Two Day Antique Sale on
Tuesday 23rd & Wednesday 24th May 2017

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1.      A collection of 19th century Minton's Delft pattern dinner wares with blue and white printed decoration comprising eleven dinner size plates and two soup plates, six dessert size plates, six side plates and seven further plates and dishes 30-50
2.      An early 19th century blue and white transfer printed meat plate of oval form, attributed to C J Mason & Co (see Coysh and Henrywood, Volume 1, page 369) showing Trentham Hall, Staffordshire and a view of the grounds including the Hercules Fountain, with printed mark to reverse Semi-China Warranted and impressed mark no 20, 51cm long 100-120
3.      A large early 19th century blue and white transfer printed two handled soup tureen, cover, stand and matching ladle, possibly by Carey & Sons, in the Ancient Rome pattern (See Coysh & Henrywood vol 2 pg 14) all with a printed decoration of washer women amongst classical style ruins and within floral borders, tureen length 40cm approx 100-120
4.      A collection of Minton's Pandora pattern dinner and tea wares S693, with grey printed floral decoration comprising two graduated oval meat plates, a pair of oval serving dishes, nine dinner plates six dessert bowls, six dessert plates, six two handled soup bowls and saucers, a covered sugar bowl, two jugs, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates 40-60
5.      A late 19th century Zsolnay Pecs vase with polychrome painted and gilded trailing floral decoration and pierced base and with printed mark to base, 17 cm tall, together with a Royal Doulton Shakespeare series ware dish of oval form showing Shylock, a Adams blue ground jasper ware biscuit barrel with plated mount and cover, a set of three graduated Victorian jugs of hexagonal form with printed chinoiserie decoration, pair of brass candlesticks, lacquered clock and brass teapot 30-50
6.      A collection of Villeroy & Boch Strasbourg Bleu pattern wares including four two handled tureens and covers of various size, a set of three large jugs, two further graduated jugs, two large tea/coffee pots, a set of six egg cups with integral stands, etc 40-50
7.      A continental dish with relief moulded and painted decoration incorporating a large crab, shells, coral etc with naturalistic colouring, 25cm diameter approx 30-40
8.      A pair of 19th century Staffordshire equestrian figures showing Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, both with raised and gilded titles to base, together with a 19th century Staffordshire model of a Gothic style cottage, a Burleigh ware relief moulded jug showing the Runaway Marriage at Gretna Green, also together with a 19th century continental box and cover in the Meissen manner with pink trailing floral detail 30-50
9.      A limited edition Royal Worcester vase from the Art Deco collection, commemorating the 250th anniversary of Royal Worcester, with black and gilt flying swan decoration on a yellow ground with printed mark to base - Homeward Bound, 28cm tall approx 40-50
10.     A collection of 19th century tea wares with painted and gilded Imari type decoration in the Royal Crown Derby manner comprising a cake plate, sugar bowl, eleven cups, twelve saucers and eleven tea plates, together with a further similar tea plate marked Duchess China to base 30-50
11.     A Lladro figure of a young girl with a goose and puppy, a Lladro Daisa figure of a young girl in a sun hat and a further Lladro Daisa figure of a seated girl in Spanish style costume holding a flower 30-50
12.     Two Royal Doulton figures, Buttercup HN2309 and Denise HN2273
13.     Two graduated Doulton lambeth jugs, the largest with a stirling silver rim, each embossed with country scenes together with a further John Barleycorn Doulton character jug (3)
14.     A collection of Hammersley tea wares with Imari type painted and gilded decoration pattern number E759 comprising cake plate, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates 30-50
15.     A collection of three Royal Worcester figures - Grandmothers Dress 3081, First Dance 3629 and Sweet Anne 3630, all modelled by F G Doughty, together with four Coalport figures, The Grand Entrance, Regina and Polly (2) and a Francesca Art China figure of Sarah by Ivan Sutton 40-60
16.     A collection of Adderley tea and coffee wares with a citrus coloured glaze comprising cake plate, tea pot, coffee pot, three jugs, three sugar bowls, eight tea cups, ten saucers and seven tea plates together with a collection of mainly 19th century ceramics including Minton tea wares with violet design and moulded butterfly handles comprising a pair of large cups and saucers and a muffin dish and cover with butterfly knop, a set of five dessert plates with painted landscape panels, a pair of candlesticks with printed decoration of 18th century style musicians, etc 50-70
17.     A collection of six Royal Doulton figures comprising Grace HN2318, Sandra HN2275, Autumn Breezes HN1924, Top O' The Hill HN1949, Janet HN1537 and Anthea HN1527 40-60
18.     A small collection of Shelley coffee cans and saucers with painted blue rose decoration comprising three cups, three saucers and three plates, further Shelley tea wares with polychrome floral decoration comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, four cups, four saucers, six tea plates, milk jug, sugar bowl and six dessert bowls, Royal Albert Tahiti pattern tea wares comprising tea pot, cake plate, six cups, six saucers, six tea plates, etc 40-60
19.     A collection of nine Royal Doulton figures comprising Hilary HN2335, Victoria HN2471, Winsome HN2220, Elegance HN2264, Fair Lady HN2193, Fragrance HN2334, The Last Waltz HN2315, Carol HN2961 and Simone HN2378 50-70
20.     A collection of Copeland Spode blue and white printed wares including a tower pattern meat plate of oval form, a of circular form with Willow pattern decoration and an Italian pattern fruit bowl, a set of six Booths Real Old Willow pattern coffee cans and saucers, 19th century Spode tea wares and a Coalport cabinet cup and saucer 40-60
21.     A collection of Lladro Daisa Nao figures including a girl carrying a basket of chicks accompanied by a hen, a swan with outstretched wings, four single figures of geese and a further group of three geese (7) 30-40
22.     A collection of seven Royal Doulton figures comprising Rose HN1368, The Rag Doll HN2142, Belle HN2340, Affection HN2236, Jill HN2061, Bo Peep HN1811 and Sweeting HN1935 30-50
23.     A collection of fifteen Coalport model cottages, all in the 19th century manner including Twin Towers, Keepers Cottage, The Summer House, The Clock Tower, The Villa, etc 30-50
24.     A collection of Royal Albert Capri pattern dinner wares comprising oval meat plate, two handled tureen and cover, a pair of sauce boats and stands, six dinner plates, five dessert plates, four side plates, etc together with Royal Doulton plates with gilt border decoration comprising ten dinner plates and ten side plates, a similar Royal Worcester dinner plate and a collection of Jackson Grosvenor china tea wares with gilt and black border decoration 30-50
25.     A collection of Lladro Daisa Nao groups including a pair of little girls with a doll, a boy and girl with birds and a little girl with a parasol together with an unmarked white glazed model of a seated cherub 30-40
26.     A collection of six Royal Doulton figures Wendy HN2109, Cissie HN1809, Goody Two Shoes HN2037, Dinky Do HN1678, Peggy HN2038 and Marie HN1370 30-40
27.     An extensive collection of 19th century Mintons blue and white printed dinner wares comprising a pair of circular two handled tureens and covers, large oval meat plate with well, two further smaller graduated oval serving plates, sauce tureen, cover and two stands, 19 dinner plates, eighteen dessert plates and five soup plates 200-300
28.     A collection of thirteen Coalport model buildings including The Village Cricket Pavillion, The Oast House, The Windmill, The Round House, The Bottle Oven, etc 30-50
29.     A large Majolica cheese dish and cover of dome shaped form with relief moulded and painted stylised leaf and dog rose spray decoration on a dark blue ground and with mottled green and brown glaze to the stand and painted blue 7? mark to base, 29cm high 40-60
30.     A collection of Copeland Spode Italian pattern blue and white printed wares comprising a butter dish and cover, a lozenge shaped dish, a rectangular serving tray and four mugs 30-40
31.     A collection of Victorian Ainsleys tea wares of fluted form with painted and gilded butterfly and grass decoration comprising eight cups, nine saucers and seven tea plates, together with two Crown Staffordshire cups and saucers with blue gilt and floral detail and a matching tea plate, a Paragon China cup and saucer from the Playtime series designed by Eileen Soper and an Ainsley trio with fruit decoration 40-50
32.     A collection of thirteen Coalport model buildings including Little Grey Rabbit's House, The Gingerbread House, The Crooked Cottage, The Toadstool House, Dove Cote, etc 30-50
33.     A collection of Hammersley tea wares with printed and infilled floral sprays and gilt border comprising a pair of cake plates, pair of sugar bowls, milk jug, nine cups, nine saucers and ten tea plates together with a 19th century blue and white printed meat plate of oval form, an Amherst Japan bowl raised on a circular foot, a harlequin set of five Copeland Spode dinner plates with various gilt border decorations, etc 40-60
34.     A quantity of early 20th century Jewel pattern blue and white printed dinner wares comprising a pair of tureens and covers, three oval graduated meat plates, sauce boat, condiments set, six dinner plates, six dessert plates, six side plates and six soup bowls 30-50
35.     A collection of three boxed Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern paper weights - Little Owl, Barn Owl and Tawny Owl, all with stoppers to base 40-60
36.     A collection of Beswick models of foxes including a pair of large standing examples (1 boxed), a further smaller standing example, a recumbent example (boxed), three seated examples including one boxed together with a Beswick model of a Badger 30-50
37.     A collection of Royal Albert Old English Rose pattern tea wares comprising five cups and five saucers, together with a Royal Albert Lavender Rose pattern tea pot and cover and matching coffee pot (no cover) various 19th century and later tea wares, a Royal Worcester miniature vase in the form of a cornucopia with encrusted floral detail, etc 30-40
38.     A collection of Booths Real Old Willow pattern blue and white printed dinner wares comprising a set of six oval steak plates, 31cm long approx, seven unusual 9inch (23cm approx) diameter plates with moulded scalloped borders together with a sauce boat with integral stand 30-50
39.     A collection of five boxed Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern paperweights comprising a dappled quail, a nuthatch, a wren, a bluetit and a duckling, all with stoppers to base 40-50
40.     A boxed Royal Crown Derby Imari paperweight in the form of a Rock Hopper penguin (2002 anniversary edition) with certificate together with three further boxed Royal Crown Derby paperweights, Brown Pelican, Penguin and Chick and Puffin, all with stoppers to base 60-80
41.     A quantity of Colclough china tea wares comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, twelve saucers and twelve tea plates together with a small collection of Japanese eggshell porcelain coffee wares, a further similar cabinet cup and saucer, an enamelled cloisonne type box and cover in the form of a pear, further similar enamel wares including a box and cover in the form of a duck, etc 25-30
42.     A collection of Portmeirion wares including a large Birds of Britain pattern bowl with Little Egrets detail to the interior, 28 cm diameter, together with Botanic Garden pattern wares comprising three graduated storage jars and covers, two tea pots, etc 30-40
43.     Two Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern paperweights in the form of a Scottish Teddy - Fraser and a recumbent tabby cat both with stoppers to base together with a similar Royal Crown Derby figure in the form of a Teddy holding an open book inscribed 'With Love', an Imari pattern table bell and matching vase, both pattern number 1128 30-40
44.     A 19th century Berlin porcelain cabinet cup and saucer with painted central panel of a woman and child in classical draperies in a landscape setting, flanked by relief moulded panels of classical figures accompanied by a bull and a lion, the handle modelled as a male figure holding a shield, all on a pink and yellow ground, with blue sceptre mark to base and incised letter 'S' to base of cup, cup 12cm tall 30-50
45.     A quantity of crested ceramics including a Willow Art model of the city of Leicester clock tower, a model of Mary Queen of Scots chair at Edinburgh Castle with the Cheddar crest, a further model of a chair with city of Worcester crest, etc 20-30
46.     A quantity of Blue Dragon pattern wares including Booths, George Jones & Sons, etc comprising circular tureen and cover, tea pot stand, thirty four dinner and dessert plates of various size and eighteen further smaller plates and saucers, three egg cups, a pair of sauce tureen bases, etc 30-50
47.     A collection of Lladro Daisa and Nao figures of children including a young girl kneeling beside a lamb, a girl carrying a puppy wrapped in a blanket, a girl with three rabbits and a little girl cuddling a puppy 30-40
48.     A pair of 19th century Derby figures of Milton and Shakespeare both standing beside columns, Milton holding a scroll of parchment and with incised number to base 297, 28cm approx, Shakespeare with head resting on his hand and with incised number to base 305, 28cm tall 60-80
53.     A large 19th century oriental vase of baluster shaped form with poly chrome panels showing a procession of dignitaries and an assembly of figures in an interior setting against an ground with flower, insects etc and with moulded lizard details and Dog of Faux type handles, 44cm high 80-120
54.     An oriental turquoise ground enamel bowl modelled as a water lily leaf and raised on three supports in the form of water lilies and a snail and with faint impressed seal mark to base, 22cm diameter, together with a further oriental turquoise ground enamelled box and cover of square shaped form with polychrome floral and insect detail 50-70
55.     Oriental wares including ginger jar and cover,vase with bird and floral celadon type open bowl, green glazed vase, etc together with 12 plates blue and white plates with stylised duck decoration 30-50
56.     A 19th century oriental famille verte vase with peacock and other bird decoration amongst flowering branches and with moulded animal decoration to the neck and with red seal mark to base, 37cm tall approx on a carved wooden base 40-60
57.     A 19th century Chinese blue and white plate with painted water lily and bamboo decoration 35cm diameter 40-60
58.     A set of eight Delft type blue and white painted tiles with decoration including coastal scenes, windmill, etc, set within a wooden frame with cream painted finish, 33 x 58cm overall size 30-40
59.     A Masons blue and white printed basin with chinoiserie bird and flowering branch decoration and with printed mark to base, 41cm diameter 30-50
60.     A 19th century blue and white printed flow blue type two handled crock and cover with floral and scrolling detail and impressed mark to base Pearl, 42cm tall 30-40
61.     A substantial 19th century vase with painted blackberry and bramble decoration within an ornate relief moulded gilt framework and with the remains of applied cherub figures to the neck, with indistinct green mark to base (further broken pieces from the vase displayed in box adjacent) 82cm high approx 30-40
62.     A 19th century turquoise glaze majolica stool in the form of a simulated cushion with tassel detail supported by four lion monopodias and a quatrefoil shaped base, 47cm tall approx 200-250
63.     A pair of large white glazed table centrepieces modelled as urns containing fruits including pomegranates, grapes etc, together with a 19th century jug of octagonal form with chinoiserie decoration 25-30
64.     An extensive collection of ceramics including a set of four Worcester limited edition plates from the John James Audubon Birds of America series, a Dresden type dish of oval form with painted floral sprays, an Imari style hexagonal bowl, a Villeroy & Boch American Sampler pattern circular tray, etc 30-50
65.     A collection of 19th century and other jugs including a Parian type relief moulded example with lilac detail and eastern style characters etc, together with a pair of 19th century dessert plates with imari type decoration, three Royal Crown Derby dessert plates with floral sprays, etc 20-30
66.     NO LOT
67.     A collection of Royal Doulton Dickens related wares including a Mr Pickwick large character jug, a smaller Sairey Gamp character jug, a condiment and a tiny character jug in the form of Mr Pickwick and four further tiny character jugs together with a Dickens ware series ware plate showing Dick Swiveller and two Beswick character jugs, Pecksniff and Tony Weller 30-40
68.     A quantity of Paragon china Victoriana Rose pattern dinner wares comprising a pair of tureens and covers, an oval meat plate, circular serving dish, sauce boat and three oval stands, six dinner plates, six soup plates, cake plate, cake stand, milk jug, sugar bowl, cups and saucers etc 30-50
69.     A Copeland Spode jug and basin set with chinoiserie style decoration, a Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern plate, further Derby type plates, plates, a Washington Pottery saucer printed with the Beatles, etc 25-30
70.     A collection of Royal Crown Derby dinner wares with gilded heraldic border decoration comprising twenty four plates (two sizes) together with seven matching cups and also together with nine co-ordinating 19th century cups of open form with loop handles 30-50
71.     A collection of Royal Worcester coffee cans and saucers with exotic bird detail comprising ten coffee cans and eleven saucers together with a late 19th century Wedgwood blue ground bowl with gilded oriental style dragon decoration to the interior and green Dog of Fo decoration to the exterior, a 19th century serving plate of oval form with painted pattern number 3348 and two matching plates and an oval tray with Imari type decoration and plated mount 50-70
72.     A collection of four Royal Doulton figures - The China Repairer HN2943, The Blacksmith HN2782, Thanks Doc! HN2731 and a limited edition of The Girl Evacuee HN3203, also together with a 1991 booklet showing the Royal Doulton Figures Collection. 50-70
73.     A 19th century Staffordshire tithe group of usual form and a similar group with a pair of figures, a floral garland and a lamb inscribed Tenderness, maximum height 19 cm approx together with a small 19th century Staffordshire model of a seated greyhound. 40-50
74.     A pair of Royal Doulton plates with printed and infilled decoration of Venetian scenes with gondolas, with printed mark to reverse together with an Adderley tea for two set in the Lupin pattern comprising teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, two cups, two saucers and a tea plate, also together with a further late Victorian teapot. 25-30
75.     A Royal Worcester figure modelled by F G Doughty - April with black printed mark to base number 3416 together with a Herend vase of flared form with bird and insect decoration, 14 cm tall approx. 30-50
76.     A boxed Royal Crown Derby paperweight from the Australian Collection - Kangaroo with gold stopper to base together with certificate. 40-60
77.     A pair of Royal Worcester cabinet plates with shaped borders and painted fruit detail including raspberries, peaches and grapes, both signed T Lockyer, with dark brown printed marks to reverse, 23 cm diameter approx together with a further Royal Worcester two handled vase and cover decorated by the same hand with peach and bramble detail and puce printed mark to base number 2701, 14 cm tall approx. 100-120
78.     A Royal Doulton figure of Heather HN2956 together with a Royal Worcester figure First Dance with printed number to base 3629 20-30
79.     An early 19th century helmet shaped cream jug with painted floral sprigs together with a similar tea bowl, continental dish with painted decoration of a woman, horse, cow, etc., a floral plate marked Dresden, etc. 20-25
80.     A Royal Worcester blue ground cabinet plate with central painted panel of fruit signed D Shinnie, with elaborate gilt scrolling and floral detail to the border, with gilt printed mark to base, 27 cm diameter approx together with a further similar shallow bowl with apple and bramble decoration signed J Hewitt (?), 23 cm diameter approx. 50-80
81.     A Grimwades plate with printed decoration by Bruce Bairnsfather showing a First World War scene - Where Did That One Go To? 19cm diameter, approx
84.     A late 19th century continental ceramic lamp base with painted floral sprays with cast brass base and fittings with pierced detail together with a pink fringed and beaded shade, 82 cm tall approx including shade. 40-60
85.     A collection of three Royal Doulton figures - Embroidering HN2855, Christmas Parcels HN2851 and Pretty Polly HN2768, a 1983 brochure from the Royal Doulton Figures Collection together with a bottle and stopper in the form of a monk, a Poole Pottery dolphin, a Royal Doulton George V Coronation commemorative beaker, cut glassware including a box and cover with sunflower detail, etc. 40-50
88.     No lot
91.     A Royal Worcester figure of the child born on the sabbath day with black printed mark to interior number 3256 together with a further Royal Worcester figure modelled by F G Doughty - The Parakeet with black printed mark to base number 3087. 30-50
92.     A Royal Worcester vase and cover of lobed form with painted pink and red rose decoration and gilt strap work detail, with puce printed mark to base number 291, 13 cm tall approx. 30-40
93.     A collection of three Royal Crown Derby paperweights in the form of a robin, a great tit and a wren (?), all with stoppers to bases. 30-50
94.     A collection of three Hadley's Worcester vases, all with various painted rose decoration, with printed marks to bases, maximum height 9 cm approx. 40-50
95.     A collection of Royal Worcester wares with painted fruit decoration comprising a plate signed E Townsend, 16 cm diameter approx, a jug signed by the same hand, both with pink printed marks to bases, a miniature cabinet cup signed P H Platt and a saucer signed B Cox, both with black printed marks to bases. 100-120
96.     A Hadley Worcester two handled vase with painted blackberry and bramble decoration, with green printed mark to base together with a further Hadley Worcester vase with dog rose decoration, 10 cm tall approx. 25-30
97.     A 19th century Meissen type cabinet cup with relief moulded and painted decoration of water nymphs and cherubs riding on sea creatures, with simulated coral handle and blue painted cross swords mark to base, 9 cm diameter approx. 30-50
98.     WITHDRAWN 50-80
99.     An early 20th century Satsuma jug of leaf shaped form with polychrome painted and gilded "thousand figure" decoration to the exterior and wisteria decoration to the interior, with painted character mark to base, 11 cm long approx together with a similar covered jug with pierced inner lining with further floral detail, 13 cm long approx. 50-70
100.    A collection of three miniature Hadley Worcester vases including two handled example with drawn neck, example with green printed floral garland decoration, etc., all with printed marks to bases. 25-30
101.    A 19th century continental box and cover of pierced form with encrusted floral decoration and gilt metal mounts, 10 cm diameter approx together with a glass ashtray with millefiori decoration to the base and a further green glass paperweight of globular form with bubbled finish. 25-30
102.    A Juliana Collection model of a horse drawn gypsy caravan, 43 cm long approx. 20-25
103.    NO LOT
104.    A collection of various pub jugs including examples advertising Passport Scotch Whisky, Johnny Walker, Seagram's 100 Pipers, Gordon's Gin, etc (12). 30-40
105.    A collection of 19th century and other ceramics including a pair of blue and white jugs with printed mark to base Canton, China, a George Jones Abbey pattern preserve pot and cover, a mocha ware type jug, gaudy type wares including two small tankards, a 1902 enamel beaker commemorating the Coronation of King Edward VII, etc. 25-30
106.    NO LOT
107.    A collection of Royal Worcester ceramics including an outsized cup and saucer with blue dragon decoration, a 1911 Coronation plate, a six place Regency pattern tea set including cake plate, milk jug and sugar bowl, a collection of Strathmore pattern tea wares including cake plate, milk jug, sugar bowl, seven cups, six saucers and six tea plates together with a pair of Prattware pot lids and covers showing the Belle Vue Tavern, a George VI Coronation mug designed by Laura Knight, etc. 40-60
108.    Three large Royal Doulton character jugs - Long John Silver D6335, Sam Weller and Toby Philpots, a further character jug of the Jovial Judge and a ceramic cover modelled as a bulls head. 20-25
109.    A collection of blue and white printed wares including a 19th century Copeland tureen base of oval form, a Watteau pattern fruit bowl, etc., together with a pair of black ground cloisonne vases with chrysanthemum decoration together with stands, further enamel box and cover, a Crummles pill box and cover, a frosted pressed glass clock in the Lalique manner with stylised floral decoration, three cut glass custard glasses, etc. 30-50
110.    A Wedgwood blue ground biscuit barrel with plated mount and cover together with a Wedgwood box and cover and a display rack fitted with a quantity of collector's spoons. 20-25
111.    A Gouda crocus pattern two handled bowl with polychrome painted decoration and painted mark to base 631 Crocus, etc., 42 cm long approx together with a Mason Ironstone Mandalay soup tureen, cover and stand, a collection of copper lustre jugs, a quantity of Biltons Ironstone dinner and coffee wares, etc. 60-80
112.    A quantity of ceramics and glassware including a pair of large two handled Satsuma type vases, a further pair of 19th century pink ground vases, a Maling vase, floral tea wares, etc., together with a pair of opaque pink glass vases, decanters and stoppers, etc. 25-30
113.    A 19th century Masons Ironstone china jug of octagonal form with serpent handle together with a 19th century blue and white printed meat plate with rustic scene within a floral border, further blue and white printed plates including Wedgwood example, Pearlware type example with chinoiserie decoration, etc., a Masons Ironstone Character Jug - The Farmer's Wife, two Wade boxes and covers in the form of tortoises and two further Wade tortoise ornaments, etc. 40-60
114.    A collection of Traditional Arts English Garden pattern coffee wares comprising coffee pot, four coffee cans and four saucers together with a pair of Islimi pattern coffee pots and a matching teapot by the same manufacturer, also together with a packaging box. 30-50
115.    A collection of ceramics including decorative plates including Aynsley Royal Commemorative examples, Coalport, etc., two Royal Worcester white glazed vases, one in the form of a cornucopia, the other modelled as leaves, glassware including Bristol Blue style jug and bowl and two cranberry glass jugs and a bowl, further cut glassware, etc., together with a small collection of Wade Disney characters including Dachie and Peg from Lady and the Tramp, etc (Wade animals displayed in cabinet adjacent). 30-50
116.    A collection of ceramics and glassware including a Carnival glass dish with moulded fruiting vine detail and green iridescent finish, various drinking glasses including two green glass beakers, various rummers, etc together with Royal Stafford Art Deco tea wares, Myott blue and buff banded dinner wares including tureen and cover, three oval graduated meat plates, etc, also together with two mustard spoons (silver displayed in cabinet opposite) 20-25
117.    A 19th century wedge shaped cheese dish and cover with floral decoration, a 19th century four sided bottle and stopper with painted floral decoration against a blue and gilt ground, a Sylvac buff glazed jug in the form of a squirrel and an acorn, an Art Deco amber tinted glass vase in the form of a sailing yacht, Wade animals etc, together with a set of Lakeland Studios relief moulded plaques showing cottages and other buildings, etc., including a scene at Godshill, Selly Manor, etc. 30-40
118.    A collection of Portuguese leaf moulded wares including serving dishes, etc., together with a jug and bowl with printed cornflower decoration. 10-15
120.     No Lot
121.    A Honiton ware jug with blue painted floral decoration, a further Honiton ware jug, a Studio Pottery dish of oval form with incised and painted decoration, etc. 30-40
122.    A Poole Pottery vase with abstract decoration on an orange ground with printed dolphin mark to base and number 83, 13 cm tall approx, a similar dish of octagonal form with the number 42 to the reverse, a Sylvac vase with silhouette decoration of horses against an orange ground, with impressed numbers to base 4264, 16 cm tall approx, a set of four Midwinter Stylecraft red polka dot pattern plates and a Norwegian fish dinner service by Figgjo Flint comprising an oval serving plate and six further plates with harlequin glaze, all with printed mark to reverse.
123.    A collection of Denby Daybreak pattern dinner and other wares including an oval serving dish, eight dinner plates, ten dessert plates, six dessert bowls, milk jug, sugar bowl and three mugs; together with a vintage backgammon set in folding wooden case and part fitted canteen on fish cutlery 25-30
124.    A collection of Simpson's Solian ware Belle Fiore pattern wares with painted floral decoration comprising oval serving plate, teapot, milk jug, covered sugar bowl, preserve pot, seven dinner sized plates, seven dessert or side plates, eight dessert or soup bowls, four cups, ten saucers (two sizes), etc. 25-30
125.    A collection of Studio Pottery wares including a large ewer with mottled green glazed finish, with impressed TM monogram to base, 32 cm high approx, a vase with brown abstract decoration and an impressed mark CH, a brown glazed bowl with slip decoration, etc. 20-25
126.    A collection of Royal Albert Silver Maple pattern tea wares comprising cake plate, milk jug, sugar bowl, four cups, five saucers and six tea plates together with a boxed Royal Doulton figure of Amanda HN2996, Royal Commemorative ceramics and Burleigh art deco dinner wares with green printed decoration comprising a pair of tureens and covers, sauce boat, two oval graduated meat plates, four dinner sized plates, eight dessert plates and seven side plates. 25-30
127.    A collection of Susie Cooper tea and coffee wares in the Glen Mist pattern including teapot, milk jug, cake plate, etc., further Susie Cooper tea wares with grey and brown floral detail together with Royal Worcester Woodland pattern tea wares, a Derek Fowler nursery night light in the form of a house belonging to the Honey Bruins, a Poole Pottery four sectional hors d'oeuvre dish and further Poole Pottery wares, etc. 25-30
128.    A quantity of Denby Arabesque brown ground wares including coffee pot, two graduated teapots, milk jug, sugar bowl, four dinner sized plates, four dessert plates, seven side plates, four soup bowls, four dessert bowls, four cups, four saucers and four mugs (2 sizes). 30-50
129.    A collection of Royal Worcester Evesham pattern wares including a pair of ceramic saucepans, a large quiche dish 36 cm diameter approx, an oval serving plate, etc., together with a Royal Worcester Delecta pattern serving plate 32 cm diameter approx. 30-40
130.    An extensive quantity of Royal Doulton Burgundy pattern dinner, tea and coffee wares, pattern number TC1001, including oval meat plate, twenty five dinner plates, twelve soup plates, twelve dessert plates, nineteen side plates, sauce boat and stand, pair of cake plates, tea cups and coffee cups, tea and coffee saucers, etc. 50-80
131.    A 19th century rummer 16cm tall 25-30
132.    A cut glass table lamp base of circular form with knopped central section with engraved leaf design together with a matching mushroom shaped shade on chrome supports, 24cm tall approx, a vaseline glass shade in the art nouveau manner, 16cm tall and a further collection of various opaque glass shades 40-60
133.    A glass jug with plated mount, handle and cover raised on a plated warming stand supported by three fluted paw shaped supports and marked to base B Rogers, together with a glass jug with plated mounts, decanter and stopper and various green glass vases, a pair of opalescent glass vases of simple form, etc 30-40
134.    A collection of various 19th century facet cut rummer type drinking glasses (11) 30-40
134A.   A collection of 19th century green stemmed wine glasses
135.    A silver mounted clear glass decanter of four sided form with facet cut stopper together with a pair of 19th century decanters and stoppers with drawn necks and cranberry coloured facet cut overlay, further 19th century decanter and stoppers, a pressed glass tazza, a glass bottle with opaque green and lime green bands, a opalescent glass hen on nest basket etc 30-50
136.    A cut glass table lamp and matching shade of toadstool type form, together with a mirrored glass base with shaped outline 30-40
137.    A quantity of glassware including a cut glass salad bowl and servers, two decanters and stoppers, dessert set, condiments set, cranberry glass jug, glass box with silver cover, etc together with a canteen of plated flatware, a further canteen containing plated flatware with embossed decoration to the handles, cased fish servers, etc 40-60
138.    A collection of continental novelty glass animals including a doleful dog, further dogs, a monkey, etc 20-25
139.    A pair of heavy cut glass decanters and stoppers with drawn necks and globular bodies together with a further similar decanter and stopper and a pair of four sided cut glass decanters and stoppers 25-30
140.    A pressed glass jug commemorating the 1897 Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria together with further Royal commemorative wares including a King Edward VIII coronation mug designed by Laura Knight, further coronation mugs, a quantity of glass bottles of varying form, etc 20-30
141.    "Time Only" carriage clock within a serpentine gilt brass case with cobalt blue enamelled numerals and bevelled glass, the clock 11.5 cm high 80-120
142.    Impressive Hamilton & Co large striking carriage clock, gilt brass corniche case, gilt frontage with 8 cm circular enamel dial fitted with roman numerals and inscribed Hamilton & Co, 20 cm high 800-1000
143.    Good Henri Jacot repeater carriage clock with bamboo case, with silvered front and 6 inch enamel dial, striking on a gong, the clock 15 cm high 1000-1500
144.    A gilt brass carriage clock striking on a gong within a gilt brass canalee case, the enamel front with Roman numerals, the clock 15 cm high 300-500
145.    A good gilt brass striking carriage clock, with gilt mask and 4.5 cm enamel dial, the clock 12 cm high 200-300
146.    Stowell & Co striking carriage clock with gilt mask and 5 cm enamel chapter ring, the clock 12.5 cm high 250-350
147.    French oval brass carriage clock, with enamelled mask and bevelled glass, upon ball feet, 11.5 cm high 80-120
148.    Brass and bevelled glass oval carriage clock 40-60
149.    Charles Frodsham of London miniature brass carriage clock, with engraved fancy brass case mounted with acorn finials and enamel mask, 9cm high 60-100
150.    A continental walnut and ormolu mounted mantle clock, the 9 cm enamel dial within an architectural type case, 23 cm high 30-50
151.    French black slate drum head figural mantle clock, mounted by a recumbent classical female character with a bird on her shoulder, fitted with a 9 cm gilt two train dial, 33 cm high 100-200
152.    French single train drum head gilt mantle timepiece, the 8cm enamel dial mounted with a seated farm hand amidst Rococo type scrolled foliage, 30 cm high 50-80
153.    Period French Boulle work drum head mantle clock, fitted with a 10 cm two train enamel dial, 20 cm high (AF) 150-250
154.    French gilt metal figural drum head mantle clock, the 9 cm enamel dial held aloft in the branches of a gilt tree surmounted by peacocks, upon a serpentine baize lined wooden stand, 43 cm high
155.    Edwardian box wood inlaid walnut lancet two train mantle clock, with 10 cm enamel dial, 28 cm high (AF) 60-100
156.    A walnut veneered glass fronted American shelf clock with two train circular dial and painted glass front, 39 cm high 20-40
157.    Mixed collection of four time pieces to include an Edwardian lancet clock, a Smiths of Enfield walnut veneered two train mantle clock, a further vintage Smiths clock, a brass drum head timepiece; together with a vintage mahogany cased torch (5)
158.    Vintage "Time Savings" clock, within a stepped walnut veneered case, 17 cm high 30-50
159.    Victorian gothic gilt brass mantle clock with pierced architectural case, dismantled, the clock 41 cm high
160.    Large walnut cased Vienna type two train regulator wall clock, the case mounted by a horse and further mask, the dial fitted with an 18 cm enamel chapter ring, the clock 150 cm high 80-120
161.    French two train gilt wood Cartel type wall clock, the 16 cm dial fitted into a case decorated with sun burst carvings, turned pilasters and scrolled foliage, 60 cm high 100-200
162.    A 19th century rosewood and box wood inlaid drop dial wall clock, the two train 30 cm dial within a case with further grape vine carvings, 85 cm high (AF)
163.    An American mahogany cased drop dial wall clock with painted glass frontage and painted 15 cm two train chapter ring, 65 cm long 30-50
171.    A pair of silver plated cylindrical candlesticks converted into table lamps, 36 cm high (2) 30-50
172.    A mixed collection of silver plated items to include a good revolving breakfast dish, four piece tea service, epergne arm with etched glass fitting and others
173.    A collection of ten pewter tankards and three pewter plates (13) 30-50
174.    A pair of silver plated candlesticks in the Adams style cast with rams head and urns, 32 cm; together with a silver plated wine cooler, faceted jug and three silver plated weighters and two others (9) 30-50
175.    A 19th century silver plated ice bucket, with good cast scrolled acanthus rim and further scrolled feet, 14 cm high 30-50
176.    A mixed collection of silver plate to include a pair of corinthian column candlesticks, various wine coasters and others 50-80
177.    Silver plate and cut glass perpetual desk calendar/standish in the Art Deco manner, the glass plate fitted with a calendar and two ink wells, 33 cm wide 80-120
178.    Impressive silver plated salver, with inscription "presented to past master H T Wright" and a further crest, fitted within a mahogany box; together with further silver plated items to include a tankard with novelty fox handle, flat ware etc 40-60
179.    A large mixed collection of silver plated items to include tea services, candelabra, trays, flatware, etc
180.    A mixed collection of silver plated items to include teawares, sugar scuttles, flatware, etc 20-40
181.    A collection of various silver plated flatware to include Kings Husk and other fancy pattern 30-50
181A.   oval silver plated meat dish with drainer, plated flatware and two candlesticks 30-40
182.    A large collection of silver plated and pewter items to include four piece tea set, entree dishes, Ronson lighters, 8 pewter tankards; together with three coloured glass floats 40-60
183.    WITHDRAWN 50-80
184.    A collection of pewter items to include tankards, steins, candlesticks, plates, etc 50-80
201.    A three piece silver tea set, each piece of oval form with 1/2 fluted decoration - London 1881 26oz 200-250
202.    A shallow silver centre dish with shaped outline and pierced geometric detail, 24cm diameter - Sheffield 1936, 13oz 100-120
203.    A Victorian embossed silver cigarette box with scrolled detail to all sides, teak lined, 18cm max 80-100
204.    A pair of embossed silver photograph frames with scrolled and other detail, interior 21x16cm approx, 29x22 max - Birmingham 1909 80-120
205.    Single silver square candlestick, three piece condiment set and a further pepper pot, silver handled cake slice and one other 60-80
206.    Oval embossed silver trinket box, four piece silver backed dressing table set, four silver lids, etc 60-80
207.    A cased set - six pairs of silver bladed dessert knives and forks with mother of pearl handles, Sheffield 1908 60-80
208.    A cased set - twelve pairs of dessert knives and forks with silver plated blades and mother of pearl handles; together with a boxed set of plated nut crackers 40-60
209.    A cased set of six pairs of silver bladed fish knives and forks - Sheffield 1937 80-100
210.    A collection of silver flatware, Georgian, Victorian and 20th century, six table forks, six dessert forks, six dessert spoons - all Sheffield 1912, 28oz total together with three 19th century serving spoons, six assorted teaspoons and a mustard spoon, 9oz (37oz total) 250-300
211.    An engine turned silver cigarette case and a further ribbed example in silver plate 20-30
212.    A set of six silver rat tail soup spoons - Sheffield 1932, 14oz 100-120
213.    An embossed silver ring box and cover, one other and two silver topped glass boxes with a silver topped scent bottle 60-80
214.    A cased silver egg cup and spoon and a silver Armada dish, 12cm diameter, 5oz 40-60
215.    A single silver photograph frame (to accept an image 21cm x 15.5cm together with a silver christening tankard, stem wine, three napkin rings, dish and odd cutlery - 14oz (not including frame) 120-140
216.    Silver tazza with pierced border, four divisional toast rack, ashtray and silver coaster with turned timber base, 6oz (not including coaster) 60-80
217.    Three pairs of miniature pepper and salts of baluster form, two silver mounted drinking cups and two silver plater skewers, etc 50-70
218.    Withdrawn 800-1000
219.    A Victorian silver tea pot the body of oval form with 1/2 fluted detail - London 1879, 12oz total 80-100
220.    Three silver tazzas of varying design, 11oz 80-100
221.    Two silver capstain inkwells 40-60
222.    A good George IV silver three piece tea set each body of circular shaped and form with cast foliated detail to rims and handles, probably by Joseph Angell - London 1823, 49oz 600-800
223.    A commemorative silver dish (cased) and enclosing a 1965 Churchill crown - London 1966, 3oz (including coin)
224.    A cased six piece silver manicure set - Birmingham 1918; together with white metal posy holder with cherub detail, a buckle and silver propelling pencil (4) 20-30
225.    A four piece silver tea and coffee set with gadrooned border Gold & Silversmiths Co - London 1906, 53oz, together with silver sugar tongs 400-450
226.    A silver gravy boat with open scroll handle raised on hoof feet - London 1930, 6oz 40-60
227.    A heavy cast silver sugar basin with fluted body, acanthus and other floral detail - London 1828 possibly Joseph Craddock, 14oz 100-120
228.    Two silver photograph frames together with a two divisional glass and silver mounted flask, leather cased 40-50
229.    Circular silver, porringer, gravy boat, two pairs of sugar tongs and christening mug 13oz, together with a weighted silver candlestick 100-120
230.    A set of six silver handled steak knives cased christening fork and spoon, Victorian jam spoon and sardine fork and further odd flatware 60-80
231.    A set of 14 German table knives the 800 standard handles with anthemion and other detail, monogrammed D 60-80
232.    A set of five Georgian Old English pattern dessert spoon - London 1814, 5oz 60-80
233.    Various Georgian silver dessert spoons in the Old English pattern - London 1814, 9oz 100-120
234.    Nine various Georgian and Victorian dessert forks in the Old English pattern, 12oz 100-150
235.    A harlequin set of six Georgian silver table forks in the Old English pattern with Armorial's - London 1796 and 1798, 13oz 120-150
236.    A set of six Victorian silver table forks in the Old English pattern - London 1868, 13ox 120-150
237.    A set of six fiddle and thread pattern teaspoons - Edinburgh 1850, 5oz 50-60
238.    Five Georgian silver dessert forks, various dates and makers, 4oz 40-60
239.    A set of six Victorian serving spoons in the Old English pattern - London 1875, 13oz 120-150
240.    Four Georgian silver table spoons in the Old English pattern - London 1797 and 1798, 7oz 60-80
241.    Three Georgian silver ladle spoons in the Old English pattern (various dates) 6oz 60-80
242.    A cased set of miniature coronation regalia in silver 30-40
243.    A silver cased pocket watch and chain (working) silver penknife, cheeroot holder, vesta and decanter table 80-100
244.    A simple set of six Georgian silver teaspoon monogrammed B & W - London 1803 by Peter, Ann & William Bateman, six coffee bean spoons and other silver flatware 40-60
245.    A cased pair of silver pepperettes with fluted bases and a cased pair of cauldron salts and spoons 40-60
246.    A silver fronted leather framed desk top photograph frame, silver cigarette case and an oval mustard pot 40-60
247.    Two Georgian silver table spoons, two pickle forks and one teaspoon, 5oz 40-60
248.    Five silver backed dressing table brushes, etc 40-60
249.    A silver napkin ring, vesta, propelling pencil frame, pot and cover, 3oz 30-40
250.    An unusual silver butter dish and cover with glass liner of oval form, a silver dish enclosing a 1977 crown, two plated wythen salts and a silver topped bottle 50-70
251.    A silver napkin ring of oval form, whiskey label, collection of continental silver spoons etc 20-30
261.    An impressive 19th century, 9ct gold and amethyst pendant necklace with collet-set paste stone; three large free cut amethysts on integral knife link chain, 27 cm, 13g 150-250
262.    A 9ct gold, chain link long guard watch chain, 75cm, 26g 200-300
263.    A 9ct gold curb link bracelet with 9ct heart locket, 12 g 80-120
264.    An 18ct gold gentlemens wedding band, 4.4 g, size S
265.    An early 20th century 18ct gold three stone diamond ring, three old cut star set diamonds with decorated scrolling shoulders, 2.6g, ring size M

266.    An 18ct gold sapphire and diamond three stone ring, central oval cut sapphire 7mm x 6mm, accented with two brilliant cut diamonds, 3.7g, ring size R
267.    An 18ct gold ruby and diamond ring, small central star set ruby accented with illusion set diamonds. 2.6g. Ring size M 60-80
268.    A diamond five stone ring set in unmarked yellow and white metal with a graduated line of old brilliant cut diamonds, estimated total diamond weight 0.50ct, ring size O, 1.6 g 80-120
269.    An early 20th century dental bridge plate with unmarked yellow metal plate 19.7g 60-80
270.    An 18ct white gold sapphire and diamond dress ring. Central 10mm x 7mm dark blue sapphire in 4 prong setting with diamond set shoulders. Approx diamond weight 0.50cts. Ring size N 600-800
271.    A collection of 9ct gold items to include a ring , a rectangular locket, a pair of drop earrings and a small watch chain, 6.0g 40-60
272.    A large labradorite and silver pendant, a garnet and silver gilt ladies ring (1 stone deficient) and a silver link bracelet. 20-30
273.    An 18ct gold wedding band set with single small square cut diamond 17.4g. Ring size W 300-400
274.    An 18ct gold wedding band set with single square cut diamond 17g. Ring size V 300-400
275.    A string of synthetic oval cherry amber style beads, largest bead 3cm by 2cm. Length 36cm
276.    A 9ct gold ladies diamond ring with single square cut diamond. Estimated diamond weight 0.22ct, Size L. 3.2g 120-180
277.    3 x 9ct gold items to include a pin brooch, spherical stud earrings and a swimming medal 11.4g 60-80
278.    A 9ct gold articulated gate link bracelet, 10.2 g 80-100
279.    A collection of costume jewellery

280.    A 19th century pair cased pocket watch by William Warren, London with verge fusee movement, in tortoise shell case, numbered enamel dial (with some damage).
281.    A 9ct gold articulated bracelet, 12.9g

282.    A Victorian gold sovereign dated 1885 with pendant bezel mount, 9.7g

283.    A George V gold sovereign dated 1912, 8.0 g

284.    A Victorian gold sovereign dated 1878, 8.0 g
285.    A Victorian gold sovereign dated 1899, 7.9g 190-220
286.    A George V half sovereign, bezel set brooch with scrolling shoulders and safety chain 6.2 g dated 1914 95-110
287.    A Victorian half sovereign dated 1892, 3.9g 95-110
288.    A George V half sovereign dated 1911, 4.0 g 95-110
289.    A silver and marcasite open work oval brooch with silver and marcasite drop scrolling earrings together with a wire work rectangular brooch set with large blue paste stone.

290.    A platinum wedding band, size N, 6.1g
291.    A pair of Chinese white metal articulated bracelets terminating in stylised dragons head clasps, approx 4 troy oz 100-150
292.    A 9ct gold Albert watch chain, 21.8 g 150-200
293.    A pair of 20th century 9ct gold and enamel cuff links depicting jockeys silks retailed by Hancocks of London 500-800
294.    A 9ct gold shell cameo brooch depicting a classical female. 30-40
295.     A Cartier trinity ring in 18k white, yellow and rose gold, engraved to band Le Must de Cartier, ring size M
296.    Two 9ct gold ladies wrist watches one with rolled gold strap, estimated gold weight 10g
297.    A pair of early 20th century platinum and diamond pendant earrings, each graduated line of mille grain collet-set round cut diamonds suspending a pear shaped drop, set with round brilliant cut diamonds, approx diamond weight 2.20 cts 2500-3000
298.    A 9ct gold memorial pendant set with split pearls and turquoise cabochons together with an unmarked yellow metal Victorian pendant and a pair of unmarked yellow metal earrings with collet-set pear shaped citrines. 60-80
299.    A large Scottish hard stone dirk brooch set with citrines, blood stone and jasper in chased and engraved unmarked white metal, length 12 cm 350-450
300.    A small collection of 9ct gold items to include a ladies ring (stone deficient) and three other small 9ct items together with a 22ct gold ring, approx weight 4.9g

300A.   A 9ct gold and white opal suite of jewellery to include a pair of ear studs and oval drop pendant on a 9ct gold chain and a white opal ring, size R, 8.4g 70-90
300B.   A pair of pearl ear studs together with a 9ct gold pendant cross and link chain, 4g approx 30-50
301.    An oversized early 19th century three sided carnelian set fob in unmarked yellow metal with hidden compartment possibly for a vinaigrette of snuff with raised and engraved decoration, suspended by stylised snake clasp.
301A.   Five pairs of gold and other earrings of various designs together with a simulated amber graduated bead necklace 80-100
302.    A 9ct gold chain link bracelet together with a 14k gold sapphire and split pearl bar brooch, a 9ct gold watch pin and other small 9ct items, 12.2g 80-120
303.    A 50 ct emerald cut aquamarine ladies dress ring with diamond set shoulders in a 4 prong open work setting, in unmarked yellow metal, ring size K 3000-4000
304.    A 9ct gold charm bracelet set with numerous 9ct and 15ct gold charms, 38.2g 300-400
305.    An early 20th century EPNS open work ladies belt. 20-30
306.    An Art Deco style 18ct white gold ladies ring with central emerald cut blue zircon with diamond set shoulders, ring size O 600-900
307.    NO LOT
308.    A 1970s ladies dress ring in unmarked yellow metal with large free cut central rubelite (red) tourmaline with a surround of single cut diamonds in the style of John Donald, ring size N 1000-1500
309.    A 9ct gold ladies Tivoli evening watch with integral 9ct strap, good working order, estimated gold weight 8g 60-80
310.    A 1970s 14k gold ladies dress ring of abstract design numerously set with single cut diamonds and free cut sapphires, ring size J 800-1200
311.    Two 9ct gold gentlemens signet rings together with an 18ct gentlemans signet ring each set with oval bloodstone plaque, 8.4g 80-120
312.    A sapphire and diamond cluster ring in unmarked white metal with central oval cut sapphire and a surround of collett-set mille grain diamonds approx total diamond weight 0.50cts, ring size Q 1500-2000
313.    An 18ct white and yellow gold diamond full eternity ring set throughout with a line of single cut diamonds, 4.7g, ring size S 60-80
314.    A 9ct gold gate link bracelet together with a 9ct heart locket, 13g 80-120
315.    An unmarked yellow metal stick/tie pin with single old brilliant cut diamond knop, estimated diamond weight 0.30cts, 3.6g 80-120
316.    A 9ct gold ladies 'Roamer' evening watch with integral 9ct strap together with two other 9ct gold watches, and a large Victorian silver key wound pocket watch, Chester 1891, plus two other ladies watches. 60-80
317.    A gentlemans 9ct signet ring with engraved crossed keys armorial, 6.7g, ring size L
318.    An 18ct gold wedding band with chased decoration 3.5g, size O 40-60
319.    Three 22ct gold wedding bands 11.3g, size L-M 150-200
320.    An 18ct gold ladies key wound pocket watch with chased and engraved decoration, numbered dial with gold engraved face, 42 g 150-250
321.    A vintage Christian Dior two strand necklace of carved and molded art glass beads, marked Christian Dior 1958, in original box. 150-170
322.    A silver irridescent butterfly wing and rock crystal pendant necklace and chain. 20-30
323.    A collection of 9ct gold items to include a curb link chain with 9ct cross, a chain link necklace with 9ct pendant, a 9ct gold bluebird bar brooch, a 9ct heart locket with engraved decoration and a large 9ct bangle 29.7g. 150-250
324.    A 9ct gold and black opal triplet ring 2.5 g, ring size S 40-60
325.    A 9ct gold five stone opal ring with engraved and decorated shoulders, ring size R, 2.3g 60-80
326.    A pair of silver and enamel cuff links. 30-40
327.    A ladies Jaeger Le Coultre 9ct gold evening watch with integrated bark effect 9ct strap, together with one other 9ct gold ladies watch and two further plated watches. 100-150
328.    NO LOT
329.    A 9ct gold ladies shell cameo ring, 2.3g, ring size T 30-40
330.    A late 20th century 9ct gold and diamond ladies ring set with two single cut diamonds, 3.0 g, ring size Q 80-120
331.    A 9ct gold ladies evening watch by Den-Ro with integrated 9ct gold strap, 13.0 g 60-80
332.    An 18ct gold crown wind, half hunter pocket watch with 18ct gold Albert chain 172g including watch mechanism. 800-1200
333.    A large collection of costume jewellery 20-30
334.    An ladies 18ct gold and diamond ring, channel set with seven square cut diamonds, 3.7g, ring size J 180-220
335.    A 9ct gold and red garnet ladies dress ring, ring size L, 2.4g 20-40
336.    A 9ct gold, paste set ladies flower ring, ring size L, 1.7g 20-30
337.    A small collection of wrist watches to include a 9ct early 20th century gentlemans watch, a ladies Pulsar gold plated evening watch and three stainless steel gentlemens Seiko watches.
338.    A collection of good quality costume jewellery 20-30
339.    A collection of costume jewellery and gentlemens gold plated cuff links 20-30
340.    An 18ct gold ladies key wound open faced pocket watch, with raised and engraved face, 56.9g 150-250
341.    A collection of memorial jewellery to include a 9ct gold locket engraved 'mother and father', a large reversible oval picture brooch and two reversible yellow metal pendants. 30-50
342.    Three gentlemens wristwatches to include an Art Deco 'Bulova' rectangular faced example with numbered dial and subsidiary second hand (in original leather box), together with an Everite gentlemans watch and a yellow metal Sekonda watch. 30-50
343.    A 1946 stainless steel Breitling Vintage Chronograph with Venus 170 movement, numbered dial with two subsidiary dials, reference number 627751 178 80-120
344.    An 'Elgin' rectangular faced gentleman's wristwatch with numbered dial and subsidiary second dial, together with a stainless steel 'Seiko automatic'. 40-60
345.    .A pair of red coral rose brooches together with a matching faux coral bead necklace and matching bracelet with white metal and paste clasp. 30-50
346.    A vintage Tissot Visodate gentleman's wristwatch with gold dial and baton numerals together with a yellow metal 'Lord Elgin' automatic incabloc gentleman's wrist watch. 150-200
347.    Two Scottish hard stone banded agate brooches in unmarked white metal mounts together with a yellow metal seed pearl and turquoise brooch, an Etruscan style circular yellow metal brooch with old cut diamond centre and a stainless steel trench style watch. 60-90
348.    A ladies 18k gold Longines cocktail watch with integrated 18k gold strap, 27g total 150-250
349.    An 18k gold emerald and diamond bracelet numerously set with square cut emeralds and single cut diamonds, together with a matching emerald and diamond pendant, central rectangular cut emerald, 8mm x 6mm, 17g 120-180
350.    A late 20th century 18k gold and Lapis Lazuli bracelet, double curb link chain with Lapis terminals, made in Vicenza, Italy, 28g 300-400
351.    A gentlemans vintage stainless steel 'Tudor' Oyster Royal wrist watch, cream dial with baton numerals and numbered points, working order. 100-200
352.    A Tissot Visodate automatic Seastar Seven gentlemen's wristwatch, silvered dial with baton numerals in unmarked yellow metal case. 80-100
353.    A 9ct gold ladies 'Mondia' cocktail watch with rectangular face and gold dial with mixed baton numerals on a 9ct back and front plated strap 60-80
354.    A vintage gentlemen's Longines 9ct gold flagship automatic wrist watch with integrated 9ct gold strap, gold face with baton markers, total weight 56g. 400-600
355.    An 18ct gold split pearl and ruby cabochon ladies ring with decorated scrolling shoulders together with an unmarked yellow metal gentlemen's wedding band set with small rose cut diamond, ring size 'R', total weight 7.7g 80-120
356.    Two 19th century memorial rings, the first in unmarked yellow metal with dark blue enamel and single central split pearl, engraved "John Warry born 1816 died 1886", the second set with split pearls, old cut diamond and black enamel, also in unmarked yellow metal, inscribed 1876, ring size N, total weight 9.7g 60-80
357.    A small collection of good quality costume jewellery to include a late 20th century pierced silver necklace, a limoge brooch in ivorine mount, a micromosaic brooch, a large banded agate brooch in yellow metal mount, two ladies watches, cufflinks and other items 40-60
358.    A 9ct gold charm bracelet with 9ct heart locket, three full bezel mounted Victorian sovereigns, together with a 9ct gold St Christopher 54g 600-800
359.    An unmarked yellow metal solitaire diamond ring approx diamond weight 0.46 cts, with engraved shoulders 3.1 g, ring size O 100-150
360.    A 9ct gold articulated fancy link necklace of undulating design, 49g. 500-600
361.    A 9ct gold gate link bracelet with heart shaped locket, 12g 80-120
362.    A George V gold sovereign dated 1915, in 9ct bezel mount with scrolling locket mount, 9.8g 180-200
363.    An early 20th century 9ct gold bangle with chased and engraved decoration together with a yellow metal pin brooch, total weight 9.3g 60-80
364.    A gentlemens 22ct gold wedding band, size P, together with a ladies 22ct gold wedding band, size M, total weight 10.5 g 180-220
365.    An 18ct gold and platinum Art Deco plaque ring set with four free cut sapphires and central old brilliant cut diamond, ring size 'R' 1.6g. 40-60
366.    An 18ct gold wedding band, size N, together with a ladies 18ct ruby and diamond chip ring; size N, total weight 2.5g. 40-50
367.    An unmarked white metal and illusion set diamond eternity ring, size O, 2.9g 40-60
368.    Three 9ct gold ladies rings to include a carved lapis lazuli ring, a Jade cabochon ring and a cameo ring in four prong setting, ring size L. 9.5g 80-100
369.    An 18ct gold and platinum five stone diamond ring, illusion set single cut diamonds together with an 18ct gold three stone ruby ring with diamond accents, total 6.3g, ring sizes L 80-120
370.    An early 20th century platinum pearl and diamond ladies dress ring, centrally set with a single full 9mm pearl in a four prong setting with diamond set shoulders, ring size N 100-200
371.    A 1970s 9ct gold ladies dress ring of abstract form set with six pear shaped citrine quartz in the style of H.Stern. 10.8g, ring size N 150-200
372.    A 9ct gold and oval plaque ring with raised decoration depicting a classical nude 7.2g, ring size H 100-150
373.    A large oval silver and banded agate ring with decorated and pierced shoulders, 10.6 g, ring size K 30-50
374.    A 22ct wedding band, 7.4g, ring size M 100-150
375.    A 22 ct gold and platinum wedding band, 2.9g, ring size R 40-60
376.    A 14ct gold and cubic zirconia ladies ring, 4.2g, ring size Q 40-60
377.    A 9ct gold gypsy ring set with large central cubic zirconia 9.5g, ring size R, together with a gentlemen's signet ring with central star motif and diamond chip 4.7g, ring size O 80-120
378.    A 9ct gold and platinum ladies ring set with large single cut blue zircon with bright cut shoulders, 2.5g 40-60
379.    An 18ct gold ladies ring set with single large central cubic zirconia, 2.7g, ring size R, together with a 9ct plaque ring set with central square cut dark blue sapphire with a surround of single cut paste stones, 3.4g, ring size P. 40-60
380.    A collection of good quality costume jewellery 20-40
381.    A 916/1000 gold 5 proof coin 2015 commemorating Sir Winston Churchill, 38.61mm, weight 39-94 gm, obverse Ian Rank Broadley FRBS Limited Edition 95 - number 29 with certificate and presentation case 700-900
382.    An 1893 sovereign in Westminster presentation case 180-220
383.    2014 proof 1 coin, 22ct, 7.98 gm, country of issue Jersey Limited Edition 495, number 4 180-220
384.    1927 sovereign in Westminster presentation case 180-220
385.    1903 sovereign in Westminster presentation case 180-220
386.    A 2014 Australian proof sovereign with Perth Min, presentation packaging, Limited issue 1,500 number 1012 180-220
387.    A 1980 proof sovereign with Royal Mint presentation packaging 180-220
388.    A 2013 proof sovereign with Royal Mint presentation box 180-200
389.    916/1,000 5 proof coin 2014 '100 poppies', weight 39-94gm, limited edition of 100, number 8 in presentation case 700-900
390.    A 14k gold and diamond pendant of rhombic form with collet-set mille grain diamonds to central floral design 600-800
391.    A collection of unmounted gemstones to include an oval labradorite cabochon, a star ruby, a free-cut fire agate, a cats eye opal, a large oval cut citrine, an oval blood quartz and a rutilated quartz. 40-60
392.    An 18ct gold and platinum three stone ladies ring with mille grain diamond set shoulders, ring size O, 1.6g, Estimated diamond weight 0.30ct. 100-150
393.    A 9ct gold ladies Bulova cocktail watch with integrated 9ct bark effect strap, estimated gold weight 17g 80-120
394.    A 9ct gold Stolkace ladies cocktail watch with integrated 9ct strap, estimated gold weight 9g, together with an Accurist mid 20th century sterling silver and marasite cocktail watch. 60-90
395.    An unmarked yellow metal single stone bezel set diamond ring, 2.1g ring size K 60-80
395A.   A moonstone and silver cross pendant necklace together with a mother of pearl necklace and an amber necklace
396.    Two white metal pocket watches together with three silver Albert chains with novelty gun and horseshoe fobs, silver weight 84g. 20-40
397.    A ladies white metal Albert chain, engraved decoration with heart pendant and propelling pencil, together with two silver fob watch medallions. 20-40
398.    An Avia ladies gold plated wristwatch together with a white metal ladies Seiko watch
399.    A shell cameo brooch mounted in a 9ct gold surround depicting a well carved image of a classical female together with a yellow metal Etruscan style tie pin with central split pearl knop. 60-80
400.    A George III gold guinea with scrolling mount on yellow metal watch chain 150-200
400A.   Three Victorian gold sovereigns, all dated 1899, (24.1g) 600-650
400B.   Three half sovereigns, dated 1907, 1911, 1912 (12g) 300-350
401.    An early 20th century open work pendant in unmarked yellow metal centrally set with large oval cut green beryl suspended on a 9ct gold chain 60-80
402.    A suite of 9ct gold herringbone link jewellery to include two necklaces, a bracelet and a pair of earrings, 19g total. 120-180
403.    Four 9ct gold herringbone link necklaces together with a matching bracelet 9.8g plus three sets of unmarked yellow metal earrings and a further unmarked yellow metal bracelet. 60-80
404.    An 18ct gold and platinum single stone old brilliant cut diamond ring, approx diamond weight 0.50 cts, ring size 'N' 2.0g. 150-250
405.    A 9ct gold rope link chain (4.2g) with 9ct back and front oval locket together with a rolled gold long guard watch chain with unmarked yellow metal heart shaped locket. 30-50
406.    A 9ct gold ladies cocktail watch by 'Regency' on an integrated 9ct gold strap, estimated gold weight 7g 50-80
407.    A 9ct gold stylised flower pendant with 9ct gold curb link chain, 4.4g 30-50
408.    A 9ct gold ruby and diamond leaf shaped pendant on 9ct gold rope link chain, together with a 9ct gold bar brooch set with round cut aquamarine and split pearls, 4.3g. 30-50
409.    An Italian 18ct gold rope link chain together with an 18ct gold platinum and diamond chip ring, 6.0g total. 80-120
409A.   A 9ct gold pendant necklace 1.7g 10-20
410.    A collection of costume jewellery 20-30
411.    A collection of 20, 20th century ladies and gentlemens wristwatches 20-40
412.    A collection of 20, 20th century ladies and gentlemens wristwatches 20-40
413.    A collection of 20, 20th century ladies and gentlemens wristwatches 20-40
414.    A collection of 20, 20th century ladies and gentlemens wristwatches 20-40
415.    A collection of 20, 20th century ladies and gentlemens wristwatches 20-40
416.    Four sealed bags of good quality costume jewellery 20-40
417.    Three sealed bags of good quality costume jewellery 20-40
418.    Four sealed bags of costume jewellery 20-40
419.    Three sealed bags of costume jewellery 20-40
420.    16 vintage leather jewellery boxes. 20-40
421.    21 vintage leather jewellery boxes for Masonic medals and jewellery. 20-40
422.    An early 20th century silver plated evening purse together with a small silver plated ladies magnifying glass with chased and raised decoration 20-40
423.    A mixed collection of mainly costume jewellery and coins to include a 9ct bar brooch set with a central pearl and a yellow metal Etruscan style brooch. 20-40
A collection of pre 1946 silver coinage mainly sixpenceswith nearly all in extra fine condition - 560gm
***WEIGHT IS 475GM*** 60-80
A collection of pre 1946 mainly silver shillings - 790gm together with a 1797 cartwheel penny, Georgian trade tokens, etc
***WEIGHT IS 700GM*** 70-80
Nine Victorian silver crowns - 270gm
***WEIGHT IS 250GM*** 90-110
A collection of pre 1920 silver coinage including Victorian example - 360gm
***WEIGHT IS 290GM*** 60-80
435.    A quantity of post 1920 and pre 1946 silver coinage - 250gm, together with 19th century coinage and a proof set of 1967 coinage 30-40
436.    An Elizabeth I silver threepence dated 1572 20-25
437.    An Egyptian figure of Skemet in Lapis Lazuli, three WWI miniatures, 1914 Star, War & Victory medals and two coronation medallions 30-40
438.    A collection of military lapel badges 14-18 and victory medals named to lieutenant A Phillips, silver cased military watch marked 599809 to reverse, compass etc, ephemera, 2 brass military dishes, etc
439.    A Hohner harmonica boxed together with various lapel badges, buttons etc 20-30
440.    Eight vintage pens - four fountain including Parker and four ball point including Parker and Cross 40-60
441.    A Watkins clinometer and compass with case marked patent 217 - 1442, both pieces marked J Hicks, 8 Hatton Garden, London 60-80
442.    Two late 19th century carved Ivory Buddhas and a further carved ivory figure of a fisherman 30-40
443.    A carved 19th century Cantonese ivory card case with fully carved panels, characters, landscape and processional 330-350
444.    A well carved Japanese ivory group, crabs caught within a wicker pot, further crabs pulling on ropes amongst seaweed on a later carved wood base - 19cm 150-200
445.    A well carved Japanese Okimono husband and wife preparing food around an open fire with red seal mark to base - 13cm max 150-200
446.    A John Bradbury 1 Treasury bank note number C67 number 554393 20-30
447.    A silver pipe case (within a further leather case) a further cased silver mounted pipe with Johannesbury retail label, Ambro tyep photographic portrait brass spectacle case and a WWI German helmet badge 40-60
448.    An early 20th century carved African ivory tusk bridge with a succession of nine graduated elephants on a shaped hardwood box, 48cm long (see Shapes Auctioneers Invoice 2014 accompanying this piece) 40-60
449.    Three WWI 14-18 war and one victory medal, embossed brass peacock, 19th century continental fan and page turner 30-40
450.    Mid 19th century French ivory fan with rosebud detail retailed by Duvelleroyr, Regent Street 40-60
451.    A quantity of misc English and continental coinage including pre 1947 and some pre 1920 silver coins - 290gm 40-60
452.    A silver cigarette case with engine turned detail, pre 1947 silver coinage, 55gm (85gm total), costume jewellery etc, including a cased dress ring marked Seta, the box marked Cymru Gold 30-40
453.    An early 20th century Belgian pin fire pocket pistol 60-80
457.    Three ladies beaded clutch bags together with a further beaded handbag
458.    WWII German state flag, the Halyard printed Reichsdrlg 100cm x 170cm (state Insignia cut away 23x27cm approx) accompanied by a contemporary letter from J W R Lee, PJX 542153 HMS Grille c/o FMO Rosythe dated 27.1.1946, see accompanying images.
Proceeds will be given to the Royal British Legion 150-200
461.    After Jean-Auguste Barre (1811 - 1896, French) "Marie Taglioni" title to the base, signed and dated 1837, silvered bronze sculpture 44 cm high approx from the estate of Dame Alicia Markova within a wooden box with her name inscribed to the top (2). 800-1200
462.    Silvered cast metal sculpture of a ballerina upon a green veined black marble base, from the estate of Dame Alicia Markova, 30 cm high approx. 60-100
463.    20th century cast bronze bust of Dame Alicia Markova upon a square hardwood plinth, from the estate of Dame Alicia Markova, 46 cm high approx. 100-200
464.    20th century bronze character group of two jockeys on horse back, 17 cms high. 50-80
465.    Modern patinated cast bronze sculpture of a dancing semi-nude female, inscribed 6/10 2004 A, 43 cm high approx. 60-100
466.    After Mene, cast bronze study of a fox with a bird in its mouth on a naturalistic base, 18 cm long approx. 100-120
467.    Modern cast bronze figural study of a Tang Dynasty horse, cast with various Chinese medallions to the body, upon a wooden base, 37 cm high approx. 80-120
468.    After Auguste Moreau, cast spelter study of a fisherman upon a red marble base, 29 cm high approx. 60-100
469.    A matched pair of cast bronze pigeons, 29 cm long approx (2). 150-180
470.    Four pieces of original Le Creuset cookware to include a frying pan with wooden handle and fondue set on wrought iron stand together with a further stainless steel wok and lid (5). 50-80
471.    Large quantity of assorted dress fabric including tweeds, cotton lawn,jersey and silk, together with remnants of Sanderson curtain fabric, lining remnants and curtain netting 30-50
472.    An alligator handbag with head attached fitted with marble eyes, 30 cm wide approx. 30-50
473.    A crocodile skin leather clutch bag, 26 cm wide approx. 30-50
474.    A Nailsea glass walking stick with Latticino work running down the stem together with a further ivory and silver handled walking stick and four others (6). 80-120
475.    A Victorian pig sticker walking cane with silver collar and knop, the Malacca stick concealing a 6 inch steel blade also with horn handle, 79 cm long approx. 200-250
476.    A Malacca walking cane with white metal knop and horn foot, 88 cm long approx. 40-60
477.    A Malacca walking cane with white metal collar and horn handle, 86 cm long approx. 40-60
478.    A slim Malacca walking cane with white metal knop, 85 cm long approx. 30-50
479.    A slim Malacca walking cane with silver collar and horn handle, 83 cm long approx. 30-50
480.    Two slim walking canes both with silver collars, one with horn handle (2). 25-35
481.    Two walking canes, one with horn handle. 25-35
482.    Two crooked walking canes, one of zebra wood, the other with silver knop (2). 30-50
483.    Zebra wood cane with cast gilt metal knop in the form of a monkey in a top hat, the top hat lifts off to reveal a lighter, 92 cm long approx. 60-80
484.    A contemporary walking stick wtih eagle head knop, 93 cm long approx. 20-40
485.    An ebonised walking stick with silver dogs head knop and collar, dated Birmingham 1899, the dog with glass eyes, 90 cm long approx. 100-150
486.    An ebonised walking stick with white metal collar and knop in the form of a snarling dog, 91 cm long approx. 50-80
487.    Interesting antique carved hawthorn walking stick, the knop in the form of a dogs head with a snake in its mouth, 108 cm long approx (AF).
488.    A collection of five various sticks and parasols to include a silver collared and tipped Malacca cane (5). 40-60
489.    A collection of mainly parasols and sticks. 50-80
490.    A collection of thirteen assorted sticks and parasols. 100-150
490A.   Horn handle ebonised cane, with silver collar 30-50
491.    A Japanese woodcut print of a character examining his reflection in a mirror with attendants looking on 19 x 26cm approx in gilt frame together with a pair of oriental silk work pictrures each depicting a pagoda landscape with red stitched calligraphy signature, each 23 x 24 inches approx, framed (3) 40-60
492.    An attractive pair of 19th century silk work pictures each depicting a mother and child, with oval eglomised frames, 20 x 15 cm approx. 100-200
493.    An impressive carved and painted wooden Prussian soldier yielding a dress sword and pistol, 138 cm high approx (AF). 250-300
494.    A box containing a collection of mohair teddy bears together with a further teddy hand puppet and doll with articulated limbs. 30-50
495.    Approx 280 packs of rug making wool in assorted colours, all 100% wool by Patons Turkey and Blue Fez, together with two pieces of rug canvas and an unfinished handmade rug approx 1.2m x 0.9 m 30-50
496.    A selection of various vintage fishing rods and reels. 30-50
497.    A Victorian figured walnut wall bracket with serpentine outline and shaped base, a further short knob Kerrie and an Edwardian three tier folding cake stand (3)
498.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include a collection of vintage confectionary tins to include mainly Jacobs Cream Crackers together with various framed pictures and prints, after Sylvester Stannard, a pair of golfing panels after Gary Patterson, etc 30-50
499.    Eight vintage Slazenger and other tennis rackets. 20-40
500.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include glass silverplate, two glazed pottery lamps and a further figural table lamp of a man stood next to a rearing horse. 40-60
501.    A bag containing a large quantity of wool 10-20
502.    Large miscellaneous collection comprising three vintage suitcases, ladies scarves, gloves, lace collars, packs of hosiery, christmas decorations, stirrup leathers, and other treen, etc 30-50
503.    Approx 250 balls of wool, mostly Patons in assorted colours, together with a Brother knitting machine, knitting needles and patterns 30-50
504.    Large quantity of haberdashery including Sylko and embroidery threads, zips, buttons, boxed handkerchief sets, vintage paper patterns, etc 30-50
505.    WITHDRAWN 30-50
506.    A collection of vintage projector/camera equipment to include an Aldis screen projector, a Prinz Oxford 900 Film Editor, vintage cameras, binoculars, etc. 60-100
507.    A collection of various antique iron and brass pestles and mortars. 60-100
508.    A mixed lot to include an oval giltwood mirror, trench Art pot, a ceramic bed pan, a brass log bucket and three others (7). 30-50
509.    An oriental hardwood carving of a Sage, 20 cm high approx. 30-50
510.    A collection of nine antique brass mortars with seven various antique pestles (16). 200-250
511.    An ex-militaria lot to include a collection of Airfix models of military interest, military cigarette cards, military prints together with a jerry can. 50-100
512.    An interesting Flemish carving of a lions head together with further treen ware. 80-120
513.    A mixed lot to include an antique Thomas Ibbotson wood plane, two antique saws, an antique set of weighing scales, etc. 50-80
514.    A collection of vintage cameras and projection equipment. 40-60
515.    A big mixed miscellaneous lot to include wool work cushions, lamp bases, brass hall lantern, ceramics. 40-60
516.    A replica "Estate wine opener". 30-50
517.    A good quality Victorian brass and opaline glass oil lamp with etched glass shade. 50-80
518.    A pair of good quality cast brass chennets mounted and surmounted by companion urns and coiled snakes with lion head masks and floral trails, with central brass supports, 43 cm high approx. 80-120
519.    A large ecclesiastical style freestanding cast brass floor lamp, 104 cm high approx. 40-60
520.    A bronzed Grecian bust of a soldier, 70 cm high approx. 50-80
521.    Interesting pierced Eastern bronze shaped tray of quadruped form with embossed scrolled paisley and pierced flowers, 57cm long

522.    A pair of graduated copper jugs together with a further copper kettle and twin handled pan (4). 80-120
523.    A brass oil lamp with opaline glass shade. 20-40
524.    A Copeland Spode washbowl decorated with birds amidst foliage together with a further Losol ware Langham ironstone jug and bowl (3). 30-50
525.    A good quality 19th century brass and cast iron door stop together with a further cast iron decorative twin handled campana urn and a further salt glazed jug (3) 30-50
526.    Good quality 19th century mahogany and boxwood inlaid gallery tray 50-80
527.    A box of interesting items to include various vintage lighters, white metal, mother of pearl, etc. 30-50
528.    A Chinese carved wood table lamp in the form of a Sage, 47 cm high approx. 30-50
529.    African hard stone chess set and board with novelty pieces, together with a silver plated oil lamp and a collection of lead type figures

530.    A 1920's / 1930's wedding dress in cream silk crepe with drop waist, handkerchief hemline and beading to bodice and skirt, together with veil and a photograph of the previous owner wearing the outfit. 80-120
531.    Three cast metal fire companion sets in the form of knights with various tools. 30-50
532.    A collection of mixed miscellaneous items held within a blue suitcase to include copper printing blocks, wool work samplers, vintage golf balls and cigarette cards. 30-50
533.    An antique Chromatic Anglo Melody squeeze box with steel reeds in original varnished pine box. 40-60
534.    An Edwardian twin handled oval gallery tray inlaid with stained box wood with floral trails, 68 cm wide approx together with a further ovoid Studio pot. 40-60
535.    A pair of trophy bull horns, 80 cm long approx. 30-50
536.    Box of vintage toys to include two pelham puppets, cowboy and indian figure, musical instruments, boxed Subuteo team etc
537.    Antique steel medieval type helmet with mesh guard, together with a crown 30-50
538.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include a walnut writing slope, a lion Menugator, a Georgian knife box in poor condition. 20-40
539.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include various metal wares to include an enamel bucket, a copper planter, a Victorian book slide, etc. 40-60
540.    Two boxes containing a large quantity of vintage games and gaming to include dominoes, chequers boards, going for a song board game etc

541.    Three boxes containing various dressing items to include bags, furs, costume jewellery, etc

542.    Mid 20th century bowl back lute in the manner of rosetti, 100cm long
543.    Antique treen malt shovel made from a single piece of timber, 150 cm long approx together with a further coal scuttle and others. 50-80
544.    Four various Chinese copper pots each approximately 10 cm high. 50-80
545.    A good hardwood carving of a moustached gentleman's mask, 24 cm high approx. 60-80
546.    An Italian soft wood carved wooden panel of Adam and Eve at the tree, signed Seslo and dated '75 verso, 52 cm high approx.
547.    Welsh Folk Art treen model of Noah's Ark, 75 cm long approx. 200-300
548.    Arts & Crafts oil lamp together with a further oil lamp with mottled glass bowl and a small silver twin handled trophy (3)

549.    Simon Cooper carved wood bust carving of a gentleman in contemplation, 25 cm tall

550.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include collections of wooden boxes, dominoes, pipes, etc. 50-80
551.    A large quantity of mainly die cast toys to include Corgi, etc., together with other further toys. 40-80
552.    Three pieces of Arts & Crafts style embossed copper in the manner Newlyn comprising two cylinder brush pots and a lantern tray (3). 30-50
552A.   19th century brass slave collar, inscribed 'Rev. Geo. Waterman, Nicholas. J. Flemming, 830250' 100-120
553.    A Sipik River type tribal figure with beaded necklace and netted dress, 34 cm high approx. 40-60
554.    A Black Forest wood carving of a mountain goat, 20 cm long approx (AF). 20-40
555.    A vintage Cooper racing car in original box. 30-50
556.    A Japanese cast metal figure of a tortoise, 10 cm long approx. 30-50
557.    German Naval deep sea divers knife with turned and incised wooden handle, screw in metal tube scabbard and German eagle stamped blade
558.    An Ethnic tribal bead work belt with various small bead work pouches. 50-80
559.    An antique miniature Vizagapatam chess table with pierced ivory top with panels of Buddhistic deities upon a carved hardwood tripod base (AF). 150-200
560.    A cast brass sundial signed R Glynne. 40-60
561.    Antique bronze miniature bust of an Athenian character upon an ormolu and bronze stand, leaf shaped plateau, 12 cm high.

562.    A vintage Steiff penguin. 60-80
563.    A Victorian mahogany magnifier frame (lacks lens) together with a collection of stereoscope slides etc(AF).

564.    A commemorative bottle of Slaintheva Scotch Whisky, unopened, dated 1977
565.    A 19th century Maggini copy violin fitted in a case with two nickel mounted bows. 100-120
566.    A 19th century violin marked to the interior Caspar Da Salo in Bresola together with a nickel mounted violin bow. 100-120
567.    An interesting early 20th century embossed copper oil lamp upon an intricate wrought iron stand, 40 cm high approx. 80-120
568.    A late 19th century Aesthetic movement ceramic oil lamp and decorated glass shade, the ovoid shaped fount and base are transfer decorated with bees and marigolds and marked with Rd No: 826. This is mounted on three brass mounts decorated with bats on a black ceramic foot. The burner is a Hink (A/F) Duplex No: 2 with bayonet fitting. The lamp comes complete with transfer etched amber shade decorated with palm leaves. 150-250
569.    An antique bronze mortar, 10 cm high approx. 20-40
570.    Two similar alabaster table lamps. 30-50
571.    A Chinese gilt bronze Buddha vista, 30 cm high approx. 50-80
572.    A pair of carved ebony bookends in the form of elephants. 20-40
573.    A collection of metalware to include three copper kettles, a twin handled brass vessel and a further brass pot together with fencing accessories. 30-50
574.    A brushed silk top hat by The Patent Ventilo, inscribed J E Stretch, Albert Square, Manchester 20-40
575.    A Herbert Terry anglepoise lamp with original mottled paint. 30-50
576.    Mixed metalware lot to include cloisonne pot, Arts & Crafts brass jardiniere, two brass paperweights in the form of duck heads, three pieces of copper and a further brass dish 30-50
577.    A Herbert Johnson Limited black trilby hat and box. 20-40
578.    A collection of antique metalwares to include three antique copper kettles, brass watering can and two others (6). 40-60
579.    Two scale pieces of dolls furniture to include a dressing chest and chest of drawers, each painted blue with stylised handles (2). 30-50
580.    A good pair of copper and brass candlesticks in the manner of Christopher Dresser, 16 cm high approx together with a pair of cast copper square tapered candlesticks in the manner of Archibald Knox, 17 cm high approx (4). 40-60
581.    A scale model of a steam boat within a glass display case, the case 39 cm long approx. 20-40
582.    A pair of Chinese rice paddy boots decorated with calligraphy at the sides, 40 cm high approx. 30-50
583.    A Mobo Scottie Squeeze and Grope Scampalong tin toy, 34 cm long approx. 20-40
584.    An attractive stained glass square hall lantern, 29 cm high approx. 30-50
585.    A vintage Bakelite telephone. 30-50
586.    A good collection of vintage modelling toys, many in original boxes, to include two Vosper RAF Crash Electric boats and others. 100-200
587.    Two industrial type oil lamps on stepped square bases, British Rail (Midland) 20-40
588.    Three good wooden carvings, two of lions, the other a wall bracket in the form of a cherub together with six boxes containing Flemish type carvings and two oriental copper and white metal horns. 60-100
589.    A primitive alabaster carving of a wild cat, 30cm long.

590.    A bronze character study of a seated monkey together with a further bronze ashtray mounted by a parrot in flight and two reconstituted stone squirrels (4). 40-80
591.    An apprentice piece mahogany and walnut chest of four drawers, 38 cm high approx. 150-180
592.    Campanology: a selection of fifteen hand bells all with brass bowls and looping leather handles, the bells graduating in size, the largest measuring 10 cm diameter approx.
593.    A Japanese lacquered travelling chest set with novelty pieces.
594.    A Conrad die cast model of a crane, in sparrow livery, model 2077, made in West Germany. 20-40
595.    A good collection of interesting items to include three antique boomerangs, two tribal oars, two wicker dusters, two hawthorn walking sticks, etc. 80-120
596.    Three interesting Asian swords, the cast brass hilts modelled as the faces of theatrical warriors. 60-100
597.    An original 1923 model 514 Hoover cleaner together with a collection of Hoover accessories in the original box. This Hoover was the winner of the oldest cleaner competition in the Forest of Dean dated April 1964. 50-80
598.    A box containing a large selection of vintage sunglasses and accessories. 20-40
599.    A vintage Minocular microscope together with a further students microscope and vintage camera in case (3). 30-50
600.    A collection of vintage cameras and accessories. 30-50
601.    Withdrawn 200-250
602.    A leather and canvas trunk inscribed Harrods. 50-80
603.    An Art Nouveau oak and copper smokers cabinet 50-80
603A.   An inlaid Edwardian mantle clock, a three piece silver plated tea service, pair of brass concertina wall sconces, etc
604.    Five graduated copper saucepans with lids. 150-200
605.    A collection of vintage textiles and materials together with two vintage hats and a collection of vintage purses/handbags. 40-60
606.    An antique S. F. B. J. porcelain headed doll, 18 inches long, with shutting eyes, open mouth and teeth and articulated wooden limbs.

607.    A Canon Star Writer 30-II electric typewriter and accessories. 10-20
608.    A large collection of vintage toys and dolls. 30-50
609.    A collection of matched graduated copper pans with lids together with a further copper warming pan (5) 30-50
610.    A box of vintage textiles to include a silk throw and others. 30-50
611.    Boxed Lego Moon Landing set in box together with further Lego, Action Man and die cast toys. 30-50
612.    A collection of vintage toys to include Hornby trains, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and other die cast toys, together with a collection of WW1 embroiderered cards, signed photos of Lucille Ball and Margaret Lockwood etc 50-80
613.    A collection of Shaws Standard Guide Fare Prices from the 1960s and 1970s. 5-10
614.    A box of antique textiles and clothing. 30-50
615.    A mixed lot to include a cut glass and silver biscuit barrel and cruet set, a cased pair of binoculars, silver plated gallery tray, etc. 30-50
616.    A box containing a large collection of Magic Lantern glass slides and others and a Magic Lantern type equipment. 50-80
617.    A box containing a collection of lace to include christening gowns and tableware. 30-50
618.    A box containing vintage kitchenalia to include a glass jar butter churn, various brass ware to include a twin handled log bin together with a vintage camera and binoculars, vintage greetings cards, etc 30-50
619.    Two boxes of various mixed miscellaneous items to include a twin branch gilt metal wall light, various pewter wares and others. 30-50
620.    A good quality twin handled brass log bin together with a further brass coal scuttle, brass watering can and other metalwares. 50-80
621.    A collection of fishing equipment and tackle, together with two leather wrapped cylindrical vessels.

622.    Tribal interest - African drum and two spears.

623.    Medieval style iron body armour with helmet. 30-50
624.    A vintage Corinthian bagatelle board with ball bearings. 20-40
625.    A collection of fourteen good cast horse brasses. 30-50
626.    A vintage Pedigree walking doll in original box together with a Pelham Puppet of a gypsy (2). 40-60
627.    Three Victorian opaline glass fonts decorated with gilt acanthus on a wrythen fluted base, 10 cm high approx together with silver plated figure of a bird and an antique pair of white metal sugar nips (5). 70-90
628.    A pair of Liberty Tudric bottle neck vases together with a similar planished pewter twin handled spill vase and a pewter jug (4) (AF). 60-80
629.    An archaic looking Chinese bronze sensor embossed with various medallions, 9 cm high approx. 50-80
630.    Boxed Hornby railways "Cornish Riviera Express" set with original cardboard postage box. 30-50
631.    A large collection of Tri-Ang Hornby railwayana to include boxed carriages, unboxed carriages, "The Blue Pullman" set, various track and others. 60-100
632.    A box of interesting items to include tortoiseshell snuff box, box of gold spectacles, hand stitched silk handkerchief, silver bead work purse with concertina clasp, antique coins and various medals. 40-60
633.    An attractive green wrought metal five branch ceiling light with frosted glass shades and floral glass decoration. 50-80
634.    A pair of domed gilt metal and crystal drop ceiling lights. 160-180
635.    A gilt metal and glass five branch chandelier with various automatic drop stop. 30-50
636.    Two similar crystal drop ceiling lights. 40-60
637.    Novelty studio wall plaque in the form of a nude female holding a silver lustre panel 40-60
638.    A good 19th century cased wall hanging diorama of a marine scene with three ships off shore, the case 42 cm high x 92 cm wide approx. 200-300
639.    A pair of Black Forest carved tablets decorated with an interior and exterior rural scenes behind glazed cushion frames, the tablets 8 x 14 cm approx together with a Wedgwood Jasperware panel (3). 60-100
640.    An early 20th century cast brass rectangular wall mirror with bevelled glass plate, the brass embossed with floral trails, 29 x 23 cm approx together with further mirrors and a bergere work footstool (4). 30-50
641.    A box of unusual items to include interesting antiquities including pottery and further carved sculptures, bronze sculptures, geode fitted with white metal bears, box with inset coin to lid, etc 50-80
642.    A pair of silver plated Regency tazzas, the dish held aloft by coiled fish and scalloped shells together with a mixed collection of silver plated and brassware and a silver pepper sleeve and napkin ring (a collection). 40-80
643.    A mixed collection of miscellaneous items to include porcelain, glassware, copper, a watercolour (a collection). 50-80
644.    An early 20th century three divisional table centre with cast brass framework, each piece incorporating a mirror panels, 95 cm length when together 40-60
645.    A set of Victorian shop scales in cast iron with a galvanised iron hod, a vice, blow torch, graduated weights, iron work steps from a horse drawn vehicle, steel yard arm, hinges, etc 40-60
646.    Thirty four moulding planes in beechwood 60-80
647.    Twenty moulding planes and two plough planes
648.    Thirty four moulding planes
649.    Twelve moulding planes and three oak cased locks
650.    A red ground Afghan wool carpet with multi-medallion centre upon a red ground within running borders, 330 x 210 cm 40-60
651.    A Persian wool rug with blue ground field and geometric detail within running borders, 185 x 130 cm approx 20-30
652.    Three various graduated hook wool carpets principally with blue and pale blue ground typical floral banded borders 60-80
653.    A Persian wool runner with deep blue ground, geometric detail set within running borders, 210 x 100 cm 60-80
654.    A Turkey wool carpet with brick red ground and geometric decoration within running borders, 310 x 210 cm approx 60-80
655.    A Turkey wool runner in typical red, green and blue colourway, the geometric detail set within running borders, 200 x 85 cm approx 30-40
656.    An Eastern wool carpet with red ground within dark blue borders and further running borders with typical geometric detail, 300 x 210 cm 220-240
657.    A Turkey wool carpet, the central medallion with white field on a blue ground and with further running borders with geometric deoration, 230 x 130 cm approx 70-90
658.    Two Eastern style runners with red field within wide pale cream borders with abstract floral decoration, 70 x 295cm approx 40-60
659.    An old Balochi wool rug, the central red field within further alternating panels and set within running borders with geometric detail, 145 x 85 cm approx 30-40
660.    A Persian style red ground wool carpet set within further running red borders and with geometric decoration, 220 x 150 cm approx 50-60
661.    A bright Eastern wool carpet, the pale green ground within white ground borders with overall multi-floral detail, 310 x 200 cm approx 300-500
662.    A flat weave cotton ground carpet in an Eastern style, 135 x 210 cm approx 20-30
663.    A Persian style wool prayer rug with white ground centre within alternating red and blue running borders, 145 x 90 cm approx 30-40
664.    Four various modern floor rugs of good quality 80-100
665.    Two very similar Eastern style brush cotton rugs with multi medallion centres upon a red ground within geometric borders, 130 x 185 cm approx 40-60
666.    An Eastern style rug with red ground field, geometric detail within running borders, 150 x 93 cm approx 30-40
667.    A late 18th century/early 19th century hand worked chain stitch panel, the pieces applied to a cream ground backing and set within a bright blue border (Ex Speke Hall - Liverpool), top width 95 x bottom width 165 x drop 210 cm approx 200-250
667A.   Two pairs of Laura Ashley lined curtains with triple pleat heading in rose patterned fabric (varying sizes) 40-60
668.    An Afghan style wool rug with multi medallion centre upon a mid amber coloured ground and within running borders, 150 x 215 cm approx 40-60
669.    A substantial good quality wool carpet in the Persian style with abstract floral and geometric detail upon a cream ground field and set within further abstract trailing floral borders
670.    An Afghan wool rug/wall hanging with geometric banded detail upon a pink ground, 95 x 175 cm approx 60-80
671.    A very substantial wool carpet in the Persian style with red ground field and abstract floral decoration within alternating banded borders 4.7 metres x 3.5 metres approx 200-250
672.    A Welsh wool work blanket with pale blue fields and decorated with random geometric detail, 180 x 215 cm approx 40-60
673.    A Kelim flat weave rug with abstract geometric decoration, 190 x 280 cm approx 40-60
674.    An Eastern wool rug with triple blue ground medallion centre upon a red field with abstract, geometric, animal and other detail within alternating borders, 125 x 210 cm approx
675.    An Eastern wool rug principally in a red and blue colourway within running borders, 100 cm x 115 cm approx 30-40
676.    Two Chinese wool rugs one in a red, the other in a yellow colourway, each within floral trailing borders, 70 x 150 cm and 90 x 200 cm approx 30-40
677.    A very narrow Eastern wool runner principally in a red ground with geometric detail, 33 x 145 cm approx 20-25
678.    A brushed cotton rug in the Eastern style showing flowering plants, birds, further foliage, etc, set within running borders, 130 x 175 cm approx 50-70
679.    An Eastern wool rug with triple medallion centre upon a pale pink field within alternating borders, 200 x 110 cm approx 60-80
680.    A very substantial Eastern style wool carpet with a red field, geometric detail and set within deep running borders, 4.5 metres x 4.2 metres in size 150-200
681.    A Persian type floor rug decorated with various red and blue flowers upon an ivory ground, 232 x 153 cm approx 40-60
682.    A world Keshan with brick red field, abstract medallion detail within floral running borders, 275 cm x 365 cm approx 60-80
683.    A good quality needlwork rug centrally decorated with flowers amidst flying insects and further floral trails 80-100
684.    A good pair of curtains in the William Morris manner decorated with bamboo, pampas and lotus flower upon a navy blue ground 20-40
701.    A collection of 18th and 19th century pictures, prints, and engravings including a pair of black and white engravings after Du Sart - The Cottages and the Jocund Peasants, 1765 and 1767, a late 18th century coloured engraving of the Provost's House, Dublin engraved by James Malton, a view of Scratchell's Bay Isle of Wight, A Brannon, a watercolour of a landscape with ducks and poultry, etc various sizes all framed 40-60
702.    An early 20th century oil painting on canvas of a coastal scene with gulls and distant ship, signed bottom left William Langley, 40 x 60cm in white and gilt frame 30-50
703.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas by Charles Rolando of an extensive mountainous South African landscape with harvesters, signed with initials C.R. bottom right, inscribed verso Harvest near Somerset West, SA by Charles Rolando 50 x 76cm in moulded gilt frame 300-500
704.    A set of three Indonesian studies of dancing figures and warriors on black fabric and paper grounds mounted onto red fabric, in wooden frames, 72 x 72cm max 25-30
705.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas of horses in a landscape setting, 50 x 75cm in gilt and wooden frame 40-60
706.    A late 20th century watercolour and body colour study of delphiniums by Alan Hydes, signed bottom right Alan Hydes, dated 96 and inscribed Delphiniums 48 x 33cm in gilt frame 40-60
707.    An oil painting on board of a city market scene with flower stall, with 1963 National Diploma in Design label verso, 97 x 72cm, unframed, together with three further paintings on board, believed to be by the same hand, all signed W.J.M. for William Masters, subjects including two views of a tree lined road in summer and in winter and a study of a house, various sizes, framed also together with a gouache study of a car wrecking yard signed to mount, Simon Dunning, 47 x 35cm framed 50-70
708.    A 20th century oil painting on board study of a vase of chrysanthemums, painted with thick impasto, signed bottom right Deakins dated 79, with label verso George Deakins (United Society Artists) with Dunster, Somerset address details and further biographical details, 40 x50cm in cream coloured frame 30-50
709.    An oriental study on silk of a pair of tigers in a jungle setting with character marks bottom right, 44 x 52cm in simple black frame 30-50
710.    A pair of 17th century coloured maps of biblical areas and incidents comprising example showing Jerusalem, Jericho, Bethel, etc inscribed Ro Vaughan Sculp, dated 1649, with label verso From Thos Fuller's Pisgah Sight of Palestine, and with further details, the other showing Sodom and Gomorrah and inscribed John Goddard, Sculp, 29 x 35cm in hessian mounts and gilt frames 100-150
711.    An oil painting on board of a country landscape with grazing cattle, signed bottom right Hamish Grant, dated 02? with Winchcombe address label verso, 35 x 43cm in wooden frame and slip 40-50
712.    A late 19th century watercolour of a woodland scene with foxgloves, attributed to Thomas Robert Ablett, with biographical details verso, 23 x36cm in gilt frame 100-120
713.    A pair of humorous early 20th century coloured prints after E.P. Kinsella showing a boy cricketing - The Hope of His Side and Out First Ball, together with a signed coloured print after Lionel Edwards of a hunting scene, 27 x 22cm approx, a 19th century lithograph after T.G. Dutton of the clipper ship Ethereal, inscribed to mount 30 x 44cm, a pair of coloured prints of Portsmouth shipping scenes after W.L Wyllie, 15 x 20cm and three 19th century maps of Rutlandshire, Somersetshire and Gloucestershire 40-60
714.    A pair of early 20th century watercolour and body colour studies of river landscapes of cattle, church tower, etc both signed bottom right J Kirkpatrick, 30 x 38cm in gilt frames 40-60
715.    A 19th century oil painting on board showing a mountainous lake scene with the Tells Kapelle (Williams Tell's chapel) in the foreground on the shore of Lake Lucerne, with ferry boats, distant mountains, etc 23 x 29 cm in gilt frame 40-50
716.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas of a river landscape with male and female figures conversing, indistinctly signed bottom right Hulme? dated 1873, 25 x 40cm in swept gilt frame 40-50
717.    A 19th century sepia coloured etching after Herbert Thomas Dicksee - The Little Gypsy showing a girl and a terrier seated beside a cauldron in a woodland setting, 46 x 60cm in wide burrwood frame and gilt slip, together with a further etching after Dicksee, Silent Sympathy, showing a girl and deerhound beside a fire, 45 x 60cm in wooden frame with gilt slip 50-80
718.    A set of four 19th century chromolithographs after E Holt showing hunting scenes, 37 x 50cm in cream coloured frames 25-30
719.    An early 20th century watercolour of an extensive landscape signed bottom right Dora Hooper, with label verso inscribed Exhibition - Goupil 1940, title St Erth Moor, Cormwall with artist address details at Newlyn West, Cornwall, 50 x 60cm in textured frame 30-50
720.    A pair of early 20th century gouache paintings of mountainous lakeland scenes, indistinctly signed and inscribed Loch Doone and Loch Awe, 25 x 35cm in gilt frames with gilt mounts 30-50
721.    A 20th century oil painting on panel, still life of flowers in a jug, possibly attributed to Carl Adoph Buchner, indistinctly signed bottom left and inscribed verso Franz Buchner, Professor, Hohler, etc and dated 1937 with further inscription in German 47 x 40cm in textured silver coloured frame 80-100
722.    A 19th century needlework picture of a Highland Terrier, a Spaniel and a Parrot and its chicks in arch top mount and gilt frame 92 x 72cm total frame size 30-50
723.    A mid 20th century oil painting on canvas of a still life with summer flowers in a blue and white vase, signed bottom right, Arthur Theo Dirkx, dated 43, 39 x 50cm approx in moulded floral gilt frame and gilt slip 50-80
724.    A 19th century watercolour attributed to Vernon Wethered showing an extensive landscape, initials bottom right VW with label verso Vernon Wethered, titled A Bit of Irish Country, 25 x 36cm together with an early 20th century watercolour by David Woodlock showing a harvesting scene, signed bottom left D Woodlock, inscribed verso Haymaking in the Wirral, 25 x 18cm both framed 80-120
725.    A late 19th century oil painting on board of a mountainous landscape with cattle watering, signed bottom left A Cameron, inscribed verso Valley of the Conway, Wales, 28 x 39cm in gilt frame 40-60
726.    A pastel study of a coastal landscape with figure and distant mountain attributed to Hercules Brabazon Brabazon, inscribed verso Brabazon, 23 x 31cm in gilt frame 30-50
727.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas in the manner of George Morland of a stable interior scene with horses feeding and stable boys including one drinking from a tankard, etc, 51 x 66cm in substantial moulded gilt frame 80-120
728.    Two coloured limited edition prints after Robert Taylor - Memorial Flight showing a Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster of the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight with signatures of the pilots, 51 x 70cm and Victory Over Dunkirk, signed by Bob Stanford-Tuck, 47 x 61cm both framed 25-30
729.    A coloured lithographic poster from the Theatre Lyrique Municipal (Gaite) with design showing a torch-lit mediaeval style performance after Vikke V D Bergh, published R Viellard - Paris, 90 x 70cm in green coloured frame 40-60
730.    A collection of seven portraits all signed Somerset, shoulder length studies of Nelson, Prince Charles, The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, etc 60 x 45cm max (varying sizes and frames) 30-40
731.    An oil painting on canvas in the 19th century manner of a country landscape with red roofed farm building with figures, cattle etc, signed bottom left K Douglas, with plaque to mount Tom Douglas, 50 x 76cm in swept gilt frame 30-40
732.    An early 20th century watercolour and body colour study of a steam ship in stormy seas, indistinctly inscribed bottom left and further inscribed verso R Markes, 11 x 27cm together with a 19th century coloured engraving after H Dawson Junr, showing a marine scene - Men of War at Sheerness, 22 x 27cm both framed 25-30
733.    A pencil drawing of a Brighton scene showing the viaduct at Preston Road including a steam locomotive, boy on a scooter, car, etc, signed bottom right F Griffen, dated 1936, 25 x 28cm in simple frame 30-50
734.    A collection of 19th and early 20th century watercolours and gouache paintings including a study of a hillside with a family of geese, farm buildings, etc, signed bottom right M Parker, 50 x 27cm, a gouache study of a desert scene with camel, palm trees, figures etc, signed bottom right F Varley, 20 x 25cm, a watercolour of a townscape with smoking chimneys 12 x 17cm, etc all framed 50-70
735.    A collection of three 17th and 18th century maps of Devonshire including examples by Christopher Saxton, John Speede and Robert Morden, max size 38 x 53cm in green and gilt frames with beaded detail 100-120
736.    A collection of works by Lesley Holmes including a watercolour study of an arrangement of flowers including snowdrops, primrose etc, signed bottom left and dated 1991, 14 x 15cm, a limited edition print of a black cat amongst fruit and flower, edition number 202/500, 27 x 40cm and a pair of limited edition prints of sheep, all framed 25-30
737.    By Jacob Kramer - A 1930s charcoal and chalk bust length portrait of a man, indistinctly signed bottom right, inscribed Alderman F B Simpson, Lord Mayor of Leeds 1931 - 32 presented by Alderman and Mrs Cott, 61 x 48cm, in black frame, 40-60
738.    NO LOT
739.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas of a landscape with figure walking along a lane, 48 x 68cm in wide moulded gilt frame 30-50
740.    A 19th century watercolour of an extensive landscape with classical ruins, cattle, running fox, etc signed bottom left J Whitacre Allen dated 1868 with detailed labels verso inscribed The Campagna of Rome with the Alban Hills in the distance, painted by J Whitacre Allen, United University Club, 41 x 69cm in gilt frame and gilt slip
741.    A collection of three 19th century full length silhouette family portraits of children blowing bubbles and accompanied by a dog, a woman and child dancing and man and a boy conversing, with various inscriptions, naming characters of the Foster Family of Great Glenn, Leicester, 25 x 20cm approx in simple wooden frame 150-170
742.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas of Windsor Castle from the river 49 x 61cm in wedge shaped frame together with a 19th century needlework panel of oval form including doves, tools, etc within a floral garland, 60cm approx, an early 19th century coloured engraving on glass showing ladies preparing form bed, seated at a mirror, within black and gilt glass border and wooden frame 33 x 38cm overall, together with a pair of early 19th century black and white prints of children - Unlucky Girls and Mischievous boys 40-60
743.    A contemporary oil painting on canvas by Roy Gargett showing RAF planes flying in formation, signed bottom right and dated 13, 51 x 76cm unframed 20-30
744.    A contemporary embroidered and fabric collage picture after Van Gogh - The Church at Auvers, 83 x 62cm together with a framed montage of further black and white and coloured prints of the same subjects and also together with a collage and water coloured fabric landscape study including dried flowers, grasses, etc, all framed 30-50
745.    A quantity of pictures and prints including oil paintings on board, still lives with fruit, a painting on wooden panel advertising 'Players Navy Mixture', a large painted panel showing numerous studies of eastern style figures in a boat, feeding animals, etc an oil painting on board of children on a beach seated on a cannon, signed bottom left Gozzard, two early 20th century coloured engravings of girls in the late 18th and early 19th century manner, etc various sizes, mostly framed 30-40
746.    Three French coloured prints of horse racing subjects, Ch Ancelin, a signed coloured print after Lionel Edwards - Portland Bill, a late 18th century coloured engraving after H Raeburn, dedicated to the Royal Company of Archers showing Doctor Nathaniel Spens in archers costume, an embroidered panel with allied flags commemorating the English, China expedition soldiers, 1913 - 1915, a black and white engraving of a gun dog and woodcock, two further similar engravings etc 30-50
747.    Two 20th century oil paintings on canvas both showing single arched bridges over rivers, one in winter and one in summer, both signed bottom right, Chris, 44 x 59cm in similar painted frames with cream slips 40-50
748.    A set of four mid 17th century black and white engravings after Wenceslaus Hollar representing the four seasons and showing four full length studies of ladies in landscapes and city scape settings each with a relevant rhyme below and various inscriptions, W Hollar Fecit, dated 1643 and 1644, 25.5 x 17.5cm max , in black and gilt frames 250-300
749.    A 20th century oil painting on board by Alan Stenhouse Gourley showing a mediterranean landscape with trees, signed bottom left Gourley, dated 53, 43 x 50cm in hand finished frame 100-120
750.    A signed coloured screen type print by Kenneth Armitage incorporating a pair of abstract figures in tones of black and light brown, signed in pencil with intials KA bottom left and dated 1960, 39 x 52cm in silver coloured aluminium frame 50-80
751.    A coloured print after Thomas Blinks showing gun dogs in a landscape setting - Drop! 66 x 101cm in moulded gilt frame 30-40
752.    A late 18th century needlework sampler by Mary Tate dated March 10th 96, incorporating verse, alphabet, flower vases, etc 50 x 33cm approx in burrwood style frame with gilt slip 50-70
753.    A 19th century oil painting on board half length study of a young woman in continental style dress leaning over a balcony 65 x 49cm unframed
754.    A pair of oriental paintings, one showing a kitten playing with a crab, the other showing gold fish in a lily pond, both with signatures and character marks to left and right, 38 x 28cm in simulated bamboo gilt frames 30-50
755.    A limited edition artist proof with oil effect finish on canvas showing a steam ship at high seas, with gilt signature bottom right Kelly A P 15/20, 54 x 81cm in wide gilt frame and linen slip, a coloured print of an 18th century style marine battle scene after Jim Thompson and a quantity of coloured photographic prints on canvas and perspex of ornithological subjects including an owl, waterfowl, etc and a pair of coloured prints of a peregrine falcon and a gyr falcon after J Ainsley 40-50
756.    A pair of signed collages including news print, stamps, etc both showing tea cups and signed Fiona Layfield, 40 x 42cm in red lacquered style frames 25-30
757.    A set of four gouache figure studies (in one frame) of male characters with Greek inscriptions, understood to be designs for opera costumes created at the Opera Conservatoire in Athens in 1973 (information verso) each design 27 x 10cm approx, in gilt frame 25-30
758.    A 19th century watercolour of a panoramic landscape with shepherd, sheepdog and flock, 31 x 74 cm approx together with an embroidered panel with Egyptian style male and female characters, 50 x 40 cm approx, both in gilt frames. 30-50
759.    An oil painting on board of a river scene with stone arched bridge, signed bottom right Laura Goodman, 45 x 60 cm approx together with an oil painting on board of an abstract subject, signed bottom right M Ferris, with label verso M Ferris, Signed 2006 (Mike Ferris is an Australian artist), an oil painting on board of an Edwardian style interior scene with figures, maid, etc, signed bottom right Diana Howorth, etc, various sizes, all framed. Together with a pair of signed coloured prints after Sir Hugh Casson of Buckland Abbey and Tennyson Down. 25-30
760.    A 20th century watercolour study of two horses, indistinctly signed bottom right Carolyn Piets (?) and dated 84, 13 x 23 cm approx, a further work by the same hand of a landscape, also signed, 25 x 38 cm approx, a 19th century watercolour of a landscape with female figure gathering flowers, signed bottom right Cuthbert Rigby and dated 1887, 18 x 27 cm approx and a further watercolour of a mountainous landscape attributed verso to Frank Dobson, with label Andorra, 36 x 53 cm approx 60-80
761.    A 19th century watercolour and bodycolour study of a marine scene with shipping, 21 x 29 cm approx in gilt frame together with a set of four coloured prints after John King of sporting subjects (in two frames). 30-50
762.    An 18th century continental school, oil painting on canvas showing the interior of an alchemists or apothecary shop with elderly bearded man seated at a table and reading, with further figure at the counter, shelves of bottles and jars, etc, 38 x 53 cm approx, unframed. 100-120
763.    A collection of 19th century and other pictures and prints including a sepia watercolour study of a landscape with travellers, a further 19th century watercolour inscribed Mr Roger's House near Seahouses, Eastbourne, a watercolour of a street scene, signed E Scheillhamnier, a mixed media study of gypsies in a caravan, signed bottom right Colin Dick, a mirror in simulated bamboo style frame, etc. 30-50
764.    A set of four small oil paintings on card, all of still life subjects including basket of flowers, fruit, blue and white ceramics, etc, 10 x 8 cm approx in gilt frames. 30-50
765.    A set of four early 20th century humorous coloured lithographs after Lance Thackeray showing a game of bridge and numbered 1 to 4, 47 x 58 cm approx, one framed in oak frame and two further matching frames present. 80-120
766.    A set of four early 20th century coloured lithographs of Dutch scenes with figures in winter, at the quayside, etc, after H Cassiers, 29 x 20 cm approx in black frames with gilt slips. 60-80
767.    A late 19th century crystolean of a pair of lovers together with three coloured etchings of street scenes signed Henry G Walker and a further similar print after F Robson, framed, also together with a coloured print after David Shepherd - March sunlight and a signed copy of David Shepherd, The Man and his Paintings. 20-25
768.    A collection of pictures and prints including a signed limited edition print of a fruit and vegetable market after M Challenger, a 1920s print of a lady and her terrier, a collection of 19th century lithographs of ornithological subjects after J K Keulemans including gulls, etc. 25-30
770.    An unusual pair of 19th century designs for coaches, one showing a four-in hand step piece Barouche, dated 1840, signed Gilfoy and with crest for Hooper of Victoria Street, London (Coach traders to her Majesty and HRH The Prince of Wales) the other showing a Town Coach dated 1828, also signed, 16 x 23 cm in burwood frames and gilt slips 50-80
771.    A mid-20th century gouache study of a female nude character in a woodland setting, signed bottom right G Werssbert and dated 1952, with label verso Bodycolour, Nude in a French Glade, 13 x 23 cm approx in gilt frame.
772.    A pair of 18th century oil paintings on panel of continental style interior scenes, one with lady, gentleman and child seated at a table drinking tea, the other showing a lady and a gentleman drinking, 12 x 18 cm approx in swept and pierced gilt frames. 80-120
773.    A 19th century watercolour of a group of farm buildings, church, etc, signed bottom right F Boisseree and dated 70, 18 x 24 cm approx in gilt frame 40-60
774.    An early 20th century watercolour of a canal scene at Bruges by Henry Simpson, signed bottom right and dated 1925, inscribed Bruges, 27 x 24 cm approx in wooden frame. 20-25
775.    A late 19th century oil painting on canvas of a river scene with figure in a punt, cattle watering, etc, signed bottom left Kate E Foster and dated 1891 (?), inscribed verso On The Old Lea, 31 x 50 cm approx together with a further late 19th century oil painting on board, signed with initials bottom right EB and inscribed verso Warwick, a further watercolour and three coloured prints of marine subjects. 25-30
776.    An early 20th century oil painting on canvas of a peaceful marine scene with sailing boats, signed with initials bottom right ES and dated 1911, 30 x 60 cm approx in gilt frame with gilt mount together with a further oil painting on board of an elderly woman with a bundle of sticks and a coloured print after Philip E Stretton of dogs, all framed. 30-40
777.    A set of three 19th century watercolours of mountainous landscapes with figures, all signed bottom right G Bartlett, 26 x 37 cm approx together with two further works by the same hand showing sheep and cattle, 26 x 37 cm approx, a 19th century gouache study of a farmyard, signed Marrian and dated 1875, a quantity of Victorian moral texts including examples in Oxford oak frames, a 19th century painting on glass of a landscape subject with castle, etc. 100-120
778.    A set of three black and white etching by Graham Barry Clilverd, of city scenes including Florence flower market, all signed, 26 x 18 cm approx, framed, together with a signed portrait etching by Robert Bell, inscribed Mr Davenport and dated 1935, and a watercolour of a lake scene signed Pearl Hatton 30-50
779.    A set of three moulded gilt frames, internal dimensions 44 cm x 77 cm approx together with two further moulded frames, internal dimensions 55 x 70 cm approx. 30-40
780.    A 19th century coloured print of a young oriental woman seated in a harbour setting with printed signature bottom left C Kluges together with a coloured print after Folland of a village scene, 42 x 111 cm approx in wide frame. 20-25
781.    An interesting collection of pictures and prints including an oil painting on board of a beach scene, inscribed verso William Henderson, Antigua, 48 x 64 cm approx, unframed, a triple black and white etching showing emaciated figures holding fish, etc, indistinctly inscribed John Bolam (?), 32 x 69 cm approx, a further signed black and white etching of columns and masks inscribed Enigma and indistinctly signed, a watercolour of a landscape by Margaret Tozer of a Swaziland scene, an abstract geometric mixed media study in tones of green, white and blue, etc. 40-60
782.    An early 20th century oil painting on canvas of a landscape at dusk with trees, lake, etc, signed bottom left Haslingbury and dated 1907, 50 x 77 cm approx, unframed together with a small 19th century oil painting on board of a mountainous landscape with figures, inscribed verso Jan Both, 25 x 15 cm approx in gilt slip. 40-60
783.    A late 19th century watercolour by Henry John Lyon of a coastal scene with fishing boat, fishermen, lobster pot, etc, signed bottom right, with label verso The Lobster Boat, Porthdinllaen, with further inscription and St Helens address details, 30 x 41 cm approx, unframed. 30-50
784.    An interesting collection of late 18th and early 19th century black and white prints and engravings of topographical subjects in Cirencester and other parts of Gloucestershire including a view of Cirencester House, a portrait engraving of Alan Bathurst, country seats at Barnsley Park, Prinknash Court, etc, various sizes, all unframed. 40-60
785.    An oil painting on paper of a colourful abstract subject including a bust length study of a man, further figure, etc, by Robert Haworth (The Butterfly Man), signed bottom right, 40 x 31 cm approx, unframed together with biographical details of the artist. 80-100
786.    A signed coloured screen print by Hans Feibusch showing a man holding a large fish beside a river, printed in tones of blue, brown, green and black, signed in pencil bottom right Hans Feibusch and dated 1935, also with initials HF within print, 51 x 37 cm approx, unframed 80-120
787.    A portfolio containing a quantity of artwork by Augusta Mary Warren, produced between 1893 and 1900, when a student at the Royal College of Art and including botanical studies, figures studies, designs for tiles, further architectural designs, etc, many signed and some with address details for 43 Queens Square, Bloomsbury and 28 Faraday Road, North Kensington. 60-80
788.    An extensive collection of pictures and prints including watercolours of landscape subjects, unframed prints of aviation subjects, etc. 30-40
789.    Three oriental paintings on scrolls including a figure study and floral studies. 15-20
790.    An early 20th century oil painting on canvas in the primitive manner, of Berkeley Deer Park, 42 x 46 cm approx, unframed, a sepia photograph of the Nat West Bank in Berkeley in an ivy covered state, inscribed to mount Berkeley Branch and dated 1909, with inscribed verso Mr C A Arkell, Manager also together with an early 20th century charcoal and chalk study of a wayside inn, signed with initials FEP and dated 04, inscribed The Old Dover Road, near Canterbury 25-30
791.    An early 20th century gouache study on board of a landscape with figures, signed with initials bottom right BH, 18 x 27 cm, unframed 25-30
792.    A pastel study of sheep at sunset with label verso Evening Pastures Denise Gale, an oil painting on board of a Cotswold landscape with label verso Val Jones and a pastel of Butterow by Judy Swaffin, all framed. 20-25
793.    An oil painting on board of a fox, signed bottom right Nance, a black and white print after Durer of a hare, an oil painting on board of wildfowl in flight, signed Douglas Falconer, a large oil painting on canvas of Chinese junks, further pictures and prints, etc. 25-30
794.    An early 20th century watercolour and bodycolour still life study of a copper vase containing apple blossom and pussy willow, 60 x 48 cm approx in carved oak frame with gilt slip together with a large coloured reproduction print of an 1806 map of London after Edward Mogg, 83 x 124 cm approx in wooden frame. 30-50
795.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas of a landscape with male figures beside a waterfall, 48 x 66 cm approx in moulded gilt frame. 60-70
796.    An oil painting on canvas in the manner of Picasso showing a seated figure in profile, bears remains of signature bottom right, 60 x 50 cm approx in moulded gilt frame together with three oil paintings on canvas of abstract subjects in tones of blue, black and gold, 61 x 91 cm approx, unframed, a coloured print in the manner of Stubbs showing a group of horses. 30-50
797.    An interesting collection of pictures and prints including a 19th century gouache study of females walking in a landscape with rocky outcrops, signed with initials JHH and dated 1878, a sepia print after Breugel showing a 16th century alchemist at work, a collection of coloured screen prints of abstract subjects, a pair of pencil studies of buildings, inscribed verso Margaret Tarrant, Caudebec, a study of a child's head, believed to be in pastel, and indistinctly signed top right, etc. 40-60
798.    A collection of nine unframed black and white 18th century engravings after Hogarth from the Rakes Progress and Idle and Industrious Apprentice Series, 26 x 31 cm approx sheet size together with an 18th century engraving of the south view of Thornbury Castle, 19 x 16 cm approx, mounted. 20-25
799.    An acrylic painting on canvas board of rocks and foliage, signed bottom left Graeme Bell and dated 1988, inscribed verso Cool Stone, Carrington Falls, Southern Highlands, NSW with Australian address details, 40 x 30 cm approx in oak frame with gilt slip together with a signed limited edition black and white etching of a Cornish type fishing harbour by Graham Barry Cliverd, signed in pencil bottom right, edition 8/75, 20 x 26 cm approx, also together with a coloured map of Hertfordshire after Robert Morden, all framed. 30-50
800.    A collection of 19th century and later pictures and prints including a pair of oil paintings on board of waterfalls in moulded gilt frames with gilt slips, two printed advertising mirrors for Shell, one after John Reynods, two 19th century topographical engravings showing Deepdene near Dorking and Denbies, seat of W J Denison, etc, various sizes, all framed. 20-25
800A.   An early 19th century black and white print of the Vendome Column, showing either side of the column, French military history, 1792 - 1815
801.    An extensive collection of portfolios, sketch books, etc, containing a quantity of watercolours, engravings, etc, including works signed M Fraser with Tiverton address details, late 19th and early 20th century sketch books, pastel study of a still life with laburnum in a vase, various 19th century topographical views, etc. 30-50
802.    A large Eastern gouache painting in the Moghul manner showing a horse and rider encountering a female bather and her horse, beside a waterfall, 160 cm x 110 cm approx, in gilt frame
811.    A large collection of clown and circus performing games to include spinning plates and poles, diablos and sticks, juggling balls, stacking acrylic and wooden planks, pedal boards, etc. 50-100
812.    A large collection of clown accessories and practical joke items to include clown shoes, rubber chickens, various funny hats, games and playing cards, etc. 50-100
813.    A large foam fancy dress camel together with a further large foam fancy dress blue whale (2). 50-100
814.    Four cases of clown related clothes perfect for dressing up. 50-100
815.    A plywood cut out of a seal balancing a ball on its nose. 20-40
816.    An antique Hohner accordion together with a further King trombone and a large novelty colourful xylophone (3). 50-80
817.    Two chrome unicycles. 30-50
818.    Three various clowning bikes to include a small penny farthing type bike, a micro stunt bike and a collapsible bike (3). 50-80
819.    A 1970s/80s Super Trick Bike with red tyres, spinning handlebars and seat. 30-50
820.    A large quantity of paintings and prints relating to clowns and the circus, many framed (15). 50-100
851.    Two stockbooks containing a quantity of mint pre-decimal and unused decimal GB stamps from QV to modern 1st and 2nd class (displayed in cabinet) 30-50
852.    Two stamp stockbooks containing a quantity of stamp booklets and Kings & Queen smiler (displayed in cabinet) 60-80
853.    A collection of GB stamps from QV to QE in a black stockbook (displayed in cabinet) 50-80
854.    A nicely presented Mint collection of stamps from France in an album, mostly middle period. Also some world stamps: French Colonies, Belgian Congo, etc 100-120
855.    A folder containing a collection of British FDC's dating 1981-88, plus Australian, USA and New Zealand FDC's dating 1956-78 together with a further folder with a quantity of British Mint stamps 40-60
856.    Two albums containing a large quantity of New Zealand stamps early 20th century onwards including some FDC's 80-100
857.    A Stanley Gibbons International Stamp Album containing a collection of British stamps dating from 1858 onwards including some Penny Red examples 80-100
858.    Two albums containing a large quantity of high value Chinese stamps 160-180
859.    A collection of approx sixty sheets of British Mint stamps including pre-decimalisation examples plus two sets from Guernsey 40-60
860.    Three albums containing a large collection of high value early French stamps 180-200
861.    Two albums containing a quantity of 19th and early 20th century British stamps including Penny Red and two Penny Blue examples 120-150
862.    Two albums containing a collection of early 20th century onwards British and world wide stamps including some FDC's and some envelopes containing a quantity of unsorted loose stamps 30-50
863.    Two stockbooks containing a quantity of Mint and used Commonwealth stamps from QV to QE 30-50
864.    A Great Britain stamp album containing a collection of early 20th century onwards British stamps, four further stamp albums and stockbooks containing a small quantity of British and worldwide stamps, a collection of loose unsorted stamps etc 20-30
865.    A Mint and used collection of Netherland Indies and Indonesia stamps in a good quality mint Lighthouse 64 pages stockbook, from early issues to modern 30-50
866.    A GB and World Collection in 3 stamp albums from QV to modern 30-50
867.    A collection of stamps from Cuba from early Spanish possession issues to modern in a good quality Lighthouse 64 pages stockbook 30-50
868.    Two stockbooks containing an accumulation of stamps from the French Colonies, Mint (a good proportion are u/m) and used, from early issues 40-60
869.    Six stamp album containing an extensive and varied collection of world wide stamps 60-80
870.    A collection of Postal History, fdc's from France in four folders from pre stamps to 1960's-70's 30-50
871.    A box containing ten stockbooks some empty and others including GB and world stamps. 50-80
872.    Six stamp albums containing a large collection of German stamps including one book containing German early states 180-200
873.    A box contaning a GB, Commonwealth and world stamps collection, including also China and Thailand from early issues to modern. 30-50
874.    A box containing a quantity of stamps from French Colonies Tunisia on album pages, in bags and small stockbooks, from early issues 30-50
875.    Ten Davis and Champion auction posters advertising the forthcoming sale of land. cottages, farming stock (live and dead) and manufacturing premises etc for Wotton under Edge, Charfield, Stinchcombe and North Nibley, various dates between 1906 and 1914 50-100
876.    A collection of approx 17 Davis and Champion auction posters advertising the forthcoming sales of property, furniture, building sites and shares in Dursley Gas Light and Coke Co Ltd etc, various dates 1908 - 1914 50-100
877.    Fifteen Davis and Champion auction posters advertising forthcoming sales of property, furniture, land, etc for the Stroud, Kings Stanley, Amberley and other surrounding villages with most posters dating 1905 50-100
878.    Five Davis and Champion auction posters advertising the forthcoming sale of cottages and furniture in the Nailsworth and Forest Green areas all dating 1905, a further auction poster advertising the sale of furniture in a property in Cheltenham dated 1905, together with a collection of identical Davis Champion and Payne posters advertising building plots in Leighterton in 1980 50-100
879.    Ten Davis and Champion advertising the forth coming sale of furniture, pasture land, various properties and Tiler's, Plasterers and Decorators, Stock-in-Trade in Uley various dates 1907-1914 together with seven identical Davis, Champion and Payne posters advertising the sale of a garage and filling station in 1957 50-100
880.    A quantity of Harry Allen Israeli stamp collections, a quantity of Israeli FDC's, together with a large number of small folders produced by the Israel postal authority, Philatelic Service each containing a selection of mint stamps, etc 80-100
881.    Five albums and three stockbooks of GB & world stamps 30-50
882.    Two stamp albums containing a quantity of British and worldwide stamps including a Penny Red example together with various FDC's, a bag of unsorted loose stamps, etc 30-50
883.    A box containing two albums and three folders of Australia stamps and fdc's + some loose covers 30-50
884.    Three stamp albums containing a collection of British and worldwide stamps including some Penny Red example, a small blue stock book containing further stamps, a quantity of packets with unsorted loose stamps etc 30-50
885.    Three albums containing a large quantity of early 20th century postcards and black and white photographs of Europe and North Africa together with a further album containing a collection of black and white travel and holiday photographs 40-60
886.    A miscellaneous collection of items including topographical postcards, cigarette cards, various black and white family photographs, a folder containing a quantity of maps, etc 20-30
887.    A box containing a large quantity of early 20th century and later greetings cards, a small collection of cigarette cards and a Christmas scrap book 20-30
888.    A box file containing a quantity of Harry Allen packets of Israeli stamps, a plastic wallet containing further Israeli stamps some mint, two editions of Bale stamp catalogues (Palestine and Israel) 1972-3 etc 30-40
889.    A box containing a large quantity of FDC's, a quantity of PHQ cards, together with a small quantity of Royal Mail Mint stamps 60-80
890.    A stamp album containing a large collection of French stamps, three further stamp albums containing a quantity of British and Worldwide stamps including some Penny Red examples together with a part stamp album and a small collection of Royal Mail Mint stamps 40-60
891.    A box containing a very large quantity of modern GB stamps in bags, 1000's 30-50
892.    Three stamp albums containing a quantity of British and worldwide stamps, a small box of unsorted loose stamps and a quantity of FDC's including examples from the 1930s and 40s 30-40
893.    A collection of approx 35 Lilliput magazines all dating from the 1940s and 50s 20-25
894.    A leather suitcase with the initials H.S embossed on the top, containing a leather blotter with a needlepoint cover showing a woman in a garden together with a Portfolio of Photographs of Famous Scenes of Cities and Paintings prepared by John L Stoddard, together with six early 20th century souvenir guides of Venice Pompeii, Rome etc 20-25
895.    A quantity of early 20th century childrens books, vintage puzzles and jigsaws, a late 19th century Dolly in Town book, two Catharine Susan books - Little Holiday and Catharine, Susan and Me's Coming out, etc 20-25
896.    A facsimile of a topographical map of the county of Kent, in 25 sheets on a scale of 2 inches to a mile, after Andrews, Dury and Herbert after the original published in 1769 20-25
897.    A collection of six charming early 20th century family photograph albums showing various holiday activities, various historical events such as the Sinn Fein Rebellion, Ireland, Easter 1916, Coronation Naval Review 1910, St Peters School, Seaford, Sussex, etc 40-60
898.    A box containing a collection of childrens 'pop up books' together with three vintage books including Muffin on Holiday, etc 20-25
899.    A quantity of mixed British and worldwide topographical postcards including some early 20th century souvenir postcard books of Vancouver, Orkney, etc together with some coronation memorabilia 15-20
900.    A collection of Tottenham Hotspur football club official programmes mainly dating early 1970s together with a quantity of Tottenham football league tickets dating from the same era 20-25
901.    Three charming photograph albums containing a large quantity of family pictures recording private and social events in the early 20th century such as, Princess Mary Wedding Ball at the Albert Hall, hunting and rowing events, various holidays in Britain and abroad, together with a autograph album and a guest book 40-80
902.    A box containing a large quantity of vintage motoring magazines and publications together with a Boys Book of Racing Cars and some files containing a collection of magazine and newspaper clippings about the same subject 20-25
903.    A collection of six black and white photographs of various steam trains mounted on board, together with further smaller black and white photographs of various steam engines including King George V at Filton Bank, and a collection of Senior Service cigarette cards entitled British Railways together with a box containing assorted postcards 20-25
904.    Two boxes containing a large quantity of The Railway Magazine, various dates from the 1930s and 40s 15-20
905.    Three boxes containing philatelic material and a very large quantity of GB, Commonwealth and world stamps in envelops, on album pages, loose, etc 30-50
906.    A box containing a quantity of early 20th century match box labels together with a collection of cigarette cards 15-20
907.    A box containing a quantity of vintage Ladybird books, five Observer books, etc and a copy of Under the Window by Kate Greenaway published by Frederick Warne & Co 20-25
908.    A miscellaneous collection of items including The Second Study Dogs Portfolio, a blotter decorated with mother of pearl and hand painting, an illustrated autograph book, an empty Lincoln Crest and monogram album, etc together with a Victorian photograph album containing a number of black and white portraits and a large early 20th century family photograph album 15-20
909.    An album containing a collection of mainly black and white early 20th century topographical postcards 15-20
910.    A Topographical, Ecclesiastical and Natural History of Hertfordshire by the Reverend Thomas Cox printed 1700 and including the fold out map after the title page 30-50
911.    Journal of an Expedition to Explore the Course and Termination of The Niger by Richard and John Lander - 3 vols 1832, cloth bound, Family Library Edition - complete
912.    Narrative of Capt James Cook's Voyages Round The World, with an account of his life, appendix, etc, published by Walker & Co 1840 -rebound, complete 40-60
913.    The Golden Age by Kenneth Grahame with illustrations and decorations by Ernest H Shepard published by John Lane, The Bodley Head Ltd, London, limited edition no 213/275 copies, signed by both author and illustrator and in the original slip cover 150-250
914.    The Adventures of Roderick Random by Tobias Smollett in two volumes (the 7th edition) published 1766 with leather bindings and ornate detail to spine 40-60
915.    A collection of four books including Oeuvres de Jose-Maria de Heredia, A Librairie Alphonse Lemerre, Paris, circa 1890, half leather marbled boards, Chemistry for Beginners, Part 1, Guilet Lebrun, W S Brown Glasgow 1846, hard cover, Buckram bound, together with Organs and Tuning by Thomas Elliston published 1898 and Madame De Pompadour and La Cour De Louis XV, published 1867
916.    Quality Street, by J M Barrie illustrated by Hugh Thomson, published 1901 and The School for Scandal by Richard Brinsley Sheridan illustrated by Hugh Thomson published by Hodder & Stoughton and contained within a decorated presentation box 60-80
917.    Eight volumes of The plays of William Shakespeare printed in London 1768 200-250
918.    Fleming Ian - The Spy Who Loved Me, 1st edition 1962 published by Jonathan Cape and From Russia With Love, 1st edition published by Jonathan Cape also together with book club editions and vintage paperback of other James Bond titles 40-80
919.    A collection nine Harry Potter books, most 1st editions including three paperback 30-50
920.    Martin Hardie, Watercolour Painting in Britain, 3 volumes - The 18th Century, The Romantic Period and The Victorian Period, published by Batsford
921.    A 1914 edition of Fables by Robert Louis Stephenson illustrated by E R Herman and an edition of My Sketch Book in the Shiny by Snaffles signed and inscribed by the author and published by Gale & Polden Ltd 30-50
922.    A collection of Approx 36 assorted Folio Society Books, all but one with slip covers 60-80
923.    A small quantity of mixed art books, Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes by Beatrix Potter and a quantity of early 20th century black and white family portraits 20-25
924.    Ten volumes of The Great War published by The Amalgamated Press Ltd 1914, etc 15-20
925.    A miscellaneous collection of books including a number of James Joyce titles, two editions of Cassell's Magazine, The Vicar of Wakefield by Oliver Goldsmith published 1946, etc together with two editions of Arizona Highways - January 1952 and November 1953 25-30
926.    A New History of Gloucestershire by Samuel Rudder published by Alan Sutton 1977 30-50
927.    A collection of Antiquarian and other books including volume two An Authentic Narrative of a Village by Captain Cook, The Lives of the Princes of the House of Orange by W Mears, etc 30-50
928.    Four boxes of vintage and other children's books including Walt Disneys America, Enid Blyton titles, various annuals, etc 15-20
929.    A box containing a collection of Private Eye and Vole satirical magazines mostly dating late 60s and 70s 15-20
930.    A collection of books about the Royal Navy and Airforce, etc 15-20
931.    A collection of approx 38 assorted Folio Society books 40-60
932.    A collection of late 19th and early 20th century assorted books many with decorative covers and spines (displayed over two shelves) 15-20
933.    A quantity of mixed books many about art and related subjects, also including three volumes of The Complete Oxford Shakespeare by Guild Publishing London, etc 15-20
934.    A collection of antiquarian and other books and including a number of poetry editions such as Aikin's British poets, Mrs Hemans' Poetical Works, etc, and 2 small dogs prints 30-50
935.    A collection of Charles Buchan Football Monthly magazines (60 approx) together worth two Charles Buchan Soccer Gift Books, 1957/8 and 1960/61
936.    Three boxes of good quality mixed aviation books 20-25
937.    Two late 19th century family bibles together with an illustrated edition of the Pilgrims Progress with ornate bindings 15-20
938.    A box containing a quantity of mainly vintage children's books including two cloth examples 15-20
939.    Three boxes containing a large quantity of music related books 20-25
940.    A collection of assorted LPs mainly from the 1980s era 30-50
940A.   Collection of iconic 1970s and 80s LPs to include 'WHAM, the final box set', also Madonna and Michael Jackson 40-60
941.    An extensive collection of art reference books covering a wide range of subjects and artists 20-25
942.    Eleven Reece Winstone Bristol books, some signed by the author 20-25
943.    An extensive collection of topographical books with many relating to the south west region of Britain, its history, churches, etc 30-50
944.    The Argonaut Press - 18 vols, vellum spines, coloured cloth boards, all signed Limited Editions (between 475 - 1050), copies including world/travel accounts Marco Polo, Sir Francis Drake, William Dampier, Christopher Columbus, etc (see image on website for full schedule of titles)
945.    The History of America by William Robertson -13th Edition including the Posthumous volume, History of Virginia to 1668 and New England to 1652 - 4 vols, published 1817
946.    Robert Ainsworth Dictionary - English & Latin, further parts by Thomas Morell, leather bound 1773, together with a stereotype Edition 1824 40-60
947.    Rev William Bawdwen - A Translation of the Record called Domesday to the counties of Middlesex, Hertford, Buckingham, Oxford & Gloucester 1812 30-60
948.    The Life of George Lord Anson by Sir John Barrow - published by John Murray 1839 together with a Memorial of Anson's voyage - mid 20th century pamphlet printed for Roche Products Ltd 40-50
949.    The History of Scotland during the reigns of Queen Mary and of King James VI by William Robertson DD 20th Edition - 3 vols 1817, leather bound (lacks two spines), complete 40-60
950.    Narrative of Travels and Discoveries in northern and central Africa 1822, 3 & 4 by Major Denham, Capt Clapperton and Dr Oudney with Appendix by Major John Dixon and Capt Clapperton - published by John Murray 1826 - lacks plate number 10
951.    The History of America by William Robertson, 9th Edition - 4 vols, 1800 original boards, complete 150-200
952.    Michael Bryan - Dictionary of Painters & Engravers, 2 volumes, leather bound 1816 40-60
953.    A Voyage to Virginia by Col Norwood 1649 (removed from a larger vol, pages 161-185) - board covers 30-50
954.    Carys - New Map Of England, and Wales with part of Scotland - published 1794 with hand coloured maps (complete) 1500-1800
955.    Loann, Fernelii, Ambiani, Universal Medicina, Cum notis, observationibus, et remediis secretis lohannis et Othonis Heurni, 3 vols in 1 - velum bound 1656 200-250
956.    A collection of good quality automobile and motorcycle books 20-25
957.    A collection of reference books relating to pottery and porcelain including The Soft Porcelain of Sevres by Edouard Garnier, Godden's Guide to English Porcelain, further books relating to Royal Doulton, Art Nouveau, silver, etc 15-20
958.    A n extensive and wide ranging collection of railway related books 20-25
959.    A collection of approx 90 assorted Ladybird books 15-20
960.    Nine volumes of The Works of William Shakespeare including Notes and Emendations published by Whittaker & Co 1844, together with a quantity of mixed classic literature books some in slip cases and also including two Folio Society examples 30-50
961.    A quantity of mixed antique reference books including ceramics, silver, pewter, etc 15-20
962.    Eight volumes of Cassell's History of England (The Century Edition) with turquoise covers and ornate gilt decoration to spines 15-20
963.    Seven early 20th century editions of The Architectural Association Sketch Books 30-40
964.    Henry VIII by A F Pollard MA, published by Goupil & Co 1902, number 749/1150 copies, The Electress Sophia and The Hanoverian Succession by A W Ward published by Goupil & Co 1903, number 153/250 copies, plus associated book of illustrations
966.    Three boxes of mainly classical LPs including some box sets 15-20
967.    Three boxes of miscellaneous books including some vintage Agatha Christie and CS Forester 20-25
968.    A large quantity of assorted LPs covering all genres of dance music, also inclduing singles, 78s and some CDs 20-25
969.    Four boxes of miscellaneous books including six publications of Charles Dickens; A Gossip About His Life, Works and Characters, etc 20-25
970.    A large collection of books about war and related subjects
971.    A collection of mainly late 19th century books including Paradise Lost by Milton published 1796, etc
972.    A quantity of early 20th century adventure books with decorative covers 20-25
973.    A mixed collection of books including a number of Arthur Ransome titles, four volumes of the Times History of the War 1914, etc 15-20
974.    A large quantity of railway related books together with a box of associated leaflets and pamphlets 30-50
1001.   A garden bench with weathered oak plank seat and back rail raised on decorative heavy cast iron serpent supports with painted finish, 144cm wide approx
1002.   Approximately 30 small old terracotta flower pots (varying sizes), together with a vintage Drew Clark & Co diamond ladder works folding pine stepladder
1003.   Five reclaimed chimney pots of varying design
1004.   A contemporary light steel framed three piece terrace set comprising table of circular form with pierced foliate detail and a pair of matching folding chairs, all with light green painted finish 40-60
1005.   Two pairs of weathered garden pots of circular form with rustic bark and other detail 40-60
1006.   A contemporary heavy cast composition stone garden trough of rectangular form with acanthus and textured detail, 100 cm x 40 cm approx 40-60
1007.   Four vintage pine folding step ladders of varying design, one with applied label Drew Clark & Co, London and Leyton, together with one other (5), (sold for display purpose only)

1008.   Two weathered freestanding bird feeding tables with apex roofs
1009.   Two similar vintage cast iron garden lawn rollers, one with medallion stamped New Crown trademark, together with one other (3)
1010.   A vintage galvanised hip bath, later converted to a water feature with applied lions mask spout 40-60
1012.   A wooden garden bench with slatted seat and back beneath a chamfered rail with all over green painted finish (AF), 5ft long approx
1013.   A quantity of weathered terracotta flower pots of varying size together with further contemporary glazed planters etc 40-60
1014.   A quantity of mainly small vintage wooden packing crates with various printed lettering 40-60
1015.   Three weathered coopered oak and steel banded beer barrels stamped Wadworth, Devizes, 53 cm high approx 40-60
1016.   A weathered cast composition stone campana shaped garden urn with ring handles, face mask and further detail raised on a square plinth (AF), 110 cm high approx 90-100
1017.   A pair of vintage green painted folding steel framed garden chairs with soft wood slatted seats and backs
1018.   A pair of large vintage tin bins/receptacles of cylindrical form with iron work side carrying handles, 58 cm diameter x 75 cm height approx
1019.   A pair of weathered teak garden armchairs with dished slatted seats and raised backs 60-80
1020.   A vintage cast iron treadle sewing machine base, monogrammed with pierced detail (AF)
1021.   Five contemporary cast composition stone garden planters of varying design, two others, a pair of cast iron bench ends with lions mask and two angular steel wall brackets with simple scroll work detail
1022.   A Victorian style cast aluminium garden terrace table of circular form with decorative pierced scrolling acanthus and further detail raised on swept tripod supports, together with a pair of associated chairs with circular seats and further pierced detail and all over green painted finish 40-60
1023.   A vintage section of iron work railing with simple scrollwork detail and vertical spiked bars, 96 cm wide x 117 cm in height approx
1024.   A set of six contemporary good quality folding steel garden chairs with open lattice work seats 60-80
1025.   A contemporary teak folding steamer type chair
1026.   A vintage painted pine meat safe with mesh panels, a simple painted bench with plank seat beneath a railed back, painted steel cabinet, two tier tubular steel framed trolley, vintage bean stalk, extending rack, "money maker" model with adjustable wire basket tiers, etc 40-60
1027.   Thirty nine Pop chairs made by Scancenter, Sweden, chair number one, with folding tubular frames and blue moulded plastic seats and back rails 60-80
1028.   A vintage painted pine kitchen dresser base enclosed by three panelled doors beneath three frieze drawers (AF), 5ft long approx 40-60
1029.   A large pagoda shaped gazebo, the light tubular steel frame with decorative scrollwork panels, the tapered canopy with raised central crown finial, 10 ft high x 13 ft long x 7 ft wide approx 200-300
1030.   Twenty contemporary planters of varying size and design to include a couple of glazed examples.
1031.   A contemporary tubular steel framed arbour with open scrollwork panelled sides and bench seat with lattice panel beneath a shaped arch with spearhead finials. 80-120
1032.   Ten weathered contemporary weathered terracotta Long Tom flower pots, 30 cm high approx.

1033.   A vintage Atco petrol driven cylinder lawn mower with rear roller, 20 inch cut complete with original light weight aluminium grass collection box. 60-80
1034.   A vintage Atco petrol driven cylinder lawn mower with 14 inch cut.
1035.   A Flymo GL petrol driven hover lawn mower.
1036.   A pair of good quality heavy iron work driveway entrance gates with vertical rails, simple scrollwork detail, and distressed blue painted finish (8ft span approx) together with one other pair. 100-120
1037.   A reclaimed stripped pine church pew with panelled back and single shaped end, the other cut for a corner, 230 cm long approx. 40-60
1038.   A pair of decorative contemporary freestanding threefold flower pot stands with stepped arched panels and simple scrolled outline.
1039.   A vintage portable fire pump with oval heavy gauged galvanised steel receptacle within an iron work frame, the wheels stamped Thompsons. 40-60
1040.   A vintage pub/garden table, the painted rectangular timber top with moulded outline, raised on a pair of decorative pierced and scrolling cast iron acanthus supports with face mask and further detail, united by a central rod stretcher. 40-60
1041.   A cream painted cast aluminium garden terrace table of circular form with decorative pierced top and shaped tripod supports, together with a set of four associated chairs with scrolling acanthus detail and a further low occasional table of circular form. 60-80
1042.   A good quality weathered contemporary garden table of circular form, the slatted octagonal panel top with central granite Lazy Susan, raised on four column supports united by an X framed stretcher with cut out parasol hole, 160 cm diameter approx. 60-80
1043.   A weathered and stained contemporary hardwood folding garden table of octagonal form with slatted panel top and X framed support together with a set of four matching folding chairs. 40-60
1044.   A contemporary stained hardwood garden table with square slatted panel top raised on X framed supports together with a set of four matching chairs. 40-60
1045.   A cast aluminium garden terrace table of circular form with decorative pierced top raised on shaped tripod supports together with two pairs of associated folding chairs with simple scroll work and further detail. 40-60
1046.   A cast aluminium garden terrace table of circular form with decorative pierced top raised on shaped tripod supports together with two associated chairs.
1047.   A contemporary garden terrace table of circular form with lattice work strap top raised on tubular steel supports together with a pair of associated chairs.
1048.   A reclaimed pine framed freestanding shelving unit with four boarded shelves.
1049.   A weathered teak two seat garden bench with slatted seat and back (AF).
1050.   A weathered contemporary teak two seat garden bench with slatted seat and back beneath an arched rail. 40-60
1051.   A weathered contemporary light steel framed two seat garden bench with slatted seat and back with folding framework. 40-60
1052.   A weathered light steel framed two seat garden bench with decorative scroll work back beneath a curved and scrolled rail over a lattice panelled seat with further scrolled supports. 40-60
1053.   A two seat garden bench with weathered timber slatted seat and back raised on a pair of decorative cast end supports with simple scrolled detail.
1054.   A two seat garden bench with weathered wooden slatted seats and combined back raised on a pair of decorative painted cast aluminium end supports with face mask and further detail.
1055.   A contemporary hardwood two seat garden bench with slatted seats and back.
1056.   A manhole cover in the form of a shallow composition stone planter of rectangular form with arched border.
1057.   A pair of cast composition stone campana shaped garden urns with lobed bowls and fluted bases raised on a pair of associated square pedestals with flower head medallions.
1058.   A pair of Cotswold Studio composition stone planters of rectangular form with scrolled and lattice detail together with one other, matching but a slightly larger example (3). 60-80
1059.   A weathered composition stone two sectional bird bath of squat circular form together with a baluster column and various weather composition stone planters with foliate and further detail, etc.
1060.   A weathered composition stone campana shaped garden urn with shallow circular lobed bowl raised on a fluted pedestal with square base together with a further matching base.
1061.   A weathered contemporary composition stone garden ornament in the form of a classical female in seated pose raised on an associated cylindrical fluted pedestal, 110 cm high approx. 60-80
1062.   A weathered cast composition stone bird bath in the form of a cherub supporting a shallow circular bowl.
1063.   A pair of large contemporary glazed planters of circular tapered form together with a further blue glazed pair of squat circular form (both planted). 60-80
1064.   Two weathered cast composition stone garden ornaments in the form of classical maidens in varying pose, one clutching an urn, 84 cm high approx. 60-80
1065.   A weathered cast composition stone bust of Bacchus. 60-80
1066.   A weathered cast composition stone garden ornament in the form of a recumbent lion raised on a rectangular plinth. 40-60
1067.   Five adjustable steel trestles.
1068.   A vintage wooden sack truck together with a moulded plastic feeding trough of rectangular form 78 inches long approx.
1069.   A reclaimed stripped pine church pew with chamfered panelled back, shaped ends and planked seat, 206 cm long approx. 40-60
1070.   A weathered contemporary cast composition stone three sectional garden bench with rectangular slab seat raised on a pair of scrolled acanthus pedestal supports, 4 ft long approx. 40-60
1071.   A galvanised milk churn and cap stamped Express Dairies together with a pair of small folding stands with scroll work detail.
1072.   A reclaimed cast iron well head with A framed canopy raised on a pair of shaped supports with winding gear and timber chain roll, mounted on a rectangular plate. 200-300
1073.   Three weathered cast composition stone garden ornaments in the form of classical female figures in varying pose. 40-60
1074.   A vintage cast iron garden/pub table base with shaped supports.
1075.   A Fox Lawn Ranger 400 petrol driven grass trimmer complete with user manual (almost new). 40-60
1076.   A vintage lead bird bath, the pedestal in the form of a winged cherub supporting a petal shaped bowl (AF - incomplete, lacks base), 70 cm high approx. 100-120
1077.   A cast iron fire basket in the Arts & Crafts style together with one other. 40-60
1078.   A natural stone grinding/mill wheel, 2 ft diameter approx. 40-60
1079.   A tall reclaimed chimney pot of cylindrical form with louvre vented top together with two similar but smaller examples, the tallest 4 ft high approx. 60-80
1079A.  A hanging ceiling light, the central chamfered oak block supporting four ironwork branches
1080.   A good quality vintage heavy gauged galvanised steel well bucket with loop handle and riveted seams. 40-60
1081.   A hollow cast brass six branch Dutch style electrolier with bulbous stem and entwined eagle surmount.
1082.   A pair of decorative contemporary freestanding steel framed flower pot stands, the arched panelled backs with lattice and scrolled detail. 40-60
1083.   A good quality contemporary oak planter of rectangular form with slatted panelled frame and chamfered supports with faceted pyramid finials. 40-60
1084.   A weathered contemporary cast composition stone bird bath, the pedestal in the form of a cherub with dog supporting a shallow circular bowl.
1085.   A pair of contemporary Chinese treacle glazed jardinieres/planters with trailing dragon detail, 50 cm diameter approx. 90-110
1086.   A Victorian salt glazed crown top chimney pot. 60-80
1087.   A vintage agricultural cartwheel with twelve wooden spokes, iron hub and rim and distressed paint work, 88 cm diameter approx.
1088.   A small freestanding or wall mounted galvanised steel wirework stand/rack with two sloping shelves/compartments.
1089.   A vintage cast iron trough of rectangular form, 52 cm long x 32 cm wide x 32 cm high approx. 20-40
1090.   A small natural stone trough of rectangular form, 47 cm long x 30 cm wide x 18 cm high approx. 40-60
1091.   A contemporary cast composition stone garden ornament in the form of a goose with painted finish.
1092.   A vintage terracotta planter with naturalistic combed bark effect raised on a fluted pedestal and stepped base, stamped Royal Pottery, Weston Super Mare together with a composition stone bird bath, the column in the form of a tree stump (bird bath on view outside). 60-80
1093.   A cream glazed stoneware water feature of cylindrical form with moulded lettering reading Morris's Patent Circulating Filter, Haymarket, London.
1094.   A small cast iron planter of squat quatrefoil form with foliate detail and paw feet.
1095.    vintage floorstanding heater/stove the planished copper frame with Gothic style lancet shaped panels beneath a pierced frieze/grill with canted sides, etc. 60-80
1096.   A vintage reclaimed cast iron railway track chair/shoe with numerals and lettering together with a small painted cast iron cap of circular domed form.
1097.   A weathered composition stone bust of a classical male head 'David' with simulated terracotta finish, 60 cm high approx. 100-120
1098.   A weathered monumental cloaked natural stone urn with trailing fruit and further detail, 60 cm high approx. 80-120
1099.   A carved stone corbel with naive face mask detail.
1100.   A good quality neo classical style cast brass eight branch electrolier with foliate and further detail and later cream painted finish. 60-80
1101.   A vintage bicycle with swept back handlebars, tubular steel frame, etc.
1102.   A vintage enamel sign of rectangular form advertising "Ask For Colman's Starch in cardboard boxes", (blue lettering on a white ground), 61 x 41 cm approx together with one other advertising Goddard's Rub It In 'Famous White Horse Oil' (AF).(2) 60-80
1103.   A Rippingilles Patent heater, the cast iron frame of arched form with decorative pierced foliate detail 50-70
1104.   A galvanised iron water tank, an old English watering can, large oil canister and a 19th century pedestrian gate 80-120
1105.   A good quality heavy lead water feature in the form of a standing cherub blowing into a conch shell, with well defined features, 84 cm high approx
1106.   An iron fire basket 80 cm wide, two good quality hand wrought fire irons, two iron fire screens and a cast iron door porter in the form of a fox
1107.   A set of four (or two pairs) of good quality reclaimed heavy cast iron strap work hinges and fittings, stamped Charles Collinge, Lambeth 80-120
1108.   A good quality hardwood chimney piece/fire surround with scrolling carved lions mask and further detail to frieze raised on a pair of split classic column supports, the mantle 5ft wide, the insert 112 cm approx 60-80
1108A.  Five branch cut glass chandelier with cut drops, 70 cm high, 60 cm diameter approx
1109.   A cast iron three tier floorstanding pot stand with decorative pierced scrolling acanthus and further detail and later painted finish
1110.   A good quality Georgian style cast iron fire basket, the serpentine front with brass dogs and turned stems and classical detail 200-300
1111.   A reclaimed cast iron fire insert with planished finish and decorative trailing floral detail (incomplete)
1112.   "The Waterfall" patent vintage white line tennis court or groundsmans white line marker with cast iron frame and spoke wheels
1113.   Four stone, probably mill related, grinding wheels (slight variant in size)
1114.   A quantity of mainly long handled gardening tools
1116.   Three stripped pine casement window frames of circular form, two 3ft in diameter, the other 2ft approx
1117.   A pair of reclaimed iron work stands/lamp brackets ? with decorative S scroll detail 30-50
1118.   A carved stone tablet of rectangular form with flower head detail (broken)
1119.   A vintage cast iron book press 40-60
1120.   A vintage floorstanding painted pine framed side cupboard, the lower section enclosed by a pair of sliding twin rectangular panelled doors, the upper section now open (lacks doors) with removable shelves with tongue and groove boarded back, approximately 7ft high x 156 cm wide approx 60-80
1121.   A vintage enamel sign of circular form advertising 'Lyons Cakes' with blue lettering and foliate surround on a yellow ground, 43 cm diameter together with two others (3) 40-60
1122.   A vintage German Eisenbahnlampe or railway lamp with lozenge shaped stamp to side, Osmeka, with Hella moulded glass reflector/cover (later converted to electricity) 40-60
1123.   A pair of exterior porch wall lights with cast metal frames and shaped brackets together with matching further examples and a candle lantern
1124.   A reproduction carved hardwood fire surround with face mask, scrolled acanthus and corinthian column supports beneath a raised tapered panelled back, the mantle 158 cm wide, 220 cm high approx including main panel 100-150
1125.   An oak framed overmantle the rectangular mirror plate within a carved frame with scrolling acanthus and further detail, 144 cm wide approx 60-80
1126.   An late Victorian/Edwardian wall mirror of oval form with bevelled edge plate and carved mahogany surround with scrolling acanthus, dragons head and flowering urn detail, 80 cm x 70 cm approx
1127.   A 19th century wall mirror, the oval bevelled edge plate set within an oak frame with carved foliate and further detail beneath a raised further carved pediment, 130 cm x 83 cm approx 100-120
1128.   A 19th century gilt framed wall mirror of rectangular form with foliate scrolled corbels and further detail, 104 x 78 cm approx 100-120
1129.   A 19th century pier glass, the mahogany frame with split bobbin columns flanking a mirror plate and reverse painted glass panel 40-60
1130.   A Georgian style wall mirror, the walnut veneered frame with shaped outline and c scroll detail beneath a swan neck pediment and flowering basket, the back with carved crest and lettering London and dated 1741 80-120
1131.   A pair of shield shaped wall mirrors with scrolling gilt acanthus frames with c scroll detail (AF), incomplete 60-80
1132.   A 19th century gilt framed over mantle mirror, the moulded frame with reeded detail, shell and split columns flanking a triple mirror plate with ebonised reeded surround 160-180
1133.   A 19th century carved walnut wall mirror of rectangular form with geometric and acanthus detail 30-40
1134.   A 19th century wall mirror of circular form set in a moulded frame, 70cm diameter 40-60
1135.   A Georgian wall mirror with fretted outline within a moulded border 70cm high 30-40
1136.   A late 19th century mahogany wall mirror with barley twist column supports and architectural pediment together with a 19th century gesso moulded frame enclosing a mirrored plate 30-40
1137.   An Edwardian wall mirror of oval form, with bevelled edged mirror plate within a moulded and gilded frame, 75cm max, together with a further collection of mirrors and pictures 40-60
1138.   Three continental bedsteads including one in mahogany with shaped outline within moulded frames 115cm wide and two further examples in oak with upholstered panels 60-80
1139.   A Victorian oak wall mounted framework with applied Gothic tracery detail 80-100
1140.   A collection of vintage golf clubs, two golfing bags and a folding golf trolley with wire wheels
1141.   A two fold room divider
1142.   A pair of good quality Edwardian mahogany single bed steads, loosely in the Adam style with harebell and other detail 80-100
1143.   An 18th century style gilded pier glass of rectangular form set beneath a deep carved shell and scroll panel, 113cm long 80-100
1144.   An Edwardian mahogany framed dressing mirror of full height within a reeded frame

1145.   A rectangular wall mirror in a swept and gilded frame together with an Edwardian overmantel enclosing an oval bevelled edge mirror plate 30-50
1146.   A pair of oval gilded and moulded wall mirrors with floral and other detail together with one other oval mirror
1147.   A 19th century oak Delft rack on four tiers with turned supports and urn finials, 145cm wide 80-100
1148.   A pair of 18th century style mahogany door or furniture cornices with acanthus and architectural detail, 122cm wide 60-80
1149.   A vintage artists easel in beechwood, fully folding format 40-60
1150.   A pine kitchen dresser enclosed by four fielded panel doors and four frieze drawers - the plate rack fitted with two shelves and four further drawers beneath a shaped frieze, 160cm 60-80
1151.   A good quality vintage leather suitcase by Insale, Bristol with brass locks, a two gallon stone ware flagon, H. Whitbread, Old George Inn and a letter box, together with and iron trivet and mahogany wall shelves 40-60
1152.   A painted pine corner cupboard of three quarter height enclosed by a panelled door together with four painted pine shutters
1153.   A panelled oak exterior door in the 17th century manner with panelled framework, 190cm high x 65cm wide together with two carved panels with geometric detail, 175cm x 60cm 40-60
1154.   A set of six dining chairs raised on cabriole forelegs with floral detail and upholstered seats and backs
1155.   A writing desk fitted with an arrangement of eight drawers with brass ring handles and inset leather top, 135cm wide
1156.   ,A Spanish style dining table the rectangular top with carved detail, raised on a pair of shaped and scrolled stretchers and lions paw feet, united by turned steel stretchers, 170 x 100cm 60-80
1157.   A vintage counter top stepped confectionary display stand
1158.   A small Georgian style mahogany side cabinet on two tiers, the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors, the upper section by two astragal glazed panel doors, 65cm wide
1159.   A set of three graduated Chinese hardwood occasional tables with carved detail
1160.   A stripped pine side cupboard enclosed by two panelled doors and two frieze drawers, 93cm wide 50-60
1161.   A Georgian oak coffer with pegged frame the front elevation enclosed by three carved and fielded panels 125cm wide 80-100
1162.   A substantial 19th century flemish oak side cupboard enclosed by an arrangement of two doors and three drawers with deeply carved geometric and merry making scenes, 160cm 80-100
1163.   A Victorian dolls pram with wire wheels and sprung framework by W J Harris & Co London 40-60
1164.   Two vintage timber counter top shop tills, one by Gledhill & Sons of Halifax 40-60
1165.   An art nouveau break front display cabinet with plate glass panel over three marquetry panelled doors showing oak leaves, acorns and fruit, 140cm 100-120
1166.   An Edwardian oak occasional or plant table of square cut form with inset tile top
1167.   A 19th century continental mahogany writing desk fitted with five frieze drawers the raised back incorporating six further drawers with embossed leather top raised on six turned fluted supports, 130cm 60-80
1168.   A vintage croquet set in an open pine box with hoops, balls and irons 40-60
1169.   An art deco walnut veneerered inverted break front writing desk with inset leather top, the pedestal with fitted interior, 160cm 60-80
1170.   A Georgian pine fire surround with stripped and waxed finish and with simple reeded detail, the interior size 103 x 114 cm

1171.   An Arts & Crafts mahogany hall robe of three sided form, each panel enclosing full length mirror plate with bevelled edge borders, embossed anodised hinges, the interior simply fitted, 180 cm diameter

1172.   A 19th century riveted copper cauldron, 50cm diameter 100-120
1173.   A late 19th century Welsh oak dresser, the lower section enclosed by a tower of three drawers, flanked by two cupboards, the upper section recessed enclosed by a central leaded light door and two further cupboards 80-100
1174.   A substantial 19th century pine and iron banded carpenters tool chest, the rising lid showing a stencilled interior together with an unsorted but comprehensive collection of hand tools of all types 120-150
1175.   A Staddington gun safe for three weapons in two compartments with hammered enamelled finish complete with Chubb keys (keys in office), 153cm high 60-80
1176.   An Edwardian oak column of fluted form with Corinthian capital raised on a square cut plinth, 220cm tall approx 50-60
1177.   An HMV electric gramophone for the playing of 78rpm records in a walnut case
1178.   Three vintage infant school classroom tables of rectangular form on painted steel supports together with four matching chairs
1179.   A hardwood sideboard of simple format enclosed by three panelled doors and three frieze drawers with iron work fittings, 185 cm length
1180.   An Edwardian oak bookcase of full height, the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors, the upper section enclosed by two leaded light doors beneath a dentil moulded frieze, 1 metre wide
1181.   A 19th century mahogany wall cabinet enclosed by a twin panelled door
1181A.  Two folding cake stands, a vintage towel rail, Regentone Radio, etc
1182.   A vintage male mannequin torso stamped Stockman, 22 Dering Street, London W1, in a red colourway
1183.   A vintage Singer treadle sewing machine enclosed within a figured walnut cabinet with fold over top
1184.   A cast iron ice shaver with decorative detail, manufactured MEIDIYOGO, 65cm 100-150
1185.   A 19th century painted pine two tier cabinet, each section enclosed by two sliding panelled doors, 145cm wide approx 80-100
1186.   A stripped and waxed pine step ladder
1187.   An Edwardian satin walnut bedroom chest three long drawers with raised mirror back
1188.   A heavy pine plank table top, 200cm x 80cm
1189.   A 19th century painted pine cupboard enclosed by two panelled doors and two further cupboards
1190.   A 19th century pine blanket box with iron work handles and a 19th century military tin chest with painted detail, The Leicestershire Regiment 40-60
1192.   A Victorian pine blanket chest with original painted finish
1193.   A Flymo Vision Compact 350 electric mower
1194.   A Schneider Bandsaw, SCH190 350w 1500 -1 in almost unused condition 60-80
1195.   Two industrial ceiling lights with aluminium conical shaped shades
1196.   A collection of five vintage travelling trunks, two in tin and three in fibre with various travel labels 40-60
1197.   An extensive collection of miscellaneous effects cleared from outbuildings including stone flagons, galvanized iron bins, a fishing creel, a pair of large period iron work door hinges, wicker basket, concave mirror, etc 60-80
1198.   A miscellaneous collection including vintage hand tools, a large iron griddle, a tin spice box, a carpet beater, copper tub and lid, etc 40-60
1199.   A miscellaneous collection of vintage hand tools (unsorted)
1200.   Seven waste paper bins with simulated ostrich skin covers in various colourways and further resin models
1201.   A vintage aluminium wall mounted cupboard enclosed by two doors fitted with three shelves, 105cm long 30-50
1202.   A vintage pine trunk containing a comprehensive but unsorted collection of tools including chisels, planes, etc a Record improved combination plane, 050a, numerous clamps, Black & Decker accessories, etc 60-80
1203.   A large volume (3 metre run of) vintage effects cleared from a substantial outbuilding including Gladstone leather bag, trade boxes, ceramic jelly moulds, ceramic tiles, enamelled baking trays, galvanized iron fire bucket, architectural fittings, etc 80-100
1204.   A pair of good quality iron work occasional tables of square cut form with scroll and other detail, beneath glass tops 45cm x 40cm
1205.   Nine elm skittles
1206.   An unsorted collection of 78rpm records, picture frames etc
1206A.  A collection of 50 turned oak balustrades, all matching with fluted columns and acanthus detail, 90cm long x 7cm square 80-100
1207.   A 19th century oak graduated stick rack, mahogany drop leaf table, painted pine cupboard with panelled door, small cottage kitchen wall hanging cupboards with segmented interior, folding ladies desk, etc 60-80
1208.   A 1930s oak pedestal writing desk with nine drawers raised on claw and ball supports with inset leather top, 110cm
1209.   A Victorian three sectional wardrobe, unusually in pine and with stripped and waxed finish, the central tower of three drawers below an open centre and above two panelled doors, flanked to either side with a cupboard to full height enclosed by bevelled edge mirror plate and cast brass fittings, 2 metres wide
1210.   A 19th century mahogany library bookcase, the upper section enclosed by three rectangular glazed and moulded panelled doors revealing segmented adjustable shelves to interior, the lower section enclosed by three further rectangular but blind panelled doors, 166 cm wide x 241 cm height approx

1211.   A mahogany toilet mirror enclosing three drawers raised on carved supports together with further similar example
1212.   A set of four lightweight balloon back chairs with later upholstered finish on swept supports

1213.   An Edwardian hide upholstered tub chair raised on shaped forelegs with acanthus and other detail 60-80
1214.   A 19th century cabinet, the lower section enclosed by two panel doors and two frieze drawers, the upper section by two glazed panelled doors with overall painted and distressed finish 80-100
1215.   A three piece Edwardian bedroom suite comprising wardrobe, chest of drawers and a further chest, an art deco radio cabinet, a folding occasional table, an HMV valve radio, two Lloyd loom baskets etc
1216.   A 19th century continental pine hanging cupboard with fielded panel door and stripped and waxed finish
1217.   A Edwardian mahogany occasional table raised on six supports with pierced borders
1218.   An Edwardian childs combination high chair, the metamorphic frame raised on small iron wheels 60-80
1219.   A Victorian Gothic open oak bookcase flanked by carved and pierced hinged side panels 60-80
1220.   A quantity of vintage luggage including cases and two small tin trunks, etc

1221.   A Victorian pine side cupboard in the Gothic manner with original oak scrumbled finish and applied carved detail, 155cm wide 80-100
1222.   A small pine kitchen table with scrubbed top raised on four square supports, together with two 19th century elm kitchen stools and a rush seat single chair 30-50
1223.   Two Victorian pine kitchen tables both with scrubbed tops on turned supports
1224.   An early 20th century oak extending dining table with single additional leaf on turned support 140cm max to seat six
1225.   A 19th century blanket chest with oil skinned finish and upholstered top
1226.   A walnut draw leaf refrectory table rasied on four turned supports united by a central rail, to seat 6 - 8 people
1227.   An art deco pedestal desk fitted with an arrangement of five drawers the inset top incorporating divisional trays, standish, etc
1228.   A 19th century oak elbow chair in the Carolean style with barley twist supports and rails and hand worked tapestry seat and back
1229.   A retro kitchen cupboard with painted finish fitted with two drawers and two doors, together with a 1960s kitchen table with melamine top on tapering beechwood supports, two table lamps, glass shades, glass containers, etc

1230.   A small painted pine side cupboard with glazed panelled door fitted with four shelves
1231.   A reproduction rocking chair in the regency style with mid green leather upholstered framework with buttoned back and seat raised on swept supports together with a pair of Edwardian ladder back side chairs with rush seats
1232.   An oval kitchen dining table, the stripped and waxed top raised on a turned pillar and tripod with painted finish, to seat four
1233.   An old English style oak refectory table raised on a pair of baluster shaped supports united by a central stretcher to seat six 70-90
1234.   A set of four Edwardian oak stick back dining chairs on barley twist supports
1235.   A Samsung flat screen television with 80cm screen
1236.   A late 19th century occasional table with rectangular top on turned pillar and tripod base
1237.   A Volmar record player type 835, serial number 17387 by the industrial sound equipment company, with deck model RC.M80.M with 33/45/78 adjustment
1238.   A traditional stripped pine two tier plate drying rack
1239.   A late 19th century mahogany breakfront four door bookcase of half height with reeded and applied detail 80-100
1240.   An art deco walnut veneer two tier side cupboard the lower section enclosed by two doors and two drawers, the upper section having astragal glazed panels
1241.   A miscellaneous collection of furniture including an Edwardian duet stool with carved framework, further piano stool, two further stools and a carved oak stand 60-80
1242.   A Victorian mahogany veneered chest of three long and two short drawers on turned supports 40-60
1243.   A 19th century mahogany drop leaf dining table of oval form raised on four pad feet with chequered string inlay 30-50
1244.   A 19th century mahogany chest of three long graduated drawers (fourth missing) raised on bun supports
1245.   A 19th century pine four tier book shelf of tapering form
1246.   A 19th century mahogany side cupboard with astragal glazed panel doors
1247.   A late 19th century side board, the lower section enclosed by two carved and panelled doors and two frieze drawers, the upper section with arched mirror panel and fluted column supports
1248.   A 19th century mahogany commode, two occasional tables and two chairs
1249.   A good quality reproduction oak gateleg dining table in the 17th century style with bobbin moulded supports and stretcher 80-100
1250.   An 18th century oak side cupboard enclosed by two arched and panelled doors with original lock and key, 110cm wide
1251.   A vintage plate glass counter top, confectionery display cabinet, 76cm long 62cm high
1252.   A 19th century stripped and waxed pine side cupboard enclosed by two panelled doors 50-80
1253.   A reproduction Georgian style bow fronted chest of four long graduated doors with brush slide on bracket supports, 70cm wide 50-60
1254.   A Victorian mahogany bow fronted chest of four long drawers on turned supports, 86cm wide
1255.   A 19th century painted pine chest of three long and two short drawers on turned supports 50-80
1256.   A stripped satin walnut chest of three long graduated drawers on a plinth base 40-60
1257.   A waxed pine bureau bookcase in a Georgian manner with two long and two short drawers, fall flap with fitted interior and with astragal glazed bookcase above, 87cm wide
1258.   A pair of pine bedside cabinets with panelled doors and drawers together with a further pine dining table with circular top
1259.   A Victorian walnut chest of three long and two short drawers with pierced brass plate handles 50-60
1260.   A pair of vintage free standing audio speakers set in walnut cases, 40cm high
1261.   A pair of painted bedside tables with frieze drawers on square chamfered supports
1262.   A 19th century stripped pine chest of three long and two short drawers with brass plate handles 60-80
1263.   A small reproduction chest of five long drawers with moulded outline, on short bracket supports, 56cm wide 50-60
1264.   An old English style oak side table on two tiers with frieze drawers on short supports
1265.   An Edwardian oak open bookcase with applied mouldings, containing one shelf, 105 cm wide
1266.   An Edwardian mahogany bookcase enclosed by two glazed panelled doors and three shelves on bracket supports, 120 cm wide 50-60
1267.   An outside terracotta Grecian urn with loop handles and hand painted character and geometric detail in a classical style, 95 cm tall 60-80
1268.   An early 19th century stripped and waxed pine mule chest, the rising lid over an arrangement of one long and two short drawers with brass plate handles, 130 cm length 200-250
1269.   A contemporary granite kitchen work unit with well made painted pine base enclosing two drawers and two cupboards with open sides. 2 metres x 70 cm 200-250
1270.   A pair of Edwardian country house tennis court posts and fittings - Ayres Patent, Championship Tennis Posts, together with further bases, ground screws, together with vintage croquet mallet
1271.   Victorian pine blanket chest with iron carrying handles

1272.   A 19th century country made drop leaf dining table in mixed woods raised on four square tapered legs
1273.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany pedestal writing desk fitted with an arrangement of nine drawers banded in satinwood and with inset leather top raised on a plinth base, 123 cm wide 100-150
1274.   A simple oak luggage rack
1275.   A 19th century mahogany snap top occasional table on turned pillar and swept tripod base together with three stools of varying designs
1276.   A polished marble top and raised 3/4 gallery 100-120
1276A.  A continental stripped pine bedroom chest of 2 long and two short drawers raised on turned bun supports 80-120
1278.   A Georgian mahogany drop leaf pad foot dining table
1279.   A 19th century terracotta preserving pan with glazed interior complete with cover, together with two 19th century Devonware terracotta jugs
1280.   A 19th century pine kitchen cabinet, the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors and two frieze drawers, the raised back with shaped outline incorporating a frieze drawer with overall painted and distressed finish, 123 cm wide 100-120
1281.   A 19th century stripped and waxed pitch pine side cupboard enclosed by two panelled doors fitted with shelves, 160 cm wide, 98 cm tall 60-80
1282.   A contemporary kitchen cabinet, the lower part with painted finish enclosed by a tower of three drawers flanked by two cupboards set beneath a plain wood top with raised gallery, 175 cm long x 60 cm depth 150-200
1283.   A set of four 19th century north country birchwood dining chairs with bar backs and solid seats on turned supports
1284.   An Edwardian oak dressing chest of three long drawers with raised mirror plate back
1285.   An Edwardian mahogany bow fronted sideboard fitted with two drawers flanked by cupboards raised on shaped supports with raised brass grill back
1286.   A vintage steel travel trunk together with a further canvas travelling trunk with brass fittings
1287.   A 19th century pine centre table raised on shaped supports with original painted finish, an oak centre table on four turned supports united by H shaped stretcher and a further pine topped table with steel supports
1288.   A 19th century rustic pine side cupboard enclosed by three shallow drawers and two panelled doors raised on shaped plinth, 150 cm 50-70
1289.   A contemporary pine side cupboard enclosed by two panelled drawers and two doors set on a plinth base, 140 cm
1290.   A collection of vintage automobilia including Shell petrol cans, together with a number of vintage car number plates
1291.   A miscellaneous collection including pine occasional table, pine framed mirror, circular occasional table, small refectory table, wine rack, further pine dining table, various chairs, etc
1292.   A 19th century tin floorstanding shop bin with traces of original gilded Greek key and other detail and with hardwood hinged slope top
1293.   A small French open armchair, the carved and moulded frame with painted and distressed finish, upholstered seat, back and side panels 80-100
1294.   A continental elbow chair, the carved and moulded frame with floral detail arranged on short cabriole supports 50-70
1295.   An Edwardian parlour room sofa with buttoned and pleated upholstery on short cabriole supports
1296.   A set of six (4&2) Regency mahogany bar back dining chairs raised on sabre supports, the elbow chairs with scrolled arms 100-150
1297.   A French open armchair with carved, moulded and painted framework, upholstered panels
1298.   A continental upholstered tub chair with buttoned back raised on turned supports 30-50
1299.   A pair of Victorian oak elbow chairs with carved and moulded frames, the arms terminating in iron masks and raised on square reeded supports 80-100
1300.   A Victorian drawing room chair with carved and moulded show wood frame, upholstered finish and raised on cabriole supports 60-80
1301.   A contemporary easy chair and stool with mottled brown upholstery on turned polished wood bases 80-100
1302.   A 19th century village church three divisional choir stall with gothic tracery detail, 170 cm long 100-150
1303.   A Victorian Windsor Oxford elbow chair and a further Windsor stickback kitchen chair
1304.   An Edwardian wing fireside chair on shaped supports
1305.   A substantial Edwardian wing back drawing room chair with shaped arms raised on short pad feet
1306.   A pair of vintage painted wicker garden/conservatory chairs
1307.   A pair of substantial late Victorian parlour room elbow chairs, the framework with moulded and carved detail, upholstered panels on fluted supports 80-100
1308.   No Lot

1309.   A set of 19th century carved oak bellows with leather sides and turned brass nozzle
1310.   A small Victorian breakfront side cupboard enclosed by three mirror panelled doors, column supports and overall painted and distressed finish,
105 cm
1311.   A Georgian mahogany drop leaf dining table on four square moulded supports
1312.   A contemporary hardwood tower of 19 drawers of varying sizes all raised on bracket supports, 105 cm wide
1313.   An Edwardian side cupboard enclosed by two glazed panelled doors on short cabriole supports
1314.   A five drawer kneehole writing desk on turned supports together with a matching stool

1315.   A vintage tin travel trunk with brass and other fittings, labels, etc, together with a further tin travel trunk
1316.   A zender six octave iron framed overstrung piano in a pale teakwood case, complete with stool and circa 1980 100-150
1317.   A vintage travel trunk with chequered covers and timber lathes
1318.   A Victorian mahogany chest of three long and two short drawers on bracket supports
1319.   A stripped and waxed pine wall mounted display cabinet enclosed by a glazed panelled door, 106 cm wide, 14 cm deep, 150 cm high
1320.   A 19th century stripped and waxed pine two tier side cupboard enclosed by two pairs of panelled doors, 135 cm wide; together with a pine bookshelf, a childs chair and three pine cupboard doors 100-150
1321.   A contemporary low coffee/occasional table of rectangular form on two tiers incorporating two frieze drawers
1322.   A vintage oak writing table fitted with two frieze drawers on turned supports, 130 cm wide
1323.   A set of six 19th century mahogany bar back dining chairs with upholstered seats on shaped forelegs
1324.   A contemporary Italian walnut dining suite comprising table and chairs and dresser. In the Sorrento manner 200-300
1325.   A large Queen Anne style mahogany drawleaf dining table on four pad feet, 245 cm max to seat 10/12 people
1326.   A contemporary side table of rectangular form raised on four shaped supports with painted finish, 102 cm max
1327.   A contemporary side table of rectangular form raised on four shaped supports and with painted finish, 102 cm max
1328.   Two children's chairs - a 1930s Art Deco example on bun feet and a further Edwardian armchair with beechwood frame
1329.   Four 1940s oak dining chairs with drop in seats on H shaped stretchers
1330.   A 19th century satin walnut dressing chest fitted with three drawers
1331.   An Edwardian chest of two long drawers with brass plate handles, 55 cm tall
1332.   A 19th century stripped and waxed pine dresser, the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors and two drawers, the upper section fitted with three cupboards and two drawers around a central alcove, 120 cm wide
1333.   A Victorian mahogany side cupboard enclosed by a single glazed door with lancet shaped outline
1334.   A Victorian oak box seat, the front elevation with geometric carved detail, set below a rising lid, 105 cm long
1335.   A small Victorian stripped and waxed pine side table with frieze drawer on turned supports, together with a collection of blue and gilt dinner ware and clementson tea wares
1336.   A set of four Queen Anne style dining chairs in oak with vase shaped splats and shaped forelegs
1337.   A Victorian mahogany box commode, with carpet seat and pull out step
1338.   An oak refectory table on shaped and pierced stretcher base together with a set of six wheelback dining chairs, further iron mesh fire screen and fire irons
1338A.  An Edwardian oak bergere arm chair with barley twist supports and bobbin strecters
1339.   Five various Georgian country made dining chairs in mixed wood, all with shaped and pierced stretchers
1340.   A pine farmhouse kitchen table with plank top on turned supports
1341.   Six Ercol Goldsmith dark elm dining chairs to include two carvers
1342.   A vintage counter top confectionery display cabinet, 68 cm wide
1343.   An Edwardian mahogany extending dining table with two additional leaves with gadroon borders raised on claw and ball supports, 2 metres max
1344.   A steel industrial work/dining table of simple construction with painted finish, 210 cm in length, 90 cm in width 200-300
1345.   An old English style oak coffer with rising lid, the panelled framework on bun feet, 140 cm
1346.   A small panelled oak coffer in the old English style, 85 cm width
1347.   A painted pine cupboard of rustic form together with one other (2)
1348.   A traditional large two seat sofa with scrolled arms together with a pair of matching armchairs
1348A.  A vintage travel trunk with timber lathes and brass fittings together with a collection of theatre programmes
1349.   A two seat sofa with scrolled arms and linen finish on turned supports
1350.   An oak framed sofa and two matching armchairs with scrolled arms, with carved and pierced foliated rails 80-100
1350A.  An inlaid Edwardian mahogany elbow chair and a matching single chair
1351.   A set of six walnut framed rustic ladderback side chairs with rush seats
1352.   A contemporary two seat sofa in leather in a mid tan colourway on bracket supports 100-120
1353.   An inlaid Edwardian parlour room suite with floral marquetry detail and upholstered seat and back panels on turned supports together with two matching elbow chairs
1354.   A substantial contemporary three seat sofa upholstered in white linen on turned bun feet
1355.   A set of 18th century style wall shelves on three tiers on carved and pierced borders and back
1356.   A 1940s two seat sofa upholstered in a brick red and floral upholstery
1356A.  A bentwood rocking chair with cane panelled seat and back
1357.   Two Victorian drawing room chairs both raised on turned supports and with later fabric 60-100
1358.   A deep upholstered button back drawing room chair with curved back and scrolled arms 60-80
1359.   A contemporary three seat sofa with recently re-upholstered finish in a blue and cream check colourway, 190 cm long 80-100
1360.   An Edwardian sofa with scrolled arms on bun supports together with a matching armchair both with floral loose covers
1361.   A Victorian three seat Chesterfield sofa with deep buttoned upholstery on turned supports 100-150
1362.   Three Victorian brass and iron lamp standards, further brass fender with geometric detail and a five canopy
1363.   A late 19th century walnut wardrobe with mirror panelled door over a single frieze drawer
1364.   A 19th century pine side cupboard enclosed by a panelled door and frieze drawer with applied mouldings and with original painted detail together with a further pine cabinet with glazed door (2) 60-80
1365.   A small Georgian mahogany square cut washstand and a single side chair in walnut on fluted supports
1366.   A 19th century oak gateleg dining table on eight turned supports
1367.   A continental mahogany commode enclosed by four long drawers on bun feet
1368.   A Victorian stripped and waxed pine chest of three long and two short drawers 60-80
1369.   A single Victorian mahogany hall chair with shaped back and applied mouldings together with a reproduction drum table on turned pillar and swept base and a further reproduction side table with frieze drawer
1370.   A brass cauldron on lions paw feet together with a pair of painted table lamps of column form and two other lamps, together with a copper coal scuttle, etc
1371.   A beechwood ladderback corner chair with rush seat
1372.   A Victorian mahogany Duchess dressing table with shaped outline raised on scrolled supports 60-80
1373.   A pine kneehole side/dressing table fitted with four drawers with brass plate handles on turned supports 60-80
1374.   A 19th century brass and wire work fire curb on ball feet

1375.   A Georgian mahogany side table on square tapered legs with spade feet with string banded inlay together with a Georgian mahogany deep drop leaf dining table on square tapered supports, together with two further occasional tables (4) 60-80
1376.   A Victorian two divisional bamboo canterbury
1377.   An Edwardian mahogany compactum wardrobe, the front elevation enclosed by a single mirror plate door, three frieze drawers and a cupboard enclosed by two panelled doors with string inlaid detail 100-200
1378.   A Victorian mahogany wall bracket/shelf with turned detail and stencilled decoration
1379.   A small open oak bookcase fitted with two adjustable shelves
1380.   A silver plated lamp standard of three quarter height in a 17th century Italian style together with a further brass lamp standard supporting four branches
1381.   An Arts & Crafts drawn threadwork panel within an oak frame presented as a firescreen, the panel with script "we know the merry world is round and we may sail for evermore" showing a galleon on the high seas and trailing dolphin border below
1382.   A Georgian mahogany pad foot drop leaf table with pointed toes
1383.   A pair of 19th century long armed bellows in teak with carved animal and floral detail and with further leather and brass componets
1384.   A Victorian oak side table fitted with two frieze drawers raised on a stretcher base with tapering hexagonal supports and central stretcher
1384A.  A Georgian mahogany stool with rising lid and shaped apron
1385.   A 19th century mahogany side cupboard, the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors and two frieze drawers, the upper section with astragal glazed panelled doors 60-80
1386.   A 19th century hall table of rectangular form on turned supports
1387.   A Victorian pine blanket chest
1388.   An early 19th century oak chest of three long and two short drawers 80-100
1389.   A Victorian stripped and waxed pine wardrobe with two panelled doors over two frieze drawers on bracket supports
1390.   A set of four dining chairs with cameo cane work panelled backs raised on turned and fluted supports
1391.   A pair of walnut hall chairs with carved and panelled backs, solid seats on turned supports 50-70
1392.   An interesting 20th century oak and burr walnut centre table with tapered baluster column, quadruform plateau and paw feet, 64 cm high x 86 cm diameter approx
1393.   A Georgian country made rocking chair with moulded stick back, rush seat and turned stretchers
1394.   A reproduction drum table with inset leather top with alternating real and dummy drawers raised on a turned pillar and quadruped base
1395.   An Art Deco oak writing desk fitted with an arrangement of nine drawers with inset leather top, 150 cm wide 80-100
1396.   An Edwardian mahogany three tier torchere, a further torchere with circular top and a primitive carved hardwood occasional table with rising top and a mahogany lamp standard
1397.   A pair of Regency mahogany hall chairs with carved and moulded anthemion backs 50-70
1398.   A Georgian mahogany tray top night commode with draw front
1399.   A Georgian mahogany bookcase enclosed by astragal glazed panelled doors raised on bracket supports, 144 cm wide 70-90
1400.   A late 19th century copper and brass telescopic lamp standard with cranberry coloured font and with etched glass shade and duplex twin burner 70-90
1401.   A 19th century mahogany side table fitted with two frieze drawers on turned supports
1402.   Six various torcheres, mainly in mahogany
1403.   A mid Victorian mahogany library bookcase, the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors and two cushion moulded frieze drawers, the upper section enclosed by two glazed panelled doors and applied mouldings
1404.   A late Victorian/Edwardian folding chair with upholstered seat and back within a mahogany framework.
1405.   A dark wood side cupboard in two sections, the upper section with moulded detail and split fluted columns with acanthus caps flanking a two sectional open bookcase with eight adjustable shelves, the lower section enclosed by two pairs of rectangular fielded panelled doors with stepped moulded plinth, 230 cm high x 120 cm wide approx. 200-300
1406.   A 19th century mahogany fold over top card table of rectangular form with scrolled acanthus detail raised on a turned vase shaped pillar with scrolled tripod.
1407.   A 19th century walnut pedestal cabinet with raised brass gallery rack fitted with a single cupboard door upon a faceted column, 91 cm high approx.

1408.   A 19th century mahogany twin pedestal sideboard with flame veneers, the shallow raised back with scrolling acanthus detail over an inverted break front fitted with three frieze drawers over pedestals, each enclosed by arch panelled doors with fitted interiors, 175 cm approx. 100-150
1409.   A traditional child's open elbow chair with wavy ladder back over a rush seat, raised on twin turned supports and pad feet together with an Old English style oak stool with upholstered top, a mahogany torchere of squat form (fashioned from a 19th century mahogany bed post) and a turned hardwood table lamp.(4)
1411.   A Victorian oak metamorphic library chair/steps, the slat back with pierced trefoil and further detail together with an oak spinning chair with carved foliate detail and turned bobbin supports. 40-60
1412.   An Edwardian mahogany side cabinet enclosed by a pair of astragal glazed panelled doors with bevelled edged plates together with a further wall mounted bookcase with single adjustable shelf with leather trimming.
1413.   An Eastern camphor wood box with hinged lid, decorative brass lock plate and carved panelled scenes. 60-80
1414.   A Georgian mahogany bow fronted bedroom chest of three long and two short drawers with well matched flame veneers over a shaped opening with splayed bracket supports, 110 cm wide approx. 100-150
1415.   An attractive French Kingwood veneered hanging cupboard, the sunburst door enclosing an interior fitted with a small drawer, 77 cm high approx

1416.   A small good quality mahogany wall cabinet in the Georgian style with swan neck pediment over a pair of astragal glazed panelled doors revealing a single shelf to the interior, raised on shaped bracket supports. 65 cm high x 80 cm wide approx 60-80
1417.   An inlaid Edwardian corner chair, the stained frame with inlaid floral marquetry panels over an upholstered pad seat and turned supports united by an X frame stretcher. 40-60
1418.   A cricket table of usual form with scrub top raised on painted and distressed supports, the top 76 cm diameter approx. 60-80
1419.   A cricket table of usual form with scrub top raised on painted and distressed supports, the top 76 cm diameter approx.
1420.   Twin branch standard lamp fitted with ribbon opaque glass shades, 140 cm high approx.

1421.   A Victorian mahogany pot cupboard enclosed by a rectangular moulded panelled door set on a plinth together with a further Victorian mahogany toilet mirror with shaped platform base and an inlaid Edwardian occasional chair. 40-60
1422.   A 19th century mahogany bedroom chest of three long and two short drawers raised on bracket supports, 93 cm wide approx. 100-120
1423.   An inlaid Edwardian rosewood writing table/desk with scrolling acanthus urn and further trailing floral detail, the raised back incorporating four small drawers flanking a rectangular mirror plate with pierced brass gallery over an inverted T shaped leather surface, three frieze drawers and four square tapered legs with brass caps and ceramic castors. 200-300
1424.   A 1930s oak book table of octagonal form with moulded detail. 40-60
1425.   A vintage oak wall mounted display cabinet enclosed by a rectangular glazed panelled door with two fixed shelves to the interior.
1426.   A mid-19th century mahogany pedestal sideboard with inverted centre, the cupboards partially fitted over an arrangement of three drawers, 180 cm long approx.

1427.   A Victorian ebonised stool, the square upholstered seat (AF) raised on four turned supports united by a further turned X framed stretcher with finial surmount. 40-60
1428.   An ebonised snap top occasional table of circular form with chinoiserie detail raised on a vase shaped pillar and tripod. 50-70
1429.   A simple tubular steel floorstanding rail raised on arch supports with flattened feet together with one other similar. (2)
1430.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany side cabinet with satinwood crossbanded detail, freestanding, with broken arch architectural pediment over a central three quarter length astragal glazed panelled door flanked by further glazed panels revealing a partially green velvet lined interior over a frieze draw, shaped apron and cabriole supports. 80-120
1431.   A 19th century mahogany toilet mirror of rectangular form with reeded supports over a box base fitted with three frieze drawers with ogee bracket supports.
1432.   An early 20th century oak freestanding side cabinet with fluted frieze over a leaded light panelled door, and drawer with shaped apron and cabriole supports. 40-60
1433.   A mahogany sentry box wardrobe with moulded cornice over a full length moulded panelled door with foliate detail, the interior fitted with a hanging rail over a boxed compartment set on a shallow plinth (adapted from a larger Victorian mahogany wardrobe). 60-80
1434.   A set of seven 19th century mahogany bar back dining chairs with upholstered seats and swept supports. 80-100
1435.   A substantial 19th century mahogany secretaire chest over two panel doors with brass fittings.

1436.   A collection of five Victorian and later fenders of varying design including a brass example with serpentine outline and pierced grill together with a copper helmet shaped coal scuttle, heavy jam pan with loose iron loop handle, a pair of iron fire dogs and a pair of tall ecclesiastical brass candlesticks with knop stems. 60-80
1437.   A Georgian oak hanging corner cupboard with mahogany cross banding and shell inlaid detail, the painted interior fitted with three shaped shelves. 40-60
1438.   Taxidermy - A stuffed and mounted stags head with furred antlers raised on an oak shield shaped plaque. 80-100
1439.   An Empire style console or pier table of rectangular form with painted (to simulate marble) top raised on an open framework with four turned columns with gilded rings, united by a platform with recessed rectangular mirror plate, all raised on turned bun supports, 214 cm long x 51 cm wide x 88 cm high approx. 200-300
1440.   A vintage mahogany framed side cabinet enclosed by three sliding rectangular glazed panelled doors revealing a simple shelved interior, 176 cm long x 32 cm wide x 80 cm high approx. 60-80
1441.   A Victorian mahogany hearth stool with upholstered top raised on scrolled acanthus supports, 128 cm long approx. 40-60
1442.   A Victorian style stripped pine side table with shallow frieze drawer raised on four turned tapered legs.
1442A.  An oak hall table on turned legs, and a vintage tool kit
1443.   A vintage tan leather suitcase.
1445.   An Edwardian mahogany bureau bookcase, the bureau of three long drawers raised on claw and ball supports, the bookcase with astragal glazed panelling.

1446.   Thirteen traditional Old English style linen fold panels, five panels 113 cm long x 118 cm high approx, the remaining eight panels 64 cm long x 78 cm high approx. 100-150
1447.   A Regency mahogany and stained pine side cupboard enclosed by a pair of rectangular panelled doors beneath a shallow frieze drawer, raised on shaped bracket supports, 88cm approx 60-80
1448.   A 19th century papier mache tray raised on a simulated bamboo base together with one other similar
1449.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany bureau bookcase, the fall flap enclosing a fitted interior over a single frieze drawer and two panelled doors, the bookcase with glazed panelled doors with overall string inlaid decoration, 100 cm wide approx.

1450.   A contemporary wing chair in a Georgian style with light tan coloured finish with brass stud work detail. 100-120
1451.   A late 19th century continental oak framed elbow chair with arched and winged outline, the carved show wood frame with shell, scroll and other detail, raised on cabriole supports. 80-100
1452.   An 18th century style mirror by Sainsbury, the oval mirror plate with beaded and gadrooned border surmounted by anthemion, acanthus and other leaf detail, overall height 120 cm, maximum width 60 cm approx. 100-150
1453.   An Edwardian rosewood side cabinet with swept front flanked by two D end cupboards with floral marquetry and other string lined detail. 50-60
1454.   A 19th century mahogany side table enclosed by three drawers raised on turned and fluted supports with ebony string inlay.
1455.   A Victorian occasional table, the octagonal top in burr walnut crossbanded in amboyna, raised on four turned and fluted supports together with a mahogany nursing chair in the Regency style.
1456.   A Victorian style burr walnut Davenport of typical form with carved and scrolled supports, four real and four dummy drawers and enclosed stationery box. 80-100
1457.   A Georgian country oak hanging corner cupboard with panelled door and moulded borders.
1458.   A Gothic style elbow chair and matching side chair with chamfered supports, arch detailed backs and upholstered seats. 60-80
1459.   A Georgian oak settle with panelled and arched back, simple arms and square cut supports. 100-150
1460.   A set of four Windsor lathe back kitchen chairs, all with elm seats together with a further ash wood elbow chair.
1461.   A rustic folk art style child's bedstead with hand painted framework.

1462.   A set of six Windsor kitchen chairs all with elm seats and turned spindle mouldings, legs and rails. 100-150
1463.   An Art Deco cheval glass in a fumed oak frame on simple cut supports, 178 x 64 cm approx. 80-100
1464.   19th century stools with ebonised frames, raised on shaped supports with lions paw feet united by turned X shaped stretchers with hand worked woolwork tops. 200-300
1464A.  A Victorian gout stool with adjustable frame 50-80
1465.   A panelled oak cupboard on stand with pegged frame, the upper section enclosed by two panelled doors, the lower section with open pot board shelf, 120 cm wide approx. 120-140
1466.   A 19th century figured walnut side cupboard with concave sides, the front elevation enclosed by two panelled doors and a single frieze drawer, with raised shallow back. 250-350
1467.   A 19th century mahogany three tier whatnot, each shelf of oval form raised on turned brass supports. 60-100
1468.   A Georgian mahogany fold over top tea table of rectangular form with moulded outline raised on four square cut and moulded supports.

1469.   A small 19th century oak strong box with hinged lid over a single frieze drawer with brass carrying handles, 60 cm wide approx. 80-100
1470.   A Georgian mahogany chest of three long and two short drawers raised on bracket supports with cast brass fittings, 110 cm wide approx. 150-180
1471.   A 19th century papier mache tray of rectangular dish form raised on a later folding stand with overall green painted background incorporating a well executed still life study of exotic flowers in a vase. 60-80
1472.   A mid-19th century carved oak ladies writing desk fitted with five drawers on turned and fluted supports, the raised back incorporating further drawers, etc, 130 cm wide approx. 100-150
1473.   An oak pedestal desk fitted with an arrangement of nine drawers and two slides, with inset leather top, brass cup handles and plinth base, 150 cm wide approx. 200-250
1474.   A 19th century mahogany chest of two small drawers on bracket supports, 56 cm wide approx. 60-80
1475.   A good quality Regency style twin pedestal D end dining table raised on two turned pillars and reeded swept supports with a single additional leaf (solid timber throughout), 2 metres maximum approx.
1476.   A pair of oak bookcases each enclosed with one full length door partially glazed and partially panelled, flanked by reeded columns beneath a carved frieze with urn finials, 85 cm wide approx.
1477.   An oak pedestal partners desk, each side fitted with an arrangement of three drawers and two cupboards with carved and moulded detail, 160 cm long x 95 cm wide approx. 200-300
1478.   A Georgian oak cottage longcase, the 30 hour movement with bird cage frame, the 30 cm square dial painted with flowers and strawberries, the hood with architectural cornice. 200-250
1479.   An 18th century oak wainscot chair of simple construction. 80-100
1480.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany pedestal of inverted square tapering form with satinwood, boxwood and ebony inlaid detail. 60-80
1481.   A Regency mahogany fold over top tea table, the stretcher plate with lyre shaped supports united by a central stretcher with cast lion paw castors. 80-100
1482.   An early 19th century mahogany Pembroke breakfast table with one real and one dummy drawer raised on a turned pillar and swept quadruped base, together with a set of four modern slat back kitchen chairs 60-80
1483.   A 19th century mahogany caddy top chest of two long and two short drawers with cast brass handles on swept feet, 88 cm wide approx. 60-80
1484.   A Georgian walnut veneered bedroom chest of three long and two short graduated oak lined drawers raised on bracket supports, 98cm wide approx.

1485.   A Georgian oak mule chest with rising lid revealing a simply fitted interior over two frieze drawers on bracket supports, 94 cm wide approx. 100-120
1486.   A Georgian mahogany bow fronted sideboard of small dimensions, two central drawers flanked by two cupboards with checkered string inlay raised on tapering spiral supports, 106 cm wide approx. 120-150
1487.   A Georgian mahogany snap top table on turned pillar and tripod, the circular one piece top 75 cm diameter approx. 60-80
1488.   A pair of Arts & Crafts fireside stools of shaped outline raised on square cut and tapered supports. 150-250
1489.   A Georgian mahogany D end fold over top card table raised on four square tapered and reeded supports with chequered string inlay. 60-80
1490.   A 19th century rustic oak box, each panel with carved detail showing pomegranates, raised on bun supports.
1491.   A Georgian mahogany snap top table raised on a gun barrel shaped pillar and bird cage set on a well formed tripod base, 90 cm diameter approx. 80-100
1492.   A good quality walnut display cabinet enclosed by a pair of arched doors with three quarter length plate glass panels over two carved panels, set beneath an arched framework with acanthus floral swags, flaming torch and other detail, the interior fitted with two plate glass shelves and watered silk back, 225 cm high x 120 cm wide approx. 250-300
1493.   A Georgian style breakfront four door secretaire bookcase, the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors and three drawers, the upper drawer fitted with drawers, pigeon holes and central cupboard, the upper section enclosed by four astragal glazed panelled doors beneath a moulded frieze, 230 cm diameter approx.
1494.   A Georgian mahogany pad foot drop leaf dining table enclosing two shallow frieze drawers, 120 cm long approx.
1495.   An Old English oak drawleaf refectory table raised on a pair of baluster shaped supports with acanthus and other detail united by a central rail with heavy planked and cleated banded top, to seat 8/10, 245 cm maximum x 150 cm wide approx. 300-400
1496.   A Georgian Windsor comb back elbow chair, principally in elm and ash, with shaped and pierced splats, scrolled arms and turned supports and rails. 200-250
1497.   A Georgian Windsor comb back elbow chair with carved and pierced splats in mixed woods. 200-250
1498.   A Georgian mahogany chest of three long and two short drawers with cross banded borders on swept supports, 92 cm wide approx. 100-150
1499.   A small Victorian specimen chest of three long and two short drawers in oak and pine, set within a panelled framework, 50 cm high x 49 cm wide approx. 100-150
1500.   A Regency mahogany X framed stool with applied brass plate plate support and handworked tapestry seat.
1501.   A good quality Edwardian mahogany drop leaf occasional table with chequered string inlaid detail, the top with moulded outline and canted corners, raised on a pair of lyre shaped swept and scrolled supports.
1502.   A Regency mahogany bow fronted chest of three long and two short drawers on swept supports with oak linings, 104 cm diameter approx. 120-150
1503.   A substantial late 19th century Sheraton revival mahogany bedroom suite dominated by a triple compact wardrobe fitted with an arrangement of drawers, cupboards and enclosed by two mirror plate doors, the matching dressing table fitted with nine drawers and central cupboard of serpentine outline with shield shaped mirror back and further supports, a bow fronted pot cupboard together with a matching washstand enclosed by an arrangement of cupboards and drawers beneath a figured marble top, the whole with high quality marquetry detail, satinwood crossbanding and inlaid detail with cast brass fittings. 800-1000
1504.   Two upholstered stools of square cut form raised on scrolled supports and stretchers.
1505.   A primitive country made Windsor style elbow chair in mixed woods, oak, ash and beech wood, with later painted finish. 60-80
1506.   A small 18th century oak country made chest of four long drawers (presented as eight short drawers) of square moulded styles, 78 cm diameter approx. 80-100
1507.   An 18th century oak mule chest within a pegged and moulded framework with rising lid over a single frieze drawer. 120-150
1508.   An 18th century oak coffer with panelled framework and carved frieze. 150-200
1509.   A Georgian oak country made chest of three long and two short drawers with brass plate fittings raised on bracket supports, 100 cm wide approx. 400-500
1510.   An Old English style bedstead, the headboard with carved detail showing a Tree of Life panel with acorn finials, to accept standard mattress 4ft 6 in wide. 100-150
1511.   An early elm six plank coffer with simple geometric detail and scratched carving 1685, 120 cm long approx. 200-300
1512.   A Georgian oak side table raised on four baluster shaped supports enclosing a frieze drawer on an H shaped stretcher, 90 cm wide approx. 80-100
1513.   A dry Georgian oak cottage table enclosing a frieze drawer on chamfer supports united by an H shaped stretcher, 100 cm wide x 70 cm deep approx. 80-100
1514.   A Georgian oak elbow chair with shaped and pierced splats, solid seat and square cut supports together with a further side chair with later carved detail 120-140
1515.   A simple Georgian side table in elm with brass plate fittings, 75 cm wide approx. 120-180
1516.   A Georgian mahogany inverted breakfront four door wardrobe, the central section enclosed by two long and two short drawers and two panelled doors, flanked by two doors of full height beneath a moulded cornice, 245 cm wide approx. 300-400
1517.   A Georgian oak bureau of two long and two short drawers, the fall flap revealing a well and stepped interior with 19th century geometric carved detail, raised on bracket supports 95 cm wide approx. 80-100
1518.   An 18th century oak coffer with rising lid and profusely carved detail overall, 125 cm wide approx. 120-140
1519.   An 18th century oak coffer with plank top, the front elevation enclosing three rectangular fielded panels on square cut stiles, 130 cm long approx.
1520.   A dole or food cupboard principally in fruit wood with turned spindle moulding, small central door, slatted base and turned supports, 80 cm wide approx. 100-150
1521.   An 18th century oak chest with applied Jacobean style mouldings of geometric form enclosing four long drawers with brass fittings, 98 cm wide approx. 150-250
1522.   A Georgian mahogany bow fronted hanging corner cupboard with string inlaid detail enclosing three shaped shelves with original painted interior.
1523.   A Georgian pine chest of three long and two short drawers raised on bracket supports with swan neck handles and original simulated oak painted finish, 100 cm approx. 100-150
1523A.  19th century Windsor bar back open elbow chair in yew and elm the seat raised on turned supports and stretchers 80-120
1524.   A Georgian walnut chest on stand, the chest of three long and two short graduated drawers with herringbone detail and brass fittings, raised on a later stand supported by four short cabriole supports, 100 cm wide approx. 200-300
1525.   A stripped pine hanging cupboard with painted interior and dentil frieze.
1526.   A Georgian oak bow fronted corner hanging cupboard with cross banded detail.
1527.   A good quality 19th century carved walnut torchere raised on three scrolled supports, the whole profusely carved with scrolled harebell, C scroll and other detail. 200-300
1528.   A substantial 19th century four door breakfront bookcase enclosed by two D ends with eight glazed panelled doors enclosing an arrangement of adjustable shelves with original painted detail, 3 metres long x 235 cm high x 45 cm wide maximum approx. 2000-2200
1529.   An Art Nouveau mahogany cabinet with floral marquetry decoration enclosed by a single panelled door with moulded supports. 60-80
1530.   A set of four Georgian mahogany dining chairs with lattice work rails and splats, reeded frames, stuff over seats and turned supports. 100-120
1531.   A Georgian mahogany cylinder writing desk, the tambour roll enclosing a fitted interior of small cedar lined drawers flanking pigeon holes and pull out baize lined slide over two frieze drawers raised on four square cut and moulded supports, one drawer stamped Gillows. 600-800
1531A.  A walnut side table enclosing three drawers on shaped supports
1532.   An early 19th century mahogany breakfast table, the rectangular top raised on a turned pillar and reeded tripod base, 90 cm maximum approx. 80-100
1533.   A small 18th century oak bureau bookcase, the bureau fitted with two long and two short drawers, the fall flap enclosing a fitted interior with drawers, pigeon holes and a central well, the bookcase enclosed by an arched glazed panelled door with segmented interior flanked by two raised columns (hinged and incorporating further shelves), set beneath an architectural pediment, 80 cm wide approx. 400-600
1534.   A set of four Georgian mahogany dining chairs with carved and pierced splats, hand worked tapestry seats raised on moulded supports. 50-70
1535.   A good quality convex wall mirror in the Regency style, the moulded framework surmounted by an eagle and further scrolled detail, with further swag and two branch candle sconces, 110 cm maximum height approx. 200-250
1536.   A Georgian mahogany longcase clock, the case with reeded column supports with Corinthian capitals, the door and lower panel with flamed mahogany veneers, the hood of arched outline with greek key and further corinthian column detail, enclosing 30 cm broken arch brass dial with silvered chapter ring, with applied cast spandrels and engraved detail, the arch enclosing a rocking ship, with further detail showing whaling, with eight day striking movement by George Wood of Bath. 3000-3500
1537.   An early 19th century oak longcase clock, the hood with swan neck cornice enclosing a 35 cm broken arch painted dial showing four ages of man - Infancy, Youth, Manhood and Old Age, to the arch a betrothal scene with eight day striking movement by Jon Graham of Moffat. 400-600
1538.   A lamp standard in the form of a character in a gilt and red scrolled costume holding aloft a cornucopia raised on a square cut base with canted corners and acanthus detail, 155 cm high approx. 200-300
1539.   A late 19th century mahogany desk chair, the framework with well carved floral detail, with scrolled arms, raised on a swivel base supported by four shaped supports incorporating a circular upholstered seat. 260-280
1540.   Two carved hardwood columns in mahogany in the form of a swan and a lion, 140 cm high approx. 150-200
1541.   A Georgian mahogany chest of three long and two short drawers with brass swan neck handles on bracket supports, 90 cm wide approx. 100-120
1542.   A pair of mid-20th century brass occasional tables on two tiers with fluted finials, 45 cm long x 35 cm deep x 58 cm high approx. 100-150
1543.   A pair of good quality country house curtains in a brick red and cream colourway, lined and interlined, 2.7 m drop x 2.8 m width approx and two further curtains.
1544.   Teak freestanding bookcase 30-50
1550.   A contemporary occasional table, the square cut column supporting a circular polished marble top, 115 cm diameter

1551.   A Danish style teak sideboard fitted with three short drawers flanked by cupboard doors, 198 cm long x 77 cm high approx. 60-100
1552.   A G Plan E. Gomme 1950s sideboard with walnut veneered front and ebonised legs, 85 cm high x 150 cm wide approx. 40-60
1553.   A 1970s Danish style teak coffee table with slatted under tier, 87 cm long approx. 50-70
1554.   A contemporary leather and chrome coffee/lamp table by Andrew Martin, fitted with a single cylindrical upon X shaped supports, 62 cm high x 70 cm wide approx.
1555.   An antique tailors dummy upon a tubular steel frame with wheels, 160 cm high approx. 30-40
1556.   A vintage oak tambour fronted office cabinet, 122 cm wide x 104 cm high together with a further vintage Wharfedale wireless (2).
1557.   A 1970s teak corner cabinet. 30-50
1558.   A Danish style tile topped nest of tables comprising one large rectangular table and two smaller square tables (3). 30-50
1559.   Three enamel industrial pendant ceiling lights. 30-50
1560.   A set of six Ercol light elm Windsor dining chairs. 160-180
1561.   A good and rare Ercol extending dining table fitted with two extra leaves. 300-500
1562.   An attractive Italian brass coffee table with interesting lustred gilt top of geometric design. 30-50
1563.   A Harlequin set of six leatherette zigzag dining chairs on cast chrome bases
1564.   A pair of 1970s teak record cabinets together with a further Garrard turn table and trio amplifier (4). 40-60
1565.   A set of six stacking bent plywood school chairs
1566.   A good quality golden oak freestanding bookcase with shelved interior, 86 cm high x 133 cm wide approx. 80-100
1567.   Two 1950s wirework freestanding Canterburies together with a further 1950s Ercol dressing stool and a further stainless steel 12 tier wine rack (4). 50-80
1568.   An American style diner suite comprising four chairs and a bistro table (5) 60-100
1568A.  An American style diner suite comprising four chairs and a bistro table (5) 60-100
1569.   An industrial medical lamp upon a good industrial tripod base fitted with castors. 30-50
1570.   A Kitsch 1970s teak and vinyl home bar with Formica fitted interior together with a further 1962 pronged V shaped standard lamp (2). 50-100
1571.   A 1970s teak extending dining table together with five Danish style teak dining chairs (6). 100-200
1572.   A good Pieff of Worcestershire chrome and ebonised oak coffee table. 80-120
1573.   An attractive pair of cherry wood hall tables in the manner of John Makepeace with arched stretchers. 100-200
1574.   Six various military trunks and two flight cases

1575.   A flight refueling pump together with an aviation red painted stand with circular top

1576.   Forward looking infrared receiver unit for American mobile defense system Avenger.

1577.   An interesting Danish teak drop leaf dining table, inscribed to underneath "Veile Stole-Mobelfabrik, Made in Denmark", 74 cm high x 225 cm extended. 60-80
1578.   NO LOT