chair with stick back and stencilled details £40-60
1293.   An oak framed fire screen enclosing a well presented Victorian tapestry panel showing butterflies, birds, crown, floral spays etc, a 19th century two tier whatnot, a Carolean style stool and a three tier oak book case £40-60
1294.   A reproduction Georgian style twin pillar extending dining table with two additional leaves to seat 8/10 £40-60
1295.   A substantial farmhouse kitchen table, the heavy oak top raised on a 19th century pine base with stripped and waxed finish, 180cm x 105cm £200-250
1297.   A stripped and waxed beechwood child's cot on oak rockers
1298.   A substantial oak refectory table raised on shaped supports united by a central rail together with a set of six rush seated dining chairs, the table 220cm x 100cm to seat 10 £200-300
1299.   A Victorian Gothic prayer chair with turned spindle moulding, upholstered seat and top rail £20-30
1300.   A small mid 19th century sofa with scrolled arms and shaped back raised on a turned supports, 160cm wide approx £60-80
1301.   A brass Benares tray with geometric detail raised on a folding framework with turned supports £20-25
1302.   An Edwardian chaise longue, carved frame with stripped finish and upholstered panels £40-60
1303.   An Edwardian drawing room chair with mahogany framework and shaped outline, pronounced carved and pierced splat and cresting rail, together with a further mid 19th century hall chair with carved and pierced detail £40-60
1304.   A 19th century rosewood drawing room chair with barley twist supports raised on shaped legs with later upholstered seat and back and a further similar example £30-40
1305.   A substantial Victorian Chesterfield sofa upholstered in buttoned green velvet raised on turned supports, 240cm long approx £150-200
1306.   A Lloyd Loom elbow chair and matching kidney shaped laundry basket and cover with original pale green finish
1307.   An Edwardian Chesterfield sofa with scrolled arms raised on short mahogany pad supports, with additional terracotta coloured linen loose covers, 180cm long approx £40-60
1308.   A set of four Italian style iron framed dining chairs with x shaped supports and upholstered seats; together with an upholstered elbow chair (5) £60-100
1309.   An oak tower of four graduated drawers
1309A.  Two brass lamp standards with adjustable frames £30-40
1310.   A pine dresser, the base fitted with four drawers and four cupboard doors all with fielded panels, the upper section (detachable) enclosed by four glazed cupboard doors, 190cm wide £80-120
1311.   A Victorian jardiniere stand with ebonised finish, a circular brass topped table with folding frame, a pine wine rack and a circular ottoman with pleated detail £20-30
1312.   A Georgian style oak dresser the base enclosed by four panel doors with arched and fielded outline and three frieze drawers, the plate rack with two shelves further cupboards and set beneath a moulded frieze, with overall antique finish, 180cm long
1313.   A 19th century mahogany Pembroke table upon square tapered supports together with an early 19th century mahogany fold over top tea table with two frieze drawers on square tapered legs £40-60
1314.   A Victorian mahogany writing or dressing table the central knee hole surrounded by an arrangement of four drawers, raised on fluted supports £80-100
1315.   A recently re upholstered box ottoman with rising lid £30-40
1316.   A pale oak wardrobe enclosed by two shaped and panelled doors partially fitted and of knockdown format together with a matching double bedstead with shaped outline £80-120
1317.   A set of three graduated ironwork tables with plate glass tops, a box commode and an oak pedestal writing desk fitted with nine drawers with inset top, together with an Edwardian torchere on turned and fluted column £60-80
1318.   An unusual Victorian walnut side chair with raised and spoon shaped back and upholstered seat on cabriole forelegs £40-60
1319.   A Regency mahogany sofa table fitted with two real and two dummy drawers, raised on a U shaped column and platform base with sabre legs and lions paw feet £80-120
1320.   A pair of Chinese red lacquered cabinets, each enclosed by doors with pheasant and peony detail, 45cm wide £100-120
1321.   A Georgian mahogany chest of three long and two short drawers, the top with cross banded borders raised on bracket supports, 108cm wide £80-120
1322.   A Victorian walnut centre table of oval form raised on a pair of deeply fluted columns united by a shaped central stretcher, 110cm max £40-60
1323.   An Edwardian writing desk or dressing table, the central kneehole surrounded by five drawers raised on square cut supports, 125cm wide £40-60
1324.   A Georgian oak hanging corner cupboard enclosed by a single panelled door over one real and two dummy spice drawers £40-60
1325.   A pine free standing corner cupboard enclosed by an arrangement of drawers and shelves with iron work fittings together with a similar smaller version £40-60
1326.   An Edwardian mahogany book case enclosed by two astragal glazed panel doors, with central division and four adjustable shelves, 140cm tall x 130cm wide £60-80
1327.   A Georgian country made walnut and fruitwood table top linen press £50-60
1328.   An Edwardian mahogany pedestal dressing table the lower section fitted with an arrangement of nine drawers, the raised back fitted with six further drawers and central mirror £60-80
1329.   A pair of 19th century rustic D end side tables in mixed woods with waxed finish £30-40
1330.   A pair of reproduction occasional tables of military format the inset tops with 18th century style marine views on glass, within brass borders and raised on square cut supports, 46cm square £50-80
1331.   A Georgian ladies sewing table of oval form raised on square tapered legs with shaped under stretchers £30-40
1332.   A cheval glass raised on a painted frame, the base enclosing a frieze drawer with claw and ball supports £30-40
1333.   A Georgian mahogany hanging corner cupboard with chequered string inlay and two shaped shelves and original painted interior £60-80
1334.   A Georgian mahogany caddy top chest of three long and two short drawers raised on swept supports with inlaid Britannia and Lion motif £60-80
1335.   A Victorian mahogany library bookcase enclosed by two pairs of glazed panel doors, with adjustable shelves, 95cm wide £80-100
1336.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany wardrobe enclosed by two mirror plate doors over a frieze drawer, 130cm wide £20-30
1337.   A small reproduction Georgian style bow fronted hanging corner cupboard in mahogany, together with a G Plan stool on tapering oak supports with upholstered top £20-30
1338.   A mid 19th century mahogany bow fronted chest of three long and two short drawers on turned supports £60-80
1339.   A Georgian and later walnut and pine side table fitted with three frieze drawers, the top with cross banded detail £30-40
1340.   An Edwardian shallow roll top desk, the tambour enclosing a very simply fitted interior over two frieze drawers on square moulded supports, 100cm wide £60-80
1341.   A Georgian style mahogany side cupboard enclosed by two panel doors with brass grille detail and two dummy drawers raised on bracket supports, 86cm wide £30-40
1342.   A substantial 19th century continental mahogany commode of three long and two short drawers set beneath a white marble top, 120cm wide £60-80
1343.   An Edwardian dressing table of one long and two short drawers, the raised back with circular mirror plate £20-30
1344.   A Victorian octagonal oak occasional table with carved borders raised on barley twist supports and stretchers, together with a pair of Georgian style upholstered stools with button red leather tops on moulded supports £60-80
1345.   A 19th century oval drop leaf and extending dining table on turned supports with two additional centre supports £40-60
1346.   An Edwardian mahogany dining table of small dimensions with single additional leaf on four shaped supports, 135cm long min x 185cm max £40-60
1347.   An Edwardian mahogany ladies sewing table with sliding top over a partially fitted interior, raised on square tapered legs with boxwood string inlay £40-60
1348.   A Chinese hardwood two tier cabinet, the doors with character and landscape detail, 70cm wide £50-60
1349.   A 19th century mahogany side cupboard the door with 1/4 panel detail, lion mask and ring handle, flanked by reeded columns on turned supports, 65cm wide £80-100
1350.   A mid 19th century continental figured mahogany commode of three long drawers on bun feet, 100cm wide £80-100
1350A.  A vintage dolls house with mock red brick work facade (possibly Triang)
1351.   A 19th century oak kitchen table raised on four turned supports and rails the underpart painted, together with a set of six partially painted and matching dining chairs £180-200
1352.   An oak student desk, the fall flap over three open shelves, together with a further simple oak bookcase £40-60
1353.   An early 20th century oak drawleaf framed dining table with pine top £30-40
1354.   A Victorian mahogany triple wardrobe enclosed by three simple arched and panelled doors, the interior partially fitted with drawers £80-100
1355.   A late 19th century American child's rocking chair of usual format with turned spindle mouldings £40-60
1356.   A Victorian walnut ladies sewing table with rising lid, simply fitted interior raised on a stretcher base with four turned and fluted supports and central rail £60-80
1357.   A substantial Victorian mahogany bow fronted chest of three long and two short drawers with hexagonal column supports £80-100
1358.   19th century mahogany hanging cupboard enclosed by two panelled doors, the interior partially fitted and capable of shelving, 130cm wide.
1359.   A rectangular wall panel showing a 19th century American scene with cowboys lassoing wild horses, set within a moulded and stepped frame
1360.   A stripped and waxed pine Delft rack fitted with four short frieze drawers, three open shelves and a pierced frieze, 145cm wide £40-60
1361.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany tub chair with pierced splats; together with a towel rail £20-30
1362.   A 1920s oak gateleg dining table together with a set of four matching oak dining chairs in the Carolean style £60-80
1363.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany vitrine of square cut form with four glazed panels and with two adjustable shelves £100-120
1364.   An early 20th century oak elbow chair with carved supports, woven strap leather back and upholstered seat £30-40
1365.   A 19th century mahogany Pembroke breakfast table on turned pillar and quadruped base £20-30
1366.   An oak occasional table the oval top raised on four bobbin supports united by an H shaped stretcher, 110cm max £30-40
1366A.  Modern whitewood cheval mirror; together with an oak ladder back elbow chair with rush seat (2) £30-40
1366B.  Habitat upholstered square footstool with fabric to re-cover
1367.   A late Victorian wooden lathe bound domed top trunk, together with one other (2) £40-60
1368.   A Georgian oak gateleg table raised on eight gun barrel supports £40-60
1369.   A Georgian oak oval drop leaf dining table with later carved border raised on simple turned taper supports and pad feet
1370.   A Georgian mahogany tripod table with turned pillar and shaped tripod beneath a possibly later associated circular top
1371.   A 19th century English elm bedstead with four turned corner posts, to accept base spring and mattress approximately 5ft wide £40-60
1372.   A 19th century stripped and waxed pine cupboard with panelled door over a single frieze drawer 56 cm wide £80-100
1373.   13 late 19th century folding chapel/school chair principally in beech wood £60-80
1374.   A substantial 19th century moulded oak fire kerb with brass lined inner plate, overall size 190 cm x 53 cm £40-60
1375.   A Georgian oak cottage dresser base enclosing three frieze drawers with brass swan necked handles raised on square cut supports together with an associated wall mounted oak delft rack fitted with three graduated shelves and enclosing further small drawers, dresser base 175 cm in length £250-350
1376.   A collection of furniture comprising an oak tower of five drawers, vintage oak six drawer filing cabinet (post card size), an Edwardian mahogany piano stool with rising lid, a small pine Delft rack with distressed finish, a yew wood chest of four drawers in the Georgian manner, a further yew wood side cupboard and a rush seated stool (7) £60-80
1377.   An Edwardian oak chest of three long and two short drawers with brass fittings
1378.   An Edwardian oak chest of three long drawers over two cupboard doors raised on short baluster supports with applied blind fret detail, 93 cm wide £60-80
1379.   An Edwardian style table top revolving bookcase together with inlaid Edwardian mahogany two tier jardinere stand on swept supports £40-60
1379A.  An 18th century and later oak side table fitted with a single frieze drawer raised on turned supports and with bobbin shaped stretchers £150-200
1380.   An early 19th century French armchair with carved moulded and gilded show wood frame on scrolled supports £100-150
1381.   An Edwardian Chesterfield button back sofa with scrolled arms raised on turned supports, 183 cm approx £80-100
1382.   An 18th century style wing chair with scrolled arm raised on a short walnut supports recently reupholstered in a pale cream linen £100-120
1383.   A mid 19th century parlour room sofa with pronounced show wood frame with carved geometric detail and with buttoned finish £200-250
1384.   A mid 19th century mahogany scroll end sofa with carved show wood frame on fluted supports, later re-upholstery £60-80
1385.   A substantial Victorian wing chair with scrolled arms, loose cushion raised on claw and ball forelegs £60-80
1386.   19th century overmantle mirror, the rectangular bevelled edge mirror plate set within an embossed brass and painted timber framework, the upper frieze decorated with cherubs and acting sculpture and set beneath a carved and pierced frieze £200-250
1387.   A substantial pine farmhouse kitchen table, the plank top raised on four traditional turned supports, 245 cm x 1 metre to seat ten
1388.   A set of four Edwardian oak dining chairs with bobbin moulded backs and forelegs, shaped splats and drop in seats £60-80
1389.   Three Windsor stick back chairs together a pair of bentwood Bergere seated chairs (5)
1390.   Old English style pine refectory table raised on a pair of x shaped supports united by a central stretcher, 180 cm x 92 cm approx, to seat six
1391.   A pair of Art Deco walnut bergere armchairs, with show wood frames, cane panelled sides and back and with upholstered bases £60-80
1392.   An Edwardian oak D end extending dining table with two additional leaves raised on swept supports together with a set of four Queen Anne style oak dining chairs, 2 metres in length max to seat eight
1393.   An unusually small Georgian mahogany butlers tray of rectangular form with folding borders and flush fitting brass hinges, 56cm x 48cm, when closed £150-200
1394.   A Victorian walnut centre table of circular form, raised on four turned supports united by an X shaped stretcher, 98cm diameter
1395.   A Georgian mahogany tripod table, circular dished top, 50cm diameter raised on a turned gun barrel shaped tripod base
1396.   Ecclesiastical tapestry stand £40-60
1397.   Regency mahogany breakfast table, the base raised on a vase shaped column supported by four reeded and swept supports £40-60
1398.   An arts and crafts open book case on four tiers with pierced sides and shaped outline £40-60
1399.   A Georgian pine settle with curved outline and winged sides with stained finish, 210cm long
1399A.  A Chinese lacquered panel of rectangular form showing female bearing lotus flowers, with Chinese script and seal mark detail, 112 cm x 50 cm £60-80
1400.   A fine quality walnut alcove display cabinet in the classical regency style enclosed by three glazed panel doors beneath an arch glazed and moulded framework, with further carved detail and illuminated interior, 190cm wide, 252cm high by 30cm deep approx £500-600
1401.   An Edwardian walnut and inlaid ladder back elbow chair raised on square taper legs with upholstered seat, together with a further pair of inlaid Edwardian elbow chairs £50-60
1402.   A Georgian walnut and fruit wood side chair, the cresting rail with pronounced scroll work detail, four further regency dining chairs and a further Edwardian side chair £40-60
1403.   A Victorian walnut chest of three long and two short drawers on turned supports £60-80
1404.   A Georgian oak writing desk, the shallow enclosed top over an arrangement of four drawers, central kneehole and two panelled cupboards, 120cm wide £80-100
1405.   An oak two tier side or serving table of rectangular form raised on square cut supports, 107cm long x 92cm high x 58cm deep £40-60
1406.   A Georgian style upholstered stool, the shaped supports with shell carved knees on shaped supports £30-40
1407.   A Cotswold school oak drop leaf occasional table, the stretcher base with chamfered supports, 50cm long £40-60
1408.   A pair of Chinese black and crimson lacquered cabinets, each enclosed by a pair of doors and a single frieze drawer with additional trailing gilded floral butterfly and other detail, 55cm wide £300-400
1409.   A flight of 19th century mahogany wall shelves on four graduated tiers £60-80
1410.   19th century dressing table with simulated bamboo mouldings enclosing five drawers around a central kneehole, 95cm wide together with a matching stool £240-260
1411.   19th century pine chest of three long drawers with simulated bamboo moulding and painted finish £280-300
1412.   19th century bamboo and lacquered three tier side table raised on swept supports £80-100
1413.   A Regency style four tier wotnot of rectangular form with simulated bamboo mouldings over a single frieze drawer, 50cm wide £240-260
1414.   19th century Chinese centre table of octagonal form enclosing a polished marble top, raised on four simulated bamboo supports, similar detailed frieze and X stretchers, 70cm diameter £100-120
1415.   Attributed to Shapland & Petter - an arts and crafts fire screen, the mahogany framework enclosing a copper panel with typical geometric detail £40-60
1416.   An arts and crafts folio stand in oak attributed to Liberty, "Caxton" the tapering triangular framework enclosing a pipe drawer and further tobacco drawer flanked by to folding leaves, beneath a cast brass carrying handle £80-100
1417.   An arts and crafts oak bureau, the fall flap enclosing a simply fitted interior over a single frieze drawer with original anodised handles on turned tapering supports £60-80
1418.   An 18th century walnut framed mirror with moulded detail together with a further Swansea type wall mirror with fretted outline £40-60
1419.   A Victorian burr walnut chest of three long and two short drawers with rounded corners, 120cm wide £100-120
1420.   An art deco oak three tier trolley with chrome cantilever support £30-40
1421.   Set of four heavy ironwork wall lights of foliate design in the arts and crafts style £40-60
1422.   A graduated set of three Chinese hardwood occasional tables of rectangular form with turned supports and stretchers £80-100
1423.   A Georgian oak country made chest of three long and two short drawers cross banded in walnut raised on bracket supports, 95cm wide £60-80
1424.   A fine quality Sheraton revival break front triple wardrobe, the central tower comprising a chest of three long and two short drawers, over hung by a cupboard and enclosed by two doors of serpentine outline, flanked by two full length mirror panelled doors beneath a swan neck pediment, the whole with ribboned and garland and floral decoration, 275cm wide £600-800
1425.   A mid Victorian figured walnut Davenport of usual form enclosed by four real and four dummy drawers over pronounced carved supports, the rising lid with inset leather top, beneath a stationery box with rising lid and three quarter cast brass gallery £150-200
1426.   A George III writing bureau, the interior of simple form enclosed by drawers and cupboards, raised on bracket supports £60-80
1427.   An early 19th century pine farmhouse kitchen table, the three plank top raised on four square taper supports united by an H shaped stretcher and enclosing a frieze drawer, 183cm long, 70cm wide
1428.   A substantial pale oak coffer the front enclosed by an arrangement of seven deeply fielded panels, 130cm wide £120-150
1429.   Early 19th century tin tole ware serving tray with shaped outline, the raised borders decorated with floral bouquets in gilt and natural colourway £60-80
1430.   19th century continental oak pedestal writing desk fitted with three frieze drawers, the two cupboards with deeply carved moulded detail with inset green leather top, 160cm wide, together with two inlaid Edwardian cane seated chairs
1431.   A Victorian loo table the oval walnut top with central marquetry detail raised on a bulbous column and carved tripod base £60-80
1432.   A walnut and figured walnut breakfast or centre table, the circular top with trailing floral marquetry detail raised on a carved column with acanthus detail and three moulded cabriole supports, 130cm £300-350
1433.   A large harpsichord by William De Blaise with two tier keyboard, set in a painted case with an iron framed trolley, 2m60cm long £100-200
1434.   A Hepplewhite style settee, in mahogany, the triple shield back with pierced detail, wheatear floral sway and other detail, with crooked arms upholstered seats and square taper moulded supports £200-250
1435.   A Georgian mahogany snap top table, the single piece top 60cm in diameter raised on a slender gun barrel shaped pillar and tripod base £120-140
1436.   A pair of bleached antelope skulls, raised on moulded shield shaped frames £120-140
1437.   A Georgian oak side table of simple form enclosing a single frieze drawer over four pad feet, the drawer with geometric carved detail £60-80
1438.   A mid 19th century continental oak cabinet enclosed by a single panelled door, flanked by reeded columns and set beneath a frieze drawer with deep carved detail showing village scenes, etc £40-60
1439.   A pair of 19th century campaign chair frames of flat pack form with leather strap arms (lacks seat and back) with later bright green painted finish £150-200
1440.   A pair of 19th century mahogany D end side tables or dining table with single leaf raised on square taper legs £40-60
1441.   A small Georgian mahogany snap top table, the 50cm diameter top raised on turned pillar and tripod base £60-80
1442.   A arts and crafts lectern by Leonard Wyburd for Liberty on three tiers with spindle galleries on turned supports £60-80
1443.   A Regency rose wood four divisional Canterbury with turned spindle mouldings over a frieze drawer on turned supports £200-250
1444.   A reproduction continental occasional table, the shaped top within a brass gallery raised on painted framework with crackle glaze finish, 80 cm wide £150-200
1445.   An oak side cupboard attributed to Heal's enclosed by two panelled doors on square cut supports with pyramid caps, 107cm wide £150-200
1446.   A 19th century rosewood fire screen with pronounced carved and pierced foliate frame raised on scroll supports with hand work tapis panels £70-90
1447.   A Georgian fruitwood occasional table, the circular top 40cm in diameter raised on a tripod base £60-80
1448.   An early 19th century continental mahogany commode, the front elevation enclosed by two frieze drawers and a tambour front, raised on swept supports with brass fittings £100-120
1449.   A mid 19th century mahogany chest of 5 long graduated drawers, raised on bracket supports with string banded inlay, 115cm wide £150-200
1450.   A Georgian mahogany three tier graduated buffet/dumb waiter, the two bottom tiers revolving, raised on a turned and wrythen fluted column tripod base £120-140
1451.   A small George III mahogany chest of four long graduated drawers raised on bracket supports, 85 cm wide £200-250
1452.   A late 19th century Indian hardwood occasional table of octagonal form raised on a folding framework profusely decorated throughout together with a further 19th century Indian hardwood jardiniere table with turret corners and under gallery with further profuse foliate detail (2) £40-60
1453.   A small 18th century oak side table fitted with a single frieze drawer raised on four turned supports, the etched H shaped stretcher similarly decorated, 60 cm wide £60-80
1454.   A Georgian mahogany chest of two deep drawers with cast brass handles raised on bracket supports, 66 cm wide £40-60
1455.   A substantial Victorian walnut breakfront triple compactum wardrobe, the central tower of drawers beneath an open alcove and two short cupboard doors of full height with ribboned, garland and other detail, 2 metres in length £120-140
1456.   A Georgian mahogany secretaire bookcase, the lower section fitted with an arrangement of four drawers, the secretaire with fitted interior of drawers and pigeon holes and with cast brass furniture, the bookcase with astragal glazed panelled doors set beneath a simple moulded frieze, 109 cm diameter £200-250
1457.   A Georgian mahogany Pembroke breakfast table raised on a turned pillar and quadruped base with original brass fittings £40-60
1458.   A Georgian style mahogany writing desk fitted with nine drawers with inset green leather top raised on bracket supports, 136 cm £140-160
1459.   A Georgian mahogany child's high chair with pierced back with gothic tracery detail, leather upholstered seat and adjustable foot rest, raised on square tapered and spade feet £60-80
1460.   A mid 19th century rosewood centre/tea table, the circular top 120 cm in diameter raised on a turned and acanthus carved column and four scrolled supports with further detail £200-250
1461.   A set of five (4&1) Regency mahogany bar back dining chairs with upholstered seats raised on fluted supports £80-100
1462.   A Georgian mahogany D end dining table of a very flexible nature (see images on website for variations), the D end table with two additional leaves, further fold over top allowing for a circular dining table to seat eight to ten people 2 metres max £200-250
1463.   A mid Victorian oak hanging corner cupboard enclosed by a leaded light door with applied mouldings together with an Arts & Crafts occasional table of octagonal form and with painted finish (possibly Liberty & Co) £50-60
1464.   A large regency overmantle mirror with gilded framework, trailing floral and other detail, 105cm high x 160cm long £150-200
1465.   A Georgian mahogany serpentine chest of four long graduated drawers with pierced brass handles and escutcheons raised on bracket supports, 96 cm wide £300-400
1465A.  A Georgian mahogany D end fold over top tea table with reeded borders raised on four square tapered legs with string banded inlay £60-80
1466.   A late 19th century walnut occasional table in a Moorish style of rectangular form with under gallery on swept supports with turned spindle mouldings and pierced detail £40-60
1467.   A simple 19th century teak side table with cigar shaped top raised on a stretcher base, 70 cm wide £30-40
1468.   A 19th century camphor wood chest with brass banded borders £180-200
1469.   A Georgian mahogany writing bureau of four long graduated drawers raised on bracket supports, the fall flap enclosing a stepped interior of drawers and pigeon holes, 83 cm wide £100-120
1470.   A Georgian oak longcase clock crossbanded in rosewood, the short door with marquetry panel enclosing a broken arch apinted dial and eight day striking movement by Hubard of Evesham £200-250
1471.   A Georgian oak cottage longcase clock, the door crossbanded in walnut, the simple square hood with column supports and swan necked pediment enclosing a 27 cm square brass dial with applied spandrels and engraved dove and leaf detail and thirty hour striking movement £200-250
1472.   A Georgian oak longcase clock, the hood with column supports and swan neck pediment enclosing a broken arched painted dial with floral spandrels, to the arch sportsman and spaniel, wildfowl shooting, the dial with subsidary calendar and secondary dial and eight day striking movement £200-250
1473.   A Georgian oak longcase clock with canted corners, the hood with tapering column supports and swan necked pediment enclosing a broken arch painted dial with painted floral spandrels, subsidary calendar dial and rolling lunar phase and eight day striking movement by William Plant of Halsall £200-250
1474.   A mid 19th century north country longcase clock, the inlaid case supporting a hood with turned columns and swan necked pediment, the painted dial with ruined abbey and castle spandrels with rolling lunar dial, subsidary calendar and secondary dial and eight day striking movement, T E Andrew of Hornsby; £200-250
1475.   A Georgian oak Welsh cottage pot board dresser, the turned column supports enclosing three frieze drawers, the plate rack fitted with three shelves beneath a simple moulded frieze with iron work hinges, 170 cm wide £400-450
1476.   Three 19th century Scandinavian treen vessels, two of circular form, one of rectangular form with banded timber hoops and hinged lids, each estimated one gallon capacity £150-200
1477.   A Georgian elm cheese mould, 47 cm diameter £20-30
1478.   A George III travelling trunk with original crimson leather panels, the overlay with polished brass stud work and bands, the central plate engraved number one John Goldie Esq, Surgeon General to the East Indian Company, 100 cm wide £300-400
1479.   A George III mahogany bow fronted hanging corner cupboard, the doors crossbanded in walnut supported by brass H shaped hinges beneath a moulded frieze £100-120
1480.   A Victorian walnut and figured walnut pier cabinet, the top of serpentine form with crossbanded borders, inlaid with full marquetery detail and additional cast brass bosses, the single door glass panelled, 81 cm wide £150-200
1481.   Early 20th century oak occasional table in the Moorish manner of hexagonal form raised on turned and tapering supports with under gallery £40-60
1482.   A Georgian oak corner table, the triangular top raised on four bobbin moulded suppports £60-80
1483.   Small 18th century oak chest of three long drawers of shallow serpentine outline set within a panelled framework with cast brass handles, 81 cm wide £140-160
1484.   A Globe Wernicke three tier graduated sectional bookcase with glazed up and over doors £100-150
1485.   A 19th century mahogany drop leaf Pembroke table raised on four square tapered legs with spade feet with satin wood borders and string and ebony banded detail with frieze drawer £40-60
1486.   A small 19th century mahogany chest of four long graduated drawers, crossbanded in satinwood with further boxwood and ebony string inlay with cast brass fittings and raised on bracket supports, 82 cm wide £150-200
1487.   A Georgian mahogany bow fronted side table with frieze drawer on square taper legs £80-100
1488.   A pair of continental bedside chests of serpentine outline, each fitted with two drawers on shaped supports and with painted finish £200-250
1489.   A good quality breakfront side/hall table raised on six turned fluted and tapering supports and with stretcher base with carved frieze, the satinwood top crossbanded in satinwood with boxwood and ebony string inlaid detail and painted floral swag and garland detail, 144 cm in length, 48 cm deep, 89 cm in height £800-1000
1490.   A pair of 19th century French open armchairs in an 18th century manner with carved and moulded show wood frames and handworked gross and petite point tapestry panels, raised on shaped supports and stretchers £200-250
1491.   A 19th century Japanese lacquered cabinet, the maroon lacquer interspersed with black and gilt landscape panels amongst shelves, cupboards and alcoves, raised on moulded supports, 103 cm wide £200-400
1492.   Late 19th century occasional table, the square cut top raised on four tapering bobbin moulded supports with under gallery £30-40
1493.   A late 19th century walnut occasional table of square cut form with under gallery raised on simulated bamboo moulded supports and turned brackets, and trade plate of Urquhart and Adamson, cabinet makers Liverpool £40-60
1494.   Late 19th century square cut occasional table raised on turned supports with ceramic tile inset £30-40
1495.   A Victorian oak hall bench of gothic design with geometric carving and dentil and dog toothed inlaid detail, enclosing five Minton tiles snowdrops, 110 cm wide £300-400
1496.   A Victorian mahogany buffet of D end form with frieze drawer over a pair of quarter panelled doors, further geometric detail, 135 cm length £180-200
1497.   A 19th century peer glass, the two mirror plates enclosed in a painted frame with gesso relief work with flower head corners and geometric banded detail throughout with overall painted and gilded finish, 162 x 75 cm £240-260
1498.   A Victorian carved oak hall table of rectangular form with side drawer, raised on turned and fluted supports with overall carved borders, the raised back with dolphin and shell detail, 120 cm £200-250
1499.   A late 19th century column hat/coat stand on tripod base and with later painted finish £100-120
1500.   A Victorian walnut peer cabinet with straw marquetry frieze fitted with two shelves £30-40
1501.   A length of 18th century oak frieze decorated with dragons and scrolled detail, 215cm in length - cut £40-60
1505.   Approximately 20 cinema posters of various sizes including Annie Get Your Gun, Aladdin, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (copies of original posters) £60-80
1506.   Seven cinema posters including Helen of Troy, The Pyjama Game, King Kong, Wizard of Oz, Ben Hur, etc (copies of original posters) £60-80
1507.   Eight art deco style dancing girls with gold painted finish and two others (10) £30-40
1508.   Various cinema signs including, Patrons Are Respectfully Requested to Retain their Half Tickets, "Stalls" signs, Exit signs, etc (10) £40-60
1509.   A collection of cinema signs including Advanced Booking Stalls, Cloaks. Circle, etc (6) £40-60
1510.   An art deco style clock in yellow and black plastic, the numerals including the words, "The Regal" - with quartz movement £30-40
1511.   A pair of art deco milk white ceiling shades, twelve sided on tree graduated tiers together with a further pair of art deco style wall lights £40-60
1512.   A set of four art deco wall lights, the cylindrical metal frames enclosing etched glass shades, all with wall mounts £80-100
1513.   A collection of cinema signs including an Ice Cream/Refreshments tray, "Advanced" and other bookings signs, advertising ashtrays, "Welcome" and other signs £40-60
1514.   An illuminated "ABC Cinema - Coming Soon" sign, "Exit" sign, etc £60-80
1515.   A framed montage of miniature cinema effects, plaster Mickey Mouse ornament, Mickey seated in an armchair £30-40
1516.   Four boxes of DVDs and CDs used at the cinema over the years £30-40
1517.   An ABC Regal - Cromhall advertising poster, photographs of fimstars, etc £30-40
1518.   A pair of art deco style ceiling lanterns in opaque glass and brass, of circular compressed form, two glass ventilators, etc £40-60
1519.   An ABC Cinema illuminated sign
1520.   An art deco style ceiling lantern of three divisions and a further matching single light £40-60
1521.   An cinema "Forthcoming Attractions" board with a compressive collection of interchangeable letters in a blue and red colourway £60-80
1522.   An art deco style cinema advertising board with painted finish advertising four forthcoming films £30-40
1523.   Cinema Ticket Office - Three sided office containing Automaticket of London dispensing machine, tickets ranging from "6d" to "one and threepence" and "one and ninepence" and "two and six pence", with collection of ticket rolls, etc £150-200
1524.   Three cinema floor standing signs/seating indicator, "Stalls/Seats - This Way Please", and "Right in the Picture", together with a three quarter stick stand £80-100
1525.   Two ABC Regal doors, two with etched glass panels, principally in a red and gold colourway
1526.   A Timber and glass announcement board, "Let's Go To The Pictures..." "Let's Go To The ABHC Regal Cromhall" £40-60
1527.   Two boards each containing reproduction copies of MGM and other films, the velvet screen curtain, together with gilded surrounds, cardboard cut outs of film characters £40-60
1528.   An ABC circular advertising sign for illumination £60-80
1529.   Two art deco style painted and gilded wall mounted panels of cloud form £20-30
1530.   A rank of six cinema seats by Alpha - number 2-slope, with cast iron frames and rising seats in a red velvet colourway £150-200
1531.   A rank of six cinema seats with cast iron frames, rising seats upholstered in a red velvet colourway £150-200
1532.   A rank of six cinema seats with cast iron frames, rising seats upholstered in a red velvet colourway £150-200
1533.   A Lyons Maid ice cream advertising board, three deco chairs with gilded finish and a vintage cinema seat and back £20-25
1534.   Two vintage rubber cinema entrance mats with pierced detail, the centre panel displaying the words "Regal" £40-60
1535.   Four art deco painted friezes of geometric form incorporating the letters "W O"
1536.   An art deco suspended ceiling light of rectangular form with canted corers, the painted frame enclosing etched glass panels with chain suspension, 120cm long x 70cm wide x 28cm high £400-600
1541.   Interesting leather chair fitted into the bonnet of a car with working headlights, 150 cm wide £200-300
1542.   A Danish teak coffee table, with plank top and slatted under tier, 105 cm long £20-40
1543.   Matched pair of leather Stressless armchairs with footstools (4) £50-80
1544.   Large gilt wood sunburst wall mirror fitted with a circular bevelled glass plate, 114 cm diameter £50-80
1545.   1980s Ekornes green leather safari sofa upon a teak frame
1546.   Ercol golden dawn three seat and two seat Windsor sofas (2) £100-150
1547.   Two seater brown leather sofa together with further a brown leather reclining chair (2) £50-80
1548.   Ercol light elm two tier Delft rack £30-50
1548A.  Set of three faux bamboo tables £20-40
1549.   Set of four contemporary designer dining chairs with studded gemstones diaper upholstery upon chrome legs together with a matching footstool (5) £50-80
1550.   Contemporary Crobusier style chrome framed chaise with leather seat £80-120
1551.   Danish style teak sideboard, centrally fitted with three drawers flanked by two cupboards, 200 cm long £100-150
1552.   Danish style teak dining table with six chairs in the style of Moller (7) £100-200
1553.   Bang & Olufsen hi-fi system £80-120
1554.   Pair of 1970s teak side cabinets £20-40
1555.   1970s teak television table on castors
1556.   Set of three 1950s kidney shaped occasional tables £40-60
1557.   A set of four Italian ladderback dining chairs in the manner of Gio Ponti with strung seats, one bears l abel "For Rooksmoor Mill of Stroud, Gloucestershire" £80-100
1558.   Freestanding medical lamp with magnifying lens on an articulated arm and cast metal base fitted with four castors £40-60
1559.   Merrow Associates circular teak dining table centrally fitted with a melamine lazy Susan upon four polished chrome legs, 153 cm diameter £400-500
1560.   Vintage industrial draughtsmans chair, 90 cm high £30-50
1561.   Good quality Danish style side table/Canterbury of teak with open dovetail joints, label to base "D-Skann, made in Singapore" £40-60
1562.   A vintage agricultural implement wheel raised on later polished steel supports with inset plate glass top, 125 cm diameter x 48 cm high approx
1563.   In the manner of Charles Eames, white leather and chrome office chair £60-100
1564.   Moulded fibreglass dining chair and table in the manner of Arakana (2)
1565.   1970s teak freestanding corner cabinet with glazed top over twin cupboard doors
1566.   Alfred Cox for handcraft quality furniture three piece bedroom suite comprising twin door wardrobe, shaped dressing chest and tall chest of drawers, all with walnut veneer £100-200
1567.   Danish teak and wicker single bed £20-40
1568.   Akai hi-fi stereo system comprising a turn table, amps, etc with two large speakers and a collection of records £40-60
1569.   Pair of contemporary designer ebonised side tables with chrome frames £40-60
1570.   G plan teak nest of three tables, the top table fitted with four ceramic tiles (3) £40-60
1571.   Set of four 1950s beech dining chairs (4) £30-50
1572.   Pair of contemporary designer chrome and ebonised occasional tables £30-50
1573.   Ekco 703 portable turntable system £30-50
1574.   Two similar coppered pendant lights in the manner of Tom Dixon £20-40
1575.   A salon hairdryer bench fitted with two hairdryers with plaques inscribed Impala by Ogn, 165 cm long £80-120
1576.   1970s stereo system by Pye "Cambridge" with two speakers £30-50
1577.   Possibly by ALVAR AALTO Interesting mid century bentwood circular dining table Labelled Finmar Ltd, together with four matched stacking chairs and a Lazy Susan £50-80
1578.   Set of four Danish style teak dining chairs in the manner of Moller (4) £60-100
1579.   Kirby "Sentria" vacuum cleaner £50-80
1580.   Interesting 1960s dressing table/desk, the hinged top enclosing a fitted interior with mirror upon circle tapered legs £60-100
1581.   A Danish oak coffee table, the top fitted with slate; together with a further Beautility tea table (2) £40-60
1582.   1930s hostess trolley, the hinged top enclosing a full fitted interior, tapered legs and castors, 101 cm long £80-100
1583.   Five various banks of drawers by Hulsta £30-50
1584.   Brown leather two seater sofa bed £70-90
1584A.  Italian style aluminium coffee table with brass lacquer and glass top, 108 cm long £20-40