Two Day Antique Sale on
Tuesday 22nd & Wednesday 23rd August 2017

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1.      A collection of dinner and kitchen wares by Emma Bridgewater with painted black and green olive decoration comprising an oval meat plate, a pair of large serving bowls, five further serving bowls, a pair of lidded storage jars, twelve various plates and dishes and a mug, together with a coordinating Italian serving platter and a further Emma Bridgewater mug in a cherry and strawberry design 60-80
2.      A Beswick model of a standing pheasant with impressed number to base 1225 and circular printed mark together with a set of three graduated Falconware wall plaques in the form of flying mallard with impressed numbers to base 1360, 1402 and 1401 30-50
3.      A pair of 19th century Staffordshire spaniels with copper lustre patches, 33cm tall, together with a further 19th century Staffordshire white and gilt spaniel 40-50
4.      A collection of Beswick and other models of horses and ponies all with brown colourway including a rearing shire horse with impressed number to base 1014, a recumbent foal, number 915, a standing foal, a New Forest pony, a matt glazed pony, etc (7) together with a pair of wooden model five bar farm gates 40-60
5.      An extensive quantity of Masons Ironstone Regency pattern dinner, tea and other wares including two oval graduated meat plates, sauce boat and stand, two milk jugs, a cream jug, twenty dessert sized plates, cake plate, sugar bowl, twenty three cups, (various sizes), twenty one saucers (various size) and nineteen tea plates, (various sizes), together with a Masons Strathmore pattern warming dish, a Bible pattern jug, etc 80-100
6.      A large Beswick model of a seated Siamese cat with impressed number to base 2139 and associated paper label, together with a further Beswick model of a recumbent Siamese cat, number 1558 and a quantity of Czechoslovakian tea wares with blue swallow decoration comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, cake plate, six cups, six saucers and five tea plates 30-50
7.      A pair of large 19th century vases with printed blue and white decoration in the Dutch Delft manner with relief mould kite shaped registration marks to base, 37cm tall approx 30-50
8.      A Lladro figure group of a pair of ballet dancers, together with a further Lladro figure seated ballet dancer, a Nao figure of a child dancer, a Nao figure of a lady holding a kitten and a further Spanish model of a puppy 40-60
9.      A collection of Beswick models of birds including two chaffinches, two blue tits, a robin, a goldfinch and a wren together with two further ceramic models of birds 20-25
10.     An extensive collection of Paragon china Country Lane pattern wares including seven dinner plates, sauce boat and stand, six dessert or soup bowls, coffee pot, tea pot, hot water jug, milk jug, cream jug, sugar bowl, cake plate, fifteen cups (two sizes), seventeen saucers (two sizes) and six tea plates, together with a collection of Grafton china wares comprising a six place dessert set, milk jug, sugar bowl, cake plate, six cups, six saucers, six tea plates, also together with a Copeland Spode jug and basin set retailed by Heal & Sons 40-60
11.     An orange ground Carlton ware vase with painted and gilded exotic bird, butterfly, flowering tree and decoration in tones of blue, red and gold, with printed mark to base and number 2460, 26cm tall approx, together with a further small matching vase also numbered 2460 with faint impressed numbers 311 to base, 13cm tall approx 40-60
12.     A mid 19th century jug with purple printed decoration showing harbour scenes with shipping and inscribed Sebastopol, 14cm tall approx together with a 19th century salt glazed stoneware tobacco jar and cover with impressed inscription Bickerton Bros Tobacconists, 14 High Street Oxford, 12cm tall and a stoneware Ginger Beer bottle marked Dursley Steam Brewery 40-60
13.     A quantity of Paragon china Victoriana Rose pattern wares comprising six dinner plates, six dessert plates, tea pot, cake plate, milk jug, two sugar bowls, twelve cups (two sizes) twelve saucers (two sizes) and twelve tea plates 40-60
14.     A collection of Doulton wares comprising a figure of Lady Charmian HN1949, a stoneware jug with relief moulded decoration and silver mount, 17cm tall, with impressed mark to base 6061, two similar beakers one with silver mount, a similar tyg with greyhound handles and hunting scene detail, etc together with further ceramics including a 19th century Mintons vase simulating carved ivory, a limited edition Coalport figure - House of Hanover, a religious figure of a female character in arched type setting, a pair of Royal Copenhagen relief moulded plaques with classical detail, etc 50-70
15.     A six place Shelley china tea service with printed blackberry and bramble decoration and scalloped moulding including milk jug, sugar basin, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates 30-50
16.     A set of ten 19th century nursery plates with brown printed decoration showing scenes from the rhyme The House That Jack Built, with faint impressed mark to base and numbers 978, 23cm diameter 30-50
17.     A collection of Doulton and other salt glazed stone wares including a jug with offset handle and silver mount, with toper and stag hunting scene detail, further matching silver mounted wares comprising a pair of condiments, a mustard pot, a jug and a two handled bowl, etc, together with an Arthur Wood green glazed flagon with embossed mark to base - Lambeth and a pair of pressed glass commemorative dishes relating to the 1887 jubilee and the 1937 coronation 40-60
18.     A quantity of Aynsley tea wares with gilt border decoration on a turquoise ground comprising pair of cake plates, milk jug, slop bowl, ten cups, twelve saucers and eleven tea plates, Minton Petunia pattern tea wares including tea pot, New Chelsea floral tea wares, etc 30-40
19.     A collection of early 20th century Burleigh ware dinner wares with printed and infilled chinoiserie style decoration comprising a tureen and cover, a pair of sauce tureens, covers and stands, six oval graduated meat plates, eleven dinner size plates, twelve dessert plates and eleven side plates 30-50
20.     A Hadley Worcester vase with painted rose detail and green printed mark to base, 19cm tall approx, together with a pair of Royal Worcester figures of female characters from the Golden Moments series - Friendship and Anniversary, a matched pair of 19th century spaniels and pups raised on oval blue painted bases and also together with a pair of early 19th century Chamberlain's Worcester dessert plates with Imari type painted and gilded decoration, one with painted Chamberlain's mark to reverse and numbers 276 30-50
21.     A collection of early 20th century Sutherland china tea wares comprising milk jug, two slop bowls, a pair of cake plates, twelve cups, twelve saucers and twelve tea plates, together with a collection of Gaudy type tea wares comprising six cups, six saucers, five tea plates and a cake plate, etc 30-50
22.     A Royal Doulton jardiniere with painted and moulded autumn leaves pattern detail and with impressed mark to base numbers 1645 and monogram F J, 23cm diameter 60-80
23.     A boxed Spode limited edition cup, cover and stand commemorating the SS Great Britain project dated 1970, edition number 66/500 together with certificate 40-60
24.     A set of six boxed Spode limited edition plates from the Maritime England Series including The Battle of Trafalgar, The Battle of the Nile, The Taking of Porto Bello, etc, all with certificates and various edition numbers out of 2000 80-100
25.     Late 19th century Fieldings & Co Kent pattern dinnerwares with printed, infilled and gilded aesthetic style floral border decoration comprising pair of tureens and covers, pair of sauce tureens, covers, stands and one ladle, six dinner size plates, ten dessert plates, nine dessert plates and five side plates, together with a set of three graduated 19th century jugs of octagonal form with chinoiserie style decoration
26.     A 1930s Bridgwood Anchor China tea service with unusual abstract decoration in red, green and blue, comprising twelve cups, twelve saucers and twelve tea plates, milk jug and sugar bowl 25-30
27.     A collection of S Hancock & Sons wares including a Rubens ware Pomegranate oval bowl and matching circular bowl and a Titian ware vase together with Royal Winton wares comprising a vase, a yellow ground fruit bowl and two dessert dishes, also together with two Royal Doulton dishes in the waterlily orchid pattern 30-40
28.     A collection of Adams Juliette pattern blue and white printed dinnerwares comprising a pair of tureens and covers of hexagonal form, three rectangular graduated meat plates, sauce boat, six dinner plates, dessert plates and five side plates, together with five blue and white printed Enoch Wedgwood Asiatic pheasant pattern soup/dessert dishes 30-50
29.     An unusual brown glazed vase of globular form, modelled as a stylised elephant with decorative trappings, raised on four supports, 21 cm high approx 25-30
30.     A large Royal Doulton character jug - Gone Away D6531, together with two tankards with hunting scene decoration and a similar trio, a quantity of late 19th century blue and white printed Mandarin pattern teawares of fluted form comprising pair of cake plates, slop bowl, milk jug and twelve tea cups, twelve saucers and twelve tea plates
31.     A collection of ceramics including a Royal Doulton figure of Adrienne, a Heredities group of spaniels, an Italian model of a poodle, a Masons Chartreuse pattern fruit bowl, a pair of Wedgwood Eastern Flowers pattern tureens and covers, an oriental blue and white jar and cover of cylindrical form and a matching bowl, a Crown Devon honey pot and cover in the form of skep, Royal Worcester Evesham pattern oval to tablewares, etc 25-30
32.     A collection of Losol ware pattern blue and white printed dinnerwares comprising a pair of tureens and covers, sauce boat, two graduated oval meat plates, six dinner plates, six dessert plates and six side plates, together with a six place Grindley tea service with printed border decoration including milk jug, sugar bowl, cake plate, six cups, six saucers, six tea plates 30-40
33.     A Shelley jug with blue and grey banded decoration together with a six place Burleigh ware sandwich set with moulded and painted stylised fruit decoration comprising six triangular shaped plates and a fan shaped tray, the tray with painted mark to underside Rhead and with painted numbers 4105 25-30
34.     An unusual contemporary Studio pottery dish by Laurel Keeley, of square shaped form with incised and painted fish decoration on a cream and blue textured ground, incised signature to reverse Laurel Keeley and paper label LK13, 20 x 19 cm approx 30-40
35.     An early 20th century continental table centre in the Royal Dux manner in the form of a lady with flared skirt hem forming a dish, moulded numbers to base 9280, 34cm 25-30
36.     A Wedgwood plate designed by Eric Ravilious in the Persephone pattern, a small Wemys plate with painted fruit decoration and impressed and printed marks to base, an 18th century tea bowl with blue and white painted floral decoration, etc 30-50
37.     A quantity of Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern wares comprising six dinner plates, six side/dessert plates, teapot, coffee pot, milk jug, covered sugar bowl, cake plate, pair of condiments, eight tea cups, eight saucers and six tea plates 60-80
38.     A Chinese ceramic porcelain plaque of quatrefoil shape form with polychrome painted decoration of children playing in a garden setting 37cm long approx, together with 19th century dish with black and white printed decoration of children bird nesting with painted number to reverse 462, a Herend dessert plate with bird and insect detail and a further 19th century dessert plate with musical instrument and floral sprays within a gilt border and with painted blue fish type mark underside. 60-80
40.     NO LOT
41.     A collection of Japanese eggshell porcelain Samuri coffeewares comprising coffee wares, sugar bowl, six cups, six saucers and a sugar bowl, together with a yellow ground oriental two handled vase with painted Iris detail 20-25
42.     An oriental dish with celadon glaze and simple moulded detail, 19 cm diameter approx, together with an Eastern blue ground vase with yellow scrolling floral and bird detail, an oriental terracotta teapot with relief moulded prunus blossom detail, etc 30-50
43.     A quantity of mainly oriental ceramics including a 19th century Famille Rose bowl with painted peony and pheasant detail, a lamp base with Famille Verte type warrior decoration, a vase with painted and gilded floral detail, etc, together with a 19th century teapot of cylindrical form with blue and white painted trailing floral leaf decoration and with white metal mount and with painted seal mark to base, a blue and white dish with triple dragon detail, etc 30-50
44.     A large Japanese figure of Quan Yin holding a scroll and with polychrome painted gilded decoration, 48 cm tall 40-60
45.     A collection of Royal Crown Derby dessertwares with printed infilled and gilded flaming urn and swag detail comprising two shaped serving dishes and 8 dessert plates, together with a pair of 19th century Derby dessert plates with painted and gilded imari type decoration. 30-50
46.     A pair of 19th century Imari type bottles and stoppers of lobed form with alternating panels, together with a matching bottle shaped box and cover, 7 cm tall, and a further Imari bowl and dish 30-50
47.     An unusual oriental double gourd shaped ewer and stopper, the spout in the form of an open creature and the cover with applied dog knop, 25 cm tall 300-350
47A.    An oriental type blue and white vase with all over floral decoration and blue character mark to base, 17 cm tall 400-450
48.     An early 20th century vase with printed blue and white decoration in the chinoiserie manner and with printed mark to base, 28 cm tall (converted to a lamp), further vase of four sided form in the oriental manner with relief moulded chrysanthemum and bird detail and celadon type glaze, 34 cm tall 25-30
49.     A quantity of 19th century and other oriental ceramics including a 19th century Kutani type bowl with painted and gilded decoration of female harvesters and with nine character mark to base, 25cm diameter, a pair of Kutani type bottle shaped vases with drawn necks, various yellow ground wares including a vase and cover of barrel shaped form, a kettle,ginger jar and cover, etc, a terracotta teapot, four cups and a matching plate, a pair of cloisonne vases and stands, a further cast metal vase, a pair of turquoise glazed dogs of fo, etc 80-100
50.     A collection of oriental and other ceramics including an oriental vase and cover with polychrome painted decoration of a procession,33 cm tall, a yellow ground Studio pottery vase and cover with crackle glazed finish and oriental style motifs, inscribed mark to base Pontier? 28 cm tall, various blue and white cups and a tea bowl with chinoiserie decoration, a small box and cover of rectangular form with blue and white painted chinoiserie detail and six character mark to base, 7 cm long approx, a 19th century plate with blue and white painted decoration, a tin glazed earthenware plate, etc 40-60
51.     A pair of reproduction oriental vases and covers with painted female character and floral decoration and dog of fo knops, 47 cm tall approx 20-25
52.     A large Imari style punch bowl with painted character marks to base, 39 cm diameter, together with a late 19th century Japanese vase with painted fan decoration and character mark to base, 31 cm high, a bottle shaped vase with celadon type glaze and a 19th century plate with polychrome painted flower and insect decoration on celadon ground 50-70
53.     A Chinese table screen with inset circular blue and white painted plaque in the Kangxi manner with bird and flower in tree detail 25cm diameter set into a carved and pierced hardwood frame with scrolling detail, 58cm x 46cm max 100-150
54.     A collection of Wedgwood Jasper wares in a peach colourway comprising 5 vases, a basket, 6 trinket boxes and covers, etc together with a quantity of Aynsley Pembroke pattern wares including vases, bowl and cover etc, a Herend jug and matching bowl with bird and insect detail, a Royal Doulton figure of Elaine HN2791 a Worcester figure from the Walking-Out dresses series The Bustle, a Wedgwood figure of Iris and a Coalport figure Childhood Joys etc 40-60
55.     A collection of Paragon China art deco teawares with printed and infilled blue floral border decoration comprising teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, 12 cups (two sizes), 12 saucers (two sizes), and a pair of cake plates. 40-60
56.     A graduated pair of Wood & Sons Enoch Woods' Castles series blue and white printed meat plates, one showing Windsor Castle, 45 cm long, the other showing Warwick Castle, 41 cm long, printed and impressed marks verso 40-50
57.     A collection of Royal Doulton Serieswares including Dickensware comprising a Dickensware Little Nell pattern bowl, Cap'n Cuttle & Sarie Gamp plates, etc, an Old English series fruit bowl showing the Gleaners, a coaching scene bowl with plated mount, etc 30-50
58.     Two 19th century Majolica jugs modelled as sweetcorn, two graduated 19th century willow pattern plates and an Asiatic pheasant plate, collection of Windsor china teawares, a pewter tankard, etc 20-30
59.     A collection of Victorian dessert wares with printed and infilled passion flower and foliage borders comprising a pair of oval comports 8 plates, printed lion and unicorn crest to reverse 25-30
60.     Two Beswick models of standing ponies, one in the skewbald colourway, the other in a piebald colourway, both with circular printed marks to base
61.     A collection of Beswick animals including a model of a large headed seated fox, a seated Siamese cat with impressed number 1887, a barn owl number 2026 and a huntsman EFC1, all with printed marks to base 30-50
62.     A Beswick model of a shetland pony and shetland foal together with a further Beswick model of a brown foal, all with printed marks to base 30-50
63.     A Beswick model of a standing dachshund, further Beswick model of a standing jack russell terrier, together with a Royal Doulton model of a begging cairn type terrier, HN2589, all with printed marks to base
64.     A pair of 19th century Doulton Lambeth stoneware pots and covers with impressed inscription Morel's 210 Piccadilly and Inverness .N.B., metal mounts, with impressed Lambeth marks to base, 90 cm high approx 30-40
65.     A Royal Doulton stoneware whiskey jug with printed decoration advertising John Dewar & Sons of Perth, with portrait and landscape printed detail and impressed marks to base numbers 4738, 16 cm tall 30-40
66.     A collection of Beswick horses, all with brown finish, comprising a standing horse, a shetland foal and two further foals 25-30
67.     A 19th century continental ink stand (probably French), with polychrome painted Watteauesque style figure detail in landscape settings and further floral sprigs and sprays and fitted with inkwell, sander, various compartments and drawers, etc, with painted red fleur-de-lys mark to base, 19 cm long 40-60
68.     A Beswick model of a huntsman on a rearing horse with impressed number to base 868 and printed circular mark, together with a group of six Beswick type hounds in various positions 40-50
69.     A collection of small decorative ceramics including a Royal Worcester blush ivory pill box and cover with floral detail, blush ivory thimble (both unmarked), a Minton miniature loving cup, a Coalport miniature cup and saucer, a Limoges miniature bottle, etc (some items displayed in cabinet opposite) 25-30
70.     A collection of three Beswick horses and ponies including a Highland pony, a Palomino pony and a Shetland pony 40-50
71.     A quantity of 19th century and later continental figures, mainly of characters in 18th century style costume, including a white glazed figure of a lady in high waisted dress and holding a prayer book, with printed mark to base Nymphenburg, impressed number 207, together with an oval mirror frame with floral encrusted and cherub detail 30-50
72.     A pair of unusual 19th century cream ground vases with painted floral sprigs and sprays and with further relief moulded floral and lion mask detail, both with indistinct painted marks to base, - Swansea, 30 cm tall approx (restored) 50-70
73.     A Newport Pottery Clarice Cliff Bizarre Fantasque bowl with painted yellow foliage detail and with printed mark to base, diameter 20cm approx 60-80
74.     A Newport Pottery Clarice Cliff Bizarre bowl of curved form with painted green and yellow floral and branch detail with brown and green striped detail on a cream ground, with printed mark to base, 22cm diameter 40-60
75.     An A J Wilkinson Newport Pottery Clarice Cliff Honey Glaze jug of octagonal form with pastel coloured Rhodanth pattern detail on a cream coloured ground, with printed mark to base, 18cm high 40-60
76.     A Newport Pottery Clarice Cliff Bizarre jug in the Gay Day pattern with orange, purple and blue floral decoration on a cream ground above a brown banded lower section, with printed mark to base, 18cm approx 60-80
77.     A 19th century Wemyss heart-shaped dish, centrally decorated with two yellow roses,30 cm long 250-300
78.     Chinese crackle glazed porcelain ginger jar decorated in polychrome enamel with a battle scene, 13 cm high 30-50
79.     A Grimwades World War I memorial wall plate with sepia illustration after Bruce Bainsfather - Dear AF present we are staying at a farm 20-30
81.     A Chinese Doucai type bowl with polychrome painted and scrolling leaf and floral detail and with blue character seal mark to base, 15 cm diameter approx 200-250
82.     A Beswick model of a standing Apaloosa horse with circular printed mark to underside 50-80
83.     An oriental blue ground bottle shaped vase with dark painted floral and scrolling leaf detail, 21 cm approx 80-100
84.     A Clarrice Cliff honey pot and cover and cover in the form of a bee skep with painted crocus decoration in orange, mauve and blue, and with bee knop, printed mark to base 30-50
85.     A Royal Doulton flambe model of a crouching tiger with printed mark to underside 40-60
86.     A 19th century Derby figure of a seamstress in 18th century style costume carrying a pair of breeches over her shoulder and raised on a pierced and scrolling base with painted crown and D mark to base, 15 cm high 25-30
87.     A Royal Worcester plate with relief moulded and painted rose branch detail and printed and impressed marks to reverse, a yellow ground Grainger's Worcester vase of wrythen form, 7 cm tall, together with a 19th century Capodimonte bust of a young girl in yellow bonnet with crowned N, mark to reverse, 8 cm tall 25-30
88.     An early 19th century Bilston enamel type patch box of oval form with painted decoration to the hinged cover showing Louis's Last Farewell of the Queen and with mirror to the interior of lid and with further floral garland, 5 cm long approximately 30-40
89.     An early 19th century blue and white pickle dish modelled as a leaf, 14 cm long approximately 20-25
90.     A family of three Beswick Jersey cattle comprising a bull - Dunsley Coy boy, a cow - CH Newton Tinkle and a calf, all with printed marks to base 100-120
91.     A collection of 4 late 18th and early 19th century Bilston type enamelled pill and patch boxes including a yellow ground example with painted decoration of a female character inscribed "Accept this Trifle" Max size 4cm approx 30-50
92.     A Wilkinson Ltd Clarice Cliff Fantasque beaker type vase of flared form with stylised fruit and geometric decoration in orange, red, green and blue, with printed mark to base, 7cm approx high 40-60
94.     A reproduction oriental vase with blue and white decoration, 38 cm tall, a reproduction oriental tureen and cover with water lily decoration, the cover modelled as a duck, a 19th century Staffordshire equestrian group - Returning Home and a further Staffordshire type figure 20-30
95.     An oriental white ground vase with raised and painted leaf decoration, a pair of turquoise glazed dogs of fo, an Italian pottery model of a female flower seller, an Italian humorous model of a daschund, and a seated native female character 30-50
96.     A collection of Masons Mandalay pattern wares comprising a pair of candlesticks, a bowl and cover, a jug of octagonal form, etc, together with a small collection of glassware including cut glass drinking glasses, two facet glass bottles with silver mounts, etc 25-30
97.     A collection of Soho pottery Azalea pattern dinnerwares with blue and white printed decoration including three oval graduated meat plates, soup tureen and cover, further tureen and covers, sauce boat, etc, together with Torquayware teapot and sugar bowl, a boxed set of four Portmeirion canape dishes, a late 19th century German jug with relief moulded simulated braid decoration, a Prinknash pottery ewer, a collection of commemorative beer bottles, etc 30-40
98.     An extensive collection of Royal Commemorative wares including a Royal Doulton 1911 coronation beaker, Royal Doulton 1937 coronation mug, Victoria 1887 Jubilee mug, etc 450-500
99.     A pair of Wedgewood & Co Hawthorn pattern blue and white printed tureens and covers, a large jug with simulated ribbon and wheat ear decoration, a Grindley & Co part dessert set with hanging stand, glassware including West Riding Bottling Company Ltd of Bradford, etc (pewter jug in image has been removed from lot) 20-30
100.    A quantity of ceramics including continental orange ground tea and coffeewares with gilt and black striped detail comprising teapot, covered sugar bowl, milk jug, 12 cups and 12 saucers, continental coffee wares with printed floral decoration, various ceramic egg cups including novelty chicken examples, etc 30-40
101.    A quantity of miscellaneous ceramics including a Rosenthal model of a lynx, a collection of Royal Worcester dinnerwares with blue and gilt border decoration, an armorial crest including oval meat plate, sauce tureen cover and stand, further tureen and cover, etc, a pair of 19th century Staffordshire black and white spaniels, various lamp bases, etc 25-30
102.    A quantity of Grindley Peach Petal dinner and teawares including teapot, milk jug, cream jug, three sugar bowls, condiments, etc, together with two 19th century copper lustre jugs and a copper lustre loving cup, a collection of white glazed oriental models of horses in various positions, etc 25-30
103.    Susie Cooper pedestal bowl in green colourway with ribbed bowl and darted base, marked Susie Cooper to base; together with a toby jug and part New Chelsea tea service 30-50
104.    Carltonware novelty salad bowl and servers in the form of lettuce leaves and lobsters; together with a part tea service inscribed May to base, two Art Deco platters and one other 30-50
105.    A collection of Royal Doulton Pillar Rose pattern wares including a pair of tureens and covers, meat plate, sauce boat and stand, six dinner plates, six side plates and six dessert plates together with a further Bristol pottery six place dinner service with apple and blossom detail 30-40
106.    A collection of Royal Grafton coffee wares for six people together with Johnson Brothers tea wares in the Snow White pattern, etc 25-30
111.    A Fishley Holland pottery jug with stylised leaf, wavy line and dot detail in white slip on a dark brown ground, 23 cm tall, together with a further Fishley Holland vase with painted bird decoration on a grey speckled ground, 15 cm tall, both with incised signatures to base
112.    A collection of pottery wares by Dieter Kunzemann, all with olive green glaze and painted stylised wheat ear decoration comprising jug, covered bowl, mug, rectangular serving dish, further serving dishes, etc 40-60
113.    A Studio Pottery bottle shaped vase with drawn neck, matt green glaze, impressed seal mark BL (possibly Bernard Leach), 16 cm high, together with a Winchcombe Pottery rectangular slip glazed dish of rectangular form, 14 cm long approx, a pair of 20th century vases with gilded glaze and abstract trailed relief finish, etc 30-50
114.    A collection of nine pieces of Fishley Holland pottery wares including a jug with triple spotted decoration, further jugs with bird and fish design, etc, together with a vase with painted flower head detail and impressed mark to base Dunster 25-30
115.    A small collection of Denby stonewares with brown striped decoration on a mottled grey ground comprising teapot, hot water jug, tall milk jug and covered pan, together with two Studio Pottery candle holders with textured glaze and a further stemmed bowl with impressed mark to under side 20-25
116.    A large Rosenthal Classic Rose vase with gilded and marbled scrolling style floral decoration to the shoulder, with printed marks to base, 50 cm high 25-30
117.    An unusual studio pottery vase of doughnut shaped form by Usch Spettigue of Ipswich with impressed seal mark to base SP, paper label U53, 27 cm diameter, together with a studio pottery bowl with lustred type finish and impressed A R monogram to base probably for Anne Roe (Paton-Brown), 26 cm diameter and a further studio pottery bowl (probably by Susan Enderby) with impressed leaf mark to base, 33 cm max diameter 40-60
118.    An extensive collection of Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern dinner tea and other wares, comprising coffee pot, two teapots, two milk jugs, sugar bowl, covered sugar bowl, 9 cups (two sizes), 5 saucers, 6 mugs, cake plate, pair of tureens and covers, 8 dinner plates, 7 dessert plates, 11 tea or side plates, 13 soup or dessert bowls (two sizes), sauceboat and stand, 3 candlesticks, etc 100-150
119.    A quantity of Royal Albert Lady Carlyle pattern tea and coffee wares, including coffee pot, two teapots, 3 milk jugs, 3 sugar bowls, 13 cups (two sizes), 13 saucers (two sizes), 8 tea plates, together with further ceramics including a set of 5 Bavarian plates with floral detail within a green and gilt border, etc 30-50
120.    A collection of Hammersley tea and coffee for two type wares with violet printed decoration including coffee pot, milk jug, 4 cups and 5 saucers (different sizes) together with further decorative coffeewares, 6 19th century cranberry glass beakers etc (displayed beneath green baize shelves) 20-30
121.    A collection of Crown Ducal and Grosvenor china Indian Tree pattern wares including a pair of tureens and covers, two oval meat plates, etc together with an early 20th century charger with painted lily decoration, various blue and white painted ceramics, etc (displayed beneath green baize shelves) 25-30
122.    A extensive collection of Royal Albert Belinda pattern dinner, tea and coffee wares including 2 teapots, coffee pot, pair of tureens and covers, sauce boat etc 30-50
124.    A collection of Villeroy & Boch dinnerwares designed by Paloma Picasso with red, black and gilt geometric border decoration comprising two handled tureen and cover, circular serving bowl, oval serving dish and smaller serving dish, large circular serving platter, 12 dinner plates, 12 soup plates and 12 dessert plates 250-300
125.    A quantity of Denby Arabesque pattern wares including coffee pot, tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, six cups, six saucers, six tea plates, six side plates, serving bowl and six dessert dishes 30-50
126.    Royal Albert Hamlyn dinnerwares including oval meat plate, six dessert plates, six side plates, six soup/dessert bowls, sauce boat and stand, together with Minton Jasmine pattern dinnerwares for eight people, a further large quantity of Royal Worcester Coventry pattern wares for eight people, etc 30-50
127.    A quantity of Portmeirion wares in the Garden Herbs pattern by Pat Albreck for the National Trust comprising a pair of lidded storage jars, two jugs, sugar bowl, teapot stand, five dinner plates, eight side plates, six tea cups, six saucers and seven tea plates, etc 25-30
128.    A collection of Japanese eggshell porcelain teawares with painted landscape decoration together with further late 19th century Royal Worcester dinnerwares with blue and gilt border decoration including sauce tureens, covers and stands, etc, continental gilt ground coffee wares with classical figure decoration, etc 20-30
129.    A quantity of Poole Pottery dinner, tea and coffee wares with brown and cream glazed finish including coffee pot, teapot, butter dish, tureen and cover, oval meat plate, sauce boat, etc 20-25
130.    A quantity of Denby Greenwheat pattern wares including pair of sauce boats, butter dish and cover, tureen and cover, serving dishes, teapot, coffee pot, hot water jug, etc 25-30
131.    Fortin type barometer signed Casella, London 4641 in the industrial manner with cylindrical body fitted with a thermometer mounted to a black back board, 114 cm high approx. 60-100
132.    A 19th century flame mahogany stick barometer, the brass plate signed Cox, 95 cm high approx. 80-120
133.    A late 19th century Vienna style regulator clock, the case with split spindle mouldings with spring driven movement.
134.    A 19th century two train oak cased vineyard clock, the two train 24 cm dial inscribed Martin Baskett & Martin, A Paris, the case 55 cm high approx. 100-150
135.    A late 19th century continental clock garniture comprising a clock with applied cherub and floral encrusted decoration raised on a pierced and scrolling base, fitted with a simple time piece, together with a pair of matching three branch candelabra each with applied female figures, 27cm tall max, approx.
136.    An Everett Edgcumbe electric Synclock within a brass bulkhead case, 29 cm diameter approx. 20-30
137.    A German oak cased money driven savings clock inscribed 'Levensverzekering-Maatschappij', 24 cm high approx. 30-50
138.    An Edwardian walnut cased mantle clock of Napoleon hat type shape with 8 cm approx enamel dial, 30 cm wide approx together with a good quality Victorian burr walnut serpentine wall bracket (2). 100-150
139.    A good Art Nouveau black slate figural mantle clock, the styised two train dial aside a cast metal reclined lady holding a violin and sheet music upon a stepped square base, 70 cm long approx. 60-100
140.    A 19th century rose wood and boulle work postman's dial. 100-120
141.    A continental Edwardian walnut three train bracket clock, the 23 cm approx arched silvered dial in a box wood inlaid case fitted with brass baluster columns. 400-500
142.    Victorian black slate two train mantle clock fitted with a 10 cm ebonised dial and Roman numerals, fitted with a plaque inscribed 'Presented to the Reverend R Clarke by friends at Upton Chapel as a token of affectionate regard - 1st July 1867', the movement inscribed A F and striking on a bell, the clock mounted by a twin handled campania urn, 36cm high.
143.    A rare Victorian musical automaton complete with eight day single train clock and aneroid barometer, turning water wheels and rocking ship, playing two tunes with levers for start/stop and pulley for winding,under an oval glass dome and ebonised wooden base on bun feet, 48 cm high approx. 400-600
144.    A good lacquered brass French repeater carriage clock with subsidiary second dial, the cornice cased fitted with Corinthian column pilasters, inscribed 'Made in France, 11 Jewels unadjusted', 20 cm high approx. 400-600
144A.   French two train gilt metal figural mantel clock, decorated with a lady and goat amidst foliage, under an oval glass dome and rosewood plinth base 60-100
145.    Suite of silver fish cutlery, engraved with scrolled acanthus, maker JG, Birmingham 1861/63 (12)
146.    A set of Victorian sterling silver dessert knives and forks, Sheffield 1877 200-300
147.    Edwardian silver Georgian style half fluted bachelor tea pot, maker WHS, Birmingham 1904, 7oz approx 60-80
148.    Attractive silver four piece tea service comprising tea pot, water jug, milk jug and sucrier, each of conical form with stylised fluted base, maker Wakeley and Wheeler and inscribed George Tarratt English Silver, 60oz approx 500-800
149.    An impressive silver pedestal fruit or punch bowl with gadrooned rim and stepped circular base, inscribed Wilson and Sharp of Edinburgh, 26cm diameter, 29oz approx 250-350
150.    1920s Georgian style half fluted bachelor tea pot and twin handled sucrier, maker RP, London 1927, 9.5oz approx 80-120
151.    Harlequin set of four Georgian silver old English table spoons; together with a further fiddle pattern table fork and a further rat tailed table spoon (AF), various makers and dates, 12.5oz approx 100-150
152.    Seven various silver napkin rings to include a Chinese silver example decorated in relief with Chinese characters, 6.5oz approx 50-80
153.    1950s silver suite of forks to include two dessert and four table, maker JAR, Sheffield 1951, 13oz approx 100-150
154.    A box containing a collection of mainly silver tea spoons with some silver plated examples together with two silver sugar nips and a set of six silver handled knives 40-60
155.    Mixed collection of silver cruet items to include a pair of silver table salts with pierced geometric bands with original blue glass liners, two further silver mustards with blue glass liners, silver pepper blue glass liner and an attractive silver salt sleeve with gadrooned borders and pierced geometric bands upon bun feet (6) 60-100
156.    Mixed lot of bejouitory silver to include silver topped and glass match striker, small lancet toast rack, silver twin handled campania urn, lidded mustard with blue glass liner, silver pepper and dwarf candlestick (6) 60-100
157.    Cased set of horn handled silver servers; together with a further cased set of fish serving cutlery comprising fork and knife and two further silver handled pieces, all boxed (3) 50-80
158.    Cased set of silver teaspoons with stylised knop handles together with two further cases of fruit knives and six further silver handled fruit knives 40-60
159.    Three silver brushes, one in a leather box 30-50
160.    Edwardian lobed boat shaped tea pot, with ivory knop and four bun feet together with a milk jug from the same suite, maker GN RH, Chester 1905, 25oz approx; together with Set of six continental white metal apostle spoons (6) 200-300
160A.   A pair of continental (possibly Russian) quilloche enamel charms, one decorated in relief with a scorpion amidst stars, the other with a white stone (2) 200-250
160B.   A pair of silver pedestal silver bon bon dishes with pierced rims, maker A G Co Ltd, Birmingham 1920s, each 11 cm diameter, 4 oz approx; together with a further silver plated tazza (3) 30-50
160C.   Victorian porcelain silver wrap three piece tea service, with ornate pierced silver of Diaper work and foliage, comprising teapot, twin handled sucrier and milk jug, maker W C, London 1893, the teapot 15 cm high 150-200
160D.   A pair of silver candlesticks with inlaid tortoiseshell stepped circular bases, 14 cm high 30-50
160E.   A pair of white metal cigarette cases with applied enamel fronts of landscapes scenes (2) 150-180
160F.   English sterling and continental white metal posy holders (2) 200-250
160G.   A pair of Dutch silver grape scissors, each cast with children in grapevine, 13 cm long 30-50
160H.   Five piece silver and guilloche enamel dressing set to include and mirror and four brushes; together with four further silver topped brushes and three further bone backed items (13) 100-150
161.    Mixed lot to include four silver teaspoons, a miser's purse, vintage corkscrew in the shape of a bottle, two watches, bank notes and a selection of silver plated items 30-50
162.    Liberty "Tudric" pewter fruit bowl, pierced with typical Art Nouveau symbols upon stylised feet; together with a novelty spoon rest made from a nautilus shell with white metal mounts in the form of a crane, and further silver plated items 30-50
163.    Cased part set of five Edwardian silver teaspoons, Birmingham 1901, together with two canteen of Eastern brass flatware decorated in relief with Buddhistic deighties and a collection of further large brass cutlery 30-50
164.    Mixed collection of silver plated glass to include a pair of green glass baluster vases in the manner of Mary Gregory, two cranberry glass pieces and various silver plated items 30-50
164A.   A 19th century papier mache dish with painted finish and a collection of 19th century and later pewter ware
165.    Cased canteen of Arthur Price County plate cutlery in the manner of Arne Jacobsen 50-60
165A.   A collection of English coinage, Elizabeth II crowns together with earlier mixed bronze coinage
166.    Two tier cased canteen fitted with various flatware to include 1881 Rogers silver plate by Oneida Ltd 20-40
167.    Large silver plated twin handled tray, cast with scrolled acanthus and darted borders, the bowl engraved with a geometric panel centrally decorated with a standing Ostrich, 76 cm wide 50-80
168.    Mixed collection of various silver plated items to include various flatware to include two large basting spoons, oak cased canteen of pearl handled cutlery and others 40-60
169.    A pair of silver plated wine coasters with turned mahogany bases; together with various other silver plated wares including an eccentric oblong tray, the borders cast with grapevine 40-60
170.    Two boxes of various silver plated wares to include teawares, vases, baskets, etc 40-60
171.    A collection of various vintage advertising milk bottles together with a porcelain part tea service in the Crinoline Lady pattern 20-40
172.    Set of eight good quality cut glass tumblers, further stem wines and other cut glass 40-60
173.    Matched pair of antique continental hand painted glass decanters, one decorated with a floral still life, the other with a water carrier, the bottles of rectangular form with canted corners, 21 and 18 cm high respectively 50-80
174.    Vaseline glass bottle necked vase of faceted form upon a sterling silver base; together with further pair of vaseline type carnival glass plates and a further glass light shade (4) 20-40
175.    Two Stuart crystal decanters to include one ships decanter and one with ribbed neck together with a set of eight cut glass sherry glasses and a Wedgwood jasperware plaque of Prince Charles 20-40
176.    Large mixed collection of cut, etched and coloured glasses, mainly goblets 80-120
177.    Novelty cut glass silver cruet in the form of a car fitted with salt, pepper and mustard, together with a Waterford glass decanter and 2 other decanters, flared glass vase, and glass fruit bowl 30-50
178.    A collection of 19 antique glass wine/ale bottles, together with a further salt glazed bottle (20) 30-50
179.    A collection of good mixed glassware to include six Waterford cut glass desk clocks, pair of etched glass decanters decorated with stags, Venetian glass fish, etc 50-80
180.    A collection of Victorian ice cream glasses together with a Victorian rummer 50-80
181.    Two novelty frosted glass paperweights in the manner of Lalique, one of a polar bear, the other a bird, together with further pair of novelty glass candlesticks of Jesus and Mary and further glass vases 40-60
182.    A collection of various silver plated items to include entree dishes, candelabra, salvers, etc; together with a collection of teawares and other porcelain 40-60
182A.   A collection of silver plated flatware to include canteens and others 50-80
182B.   A large collection of silver plated souveniers spoons and spoon racks 40-60
182C.   no lot 20-40
182D.   Extensive collection of good quality modern glassware to include decanters and wine flutes together with a small set of coffee cans and saucers 60-80
182E.   Eight Art Deco type glass light shades 30-50
182F.   Four glass paperweights to include Vasart and Medina examples (4) 30-50
182G.   Attractive Art glass table lamp of lobed form by Baccarat 50-80
183.    Longines Conquest 10 caliber 235 quartz gents wristwatch, with papers. 100-150
183A.   Longines Conquest gilt stainless steel ladies quartz watch, with papers. 80-120
183B.   Movado gents 9ct watch head. 40-60
184.    Cavalry of Calcutta Anglo Swiss lug military watch with enamel dial and inscribed 'Warranted B & B Royal 20 years USA', with leather strap. 50-80
184A.   Four gents wristwatches by Oris, Tissot, Citizen and Lindex (4). 40-60
184B.   A Smiths Deluxe gold gents wristwatch with subsidiary second dial and leather strap. 100-150
185.    A 1960s Omega 9ct 17 jewel gents wristwatch upon a leather strap. 200-400
185A.   A 9ct gold fob watch, glass and hands missing, 24 grams approx (including workings) together with a watch fob fitted with a collection of numbered watch keys and a further nickel pocket watch (3). 40-60
185B.   A good 18ct gold engraved fob watch with scrolled foliate decoration by Morrison & Chapman of Barnstaple, 25 grams (including workings). 100-150
186.    A gents Omega Deville wristwatch with leather strap together with a further mid-sized Gucci wristwatch (2). 50-80
186A.   An Omega Seamaster Deville automatic stainless steel gentleman's bracelet watch, the circular silver dial with baton markers, the cased back with Omega Seamaster emblem and original Omega stainless steel bracelet. 200-400
186B.   A ladies 14ct dress watch by Geneve, 21 grams (including workings) together with a further 9ct ladies dress watch by Everite, 9 grams (including workings) (2). 150-250
187.    A Rolex Oyster Perpetual Superlative chronometer, an officially certified model with a cream coloured dial, Roman numerals, date aperture, screw down winding crown, upon a Rolex stainless steel jubilee bracelet, the bracelet inscribed R C Goldsmith RACM 363831, no box or papers. 600-1000
187A.   A late 19th century silver pocket watch by the Lancashire Watch Company Limited (Thomas Peter Hewitt) together with two further nickel pocket watches (3). 100-150
187B.   Two 19th century silver pocket watches both with silver dials (AF). 120-150
188.    A vintage Wire Lug 9ct rose gold ladies watch with leather strap. 50-80
188A.   A continental 10ct fob watch, the case engraved with scrolled foliage, 34.6 grams (including workings). 100-120
188B.   A Chronograph Suisse vintage rose gold gentleman's wristwatch with champagne dial, subsidiary second and minute counters and leather strap. 250-350
189.    An Austrian Sedan timepiece upon an embroidered strap with gilt and enamel decoration, the watch in a lyre shaped case with embroidered borders and embossed gilt frame, 27 cm long approx. 200-250
189A.   An Omega Ladymatic 9ct gold ladies bracelet watch. 100-200
189B.   Baume & Mercier quartz gents watch, with date apeture, roman numerals upon a black arabic type dial and bi-colour stainless steel strap 100-120
190.    A 9ct white gold ladies ruby and diamond dress ring 6 marquise cut rubies flanked by 9 single cut diamonds 3.5g ring, size N 60-80
191.    A mixed lot of costume jewellery to include a number of faceted bead necklaces and a 9ct gold stylised brooch 30-50
192.    A collection of various gents and ladies wristwatches; together with a further small quantity of costume jewellery and a collection of lighters to include a boxed Dunhill example 30-50
193.    Costume jewellery including two silver marcasite brooches 20-30
194.    Costume jewellery including an agate set brooch, a Scottish clan brooch by John Fraser, small amount of silver coinage, etc 30-50
195.    Two jewellery boxes of various costume jewellery 20-30
196.    A tri-colour gold chain with twisted rope design links stamped 375, 19.5g 150-200
197.    A three strand pearl necklace with diamond clasp 200-300
198.    A silver charm bracelet, 45g 30-50
199.    No Lot
200.    A 9ct gold circular brooch set with amethysts, 2.5g 20-40
201.    A 9ct gold gate link bracelet with 9ct chain and anchor charm, opal and diamond ring marked 10k and a 9ct turquoise ring, 9.5 total 80-120
201A.   A 9ct gold chain, 10.5g 60-80
202.    Two yellow metal brooches, one modelled as a panther with indistinct marks and the other as a cheetah 50-80
203.    A mixed lot of jewellery to include a garnet bead necklace with gold clasp, two gold chains, a miniature prayer book with silver cover and a silver caddy spoon, etc 60-80
204.    A collection of mainly silver jewellery to include brooches, necklaces, etc 40-60
205.    No lot

206.    A porcelain brooch depicting a young lady in 9ct gold frame, together with two other costume brooches 30-50
207.    Five pairs of cufflinks to include a silver pair with blue enamel stripes, and a quantity of white metal jewellery including a diamond eternity ring, a silver necklace with cross pendant, etc 100-150
208.    Five pearl necklaces to include a seed pearl and 9ct gold necklace, a freshwater pearl necklace with gold clasp and a three colour pearl necklace, together with a glass bead necklace, a silver plated scarf ring and three timepieces 60-80
209.    A 9ct art deco style ring, set with central faceted dark blue stone and diamonds, size R/S 1.8g, together with silver items to include a rope twist chain, a bookmark with orange stone, a hinged bangle, and a watch, etc 60-80
210.    A white and yellow gold bar brooch, set with round cut aquamarine, 2.5g 120-150
211.    Two 9ct gold rings set with diamonds and blue cubic zirconia 60-80
212.    A 9ct gold ruby and diamond flower head ring, size O, 2g 80-120
213.    A 9ct gold chain and locket together with a 9ct garnet drop pendant, and a yellow metal and paste ring, size P/Q, 9.5g total 80-100
214.    A 9ct chain together with a 9ct necklace with box chain and spherical drop bead design, 7g total 50-70
215.    An Indian yellow metal gem-set pendant, an 18ct turquoise pendant with matching earrings, a gold pendant in the form of a letter P, 14.5g total, and a silver cameo brooch 100-150
216.    Two 9ct gold pink sapphire rings, one set with diamonds in yellow gold, size N and the other in white gold with cubic zirconia, size M, also with a 9ct white gold necklace with pink paste stone 120-150
217.    A matching pink sapphire necklace and ring, size P, both in 9ct white gold, 5.5g 80-120
218.    Two 9ct gold bangles, one set with white stones and the other with faceted decoration and safety chain, 15.5g total 100-150
219.    A 9ct gold necklace with amethyst drop pendant, another 9ct pendant with 3 amethysts and a yellow metal zirconia ring, size N/O, 9g total 50-80
220.    Two 9ct gold necklaces, one with pink sapphire and diamond pendant, the other with 9ct cross, also with 9ct pink sapphire and diamond ring, size M, 10.5g total 120-150
221.    A 9ct white gold opal and aquamarine ring, size M, together with a 9ct aquamarine and sapphire ring, size R, 5.5g total 80-100
222.    An 18ct gold five stone diamond ring, size O/P, and a 9ct gold diamond ring, size O, 6g total 80-120
223.    Two 9ct necklaces, one with circular diamond pendant, the other with diamond daisy pendant, 6g total weight 80-120
224.    Two 9ct white gold necklaces set with diamonds and a 9ct sapphire flower head ring with diamond set shoulders, size P, 7.5g total 80-120
225.    An 18ct white gold necklace with white stone pendant, a further 18ct gold diamond pendant and a 9ct white gold single diamond ring, size O 100-150
226.    A 9ct gold necklace with heart shaped hollow pendant, with four diagonal rows of semi-precious blue stones to one side and pink stones to the other, 3g 60-80
227.    A double row diamond ring marked 14k, 2.5g, size N 300-350
228.    An emerald and diamond ring in yellow metal, size L, together with an alternating sapphire and diamond ring marked VO, size N, 4.5g total 80-120
229.    A 14k pink and white stone ring, together with a yellow metal ring of stylised design, a green and white stone ring and a diagonally set white stone ring marked TANAZ (4) 10g total 80-120
230.    A cushion cut amethyst and yellow metal ring in claw setting, size J/K, 7g 80-120
231.    A topaz and diamond cluster 9ct twist ring, size K/L, 3g 60-80
232.    A 9ct white gold necklace with diamond pendant, together with a pair of continental drop earrings with green and clear stones, 1.5g total 150-180
233.    An 18ct gold hinged bangle with textured finish, 13g 330-350
234.    A Victorian 9ct sovereign, in pendant mount, 5g 100-120
235.    A garnet flower head ring in 9ct gold with scrolling engraved detail, size N/O, together with an oval cut smoky quartz ring in stylised claw set 9ct gold mount, size P/Q, 6g total 60-80
236.    A triple opal and diamond ring in yellow metal, size P/Q, 4g 60-80
237.    A five stone diamond ring marked 18k, size L/M, 2g 200-250
238.    A hinged 9ct gold torque bangle with amethyst coloured faceted stones, 11.5g 100-150
239.    A 9ct cameo brooch of a profile of a lady, together with two cameo rings to include a 9ct ring of a similar subject, and an 18ct floral example, 23g total weight 40-60
240.    A set of four 21ct gold bangles with bright cut decoration, 46g 1200-1400
241.    A yellow metal pendant set with a citrine coloured faceted stone, 5g 20-40
242.    A group of amethyst jewellery comprising 18ct diamond ring, size R/S, 18ct stud earrings and 9k necklace with pendant, 19.5g total 250-300
243.    A 9ct gold charm bracelet, 31.5g 300-400
244.    A silver Links of London bracelet, together with two yellow metal cameos 40-60
245.    A diamond cluster flower head ring with indistinct marks to shank, size K, 4.5g 200-300
246.    A sapphire and diamond eternity ring in white metal, size K, 2g 80-120
247.    A solitaire diamond ring, marked 14k, in pierced floral setting, size J/K, 1g 100-150
248.    A yellow metal and diamond flower head ring marked VO, size P/Q, 4g 150-200
249.    A 9ct gold compass watch fob, together with a swivel fob set with bloodstone and carnelian, 12g total 50-80
250.    Two 9ct chains, one with heart locket and the other with three charms including a St Christopher, a 9ct and platinum ring, a yellow metal band with starburst decoration stamped VO, 12.5g total, also together with a curb link bracelet stamped 14/20 80-120
251.    Three gold pendants, two eastern character examples in 21ct gold, and one other. Together with two further yellow metal chains and earrings, 5g total 30-50
252.    A 9ct gold flower head ring set with 7 diamonds, size O/P, 3g 120-150
253.    An 18ct gold zircon and diamond halo ring, 2.5g, N/O 80-100
254.    An 18ct white gold and diamond daisy ring with twisted shoulders, size P, 2.5g 80-120
255.    A 9ct white gold crossover ring set with 5 diamonds, size P/Q, 1.5g 80-120
256.    An 18ct gold ring set with a single brilliant cut diamond, approx. 0.25ct, size O, 2.5g 100-150
257.    An 18ct flower head ring set with 6 green garnets and seven diamonds, size M and a 9ct ring with central emerald and cubic zirconia surround, size P, 6g total 150-200
258.    An 18ct white gold and diamond ring with 13 stones in total, with three channel set stones to each shoulder, size O/P, 4g 100-150
259.    Two 9ct gold necklaces, one with pear cut blue faceted stone, and a tassel drop necklace with globular beads, 11g total. Together with three brooches to include a gold plated example set with blue paste stone 80-120
260.    Two 9ct gold chains, one with diamond pendant and another 9ct white gold necklace with stylised white stone pendant, and a 9ct Victorian garnet and opal ring, size M/N, 8g total 80-120
261.    A 9ct gold bangle, together with a 9ct gold gate link bracelet, 30g 200-300
262.    An 18ct white gold ring set with 29 diamonds in a twisted setting, size L/M, 4.5g 150-250
263.    Two similar 9ct gold necklaces, both with twist link and ball chain and lobster clasp, 27.5g total 200-300
264.    A 9ct gold and diamond daisy ring, size M, 1.5g 100-120
265.    A 9ct gold ring set with sapphire and diamonds, size O, together with a 9ct necklace with sapphire and diamond flower pendant, 7g total 80-120
266.    An 18ct white gold necklace with diamond drop pendant, 5g 150-200
267.    Two 9ct chains, one with toggle clasp and heart charm, 13g total 80-120
268.    A 9ct gold necklace with white stone flower head pendant, a 9ct gold signet ring and a yellow metal cubic zirconia necklace, 9.5g total 60-80
269.    An Italian white gold drop necklace, stamped 10k and set with two diamonds and three pink stones, together with two 9ct gold chains, one with cross pendant and the other with two similar flower head pendants, one with pink stones and one with blue stones, 8.5g total 60-80
270.    A 9ct gold necklace with 18ct gold lapis lazuli and diamond pendant, 5.5g 40-60
271.    A 14ct gold diamond and sapphire ring with central oval cut sapphire, flanked by alternating square cut sapphires and diamond chips, one missing. Size N, 2g 200-300
272.    A collection of five watercolour illustrations, proposals for ring designs by Andrew Grima, by appointment to HM Queen Elizabeth II and of 80 Jermyn Street with correspondence to the client circa 1977/8 together with two further similar examples by E H R Tuson, Dartmouth 40-60
273.    No Lot
274.    Withdrawn Lot 80-100
275.    An 18ct and platinum three stone ring, with central ruby flanked by two white sapphires, size L/M, 2g 80-120
276.    A 9ct charm bracelet with four charms, together with a 9ct cameo ring of a lady, 8g total 50-60
277.    A three stone diamond ring in 18ct gold, size T, 1.5g 120-150
278.    An alternating amethyst and diamond bracelet marked 750, 12.5g 500-600
279.    A five stone emerald and diamond ring in yellow metal, size K, 3g 500-700
280.    A 9ct link bracelet with heart padlock clasp, 14g 130-150
281.    An Edwardian cased pocket barometer/compass, a monoculer, Marcel Rochas compact, etc 30-40
282.    A 19th century continental white metal and mother-of-pearl inlaid snuff box with carved detail together with a 19th century parquetry timber thimble case with silver thimble 60-80
283.    A collection of antler buttons, together with mother-of pearl buttons, purses, etc 30-40
284.    A George V Faithful service medal named Edward Parry Pritchard together with a collection of family ephemera to include an army rugby union silver winners medal 30-40
285.    An Italian mosaic work photograph frame, pen knives, fountain pens, costume jewellery, etc 30-40
286.    800 standard cased comb, silver vesta, further silver and plated ware, watches, etc 30-40
287.    A Victorian carved bone parasol or walking stick handle with floral detail 20-30
288.    A Japanese carved ivory netsuke showing a reclining female nude figure 50-60
289.    Approximately 70 19th century Chinese mother-of-pearl gaming counters with carved and pierced detail 40-60
290.    A selection of vintage fountain pens, ball point and others 30-40
291.    Opera glasses, sardine tongs, bread fork, Brittains lead farm characters key corkscrew, two white metal dogs, etc 30-40
292.    An ingot of copper coins, salvaged from the wreck of The admiral Gardner, wrecked on the Goodwin Sands 1809, together with a few flint scrapers 30-40
293.    Twelve Roman coins in bronze 50-60
294.    A mixed collection of 19th century and later English and worldwide bronze and silver coinage 30-40
295.    A collection of pre 47 post 20 - English silver coinage, 9 oz 40-60
296.    A quantity of English bronze coinage together with a quantity of pre 47, post 20 silver coinage (11 oz - ) 50-60
297.    A mixed collection of early European bronze coinage 30-40
298.    Salvaged silver coinage from the wreck of The Association (Western Rocks, Isles of Scilly, October 22nd 1707) Wiliam III crown 1695, James II crown 1687 and William III half crown 1697 80-120
299.    Two cart wheel two penny pieces, Norwich 2 penny piece (Robert Blake Cotton and Bombazine manufacturer) and other miscellaneous coinage 30-40
300.    A collection of Elizabeth II currency - various crowns and medal issues, together with seven Jersey gilded commemorative 50p pieces 2013, etc 30-40
300A.   An 1890 double florin, Charles II crown, four further crowns, 1821, 1889, 1892 and 1927 (6) 60-80
300B.   Royal Mint proof coin sets 1-1p - 1990 &1 & 2, 5-1p - 1993, 2-1p 1994 & 95, etc 40-60
300C.   A cased set of 18 sterling silver 5 coins celebrating the golden age of steam, Jersey issue 2006, limited to 10,000 sets, each coin 28 gm (504 gm total) 60-80
300D.   A cased set of silver coins in honour of H.M. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother - 24 coins including 5, $25, 20 & 5 $ other examples, total weight approx 730 gms, issue 6671/20,000 150-200
300E.   Seven silver coins including 5, 2 and 10$ examples and four further gold plated commemorative coins (11) 40-60
300F.   Twelve silver 5 coins commemorating the history of the Royal Air Force with three further 5 dollar examples (15) 50-60
300G.   A collection of miscellaneous English and foreign currency and two Royal Corps of Signals embroidered blazer badges 20-30
300H.   Approx 7kg of worldwide coinage 40-60
301.    A slim walking stick with silver swans head, dated London 1915, fitted with ball glass eyes. 80-120
302.    A walking cane with carved duckling head and knop, with glass eyes, the cane fitted with a silver band. 50-80
303.    A carved Sottish walking stick with band of thistles and ivy foliage, inscribed 'Balmoral' 50-80
304.    A bamboo shafted ladies walking stick with ivory handle and silvered band. 40-60
305.    A gentleman's Crecian walking stick, the handle carved with a horses head. 40-50
306.    A Crecian walking stick, the handle carved with a dogs head. 40-50
307.    An interesting carved walking stick, the shaft decorated with a snake chasing a frog and arched handle in the form of a coiled pearl chasing dragon. 100-120
308.    A walking stick with carved pigs head knop. 60-80
309.    An interesting novelty walking stick, the handle in the form of a crocodile head with hinged jaw and shagreen finish. 200-250
310.    A Victorian gentleman's walking cane with lead loaded ivory knop carved in the form of a Dog of Fo head. 160-200
311.    An early Wilkinson Sword stick with bone handle fitted in a leather covered shaft. 180-220
312.    A walking stick with carved hardstone owl head knop and bone collar. 40-60
313.    A carved Japanese bamboo walking stick fitted with an ivory fish and carved with dragons, signature present. 80-100
314.    A matched pair of cabbage stalk walking sticks (2). 40-60
315.    An interesting walking stick carved from a hollow branch, fitted with an ivory snake chasing a mouse. 80-120
316.    Two good 19th century parasols, one with elaborate horn crook handle with gilt metal art nouveau fittings (2).
317.    A horn handled walking stick with Malacca shaft and silver collar together with a leather handled crooked shooting stick (2). 40-60
318.    A good and interesting horse measuring stick with crooked knobbly handle and silver hinged mount concealing a ruler inscribed 'Made in England', the silver marked Henry Howell of London together with two manuals of 'The Horse' showing dissected models of the beast (3). 100-200
318A.   Chinese blue and white porcelain stick stand, 45 cms high 20-40
319.    A 19th century musket sword marked W D E12 7/75, with leather sheath, 80 cm long approx. 40-60
320.    An Italian carved wooden figure of a seated gilded hound upon a circular plinth base, 50 cm high approx. 200-250
321.    A large eastern gilt brass charger decorated in relief with copper panels of Buddhistic deities, centrally fitted with two dancing characters, 60 cm diameter approx together with two further eastern hardwood carved theatrical masks (3). 30-50
322.    A novelty wooden framed wall clock of nautical interest, hand painted with Eastern Shipping Co, Singapore to Southampton, centrally fitted with a 13 cm dial, 80 cm wide approx. 20-40
323.    A pair of Chinese carved green rock crystal lidded vases detailing pheasants, foliage etc on carved hardwood bases 23 cm overall.
324.    Three Catholic religious dioramas, all under glass domes upon wooden plinth bases (3). 50-80
325.    A religious Catholic diorama set within a gilt wooden glazed case, fitted with a gowned lady with a sword through her heart, flanked by floral still lives and floral piping, 40 cm high approx. 40-60
326.    An antique style embossed arched plaque of Mary Magdalene with child amidst an arched frame of trailing fruits, 54 cm high approx. 30-50
327.    A cased crucifix with white metal study of Christ within a domed glazed frame, 47 x 39 cm approx.
328.    An eastern hardwood brass inlaid twin handled tray with raised diaper borders, 70 cm long approx. 30-50
329.    An interesting far eastern glockenspiel type instrument with a bamboo frame upon a stepped plinth base, 65 cm high approx. 30-50
330.    An Edouard Paul Delabrierre (French 1829 - 1912), 'L-Improvisateur', cast bronze study of an Arabic musician playing a bowl back mandolin, riding a horse sidesaddle, 43 cm high approx. 600-1000
331.    A Georges Omerth (French, Fl.1895 - 1921) 'Le Reveil D Raffet' cast bronze study of a marching French drummer in full military regalia, 36 cm high approx. 200-400
332.    A vintage Ariston polyphon type music box together with a collection of cardboard discs (AF). 30-50
333.    Tribal interest - Two carved wooden female standing figures together with a mogul school lacquered tray together with a picture of a carpet seller. (4)

334.    A pair of contemporary French Empire style spherical ceiling lights with geometric prismatic drop decoration (2) 120-140
334A.   A tent and bag hanging ceiling light with prismatic drops and cast fittings (similar to previous lot) 100-120
335.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include cased Columbia portable gramophone, cased vintage typewriter, two canteens of cutlery, twin handled silver plated gallery tray, framed primitive oil illustration and a collection of steins. 30-50
336.    Four matching curtains with blackout lining and pencil pleat heading, approx size of each is 2.08m drop and 1.4m width, together with two cushion covers, part roll of same fabric and 4 tiebacks 30-50
337.    Land Rover Defender 'Exmoor Trim' canvas seat covers. 40-60
338.    Two boxes of French linen. 180-220
339.    A mixed miscellaneous lot comprising Corinthian bagatelle board with an original cardboard sleeve, two canteens of cutlery, poncho and a woollen reversible cape 30-50
340.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include a two train oak cased mantle clock, Jasperware biscuit barrel, two wooden boxes, a small collection of silver plate, etc. 30-50
341.    A German violin stamped Josef Guarnerius together with a collection of miscellaneous items to include a Chinese porcelain vase, cabinet plates, torsion clock and others. 50-80
342.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include a Danish style chrome candelabra, three pieces of Art Glass, various Indian boxes, cabbage plate, Gladstone bag, chess set, etc. 50-80
343.    Four pieces of French enamel to include a baby bath decorated with scrolled foliage, blue enamel jug and two others. (4) 40-60
344.    A French Art Deco frosted glass ceiling light painted with metropolis like pattern. 30-50
345.    A full body set of racing leathers together with a racing waterproof jacket by Frank Thomas. (2)

346.    An Antler suitcase containing a collection of quality gentleman's goods to include a cocoon raincoat, a crook handled umbrella by James Smith & Sons originally bought in Bond Street, London, a shooting stick, a cased set of binoculars, etc. 60-80
347.    A contemporary brass telescope upon a telescopic tripod base. 50-100
348.    A Carl Zeiss theodolite, the scope in a branded wooden case upon an orange and galvanised steel tripod base. 60-100
349.    A collection of vintage flags, mainly Union Jacks, within a wicker basket. 30-50
350.    Large collection of boxed die cast toys to include items such as Noddy in Toyland, Cargo Kings, Days Gone and Yester Year models, etc., together with a box containing footballing toys to include a Paul Gascoine figure and football annuals.
351.    Possibly by Henri Jacobs cast bronze bust study of a nude female character upon a red marble base, signed H Jacobs and H Luppens & Co, 65 cm high approx. 300-500
352.    A good continental cast bronze character group of a cherub holding a torch, wearing a blindfold with a young girl at his feet, indistinctly signed, with a circular black marble base, 44 cm high approx. 80-120
353.    A good quality scale model of a farm house with terracotta brick work, interior slate flooring, etc. 80-120
354.    A brass and opaque glass singular wall sconce in the form of a flaming torch. 60-100
355.    Two pairs of brass electric table lights together with two others (6). 30-50
356.    A Kiwi boot polish enamel revolving shop display stand. 30-50
357.    A set of five antique clear glass apothecary bottles with lids. 60-100
358.    An antique bronze and oak handled bell. 40-60
359.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include antique copper kettle, brass oil lamp with glass shade and flue, an interesting candlestick base in the form of a rowing boat, etc. 40-60
360.    An eastern copper kettle with planished decoration. 30-50
361.    An antique cast metal cauldron. 30-50
362.    A box containing a large quantity of eastern treen and carvings to include mainly figures. 50-80
363.    A large collection of glass viewing slides, mainly of children's nursery rhymes. 40-60
364.    Two similar casino card dealer 'shoes' 30-50
365.    A 1950s ceramic wall clock by Jaz. 30-50
366.    Good quality early 20th century pierced brass eastern charger, centrally embossed with mermaids amidst panels of agricultural workers, 61 cm diameter.

367.    A large quantity of brassware, mainly candlesticks and lighting together with a bugle, trinket box, etc. 40-60
368.    C. Plath of Hamburg cased sextant with black lacquered finish within an oak box numbered 2046, the box 27 cm wide approx. 80-120
369.    An Arts & Crafts type embossed copper twin handled ovoid pot decorated in relief with figures in a woodland setting together with a further cast polished brass pot (2). 20-40
370.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include silver plated warming pan on stand, twin handled copper samovar, vintage BT cream telephone, a salt glazed lidded pot, etc. 30-50
371.    A mixed lot to include artist materials and easel together with vintage gaming items such as Snakes & Ladders and chess. 30-50
372.    A Sanyo solid state stereo music centre model G2311KL. 30-50
373.    A collection of metalware to include copper kettles, brass candlesticks, etc., together with further miscellaneous items, a barometer, flatware, books, etc. 30-50
374.    A mixed lot to include a Tonka crane, vintage Bakelite clock, two cased taxidermy scorpions, glass bottles, etc. 30-50
375.    Toshiba record deck, Toshiba 4 channel stereo receiver SA-304 40-60
376.    Tribal interest - An interesting speared walking stick with horn handle, the shaft carved with a tribesman and cast metal pointed tip together with a further tribal cudgel the end carved with a tribesman face and a spear (3). 30-60
377.    A vintage 'Silver-reed Silverette' cased typewriter in yellow, together with a box "brownie" camera 20-40
378.    A good quality black slate lidded ice bucket and wine coaster together with a collection of miscellaneous metalware, a wall clock, a torsion clock and two leather wrapped decanters in the form of skittles, each decorated with a print of a soldier, possibly of Italian origin. 50-80
379.    E-ros 'Garanzia' twelve string flat top jumbo acoustic guitar together with two further acoustic guitars (3). 50-80
379A.   A big mixed miscellaneous lot to include fabric, horns, walking stick, antlers, cameras, porcelain, etc. 20-40
380.    A collection of photographic developing equipment together with a collection of 8mm cartoon films, some in their original boxes 30-50
381.    A brushed silk top hat, the interior inscribed 'Ambassador & Stoks' together with a further bowler hat (2). 30-50
382.    A novelty Disney walking Mickey Mouse home telephone together with a further phone and a St Christopher car badge (3). 30-50
383.    Two small cased pieces of optical equipment, one inscribed 'D De Weckr's Ophthalmoscope' together with a further piece inscribed Curry & Paxton (2). 20-40
384.    A Japanese soapstone carving of a wild cat with cub upon a carved wooden base, 14 cm high approx. 30-50
385.    A carved nephrolite study of three bears, the largest with a fish in its mouth upon a naturalistic unpolished base, 16 cm long approx. 30-50
386.    A woolly mammoth tooth fossil believed to have been discovered near South Cerney, UK together with a resin study of a mammoth (2). 40-60
387.    A vintage cornering Stanley '72' plane and stop (2). 40-60
388.    A good Chinese cast bronze censer with carved rosewood lid and base, the censer cast with masks and Islamic type panels, the base with scrolled foliage centrally decorated with acanthus, 22 cm high approx. 200-300
389.    A good quality Flemish cast bronze standish, the lid surmounted by a bird with wings outstretched upon a base fitted with three cherub mascots with paw feet, 17 cm high approx. 50-80
390.    A collection of lead soldiers, highland regiment WW1 soldiers etc
391.    Four various Brize hand fans to include one mother of pearl and sequin example (AF) together with a Russian lacquered box and a further Chinese box with reverse glass painting to lid (6). 40-60
392.    Military interest - the contents of an air raid warden's cabinet to include patches, gas mask, badges, whistle and air raid warden plaque. 50-80
393.    A 19th century mahogany and brass bound box in the campaign manner, fitted with a segmented drawer and campaign type recessed handle, 15 cm high approx. 40-60
394.    A boxwood and rosewood chess set in the Staunton manner within a games box. 40-80
395.    A Japanese Shibayama type gilt bronze brush pot decorated in relief with a quail amidst reeds, 10 cm high approx together with carved rosewood okimono of two birds, further primitive okimono of a bird and a more elaborate okimono of a family of birds amidst foliage (4). 60-100
396.    An antique scrimshaw etched with a portrait of a standing lady and a three mast galleon, 13 cm long approx. 80-120
397.    A collection of Russian lacquer boxes, the largest decorated with bears together with figures, birds, etc., (5). 50-80
398.    Good quality 19th century mahogany and boxwood inlaid gallery tray.
399.    A collection of mixed metalware and kitchenalia to include good copper chocolate pot, further copper kettle, brass candlesticks, a set of weighing scales together with others to include a T G Green Cornish ware rolling pin. 50-80
400.    An oxblood leather Swaine Adeney Brigg of London briefcase with segmented interior. 50-80
401.    A 19th century rosewood squeeze box of rectangular form fitted with mother of pearl batons, 20 cm high approx. 100-150
402.    A Chinese porcelain baluster vase converted to a lamp, decorated with pomegranates upon a white ground, 36 cm high approx (with shade). 30-50
403.    A good 19th century coromandel and gilt metal games compendium, the hinged front enclosing an ivory and stained ivory chess set, with Morocco leather interior fitted with further bridge marker, dice, playing cards, etc. 150-250
404.    A Steampunk oil lamp fitted with a bike chain converted into a mantle clock together with three wrought iron candlesticks and a further worked copper scale model of a stove (5). 40-60
404A.   A Liberty & Co 'Tudric" English pewter milk jug attributed to Archibald Knox with honesty design and sledge supports together with a smiliar small dish and a tin sewing box with embossed design to the lid and concertina folding tray divisions 40-60
404B.   Attributed to Goberg, an Arts & Crafts candlestick and vesta box holder in the form of a Viking ship at full sail together with a silver plated box/casket of rectangular form with hammered finish and nailed framework (2) 40-60
404C.   An Arts & Crafts copper tray of rectangular form with embossed busy foliate design, stamped to border KSIA (Keswick School of Industrial Arts), 39 cm x 29 cm approx 40-60
405.    A cased Boosey & Hawkes clarinet with white metal mounts within a leather hard case. 50-100
405A.   A pair of good quality Gothic revival brass candlesticks with stepped disc shaped platform bases and partially twisted stems together with a further good quality brass crucifix with rectangular stepped base, stamped to back Cox Sons Buckley & Co, London WC, a small pitch pine lectern, a Victorian ceramic cream and blue banded tile, 23 cm square appfrox, a glass communion jug with silver plated mounts and a Maw & Co Bentham Works Broseley turquoise and deep blue glazed Gothic tile with floral detail, 6 inches square approx, and a three legged stook with painted Celtic style design 40-60
406.    An interesting table lamp in the form of a Chinese tea canister with chinoiserie overlay together with two further table lamps (3). 50-80
406A.   An Arts & Crafts style anodised copper framed porch lantern of square tapered form with frosted glass panels beneath a gabled style roof 30-40
407.    A 19th century sarcophagus tea caddy with partly fitted interior. 30-50
408.    A good vintage telephone with brass carry handle and gilt decoration.

409.    An impressive green marble and ormolu Corinthian baluster table lamp together with a further Art Deco chrome lamp pierced with a female gymnast (2). 50-80
410.    A collection of various wooden boxes to include a good mahogany example, the lid carved with the crests of the four nations with a further money box with pearl inlay and three others together with a section of wood containing a bullet 40-60
411.    A good antique brass cased carbide lamp with plaque inscribed 'Powell & Hanmer Limited, Manufacturers Birmingham', 31 cm high approx. 60-100
412.    Three cast metal Buddhistic heads of far eastern origin. 80-120
413.    An inlaid marble checker board the octagonal piece with moulded borders 40 x 40 cm approx.

414.    An oak cased military brass field compass inscribed 'TWPE P4A No 11579T'. 50-80
415.    An Art Deco period veined marble inkstand with matching blotter together with a small satin wood cased mantle clock with circular painted dial and French brass movement.
416.    A good 19th century Stanbrook cast brass standish in the form of a twin handled lidded campania urn upon a stepped circular base, 15 cm high approx. 30-50
417.    Six Bensons patent copper and brass jacketed vessels of varying capacity (stamped Marks).
418.    A 19th century continental porcelain headed doll with leather torso, wooden limbs, closing eyes and open mouth with teeth (AF). 100-120
419.    Three various figural porcelain table lamps, one modelled as a seated pauper boy, the other with birds together with a further Franklin Mint bisque porcelain character of The Great Horned Owl (4). 30-50
420.    A 19th century mahogany cased writing slope with gilt tooled black leather and fitted interior, 46 cm long approx. 50-80
421.    A cast bronze bust study of Queen Victoria dated 1837 - 1897 to the bust, inscribed verso 'March 1897 O. Wheatley, London' and three further indistinct signatures, upon a turned wooden plinth, 26 cm high approx. 300-400
421A.   A plaster bust of a classical male character 30-40
422.    A box containing four vintage Kodak cameras and a black GPO telephone. 30-50
423.    A Mamod vintage car. 30-50
424.    Star Wars - a boxed Darth Maul interactive talking money bank together with a further Batman example (2). 20-40
425.    Taxidermy interest - a 19th century cased study of a kingfisher amidst foliage. 30-50
426.    A Regency style convex gilt wood wall mirror together with two further Empire style gilt metal twin branch wall sconces (3). 50-80
427.    Three good quality tweed jackets by John Hardy, Gurteen etc 30-50
428.    A cased scale replica of a Fokker Tri-plane in original packaging.

429.    Taxidermy interest - A 19th century cased model of a barn owl amidst foliage. 40-60
430.    BGL of London electric Speedway game together with a collection of die cast toys. 40-60
431.    An antique S. F. B. J. porcelain headed doll 18 inches long with shutting eyes open mouth and teeth and articulated wooden limbs.

432.    A box of miscellaneous items to include a glass rolling pin with overlay of galleons and text, an eccentric pair of postal weighing scales, pewter plates, carved hardstone, etc. 30-50
433.    A mixed metalware lot to include two copper planters of BOMBE form, each fitted with twin lion head handles, two similar coffee grinders and other metalwares. 40-60
434.    A collection of pipes on a pipe rack in the form of a painted red gate to include a carved pipe in the form of a man's head with a tooth in his mouth together with a collection of porcelain to include four Chinese sake cups and others 10-20
435.    A good quality brass motoring lamp by Joseph Lucas Limited of Birmingham, inscribed 'Lorilite'. 80-120
436.    A mixed collection of treen and boxes to include a 19th century rosewood inlaid workbox with marquetry fitted top, a collection of further Moroccan leather and wooden boxes, a small selection of silver plated flatware, a wool work circular stool decorated with rabbits amidst foliage and others. 50-80
437.    A pair of cast copper campania urns with faceted detail together with a further cast metal study of leaping dolphins, an early 20th century mantle clock and pottery hand painted dish decorated with a chicken and eggs by Emma Hunk (5). 40-60
438.    A good quality Art Nouveau cast bronze inkwell with sinuous lines signed bottom right Gurschner 30 cm long x 17 cm wide x 10 cm high approx.
439.    A reclaimed Gothic revival wall mounted gas light with single adjustable arm the stepped octagonal wooden bracket with geometric detail and painted finish.
440.    An early 20th century Robert Bosch German Importe D'allemagne JIa12 brass motoring horn 100-120
441.    A German balalaika with label inscribed 'Perl Gold'. 30-40
442.    Tribal interest - Two antique pottery vessels.

443.    A wooden practice rifle together with a twin headed spear and a fishing net (3). 20-30
444.    A 19th century measuring stick by J Rabone & Sons of Birmingham, also inscribed Lancewood Best Quality No 1035 together with a wrythen fluted ivory handled parasol with rose gold collar (2). 50-80
445.    A Victorian Lancers sword in steel sheath and leather carry case with shagreen hilt (AF). 50-80
446.    A pair of Victorian Bandsmen Hanger swords, 62 cm long approx (2). 40-60
447.    A good cast brass and glass storm lamp, 40 cm high approx. 50-80
448.    A tin containing a quantity of fishing equipment including reel marked Pape, Newcastle, 2 further reels etc
449.    A Stradivarius copy violin with case and bow.

450.    A travel bag fitted with a collection of vintage cameras and equipment to include lenses, etc. 30-50
451.    Kowa sporting scope together with a further Slik tripod theodolite type stand, Panasonic VHS camcorder, Le Creuset lidded saucepan and a Boston Vacuum Mount pencil sharpener 20-40
452.    Two bags containing a collection of lawn bowls together with an alabaster lamp. 30-50
453.    Three storm lanterns together with further brassware to include vintage motor horns, bellows, blow torch and a further Reynolds Zither-harp. 40-60
454.    A box containing a collection of 19th century horse brasses many mounted in pairs on shaped leather straps martingales etc together with individual examples in traditional patterns.
455.    A 19th century cased cast iron Singer sewing machine. 30-50
456.    A pair of victorian brass and sheet metal carriage lanterns, with bespoke wall brackets, a further lantern and mesh five screen. 40-60
457.    A box of mainly eastern copper ware to include two large ewers and various other vessels. 30-50
458.    A good mahogany cased lacquered brass monocular microscope, the case fitted with further lenses, etc. 80-120
459.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include a cased set of binoculars, a frosted glass biscuit barrel, a twin handled gallery tray, a bottle cruet set, a Logik soundbar, etc. 20-40
460.    A Ram-Air Turbine (RAT) for emergency hydraulic/electric power, applied plaque Dowty Rotol Ltd and serial numbers

461.    A Victorian oak table knife sharpener together with a pair of open barley twist candlesticks, an aneroid wall barometer and others. 30-50
462.    An antique lacquered octagonal box of sarcophagus form together with a further marquetry work box fitted with a collection of buttons and haberdashery and a further mahogany wall mirror fitted with a hinged box (3). 30-50
463.    A good quality set of cast brass and cast iron weighing scales by Yandell & Son of Bristol, inscribed 'Class B' and 'To weigh 20 lb', 112 cm high approx with a graduated set of Avery bell weights. 100-200
464.    A double bow fronted dolls house fitted with a collection of furniture, painted in cream, 61 cm high approx. 50-80
465.    A large dolls manor house with plaque inscribed 'Howley Court' together with an extensive collection of quality dolls house furniture and dolls, etc. 200-300
466.    A vintage wooden cabin cruiser inscribed 'Girasole' with red painted body, 90 cm long approx. 50-80
467.    A good scratch built pond yacht with sky blue painted vessel upon an oak stand, 103 cm long approx. 50-80
468.    19th century ivory and stained ivory chess set in the manner of Staunton, height of king 5.5 cm, within original gaming box (damages) 150-200
469.    Seven pieces of mauchlineware treen to include pin cushion, matchbox holder, etc 80-120
470.    Cast white metal car mascot in the form of a standing spaniel 40-60
471.    Gaston D'Illiers 1876-1952, Prince bronze figural study of a standing horse, upon a pink marble base, 13 cm high 400-450
472.    A collection of antique trinket boxes to include a French gilt metal example centrally decorated with the bust of a lady with gilt highlights, a tortoiseshell example, horn snuff box, ivory and silver example and a further eastern circular ivory trinket box (5) 150-200
473.    Eastern carved bone hand fan, pierced with theatrical figures, the grip with novelty carved fingers and thumb, 34 cm long 200-250
474.    Novelty cast brass cigar cutter in the form of a ships engine order telegraph, 17 cm high 100-120
475.    A boxed containing two gold plated Dunhill lighters with engine turned decoration 50-80
476.    Box of miscellaneous items to include samplers, compacts, glass bottles, brushes, etc 20-40
477.    A box containing a collection of photographic equipment to include cameras, lenses, tripods, etc 40-60
478.    20th century mahjong set within a leather cardboard case 70-90
479.    Mixed miscellaneous lot to include brass skimmer, toasting fork, a glazed pottery bowl, carved oak panel inscribed "Burns monument Kilmarnock" and two further brass chargers (6) 30-50
480.    A large quantity of die cast toys by Corgi etc (200 approx) 50-80
481.    Set of four curtains in 'Climbing Rose' design, all blanket lined with fixed pleat heading, approx sizes: length 2.05 m, top width 85 cm, loer width 103 cm 30-50
482.    Agricultural workers linen smock with buttoned front, smoking to front, back and sleeves and further embroidery to shoulders and collar 40-60
483.    A Victorian steel watchmakers lathe 30-50
484.    A box containing seven vintage motorcycle/cycle carbide lamps 50-80
485.    A box containing seven vintage motorcycle/cycle carbide lamps 50-80
486.    Vintage Monopoly games set including board together with other games including chess, poker, etc 20-40
487.    Four leather handled ringing bells together with a collection of cigarette cards and coinage 30-50
488.    A pair of Tantrum Tots dolls, clothed with hands to their faces, 80 cm high (2) 20-40
489.    Pair of cast gilt metal standish inkwells in the form of military helmets, upon wooden plinth bases (2) 30-50
490.    I.C.W. branded collection of carving and other knifes by Rostfrei within a branded briefcase; together with a boxed circular saw (2) 40-80
491.    Original certificate of appointment dated January 1824, William Richard Hamilton as the Minister and Envoy Plenipotentiary by his Britannic Majesty to the Kingdom of the Two Scillies, signed by Hamilton 150-200
501.    A Persian floor carpet decorated with orange and green medallions upon a deep navy blue ground, 310 x 165 cm approx
502.    A Bokhara floor runner decorated with medallions upon a red ground, 270 x 90 cm approx 140-150
503.    A Persian floor rug decorated with multi-coloured geometric medallions upon a deep navy blue ground, 295 x 195 cm approx 150-160
504.    A Persian style floral runner decorated with brown medallions and flowerheads upon a fawn ground, 265 x 130 cm approx 120-150
505.    A bright Eastern wool carpet, the pale green ground within white ground borders with overall multi-floral detail, 310 x 200 cm approx
506.    An Afghan floral carpet decorated with various medallions upon a red ground, 295 x 170 cm approx 150-180
507.    A good quality modern Persian carpet profusely decorated with scrolled foliage upon a black ground, 310 x 200 cm approx 250-270
508.    Four various floral rugs to include a modern silk example, an Afghan example on red ground and two further with yellow ground (4) 30-50
509.    Afghan type floral runner decorated in relief with medallion type panels, 190 x 62 cm 60-100
510.    Belgium machine woven wall tapestry decorated with a rural landscape scene of a cottage and birds, 175 x 190 cm 40-60
511.    Good quality Eastern rug decorated with various geometric medallions upon a red and blue ground, 260 x 160 cm 80-120
512.    Chinese wool floor rug with thick weave decorated with foliage upon a cream and mauve ground, 260 x 190 cm 30-50
513.    Tribal Nomadic Moroccan Haiku tent decoration in velvet and silk, 320 cm x 220 cm 100-150
514.    Afghan vegetable dye floor rug, decorated with red medallions, 170 x 109 cm 40-60
515.    Persian style floor rug decorated with geometric blue and brown medallions upon a peach ground, 170 x 135 cm 30-50
516.    Bokhara style floor rug with typical geometric decoration upon cream ground; together with two further Chinese blue wool floor rugs (3) 40-60
517.    A Persian floor rug decorated with red scrolled foliate upon a blue ground, 200 x 95 cm approx 80-100
518.    Three similar Persian floor rugs all with red medallions upon a navy blue ground with brown and red borders 50-80
519.    Large Eastern floor rug decorated with geometric square panels of various foliage, upon a red and blue ground, 320 x 230 cm 60-100
520.    Modern Persian style floor rug decorated with various blue medallions upon an orange ground; together with a similar smaller example (2), 300 x 200 cm, 160 x 85 cm 50-80
521.    Persian style floor rug decorated with various floral medallions upon a deep red ground, 220 x 135 cm 50-80
522.    Two Kelim floor rugs each on a red ground (2), 240 x 185 cm, 160 x 125 cm 40-60
523.    Indian cruel work throw with geometric design each square panel fitted with a floral spray upon a cream ground; together with a crotchet work blanket (2), 280 x 180 cm , 240 x 150cm 60-100
524.    Two very similar Bokara prayer mats/floor rugs decorated with geometric medallions upon an orange ground, 90 x 65 cm (2) 50-80
525.    Two similar Persian floral rugs each decorated with red medallions upon a blue ground (2), 205 x 110 cm, 190 x 105 cm 50-80
526.    Two similar Persian style floor rugs each decorated with black medallions upon an orange ground (2), 170 x 110cm, 150 x 100 cm 60-100
527.    A Persian style wool runner with repeating lozenge central medallions on a red ground, 303 x 77 cm 30-50
528.    Long Kelim runner, decorated with colourful panels 320 x 150 60-80
529.    Bokhara type rug decorated with geometric red medallions on a beige ground 200cm x 150cm 60-80
530.    A pair of kesham type Persian floor rugs each centrally decorated with a large red foliate medallion upon a green ground, 300 x 185 (2) 80-120
531.    Persian type floor runner decorated with geometric panels upon a red ground; together with a further antique Persian floor rug and cruel work wall hanging (3), 220 x 65cm, 190 x 105cm, 145 x 80cm, 50-80
532.    Persian floor rug decorated with floral sprays upon a brown ground, 265 x 150 cm 50-80
533.    Persian floor rug decorated with blue medallions upon a brown ground, 130 x 82 cm 30-50
534.    Large good quality kelim carpet decorated with diaper decoration upon a dark ground, 260 x 160 cm 90-120
534A.   Two Persian Bokhara type floor rugs, the largest decorated with colourful medallion on a dark ground and another with typical palate (2), 290 x 155cm, 155 x 95cm 80-120
541.    Four similar Dutch type brass ceiling lights, each with scrolled scones and globular stems (4) 80-120
542.    A pair of stepped brass ceiling lights with scrolled branches and gadrooned stems (2) 80-120
543.    Large Dutch style brass stepped ceiling light with long scrolled branches 40-60
543A.   A cast polished gold coloured metal five branch electrolier together with a pair of matching wall lights
544.    Fine quality heavy cast brass fifteen branch chandelier, the central column with pierced scroll and floral swag detail, 90 cm high, 1 metre wide approx (wired) 80-120
545.    A very good quality cast brass 10 branch chandelier, the arms with scrolled and acanthus detail, the central column with lion mask and ring features (wired), 90 cm in height, 50 cm wide approx 60-100
546.    A gilt metal five branch electrolier with acanthus type decoration 40-60
547.    A gilt wood six branch ceiling light with scrolled metal leaf decoration
548.    Two large similar Dutch brass ceiling lights with scrolled branches and globular stems (2) 50-80
549.    Ecclesiastical style wrought iron hall lantern, with three spoke lights framing a pierced circular platoon 50-80
551.    Three contemporary oil paintings on board by Rosie Mack of beach scenes and landscapes, two signed in full, one signed with initials and dated 03 and with Tetbury address details verso, max 20cm x 28cm all framed 30-50
552.    A pair of late 19th century photographic bust length portrait studies with overpainted finish showing a gentleman and lady, both in black costumes, 50cm x 39cm in moulded gilt frame 30-40
553.    A collection of pictures and prints mainly relating to equestrian subjects including a signed coloured limited edition print after Lionel Edwards from the Hunting Countries series, showing the Branham Moor at Bickerton Bar, further prints after Lionel Edwards and Gerald Hare showing the Beaufort Hunt, a print after S L Crawford showing Lester Piggot, etc various sizes all framed 40-60
554.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas of a botanical study of orchids within a lush landscape setting, 57cm x 44cm, in moulded gilt frame, with indistinct signature to bottom centre 50-70
555.    A pastel study of a horse standing in a stable setting, indistinctly signed bottom left K Dearly?, 40cm x 50cm, wooden frame. 25-30
556.    An early 20th century charcoal and watercolour study of a city riverscape with triple arched bridge, 31cm x 39cm in gilt frame 25-30
557.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas of a continental scene with red roofed farm buildings reflected in a lake, signed bottom right J Blanck?, 64cm x 52cm, in gilt frame 40-50
558.    A coloured portrait photograph, 3/4 length study of Diana Princess of Wales in a black dress, signed to mount, Diana, dated 1986. 48cm x 40cm in gilt frame. 40-60
559.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas in the manner of Louis Wain, showing a procession of cat musicians and dancers in front of a large red brick country house, 50cm x 75cm, in gilt frame 100-150
560.    A mid 20th century oil on canvas, still life with sunflowers in a spotted jug, 50cm x 70cm, framed 30-50
561.    A pair of continental oil paintings on board, both painted in the impasto technique, one showing a mountainous landscape with cabin, the other showing figures on a wooded avenue, both signed bottom right Vidal Ja, 35cm x 43cm in swept cream and gilt frames 30-50
562.    An early 20th century continental school oil painting on canvas showing an interior scene with seated female character preparing fish and accompanied by two fisherman warming themselves by the stove and smoking a pipe, together with a further male figure and a small dog, signed top right Vita Verbeck, 81cm x 109cm 400-600
563.    Three 20th century watercolours, two showing farmyard scenes, the other showing a harbour scene, all signed bottom right S Price, max 41cm x 55cm, in gilt frames 40-60
564.    A 20th century oil painting on board painted in the impasto technique showing a still life with glass jug of roses, signed bottom left B Judo, 71cm x 58cm, framed 30-50
565.    A 20th century continental oil painting on canvas painted in the impasto technique and showing a Venetian canal scene with gondolas, indistinctly signed bottom right D'Amico? 50cm x 70cm in deep moulded frame and cream coloured slip 60-80
566.    A contemporary acrylic on canvas of a coastal scene with gulls, signed bottom left Brian D Horswell, dated 1986, 34cm x 60cm, in wooden and gilt frame 20-30
567.    A large 20th century oil painting on canvas in the 19th century manner showing a girl playing a pipe in a landscape setting accompanied by a younger child, signed bottom right Gustave Willem Holt, 90cm x 121cm in moulded gilt frame with gilt slip
568.    An early 20th century continental oil painting on canvas of a continental street scene with flower decked buildings, distant church, indistinctly inscribed verso Mannfins? further inscribed Stuttgart, Turmgasse, 60cm x 50cm, in gilt frame with beaded finish 30-50
569.    A 19th century Chinese watercolour on rice paper showing a drummer in green robe accompanied by a child carrying a banner, 20cm x 16cm together with a oriental watercolour of a company of equestrian figures in a landscape setting, crossing a bridge with character and seal marks and inscription, and with Singapore framemakers label verso, 21cm x 28cm approx both framed 40-60
570.    An early 20th century watercolour study of a reclining figure in a landscape setting, inscribed verso Malcolm Milne, D'Offay Gallery, 23cm x 40cm, in gilt frame 50-80
571.    An early 20th century watercolour of a beach scene at Bee Sands in Devon by Frederick E Bolt showing thatched cottages, beached fishing boats, figure, etc, signed bottom right and dated 1924, with label verso Bee Sands Frederick E Bolt and with Clifton, Bristol address details and Bristol framers label, 35 x 60 cm, gilt frame and gilt mount 50-80
572.    A substantial early 20th century oil painting on canvas of red roofed farm buildings, signed bottom left Bazon, 50 x 100 cm in substantial moulded gilt frame and gilt slip 60-80
573.    An unusual early 20th century painting on wooden panel in the Arts & Crafts manner showing a squirrel amongst foliage and with indistinct monogram bottom left, 67 52 cm in simple wooden frame 50-80
574.    A small 20th century oil painting on canvas of a Dutch city scene with flower sellers, barge, etc, signed bottom left A Rutgers and with Amsterdam retailer label verso, 22 x 17 cm in moulded gilt frame 40-60
575.    A 19th century continental school oil painting on canvas of an interior scene with figures and a child, 24 x 19 cm in mahogany frame 30-50
576.    A pair of 20th century coloured etchings by Edward Bouverie Hoyton showing landscapes with figures, both signed bottom right Bouverie Hoyton R S FRSA, Sleechwood and Knighton, 28 x 37 cm in gilt frames 50-70
577.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas of an extensive landscape with distant mountains, figure, etc, signed bottom right Jugel, 58 x 78 cm in a swept and moulded frame with linen slip 40-60
578.    A pair of coloured etchings in the 1920s manner showing a female character bathing beneath a fountain whilst observed from above by two elderly men, with label verso, original etching by Pierre Puisard, 57 x 19 cm in wooden frames 50-80
579.    A mid 20th century watercolour by Frank Mole showing a village scene, signed bottom left and dated 57, with Bristol Savages label verso, Stanton - A Cotswold Village, Frank Mole, December 1959, 29 x 39 cm in textured frame 25-30
580.    A set of three early 20th century watercolours of woodland landscapes, 35 x 53 cm approx size in gilt mounts and black frames 30-50
581.    An early 20th century watercolour study of a mountainous landscape, 16 x 27 cm in a moulded gilt frame 25-30
582.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas, half length portrait of Sir Isaac Newton wearing a brown coat and white cravat, with carved inscription to the reverse of the stretcher - Sr Isaac Newton, born 23rd December 1642, died 18th March 1727, in a wide moulded gilt frame with trailing floral detail, 89 x 76 cm overall frame size 150-200
583.    A 20th century watercolour of a lakeland scene at dawn, signed bottom right Rex Trayhorne and with label verso Wake Up Call by Rex Trayhorne RMS, 31 x 53 cm, together with a study of Malay houses signed Len Kenyon dated 87, and a signed limited edition black and white print of a yawning polar bear after Gary Hodges, all framed 25-30
584.    An early 19th century coloured engraving after Pollard showing a coaching scene with The Cambridge Telegraph at The Whitehorse Inn, Fetter Lane, engraved by George Hunt, two further 19th century engravings of coaching scenes and a coloured print of an early 19th century caricature, various sizes, all framed 30-40
585.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas attributed to William Whitehouse, shoulder length portrait of William Shakespeare inscribed verso Shakespeare, W Whitehouse, Pinxt, 54 x 44 cm in moulded gilt frame and gilt slip 100-150
586.    A pair of early 20th century watercolours of mountainous river landscapes, one signed bottom right R Herdman-Smith with label verso attributing them to Robert Herdman-Smith, 25 x 36 cm in textured frames 25-30
587.    A 20th century oil painting on board by Norman Battershill of a wooded landscape, inscribed verso Norman Battershill RBA ROI PS, Sussex - Landscape, Mall Galleries label with Sussex address details, in wooden and gilt frame 30-40
588.    A 20th century watercolour study of oval form showing a still life with basket of flowers, signed bottom right M Delecrise? dated 1921, 64 cm max in oval moulded gilt frame 25-30
589.    An unusual painting on leather type panel of an Indian moghul type scene with lovers in an interior setting, 69 x 49 cm in wooden frame, together with a pair of posters relating to Aboriginal paintings in the Robert Holmes a Court collection, showing works after Tommy Lowry Tjapltjarri and Turkey Tolson Tjupurrula, 79 x 59 cm approx in simple black frames 25-30
590.    An early 20th century continental oil painting on canvas, possibly over a printed or photographic base, showing a full length study of a solemn faced young boy in cap and navy blue suit accompanied by a German Shepherd type dog, signed bottom left Henri Jonuschat and dated 1912, 120 x 84 cm in moulded scrolling and pierced gilt frame 60-80
591.    A pair of early 20th century oil paintings on board of mountainous lake scenes with Hugo Lang & Co of Liverpool retailer mark verso, 60 x 30 cm in simple frames 25-30
592.    A 19th century bust length watercolour portrait of a bearded man, signed to right W Percy and dated 1884, understood to be a self portrait of William Percy (portrait artist of Manchester), 33 x 28 cm in wooden gilt frame (together with accompanying information) 50-80
593.    A large coloured map of Scotland of Old showing coats of arms and crests, published by The National Trust of Scotland, 101 x 77 cm in simple black frame, together with an unframed wall chart showing the world produced for Hapage-Lloyd AG 20-25
594.    A contemporary oil painting on board of a garden scene with figure and labelled verso Alice J Adams, In a Cotswold garden and with Stroud address details, 34 x 24 cm, together with a coloured map of Gloucestershire after Robert Morden, a pair of watercolours by Alfred N Neate both showing churches at Clapham, a signed coloured limited edition print after Raoul Millais showing mares and foals, a contemporary needlework sampler in the 18th century manner, etc 30-50
595.    Six various pen and ink and collage architectural drawings by Rex Savidge, dating from the 1950s and including a design for a Unesco office in the Secretairiate Building dated July 1953, designs for a city precinct including offices of the Norwich Union and the Newcastle Chronicle signed Savidge and dated 57, etc, sheet size 58 x 80 cm approx in clipped frames, together with one further empty clip frame, a further watercolour by Rex Savidge showing the Brownings' Church Hydra, etc 40-60
596.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas of a coastal scene with fishing boats etc, 24 x 35 cm, a further small oil painting on board of a Dutch style winter scene with skaters and windmill, 11 x 13 cm, a black and white etching showing Bourton On The Water by Peter Grahame, further etching of a city river scene signed Dorothy Woollard, an oil painting on canvas of still life with vase of chrysanthemums signed bottom right Sorwani?, a watercolour of a river scene signed Pamela Hicks, an unusual watercolour in graduated tones of grey and sepia with a male head emerging, etc, various sizes all framed 40-60
597.    A 19th century continental school oil painting on canvas of oval form showing a party of male and female figures, ox drawn hay cart, distant townscape, etc, 61 cm max overall size in moulded and pierced gilt frame 150-180
598.    Two oil paintings on canvas by Vernon Wethered of a classical style temple and landscape, both inscribed and signed verso, together with a charcoal study of a harvesting scene by the same hand, an oil painting on canvas by Alan Durman showing a river scene and a 20th century oil painting on canvas of a colourful cityscape river scene indistinctly signed bottom left and inscribed Dresden, various sizes together with photographic frames and "Paul and Virginia" published 1888 (limited edition) 30-40
599.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas of oval form showing three quarter length study of a mother holding her young child, 90 cm max dimensions in embossed gilt frame and an oval gilt mount 200-300
600.    A 19th century Italian school watercolour by Achille De Dominicis showing a bearded male figure in Italian national costume incorporating a hat, sheepskin coat, sheepskin breeches and shown whittling a fence post, with a distant Rome cityscape, to the background incorporating the dome of St Peters and signed bottom right initial DE Dominicis and inscribed Roma, 41 x 26 cm in moulded gilt frame 100-150
601.    A pair of humorous black and white pen and ink caricatures by Frank Reynolds, one showing a small boy instructing a little girl about the virtues of a car, the other showing a lady golfer riding a bicycle and being splashed by another lady golfer driving a large car, both signed bottom left Frank Reynolds, 16 x 23 cm approx in simple black frames, together with a coloured print of a pair of Kestrels, after Mike Atkinson 40-60
602.    A 20th century limited edition screen print by Sylvia Worthington showing a Venetian canal scene with gondolas, signed bottom right and inscribed Venezia edition number 6/75, 43 x 64 cm in white frame with linen and gilt slip 40-60
603.    A 20th century coloured limited edition screen print by Sheila Robinson showing a pair of pigeons feeding at a fountain and with figures seated at a cafe nearby signed bottom right Sheila Robinson and dated 1976, inscribed Fountain Istanbul, edition 3/50, 52 x 74 cm in silver coloured aluminium frame 120-150
604.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas of a colourful coastal scene with figures seated at a beach side cafe, signed bottom left Howe and with label verso Peter G Howe and Chewton Mendip address details, 56 x 70 cm, together with further pictures and prints including a first world war coloured print - goodbye old man, a framed applique cushion cover with printed fabric panel showing flags of the allies, portrait of King George V, etc, a framed souvenir napkin showing a programme of King George V and Queen Mary's visit to South Wales and Bristol, a coloured print after J M W Turner of figures outside a cottage, etc, various sizes, all framed 40-60
605.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas of oval form, half length portrait of a lady in grey dress with red sash, 71 cm oval max in wide moulded gilt frame and gilt mount 60-80
606.    Three 19th and early 20th century posters advertising property auctions including sale of the residence of Park House at Thornbury by Messrs Rainey dated 30th October 1865, 84 x 55 cm, sale of the contents of The Chantry by Moses Smith & Sons on 13/14th July 1903, 100 x 63 cm and a catalogue of the sale of a farmhouse at Tockington, Gloucestershire by Mr John Taylor, April 16th 1852, 70 x 40 cm 60-80
607.    Three signed coloured prints after Archibald Thorburn showing red grouse, a robin and a wren and a pair of blue tits on teasels, signed in pencil bottom left and published by W F Embleton, 27 x 19 cm in simple wooden frames, together with a watercolour of a battleship, signed initials EWN, a coloured print after Cecil Aldin of sleeping dogs - Relaxation and a set of three coloured humorous prints of ladies in a donkey drawn cart (in one frame) together with a native painting on bark in tones of blue and white showing exotic birds 60-80
608.    A large 19th century oil painting on canvas of an unusual subject showing a mountainous landscape with a party of ladies and gentlemen being dragged along in a rustic type sledge by a party of unwilling men and boys and accompanied by a running dog, with signature bottom right C Savage, 75 x 127 cm in a moulded frame and gilt slip 150-180
609.    A pair of 20th century gouache studies by Janet Rawlins (born 1931) of a city street scene and a market scene, signed bottom left and bottom right and inscribed verso Street Corner and Market Day, Janet Rawlins, 37 x 54 cm approx in gilt frames 100-120
610.    A late 19th century watercolour of a village street scene with figures, horse drawn cart, etc, signed bottom left L Lewis and dated 99 and with Bonington Gallery, Bournemouth label verso, 24 x 34 cm in gilt frame 30-50
611.    An early 19th century coloured engraving after Henry Alken from the Sporting Anecdotes Series - Fighting It Out, or Colonel and The Kentucky Boatman, plate sixteen, 29 x 37 cm in black and gilt frame 30-50
612.    A 20th century pencil and charcoal and wash study by Alfred Daniels of a row of buildings incorporating an archway, signed bottom left Alfred Daniels and dated 1975, 33 x 61 cm in gold coloured aluminium frame 80-100
613.    A 20th century gouache and pencil study by Rowland Hilder showing a river landscape with grazing cattle, distant power station, understood to be West Burton power station in Nottinghamshire, signed bottom right Roland Hilder, 42 x 56 cm in simple white frame 300-500
614.    An early 20th century oil painting on board of a river landscape, signed bottom right T H Ose Koste? 42 x 33 cm in moulded gilt frame 80-100
615.    A pair of early 20th century gouache and watercolour studies of middle eastern style scenes including a camel and rider, indistinctly signed bottom left and bottom right mighetti 31 x 47 cm in simple black frames
616.    An early 20th century watercolour of a coastal scene with horse drawn sand carts and figures inscribed verso Sand Carts In Kerry - SLH Drew, with further presentation details and artist address details for West Cott, Surrey, 26 x 36 cm approx in moulded gilt frame 250-300
617.    An early 20th century coloured engraving after Hans Holbein showing Jane Seymour inscribed bottom right and signed Charles Bird, 50 x 40 cm in green frame with gilt slip 25-30
618.    A collection of black and white photographs of naval battleships and other maritime related subjects, together with a 19th century black and white caricature from Punch dated 1881 and showing a naval dinner, various sizes, all framed 25-30
619.    A collection of small framed reproduction advertising posters for Singer sewing machine, Chivers jellies, Nestle's milk, etc, mostly in small burrwood style frames with gilt slips, etc 20-30
620.    A collection of seven oil paintings on board by Sheila Walker, mainly of landscape subjects, approximate size 18 x 23 cm together with a further collection of wooden frames, etc 25-30
621.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas, half length portrait of an elderly woman smoking a pipe and seated at a table laid with a cup and saucer, 98 x 83 cm in gilt frame 100-120
622.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas by William Merrett Hodges (1891-1961) showing a lady in black and green evening dress in landscape setting, signed bottom right Merrett Hodges, 76 x 63 cm, unframed 60-80
623.    A 20th century coloured signed print after Edith le Breton - The Winter Wedding, signed bottom right and inscribed with presentation details, dated 72, 60 x 50 cm in wooden and gilt frame, (Member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts 1952-66 and The Lancashire Group of Artists - together with biographical details) 25-30
624.    A coloured printed map of Gloucestershire after Robert Morden, a 19th century sepia watercolour landscape, a pine framed mirror, a South American type folk art fabric applique panel incorporating brightly coloured fabrics and showing a market scene, etc, various sizes, all framed 25-30
625.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas painted in the pallet knife technique and showing an extensive landscape, signed with initials bottom right A.R.P., 72 x 89 cm in gilt frame 40-50
626.    A 20th century signed coloured artists proof screen print by Walter Hoyle - Winter Trees showing a landscape at sunset, signed bottom right Walter Hoyle inscribed Winter Trees AP 7/15, 48 x 62 cm in wooden and gilt frame 100-150
627.    A 20th century Eastern European oil painting on canvas of a snow scene with multi turreted palace, signed bottom right C Tenh and dated 1980? 24 x 17 cm in wide moulded gilt frame and gilt slip 30-50
628.    An early 20th century oil painting on canvas of a shoulder length portrait of a young woman, 34 x 27 cm unframed, together with a bust length watercolour portrait of a man in fur coat and cap, 24 x 19 cm, a coloured etching of a seated woman and two late 19th century photographic portraits 30-50
629.    A pair of framed oriental studies of birds and flowering trees, together with a further pair of oriental raffia work pictures 20-25
630.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas of a city scene with figures, 35 x 45 cm together with two oil paintings on board by Dorothy Light of landscape subjects 46 x 58 cm max, and an unusual 20th century reverse painting on plastic of Dodie Masterman of a garden scene, signed with initials bottom right and inscribed verso Grotto In A Garden, 23 x 27 cm, all framed 40-50
631.    A late 19th century watercolour and gouache study of a coastal scene with ruined castle, etc, 45 x 67 cm, a pair of 19th century watercolours of continental street scenes in Dieppe, signed bottom right E Lewis, 35 x 24 cm together with a framed set of Players cigarette cards from the National Flags and Coat of Arms Series 25-30
632.    A pair of 1920s watercolour and body colour caricatures in the manner of Mabel Lucie Attwell showing a baby at a dressing table and a pair of children embracing - signed bottom right Lillian Johnson, and inscribed Copy, 28 x 18 cm approx, together with a 1930s gouache study of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 19 x 26 cm approx 30-40
633.    A set of four early 19th century watercolour and bodycolour caricatures showing various humorous coaching scenes including a lady and gentlemen in a carriage pulled by a reluctant donkey, three ladies in a donkey drawn carriage and riding on a donkey on a coastal pathway, etc, 9 x 14 cm approx in simple wooden frames 30-50
634.    A 19th century oil painting on board showing an interior scene with elderly man and dog seated beside the death bed of a female figure, with open bible to one side, 28 x 22 cm, unframed 30-50
635.    A collection of four early 20th century miniature portraits after Gainsborough, Reynolds, etc showing elegant ladies, young boys, etc, all of oval form, maximum dimension 8 cm approx, all in faceted ivory type frames 30-50
636.    A collection of three early 20th century portrait miniatures in the 18th and 19th century manner, all showing elegant female characters, one possibly representing the Empress Josephine, max size 8 cm approx in black and gilt frames, together with a further pair of printed miniature portraits of a lady and gentlemen in 19th century style costume in gilt frames 40-60
637.    A quantity of unframed early 19th century coloured caricature engravings showing Dr Syntax published 1812 by R Ackermann, 14 x 23 cm approx 25-30
638.    An early 19th century portrait miniature bust length study of a young girl wearing a coral necklace and checked dress, of oval form, maximum measurement 6 cm approx in black gilt frame 60-80
639.    An early 20th century miniature portrait showing a bust length study of King Charles I after Van Dyck, inscribed Van Dyck, 6 cm max in faceted ivory frame 40-60
640.    A good quality 19th century portrait miniature of rectangular form showing a three quarter length study of an elegant seated lady in rust coloured lace trimmed dress and wearing a blue crucifix and matching hair ornament, 10 cm x 8 cm in folding leather frame 80-100
641.    An early 20th century Indian moghul type miniature portrait of oval form of a seated female character in a curtained interior, 11 cm maximum overall, with label verso Jad Bai, bought of Asswau 1911, in ornate cast gilt metal frame 350-400
642.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas of a landscape, signed bottom right F Baron ? 43 x 53 cm in gilt frame 30-50
643.    A quantity of pictures and prints including a 20th century watercolour of an interior scene with bowl of fruit and view through a window to a distant mountainous landscape, indistinctly signed bottom right, 67 x 43 cm, a black and white study of a woodland scene with heightened white detail, a watercolour study of a jug of tulips signed Pandora Smith and dated 1985, three signed coloured limited edition lithographs by Virginia Powell including an interior scene, a miniature style gouache study of a garden scene by Robert C Bates, dated bottom right and dated 70 and with Lumley Cazalet Ltd label verso, 17 x 13 cm etc, various sizes, all framed 40-60
644.    A gouache painting by Kevin Hughes showing a rural landscape with farm buildings, signed bottom left and dated 84, with label verso The Milking Sheds by Kevin Hughes, Marshfield, 46 x 59 cm, together with a further work by the same hand showing a landscape with stone and brick wall and archway, signed and dated 84, label verso Shire Hill, 28 x 24 cm both in simple wooden frames 80-120
645.    A collection of pictures and prints including an oil painting on card of the deposition from the Cross, signed bottom right Michael P J and dated 1972, 60 x 41 cm, a coloured print of running horses after Routledge, a further coloured print of stylised horses, a collection of six mahogany frames, etc 25-30
646.    A 20th century oil painting on board of a Second World War battle scene with tank, aircraft, exploding shells, etc, signed bottom right A Blackburn, 60 x 96 cm, together with a further oil painting on board of the cruise ship Normandie accompanied by tug boats and signed bottom left Gallagher RE, inscribed Normandie and indistinctly dated 1935?, 55 x 74 cm in gilt frame 50-100
647.    A portfolio and a box containing an extensive collection of watercolours, drawings, etc, including portrait studies, landscapes, etc, together with a folder of Polish black and white photographic prints of townscapes, 19th century topographical engravings, etc 25-30
648.    A 20th century pastel study of a still life with vase of pink roses, signed bottom right Joy Codd, 43 x 39 cm together with a coloured print showing summer flowers including hollyhocks, phlox, lupins, etc 25-30
649.    A 19th century coloured print of a scene in the House of Commons after the painting by F Sargent, published by Beckmann Brothers, 56 x 94 cm approx, together with a key to those depicted, also together with a 19th century needlework picture showing The Last Supper, 65 x 58 cm approx in rosewood frame with gilt slip 25-30
650.    A pair of early 20th century ink studies of the head of a French bulldog and a deer hound, 6 x 8 cm, a signed coloured limited edition print after Jill Evans of a dacshund, a gouache study of cowslips and primroses, signed bottom right C M Cadogan and dated 1992, a pair of oval silhouette miniature portraits in the 19th century manner, a pair of miniature watercolour miniature studies of coastal scenes by Peter Toms, etc 30-50
651.    A pair of Japanese coloured woodblock prints by Utagawa Hiroshige of a an encounter of warriors on a bridge and a further procession of warriors in a coastal setting, 23 x 35 cm framed, together with a further pair of Japanese woodblock prints one showing ducks after Yuzen Mi Yazaki, the other showing chrysanthemums after Mitsuoki Tosa, 27 x 39 cm and a further oriental coloured print of a woodpecker, 14 x 28 cm in simple black frame 700-800
652.    A pair of black and white engravings after Fred Slocomb, one showing a woodcutter and the other a university scholar on a woodland path, 25 x 18 cm, together with a pair of framed sets of Kensitas silks of floral subjects, further cigarette cards, etc 25-30
654.    A pair of watercolours of coastal scenes with fishermen and women, beached sailing boat, horse drawn cart, etc, signed bottom right W G D Hill, one inscribed verso Unloading the Catch, near Whitby, signed W G D Hill, ARCA 1909 - 1994, 35 x 51 cm in beaded gilt frames, together with a set of six 19th century black and white engravings each showing various sea creatures including swordfish, seals, whales, etc, together with freshwater fish 40-60
655.    Two late 19th/early 20th century oriental parchment scrolls, one with painted decoration of a buddha-like deity holding a lotus flower and raised on a lotus pedestal against a background of clouds, 98 x 50 cm, the other showing a pair of ducks in a landscape setting amongst peony type flowers, 90 x 42 cm, unframed
656.    A large 18th century engraved map of the County of Gloucester by William Faden, dated 1789 and showing Berkeley Castle, Thornbury Church and castle, etc, 133 x 118 cm in gilt frame 40-60
657.    A large late 19th century black and white engraving after Rembrandt, The Night Watch, signed in pencil bottom right Charles Waltner and published 1887 by Boussord Valadon and Co, 71 x 95 cm in wooden frame with gilt slip 30-50
658.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas of a rustic scene with female figure at a cottage doorway, further figures, water mill, etc, 51 x 75 cm in moulded and swept gilt frame and gilt slip, together with a 20th century oil painting on board of a country landscape with distant church spire, 50 x 58 cm in frame with distressed finish 200-220
659.    A 20th century oil painting on board showing two steam locomotives signed bottom right Young and inscribed verso Brian Young and with Nailsea, Bristol address details and dated 1975, 30 x 56 cm, unframed, together with three further coloured prints of railway related subjects 25-30
660.    An early 20th century watercolour of a river scene with figures in a punt, signed bottom left F Pearson and inscribed to mount "Near Lewes, Sussex", F Pearson. 19cm x 41cm approx in gilt frame 25-30
661.    An early 20th century oil painting on canvas of a still life with fruit basket, signed bottom left W Cockshott and dated 1913, 29cm x 44cm in gilt frame 25-30
671.    A stockbook of stamps from China and Thailand from early coiling dragons to 1960's. (Displayed in Cabinet) 80-100
672.    Two stockbooks and a folder containing mint GB stamps and presentation packs from QV to QE including Ads, traffic lights, cylinders, blocks. (Displayed in cabinet) 60-80
673.    GB and Commonwealth stamps from QV (4 margin) penny black, to KGVI in a black stockbook. (Displayed in cabinet) 200-300
674.    A mostly mint GB Commonwealth stamps collection in an album. (Displayed in cabinet)
675.    A large collection of world stamps in a Simplex album including French Colonies, GB Commonwealth, USA, Europe 50-80
676.    An accumulation of stamps from Belgium in a stock album and in sheets & part sheets 20-40
677.    Four albums containing a collection of world stamps including German Empire, Italy, Italian Colonies 60-80
678.    A folder containing old time pages and stock cards of early stamps from Japan 20-40
679.    An album of GB and Commonwealth stamps from QV to middle period 20-40
680.    A very large quantity of stamps from Australia, from earlies to modern in two stockbooks, album and stock pages 40-60
681.    Two Lighthouse stockbooks and stock pages containing a collection of GB Commonwealth QE stamps including Bahamas, British Solomon Islands, etc 20-40
682.    A large Lighthouse stockbook containing stamps from Grenadines of St Vincent 20-30
683.    A stockbook containing GB Commonwealth stamps from QV to QE 30-50
684.    Two folders of world stamps on Hagner stock pages including Russia, France, Romania, Netherlands 30-50
685.    A box containing a world and Commonwealth stamps collection in three albums, an old Richard Senf album (sparsely filled) and on loose pages 50-80
686.    A mixed selection of old postcards and cards including WWI silks and an olive wood flowers from the Holy land book 20-30
687.    Stamps from Switzerland in a stockbook from early imperf issues and including postage dues, SdN, BIT, etc 50-80
688.    Two folders of stamps on covers - GB, Commonwealth and world postal history 50-80
689.    Three boxes containing a large quantity of stamps, FDC's, albums, catalogues, et 30-50
690.    A collection containing a large quantity of world stamps in five folders 30-50
691.    A box containing a comprehensive collection of stamps and postal history from Czechoslovakia in albums and loose 50-80
692.    A box of stamps in sheets, mini sheets, on covers from Germany and the DDR 30-50
693.    Two albums and a stockbook containing World stamps (displayed in cabinet) 40-60
694.    Three albums containing a large quantity of FDCs and three pages of mixed worldwide stamps
695.    A box containing a large quantity of mixed loose stamps possibly many thousands 15-20
696.    A large quantity of unsorted British and worldwide stamps together with a bag containing further unsorted stamps and some FDCs etc 15-20
697.    Coronation anniversary album, a collection of Commonwealth FDCs, a number of mint issue stamps, postcards, etc 60-80
698.    A box containing a quantity of commonwealth stamps on postcard size display cards including some high value world stamps. Together with A4 cards containing mini sheets etc and a large bag of British mixed stamps. 40-60
699.    A collection of approx. 50 British Birds magazine various dates 1940's/1950's 30-50
700.    Seven stamp albums containing a quantity of British and worldwide stamps with one album containined in a bag with numerous mixed loose stamps, 3 stock books containing both British and worldwide stamps, 3albums containing a collection of FDC's together with some Mint Stamp collections etc 30-50
701.    A box containing a collection of mixed football catalogues of various dates 1970's/1980's, two 1950 editions of Boxing News, framed print of Dursley Church, etc 20-25
702.    Two folders containing a large collection of FDC's, an edition of "Pictures from Punch", Just Dogs by K F Barker, etc 20-25
703.    A late 19th century leather bound album with brass edging and clasp containing a collection of topographical and art photographic prints, together with a mahogany Napoleon hat mantle clock

704.    Six albums containing an extensive collection of traditional comic and saucy postcards with examples by Donald McGill, Rex etc; together with a book on the the same subject 40-60
705.    Two stamp albums containing a quantity of mainly British stamps dating from Queen Victoria onwards including Penny Red, Blue and Black examples (displayed in cabinet). 40-60
710.    Two volumes of Old England a Museum of Popular Antiquities published by James Sangster and Co, Paternoster Row, London 30-40
711.    A mixed collection of interesting books including The Water Babies illustrated by A E Jackson, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland illustrated by Sir John Tenniel published by Macmillan and Co Ltd 1962, Uncle Remus illustrated by J A Shepherd published Chatto and Windus, 1916 etc together with 3 volumes of Baedeker's Guides - Northern Italy, Southern France etc 30-50
712.    Memoires du duc de Saint-Simon, in 13 volumes published Paris 1864, Cinq-Mars by Alfred de Vigny etc 60-80
713.    An early 18th century leather bound bible printed by Charles Bill 1701 80-100
714.    Four bound editions of The Strand magazine 1892/1893 20-25
715.    Pictures of Life by John Leech series 1-5, two volumes Pictures from Punch, four bound volumes of Punch various dates, etc 40-50
716.    A collection of mixed books including a first edition of Told After Supper by J K Jerome, The Wallypug Birthday book by G E Farrow 1904, etc (approx 30 volumes) 20-30
717.    A late 19th century leather bound Bible with brass edging and clasps, a late 19th century edition of The Pilgrims Progress, published by Cassell, Petter & Galpin, an 1862 edition of Punch, etc. 30-40
718.    The Works of Charles Dickens in thirty volumes, Tavistock edition, published 1891. 30-50
719.    Four boxes of mixed books including a copy of Edward Heath Travels - People and Places in My Life, signed by the author, etc., together with a number of vintage children's books including German editions of Tom Sawyer and Winnie the Pooh, plus some memorabilia from the Melbourne Olympic Games 1956. 30-40
720.    Two volumes of Chatterbox (1914 & 1916), The Wonder Book of Children and The Wonder Book of Railways plus further children's books including Enid Blyton, etc., together with The Times Contour Road Map (edition deluxe).

721.    A boxed set in three volumes of An Artist's Life by Sir Alfred Munnings, published by Halsgrove, Analysis of the Hunting Field and nine assorted hunting books produced by The Surtees Society. 50-80
722.    A collection of books about the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire and related subjects including some early 20th century editions. 20-25
723.    A large collection of books, mainly about fox hunting, including seven volumes of The Badminton Library, a first edition of Moonraking by A G Street, illustrated by Lionel Edwards, etc., together with a small collection of royal commemorative china and a boxed clay pipe. 30-50
724.    Two boxes of books by and about Sir Winston Churchill together with a small quantity of military pamphlets and brochures. 30-40
725.    Four boxes containing an extensive collection of military related books, also including eight DVDs produced by The History Channel on the same subject and a folder containing various replica documents relating to the occupation of Jersey. 20-30
726.    A collection of approximately 150 LPs including David Bowie, Lou Reed, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, King Crimson, Blondie, etc. 60-80
727.    A collection of approximately forty classical music LPs together with a small collection of music soundtracks, compilation LPs and easy listening. 20-25
728.    A collection of mixed 45 RPM single records, mainly dating from the 1980s including The Beatles, Kraftwerk, David Bowie, Cat Stephens, etc. 20-25
729.    A collection of over thirty LPs including Punk, Indi, New Wave, etc., artists include The Cure, Adam Ant, The Nits, Nervous Germans, etc. 20-30
730.    A collection of approximately forty LPs, mainly rock and heavy metal, artists include Humble Pie, Thin Lizzy, Styx, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Sabbath, etc. 30-40
731.    A large collection of mixed rock and pop LPs, artists include Joe Walsh, Eric Clapton, Supertramp, Bee Gees, A Flock of Seagulls, etc., together with a number of 45 RPM records including some classical examples. 30-50
732.    A collection of mainly classical LPs together with a smaller collection of European folk and traditional music. 20-25
733.    A quantity (approx 100) of opera programmes - English and European 1990 - 2000 era, together with a reproduction brass 3 branch students lamp and small number of classical LPs.

734.    A box containing a large quantity of mixed Kraut, UK Progressive and German Rock LPs, including Frumpy, Grobschnitt, Birth Control etc (80 approx). 40-60
735.    A box containing a large quantity of Victor and The Wizard Comics, mostly dating from the 1970s.

736.    The Works of Charles Reade in eighteen volumes, published by Chatto & Windus, London, 1883 together with a collection of mixed late 19th century mixed literature . 20-30
737.    A collection of approximately thirty books about cricket and related subjects together with a Frenchay Cricket Club Centenary Book 1846-1946, edited by C H Reed. 20-25
738.    A first edition of Exmoor - The Riding Playground of England by Cecil Aldin, published 1935, Bridleways Through History by Lady Apsley, published 1936 with illustrations by Lionel Edwards together with a large collection of early to mid-20th century books about the countryside and related subjects. 20-30
739.    Six volumes of Cathedral, Abbeys and Churches, English, Goldsmiths and Their Marks, by Sir Charles James Jackson, published by Macmillan & Co. Limited 1921, various art related books, etc., together with an album entitled The Burlington Art Miniatures. 20-25
740.    Four volumes of The Battersea Boro'News dated 1914, 1915, 1918 and 1943. 100-120
741.    The Cyclopaedia of Arts and Science, the fourth edition corrected and amended with some editions - volume 2, published London 1741. 40-60
742.    An interesting collection of books including Atlas Van Fouquet, various motoring and motorcycle books, etc., together with a quantity of books and pamphlets about Alderney including an edition of The Homeland Handbook - volume 92, The Channel Islands, etc. 30-40
743.    Nine volumes of The Novels and Tales of Henry James, published New York 1922, etc 20-25
744.    A collection of books about embroidery and related subjects
745.    Asprey & Co, New Bond Street, reference library in eight volumes with original oak stand and Asprey, London label to the back. 40-60
995.    Pitch pine pew - 92 high x 52 wide x 290 long (cm) 50-80
996.    Pitch pine pew - 86 high x 55 wide x 210 long (cm) 50-80
997.    Pitch pine pew - 86 high x 54 wide x 232 long (cm) 50-80
998.    Pitch pine pew - 85 high x 55 wide x 236 long (cm) 50-80
999.    Pitch pine pew - 92 high x 49 wide x 273 long (cm) 50-80
1000.   Four glazed doors
1001.   A pair of painted cast aluminium garden terrace tables of circular form with pie crust outline and decorative pierced foliate detail raised on swept tripod supports. 60-80
1002.   A contemporary weathered teak garden table, the octagonal slatted panelled top raised on folding X framed supports.
1003.   A cast composition stone saddle stone with weathered domed cap. 40-60
1004.   One lot of mainly composition stone gardenware to include planters of various design with relief detail, bird bath, various ornaments, etc. 40-60
1005.   A weathered cast composition stone three sectional garden bench, the rectangular slab seat raised on a pair of column supports modelled as squirrels.
1006.   A vintage cast iron eight spoke implement wheel, 132 cm diameter approx.
1007.   A vintage heavy cast iron blacksmiths leg or post vice
1008.   A freestanding steel framed and wire mesh bird cage/aviary of hexagonal form with pyramid shaped roof. 100-150
1009.   A Wolseley Merry Tiller garden rotavator with Briggs & Stratton 5 HP engine together with various attachments to include a sickle mower, replacement rotor blades, spare engine, etc. 50-80
1010.   A Bramblecrest contemporary weathered teak garden/pool side lounger with slatted adjustable seat and headrest together with a further contemporary teak two tier drinks trolley.
1011.   Approximately 200 plus terracotta flowerpots of varying size. 80-120
1012.   A vintage wooden wheelbarrow with mint green painted finish. 60-80
1013.   A 19th century wrought iron pedestrian gate with vertical rails and spear finials, 3 ft wide approx.
1014.   A contemporary teak two seat garden bench with slatted seat and back joined by a central table/platform with parasol hole. 40-60
1015.   Two similar weathered cast composition stone garden planters of circular tapered and banded form, 2 ft diameter approx. 40-60
1016.   A weathered contemporary cast composition stone garden ornament in the form of a classical female figure, 83 cm high approx.
1016A.  A weathered cast composition stone garden ornament in the form of a female figure clutching a lamb, 74 cm high approx.
1017.   A weathered garden ornament in the form of a miniature well with seated characters, raised on a fluted column and base together with a further three tier waterfall.

1018.   Thirty nine folding pop chairs with light blue coloured moulded plastic seats and back rails supported by tubular frames. 40-60
1019.   A folding steel framed garden table with stained wooden slatted top together with a set of four matching further folding open armchairs.
1019A.  A well established cherry tree, 3 box, a buddleia, etc in moulded plastic pots/containers (8) 40-50
1019B.  A heavy cast iron garden table with circular top raised on a baluster column and disc shaped base together with a set of six matching open armchairs, all with decorative pierced scrolling and shell decoration, the chair arms with stylised dolphin supports 150-200
1020.   A contemporary stained hardwood three seat garden bench with slatted seat and back, 5 ft long approx. 40-60
1020A.  A pair of stained hardwood garden open armchairs with slatted seats and backs together with a further similar single chair and a folding garden table with octagonal slatted panel top. 40-60
1021.   A contemporary reproduction light steel two sectional tree seat with decorative open scrollwork and further detail with green painted finish. 60-80
1021A.  A teak D end extending garden table, the slatted top raise on square cut supports and sledge feet, united by a central stretcher together with a set of six (4&2) matching folding chairs, all with later painted finish 80-120
1021B.  A pair of teak steamer type folding garden armchairs with slatted seats and backs (later painted finish) 60-80
1022.   A contemporary weathered cast composition stone garden ornament in the form of a snoozing recumbent hound surrounding a shield shaped plaque with incised lettering 'Beware of the Dog'.
1023.   A contemporary two drawer painted vanity unit with white glazed ceramic wash basin and fittings.
1024.   A reclaimed contemporary heated towel rail.
1025.   A reclaimed Victorian cast iron bedroom fire grate/insert with foliate relief detail together with a small associated fender with pierced frieze. 40-60
1026.   A pair of vintage wooden Tyrolia skis with painted finish, complete with metal fittings.
1027.   Six similar small weathered marble urns, one with stepped square cut platform base. 80-120
1028.   An almost life size heavy hollow cast bronze figure of an Art Nouveau (c.1917) style female - The Lady of Wheat, raised on a circular stepped plinth, signed Auguste Moreau, 162 cm high approx, from a limited edition of only 27. 2000-2500
1029.   A contemporary resin but simulated weathered stone sculpture of entwined male and female dancers.
1030.   Three reclaimed green tinted leaded light casement window panels with diamond quarries and painted detail. 20-40
1031.   A reproduction painted cast metal floorstanding letter box with simulated tiled roof, crown finial and further relief detail. 80-100
1032.   A well detailed but weathered carved 19th century wooden figure of a boy in seated pose wearing a wide brimmed hat with allover distressed white painted finish, 72 cm high approx. 200-250
1033.   A weathered stone four sectional column with circular cap, fluted pillar and square cut platform base, 102 cm high approx. 80-120
1034.   A reclaimed exterior wall mounted sign of circular form advertising HSBC with shaped bracket. 100-120
1035.   A pair of 19th century carved wooden pilasters with cherub on a trailing fruit vine with scrolled detail, 74 cm high approx. 250-300
1036.   A contemporary hollow cast bronze sculpture in the form of male and female characters sheltering beneath an umbrella with allover verdigris finish. 80-120
1037.   A Victorian Chubb under-counter safe with fluted pumpkin shaped knob handle and later painted finish (complete with key), 44 cm square approx. 60-80
1038.   A contemporary wrought iron companion set with simple rope twist detail.
1039.   Three weathered cast composition stone garden urns of lobed circular squat form. 40-60
1040.   A weathered cast composition stone garden ornament in the form of a cockerel, 60 cm high approx (AF).
1041.   A contemporary cast composition stone garden ornament in the form of an owl with prey perched on a naturalistic base with painted finish and glass eyes, 40 cm high approx. 30-50
1042.   A reclaimed cast iron gas fire with decorative Neo-Classical relief detail; together with an iron bound tool chest with a selection of tools including planes etc
1043.   A Ryobi petrol driven mulching blower vacuum.
1044.   A vintage two man saw with ashwood handles.
1045.   A rustic vintage floorstanding side cupboard, partially enclosed by a ledge and brace door with distressed paint work and shelved interior, originally enclosed by two doors (one sadly missing).
1046.   A collection of seven weathered cast composition stone garden ornaments of animals in varying poses comprising two foxes, two hares, a rabbit, an otter and a dog and a model of Basil Brush (8).
1047.   A carved oak corbel with well defined lions mask, acanthus and scrolled detail, 107 cm high approx. 200-250
1048.   A reclaimed pine framed casement window of arched form with segmented rectangular glazed panels and opening light together with a further reclaimed ledge and brace internal door with strapwork hinges and thumb latch, the window 7ft high (213 cm) x 3 ft wide (91 cm) approx.
1049.   A pair of rustic (well used) but sturdy workman's pine trestles.
1050.   Three vintage long loop handled industrial stokers fire tools/irons. 40-60
1051.   A continental shire horse collar with painted framework.

1052.   A pair of reclaimed stripped pine fire surrounds with chamfered detail and moulded corbels, mantle 100 cm wide approx together with a copper fender 40-60
1053.   Two weathered cast composition stone garden ornaments in the form of classical maidens in varying pose, the tallest 90 cm approx. 60-80
1054.   A stripped and waxed pine two sectional bookcase/display shelves with architectural mouldings and open two divisional fixed shelves raised on bracket shaped supports, 200 cm wide x 32 cm deep x 218 cm high approx. 150-250
1055.   A pair of contemporary polished mahogany two divisional bottle stands/wine coolers of rectangular form with rounded corners and removable lid with brass ring collars and painted interior. 60-80
1056.   A pair of contemporary polished mahogany two divisional bottle stands/wine coolers of rectangular form with rounded corners and removable lid with brass ring collars and painted interior 150-250
1057.   A substantial wall mirror, the oak architectural oak frame with turned columns with corinthium capitals flanking an arched mirror plate, 245 cm high x 150 cm wide. 200-250
1058.   An Edwardian oak wall mirror, the frame with concave borders and applied mouldings together with a modern oak wall mirror with bevelled edged mirror plate, the tray base with spindle moulded gallery. 40-60
1059.   A beech wood stump mounted with a taxidermy red squirrel and pine martin. 40-60
1060.   A late 19th century floorstanding mirror, the rectangular bevelled edge plate set within a carved and moulded framework, 180 cm high approx. 80-100
1061.   A large late 19th century wall mirror walnut frame with moulded detail, car frieze a pair of architectural fluted column supports flanking a rectangular mirror plate 196cm high x 132cm wide approx 100-150
1062.   A late 19th century wall mirror the walnut frame with shaped outline and trailing floral detail flanking a bevel edged plate 140cm high x 100cm wide approx 60-80
1063.   A wall mirror of rectangular form stepped and moulded frame with oak leaf and acorn detail surrounding a triple bevel edged plate with gilt borders 134cm x 85cm approx 100-120
1064.   A Victorian gilt framed overmantle mirror of arched form with moulded detail 130cm wide approx 80-120
1065.   A fan shaped wall mirror with segmented bevel edged plates and gold painted finish, 152cm long x 87cm high approx 60-80
1066.   An overmantle the painted and distressed gilt and panelled frame incorporating a rectangular mirror plate and oil on canvas flanking a pair of wall lights 127cm x 145cm high spprox 150-200
1067.   A Georgian style wall mirror of oval form the bevelled edge plate set within a cast metal frame with training foliates and further detail beneath a urn surmount 73cm wide x 145cm high approx 60-80
1068.   A Victorian style gilt framed overmantle mirror of arched form with a moulded frame with scrolling acanthus pediment 120cm wide x 90cm high 70-90
1069.   A Victorian wall mirror of shield shaped form with moulded frame 40-60
1070.   A Georgian style wall mirror the rectangular moulded frame with fretwork outline unusually in fruitwood 40-60
1071.   An Edwardian mahogany overmantle mirror with rectangular bevelled edge plate flanked by moulded arch panels beneath a blind fretwork frieze together with two others 40-60
1072.   A pair of good quality inlaid Edwardian rosewood breakfront cabinets ajoined by a central panel with circular bevelled edge plate and inlaid floral and further marquetry detail (originally upper section of chiffonier or side cabinet)
1073.   Four contemporary wall mirrors of varying size and design two with bevelled edge mirror plates
1074.   One lot of miscellaneous items to include an oak side table, two shallow frieze drawers raised on shaped supports and under tier, a Singer treddle sewing machine with cast iron base, an early 20th century painted wash stand with tiled top and splash back, a two tier occasional table with chipped carved detail further occasional table with circular brass top, a standard lamp with partial twist stem, two tier tea trolley, a collection of vintage and later printed tins, 6 branch electrolier etc
1075.   A Georgian style mirror, the figured and burr walnut frame with fret carved outline
1076.   A good quality Venetian style triple folding dressing table mirror with bevelled edge plates and surround 40-60
1077.   A pub mirror advertising Newcastle Brown Ale set within a moulded pine frame 30-50
1078.   An overmantle mirror with moulded frame
1079.   A substantial 19th century floorstanding mirror set within carved and moulded walnut frame, 195 cm x 150 cm wide approx 100-150
1080.   A 19th century Japanese single bed with carved and moulded floral detail
1081.   Two continental oak bed steads with shaped and moulded oultines to accept 4ft 6 mattresses
1082.   A vintage coach built pram by Marmet with sprung chromium plated frame and under tray
1083.   A Mission Trilogy adults tricycle 40-60
1084.   An Electrike Brosker Sport bike with electric power pack in a red colourway with charger, carrying basket, etc 60-80
1085.   A vintage railway station sign 'Old Hill' (on the Birmingham/Stourbridge line), 35 cm x 210 cm 40-60
1086.   A set of vintage stripped and waxed pine racking containing a large quantity of pine drawers, many with brass fittings, 180 cm x 120 cm approx 60-80
1087.   An Edwardian oak bookcase of full height enclosed by four doors, two with leaded light panels beneath a carved frieze
1088.   Georgian oak country made hanging corner cupboard enclosed by a single panelled door with shaped shelves
1089.   A stripped pine two sectional corner cupboard of full height, partially enclosed by panelled doors together with further open shelves with iron work fittings
1090.   Georgian oak hanging corner cupboard enclosed by a panelled door with brass butterfly hinges and shaped shelves
1091.   A Victorian walnut sutherland tea table of usual form raised on turned and fluted supports and feet 100-120
1092.   A cue rack, a number of snooker cues, balls, triangle, brush, etc 30-50
1093.   A Georgian style oak low boy with three drawers on shaped supports
1094.   An old English style oak chest of two long and two short drawers set within a panelled frame together with raised mirror back 40-60
1095.   A Victorian pine washstand with original simulated grained mahogany finish and simulated marble top
1096.   A painted pine chest of three long and two short drawers on turned supports 80-100
1097.   A pair of pine side cupboards, each enclosing three frieze drawers
1098.   A Victorian mahogany veneered chest of three long and two short drawers on turned supports 50-70
1099.   A set of hanging oak wall shelves and a further floorstanding set
1100.   A 19th century stripped and waxed pine clerks/school house desk with rising lid over a kneehole arrangement, the cupboard doors with panelled finish, 130 cm wide 60-80
1101.   A Victorian book/letter press 40-60
1102.   Two individual ramps in aluminium
1103.   A Victorian mahogany wardrobe enclosed by two arched and panelled doors over a single frieze drawer
1104.   A Corby 20200 electric trouser press in a white colourway virtually unused
1105.   A steel filing cabinet enclosing five graduated drawers, 100 cm tall
1106.   A World war II gun site number 51 L.C. Mark 1.S dated 1945, together with a set of bleached stag antlers
1107.   An Edwardian oak hall settle with shaped outline enclosing a single frieze drawer on baluster supports and with painted finish
1108.   A Victorian pine chest of two long and two short drawers on turned supports 60-80
1109.   A late 19th century pine chest of two long and two short drawers on turned supports with stained finish
1110.   A painted pine cupboard, the lower section enclosed by two doors, the upper section by one long and two short drawers
1111.   A large quantity of flower arranging baskets and props, two vintage tennis rackets and a painted wicker chair with option to convert to nursing rocking chair 50-80
1112.   A 19th century pine blanket chest
1113.   A substantial pine blanket chest with iron carrying handles
1114.   Miscellaneous 19th century and other domestic metal ware including iron kettle, copper coffee pot, a wicker basket containing a quantity of kitchenalia, bread board, shovel, etc 90-110
1115.   A quantity of vintage galvanised iron watering cans, iron framed table on x shaped support, vintage jerry can, etc 40-60
1116.   A large quantity of stone jars with salt glazed finish including an example for W Embry, family grocer of Wells, White Brothers (London) ginger beer brewers dated 1914, etc 50-80
1117.   A leather suitcase containing a quantity of horse bridles, 19th century brass trivet, vintage Singer sewing machine, bread crock, wicker basket and fabric contents, etc
1118.   A 19th century copper coal scuttle, pair of oak barley twist candlesticks, copper warming pan, vintage luggage, etc
1119.   A set of eight Georgian style north country fruitwood dining chairs with vase shaped splats, solid seats raised on square cut supports with H shaped rails 80-100
1120.   A set of six Regency style sabre leg dining chairs with drop in seats
1121.   A contemporary ashwood framed fireside chair with upholstered seat and back
1122.   A substantial Edwardian wing chair in the Georgian style with cabriole supports
1123.   A set of five Victorian oak dining chairs with carved rampant lion and cartouche cresting rails raised on turned and fluted supports and stretchers
1124.   A Tormek Supergrind bench mounted grinder ZYLISF four in one vice, plain bench, clamp and clueing press, a Bosch cutting unit, number S8, a Bosch pillar drill support, etc
1125.   A 19th century stripped and waxed pine hod with shaped carrying handles 50-70
1126.   A collection of vintage timber moulding planes, a collection of vintage saws, micrometers, etc
1127.   A Fridgidaire counter top refrigerator, a terracotta bread crock and cover, a Bush MCA20 top load cd player FM/MW tuner with cassette deck and speakers (still boxed)
1128.   A wicker picnic basket containing twelve Cath Kidston floral and brightly detailed mugs 40-50
1129.   A Dualit four divisional toaster with chromium and stainless steel finish
1130.   An iron fire grate, brass coal scuttle and four cast iron claw and ball supports, a Mr Punch door stop, set of 19th century brass and iron balance scales and further collection of hand tools
1131.   An Edwardian domed top trunk with timber lathes and partially fitted interior
1132.   Two 19th century pine blanket boxes one with original grained finish 50-70
1133.   A quantity of vintage hand tools including large wrench, hand drill, etc
1134.   A large quantity of workshop effects mainly hand tools of all types (unsorted)
1135.   An Emco Star (Austrian) electric workshop combination tool including circular saw, belt sander, electric planer, etc, with one horse power motor 80-100
1136.   A 19th century riveted copper cauldron, 58 cm in diameter and fire irons and dogs 60-80
1137.   A Power 8 workshop by CEL, the compact travelling case containing a selection of hand tools including jigsaw, power pack, power torch, drill, circular saw, etc
1138.   A pair of iron entrance gates ground mounted latches
1139.   Miscellaneous iron household fittings including a six grill radiator with enamelled finish, sundry door knob, hook, together with a collection of turned furniture legs, stool, frame in walnut, etc
1140.   An Edwardian smokers bow elbow chair, an oval inlaid Edwardian occasional table, a further table, tiled top table, etc
1141.   A miscellaneous collection of several sets of brass stair rods in various patterns
1142.   Two model pond craft, and a glass fibre pond speed boat hull (3)
1143.   A Mini Streaker off shore racer, 140 cm in length (no engine)
1145.   Seven various 19th century Windsor elm and beech kitchen chairs (bar and lathe back examples) 60-80
1146.   A contemporary upholstered box ottoman of square cut form with rising lid
1147.   Four brass frames used with museum cabinets to enclose plate glass, 180 x 58 max
1148.   Two pine boards mounted with ten pairs of good quality iron exterior door fittings
1149.   A weathered teak and elm bench of rectangular form, a weathered clerks stool, further Windsor stool with elm top, further primitive oak stool, etc
1150.   An Edwardian oak dresser, the base enclosed by three central doors flanked by two cupboards raised on baluster supports
1151.   A stripped and waxed flight of library steps in the form of a metamorphic chair and a further stripped and waxed pine occasional table and one other
1152.   A simple oak coffer with carved lancet detail, a brass cauldron with lion mask handle, a stripped and waxed pine wall cupboard, two occasional tables, etc
1153.   A cottage dresser in pine, the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors and two frieze drawers with simple three tier plate rack above, 140 cm wide
1154.   A 1920s display cabinet with chinoiserie finish and short cabriole supports. 60-80
1155.   A Victorian tower of three drawers in pine.
1156.   A contemporary solid oak side cupboard enclosed by three panelled doors and three drawers, 155 cm long approx. 80-120
1157.   A stuffed and mounted badger on a silver birch log.
1158.   A pair of pine chests, each enclosing three short drawers.
1159.   A contemporary solid oak chest of three long and two short drawers with iron plate handles, 100 cm wide approx.
1160.   An oak chest of five long graduated drawers with carved detail together with a further similar cabinet partially enclosed by two panelled doors over two drawers.
1161.   An oak side cupboard of simple form enclosed by two doors and two drawers on short bracket supports.
1162.   A small painted pine dresser, the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors and two drawers, with open centre, the upper section with a further arrangement of drawers and cupboards, 100 cm wide approx.
1163.   A contemporary butlers tray and stand of usual form, a further painted tray and folding stand together with a Victorian mahogany wall bracket with scrolled support and Persian style rug
1164.   A stripped pine side cupboard enclosed by two frieze drawers and two panelled doors together with a further pine chest of two drawers, 100 cm wide approx. 60-80
1165.   A stripped pine side table fitted with two frieze drawers on turned supports, a Georgian mirror with oval mirror plate on a skeleton frame, a further Edwardian fold over top tea table together with two stools, an oval inlaid Edwardian mirror and an Indian hardwood occasional table on turned supports, cherry wood bedside cupboard, stripped pine towel rail

1166.   A mahogany side or hall table of rectangular form raised on turned supports.
1167.   A small late 19th century Dutch oak wall cupboard with glazed panels, 73 cm tall approx.
1168.   A satin walnut bedroom chest fitted with three long drawers with raised mirror back.
1169.   A 19th century continental side cupboard enclosed by a single panelled door and frieze drawer on bracket supports, 80 cm wide approx.
1170.   A teak wood chest of three long and two short drawers with flush fitting brass handles. 60-80
1171.   A mixed collection of 19th century chairs including Georgian ashwood example with solid seat on square cut supports, a Hepplewhite style shield back chair, etc (4).
1172.   A 19th century stripped pine dresser base, the front elevation enclosed by five drawers (disguised as six), the top with partially hinged cover and shaped back, 120 cm wide approx. 80-100
1173.   A 19th century chest of three long and two short drawers.
1174.   An oak coffer with panelled front, an oval occasional table with folding frame, a further rectangular occasional table in mahogany, a school desk, a small sewing chair and two trays.
1175.   A pair of turned timber table lamps of bulbous form with matt black finish on square cut bases. 40cm high approx
1176.   An Old English style oak occasional table of rectangular form raised on four gun barrel supports, 100 cm maximum approx. 20-40
1177.   A 19th century stripped pine side cupboard enclosed by two panelled doors, 100 cm wide approx. 70-90
1178.   Three good quality heavy leather vintage suitcases.
1179.   A 19th century stripped pine meat cupboard with a zinc grill to the door.
1180.   An oak side cupboard enclosing a side-by-side arrangement of ten short drawers, 70 cm wide approx. 60-80
1181.   A late Victorian oak school desk and seat, the seat in elm with waxed finish.
1182.   A Victorian birch wood chest of three long and two short drawers on bracket supports. 50-80
1183.   Taxidermy interest - A stuffed and mounted fox in begging pose on timber base. 50-80
1184.   A 19th century stripped pine kitchen cabinet enclosed by two pairs of doors and a central drawer, 100 cm wide approx. 60-80
1185.   A vintage upright cupboard painted and stencilled three times with the word 'Stretcher' enclosing an original emergency stretcher. 40-60
1186.   A mid-20th century oak cased grandmother clock, the arched hood enclosing an 8 inch broken arch brass dial with silvered chapter ring and three train movement. 60-80
1187.   A grandmother clock with black chinoiserie case work enclosing a 6 inch circular dial and striking movement. 40-60
1188.   An early 19th century mahogany twin pedestal dining table raised on turned pillars and swept supports.
1189.   An early 19th century mahogany Pembroke breakfast table on turned pillar and quadruped base.
1190.   A 19th century Japanned coal scuttle with gilded detail, the serpentine cover with painted finish, still life flowers and fruit.
1191.   A contemporary pale oak kitchen dining table with telescopic framework, 2 metres 30 cm in length maximum, to seat 8/10. 100-150
1192.   A carpenter's chest containing a large quantity of miscellaneous hand tools and further associated pieces.
1193.   A vintage agricultural implement wheel raised on later polished steel supports with inset plate glass top, 125 cm diameter x 48 cm high approx. 180-220
1194.   The National Time Recorder works clock of usual form. 80-100
1195.   A pair of Victorian mahogany bookcases each enclosed by two glazed panelled doors over two deep frieze drawers with reeded and other detail, 125 cm tall approx. 100-150
1196.   A single glazed section from a Globe Wernicke bookcase with additional top shelf.
1197.   A set of four beech wood captains or smokers bow elbow chairs. (The successful purchaser will have the option to buy the following lot at the same unit price).
1198.   A set of four beech wood captains or smokers bow elbow chairs.

1199.   A late 19th century American ash wood office chair with turned spindle mouldings and later hide seat.
1200.   A Victorian upholstered corner chair with buttoned back and serpentine seat on turned supports. 70-90
1201.   A Victorian oak framed office chair with horse shoe shaped back, raised on turned spindle mouldings with shaped seat on turned supports.
1202.   A 1920s beech wood elbow chair on turned supports with upholstered seat and back panel. 50-80
1203.   An Edwardian drawing room chair and three matching side/single chairs, all with well carved and detailed framed and upholstered finishes. 30-50
1204.   A set of eight Victorian style beech wood Windsor kitchen chairs with shaped and pierced splat backs on turned supports and rails. 80-100
1205.   A pair of Georgian mahogany side chairs with reeded framework and upholstered seats on square taper legs.
1206.   A small Edwardian drawing room chair with later upholstered finish on shaped supports.
1207.   A drawing room chair with later loose covers raised on short cabriole supports.
1208.   A pair of painted side chairs with cane panelled backs and upholstered seats on cabriole forelegs.
1209.   A Georgian style mahogany elbow chair with pierced splat and drop in seat on square cut supports, together with a low Victorian occasional chair with carved frame and green upholstered seat
1210.   An inlaid Edwardian rosewood drawing room chair with upholstered seat and back and turned supports. 40-50
1211.   A traditional American rocking chair with turned spindle mouldings.
1212.   A pair of early 19th century north country elbow chairs in birch wood, with vase shaped and pierced splats, with solid seats on square cut supports.
1213.   A traditional 19th century style office chair with scrolled arms, upholstered seat and back on swivel base.
1214.   A Victorian drawing room chair with cabriole supports and later painted finish. 70-90
1215.   A traditional American rocking chair with turned spindle framework.
1216.   A pair of Windsor lathe back elbow chairs in beechwood.
1217.   A Georgian style wing chair with scrolled arms on turned supports.
1218.   A substantial contemporary Laura Ashley armchair in an oatmeal coloured linen finish. 70-90
1219.   A traditional four tier metal filing cabinet by the Art Metal Company in original olive green colourway.
1220.   A traditional four tier metal filing cabinet by the Art Metal Company in original olive green colourway.
1221.   A small Edwardian oak glazed side cupboard and a Victorian ash wood pot cupboard with panelled door.
1222.   A late Victorian ebonised and gilt lined occasional table, the oval top raised on four pillars and four swept supports.
1223.   A reproduction Georgian style sofa table with two real and two dummy drawers, with string banded inlay, raised on a stretcher base with lions paw feet.
1224.   A late 19th century stripped pine kitchen table with frieze drawer raised on turned supports to seat 6.
1225.   A vintage oak gramophone floorstanding model by Gilbert with tambour front enclosing speaker, chrome fittings and original Gilbert sound box. 60-80
1226.   A small mahogany commode presented as a chest of three long and two short drawers on swept supports, the partially reconstructed interior fitted with three shallow drawers, 65 cm wide approx.
1227.   A contemporary pine kneehole desk in the Georgian style, the eight drawers fitted with brass handles.
1228.   An Edwardian mahogany occasional table of shaped outline raised on four square cut supports united by an under gallery.
1228A.  A pair of country made demi-lune side or dining tables in pine and oak
1229.   A late 19th century French occasional table or lamp stand of circular form inset with a polished white marble top, raised on fluted supports with floral and swag detail.
1230.   A French steel and timber four tier shop fitting on pad feet, 2 metres high x 70 cm wide approx. 60-80
1231.   A reproduction Georgian style kneehole desk fitted with an arrangement of eight drawers with inset leather top, 160 cm wide approx. 80-100
1232.   A vintage ottoman of rectangular form with concave sides, carpet top and bun feet.
1233.   An open French elbow chair with shaped moulded and painted frame and upholstered seat, back and arm panels. 50-80
1234.   A Victorian mahogany tea table raised on a turned pillar and tripod base.
1235.   A stripped and waxed beech wood rocking cradle with moulded stick supports.
1236.   A traditional Old English oak occasional table of low form on four gun barrel supports.
1237.   A substantial pine central or breakfast table with a rectangular top raised on four shaped supports 150cm maximum.
1238.   A set of six 1920's oak dining chairs with hide upholstered seats and back.
1239.   A 19th century stripped and waxed pine side cupboard enclosed by two panelled doors and a single freize drawer.
1240.   An Art Deco Pembroke table of usual form with cross banded borders on square and chamfered support together with a circular gilt framed wall mirror
1241.   Late 19th century mahogany pot cupboard with panelled door and plinth base
1242.   A stripped and waxed pine bookcase of traditional form with three adjustable shelves in a reeded framework 130cm wide.
1243.   Victorian mahogany side table with two frieze drawers on turned support.
1244.   Contemporary oak coffer with panelled framework and rising lid.
1245.   19th century mahogany drop leaf dining table to seat six.
1246.   Small Edwardian hall chair or duet stool with carved framework raised on swept supports. 30-50
1247.   A Victorian pitch pine pew with panelled back and solid seat 210cm long approx. 50-80
1248.   A Victorian bamboo fire screen incorporating a hand worked tapestry panel showing the coat of arms for Pembroke College Oxford together with a Victorian brass telescopic oil lamp standard.
1249.   A Victorian mahogany hall or side table of narrow proportions raised on four turned supports 160 cm long 38 cm deep.
1250.   A set of eight substantial late Victorian oak dining room chairs with carved framework and upholstered seats and backs.
1251.   A small Regency mahogany chiffonier the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors and a cushion moulded drawer with original raised back with turned column supports and scrolled pediment 87cm side.
1252.   Georgian mahogany D end extending dining table raised on a pair of turned pillars and swept tripod bases with additional centre leaf 220cm long max. Seat 8.
1253.   A old English style oak refrectory table raised on a pair of shaped supports united by a central stretcher together with a set of 8 oak ladder back dining chairs with rush seats.
1254.   A set of 12 Ash wood ladder back dining chairs all with rush seats together with Ash wood farmhouse table plank top with cleated ends raised on square tapered legs.
1255.   A traditional button back Chesterfield sofa in a mid green leather colourway complete with three loose cushions.
1256.   A pair of contemporary leather sofas upholstered in a mid brown leather , one 215cm in length the second 170cm.
1257.   A simulated cane work 2 seat conservatory or terrace sofa in traditional style together with a similar table
1258.   An Edwardian Chesterfield sofa with rolled back and arms and later brick colour loose covers raised on short cabriole supports.
1259.   A modern pine blanket box with hinged lid and moulded plinth
1260.   A two seat sofa upholstered in a pale brown leatherette covering.
1261.   Eight various wheelback and other kitchen chairs.
1262.   A Georgian style mahogany supper table with piecrust border raised on a turned pillar and tripod with carved detail.

1263.   Victorian wardrobe with mirror panel door over a single frieze drawer together with an Edwardian walnut and figured walnut veneered dressing chest with raised triple mirror back and central drop well
1264.   Mid 20th century mahogany veneered writing bureau the fall flap over three long drawers on a short claw on ball support together with a Victorian flamed mahagony bow fronted chest with three long and two short drawers with brass plate handles.
1265.   Good quality reproduction Victorian style library bookcase the lower section enclosed by two arch panelled doors and two cushion moulded drawers,the upper section by two glazed panelled doors with carved bosses 130cm wide 200-220
1266.   A pair of Victorian mahogany hall chairs with shield shaped backs raised on square tapered supports 50-70
1267.   A late Victorian mahogany chest with three long and two short drawers 120cm wide.
1268.   A Victorian walnut loo table the oval top raised on a carved quadraped base and inlay detail.
1269.   A pair of Edwardian club armchairs upholstered in hide raised on bun feet(for restoration).
1270.   A Spanish style walnut refectory or centre table of rectangular form raised on stretcher base with scrolled support and lion's paw feet 180cm in length
1271.   A Georgian snaptop table on turned pillar and tripod.
1272.   A Victorian stool with circular handwork top raised on four turned and fluted supports and ebonised framework.
1273.   A console or pier table in the 18th century manner the shaped black marble top raised on a framework with carved and pierced frieze raised on scrolled forelegs. 100-120
1274.   Mahogany torchere with spiral twist column and tripod base.
1275.   A 19th century table top linen press in mixed woods fitted with a frieze drawer. 70-90
1276.   An Edwardian tambour fronted cabinet in oak partially fitted with adjustable shelves 65cm wide. 100-150
1277.   An Edwardian mahogany display cabinet of full height enclosed by a glass serpentine moulded door and further glazed serpentine sides raised on claw and ball supports. 100-120
1278.   Good quality Victorian walnut dressing chest the lower section fitted with an arrangement of drawers and central alcove, the raised back with further drawers, central mirror, carved panels etc. 60-80
1279.   A Bentwood hat coat and stick stand of full height.
1280.   A mahogany lamp standard with turned and fluted column and a tripod base with acanthus carving and a claw support.
1281.   A good quality old English style gate leg table with figured top raised on eight baluster supports with carved detail. 80-100
1282.   A Georgian oak gate leg table on eight gun barrel shaped support. 115cm in length. 60-80
1283.   An old English style oak coffer with rising lid the front elevation enclosed by three linen fold panels. 50-70
1284.   A Georgian mahogany chest with four long graduated drawers placed on bracket support. 115cm wide. 60-80
1285.   Child's rocking chair with painted finish and upholstered seat. 20-30
1286.   Small arts and crafts oak stool, the side panels with heart shaped motifs.
1287.   A Georgian style walnut kneehole writing desk with serpentine outline featuring an arrangement of eight drawers with inset leather top. 110cm wide. 100-120
1288.   A reproduction Georgian style mahogany pedestal desk fitted with nine drawers with inset green leather top. 60-80
1289.   A late 19th century patent piano stool with rising upholstered seat raised on turned supports and stretchers together with a further foot stool with claw and ball supports.
1290.   An American rocking chair, child size, of unusual form with turned spindle mouldings throughout.
1291.   A late 19th century satin birch bedroom chest of four long and two short graduated drawers 80-100
1292.   A Georgian mahogany chest on chest. Six long and two short drawers beneath a Greek key frieze. 105cm wide. 150-200
1293.   19th century oak side cupboard, the lower section enclosed by two carved and panelled doors and fall front, the upper section enclosed by a glazed panel cupboard. 60-80
1294.   A Georgian mahogany D end fold over top tea table raised on spiral twist support.
1295.   A Georgian mahogany toilet mirror with a box base enclosing a frieze supporting a rectangular mirror plate together with an Edwardian stool in the Georgian manner with hand worked tapestry top.
1296.   A Georgian mahogany bow fronted chest of three long and two short drawers with caddy top raided on swept support. 105cm wide 100-150
1297.   A Georgian oak country made snap top table raised on a turned pillar and tripod base together with a further mahogany example raised on a bobbin column (2)
1298.   A mid 19th century mahogany bow fronted chest with three long and two short drawers on turned supports 60-80
1299.   An American rocking chair unusually in beechwood and of child's size with carpet type seat and back.
1300.   A Georgian mahogany Pembroke table on turned support and a further Pembroke table with lions mask and ring handles (2)
1301.   A nest of three graduated occasional tables in oak in an old English style with turned bobbin support and a further similar set. (2)
1302.   A pale oak hall stick stand with box base on turned supports.
1303.   A 19th century walnut and ebonised side cupboard enclosed by two panelled doors and two frieze drawers, the interior fitted with three adjustable shelves beneath a marble top 60-80
1304.   An Edwardian duet or window seat in the Georgian style raised on four square tapered and moulded supports with tapestry top.
1305.   A 19th century corbel in the form of a laughing bearded man with further acanthus and scrolled design and with painted finish. 33cm tall 100-120
1306.   An oak side cupboard enclosed by two glazed panel doors a frieze drawer and an open alcove with arcaded and moulded detail.
1307.   An Edwardian mahogany bedside or lamp table, the lower section enclosed by a carved and panelled door and with open alcove with applied blind fit mouldings etc. 20-40
1308.   A Victorian mahogany bookcase with three adjustable shelves 86cm side.
1309.   Mid 19th century mahogany chest with three long and two short drawers on swept support 105 cm wide. 80-100
1310.   An oak draw leaf dining table on shaped supports together with four oak lathe back dining chairs.

1311.   A stripped pine side table with frieze drawer on turned supports together with a further primitive pine chair with solid seat and back.
1312.   Early 19th century mahogany ladies sewing table of oval form with pleated basket raised on four square taper legs united by a shaped stretcher.
1313.   Mid 19th century side table with a single frieze drawer raised on a stretcher base with turned rail. 60-80
1314.   Georgian mahogany occasional table the rectangular top with chamfered ends, a further Georgian example and a small drop leaf table elm top.
1315.   A large 19th century laquered papier mache serving tray with mother of pearl and painted floral detail.
1316.   An Edwardian oak extending dining table with a single additional leaf raised on four turned supports 2 metres max to seat eight. 80-100
1317.   An oak counter top display cabinet with glazed panel sides and plate glass shelves, together with two Lloyd Loom and two ladderback chairs, 86cm high
1318.   A walnut bookcase enclosed by two glazed panelled doors over two frieze drawers on bracket supports. 76cm wide.
1319.   A four tier oak bookcase with glazed up and over doors. 100-120
1319A.  Two brass lamp standards in Edwardian style with etched glass shades.
1320.   Victorian mahogany three door wardrobe with arch panel doors to moulded frieze. 185cm wide 100-150
1321.   19th century mahogany hanging cupboard enclosed by two panelled doors. Interior partially fitted and capable of shelving. 130cm wide. 60-80
1322.   A Georgian mahogany library bookcase, the recessed upper section enclosed by a pair of segmented glazed panelled doors with lancet shaped mouldings revealing four sliding adjustable shelves to the interior, over a shallow frieze drawer and cupboard enclosed by a pair of doors set on a plinth. 4ft wide x 8ft high x 16 inches deep approx.
1323.   A Chinese laquered timber panel (one piece) with carved script. 62cm x 120cm 60-80
1323A.  A pair of carved and painted Indonesian wall mounted figures of female deighties 110 cm tall. 60-80
1324.   A good Arts and Crafts oak dressing chest centrally fitted with a large swing mirror flanked by two banks of three drawers mounted by art nouveau tulip carved backs, on a case fitted with a single long drawer with further floral carvings.
1325.   Mahogany wall mounted corner cupboard with inlaid door.
1326.   A Bentwood hat stand of full height and usual format
1327.   A 19th century side cupboard enclosed by two panelled doors and a lower frieze drawer on square cut supports
1328.   An Edwardian oak writing desk with an arrangement of nine drawers, a central drawer of concave format with inset leather top. 135cm wide, (brass locks stamped Waring & Gillow, London). 100-120
1329.   A pair of old English oak side chairs arranged on gun barrel supports, the back panels with lozenge shaped carving and with solid seat.
1330.   Late 19th century walnut chest with three long and two short drawers with tram line detail with cast brass handles together with an Edwardian mahogany centre table of octaganal form on four turned supports with under gallery.
1331.   Ironware lamp standard loosely in the Gothic style the lantern casing of hexagonal format raised on a turned column and tripod base with further foliate detail.

1332.   An Edwardian mahogany tray top tea table of rectangular form with brass carrying handles and foldaway square tapered legs
1332A.  A 19th century mahogany and satinwood banded Pembroke table with frieze drawer raised on square tapered supports 40-60
1333.   An oak wall mounted coat/hat rack and combined shelf with decorative hooks, 130 cm long 40-60
1334.   A Georgian mahogany fold over top tea table on pad feet with frieze drawer, a Georgian mahogany towel rail and a simple Georgian mahogany occasional table with oval top (3) 80-100
1335.   A pine longcase clock in the Georgian style, the broken arch glazed hood to take a ten inch broken arch dial enclosing an international time recording dial of circular form with two train movement
1336.   A pair of stripped pine side cupboards each enclosed by a panelled door 60-80
1337.   A 19th century figured walnut armoire enclosed by a single door well matched flamed veneers and set beneath an arched canopy, 120 cm wide 100-120
1338.   A 19th century continental walnut and figured walnut armoire enclosed by a single panelled door beneath an arched pediment, 1 metre wide 80-100
1339.   A substantial oak breakfront side cabinet, the central tower of three drawers flanked by two cupboards, all with geometric carved detail, raised on short cabriole supports, set beneath a parquetry top and shallow frieze back, 260 cm long approx 100-120
1340.   A late 19th century rocking horse with pony skin finish raised on a central rocker
1341.   An Edwardian wing chair in a Georgian style with scrolled arms and shaped outline raised on cabriole forelegs 60-80
1342.   A Victorian mahogany drawing room sofa with carved and moulded show wood frame with rosebud and other detail raised on cabriole supports 100-150
1343.   A good quality Regency rosewood library chair, the framework with carved acanthus and floral emboss detail with upholstered seat back and arm panel 400-500
1344.   A Victorian walnut drawing room chair with carved and moulded show wood frame and serpentine seat on cabriole forelegs 60-80
1344A.  A collection of Cotswold School furniture, all by Austin Gardiner of Oakridge, comprising a walnut firescreen with panelled framework, a three tier graduated occasional table in walnut, a further two tier example in oak, a walnut occasional table with quarter panelled top within a wavy edged border raised on square taper legs with H shaped stretcher, a small serving tray in English lace wood and a further tray in walnut (6) 600-800
1346.   A pair of late 19th century French open armchairs with carved and moulded frames, upholstered seats and backs 60-80
1347.   A good set of 8 (6&2) Regency mahogany dining chairs, all with drop in seats, the frames with reeded and ball splats, the cresting rails with carved floral and reeded detail 600-800
1348.   A good pair of substantial Georgian style wing and scrollback armchairs raised on carved walnut supports with C scroll and other detail, recently re-sprung and with brick red loose covers 1000-1200
1349.   A Georgian style wing chair of good proportions with scrolled arms raised on claw and ball forelegs with feather upholstered cushions 100-120
1350.   A good quality Georgian style wing chair with well carved cabriole supports with hand worked gross and petite point needlework panels with yellow background including landscape, floral and other devices 250-350
1351.   A Georgian Windsor stickback elbow chair in mixed woods principally in elm and ash and with beechwood spars 100-120
1352.   An early 19th century mahogany longcase clock, the case with reeded column supports, chequered string and shell inlaid detail, the hood similarly so enclosing a 14 inch square painted dial with rolling lunar phase, floral spandrels and painted detail showing bullfinches with eight day striking movement, signed J Houghton of Chorley 300-350
1353.   A 19th century girondelle, the mirror plate of lozenge form, the gilded frame with rope twist, shell, floral and other detail supporting three candle sconces 100-120
1354.   An 18th century oak gateleg dining table with turned baluster supports and single frieze drawer 60-80
1355.   A pair of late 18th century French open armchairs with carved and gilded show wood frames and with needlepoint seats and backs, each on a floral theme 400-600
1356.   An 18th century panelled coffer in elm and oak, front elevation enclosed by three fielded panels, raised on unusual turned supports, 50 cm wide
1357.   A good quality aesthetic movement period cast brass fender with repeating stylized sunflower frieze, stylised dolphin rail supports and urn finials, 145 cm (full length)
1358.   An 18th century oak elbow chair with carved and pierced cresting rail and front stretcher with turned supports and rails 60-80
1359.   An 18th century oak coffer, the front elevation enclosed by two square cut panels with carved and moulded borders, the rising lid with panelled top, 113 cm length 100-150
1360.   An 18th century oak coffer, the front elevation enclosed by four deeply fielded panels and set beneath a planked top, 130 cm long 100-120
1361.   A William and Mary style walnut bureau bookcase, the bureau enclosing two shaped drawers with scalloped outline and raised on pad feet with shell carved knees, the fall flap enclosing a stepped interior of drawers, pigeon holes and central cupboard, the bookcase with arched and glazed panelled door within a reeded framework and set beneath shaped and shell carved frieze, 70 cm wide 200-250
1362.   A substantial antique oak refectory table, the heavy plank top with cleated ends, raised on shaped supports united by a central rail, 245 cm in length to seat 8 250-300
1363.   A substantial beech open armed elbow chair with carved and moulded detail and upholstered seat and back 60-80
1363A.  A late 19th century continental open arm elbow chair in oak with upholstered seat and back panel 60-80
1364.   A good matched set of four Georgian Windsor wheelback kitchen chairs principally in elm and ashwood on turned supports and with original colour 120-150
1364A.  A small good quality Victorian style spoon back bedroom or drawing room chair with upholstered finish and deep buttoned back raised on turned supports and castors 40-60
1365.   A Victorian mahogany open bookcase fitted with three adjustable shelves. 110 cm wide
1366.   A Georgian mahogany oval Pembroke table with inlaid detail and string banded borders, raised on square taper legs and spade feet together with three foot stools of varying design
1367.   A small reproduction Georgian style chest of three long and two short drawers with brass plate handles on bracket supports, 65 cm wide 60-80
1368.   A substantial Chinese hardwood bench, the shaped splat back with carved geometric detail and set within scrolled arms, with solid seat and square cut supports, 2 metres wide 300-350
1369.   A Chinese hardwood occasional table of rectangular form with panelled top and pierced frieze on square cut supports, 122 cm wide 100-120
1370.   A primitive turned wood dairy bowl, 60 cm diameter 40-60
1371.   An 18th century or earlier oak side/serving table with heavy planked top, 6 cm depth, raised on wavy forelegs and simple rectangular back legs with additional bracing bars, 210 cm long, 60 cm deep, 77 cm high 500-700
1372.   A substantial Victorian moulded oak fender, the interior metal lined, external measurements 195 cm long x 55 cm deep 60-80
1373.   A Victorian walnut and burr walnut pier cabinet enclosed by a single panelled door beneath a cushion moulded top with further marquetry detail and applied ormolu mounts in the form of masks and other geometric trailing borders and enclosing central porcelain panel (probably Sevres) showing exotic birds amongst foliage 96 cm wide 200-300
1374.   A Georgian style walnut cheval glass of full height raised on four shaped supports with acanthus and other detail 80-100
1375.   A Victorian mahogany Wellington chest incorporating seven graduated drawers and with central locking mechanism 60-80
1376.   An Edwardian mahogany display cabinet enclosed by a singe door with quarter panelled detail and set beneath a deep raised back with acanthus and other detail, 60 cm wide 60-80
1377.   A 19th century mahogany wine cooling tower with rising lid revealing a zinc lined interior over further cupboard and complete with brass tap, etc
1378.   A late 18th century four fold screen/room divider of full height with original early print Toile De Jouy cloth panel showing hunting scenes, etc 60-80
1379.   A late Victorian mahogany three fold room divider/screen with partially glazed panel
1380.   A Chinese lacquered panel of rectangular form showing female bearing lotus flowers, with Chinese script and seal mark detail, 112 cm x 50 cm 60-80
1381.   A Georgian mahogany elbow chair with part show wood frame, upholstered seat, back and arm panels
1382.   A Georgian mahogany chest of three long and two short drawers on turned supports together with a Georgian mahogany toilet mirror, the box base fitted with three drawers 60-80
1383.   A Regency mahogany side table fitted with a single frieze drawer raised on turned supports united by an x shaped stretcher, 60 cm wide 60-80
1384.   A Victorian sewing table with rising lid revealing a fitted interior and central well, raised on four turned supports 80-100
1385.   A Victorian walnut writing desk fitted with an arrangement of nine drawers and with inset leather top, 130 cm long x 50 cm deep 100-150
1386.   A good quality Victorian walnut and burr walnut centre table, the rectangular top raised on four substantial scrolled supports and central column on an x shaped base with scrolled feet with acanthus and other carved detail, 125 cm in length 300-400
1387.   A Georgian mahogany occasional table the circular top raised on a vase shaped pillar and tripod base (reduced in height)
1388.   An 18th century and later oak side table fitted with a single frieze drawer raised on turned supports and with bobbin shaped stretchers 220-250
1389.   A Victorian oak and steel banded silver chest with tray lined interior by Lambert, 10-12 Coventry Street, London (silver smith to their Majesty's and HR Duchess of Kent) 60-80
1390.   A small Georgian mahogany secretaire bookcase, the base fitted with four long drawers, the secretaire fitted with drawers, pigeon holes and leather writing surface, the bookcase with astragal glazed panelling, 86 cm wide x 92 cm tall 200-300
1391.   A Georgian mahogany bureau of three long and two short drawers with additional brush slide, the fall flap revealing a fitted interior of drawers and pigeon holes and raised on bracket supports 100-150
1392.   A small Georgian mahogany secretaire bookcase, the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors, the secretaire with fitted interior, the bookcase with astragal glazed panelled doors beneath a Greek key cornice, 88 cm 200-250
1393.   An early 19th century mahogany and flamed mahogany linen press fitted with two long and two short drawers, panelled doors with well matched flamed veneers enclosing oak slides beneath a moulded frieze, 125 cm wide 200-300
1394.   A simple 18th century or earlier six plank coffer, 94 cm wide 150-180
1395.   A Georgian oak gateleg table raised on eight gun barrel supports 60-80
1396.   A Georgian fruitwood chest of four long drawers on bracket supports, 90 cm wide 40-60
1397.   An Edwardian upholstered stool in a Georgian manner with concave sides raised on shaped supports with claw and ball feet 30-40
1398.   A pair of Victorian mahogany hall chairs with carved and shaped backs, serpentine seats on turned supports 40-60
1399.   A 19th century mahogany side table fitted with two frieze drawers on square taper legs, 107 cm wide 60-80
1400.   A Georgian mahogany occasional table, the rectangular top with crossbanded border, raised on a turned pillar and tripod base with acanthus detail 40-60
1401.   A pair of carved timber Venetian style characters each wearing a turban, with gilded costume and further highlighted detail, each holding aloft a cornucopia raised on square cut plinths with canted corners with scrolled detail, 157 cm high
1402.   A Georgian mahogany secretaire chest, the front elevation enclosed by an unusual arrangement of six short drawers, the secretaire drawer fitted with drawers and pigeon holes
1403.   A Georgian mahogany Pembroke breakfast table raised on a turned pillar and quadruped base with original brass fittings 60-80
1404.   A Georgian mahogany kneehole writing desk fitted with seven drawers and central cupboard with original brass fittings on bracket supports, 122 cm wide 120-150
1404A.  A well detailed carved green man wall mask, 40cm approx 100-120
1405.   A Georgian oak country made bureau, the fall flap enclosing a fitted interior of drawers, pigeon holes and central cupboard over four long drawers over bracket supports 60-80
1406.   A Georgian mahogany square cut fold over top washstand with central drawer and under gallery with square cut supports 30-40
1407.   A Georgian mahogany D end fold over top tea table with reeded borders raised on four square tapered legs with string banded inlay 60-80
1408.   A Georgian style side table in oak fitted with three frieze drawers on square taper legs, the plank top with cleated ends, 183 cm length 100-150
1409.   A Georgian mahogany D end extending dining table in three sections with central leaf raised on eight square tapered supports to seat 8
1410.   A small French occasional table of rectangular form on two tiers with shaped supports and set within a brass framework, 36 cm max 40-60
1411.   A substantial Victorian walnut breakfront triple compactum wardrobe, the central tower of drawers beneath an open alcove and two short cupboard doors, flanked by two mirror panelled doors of full height with ribboned, garland and other detail, 2 metres in length 200-250
1412.   A reproduction continental occasional table, the shaped top within a brass gallery raised on painted framework with crackle glaze finish, 80 cm wide 200-250
1413.   A 19th century Chinese hardwood centre/tea table, the circular top profusely inlaid with bamboo, characters, buildings, trailing dragons, etc and raised on three divisional carved and pierced framework, set on a further circular base with bat, fruit and other inlaid detail, 122 cm diameter 1000-1200
1414.   A good quality inlaid Edwardian mahogany triple compactum wardrobe, the central tower of five drawers set beneath a short quarter panelled cupboard, flanked by two doors with full length mirror plate panels and beneath a moulded frieze, the whole crossbanded in satin wood, box wood stringing, etc, 2 metres in width approx 200-300
1415.   A pair of Chinese hardwood elbow chairs, vigorously carved with wrything dragons amongst clouds, raised on serpentine seats and shaped supports
1416.   A good quality brass club fender with a hide upholstered corner seats and crescent shaped centre, 180 cm max x 75 cm 200-300
1417.   A William IV and later four poster bedstead, the foot posts with carved and fluted detail, the headboard with arched and upholstered finish, set beneath a pleated two sectional canopy beneath a moulded frieze, complete with base spring, mattress and all drapes (mattress by Morpheus 5ft 6 in width, together with a pair of matching bedside tables on extended fluted supports, each enclosing two frieze drawers) 1000-1200
1418.   A good quality Edwardian style mahogany bookcase of full height with carved dentil frieze below an inlaid floral swag and garland border, enclosing adjustable shelf, 100 cm high x 100 cm wide
1419.   A Georgian oak longcase clock crossbanded in rosewood, the short door with marquetry panel enclosing a broken arch painted dial and eight day striking movement by Huland of Evesham 250-280
1420.   A 19th century mahogany torchere raised on a square stepped and moulded base, with tapering column and acanthus moulded capital, 140 cm high
1421.   A Crimean war commemorative table, the mahogany framed centre table enclosing two real and two dummy drawers raised on a turned and carved column with quadruped base enclosing a polished marble top engraved, Sevastopol Docks, 1855, 62 cm max
1422.   An 18th century hanging corner cupboard of bow fronted outline with chinoiserie detail and brass butterfly hinges 150-200
1423.   An Edwardian brass kitchen pan/saucepan with central rail and seven division, 110 cm in length, 40 cm width, 40 cm height 40-60
1424.   An Edwardian floorstanding revolving bookcase of square cut form, unusually in satinwood with pierced diamond lattice panels and raised on squat cabriole supports, 50 cm square approx 100-150
1425.   A small 19th century mahogany chest fitted with two deep drawers raised on bracket supports, 66 cm wide approx 60-80
1426.   A 19th century lazy Susan, the circular tray top 58 cm in diameter approx, together with a Chippendale style pierced fretwork flight of wall shelves 60-80
1441.   Eames style lounge chair, with leatherette upholstery and moulded ply wood frame upon a five spoke cast aluminium base, 82 cm high 60-100
1442.   A set of four Italian ladderback dining chairs in the manner of Gio Ponti with strung seats, one bears label "For Rooksmoor Mill of Stroud, Gloucestershire" (4) 80-120
1443.   G plan "Fresco", the raised back fitted with twin glazed doors and a fall front door over a base fitted with a long drawer and three cupboard doors, 140 cm wide 60-80
1444.   Cotswold School type oak games table probably by Andrew Lawton, centrally fitted with a twin sided chequer board enclosing a drawer interior, 91 cm long 80-120
1445.   'G plan Fresco' overall extending dining table and eight chairs (2 carvers) 100-200
1446.   Modern four fold screen 30-50
1447.   A pair of teak cased speakers by Heathkit (2) 40-60
1448.   Interesting glass top desk with revolving top fitted with two long drawers with grey lacquered finish 40-60
1449.   A pair of 1950s beech stuff over lounge chairs, with cream diaper upholstery in the manner of Howard Keith 60-100
1450.   A set of stacking lab stools 30-50
1451.   A set of 'G plan' teak nest of three tables 30-50
1452.   1960s teak coffee table upon square tapered supports with slatted under tier 113 cm long 30-50
1453.   A Danish teak side cabinet fitted with twin sliding glazed doors enclosing a shelved interior, flanked by a single cupboard door, 83 cm high x 107 cm wide approx together with a further 19702 teak freestanding corner cabinet and teak framed wall mirror (3) 30-50
1454.   Good quality Danish style teak long sideboard centrally fitted with four short drawers flanked by a full front door, two further cupboard doors upon circular tapered feet, 206 cm long 80-120
1455.   By J H Lynch - "Tina" coloured print, 58 x 48 cm, framed 30-50
1456.   Wooden pillar box red telephone booth structure with glazed sides 100-150
1457.   Two 'G' plan teak freestanding bookcases/room dividers, one with a fall front, the other with two sets of shelves one fitted with twin cupboard drawers and two drawers upon sliding door bases (2)
1457A.  A polystyrene (to simulate stone) rectangular tablet with Grecian style frieze, 6 ft long x 2ft wide approx
1458.   Vintage Phillips radio 20-30
1459.   1950s Italian style teak and brass standard lamp 30-50
1460.   An Ercol medium elm 2 tier open hanging plate rack. 38cm long approx
1461.   Two Italian designer lamps, one desk light, the other floor light (2) 40-60
1462.   Two anglepoise lamps together with a further anglepoise lamp and an industrial articulated wall light with glass shade (4) 40-60
1463.   2 Ekornes pale beechwood corner tables
1464.   Freestanding anglepoise floor lamp upon cast iron base with castors, 173 cm high 80-120
1465.   Ercol light elm extending refectory table with folding twin leaves and central leg, 220 cm long 200-300
1466.   Set of six Ercol mid elm stick back dining chairs with spindles running from the bar top to the back structure, elm seats 80-120
1467.   Pair of Mackintosh type eccentric oak dining chairs in the manner of Andrew Lawton with central tall vertical splats with Arts & Crafts type floral pattern upon lobed supports, pierced with rectangular panels 100-150
1468.   1950s formica kitchen table with drop leaves 30-50
1469.   Pair of 1950s dining chairs with arched horizontal splats and drop in seats 20-40
1470.   Mixed lot to include 1970s teak Canterbury, further wire work atomic Canterbury and two stools (4) 40-60
1471.   1970s teak freestanding corner cabinet with glazed top over twin cupboard doors 30-50
1472.   Set of four Danish teak dining chairs with cow horn back and pink velour seats together with a drop leaf dining table (5) 50-80
1473.   Set of four Danish style teak dining chairs together with an extending dining table (5) 60-100
1474.   Italian style aluminium coffee table with brass lacquer and glass top, 108 cm long 20-40
1475.   1970s teak television table on castors 20-40
1476.   Contemporary light oak two tier trolley upon castors together with an artists easel (2) 40-60
1477.   Interesting pair of mid 20th century fan back dining chairs (1 carver) with black lacquer finish and black vinyl upholstery (2) 50-80
1478.   Westnofa of Norway folding directors chair with canvas type upholstery 40-60
1479.   Art Deco walnut veneered glazed display cabinet, of circular form with twin glazed doors, 126 cm high 80-120
1480.   Art Deco golden oak two tier octagonal table 20-40
1481.   Interesting Danish teak nest of three tables with slatted finish 50-80
1482.   1970s teak dressing table, the raised mirror back over a base fitted with an arrangement of six drawers 40-80
1483.   Moulded fibreglass dining chair and table in the manner of Arakana (2)
1484.   Harlequin set of six 'G Plan' E Gomme teak dining chairs 30-50
1485.   Frem Rojle fold over teak coffee table with red painted finish 40-60
1486.   Pitch pine bank of four drawers raised upon a pedestal base 40-60
1487.   A good pair of contemporary Ercol Isola lounge chairs with contemporary textured biscuit upholstery and blonde elm frames 80-120
1488.   Contemporary salon sofa with eccentric patchwork type upholstery upon cabriole lacquered black legs 50-80
1489.   Soderbergs of Sweden Stressless black leather chair and footstool 40-60
1490.   Pair of Ekornes Stressless reclining chairs with footstools, classic light green leather finish, natural wood framework Vegas and Reno models (4) 100-200
1491.   Ekorness Stressless reclining chair with articulated beech tray - classic light green leather finish, natural wood framework - Vegas model 50-80
1492.   Ekornes Stressless three seater green leather sofa together with two Universal footstools - classic green leather finish (3) 100-200
1493.   1960s green leather safari sofa upon a teak frame 80-120
Poul Jensen - "Z" pair of Danish teak lounge chairs, with slatted backs and stylised frames with green velour drop in upholstery 300-500
1495.   Achille Castiglioni - "Arco", pair of floor lamps with arched aluminium frame and shade and rectangular marble base together with further "Arco" lamp pieces and three marble vessels 200-400
1496.   Bruce Burdick for Herman Miller modular executive desk, with various banks of drawers, thick glazed top, cast aluminium spoked base, etc (collection), glass top complete but missing two supporting brackets 100-200
1497.   Pair of Eames 107 desk chairs with black upholstery and cast aluminium frames together with a further Herman Miller desk chair (3) AF 60-100
1497A.  A large display case of rectangular form enclosed by a pair of mirrored doors, glass and plastic surround, 158 cm long x 50 cm wide x 95 cm high approx
1498.   Georg Jensen 'Swing' brushed steel six branch candlabra, 32 cms high 40-60