Two Day Antique Sale on
Tuesday 21st & Wednesday 22nd November 2017

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1.      A collection of Victorian tea wares with gilded fruiting vine border detail and painted floral garlands comprising a set of four square shaped serving dishes, a pair of circular serving dishes, covered sucrier, milk jug, slop bowl, fifteen cups (two sizes), twelve saucers and twelve tea plates 30-50
2.      A large 20th century Portuguese majolica type figure of a striding white cockerel, naturalistically modelled and raised on a rectangular base with impressed numbers to base 1377 and further impressed marks, 23cm tall 40-60
3.      A Royal Doulton figure 'My Love' HN2339, a Royal Doulton Classics figure 'A Winter's Morn' and two Coalport figures 'Madeline' and 'Mystique' 50-70
4.      A six place Paragon China Stratford pattern tea service with printed floral sprays comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, cake plate, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates 30-50
5.      A matched set of six late 19th century continental figures comprising a classical style archeress and further female character holding a floral garland, together with two pairs of male and female characters in 18th century style costume, all with blue printed cross-hatched arrow mark to base, max height 18cm approx 30-50
6.      A late 19th century Doulton Lambeth blue ground jug commemorating the 1897 diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria with a portrait of the young and old Queen, inscribed 'She Wrought Her People Lasting Good' with impressed marks to base and incised initials E P, 22cm tall approx 50-80
7.      A pair of late 19th century Doulton Lambeth silicon ware vases with relief moulded and painted scrolling leaf and flower head decoration on a buff coloured ground with impressed marks to base and numbers 8992, 23cm tall approx 40-60
8.      A collection of Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern tea wares comprising six cups, six saucers and six tea plates, together with further ceramics including a TG Green blue and white Cornish kitchenware storage jar and cover, Spode Christmas Tree pattern wares comprising a bowl, a mug and a leaf shaped dish, two Wedgwood Christmas 1980 and 1982 plates showing Piccadilly Circus and Windsor Castle, etc 40-60
9.      An extensive collection of Copeland Spode Italian pattern blue and white printed wares including a large kettle, 30cm tall approx, a biscuit barrel and cover, two tea pots, a pair of sugar bowls, four dessert or soup dishes, fourteen tea cups, sixteen saucers, twelve small tea plates, five side plates, etc 80-120
10.     An unusual early 20th century Portuguese majolica dish in the Palissy manner modelled with four naturalistically detailed fish, one with open mouth and an eel, on a brown mottled ground with waterweed detail, with impressed marks to base, Jose A Cunha, Portugal, Caldas Rainha, with further inscribed marks, 25cm diameter approx 150-200
11.     A collection of Emma Bridgewater wares comprising a tea pot and cover in the yellow wallflower pattern inscribed Wizard of Oz, 20cm tall approx, a large matching mug inscribed Big Brew and two further matching smaller mugs, together with a multi-coloured wallflower mug inscribed Mum, a matching vase of cylindrical tapering form and a pair of kitchen garden pattern tin storage jars and covers 50-80
12.     A 19th century oriental blue and white meat plate with pagoda and fishing boat decoration, 40cm long together with a similar sauce tureen base, further blue and white wares including a 19th century Willow pattern drainer, a Willow pattern warming dish base, etc together with a small ceramic model of a budgerigar, a pair of 19th century figures of children with dogs, a glass biscuit barrel and cover with enamelled floral detail, a toothpaste pot lid advertising Areco Toothpaste, etc 40-60
13.     A quantity of ceramic animals including Melba ware friesian type cow and calf, and palomino type horse, four unmarked hunting characters including two huntsman and a child, similar figure of a jockey on a brown horse, etc together with a Beswick matt glazed model of a rough collie - Lochinvor of Lady Park, etc 30-50
14.     A collection of Emma Bridgewater wares including a pair of small mugs and a matching larger mug, all in the oranges pattern, a mug from the toast and marmalade series and a mug with fox detail inscribed 'Total Fox' and a further pair of mugs with a purple star design, together with a glass jar with etched inscription 'Honey and Marmalade 40-60
15.     A large Royal Doulton Jug with relief moulded and painted decoration commemorating Sir Francis Drake and including the game of bowls, etc with handle modelled as a rope and anchor, with inscription to neck and printed detail to base, The Drake Jug, Limited Edition no 228, 28cm tall 350-400
16.     A pair of early 19th century blue and white printed plates showing Eastern scenes including a heavy laden camel within a border with scrolling floral and urn detail and with printed mark to reverse, Tchiurluk, 25cm diameter, together with further blue and white plates and dishes including Abbey pattern plate and large saucer, etc 25-30
17.     A collection of ceramic models of horses including a Beswick model of a new forest type pony, a matt glazed model of a standing brown horse, a Beswick foal, Beswick donkey, further ceramic horses, etc 25-30
18.     A collection of Emma Bridgewater mugs, all with pink heart decoration comprising four small mugs and two larger, one of the larger inscribed 'Love' 40-60
19.     A collection of Wedgwood black basalt wares comprising an early 20th century model of Psyche, seated and raised on a circular base with impressed title to reverse and with Wedgwood mark and further impressed mark to interior, 20cm approx together with a three piece tea service with vertical ridged detail comprising tea pot and sugar bowl both with figural knops, cream jug and a further ridged moulded jug 60-100
20.     A pair of large and unusual 19th century two handled vases by Minton & Co with yellow slip decoration in the classical manner incorporating figures, stylised animals, cherubs, chain swags, etc against a brown ground with green majolica type glaze to the handles and base, with incised marks to base Minton & Co dated 1871, 42 cm tall approx 150-200
21.     A collection of six Royal Doulton relief moulded and painted jugs from the Dickens series including Old London, Peggotty, Oliver Asks For More, Old Curiosity Shop, Oliver Twist and The Pickwick Papers, showing the interior scene at The White Hart in Southwark together with a matching tankard, Oliver Twist, 15cm approx 100-120
22.     A large early 20th century Doulton Lambeth vase of globular form raised on a shaped pedestal type base with raised and painted scrolling leaf and flower head decoration on a mottled brown ground with impressed mark to base and numbers 5452 with incised initials N.R. 34cm tall 60-80
23.     A Royal Doulton blue ground vase of flared form with polychrome painted flower head detail, printed mark to base and painted numbers D6227, 23cm height 30-50
24.     A bachelor's tea set in the art deco manner with painted poppy decoration on a ivory coloured ground and with solid moulded floral handles comprising a tea pot and cover with floral knop, a milk jug, sugar bowl and cup and saucer 50-70
25.     A quantity of Royal Albert wares including Old Country Roses pattern examples comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, a pair of dinner plates and four dessert plates, Moonlight Rose pattern wares comprising a sauce boat, a dinner plate, seven dessert or soup bowls, milk jug, five cups, five saucers and six tea plates and Lavender Rose pattern wares comprising tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl and a pair of trios 40-60
26.     A collection of Goebel Monk wares comprising a pair of bottles and stoppers, four jugs, a pair of pots and covers, a condiments set, further condiments, pair of egg cups, spoon rest, egg timer, etc 50-100
27.     A pair of continental tin glazed earthenware plates with painted figure and bird decoration against a yellow ground with painted numbers to reverse 4960, 24cm diameter, together with a further single earthenware continental plate of octagonal form with painted panel showing fruit pickers, a French oval meat plate with cherry design, etc 30-40
28.     A 19th century Staffordshire model of a seated Dalmatian, together with a pair of reproduction Staffordshire models of recumbent Dalmatians, two Sherrat-Simpson groups of great danes and their pups, two ceramic models of Old English sheep dogs, a sziler model of a badger and USSR model of a badger, etc 30-40
29.     A collection of 19th century Copeland Spode dinner wares with printed and infilled border decoration comprising large rectangular tureen, cover and stand, a pair of square shaped tureens and covers, six rectangular serving dishes, eight soup plates, seven plates (25cm diameter), fifteen plates (21cm diameter), thirteen plates (19cm diameter) with printed and impressed marks to base and retailer mark Osler Oxford Street, London 80-120
30.     A set of five Isis studio pottery plates with painted blue and white decoration of pastoral scenes within shaped borders, with painted marks to base 20-40
31.     A collection of five Emma Bridgewater mugs including 2016 example commemorating Andy Murray's victory at Wimbledon, a Peter Rabbit example and commemorative examples for the Battle of Hastings, The Great Fire of London and William Shakespeare 30-50
32.     A quantity of 19th century and other blue and white printed wares including a pair of Riley Semi-China soup plates with eastern scenes, further 19th century plates, eleven Copeland Spode dessert plates with floral decoration and shaped borders, etc 30-50
33.     A collection of Goebel Hummell figures including a little girl knitting, a boy with umbrella, etc, a 19th century Staffordshire condiment in the form of a standing Toby, a 19th century vase with applied figure of a cherub and with floral encrusted detail, three figures in the Lladro manner, a Shorter Toby jug in the form of Long John Silver, etc 25-30
34.     A Spode York pattern gravy boat and stand together with a matching two handled sugar bowl and cover and a further Spode stand in the Chancellor Cobalt pattern, a pair of 19th century Derby Imari pattern soup plates and a further matching plate, an Imari bowl, a dish with lobed outline and printed decoration, etc 30-40
35.     A collection of tea wares with printed black and white decoration relating to Wotton-Under-Edge landmarks including a set of five plates showing the Court House, The Cloud, Long Street, etc, a further set of five plates including St Mary's Church, The Parish Room, etc and six cups and six saucers together with related paperwork 20-30
36.     A collection of 19th century and later model shoes including ceramic, crested, treen, metal and other examples 25-30
37.     A stoneware game dish and cover of usual form with relief moulded fruiting vine and game decoration and hare knop to the cover, 25cm long together with a two handled amphora type hanging pottery vessel with simple brown glazed finish, 40cm long approx 30-50
38.     A collection of 19th century and later Staffordshire dogs including a jug in the form a begging black and white spaniel with fruiting vine detail, a pair of spill vases with applied spaniels, a single 19th century red and white spaniel with separate foreleg, etc together with an Enesco Beatrix Potter egg box and cover in the form of Jemima Puddleduck, a cookie jar and cover in the form of Mrs Tiggywinkle and a further box and cover in the form of Mrs Rabbit 30-50
39.     A collection of blue and white wares including a pair of 19th century Doulton Watteau meat plate, a reproduction oriental style blue and white comport, various printed jugs, delftware type ornaments including five windmills etc 25-30
40.     A collection of three unusual 19th century flasks, modelled as potatoes, one with white, one with dark red and one with brown glazed finish, 18cm long approx max 100-120
41.     A Beswick model of a brown Sheltand type pony, together with two Beswick matt glazed models, one of a trotting brown glazed horse the other of a standing white glazed horse, together with a further model of a horse in a stable interior with incised signature D. Gerity with label to base, P.D.G 23 30-50
42.     Two graduated Royal Doulton Norfolk pattern blue and white printed plates together with a collection of Royal Albert Crown China tea wares comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, a pair of cake plates, seven cups, twelve saucers and twelve tea plates, also together with a collection of five tiles with art nouveau style painted and moulded decoration 30-50
43.     A collection of five character and Toby jugs in the form of Beefeaters including a large Royal Doulton example number D6206, floral example D6233, Sylvac example, etc together with a Mason's Ironstone Bible pattern cake plate and four matching side plates, a 19th century blue and white printed soup plate and a blue and white printed charger showing Devon scenes 25-30
44.     A pair of late 19th century continental figures of male and female characters with painted and gilded finish, she wearing a bonnet and carrying a bag and he carrying a basket, raised on circular bases with painted blue marks and impressed numbers, 41cm approx 30-50
45.     A 19th century white glazed basket of rectangular form with pierced and lattice detail with polychrome painted floral sprig and leaf moulding together with a pair of matching rectangular stands and also together with a pair of late 18th century saucers with famille rose type floral decoration 40-60
46.     A Moorcroft lamp base with stylised purple violet floral and leaf decoration on a green and black ground with impressed marks to base, 21cm tall excluding fitting 60-80
47.     A Moorcroft pottery open vase with dog rose and honeysuckle decoration on a graduated dark blue and pink ground, with impressed marks to base date 93 and painted initials WM, 26cm diameter approx 80-100
48.     A Royal Copenhagen dish of triangular form with sea gull detail within a moulded scale border with printed and painted marks to reverse number 354, together with a matching two handled cake plate, number to base 304, also together with a satsuma type bowl with painted female character panels, a continental model of a pair of birds, a Franklin Mint limited edition model of a black Labrador - Ready to Retrieve, etc 25-30
49.     A 19th century earthenware vessel with simple handle and pouring spout with trailed slip border decoration, 20cm diameter, together with a further smaller similar vessel 150-200
50.     An early 20th century art pottery vase with globular body and drawn neck, with incised and painted art nouveau style organic motifs in brown, green and dark blue glaze, 24cm tall approx 30-50
51.     A 19th century tin glazed earthenware vase of shouldered form with painted blue, red and gilt floral panels on a brown ground, 23cm tall approx 30-50
52.     A middle eastern type pottery vase with globular body and drawn neck with painted stylised floral decoration on a turquoise ground with indistinct painted inscription to base, 31cm tall approx 30-50
53.     Two early 19th century graduated Chinese serving plates of rectangular form with blue and white painted floral sprigs and sprays, max length 31cm approx 60-80
54.     Pair of Qing Dynasty oriental blue and white vases and covers of shouldered form with alternating panels including landscapes, flowering trees, birds, etc with painted Kangxi leaf to base, 41cm max 1000-1500
55.     NO LOT
56.     An oriental buff coloured earthenware type kettle with impressed seal mark to base, 14cm tall, together with four miniature terracotta bowls, a terracotta dish and a pot with partially glazed green finish 30-40
57.     A quantity of oriental blue and white ceramics including a two handled moon flask type vase with floral detail and character mark to base, 34cm tall, a further two handled flask of shouldered form, an open basin, 38cm diameter, a pair of boxes and covers with pierced detail, a pair of small vase with flared rims, etc, 60-80
58.     An oriental vase with celadon glaze, globular body and flared drawn neck and with relief moulded floral and trailing leaf decoration with the remains of blue character mark to base (drilled to base for lamp) 40cm tall approx 40-60
59.     A collection of oriental ceramics including a blue and white painted cachepot with painted landscape decoration incorporating fishermen, boats, etc, 14cm high, and imari dish with dog of fo detail, a polychrome painted bowl, with male and female character detail, etc 30-40
60.     A collection of oriental ceramics including an Imari bowl with shaped rim, a bottle shaped vase with drawn neck and mottled ox blood style glazed decoration, a 19th century shallow bowl with painted pagoda detail and shaped rim, etc 30-50
61.     A large oriental type pot with brown glazed finish and incised and moulded character detail, 25cm tall approx, together with a vase with dark celadon type glazed finish and incised detail, a pair of lamp bases with polychrome painted decoration in the oriental manner, a plate of octagonal form with blue and white painted detail, etc 40-60
62.     A pair of late 19th century Japanese vases of four sided form with alternating painted and gilded panels, incorporating flowers, geometric patterns, etc divided by simulated bamboo borders, 18cm tall approx, a 19th century oriental vase of cylindrical form with flared rim and polychrome painted decoration, a pair of oriental blue and white ginger jars with prunus blossom detail, etc 40-60
63.     Qing Dynasty Chinese blue and white painted charger, the central panel showing a standing male figure, a tree, a fishing boat, etc within scrolling and insect border, 55cm diameter approx (together with a wooden stand) 1000-1500
64.     An oriental yellow ground shallow bowl and cover with polychrome painted floral detail and four character mark to base and cover, 20cm diameter together with an oriental yellow ground ginger jar and cover with dragon and flaming pearl detail, 12cm tall 50-70
65.     An oriental kettle type vessel with green glazed finish, four moulded loop handles to the top and fitted with inner infuser and lid and cast metal spout with dragons head detail, 18cm tall approx, a 19th century terracotta type earthenware bottle shaped vase in the oriental manner with moulded grotesque mask to each side and with incised monogram T B to the base, 36cm tall, together with a small blue enamelled bowl with moulded finish 40-60
66.     A large Chinese blue and white vase of cylindrical form with flared neck and painted decoration of birds in flight, with insect, foliage, etc, 44cm tall approx 100-120
67.     An oriental white glazed libation cup with relief moulded animal and bird detail raised on a carved hardwood stand, 13cm long approx, together with a pair of smaller similar cups and stands, a pair of early 20th century black ground satsuma vases with gilded bamboo decoration, a 19th century oriental vase with polychrome painted scene of a procession, 23cm tall, a late 18th century tea bowl with famille rose type decoration, etc 60-80
68.     A 19th century oriental blue and white bowl of square shaped form with painted dragon detail to the exterior and interior and with six character mark to base, 16cm diameter approx 40-60
69.     19th century Cantonese type plates with polychrome painted insect bird and floral decoration on a celadon type ground, 19cm diameter 40-60
70.     A Royal Doulton Du-Barry pattern meat plate, two chargers with fruit and poppy designs, a Maling Roserie pattern bowl, etc 30-40
73.     A collection of ceramics and glassware including a Grimwades Byzanta ware lustred bowl, 28cm diameter, a pair of Victorian turquoise ground vases in a classical style, a collection of Midwinter coffee wares with blue and green stylized floral decoration, a quantity of Japanese eggshell porcelain tea wares with lithopane detail of a female head to base of cups, together with a 19th century cranberry glass biscuit barrel, two further biscuit barrels, a collection of glass paperweights, etc 30-50
74.     A collection of decorative ceramics including a set of six Franklin Mint relief moulded and painted jelly moulds, Leonardo Collection decorative cups and saucers including examples in the art deco and art nouveau manner, (3 boxed), a boxed harlequin set of Japanese coffee cups and saucers, a Tuscan Decoro basket, etc, together with an oriental style parasol 30-40
75.     A Capodimonte group of a boy and a girl feeding a kitten, signed Benacchio together with certificate, 29cm long approx, together with a Lladro type model of a seated ballerina, a Nao group of two puppies, a 19th century Dresden two handled pot with painted floral sprays, a Swarovski model of a begging dog, a Murano model of a begging dog, three glass beakers commemorating the 1951 Festival Of Britain, a glass shade with printed oriental style decoration, etc 30-50
76.     A pair of black ground Minton's chargers with swan decoration and with printed and impressed marks to base, 38cm diameter, a pair of 19th century turquoise ground vases of shouldered form with painted and gilded chinoiserie style dragon, insect and floral detail, 13cm tall approx, a pair of 19th century dessert dishes of oval form with green dragon detail, a Rockingham plate with printed and infilled chinoiserie detail, etc 100-150
77.     A Royal Doulton figure of Cruella De Vil DN1 from the Disney series, together with two Wade models of Lucky and Roly and a further model of a Dalmatian, a Royal Doulton figure of Doc with lantern SW19 from the Snow White series, together with two matt glazed figures of the witch from Snow White and six matching dwarves, a pair of Wade condiments in the form of double faced male and female characters, etc 30-50
78.     A collection of early 20th century Brittannia pottery Peony pattern blue and white printed dinner wares including a pair of tureens and covers, two graduated meat plates, sauce boat, etc, together with further blue and white printed wares including a large 19th century ladle, etc, a 19th century oriental vase with polychrome painted female character decoration, 25cm tall, a majolica jug modelled as sweet corn, a 19th century mantle clock with encrusted floral decoration and applied cherubs, a Staffordshire style inkwell with applied poodle and pup, etc 40-60
79.     A collection of various Toby and character jugs including example in the 19th century Staffordshire manner in the form of a blue jacketed Toby with impressed date to base 1793, 26cm tall, a musical example, etc 20-25
80.     A Doulton Lambeth tobacco jar with moulded and painted stylised floral and leaf decoration, impressed mark to base and number 1453, together with a collection of Royal Doulton Counterpoint coffee wares including coffee pot, six cups, six saucers and a sugar bowl, a Royal Doulton plate with good quality gilt decoration on a blue ground, a 19th century Chinese blue and white warming dish and a 19th century Chinese basin, together with a large 19th century Willow pattern meat plate 40-60
81.     An Eastern two handled pottery vessel with painted decoration in tones of blue, ochre and turquoise, with painted marks to base, 20cm tall 40-60
82.     A Lladro Daisa model of a cat, a USSR model of German Shepherd dog, a pair of 19th century continental flower holders with incised figures of children and a limited edition Davenport vase - Heroes of the Sky 25-30
83.     A collection of four Wade Blow-up figures from Disney's Lady and the Tramp series - Lady, Tramp and Si and Am 40-60
84.     A Royal Worcester figure - Saturdays Child, in the form of a little boy digging in a garden together with a Royal Worcester birthstone crystal limited edition figure - Gemini 25-30
85.     A group of three Wade blow-up figures from Disney's Lady and the Tramp series - Jock, Dachsie and Trusty 40-60
86.     A Danish B & G figure group of a pair of children reading, together with a Royal Copenhagen model of bear cub, a Lladro Daisa model of a stretching boy in a nightshirt, a further Lladro Daisa nativity figure and a similar model of a praying child 30-50
87.     An early 20th century Wedgwood relief moulded and painted jug with hunting scene decoration and handle modelled as a hound, 19cm tall 25-30
88.     A Royal Copenhagen model of a calf and young boy cow herd, with printed and painted marks to base number 772 30-50
89.     A Beswick model of a huntsman on a horse together with a further Beswick model of a jockey in red and green silks on a brown horse, a Beswick model of a fox, a Beswick hound and three other unmarked similar hounds 40-60
90.     A Beswick model of a Hereford champion bull and Hereford champion cow 60-80
91.     Two Wade Blow-up models of Bambi and Thumper 30-50
92.     A Beswick model of an Ayrshire bull - Whitehill Mandate, together with a Beswick model of a highland bull 60-80
93.     A late 19th century imari dish with painted and gilded floral leaf and tree decoration with painted detail to reverse, 21cm diameter approx
94.     A Rosenthal model of a fan tailed dove with impressed signature F. Heidenreich with printed mark to base and impressed numbers 1589 raised on a circular wooden base, 14cm tall approx 40-50
95.     A Bideford pottery vessel of cylindrical form with pierced base and with slip painted decoration incorporating crosses, wavy line and dot borders, etc incised to base Bideford number 04, 17cm tall 30-50
96.     A 19th century parian figure of a classical style male character holding a pipe and wearing an animal skin around his shoulders, raised on a circular base, 41cm tall, together with two small graduated oriental planters with painted prunus decoration on a celadon type ground 25-30
97.     A Royal Doulton matt glazed model of racehorse Mr Frisk, raised on an oval wooden base, together with a John Beswick Limousin bull 40-60
98.     A collection of Capodimonte figure groups including a sportsmen and dogs together with a baby and dachshund on a cushion, a continental group of a cow herd pulling a reluctant calf, three Goebel groups, including a little boy with glasses on his forehead examining a fallen doll, etc, together with a 19th century Staffordshire spill vase and a pair of 19th century dessert plates with painted floral sprays 50-70
99.     A collection of mainly USSR ceramic animals and birds including a magpie, two polar bears, rabbits, wrens, etc, together with a Wedgwood & Co model of a donkey, etc 30-50
100.    NO LOT
101.    NO LOT
102.    NO LOT
103.    NO LOT
104.    NO LOT
105.    NO LOT
106.    NO LOT
107.    NO LOT
108.    An early 20th century Coalport two handled vase and cover with painted landscape panel within a gilded and turquoise beaded surround and with animal head detail to the handle and raised on four paw supports, painted number to base V5955, 16cm tall together with a miniature Coalport hot water jug and cover and miniature Royal Crown Derby imari patterned tankard 40-50
109.    A 19th century Capodimonte allegorical figure of a female character holding a time piece, decorated in gold on a white ground with a crown N mark to base, 20cm tall 50-70
110.    An early 19th century Derby figure of male character in 18th century style costume, his jacket decorated with playing cards to one side, raised on a circular base with scrolling detail and red painted mark, 20cm tall approx 30-50
111.    An unusual Moorcroft pottery vase with stylised tree and sunrise detail against a border of fruit and foliage with impressed marks to base and monogram GP, 13cm tall approx 50-80
112.    A Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian ashtray with simple green line decoration on a white ground, with impressed mark to reverse, 18cm diameter approx 25-30
113.    A Wade Blow-up Walt Disney model of Bambi together with further Wade Whimsies and model tortoise, etc a Royal Worcester model by F.G. Doughty - Grandmothers Dress, a set of three Capodimonte white glazed models of acrobatic cherubs, etc 30-50
114.    A Beswick type model of a black fell pony, a Beswick fox, a Beswick rabbit and a Royal Worcester model of a wren 30-40
115.    An oriental bowl with polychrome painted exotic bird, dragon and flaming pearl detail, with blue seal mark to base, 9cm diameter approx 40-60
116.    A small oriental open bowl with painted blue and white exotic bird detail and four character mark to base together with an 18th century cup with blue and white painted chinoiserie decoration and with two wooden netsuke, one in the form of rats, the other in the form of a rabbit 30-50
117.    A collection of Wades Walt Disney and other figures including characters from Lady and the Tramp comprising Si and Am, Dachsie, Trusty, etc together with two caterpillars (Merlin from The Sword in the Stone), etc 40-60
118.    An oriental tea bowl with shaped rim and famille rose painted floral decoration to the interior and exterior, with red seal mark to base, 7.5cm approx 25-30
119.    A fine quality 18th century continental trinket box with hinged cover and well detailed painted landscape and harbour scene to the exterior of the lid, the sides and the base and with further painted Watteauesque panel to the lid interior, with gilt metal mounts, 8cm diameter approx 100-150
120.    A Royal Crown Derby paperweight in the form of a robin with gilt stopper base, a Royal Crown Derby imari pattern fan shaped dish and matching pill box and cover, together with a boxed Staffordshire ceramic sucrier and cover in the imari manner 30-50
121.    An unusual 19th century Belleek custard type cup with painted pink border against on an ivory coloured ground, raised on a square shaped base with printed green mark, 9cm tall approx 20-25
122.    A Beswick model of a little girl in green jacket riding on a brown and white skew bald pony with printed mark to underside 60-80
123.    A Beswick model of a green jacketed boy riding on a palomino pony with printed mark to underside 60-80
124.    A collection of six Beswick Beatrix Potter figures - Pickles, Little Pig Robinson, Pigling Bland and Peter Rabbit, all with gold back stamps to base, and Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Jemima Puddleduck with brown back stamps to base 60-80
125.    A collection of four Beswick Beatrix Potter figures comprising Johnny Town Mouse and Lady Mouse both with gold back stamps to base and Hunca Munca and Hunca Munca Sweeping both with brown back stamps to base 30-50
126.    A collection of six 19th century Staffordshire figure groups comprising a pair of highland sportsmen with deer, a pair of clock groups with highland characters, etc, 46cm tall approx 30-50
127.    A 19th century majolica vase of three sided form with relief moulded bird and prunus blossom decoration against a simulated basket weave ground, 16cm tall, together with a German relief moulded vase and cover with impressed marks to base, a studio pottery stemmed bowl with textured finish and three further studio pottery type vessels 30-50
128.    A collection of 19th century and other ceramics including a quantity of Chatsworth pattern late Mayers blue and white printed dinner wares including two tureen bases and a cover, sauce tureen, cover, stand and ladle and further base and ladle, sauce boat, etc together with a set of six Portuguese majolica type side plates with lily of the valley decoration, a Corona ware cherry-ripe lustred bowl, a small Royal Doulton ware vase, etc 30-40
129.    A pair of 19th century Staffordshire figures of male and female accordion players, a box and cover in the form of a crinoline lady, a Royal Doulton figure of Polly Peachum from the Beggars Opera, HN549, a further similar miniature model mounted as a bookend 25-30
130.    A studio pottery kettle with brown glazed finish and bamboo stye handle with impressed marks to reverse, together with a 19th century Amherst Japan pattern bowl raised on circular stand, a 19th century Berlin type two handled white ground vase with gilt swag and leaf decoration and blue sceptre mark to base, 31cm tall, a tin glazed earthenware type white glazed bowl and cover with blue painted crest, etc 40-60
131.    An extensive collection of early 20th century Lincoln pottery St Kilda pattern dinner wares comprising four rectangular graduated meat plates, a pair of tureens and covers, sauce tureen, cover, stand and ladle, further cover and ladle, etc together with co-ordinating Royal Albert Crown China tea wares including milk jug, sugar bowl and a pair of cake plates, etc 40-60
132.    A 19th century continental burner, cover and stand with painted landscape decoration, a harlequin set of six coffee cups and saucers with gilded interiors, a set of seven ceramic collectors thimbles in the form of Henry VIII and his six wives, a pair of parian style busts of young women with signature to reverse A Giornelli, a set of three boxed Spode white glazed figures by Pauline Shone - Francesca, Eleanora and Olivia, etc 40-60
133.    A quantity of German stone ware vessels and jug with simple blue painted floral designs on a grey ground including four large graduated two handled crocks, etc together with a pair of Limoges bowls and cover of shaped form, a Capodimonte type figure group, etc 25-30
134.    A collection of Booths coffee wares with gilt chinoiserie decoration on a speckled blue ground comprising coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, six cups and five saucers, together with further ceramics including a pair of Staffordshire style spaniels, 19th century Staffordshire equestrian figure group, Bavarian coffee wares, further tea wares, etc 40-60
135.    A collection of Buchan pottery stone wares including three spirit ewers and stoppers inscribed Gin, Brandy and Sherry, various jugs, mugs and vases with painted thistle decoration, a salt container, various large single coloured glazed jugs, etc 40-60
136.    A collection of 19th century and other ceramics including a 19th century Meissen saucer with painted floral sprigs and sprays, a Royal Doulton cheese dish and cover with a classical figure style detail, a set of three Victorian graduated jugs with printed and infilled floral detail, etc 30-50
137.    A collection of Japanese eggshell porcelain coffee wares with lithopane decoration to the base of the cups including coffee pot, milk jug and covered sugar bowl together with a stein commemorating the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, a heavy brass iron with hinged top, a brass pestle and mortar, etc 25-30
138.    A set of twelve Franklin Mint reproduction tea pots from the Victoria & Albert Museum collection in various British, Continental and European styles together with a Coalport Limited Edition model of Birthday Cottage, further Coalport model buildings, a Villeroy & Boch glass model of a penguin, and two Halcyon Days enamel pill boxes (pill boxes displayed in cabinet adjacent) 25-30
139.    A extensive collection of oriental ceramics mainly with blue and white decoration including two jars and covers of hexagonal form, a pair of dishes with shaped rims, a pair of candlesticks, various figures including a recumbent cat with polychrome painted decoration, etc 40-60
140.    A quantity of Portuguese white glazed dinner wares modelled as fish, including a large serving dish, side dishes, etc together with further ceramics including a blue glazed serving dish, a wall hanging salt pot, etc and also together with a blue glass bowl of ridged form, a fondue set and a wooden lazy Susan and cover fitted with seven sectional dishes with prunus blossom detail, etc 30-40
141.    A collection of ceramics and glass ware including Royal Doulton Kingfisher pattern tea wares comprising five cups, five saucers and four tea plates, a Minton's lustred bowl with fruit basket detail, a Thomas Webb Bristol Blue style ships decanter and stopper, a set of ten Royal Doulton plates from the Pigs in Bloom series, a set of three Compton and Woodhouse models of pigs from the same series, etc, also together with large boxed glass - Royal Briery vase with etched fuchsia design 30-40
142.    A collection of ceramics and glassware including a Wade tea pot with Skiing scene decoration, Wood & Sons Clovelly pattern dinner wares, an art glass vase with purple mottled finish and overlaid detail, decanters and stoppers, etc 25-30
143.    A Royal Doulton bowl with printed and infilled border decoration, a 19th century imari bowl with dragon detail, a further Chinese bowl with polychrome butterfly and floral detail, a collection of tea wares including Royal Crown Derby examples, etc 25-30
144.    A quantity of Royal Worcester Evesham pattern dinner and tea wares including a pair of tureens and covers, tea pot, butter dish and cover, two sectional serving dish, etc
144A.   Nine white and gilt spaniels - various sizes 30-40
145.    A collection of Carlton ware Foxglove pattern wares including a tea for one set comprising oval tray, tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl and cup together with a chocolate mug and cover, a toast rack, a three piece condiments set and a preserve pot and cover 40-60
146.    A collection of Sylvac rabbits including large pink glazed example, mark to base 1028, yellow example 1026, smaller yellow example 990 and four graduated buff glazed examples, 1028, 1026, 990 and 1067 150-200
147.    A collection of leaf moulded Carlton wares in two tone rust and cream colourway comprising a tea pot, large leaf shaped serving dish, toast rack, cup and saucer, boxed preserve dish and knife, a pair of candlesticks, etc 30-50
148.    A collection of Susie Cooper tea wares in the Dresden pattern with printed floral sprays comprising five cups, five saucers, seven tea plates and a sugar bowl 20-25
149.    A collection of Sylvac and Sylvac type model rabbits including a large green glazed example 1028, further green glazed examples 1036, 1065, 990, etc, a lop eared green rabbit 1508, a pale blue glazed hare 1298, and two blue glazed examples 1065 and 990 150-200
150.    A set of four Crown Devon kitchen storage jars with yellow and orange floral decoration together with a Poole pottery cachepot, a Doulton Lambeth Slaters cachepot, a blue glass lamp lense and a similar clear glass example 25-30
151.    A collection of Royal Stafford art deco tea wares with painted floral decoration comprising a pair of cake plates, milk jug, sugar bowl, twelve cups, twelve saucers and twelve tea plates, together with a set of six Shelley Haddon pattern coffee cups and saucers on a circular matching tray and a collection of Newhall pottery tea wares 30-50
152.    A collection of Carlton ware Foxglove pattern wares including a set of three graduated jugs, a basket of oval form with rustic style handle, a dish raised on a circular base, a butter dish and matching knife 40-60
153.    Two graduated Goebels white glazed wall plaques in the form of Nefertiti, a pair of Doulton Lambeth bowls with shaped rims, a Wedgwood black basalt bowl and cover designed by Keith Murray, 9cm tall, etc 30-50
154.    A collection of Poole pottery wares with coloured interiors and mottled cream glaze comprising tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, six cups, six saucer, an oval serving plate and twelve plates (three sizes) together with a glass paperweight with opaque white fountain style detail 30-50
155.    A collection of Carlton ware bi-coloured wares in a cream and dark brown colourway including a cress dish and stand, two condiments sets, toast rack, etc 25-30
156.    A collection of Royal Albert Crown China tea wares comprising cake plate, milk jug, sugar bowl, four cups, four saucers and six tea plates, together with a Kitchen Craft cream glazed cake stand inscribed, Cakes, Treats and All Things Sweet, with glass cover, a set of three Copeland Spode armorial plates with dragon crest within a puce and gilt border, further plates, etc 25-30
157.    A collection of Carlton ware Oak Tree pattern wares comprising a two handled fruit bowl, 20cm diameter, a charger 32cm diameter and two graduated leaf shaped dishes 50-70
158.    An extensive collection of ceramics including a quantity of Wilkinson art deco dinner wares with foxglove and woodland pattern decoration comprising a pair of tureens and covers, three graduated meat plates, cheese dish and cover and eighteen plates (three sizes) together with further dinner and tea wares including Grimwades chintz tea pot, etc 30-50
159.    A collection of Old Royal Bone China harlequin tea wares with different colour pastel glazes comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates, together with a pair of black ground Royal Albert cups and saucers with gilt decoration and a further pair of Royal Albert white ground cups and saucers with fruiting vine detail, etc 25-30
160.    A collection of Carlton ware Foxglove pattern wares including a salad bowl of leaf shaped form and two matching servers, three graduated bowls of oval form, five further serving dishes of varying size and a boxed preserve dish and spoon 50-70
161.    A large Portmeirion Botanic Garden ladle, a pair of large matching storage jars and covers and a toast rack, together with a collection of German dinner wares with sheep detail, a quantity of Duchess Bramble Rose pattern tea wares, two glass decanters and stoppers, etc 30-50
162.    A quantity of Denby Greenwheat pattern wares comprising circular single handled cooking pot and cover, a rectangular casserole dish and cover, two graduated tea pots, hot water jug, three graduated milk jugs, etc 30-40
163.    A collection of 19th century blue and white printed Willow pattern ceramics including a tureen and cover, oval meat plates, etc together with a Sylvac type green glazed model of a terrier, a pair of continental bisque figures of a boy and girl, together with further miscellaneous items including a glass dessert set with silhouette detail of dancing figures, a late 19th century mahogany and brass set of postal scales and weights, a pair of late 19th century photographs of children, a 19th century watercolour of an exotic bird, a further study of a wood gatherer, a 19th century family bible, etc 40-60
164.    An extensive collection of Jersey pottery ceramic wares including vases, pot pourri holders, etc together with similar pottery wares including pot and cover with painted bird decoration, a cheese dish and cover, etc 30-40
165.    A 19th century yellow ground oriental comport with painted flower vase and floral decoration and red seal mark to underside, 18cm diameter, together with a Carlton ware coffee pot and cover with chinoiserie enamelled style detail, a collection of Minton's coffee ware including coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, five cups and five saucers,19th century blue and white Willow pattern tea wares, an Allervale triple handled vase, etc 40-60
166.    An early 19th century Staffordshire cow creamer with pink lustred patches, 18cm long approx, an early 19th century creamware supper dish with brick red painted detail, a set of four early 19th century Flight Barr & Barr dessert plates with painted and gilded floral decoration, an early 19th century Mason's Ironstone plate with chinoiserie floral detail, etc 60-80
167.    A quantity of Royal Stafford Olde English Garden pattern coffee ware comprising coffee pot milk jug, sugar bowl, six cups and six saucers, together with New Chelsea Staffordshire rose printed tea wares, Royal Doulton Diana pattern tea wares including a pair of cake plates, milk jug, twelve cups, twelve saucers and twelve plates, etc 40-60
168.    A quantity of 19th century and other blue and white printed ceramics including a large two handled soup tureen and cover, mark to base Improved Canton China, various meat plates, Copeland Spode Italian pattern bowl and various plates, etc 40-60
169.    A collection of Shorter leaf moulded wares comprising four oval dishes with flower head detail, two further similar serving dishes, a collection of similar Carlton ware leaf moulded wares including salad bowl and further, etc together with a Czechoslovakian Amphora bowl, a blue glazed cornucopia shaped vase, a Jack in the Pulpit type coloured glass vase, similar glass vase, a small collection of brassware including a reproduction miners lamp, a three piece Mawston art deco style tea service, a cased camera, etc 40-60
170.    Two 19th century blue and white Willow pattern printed drainers of oval form, further blue and white printed wares together with a plaster work bust of a smiling boy with impressed marks to base Chenil, Chelsea, 31cm tall 25-30
181.    Eight pieces of art glass, mainly vases 40-60
182.    Pair of Bristol blue glass candlesticks on stylized columns
183.    Whitefriars textured art glass vase of cylindrical form, possibly by Geoffrey Baxter 20-30
184.    A collection of various antique and other glassware to include four cornucopia shell table salts fixed onto mirrored bases, further set of four etched yellow glass goblets and others 50-70
185.    A large collection of cut and etched Edinburgh thistle glass wares to include a larger vase, other vases, various goblets, etc 50-80
186.    A set of four glass tumblers each etched with wildlife together with two further art glass vessels and others 40-60
187.    A mixed collection of glass to include a silvered witches ball, further art glass pieces and art deco style decanter set and others 30-50
188.    A large collection of Venetian and other art glass to include fishes, gondolas, vessels, etc 50-80
189.    A mixed collection of glassware to include large art glass bowl with black mottled effect together with further antique glass with painted overlays and others 50-80
190.    A large Scandinavian style glass charger with abstract painted decoration together with a further Swedish glass charger and one other (3) 30-50
191.    A mixed collection of glass ware to include two ships in bottles, apothecary bottles and further clear glass wares 30-50
192.    A large mixed collection of good quality glass ware to include rummers, flared vases, cranberry glass, etc 30-50
193.    Seven pieces of Bristol Blue to include a baluster jug with stylised handle, paperweight, etc 40-60
194.    Glass paperweight with abstract glass centre together with two novelty glass red peppers, large cranberry type glass bell and two cased silver plated sets (5) 20-40
195.    A mixed collection of glass ware to include various etched glasses, rummers, champagnes, etc and others 20-40
196.    An interesting studio glass dish, with abstract decoration and gilt highlights together with two further art glass dishes and a tea light holder (4) 30-50
197.    A box containing a collection of glass lighting to include prismatic drops and chandelier pieces 40-60
198.    Five various glass paperweights together with two vaseline glass pieces to include a milk jug and twin handled bowl and a further pressed glass oil lamp (8) 40-60
199.    A Mdina glass dump, 24cm high; together with Crown Devon musical hunting jug and further ceramics (7) 40-60
200.    A mixed lot to include various Bristol Blue glass vessels, a collection of gilt and blue miniature ceramics, a collection of miniatures and a small quantity of white metal 20-40
201.    Two Stuart crystal bowls, each with presentation case 30-50
202.    A mixed collection of mid century art glass to include a red Whitefriars bowl, large baluster amethyst vase and others 40-60
203.    A large studio glass panel in a turquoise bubbled finish with coloured squares to the centre, 103 x 43 cm 30-50
204.    A hand blown glass scent bottle of double gourd form, possibly Italian, with lamp work striped detail in shades of red and brown with a cylindrical neck and flared rim supporting a clear glass gilt dusted stopper of twisted form, 14 cm tall approx 30-50
205.    Five good quality paperweights to include a Perthshire paperweight with P to the Millefiori cane and four others 60-80
211.    A silver plated replica of the Champions league trophy awarded to Liverpool in 2005, the bowl inscribed "European Champions, Liverpool, The Miracle of Istanbul" 65cm high 120-180
212.    A collection of various pewter ware to include tankards and planished wares together with an Archibald Knox style pot and a three piece tea set 20-40
213.    A good collection of WMF to include an early 20th century leaf dish, together with five others, good WMF planished bowl, WMF milk jug and sucrier 60-100
214.    WMF silver plated tazza, upon a faceted pierced Islamic style column and stepped circular base, 16.5 cm high; together with Four pieces of small W.M.F. ware, tankard, dish, canister frame, a vase frame 100-150
215.    A regency style silver plated revolving breakfast dish with fitted interior; together with cased fish serving cutlery set 20-40
216.    An oak canteen fitted with various silver plated flatware 10-20
217.    A Viners gilt silver collection 58 piece canteen 30-50
218.    A collection of various silver plated flatware 20-40
219.    A large silver plated twin handled tray, with scrolled handles, beaded and pierced borders, the central panel engraved with various floral panels and further scrolled foliage in the rococo manner, 74cm long 60-80
220.    A regency style silver plated revolving breakfast dish with fitted interior 10-20
221.    A mixed lot of silver plate to include a four piece boat shaped tea service, wine cooler, entree dish, etc 20-30
222.    An impressive twin handled kidney shaped gallery tray, engraved with a rococo type pattern, the handles held aloft by cast silver plated cherubs, 74cm long; together with a silver plated cloche and tea pot (3) 150-200
223.    A mixed collection of silver plate to include a Georgian style faceted tea service, four wall sconces in the form of grape vines, two silver salvers, cast silver plated figures of animals to include a stag, a bull and a dog 40-60
224.    A big mixed collection of silver plate to include mainly flatware pieces, together with a further revolving muffin dish, basket and other metal wares 30-50
225.    A collection of possibly Cambodian silver vessels, each pierced with birds amidst foliage, marked T90% to the base; together with a further collection of silver plated and glass items 50-80
226.    A collection of silver plate to include 19th century silver plated serpentine casket and various others to include salvers, entree dishes, etc 40-60
227.    A mixed collection of silver plate to include tea wares, table wares, jugs, candlestick, etc 40-60
228.    A silver engine turned dressing brush, mirror, sugar nips and two silver handles fruit knives; together with various other silver plated items to include a cased canteen of fish cutlery and other flatwares; together with a collection of Wedgwood Jasperwares 80-100
229.    A large collection of silver plated flatware together with a further bachelor tea pot, silver waiter and others 40-60
230.    A mixed collection of various silver plated flatware to include two cast berry spoons, kings pattern cutlery, fiddle pattern cutlery, further cased sets and other 20-40
231.    A large mixed collection of silver plated items to include silver plated baluster tea service, waiter, salvers, etc 40-60
241.    A 1920s silver and glass hip flask, maker marks worn, hallmarks probably London 1927, 13cm high; together with a further silver topped faceted scent bottle (2) 40-60
242.    A novelty silver card case and trinket dish, both cast with cherub motifs, Chester 1901 and 1903, 4oz approx (2) 30-50
243.    An eastern white metal card case, with embossed scrolled floral decoration, 2oz approx 40-50
244.    A Mappin & Webb silver and tortoiseshell jewellery box, the inlaid tortoiseshell lid enclosing a baize lined interior upon three cabriole feet, 7.5cm diameter; together with a further silver handled manicure tool and interesting telescopic implement (3) 30-50
245.    An Edwardian silver faceted milk jug and sucrier, maker marks worn, Birmingham 1906, 7oz approx 40-60
246.    A mixed collection of silver to include two cigarette cases, silver salt, egg cup, twin handled vessel, sugar nips, Georgian dessert spoon, mother-of-pearl handled flatware, Eastern filigree silver bowl and two further pieces of silver plate 100-200
247.    A George Jensen Danish silver pattern 21 preserve spoon with planished bowl, 13.5cm long 50-80
248.    An interesting mixed lot to include a small Edwardian silver vesta case, silver vinaigrette, silver and rose gold brooch and further rose gold and green enamel dress button set 50-80
249.    An Elkington & Co silver and ivory handled carving set, maker Hukin & Heath, within a baize lined oval case 80-120
250.    A Walker & Hall of Sheffield cased suite of twelve Apostle spoons and sugar nips, Sheffield 1929, 6oz approx; together with a silver spoon, a silver fork and small collection of silver plated items (12) 80-120
251.    A mixed collection of silver and white metal to include a silver cruet set and stand comprising salt, pepper and mustard in cut glass vessels, a pair of silver sugar nips, further silver rim and four white metal miniature goblets (7) 40-60
252.    A mixed collection of silver to include an engine turned cigarette box, silver goblet and further silver dessert spoon (3) 40-60
253.    1920s set of silver and pearl handled fish cutlery for twelve to include knives and forks, maker A & D, Sheffield 1924 (24) 300-350
254.    An Italian 800 silver compact, the exterior engraved with scrolled acanthus and foliage, enclosing an interior fitted with a mirror; together with a further leather compact (2) 40-80
255.    A mixed lot of silver and tortoiseshell dressing items comprising mirror, four varying brushes and two scent jars; together with two others 50-80
256.    A mixed collection of silver to include a Victorian silver pierced bonbon dish, further silver topped cut glass vases and a further silver lidded preserve pot (4) 40-80
257.    A collection of various continental white metal apostle spoons and forks together with further novelty silver flatware, 12oz approx 80-120
258.    set of 1970s Georgian style silver cast fish cutlery comprising six forks and knives, with kings husk pattern handles, 24.5oz approx 200-300
259.    A mixed collection of silver and white metal to include novelty silver bayonet, further white metal companion set, Chinese white metal seesaw scene and various pieces of furniture, 6oz approx 80-120
260.    Three various Chinese silver ships, two upon carved wooden bases 50-80
261.    A matched pair of Victorian Scottish silver fiddle pattern serving spoons; together with a further silver 1935 jubilee fork, 5oz approx 60-100
262.    Four modern sterling silver picture frames to include one by Carrs of Sheffield embossed with various playful putti and three others; together with a further silver lidded red leather box in the art nouveau manner (5) 80-120
263.    A three piece silver tea set, teapot, sugar basin and milk jug, each of oval form with fluted detail, Birmingham 1929, 28 oz all in 200-300
264.    A silver teapot, the body of oval compressed form, Birmingham 1933, 19 oz all in 120-180
265.    A silver fruit basket with fluted border and central swing handle, raised on a waisted stem, Chester 1906, 19 oz 120-150
266.    A pierced silver dish with long handles, London 1894 and a sugar basin with pierced framework and swing handle with blue glass liner, London 1863 100-150
267.    A three piece silver Art Deco condiment set, London 1936 25-30
268.    A silver drum mustard pot, open salt, trumpet shaped vase, inkwell and cream jug with loop handle 60-100
269.    A pair of Eastern white metal boxes and covers of circular form with embossed character and animal detail together with various English silver cutlery 40-60
270.    Eight silver fobs 20-25
271.    Five pairs of silver bladed dessert knives and forks with etched detail and mother-of-pearl handles, London 1909 40-60
272.    A set of eight cast silver plated napkin rings, the ring held aloft by cherubs upon rococo type bases and ball feet (8) 100-150
273.    A set of six Kings pattern teaspoons, London 1865 and two further silver spoons, 8 oz 50-70
274.    Three silver napkin rings, a silver backed dressing mirror and two silver backed brushes 30-40
275.    A silver pin cushion in the form of a pig with cushioned back, Birmingham 1905 40-60
276.    A 19th century Etui fitted with needle case, thimble, scissors, large needle and hook 300-350
277.    A collection of English and continental silver and plated souvenir spoons together with two rat tail serving spoons, Birmingham, 19 oz 20-30
278.    A large silver ladle, London 1794 by Thomas Northgate and George Bourne, together with a Georgian toddy ladle with whalebone handle 40-60
279.    A silver snuff box with engine turned detail and with silver gilt interior, Chester 1912, silver napkin ring and a silver plated model of a vixen and sugar tongs 40-60
280.    Collection of small silverware, caster, casting spoon dish, condiments and decorative flatware 60-80
281.    A cased pair of pepper pots and various silver spoons, etc, 6 oz 40-60
282.    Chinese filigree silver box and cover of hexagonal form, a further card case, continental white metal spoon, condiments, etc 40-60
283.    Five silver napkin rings and various small silver spoons 20-30
284.    A silver baluster shaped jug and lid with wicker bound handle, London 1902, 23 oz all in 150-200
285.    A silver teapot, the body of oval form, Sheffield 1939, 23 oz all in 150-200
286.    An oval silver tea caddy with embossed Art Nouveau floral detail, Sheffield 1907, silver mustard pot with blue glass liner, silver backed brush and mirror 40-60
287.    An Asprey of London silver engine turned cigarette case, with gilt interior, Birmingham 1936, with original pouch and box, 7ox approx 100-200
288.    An Edwardian novelty silver roller skate, maker Crisford & Norris Ltd, Birmingham 1908, 7cm long 60-100
289.    A mixed collection of silver to include four various silver dressing brushes, a silver backed dressing mirror, a silver lidded dressing bottle, further silver lid, white metal napkin rings and an ebony mirror (12) 80-120
290.    A pair of Victorian style silver easel frames with embossed lobed borders with scrolled cartouche edges, maker WW, 27 x 22 cm external measurement. 60-100
291.    Five Victorian fiddle pattern teaspoons, 3 oz approx together with four various pocket watches and two wristwatches. 30-50
292.    An Edwardian silver half fluted boat shaped teapot, maker WHI, Birmingham 1905, 19 oz approx. 220-280
293.    A pair of 1970s silver goblets with stylised stems, maker CB & S, Sheffield 1979, 12 oz approx. 150-180
294.    A white metal double measure with cast eastern rim, 3 oz approx. 40-60
295.    A late Victorian silver oil lamp burner with stylised pine cone finial and snake handle, maker marks worn, London 1897, 7 oz approx. 80-120
296.    An Art Deco silver and guilloche enamel dressing set comprising four various brushes and mirror, maker A C Co Limited, Birmingham 1936 (5). 100-150
297.    An eastern, possibly Indian, white metal serpentine snuff/trinket box embossed with scrolled foliage and worked to the base with animals amidst a tree, 2 oz approx. 20-40
298.    Five silver medallions 20-40
299.    A box of silver to include silver rimmed glass vessels, a calendar, silver eupergne and others 50-80
300.    Box of six 1930s silver rat tail teaspoons, maker John Round and Sons, Sheffield 1933; together with a box of six silver handled fruit knives 30-50
301.    A 14ct diamond marquise ring, the central diamond approx 0.25cts, surrounded by further graduated diamonds, size N, 2.5g 500-800
302.    A 9ct bracelet with padlock clasp together with a 9ct Albert chain, 20g total 120-150
303.    A semi-precious three stone ring in 9ct gold with textured finish, size N/O, 5g 80-100
304.    An 18ct diamond solitaire ring 0.25cts approx, size N, 2g 300-350
305.    A 9ct gold bracelet with heart padlock clasp and 9ct openwork fob with crest detail, 33g 300-350
306.    A five stone diamond ring in 14ct white gold, size J/K, 3.5g 150-250
307.    An 18ct white gold ring set with four princess cut diamonds, size L, 2g 100-150
308.    A ruby and diamond cluster ring marked 750, size O, 5.5g 200-300
309.    Two 9ct brooches set with turquoise and seed pearls together with a 9ct watch strap (af), 11g total 50-80
310.    A five stone diamond ring in 18ct gold, size J, 2g 300-400
311.    A sapphire and diamond oval cluster ring in 18ct white gold, size N/O, 4g 500-700
312.    A pair of Victorian yellow metal earrings, with carved coral roses and screw fittings, 6g 180-200
313.    An 18ct bezel set diamond ring 0.25cts approx, size M, 8g 200-300
314.    A claw set opal and rose cut diamond ring in 18ct gold, size I/J, 5.5g 800-1000
315.    A diamond cocktail ring in unmarked yellow metal, the central claw set diamond approx 1.75cts, size X, 4g 1500-1800
316.    An 18ct gold chain with glass cross pendant, marked Lalique to pendant bale, 14.5g 300-330
317.    No lot
318.    An 18ct white and yellow gold diamond ring, 0.20cts approx, size N/O, 5g 200-250
319.    A five stone diamond ring in 18ct gold, size O, 2g 180-200
320.    A 9ct Esso long service lapel badge set with a diamond and in original box, together with four gold chains, one in 18ct and three in 9ct gold, with associated pendants, and a 9ct ring, 15g 100-150
321.    A 15ct gold bar brooch in the form of a spider, 8g 160-180
322.    No lot
323.    A Victorian 10ct mourning brooch with bevelled glass compartment to reverse and seed pearl to centre, 11.5g 80-100
324.    An Australian portrait brooch with openwork frame interspersed by grape vines and applied kangaroo and emu figures, possibly by Brunkhorst in unmarked yellow metal, 31g 200-300
325.    No lot
326.    A seed pearl and diamond brooch/pendant with dual fitting of starburst design, in unmarked yellow metal, 5.5g 120-150
327.    Three 9ct rings, one set with diamonds and rubies, one with turquoise and a cluster ring set with semi precious stones, together with a further silver ring, all size T, 13.5g total (4) 60-80
328.    An 18ct gold and enamel brooch set with enamelled panel, painted to back Zurik, 12.5g 220-280
329.    An 18ct four stone diamond ring, size N, 2g 200-250
330.    A 9ct brooch with suspended model of a dachshund on chain, 4g, together with a marquisette dachshund brooch 50-70
332.    A gold plated Victorian watch chain consisting of four moss agate panels, 15.5g 50-70
333.    A 14ct gold tie pin set with a garnet, 3.5g 40-60
334.    An art deco style diamond ring, 0.10cts approx, size T/U, 2g 100-120
335.    A 9ct blue and white stone ring, size N, 2g 30-40
336.    A hard stone bead necklace, possibly jade, with later applied gold chain and clasp, 115g 150-200
337.    An 18ct diamond gypsy ring, size T, together with a further 18ct ring shank. 9.5g total 120-150
338.    No lot
339.    An 18ct five stone diamond ring, size S, 3.5g 150-200
340.    A silver ballerina brooch designed by Frederick Massingham for D H Phillips, Birmingham 1948, reg. DESAPP.No.851564, 17.5g 40-60
341.    An Indian painted miniature under glass, in base metal brooch mount 70-90
342.    A 15ct aquamarine bar brooch, 4g 100-120
343.    A 9ct oval Blue John ring in art nouveau style mount, size K, 10g 250-280
344.    A dual colour yellow metal Victorian keeper ring with vine decoration (3g), a 9ct pique brooch (af), a silver dress ring, etc 40-60
345.    A 9ct ring set with a large faceted citrine, size N/O and two further rings, one in 9ct gold, 15.5g total 60-80
346.    A 9ct figaro chain together with a 9ct necklace with diamond set cross pendant, 13.5g total 80-120
347.    Three 9ct rings comprising a wedding band, size U, and two diamond cluster rings, 10g total 60-80
348.    A 9ct demi parure comprising blue spinel necklace and drop earrings together with a 9ct bezel set ring, size P. 6g total 40-60
349.    Two 9ct gold seed pearl bar brooches, 4g. Together with a further brooch set with amethysts. 80-120
350.    A vintage yellow metal dress 'Princess' ring of unusual design set with garnets and cultured pearls, size N, 4.5g 100-120
351.    An 18ct diamond ring, 0.20cts approx, size R/S, 4g 250-300
352.    A peridot demi parure in 9ct gold comprising necklace and drop earrings, 5g total 300-350
353.    An 18ct ring with bezel set opal, size P/Q, 3g 100-120
354.    An 18ct sapphire and diamond ring with two rows of square cut sapphires separated into three sections by diamonds, size M, 4g 120-150
355.    A 15ct brooch with pale blue enamel border and two seed pearl set shamrocks, 4g, together with an 18ct floral seed pearl brooch, 4g 160-180
356.    An Egyptian revival brooch in unmarked yellow metal, set with semi-precious pink stones, two scarab beetles and a central cabochon stone (loose), in stylised mount 11.5g 100-150
357.    A 9ct gold and enamel Royal Engineers Army brooch, 4.5g 40-60
358.    A 15ct gold Victorian brooch set with cabochon banded agate to centre, and pearl encrusted mount, 13g 250-300
359.    An 18ct diamond and ruby ring with engraved decoration together with an 18ct cabochon amethyst and seed pearl ring. 6g total 80-120
360.    A double string of quality cultured pearls with white metal clasp set with two aquamarines, the largest 1.50cts approx and five graduating diamonds, the largest 0.10cts approx 300-350
361.    An interesting mixed lot to include a pair of yellow metal backed amethyst buttons, a yellow metal key ring set with cabochon blue stone, a cased pair of fluted spoons, various silver items, costume jewellery, etc 80-120
362.    A 9ct gate link bracelet with heart clasp, a sapphire ring and a 9ct amethyst pendant, 15g 100-150
363.    Mixed gold lot to include matching rope twist necklace and bracelet, a box chain, various earrings, etc, 16.5g total 100-150
364.    A 9ct gold Cleopatra style necklace, 18.5g 100-150
365.    A yellow metal ornate brooch set with turquoise and seed pearls, 10.5g 200-220
366.    A mixed lot to include a 9ct ornate bangle, an agate brooch in yellow metal mount and a small amount of sundry gold items, 48g total 100-120
367.    Two 9ct bar brooches, one set with garnets and the other with a large opal, in original box, 4g 80-120
368.    A good quality cameo brooch in 9ct mount with safety chain and a pair of cameo earrings with screw fittings 50-70
369.    Two cameo brooches in yellow metal mounts, together with three 19th century high relief ivory panels 100-120
370.    Four bar brooches comprising a 15ct example set with central aquamarine, approx 1.75cts, another in yellow metal set with central cushion cut amethyst 10mm x 10mm approx. A 9ct brooch with pale blue stone and a silver example with faceted citrine, 15mm x 10mm approx 150-200
371.    A 9ct hinged bangle set with garnets and seed pearls, together with a 9ct almandine garnet ring, size J/K, 16.5g total 100-150
372.    An Arts & Crafts silver and enamel necklace by Charles Horner, hall marked for Chester with drop pendant in Egyptian style, 3.5g 250-300
373.    A Chinese gold pendant depicting a junk, with symbolic characters to reverse, marked 9999, 19.5g 300-400
374.    Three gold rings comprising a 22ct ruby example, an 18ct diamond ring and a 9ct amethyst and seed pearl ring. Sizes O, L/M and N, 6g total 80-120
375.    An 18ct turquoise, diamond and pearl set brooch in the form of a tortoise, 15.5g 350-400
376.    A pair of highly decorative designer drop earrings by Stanley Hagler NYC, set with rhinestones and large faux pearls 150-180
377.    A quantity of amber and silver jewellery in the Arts & Crafts style comprising four rings and a brooch, 38.5g 30-50
378.    A 9ct gold vesta with engine turned decoration and side loop, 22g 250-300
379.    A 9ct gold retractable cocktail swizzle stick, makers initials S.J.R. 60-80
380.    A 9ct gold crescent brooch set with alternating turquoise and pearls, 3.5g 50-80
381.    A 9ct gold RAF sweetheart brooch, 4.5g 60-80
382.    A 9ct gold locket with two opening doors and engraved decoration to back and front, 6.5g 80-120
383.    A 9ct gold brooch with embossed decoration in the form of a Celtic cloak pin, 4.5g 50-80
384.    A 9ct brooch with floral decoration and locket compartment to reverse, 6.5g
Catalogue Amendment. Brooch weighs 3.5g
******************************************************************************************** 40-60
385.    A 9ct brooch of stylised design set with pink garnets, 4g 60-80
386.    A 9ct gold Masonic medallion, 3.5g 40-60
387.    Two gold stick pins, one in the form of a crescent set with seed pearls 20-30
388.    A 9ct bar brooch set with a faceted pale blue stone, 2g 20-30
389.    A 9ct gold curb link bracelet with heart padlock clasp, 18.5g 200-250
390.    A dress ring set with large semi-precious purple stone in yellow metal, size N/O, 8.5g 150-200
391.    Four cameo brooches, two with pendant fittings 40-60
392.    Coral jewellery to include a necklace, hair pin, 14ct brooch, together with a pearl necklace with 9ct clasp 70-90
393.    An enamel mourning brooch in yellow metal mount, with articulated drop and inscription to reverse "Rev.d D.Hughes M.A. Obt April 11th 1850 Jonnett Hughes Obt Jan 21st 1860", an agate brooch, a silver and opal ring, etc (af) 20-30
394.    A suite of green amber and silver jewellery comprising necklace, articulated bracelet and clip earrings 80-120
395.    Four Edwardian hat pins consisting of one Austrian silver enamel and pearl art nouveau example, hall marked and stamped G.A.S in the form of mistletoe by Georg Adam Scheid. Together with a globular pink rock crystal pin, a gilt and paste set and a further silver set cameo pin 80-120
396.    A silver charm bracelet marked Tiffany & Co., 48g 100-120
397.    A leather box containing costume jewellery including a silver malachite brooch, also with an inlaid Egyptian style cigarette case 20-25
398.    An enamel Arts & Crafts drop pendant in the form of a dragonfly with blister pearl body, stamped Sterling Silver 40-60
399.    A good quality silver lot to include three artistic pieces with hammered finish; a cuff bracelet and two brooches hall marked for London and an ingot necklace, 138g total. Together with two platinum rings, one diamond set, 7g 60-80
400.    An interesting costume lot to include a guard chain with gold plated fob, a gold mounted hard stone pendant, possibly jade, two silver hinged bangles, etc 60-80
401.    A Lotus simulated pearl necklace, two pairs of earrings, one stamped sterling, a further brooch 20-30
402.    An interesting costume lot to include a painted porcelain brooch with an image of a Georgian lady, a shell cameo, a bead work choker and bead work earrings, etc 50-70
403.    A naval tri-colour silver sweetheart brooch in the form of a sword with anchor and floral decoration, together with a silver butterfly wing brooch and one other (3) 30-50
404.    White metal items to include a stylised articulated drop necklace, together with two painted porcelain brooches and a vintage wristwatch 40-60
405.    A boxed silver necklace stamped Tiffany & Co., 71.5g 60-80
406.    A 9ct Rangers F.C. pendant 2.5g, together with five white metal items to include an enamel butterfly brooch stamped Silver (af) 20-30
407.    A collection of 30 agate bead necklaces 60-80
408.    Mixed costume jewellery including five silver items comprising four rings and a necklace, together with plated flatware to include a cased set of six teaspoons, a silver napkin ring, etc (smaller items displayed in cabinet) 40-60
409.    Costume jewellery including a malachite bead necklace and a bracelet of Tiffany style, etc 20-30
410.    Costume jewellery to include a pearl necklace and matching earrings stamped 925, four pairs of gold earrings (earrings displayed in cabinet) 30-50
411.    Costume jewellery to include an eastern silver and enamel bracelet 30-50
412.    Costume jewellery comprising mainly brooches, with a quantity of miscellaneous small items (silver behind cabinets) 30-50
413.    A collection of 30 bead necklaces, some jasper examples 60-80
414.    An unusual large base metal pendant in the form of a mythical beast and a similar necklace in the form of an elephant, together with a further white metal pendant 30-50
415.    An enamel and white metal necklace with stylised chain interspersed with enamelled panels and vulture pendant, in original fitted poker work box 50-70
416.    A 9ct garnet necklace 1.5g, together with a collection of costume brooches (necklace displayed in cabinet) 40-60
417.    19th century ivory page turner, monogrammed, two Chinese ivory cigarette holders, collection of fruit knives, three silver decanter labels, whiskey, port and sherry 30-40
418.    Mid 19th century Ambrotype portrait, cased, otters paw brooch, miniature bellows, small silver mounted pen knife, a policeman's whistle, etc
419.    Thirty two vintage Butlins holiday camp enamelled lapel badges mainly from the 1960s period, a Butlins car club grill badge and three AA badges
420.    Georgian pepper pot pistol by F Parry, Lench Street, Birmingham 250-350
420A.   A small Georgian percussion cap pocket pistol 30-40
421.    A 19th century carved Chinese ivory netsuke dog of fo, together with a carved Chinese hardwood frame in the form of a temple entrance 40-60
422.    A miniature silver Lee Enfield rifle with fixed bayonet, London 1899, 11 cm 60-80
423.    A turned Lignum vitae bowl surmounted by a cold cast and painted bronze figure of a cock pheasant, 10 cm max 30-40
424.    A collection of National Transport tokens in aluminium, G.P.O buttons, etc 10-15
425.    An early 19th century copper tube containing fourteen medallions - Duke of Wellngton British Victories 1805-1814 4cm 60-80
426.    Dunhill table lighter in engine turned case, patent number US RE24163, 12 1/2 cm 250-300
427.    A collection of eight Arts & Crafts enamelled brooches and buckles with celtic and other detail 80-100
428.    Embossed brass dish, impression from a die made by Mathew Boulton at Soho 1804 and used to convert silver dollars captured by the English in the Spanish War, 11 1/2 cm diameter 40-60
429.    Large Art Deco chromium plated car bonnet mascot on stylised rocket, 38 cm 20-30
430.    A collection of nine vintage fountain pens, by Swan, Esterbrook, Conway, a silver backed fruit knife, a further silver and mother of pearl knife, two watches, etc 30-40
431.    Loyal Order of the Moose medallion with crossed hammers, marked 9ct, further neck badge, Victorian crown piece, etc 30-40
432.    A percussion cap pistol 80-120
433.    A psudeo ancient figure, glass bowl and lamp and a small set of balance scales 20-30
434.    Collection of small miscellaneous effects cold cast figures, three dancing characters, cat on a stool, children playing, etc, 19th century pocket pistol, opera glasses, etc 60-80
435.    Pair of primitive Chinese carved stone dragons, 8 cm 30-40
436.    A collection of small figures, Chinese immortals in cast brass, two dancing Egyptian boys, two miniature mandolins, etc 30-40
437.    A collection of Grand Tour plaster roundel's with portrait of scholars, artists, etc, (14), a similar rectangular panel and a cast lead medal showing a 16th century style gentleman 60-80
438.    Charles the First silver half groat with oval shield 40-60
439.    Collection of 19th century/early 20th century English silver coinage up to 1920, 7 ozs 40-60
440.    Collection of English silver coinage post 1920, pre 1947, 13 oz 40-60
441.    1914-18 war medal, 1914 star, Victory medal, George V long service and good conduct medal, George V Meritorious service medal, George VI Militia Efficient Service Medal, all named - T28905 Dvr P W Keen ASC (later M2116 Sgt Keen R.A.S.C and staff sgt Percival W Keen), World War II war medal and Defence medal, silver presentation cigarette case to Sgt P W Keen from R.A.P.C. Kidderminster with Royal Army Pay Corps enamel detail, together with Percival William Keens certificate of service book - enlisting 1910, certificate of discharge 1934 together with further paperwork, Birth and Death certificate 1955, etc 200-250
442.    Mixed English coinage, mainly bronze from circa 1900 onwards together with a number of Elizabeth II crowns 30-40
443.    Approx 220 uncirculated 1945 farthings 40-60
444.    An album of Georgian and Victorian coinage including George III crown 1819, shilling 1787, George II Maundy coin, etc with other silver and bronze coinage (23) 60-80
445.    Seven Elizabeth II 5 coins, 8 crowns, 2 Victorian crowns 1898 & 2, replica Elizabeth first coin and further commemorative coinage, four 1 notes 50-60
446.    A selection of paper currency to include a First Series Confederate States of America two dollar note dated 1862, German examples to include a 1,000 Reichsbanknote dated April 1910 with red directorate stamps, a Reichsbanknote Hunderttausend mark with black directorate stamps dated 1923, Zwanzig mark dated 1914, further German examples, an Austrian Tausend Kronen note dated 1902, other eastern paper currency, three complete sheets of German Einhunderttausend mark bonds, hand written continental correspondence dated 1827, etc 60-80
447.    A collection of 19th century silver coinage 5 oz, together with two Victorian commemorative medallions 1897 Jubilee 40-60
448.    Eleven Elizabeth II crowns from 1965 and later 15-20
449.    Three pairs of World War One war and victory medals, named 17856 Gnr G T Finn, R A Capt L D Goldie 1482311, Spr R Blake RE, 1911 Coronation medal, Imperial Service Medal, Ralph Blake (Elizabeth II issue), Masonic Royal Arch Medal 80-100
450.    M.B.E. military issue, George V issue awarded to Capt D R Crowley, Glamorgan Home Guard, telegrams and letters of congratulations, photographs, rules of the Glamorgan Home Guard, Golfing society, citation, Home Guard certification, etc 150-200
450A.   Four coin albums containing a mixed collection of mainly English coinage, 19th century and later mainly copper and later, post 1947 silver 30-40
451.    A mixed collection of various wristwatches to include a vintage ladies 9ct cocktail watch, a further 9ct lug watch head and silver cocktail watch together with a large collection of others. 30-50
452.    A large collection of watches and movements, many marked Quasar. 60-100
453.    Four quartz wristwatches, all in presentation cases, by Amadeus (4). 80-120
454.    Four various quartz watches to include one by Pod, another by World Time and two by Gianni Sabatini (4). 80-120
455.    A Tudor ladies 9ct cocktail watch upon a gold plated concertina strap together with a further Jaquet Droz gilt cylinder pendant watch and a collection of other wrist watches 40-80
456.    A mixed collection of watches to include a silver pocket watch, silver fob watch, a continental silver pocket watch with subsidiary dial and seventeen jewel wrist watch by Fero; and a further silver cigarette case (5) 50-80
457.    A collection of wrist watches to include a Movado Sport, a Rotary Automatic and others 40-60
458.    A ladies Tudor cocktail watch with subsidiary second dial and 9ct snake bracelet strap; together with a further Marvin 9ct gold ladies wrist watch and further shell cameo brooch (3) 60-100
459.    Four various pocket watches to include a silver Waltham pocket watch further silver Hunter pocket watch, a gold plated Elgin Hunter and one other chrome pocket watch (4) 40-60
460.    A Victorian silver goliaths pocket watch, the enamelled dial inscribed with the approved patent with further subsidiary dial, silver hallmark for Chester 1889; together with a further pair of pierced silver and glass peppers (3) 40-60
461.    Two Rotary cocktail watches, one with 9ct strap (2) 60-100
462.    A vintage ladies 9ct cocktail watch with good gilt dial upon a sprung gold strap 60-100
463.    Tudor Oyster shock resistant gentleman's stainless steel wrist watch, with Arabic numerals and tan leather 200-400
464.    A lady's Art Deco diamond wristwatch, Josarn, the rectangular dial with black Arabic numerals, flanked above and below with a baguette- and old-cut diamond, within a single-cut diamond border, the articulated bracelet strap highlighted with single- and old-cut diamonds, in platinum 300-500
465.    A ladies 9ct Tudor cocktail watch with subsidiary second dial upon a gold plated concertina strap 200-300
466.    An early 20th century platinum and diamond bezel ladies cocktail watch, fitted with a fifteen jewel movement, upon a recent leather strap 100-200
467.    A JW Benson silver half hunter pocket watch, with subsidiary second dial, hall marked London 1901, within original JW Benson Ltd watchmaker Morocco leather box 200-250
468.    A vintage Smith's de luxe 9ct gold gentleman's wristwatch with 17 jewels movement upon a gold plated sprung strap 80-120
469.    A 1960s ladies omega 9ct gold wrist watch on a gold mesh strap in original box with papers dated 1967 200-400
470.    A Tag Heuer automatic 200 metre divers watch with blue dial, button markers, original strap with extra links, box and papers. 350-400
471.    A good early 19th century flame mahogany stick barometer, with bow glass etched ivory inscribed 'Underhill' with mercury barometer, 94cm high 100-200
472.    A vintage oak cased Synchronome electric master wall clock, with original pendulum, 126cm high 100-200
473.    A good quality 19th century mahogany banjo wall barometer, profusely carved with fruits and grapevine and further rococo reserves, with murcural dial and thermometer, 104cm long 100-200
474.    A good 19th century oval brass carriage clock fitted with a circular enamelled dial on a gilt plate, 10cm high 150-200
475.    A Waltham Watch Co eight day marine deck clock watch, the silvered dial with Roman numerals, up-down power reserve dial and subsidiary sunk seconds branded NW4, 15 jewel adjusted movements, a screw down bezel and mount in later case, the case 10cm high 300-400
476.    American Waltham Watch Co night clock, the 4.5 inch glass dial with brass bezel supported with a folding hinged arm fitted with a candle sconce within a hinged Morocco leather travelling case 200-300
477.    WITHDRAWN 150-250
478.    A walnut and marquetry drop dial wall clock, fitted with a two train 29cm dial and gilt pendulum, 68cm high 20-40
479.    A Vienna regulator wall clock, the enamel dial fitted with a subsidiary second dial, 93cm tall 60-100
480.    A Vienna regulator wall clock, the enamel dial fitted with a subsidiary second dial, 96cm high 60-100
481.    A French Comtoise style wall dial, the 9 inch enamel dial inscribed 'Villcain, A St Remy', with two brass riveted lead weights 40-60
482.    An 8 inch dial single fusee wall clock, fine English carved wall and bracket, carved with leaves and poker work 300-400
483.    A Vienna wall regulator, with two train dial and subsidiary second dial inscribed 'Svea' in typical architectural case, 135cm long 80-100
484.    A French gilt spelter figural garniture mantle clock (3) 80-120
485.    A collection of horology to include an incomplete eight bell long case dial, a further wall clock inscribed Dawes of Chipping Sodbury, various weights and others 60-100
486.    A vintage Smith's of Enfield two train mantle clock, mounted by a cast metal handle within a mahogany veneered case; together with four further vintage clocks (5) 50-80
487.    A German cast brass quartz torsion clock, within a four pillared case, 25cm high 40-60
488.    A National Time Recording clocking in clock, the dial inscribed St Mary Cray, Kent 50-80
489.    A National Time Recording Company clocking in clock, the dial inscribed 227/228 Black Friars Road, London 50-80
490.    A single fusee 12 inch wall dial clock within a mahogany case 60-100
491.    A miniature continental fruitwood long case clock, with cast ormolu mounts and 2 inch dial, fitted with a wind up movement, 33cm high 30-50
492.    A 19th century single train black slate mantle clock with architectural case fitted with Corinthian column, 31cm high 40-60
493.    Two train black slate mantle clock, 35cm high 40-60
494.    Antique French bronze and ormolu eight day figural mantel clock, the two train 9cm dial flanked by a seated artist character with easel, upon a rococo type base fitted with hand painted floral porcelain panels, 27cm high 200-300
495.    French cast Spelter figural drum head mantle clock, the two train enamel painted dial inscribed 'Rue Grebilos, Nantes' flanked by a gowned lady holding a torch and a cherub upon a stepped square and break front marble base, 45cm high 100-150
496.    Good French Champleve Architectural mantle clock, the movement stamped Henri Paris & Dufald, Paris, striking on a gong, with 3 inch two train dial fitted with a gilt chapter ring and Islamic mosque type finial, 32 cm high 1000-1500
497.    Good French ormolu two train pillar mantle clock, the Pons movement inscribed Hatton, Paris, striking the hours and quarters on two bells, the 3.25 inch white enamel chapter ring enclosing a skeletonised centre upon a cast ormolu column, stepped marble base under a glass dome 300-500
498.    Devon Clocks grasshopper skeleton mantel clock, with original Devon Clocks key, the brass clock mounted to a stepped square mahogany base, the clock 36cm high within a glass dome 500-600
499.    Rare antique French empire ormolu eight day figural mantel clock, the 6cm silvered dial signed Robert A Paris, the clock mounted by a girl reading and a begging dog within a musical glass dome, the clock 25cm high 400-500
500.    Good French Boulle work mantle clock with two train gilt dial fitted with enamel Roman numerals, the movement stamped A D Mougin, striking on a gong, with cast ormolu mounts upon a stepped Bombay tortoise shell plinth, clock 30cm high 300-500
501.    International Time Recoding Company clocking in clock, the square oak case with glass side viewing panel fitted with a seven inch two train dial and further cast iron dial fitted with geometric pin holes and enamelled numbered buttons, 87cm high 500-800
502.    Vulliamy of London single fusee flame mahogany bracket clock, with architectural lancet case, original cased pendulum bob and cast ormolu feet, the 4.5 inch silvered dial inscribed Vulliamy London, the back plate signed Vulliamy London 1783, 34cm high 5000-6000
511.    A walking stick with carved gorilla head knop with glass eyes and silver collar. 50-80
512.    A walking stick with finely cast bronze knop in the form of a young man. 100-150
513.    A walking cane with cast metal knop in the form of a chicken. 80-120
514.    A novelty Malacca walking stick with knop in the form of a functioning brass draw telescope. 100-150
515.    A Malacca walking cane with heavy ivory handle and wide silver collar dated 1893. 80-120
516.    A walking stick with knop in the form of a carved exotic bird. 50-80
517.    Three various ladies walking canes. 50-80
518.    A military walking stick with cast metal knop with the badge of the Royal Scots Regiment. 50-80
519.    A slim ladies walking cane with carved horn knop in the form of a swan's head. 40-60
520.    A pair of ladies walking canes, each with fine white metal knop. 50-80
521.    Two walking canes, each with silver knop, one dated 1919 (2). 50-80
522.    A Malacca walking cane with interesting ivorine hoop handle and a further crooked handle cane (2). 50-80
523.    Two interesting walking sticks, one with cast metal Griffin head, the other with an ivory dog's head (2). 40-60
524.    A horn handled silver collar walking stick. 20-40
525.    A good quality rosewood walking cane, the knop in the form of a carved eagle's head with glass eyes. 80-120
526.    A good bamboo and hawthorn horse measuring stick fitted with a ruler and spirit level. 80-120
527.    An interesting prohibition walking stick, the knop unscrews to reveal a small goblet with a larger glass vessel inside the shaft. 50-80
528.    A Malacca walking cane with knop in the form of a carved clenched fist. 40-60
529.    A horse measuring stick fitted with a steel ruler and spirit level. 50-80
530.    A bamboo shafted walking cane with wrapped leather knop. 30-50
531.    Four various walking sticks to include one with cast eagle knop, another with snake trailing up the shaft, a further heavy cudgel type stick and one with crooked handle (4). 40-60
532.    An interesting eastern walking stick with crooked handle in the form of a dog biting a snake (AF) together with a further silver knopped parasol (2). 30-50
533.    Two divisional pitch pine church collection box inscribed 'Sunday School' and 'For the Poor', 42 cm wide approx. 30-50
533A.   A 19th century drawn and coloured plan of WD & HO Wills No1 Factory adjacent to Leonard St & East St Bristol, scale 40 feet - 1inch 30-40
534.    A mid-19th century sampler by Hannah Elizabeth Winter aged 11 years, dated 1848, with typical decoration of the alphabet, numbers and a prayer, with further botanical studies, 43 x 38 cm approx, framed. 40-60
535.    A mixed collection of oriental wares to include metalware, porcelain and textiles. 40-60
536.    A black handbag by Bergdorf Goodman together with a further crocodile skin style bag by Sackville and a collection of fabric, shawl, vintage swimsuit, etc 20-40
537.    A pair of gentleman's riding boots with zipper front fastening, with wooden boots tree by Maxwell 30-50
538.    Three boxes of household linen including lace bedspread, curtain tie backs and curtain netting together with a standard lamp, ceiling light fitting and wall lights 20-30
539.    A mixed lot to include an enamel jug, vintage GPO telephone, carved treen duck on wheel's three baskets and an iron bound oak barrel.
540.    A travel bag fitted with a collection of vintage cameras and equipment to include lenses, etc.

541.    A very large collection of miscellaneous items to include Seth Thomas drop dial wall clock, various metalware, mirrors, ceramics, handbags, etc. 50-80
542.    Two leather suitcases filled with miscellaneous items to include a cast metal egg timer, various glassware and porcelain. 30-50
543.    A Pietro Italian piano accordion within a leather case. 30-50
544.    A Replogle 16 inch world classic series globe upon a turned wooden column and flared circular base, 100 cm high approx. 50-80
545.    A mixed collection of miscellaneous metalware to include a cast brass crucifix, a pair of Viking scales with weights, Arts & Crafts copper dish and others together with a pine swing mirror. 40-60
546.    An Art Deco gilt spelter figural table lamp in the form of a nude with marble butterfly wings upon a stepped square plinth base, 36 cm high approx (AF). 60-100
547.    A clay head a lady with bronzed finish and tight curls upon a pitch pine plinth base, 46 cm high approx. 60-80
548.    A Japanese polished bronze flared vase cast in relief with Japanese pond iris upon a base cast with scrolling clouds, 35 cm high approx upon an octagonal medallion base (2). 60-100
549.    A pair of Japanese lacquered table top cabinets, the panelled doors decorated in gilt with birds enclosing six specimen drawers over a deeper drawer upon typical wooden plinth bases, 40 cm high (2).
550.    A Georgian mahogany swing mirror upon a base fitted with three cushion drawers together with a further set of brass weighing scales (2). 40-60
551.    An aesthetic period cast iron pair of fire dogs, attributed to Thomas Jekyll, centrally cast with songbirds, possibly thrushes, 22 cm high approx, 50-80
552.    A cast bronze bust of Sophia Loren, signed Jordan, limited edition 1/5 upon a square black slate base, 46 cm high approx. 600-800
553.    A 1920s French bronze study of a grotesque woman in the manner of Honore Daumier with a snake at her feet and holding a piece of fruit, possibly Eve in the garden of Eden, indistinctly signed and dated 1924 Paris, 24 cm high approx. 300-400
554.    A cast bronzed spelter figure of a maiden in robes with a cherub at her side, with plaque inscribed 'Badinage', 69 cm high approx (AF). 100-120
555.    A cast bronze study of a sleeping girl and a hound upon a black marble base, 16 cm high approx.
556.    A bronze spelter figural table lamp of a putti, the base signed Aurili, 42 cm high approx. 80-100
557.    A mixed metalware lot to include a copper scuttle, a pair of copper chargers and others. 40-60
558.    A mixed collection of pewter ware to include tankards, chargers and others. 30-50
559.    A large mixed collection of miscellaneous items to include copperware, glassware, mirrors, chargers, etc. 30-50
560.    An African tribal carved figure of a kneeling nude woman with open mouth holding a dish, 40 cm high approx. 30-50
561.    A Benson copper lidded jug together with a WMF plated chamberstick in the art nouveau manner, a Sankey copper chamberstick and one other, an interesting relief moulded brass taper stick/vesta box - The Royal Improved Safety Box, and further copper charger (6).
562.    A pair of gilt metal table sconces with scrolled branches mounted by cherubs upon swept circular bases and fitted with prismatic drops, 19 cm high approx. 40-60
563.    A silk lined bowler hat together with two pairs of kid leather gloves. 30-50
564.    Two similar candlestick telephones. 50-80
565.    A 19th century copper kettle, various copper pans and a pair of brass Gothic style candlesticks 30-40
566.    Three porcelain horses together with three treen hand modelled carts and a further gypsy wagon, together with a print of a horse racing subject (8). 40-60
567.    A Newlyn Arts & Crafts copper tray of oval form, the rim embossed with fish and shells, 52 cm long approx.

568.    A box of interesting items to include glassware animals, silver plate, tools and others. 30-50
569.    A box of interesting sewing wares to include ivory crochet hooks, a shell pin cushion, a cross stitch set for a diligent child and other interesting items. 30-50
570.    A collection of brassware to include a cast brass fly, peacock, paw feet, horse brasses, etc. 60-100
571.    Two boxes of interesting items to include shells, treen ware, souvenir wares, metalware, etc. 30-50
572.    A mixed lot to include Georgian style boxwood inlaid mahogany tea caddy with canted corners, inlaid with birds, ribbons and foliage; together with a pair of cast metal grotesque figures (possibly chess pieces) and a mahogany framed wall mirror (4).
573.    A cased brass lacquered draw telescope together with an ebonised wooden tripod stand. 40-60
574.    A framed collection of World War II war medals and a photograph relating to Gunner S Pennell of the Royal Artillery together with a further military motor vehicle licence, a 1940s framed penny and other framed pre-decimal currency. 30-50
575.    Two vintage cased typewriters together with a brown leather briefcase and two Anglepoise type lights (5). 30-50
576.    A collection of foreign and lacquered trinket boxes to include a sandalwood example and further eastern examples together with two Chinese works on rice paper (11). 60-100
577.    A boxed Christopher Columbus chess set with cast figures together with a set of postal scales. 30-50
578.    A box of interesting items to include carved ivory figure, interesting Pacific type leather and bead work pouch, fans, seven 19th century framed pot lids, 19th century drawing set, Georgian oak candle box, aneroid barometer, cowboy costume, etc 40-60
579.    A collection of carved treen type wares to include cats, ducks, fish and others. 20-40
580.    Three boxes of interesting items to include Bakelite telephone, Parker pen set, various silver plated flatware in wooden canteens, cast metal paperweight in the form of a clenched fist, cast model of a dog, a collection of stereoscopic viewers, Viewmaster cards including 1969 moon landing, cigarette card albums, etc 40-60
581.    Two vintage piano accordions. 40-60
582.    Two boxes of interesting items to include antique and later pestle and mortars, a leather satchel and others. 50-80
583.    A large collection of prismatic drop ceiling lights comprising one large hanging light with lustred swags, and four further smaller lights together with a floral silk parasol 100-200
584.    Acoustic six string guitar with birds on the back plates, label inside inscribed 'Model K550, Made in Italy'. 40-60
585.    A vintage acoustic guitar with stamp inscribed 'The Michigan'. 30-50
586.    A vintage Hofner Vienna classical guitar. 60-100
587.    A leather cased clarinet by C Mahillon & Co of London. 30-50
588.    An interesting eastern brass oil lamp fitted with a screen and revolving globular sconce holder, 92 cm high approx.

589.    A framed and cased diorama of a three masked galleon, framed and glazed, 28 x 41 cm approx. 40-60
590.    An early 20th century framed and glazed athletic dedication, a central
photographic portrait card encircled by faux oak leaves and acorns set beneath a painted banner reading I. Turntag 20 August 1916, in Zurich 64 x 51cm approx. 40-80
591.    A 19th century rowing boat oar with gilt inscriptions and crest, dated 1898. 50-100
592.    A large mixed collection of costume jewellery with further bijouterie type items. 30-50
593.    A pair of late 19th century brass fire dogs designed by Christopher Dresser for Benham & Froud, of modernist form upon three splayed feet 80-120
594.    A celadon type jade sensor with two lion head ring handles and pierced dragon lid upon a carved wooden stand. 300-350
595.    Two boxes containing a large quantity of miscellaneous items to include cameras and equipment, metalware, a twin handled Scandinavian bowl, etc. 40-60
596.    A mixed lot of metalware to include a copper bucket and silver plate. 30-50
597.    A box containing a large collection of engineer's stationer's tools. 100-200
598.    A box containing a large quantity of 18th, 19th and later quart and pint tankards, measurers, etc 60-80
599.    Two vintage Chad Valley, Sooty and Sweep hand puppets. 40-60
600.    A 19th century brass band walnut box comprising a collection of pearl handled cut throat razors, some marked with the days of the week 30-50
601.    Antique style elm tea caddy in the form of a pear, the hinged lid enclosing an ivory handled marquetry top with ebonised interior and further ivory escutcheon. 80-120
602.    A Japanese boxwood carving of a standing bearded gentleman, possibly of a farming or mining community. 30-50
603.    A Chinese style root type carving of a fisherman. 50-80
603A.   An interesting eastern zoomorphic water jug in the form of an amphibious bird with enamelled detail, the hinged spout mounted by two tigers 40-60
604.    A graduated set of cast bronze Avery weights from 7 lb to 1 oz (7). 50-80
605.    Three various woodworking planes to include one inscribed 'H Slater', a further brass example and an interesting edging plane (3). 80-100
606.    A good patinated bronze novelty inkwell in the form of a crab. 80-120
607.    A 19th century brass and mahogany draw telescope. 40-60
608.    Antique brass and mahogany draw telescope with shutters on both lenses.
609.    Two 19th century or earlier cast bronze Buddhavista deities, probably North Indian or Tibetan (2). 100-150
610.    A box containing a large quantity of marbles. 50-80
611.    A vintage oak smoker's cabinet with pipe rack and shelves behind a hinged glazed door, above a single drawer. 30-50
612.    An interesting carved horn chess set together with a further checkerboard (2). 60-100
613.    A box of interesting glass slides containing a complete selection of photographic locations and exotic inhabitants from the Canadian Pacific 80-120
614.    Taxidermy interest - A domed diorama of exotic birds amongst foliage upon a black plinth base, 30 cm high approx. 50-80
615.    A four branch cast gilt metal electrolier with prismatic drops. 30-50
616.    A bronze figural table lamp of a nude with an opaque glass shade, indistinctly signed to base, 41 cm high approx. 40-60
617.    A good quality cast brass oil lamp with vaseline glass reservoir, barley twist column and Rococo type base together with a further good quality opaque glass shade and a further cast iron oil lamp (3). 50-80
618.    Good bijouterie lot to include silver cigarette case, silver bangle, silver propelling pencil, gold tipped cigarette holder and Victorian brass hip shaped snuff box inscribed ' J Glaxton, 1886' (5) 80-120
619.    A Super Gold Star double action 'Lindstrom' Bagatelle board, 61 cm long approx. 30-50
620.    A John Oldfield vintage lorry lamp, two vintage coach lamps, a hanging lamp and a yard lamp (5) 40-60
621.    A 19th century mahogany sarcophagus tea caddy, the hinged lid enclosing a fitted interior together with a further rosewood two divisional caddy (2). 60-80
622.    A Blickensderfer vintage typewriter made in the USA. 30-50
623.    A 19th century rosewood writing slope, the hinged lid enclosing a baize lined and fitted interior. 40-60
624.    An Art Nouveau cast spelter figure of a beauty, her face coming from a flower together with two cast bronze figures of musical children (3). 50-80
625.    A mixed collection of brassware to include a pair of baluster brass candlesticks, two further brass candlesticks, a wrythen fluted water jug and trivet (6).

626.    A decorative cut and polished alabaster dish of circular form with bevelled shaped border and central foliate and floral trailing inlay decoration composed from semiprecious stones, 32 cm diameter approx, together with a 20th century pair of worked cattle horn models of fish with incised and stained decoration, 24 cm long approx, and 3 further large horn work studies of standing birds (5).

627.    A pair of carved wooden gilt wood and gesso Dogs of Fo with spherical balls in their open mouths upon cushioned plinth bases with further Dog of Fo relief decoration, 39 cm high approx (2). 50-80
627A.   Nineteen 19th century horse brasses with traditional geometric and other detail 60-80
628.    A Japanese lacquered octagonal casket with chinoiserie gilt overlay, the hinged lid enclosing a fitted interior and a good collection of costume jewellery. 60-100
629.    An Ernst Leitz brass lacquered microscope. 30-50
630.    A vintage japanned metal Danish telephone receiver with side winding handle. 30-50
631.    Two similar brushed silk top hats. 40-60
632.    An eastern hardwood and brass inlaid work box together with a further parquetry writing slope (2). 40-60
633.    A Herbert Terry Anglepoise lamp upon a stepped square base together with a further Mac lamp type table lamp (2). 40-60
634.    Two interesting antique eastern copper brass and silver inlaid candlesticks, the faceted tapered column above a well and cushioned plateau upon eight scrolled fish cast feet, 25 cm high approx (2). 1200-1500
635.    A mixed lot to include two tribal carvings, Chinese soapstone teapot and an antique pestle and mortar (4). 40-60
636.    Chinese lacquered cinnabar vase of baluster form, decorated in relief with a coiled pearl chasing dragon and foliage, together with a further eastern baluster jardiniere with gilt highlights, an interesting framed work on paper of a gilt rabbit and mythical beast and a blanc de chine baluster table lamp (4).

637.    A collection of vintage spirit levels by various makers, mainly in brass and mahogany. 50-80
638.    A pair of 18th century cast brass turned candlesticks on stepped square bases, 26 cm high approx.
639.    Two Anglepoise lamps together with a further vintage snake lamp (3). 30-50
640.    An intricately embroidered table cloth on cream ground with colourful central motif and elaborate border 20-30
641.    A carved tribal figure of a bearded gentleman playing a drum together with a further tribal bust carving and one other (3). 30-50
642.    Fen Man I walnut cased radiogram; together with a mine crate (2) 20-40
643.    Various pieces of eastern lacquered ware to include two boxes and a further ring shaped box (3). 40-60
644.    An interesting eastern trinket box carved in the form of a tortoise with hinged shell enclosing a boxed fitted interior and further marquetry reserves together with a pair of cast brass snake candlesticks and a letter rack (4). 60-100
645.    A mixed collection of metalware to include a galvanized milk churn of small proportions, various weights and others. 30-50
646.    A box containing a selection of antique watchmakers precision tools. 40-60
647.    A box of metalware to include silver plate, tankard, ladle, flatware, etc., together with a fruitwood box with gun cartridges and others. 40-60
648.    An Arts & Crafts oval copper tray with barley twist borders, inscribed verso H Barnes, The Forge, Thornton Le Dale, inscribed IMB centrally. 30-50
649.    A good selection of interesting miscellaneous items to include a yew wood miniature apprentice chest of drawers, carved gourd with animals, interesting copper lamp, cornucopia shell ink standish, a Victorian silk work tray, etc. 60-80
650.    A glazed hanging pipe cabinet containing a selection of interesting meerschaum type and other pipes, one in the form of a bull, another with hunting scenes, etc. 40-80
651.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include various antique and later jewellery boxes, various pieces of costume jewellery, a collection of coinage and others. 30-50
652.    A box of interesting items to include tartan ware barrel in the McLean pattern, an inkwell in the form of a nut on a leaf, artists articulated hand, dolls house, tureen, various crested china, lacquered boxes, etc. 40-60
653.    A box containing a large collection of articulated rulers and measuring tools together with spirit levels and others. 80-120
654.    A small quantity of metalware to include a pair of cast brass Rococo type brackets, copper kettle and stand, cast brass trivet and others. 30-50
655.    An early 20th century oak apprentice chest of drawers with three long split moulded type drawers, 25 cm high approx together with a further 19th century mahogany specimen cabinet (AF) and a further oak two door table top cabinet (3). 50-100
656.    A mixed treen ware lot to include an 19th century sarcophagus tea caddy, a further caddy Black Forest book slide, an Edwardian drum head walnut mantle clock and a two divisional letter rack and a George VI coronation medal 50-80
657.    A Regency flame mahogany sarcophagus tea caddy with ring handles and hinged lid enclosing a fitted interior. 50-80
658.    A Victorian mother of pearl inlaid sarcophagus tea caddy with ring handles, hinged lid enclosing two domed containers and shaped bun feet. 50-80
659.    A mixed lot to include a German electric Barigo, a Chinese soapstone baluster vase decorated in relief with a pagoda garden scene and two others. 20-40
660.    A good leather box with hinged lid fitted with a recessed handle and Bramah lock, 31 cm wide approx together with a further leather satchel (2). 50-80
661.    A good eastern ceremonial janbiya with filigree work white metal sheath and hilt upon a primitive stitched leather belt with further white metal filigree vessels. 200-250
662.    A large eastern ceremonial janbiya with white metal beaded hilt and lacquered studded sheath upon a stitched leather belt. 200-250
663.    An antique iron and steel cutlass with pierced hand guard and turned wooden hilt. 50-80
664.    A good antique sabre with engraved steel blade, banded mahogany hilt and gilt metal hand guard. 60-80
665.    A mixed lot of daggers to include a Khukri, a bayonet sword and sheath and an eastern carving set (3). 40-60
666.    A good mixed miscellaneous lot to include a mahogany sarcophagus tea caddy, vintage copper and brass fireman's hose nozzle, further various interesting metalware and bijouterie, a Truman advertising figure, etc 60-80
667.    A large collection of Georgian and later quart pint, 1/2 pint tankards, etc, together with an aneroid barometer and a pair of binoculars 60-80
668.    A box of mixed 19th century and later brass wares including Victorian weights, pestle and mortars, etc 40-60
668A.   A large collection of Georgian and later pewter condiments peppers, salts, measures, flasks, etc 40-60
669.    An pair of Grand Tour patinated bronze figures - Mercury and Fortuna, 64cm high (lack marble bases) 200-250
670.    Two cast brass chargers, one decorated in relief with the Adam and Eve story, the other with men hunting bear, 50 cm diameter approx together with a pair of Tudric pewter candlesticks (4).

671.    Collection of good quality white table linen together with a colourful embroidered table cloth, five beaded collars in tribal colours, a remnant of embroidered voile, apron, crochet samples etc 30-50
672.    A box of metal ware to include antique copper jug, interesting cast pewter candlestick and further antique brash candlestick together with a Japanese hardwood table lamp.

673.    A box of interesting glassware to include witches balls and bottles, further antique slip ware jug, biscuit moulds, etc. 40-60
674.    A collection of miscellaneous items comprising a box of vintage games to include a folding travelling checkers board and chess set together with a further folding oak box in the Black Forest manner, a Medieval style coat of arms with swords and a collection of miniature rugs. 30-50
675.    An interesting Tibetian copper shovel with brass relief decoration. 50-80
676.    An antique Italianate relief moulded baluster copper jug with lid and barley twist handle decorated in relief with scrolled acanthus and further typical Rococo decoration. 50-80
677.    Two Chinese brass chargers, one of oversized form with the Imperial mark to base. 50-80
678.    A good quality Papworth leather briefcase in good condition. 50-80
679.    A mixed metalware lot to include a silver plated oil lamp in the form of a twin handled trophy, further eastern three pronged tall lamp, a blow torch and spirit kettle. 30-50
680.    Two boxes containing a large collection of antique and later woodworking planes and others.

681.    A Magneta Electric London Slave dial within a Bakelite case together with a collection of vintage photography equipment and four metal mounted cornucopia shaped horns. 30-50
682.    A box of treen type items to include bookends, cutlery boxes, bookshelves, etc. 40-60
683.    Vintage wedding dress in embroidered silk with lacework to cuffs and neckline, together with a 1930's style cream dress with cowl neck, black threadwork and stepped hemline, and a christening gown, child's dress etc 30-50
684.    A comprehensive collection of antique and later woodworking tools to include planes and other hand tools. 60-80
685.    A cased Craftsman router and tooling together with further cased Makita plate joiner and further Makita biscuit dowel.
686.    The contents of a clock maker's workshop to include bells, movements, cases, vintage mantel clocks and spares. 60-80
687.    Two carved wooden horses, one of Italian origin, together with a marble game. 30-50
688.    A pair of bamboo staffs
689.    A pair of carved tribal masks with polychrome detail. 30-50
690.    A Victorian Galvanometer set beneath a glass dome within a pine travelling box 120-150
691.    A suitcase containing a collection of stationers and field equipment to include binoculars, rulers, set squares, etc. 30-50
692.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include a 1960s atomic fire companion set, a Welsh wool blanket, two Moet ice buckets, a Persian rug, a Le Mans umbrella, etc. 40-60
693.    A collection of brass and glass electric lighting. 20-40
694.    A pair of brass three branch electrolier. 40-60
695.    Two pairs of lined curtains, ivory coloured with pencil pleat heading and matching tie backs, together with two single curtains in the same fabric. See photo for sizes 20-30
696.    An interesting framed Navajo (North American) native American type hessian cloth applied with further dyed hessian abstract panels, framed, the cloth 56 x 192 cm approx. 100-200
697.    Ladies vintage faux fur coat with button front and applied decorative detail to collar and cuffs, together with a black Victorian mourning bonnet with decorative flowers, bows and (later) beading 30-50
698.    A carved eastern hardwood twin handled gallery tray with serpentine type frame, carved with scrolled foliage, 81 cm long approx. 40-60
699.    A pair of oriental lacquered fans with bamboo shaft handles. 30-50
700.    A pair of cast brass carriage plaques, centrally pierced and embossed with a cherub amongst scrolled foliage. 30-50
701.    Tribal interest - Bambara tribe carved antelope from Mali, 82 cm high approx (AF). 80-120
702.    A box containing a collection of pewter to include graduated plates, ladles and other table wares 30-50
703.    A triptych folding screen centrally fitted with a leaded glass panel with a manor house scene.
704.    Two pairs of curtains in mauve, duck egg, floral design, both lined and interlined with triple pleat heading and matching tie backs, one set 8'8" long with fixed top width 33" the other set 7' long, fixed top width 24" 30-50
705.    Two pairs of curtains, with triple pleat heading with lining and blanket lining, one in pale blue faux suede, the other plum sateen. Both have approx length 8'4" and fixed top width 4'7" together with two wooden curtain poles approx 2.3m long and two further metal poles 40-60
706.    Traditional ceremonial/ bridal Japanese Uchikaka Kimono, heavily embroidered with golden cranes and floral motifs, total length 75", with rolled and padded hemline 200-300
707.    vintage wedding dress in ivory crushed velvet, with cowl neck, tailored bodice and train, together with a riding crop 20-30
708.    Academic black gown by J. Wippell & Co together with ecclesiastical black gown with dog collars 20-30
709.    A collection of ladies clothing including two piece Victorian outfit in brown taffeta, black dress with utility label, mourning clothes, etc 30-50
710.    Officers jacket from Royal Berkshire Regiment with epaulettes and regimental buttons together with two further naval jackets and four pairs of trousers 30-50
711.    A late 19th century black two piece ladies mourning costume (with some later modifications) comprising a blouse with pin-tucked and lace trimmed detail and panelled skirt, also together with a black under-blouse and a later black bead, simulated pearl and gilt chain work multi-strand necklace 30-50
712.    A Wooden trunk with upholstered lid containing a quantity of vintage clothing including a 1950s dance dress and stole, a 1920s child's bathing suit, caps, christening gown, etc 30-50
713.    An early 20th century Belgian hanging ceiling light with brass frame, opaque white glass shade and smoke bell 80-120
714.    Two French beadwork evening bags in black. One with coloured floral detail, labelled Langlois & Jargeais Paris, etc 30-40
721.    A Persian style floral runner decorated with brown medallions and flower heads upon a fawn ground, 265 x 130 cm approx 60-80
722.    Persian Terbriz rug with floral sprays and medallions upon a cream ground, 185 x 125cm 60-80
723.    Suzmi Kelim runner decorated with vibrant diamond medallions upon a dark ground, 174 x 66cm 20-30
724.    An eastern wool carpet with pale green ground, multi medallion centre set within running borders, 360x275cm 60-80
725.    Two small eastern rugs, both with red ground fields and geometric panels within running borders, 125x80cm and 100x140cm 40-60
726.    An eastern wool rug with mushroom coloured ground with multi medallion centre within running borders and three further Persian style rugs (4) 160x140cm and smaller 40-60
727.    A Persian style wool carpet of heavy gauge with pale blue field, geometric panels, set within running borders, 170x250cm approx 100-150
728.    An Afghan red rug with multi medallion centres within wide running borders, 180x110cm, together with two further Persian rugs of similar size (3) 60-80
729.    A wool rug in a Persian style with pale fawn ground, geometric detail within running borders, 275x180cm approx 60-80
730.    A Persian style wool carpet with red ground medallion upon a blue field and further geometric detail set within pale blue running borders, 200x130cm
731.    A Reindeer pelt 30-40
732.    A heavy Chinese wool carpet with pale blue ground, dragon detail, 375x270cm approx 100-150
733.    An eastern wool runner principally in a red and blue colourway with geometric panels set within running borders, 65x250cm 30-40
734.    A Turkish wool rug with triple medallion centre upon a red field, within running borders, 230x140cm 120-140
735.    A Turkish wool rug the medallion centre upon a blue ground with running borders, 200x130cm; together with three further eastern rugs of smaller dimensions (4) 70-90
736.    A Persian style wool rug with red field, central medallion and further abstract detail within running borders, 280x150cm approx 150-200
737.    A Turkish style wool runner with bright red field, multi medallion centre, set within running borders, 265x70cm 30-40
738.    A Tapa panel with hand painted geometric detail, 350x140cm 40-60
739.    A blue and ivory ground silk rug with full geometric detail, 220x150cm 150-200
740.    A blue ground Kashmir rug with tree of life design, 170x110cm approx 100-120
741.    An eastern wool carpet in pale pastel shades with geometric detail, 360x270cm 80-100
742.    A deep pile red ground Shar Qum carpet with traditional floral design throughout on a pale red ground, 300x200cm 250-300
743.    A Kashmir red ground rug with floral detail within running borders, 240x150cm 150-200
744.    An ivory ground Kashmir floral rug with medallion centre set within running borders, 160x115cm approx 100-120
745.    An eastern wool rug with dark blue field and abstract floral detail within a narrow single running border, 265x145cm 150-200
746.    A grey and cream ground Tiffany rogue medallion rug within running borders 80-100
747.    An Afghan red ground wool runner with multi medallion centre within running borders, 260x80cm 60-80
748.    A Afghan red ground rug of traditional form with multi medallion panels within deep running borders, in a red/black colourway, 250x160cm approx 130-150
749.    A Kelim black weave runner with multi striped detail, 270x80cm approx; together with a very small Kelim rug, 95x40cm approx 40-60
750.    A Persian wool carpet with multi medallion panels upon a black ground within running borders, 295x150cm approx 200-250
751.    A large Persian Mashed carpet with all over floral design within deep running border, 300x245cm approx 160-180
752.    A small Kelim rug with multi medallion centre and a Persian style cotton rug with multi medallion centre within running borders in a red colourway, 160x140cm approx 30-40
753.    A large Persian style carpet with multi floral detail within wide running borders, 420x340cm approx 100-150
754.    A large Persian middle eastern wool rug with red ground and multi coloured geometric and other detail, within wide running borders, 390x300cm approx 450-500
755.    An ivory ground silk rug with central medallion and miniature floral detail throughout within running borders, 220x160cm approx 250-300
761.    Two oriental paintings on glass in the 19th century manner both showing women in bathrobes with attendants carrying towels, etc, 53 x 80cm and 63 x 42cm both in red painted frames with brass hanging mounts 250-300
762.    A pair of Intuit stencil type pictures on Hessian grounds, by Helen Kalvak both showing hunters, signed bottom left Kalvak, 27x34cm in simple white frames 40-60
763.    An early 20th century watercolour of a lakeland landscape, signed bottom right L Duke and faintly signed Alfred Foot, 43x65cm together with a coloured print of a vase of flowers after Van Gogh, 76x61cm in silver coloured frame 25-30
764.    A coloured poster after Emma Kay for the Frieze Art Fair 2004, commissioned for the Tube map cover for Platform for Art, 90x64cm in gilt coloured aluminium frame, together with a further exhibition poster for Michel Montigne, a collage picture incorporating machinery, space rockets, etc, a further collage with sepia coloured photographs of people of the world, etc, together with a set of six coloured reproduction prints of L.N.E.R. railway travel poster after Tom Purvis showing beach scenes etc, 58x40cm in clip frames 60-100
765.    A signed coloured limited edition etching of a geometric subject of triangular form, signed bottom right Vikki Slowe, dated 1984, inscribed 'Orbits in Space III, Variation I' paper size 49x66cm in silver aluminium frame 30-50
766.    A 20th century oil painting on board by Ivan Lindsay showing a Newcastle cityscape with river bridges, signed bottom right I Lindsay, 27x41cm in gilt frame 40-60
767.    A contemporary oil painting on board of a river landscape, inscribed verso, Freelands Rest - River Test, Myles Mence, April 2002, 28x38cm in gilt frame 80-100
768.    A 19th century oil on canvas of a marine scene with three masted sailing vessel, signed bottom right W Webb and bears date 1882, 19x24cm in black and gilt moulded frame
769.    An oil painting on canvas after Van Gogh of a still life with sunflowers, bears signature Vincent, signed verso, A Crossley, inscribed Alistair Crossley and dated May 1991, 24x19cm in heavy wooden frame with gilt slip 40-60
770.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas attributed to Leif Knudsen of an abstract textural study in tones of brown, cream and blue, signed bottom right Leif, dated 1962, 104x58cm in simple wooden frame 60-80
771.    A 20th century Scandinavian oil painting on canvas attributed to W B Lovholma of a single standing figure in a landscape setting predominantly painted in tones of dark green and black, inscribed verso, W. B. Lovholma, 120x79cm in grey and white frame 60-80
772.    A set of four signed coloured limited edition humorous caricature type prints on a horse racing theme after A J Goonan, signed with editions out of 1000, published by White Horse Sporting Prints, 1990, 35x45cm in simulated burrwood style frames, together with further vintage black and white prints on a racing theme after G.D. Armour, Lionel Edwards, etc various sizes (max 20x18cm) all in simple reeded frames 30-50
773.    An acrylic painting on card of a pair of blue Parrots, signed to mount Mara McGregor, dated 1982, 50x40cm in gilt frame 30-50
774.    Two 20th century continental school oil paintings on canvas, both showing agricultural scenes, one with harvesters, horses, etc 50x60cm, the other a farmyard scene with poultry, signed bottom left S Van Geldergen, 64x79cm both in gilt frames with velvet style slips 80-120
775.    A watercolour of a floral still life with dahlias in a blue vase, 31x35cm, an oil painting on board of white Japanese anemones, with label verso Doris Hellawell, an oil painting on board of a vase of summer flowers, signed bottom right Edward?, an oil painting on card of oval form showing a parrot on a branch signed bottom right Robert Morris, 43cm max in oval gilt frame, etc 30-40
776.    A pair of early 20th century continental school oil paintings on panel, shoulder length studies of men in middle eastern style costume including a character wearing a red fez, both signed bottom left Romero and further inscribed Tetnan, one dated 1910, 24x14cm in oak frames with gilt slips 240-260
777.    A bust length portrait study of oval form showing a lady in 18th century style costume holding flowers, 45cm max in burrwood style moulded frame 25-30
778.    A 20th century oil painting on board of a scene in a London square with figures resting in deck chairs, etc with label verso, Russell Square, London attributed Hon. Noel G Bligh, further inscribed Bligh 52/53 Russell Square, 40x50cm in wooden frame with linen slip 60-100
779.    An early 20th century oil painting on canvas by Andrew Beer, showing a pair of racing pigeons in a landscape setting, signed bottom left Andrew Beer, fully inscribed with details relating to the birds - Maidencombe Leading Lady, South Devon Leader (alias Nailscratcher) bred and raced by owner C J Donovan, 37x50cm in gilt frame with gilt slip 300-500
780.    A large oil painting on canvas in the 17th century Dutch manner showing a elaborate still life with heavily laden basket of fruit and vegetables, goldfinch, time piece. etc, 75x101cm in heavy moulded gilt frame 100-120
781.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas by Peter Donnithorne showing Tim Langley, Master of the Berkeley Hunt mounted and in a landscape setting surrounded by hounds, signed bottom right P Donnithorne, 44x54cm in moulded gilt frame 400-500
782.    An early 20th century pastel study by Harold Cox, of a landscape with extensive sky, distant buildings, etc, signed bottom left Harold Cox, 24x25cm in wooden frame 25-30
783.    An early 20th century watercolour by Edith Helena Adie, showing an Italian garden with a pair of white doves and blossom tree over looking a coastal landscape, signed bottom right E H Adie, with label verso number 28, A Cottage Garden, Bordighera, with Fine Art Society Label verso 26x37cm in gilt frame and gilt mount 150-200
784.    A 19th century watercolour study of a woman seated in a landscape setting accompanied by three small children, 24x34cm in gilt frame 30-40
785.    A 19th century needlework panel showing a young woman at prayer in a church interior setting, 58x48cm in an ornate shaped frame with gilt floral leaf and butterfly decoration of a black ground, together with four further 19th century needlework panels, subjects including figures outside a cottage, a sports woman with a rifle, 16th century style figures in an interior setting, various sizes all framed 80-100
786.    An oil painting on canvas in the 18th century manner showing an estuary scene with battleships, rowing boats, etc, inscribed verso after John Thomas Serres, Plymouth Sound, 50x60cm in wide moulded gilt frame 100-120
787.    A pair of early 20th century oil paintings on canvas, one showing a woman walking along a country lane, the other showing a riverside cottage, indistinctly signed bottom right, 28x44cm in gilt frames and gilt sliips 30-50
788.    An oil painting on canvas, full length portrait of the Duke of Wellington standing in military dress uniform beside his horse with a battle scene at Waterloo to the background with mounted soldiers, burning building etc, signed bottom right AW, 60x40cm in gilt frame and gilt slip 200-300
789.    A collection of pictures on a sporting theme comprising a watercolour of horse racing signed bottom right George Holloway, 25x35cm, two further gouache studies of race horses, one signed Ward and the other Gardiner, an oil painting on canvas of otter hounds signed bottom right Donald Forbes, dated 85 and an oil painting on canvas of a sportsman and his dog signed bottom right R J Wilkey, various sizes all framed 40-60
790.    An unusual abstract relief composition composed of three wooden boxes each containing a wooden ball within a painted archway mounted against a painted board, 50x61cm in blue frame, together with a further abstract relief composition of a painted card archway with a painted chequered floor, giving an illusion of light and perspective, 49x56cm 30-50
791.    A substantial oil painting on canvas in the late 18th century manner showing a red jacketed huntsman on a brown horse in a landscape setting with small black and tan terrier type dogs, inscribed verso after Sartorious, 75x101cm in substantial moulded gilt frame and gilt slip 200-250
792.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas of a marine scene with battleship, signed bottom right Deakins with label verso George R Deakins, with Dunster, Somerset address details, 24x34cm in moulded gilt frame 30-50
793.    A 20th century watercolour and gouache study of an eastern scene attributed to John Danielle Revel, with female figures, a donkey and rider, etc inscribed verso, Painted by John Revel - Youngest Head of the Chelsea School of Art, with presentation inscription, 23x33cm in simple wooden frame 80-100
794.    Walter Boodle (1862-1914) - View of the city of Bath including the Abbey, Royal Crescent, etc, inscribed verso, 'by Walter Boodle, view of Bath from Perrymead, c1900', 50x68cm in swept gilt frame 500-600
795.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas of a hunting scene with the hunt setting off through an autumn landscape, signed bottom right Audrey Knight, 44x60cm in moulded gilt frame 30-50
796.    A late 19th century oil painting of a huntsman leaping a fence, signed bottom right, G Wintle, 29x44cm in moulded gilt frame, together with a set of five humorous coloured Pears hunting prints after H Thomson, 22x33cm in wooden frames 30-50
797.    A 19th century needlework panel of a child feeding horses in a farmyard setting amongst poultry, 76x63cm in ornate gilt frame, together with five further Victorian and later needlework panels of various size, including a female grape harvester within a leafy border, a biblical scene, etc, various sizes, a late 19th century Pears type print - Playmates, and a coloured print of an elegant lady in 18th century style costume 40-60
798.    A mid 20th century oil painting on board by Alexander Scherban of a Tyrolean View with houses, towering peaks, etc signed bottom right Scherban Alexander dated 1950, inscribed Berghof in Tyrol, 44x64cm in cream and gilt frame 80-120
799.    A 20th century watercolour by Denis Pannett showing a shore scene with fisherman and fishing boat signed bottom right Denis Pannett, with label verso, Fishermen on a Scottish Beach, with Buckinghamshire address details, 34x53cm in gilt frame 30-50
800.    An early 20th century watercolour of a Japanese female character carrying a basket and in a coastal setting, inscribed bottom left Tani, 31x48cm in moulded cream coloured frame 100-150
801.    An unusual pair of early 20th century oil paintings on wooden panels, both showing full length studies of a lady and a gentleman in historical style dress, possibly costume designs, signed bottom right Patti Mayor, dated 1900, 44x19cm in simple oak frame 30-50
802.    A large oil painting on canvas showing an early 19th century style scene of a family gathered around a deathbed with the deceased ascending into heaven above them, 144x93cm approx in moulded gilt frame 80-100
802A.   A limited edition coloured print 465/850 of Lords Cricket Ground by Alan Fearnley signed in pencil plus pencil signatures including Mike Gatting, David Gower, etc 20-30
803.    An antique map of Devonshire showing The Hundreds, by Richard Blome, 29x34cm, a black and white engraving after Kip, showing Wotton, The Seat of Thomas Horton, 45x56cm in wooden frame, a further example of the same subject, 34x46cm in black and gilt frame, a 19th century map of Sussex by S Hall, a pair of oriental paintings on silk of children flying a kite and figures playing a game in an interior setting, etc 50-70
804.    A collection of nine framed textile panels with various floral, striped and spotted detail in clip frames, 62x40cm, together with a 19th century coloured engraving of an elegant lady, a 19th century coloured fashion plate, etc 25-30
805.    A large framed silk panel by Jim Thompson, Bangkok, study of blue lotus type flowers, 87x85cm in silver coloured frame, together with a pair of further smaller Jim Thompson silk panels of ducks, 38x41cm in gilt frames, a Thai embroidered and relief work panel of elephants and riders with beaded and gold thread work detail, 45x80cm and a framed Ikat type textile panel in tones of red, brown and white, 88x49cm 40-60
806.    A pair of 20th century coloured nursery prints, one of a little girl feeding a donkey and foal and the other of a little girl resting on a tree trunk beside a river, with Frost & Reed label verso, Muriel Dawson - The Willow Tree, 44x55cm approx, both in oak frames 25-30
807.    A pair of full length gouache Chinese figure studies of a lady and gentleman both with red seal marks to lower right, 35x24cm together with a framed eastern ceramic panel with painted bird and peony detail, a pair of framed coloured prints relating to the Siamese Horoscope - The Cock and the Rat, a watercolour of a coastal scene, a black and white map of the Minchinhampton area, etc 30-50
808.    A 20th century continental school pastel study of a canal scene with sailing barges, figures, etc, signed bottom right R Delanghe, 65x75cm in moulded gilt frame 40-60
809.    A 18th century oil painting on canvas of a classical style landscape with figures to the foreground, temple, mountains, etc, 46x39cm in moulded and swept gilt and plaster work frame 200-250
810.    A 19th century charcoal, watercolour and chalk study by Hablot Knight Browne (Phiz) of a gypsy encampment with figures, signed with monogram bottom right and with label verso Gypsies, by H K Browne, 'Phiz', 38x45cm in gilt frame with moulded floral and fern detail 150-200
811.    A charcoal and challk study by Sir Thomas Monnington of a pair of gentleman's shoes with Nicholas Bowlby gallery label verso, Study for a Director Announcing the Bank Rate to the Chief Officials, 1931, Sir Thomas Monnington PRA, 10x14cm in reeded gilt frame, together with a further small study by the same hand, with label verso Halifax from the Astrodome, 6x8cm approx in wooden frame together with further information 80-100
812.    A 19th century watercolour and bodycolour study attributed to Samuel Prout of the Igel Column, Trier, Germany, 39x26cm with Leggatt Brothers gallery label verso, further label inscribed 'Watercolour, Italian Monument by Prout, 39x26cm in moulded gilt frame 60-80
813.    A 20th century oil painting on board by Tom Durkin, showing an Edwardian stye promenade scene with two young girls in white dresses, further figures, etc, signed bottom left Durkin, 39x49cm in wooden and gilt frame 100-120
814.    A 19th century watercolour of a continental cityscape with washer women on the steps of a bridge, figures in a barge, etc signed bottom right, EW Novil?, 72x 52cm approx in moulded and pierced gilt frame 50-70
815.    A late 19th century sepia coloured etching showing women and children waiting beside a river bank alongside grazing sheep with a ferryman arriving in his boat, with Graves Gallery Birmingham label verso, indistinctly inscribed, At the Ferry, after George? in wide wedge shaped hammered copper frame in the arts and crafts manner with concentric circle and simulated riveted detail, 55x71cm max overall size 50-70
816.    A large contemporary textured coloured print with oil effect finish showing a Tuscan style landscape with red roofed buildings, with printed signature bottom right, Lay Slette, 90x118cm in wooden frame 25-30
817.    A gouache study by John F Collins showing a 19th century style harbour scene with figures, horse drawn carriage, etc, signed bottom left, 23x33cm, together with 3 further late 19th or early 20th century watercolours of coastal subjects including a stormy coast with sailing and steam vessels signed bottom left L Lewis, dated 95, 22x52cm, a beach scene with figures, 20x30cm and a scene at dusk with sailing boat, all framed 60-80
818.    A 19th century watercolour of a coastal scene with a two masted sailing vessel and other fishing vessels on a stormy sea, 47x70cm in moulded gilt frame with ivy leaf decoration 40-60
819.    A 19th century watercolour and bodycolour portrait of oval form , bust length study of a young girl, with signature to the edge of frame, centre right R Pietrocola, date 1881, attributed to Rudolpho Pietrocola (edge of paper fragile, picture left inside frame for protection, image provided of signature) 42cm maximum in simple gilt frame 40-60
820.    An early 20th century gouache study of a coastal scene signed bottom left Roland Stead, 25x35cm, a gouache study of a moorland scene, signed bottom left Frank Holmes, 14x29cm, and a further gouache study of a moorland scene with wild ponies, signed bottom left, Welsch, dated 1929, 20x30cm all in gilt frames 40-60
821.    A collection of three late 19th and early 20th century watercolours by Cyril Ward of rustic scenes including an example with haycart inscribed verso - Stubble, September, 25x35cm, example with haystooks, 25x34cm, both signed bottom left, an example showing a donkey drawn timber cart in wooden landscape, signed bottom right and dated 1896, with label verso, A Sandy Road - Suffolk, 31x46cm, all in gilt frames 80-100
822.    An interesting collection of 20th century portraits of female characters including half length example of a woman with plait, signed bottom left RD Laxon, 68x49cm together with a shoulder length example of a woman in 1930s style pink dress, 46x30cm, example showing a shoulder length portrait of a woman with red lipstick and white tie neck blouse, signed Harper, dated 58, 36x25cm, etc 60-80
823.    A 20th century half length watercolour portrait of a little girl with red hair wearing a green dress, signed bottom right S G Flight, 43x34cm in gilt frame 30-50
824.    A mid 20th century shoulder length pastel portrait of a young man in Royal Air Force uniform, indistinctly signed bottom right Vosey, dated 39, 49x39cm in wide moulded gilt frame and gilt slip 80-120
825.    An unusual wood carving in the abstract manner in simple wooden frame 105x55cm approx, together with further pictures and prints including an embroidered floral picture, further botanical subjects, a set of four small prints of dancing figures, etc 30-40
826.    Two 20th century oil paintings on board, both of coastal scenes with fishing boats, both painted in the palette knife technique, signed R Cromie, max size 40x50cm in white frames with linen slips 80-120
827.    A watercolour of a mountainous lakeland landscape signed bottom left E Grieg Hall, with label verso - Wetherlam, from River Srathy, E Greig Hall with Grasmere address details, 27x37cm in simple white frame 30-50
828.    A watercolour by Robert Alexander showing a beach scene with figures, signed bottom right R Alexander, dated 1935, inscribed Robert G B Alexander, with Ruskin Gallery Ltd, Stratford on Avon label verso, 22x30cm in gilt frame 40-60
829.    A collection of pencil life drawings, probably dating from the 1930s, of female characters, one inscribed Dobson, Hatherley School of Art, SW1, approx sheet size 55x38cm, one framed, the rest unframed, together with a watercolour study of a sunlit reclining nude, indistinctly signed bottom right, dated 85, 16x54cm in wooden frame, and a further pastel study of a reclining nude signed Harman 60-80
830.    A pair of framed montages after Cecil Aldin, showing coloured prints of a hunting scene and an interior scene and black and white vignettes, each in black and gilt frames, 43x38cm, together with 19th century coloured caricature engravings of dramatic steeple chasing scenes including horses and riders falling into a sewer, 20x29cm in burrwood frames, also together with a pair of moghul type paintings on silk of a game played by riders on horse back and elephants, each 17x25cm in simple black frames 30-50
831.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas of a coastal scene at sunset, signed bottom right J Andre, 50x60cm in white frame with linen slip 80-100
832.    A set of four 19th century coloured engravings of female characters, 17x13cm approx, together with a further set of six smaller similar coloured engravings, all in gilt frames, accompanied by literature relating to The New Hall Vault, early coloured prints of the 1850s 20-30
833.    A quantity of black and photographic prints, many dating from the 1950s,1960s and 1970s comprising mainly female portrait studies by Frederick Streeter, including prize winning examples from the British Photographic Society, 51x38cm unframed 40-60
834.    A collection of 19th century and other pictures and prints including an oil painting on canvas showing primroses and a birds nest, 19x29cm in gilt frame with gilt slip, together with a mid 19th century Daguerreotype photographic portrait of a girl in a bonnet, 10cm max oval size, a miniature oil painting on board of a river scene with castle, signed initial VP? various topographical engravings, a gilt framed mirror, etc 25-30
835.    A Daler Rowney adjustable easel in carrying case together with a further adjustable desk top easel 25-30
836.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas of an abstract figural subject, indistinctly signed bottom right and dated 68, and inscribed Daniel Peralta, further inscribed Kesar - Szold, further dated 68, 76x76cm in gilt frame, together with a further oil painting on canvas of an abstract subject in tones of red, orange, blue and yellow, inscribed verso, T Drake, May 2002, 107x101cm unframed 40-60
837.    An early 20th century gouache study of moorland landscape by Daniel Sherrin, signed bottom left D Sherrin, 32x52cm in gilt frame 30-40
838.    A signed limited edition print after S Taylor showing Ayrton Senna, edition number 19/250, 39x29cm, in wooden and gilt frame 20-25
839.    A 19th century watercolour of a country lane with figures and buildings, etc with Leggatt Brothers Gallery label verso inscribed J H Flathey, 16x23cm, together with a further 19th century watercolour of a river landscape with sheep, attributed to Joseph William Allan with label watercolour - a common by J W Allen also with Leggatt Brothers Gallery label verso, 19x38cm in gilt frame 50-70
841.    An early 20th century coloured lithograph relating to The Ancient Order of Foresters with presentation to Brother John Haythorn, for past services as Chief Ranger, July 1900, 78x60cm in wide burrwood frame with gilt slip 40-60
842.    A signed coloured limited edition lithograph after the Prince of Wales - Balmoral Winter Scene, signed and dated 2000 with edition number 1/100, 26x30cm in gilt frame, together with certificate and presentation case 1000-1200
843.    A watercolour study of orange and yellow hibiscus by Ken Goodall with label verso, 21x 43cm, together with a further watercolour of a lake scene signed bottom right Barry J Richard, dated 95, a signed coloured limited edition print of figures walking through a bluebell wood after James D Preston, signed bottom right and edition number 244/500, 35x50cm, all framed, together with a framed mirror of lozenge shaped form 40-60
844.    WITHDRAWN 100-150
844A.   Two etchings, The Thatched Cottage at West Burton and the Talbot Inn, together with an oil painting of a fore shore scene, 3 mezzotint engravings - portraits, etc 40-60
845.    A signed coloured print after Sir William Russell Flint of Spanish style dancers, with castanets, signed bottom right, 41x55cm, framed 30-50
846.    Two black and white prints by Robert Richardson showing female characters in gardens settings, signed with initials bottom right RAR, 26x17cm and 17x9cm, together with a sepia watercolour study of a crouching figure, signed bottom right Carlo Pretzner, 22x17cm, an unusual gouache study of a WWI battleship in zigzag camouflage of oval form, 30cm max, a eastern style gouache study of a male and female character, 19x18cm, a late 19th century watercolour of a mother embracing her child, inscribed to mount Eliza Potter, a profile study of oval form of a lady in bonnet, various sizes all framed, etc 50-70
847.    A pair of 19th century coloured engravings showing Torquay from Waldon Hill and from Park Hill, by J Salter, 25x36cm, together with a 20th century watercolour of Tenerife, signed bottom right EM Hewin? 37x47cm, also together with an oil painting on board of a landscape study, inscribed verso Houses by the Pool, Dorothy Sherratt, 29x39cm all framed 25-30
848.    A signed coloured limited edition caricature print after Sue Macartney-Snape - The Waitress's Bottom, limited edition number 240/600, 29x25cm together with an early 19th century watercolour study of an officer from a highland regiment, 21x15cm in burrwood style frame, a gouache study of a mans head inscribed for Peter - Robert Crane - My Fair Lady, Hippodrome Birmingham, a watercolour of a church and a black and white print of a bearded man after Augustus John 50-80
849.    WITHDRAWN 60-80
850.    A pair of pencil and watercolour studies of hare coursing, indistinctly signed bottom right D MacDonald? inscribed Straight Course and Evasive Action, 23x71cm in gilt frames and gilt slips, together with an artists portfolio 200-250
851.    A black and white photographic print of Muhammad Ali v Sonny Liston, 1965 (published by Pyramid Posters) 40x50cm, together with Muhammad Ali - A 30 Year Journey by Howard L Bingham and Sellebrity (sic), by George Lois, also together with a football shirt inscribed Hen and Chicken 25-30
852.    A signed coloured print after Beryl Cook showing four ladies playing cards, signed bottom right, published by the Alexander Gallery Bristol, 45x49cm, mounted 50-70
853.    A collection of 19th century watercolour and bodycolour studies attributed to Arthur John Strutt comprising a pair of river landscape studies on card, one signed with monogram AS bottom left, 23x43cm together with a pair of studies of seated monks, both signed AJ Strutt, dated 1836 and 1838, 27x20cm unframed 50-70
854.    After Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones - unusual late 19th century oil painting panel showing a Pre-Raphaelite style portrait of a young girl with green ribbon in her red hair, against a gilt ground with scrolling decoration within a framed of curved profile with further gilt detail, 19x25cm overall 80-120
855.    A 19th century black and white engraving showing Jeffrey - Earth Stopper, to the Berkeley Hunt, after E Bristow, published T. Gosden, Sportsman's Repository, 26x19cm in black and gilt frame 30-50
856.    A 19th century oil painting on board showing an interior scene with a curving staircase, a recumbent cat, etc, signed bottom right J E Gerard, 25x20cm unframed 40-60
857.    A quantity of 19th century and later portrait miniatures, all of oval form, including a bearded male character, various female characters including a lady in purple bonnet, young woman with hand clasped in prayer, etc, approx max size 6cm mostly in gilt metal frames and presented in mahogany display box with rising lid (9) 100-150
858.    A good quality 19th century miniature portrait, half length study of a lady in a brown dress, inscribed verso, Born 1765 - Died 1853, 9x7cm approx together with a 19th century bust length portrait of a young gentleman, of oval form 7cm max approx size, both in black and gilt frames, also together with a Victorian Daguerrotype photograph of a young woman in frame with relief decoration of a bee skep, garden tools, etc 80-120
859.    An early 20th century sepia coloured etching by Charles Bird showing a busy city street scene with figures, knife grinder, horse and cart, etc, signed bottom left in ornate moulded gilt frame with velvet slip and mahogany outer case, 75x58cm overall, together with an oriental embroidered panel and a Britannia coin and stamp collection in simple frame 30-50
860.    A collection of oil paintings on a marine theme including an oil painting on board of a three masted sailing ship at high seas, signed with monogram bottom left - LD, with label verso Laurence Donnison, 52x40cm in gilt frame, an oil painting on board, labelled Boat Number P276, signed bottom right C McNewman, dated 1975, an oil on board of a harbour scene of fishing boats H Bennett, etc 30-50
861.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas of an extensive landscape signed bottom right Campbell Hunter, 60x91cm approx, together with a watercolour of a country landscape by Jane Lampard, signed bottom left, 29x40cm, together with a collection of three signed limited edition coloured prints after Nicholas Egon of landscapes including The Dead Sea, Petra, etc all signed, 37x47cm approx, all framed 25-30
862.    An oil painting on board of a pair of tawny owls roosting in a tree, signed bottom right John Stephen, with label verso Tawny Owls at Dusk, 44x34cm together with an oil painting on board of a pair of terriers, 39x29cm both framed 25-30
863.    An early 20th century watercolour of a continental coastal scene with figures in a courtyard setting, signed bottom right W Berry dated 1903, 67x54cm in wide pine frame, together with an early 20th century watercolour of a rocky coastal landscape with steamship, signed bottom right Richard? Casley, 42x55cm in gilt frame 200-250
864.    A collection of pictures and prints on a sporting theme including a coloured print after G D Armour - Hints for Beginners, 18x25cm, a coloured print after G D Rowlandson of a hunting scene, a coloured print after A J Munnings of a hunting scene and a coloured print after Snaffles of a point to point, 55x82cm in simple black frame, together with a late 19th century charcoal caricature study of a man in uniform playing cards, signed bottom right Marcel Pie, dated 1982, 55x38cm, and also a coloured photographic print of a young man, both in oak frames with gilt slips 40-60
865.    A collection of pictures and prints including an oil painting on board of a landscape with bridge, signed Buchanan, 38x50cm, an oil painting on board of a harbour scene with sailing boats, a gouache study of pussy willow and forsythia, signed bottom left M McMurtrie, 40x31cm, a small watercolour study of ducks, inscription verso, Helen Allingham - an oil painting on canvas of a study of fruit, etc 30-50
866.    An early 20th century sepia photograph of the Dursley Division of the Gloucestershire Constabulary, with all the sitters identified, 29x36cm, together with an early 20th century black and white photograph of a military company including Sikhs, 20x31cm both in oak frames with gilt slips 25-30
867.    A pair of 19th century needlework panels in carved and shaped wooden frames and gilt slips, 52x45cm overall, together with an early 20th century coloured print of flower picking in the Austrian Tyrol after J MacWhirter, in gilt frame 30-40
868.    A collection of unframed pictures and prints including a signed artist proof of a musician after Glenn Miller, signed and inscribed, a caricature of a watch salesman, signed Bill Robertshaw, a 19th century coloured engraving showing Napoleon arriving at Elba, etc 25-30
869.    A quantity of pictures and prints including watercolours of landscape subjects, city scenes, etc all signed E Coupland, approx size 40x30cm all framed, together with an oil painting on canvas of a river scene by the same artist, a set of five coloured prints after JMW Turner of subjects to include Scarborough, Portsmouth, etc, in gilt frames, 60x40cm approx overall size 30-40
870.    A collection of pictures and prints including a pair of monochrome studies of Venetian subjects, a pastel study of a Buddha and a vase of flowers, a signed coloured psychedelic type print signed Robin Lord, dated 1983 and inscribed Kite, etc 25-30
871.    A collection of pictures and prints including a pair of coloured prints of rural scenes after A Ingham, inscribed to mount Evenings Last Light and Upperwall Farm, a coloured print of Clifton Suspension Bridge after Klitz, a study of a mare and foal signed Cafichi, all framed together with an unframed sheet of life drawing studies and unframed prints, etc 25-30
872.    A 19th century watercolour of a coastal scene with fishermen and distant sailing ship, 30x48cm in gilt frame, a 19th century black and white engraving after George Morland of a piggery, a 19th century coloured engraving of figures viewing a harvesting scene, after T F Herring, an 18th century map of Worcestershire by J Cary, unframed topographical prints of 19th century views of London including Buckingham Palace, The Strand, etc 30-40
873.    A signed coloured limited edition print after David Shepherd showing HMS The Ark Royal during her final voyage home from Malta, signed bottom right edition number 274/850, 48x83cm, framed (displayed on stairwell)
874.    An oil painting on canvas of a moonlit coastal scene with various vessels, signed bottom right, Stuart Bolton, dated 1980, 45x75cm in silver coloured aluminium frame (displayed on stairwell) 30-50
875.    A collection of six signed limited edition coloured prints after Anthony Forster, all of rural subjects including shire horses, friesian cattle, sheep, etc, various sizes, 42x53cm max, together with a further similar signed coloured limited edition print after Robin Wheeldon of haymaking 40-60
876.    A collection of watercolours by Paul Webley of local subjects including Lower Church Walk, Wotton Under Edge, The Nibley Monument, The War Memorial, etc (11) various sizes, 31x47cm max, all framed, together with a 19th century map of Gloucestershire, a reproduction of an 1897 photograph of Long Street, Wotton Under Edge and a collection of unframed Ordnance Maps of the local area, etc
877.    An oil painting on a canvas of lilies signed bottom right C.C. Chy 60x91cm, two further oil paintings of abstract subjects, watercolour of still life with fruit and a copper pail signed Ruby Bostock, a study of galloping race horses etc, various sizes, mostly framed
878.    A 20th century eastern European oil painting on canvas of a harvesting scene, signed bottom left Gasperowiez Z with label verso, Zdzislaw Gasterowiez (Polish) 47x62cm approx framed, two 20th century black and white etchings of Parisian river scenes, both signed Kelly and dated 1925 and 1927, with label verso Andor Szekely Von Doba (signed with pseudonym Kelly) 26x31cm approx framed, together with two watercolours studies of women in theatrical costume, attributed to Annie Harvey Double, 30x15cm approx, with further pictures and prints, etc 30-50
881.    An Ace album containing a quantity of British stamps including Penny Red and Two Penny Blue, etc (Displayed in Cabinet) 60-80
882.    A collection of high value worldwide stamps with examples from Austria, Bavaria, Brazil, etc 100-200
883.    A collection of interesting early USA stamps 200-250
884.    A collection of approx 40 A5 size stock cards containing a collection Commonwealth and Empire stamps including Muscat 1944 etc (displayed in cabinet) 50-70
885.    A folder containing a collection of mint GB stamps from QV to QE including a very large quantity of booklet panes, cylinders, control numbers, blocks, inverted & sideways watermarks etc (display in cabinet) 80-120
886.    A stockbook containing a collection of early GB stamps from QV 1840, LE and SP, to Ed VII (Displayed in Cabinet) 500-700
887.    A collection of GB stamps from 1840 QV, LE and SP, to QE in a Stanley Gibbons printed pages Windsor album (displayed in cabinet) 300-500
888.    A box containing a quantity of Commonwealth stamps including the faulklands and Newfoundland, mostly on stock cards with some complete sets 100-150
889.    A collection of signed limited edition Benham covers including Johanna Lumley, Arnold Machin, etc 50-80
890.    Six albums of GB, Commonwealth and world stamps 30-50
891.    Three albums containing a quantity of British and worldwide stamps together with a further album containing a quantity of Machin Definitive Issues, dating from the 1970s 30-50
892.    An album containing a quantity of stamps from various African countries 25-35
893.    An album containing a quantity of Royal Wedding commemorative stamps from Mauritius, Lesotho, Norfolk, Ireland, Samoa, etc, two sheets of mint stamps from Tuvalu, a box containing various first day covers, etc plus a Bank of Indonesia and Japanese Government notes 30-40
894.    A comprehensive collection of GB stamps from large coloured corner letters, 1873-1880 period, 1831-84 period, 87 jubilee issue, Edward VII including 1 green, George V including
Postal Union Congress 1 issue, 3 Seahorses, Edward VII, George VI including 1 issues, virtually full set of Elizabeth II stamps, 1953 - 1989 and slightly intermittently after that, but including 1993 10, issue together with a further stockbook 350-450
895.    A box containing a collection of unsorted loose stamps, a blue stockbook containing a quantity of mainly British stamps, an exercise book containing Libyan stamps, etc together with a collection of first day covers 20-30
896.    A box containing a large quantity of mixed postcards, mainly early 20th century subjects including romance, topographical, comic, etc 20-30
897.    A box containing approx 40 sets of Royal Mail Mint Stamps collections, together with an album containing a sheet of mint 5d stamps and further mint stamps including France 1998 40-80
898.    Four albums containing a quantity of British and worldwide stamps including Penny Red example 30-50
899.    Four albums containing a quantity of British and worldwide stamps, early 20th century onwards 30-50
900.    A box containing a large quantity of Royal Commemorative stamps and first day covers including Mint examples together with two boxes containing a large quantity of unsorted stamps. 20-30
902.    A GB and World stamp accumulation in eight Lighthouse stockbooks including Singapore, Cuba, Ireland, etc 30-50
903.    Two albums containing a collection of mixed postcards, mainly British and European topographical examples including a black and white postcard of the Loch Ness monster, produced from a photograph taken in 1952, a box of further mixed postcards, a late 19th century photograph album with clasp, an album entitled Flowers from Jerusalem with a wooden cover, magnifying glass, pens, etc. 50-70
904.    Two stock books containing a quantity of British and worldwide stamps, four stamp albums containing further mixed stamps, a box containing some loose unsorted stamps, a small collection of postcards together with a box containing a large quantity of cigarette cards. 30-50
905.    A loose leaf album containing a large quantity of overseas mint stamps celebrating the Royal Wedding 1981 together with two further albums containing first day covers. 20-30
906.    An accumulation of GB FDC's in a box and three folders 30-50
907.    A late 19th French century map with the label Atelier de Colage, Bretayne, Auguste Logerot, Paris together with two 19th century blue and white Delft tiles, one with a rabbit design. 25-30
908.    Four boxes containing a very large quantity of GB and world stamps, in albums, on stock pages, stock cards, in packs or loose, including GB Commonwealth railway related collectors packs with errors, colour trials, etc 30-50
909.    Three charming family photograph albums, a copy of The Self Instructor, or Young Mans Best Companion, a box containing further photographs, some in frames, and another photo album collection of mixed ephemera, etc 20-30
910.    An album containing an interesting and wide ranging collection of postcards including local topographical subjects such as Wotton-under-Edge, Yate, Chipping Sodbury, etc 40-60
911.    A box containing a quantity of mainly comic postcards including various vintage saucy examples 20-30
912.    A leather suitcase containing a quantity of an early 20th century album containing autographs, paintings, drawings, etc, a collection of family photographic portraits, various royal commemorative and other ephemera, etc, together with a small collection of books and pamphlets about the Wye Valley 30-40
913.    Three albums containing a mixed collection of cigarette cards, subjects include polar exploration, trains, sport, etc. 15-20
914.    A green box file containing a large quantity of mixed postcards including many local topographical examples. 30-50
915.    A quantity of Royal Mail Mint stamp collections issued by the British Philatelic Bureau together with six albums containing a quantity of first day covers. 30-50
916.    A box containing a collection of Royal Mail Mint stamp collections, London 2012 Team GB Gold Medal Winners Stamp Collection, The Monarchs of the Century Definitive Collection produced by The Westminster Collection Limited, some late 19th century correspondence which includes Penny Red stamps, first day covers, etc., together with seven albums containing first day covers. 40-60
917.    A collection of The Ranger Magazine for Boys dated 1965/66, a quantity of Look & Learn publications, various dates 1962/63/64 together with a bag containing further mixed comics. 25-30
918.    A quantity of mixed postcards including a number of cut out examples mainly from The Robert Opie Collection at the Museum of Advertising and Packaging, Gloucester, also examples by Anne Geddes, etc., together with a quantity of postcard books, mainly art subjects. 25-30
919.    A box containing a collection of mainly topographical postcards, an autograph album, twelve geography and nature educational posters, etc., together with two framed pictures - Snaffles and a study of a dogs head. 40-80
920.    A collection of football related postcards, an official Manchester United photo album, an album containing Pro Set (the official card of the Football Association), Harry Potter photograph album and a box containing a collection of postcards with rock stars, film stars, personalities, etc. 20-30
921.    A box containing approximately twenty mixed cigarette card albums. 15-20
922.    A collection of vintage Fairy Toilet Soap contained in original packaging. 10-15
923.    An extensive collection of mixed unsorted British and worldwide topographical postcards including three albums. 20-30
924.    A box containing a quantity of 19th century mixed legal documents including deeds, leases, probates, etc. 30-50
925.    A box containing a collection of late 20th century and other mixed Ordnance Survey maps. 20-25
926.    A quantity of Nostalgia and other postcards together with an album containing a collection of postcards from The Robert Opie Collection. 20-30
927.    An extensive collection of Royal Mail Postcards, mostly contained in albums. 40-60
928.    A hunting alphabet by E Kate Westrup published Blackie & Son Limited, Glasgow, Dublin, Bombay, The M F H Who Ran Riot by H M Bateman and Sport 'And there's the Humour of It' by G Denholm Armour, published Hutchinson & Co, London. 40-60
929.    Seven volumes of Wisden signed by Benny Green together with a Wisden Cricketers' Diary dated 1986. 25-30
930.    A collection of early 19th century Natural History books together with The Chemical Catechism (11th edition), published London 1824. 30-50
931.    The History Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon 1783 edition (13 volumes). 40-60
932.    A collection of books by or about William Cobbett including a first edition of William Cobbett Biography by W Baring Pemberton, published by Penguin Books 1949, a late 19th century edition of Cobbett's Rural Rides in two volumes, a boxed Folio Society edition of Rural Rides, etc. 30-50
933.    Two late 19th century leather bound bibles, one with ornate gilt corners and clasps. 30-40
934.    The Novels of Charles Dickens, published by Caxton in twenty eight volumes. 20-25
935.    A collection of five vintage children's annuals including Batman, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 and Superman. 30-40
936.    A first edition of You Learn By Living by Eleanor Roosevelt complete with dust cover, published Hutchinson of London 1961 together with Bloomsbury - A House of Lions by Leon Edel, published 1979. 20-25
937.    Winkles' Illustrations of the Sea, Cathedral, Churches of England and Wales in three volumes, published London 1836. 20-30
938.    The History of English Furniture by Percy MacQuoid (4 volumes) together with further books on pewter and Britannia metal, etc. 20-25
939.    A framed Mafeking Mail Special Siege Slip - number 5 (6th November 1899), a small collection of antiquarian books including A Narrative Principal Circumstances relative to The Rev. Mr Wesley's Late Conference, held in Bristol August 6th 1771, The Scripture-Scales, etc, together with a first edition of A Book of Makeup by Eric Ward published 1930 40-60
940.    Oeuvres de Monsieur de Montesquieu, published in Amsterdam 1785 in seven volumes, etc 25-30
941.    The Ancient Present State of Gloucestershire by Sir Robert Atkyns published 1974 by E P Publishing Ltd in collaboration with Gloucestershire County Library in two volumes 30-50
942.    A 19th century Imperial Family bible produced by Blackie & Son, Queen Street, Glasgow illustrated with good quality engravings and with inscription to inside cover James and Ann Coles November 1847, Berkeley 40-60
943.    A first edition of Wild Flowers of Cyprus by Elektra Megaw & Desmond Meikle published Phillimore & Company Ltd 1973 together with Tunnicliffe's Birds published by Victor Gollancz Ltd, London 1984 60-80
944.    Three boxes of good quality mixed books subjects include antiques, biographies, history, etc 20-30
945.    A large collection of railway related books mainly mid to late 20th century publications approximately sixty plus volumes 30-50
946.    A collection of nineteen late 19th century and early 20th century Kelly's Directories for Gloucestershire and Somerset. 50-100
947.    A collection of leather bound editions of The Waverley Novels published in 1846 (25 volumes) 30-40
948.    An interesting collection of mixed books including Modern Domestic Cookery 1862, The Beatles - Hard Days Night paperback edition 1964, plus further books on trout fishing, poetry, etc 20-25
949.    A collection of mixed reference books and related subjects including watch makers handbook by Saunier published 1948, etc 30-50
950.    A boxed set of The Domesday Book Studies accompanying Gloucestershire volumes, The Ancient and Present state of Gloucestershire by Sir Robert Atkyns published 1974, two volumes and A New History of Gloucestershire by Samuel Rudder published by Alan Sutton 1977 60-80
951.    A late 19th century National Illustrated Family Bible leather bound with gilt and tooled decoration to spine and cover 30-40
952.    An interesting collection of children's books including a bound edition of The Queen of Hearts by Caldecott, The Irish Fairy Book, The Book of Nonsense by Edward Lear, Laughable Lyrics by Edward Lear, Alice & Thomas & Jane by Enid Bagnold, etc together with a 1904 edition of The Poets Corner by Max Beerbohm 30-50
953.    Ten boxed volumes of Jorrocks published by The R Surtees Society 30-50
954.    A mixed collection of books including The Comic History of Rome illustrated by John Leech, 19th century edition of The Canterbury Tales of Chaucer in three volumes, Figures of the earth, Domnei, both illustrated by Frank C. Pape, etc 30-50
955.    A mixed collection of books including two volumes Circle of Sciences by Henry Lloyd Brougham, The Horological Journal, a first edition of Watches by G H Bailey, etc 20-30
956.    A collection of vintage and other children's books including two Eagle annuals, two stamp albums, photograph album, etc, together with an Indenture 20-25
957.    Twenty volumes of The International Library of famous Literature published 1899 20-25
958.    A collection of miscellaneous books including 1914 and Other Poems by Rupert Brook, The Wanderer, John Masefield Poems 1903-1923, etc 15-20
959.    A quantity of books about military aircraft and related subjects together with two boxes of books 20-25
960.    Six boxes of videos and about military history and related subjects etc 15-20
961.    An interesting and mixed collection of books about Gloucestershire and related subjects including a late 19th century edition of an Analysis of the Domesday Survey of Gloucestershire, The Farmers Calendar published 1815, various Pigot's Directories, etc and a 1904 edition of Burrow's Royal Official Handbook to Wotton-under-Edge 20-30
962.    A large collection of books relating to woodworking and related subjects 20-25
963.    An extensive collection of good quality topographical books including a number about Wotton-under-Edge and the local area. 20-30
964.    A collection of mainly classical music LPs 20-30
965.    A large collection of mixed LPs together with an interesting collection of 45 rpm singles including a selection of Beatles records - Long Tall Sally, Day Tripper, Help, etc 20-30
966.    A collection of 19th century Cobbett's Penny Tracts pamphlets including three volumes of Poor Man's Friend; A Defence of the Rights of Those Who Do The Work and Fight The Battles (Displayed in Cabinet) 30-50
967.    Poems by Mr Gray, a new edition, printed for J Murray 1790. 30-50
968.    A leather bound edition of A History of the Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland, published by Charles Clement 1824, Cottage Economy by William Cobbett (16th edition), published by Anne Cobbett 1843 and a first edition of Advice to Young Men, and (incidentally) Young Women, published by William Cobbett 1829. 18-20
969.    A rebound first edition of A Ride of Eight Hundred Miles in France by James Paul Cobbett, published by Charles Clement 1824. 30-50
970.    Cobbett's English Grammar by William Cobbett, published 1931, The Opinions of William Cobbett, first edition, published by Cobbett Publishing Company Limited and a rebound 1836 edition of Beauties of Cobbett (extracts from The Porcupine), published at Cobbett's registered office in 1836.
971.    Reims a la Cathedrale by R Burnard illustrated by Benito, edited by Berger Levrault, Paris, Strassebourg 30-50
1000.   A galvanized iron tub, coal scuttle, together with a peat shovel, corner manger and garden plough, together with an iron wheel and a terracotta chimney pot 20-30
1001.   A vintage steel two handled milk churn and cap stamped South Coast Dairies Ltd; together with one other stamped Bristol Co-Operative Society (2) 30-40
1002.   A Victorian cast iron pub table with pierced detail and moss encrusted timber top together with substantial cast iron mortar and a, pair of cast iron refectory table ends 20-30
1003.   An iron chimnea on swept supports 20-30
1004.   A pair of vintage steel workshop shelves, each on three tiers and with segmented partitions 20-30
1005.   A ceramic garden planter with bright blue glaze containing a well established bay tree 20-30
1006.   A pair of ceramic garden planters, 50 cm diameter 20-30
1007.   A pair of ceramic planters, 50 cm diameter 20-30
1008.   An oviform garden planter with blue glazed finish, 60 cm in height 30-40
1010.   A pair of well weathered reconstituted models of horses heads, 40 cm high 30-40
1011.   A large quantity of vintage garden tools, many with ashwood handles including spades, pick axes, shovels and other tools 20-30
1012.   An Outback Frontier III gas barbecue with teak wood frame and all weather cover 60-80
1013.   A large galvanised iron bin with riveted detail, 2 metres in length 20-30
1014.   A collection of external ironwork including agricultural wheels, iron cauldron, lead water pump, enamelled scales, etc 30-40
1015.   A Victorian pedestrian gate in iron, 85 cm wide 20-30
1016.   A vintage timber wheelbarrow with iron spoke wheels 30-40
1017.   26 terracotta ridge tiles, each 45 cm in length 40-60
1018.   A contemporary teak three seat garden bench in the Lutyens style 180-200
1019.   A cast aluminium garden terrace set comprising circular table and four fan backed chairs with anthemion and other detail 100-120
1020.   Three weathered garden gnomes, the largest 75 cm 40-60
1021.   A collection of five Victorian clay chimney pots of simple cylindrical form, three with incised thistle pattern banded detail, 65 cm tall approx 40-60
1022.   A good natural stone sink/shallow trough, 95 cm x 65 cm 80-100
1023.   Three old coopered spirit barrels, 50 cm high 20-30
1024.   A galvanized iron grain bin with hinged and locking cover and a galvanized iron hay rack and feeder 20-30
1025.   A collection of weathered garden ornaments, all in the form of animals including dogs, pigs, rabbits, etc 30-40
1026.   A collection of weathered garden ornaments including bird bath, four planters, three figures, etc 40-60
1027.   Ten vintage fruit or vegetable crates 50-70
1028.   A weathered teakwood garden lounger with single axle 60-80
1029.   A weathered teakwood folding garden table together with four matching folding teakwood garden chairs complete with parasol 50-60
1030.   Three vintage painted steel pigeon hole cabinets, each divided into forty eight sections, 110 cm length 40-60
1031.   Four Victorian cast iron fire places with decorative finish and a small enamelled topped mangle table 40-60
1032.   A Minster stone fire surround complete with hearth and mantlepiece with moulded detail in an Old English style, 155 cm wide x 110 cm high 80-100
1033.   A good quality field gate and adjoining pedestrian gate with galvanised iron fittings, 4 metres 10 overall 60-80
1034.   A galvanised iron field gate, 3 metres in length 40-60
1035.   Two vintage cycles, Raleigh (Gents model) and BSA (Ladies model) 20-30
1036.   A teakwood garden table of rectangular form raised on a folding frame to seat six 30-40
1037.   A rough hewn limestone staddle stone and cap 40-60
1038.   A rough hewn staddle stone 40-60
1039.   A rough hewn staddle stone 40-60
1039A.  Three weathered cast composition stone Gothic style planters of octagonal form 100-120
1040.   A teakwood notice board with glazed front for St Mary's church and three mirror panelled doors, together with a mirror with segmented frame
1041.   A pair of Victorian clay crown top chimney pots 30-40
1042.   A pair of substantial granite - Cabot Circus, 180 cm length 60-80
1043.   A shallow stone D end trough raised on later stone work 40-60
1044.   Five garden troughs with weathered finish 60-80
1045.   A substantial weathered limestone trough of rectangular form 40-60
1046.   A Victorian butter churn on stand in oak and with banded finish by Hathaway 40-60
1047.   A substantial 19th century clay pedestal of square cut and stepped form, 90 cm high 80-100
1048.   A good quality hand wrought iron work firescreen with scrolled detail and mesh back, 70 cm wide 40-60
1049.   A substantial 19th century stripped pine fire surround with panelled framework, 185 cm wide max 40-60
1050.   A child's size traditional timber wheelbarrow in oak 40-60
1051.   A Rippingilles cast iron room heater case with cast and pierced floral and geometric detail 30-40
1052.   A substantial Edwardian mahogany and marble lined fire surround with carved and pierced detail, 155 cm wide approx 60-80
1053.   A substantial carved composition stone garden sculpture of an embracing couple, 100 cm tall approx 100-150
1054.   A good quality Adam style fire basket in polished steel, with cast iron fire back and decorative pierced brass serpentine front, 62 cm wide max 80-100
1055.   A Victorian cast iron stick stand with octagonal drip tray, central collar and four ring support with carrying handle 40-60
1056.   A miniature (half size) staddle stone and base 40-60
1057.   An antique iron boot scraper set in a substantial stone block 30-40
1058.   A Cadbury's milk churn with bargeware painted finish together with a matching kettle and flat iron 40-60
1058A.  Pair of antique cross-cut saws
1059.   Two coopered oak sherry barrels, 60 cm high 30-40
1059A.  WITHDRAWN 100-200
1060.   A heavy wrought iron candle stand on three tiers with square cut column and tripod base and with weathered finish, 160 cm tall 80-100
1061.   A pair of large classical lead urns, the bodies of vase shaped form surmounted by cherubs and scrolling foliage and set on square cut bases, after works produced by the Val d'Osne foundry 95 cm high 1200-1500
1061A.  An antique cast iron fire back of square form with classical relief detail depicting two figures warming by a fire within a classically draped and scrolling acanthus border, 69 cm square (AF) cracks/repairs 40-60
1062.   A carved limestone base of ecclesiastical form and octagonal in shape supporting a later sun dial 80-100
1063.   A vintage comptometer calculator, an electronic digital safe and set of drawing instruments 20-30
1063A.  A pair of old English style exterior wall lanterns together with one other (3)
1064.   A weather vane cockerel and three exterior lanterns 40-60
1065.   An unusual brass and cast iron hand operated water pump 40-60
1066.   An unusual vintage cast iron lantern in the form of a Victorian street light raised on a square stepped base and with tapering octagonal column, stamped VR 1840, 60 cm 100-120
1067.   A Victorian iron work street sign Pritchard Street, with original paint work 80-100
1068.   A cast lead water fountain in the form of Pan seated on rocks, 60 cm tall approx 80-100
1069.   A pair of reconstituted and weathered stone balls, 20 cm diameter 30-40
1070.   A substantial early carved limestone figure of Hercules, his hands raised and set on a later timber framework, stonework 90 cm high 800-1000
1071.   A waxed pine fire surround in the Adam style with applied urn, swag and other detail, 170 cm wide approx 30-40
1071A.  A reproduction ceiling lantern of circular form with pierced framework and simulated marbled glass panels 20-30
1072.   A substantial Georgian copper cauldron of circular form complete with cover and iron swing handle 40-60
1073.   A substantial three tier brass chandelier in the Dutch manner with fourteen scrolling branches complete with ceiling fittings and chain, 110 cm in height plus chain 300-500
1074.   A classic six branch ceiling lamp with cast brass and painted framework and etched glass globe 120-150
1075.   An early 19th century articulated carousel horse with traces of original painted finish, 90 cm in length approx 250-300
1076.   An Edwardian cast brass pendant ceiling light with two additional branches and etched glass shade 40-60
1077.   A Thule Alpine 100 top box together with a pair of roof bars
1078.   A Thule Evolution 100 top box
1079.   A polished marble and malachite specimen table top in the Regency style with geometric detail, 122 cm diameter 700-800
1080.   Cast aluminium street sign Royal Avenue 50-80
1081.   A 19th century cast iron water pump 40-60
1082.   Two painted signs Down Farm, Breeders of Hereford & Jersey Cattle, No vehicles allowed 20-30
1083.   A specimen marble table top of square cut form enclosing rectangular specimen stones set in a brick like arrangement, 120 x 120 cm 500-700
1083A.  A pair of Thule roof bars (van size) 164cm long
1084.   A heavy cast iron fire back with Tudor Rose detail, lion and unicorn mounts 1571, 70 cm diameter 80-100
1085.   A cast iron fire basket with shaped fire back, 55 cm tall 40-60
1086.   A cast iron fire basket with bow fronted outline with brass urn finials 40-60
1087.   A Victorian brass and iron bedstead to take a 4ft 6 mattress 40-60
1088.   Six vintage saddles 60-80
1089.   A miscellaneous collection including cast figure of a centurion, a 19th century oval copper boiling pan and a vintage enamelled bread bin in a blue colourway 30-40
1090.   A pair of cast iron fire dogs and fire basket and two further pairs of fire dogs 30-40
1091.   A Victorian embossed brass bed corona with floral and geometric detailed decoration, 104 cm wide 30-40
1092.   Two substantial staddle stones 40-60
1093.   Two substantial staddle stones 40-60
1094.   Two substantial staddle stones 40-60
1095.   A large overmantle mirror in a moulded silvered lustred frame, the mirror plate with bevelled edge borders, 150 cm x 120 cm 100-120
1096.   A substantial dressing mirror in the Art Deco manner with stepped mirror plate frame, 2 metres x 120 metre overall 80-100
1097.   A salt glazed four gallon jar together with a clock/barometer in a brass case set on an iron wall mounted bracket 20-30
1098.   A substantial Norwegian cast iron woodburning stove 'Trolla Brug 810' 80-100
1098A.  A pair of 19th century brass and iron andirons with bulbous stems and scrolled feet together with two other pairs of varying design (3) 60-80
1099.   A Clarke 900 millimetre reversible head wood lathe, model number CWL20RV 100-120
1099A.  A Whitbread PLC 1742 sign with painted finish 50-70
1100.   Two substantial staddle stones 60-80
1101.   A pair of wall mounted simulated cart wheels, 95 cm diameter 20-30
1102.   A Coalbrookdale lily of the valley pattern garden seat, 190 cm length 400-600
1103.   A pair of cast iron nasturtium pattern garden seats, possibly by Coalbrookdale 190 cm length 600-1000
1104.   A pair of good quality six branch chandeliers with scrolled branches, partially gilded finish and with cut glass drops 500-600
1105.   A carved timber six branch ceiling light with carved and later painted finish 30-40
1106.   A rectangular overmantle mirror in a Deco style with applied and silvered corner mounts, 165 cm x 57 cm 60-80
1107.   A substantial 19th century style wall mirror of square cut form with bevelled edge mirror plate, the antique style gilded frame with shell, acanthus and other detail, 185 cm square approx
1108.   A rectangular overmantle mirror, the bevelled edge mirror plate within a moulded gilded frame, 112 cm x 85 cm
1109.   A small Georgian mahogany wall mirror with fretted outline together with a 19th century wall mirror of rectangular form with carved and gilded gesso frame, together with one other (3) 30-40
1110.   A Rococo style gilded pier glass with shaped, pierced and detailed frame with 'C' scroll, acanthus and Ho-Ho bird mount, 140 cm max 180-200
1111.   19th century cast iron framed bathroom mirror, the framework with geometric moulded detail 20-30
1112.   An Art Deco frameless mirror together with a further convex mirror in gilded frame 20-25
1113.   A Regency style pier glass, the gilded frame with acanthus, urn and other detailed decoration enclosing a rectangular bevelled edge plate, 105 cm max 40-60
1113A.  A carved wooden and scrolled metal three branch wall light together with a pair of lights with flexible coiled stems and shell shaped shades and a cast metal coronet/pelmet with scrolling acanthus detail (4) 40-60
1114.   An Arts & Crafts oak framed overmantle mirror with shaped frame and bevelled edge mirror plate 20-30
1115.   A 19th century style wall mirror, the mirror plate set within gilded and moulded frame, 140 x 110 cm 60-80
1116.   A mid 19th century rosewood overmantle mirror, the turned column supports enclosing rectangular mirror plate 20-30
1117.   A single brass bedstead with square cut rails beneath mushroom finial's 80-120
1118.   An Edwardian brass square rail single bedstead 30-40
1119.   An oval Arts & Crafts style wall mirror with bevelled edge plate within a silver coloured metal clad frame with hammered finish and applied detail, 90 cm x 65 cm approximately 50-70
1120.   An Art Deco style overmantle mirror, the deep set mirror plate frame with brickwork detail, 142 cm x 70 cm 60-80
1121.   A 19th century three quarter size bedstead with good quality painted finish, with column support and further applied detail to accept a 3ft mattress 40-60
1122.   A substantial circular coopered oak tub, 80 cm diameter approx 100-120
1123.   An oval oak coopered tub with handle, 100 cm max 150-200
1124.   A pair of 19th century style oval wall mirrors in moulded frames and with gilded slips enclosing bevelled edge mirror plates, 85 cm max 180-200
1125.   A Willis & Gambier rectangular wall mirror together with a further oval gilt framed mirror and two other frame less mirrors (4) 40-60
1126.   A Carolean style wall mirror in a carved and pierced oak frame with cherub, crown and other detail, 62 cm x 72 cm 40-60
1127.   A substantial and good quality Eastern hardwood four door enclosed cabinet, the lower section fitted with an arrangement of cupboards and drawers, the upper section enclosed by four glazed panelled doors beneath a shaped top with overall hand carved detail, 2 metres wide 100-150
1127A.  A mid 19th century mahogany chest of three long and three short drawers on bracket supports
1128.   A pale oak freestanding cupboard enclosing three adjustable shelves enclosed by two partially glazed panelled doors, 130 cm wide
1128A.  A good mid 19th century continental pier glass, the rectangular mirror plate enclosed within a carved and moulded show wood frame, 190 cm x 100 cm 60-80
1128B.  A rectangular gilt framed overmantle mirror with bevelled edge plate with geometric moulded frame, 110 cm x 85 cm 40-60
1129.   Fifteen vintage village hall chairs in beechwood 40-60
1130.   A substantial Victorian pine two tier food or linen cupboard enclosed by two pairs of panelled doors, 110cm wide 100-120
1131.   An art Deco oak veneer hall stand with original fixings and mirror plate 40-60
1132.   An American walnut three piece bedroom suite comprising wardrobe, wash stand and dressing table, the washstand with marble top and two tile friezes of trailing flowers 80-100
1133.   An oak two divisional stick stand with carved detail together with an oak plant stand 30-50
1134.   A contemporary kitchen work table raised on four square cut supports with stainless steel under gallery, a further rectangular side table fitted with three freeze drawers and gallery top, a wine rack for 25 bottles and a number of Royal Worcester egg coddlers, together with a collection of Denby ceramics 60-80
1134A.  Three contemporary tubular clothes rails
1135.   A quantity of antique and other brackets, lions paw feet, polished pine door knobs and other architectural fittings 20-30
1136.   A life size ceramic Dalmatian in seated pose together with a smaller ceramic spaniel 40-60
1137.   A good quality cherry wood veneered armoire enclosed by two panel doors by Moreux de Varennes, the interior fitted with drawers and mirror plate back, 130cm wide 40-60
1138.   A vintage enamel Newhome Kitchenette free standing gas cooker together with a mangle 20-25
1139.   A 19th century mahogany side cupboard partially enclosed by two panel doors 20-25
1140.   A Harvey steel filing cabinet containing a tower of 8 drawers (with key) 30-40
1141.   A pair of free standing modern four drawer filing cabinets in steel 20-30
1142.   A Victorian stripped and waxed pine wash stand, with ceramic jug and basin 20-30
1143.   A late 19th century travelling trunk with domed top with timber lathes 20-30
1144.   A collection of six vintage industrial light units with chromium shades 40-60
1145.   A Mobo Prairie King sprung rocking horse 20-30
1146.   A pair of embossed brass oval form vases adapted as lamps, vintage hand tools, galvanized brackets, etc 20-30
1147.   A Panasonic NN-6307 Microwave oven with instructions, etc
1148.   A 19th century pine travelling box with original painted finish together with a vintage Imperial manual typewriter with long carriage 40-60
1149.   A collection of 19th century and later salt glazed jars and bottles together with four flagons with impressed detail 'King & Morgan, Chepstow', printed detail Griffith's Brothers Newport Monmouthshire and O. Gleave of Worsbro'dale 30-40
1150.   A pair of Edwardian timber Venetian blinds with original olive green paint work, complete with pulley frames, 120cm wide x 2m drop estimate approx, 30-40
1151.   A salt glazed egg preserving pan, another similar, salt glazed water bottle, two Victorian wire wheels, two carbide lamps, etc 30-40
1152.   (consigned by the Wotton-under-Edge Amateur Dramatics Society, surplus props). A large quantity of miscellaneous effects including Imperial model 60 typewriter, Philip Mark 40292 valve radio, steel companion set, violin and bow, Whatneys red barrel beer pump, wicker hamper, etc 60-80
1153.   A bolt of green baize 1.60 width 20-30
1154.   19th century copper font canopy of square cut form with canted corners with geometric and embossed decoration, 90 cm square 200-250
1155.   A substantial pine tub bound by birch twigs and complete with lid, 85 cm high 200-250
1156.   A stripped and waxed pine plate rack of two division beneath a shaped frieze, 110 cm wide 40-60
1157.   A collection of vintage suitcases, attache case, etc 20-30
1158.   An interesting collection of vintage calculating machines by Comptometer plus Add Master Numeria and others, together with a number of 1980s hand held pocket calculators 60-80
1159.   A 19th century Austrian carved pinewood dressing table mirror, the oval mirror plate supported within a carved rustic framework enclosing a boxed base, a number of brass fire irons, iron and mesh firescreen, Victorian copper coal scuttle, iron and brass balance scales and weights,together with an Edwardian telescopic oil lamp standard, etc 40-60
1160.   Two stone flagons, two gallon and one gallon capacity, Glover Sons & Co of Tetbury and S M Strange, The Kings Street Supply Stores, Stroud, together with a large Indian brass tray of circular form with geometric detail and a further Indian shield with engraved and coloured detail 30-40
1161.   A collection of seven vintage brass blow lamps by Prima, Hjorta monitor, etc 50-70
1162.   A 19th century cast iron door stop in the form of a lion, a coach lamp,a heavy iron trivet, fire basket, together with two vintage tilley lamps and a pine and steel banded chest, etc 20-30
1163.   A rustic turned bowl, probably in yew wood 40-60
1164.   A collection of miscellaneous effects including a vintage egg crate, further timber commercial boxes with printed detail, two one gallon whisky bottles, enamel ewer, etc 30-40
1165.   A quantity of Halogen lighting, electric gate, motor and attachments by Domolink complete with instructions, etc, together with three G clamps 20-30
1166.   Approximately 190 light bulbs, all boxed and itemised (see additional image for full list) 10-20
1167.   A good 19th century pine blanket chest with original simulated mahogany glazed finish and a further travelling box 40-60
1168.   A Mountfield rotary mower with Honda 4.5 horse power motor with sixteen inch cut 20-30
1169.   A good quality travelling trunk with green canvas band and steel fittings 30-40
1170.   Dunkley pram with sprung frame and wire wheels complete with summer and winter canopies 40-60
1171.   A Victorian travelling trunk with leather panels and domed lid and two further heavy duty pine boxes 200-250
1172.   A pair of Kef floorstanding speakers reference Q50 SP3174 29703 and 4
1173.   A pair of Keff Q series speakers, serial number 1808268G and 1808267G together with a Keff speaker model 30V, SP3230 10921 (for use with the amplifier SP2284)
1174.   NO LOT
1175.   A Keff speaker model 90 type SP3178 - 12817 together with a pair of Keff speakers Q10 SP3228 1993 & 4
1176.   A Wharfedale sub-woofer amplifier model diamond SW150, serial number D9SW150 05558K together with a pair of Wharfedale diamond 9.1 speakers, serial numbers D91001525
1177.   An Onkyo DAB/FM tuner model T-4030 still in original packaging
1178.   A Denon compact disc player model DCD-F109, Denon receiver model DR-F109 DAB, both with original packaging, together with a pair of Denon speakers model number SC-N9 number 4088201138
1179.   A Pioneer AV receiver model number VSX-424 with hand book
1180.   Technics audio equipment comprising an AV control stereo receiver SA-EX140, a stereo casette deck RS-BX501, compact disc player SL-PG3 an automatic turntable system SL-BD20D
1181.   A pair of Wharfedale diamond 8.1 speakers, serial number D81001548B
1182.   A Memorex Stav-3000100 digital synthesized AM/FM stereo receiver together with a Memorex LAB-450 belt drive automatic turntable together with Garrard record deck
1183.   A collection of electric cables for connection with speakers, turntables, etc two Zyxel Media servers (Boch) Netgear N600 wireless dual mand gigabite router (still boxed), a quantity of cd discs and other small good quality electrical fittings together with speaker stand and a Sony DVD recorder
1184.   A Denon AVR-X200 integrated network AV receiver, ampli-tuner audio/video Reseau with original box, together with Mordaunt-Short SW-1 sub woofer speaker serial number 303185
1184A.  9 stained beechwood framed vintage haberdashery cabinet drawers with rectangular glazed panelled fronts
1185.   A small Victorian pine chest of two long and two short drawers with original painted finish 40-60
1185A.  A small 19th century stripped and waxed pine wall cupboard, partially enclosed together with a mid 20th century side table fitted with two drawers with white and gilt finish, a Victorian mahogany Pembroke table and an oak framed coffee table (5) 20-30
1186.   A good quality nest of three tables in an old English style with carved detail on turned supports 40-60
1187.   A good quality Old English style side cupboard, with carved and panelled door raised on an open framework 100 cm wide 60-80
1188.   A Victorian stripped and waxed pine side cupboard, the central alcove flanked by two panelled cupboards raised on short bracket supports, 185 cm wide x 68 cm high 60-80
1189.   A simulated flowering orchid in a ceramic pot 20-30
1190.   An Edwardian oak side cupboard enclosed by two panelled doors over an open framework with turned spindle mouldings 20-30
1190A.  A figured walnut veneered serpentine chest of three long drawers, drop leaves and cabriole supports 40-60
1191.   An oak bookcase of full height fitted with six shelves 55 cm wide together with a further Arts & Crafts oak bookcase on three tiers with divided Canterbury base 60-80
1192.   A vintage leather cricket bag with brass fittings together with a further leather travel/sample bag 40-60
1193.   A pine dresser from the Cotswold Collection, the base enclosed by three panelled doors and three drawers, the upper section by further cupboards and open shelves, 150 cm wide 60-80
1194.   A pair of 19th century French side chairs with upholstered seats and cameo shaped backs, the framework with carved detail and overall later painted finish 50-70
1195.   A 19th century mahogany side table fitted with three frieze drawers on square cut supports, 140 cm wide 60-80
1196.   A vintage style galvanised log box of square tapering form overlaid with steel fittings, 80 cm tall 40-60
1197.   An oak occasional table of rectangular form raised on square chamfered supports, 105 cm wide, together with a vintage beechwood school desk 30-40
1198.   A Chinese style hardwood altar table with scrolled ends on square cut supports, 150 cm 40-60
1199.   An early Belling electric heater type 932 in a polished copper and brass frame (for decorative purposes only)
1200.   A South African hardwood freestanding corner cupboard enclosed by two glazed panelled doors with fluted detail raised on claw and ball supports 40-60
1201.   An Old English style carved oak freestanding corner cupboard, the base enclosed by a panelled door, the upper section fitted with three shelves beneath a carved frieze, 165 cm high 60-80
1202.   An Art Nouveau polished brass lamp standard with adjustable column adapted for electricity 40-60
1203.   A Singer treadle sewing machine, the machine with Egyptian revival transfer detail, machine number F7410379 20-25
1203A.  Tall oak top tavern table on four square legs
1204.   An unusual Edwardian mahogany piano stool with adjustable seat (on a ratchet system) raised on shaped supports with X shaped stretchers 40-60
1205.   An Edwardian oak ladies sewing box with rising lid over a frieze drawer, a further Edwardian two tier plant stand, together with a bookshelf with two adjustable shelves 30-35
1206.   A substantial Victorian mahogany three tier buffet/serving table, the lower section partially enclosed by two cupboard doors, with open centre, two further frieze drawers with further carved detail 50-80
1207.   A Regency oak hanging corner cupboard with crossbanded walnut detail and further inlaid decoration over one real and two dummy drawers 30-40
1208.   A simple wicker hamper
1209.   A tower of five drawers, 125 cm high
1210.   An Edwardian painted chest of three long drawers with tram line mouldings and cast brass fittings 30-40
1211.   A small occasional table, the rectangular top with marquetry detail showing fox hunt in progress, together with further 18th century oak gateleg table with shaped leaves and carved detail showing acorns and oak leaves 40-60
1212.   An Edwardian chest of three long and two short drawers with tram line mouldings and brass fittings with overall painted finish 40-60
1213.   A 19th century pitch pine side table on turned supports with frieze drawers, 80 cm wide 40-60
1214.   Two Victorian lathe back kitchen chairs with painted finish together with a further oak towel rail 20-30
1215.   An Edwardian mahogany cheval glass, the rectangular mirror supported on a turned framework in the Georgian style 40-50
1216.   An Edwardian mahogany buffet, the bow fronted outline partially enclosed by a pair of panelled doors raised on spade feet with boxwood and ebony string inlaid detail, 110 cm wide 30-40
1217.   A teakwood side table in the Art Deco manner fitted with three drawers and enclosed sides, 112 cm wide 30-50
1218.   A pair of modern pale beechwood filing cabinets enclosing a total of five drawers with locking mechanism and keys 20-30
1219.   An early 20th century oak side table fitted with two frieze drawers with two open shelves below, 92 cm wide 40-50
1220.   A pale oak sideboard enclosed by two carved and panelled doors and two frieze drawers, 130 cm wide 40-60
1221.   Two embossed brass slipper boxes, a vintage leather travelling case, partially fitted, four other vintage suitcases 20-30
1222.   An Old English style bar in oak by Old Charm, the base fitted within a panelled framework and with bulls eye and other glass panels beneath a shaped carved canopy, 170 cm wide 100-120
1224.   A large polished cedar wood bowl brass banded, 75 cm wide, together with a vintage child's toy horse 60-80
1225.   An Edwardian mahogany occasional table on square tapered supports, a further jardiniere and stand in black and gilt colourway with parrot and thistle detail, a circular oak occasional table on turned supports and an Edwardian coal compendium 30-40
1226.   An Edwardian oak panelled coffer/blanket chest with rising lid and applied mouldings 40-60
1227.   A Victorian walnut and figured walnut writing table fitted with two frieze drawers, raised on a stretcher base of two inverted octagonal tapering columns - with inset leather top, 110 cm wide 100-120
1228.   A pale Afghan wool rug with multi-medallion centre within running borders, 180 cm x 120 cm, together with a further narrow gauge runner in the Persian style, 220 x 67 cm 20-30
1229.   A stripped and waxed pine pedestal desk fitted with an arrangement of nine drawers, 150 cm length 50-80
1230.   An Art Deco figured maple and walnut linen cupboard, the doors enclosing three sliding shelves and a further shelf with chrome fittings, 92 cm wide, 108 cm high 60-80
1231.   A reproduction Georgian style pedestal desk fitted with nine drawers with inset green leather top, 125 cm wide 50-60
1232.   An Edwardian two seat parlour room sofa with carved show wood frame 40-60
1233.   A 19th century Windsor smokers bow elbow chair principally in elm 60-80
1234.   A 19th century smokers bow elbow chair principally in elm 60-80
1235.   A 19th century elm smokers bow elbow chair principally in elm 60-80
1236.   An Edwardian tub chair raised on cabriole forelegs with carved detail and show wood frame 40-60
1237.   An unusually small Edwardian three piece drawing room suite comprising a two seat sofa and two matching armchairs, each with mahogany crook arms and raised on short cabriole supports, sofa length 110 cm 100-150
1238.   A mid 20th century bedroom/occasional chair later upholstered in William Morris linen fabric 20-25
1239.   A set of six Edwardian cottage ladderback chairs in oak with individually hand worked tapestry seats on square cut supports 40-60
1240.   A mid Victorian period lacquered occasional chair with original chinoiserie gilded detail and cane work seat raised on cabriole forelegs 20-30
1241.   A pair of Edwardian mahogany ladderback elbow chairs, the upholstered seats on shaped forelegs 40-60
1242.   A pair of Edwardian drawing room/salon chairs, the mahogany show wood frames with satinwood inlaid detail, cornucopia scrolls, floral detail, etc, with upholstered framework and raised on turned supports 100-150
1243.   A mid 20th century scroll armed lounge/drawing room chair with recently re-upholstered finish, feathered cushion 60-80
1244.   A flamboyant armchair with carved and pierced show wood frame, upholstered panels and seat raised on cabriole supports 40-60
1245.   A set of four Arts & Crafts oak framed dining chairs with shaped splats, upholstered seats and raised on cabriole forelegs 40-60
1246.   A Victorian style drawing room chair with carved and moulded mahogany show wood frame and upholstered finish on cabriole forelegs 40-60
1247.   A late 20th century drawing room chair, maroon colour leather on swivel base 60-80
1248.   A late 19th century drawing room chair on turned supports and with buttoned finish 30-40
1249.   A Maxie Lane occasional table, hewn from one piece of timber, probably yew wood, 85 cm max 200-250
1250.   A Georgian mahogany bureau, the front elevation enclosed by two frieze drawers (presented as three), the interior with central cupboard, pigeon holes, drawers and central well enclosing further secret drawer, 100 cm wide 100-150
1251.   A traditional spinning wheel with turned supports together with a matching spinning chair 30-50
1252.   Five various inlaid Edwardian mahogany parlour room chairs, three singles, two arms, with slatted wood marquetry inlaid detail together with a small flight of wall shelves and a serving table with folding supports 40-60
1253.   An Edwardian oak draw leaf refectory table raised on two pairs of turned vase shaped supports united by central rails, 140 cm length when closed, 250 cm when fully extended 100-120
1254.   An Indian panel showing a cavalcade of mounted horsemen, band, elephant and camel together with a Chinese lacquered occasional table with folding framework 20-30
1255.   A Victorian stripped pine farmhouse kitchen table fitted with a single frieze drawer, the plank top with cleated ends raised on turned supports, 190 cm length to seat six to eight 80-100
1256.   Four old Windsor lathe back kitchen chairs with elm seats 60-80
1257.   A set of six cottage oak ladderback dining chairs with upholstered seats on bobbin supports and rails 40-60
1258.   An 18th century oak coffer, the front elevation enclosing four rectangular panels with moulded stiles 60-80
1259.   A late 19th century mahogany secretaire cabinet, the lower section enclosed by a pair of glazed panelled doors, the central fall flap revealing a fitted interior, the upper section enclosed by a further pair of glazed panelled doors, 95 cm wide 150-200
1260.   A traditional American rocking chair, child's size, with turned spindle mouldings, carpet seat and back 40-60
1261.   An old English style oak settle in the ecclesiastical manner with panelled back, solid seat and shaped supports with pegged rail, 110 cm in length 100-150
1262.   A Victorian mahogany chest of three long and two short drawers with rounded corners, 120 cm wide 60-80
1263.   A Globe Wernicke bookcase three sectional bookcase in oak 60-80
1264.   A Selviano electronic piano, model number AP-24v, serial number 6303551 60-80
1265.   A Victorian mahogany sideboard/cupboard enclosed by a pair of panelled doors flanked by further panels, 150 cm wide 60-80
1266.   Two leather briefcases together with a mid 20th century oil painting on board, D C Bayley showing Cirencester Market Place from an elevated position 20-30
1267.   An Edwardian walnut side cupboard enclosed by a pair of carved panelled doors with two further frieze drawers, 135 cm wide 30-40
1268.   A stylised dog with tan coloured leather finish, 80 cm in length 80-120
1269.   A Chinese carved hardwood panel of square cut form, the central medallion with floral and pierced detail, 77 cm square 20-30
1270.   An Edwardian oak bureau of three long drawers with applied mouldings and fitted interior 40-60
1271.   An Edwardian oak chest of two long and two short drawers with original art nouveau handles with later painted finish, 100 cm across x 100 cm wide 30-40
1272.   A pair of Yorkshire style dining chairs, carved detail, upholstered seats on turned supports and rails, a further pair of continental side chairs on turned supports 40-60
1273.   A contemporary beechwood serving tray of rectangular form raised on a folding frame 20-25
1274.   A Chinese red lacquered occasional table of rectangular form with dragons, clouds and pearl detail, 90 cm in length
1275.   A kitchen table with maple plank top raised on four square cut supports, 120 cm long together with a pair of ladderback chairs and a further pair of spindle back chairs 20-30
1276.   A 19th century pine strong box with rising lid revealing a simply fitted interior, 68 cm length, together with a country made stool 30-50
1277.   A contemporary bentwood rocking chair with leatherette seat and back together with a reproduction Georgian style drum table, the revolving top incorporating four real and four dummy drawers on turned pillar and quadruped base together with an art Deco pale walnut two tier occasional tables 40-60
1278.   A set of six (4+2) Queen Anne style dining chairs with vase shaped splats and four single chairs, upholstered seats raised on cabriole forelegs 20-30
1279.   A pale oak drawer leaf refectory table in the Dutch manner raised on four large bulbous supports united by central stretcher, 140 cm long when closed, 260 cm long when opened 150-200
1280.   A late 19th century Indian hardwood occasional table of octagonal form profusely inlaid with brass work 30-40
1280A.  A Dutch style oak dining table of rectangular form raised on bulbous supports united by moulded stretchers 80-100
1281.   Four primitive Georgian Irish famine in oak with simple ladderback and woven seats 80-120
1282.   An Edwardian mahogany circular dining table raised on six square tapered supports with string banded inlay, 120 cm diameter to seat six
1283.   A stripped and waxed pine circular dining/kitchen table on turned pillar and quadruped base, 140 cm diameter to seat six 40-60
1284.   An Edwardian travelling trunk and canvas with steel banded borders with partially fitted interior 50-70
1285.   A beechwood Bentwood rocking chair with cane panelled seat and back 20-30
1286.   ,A pair of mid Victorian mahogany hall chairs the cameo backs with carved and pierced scrolled and other detail 60-80
1287.   An oak snap top table in the Georgian style, the rectangular top raised on a turned pillar and quadruped base, 110 cm max 40-60
1287A.  A 19th century pitch pine side cupboard enclosed by two leaded glazed panelled doors, with adjustable shelves, together with a 1930s walnut veneered display cabinet on short cabriole supports
1288.   A contemporary pale oak extending dining table, the heavy plank top with cleated ends incorporating a single additional leaf raised on four square cut supports together with a matching set of six rail back dining chairs, 180 cm max x 140 cm min 80-100
1289.   A mixed collection of furniture comprising 19th century oak and mahogany occasional table, a folding towel rail, two bamboo occasional tables 40-60
1290.   An Edwardian ceramic jardiniere and stand containing a healthy aspidistra, a low stool with upholstered top on turned supports, a piano stool with upholstered seat and a fire screen with hand worked tapestry panel, Japanese table with Chrysanthemum carving 30-40
1290A.  A vintage brown leather suitcase and one other together with a picnic basket and a vintage Dunlop wooden tennis racket with press
1291.   A vintage mahogany shop display cabinet of hanging form enclosed by two plate glass panelled doors enclosing a number of adjustable plate glass shelves, 125 cm length 30-40
1292.   A Necchi Supernova electric sewing machine 10-20
1293.   A plaster corbel/table base of ancient form with scrolled detail with associated bevelled glass top 20-30
1294.   A painted pine cupboard enclosed by two doors with painted finish, 138 cm high x 87 wide 40-60
1295.   A 19th century continental pine dresser enclosed by an arrangement of drawers and cupboards and with central alcove, 100 cm wide 40-60
1296.   An old English oak monks bench, the base formed from an 18th century oak coffer with carved and panelled detail and with bobbin supports, 110 cm wide 80-100
1297.   A 19th century painted side cupboard enclosed by two panelled doors and two drawers and with white marble top, 115 cm 40-60
1298.   A good quality Chinese hardwood D end extending dining table raised on a pair of turned columns and swept supports, together with a set of eight (6&2) matching dining chairs, 2 metres 40 max 200-250
1299.   A 19th century mahogany torchere with reeded column and tripod base with carved detail and one other 30-40
1300.   An Art Deco walnut bureau bookcase of side by side arrangement, 125 cm wide 40-60
1301.   A set of four Georgian mahogany dining chairs with pierced splats carved cresting rails, upholstered seats on square tapering moulded supports 60-80
1302.   A Regency style D end extending dining table raised on two turned pillars, swept tripod bases, crossbanded and string inlaid detail to seat six to eight, 2 metres length 40-60
1303.   A Georgian mahogany occasional table circular top raised on a turned pillar tripod base 40-60
1304.   A pair of good quality Victorian mahogany side chairs upholstered seats and backs raised on turned fluted supports
1305.   A bentwood freestanding hat and coat stand of usual form with painted finish 30-40
1306.   A low occasional table of rectangular form, the teakwood top raised on a scrolled metal frame, 120 cm x 60 cm 40-60
1307.   A set of six ladderback dining chairs with rush seats and turned finials 40-60
1308.   A 19th century Windsor lathe back elbow chairs with elm wood seat together with a further lathe back single chair 50-60
1309.   A Spanish oak refectory table with heavy plank top raised on a pair of pierced lyre shaped supports with central rail, to seat six to eight, 180 cm length, 73 cm wide 120-150
1310.   A good quality child's toy cooking range dresser with raised plate in pine together and a further painted pine side cupboard 30-40
1311.   A Victorian mahogany bow fronted chest of three long and two short graduated drawers on turned supports 60-80
1312.   An Old Charm oak open bookcase fitted with two shelves and enclosing a further small cupboard and drawer with carved detail 94 cm wide 30-40
1313.   A 19th century mahogany side table fitted with three drawers on a kneehole arrangement on square tapering supports, 105 cm length 30-40
1314.   A contemporary bow fronted side cupboard by Willis & Gambier enclosed by two panelled doors and two drawers, bow fronted outline, 120 cm wide 30-40
1315.   A Georgian mahogany chest of five long graduated drawers on turned supports with brass plate handles, 125 cm wide 60-80
1316.   A chinoiserie occasional table in the regency style, the shaped top raised on a pair of pierced lyre shaped supports with overall cream gilded chinoiserie detail together with a 19th century pine cottage kitchen drop leaf Pembroke table on turned supports 40-60
1317.   A 19th century mahogany freestanding corner cupboard, the lower section enclosed by a panelled door, the upper section by an astragal glazed panelled door, together with a small reproduction serpentine chest of four drawers and a small Edwardian mahogany drop leaf tea table with crossbanded in satin wood 40-60
1318.   An Edwardian Chesterfield sofa with button back on turned supports, 150 cm wide
1319.   An Edwardian Chesterfield sofa on turned supports 150 cm wide 40-60
1319A.  Chinese wicker brass mounted trunk; with a further timber bound trunk filled with puzzles and games 50-80
1320.   A good quality set of eight contemporary Lloyd Loom dining chairs (6&2) in traditional blue colourway with oatmeal coloured cushions on turned supports 150-200
1321.   A Victorian day bed with scrolled end on four turned supports
1322.   A 19th century style wing drawing room chair with carved show wood frame upholstered in mid tan coloured leatherette 40-60
1323.   A Victorian mahogany drawing room sofa frame with carved and moulded detail and raised on cabriole supports
1324.   An unusual contemporary occasional table in the form of an open rowing boat with cleated hull raised on a pegged framework enclosing an oval polished plate glass panel complete with rudder and a pair of rowing oars, 140 cm long, 55 cm wide max 60-80
1325.   A pair of traditional Parker Knoll wing fireside chairs with later loose covers 40-60
1326.   A good quality Sofa Workshop three seat sofa with feather filled cushion upholstered in a pale beige colourway in linen, 220 cm max 80-100
1327.   A good quality two seat sofa with scrolled arms together with a matching armchair upholstered in an oatmeal coloured linen fabric, sofa 180 cm in length, together with a number of scatter cushions 80-120
1328.   A reproduction Chippendale style mahogany side chair with Gothic tracery splat, one other and an occasional table 20-30
1329.   Three simulated bamboo occasional tables with cane panelled bases and plate glass top
1330.   Art Deco moustache back three seat bed settee upholstered entirely in leather with scrolled arm and triple arched back, 180 cm length 80-120
1331.   A pair of traditional armchairs in an art Deco style
1332.   A quantity of wicker baskets of various sizes, further patterned two tier stand 40-60
1333.   A Victorian mahogany library bookcase, the lower section enclosed by two arched panelled doors and two frieze drawers, the upper section enclosed by two glazed panelled doors enclosing three fitted shelves, 120 cm 40-60
1334.   NO LOT
1335.   A good quality mahogany D end wall mounted display cabinet with plate glass panels, two adjustable shelves, 90 cm wide 40-60
1336.   A late 19th century oak dresser, the lower section enclosed by three frieze drawers and two cupboards, plate rack enclosing further enclosed glass cupboard beneath a moulded frieze, further enclosed glass beneath a moulded frieze, 165 cm wide 80-100
1337.   A good quality pale oak contemporary dresser, the lower section enclosed by three drawers and two cupboards and wine rack, the upper section fitted with six frieze drawers, two cupboards and a further alcove, 150 cm wide 150-200
1338.   A Victorian mahogany Duchess dressing table, the oval mirror plate raised on a pair of carved pierced supports, two towers of three drawers and central jewellery drawer, the open base raised on turned and fluted supports 80-100
1339.   A Victorian ashwood chest of three long and two short drawers with original brass plate handles, 110 cm wide 120-140
1340.   An oak armoire, the single door enclosed by two shaped and fielded panels raised on a short cabriole supports, together with three oak framed dining chairs cane panelled seats and backs, and a continental oak bedstead in pale oak to accept a 4ft mattress 40-60
1340A.  Good vintage studded leather travelling trunk, the bold fabric lined interior fitted with four graduated drawers, hanging rail with good period hangers and suitcase 60-100
1341.   A large 19th century oak bureau bookcase, the two drawers with carved detail over a matching fall flap, the bookcase with glazed panelled beneath a shell carved frieze, 95 cm wide 60-80
1342.   A cheval glass in mahogany in the Georgian style 70-90
1343.   A late 19th century mahogany drop leaf dining table (to seat six) raised on four turned and fluted supports together with a mahogany D end side table on three square taper legs 30-40
1344.   An oak roll top desk of usual form with serpentine and tambour tap enclosing a fitted interior over an arrangement of eight drawers, 330 cm wide 120-140
1345.   A Roland KR-277 digital intelligent piano in a simulated case, serial number 2041328 60-80
1346.   An Edwardian elbow chair with carved and pierced splat 20-30
1347.   A Regency rosewood fold over top D end card table raised on a cylindrical tapering pillar and platform base 80-100
1347A.  A pair of inlaid Edwardian mahogany occasional chairs with shield shaped splats and swept supports
1348.   An oak roll top desk with serpentine tambour top and fitted interior over six graduated drawers, 120 cm wide 60-80
1349.   An oak two tier plate rack - wall mounted with shaped framework together with a further wall mounted coat rack 20-30
1350.   A substantial pine dresser, the base enclosed by three pairs of panelled doors and three large drawers, the upper section fitted with an arrangement of drawers and shelves, 2 metres 50 in length 80-100
1351.   An 18th century style planter of oval form, the timber frame with carved detail raised on four turned and fluted supports united by a central rail, 70 cm max 200-250
1352.   A curious resin model showing a grotesque equestrian character over a platoon of 20th century soldiers 40-80
1353.   A pair of Victorian rosewood side chairs with carved and pierced splats, upholstered seats and raised on cabriole forelegs 30-40
1354.   A Georgian mahogany chest of three long and two short drawers on bracket supports, 95 cm wide 80-100
1355.   A 19th century mahogany bedroom chest of three long and two short drawers raised on bracket support 60-80
1356.   A pair of good quality Victorian mahogany side chairs with scrolled backs, upholstered seats and backs and wheat-ear detail together with a further pair of Queen Anne style side chairs 40-60
1357.   A Victorian mahogany chest of three long and two short drawers on plinth base, 110 cm wide 60-80
1358.   A George III mahogany fold over top tea table of rectangular form enclosing a frieze drawer raised on square moulded supports 60-80
1359.   A small Georgian style toilet mirror on a slender skeleton frame 20-30
1360.   A small mid Victorian and mahogany chest of two long and two short drawers on turned supports, 100 cm wide 60-80
1361.   An 18th century oak cupboard enclosed by a carved and panelled door over a single frieze drawer, panelled side and iron fittings, 75 cm wide, 85 cm tall 150-200
1362.   A Victorian mahogany chest of two long and two short drawers raised on bun feet, 110 cm wide 80-100
1362A.  A Carl Ziess theodolite and stand, number N1050 30-40
1363.   An Edwardian mahogany triple wardrobe, the central tower of three drawers flanked by two full length mirror panelled doors with harebell and other inlaid detail, 185 cm wide 60-80
1363A.  A Tasco Power Reflector Telescope together with a book - Frontiers of Astronomy by Fred Hoyle
1364.   A traditional dapple grey rocking horse on a boat shaped rocker, 150 cm max 80-100
1365.   A Victorian mahogany side table enclosed by two frieze drawers and raised on a pair of open lyre shaped supports united by a turned rail, 135 cm wide 60-80
1366.   A small Georgian toilet mirror with boxed base fitted with three drawers, a torchere on spiral column supports, a Georgian mahogany corner washstand on swept supports and a further mahogany cupboard with panelled door 60-80
1366A.  A contemporary low side table enclosing two drawers (disguised as four) on turned supports, 120 cm 30-40
1367.   Three vintage eider downs, two with rose pattern material 80-100
1368.   WITHDRAWN 60-80
1369.   A mahogany pedestal sideboard with raised and shaped back, the pedestal with lancet shaped doors and three cushion moulded drawers, 185 cm 60-80
1370.   A 1930s oak framed games table, the circular brass top with etched chequer board detail 30-40
1371.   A good quality Edwardian mahogany hanging cupboard in the Georgian style, enclosed by a pair of fielded panelled doors beneath a blind fret frieze set on bracket supports, 130 cm wide 60-80
1372.   A substantial 19th century mahogany hanging storage cupboard enclosed by two quarter panelled doors, 125 cm wide 60-80
1372A.  An early 20th century stripped oak bookcase freestanding and enclosed by a pair of quarter glazed panelled doors with carved flower head and reeded detail, two adjustable shelves and turned baluster forelegs
1373.   An art Deco oak three train longcase clock with anodised dial with Westminster chime fitting 60-80
1374.   A Regency mahogany hanging corner cupboard enclosed by a pair of astragal glazed panelled doors with applied carved detail 30-40
1375.   An 18th century oak hanging corner cupboard enclosed by an arched panelled door 30-40
1376.   A 19th century mahogany occasional table, the circular top raised on a vase shaped pillar and tripod together with an inlaid Edwardian mahogany elbow chair with satinwood and other inlaid detail 30-40
1377.   A 19th century leather travelling top hat case with original liner containing a Christys' of London top hat
1378.   A Georgian oak chest of three long and two short drawers, crossbanded in walnut and with brass plate handles raised on turned feet, 110 cm wide 120-150
1379.   A good quality walnut cased grandmother clock, the 20cm broken arch dial with applied spandrels and silvered chapter ring with three train movement retailed by R A Miller of Northampton 100-150
1380.   An Edwardian oak bookcase, the lower section enclosed by a pair of quarter panelled doors, the upper section by a pair of glazed panelled doors within a moulded framework, 115 cm wide 80-100
1381.   An 18th century ordinance or munitions box, the rising lid (of earlier period) with scripted detail and dated 1561, 90 cm wide 200-250
1382.   Four cast iron furniture legs in the Art Deco style 20-25
1383.   A stripped and waxed pine open bookcase fitted with three shelves with three quarter gallery, 150 cm 60-80
1384.   A mid Victorian mahogany chiffonier, enclosed by a pair of panelled doors, serpentine shaped cushion moulded door beneath an arched and shaped back, 120 cm long 80-100
1385.   A late 19th century bedside/lamp table enclosed by a panelled door and frieze drawer and square tapered legs together with a small number of pictures and prints
1386.   A Chinese hardwood folding open framework/towel rail with brass hooks and carved panels below 40-60
1387.   A Victorian mahogany three fold room divider of full height, partially glazed and with fabric panels 30-40
1388.   A late Victorian/Edwardian oak three tier buffet with architectural rail, turned supports and two central drawers 80-120
1389.   A pair of contemporary brass framed hall lanterns of hexagonal form with bevelled glass panels 60-80
1390.   A hanging pendant light with domed etched glass shade
1393.   A Georgian oak longcase clock crossbanded in rosewood, the short door with marquetry panel enclosing a broken arch painted dial and eight day striking movement by Huband of Evesham 100-120
1394.   A mahogany longcase clock, the full length door with inlaid detail, the hood with arched outline surmounted by three gilded ball finials enclosing a painted broken arch dial with eight day striking movement, subsidiary calendar movement and subsidiary calendar secondary dial, the arched enclosing a script Nelson Victory Old English, showing a painted scene with three men of war, the central one with rocking action 300-400
1395.   A simple 18th century longcase clock, the square cut hood enclosing a square brass dial with applied spandrels and engraved detail James Webster Salop 100-150
1396.   A Georgian cottage longcase clock, the oak and mahogany cross banded case with square hood and broken swan neck pediment enclosing an 11 inch square painted dial with Roman numbers, floral spandrels, secondary dials and 30 hour movement
1397.   A Georgian oak cottage longcase clock, the door crossbanded in rosewood, the door crossbanded in walnut, the simple square hood with column supports and swan necked pediment enclosing a 27 cm square brass dial with applied spandrels and engraved dove and leaf detail and thirty hour striking movement 100-120
1398.   A Georgian mahogany longcase clock with inlaid detail, 30 hour movement, the trunk door flanked by canted and reeded columns with brass capitals beneath a square hood enclosing a 12 inch dial with painted oriental character, floral and hot air balloon detail by Joseph Hitchins, Painswick 150-200
1399.   A Georgian mahogany bookcase enclosed by astragal glazed panelled doors beneath blind fret and moulded frieze, 105 cm max 40-60
1400.   A simple oak country made bureau of four long graduated drawers with fall flap 40-60
1401.   An antique overmantle mirror of rectangular form with reeded column supports enclosing a single bevelled edge mirror plate with painted and gilded frame, 150 cm x 76 cm 100-150
1402.   A 19th century Chinese red lacquer cabinet enclosed by two simple drawers with applied engraved plated metallic mounts, the interior simply fitted with shelves and drawers, 107 cm 200-250
1403.   A Victorian walnut and figured walnut canterbury of four divisions on cabriole supports 60-80
1404.   An Eastern carved low occasional table of rectangular form with carved and pierced foliate borders on square cut supports, 105 cm long 80-100
1405.   A 19th century Chinese crimson lacquered cabinet enclosed by two simple doors over two frieze drawers with open framework with engraved butterfly shaped lock plate, the interior simply fitted with drawers and shelves, 105 cm 200-250
1406.   A Victorian mahogany bedstead with pointed arched panels and turned supports
1407.   A substantial and very early oak coffer front of large proportions with five linen fold and two gothic tracery panels set within moulded framework, 2 metres in length, 1 metre in height

1408.   A harlequin set of four Regency mahogany dining chairs all with upholstered seats on turned and swept supports 40-60
1409.   A good pair of George III mahogany side chairs on turned and fluted supports, carved and moulded backs and handworked floral tapestry seats 60-80
1410.   A pair of mid 18th century country made dining chairs in oak with pierced vase shaped splats, solid seats on square cut supports 60-80
1411.   A Georgian mahogany tub chair, the raised back with swept arms and raised on square cut supports and re-upholstered finish, 75 cm wide, together with a bolt of fleur de lys pattern fabric 100-150
1412.   A Georgian mahogany occasional table with turned vase shaped pillar and tripod 30-50
1413.   A pair of open armchairs with upholstered seats and backs and with carved and painted framework raised on claw and ball supports. The purchaser will have the option of buying the following identical lot at the same unit price if required. 150-250
1414.   A pair of open armchairs with upholstered seats and backs and with carved and painted framework raised on claw and ball supports 150-250
1415.   A circular convex mirror, the carved and pierced framework with scrolled acanthus and other detail, 80 cm max 70-90
1416.   WITHDRAWN 100-150
1417.   A contemporary Knoll sofa upholstered in a blue striped colourway to seat three, 2 metres in length. The purchaser has the option to buy the following lot at the same unit price. 80-100
1418.   A contemporary Knoll sofa upholstered in a blue striped colourway to seat three, 2 metres in length., together with a square cut upholstered stool.
1419.   A pair of 18th century style candelabra (fitted for electricity), the nine branches supported in an urn upon the head of children raised on simulated marbled bases with overall painted and gilded detail, 2 metres high approx 700-800
1420.   A 17th century carved gilt wood mirror decorated with cherubs, shells and geometric detail (re-gilded) enclosing a later bevelled edge mirror plate, 85 x 65 cm approx 2000-3000
1421.   An unusual 19th century bedstead in birds eye maple, framed in simulated bamboo borders complete with rails to accept 4ft mattress 60-80
1422.   A set of five Regency mahogany dining chairs (4&1) with rope twist splats, reeded frames raised on sabre shaped forelegs with drop in seats 80-120
1423.   A Regency mahogany scroll end sofa with carved show wood frame raised on turned supports with later traditional upholstered finish, 2 metres in length approx 150-200
1424.   An Eastern hardwood window frame with carved detail enclosed by two shutters, iron work fittings and overall carved detail, 60 cm high x 110 cm wide 40-60
1425.   A good Georgian style sofa to seat three/four raised on square tapered supports with well upholstered pale ground material and loose cushions, 250 cm in length 200-300
1426.   A hardwood occasional table base raised on four turned supports, under gallery supported on a hexagonal top 30-40
1427.   A 19th century Chinese crimson lacquered cabinet enclosed by two doors and two drawers with applied metallic mounts, 77 cm wide x 77 cm high 80-120
1428.   An early 19th century Chinese hardwood side table fitted with three frieze drawers, each with carved detail, raised on square moulded supports, 95 cm wide 200-250
1429.   19th century Chinese pine blanket chest with applied brass fittings, 85 cm wide 60-80
1430.   A set of six (4 & 2) Edwardian oak dining chairs in the Carolean style with barley twist and other detail with velvet upholstered seats and back panels 60-80
1431.   A Chinese centre/occasional table of square form, lacquered on elm, raised on shaped and moulded supports, 64 cm high x 100 cm square approx 40-60
1432.   A reproduction Georgian style snap top occasional table with well matched and segmented walnut veneered petal shaped top, bird cage, column and shaped tripod 60-80
1433.   A good quality Edwardian mahogany extending dining table with two additional leaves with gadroon borders, raised on four substantial carved supports with claw and ball feet, to seat eight, 2 metres 40 in length max 300-400
1434.   An early 20th century bentwood child's rocking chair with cane panelled seat and back 60-80
1435.   A good quality Edwardian mahogany kidney shaped writing desk fitted with five drawers with carved and applied detail, cast brass handles raised on square taper supports with spade feet, (Waring & Gillow label to drawer) 110 cm wide 200-250
1436.   A Victorian oak hat and coat rack with carved detail, together with a Victorian mahogany hearth stool with hand worked petit point tapestry finish 30-40
1437.   A 19th century mahogany floral marquetry desk by Edwards and Roberts with satinwood stringing and other inlaid detail with brass drop handles, 125 cm wide 400-600
1438.   A Georgian mahogany chest on chest, six long and two short graduated drawers with brass plate handles raised on bracket supports, 110 cm wide 100-150
1439.   A rocking horse on central rail with restored finish, 110 cm in length, 110 cm high 200-250
1440.   A 19th century Chinese elmwood hall stand with carved dragon and other detail incorporating a small mirror plate raised on six shaped supports 100-120
1441.   A Victorian figured walnut davenport of usual form with four real and four dummy drawers raised on turned column supports with simply fitted interior 100-120
1442.   A substantial Victorian mahogany mirror lined counter top display cabinet by Parnall & Sons, Wine Street, Bristol, 2 metres 40 length, 34 cm high, 24 cm deep max 150-200
1443.   A high quality Edwardian satinwood display cabinet, the central door with painted detail showing garlands, flowers, instruments, etc, flanked by two astragal glazed panelled doors and raised on swept bracket supports, 155 cm wide 150-200
1444.   A good set of four 19th century Windsor smokers bow elbow chairs of light colour with elm seats and further turned spindle mouldings, legs and rails 200-250
1445.   A 19th century Windsor smokers bow elbow chair with elm seat, turned spindle mouldings, supports and stretchers 50-60
1446.   A very high quality sofa to seat six in a traditional country house style, raised on turned supports and brass castors, upholstered in pale cream material, 3 metres 20 length. The purchaser will have the option to buy the following matching lot at the same unit price. 500-800
1447.   A very high quality sofa to seat six in a traditional country house style, raised on turned supports and brass castors, upholstered in pale cream material, 3 metres 20 length 500-800
1448.   A collection of good quality Chinese hardwood office furniture comprising partners desk with panelled top with two pedestals incorporating a selection of drawers and cupboards, 180 cm x 85 cm, a further filing/drawer cabinet fitted with two deep and two shallow drawers, 105 cm wide, further matching cabinet all retailed by Charlotte Horstman, Hong Kong (keys in office) 300-400
1449.   A George III mahogany D end fold over top card table of demi-lune form crossbanded in satinwood and other timbers with shell inlaid detail raised on square tapered legs with spade feet, 95 cm wide 120-150
1450.   A substantial Victorian walnut breakfront triple compactum wardrobe, the central tower of drawers beneath an open alcove and tow short cupboard doors of full height with ribboned, garland and other detail, 2 metres in length 80-100
1451.   A 19th century mahogany, wall mounted flight of four graduated book shelves within a shaped outline and architectural top 40-60
1452.   A Victorian exhibition quality drawing room chair in solid rosewood,the flamboyant framework of open construction with deeply carved acanthus gadroon and other detail, further carved supports with upholstered seat, back and arm panels 400-500
1453.   A George III mahogany centre/supper table, the one piece top 80 cm diameter, raised on a bird cage and simple canon shaped pillar and well shaped tripod base 250-300
1454.   A 19th century Chinese crimson lacquer clothing rail on three tiers, the lower section to incorporate shoes, raised on swept supports, ho-ho bird and other painted detail 100-150
1455.   A Regency mahogany ladies sewing table with rising lid and pleated silk wool bag below and rising back frame, raised on square tapered legs and spade feet, 48 cm 120-150
1456.   An Art Deco style low centre table, the oval decorative white, grey, flecked and veined marble top with central triple line inlay, raised on a light oak pedestal support with moulded detail, 136 cm long x 70 cm wide x 66 cm high 300-350
1457.   A Chinese table top medicine cabinet enclosing sixteen small and two medium size drawers over a panelled cupboard, principally in pine and with engraved script, 50 cm wide, 70 cm tall 120-150
1458.   A Regency mahogany side cupboard enclosing two shelves enclosed by two panelled doors with ebony string inlaid detail raised on fluted supports 105 cm wide, 100 cm tall 200-250
1459.   A Georgian country made snap top table in oak and elm raised on a vase shaped pillar and tripod, the top 83 cm diameter 80-120
1460.   A Georgian mahogany davenport with enclosed base raised on a pair of turned column supports, the inset leather top enclosing a simply fitted interior 200-250
1461.   A Georgian mahogany snap top table, the single piece top 70 cm, well turned column and tripod base 100-150
1462.   A late 19th century open elbow chair with hand worked medieval style tapestry seat and back, the framework with gilded detail 160-180
1463.   WITHDRAWN 150-200
1464.   A George III mahogany dwarf linen press, the lower section enclosed by one long and two short drawers, the upper section enclosed by two panelled doors with well matched flame veneers enclosing four original slides and raised on large bracket supports, 130 cm 158 cm high 200-250
1465.    A 19th century Chinese crimson lacquer storage box with rising lid and original brass handle lock plate and lock, 90 cm wide 120-150
1466.   A George III mahogany chest on chest, six long and two short graduated drawers beneath a dentil frieze, raised on bracket supports, 112 cm 300-400
1467.   A good quality Georgian style mahogany bookcase or side cabinet, with dentil moulded frieze over a pair of astragal panelled doors, velvet lined interior and two frieze drawers and four square cut and moulded supports, 107 cm x 102 cm 80-120
1468.   A 19th century mahogany veneered secretaire abbatant, the front elevation with dentil frieze and canted corners with frieze drawer over a fall front with inset leather writing surface and fitted with an arrangement of small drawers and pigeon holes over a cupboard enclosed by a pair of panelled doors with string inlay detail, flanked by mock fluted columns, raised further on square tapered supports, 90 cm wide 145 cm tall approx 150-200
1469.   A 19th century Chinese crimson lacquered fruitwood horse shoe armchair, the splat with carved character detail and with further foliate carving 200-250
1470.   WITHDRAWN 500-800
1471.   A Regency mahogany bow fronted chest of four long graduated drawers raised on swept supports with embossed brass plate handle, 90 cm wide 200-250
1472.   An early oak coffer with panelled framework, the plank top with cleated ends raised on square moulded styles, 145 cm long x 70 cm wide 250-300
1473.   Two Scandinavian pine and beech wood peg tankards/ewers, pine flower barrel bound with birch twigs and a further concertina action, hat rack 200-250
1474.   A George III mahogany snap top table, the massive one piece top 90 cm diameter raised on a bird cage and canon barrel column with well formed tripod base 300-400
1475.   A 19th century French three tier etegere with turned column supports, each shelf brass banded and with further inlaid brass detail, the top with three quarter brass gallery, 80 cm (labelled to under tier Sybil Viscountess powerscourt) 80-120
1476.   A good quality Georgian mahogany chest of three long and two short graduated drawers raised on bracket with original brass swan necked handles, 95 cm wide 200-250
1477.   A 19th century pedestal side table of rectangular form enclosing two serpentine moulded drawers on a pronounced waisted vase shaped column, platform base with scrolled toes, 54 cm wide 150-200
1478.   A set of eight rustic oak dining chairs with simple hide panelled seats and backs with brass stud detail 150-200
1479.   An old English style refectory table, the heavy plank top raised on four square cut supports on pegged frame united by a central rail to seat eight, 245 cm x 90 cm 200-250
1480.   WITHDRAWN 500-800
1481.   A Georgian mahogany snap top occasional table on a turned vase shaped pillar and tripod base 100-120
1482.   An early George III mahogany serpentine sideboard fitted with an arrangement of five drawers with cast brass handles raised on six square tapered supports with spade feet with crossbanded, box wood and string inlaid detail and well figured mahogany veneers, 180 cm length 500-800
1483.   WITHDRAWN 80-100
1484.   A 19th century Eastern table in cedar wood and other timbers, the octagonal top with segmented and further inlaid detail for restoration, together with a 19th century French coloured lithograph or an ornamentation from the Koran, in burr frame, 66 cms x 75cms (2)
1485.   An early 19th century rosewood firescreen with well carved floral borders raised on a stretcher base with hand worked crewel work panels showing Jacobean style floral detail 40-60
1486.   A 19th century Korean elmwood chest heavily overlaid in brass and raised on scrolled supports, brass carrying handles with fall front and original lock and key 200-250
1487.   A reproduction writing table/desk of rectangular form with inset leather panel top and gadrooned moulded surround, over two frieze drawers raised on claw and ball supports, together with a Georgian country made dining chair with graduated wavy ladder back, solid seat, turned forelegs and pad feet united by stretchers 60-80
1488.    A Victorian mahogany hall chair, the shield shaped back with moulded outline over a solid seat with serpentine outline, raised on octagonal tapered forelegs
1489.   A Regency rosewood four divisional canterbury with turned spindle mouldings over a frieze drawer on turned supports 100-120
1490.   A Georgian mahogany D end dining table with single additional leaf, deep banded border and ebony stringing raised on four square tapered supports 60-80
1491.   A 19th century gilded overmantle mirror, the original mirror plate set within a beaded framework with urn detail, 66 cm long, 41 cm deep 80-100
1492.   A Regency mahogany Pembroke breakfast table of usual form with one real and one dummy drawer, raised on a turned column and four swept supports 100-120
1493.   A Georgian mahogany occasional table with pie-crust border, the snap top raised on a turned and fluted carved column, the tripod base further carved with acanthus and other detail, 53 cm diameter 200-250
1494.   A Regency mahogany sideboard with shaped outline fitted with an arrangement of drawers and cupboards and raised on four square tapered legs with string inlaid and other detail, 160 cm wide 100-120
1495.   A freestanding inlaid Edwardian mahogany bow fronted corner cupboard, the upper section enclosed by a pair of convex glazed drawers over a single shelf and swept supports with chequered string and other inlaid detail 40-60
1496.   A walnut partners desk enclosing to each main side five frieze drawers around a central kneehole raised on an unusual arrangement of ten column supports, four fluted, the remaining six of simple form with additional acanthus and other detail, with inset leather top, 160 cm x 110 cm approx 300-400
1497.   A Regency mahogany centre table of rectangular form supporting two drop leaves raised on four scrolled supports and platform, four reeded sabre legs, two real and two dummy drawers on alternating sides, the top crossbanded in satinwood, boxwood and ebony, 93 cm wide closed, 65 cm deep 800-1000
1498.   A 19th century mahogany partners desk/writing table, each main side fitted with five drawers around a central kneehole and raised on square tapered moulded supports with inset tooled leather top, brass swan necked handles, 130 cm x 85 cm approx 600-800
1499.   An early 19th century mahogany linen press, the lower section enclosed by two long and two short drawers, the upper section enclosed by two panelled doors with well matched flame veneers, with moulded pediment and raised on turned supports, 130 cm wide 200-250
1500.   A good quality early Victorian mahogany breakfront triple wardrobe, the central door enclosing a large mirror plate set within a carved and moulded framework, fitted with three frieze drawers and four open slides, flanked by two full length panelled doors providing hanging space, overall applied detail, 2 metres 30 wide approx 150-200
1501.   A good quality mid 19th century English centre stool with original gilded framework raised on four cabriole supports with carved floral detail beneath a later hand worked wool work cover 200-250
1502.   A pair of 18th century style French open armchairs with carved and painted show wood frames, cane panelled seats and backs 100-120
1503.   An early 19th century mahogany centre table, the circular top 140 cm diameter approx raised on a cylindrical column and platform base 150-200
1504.   A 19th century camphor wood travelling chest, partially brass banded 90 cm max 180-200
1505.   An Edwardian mahogany revolving bookcase on stand raised on four cabriole supports and under gallery, 45 cm square 80-120
1506.   A Liberty & Co dressing chest fitted with two frieze drawers with original copper ring handles raised on tapering splay supports, the raised mirror back on further shaped supports and with geometric pierced detail, 105 cm max 100-120
1507.   A late 18th century continental commode of three long drawers veneered in walnut with further crossbanding detail and further inlay, brass fittings raised on square taper legs, 110 cm wide

1508.   An 18th century walnut dole cupboard, the central door with quarter veneered panels with turned spindle moulding's to the sides, the chamfered supports and tapering legs, 110 cm wide 100-120
1509.   A 19th century mahogany freestanding corner cupboard, the lower section enclosed by a panelled door, the upper section by an astragal glazed panelled door, 70 cm wide 60-80
1510.   An antique oak coffin/joint stool raised on four turned and tapering supports, 50 cm max 80-100
1511.   A 17th century walnut throne chair with panelled framework and enclosed base, the cresting rail with later carved floral detail 600-800
1512.   A simple 18th century oak six plank coffer with geometric carved detail, 95 cm wide 60-80
1513.   An 18th century credence/side table probably from the Salisbury area, enclosing a small central drawer, arcaded detail and four turned supports with further carved decoration, 90 cm wide approx 500-600
1514.   An 18th century credence/side table, the central drawer with geometric carved detail and turned supports 200-300
1515.   An antique oak joint/coffin stool with carved detail to legs and top 300-350
1516.   An 18th century oak coffer with hinged lid and panelled frame, the front elevation enclosing four deep rectangular moulded panels with carved foliate and scrolling detail plus further carvings to the surround, 136 cm long approx 150-200
1517.   An 18th century oak coffer, the front elevation with four fielded panels beneath a heavy plank top, 140 cm long 80-120
1518.   An 18th century oak cricket table on simple column supports set beneath a circular top 80 cm in diameter, together with the remains of a further table top 150-200
1519.   An 18th century oak coffer with panelled framework, the front elevation with geometric and fleur-de-lys detail, 125 cm in length 200-300
1520.   An 18th century oak coffer with panelled frame and lid and original carved foliate frieze, 155 cm wide 150-200
1521.   A simple Georgian six plank coffer, unusually in elm on shaped supports, the top with simple scratched primitive decoration showing doves/chickens, 120 cm length 200-250
1522.   An old English oak side chair, carved and panelled back showing a tulip within further carved detail, with bobbin supports and rail 30-40
1523.   A Georgian wall mirror of rectangular form, the moulded frame with beaded detail beneath a raised urn and scrolling foliate detail, 110 x 50 cm approx 200-250
1524.   A pair of 18th century walnut pier glasses with original mirror plates, each set within a shaped and moulded walnut veneered frame and beneath carved and gilded panels, 95 cm 300-500
1525.   A Georgian quartetto nest of mahogany occasional tables, each of graduated rectangular form raised on four turned slender column supports 60 cm wide max 200-300
1526.   A good quality Georgian polished brass and steel footman with shaped supports, pierced detail, drop handles and bowed rails 60-80
1527.   Possibly by Gillows - quality Regency rosewood side table with frieze drawer raised on four turned and tapering supports with further carved and applied mouldings, 65 cm wide 500-800
1528.   A small Georgian mahogany fitted chest of four long drawers, the upper most drawer with fitted writing surface, further enclosing a segmented area together with further secret drawer and candle slide, the top of serpentine outline raised on bracket supports with original brass drawer and carrying handles, 80 cm wide max 600-800
1529.   WITHDRAWN 400-500
1530.   A good quality Georgian mahogany dwarf linen press, the lower section enclosed by two long and two short drawers, the upper section enclosed by two panelled doors beneath a moulded frieze enclosing three original open oak slides with cast brass fittings (support), 122 cm wide x 160 cm height 600-800
1531.   A good quality Regency teapoy in faded rosewood, the sarcophagus shaped caddy with fitted interior, the panels simulating figured marble, raised on four swept supports upon a platform with sabre supports, 54 cm max 600-800
1532.   A pair of 18th century Gainsborough elbow chairs of usual form, the swept arms with acanthus and other carved detail, raised on hairy lions paw forelegs with further shell and acanthus carved detail, with red silk upholstered finish within brass beaded borders, together with a further 18th century mahogany stool of rectangular form, the legs of similar design to the chairs and with matching upholstery 2000-3000
1533.   An 18th century walnut bureau bookcase, the bureau of three long and two short graduated drawers, the fall flap enclosing a fitted interior, the bookcase with arched glazed panelled doors with broken architectural cornice, crossbanded, herringbone and other inlaid detail, 87 cm wide 600-800
1534.   A Victorian oak three tier floorstanding buffet with carved foliate and further detail, urn finials and bobbin turned column supports, 120 cm wide approx 100-120
1535.   A late 19th century elbow chair in the mid 18th century style with crook arms and pad forelegs with carved shell knees, with hide upholstered seat and back 150-200
1536.   A pair of decorative Moroccan hanging lanterns with pierced and fretted detail with coloured glass panels 80-120
1541.   An Ercol Golden Dawn dining table and Windsor chairs, the dining table with two extending leaves upon lyre supports united by a stretcher (5). 80-120
1542.   An Ercol light elm drop leaf coffee table. 80-120
1543.   A set of four G-Plan Fresco teak dining chairs together with two further 1950s kitchen chairs and two folding stools (6). 40-60
1544.   A Danish teak extending dining table of good quality, fitted with an extra leaf upon a refectory base. 60-100
1545.   A good Ercol light elm desk, the raised back fitted with two short drawers flanking an open recess over a base fitted with a single long drawer upon square tapered legs united by baluster turned stretchers. 300-500
1546.   Richard Hornby for Fyne Ladye Afromosia wood extending dining table and six chairs. 100-200
1547.   Fontana Arte style 1970s wall mirror with back lights. 50-80
1548.   An Ercol light elm lounge chair with stick back and burnt orange upholstery. 80-120
1549.   A contemporary floorstanding chrome floor lamp, on a telescopic black tripod stand.
1550.   An Italian style chrome and cream leather barber's chair. 50-80
1551.   A set of six bent plywood and chrome stacking chairs in the manner of Arne Jacobsen. 30-50
1552.   A set of four bridge chairs by Ben chairs (4) 60-100
1553.   A 1970s teak Danish style hall stand fitted with a mirror upon a vinyl covered back, to the right three coat hooks and door handle enclosing a fitted interior. 50-80
1554.   A Tretchikoff Balinese Girl, coloured print, 60 x 50 cm approx framed. 40-60
1555.   A good quality leather desk chair. 30-50
1556.   A 1960s Danish rosewood extending dining table by Omann Junn, model number 55, with two additional leaves. 200-400
1557.   A rare and interesting Ercol light elm extending dining table upon a stylised swept chamfered base united by a stretcher. 100-200
1558.   A set of four Ercol light elm Windsor dining chairs. 100-150
1559.   A pair of Ercol light elm Windsor lounge chairs with oatmeal upholstery (2). 200-300
1560.   A pair of Danish teak dining chairs with string seats (2). 70-90
1561.   A pair of vintage teak cased speakers by Castle. 30-50
1562.   A novelty coffee table, the top in the form of a working clock fitted with an under-tier. 30-50
1563.   A 1970s teak and chrome twin pedestal desk fitted with an arrangement of five drawers to the kneehole frieze upon good chrome bracket supports, 170 cm long approx. 100-200
1564.   An Ercol dark elm breakfast table, the circular top fitted with a spindle under tier. 80-120
1565.   A set of four Ercol dark elm Windsor dining chairs (4). 50-80
1566.   A Platignum fountain and ball pen haberdashery display cabinet with glazed front and oak frame together with a further confectionary waterfall stand (2)
1567.   A vintage industrial stripped and polished steel filing cabinet/bank of drawers upon a plinth base, 71 cm high approx. 150-200
1568.   A circular dining table with plate glass top raised on a scroll work base together with a set of four matching dining chairs.

1569.   A set of four leather and chrome revolving adjustable bar stools. 30-50
1570.   An Alfred Cox teak dressing table, with raised Triptych mirror upon a base fitted with five drawers to the kneehole frieze. 50-80
1571.   An Ercol mid-elm circular dining table upon a turned baluster column and four swept legs together with a set of four Ercol Windsor dining chairs (5). 100-200
1572.   Possibly by Greaves & Thomas, reclining teak framed lounge chair. 100-150
1573.   An Ercol light elm dressing table, the raised mirror upon a base fitted with three long drawers. 100-150
1574.   A pair of copper pendent lamps in the manner of Tom Dickson. 20-30
1575.   An Ercol light elm headboard, 143 cm long approx. 40-60
1576.   A Danish style quality teak Canterbury by D-Scan with slung canvas magazine holder and open dovetail joints, 50 cm long approx. 30-50
1577.   An Ercol light elm bureau with full front door over two cupboard doors and single long drawer. 60-100
1578.   A 1970s wall fitted scissor lamp with teak frame and aluminium shade. 30-50
1579.   An Italian style cream snakeskin topped coffee table upon a shaped chrome base. 50-80
1580.   A 1970s teak side cabinet with sliding teak and glazed door enclosing a shelved interior together with a further Habitat style oak bookcase shelving system (2). 50-80
1581.   Morris of Glasgow teak side cabinet with twin glazed sliding doors and two cupboard doors enclosing a shelved interior, 136 cm long approx. 60-100
1582.   A Bush portable record player together with a vintage Roberts radio (2). 30-50
1583.   A pair of Corbusier LC2 chrome framed leather lounge chairs in the typical Bauhaus form (2). 500-600
1601.   A Mamod scratch built traction engine and steam engine, upon a teak base 30-50
1602.   Emco Unimat3 Lathe upon a Formica chipboard base 30-50
1603.   Two large dolls houses in the form of red brick manor houses, together with a quantity of good dolls house furniture 60-100
1604.   Good vintage German straw stuffed mohair teddy bear 80-120
1605.   A Vintage Tri-Ang type tin plate toy crane together with a further tin plate toy cash register by Codeg and a boxed Simplex typewriter (3)
1606.   Armand Marseilles bisque headed doll, with fixed eyes open mouth and two teeth and articulated limbs 30-50
1607.   A Japanese plastic robot fitted with a fruit machine together with a further robot (2) 40-60
1608.   Boxed dinky toys The 982 "Pullmore Car Transporter" together with a further die cast steam locomotive (2) 40-60
1609.   1960s Scandinavian dolls house by Lunby together with a collection of furniture 40-60
1610.   Large collection of boxed Corgi die cast toys many in the form of vintage buses 60-100
1611.   Large collection of various toys to include a Tonka digger, a Tri-ang crane, a dolls house with furniture, various dolls and building equipment, boxed puzzles, etc 50-80
1612.   Vintage straw stuffed Paddington Bear doll with duffel coat and wellington boots together with a further doll (2) 30-50
1613.   A box containing four vintage dolls
1614.   A box of various toys to include a Corgi Popeye die cast toy, Snoopy, Joe 90, and further boxed games 30-50
1615.   Scale model dolls house, fitted with various furniture and in a mock Tudor manner 50-80
1616.   Large collection of childrens toys and games to include Subbuteo table rugby, Totopoly Great Race game, various boxed die cast toys, and others, playing cards, etc 40-60
1617.   A large box containing a quantity of Lego 40-60
1618.   Steiff "Trampili" stuffed elephant together with a further Ice Skating Barbie, a Charlie bear and a large quantity of TY Beanie Babies 40-60
1619.   A large collection of Editions Atlas military vehicles and further Ultimate tank collection die cast toys together with a quantity of war ships, all in original boxes with various papers 80-120
1620.   Large collection of various die cast toys to include novelty Corgi vehicles
1621.   Large collection of die cast toys to include Matchbox, and others, all boxed 30-50
1622.   A large collection of boxed Corgi racing cars 50-80
1623.   A large collection of boxed Corgi die cast toys 40-60
1624.   A small collection of Corgi die cast toys to include number 12 Glider and Trailer gift set, together with a further collection of agricultural vehicles and boxed dinky toy 80-120
1625.   A collection of mainly Matell and Maestro collection of luxury super cars to include; Ferrari, Mercedes, Aston Martin, etc 40-60
1626.   Scale model dolls house in the mock Tudor manner together with a small quantity of furniture 50-80
1627.   A large collection of Cindy dolls and furniture 50-80
1628.   A large collection of die cast vehicles, mainly boxed examples by Burago 100-150
1629.   A good quality Stewart cast metal traction engine together with a further metal steam boiler and a large collection of branded Stewart accessories and others 100-200
1630.   Two Trix twin railway beginners sets comprising carriages, etc, together with a further box of Trix accessories and other 100-200
1631.   A box containing a large collection of Bakelite track parts, more than 200 straight and curved pieces and over 20 points 50-80
1632.   A collection of railway power packs, 3 off DC and 3 off Trix AC and 2 off Trix controls 50-80
1633.   A Peco and Wrenn track with Pico catalogue for 1964 30-50
1634.   A collection of 43 Hornby and Trix goods wagons in good condition together with eight various coaches, all boxed 100-200
1635.   Trix electrical and line side items to include, whistle signal board, two yard lamps, one coloured light signal, switches suitable for control of points track circuiting signals and TV interference suppressors 50-80
1636.   A collection of 16 die cast locomotives to include 3 Flying Scotsman, by Trix 100-200
1637.   Trix Meteor 3 car set, with Trix Gazette for Autumn 1955 50-80
1638.   Three boxes containing a collection of Trix and other railway items to include an operating dump wagon set, a further Trix elevator conveyor and others 100-200
1639.   A collection of stations, platforms, etc 30-50
1640.   Three boxes containing a large collection of ephemera and paperwork relating to railway and modelling to include a selection of Trix year books and leaflets, general railway magazines and other miscellaneous items 50-80
1641.   Three Hornby railways train sets to include "The Royal Train", "The Wood of the Isle", "R543 Express Passenger Set" (3) 50-100
1642.   A large collection of railway modelling kit and track 50-80
1643.   A collection of various miniature modelled locomotives upon wooden plinth bases , together with a large completed jigsaw and further print of trains 20-40
1644.   Stephensons Rocket by Hornby Railways, boxed 100-150
1645.   Hornby Duplo Electro train, boxed 40-60
1646.   Large collection of Hornby railway carriages and locomotives, all boxed 50-80
1647.   Three shelves of Hornby Skaledale modelling parts to include pubs, houses, churches, etc 100-200
1648.   Two Hornby railway 00 scale models to include R392GWR County Class Loco and R830 St David's; together with a further collection of railways accessories by Hornby and others 40-80
1649.   A collection of various boxed die cast locomotives to include the Hornby Special Edition National Railways Museum BR King Class King George V 6000, together with two Renn Railways models, two boxed Bachman models and one other (6) 50-80
1650.   Four shelves of various Hornby and other modelling equipment to include Lima, Airfix and others 60-100
1651.   Hornby Railways R414 Operating Turntable set; together with Duette Dual Controlling Unit and Duette Transformer Controller (3) 40-60
1652.   A large collection of Hornby and other modelling equipment to include many Skaledale kits and others 50-80