Two Day Antique Sale on
Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st June 2017

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1.      A collection of Gladstone China art deco tea wares with yellow and orange printed floral and tree decoration comprising a pair of cake plates, milk jug, sugar bowl, eleven cups, twelve saucers and twelve tea plates, together with further tea wares with printed floral decoration of various styles including rose patterned Regent China tea wares, Royal Stafford Othello pattern tea wares etc 30-50
2.      A Burleigh ware jug modelled as Queen Elizabeth II in coronation robes and regalia, seated on the great Gothic chair in Westminster Abbey, with printed details to base, 20cm tall approx, together with a Royal Doulton Sir Roger De Coverley series ware bowl raised on a circular foot, 21cm diameter approx 40-50
3.      A collection of Lladro and Nao figure groups comprising two girls feeding doves, girls holding a lamb and a piglet, a child seated and dressing her hair, a girl washing her feet and a goose and gosling, together with a further white glazed stylised figure of a female character with outstretched arms (7) 40-60
4.      A Bavarian bowl with pierced rim and blue and gilt floral decoration together with a matching vase, both marked Schumann Arzberg, a pair of similar Japanese Keito bowls, a studio ware bowl with painted vulture detail, a Parian type figure of a classical male nude, a Portuguese jardiniere with polychrome painted decoration, a pair of Royal Winton Wellbeck pattern chintz tea cups and saucers, an Isis studio pottery flower brick, a pair of vases modelled as hands holding buds, etc 30-50
5.      A collection of Beswick relief moulded hunting wares including a biscuit barrel, impressed number 328, a muffin dish and cover, a milk jug number 285, a condiments set number 3335, a preserve pot number 331 and a four piece tea service comprising tea pot, 325, hot water jug, 326, sugar bowl, 329 and small jug, 330 80-100
6.      A Moorcroft Hibiscus pattern vase of ovoid form in a olive green and coral colour way, 19cm tall approx, with WM monogram to base, together with a matching cachepot, 14cm diameter approx 80-100
7.      Three various Moorcroft Hibiscus pattern bowls in a olive green and coral colour way, 21cm, 16cm and 12cm diameter approx with various impressed and painted marks to base 80-100
8.      A collection of Lladro and Nao groups comprising a pair of ballerinas, one seated and one lying down, an Inuit child cuddling a polar bear cub, a further seated polar bear and a young clown with a puppy (5) 30-50
9.      A late 19th century continental table centre in the form of a shaped bowl supported by a tall column with applied figures of cherubs and with encrusted floral detail and blue crossed hatched mark to base, 36cm tall approx, together with a 19th century continental wall sconce with two scrolling floral encrusted candle branches (one missing) 40-50
10.     A collection of Royal Worcester Astley pattern dinner and tea wares comprising a pair of circular covered tureens, sauce boat and stand, four dinner plates, four side plates, six dessert bowls, twelve soup plates, tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, four tea cups, four saucers and four tea plates 40-60
11.     A Moorcroft vase of ovoid form with passion flower decoration on a dark olive green ground with impressed and printed marks to base dated 98, 32cm tall approx 80-100
12.     A Lladro Daisa model of a little girl in a bonnet with her hands crossed behind her back, with matt brown glazed finish, together with a further Lladro Daisa figure of a girl with flower basket and a Nao figure of a seated child cuddling a puppy
13.     A collection of Moorcroft Hibiscus pattern wares in the olive green and coral colourway comprising a quaiche type circular dish with lug handles 21cm diameter, a rectangular tray 21cm long and a pin dish 12cm diameter approx, all with various impressed marks to base 60-80
14.     An Old Tupton vase in the Moorcroft manner by Jeanne McDougall with tube lined type stylised rose detail in the art nouveau manner and with printed mark to base, 20cm tall approx 25-30
15.     A quantity of late 19th century Cauldon Teutonic blue and white printed wares comprising a pair of oval tureens and covers and a further tureen cover, four oval serving plates, 3 oval serving dishes, sauce tureen and cover, sauce boat with integral stand and further sauce boat, three soup plates, five tea plates and a slop bowl 40-60
16.     An early 19th century blue ground ironstone jug of octagonal form with painted floral sprigs and with serpent handle and impressed mark to base, 16cm tall approx, together with a further 19th century ironstone jug with chinoiserie type decoration, serpent handle and a similar large Royal Doulton example 40-50
17.     A Zsolnay Pecs bowl of shaped outline with pierced detail and painted and gilded floral sprays, printed and impressed numbers to base 8122, 16cm diameter approx, together with a reproduction Leeds creamware basket with pierced detail and one other pierced bowl 25-30
18.     A collection of Victorian dessert wares by Powell, Bishop & Stonier with printed gilded and infilled Japanese style fan and floral decoration comprising a high comport with pierced and beaded trefoil shaped support, a low comport raised on a similar base and three dessert plates, all with printed kite shaped registration mark and further mark Conway P.B. & S 40-50
19.     A collection of three Moorcroft Hibiscus pattern vases in the olive green and coral colourway comprising squat circular example, 12cm tall approx, and taller globular based example, 14cm tall approx and similar example 10cm tall approx with various impressed marks to base 70-90
20.     A limited edition Wedgwood blue ground Jasperware classical style female figure from the Dancing Hours collection, raised on a circular base inscribed 5th in a series of 6, number 40, 27cm tall approx, together with a Wedgwood blue ground Jasperware mantle clock, a Wedgwood trinket box and cover in the Robert Adams manner and a matching rectangular dish 25-30
21.     A collection of Wedgwood Ashford pattern dinner wares number W4106, comprising three oval meat plates, a pair of lozenge shaped stands, seven dinner plates, five dessert plates, four side plates, three tea plates, six soup plates and two dessert bowls 40-50
22.     A collection of early 20th century Mintons tea wares with blue and gilt swag border decoration comprising four cups, three saucers and two tea plates, a moustache cup with floral details and gilt inscription dated 1900, Cauldon tea wares with pink and gilt detail, etc 60-80
23.     A collection of Masons Mandalay pattern wares comprising a limited edition Royal Mandalay mantel clock, a lamp base, a ginger jar and cover, two caddies and covers, a rectangular box, two vases, candlestick, three dishes, etc 50-80
24.     A set of four Italian majolica plates with shaped borders and painted central panels incorporating musical instruments, sheet music etc, in tones of ochre, brown and blue, together with a pair of rustic pottery chargers with painted lemon and cherry decoration 25-30
25.     An extensive collection of Torquay pottery wares including a match holder/striker, chamber stick, two covered jugs, tea wares, etc 30-50
26.     A collection of Masons Mandalay pattern wares comprising a large vase of octagonal form 32cm tall approx, three graduated jugs of octagonal form, a further pair of jugs, a bowl with shaped rim, 26cm diameter, a pair of dinner sized plates, a pair of dessert sized plates and a set of six tea plates 50-80
27.     A collection of Royal Doulton character jugs comprising a graduated set of three Long John Silvers, D6335, D6386 and D6512, two graduated Cavaliers, a large Aramis, D6441, a large example of Old Charlie and a further Old Charlie example, a small Tony Weller, a large Royal Doulton character jug of Rip Van Winkle, D6785 30-50
28.     A Hispano Moresque type lustre charger, probably dating from the 17th century, with lobed borders incorporating floral detail, with further painted lustre detail to reverse, 38cm diameter approx 100-150
29.     A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern dinner sized plate pattern number 1128 together with a set of six matching saucers, 16cm diameter approx, and also together with a set of six Royal Crown Derby Terracotta Band dinner plates, 30cm diameter 25-30
30.     A pair of Burleigh ware vases modelled as budgerigars with printed and impressed marks to base, together with a further group of budgerigars marked to base Otagiri, Japan, a lustred figure of a budgerigar marked KSP to base, a Japanese group of Blue Jay, etc 25-30
31.     A collection of Booths Blue Dragon dinner wares comprising a pair of two handled tureens and covers of circular form, an oval meat plate, six dinner plates and six side plates 30-50
32.     A collection of Moorcroft Hibiscus pattern wares in the olive green and coral colourway comprising a circular powder bowl and cover, a rectangular box and cover and a small circular trinket box and cover all with impressed marks to base 60-80
33.     Three large Royal Doulton character jugs, Old Charley, Long John Silver, D6335 and Gone Away D6531, together with further smaller Royal Doulton character jugs comprising The Sailor D6875, The Soldier D6876, Merlin D6536, Old King Cole, The Jester and Pickwick, also together with a Royal Doulton toby jug - Honest Measure 40-60
34.     A collection of Wedgwood Asia pattern coffee wares with black and gilt Greek key type border decoration number R4288 comprising coffee pot, covered two handled sugar bowl, milk jug, a pair of tea cups, a pair of tea saucers, five tea plates, six coffee cans and six coffee saucers, together with Wedgwood Summer Sky pattern breakfast wares in pale blue and cream colourway comprising coffee pot, tea pot, covered sugar bowl, further covered bowl, milk jug and cream jug, toast rack, condiment set, seven plates, three bowls, two egg cups and a cup 40-60
35.     A quantity of various toby and character jugs including an example advertising Charrington's Toby Ale, Kelsborough example in the form of a lute player, Midwinter example of Jim Hawkins from Treasure Island, etc 25-30
36.     An early 19th century tin glazed earthenware charger with polychrome painted chinoiserie decoration incorporating flowers, a parrot, etc in brick red, yellow, blue and green, 36cm diameter approx 50-80
37.     A Wade art deco figure of a dancing female character with frilled hem to her dress and mark to base Argentina number 3, with further painted and printed marks to base, 25cm tall approx 40-60
38.     A Beswick matt glazed model of a elephant with raised trunk, with printed mark to base, 38cm long approx 30-50
39.     A large pottery model of a seated pig with naturalistic coloured glaze, 33cm tall approx, probably ex butchers shop display model 25-30
40.     A humorous studio pottery model of a standing pig wearing pink and black spotted wellingtons and with incised mark to base, 24cm long approx 25-30
41.     A collection of early 20th century Copeland Spode tea wares with printed and infilled chinoiserie decoration comprising five cups, six saucers and nine tea plates 20-25
42.     A collection of Minton Petunia pattern tea wares comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, cake plate, six cups, six saucers and five tea plates, together with Minton Marlow pattern wares comprising a pair of dinner sized plates, a side plate, two graduated tea pots, cream jug, sugar bowl, a large cup and saucer, a smaller cup and saucer, a pair of tea plates and three condiments, together with a Wedgwood Charnwood pattern tea for two set including tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl and a pair of cups, saucers and tea plates 40-60
43.     A 19th century continental figure of a seated fisher girl with a triangular shaped net on her back, seated on a rocky out crop with majolica type glazed finish, 34cm tall approx together with a continental Capodimonte group of rustic lovers and a lamb with crown mark to base, 15cm tall approx and a further similar group of rustic lovers with blue R mark to base and number 762 40-50
44.     A Royal Dux figure in the art deco manner showing a female snake charmer with raised pink triangle and printed marks to base and impressed number 702, 22cm tall approx
45.     A Belleek dish of heart shaped form with fluted outline and pale yellow iridescent glaze, 14cm approx, with a matching dish of circular form with shaped rim both with green printed marks to base together with a miniature tea for two set with gilt finish including oval tray 20-25
46.     A quantity of late 19th century tea wares with printed and in filled border decoration comprising a pair of cake plates, milk jug, slop bowl, twelve cups, twelve saucers and eleven tea plates, together with further ceramics including a W Bennett Korin sandwich set with swan in flight detail, a set of eight Portmeirion dark blue glazed shallow dishes, a Booths Lowestoft Border jug of octagonal form, etc 30-50
47.     A collection of Spode blue and white printed Colonel pattern dinner wares comprising a sauce boat with integral stand, an oval meat plate, six dinner plates, six dessert plates and six side plates, together with further ceramics including a pair of decorative ribbon plates showing an Irish spinning wheel and an Irish jaunting car, blue and white printed examples, floral examples including Paragon, etc 40-60
48.     A collection of sixteen Beswick model birds to include a Stonechat, a Nuthatch, a Goldfinch, a Greenfinch, a Grey Wagtail, etc 30-50
49.     A pair of 19th century continental candelabra with blue and gilt decoration and with applied figures of a classically draped female character and a child and with floral encrusted decoration raised on square shaped bases and impressed number to base 182 and blue cross hatched mark, each supporting three branched candle holders (for repair) 47cm tall approx 60-80
50.     A collection of Portmeirion Botanic Garden wares including a ceramic mantel clock case fitted with a quartz movement, 32cm long total, a lidded cylindrical storage jar, a vase, small circular dishes, etc 40-60
51.     A large 18th century tin glazed earthenware vase (converted to a lamp) with blue and white painted floral and bird detail, 37cm tall approx 80-120
52.     An interesting collection of 18th/19th century continental and other ceramics including a French dessert plate with painted Watteauesque decoration and painted monogram VP to reverse Veuve Perrin - Marseille, 24cm diameter approx, a mug and cover with floral sprigs and sprays, an oval salt with painted floral sprigs and mark for Copenhagen, a plate with relief moulded scrolling and flower head detail with blue crossed swords mark to reverse, a Berlin type pastel burner, cover and stand, a large floral encrusted basket with simulated basket weave moulding and ribbon detail, etc 100-120
53.     A large early 19th century jug with black and white printed decoration incorporating God Speed the Plough rhyme, further agricultural and coastal scenes, a recumbent dog, etc inscribed George Newman Born March 23 1815, 25cm tall approx, together with a 19th century Farmers Arms loving cup, 13cm tall approx, and a jug with printed decoration - Manchester Unity of Independent Order, 12cm tall approx 80-120
54.     A good quality 19th century oriental vase with polychrome painted bird and floral decoration on a brick red ground with moulded and gilded mask and ring handles, 42cm tall approx, together with a turned wooden base (vase fitted to neck with lamp fitting) 250-350
55.     An early 19th century famille rose punch bowl with painted floral sprigs and insect decoration beneath a geometric border, 29cm diameter together with an oriental dish of oval form with Imari type decoration, a blue and white bowl raised on a wooden stand and a further small Japanese bowl, together with a two handled famille rose cup with floral detail 80-120
56.     An oriental bowl in the Cantonese manner with polychrome painted floral and butterfly decoration together with an eastern metal ewer and cover with elongated spout and engraved animal and geometric detail 30-50
57.     A quantity of oriental ceramics including a 19th century Imari plate, a Cantonese plate, a pair of Satsuma vases with figure decoration, a further pair of Satsuma type vases with painted and gilded floral detail on a blue ground, a ginger jar and cover, a blue and white bowl with shaped rim and prunus blossom detail, a charger with bird and flowering tree decoration, a quantity of eggshell porcelain type coffee cans and saucers of various decoration, a boxed set of terracotta tea wares comprising tea pot and four cups all with impressed seal marks, etc 60-80
58.     Four 19th century Chinese blue and white painted meat plates, all of rectangular form with varying decoration including a pair of male and female characters in a garden setting, garden scenes with trees, fence, rocky outcrop, etc max size 35cm long approx 150-200
59.     A unusual oriental three tiered stacking lacquered box with carrying handle and with painted scrolling and floral decoration and with shaped blue and white painted ceramic cover incorporating a lion, flaming pearls, etc 36cm tall approx including handle, together with an oriental ceramic panel of curved form showing a lady in a garden setting amongst prunus blossom, in a hardwood frame with pierced brass mount, 23 x 18cm approx size 100-150
60.     A late 19th century Satsuma plate with multiple male character and dragon detail and painted and gilded seal mark to reverse, 25cm diameter approx, together with a Satsuma two handled sugar pot and cover with painted male decoration and matching cream jug, a Satsuma vase, a collection of oriental enamel wares including a pair of black ground cloisonne vases with multiple flower head decoration and impressed seal mark to base, a pair of circular boxes and covers with dragon detail, a bowl with dragon detail, a dish, and a small globular pot, etc 80-120
61.     An Chinese Kangxi style blue and white porcelain baluster vase, painted with carp and water weed decoration, 36cm tall approx 350-450
61A.    Large chinese porcelain vase with polychrome decoration of male and female characters, flowers, etc 42cm tall approx together with a pair of white ground oriental double gourd shaped vases with painted vegetable detail and seal marks to base, 14cm tall approx (3) 80-120
62.     An oriental plate with polychrome painted carp and lobster detail, 21cm diameter, together with a Japanese charger of octagonal form with polychrome painted character decoration, 30cm diameter 30-50
63.     An oriental blue and white garden seat with prunus blossom decoration, 43cm tall approx together with an oriental blue and white vase of flared form with bird and foliage detail, 27cm tall approx 40-60
64.     A 19th century Cantonese vase with polychrome painted figure, flower, bird, butterfly decoration and with applied gilded dragon detail to the shoulder, 42cm tall (converted to a lamp) together with a carved hardwood base, also together with a 19th century Cantonese cylindrical box and cover, 13cm tall approx 80-120
65.     A carved alabaster type bust of a pierrot, the reverse inscribed A Azza and raised on a socle base, 56cm tall approx 80-120
66.     An Italian carved marble bust of a young woman by Emilio Fiaschi with incised signature verso, Fiaschi, 39cm tall 80-120
67.     A pair of plaster work busts in the classical manner of Andrea Palladio, 67cm tall and Michelangelo Buonarruoti both with impressed titles and raised on socle bases, 74cm tall, together with a further bust of Disraeli, 26cm tall 150-200
68.     A sculpture of a stylised swan in the art deco manner with impressed inscription to reverse, A Danel, Austin Prod Ink, 1989, 53cm high approx 30-50
69.     A collection of ceramics relating to puffins including three pairs of condiments, a pair of egg cups, a jug and a Puffin Books mug with illustration after Quentin Blake together with a quantity of books relating to sea birds including a set of four published by T & A D Poyser including The Gannet, The Puffin, etc also together with Life With Bluebell by Pauline Kidner, signed by the author, etc 25-30
70.     A 19th century majolica stand of oval form with moulded fern decoration, 35cm long approx, together with a quantity of Lawleys tea wares, a pair of Royal Worcester black ground plates with coral coloured and gilt detail, Myott & Son art deco tea for two wares, two cranberry glass sugar casters, etc 30-40
71.     A collection of various Toby and character jugs including Beswick example inscribed Barnaby Rudge, further Dickensian examples including Uriah Heep, Fagin, etc 20-30
72.     A collection of decorative tea wares including a Royal Albert Buttercup pattern milk jug with butterfly handle together with a matching cup, a Royal Albert Trilliom trio, nine Limoges coffee cups with floral detail, etc 40-60
73.     A collection of Victorian tea wares with blue printed chinoiserie, floral and vase decoration comprising a pair of cake plates, milk jug, slop bowl, twelve cups, twelve saucers and twelve tea plates, together with a coordinating Crown Derby tea pot in the Daisy pattern 30-50
74.     A collection of 19th century continental and other ceramics including a cup and saucer with alternating panels and R mark to base, a pair of figures of male and female characters in 18th century style dress, a pair of small bowls with painted floral sprigs and blue crossed swords mark to base, etc 30-50
75.     A Moorcroft tray of rectangular form with columbine decoration on a cream coloured ground and impressed marks to reverse, 21cm approx 40-50
76.     A Spode Lancaster Cobalt tea pot of rectangular form with printed mark to base 60-80
77.     A collection of Aynsley tea for two wares with pink white and gilt detail and solid dog rose floral handles comprising tea pot, milk jug and cup and saucer, with printed mark to base and registered number 768698 80-100
78.     A small Doulton Lambeth ewer with impressed mark to base and numbers 207, together with a Royal Copenhagen dish with floral detail, a two handled vase with art nouveau style floral detail, a collection of miniature tea wares with orange and green striped finish, a tiny Royal Doulton character jug, etc 25-30
79.     A Moorcroft blue ground vase of ovoid form with pansy decoration and with painted and impressed marks to base and inscribed potter to HM The Queen, 16cm approx 200-250
80.     A Moorcroft vase designed by Emma Bossons in the Rennie Mackintosh manner with stylised rose detail with impressed and printed marks to base signed E Bossons, dated 2008, 14cm tall approx 80-100
81.     A ceramic tile in the Iznik manner with polychrome painted floral and leaf detail, 24cm square approx 25-30
82.     A William De Morgan tile with stylised leaf decoration in tones of turquoise, blue, green and mauve, with impressed mark to reverse William De Morgan & Co/Sands End Pottery - Fulham, 23cm square approx 150-200
83.     A pair of 19th century Parian type figures of female characters with fruit and flowers, probably representing the seasons and possibly Derby, with incised numbers to base 123, 18cm tall approx 30-50
84.     A pair of 19th century Crown Derby vases with blue and gilt decoration and raised on four paw supports with painted marks to base, 10cm tall approx 25-30
85.     A Studio pottery bowl by Peter Bolton, painted and modelled as trees and birds to the interior and exterior, with incised inscription to base For The Joy of the Sweet Green Earth, 17cm diameter approx 25-30
86.     Two Royal Worcester figures - Sabbath Day child number to base 3256 and The Parakeet, by FG Doughty with black printed number to base 3087 20-30
87.     Two Beswick models of pigeons with impressed number to base 1383, one in grey colourway and one in brown colourway together with a Beswick model of a thrush with impressed number to base 2308 40-50
88.     A Copeland Spode Chelsea pattern ink stand with printed and in filled bird and floral sprig detail, fitted with central ink well and two further compartments (one missing) together with a 19th century copper lustred tankard with painted floral sprays, etc 25-30
89.     A Moorcroft cream ground lamp base with pink magnolia decoration and with pink waisted shade, 42cm tall approx overall (including shade) 40-60
90.     A collection of Beswick models of birds including a green woodpecker number 1213, a kingfisher number 2371, a large barn owl number 1046 and two smaller barn owls 2026 40-60
91.     A pair of 19th century continental majolica two handled vases and covers by Wilhelm Schiller & Sons with relief moulded and painted classical mask stylised floral and laurel wreath detail on a dark brown ground in tones of turquoise, yellow and blue, with griffon handles and raised on a square cut base with impressed letter WS & S and numbers 357, the covers with pierced and scrolling detail, 42cm tall total 100-150
92.     A 19th century Chinese famille rose bowl with male and female character decoration in garden settings, 21cm diameter approx together with a 19th century Chinese bowl with celandon glaze to the interior and base and polychrome painted male character decoration to the exterior and painted seal mark to base, 17cm diameter approx, both raised on carved hardwood bases 80-120
93.     An unusual collection of mainly 19th century ceramics including a Copeland blue and white printed bowl with floral detail, with impressed mark to base, 29cm diameter, a further Copeland Spode blue and white printed dish, a plaster work bust of Queen Victoria with impressed mark to reverse R Bell, dated 1897, a two sided bottle and stopper with painted floral detail, together with a Royal Crown Derby coffee can and saucer number 2451 40-50
94.     A collection of blue and white printed Willow pattern ceramics by Alfred Meakin including tureen and cover, further tureen bases, oval meat plate, sauce boat, thirty five plates of various size together with a Victorian encaustic tile, an oval glass dome and three metal loaf tins marked Prewitts, etc 40-60
95.     A 19th century dish of oval form with polychrome painted Watteauesque decoration of a lady and gentlemen within pierced floral borders, with AR monogram to reverse, together with a 19th century Sevres style cup and saucer with painted female portrait decoration to the cup and floral reserve panels to the saucer both with Sevres mark to base and a small collection of 19th century miniature cream ground dinner wares with fleur de lys decoration 50-70
96.     A Royal Crown Derby Imari type paperweight in the form of a seated cat, with stopper to base 25-30
97.     A pair of Royal Copenhagen candlesticks of octagonal form with blue painted stylised decoration and painted numbers to base 3334, together with a matching dish with applied frog and a further small oval dish, also together with an Aynsley green ground silver mounted coffee can and saucer with black printed classical style laurel wreath decoration 30-50
98.     A Sylvac model of a rabbit in the burnt orange colourway with impressed numbers to base 1303, 18cm tall approx together with a Sylvac buff glazed model of a mouse, 10cm long approx 50-60
99.     A Royal Worcester model of Sea Breeze by FG Doughty with purple printed mark to base number 3008 30-50
100.    A Moorcroft green ground bowl with leaf and grape detail with signature to base, W Moorcroft and impressed mark potter to HM The Queen, 11cm approx 60-80
101.    A blue ground Moorcroft bowl with dark red pansy detail and with signature mark to base and impressed mark potter to HM The Queen, 11cm diameter approx 50-70
102.    A Moorcroft blue ground bowl with curved rim and pink anemone detail to the interior, with printed signature mark to base inscribed potter to HM The Queen, 12cm diameter approx 40-50
103.    A set of three Royal Copenhagen matt brown glazed models of bear cubs by Knud Kyhn, in various poses with printed and painted marks to base number 21437, 21436 and 21435 40-50
104.    A Royal Worcester vase of lobed form with painted violet decoration and strap work detail to the shoulders and printed mark to base number H306, 8cm tall approx 40-60
105.    A late 19th century Satsuma vase of globular form with drawn neck and reserved panels incorporating male and female characters against a geometric patterned ground with red and gilt seal mark to baser, 13cm tall, together with a further late 19th century Satsuma vase of ovoid form with multiple male character detail and seal mark to base 150-200
106.    An oriental bowl with dragon decoration to the exterior and interior with four character mark to base, 18cm diameter approx, together with a small vase and cover of globular form with blue and white painted decoration of multiple children in various poses and with painted six character mark to base, 8cm tall approx 40-60
107.    A 19th century oriental tea pot and cover of fluted form with blue and white painted floral decoration, 12cm tall approx 50-70
108.    A Russian figure of a child and a rocking horse together with a small collection of Wade and Disney animals, a Beswick figure of a cat playing a cello, etc 25-30
109.    An unusual art pottery stamp holder/knife rest with moulded and painted stylised goose decoration in tones of pink and blue and impressed mark to base P Carter, 9cm long together with two Beswick Beatrix Potter figures, Samuel Whiskers and Foxy Whiskered Gentleman 25-30
110.    An unusual tin glazed earthenware candle niche in the 18th century Bristol Delft manner, with blue and white painted figure of a standing young man in waistcoat and breeches, within a fruiting vine border, 26cm tall 150-200
111.    A early 17th century Chinese famille verte bowl and cover with character decoration including horse and rider, immortal standing upon a carp, etc against a white ground with incised wave detail, both pieces with painted six character Kang Shi marks, 10cm diameter 80-120
112.    A Moorcroft bowl and cover with floral detail 60-80
113.    A collection of four resin groups of German Shepherd dogs and puppies including example with label to base Barkers, max height 42cm, together with a tall West German jug with blue glaze and impressed decoration and moulded mark to base 476/45, 45cm tall approx 30-40
114.    A Shelley two handled vase with printed and lustred bird and fruiting vine detail, a Spode Country Lane pattern vase of globular form, a 19th century two handled cachepot with painted bird decoration and Dresden mark to base, a table lamp with gilt scrolling decoration and cream coloured shade, a Coalport Country Ware leaf moulded Stilton dish and cover, etc 25-30
115.    A late 19th century continental figure of a boy with a bird, a late 19th century ewer with printed decoration of lovers after Boucher, a tray of lobed outline with Imari style decoration, a copper lustred tea pot with bird decoration, a tobacco jar and cover, etc 30-40
116.    A pair of 19th century Wedgwood blue and white printed plates from the Ivanhoe series, four further 19th century blue and white plates in the Berry pattern, a Wedgwood cream glazed plate with arcaded rim and moulded basket weave decoration and impressed mark to reverse, together with further ceramics including a Torquay ware curling iron tile, Royal Worcester Evesham vale pattern wares, a small collection of Studio ware vases and other vessels, a Belleek cachepot, etc 40-60
117.    A Booths Real Old Willow pattern serving platter, 35cm diameter, together with further blue and white printed wares including a Royal Doulton Madras pattern jug, a set of Aynsley Willow pattern plates, etc 25-30
118.    A 19th century oriental plate with polychrome painted moth and other insect detail, 22cm diameter, together with two further Cantonese type plates, three pieces of Longwy pottery comprising two cylindrical vases and a further vase, a four piece Clayburn tea set with turquoise and yellow striped finish comprising tea pot, covered sugar bowl, milk jug and cream jug, a green ground vase with painted stork decoration, etc 30-50
119.    A collection of decorative ceramics comprising Lilliput Lane cottages including Candy Floss limited edition cottage, Wishing Well and Flower Bells, etc together with a Capodimonte figure group of an old man with a balloon, miniature tea pots, etc 20-30
120.    A substantial 19th century blue and white printed Brownfield meat plate of oval form with hummingbird and insect decoration together with a Wade ships decanter and stopper, a Sadler tea pot with printed tennis decoration, a collection of Montfort floral tea wares, etc together with a pair of blue ground cloisonne vase with dragon and flaming pearl detail 30-50
121.    A collection of ceramics including a 19th century bisque figure of a female grape seller, a further smaller male figure, a lilac ground leaf moulded jug showing the babes in the wood, two green glazed majolica leaf plates, an art deco basket with applied figure of a stylish lady in green holding a beach ball, etc 25-30
122.    An early 20th century blue ground Wilton ware two handled bowl with gilt chinoiserie decoration to the interior and exterior, 26cm diameter approx, together with a pair of four sided blue and white printed vases in the chinoiserie manner, a Bristol Poutney jug and basin set, a Carlton ware blue ground bowl and cover with parrot decoration and painted number to base 3018, etc 40-50
123.    A 19th century dessert plate with reserved panels incorporating moths and a griffen and orb crest, probably Samson, together with further ceramics including a pair of Doulton Burslem Norfolk pattern oval serving dishes and three matching plates, a Susie Cooper tureen and cover and matching oval meat plate, a quantity of small ceramic figures including Wade examples, etc 30-50
124.    An extensive collection of crested wares including WH Goss examples, together with a quantity of Carnival glass ware including six vases and seven dishes of varying design, etc 30-40
125.    A set of four 19th century Derby dinner plates with painted floral sprays on a blue and gilt ground and a further smaller dessert plate, together with a collection of Coalport blue and gilt bordered dessert wares with floral sprigs comprising five serving dishes and five plates, a Doulton Lambeth jug with relief moulded hunting scene decoration and silver mount, further 19th century floral jugs, etc 30-50
126.    A collection of Colclough Braganza dinner and tea wares, Royal Albert Lady Hamilton tea wares, etc 20-30
127.    A collection of Richmond China Rose printed tea wares together with similar Queen Anne pattern number 8351 tea wares also with rose decoration, further tea wares, an Italian jug and a heavy Murano type glass model of a swan 20-25
131.    A Clarice Cliff jug with painted purple, orange and blue crocus decoration and printed mark to base, three Poole Pottery blue glazed models of an owl, a dolphin and a gull, a Beswick cheese dish and cover in the form of a cottage with impressed number to base 250, etc, together with a small quantity of early 20th century postcards including Bristol subjects
132.    A collection of continental pottery with blue and white painted decoration including plates, pair of vases, pair of clogs, etc 20-25
133.    A Studio Pottery dish with painted octopus design within incised mark to base C102, together with a stylised pottery model of a cockerel, a Nao model of a goose, a turquoise art glass vase with drawn neck and marbled and gilded detail, Murano type model of a frog and two cut glass decanters and stoppers 30-40
134.    A blue ground Studio Pottery jug with painted yellow iris detail together with a Portmeirion Botanic Garden two handled pot, a pair of Royal Worcester oven to tableware tureens and covers, etc 20-30
135.    Two African Sky Poole Pottery vase and a matching similar Poole vase maximum height 11 cm approx, together with two graduated Winchcombe studio pottery jugs with terracotta finish and impressed marks, maximum height 14cm, also together with a collection of Portmeirion Botanic Garden pattern wares including a two tier cake stand with foxglove and lilac detail, a pair of large plates, three oval serving dishes, crescent shaped dish, etc 40-60
136.    A collection of Shorter & Sons fish moulded wares comprising a circular oyster dish 33 cm diameter approx, oval serving dish, sauce boat and stand, a divided serving dish and three further plates/dishes
137.    A set of studio pottery teawares by Lucie Rie, all with dark brown glaze and of simple form, comprising a kettle with cane handle, a sugar bowl, a milk jug and four cups and saucers, all with seal marks to base, teapot measures 17 cm tall approx (excluding handle) 1500-2000
138.    Three graduated studio pottery bowls with pale glazes to the interior and simple notched detailed to the rim, together with a pottery figure of a woman in renaissance style costume and a small collection of Portmeirion Botanic Garden wares 80-100
139.    A collection of studio pottery wares including a large two handled dish of circular form with incised and painted stylised swan decoration, the handles modelled as swans' head, 44 cm diameter approx, together with a matching cheese dish and cover and two jugs, also together with two similar jugs with pheasant and goose decoration 50-70
140.    An unusual cast and painted wall plaque in the form of an Art Deco style woman with hands clasped above her head, 56 cm approx 20-30
141.    A quantity of Denby Arabesque patternwares comprising coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl and cover, pair of condiments, six tea cups, thirteen saucers, eleven tea plates, eight dinner plates, etc, together with a small collection of Midwinter teawares including teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, cake plate, etc 30-50
142.    A collection of Sylvac wares including a pair of tea caddies and covers in the form of wicker tea hampers with inscribed plaques Tea Bags, with impressed number to base 5038, a butter dish and cover with applied cow, impressed number to base 4600, various vases, etc 25-30
142A.   A collection of Poole pottery wares comprising a tall cylindrical vase 32cm tall approx, a charger 35cm diameter and a small pot 40-60
143.    A small collection of Royal Albert old country roses pattern teawares comprising four cups and four saucers together with Royal Norfolk co-ordinating teawares, a Burleighware vase with harbour scene decoration, teawares with crinoline lady detail and a large quantity of orange lustered glassware including examples marked Anchor Hocking 40-60
144.    A 19th century Satsuma vase with painted decoration of geese flying in moonlight, with signature near base, 34 cm tall approx. 60-80
145.    A group of Lladro figures comprising two girls holding a lamb and a piglet, a girl in hooded robe and a single goose together with a B & G Danish figure of a bird, a Booths Real Old Willow pattern box and cover of hexagonal form, an Imari vase, etc. 30-50
146.    Two Royal Worcester figures - Queen of Hearts and The First Quadrille. 25-30
147.    A 19th century tin glazed earthenware delft charger with blue and white painted decoration of a running hare within a stylised floral border, 40 cm diameter approx. 80-120
148.    A Chinese Duocai bowl with character mark to base, 15cm diameter 200-250
149.    A Chinese bottle vase with mid blue ground and a dark painted floral detail, 21cm high 150-200
150.    A six place Carltonware coffee pot set with abstract decoration in red and black comprising a coffee pot with conical lid, a sugar bowl, cream jug, six cups and six saucers 40-60
151.    A collection of mixed good glassware to include a Venetian type cornucopia glass vessel upon a mirrored stand, continental gilded glass scent bottle with painted panel of a lady, further decanters, etc 50-100
152.    A mixed collection of cut glassware to include two decanters, cut glass tankard, and further cut glasses, together with Babycham glasses and art deco sherry glasses 40-60
153.    A collection of glassware to include glass jelly mould, three piece star cut glass cruet, three blue glass bottles, etc 20-40
154.    A collection of glass coloured paperweights/dumps, one in the form of a squirrel another in the form of a hedgehog and a frog with other models 40-60
155.    Two good quality cut glass table lamps together with a further collection of quality glassware to include decanters, a novelty glass banana and further merano type glass elephant 50-80
156.    A large collection of quality glassware to include a quality faceted glass and gilded claret jug, set of six green glass wine glasses with grapevine etchings, a leaded coloured glass panel and others 50-100
157.    Collection of coloured and other glass to include an art deco square bowl decorated in relief with a knelt maiden, Wedgwood mottled red glass mushroom, further coloured glass bowls and vessels 40-60
158.    Pair of glass lustre's, with prismatic drops; together with a further glass lustre candlestick, hanging lustre drop ceiling light and two further baluster glass vases (6) 50-80
159.    Large collection of mainly quality cut glass 30-50
160.    Five boxes of glassware to include mainly wine, sherry and other glasses 50-80
161.    Good quality pair of 19th century ale/beer glasses etched with hops, the faceted bowls upon stepped square bases, 15cm high 50-80
162.    A collection of quality glassware to include three tazza (1 pair and 1 other) in the WMF manner, good quality star cut glass punch bowl and others 80-120
163.    Dartington ribbed glass ice bucket with hinged silver plated handle; together with a further hand blown art glass vase (2) 40-60
164.    A pair of studio glass vases, a plated cigarette box a lustre (missing drops) and a scottie dog poker stand
165.    Perthshire glass paperweight fitted with geometric coloured canes, together with two further glass paperweight (3) 100-120
165A.   Peter Raos glass paperweight with nautical theme canes 50-80
166.    19th century rosewood banjo aneroid barometer signed TH Millard of Bristol 50-80
167.    Oak two train drop dial wall clock, the silvered dial inscribed 'PE Hengel, Limoges' 40-60
168.    American two train drop dial ogee walk clock in simulated rosewood frame, with painted glazed panel of a boating landscape 60-80
169.    Arts and craft drop dial wall clock, with two train enamel chapter ring and pendulum decorated in relief with a castle scene 03-50
170.    Late 19th century mahogany and marquetry inlaid stick barometer, the silvered face inscribed Aiano & Co 80-120
171.    Ebonised wooden two train mantel clock in the black slate manner, the 15cm two train dial within an architectural case, 30cm high 40-60
172.    Attractive early 20th century shagreen and gilt metal lancet mantel clock, fitted with a 9cm silvered dial, upon bun feet, 17cm high 200-300
173.    Continental oak case two train mantel clock, with gilt dial with scrolled acanthus panels and mask, 14cm silver chapter ring, 32cm high 50-70
174.    Good 19th century two train brass shelf clock, the architectural case with various Islamic finial's, with floral engraved brass plates, and movement stamped 'A.D. Mougin' 29cm high 200-300
175.    Good oak eight glass musical mantle clock, with two train dial, two further subsidiary dials, fitted with a movement striking on a gong, inscribed W & H, Sch patent number 14071, 29cm high 100-150
176.    Brass carriage clock with cornice case, the movement inscribed 'ACC', 11cm high 40-60
177.    German oak bracket clock, with stepped architectural case, fitted with a two train 17cm brass dial, the movement inscribed 'D.R.Pat, W & H Sch,' striking on a gong, 61cm high; together with a well matched oak bracket (2) 100-200
178.    Vintage "Time Savings" clock, within a stepped walnut veneered case, 17 cm high

179.    Mid 20th century oak two train mantle clock in architectural case, fitted with a 12cm dial inscribed 'made by the Sessions Clock Co, Forestville Conn USA', 28cm high 40-60
180.    Victorian pierced gilt brass Big Ben type mantle clock with 85cm enamel single train chapter ring, the case profusely decorated with scrolled acanthus and lion head masks, 53cm high 300-400
180A.   Small 20th century walnut cased bracket style clock, inscribed Rotheram, 25cm high; together with an architectural bakelite watch stand and copper mining lantern (3) 40-60
181.    Good French Ormolu two train figural mantle clock, mounted with a seated Romanic soldier next to a campania urn, fitted with an 8cm dial and further relief decoration of a soldiers helmet and spear, upon paw feet, the movement striking on a bell, 57cm high 600-800
182.    Victorian black slate two train mantle clock fitted with a 10cm ebonised dial and Roman numerals, fitted with a plaque inscribed 'Presented to the Reverend R Clarke by friends at Upton Chapel as a token of affectionate regard - 1st July 1867', the movement inscribed A F and striking on a bell, the clock mounted by a twin handled campania urn, 36cm high 100-150
183.    Early 20th century walnut inlaid mantle clock together with a further Smiths of Anfield mantle clock and clock case, brass companion fire set and set of weighing scales (5) 40-60
184.    Canteen of Oneida cutlery in the manner of Arne Jacobsen, with fouther boxer silver plated flatware
185.    Good pair of silver plated twin handled entry dishes, 33cm wide 50-80
186.    Five piece silver plated tea service comprising two pots, milk jug, sucrier and twin handled tray together with a silver plated spirit kettle stand (6) 30-50
187.    Mixed collection of silver plate to include three piece half fluted tea service, twin handled faceted tazza, basket, salver and further small saucepan (7) 30-50
188.    Mappin & Webb square cut glass dimpled silver collared decanter with lid, together with a further collection of glassware in silver plate (7) 60-80
189.    A collection of mainly silver plated items to include a twin handled serpentine tray engraved with scrolled acanthus together with further silver plated tea wares, twin branch candelabra, etc 40-60
190.    Box containing a collection of silver plated items to include an oak canteen of various cutlery, collection of pierced coasters, entree dish, etc 30-50
191.    Collection of silver plated items to include an attractive ware work and cast silver basket decorated and embossed with cherubs and flowers, various other flatware, etc 30-50
192.    Flamed mahogany canteen of bone handled cutlery fitted with two tiers, writhen with fluted handles, further large part fitted three tier canteen of cutlery with recessed handles and others 60-100
193.    A box containing a collection of pewter tankards together with various brass candlesticks, brass case Seth Thomas bracket type clock and others 50-80
194.    Vintage cased Arthur Price for Camelot pattern stainless steel flatware comprising knives forks and spoon of various sizes 40-60
195.    Large mixed collection of silver plate to include a vintage canteen of King's pattern flatware 40-60
196.    Silver plated wine bucket in the form of a twin handled campania urn, together with a collection of various silver plated items, waiters, salvers, cranberry glass decanter, egg coddler, etc together with brass and copper ware 40-80
197.    Good mixed lot to include silver art nouveau silver plated centre piece with fluted operon type glass vessel, oak canteen of Viners cutlery, silver plated dressing set, red art glass vase and others 50-80
198.    An oval silver plated meat dish with drainer, plated flatware and two candlesticks
201.    Two silver golfing trophies 1951 & 3, further trophy shaped vase, six divisional toast rack, and a silver bladed bread knife, 13 oz approx 80-100
202.    Mixed silver including a pepperette, flour dredger, style pepper, urn and cover, flatware, etc, Victorian and later 10 oz 60-80
203.    A mixture of small silver and other vitrine objects including two silver teddy bear peppers, travelling fork, brooches, etc 60-80
204.    A pair of well cast silver open cauldron shaped salts with pierced scrolled detail with blue glass liners, London 1853 probably by John Evans together with a similar large mustard pot and cover with blue glass liner, London by Joseph & Albert Savery, London 1840
205.    Silver top containers with embossed detail 40-60
206.    A pair of cut glass perfume bottles with flared bases and silver collars and four other pieces 40-60
207.    Silver backed brush, various small spoons, sugar caster, etc, 5 oz weighable silver 40-60
208.    Three Georgian silver ladle spoons in the Old English pattern, (various dates), 6 oz 60-80
209.    Various Georgian silver dessert spoons in the Old English pattern, London 1814, 9 oz 50-60
210.    A Victorian silver salver with raised and shaped border with shell detail, with presentation script, London 1860, 27 oz 200-250
211.    Victorian silver teapot, the circular body raised on scrolled feet, London 1846 by Edward, Edward Junior, John & William Barnard, 23 oz 100-200
212.    A Victorian silver coffee pot with presentation script london 1844 by Edward, Edward Junior, John & William Barnard, 27 oz 200-220
213.    Three silver napkin rings in varying designs and dates, 3 oz 20-25
214.    A Spanish white metal boat shaped dish in the Art Deco style with raised central two divisional handle united by a mahogany cube and green enamelled cabochon panels, 38 cm max, 16 oz 250-300
215.    An ivory and silver page turner, the handle with embossed figural detail Birmingham 1902 30-35
216.    A three piece silver tea set each body with half fluted embossed work and with gadroon borders, London 1895, 34 oz all in 250-300
217.    A late Victorian embossed silver cigarette case, silver purse, vesta, together with a few small pieces of jewellery 40-60
218.    A cased set of six Liberty & Co tea knives with planished handles, Birmingham 1930 60-80
219.    Two Georgian toddy ladles both with whale bone handles 30-40
220.    A three piece silver tea set, the bullet shaped teapot accompanied by a sugar basin and cream jug, London 1888, together with a silver caddy spoon, 10 oz 80-100
221.    A Georgian silver casting spoon, old English pattern, London 1806 by Thomas Hayter and an 18th century silver teaspoon 20-30
222.    A Victorian silver, chalice shaped trophy presented by Lord Portman- Foxhound puppy, London 1879, Garrard & Son, 6 oz 50-80
223.    A silver coffee pot with gadroon borders, London 1922, 16 oz 120-140
224.    A set of eight silver teaspoons with pierced handles, Sheffield 1926, 3 oz 60-80
225.    A pair of silver glove stretchers, further manicure pieces together with a plated bread knife 20-30
226.    Six cased Liberty & Co silver teaspoons with coloured glass knops, Birmingham 1939 & 49 60-80
227.    A 900 Bedo, Turkish standard embossed silver framed mirror of oval form with embossed detail, 26 cm max 60-80
228.    A set of old English pattern silver flatware - a large ladle, two large serving spoons, four further serving spoons, 8 table forks, butter knife and two mustard spoons, all with armorial crest, various dates, London 1834/35, the majority by William Johnson, the balance by Maurice & Michael Emanual, 55 oz 450-550
229.    A mixed collection of Georgian and later flatware, various dates and patterns, 26 oz 200-250
230.    A Dryad metal works silver jam spoon in the Arts and Crafts style, Birmingham 1918 30-40
231.    A cased silver two piece christening set, 6 teaspoons and 6 further apostle spoons with casting spoon, 4 oz 30-40
232.    A set of six silver coffee bean spoons, Victorian silver casting spoon and other small silverware together with plated flatware 30-40
233.    A cased set of six silver handled steak knives, further cased set of six silver handled teak knives and two gilded sets of teaspoons 30-40
234.    A five piece silver condiment set in a high Art Deco style, two open salts, two peppers and a mustard pot, together with three spoons, cased, Birmingham 1939 100-120
235.    A silver sugar bowl with twin handles and two teaspoons together with six cased fiddle pattern desert spoons, 8 oz 60-80
236.    A sterling silver bachelors teapot 10 oz, Birmingham 1925, together with a silver plated ornate rectangular picture frame 50-80
237.    no lot 200-300
238.    Early 20th century leather boxed five piece dressing comprising hand mirror and four brushes, London 1919 60-100
239.    Three piece 1930s silver and guiloche enamel dressing set, comprising two brushes and a powder jar; together with a cased pair of silver rimmed cut glass salts with two matched spoons 40-60
240.    Mixed collection of Silver and white metal to include - set of six Hong Kong silver with malachite knops, two silver sugar nips & spoon and an eastern white metal lidded trinket dish marked 'silver' 50-80
241.    An 18k gold curb link chain with a circular 18k gold locket 42cm, 28g 500-600
242.    A 9k gold curb link chain (62cm) together with a large (5cm x 4cm) 9k gold oval locket with chased floral decoration, 33g 250-350
243.    A 14k gold wedding band with pierced and engraved decoration, 2.5g 30-50
244.    A 9k gold flat anchor fancy link bracelet, 24cm, 25g 200-300
245.    A 9k gold curb link necklace, 40cm, 6g 40-60
246.    A 22k gentleman's wedding band 10.3g ring size M 200-300
247.    A 22k gold wedding band, 3.0g ring size L 60-80
248.    A 22k gold wedding band, ring size J 2.0g 40-60
249.    A 9k gold pencil retailed by Aspreys 9cm, 6.7g 40-60
250.    A 14k gold ladies flower ring set with central tigers eye cabochon, ring size N, 2.3g 20-40
251.    A circular 9k gold open work pendant with central swallow motif and set within seed pearls and a round cut sapphire together with an unmarked yellow metal art nouveau ruby set open work pendant of scrolling design on a rolled gold chain 60-80
252.    Four pieces of turquoise set jewellery to include an elaborate 14k gold floral ladies ring, a yellow metal pin brooch with large free cut turquoise, an unmarked yellow metal ring with a surround of split pearls and a 9k and 22k ring inscribed 'True Love United' 13g total 60-80
253.    Two 9ct gold gentlemens signet rings (ring size 'R') together with a Victorian gold ladies ring set with small free cut sapphires (one stone deficient), ring size 'R', total weight 11.2g 80-120
254.    A Victorian 9k gold and Almandite (red) garnet ladies flower ring,ring size O, approx weight 4.5 g 30-40
255.    Three 9k gold items to include a cross pendant, a ruby set bar brooch, a pin brooch with horseshoe motif (3.5g) together with two unmarked yellow metal lockets 30-50
256.    A collection of ladies paste set rings (9), to include three 9k gold examples together with six unmarked yellow metal rings (9k items 5.6g) 40-60
257.    A 9k gold split pearl and turquoise cabochon open oval portrait pendant (11g total), together with an unmarked yellow metal oval locket on snake link chain, and a pair of unmarked yellow metal collette set Citrine drop earrings. 60-80
258.    A large oval 19th century shell cameo brooch, depicting a classical female in an unmarked yellow metal mount, 6cm x 4.5 cm, 23 g 30-50
259.    A good quality large oval 19th century shell cameo brooch depicting a classical scene in a 9k gold mount, 6 cm x 4.5 cm 18g. 50-80
260.    A sterling silver curb link charm bracelet set with numerous silver charms and some unmarked white metal examples 86g 50-70
261.    A Scottish sterling silver pendant set with large free cut rose quartz on an ornate mount, centrally set with a rose quartz cabochon on an unmarked white metal chain, together with a silver moss agate brooch and a paste set bar brooch. 30-40
262.    Four pieces of sterling silver jewellery to include a curb link bracelet, an ingot pendant with link chain, a 1970s moss agate and sivler bracelet and a further late 20th century bracelet 30-50
263.    A sterling silver and moonstone pendant with Swedish import marks Birmingham 2012 together with a heavy gauge silver bangle with pierced and bark effect decoration, 44g . 30-50
264.    A collection of vintage and modern gentleman's wristwatches (7) together with a white metal, paste set bangle, a white metal gentleman's signet ring with Arabic script and a glass and yellow metal jewellery casket 30-40
265.    An early 20th century open faced ladies silver key wound pocket watch with chased and engraved decoration, white enamel dial (4cm) with roman numerals and gilded decoration. 30-50
266.    A Victorian sterling silver key wound verge movement open faced pocket watch, white enamel face and subsidiary second dial with Roman numerals. Chester 1898, 'The Lancashire Watch Co' together with an unmarked white metal, open faced key wound pocket watch engraved to dust cover 'Geo Douglas' 1867, white enamel dial with Roman numerals with an unmarked white metal Albert chain. 50-80
267.    A mid 20th century stainless steel Omega automatic gentleman's wristwatch with bumper 357 movement silvered dial with heavy foxing, gold baton numerals (missing glass) viewing advised. 40-60
268.    A Waltham American Watch Co. gold plated crown wind, open faced pocket watch, white enamel dial, Roman numerals with subsidiary second dial (working order) together with a 9k gold box link Albert chain with a 9k bloodstone end Carnelian fob (Albert chain weight 40.6g). 350-450
269.    A Waltham American Watch Co. 9k gold crown wind half hunter pocket watch retailed by Fattorini & Sons, Bradford, white enamel dial with Roman numerals and subsidiary second dial (number 11572083) working order, 104.1g 150-250
270.    A 9k gold Longines ladies circular faced wristwatch, 20mm diameter dial aperture, gold face with baton numerals integrated, 9k gold mesh link strap, the case detailed 'Baune' 60542, total weight 22.7g 100-150
271.    A 'Medona' early 20th century sterling silver gentleman's wristwatch with chased circular dial, silver face with gilded and engraved decoration, arabic numerals (import marks), Glasgow 50-70
272.    An 18k white gold and diamond set Art Deco cocktail watch by 'Vertex', the rectangular canted case set with 32 single cut diamonds, silvered face with black arabic numerals, (running), approx weight 7g 100-200
273.    A 9ct gold citrine set swivel watch fob, large free cut citrine suspended from 9ct bar with pierced and scrolling decoration 40-60
274.    A cased Cartier gold plated pocket cigarette lighter, together with an Eclecta pocket lighter, a gentleman's Tissot Calibre 2045 wristwatch and three other watches 60-80
275.    A collection of jewellery and watches to include a sterling silver key wound pocket watch, a ladies cocktail watch, a modern white metal plaque bracelet, two yellow metal pendants, a pair of opal mounted sterling silver earrings by Scandia and a pair of sterling silver A.R.P badges (London 1939) 90-110
276.    An early 20th century unmarked yellow and white metal diamond and sapphire flower brooch, set with central old brilliant cut diamond (0.30 cts) with a surround of five single cut sapphire and numerously set with single cut diamonds, 11g 250-350
277.    An 18k gold sapphire and diamond ladies cluster ring, central dark blue sapphire (8 x 6mm) with a surround of twelve single cut diamonds, ring size 'N' 3.0 g 80-120
278.    WITHDRAWN 1500-2000
279.    A 9ct gold five stone opal ring with engraved and decorated shoulders, ring size R, 2.3 g 50-80
280.    A platinum, diamond, amethyst, sapphire and pearl Art Deco pin brooch, large central emerald cut amethyst within a surround of free cut collete set sapphires, numerously set with single cut diamonds with pearl knops, 6cm length, 6.1gms 1000-1500
281.    A ladies 18k gold and synthetic ruby ring, central round cut ruby in openwork colette set rub over mount, 2.8g, ring size 'N' 60-80
282.    An unmarked white and yellow metal openwork ring with central brilliant cut cubic zirconia, size 'M', 1.7g 80-120
283.    A 9k gold and white metal ladies diamond ring with small square cut sapphire shoulders, central brilliant cut diamond approx 0.55cts, ring size N, 2.0g 150-250
284.    A George II unmarked yellow metal and enamel memorial ring, set with central free cut aquamarine, white enamal shoulders, inscribed 'Eliza Croft' OB13 Sept 1756 aged 20, 3.3g, ring size M 80-120
285.    An 18k gold gentlemen's wedding band, ring size S, 4.5g 60-80
286.    A 14k marked 585 gold, anchor link necklace, 54 cm, 25g 250-300
287.    A 9k gold cable link bracelet 9g, 20 cm, together with a rope twist bangle in unmarked yellow metal (9.8 g) 70-100
288.    An 18th century enamel and paste set oval mourning pendant with blue and white enamel ground with white metal and paste set central urn. 40-60
289.    Two 9k gold early 20th century bar brooches together with one unmarked yellow metal gem set bar brooch, 5.0 g 40-60
290.    An Italian 9k gold rope twist necklace, 60 cm, 7g 50-80
291.    A Shakudo style Japanese paper knife sheath, together with a jade carving of an elephant 30-50
292.    A 15ct gold free cut amethyst pendant 7.9g 30-50
293.    A 9k gold ruby and paste set flower ring, 1.5 g, ring size 'I' 20-30
294.    An early 20th century 9k gold Almandite garnet and turquoise cabochon spider pendant, 3.3g, together with a 9k gold ring 1.2g and a yellow metal monocle. 40-60
295.    An 18k gold and platinum three stone diamond ring with three illusion set single cut diamonds 2.0g ring size 'P' together with a paste set yellow metal line set ladies ring 2.0g, ring size Q 30-40
296.    A small collection of 9k and yellow metal Etruscan style Victorian items to include a rose cut diamond stick pin, two further yellow metal stick pins, and a seed pearl set 9k gold bar brooch, 2.1g 20-40
296A.   A collection of natural gemstones to include a 35ct oval cabochon Aventurine quartz (sunstone), a large (40+ ct) free cut Nuummite, an oval cut citrine, an oval cabochon, malachite and an emerald cut moonstone. 80-120
297.    A collection of sterling silver jewellery to include four paste set rings, three pairs of gem set earrings, a 9k gold plated back and front oval locket and a yellow metal heart shaped locket. 30-40
298.    A 9k gold circular open photo pendant together with a yellow metal carnelian swivel watch fob, a yellow metal watch fob with decorative compass and a yellow metal lantern brooch. 30-40
299.    A collection of costume jewellery to include five white metal Scottish brooches, a silver St Christopher, a mother of pearl handled fruit knife and numerous other items. 20-30
300.    A collection of good quality costume jewellery to include a paste set white metal bracelet, a large yellow metal necklace and a large brass bangle. 20-30
301.    A pair of boxed hat pins with circular brass and enamel knops together with an Edwardian small sterling silver freestanding oval picture frame, Birmingham 1908.
302.    A collection of costume jewellery to include yellow metal bangles, white and yellow metal chains, brooches, etc
303.    A collection of 21 vintage and modern wristwatches 20-40
304.    A collection of 21 vintage and modern wristwatches 20-40
305.    A collection of 21 vintage and modern wristwatches 20-40
306.    A collection of 21 vintage and modern wristwatches 20-40
307.    A collection of 21 vintage and modern wristwatches 20-40
308.    Three large sealed bags of costume jewellery. 20-40
309.    Four large sealed bags of costume jewellery. 20-40
310.    Four large sealed bags of costume jewellery. 30-40
311.    Three large sealed bags of costume jewellery. 30-40
312.    An unmarked white metal and illusion set diamond eternity ring, size O, 2.9gm 30-50
313.    A 9ct gold ladies diamond ring with single square cut diamond, est diamond weight 0.22ct, size L, 3.2gm 100-120
314.    A platinum three stone diamond ring centrally set with round brilliant cut cognac coloured diamond and pear cut diamond shoulders, central diamond weight approx 1.40 ct, total diamond weight approx 2.40 cts, ring size N, 6.5g 1500-2000
341.    318485 William Bernard George Chisholm, Royal Artillery OBE (Ordinary Member Civil Division) with citation dated 1st January 1953, with 14-15 Star (1210 Gnr W.B.G. Chisholm R.G.A.) 14-18 war medal and Victory medal, two Chinese silk cards - from Gnr Chisholm dated 1903 and silk card France 26/11/17 100-120
342.    An early 19th century tureen stuff boot with pin head detail, monogrammed EM 30-40
343.    A small collection of Chinese stone carvings, frogs, water buffaloe, fish, etc (5) 40-60
344.    Three carved Tyrolean bears, skier, inkstand and walking figure, and one other, together with a plated giraffe and camel modelled by Gunnar Cyren 40-60
345.    Two Edwardian interlinked brass photograph frames 30-40
346.    A Japanese Damascene cigarette case on a silver base (signed) 160 gms and five other similar cases (6) 40-60
347.    A gilt medallion - Louis X111 Art Medal (19th century) with gilt link neck chain 30-40
348.    Two Degarier type photographic portraits, six cast brass Dickensian figures, pipe tampers and four cold cast painted bronze animals, three cats and a hare, together with three vintage Parker pens 40-60
349.    A Maw's champagne tap (cased), turned ivory box, Tunbridgeware acorn tortoiseshell box, etc within a Chinese lacquered glove box 40-60
351.    Two Victorian crowns and a half crown, Churchill and Royal Wedding crown 20-25
352.    Seven Chinese snuff bottles with intaglio painting, all boxed 60-80
353.    A pair of early 20th century reticulated cylindrical ivory vases and covers, reticulated ball on stand, a Deighty, oval box and cover, three Victorian glove stretchers together with a carved and pierced ostrich egg 60-80
354.    Birmingham Royal Ballet programme opening performance in Symphony Hall 15th April 1991, together with two bronze medallions for the same date and a heavy key ring, inaugural performance 30/10/90, Birmingham Royal Ballet with programme 30-40
355.    Victory medal 1914-18 war medal named Lieut A.G. Thornhill, RAF, Dorset Regiment cap badge, naval buttons, etc within a 19th century mahogany box 30-40
356.    A collection of mixed worldwide coinage including 19th century silver
357.    A 1977 silver jubilee medallion (45 gms) together with a collection of Elzabeth II crowns and collection of pin badges, cufflinks etc 20-25
358.    A silver sovereign and half sovereign case, enamel box and cover, simulated shagreen cigarette case, 14 Chinese mother of pearl gaming counters, etc 30-40
359.    A mixed collection of English currency, bronze and silver mainly mid 20th century 20-25
360.    A simple turned jade bowl on a hardwood stand, 9 cm diameter 6 cm high 80-100
361.    A 39-45 Defence, 39-45 Star and France and Germany Star with postal packaging, addressed to L E Ortzen, The Vicarage, Granborough, Bucks 20-30
362.    A World War II German army dagger and sheath
363.    A World War II German Kriegsmarine Senio/flag officers dagger, the scabbard with oakleaf and acorn detail with gilded finish, the blade by E U F Horster of Solingen
364.    A German dagger and sheath, the black sheath with chrome mounts, blade marked 71612
365.    Early 20th cetnury parlour pistol, the barrel inscribed PAT 6254 13 and 2621 14, 10cm long, 20-40
367.    Good gilt cast metal six branch chandelier with prismatic glass drops 80-120
368.    Good eight branch wrought iron and crystal drop chandelier 150-250
369.    Art nouveau style three branch ceiling light with peach glass shades, centrally fitted with a circular down lighter with three scrolled sconces 50-80
370.    Art nouveau style gilt cast metal glass ceiling light, with peach glass shade 50-80
371.    Pair of ecclesiastical staffs, one topped by a bishops miter the other a crown, 180cm high (2) 200-300
372.    A Customs and Excise rummage stick 94cm long, used to check bales of goods for content and contraband 150-200
373.    Late 19th century Malacca sword stick with horn knop handle, 92cm long 200-250
374.    Early 20th century dagger stick, with gilt metal band and tassel, 79cm long 150-200
375.    Ladies walking cane with indian white metal handle, 91cm long 60-100
376.    Eastern carved hardwood walking stick in the form of a Cobra, 100cm long 40-60
377.    Carved walking stick the handle in the form of a recumbent lion with coled snake, 82cm long 50-80
378.    Early primitive carved Grecian walking stick, the handle in the form of a recumbent lion, 78cm long 50-80
379.    Victorian ladies umbrella with stitched handle and cover with further horn fittings, 92cm long 60-80
380.    Gentleman's malacca shafted riding whip 60-100
381.    Malacca walking stick with carved wooden bull dog head knop, with novelty red leather collar, 87cm long 60-100
382.    Two good 19th century parasols, one with elaborate horn crook handle with gilt met6al art nouveau fittings (2) 50-80
383.    A collection of walking canes to include bamboo cane with 9ct gold tip, two shooting sticks and three others (6) 60-100
384.    A collection of thirteen assorted sticks and parasols

386.    Antique bamboo cane with gold tip and collar together with a horn handled malacca cane with silver collar (2) 40-80
387.    Collection of six walking sticks two with silver knops, one with ivory handle, etc 50-80
388.    Collection of four good quality bowler hats mainly by Locke & Co London together with a grey top hat by Woodrow of Piccadilly and a Dunn & Co hat box of poor condition (6) 60-100
389.    Scott & Co of London Brushed silk top hat within silk lined leather hat box 50-100
390.    Two sets of graduated coppered pans together with a pair of twin branched cast bras wall sconces and a further twin branch wall sconce in the ecclesiastical manner 50-100
391.    A box of mixed miscellaneous items to include glass sconces with prismatic drops, a cut glass dressing service, a boxed Royal Worcester plate, etc 10-20
392.    Vintage cased picnic hamper by Brexton to include ceramic plates, cups, etc; together with a vintage leather Gladstone bag (2) 30-50
393.    Art deco figural table lamp in the form of a nude lady kneeling in front of circular opaque glass screen upon a stepped square base, 33cm high 30-50
394.    Victorian crown court sword with gilt handle mounted by a crown knop and Wilkinson steel blade 50-80
395.    19th century heavy cavalry sword, the blade with worn inscription 'Birmingham' 50-80
396.    1822 pattern infantry officers sword with William IV, cypher; the scabbard marked Salor Sword Cutlers to HRH The Duke of Sussex, 73 Strand, London 100-200
397.    Large late 19th century tolware twin handled tray with raised geometric pierced borders, centrally painted with a pigeon bearing fruits within a circular floral wreath and further floral sprays, 72cm long x 50cm deep 50-80
398.    Good vintage brown leather brief case together with a further crocodile skin leather small suitcase and two further leather collar boxes (4) 40-60
399.    Lenco Goldring GL75 boxed turntable with accessories 60-100
400.    Mixed lot to include various treen items, woven baskets, patchwork pillow and wool work screen 30-50
401.    Pair of primitive Chinese silk work panels depicting figures and animals, framed with brass medallion fittings, each 40 x 25cm 40-60
402.    Two framed Chinese silk work panels, one depicting various floral still life the other a single lotus blossom upon a red ground, both framed (2) 05-80
403.    Iron bound stained pine trunk filled with a large quantity of Fallow & Roe Deer trophy horns, many mounted to oak and other wooden plaques 100-200
404.    Large cast bronze figural study of a dancer striking a pose, 172cm high 100-200
405.    Tree stump carved into the form of a seated eagle, 48cm high 40-60
406.    Vintage 'National' cash register, 44cm high 40-60
407.    Property of a local gentleman collection of riding and saddlery equipment to include good leather saddle with white metal mount, racing silks, riding boots with spurs and further riding and racing equipment 100-200
408.    Collection of rice paddy buckets to include two treen buckets and three woven examples; together with a vintage washboard, a good demilune part wicker hamper and further part fitted wicker hamper (8) 50-100
409.    Mixed miscellaneous lot to include Roscoe's Ginger Wine salt glazed flagon, wall barometer, walking sticks, beach bag inscribed Christian Dior, etc 30-50
410.    Collection of vintage fashion wear to include two cases fitted with vintage clothing, further vintage bags and accessories 30-50
411.    A box containing a collection of four dolls to include porcelain headed baby doll with closing eyes, open mouth with one tooth and three others (4) 40-60
412.    Large Chinese blue and white porcelain baluster table lamp in Lacanche manner, with modern blue and white conical shade, the lamp 50cm high 50-100
413.    pair of antique brass barley twist candlesticks 20-40
414.    Carved treen figure of a standing female golfer 30-50
415.    Two brass oil lamps with vaseline type glass shades and glass flues both stood on corintian type columns 40-60
416.    Victorian opaline glass oil lamp, decorated in polychrome and in relief with exotic birds amidst foliage; together with a further fancy gilt brass oil lamp with embossed yellow glass shade and reservoir (2) 50-80
417.    Impressive cast spelter oil lamp fitted with maiden heads with clear faceted glass reservoir and etched glass shade 30-50
418.    A matched pair of cast bronze pigeons, 29 cm long approx (2) 80-120
419.    Large collection of Ethnic and Eastern treen to include page turners, figures, plaques, etc 50-100
420.    Chinese hard stone carving of a toad together with a further relief hard stone screen decorated with birds (2) 40-60
421.    Antique mother of pearl inlaid dish together with a further mother of pearl jewellery box (2) 50-80
422.    Impressive hardwood carving of a train of three elephants with ivory tusks, 50cm long 40-60
423.    Four Chinese carved bamboo/hardwood vessels decorated with figures and foliage 60-100
424.    Vintage automaton figure inscribed Charley Weaver, bartender, 30cm high 30-50
425.    Large collection of Eastern tribal and other treen items to include a novelty log bin with handle in the form of a bird, pierced Japanese carved panel, African ebony bookends and others 80-120
426.    vintage projector within a steel case together with a collection of vintage Robert radios and other studio equipment 20-40
427.    Large collection of brass and metalware to include tankards, candlesticks, two cast brass horse and carriages; together with a Mamod steam locomotive 50-80
428.    Vintage child's fort with figures within a wooden case 30-50
429.    Vintage ladies opera/evening coat in parma violet suede with matched silk lining, approx size 14 - 16; together with a further stitched evening bag (2) 120-150
429A.   Good quality antique admirals jacket upon a tailors dummy
430.    A mixed lot to include an antique Thomas Ibbotson wood plane, two antique saws, an antique set of weighing scales, etc.

431.    Good mixed miscellaneous lot to include leather wrapped brass draw telescope, iron bound oak barrel with tap, blue and white ceramic platter, collection of paperback James Bond novels, etc 40-60
432.    Pair of twin handle copper urns converted to table lamps, vases 60cm high (2) 60-80
433.    Tribal interest - two carved wooden bust of tribes women together with a further carved soapstone bust of a tribes woman (3) 50-80
434.    Cast bronze figural group of lioness with cub in her mouth, signed Barye, 70cm long x 40cm high 100-200
435.    Interesting plaster sculpture of a classical horses head upon a black plinth base, being a copy from the Elgin Marbles, signed Rase, 35cm high x 41cm long 40-60
436.    Tall cylindrical glass dome upon a wooden plinth, 52cm high 40-60
437.    Cast metal advertising plaque for Norton, 33cm long together with a further pair of brass cranes (3) 30-50
438.    Art deco style chrome ashtray the circular dish fitted with a match box holder upon a barley twist column fitted with a glass shelf, 71cm high 30-50
439.    Bronzed cast metal free standing lamp with pierced column embossed with ethnic panels, upon a black wooden base, 83cm high 30-40
440.    A box containing a collection of old toys to include battery operated laughing clown, three dolls and four Teddy bears 10-20
441.    A box containing a collection of camera and projecting equipment to include cameras, lenses and projection equipment 100-150
442.    A box containing a collection of fashion wear to include bags and linen, etc 20-40
443.    A box containing a collection of vintage toys to include Monopoly, Bagatail, Scalectrix, etc together with a vintage pond yacht
444.    Mixed miscellaneous lot to include wool work picture of a hunting scene, various other pictures, a small kelim prayer mat fencing foil 10-20
445.    Good eastern coppered pierced and embossed tray cenerally decorated with a peacock amidst geometric floral panels, 59cm long x 42cm wide 80-120
446.    A box containing a collection of vintage cameras and equipment to include lenses and others 30-50
447.    Collection of eastern treen to include two twin handled dishes, four various boxes and two others 50-80
448.    Good mixed miscellaneous lot to include various eastern treen, a scale wooden model of a font, an eastern stoneware panel, and others 50-100
449.    Two eastern hardwood boxes, one with brass inlay and fitted interior

450.    Good quality early 20th century pierced brass eastern charger, centrally embossed with mermaids amidst panels of agricultural workers, 61cm diameter 100-150
451.    S F B J porcelain headed doll with open mouth, closing eyes and articulated wooden limbs together with a trunk containing a large collection of dolls clothes and other effects 200-250
451A.   Large mixed miscellaneous lot to include various boxing some of advertising interest to include other tin and leather boxes, perpetual desk calendar, vintage table lamp, etc 50-80
452.    Good quality 19th century mahogany and boxwood inlaid gallery tray 50-80
453.     A mixed collection of iron work to include Rippingills Patent ABC Stove, further iron, and a candlestick 40-60
454.    19th century burr walnut and brass strap work tea caddy 30-50
455.    Large hand painted kite in the form of an eagle 30-50
456.    A collection of scratch built scale models to include a cannon, horse and cart and trailer wagon (3) 50-80
457.    Welsh Folk Art treen model of Noah's Ark, 75 cm long approx
458.    An Italian soft wood carved wooden panel of Adam and Eve at the tree, signed Seslo and dated '75 verso, 52 cm high approx
459.    Collection of trophy deer hooves four fitted on oak plaques another in the form of a door knocker, one inscribed verso P. Spicer & Sons, Taxidermists, Leamington; together with three horns fitted to oak plaques, probably coat hooks (8) 60-100
460.    Large collection of eastern and ethnic wares to include eastern brass tankards and bells, South American pottery and others 50-80
461.    A box containing a collection of vintage stuffed toys and dolls 30-50
462.    Impressive brass hanging oil ceiling light with opaline glass shade and impressive pierced brackets; together with a further mottled glass ceiling light 60-100
463.    Four hand painted canvas coats of arms 40-60
464.    A Boxed limited edition Steiff mohair Winnie The Pooh together with a limited edition Dean's stuffed Piglet with certificate and bag (2) 30-50
465.    Box containing a large collection of Hornby, Duplo railwayana together with further Dinky and other model toys 100-200
466.    A box containing a large collection of spectacles and spectacle cases to include tortoiseshell examples, two boxed fans and other bijouterie items 40-60
467.    Japanese Meiji period bronze box, the hinged lid decorated in relief with a mount Fuji landscape, inscribed verso to side of lid 'G A Brindle from 3 Earthquake Refugees Christmas 1923', seal mark to base, 12cm wide 50-80
468.    A large collection of marbles 30-50
469.    A Victorian mahogany magnifier frame (lacks lens) together with a collection of stereoscope slides etc(AF)
470.    An archaic looking Chinese bronze sensor embossed with various medallions, 9 cm high approx. 40-60
471.    A collection of vintage dolls house furniture and accessories 30-50
472.    Good antique rosewood stereoscope with slides including images of Queen Victoria 60-100
473.    Inlaid satin tea caddy the top with flower emblem enclosing a fitted interior, 10cm high 50-70
474.    Antique ivory and stained ivory chess set in the Staunton manner together with a further antique draught set and further ivory counters 80-120
475.    Good Staunton Jaques & Sons London boxwood ebony chess set in a Staunton chess set box with label 200-400
476.    An interesting early 20th century embossed copper oil lamp upon an intricate wrought iron stand, 40 cm high approx.
477.    An apprentice piece mahogany and walnut chest of four drawers, 38 cm high approx 120-140
478.    Glazed pottery/ terracotta figure of a roaring lion, signed Clem, 49cm long 50-80
479.    Victorian stained pine bank of six specimen drawers, each with ceramic handles, 33cm high by 51cm wide 50-80
480.    Painted Barge ware watering can with typical floral decoration together with three vintage Cowgate Milk food tins (4) 20-40
481.    Good pair of French cast ormolu candlesticks in the form of Louis Phillipe; together with further pair of creeping column candlesticks (4) 50-80
482.    A collection of various storm lanterns and oil lamps with shades and flues 50-80
483.    Two similar alabaster table lamps
484.    Three matched graduated Chinese bronze mirrors, the largest 34cm long 50-80
485.    Two vintage hand stitched golly dolls 20-40
486.    A pair of Japanese cast brass candlesticks in the form of herons with coiled stakes standing upon the backs of turtles; together with three pieces of turn of the century copper (5) 40-60
487.    Four GWR brass carriage lamps, three with glass shades (4) 30-50
488.    A primitive alabaster carving of a wild cat, 30cm long 20-40
489.    Three good wooden carvings, two of lions, the other a wall bracket in the form of a cherub together with six boxes containing Flemish type carvings and two oriental copper and white metal horns

490.    A collection of Jacobean and later carved oak panels 50-80
491.    Star Wars Empire Strikes Back storage case in the form of Darth Vader together with 30 Star Wars figures to include Darth Vader with Cape and Light Saber, OB Wan Kenobi with cape and Light Saber, Boba Fett, Yoda, etc 80-120
492.    Mixed miscellaneous lot to include a Japanese silver plated picture frame, decorated in relief with swans and vines, a horn handled riding crop and a collection of glass slides 30-50
493.    Two large geode crystal formations 50-80
494.    A box of interesting items to include a dolls house Jacobean oak sideboard, a cast metal elephant, a money box in the form of a cottage, ethnic leather wrapped vessels, silver top cut glass sifter, micro mosaic easel frame and others 60-100
495.    A pair of Black Forest carved tablets decorated with an interior and exterior rural scenes behind glazed cushion frames, the tablets 8 x 14 cm approx together with a Wedgwood Jasperware panel (3). 60-100
496.    Collection of good treen ware to include egg cup stand and four egg cups by Coaker, egg cup cover vessel by R Charman and one other together with two artists boxes one containing a collection of watercolours, a further oil colour collection and two boxes of porcelain doll heads 50-80
497.    Good ebonised and brass monocular microscope by W Watson & Sons Ltd of London, inscribed service together with a further mahogany cased student microscope and an industrial camera inscribed the Auto Camera MK3 made in England by D Shackman & Sons (3) 50-80
498.    A good 19th century cased wall hanging diorama of a marine scene with three ships off shore, the case 42 cm high x 92 cm wide approx. 200-300
499.    Good quality 19th century walnut writing slope the hinged lid enclosing a blue baise and gilt leather interior, 35cm wide 40-60
500.    A box containing a collection of antique linen and lace, to include three christening gowns 20-40
501.    A collection of Le Crueset cookware to include three tier steamer, lidded saucepan, enamel kettle, a pudding bowl and two ramekin dishes 40-60
502.    Good 19th century mahogany perpetual desk calendar together with a further pair of antique style Corinthian column candlesticks and a copper kettle (4) 50-80
503.    A box containing a collection of Chinese silk and other vintage fabric, possibly by Liberty 20-40
504.    Anglo German concertina squeeze box 50-80
505.    Good collection of scale furniture to include baize lined jewellery box in the form of a walnut chest of drawers, two blue painted pieces of bedroom furniture, cigar box with marquetry lid containing a collection of cigars and other miscellaneous items to include a wooden pull along cow, a wire basket filled with marbles, etc 50-80
506.    Oak and white metal mounted cash box together with a further Edwardian mahogany and boxwood inlaid jewellery box and pair of silver plated Corinthian column candlesticks (4) 40-60
507.    Mixed miscellaneous lot to include a Clarice Cliff ceramic jug, a good quality embossed oval brass jardiniere, small quantity of lace, etc 30-50
508.    A collection of soapstone and hard stone tribal and eastern carvings to include some abstract designs 80-120
509.    Mixed misc lot to include a boxed set of child's bagpipes and 20th century porcelain and ceramics 20-40
510.    Antique steam locomotive engine inscribed Venus together with a carriage and traction engine 60-100
511.    Mixed antique lot to include a Georgian brass candlestick oak linen fold panel, pair of brass candlesticks and further metalware 20-40
512.    Two boxes of interesting items to include an elaborate meerschaum pipe, costume jewellery, lacquered snuff box, various measuring tools 50-80
513.    Three vintage handbags 20-40
514.    A golden oak standish together with two Saxon shoe moulds, a silver plated candlestick, a pair of glass knife rests, mother of pearl pen knife, etc (small items in cabinet adjacent) 20-40
515.    WITHDRAWN 40-60
516.    Box of vintage Meccano with instructions 50-80
517.    Antique red velvet sewing box with silk lined interior and a collection of various silver and other sewing tools, together with a photograph of the lady who once owned the box 80-120
517A.   Mixed misc toy lot to include six boxed Victory ply-wood jigsaw puzzles together with a collection of train tracks and die cast toys etc 30-50
517B.   Scale model Edwardian display cabinet, the demi-lune top fitted with emerald type cabochon, triple glazed front enclosing baize lined shelved interior over a base with panels of portraits 50-80
518.    An original 1923 model 514 Hoover cleaner together with a collection of Hoover accessories in the original box. This Hoover was the winner of the oldest cleaner competition in the Forest of Dean dated April 1964. 40-60
519.    Large brass lidded coal scuttle, the lid embossed with a galleon and sides with further marine scenes 30-50
520.    Collection of ethnic antiquities to include a tribal figure an eastern metalware (6) 30-40
521.    A box containing a large quantity of tupperware together with a collection of 3 unused wool work tapestry templates, botanical garden patterns 80-100
522.    Mixed misc lot to include a pair of bronzed ceramic campana urns, an arts and crafts type silk work panel, a copper kettle, a pair of opera glasses, bake light thermometer and ceramic platter (7) 30-50
523.    A mixed brass and metal ware lot to include a cast brass jardiniere on stand, brass tea ware, plates etc 30-50
524.    Box of interesting items to include 19th century rosewood vanity box, two barometer movements, a carved tribal hard stone bust of an elder 40-60
525.    Large copper twin handles vat, with a copper warming pan and jug (3)
526.    A leather case containing a large collection of architectural drawings 10-20
527.    Two antique brass skimmers one with a bowl in the form of a cloaked gentleman (2) 50-80
528.    Antique cow bell on thick leather strap with studded brass intials 'MM' and Buckle 40-60
529.    A large collection scalextric track and accessories 10-20
530.    Collection of antique brass and metal ware to include a pair of Japanese baluster vases decorated in relief with coiled dragons 40-60
531.    Interesting antique cruelwork framed wall mirror, with arched pediment with geometric floral decoration and tasseled border, 74cm high x 52cm wide 50-80
532.    A 19th century wooden two tier baize lined box together with a further set of postage scales, a wooden box fitted with a further set of scales and an antique pewter plate 20-40
533.    Cobbler anvil and accessories by Harper 80-120
533A.   Two hunting knives 50-80
533B.   Small quantity of horse brasses
534.    West German floor standing vase by Jasba with glazed red strip on a buff ground, 52cm high; together with a further Grecian style bronzed pottery floor vase (2) 30-50
535.    Victorian serpentine toll ware metal tray painted with a peacock amidst foliage, 55cm x 70cm 80-100
536.    Japanese cast bronze table lamp, the column with applied coiled pearl chasing dragon upon an embossed crushed leaf base, 76cm high 50-80
537.    Chinese Mah-jong set within a five drawer cabinet 70-90
538.    Two graduated polychrome hand carved tribal masks, the largest 100cm high (2) 50-80
539.    Polynesian carved hard wood mask possibly Sepik River origin with hand painted decoration of birds in flight in geometric foliage, 100cm 40-60
540.    no lot
541.    Good mixed miscellaneous lot to include terrestrial globe on stand, Victorian ebonised Standish fitted with ink wells, with gilded highlights and floral sprays, carved wooden treen owl, rococo style easel mirror and other 100-150
542.    Scale model cast iron canon on wheeled stand, 30cm high x 70cm long 80-120
543.    Mixed miscellaneous lot to include two pine telescope boxes, the twin handled gallery tray, a collection of brass ware and a porcelain tazza 40-60
544.    Hermes of Paris silk scarf within original paper sleeve 80-120
545.    A framed collection of 21 Roberstons Golly enamel badges 30-50
546.    Boxed Rosenthal Versace glass bottle stopper, the green glass knop in the form of a ladies head 40-60
547.    Five carved pieces of malacite to inlcude a lion, a rhino, a frog, two masks and tribal triptych head together with two further soapstone carvings (8) 60-100
548.    Two four piece Picquot Ware tea services each with its own tray (10) 40-80
549.    Two four piece Picquot Ware cast aluminium tea services each with tray together with a further Picquot Ware kettle milk jug and sucrier, with two trays (13) 60-100
550.    Box of lead figures to include a coronation carriage and horses together with various other Beefeaters and Queens guards 30-50
551.    A large collection of die cast toys mainly unboxed, together with boxed Triang railway carriages and boxed models of yester year cars 40-60
552.    Four boxes of die cast toys to include Lledo models of days gone, Matchbox models of yester year and others 50-80
553.    Merrythought Millenium bear in box together with a further Apollo mini pram by Hauck, a childs toy record player by Marx and a selection of umbrellas 30-50
554.    Vintage tin plate electrical scale model of a missile launcher 30-50
555.    Large collection of boxed die cast toys to include items such as Noddy in Toyland, Cargo Kings, Days Gone and Yester Year models, etc 60-100
556.    Corgi Classics James Bond collection - 04201 boxed, together with four further Corgi vehicles to include modern Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - 05301 (incomplete), Corgi gift set 19 - GS19 and Corgi Cadbury's Cream Egg - 57501 (4) 40-50
557.    Mixed misc lot to include three clutch bags/purses, resin figure of a seated Grecian character, two further resin figures and a resin seal in the form of a half lion half fish mythical beast 10-20
558.    Antique elm stool on four turned legs, 20cm high; together with a large collection of Kings pattern stainless steel flatware and further lacquered seeds 30-50
559.    A collection of Star Wars memorabilia to include Return of the Jedi complete portfolio by Ralph McQuarries; together with two Return of the Jedi puzzles, Return of the Jedi story book and The Art of the Empire Strikes Back by Deborah Call (5) 60-100
560.    Two Herbert Terry anglepoise desk lamps, on stepped square bases (2) 40-60
560A.   Box of interesting items to include photographs of Queen Mary dated 1941, die cast model cars boxed and unboxed and others
560B.   Collection of vintage ladies clothing to include Peter Saunders black and white tweed suit, Paul Costelloe burgandy suit, Liberty waistcoat, silk scarves, Cocoon jacket, striped shawl/throw and further long knitted cardigans
560C.   'Topic' astronomical telescope with case, stand and lenses
561.    Three various graduated hook wool carpets principally with blue and pale blue ground typical floral banded borders
562.    Persian type floor rug decorated decorated with various pink floral geometric medallions upon a cream ground, 160 x 110cm 50-70
563.    An Eastern wool rug with triple medallion centre upon a pale pink field within alternating borders, 200 x 110 cm approx 50-70
564.    Large Persian carpet decorated with various floral panels upon a mustard ground, 315 x 270cm 80-100
565.    Pair of modern floral rugs in the Persian manner in monochrome, 230 x 158cm (2) 60-80
566.    Silk work floor rug/wall hanging centrally decorated with a a large turquoise medallion upon an amethyst ground, 160 x 90cm 70-80
567.    A Persian type floor rug decorated with four black central medallions upon an orange ground, 195 x 160cm 50-60
568.    Keshan floor rug fitted with various geometric medallions upon a pink ground, 190 x 130cm; together with a further Kelim type floor rug and two Kelim upholstered cushions (4) 40-60
569.    Persian carpet decorated with various scrolled foliage and medallions upon a red ground, 310 x 197cm 180-200
570.    Bokhara rug decorated with medallions upon a pink ground, 170 x 95cm 30-50
571.    Large Keshan carpet decorated with floral sprays upon a green ground 320 x 280cm 50-70
572.    Bokhara floor rug decorated with geometric medallions upon red ground, 220 x 140cm 70-90
573.    Persian Bokora floor rug decorated with geometric medallions upon a red ground, 195 x 120cm 50-70
574.    Persian type floor rug decorated with geometric red medallions upon a black ground, 170 x 95cm 40-60
574A.   Large Abusson type floor rug decorated in floral pastel tones, 185 x 265 cm 40-60
575.    Three Kelim rugs 50-80
576.    Large Persian Bokara carpet decorated with geometric black medallions upon a red ground, 300 x 220cm 100-150
577.    Persian silk prayer mat decorated with various Islamic medallions upon a maroon ground, 110 x 80cm; together with a further Afghan rug centrally decorated with floral red medallions upon a blue ground (2) 40-60
578.    Good quality Persian floor rug with extensive scrolled floral decoration, flanked by red borders upon a blue ground, 210 x 130 150-200
579.    A substantial good quality wool carpet in the Persian style with abstract floral and geometric detail upon a cream ground field and set within further abstract trailing floral borders
580.    Suzmi Kelim runner decorated with red and orange diamonds upon a brown ground, 255 x 72cm 50-80
581.    Meshwani runner decorated with red and blue diamonds, 241 x 64cm 50-80
582.    Persian floor runner centrally decorated with a floral blue ground framed by red and cream floral borders, 290 x 105cm 60-80
583.    Persian floor rug decorated with geometric floral medallion panels upon a orange ground, 190 x 135cm 50-80
584.    Suzni Kelim runner decorated with vibrant diamonds and medallions, 196 x 62cm 40-60
585.    Afghan floor rug decorated with blue medallions upon a red ground, 220 x 130cm 40-60
586.    Afghan floor rug centrally decorated with red and blue medallions upon a navy blue and amethyst ground, 140 x 110cm 30-50
587.    Chinese thick weave floor rug typically decorated with floral sprays upon a cream ground, 280 x 180cm 30-50
588.    Balochi floor rug decorated with red medallions upon a blue ground 142 x 83cm 40-60
589.    Large Chinese wool rug typically decorated with floral sprays upon a cream ground, 400 x 280cm 60-100
590.    Antique country house carpet decorated with blue and orange floral medallions upon a cream ground 500cm x 320cm 200-300
591.    Tribal Gazak floor rug decorated in relief with diamond shaped medallions upon a red and blue ground, 132 x 125cm 50-80
592.    A world Keshan with brick red field, abstract medallion detail within floral running borders, 275 cm x 365 cm approx 40-60
593.    Chinese wool rug decorated in pastel tone with floral sprays upon a off cream ground, 120 x 70cm 20-40
594.    Mid 20th century flat weave Kelim type floor rug decorated with architectural type medallions upon a mustard ground (160 x 250 cm); together with a further multi-coloured striped Kelim rug (150 x 210cm) (2) 50-80
601.    Three signed limited edition screen prints of atmospheric figure subjects all signed bottom right Malatika Goldan? and variously titled Meeting Two, Queue and Something is Going On, dated 90 and 91m, maximum edition 19, 52 x 67cm framed 40-60
602.    A pair of early 20th century oil paintings on canvas by John Henry Boel of mountainous lake scenes with figures, cattle watering etc, both signed bottom right Boel, dated 1908 and 1915 and inscribed verso A Golden Eve - Loch Rauza Isle of Aaron, 50 x 76cm in gilt frames 150-200
603.    An unusual oil painting on canvas with applied collage detail, thickly painted and showing a landscape with trees and flowers, 77 x 116cm unframed 40-60
604.    A set of four early Victorian coloured engravings showing a steeple chase, published 1837, 19 x 32cm in gilt frames
605.    A collection of pictures and prints including a pastel study of an underwater scene with fish and dragonfly, signed bottom right J Kipling, a 19th century watercolour of fishermen beside a waterfall, two coloured prints after Henri Matisse - The Dance and an interior scene, a pair of oil paintings on board showing jazz musicians, signed bottom right W J McLellan, a pair of signed coloured prints after Claude Rowbotham, etc 30-50
606.    An oil painting on board by Robert Sawyers, ARCA showing a still life with yellow covered jug, further studio pottery jugs, with partially obscured initials RS bottom right and with label verso, Robert Sawyers, Yellow Still Life and further inscribed R Sawyers ARCA, 35 x 45cm in cream and grey frame 100-120
607.    Two oil paintings on board by Robert Sawyers, ARCA both showing landscapes and building and both signed with initials bottom right, one further inscribed verso R Sawyers, Autumn, Todber, 30 x 30cm, the other inscribed verso Autumn, Motombe and dated 1988, 34 x 34cm, both in gilt frames 80-120
608.    A watercolour by R Sawyers, ARCA showing a dock scene with vessel, signed with initials bottom left RS, with label verso Robert Sawyers ARCA, The Brinda of Groningen at Poole, 26 x 34cm in wooden and gilt frame 50-80
609.    An oil painting on board by Colin Allbrook showing a beach scene with numerous figures with biographical details verso inscribed Beer, East Devon, 1999, 30 x 40cm in gilt frame and linen slip 60-80
610.    A montage of six grisaille watercolour figure studies of male and female characters, woman with child, etc inscribed to mount Alfred W Hunt 1830-1896, from an 1885 sketch book, 21 x 8cm approx max sheet size, in wooden and gilt frame 60-80
611.    An early 19th century oil painting on canvas, half length portrait of a portly gentleman holding a terrestrial globe, inscribed verso, John Button 1761-1825, 76 x 63cm in moulded gilt frame with gilt slip 100-150
612.    An early 19th century oil painting on canvas half length portrait of a gentleman in black coat and white stock, inscribed verso, John S Elliot, 1769-1835, 76 x 63cm in moulded gilt frame and gilt frame 100-150
613.    Two early 20th century watercolours, one showing a country landscape with red brick house and the other a church gateway, both signed Rosina Byron, one dated 1908, 24 x 13cm in gilt frames 30-40
614.    A 19th century watercolour and body colour painting of St Michael's Mount with fisher folk, fishing vessels, horse and cart, etc inscribed verso M Clay? April 5 1843, 19 x 25cm in gilt frame 40-60
615.    A pair of early 20th century coloured prints after Lionel Edwards showing hunting scenes - The Hare and The Stag, dated 1903, 52 x 67cm in oak frames, an early 19th century coloured engraving showing a Liverpool Grand National steeple chase after Laporte, a pair of early 19th century caricuture engravings after Woodward, a coloured nursery print after Mabel Lucie Attwell - Hush and a further similar print, various sizes all framed 30-50
616.    A set of six monochrome prints after Claude Le Lorrain all showing classical style landscape and harbour subjects from the collection of the Duke of Devonshire, in good quality gilt frames with beaded detail, 63 x 70cm overall 30-50
617.    A 19th century British School oil painting on canvas, follower of John Watson-Gordon, three quarter length portrait of a seated lady in yellow silk gown with plaid stole and playing a guitar, 90 x 70cm in swept and pierced gilt frame 1000-1200
618.    A pastel study of a winter landscape signed James Chambury and inscribed Early Morning Frost - Near Higham, 26 x 34cm, a watercolour of a town scene with a river signed Peter Whitehead, a watercolour of a street scene signed T Gordon Jones, and an oil painting on board of a river scene with rowing boat with incised signature, George dated 73, various sizes all framed 40-50
619.    A pair of early 20th century gouache studies of oval form showing a lady in 1920 costume fishing in a mountainous river landscapes accompanied by male companions, both signed Frank Morris and inscribed Casting for a Brace and The Falls Pool, Helmsdale, in oak frames with gilt slips 50-80
620.    A collection of pictures relating to coastal subjects including an oil painting on board of a fishing boat on a stormy sea signed bottom left Gammon, 46 x 59cm, a pastel study of a coastal scene at sunset signed B Samuelson, 48 x 18cm, an oil on canvas of a beach scene with women and children, signed J Miller, etc 50-80
621.    An interesting 20th century oil painting on canvas of a floral still life with vase of stylized flowers wrapped in paper on a mantelpiece, painted in the pointillist style and in a Bloomsbury style palette, with Edinburgh framers label verso, 60 x 50cm in grey and silver coloured frame 80-100
622.    A charcoal and pastel study by Godfrey Ndaba (South African) showing a mother holding her baby, signed bottom left Godfrey Ndaba, dated 79 53 x 32cm in pine frame 30-50
623.    An oil painting on board in the 18th century French manner showing an interior scene with woman and child playing cards, 40 x 30cm in gilt frame together with a limited edition print of a ram's head, an Indonesian type printed fabric panel of dancing figures and a print of Cirencester market place after Klitz, various sizes all framed 30-50
624.    An unusual mixed media textural abstract painting inscribed verso Annabel Keatley, 'Afloat', dated 1995 with London address detail, 58 x 79cm approx in simple wooden frame 50-60
625.    A pair of early 20th century gouache studies of mountainous landscapes with cattle etc, both signed J Henderson, 33 x 44cm in gilt frames, together with a pastel study of Canada geese signed George Cutter, with Bristol address details verso, 19 x 28cm, framed 50-80
626.    A signed limited edition black and white etching showing Soho House Handsworth signed bottom right S Howard, dated 1996 edition number 10/100, 42 x 55cm in black and gilt frame 25-30
627.    A late 19th century coloured print after A Sutherland showing The Battle of Omdurman, 2 September 1898, published by G W Bacon & Co, 51 x 70cm framed 80-100
628.    An early 20th century watercolour of cattle in an extensive landscape 28 x 38cm in gilt frame, together with further pictures including a gouache caricature of a golfer, signed B Williams, dated 96, a 19th century watercolour of a marine scene, an oil painting on board of a river scene with shipping, a watercolour of an estuary scene, signed H J Ford, a print of the North West prospect of Cambridge, etc together with a folder of various unframed watercolours, prints etc 40-80
629.    A 19th century wool work picture of a glass eyed black and white spaniel, wearing a blue bow and reclining on a cushion with bead work detail, 42 x 44cm in burrwood frame with gilt slip, together with a further 19th century needlework picture of a pointer type dog, 24 x 29cm in burrwood frame 80-120
630.    A pair of watercolours of Maltese harbour scenes both signed E L? Galea, and inscribed Malta, 30 x 42cm in gilt frames 50-80
631.    A collection of prints relating to sporting subjects including a pair of coloured engravings after R Havell showing partridge shooting near Windsor and pheasant shooting at Black Park, Near Uxbridge, 30 x 38cm, a set of eight coloured prints after Howitt of hunting and shooting subjects, five illustrated London News engravings showing Agricultural Exhibitions, etc 30-50
632.    A late 19th century watercolour of a woodland scene with foxgloves, attributed to Thomas Robert Ablett, with biographical detail verso, 23 x 36cm in gilt frame 80-100
633.    An early 20th century pastel and chalk study of a pair of heavy horses attributed to Edmund Blampied and signed bottom left Blampied, 28 x 44cm in gilt frame 80-100
634.    A gouache study of a panoramic 18th century style Thames scene with The Tower of London, St Paul's Cathedral, various shipping, etc 37 x 80cm in green linen type frame 40-60
635.    An early 19th century map of Durham by J Cary, 1827, and a map of Kent by J Cary, a map of Oxfordshire by B R Davies, various sizes max 36 x 53cm approx, all framed, together with a further black and white ordinance map of The Horsley district from a 1922 edition 50-80
636.    An early 20th century embroidered picture of a castle and pine trees, a 20th century tapestry panel after a design by Kaffe Fassett of a Buddha, a pair of paintings on velvet of birds, fruit and flowers, etc together with a pair of mirrors with printed decoration in the art nouveau style representing spring and winter 25-30
637.    A set of four coloured botanical studies of roses signed Joanna A Lowe, of oval form, 46cm max, together with a set of three coloured botanical prints after Redoute, a printed fabric panel of a pair of heron, etc various sizes all framed
638.    A 20th century watercolour and body colour study by Frank Shipsides of a Bristol street scene, signed bottom right and dated 1984, with Alexander Gallery label verso Broad Street and the Grand Hotel, Frank Shipsides, 37 x 27cm, together with a set of four framed montages each containing three black and white photographs of Bristol river scenes, street scenes, etc in silver coloured frames 38 x 105cm 50-80
639.    An extensive collection of pictures and prints including a coloured print after Louis Wain, The Naughty Puss, 40 x 62cm, two Pears prints of Italian style romantic scenes, an oil painting on board of an abstract subject with label verso Mrs G Robinson, oval framed prints of 18th century style portraits, a framed indenture, etc 40-60
640.    A watercolour of a town square with church tower, signed bottom right Vic Granger dated 1972, 64 x 45cm, a pair of watercolours of a country landscape and an estuary scene signed D E Butlin, dated 83 28 x 36cm further watercolours of landscapes, a set of six late 19th century sepia engravings showing Bristol scenes (in two oak frames with gilt slips and oak mounts) 48 x 92cm overall. 50-80
641.    19th century oil paintings on canvas by Struan Robertson, one showing a harvesting scene with horse drawn hay cart, the other showing a country lane with a pair of horses and rider, both signed Struan Robertson, 101 x 50cm in moulded gilt frames 30-50
642.    A pair of Indian paintings on silk of elephants with floral decorated saddle cloths and within floral borders 56 x 73cm in gilt frames
643.    A collection of pictures and prints relating to architectural subjects including 18th and 19th century black and white engravings of the Corinthian, Doric and Ionic orders including designs for gateways by Batty Langley, etc 25 x 20cm approx all mounted, together with further coloured prints of architectural drawings of the Acropolis of Athens etc 40-60
644.    A collection of decorative coloured prints including botanical subjects, studies of shells, etc together with a set of four oriental paintings of floral subjects including prunus blossom, chrysanthemums, etc 71 x 19cm in simulated bamboo style gilt frames, etc 30-50
645.    A collection of five pencil studies by Rodney Hubbuck, all showing architectural subjects with figures including a Romanesque church and monks, Fallen Fell Kirk, Appenine Studio Garden, etc all signed and dated 1972, with Langton Gallery Ltd labels verso, various sizes 32 x 36cm max, in simple wooden frames (together with accompanying literature) 150-200
646.    A black and white etching by Henry Rushbury showing a London street scene with St Paul's Cathedral, buses, etc., signed bottom right Henry Rushbury and dated 1942, 27 x 39 cm approx in simple black frame 30-40
647.    An early 20th century Japanese woodblock print showing a female character with inscription and signature, 36 x 25 cm approx together with an oriental embroidered panel formed from a pair of cuffs with peony and other floral decoration in pale peach, turquoise and gold thread work, 57 x 28 cm approx both in simple black frames. 30-50
648.    A collection of various oil paintings on canvas, one of a Scottish street scene, signed bottom left A Cree, inscribed verso A Cree, Braeheads Loan, East Linton, 45 x 53 cm approx, a study of a harbour scene with fishing boats, signed bottom right Donald, an early 20th century study of a rural scene with woman and child, signed Maiden, a study of a landscape with tree, signed P Aldridge and dated 69, etc., various sizes, all framed. 40-60
649.    A coloured poster from the Anatomy Series 4 showing the human skeleton and musculature, 69 x 48 cm approx in gilt frame. 50-70
650.    A collection of 19th century coloured engravings on an equestrian and military theme including a view of the Battle of Waterloo, the taking of Ciudad Rodrigo and Crossing the Bidassoa, all after W Heath, 18 x 23 cm approx, a pair of French coloured engravings of Napoleonic era equestrian soldiers, a set of five coloured engravings of hunting scenes after Henry Alken, a pair of Stevengraph type embroidered pictures of horse racing scenes, etc., various sizes, all framed. 60-80
651.    Two early 19th century caricature engravings - View of the Hustings in Covent Garden, after Gillray, published 1806 and Posting in Ireland, after Lorraine Smith, published 1805, maximum size 30 x 39 cm approx together with a further early 19th century coloured engraving after Henry Alken showing the dog Crab, all in black and gilt frames. 30-50
652.    A quantity of artists' materials including pastels, oil pastels, wooden carrying case, numerous sketch pads including pastel papers, etc. 30-40
653.    A set of four coloured prints of Japanese subjects including female figures, an early 20th century watercolour of an extensive landscape, a study of a church interior scene at Christmas time with children, signed J Finch and inscribed Christmas 2001, a portfolio of various watercolours and drawings by the same hand, etc. 25-30
654.    An early 20th century oil painting on canvas of a landscape at dusk, signed bottom left Haslingbury and dated 1907, 50 x 77 cm approx, unframed a small 19th century oil painting of a mountainous landscape, inscribed verso Jan Both, 25 x 15 cm approx, together with a pair of signed collages showing teacups, signed Fiona Layfield, 40 x 42 cm approx, framed. 25-30
655.    An early 20th century watercolour of a Mexican style courtyard scene with figures, signed M S Elwes and attributed verso to Mary Somerville Elwes with biographical details, 30 x 22 cm approx in simple frame. 30-40
656.    A collection of watercolours by Eric J Morton of local subjects including The Old Barn near Rodmarton, scene at Pitchcombe, Bossington, Somerset, etc., together with further watercolours of landscape subjects including view at Easton Grey by Hector G R Hook, a pen and ink study of Bradley Court, Wotton-Under-Edge by Vic Jellings, etc, various sizes, all framed. 40-60
657.    A pair of signed coloured etchings by Henry G Walker of harbour scenes, one at Lynmouth, 22 x 28 cm in gilt frames 25-30
658.    A watercolour of sweet peas, signed bottom right Marilyn Kendall, a further watercolour of a deer park by the same hand, an unusual early 20th century raffia on hessian stitch work picture of a cottage garden, two early 20th century black and white photographs of staff at St Thomas' Hospital, etc., various sizes. 25-30
659.    A set of four large 19th century oil paintings on canvas showing two male characters possibly representing Byron and Keats and two female characters, all in romantic style settings and poses, 180 x 64 cm approx in mahogany frames with gilt slips (probably for assembly as a four fold screen). 50-80
660.    An ink and watercolour study of a woodland pathway, signed bottom right Anne Anderson together with a pastel study of a landscape, signed Marjorie Vivian, an embroidered crest of the Monmouth Regiment in oak frame with gilt slip, an etching of the Old Star Inn, Alfriston, Sussex, signed Albany E Howarth, various sizes, all framed. 25-30
661.    A 19th century embroidered and bead work panel of oval form showing a woman in feathered hat, 50 cm maximum in oval gilt frame together with a pair of 19th century black and white engravings from the Ladies of The Court of Queen Victoria Series after Dickinson, a gouache study of a Tufted Duck, signed R Suchard (?), a watercolour landscape, signed to mount W H J Boot, a set of four coloured prints of farm animals in the Folk Art manner, etc. 30-50
662.    A pair of 19th century watercolours of landscape with castle, bridge, etc., one dated 60 and indistinctly inscribed, 24 x 16 cm approx together with a pair of coloured prints of landscapes after J B Noel and a portfolio containing a quantity of 19th century engravings including topographical views at Clevedon, North Wales, Cambridge, etc. 30-40
663.    A 19th century miniature portrait of oval form, half length study of a lady in feathered hat, inscribed verso Baroness De Abercorn, 9 cm approx together with a 19th century photographic portrait of a seated lady, a small landscape etching signed M Hicks, etc., together with an acrylic painting of rocks signed Graeme Bell dated 1988, with New South Wales details verso, a signed limited edition etching of a Cornish fishing harbour by Graham Barry Cliverd and a coloured map of Hertfordshire after Robert Morden, all framed. 30-50
664.    A coloured woodblock print by Hall Thorpe showing a blue and white vase of anemones, signed bottom right Hall Thorpe and inscribed The Chinese Vase, 50 x 34 cm approx, mounted. 60-80
665.    A portfolio containing an interesting collection of late 19th century drawings, life studies, designs for wallpaper, stained glass window, etc., by Augusta Mary Warren, when a student at the Royal College of Art in the 1890s 60-80
666.    A collection of pictures including an oil painting on board of a harvesting scene, a winter scene, a naive style painting of a mare and foal, Art Deco style foil picture of a lady, etc. 20-30
667.    An interesting collection of pictures including coloured etchings after Anne Longridge of garden wild flower subjects, a pencil study of a seated man signed with initials TC and inscribed verso Anthony Cook - Fergus Jackson, a limited edition print of an eagles head after Jonathan Poole, a pair of monochrome prints of abstract studies indistinctly signed Arith and dated 61 and 62, a watercolour study of an oyster catcher signed Ammundy, a 19th century watercolour of a mountainous landscape with cattle, an 18th century black and white engraving Tobit and the Fish after Elsheimer, etc., various sizes, mostly framed. 50-70
668.    A folder containing a set of four coloured prints after Tito - Quatre Proverbes Par Tito, showing 1920s ladies embracing, riding a donkey, mending a car, etc., 26 x 20 cm, unframed. 60-80
669.    An 18th century oil painting on board, miniature portrait of a gentleman in Elizabethan style costume, with label verso Sir Walter Raleigh or Sir Francis Bacon,12 x 8 cm approx in beaded gilt frame. 50-80
670.    A collection of four black and white etchings after Rembrandt Van Rijn - self portrait with hat and embroidered cloak, dated 1631, inscribed B7, seated portrait of Rembrandt's mother, inscribed B343, seated portrait of an elderly man inscribed Johannes Lutma, inscribed B276 and the Rat Catcher, inscribed B121, approximate size 26 x 18 cm, unframed. 100-150
671.    An oil painting on paper by Robert Howarth (The Butterfly Man) showing an abstract style male figure, signed bottom right, 40 x 31 cm approx, unframed together with biographical details of the artist. 50-70
672.    A 19th century watercolour of a panoramic landscape with shepherd, sheepdog and flock, 31 x 74 cm approx together with an embroidered panel with Egyptian style male and female characters, 50 x 40 cm approx, both in gilt frames. 30-50
674.    A 20th century watercolour and bodycolour study of a flower market, a set of four coloured prints after J M W Turner of Venetian scenes and three coloured prints of Japanese female figures, various sizes, all framed, etc. 25-30
675.    Two gouache studies of coastal landscapes, both signed bottom right G Anthony Glover and dated 73, inscribed verso Over Castletown from Langness and Derby Haven, Isle of Man from Fort Island and further inscribed Tony Glover, Art Master, King Williams College, Isle of Man, 35 x 54 cm approx, framed. 40-60
676.    A limited edition artists proof with oil effect finish showing a steam ship at high seas with signature bottom right Kelly, artists proof 15/20, 54 x 81 cm approx together with a coloured print of an 18th century style marine battle scene after Jim Thompson, a pair of ornithological prints after J Ainsley, etc. 25-30
677.    A 19th century watercolour landscape attributed to Vernon Wethered, with initials bottom right VW and label verso Vernon Wethered - A Bit of Irish Country, 25 x 36 cm approx, a watercolour of a harvesting scene, signed D Woodlock and inscribed verso Hay Making in the Wirral, 25 x 18 cm approx, a study of a landscape with a female figure, signed Cuthbert Rigby and dated 1887, a study of a mountainous landscape, inscribed verso Frank Dobson, etc., together with a contemporary embroidered and fabric collage picture after van Gogh - The Church at Auvers, etc. 30-50
678.    A quantity of artist's materials including a wooden paint box containing a quantity of water soluble oil paints, unused canvases of various shape and size, canvas boards, etc., together with an adjustable table easel. 30-50
679.    An eastern European oil painting on canvas, bust length portrait of a woman with signature bottom right, dated 1990 and further inscription verso Gdansk, 56 x 45 cm approx, unframed, an unusual mixed media study of an underground railway station, signed bottom right J D Lampkin, dated 84, a study of a clown signed Arnold (?) and a further study of a clown. 40-60
680.    A 19th century monochrome portrait of oval form showing a gentleman, signed bottom right J R Brown and dated 1884, 35 cm maximum approx together with a quantity of pictures and prints including coloured print of a row of figures after L S Lowry, various subjects after Sir William Russell Flint, etc. 25-30
681.    A quantity of pictures and prints including an oil painting on board of a river scene with stone arch bridge, signed Laura Goodman, an abstract subject signed M Ferris, a pair of signed coloured prints after Sir Hugh Casson, three portfolios containing life studies, still lives, etc., in charcoal, watercolour, etc. 25-30
682.    A set of four 19th century coloured engravings of rowing subjects with scullers and outriggers in river scenes including Searle & Sons boat building yards and the Star & Garter and the Bells Taverns, maximum size 17 x 24 cm approx in black and gilt frames together with two 19th century coaching engravings, an engraving of Chatsworth, a 20th century pencil study of a Jerusalem city scene with horse and rider, a 19th century engraving of stone pulpits in Gloucestershire churches, etc. 30-50
683.    An interesting and extensive collection of 18th century black and white architectural engravings after Colen Campbell, many engraved by Hulsbergh, including Lowther Hall, Eaton Hall, Chatsworth, Drumlenrig Castle, Cobham Hall, Wilberry House, Longleat, Castle Howard, Blenheim, etc., maximum approximate sheet size 44 x 59 cm (28), five perspective engravings of interiors including staircases, archways, etc., one dated 1604, 36 x 28 cm approx, etc., all unframed. 300-500
684.    A collection of 18th and early 19th century pictures and prints including a grisaille study of a female harvester, a pencil study of a young girl in Victorian costume, a Cash's machine embroidered silk picture commemorating the Prince Consort, a mid-19th century watercolour of a lake scene, inscribed From Newby Bridge, dated 1858 with attributed verso to John Dibblee Crace, a pair of engravings of Princess Charlotte of Wales and the Queen of Prussia, etc., together with a small folding leather bound icon with painted decoration of Adam and Eve and the serpent, etc., 10 x 8 cm approx. 40-60
685.    An oil painting on board in the 19th century manner, study of ducks, signed bottom right Max Graners (?), 19 x 24 cm approx in ornate gilt frame, a late 19th century watercolour study of a woman in Italian style costume, signed with monogram bottom left FH, 22 x 15 cm approx, a coloured print of a meet at Badminton, signed and inscribed by the Duke of Beaufort, a watercolour of a cottage garden, etc. 30-50
686.    A collection of mainly early 20th century unframed watercolour and pencil caricatures, floral studies, landscapes, etc., including a set of circular mats with painted floral and other detail to the centre, a caricature showing butterfly catching poachers, signed bottom left Rolin Stone, dated 34, two Spy prints, a watercolour landscape signed J Paul Brinson RBA with watercolour instructions verso, 19 x 26 cm approx, unframed, etc. 25-30
687.    An interesting collection of 18th century black and white architectural engravings relating to London churches including views of St Paul's Cathedral by William Ellett, J Schynvoet, Colen Campbell, etc., and a view of St Martin's Church after Jacobo Gibbs, engraved by H Hulsbergh, a view of Bow Church, Cheapside, by Nicholas Hawksmoor, engraved by H Hulsbergh, etc., 63 x 92 cm approx maximum sheet size, all unframed but mounted. (14) 300-500
688.    An oil painting on board of a beach scene, inscribed verso William Henderson, Antigua, 48 x 64 cm approx, a triple black and white etching showing emaciated figures, indistinctly inscribed John Bolam, 32 x 69 cm approx, an abstract geometric mixed media study in tones of green, white and blue, etc. 25-30
689.    A sepia watercolour of a landscape with travellers, a further 19th century watercolour inscribed Mr Roger's House near Seahouses, Eastbourne, a watercolour of a street scene signed E Scheillhamnier, etc., together with a mirror in simulated bamboo style frame. 25-30
690.    A watercolour study of a field of daisies and wheat, signed bottom left Suzanne Jones and dated 87, a collection of needlework pictures including embroidered picture in the oriental manner of peacocks and prunus blossom, an early 20th century embroidery of a flower vase, etc., various sizes, all framed. 25-30
691.    An interesting collection of 18th century black and white architectural engravings of London buildings including examples after Colen Campbell including Greenwich Hospital, Buckingham House and the Royal Exchange, etc., an engraving after Sir Christopher Wren showing the Greenwich Hospital engraved by Millam, an engraving of a view of Richmond Palace engraved by J Basire, etc., maximum sheet size 54 x 67 cm approx, all unframed but mounted (12). 300-500
692.    A collection of watercolours by Eric J Morton dating from the 1970s and 1980s including a bullfinch, a yellow wagtail, a goldfinch, a waxwing, flowers, a country stile, poultry, goats, etc, together with a pair of floral watercolours signed C A Brotherton, etc., various sizes, all framed. 30-50
693.    A study on canvas of a continental harbour scene with fishing boats, with signature bottom right Andre Bafi (Bernard Dufour (?)), 37 x 45 cm approx together with a watercolour of a continental street scene signed J Warburton and a set of four brightly coloured abstract style paintings of native scenes with huntsmen, etc., signed bottom right Derhle, 26 x 31 cm approx, various sizes, all framed. 30-50
694.    A collection of unframed pictures and prints including 19th century coloured ornithological prints after J Stewart, a late 18th century black and white engraving showing the Battle of Culloden, published by Laurie & Whittle 1797, sheet size 48 x 60 cm approx, a 20th century limited edition black and white etching of a cat amongst foliage in a conservatory, signed bottom right Meg Dutton, edition 6/10, etc. 30-50
695.    An oil painting on canvas of a continental street scene with cafe, signed bottom left W Fotton, 60 x 50 cm approx in wide gilt frame together with a pair of similar oil paintings on board of Parisian street scenes with cafes, signed bottom left A Bousquette, 39 x 40 cm approx, framed. 30-50
696.    A large oil painting on canvas of summer flowers including roses and clematis, signed bottom right M Gillean Whitaker, 76 x 63 cm approx, an oil painting on canvas after Sir John Lavery - Spring, an oil painting on canvas of a beach scene, a signed limited edition coloured print of a woman on a beach after Felix Serra, etc., various sizes, all framed. 30-50
697.    An oil painting on canvas of an extensive landscape with harvesters, signed bottom right Campbell Hunter, 60 x 91 cm approx, two oil painting on canvas of a wooded landscape by J K Whitton with Painswick address details verso - Millpond and Late Sunshine, a coloured print of Quail hinting after John P Cowan, etc., various sizes, all framed. 40-50
698.    Two oil paintings by J K Whitton, one showing a woodland scene in winter with wood gatherers on canvas, 60 x 91 cm approx, the other a moonlit lake scene on board, 41 x 67 cm approx, both signed with monogram bottom right, both in gilt frames. 40-60
699.    By J H Lynch - Tina, colour print framed; together with a oil painting bust portrait of Margaret Thatcher and two illustration Disney prints of the Lion King (4) 50-80
700.    Railwayana interest - London Underground poster inscribed "Cutting Through The Traffic - Visit London's Parks and Open Spaces by Tube" decorated with a tube map mowed into a lawn by a man with a tractor, 152cm high x 102cm wide 150-200
701.    A folder containing collectible generic smiler and commemorative smiler sheets of stamps from 2014-2015 including limited editions (displayed in cabinet) 100-150
702.    A stockbook containing a collection of GB stamps from 1840 QV to modern, mint and used (displayed in cabinet) 150-200
703.    Swiss & Coze no.5 Hunting Map - The Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire and Wiltshire District (second edition), with red cloth covers 50-80
704.    A nicely presented Mint collection of stamps from France in an album, mostly middle period, also some world stamps, French colonies, Belgian Congo, etc 80-100
705.    A Stanley Gibbons International Stamp Album containing a collection of British stamps dating from 1858 onwards including some Penny Red examples 80-100
706.    A stockbook containing a collection of GB Commonwealth stamps from Ceylon - QE to modern 20-40
707.    A stockbook containing an accumulation of Commonwealth stamps from QV to QE 40-60
708.    A stockbook containing Commonwealth stamps from Barbados -QV to QE 20-40
709.    Seven good quality padded 'Leuchtturnm' albums with their sleeves, contaiing Australia and New Zealand pre printed and hingeless album pages from 1929 to 2010. New Zealand contains good early mint minisheets to 1982, the more modern hingeless album pages being empty of stamps 80-120
710.    A box containing an acumulation of mint QE/modern Commonwealth stamps on stock cards and in a stockbook 40-60
711.    A box containing 21 Beatrix Potter titles including two French editions entitled Pierre Lapin and Sophie Canetang 20-25
712.    Three early 20th century Ordnance Survey Road Maps, eight Ward Lock & Co illustrated guide books, a further Ordnance late survey map of Derby, etc 20-25
713.    A large 19th century Ordnance Map of Gloucestershire published at The Tower of London, 1st May 1830, a collection of black and white reproduction photographs of Victorian Nailsworth, twelve assorted vintage Ordnance Survey maps and two scrapbooks containing a collection of postcards, etc 20-25
714.    Two albums containing a quantity of 19th and early 20th century British stamps including Penny Red and two Penny Blue examples 120-150
715.    Three stamp albums containing a quantity of British and worldwide stamps, a small box of unsorted loose stamps, a quantity of FDDC's and a further empty stamp album 20-25
716.    A folder containing a collection of British FDC's dating 1981-88 plus Australian, USA and New Zealand FDC's dating 1956-78 together with a further folder with a quantity of British Mint stamps 40-60
717.    A box containing a large quantity of FDC's, a quantity of PHQ cards, together with a small quantity of Royal Mint stamps 60-80
718.    Three boxes containing a large quantity of stamps, albums, folders, fdc's etc 40-60
719.    A collection of twelve Vogue Pattern Books all with various dates 1963/64/65, four editions of Hearth and Farm various dates 1854/55/56, a box containing a large quantity of vintage recipe pamphlets, a box containing a quantity of unused National Butter waxed papers, plus three cookery books including What To Do With Cold Mutton, published London 1887 30-50
720.    A collection of mixed comics including The Beano, Oink, Look In, etc, all dating from the 1980s 15-20
721.    Two boxes containing a large quantity of mixed Ordnance Survey maps and tourist guides including early 20th century Ordnance Survey maps of England and Wales and some mid-20th century onwards European Michelin guides, etc. 20-25
722.    A box containing an assortment of vintage wallpaper of various designs 50-80
723.    Two boxes containing a large collection of assorted postcards mainly topographical 15-20
724.    A mixed collection of ephemera including two scrapbooks containing an assortment of cuttings and postcards, a large quantity of The Great War ... I was there magazine, some 1950s Country Life magazines, various atlases, etc 15-20
725.    Eight rolls or part rolls of block printed wallpaper stamped Morris & Co in the Willow Boughs design, four further rolls or part rolls of block printed Morris & Co paper in a sunflower design, together with further assorted wallpapers including further block printed examples by Sandersons, etc 30-50
726.    22 volumes of The Fireside Dickens, published by Chapman and Hall Ltd, London together with Life Of Charles Dickens by John Forster as part of the same series, three George Elliot and three Anthony Trollope titles both published by TB Zodia Press, etc 30-50
727.    Fleming - Ian - The Spy Who Loved Me, 1st Edition 1962 published by Jonahan Cape and From Russia With Love, 1st edition published by Jonathan Cape also together with book club editions and vintage paperback of other James Bond titles 20-25
728.    A collection of unsorted Art reference books covering a wide range of subjects 20-25
729.    A copy of Elaine by Alfred Tennyson illustrated by Gustav Dore published by Cassell, Petter & Galpin, New York 1867 20-30
730.    Two boxes of mixed books including Through The First Antartic Night by Frederick A Cook, six volumes of All The Year Round, approx 24 volumes of Wilsons Tales Of The Borders by William Scott, etc 20-25
731.    A copy of The Rural Houses of North Avon & South Gloucestershire 1400 - 1720 by Linda J Hall, produced by the City of Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, signed by the author. 20-30
732.    A box containing a collection of reference books about the game of chess. 15-20
733.    Three boxes of books containing a large quantity of books about mainly topographical and travel subjects plus two Ward Lock & Co illustrated guide books, etc. 15-20
734.    A collection of mixed poetry and classic literature books including some leather bound examples, authors include Keats, Shakespeare, Rupert Brooke, etc. 20-25
735.    A quantity of good quality art reference books covering a wide range of subjects. 15-20
736.    Fourteen rolls of Laura Ashley wallpaper 20-30
737.    Eight volumes of The plays of William Shakespeare printed in London 1768.

738.    Eight volumes of Dickens Works published by Chapman & Hall Limited, London together with nine further early 20th century editions of The Works of Dickens, published by Thomas Nelson & Sons, both sets with gilt decoration to spines. 20-25
739.    A collection of books relating to The Life and Works of Katherine Mansfield and related subjects. 20-25
740.    Seven boxes of House & Garden Magazine all dating from the 1980s and 1990s together wtih a few loose copies dating from the late 1970s. 15-20
741.    A mixed collection of books including three volumes of Stories by Charlotte M Yonge, published by MacMillan & Co, London, a late 19th century edition of The Arabian Nights Entertainments, publshed by Longmans, Green & Co, a number of books about railways, vintage children's books, etc. 20-25
742.    Two boxes of mixed books including four volumes of The History of England from the Earliest Times to the Death of George The Second by Oliver Goldsmith (the 12th edition), published London 1823. 20-25
743.    A collection of LPs including Double Fantasy by John Lennon and Yoko Ono together with a quantity of vintage 78 RPM records, etc. 15-20
744.    An extensive collection of mixed LPs featuring artists mainly from the 1980s - The Human League, Ultravox, Talking Heads, The The, etc (180 records approx). 30-50
745.    A mixed collection of LPs, artists include Bob Dylan, Donovan, Prince, Yes, The Doors, New Order, etc, also including a Beatles Souvenir Song Album, etc. 30-50
746.    Two boxes of assorted 45 RPM records. 20-30
747.    A collection of approximately twenty five 12 inch singles, artists include Prince, Plastic Head, OMD, etc together with a Limited Edition Interview Picture Disc "Tell Tales" series featuring Bono of U2. 20-30
748.    An extensive and eclectic collection of LPs including popular artists, soft rock, folk, jazz, etc (300 plus records). 30-50
749.    A small collection of topographical and travel books including a number published by A & C Black and eight titles issued by the Great Western Railway Company of England, etc. 20-30
750.    A large collection of mixed biographical and autobiographical books including six volumes of The Lyttelton Heart-Davis Letters, etc. 20-25
751.    A collection nine Harry Potter books, most 1st editions including three paperback.

752.    An interesting collection of books about architecture and related subjects. 20-25
753.    A collection of early 20th century and later children's books including a number illustrated by Arthur Rackham, etc. 20-25
754.    A collection of books about the countryside including a first edition of The Wayfaring Tree by B. B. etc together with a small collection of books about cricket. 20-25
755.    A hardback copy of The Kings Breakfast by A A Milne, published by McClelland & Stewart Limited, Toronto 1925 together with a first edition of My Dearest Mouse by Kenneth Grahame. 20-25
756.    A quantity of vintage children's books including various Enid Blyton titles, approximately 26 Ladybird books, a quantity of Mr Man books, various annuals, etc. 15-20
757.    A collection of good quality art reference books covering a wide range of subjects. 20-25
758.    Two "His Masters Voice" albums containing a collection of 78 RPM records together with a further quantity of loose 78 RPM records. 15-20
759.    A boxed set of Richard Wagner's Der Ring Das Nibelungen produced by Decca Record Company Limited. 60-80
760.    Nine volumes of The Works of William Shakespeare including Notes and Emendations published by Whittaker & Co 1844, together with a quantity of mixed classic literature books some in slip cases and also including two Folio Society examples.
761.    A collection of mixed books including some Folio Society editions and seven "Romany" titles by Bramwell Evens, etc. 20-25
762.    A box containing a mixed collection of LPs, EPs and 45 RPM records by various artists including New Order, Depeche Mode, Communards, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, etc. 20-25
763.    A Fender Frontman 15B amp, Serial Number IA03H12320-Type: PR497 together with a Fidelity cased record player. 30-50
764.    A quantity of mixed LPs, artists include The Beatles, Abba, The Who, etc, plus some musical soundtracks together with a box containing a collection of 45 RPM records, some from the early 1960s. 20-25
765.    Three boxes of children's books, many with decorative covers. 20-25
766.    Two suitcases full of classic literature, Buchan, Conan Doyle, Stevenson, Walter Scott, etc. 20-25
767.    A box containing a collection of classical LPs including some boxed sets. 20-25
768.    Three boxes of miscellaneous books including a copy of The Most Beautiful Flowers by Pierre Joseph Redoute, produced by Tabard Press, etc. 15-20
769.    A box containing a collection of vintage magazines including a 1961 edition of Esquire, Bedside Clubman, The Modern Boy (1928), Tabarin plus three Cecil Aldin prints and six prints of Schweppes adverts, etc. 15-20
770.    A Charles Dickens - Master Humphries clock Vol 1 Old Curiosity Shop published 1840, leather spine and a leather bound bible with brass clasp
771.    13 James Bond paperbacks - Ian Fleming (12 Pan publications)
1001.   A sprung steel painted garden bench with timber slatted seat and back rail, 6ft long approx. 40-60
1002.   Two vintage wooden crates containing a quantity of small terracotta flower pots.
1003.   A painted cast aluminium garden terrace table of circular form with decorative pierced top together with a pair of chairs with pierced acanthus and further detail.
1004.   Approximately thirty reclaimed small terracotta flower pots together with a steel two tier open grid work stand with applied circular disc Barbou Brevete Montmartre
1005.   A contemporary light steel framed three piece terrace set comprising table of circular form with pierced foliate detail and a pair of matching folding chairs, all with light green painted finish
1006.   A pair of weathered cast composition stone garden planters of circular waisted form with lattice detail, further planters, a pair of squat pedestals, a pair of ornaments in the form of seated lions, further ornaments and three glazed ceramic garden seats in the form of elephants. 60-80
1007.   Four vintage pine folding step ladders of varying design to include one with applied label reading Drew Clark & Co, London & Leyton together with one other (5) (to be sold for non-commercial use/decoration only).
1008.   A pair of weathered contemporary teak folding steamer type chairs with slatted seats and backs and applied oval labels to back rails "Winchester Collection". 40-60
1009.   A Victorian style cream painted cast aluminium garden terrace table of circular form with decorative pierced top and swept tripod supports together with a set of four chairs with acanthus and further detail. 60-80
1010.   A reclaimed vintage freestanding gas three ring cooker stamped S3 (AF) together with a galvanised steel cube shaped tank.
1011.   A small clay chimnea together with a quantity of terracotta flower and other pots and four galvanised buckets. 40-60
1012.   A Victorian cast iron machinist's/work stool with circular revolving seat and lions paw feet together with an Art Deco copper and brass fender, industrial style stool, two tier trolley, 1950s wire work Canterbury and a small ammunition box. 40-60
1013.   A quantity of approximately 100 terracotta flower pots, mainly small but varying in size. 60-80
1014.   Five vintage galvanised watering cans of varying design, all complete with roses. 50-80
1015.   A small quantity of weathered terracotta flower pots.
1016.   A cream painted Victorian style cast aluminium garden terrace table of circular form with decorative pierced detail and swept tripod supports together with a pair of associated chairs and a stool (4). 40-60
1017.   A set of six contemporary good quality folding steel garden chairs with open lattice work seats.

1018.   A campagna shaped garden urn in moulded fibreglass.
1019.   A pair of weathered composition stone garden planters of square squat form with shaped outline and lions mask lattice detail. 60-80
1020.   Five vintage wooden bottle crates with printed lettering reading Wigmore & Co Bristol Limited, etc together with a quantity of bottles contained within and further small wooden trays.
1021.   A large quantity of weathered terracotta flower pots of varying size together with a Victorian demi-lune white marble and grey flecked duchess washstand top. 60-80
1022.   A Victorian style green painted cast aluminium garden terrace table of circular form with decorative pierced top and swept tripod supports together with a pair of chairs with acanthus and further detail. 40-60
1023.   A contemporary but weathered steel framed garden terrace table, the square top with crinkle lattice detail together with a set of four (2+2) matching folding chairs. 40-60
1024.   A vintage pine trough with tapered sides and carrying shafts together with two vintage bottle crates.
1025.   A pair of cream painted cast aluminium terrace open elbow chairs with decorative pierced detail together with three weathered teak garden corner chairs with slatted seats and backs and X shaped stretchers (in the Heal style).
1026.   A Victorian style green painted cast aluminium garden terrace table of circular form with decorative pierced top together with a pair of chairs with acanthus and further detail and swept supports. 40-60
1027.   An Abru Limited folding aluminium ladder together with one other.
1028.   A weathered contemporary teak garden table of circular form with slatted top and folding supports together with a set of four matching further folding armchairs.
1029.   A pair of reproduction cast iron bench ends with pierced scroll work and lions mask detail, two reclaimed milk churns, a vintage wooden shafted and steel barrow, vintage harrow, etc (AF).
1030.   An early reclaimed oak framed window with leaded light and iron framed openings together with one other later example and a reclaimed stable door.
1031.   A weathered composition stone garden urn with circular waisted bowl raised on a square pedestal with grape and vine detail, a reclaimed buff coloured chimney pot of cylindrical form, a small quantity of terracotta flower pots, two weathered ironwork wall mounted flower pot holders, a small collection of galvanised ware including a Haws watering can complete with rose. 40-60
1032.   A pair of weathered contemporary steel obelisks of cylindrical form with dome tops and spearhead finial's. 60-80
1033.   A weathered teak three seat garden bench with slatted seat and back, 5ft long approx. 60-80
1034.   A Swan Hattersley weathered teak two seat garden bench with slatted seat and angled back beneath a swept arch rail. 40-60
1035.   A weathered Britannic Teak two seat garden bench with slatted seat and back (AF).
1036.   A cream painted steel framed two seat garden bench with open down swept arms flanking a timber slatted seat and back. 40-60
1037.   A weathered teak two seat garden bench with slatted seat and back. 40-60
1038.   A Lister teak wood garden bench with slatted seat and back.
1039.   A small iron and teak wood garden bench.
1040.   A Gloster circular teak wood garden table with bleached finish together with a set of six Gloster garden chairs with woven finish. 200-250
1041.   A 19th century cast iron framed refectory table, the supports with geometric floral detail supporting a timber top, 1 metre long approx. 50-60
1042.   A contemporary outdoor garden table of rectangular form in metal with painted and scrolled supports, 110 cm long approx. 60-80
1043.   A selection of five weathered terracotta planters of circular and rectangular form, some planted. 50-60
1044.   Four various weathered reconstituted garden planters, all with decorative panels, 70 cm long approx. 50-60
1045.   Two 19th century salt glazed shallow sinks or planters, two 19th century buff coloured clay chimney pots and two cylindrical planters. 50-60
1046.   A pair of substantial 19th century coach house doors with partial framework complete with ironwork hinges, handles, lock plates, etc, providing an opening of 2.2 metres approx. 80-100
1047.   A terracotta planter of oviform shape with combed finish, another and a traditional galvanised iron wash tub. 30-40
1048.   Two weathered and reconstituted garden figures representing spring and winter, 75 cm tall approx. 80-100
1049.   A good weathered limestone D end trough, 75 cm long maximum x 30 cm high approx. 200-250
1050.   A circular mill or sharpening stone, 35 cm diameter with central square cut centre. 40-60
1051.   A good quality weathered limestone trough of rectangular form, 90 cm maximum long x 33 cm tall approx. 200-250
1052.   A vintage weathered galvanised iron water trough with riveted panels, 1.25 metres approx. 60-80
1053.   A weathered teak wood planter of square cut form with fielded panels (planted). 30-50
1054.   A good quality weathered limestone two divisional feeding trough, 220 cm long x 50 cm wide approx. 500-600
1055.   A good quality deep weathered limestone trough of rectangular form, 130 cm long x 33 cm deep approx. 400-600
1056.   A cast aluminium terrace table together with two chairs with floral detail in a black colourway. 40-60
1057.   A Gloster weathered teak wood garden table with slatted top, 1.2 metres approx. 40-60
1058.   An iron work garden bench with lion mask detail and weathered timber lathes. 80-100
1059.   A sturdy teak wood garden bench with slatted seats and back. 60-80
1060.   A garden table, a two seat bench and two matching armchairs, all with cast metallic supports and timber lathe panels. 80-100
1061.   A mixed collection of weathered garden urns, a fountain head in the form of a frog, etc (11). 60-80
1061A.  Reconstituted stone bird bath; together with a metalwork sundial (2)
1062.   A pair of weathered campagna shaped urns (planted) together with a baluster shaped support. 30-40
1063.   A weathered limestone D end trough of shallow dimensions. 50-60
1063A.  A weathered limestone wheel, 50 cm diameter approx with central cut centre. 50-60
1064.   A rectangular natural stone trough 150-200
1065.   A pair of weathered campagna shaped urns and a further octagonal pot. 40-60
1066.   A Victorian shop counter in pine with oak painted finish, the base enclosed by a series of cupboards and drawers set beneath a single slab of white marble, 2.4 metres maximum approx.
1067.   A good quality pine framed garden room of octagonal form, partially glazed and set beneath a glass fibre moulded roof (will dismantle for ease of transportation), 2 m diameter approx. 150-200
1067A.  A weathered teak two to three seat garden bench with slatted seat and back by Lister, Dursley, Glos, 5ft long approx 80-100
1067B.  A vintage stained elm wheel barrow with iron rim 50-80
1068.   A coopered oak barrel supporting a water pump. 40-60
1069.   A pair of painted and weathered toadstools, an owl upon a log and a terracotta chimney pot.
1070.   A Hayter Hayterette rotary mower with a 3.5 horse power Briggs & Stratton engine. 20-30
1071.   A Masport 200ST series 18 rotary mower with a Briggs & Stratton 148 cc engine with glass collection box.
1072.   A cast iron refectory table in the Victorian style with scrolled and acanthus detail set beneath a timber top. 80-100
1073.   An MTD 118 E electric garden shredder.
1074.   A 19th century cylindrical hammered copper pot, a peat spade, a copper coaching horn, a scythe.
1075.   A pair of substantial weathered stone saddle stones and caps, 95 cm high approx. 200-250
1076.   A weathered stone D end trough, 70 cm maximum approx. 40-60
1076A.  Eight tier chain link chandelier/ceiling light together with a Chateau Gruaud Larose wine box and a 19th century swing mirror (3) 50-80
1077.   A reconstituted weathered figure of a bathing maiden, 1 metre tall approx. 80-100
1078.   A tower of nine stacking metal boxes each with two drop handles, 45 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm approx. 60-80
1079.   A pub or restaurant table, the oval timber top raised on a heavy iron base with lions paw feet to seat two. 40-60
1080.   A vintage lawn edge trimmer by Ransomes of Ipswich with original painted finish.
1081.   A 19th century cast iron fire grate of bow fronted outline, the fire dogs with brass ball finials. 60-80
1082.   A vintage outboard motor, The British Anzani Pilot.
1083.   A pair of cast wall mounted niches with swag decoration and simulated terracotta finish. 30-50
1084.   An old brass fan shaped fire screen with swag and other detail.
1085.   A carved stone corbel with naive face mask detail.

1086.   A weathered monumental cloaked natural stone urn with trailing fruit and further detail, 60 cm high approx.

1087.   A pair of Art Nouveau style wall mounted planters in the form of female masks swathed in flowers with a terracotta finish.
1088.   Three reconstituted and weathered ball shaped finials, 20 cm diameter approx. 90-110
1089.   A lead fountain head in the form of a faun playing pipes, 55 cm high approx. 100-150
1090.   A cut glass six branch chandelier festooned with drops. 40-60
1091.   A copper exterior lantern of square tapering form.
1092.   A cast brass five branch chandelier with cut glass drops.
1093.   A Moroccan style lantern of octagonal form with coloured glass panels.
1094.   A 19th century cast lead figure of a bishop in full robes wearing a mitre, 1.5 metres approx. 2000-2500
1095.   A weathered composite bird bath with square cut plinth, the stem in the form of a cherub holding a cornucopia and shell shaped dish, 1.3 metres high approx. 80-100
1096.   A Victorian cast iron stick stand of demi-lune form, the back with floral and other detail. 40-60
1097.   A rough hewn three sectional stand supporting a bronze sundial inscribed Seize the Present Moment, the Evening Hour is Nigh, 90 cm tall approx. 150-200
1098.   A galvanised iron water tank, an old English watering can, large oil canister and a 19th century pedestrian gate
1099.   A cast iron water pump.
1100.   A wall mounted fountain with terracotta coloured finish detailed with lion mask and shell detail. 40-60
1101.   A weathered figure of a bull mastiff, 45 cm high approx. 60-80
1102.   A weathered terracotta amphora with four lug handles, 80 cm high approx. 40-60
1103.   A pair of good quality Regency style campagna shaped urns with applied scrolled detail raised on square cut and moulded plinths, each containing simulated bay trees with weathered finish, 1.4 metres overall approx, the bay trees adding a further 60 cm to the overall height. 400-600
1104.   An early cast iron framed gas fire with laurel wreath and other detail.
1105.   A Victorian cast iron fire surround with applied ribboned and floral garland detail, with stripped and bronzed finish.
1106.   A 19th century continental cart horse collar in timber and leather with decorative painted finish.
1106A.  A collection of boating fenders/bouys 30-50
1107.   A pair of Victorian style cast iron table frames with moulded columns and platform bases with scrolled feet, 105 cm high approx. 100-120
1108.   A collection of miscellaneous garden tools including a lawn roller, various hoes, rake, etc.
1108A.  A cast iron fire back showing cherubs working at a forge below the word 'PAX' and dated 1679
1109.   A substantial painted pine cupboard with panelled framework, 1.4 metres high x 1 metre wide approx. 60-80
1110.   An Edwardian three fold room divider, each panel with handworked drawn thread panels showing birds amongst foliage in an Art Nouveau style. 80-100
1111.   A Bosch Excel fridge freezer in excellent condition.
1112.   A reproduction carved hardwood fire surround with face mask, scrolled acanthus and Corinthian column supports beneath a raised tapered panelled back, the mantle 158 cm wide, 220 cm high approx including main panel.

1113.   A simple pine side table fitted with two frieze drawers on square moulded supports with under gallery in the Chinese style.
1114.   A small 19th century stripped pine cupboard enclosed by three frieze drawers flanked by two glazed panelled doors, 95 cm wide approx.
1115.   A 19th century stripped and waxed pine cottage longcase clock with painted broken arched dial, 30-hour movement, T Evans of Newcastle Emlyn. 80-100
1116.   A 19th century over mantle mirror with arched outline and applied moulded detail and later painted finish, 1.5 metres wide approx. 70-90
1117.   A reproduction gilded wall mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edged mirror plate, 110 cm maximum approx.
1118.   A mid-19th century overmantle mirror, the frame of classical form with reeded column support and applied and moulded detail, 1.5 metres maximum. 300-400
1119.   A rectangular cushion moulded mirror in the 17th century manner with moulded shell and acanthus leaf detail enclosing a bevelled edged mirror plate, 1 metre maximum approx.
1120.   A 19th century gilded overmantle mirror with applied acanthus detail, 1.2 metres maximum approx.
1121.   A 19th century peer glass with gilt frame and harvesting cherub frieze together with a further wall mirror in the Georgian style and a small gilt framed easel backed mirror with bevelled edge plate (3) 80-120
1122.   A classical style wall mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge incorporating a classical coloured print of characters in landscape,set beneath a scroll work pediment, 1 metre high approx. 50-70
1123.   An ecclesiastical Oxford type oak frame with applied crucifix type detail enclosing an indentation
1124.   A substantial gilded wall mirror in the 18th century style, the gilded frame with C-scroll, acanthus and other floral detail, 1.4 metres approx. 60-80
1125.   A selection of four modern gilt framed mirrors in various designs.
1126.   A rectangular over mantle mirror in a painted and reeded frame, 1.25 metres approx.
1127.   A pair of 19th century continental mahogany bed frames with arched and moulded outline and upholstered head panels together with a further bedstead.
1128.   A 19th century gilt framed dressing mirror of full height in a reeded frame, 2 metres high x 45 cm wide approx.
1129.   A 19th century style pine framed overmantle mirror, 205 cm maximum approx.
1130.   An early 19th century mahogany framed overmantle mirror with turned column supports enclosing a mirror plate.
1131.   Fourteen framed furnishing prints showing continental views, mainly Italian, further London street views, etc.
1132.   A 19th century style overmantle mirror, the arched mirror plate in a moulded frame, 1.3 metres maximum approx.
1133.   A pair of 19th century pine framed single bedsteads with column supports, deep panelled sides and later painted finish.
1134.   An Adam style wall mirror of oval form, the central mirror plate with bevelled edged borders surrounded by a further surround of eight arched mirrors, set within a gadroon border, 1.15 metres maximum approx. 80-100
1135.   Victorian mirror of arched form with ebonised moulded frame, painted gilt highlighted finish and easel back.
1136.   A mid-20th century gilded wall mirror of rectangular tapering form with applied scrolled garland detail incorporating a porcelain cameo panel, 95 cm maximum approx. 60-80
1137.   A mid-19th century style gilded overmantle mirror with arched framework and bevelled edged mirror plate, 20 cm maximum approx together with a further 19th century overmantle mirror. 140-160
1138.   A pair of arched mirrors with bevelled edged plate, a large barber's mirror in rectangular frame incorporating a shelf and a further large wall mirror with bevelled edged mirror plate.
1139.   A small dresser, the lower section enclosed by two drawers raised on turned supports, the plate rack incorporating shelves and further drawers, with overall painted and detailed finish.
1140.   A mid-Victorian carved oak hanging wall shelf, the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors, with shaped and pierced detail.
1141.   A mid-19th century Japanned coal bucket and cover of oval form with cast brass handles and supports. 60-80
1142.   A good quality reproduction mahogany clerks desk, the writing top inset with leather, set within a three quarter gallery over a small cupboard and drawers with lower shelf, raised on turned supports. 80-100
1143.   Three bleached stag skulls, antler mounted. 60-100
1144.   A Victorian Dickens desk, the base enclosed by an arrangement of drawers with rising sloping centre over a further gallery back. 80-100
1145.   A vintage invalid chair with wirework wheels.
1146.   An oak canteen containing a set of stainless plate cutlery for six, together with a Lister oak jardiniere and stand.
1147.   An oak tower of three graduated drawers with brass fittings set beneath a polished marble top, the framework painted in a distressed finish.
1148.   An Edwardian grandmother clock with two train movement.
1149.   A Victorian stripped pine bedstead with turned column supports set beneath turned finial, 1.3 metres wide approx.
1150.   An Edwardian open bookcase enclosing three adjustable shelves, 107 cm wide approx.
1151.   A Victorian cast iron framed pub table united by a brass rail set within a mahogany top.
1152.   A Victorian oak clerks desk with panelled framework enclosing four drawers on an open framework.
1153.   A rectangular wall mirror in a gilded a painted frame with bevelled edged mirror plate and one other similar.
1154.   19th century walnut and boxwood inlaid pier cabinet, fitted with a single glazed door enclosing a shelved interior and ormolu mounts 80-120
1155.   A Victorian style twelve divisional stick stand with drip tray. 70-90
1156.   Pine bedside cupboard together with a 1960 folding kitchen table with melamine top 30-50
1157.   A stripped and waxed pine cabinet of six small drawers with porcelain knobs, 80 cm wide approx. 60-80
1158.   A mid 20th century oak low side table with open centre flanked by two cupboard doors, raised on square cut supports.
1159.   A small Georgian style mahogany side cabinet on two tiers, the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors, the upper section by two astragal glazed panel doors, 65 cm wide.

1160.   A pair of painted wall brackets, the demi-lune tops supported by swans with outstretched wings.
1161.   A vintage suitcase with simulated crocodile skin finish.
1162.   A reproduction Georgian style sofa table with two frieze drawers on a stretcher base.
1163.   A Victorian strong box with fire resistant qualities by Thomas Milner & Son, zinc lined with later painted finish.
1164.   A painted pine kitchen table with frieze drawer raised on square cut supports.
1164A.  A 19th century stained pine blanket box with hinged lid and bracket supports 60-80
1165.   A pair of 19th century recessed cupboards with louvered doors and original painted finish, 1.1 metres high approx.
1166.   A pair of 19th century pine framed and glazed interior doors.
1167.   A 19th century pine interior door, two thirds glazed, the lower section with panelled finish.
1168.   A pair of 19th century style wall mirrors with reeded and painted frames incorporating a single mirror plate with etched detail. 120-140
1169.   A miscellaneous collection including a vintage cabin trunk, pine bedside cupboard with painted finish, further Lloyd Loom painted cupboard, engineer's cabinet, Victorian style brass and iron double bedstead, an aluminium suitcase, etc. 50-80
1170.   A vintage painted steel filing cabinet with original green painted detail and gilt lined finish.
1171.   A fine plank of knotted elm, fully seasoned, 175 cm long x 80 cm wide x 3 cm deep approx. 100-150
1172.   A collection of furniture to include a 19th century carved oak stool, an Indian stool, a collection of 19th century English stools, an African stool, a lantern, a silver plated three tier cakestand, a flight of vintage index filing drawers, etc
1173.   A Victorian pine drop leaf kitchen table with frieze drawer raised on six turned supports.
1174.   An Indian hardwood occasional centre table of rectangular form with polished finish raised on turned supports with painted bead detail, 2 metres long approx.
1175.   Four vintage croquet mallets. 30-50
1176.   Two wine racks to hold 90 and 60 bottles accordingly.
1177A.  A Victorian brass telescope oil lamp standard later converted to electricity
1178.   An Edwardian oak freestanding bookcase of full height partially enclosed by leaded door beneath a moulded frieze.
1179.   An Arts & Crafts mahogany hall robe of three sided form, each panel enclosing a full length mirror plate with bevelled edge borders, embossed anodised hinges, the interior simply fitted, 180 cm diameter
1180.   A vintage cast aluminium garage sign advertising Shell X-100 motor oil, together with a fuel pump hose stamped to fitting GT & R Cole Ltd and three Shell oil jugs 40-60
1181.   A contemporary floorstanding pine side cupboard enclosed by a pair of folding lancet panelled doors
1182.   A contemporary Science Tech reflector telescope 262 power complete with tripod and moulded plastic carrying case
1183.   A draughtsman's board with folding framework together with a selection of accessories to include a Winsor and Newton London T square etc
1184.   Two vintage brown fibre and timber lathe bound cabin trunks
1185.   A Flymo Vision Compact 350 electric mower
1186.   A Bosch power drive electric rotary lawn mower type 3600HA6170
1187.   A Quiklok coated steel framed guitar stand
1188.   A pair of large wicker baskets of cylindrical form complete with loose removable lids
1189.   A Gardenline petrol hedge trimmer together with a Homelite Mightylite petrol strimmer
1190.   A Ryobi petrol 33cc chain saw with fourteen inch/35 cm blade PCN3335
1191.   A Ryobi petrol hedge trimmer RHT2660DA 30-50
1192.   A vintage painted tin meat safe, a 19th century heavy brass jam pan with loose iron loop handle, two wire mesh meat covers, two small ironing boards, a Victor electric warming oven, etc
1193.   A painted metal exterior lantern of square tapered form, (lacks glass panels) 70-90
1195.   A Homelite pressure washer 105 bar hpw105dc in original cardboard packaging
1196.   A record Power Select electric band saw RSBS10 60-80
1197.   A Delta bench top electric fretsaw TYP40-560 40-60
1198.   A Rexon Profiline bench top sander, model BD-46A 40-60
1199.   A Tip Drill Master 15/6 bench top electric pillar drill 60-80
1200.   A Minicraft MB0450 electric band saw 40-60
1201.   A quantity of workshop hand tools, vintage and contemporary, mainly carpentry related including a selection of various planes, mainly Stanley examples, a boxed set of Marples chisels, bench vice, etc 40-60
1202.   Four vintage Shell petrol cans complete with screw caps, a Valor Esso Blue drum and a small quantity of old number plates
1203.   A set of four contemporary light cast metal exterior lanterns of tapered hexagonal form with glazed panels
1204.   A large 19th century salt glazed barrel of oval form with banded detail and armorial crest 40-60
1205.   A vintage stained pine framed flight of index filing drawers together with three further two drawer examples, two in oak the other in steel
1206.   A vintage wall mounted wire work receptacle together with a selection of vintage oil lamp chimneys, lamp parts, small slatted folding stools, etc
1207.   A wooden portable tool chest containing a quantity of vintage carpentry hand tools 40-60
1208.   Two sets of lawn bowls, one set stamped Thomas Taylor, Glasgow
1209.   A pair of ironwork fire dogs, a vintage storm lantern with oval plaque with lettering, L. Etincelante further vintage spot light, two old wooden shoe trees, two handled galvanised bin, etc
1210.   Two vintage timber counter top shop tills, one by Gledhill & Sons of Halifax
1211.   A small collection of card index filing drawers
1212.   A Duracraft Dehumidifier DD-TEC10E, together with a further Silver Crest example SLE420A1
1213.   An unusually small Victorian safe with brass T shaped handle and armorial crest, 12 inches square approx, key in office 80-120
1214.   A vintage two handled galvanised steel bath of oval form containing a quantity of various hand tools, a quantity of woodworking chisels, block plane, etc
1215.   A vintage cream enamel bread bin together with further kitchenalia, a selection of glass shades, etc
1216.   A quantity of miscellaneous items to include a selection of reclaimed door furniture and fittings, Victorian and later, a cast iron door porter in the form of Mr Punch, a 19th century brass jam pan with fixed iron loop handle, a reclaimed bath mixer tap, a Brexton picnic set, selection of wicker baskets, etc 40-60
1217.   A vintage croquet set housed within its original pine box with side carrying handles 40-60
1218.   Seventeen reclaimed salt glazed stoneware garden edging tiles with moulded rose and thistle detail
1219.   A box of good quality brass fittings including locks, door handles, etc, together with a small box of hand tools
1220.   Miscellaneous items to include an Ampia Garanziat coffee grinder with cast iron frame and hand operated flywheel, an Express (made in Austria) cast aluminium squeezer, a metal vase mould, a simple pine framed spice cabinet complete with bottles within, a selection of vintage card index filing drawers, etc
1221.   Six vintage croquet hoops, stamped Jacques & Son, London, together with three mallets and a small selection of balls (AF)
1222.   Miscellaneous items to include a Kango British made electric hammer drill, a vintage Dunlop foot pump, a Mepp Universal motor, a cased US Army air force signal light, type C-3A, a vintage mahogany draining board, a Wright's tin coal tar inhaler, a belt driven key cutter/polisher, together with a board containing a quantity of assorted keys, etc
1223.   An early 20th century Jacobean revival oak cottage dresser, the raised recessed plate rack fitted with two fixed open shelves with shaped outline over a base fitted with two frieze drawers flanking a central cupboard with applied geometric mouldings, raised on barley twist supports united by a pot board with shaped outline 60-80
1224.   A Technics music system comprising FGServo record player model SL-20 FM/AM stereo receiver model SA-5250, a pair of associated monitor audio limited speakers model number MA5 serial number 2565 and two further pairs of speakers comprising a pair of AIWA E60 and a pair of Acoustic Model BS300
1225.   A suite of Victorian stencilled pine bedroom furniture comprising single wardrobe, dressing chest of three long and two short drawers, bedside cupboard, washstand, side table, toilet mirror and cane seated chair (7) 400-600
1225A.  A small mahogany trinket chest of 2 drawers with raised back incorporating a rectangular mirror plate
1226.   A pair of vintage Lily White Spezial wooden skis, pair of bamboo poles and a further pair of associated boots
1227.   A stripped and waxed pine kitchen dresser, the base enclosed by a pair of twin rectangular moulded panelled doors beneath two frieze drawers and raised open plate rack over with three fixed shelves (one piece), 4ft 6 inches wide x 6ft 4 inches in height approx 100-150
1228.   A good quality early 20th century brass framed firescreen with Art Nouveau detail and wire mesh panel together with a polished brass and wirework fender and a companion set 40-60
1229.   An Edwardian oak bureau bookcase, the upper section enclosed by a pair of segmented glazed panelled doors over a rectangular moulded panel fall front two shallow frieze drawers and cupboard
1230.   A continental stripped pine kitchen dresser, the base enclosed by a pair of rectangular twin panelled doors beneath two frieze drawers and recessed upper section enclosed by two panelled doors over an arrangement of four small drawers flanking an alcove/compartment 80-120
1231.   An early 20th century continental walnut and stained beechwood buffet, the lower section enclosed by a pair of moulded panelled doors with carved flower head and further detail beneath two shallow frieze drawers and open framework with panelled back beneath a raised cupboard enclosed by three panelled doors, the central with textured glass panel 60-80
1232.   A pair of Victorian walnut side/occasional chairs with plum coloured velvet upholstered seats and padded panelled backs beneath scrolled acanthus cresting rail and barley twist supports 40-60
1233.   A stripped and waxed pine kitchen side cupboard, freestanding and enclosed by a full length twin panelled door, the interior shelved, 178 cm high x 80 cm wide x 37 cm deep approx 60-80
1234.   A contemporary light metal framed chest fitted with an arrangement of five multi coloured drawers raised on shaped supports, 76 cm wide 40-60
1235.   A small reproduction mahogany kneehole desk in the Georgian style with inset leather panelled top over an arrangement of eight drawers flanking a central recessed cupboard raised on bracket shaped supports, 3ft wide approx 40-60
1236.   A low vintage painted pine cupboard of square cut form with panelled frame and enclosed by a single door, a Georgian mahogany commode, an ebonised Edwardian music stool, a simple mixed wood side table, a painted folding chair and a small open bamboo shelf, stool and a hanging clothes airer
1237.   A vintage stripped pine kneehole desk, the rectangular top over three drawers and cupboard enclosed by a panelled door, 4ft 4 inches long x 2ft wide approx (one piece) 60-80
1238.   A stripped pine two tier side table of rectangular form raised on shaped supports
1239.   A Victorian stripped pine bedroom chest of three long and two short drawers raised on turned supports, 3ft 3 inches wide approx 80-120
1240.   A dark Ercol elm and beechwood cottage drop leaf dining table together with a set of four hoop and stick back chairs, one other, a dresser base and further dresser with raised open plate rack (all Ercol), together with a simple oak side table with frieze drawer and a cast metal tripod table with inset onyx top
1241.   A Brights of Nettlebed reproduction mahogany freestanding corner cabinet in the Georgian style enclosed by two doors, the upper glazed with lancet shaped mouldings
1242.   A good quality Edwardian freestanding threefold screen, the mahogany arched frame enclosing partially glazed and simply upholstered panels 60-80
1243.   A good quality reproduction mahogany demi-lune side table by Brights of Nettlebed in the Georgian style with inlaid detail labelled to back rail with serial number 005057, together with a further good quality reproduction mahogany side table with serpentine front and frieze drawer, further two drawer example, a pair of Reprodux occasional tables of circular form with turned pillars and shaped tripods, two small demi-lune hall/side tables and a Georgian style toilet mirror with skeleton frame 80-120
1244.   A 19th century continental pine kitchen table with decorative distressed simulated marble paint work, the rectangular overhanging top over a shallow frieze drawer over four square tapered legs
1245.   A pair of vintage brass hames together with four domestic pans of circular form in copper and brass, three Eastern trays of varying design with engraved detail and a further copper bowl in the Arts & Crafts style 60-80
1246.   A pine farmhouse kitchen table, the rectangular pitch pine top raised on a painted base with frieze drawer and four square tapered legs united by a central stretcher 5ft 5 inches long x 3ft wide approx 120-140
1247.   A 19th century blanket chest with oil skinned finish and upholstered top
1248.   A domed top freestanding open bookcase with open slightly bow fronted fixed shelves, the lower graduated in size, 54 cm wide x 172 cm in height approx 40-60
1249.   A reproduction oak side cupboard, freestanding and enclosed by two pairs of panelled doors, the lower with applied linen fold detail, the upper with leaded light panels beneath a carved frieze 40-60
1250.   A 19th century mahogany drop leaf Pembroke breakfast table with single frieze drawer raised on a central turned pillar and swept quadruped with brass caps and castors 40-60
1251.   A 19th century pine bedroom chest of three long and two short drawers with original green stained finish and bracket supports, 3ft 3 inches wide approx 60-80
1252.   A small reproduction hardwood two tier demi-lune side table with frieze drawer raised on four square tapered supports, the lower tier with applied label Ancient Mariner
1253.   A 19th century mahogany night cupboard with inlaid detail, the front elevation with mock two drawer facade beneath a cupboard enclosed by two doors with well matched flame veneers
1254.   A Victorian stained pine bedroom chest of three long and two short graduated drawers with rounded corners and shallow moulded plinth, 3ft 10 inches wide approx 80-120
1255.   A small reproduction flight of mahogany bookshelves in the Georgian style with pierced fretwork sides and two small drawers to base, together with a further hardwood side cupboard enclosed by a panelled door and frieze drawer with carved foliate detail set on a moulded plinth
1256.   A pair of small hardwood bedside lamp tables with rectangular tops over frieze drawers and turned gun barrel supports united by stretchers
1257.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany pedestal side cupboard enclosed by a single door beneath two frieze drawers with satinwood banding and scrolling acanthus detail
1258.   A reproduction mahogany bow fronted bedroom chest in a Georgian style with three long graduated drawers with shaped apron and bracket shaped supports, 32 inches wide approx 40-60
1259.   A Victorian stripped pine bedroom chest of five long graduated drawers flanked by split bobbin columns and turned supports, 43 inches wide approx 60-80
1260.   A pair of Chinese stripped pine framed open armchairs, the shaped central splats with carved foliate panels 60-80
1261.   A 19th century mahogany bedroom chest, the serpentine front fitted with three long and two short drawers raised on turned bun supports, 4ft wide approx 150-200
1261A.  A good quality reproduction oak gateleg dining table in the 17th century style with bobbin moulded supports and stretcher 50-80
1262.   A Victorian pitch pine washstand, the shallow shaped back over two frieze drawers raised on a pair of lyre shaped supports united by a central stretcher and turned bun supports 60-80
1263.   An Alba 32 inch combination LCD tv/dvd
1264.   A 19th century continental stripped pine side cupboard enclosed by two rectangular panelled doors beneath a frieze drawer 44 inches wide approx 40-60
1265.   Four reproduction blue and white planters of varying design, two containing faux orchids
1266.   An Edwardian pine dressing chest of two long and two short drawers beneath further shallow raised trinket drawers and all over later light blue and crazed painted finish
1267.   A stripped pine kneehole twin pedestal desk fitted with an arrangement of nine frieze drawers and raised on moulded plinths, 4ft wide approx 60-80
1268.   A reproduction mahogany drop leaf two tier drinks trolley/cart, a further reproduction mahogany torchere with swept tripod, a contemporary floor standing steel framed jardiniere stand with plate glass top, a plated champagne bucket and stand in the form of a top hat, a nest of three graduated occasional tables of oval form with pie crust border and slender cabriole supports, small reproduction mahogany two tier demi-lune side table with swept supports and a contemporary steel framed candle stand with circular frosted glass reflector (7)
1269.   A pair of reproduction mahogany veneered two drawer side tables in the Georgian style with serpentine fronts and raised on square tapered supports and spade feet, together with a further pair of drop leaf occasional tables, each fitted with two frieze drawers raised on a central vase shaped column and swept quadruped 60-80
1270.   A pair of contemporary japanned side cupboards, each enclosed by two doors with polished finish and gilt line and further chinoiserie type detail, 30 inches wide x 60 inches deep x 34.5 inches high 60-80
1271.   A contemporary wardrobe with arched pediment over a pair of three quarter length twin panelled doors and shallow drawer to base raised on bracket shaped supports, with all over cream painted finish and teddy bear and foliate detail 60-80
1272.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany bureau with chequered stringing, the fall flap with oval musical instruement marquetry panel enclosing a simply fitted interior over three long graduated drawers and bracket shaped supports
1273.   An old English style oak side table fitted with a shallow frieze drawer with shaped apron raised on four turned gun barrel supports united by stretchers
1274.   A set of five Edwardian high back dining chair frames with inlaid detail
1275.   An unusual Arts & Crafts oak two tier washstand of rectangular form, the central frieze drawer with iron work ring handle and raised on four rectangular cut supports with chip carved medallion detail, etc (each tier originally tiled, now sadly missing)
1276.   A portable mahogany box with brass flush fitting side carrying handles, the hinged lid enclosing a removable segmented tray interior over a small drawer
1277.   A contemporary stripped pine kitchen table, the rectangular top with moulded outline and raised on four turned tapered supports together with a set of four modern Windsor beechwood wheel back kitchen chairs
1278.   Five matching cane work two tier bedside/occasional tables with glass tops
1279.   An early 20th century oak draw leaf dining table raised on a pair of baluster shaped and moulded supports united by a central stretcher to seat four to six
1280.   A modern stripped pine bedroom chest of three long and two short drawers together with a small pine blanket box with hinged lid
1281.   A walnut veneered freestanding side cabinet enclosed by a pair of astragal glazed panelled doors raised on cabriole supports, together with a simple moulded oak framed firescreen enclosing embroidered panel of a galleon at sea
1282.   An Edwardian mahogany floorstanding wind up gramaphone, the Viva-Tonal Columbia Grafonola with moulded hinged lid over a pair of small record storage cupboards and louvred speakered door, raised on square tapered supports and spade feet, together with a small quantity of records 40-60
1283.   A Victorian stripped pine and inverted breakfront pine desk with raised three quarter gallery over eight drawers (four graduated to each pedestal), flanking a recessed cupboard 80-120
1284.   A 19th century oak side cupboard with stepped and moulded cornice over a pair of moulded arched panelled doors, the interior fitted with three adjustable sliding shelves over three small drawers 60-80
1285.   A 19th century pine kitchen cabinet, the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors and two frieze drawers, the raised back with shaped outline incorporating a frieze drawer with overall painted and distressed finish, 123 cm wide 75-100
1286.   An Edwardian mahogany freestanding vitrine of square cut form with shallow moulded top over a glazed panelled surround with single door and split moulded bobbin slip detail over a shaped apron 60-80
1287.   A small stripped pine corner cupboard enclosed by a pair of rectangular panelled doors together with two further pine hanging wall shelves of varying design 60-80
1288.   A contemporary stripped pine dresser base fitted with two frieze drawers over cupboards enclosed by a pair of panelled doors and moulded skirting 60-80
1289.   A vintage mahogany framed side cabinet enclosed by three sliding rectangular glazed panelled doors revealing a simple shelved interior, 176 cm long x 32 cm wide x 80 cm high approx 60-80
1290.   A broad Edwardian bedroom chest of two long and two short drawers, 4ft wide approx
1291.   A good example of a Victorian stripped pine housekeepers cupboard with shallow inverted breakfront and moulded cornice over two sections, the upper enclosed by three rectangular panelled doors, the lower fitted with an arrangement of drawers flanked by turned columns within a panelled frame and raised on turned bun supports, the interior to upper section shelved and painted green, approx 7 ft wide x 6ft 5 inches high x 21 inches deep 400-600
1292.   A Stag Minsteral bedroom chest of four long drawers together with a further Stag dressing stool with drop in upholstered seat and bedside table of square cut form with open compartment over frieze drawer and cabriole supports
1293.   A vintage child's beechwood school desk with ink well and hinged lid, raised on shaped supports and sledge feet
1294.   A modern pine framed vanity unit, floorstanding with inset white glazed ceramic basin over a mock frieze drawer and cupboard enclosed by a tongue and groove panelled door
1295.   An unusual mahogany drop leaf and gateleg dining table raised on a pair of split moulded column supports and wedge feet to seat six 40-60
1296.   A 19th century mahogany side table enclosed by three drawers raised on turned and fluted supports with ebony string inlay
1297.   A cast iron Kenrick & Sons three and a half gallon cooking pot and cover with loose loop handle, a further Holcroft 16 inch two handled pan and cover, two jam pans and a saucepan and a simple painted flight of open shelves (5) 30-50
1298.   A good quality late Victorian telescopic oil lamp standard with drop in copper font and Messengers number two duplex brass burner and raised on scrolled tripod supports together with a Victorian telescopic pole screen stand and stem, the simple turned stem with brass finial raised on an ebonised vase shaped column and disc shaped platform base and an Eastern standard lamp with knop stem and engraved detail 60-80
1299.   A 19th century oak Pembroke table with frieze drawer raised on square tapered supports together with an Arts & Crafts style oak occasional table of circular form raised on four square cut legs united by an x framed stretcher
1300.   A 19th century mahogany breakfast table, the associated rectangular top with moulded three quarter outline, raised on a turned pillar and swept quadruped with carved lions paw feet to seat four
1301.   A contemporary cherry wood French provincial style kitchen table of rectangular form with cleated ends and end frieze drawer raised on four square tapered and tipped supports, 6ft long x 33 inches wide approx 150-200
1302.   A folding 'Batribike' in original holdall, with branded accessories 150-200
1303.   A folding 'Batribike' in original holdall, with branded accessories
1304.   A box of assorted lunar towels with yatching club insignia
1305.   A small vintage ebonised wooden box with hinged lid and exposed dovetail construction
1306.   A Victorian stripped pine two tier washstand with three quarter raised and shaped gallery, the lower tier incorporating a shallow frieze drawer raised on simple turned supports together with a further Victorian pine side table with frieze drawer and a pine kitchen wall mounted plate drying rack (3)
1307.   One lot of miscellaneous items to include small miscellaneous brassware, a galleon constructed from horn, vintage W & R Jacob & Co lozenge shaped tea caddy, etc
1311.   A set of six elm and beechwood chapel chairs with hymn book receptacles and pierced crucifix splats 100-200
1312.   A set of four Windsor stained elm and beechwood hoop and stick back kitchen chairs raised on turned supports and stretchers 40-60
1313.   A set of four Windsor lathe back kitchen chairs in elm and beech raised on turned supports and stretchers 40-60
1314.   A set of six (4 &2) Edwardian mahogany bar back dining chairs in the Georgian style with satin wood banding reeded frames, turned spindles, Regency striped upholstered drop in seats and raised on square tapered forelegs with spade feet 100-150
1315.   A set of eight (6&2) late 19th/early 20th century mahogany dining chairs in the Hepplewhite style, the moulded shield shaped backs with pierced comb splats over drop in upholstered seats, raised on square tapered forelegs and spade feet 150-200
1316.   A Harlequin set of four Victorian Windsor elm and beechwood lathe back kitchen chairs 60-80
1317.   A Harlequin set of four Windsor stick back kitchen chairs in elm and beech, raised on turned supports united by double H shaped stretchers 60-80
1318.   Eight Georgian ashwood triple spindled back dining chairs with yoke shaped cresting rails over rush seats, turned supports and pad feet united by stretchers (set of 7 plus a later well matched example) 200-300
1319.   A set of four contemporary light beechwood triple bar back dining chairs with solid seats raised on square cut supports united by H shaped chamfered stretchers
1320.   A pair of early 19th century mahogany bar back dining chairs with scrolled acanthus detail, upholstered seats and reeded forelegs, one other, together with a small Victorian fender
1321.   A pair of continental oak open elbow chairs with triple wavy moulded bar backs over rush seats and turned supports united by stretchers 60-80
1322.   A Victorian mahogany library chair, the horseshoe shaped back with pierced vase shaped splat and scrolled arms over a caned panelled seat with serpentine front and turned forelegs 60-80
1323.   A Windsor style stained beechwood stick back elbow chair with shaped arms, circular saddle shaped seat raised on turned tapered supports united by an x framed stretcher 40-60
1324.   Five Georgian mahogany dining chairs with pierced vase shaped splats, three matching with drop in seats raised on square cut and moulded supports united by stretchers 60-80
1325.   A pair of Regency mahogany bar back dining chairs with reeded frames upholstered seats and further reeded tapered forelegs
1326.   A Georgian style mahogany open elbow chair with intricate pierced splat, shaped arm, drop in seat and square tapered forelegs united by a H shaped stretcher
1327.   An early 20th century Arts & Crafts style open elbow chair with vertical slatted back over a drop in upholstered seat raised on square tapered forelegs united by a H shaped stretcher
1328.   An Edwardian easy chair with shaped outline, slab arms and cream ground floral patterned upholstered finish raised on simple turned tapered forelegs with pad feet 80-100
1329.   A late Victorian drawing room/parlour chair with upholstered seat, back and arm pads within a moulded frame with simple carved foliate detail raised on turned forelegs with ceramic castors 40-60
1330.   A Victorian spoonback drawing room/nursing chair with green dralon serpentine upholstered seat and deep buttoned back within a walnut show wood frame with carved foliate detail and raised on scrolled cabriole forelegs with ceramic castors 60-80
1331.   A Victorian drawing room/nursing chair with blue velvet upholstered serpentine seat and buttoned back within a moulded show wood frame with carved shell and further detail raised on scrolled cabriole supports with white ceramic castors 40-60
1332.   A Georgian mahogany single chair with later upholstered seat and swept arched back raised on square cut and moulded forelegs with brass castors united by stretchers 60-80
1333.   A substantial Edwardian wing armchair with shaped outline, cream ground floral patterned upholstered finish and squat cabriole forelegs 40-60
1334.   A Victorian drawing room chair with floral patterned upholstered seat, buttoned back and arm rests within a mahogany show wood frame with moulded detail and turned forelegs with brown ceramic castors 40-60
1335.   A good quality contemporary open armchair with upholstered seat and button back within a medium oak frame with square tapered and swept forelegs 40-60
1336.   A contemporary armchair with oatmeal ground upholstery button back, rolled arms and cabriole forelegs
1337.   A Victorian stained pine side table fitted with two frieze drawers raised on rectangular cut and swept supports 40-60
1338.   An early 20th century oak upright bedroom chest of five long and two short drawers beneath a moulded frieze raised on ogee bracket supports 40-60
1338A.  A well modelled figure of a Jester with red costume and tri-horned hat with bells with modelled features in clay
1339.   A Georgian stained pine mule chest with hinged lid over two frieze drawers and bracket shaped supports 80-120
1340.   A 19th century mahogany demi-lune side table with frieze drawer and square tapered supports
1341.   A brass cauldron on lions paw feet together with a pair of painted table lamps of column form and two other lamps, together with a copper coal scuttle, etc

1342.   A reproduction mahogany writing desk in the Georgian style the raised back incorporating numerous small drawers and pigeon holes over two frieze drawers and cabriole supports with claw and ball feet and gadrooned detail 80-120
1343.   A good quality reproduction oak drop leaf gate leg occasional table in the old English style raised on eight turned vase shaped column and block supports united by stretchers together with an oak occasional table of circular form and a pair of reproduction occasional/wine tables of oval form, raised on central turned pillar and swept quadruped (4) 60-80
1344.   A good quality oak refectory table in the old English style, the rectangular top with cleated ends raised on four turned baluster and block supports united by a central moulded stretcher, 5ft long x 32 inches wide approx 100-150
1345.   A contemporary Italian walnut dining suite comprising table and chairs and dresser in the Sorrento manner 100-150
1346.   A reproduction oak draw leaf refectory table in the old English style, with carved foliate frieze raised on a pair of bulbous supports united by a central stretcher to seat eight to ten, 6ft long x 3ft wide approx (closed), 9ft long approx extended 80-120
1347.   A set of five Victorian oak dining chairs with carved rampant lion and cartouche cresting rails raised on turned and fluted supports and stretchers 40-60
1348.   A Victorian mahogany davenport of usual format with stationery box over a hinged slope and four real and four dummy drawers 50-80
1349.   A reproduction mahogany snap top occasional table in the Georgian style, the circular top with pie-crust border raised on a turned pillar with birdcage action and shaped tripod with claw and ball feet, together with a further reproduction torchere 60-80
1350.   A low Chinese stained pine occasional table of square form with pierced top, moulded support and frieze 40-60
1351.   A reproduction hardwood silver table in the Georgian style, the rectangular top with serpentine outline and pierced fretwork gallery raised on four square tapered supports and spade feet united by a pierced x framed fretwork stretcher with turned finial surmount 50-80
1352.   A substantial Victorian stained pine bedroom chest of four long and two short drawers with turned knob handles, 43 inches wide approx 90-110
1353.   A nest of three reproduction yew wood veneered occasional tables in the Georgian style, the rectangular tops with hand painted peacock branch and floral detail raised on slender turned column supports and swept feet 40-60
1354.   A 19th century mahogany side cabinet enclosed by a lancet shaped glazed panelled door raised on squat bracket supports 40-60
1355.   An Edwardian mahogany jardiniere of cylindrical form with chequered string inlaid detail and removal liner raised on slender cabriole supports
1356.   A 19th century rosewood veneered tilt top breakfast/loo table of circular form raised on a simple tapered pillar, moulded collar, tricorn platform and turned bun supports to seat four to six, 52 inches diameter approx 60-80
1357.   A set of six (4&2) carolean style oak high back dining chairs with carved cresting rails over vertical slats, drop in seats and turned forelegs united by H shaped stretchers 80-120
1358.   A good quality reproduction oak nest of occasional tables, the outer of rectangular form raised on turned vase shaped column and block supports united by H shaped stretchers together with two smaller tables housed within
1359.   An antique elm six plank coffer with hinged lid, steel lock plate and simple chip carved and punched detail 60-80
1360.   An Edwardian side cupboard enclosed by two glazed panelled doors on short cabriole supports
1361.   An old English style oak refectory table, the rectangular plank top raised on a pair of vase shaped column supports united by a central pegged stretcher, 5ft long x 30 inches wide approx 60-80
1362.   A Victorian oak wind out extending dining table of rectangular form with carved acanthus border, single additional leaf and further carved supports, 4ft 9 inches long x 3ft 5 inches wide approx 60-80
1363.   A Victorian style pull out extending dining table of rectangular form with moulded outline raised on four reeded legs with brass caps and castors together with a set of eight similar balloonback dining chairs with upholstered seats 200-250
1364.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany elbow chair and a matching single chair
1365.   A set of four continental oak framed dining chairs with tan leatherette upholstered seats and back pads within moulded frames with carved detail and turned galleries
1366.   A reproduction mahogany veneered kneehole twin pedestal writing desk in the Georgian style with inset green leather top over an arrangement of eight frieze drawers disguised as nine, set on a moulded plinth 150-200
1367.   A late 19th/early 20th century mahogany kneehole pedestal partners desk with inset leatherette panelled top over an arrangement of nine frieze drawers and single slide to each side, set on a moulded plinth within a panelled frame, 5ft long x 4ft wide approx 200-300
1368.   A bentwood rocking chair with cane panelled seat and back
1369.   A 19th century chaise lounge with upholstered seat, back and scrolled head rest within a mahogany show wood frame raised on scrolled and swept supports 60-80
1370.   A set of four Edwardian walnut dining chairs with pierced vase shaped splats, upholstered seats, cabriole forelegs
1371.   A contemporary but traditional style two to three seat sofa, with shaped outline, rolled arms, cream ground floral upholstery and loose cushions raised on short square tapered forelegs with brass caps and castors together with a matching stool 100-120
1371A.  A polished marble top and raised three quarter gallery
1372.   A contemporary easy chair and stool with mottled brown upholstery on turned polished wood bases
1373.   A Laura Ashley traditional armchair with cream ground upholstery, shaped outline with rolled arms and head rest, loose seat cushion and turned forelegs with brass caps and castors 100-120
1374.   A good quality contemporary Knoll type sofa with tartan patterned upholstery and loose feather filled cushions, approx 6ft long 80-100
1375.   Eight stained beechwood hoop back dining chairs including five wheelback examples
1375A.  An elm wall shelf with shaped brackets together with a further oak hall shelf with carved details and applied brass hooks
1376.   A 19th century three seat canope with serpentine upholstered seat and padded back within a gilt frame with moulded floral and further detail raised on six cabriole supports 100-150
1377.   A good quality contemporary cane three seat outdoor/conservatory sofa by Cane-line with shaped outline together with a matching table 80-120
1378.   A pair of good quality cane-line outdoor/conservatory loungers with shaped outline 150-200
1379.   A pair of good quality Cane-line outdoor/conservatory cane loungers with shaped outline 150-200
1380.   A late Victorian/Edwardian two to three seat double drop arm Chesterfield sofa with buttoned busy floral patterned upholstery and raised on turned forelegs with brown ceramic castors 100-150
1381.   An early 19th century three seat sofa with swept and rolled arms and upholstered in a mint green fabric raised on turned, tapered and moulded supports with brass caps and castors, 7ft long approx 200-300
1382.   A King Roadstar child's 6 volt battery powered and mains rechargeable car
1383.   A quantity of good quality wicker baskets of varying design
1384.   Three contemporary fibre and reinforced cabin type trunks with red colourway 60-80
1385.   Two contemporary fibre cabin type trunks with green colourway together with a further charcoal coloured example 40-60
1386.   A pine farmhouse kitchen dresser, the base fitted with two towers of three drawers flanking a central cupboard beneath a recessed raised plate rack with three fixed open shelves and boarded back, 6ft long approx 100-150
1386A.  A JVC Stacking music system comprising a fully automatic turntable, AL-E300BK, stereo double cassette receiver DR-E500l, compact disc player XL-E300BK and a pair of SP-E300 speakers
1387.   A late 19th century walnut wardrobe with mirror panelled door over a single frieze drawer 60-80
1388.   A Georgian mahogany drop leaf table raised on scrolled cabriole supports with pointed toes 40-60
1389.   Five blue and white transfer printed Willow pattern meat plates 20-30
1390.   Early 20th century bergere work sedan chair, inscribed to the left arm Eastleigh Station with adjustable carrying handles, 80cm high 50-80
1391.   William IV mahogany fold over breakfast table the circular moulded top upon a faceted baluster column, circular plato and paw feet, the top one 122cm diameter 50-80
1392.   no lot

1393.   Set of 12 1960s cane work dining chairs 80-100
1394.   Pitch pine simulated bamboo centre table the circular top upon four bamboo columns, serpentine quatrefoil plato and four splayed feet, 153cm diameter 50-80
1395.   Early to mid 19th century mahogany table base with wrythen fluted legs, 82cm high
1396.   Modern stripped and waxed pine tripe front wardrobe, fitted with three panelled doors, the central door with bevelled mirror over a base fitted with an arrangement of five drawers, 180cm wide 100-150
1397.   Antique oak gate leg dining table together with further 19th century oak tripod wine table (2) 60-100
1398.   19th century child's bergere work high chair, 95cm high 70-90
1399.   Flemish style barley twist oak hall chair
1400.   A Victorian mahogany twin pedestal side board, the back with raised scallop shell scrolled pediment, over three cushion drawers and two panelled doors 30-50
1401.   19th century figured mahogany chest of drawers fitted with two short and two long drawers upon bun feet, 95cm wide 80-120
1402.   19th century ebonised barley twist side table with Morocco leather top, arched wavy frieze and barley twist supports united by a barley twist stretcher, 72cm high 30-50
1403.   Lloyd Loom style glass topped two tier side table, in green with brass mounts, 72cm high 30-50
1404.   Eastern carved hardwood fold down table, the top carved with various foliate panels upon a pierced square base, 56cm high together with a further fold over table (2) 40-60
1405.   Reproduction mahogany faceted baluster standard lamp 30-50
1407.   Victorian mahogany floor section Canterbury with scrolled cartouche pierced panels over a single drawer together with a free standing reclaimed pine bookcase (2) 40-60
1408.   19th century mahogany linen press the dental cornice over twin panelled doors enclosing four slides, on a base fitted with two short and two long doors upon bracket feet 80-120
1409.   19th century mahogany bow fronted sideboard fitted with an arrangement of three drawers upon turned legs 40-60
1410.   Georgian style flamed mahogany side table with fret work panel to the frieze and chamfered legs; together with a music stool (2)
1411.   A pair of antique oak and brass bound coal buckets 50-80
1412.   Georgian oak bureau the fall front enclosing a fitted interior over four long graduated drawers and bracket feet 40-60
1413.   19th century wool work foot stool upon mahogany bun feet, together with a collection of six cushions 50-70
1414.   A Georgian mahogany tray top night commode with draw front
1415.   Painted oak bank of three drawers with brass handles, 84cm high 50-80
1416.   Late 19th century mahogany table, the oval top inlaid with box wood upon a four pillar base and four acanthus carved scrolled feet 30-50
1417.   Interesting stained pine extending dining table, upon four part reeded and cover supports 30-50
1418.   Collection of furniture to include 19th century side table upon baluster turned legs, two nests of three tables, music stool, three regency bergere style chairs and a glass topped chrome bistro table 50-80
1419.   Early 20th century oak filing drawer converted into a box seat
1420.   Two similar glazed oak wall cabinets, each with twin doors enclosing a shelved interior (2) 50-80
1421.   Early 20th century chest of drawers fitted with two short over two long drawers 30-50
1422.   19th century mahogany drop leaf dining table of small proportions, upon four turned legs 30-50
1423.   Late 19th century walnut silk work fire screen, the frame carved with flowers and scrolled acanthus; together with a further wool work wall hanging (2) 30-50
1424.   Art nouveau satin walnut wardrobe, the raised shaped pediment over an arched glazed door flanked poker work nouveau carvings over a single drawer and ogee feet 100-200
1425.   Japanese lacquered four fold screen 60-100
1426.   Edwardian oak wardrobe, the arched pediment carved with a flower over a single mirrored door and base fitted with a single long drawer; together with an Edwardian boxwood inlaid torchere (2) 80-120
1427.   Good arts and crafts oak dressing chest centrally fitted with a large swing mirror flanked by two banks of three drawers mounted by art nouveau tulip carved backs, on a base fitted with a single long drawer with further floral carvings 200-300
1428.   Early 19th century bijouterie cabinet the glazed top enclosing a baize lined interior, 89cm high 50-80
1428A.  A late 18th century five panel room divider with printed fabric panels
1429.   Part painted late 19th century bedside chest fitted with a single hidden drawer and cupboard door together with a circular Victorian step over footstool (2) 30-50
1430.   Pair of distressed pine column/torcheres, 114cm high 40-60
1431.   Mid 19th century mahogany wine table the moulded circular top on a further turned column and three scrolled feet 40-60
1432.   19th century mahogany glazed bookcase on stand the arched glazed top enclosing a shelved interior and a further panelled base 100-120
1433.   Bespoke turned wooden corner stand fitted with six beech hooks 40-60
1434.   A small good quality mahogany wall cabinet in the Georgian style with swan neck pediment over a pair of astragal glazed panelled doors revealing a single shelf to the interior, raised on shaped bracket supports. 65 cm high x 80 cm wide approx 60-80
1435.   Reproduction walnut glazed hanging hanging cabinet, the glazed door enclosing a shelved interior; together with a further Edwardian Sutherland table (2) 40-60
1436.   Late 19th century mahogany free standing bookcase 50-80
1437.   Late Georgian oak free standing corner cupboard with galleried rail
1438.   Turned beech spindle work coat and hat stand 30-50
1439.   Twin branch standard lamp fitted with ribbon opaque glass shades, 140 cm high approx.

1440.   A Georgian mahogany bookcase enclosed by astragal glazed panelled doors raised on bracket supports, 144 cm wide
1441.   Four vintage pine butlers trays three associated folding stands
1442.   A continental oak three drawer floor standing bedside chest, with white and grey flecked marble top, moulded detail and turned supports 40-60
1443.   Three stained softwood eastern panels with pierced flower head detail with polychrome finish
1444.   Five Edwardian mahogany dining chairs in the Queen Anne style with vase shaped splat's, drop in seats and cabriole forelegs
1445.   A regency style occasional/tub chair with drop in upholstered seat and padded back within a moulded frame with scrolled swan neck open arms and swept supports 80-100
1446.   A cast bronze rams head wall plaque with verdigree finish 200-300
1447.   A small hardwood three tier buffet the raised back with pierced detail and mirrored plate over two frieze drawers and open shelves raised on turned columns and block supports
1448.   A Jacobean revival oak dresser base fitted with two deep frieze drawers with geometric mouldings raised on turned column and block supports united by stretchers, 4ft wide approx 60-80
1449.   Ecclesiastical oak wall mounted hymn board with shamfered framework, vintage Georgian style pipe/ spoon rack with shaped outline and 19th century maple frame of rectangular form enclosing a mirror plate 40-60
1450.   A Victorian mahogany wash stand with shallow raised three quarter gallery over two frieze drawers raised on a pair of turned columns united by a further turned stretcher and turned supports 50-80
1451.   A 19th century mahogany side table fitted with two shallow frieze drawers raised on turned tapered supports, 4ft wide approx 60-80
1452.   An early 20th century chest/blanket box with hinged lid, all over poker work detail, the lid with shield, lion and bird detail 80-100
1453.   A 19th century stripped pine, bow fronted hanging corner cupboard enclosed by a pair of doors beneath a dentil frieze, the interior green painted and fitted with three oak shelves
1454.   A 19th century mahogany Pembroke table with two end frieze drawers raised on ring turned and tapered supports with brass caps and castors, together with an Edwardian mahogany occasional table of rectangular form and a pair of oak bedside tables in the Cotswold school style with exposed jointed construction
1455.   An occasional table, the 19th century flamed mahogany top of rectangular form with moulded outline and rounded corners raised on later associated splayed supports
1456.   Interesting fibre glass moulded hand with a finger pointing, 68cm long 30-50
1457.   Good old leather saddle 30-50
1458.   vintage iron cased stage lamp 40-60
1461.   An Edwardian mahogany bureau bookcase, the bureau of three long drawers raised on claw and ball supports, the bookcase with astragal glazed panelling.

1462.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany bureau bookcase, the fall flap enclosing a fitted interior over a single frieze drawer and two panelled doors, the bookcase with glazed panelled doors with overall string inlaid decoration, 100 cm wide approx.

1463.   An early 19th century mahogany side table fitted with a single frieze drawer on turned supports, 76 cm wide approx.
1464.   An Ashanti stool together with a Welsh spinning chair in oak with carved detail.
1465.   A Georgian mahogany dressing table, the central kneehole surrounded by an arrangement of seven drawers with brass fittings, 85 cm wide approx. 200-250
1466.   A substantial oak break front side cabinet, the central tower of three drawers flanked by two cupboards, all with geometric carved detail, raised on short cabriole supports, set beneath a parquetry top and shallow frieze back, 260 cm long approx. 200-300
1467.   An early 19th century mahogany chest of four long drawers raised on square tapering column supports, the upper section enclosing two further frieze drawers, 115 cm wide approx. 100-120
1468.   A Georgian elm dresser, the base enclosed by an arrangement of three doors and six drawers, the plate rack with three graduated shelves and two enclosed cupboards, set beneath a dentil frieze, 220 cm wide approx. 300-400
1469.   A Georgian oak cottage longcase, the 30 hour movement with bird cage frame, the 30 cm square dial painted with flowers and strawberries, the hood with architectural cornice.

1470.   A pair of inlaid Edwardian mahogany elbow chairs with marquetry splats, with upholstered seats on square taper legs and spade feet. 60-80
1471.   An early 20th century mahogany hanging cupboard enclosed by two doors with applied rope twist detail, partially fitted with an arrangement of drawers and hanging space, 140 cm wide approx. 80-100
1472.   A brightly painted Indian elbow chair, principally in a red and black colourway with geometric detail, spindle moulded frame and seagrass seat. 80-100
1473.   An early 19th century mahogany breakfast table, the rectangular top raised on a turned pillar and reeded tripod base, 90 cm maximum approx.

1474.   A Regency rosewood drop leaf centre table raised on a turned and tapering column and tricorn platform base with lions paw feet, 135 cm diameter approx. 50-80
1475.   A mid-Victorian period fumed oak centre table, the octagonal top enclosing four frieze drawers, raised on a tapering octagonal column and four further turned columns resting on a platform base with lion feet, with overall geometric carved decoration to all borders, 130 cm diameter approx. 500-600
1476.   A Georgian elm dough bin of usual rectangular form with tapering sides, raised on four moulded supports. 60-80
1477.   An 18th century French provincial side cupboard, principally in fruit wood, the front elevation enclosed by two panelled doors over two frieze drawers with cut steel fittings, 135 cm wide approx. 250-300
1478.   A pair of Chinese elbow chairs in mixed woods including elm, with panelled seat and lighly carved detail. 80-100
1479.   A pair of Old English style oak framed wing chairs with linen fold panels, upholstered seats and backs. 100-120
1480.   A graduated nest of four Chinese hardwood occasional tables of square cut form, 45 cm square approx and smaller. 250-300
1481.   A small 19th century side table on two tiers raised on three swept supports with pierced detail.
1482.   A substantial and useful Victorian mahogany chest of five long and two short drawers on turned supports, 150 cm high x 110 cm wide approx. 120-150
1483.   A mid-19th century mahogany secretaire bookcase, the lower section fitted with four drawers, the secretaire with further drawers, shelves, etc., set beneath a bookcase with glazed panelled doors, 110 cm wide. 100-150
1484.   A panelled oak cupboard on stand with pegged frame, the upper section enclosed by two panelled doors, the lower section with open pot board shelf, 120 cm wide approx.

1485.   A Georgian oak elbow chair with shaped and pierced splats, solid seat and square cut supports together with a further side chair with later carved detail.
1486.   An 18th century oak coffer with plank top, the front elevation enclosing three rectangular fielded panels on square cut stiles, 130 cm long approx.

1487.   A late Regency rosewood chiffonier, the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors with mirror plates, the upper section with raised back incorporating a further mirror set beneath a shaped frieze, 125 cm wide approx.
1488.   An Old English style oak credence cupboard enclosed by three carved and panelled sides, raised on turned supports. 220-240
1489.   A Georgian oak bow fronted corner hanging cupboard with cross banded detail.

1490.   A Georgian mahogany inverted breakfront four door wardrobe, the central section enclosed by two long and two short drawers and two panelled doors, flanked by two doors of full height beneath a moulded cornice, 245 cm wide approx.

1491.   A Georgian mahogany cellarette of rectangular form, the rising lid revealing six segmented compartments raised on later cast metallic support. 100-120
1492.   A Georgian mahogany occasional table, the rectangular top raised on a turned pillar and swept tripod base, 42 cm maximum.
1493.   A Georgian mahogany chest of three long and two short drawers raised on bracket supports with cast brass fittings, 110 cm wide approx.

1494.   A Georgian oak side table raised on four baluster shaped supports enclosing a frieze drawer on an H shaped stretcher, 90 cm wide approx.

1495.   A Victorian oak centre table with frieze drawer raised on four baluster shaped supports with central stretcher and geometric carved detail, 105 cm diameter approx. 260-280
1496.   A matched pair of early Georgian oak side chairs with barley twist supports and further later carved detail.
1497.   An 18th century oak coffer with panelled framework and moulded styles, 140 cm diameter approx. 100-150
1498.   Am early oak joint stool of rectangular form raised on four turned and tapering turned supports with inventory initials EW, 53 cm tall x 42 cm wide x 26 cm deep approx. 150-200
1499.   An Old English style bedstead, the headboard with carved detail showing a Tree of Life panel with acorn finial's, to accept standard mattress 4ft 6 in wide.

1500.   An early 19th century oak longcase clock, the hood with swan neck cornice enclosing a 35 cm broken arch painted dial showing four ages of man - Infancy, Youth, Manhood and Old Age, to the arch a betrothal scene with eight day striking movement by Jon Graham of Moffat.

1501.   A 19th century figured walnut side cupboard with concave sides, the front elevation enclosed by two panelled doors and a single frieze drawer, with raised shallow back.

1502.   A 19th century gilded wall mirror, the frame of oval form with shell and foliated detail and further floral swags enclosing a bevelled edged mirror plate, 125 cm long approx. 200-250
1503.   A Regency convex wall mirror set within a circular gilded mirror surmounted by an eagle, 80 cm maximum. 180-200
1504.   A carved hardwood settle to seat two with heavily carved detail including lion masks, scrolls, heraldic crests, etc. 250-350
1505.   A Georgian mahogany snap top table raised on turned pillar with bird cage action upon a tripod base. 80-120
1505A.  A pair of Arts & Crafts fireside stools of shaped outline raised on square cut and tapered supports; together with A Victorian gout stool with adjustable frame (3)

1506.   A Georgian mahogany occasional table with pie crust border raised on bird cage and turned pillar with carved tripod base with acanthus and lions paw feet, 75 cm maximum. 100-150
1507.   A mid 19th century gilded wall mirror of oval form surmounted by floral and other friezes, 120 cm max 200-300
1508.   An aesthetic movement steel fender with repeating sun flower design set beneath a brass rail, 115 cm in length 40-60
1509.   A fine quality four poster bedstead in mahogany in the Georgian style with turned and fluted column supports set beneath rectangular canopy with moulded detail and carved and pierced geometric panels to accept a 6ft divan base and mattress 600-800
1510.   A pair of good quality contemporary sleigh beds each with slatted frames and mattresses, 82 cm in width 200-300
1511.   A good quality reproduction mahogany freestanding bookcase of full height with carved detail beneath an inlaid marquetry frieze with swag and harebell detail, 100 cm wide 200-300
1512.   And So To Bed of London - 'Georgian Tallboy' A good quality reproduction Georgian style chest on chest of six long and two short drawers, the upper section with carved and canted corners beneath a blind fret frieze with cast brass fittings raised on bracket supports, 190cm high x 115 cm wide 200-300
1513.   Titchmarsh & Goodwin - A fine quality Georgian style triple wardrobe, the central door flanked by two serpentine doors raised on swept supports 200 cm wide (see REF: RL.23717 for similar example) 200-300
1514.   Titchmarsh & Goodwin - A fine quality walnut and figured walnut side cupboard enclosed by a fielded panelled door with shell motif, further herringbone and other detail, 68 cm wide 80-120
1515.   Titchmarsh & Goodwin - A fine quality walnut and burr walnut dressing table (or writing table), fitted with an arrangement of five drawers with serpentine centre and with raised (but detachable triple mirror back), together with a matching stool with cabriole supports and shell carved knees (see REF RL.24143 for similar example) 400-500
1516.   A pair of table lamps in the classical Georgian style on turned tapering and fluted columns with ionic capitals 80-100
1517.   Titchmarsh & Goodwin - A pair of good quality walnut and figured walnut side tables, each enclosing a single frieze drawer raised on shaped supports with shell carved knees and with shallow bow fronted outline, 52 cm 300-400
1518.   Titchmarsh & Goodwin - A mahogany cheval mirror raised on swept supports 60 cm wide 150-200
1519.   Titchmarsh & Goodwin -A good quality walnut and burr walnut chest on chest, fitted with an arrangement of six long and five short drawers, with crossbaned and herringbone finish and brass plate handles raised on bracket supports, 100 cm wide (see REF RL.23359 for similar example) 400-600
1520.   Titchmarsh & Goodwin - A fine quality walnut and burr walnut breakfront five door wardrobe beneath a carved and moulded swan neck cornice with gilded fleur-de-lys motif, each drawer enclosing fielded panels with shell and harebell detail and raised on ogee supports, 320 cm wide (see REF RL.15582 for similar example) 600-800
1521.   Titchmarsh & Goodwin - A walnut and figured walnut cheval glass of usual form, 60 cm wide 100-150
1522.   A good quality reproduction Georgian style side chair with Gothic tracery splat, stuff over seat on four square taper supports 40-60
1523.   A pair of 20th century floor standing torcheres with character supports raised on tricorn bases with scrolled feet, each buoy supporting seven branch floral candelabra, 180 cm height 500-600
1524.   An early Georgian mahogany davenport in mahogany with swivel top over four frieze drawers on bun supports with inset leather writing surface, 50 cm wide approx, stamped W & C Wilkinson - 14 Ludgate Hill 5864 200-300
1524A.  An Edwardian three piece drawing room suite, the show wood frame with floral marquetry inlaid detail raised on turned supports with recently re-upholstered detail 200-300
1524B.  A good quality reproduction Georgian style elbow chair with pierced Gothic tracery splat, carved cresting rail, further carved detail raised on claw and ball supports with upholstered seat 80-120
1524C.  A Georgian mahogany washstand of square cut form with three quarter raised gallery, front elevation enclosed by an over door, pull out drawer with leather top 100-120
1525.   Vintage industrial orange painted steel medical cabinet by Dreva, the top half fitted with twin glazed doors enclosing a shelved interior over further panelled doors with cast aluminium fittings, 170 cm high 200-300
1526.   Vintage industrial orange painted steel medical cabinet by Dreva, the top half fitted with twin glazed doors enclosing a shelved interior over further panelled doors with cast aluminium fittings, 170 cm high
1527.   An Ercol golden dawn tier Delft rack together with a further teak wall mirror (2) 40-60
1528.   1960s Danish teak two tier coffee table, the rectangular top with raised borders, 53 cm high x 65 cm wide 30-50
1529.   The Illumina globe by Purnell & Sons, London, 55 cm high 40-60
1530.   Richard Hornby for Fyne lady afromosia sideboard centrally fitted with four graduated drawers flanked by cupboard doors, 153 cm long (AF) 80-120
1531.   Danish teak cocktail cabinet, the twin enclosing a mirror back fitted interior, typical square tapered legs, 128 cm high; together with a further 1960s teak footstool (2) 60-100
1532.   Art Deco period bevelled glass overmantle mirror of geometric form, 123 cm x 81 cm 80-120
1533.   Art Deco period bevelled glass overmantle mirror of geometric form, 123 cm x 123 cm 80-120
1534.   Vintage industrial - 3 machinists wall lights on articulated arms together with two further anglepoise lamps and a bowling ball (6) 80-120
1535.   A pair of Parker Knoll brown leatherette swivel egg chairs 80-120
1536.   Ercol golden dawn two seater stick back sofa 100-200
1537.   Mixed retro and industrial lot to include cast steel glazed wall hanging medical cabinet; together with Danish style chrome ceiling light, pair of atomic coat hooks and vintage industrial fan (5) 30-50
1538.   In the manner of De-sede, leather swivel lounge chair 50-100
1539.   1940s industrial oak desk chair with stuff over leather back and seat 40-80
1540.   Set of four 1950s Ben chairs, with bent wood frames and stuffover seats (4) 60-100
1541.   Vintage industrial Memlite desk lamp together with a further Mac lamp for Habitat desk lamp, together with two green enamel industrial pendant lights (4) 40-60
1542.   Ercol light elm three seater stick back sofa, with burnt orange upholstery 150-250
1543.   Pair of Ercol light elm stick back lounge chairs with burnt orange upholstery 100-200
1544.   Vintage tin pedal bin painted with a still life of fruits together with a matched set of graduated storage containers 30-50
1545.   Pair of 1950s carver chairs in the manner of Gordon Russell with stylised stuff over back and seats 50-80
1546.   After Hans Wegner - CH20 Elbow chairs, set of 12 Danish dining chairs together with one other (13) 300-500
1547.   Italian black leatherette deep seated lounge chair in the manner of Corbusier 40-60
1548.   1950s two piece bedroom suite in the manner of Fornasetti comprising a dressing table and wardrobe with cream and gilt decoration 30-50
1549.   G plan fresco teak bedroom suite comprising a two door and three door wardrobe (2) 80-120
1550.   Pair of Italian brass and smoked glass occasional/coffee tables 50-80
1551.   Art Deco chrome faceted standard lamp upon an ebonised diamond base and cast aluminium feet 40-60
1552.   Stag furniture C range dressing chest and tallboy, the dressing chest fitted with three graduated drawers, the tallboy with fitted interior 60-100
1553.   Two Stag Minsteral chest of drawers, both fitted with three long graduated drawers 50-80
1554.   Herbert Terry anglepoise lamp on stepped square base; together with three further vintage desk lamps (4) 20-40
1555.   Yasu Sasamoto for Dulton Co Ltd, galvanized cast metal stool of organic form, 75 cm high 80-120
1556.   Vintage freestanding floor lamp in white together with a further similar desk lamp (2) 40-60
1557.   An American style diner suite comprising four chairs and a bistro table 40-60
1557A.  An American style diner suite comprising four chairs and a bistro table 40-60
1558.   Pair of Ercol golden dawn wall hanging delft racks, centrally pierced with a swan (2) 80-120
1559.   1950s teak sideboard fitted with four short drawers and four cupboard doors on stylised tapered legs 173cm wide 60-100
1560.   Danish teak sideboard, with raised back fitted with two long drawers, two cupboard doors and a fall front, 182 cm long 50-80
1561.   After Hans Wegner - set of four CH23 style dining chairs 80-120
1562.   1950s teak and cross banded twin pedestal desk fitted with an arrangement of six drawers to the kneehole frieze, 137 cm long 60-100
1563.   G plan teak nest of three tables 40-60
1564.   Danish teak MK craftsman nest of three tables 60-100
1565.   1970s Danish style teak dining suite comprising long sideboard, dining table and four dining chairs possibly by Avalon 80-120
1566.   G plan teak nest of three tables 50-80
1567.   Ercol light elm drop leaf dining table together with a set of four Windsor chairs 150-200
1568.   Vintage industrial green galvanized heat lamp (perfect to convert into a standard lamp) 50-100
1569.   Vintage industrial MAJOR stage light upon a cast steel stand 50-80
1570.   Ercol style light wood bureau fitted with a fall front over a single drawer and twin cupboard door 30-50
1571.   Staples Ladderax to include single drawer and shelved unit together with sides and brackets, together with a further 1970s teak floating storage unit 60-100
1572.   Danish two tier tea trolley on wheels 30-50
1573.   A G plan teak drop leaf dining table and four chairs 80-120
1574.   Italian and brass oval glass top coffee table 50-70
1575.   A collection of 1970s furniture by White & Newton to include tallboy fitted with seven long drawers, pair of bedsides, pedestal desk/dressing table and headboard (5) 80-120
1576.   1970s teak freestanding glazed bookcase in the Danish manner, with sliding glazed doors enclosing a mirrored backed shelved interior over a base fitted with a single drawer upon square legs, 132 cm high 50-80
1577.   1950s teak sideboard fitted with two banks of five graduated drawers, 131 cm long 50-80
1578.    G plan Fresco range dressing table fitted with a concealed jewellery drawer flanked by two further small drawers upon square tapered legs, 152 cm long 60-100
1579.   1970s teak dressing table surmounted by a triptych mirror over a base fitted with an arrangement of seven drawers to the kneehole frieze, 153 cm long together with a G plan Fresco bedside table (2) 60-100
1580.   A pair of modern light oak side cabinets possibly by Habitat 86 cm high (2) 100-150
1581.   Vintage industrial steel mirror fitted with a bevelled glass plate with stylised frame, 80 x 69 cm 30-50
1582.   Vintage industrial stripped and polished aluminium cupboard with Bakelite handle by "Billing", 180 cm high 50-80
1583.   Arne Jocobsen type bent plywood dining chair; together with a 1950s leatherette footstool and a further industrial high stool with elm seat upon a tubular steel base (3)
1584.   Pair of Danish tile top coffee / occasional tables of square form, 43 cm high x 66 cm long (2) 60-100
1585.   Modern elm kitchen dresser of organic form with raised shelved back over a base fitted with two deep drawers and an under tier 180-200
1586.   1970s teak sideboard centrally fitted with three long drawers flanked by cupboard doors, 203 cm long 50-80
1587.   Ercol dark elm coffee table, the rectangular top upon typical tapered legs, 69 cm long; together with a further Elgin Afromosia coffee table/workbox with concealed hinged lid enclosing fitted interior, 81 cm long and a 1970s Danish teak coffee table of rectangular form with open slatted under tier (3) 50-80
1588.   Teak freestanding open bookcase 40-60
1589.   A Danish style tile topped nest of tables comprising one large rectangular table and two smaller square tables (3). 30-50