Two Day Antique Sale on
Tuesday 31st January & Wednesday 1st February 2017

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1.      An extensive collection of Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern dinner and coffee wares comprising two oval graduated meat plates, four two handled tureens and covers, a large circular serving bowl, a pair of sauce boats and stands, thirteen dinner plates, thirteen side or dessert plates, a dessert serving bowl and twelve dessert or soup bowls, coffee pot, cream jug, sugar bowl, six coffee cups and six saucers, a pair of condiments and four napkin rings £80-120
2.      A collection of 19th century and other ceramics including a continental comport or table centre with applied figure of a woman on a rustic style bench, a continental vase in the form of an egg with applied female figure, a Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern plate, pattern number 1128, a Japanese vase with turquoise and gilt decoration, an oriental Kutani type bottle vase with drawn neck and further similar vase, a Cantonese box and cover of circular form, a small collection of Royal Albert Old English Rose pattern tea wares comprising three cups, six saucers and six tea plates, an early 19th century blue and gilt dish with painted numbers to base 563 etc £40-60
3.      A collection of Royal Doulton tea wares with printed bird and floral spray detail pattern number H1422 comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, pair of cake plates, twelve cups, twelve saucers and twelve tea plates
4.      Two Lladro Daisa figures, one of a young woman in a bonnet and the other of a girl holding a flower basket together with two Nao figures, one of a little girl on a tree branch and the other of a child holding a puppy, also together with a Minton cream glazed figure of a seated man - Travellers Tales MS1 £30-50
5.      A cased set of six Japanese coffee cups and saucers in the Royal Worcester manner with painted fruit decoration, red and gilt border and signature K. Asale?, comprising six cups and six saucers £50-70
6.      A collection of 19th century green glazed majolica leaf moulded wares comprising eight Wedgwood dessert plates, a lozenge shaped dish with moulded shell and leaf detail and two matching dessert plates etc £30-50
7.      A collection of 19th century and other continental tin-glazed blue and white earthen wares in the delft manner including four vases with flared necks and various painted landscapes and floral detail, two lidded vases, a pair of busts of a fisherman and his wife etc £30-40
8.      A quantity of 19th century copper lustred wares including a set of three graduated jugs with relief moulded dancing character decoration, further jugs, goblet, etc together with a silver lustred jug £30-50
9.      A collection of Royal Doulton Rose Elegans pattern tea wares number TC1010 comprising a milk jug, sugar bowl, cake plate, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates £25-30
10.     A collection of 19th century ceramics including a majolica oval serving dish with relief moulded and painted sweetcorn and foliage decoration, a jardinière with speckled blue ground and gilded handles, a pair of yellow ground vases with painted butterfly birds nest and floral detail, a blue ground relief moulded jug with bacchanalian cherub detail, a pair of dessert plates with painted rose and cornflower sprigs, an egg cup moulded as the head of a man, a pair of unusual cream glazed models of open mouthed fish etc £40-60
11.     An extensive collection of Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern tea, coffee and other wares including two graduated tea pots, coffee pot, three milk or cream jugs, a covered sugar bowl, further sugar bowl, oval serving dish, a pair of rectangular sandwich trays, seventeen cups (three sizes) seventeen saucers (three sizes) fourteen tea plates, cup with integral plate/saucer, egg cups, candlesticks, ashtray, etc £80-120
12.     A collection of kitchen related and other ceramics including, a pair of TG Green blue and white banded Cornish ware storage jars and covers, a further pair of white glazed storage jars and covers with banded detail, inscribed 'Moist Sugar' and 'Currants', a Quick Cooker bowl with printed instructions in green, a French tin glazed earthenware dish with painted animal decoration to the centre, two Quimper plates, a Copeland Spode Italian pattern blue and white printed oval meat plate, further meat plate, etc £30-50
13.     A quantity of Wedgwood and Co blue and white printed Hawthorn pattern dinner wares comprising three oval graduated meat plates, a two handled tureen and cover and further tureen base, a pair of sauce tureens, covers and stands and one ladle, a sauce boat, eleven dinner plates, twelve dessert plates and eleven side plates, together with further blue and white printed wares including three large Willow pattern meat plates of oval form, a smaller meat plate, five plates from the Spode Blue Room collection, etc £40-60
14.     A collection of 19th century Staffordshire figure groups including male and female characters reclining on an orange upholstered sofa, a spill vase with applied figures of a girl and a child, an arbour group, a model of a villa, two bisque figures of a boy and a girl, etc £30-50
15.     A collection of late 19th century Clementson Victoria pattern blue and white printed tea wares comprising teapot and oval stand, hot water jug, milk jug, a pair of cake plates, eleven tea cups, twelve saucers and twelve tea plates £50-70
16.     A late 19th century Copeland China salad bowl modelled as cabbage leaves with printed mark to base, together with two Carlton ware leaf moulded dishes, Carlton ware basket weave moulded dish and a Shorter toast rack modelled as flowers £30-40
17.     A pair of 19th century Staffordshire equestrian figures of sportsmen in highland costume with stags, together with a further 19th century Staffordshire figure of a sportsman accompanied by a red and white spaniel £30-40
18.     a collection of Paragon China Lafayette pattern tea wares with gilt floral sprig detail comprising tea pot, cake plate, two graduated milk jugs, sugar bowl, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates £30-40
19.     A large Royal Doulton character jug - Granny D5521 together with three further smaller Royal Doulton character jugs, Rip Van Winkle D6463, Old Charley D5527 and Sairey Gamp D5528 £25-30
20.     A collection of Villeroy & Boch coffee wares with black printed topographical detail on a cream ground showing various town scenes in the Netherlands, comprising coffee pot, milk jug, covered sugar bowl, seven cups and six saucers, together with a quantity of J & G Meakin Wayside pattern coffee wares comprising coffee pot, six cups, four saucers and two plates and a collection of Denby brown glazed wares comprising nine cups and eight saucers £30-50
21.     A large early 20th century Crown Devon Ivrine figure of a classically draped female character together with a pair of late 19th century Royal Adderley ewers with pink and green floral detail and a Doulton Burslem teapot of fluted form £30-50
22.     An oval slipware studio pottery dish by Paul Young with stylised floral detail in the 18th century manner, with further painted decoration to reverse 37cm long approx (together with biographical details of the potter) £30-50
23.     A collection of Crown Ducal Orange Tree pattern wares comprising tea pot and stand, hot water jug, milk jug and sugar bowl, dessert serving bowl and six dishes, square shaped cake plate, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates £40-60
24.     A collection of mainly 19th century decorative plates including example with painted gamebird decoration, floral border and impressed mark Bodley to reverse, a quatrefoil shaped dish with painted mountainous lakeland scene, a Cantonese plate with polychrome figure decoration, a sample plate with floral and gilt detail inscribed Juno with technical specifications, a Coalport plate with star shaped crest to centre, etc £30-50
25.     A collection of Royal Doulton Burgundy pattern dinner wares comprising a pair of two handled tureens and covers, sauce boat and stand and twenty nine plates, bowls and saucers of various size together with a collection of Suzie Cooper Glen Mist pattern coffee wares comprising coffee pot, covered sugar bowl, milk jug, five cups and six saucers, a collection of Royal Doulton Sonnet pattern tea wares, etc £30-40
26.     An early 20th century Ruskin Pottery punch bowl of circular form with pink lustred glaze and stylised leaf and flower border decoration to the exterior with printed mark to base dated 1914 and scissors type mark, 27cm diameter approx £40-60
27.     An early 20th century Ruskin Pottery vase of tapering form with bulbous neck and mottled pale yellow and green glaze detail and with impressed mark to base Ruskin, impressed date 1927 and painted number 924, height 23cm approx, together with a Lovatt's Langley ware blue glazed vase with printed mark to base, height 27cm approx £40-50
28.     A Beswick model of a Friesian bull with mark to base CH Coddington Mint Bar together with a Beswick model of a Hereford cow and also with a set of three graduated art deco style jugs with printed kingfisher decoration and printed mark to base Rubian Art Pottery and impressed mark Oxford £40-50
29.     A Royal Doulton matt glazed whiskey flask in the form of a red grouse produced for Matthew Gloag & Son Ltd £25-30
30.     Two graduated 19th century Copeland white ground parian ware jugs with relief decoration of bacchanalian scenes and with moulded cartouches to base Copeland 9 and 18, maximum height 23cm £25-30
31.     A large 19th century continental four branch table centre/candelabra with applied figure of a classically draped female character with floral encrusted detail and blue printed crossed swords and initial D and P to base, together with a 19th century continental mirror of oval form with applied cherub and floral detail £80-100
32.     A collection of three 19th century continental tin glazed earthenware plates and dishes with painted blue and white floral decoration in the oriental manner, diameter 23cm max £40-60
33.     Two pairs of 19th century bisque figure of children in blue and white costumes, four various ceramic models of birds including a seagull, a Price Brothers green glazed art deco tea pot, a further art deco green base tea pot and four glass salts £25-30
34.     A quantity of Royal Doulton Sonnet pattern dinner and tea wares number H5012 comprising tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, eight tea cups, eight coffee cups, ten saucers, eight tea plates, eight side or tea plates, eight dessert or soup bowls and eight dinner plates together with a small collection of Royal Vale tea wares with cornflower decoration comprising six cups, six saucers and six tea plates £40-60
35.     A collection of 19th century and other blue and white printed ceramics including two graduated oval Willow pattern meat plates, further Willow pattern plates, a Stafford Gallery opaque china soup plate, a Wood and Sons Chung vase of hexagonal form, a Victorian Brown Westhead Moore & Co blue and white printed sauce tureen cover and stand, a Royal Doulton Oyama trefoil shaped serving dish, a 19th century warming dish etc £40-60
36.     A collection of Poole Pottery wares including two vases of curved cylindrical form with abstract decoration on orange and red ground, a small bowl with green glazed exterior and red ground abstract decoration to the interior and an orange ground dish £40-60
37.     A 19th century blue ground basket, probably Coalport, with encrusted floral decoration and painted floral sprigs together with a pair of 19th century French dessert plates in the Sevres manner, with painted bust length portraits of ladies in 18th century style costume within dark blue borders and with gilt cartouches enclosing floral sprays, one inscribed verso Lamballe the other with Sevres type mark and inscribed Marie Antoinette £40-60
38.     A collection of Royal Worcester Royal Garden pattern coffee wares comprising coffee pot, covered sugar bowl, cream jug, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates £30-50
39.     An unusual heavy studio pottery vessel modelled as a faun's head, glazed in cream and brown, height 27cm approx together with a studio pottery model of a medieval style knight in prayer with impressed mark to base Ponthir and further impressed seal mark, height 18cm approx £40-60
40.     A 19th century Samson vase in the form of a pierced basket with floral decoration to the base and with applied figure of a flower seller, with gilt anchor mark to reverse, height 23cm approx £40-50
41.     A Schmid musical figure of Beatrix Potter's Benjamin Bunny together with a Royal Doulton musical figure from the Snowman Gift Collection - Snowman Magic DS5, a Royal Doulton Snowman series dish and a boxed Pelham puppet of a white dog in blackberry and red spotted tie £30-40
42.     A collection of oriental and other ceramics including a white glazed libation type cup with relief moulded prunus blossom, bird and animal detail, a cup and saucer with painted and gilded floral and winter landscape detail, (possible associated) the saucer with blue character marks to base, a terracotta type vase and cover with black printed classical figure decoration, two graduated Chinese Famille Rose dishes of oval form with floral and character decoration, etc £30-50
43.     A 19th century Ridgeways cheese bell and stand with applied classical motifs within trailing fruiting vine borders, together with a Victorian meat plate with pink hawthorn pattern detail £30-40
45.     A 19th century oriental blue and white vase of cylindrical form with painted floral and tree decoration 41cm tall, converted to a lamp with brass base and cover fitted with a pair of curving light fittings, overall height 80cm £40-60
46.     A 19th century continental tin glazed earthen ware charger with blue and white painted decoration and with painted indistinct inscription to reverse, 35cm diameter £60-80
47.     A 19th century oriental dish with blue painted decoration and seal type mark to base, 14cm diameter, together with a further oriental blue and white dish of circular form £30-50
48.     An oriental shallow bowl of circular form with celadon type glaze and moulded ridged detail and floral motif to centre, 33cm diameter, together with a further celadon glazed dish of square cut form with moulded detail to exterior, 18cm wide £80-100
49.     A collection of eggshell porcelain tea wares with painted landscape decoration comprising tea pot, covered milk jug, covered sugar bowl, five saucers and three cups, together with an oriental carved wooden figure of an immortal holding a toad, 35cm also together with a blue and ginger jar with prunus blossom detail £40-50
50.     A 19th century Chinese vase of shouldered form with painted decoration of male characters, predominately painted in tone of red and gold, with blue six character mark to base, height 25cm approx £350-400
51.     An oriental vase with globular body and drawn neck and polychrome painted decoration of characters in a garden setting, with red painted seal mark to base, height 38cm £80-100
52.     A small collection of oriental ceramics including four Kutani type vases of various size, three eggshell porcelain coffee cups and saucers with painted and gilded quail decoration also together with a Torquay ware shaving pot etc £20-30
53.     A 19th century Imari charger with painted leaf and floral decoration to the front and to the reverse and with blue painted four character marks to the reverse, 41cm diameter approx £40-50
54.     A 19th century oriental vase of double gourd shape and with famille verte decoration of children at play, male characters, etc with six character mark to base, height 37cm £300-350
55.     A 19th century Chinese vase with cylindrical neck and flared rim and with blue and white painted decoration incorporating birds, trailing floral detail etc height 43cm £300-350
56.     A 19th century Chinese vase of baluster shape form with blue and white painted dragon and flaming pearl detail, height 39cm £220-250
57.     A collection of 19th century and other oriental ceramics including a pair of blue and white vases with flared necks and painted floral detail, a terracotta vase with drawn neck and applied dragon motif, a famille rose plate with floral detail, a pair of tiles with blue and white floral decoration, a yellow ground ginger jar and cover etc £60-80
58.     A 19th century Cantonese type vase of baluster shape form with polychrome painted floral detail and reserved panels of male and female characters in interior and exterior settings with applied dragon detail to the neck, height 45cm approx £200-220
59.     An early 20th century substantial floor standing dark green ground two handled Satsuma style oriental vase with painted and gilded decoration of warriors to the front and back, 94cm approx £150-200
60.     A collection of ceramics including Ridgway Palazzo pattern dinner and tea wares including tea pot, coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, cake plate, six cups, six saucers, seven tea plates, eight dinner plates and six dessert bowls together with a small collection of Bell china tea wares, Royal Grafton Malvern pattern dinnerwares, a quantity of Hornsea Heirloom kitchen storage jars including a six place spice rack and a six place herb rack and six further storage jars and covers etc
61.     A Rye pottery coffee set with black painted concentric circle and line decoration on a dark jade coloured ground, comprising coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, six cups and six saucers, together with a Wedgwood green ground Jasperware vase, a Denby stoneware hot water jug and a further Denby stoneware jug both with pale green glaze £30-50
62.     A collection of J & G Meakin Cotswold pattern dinnerwares, comprising an oval meat plate, four further oval serving plates, five tureen bases and two covers together with a Royal Worcester Evesham pattern oval tureen and cover, a Royal Doulton Harvest Garland pattern tureen and cover, a Poole Pottery vase with flared neck and polychrome painted bird and flower detail with impressed mark to base and painted initials P E B, a Royal Doulton Magnella pattern sandwich tray number DE6298, a pair of Carlton ware oval dishes with moulded and painted cherry detail, etc £30-50
63.     A Franklin Mint matt glazed model of The Royal Swan, by Ronald Van Ruyckevelt raised on an oval base 29cm long approx, together with a set of three graduated green glass swans and two blown glass models of pigs, one containing a further smaller glass pig, the other containing a penny £20-30
64.     An early 19th century Staffordshire figure group of a boy and girl standing beside a spring, with bocage, raised on square cut base, height 21cm approx together with a 19th century Staffordshire figure of an elderly man on crutches, height 19cm approx £30-40
65.     A Maling Coronet lustred bowl with exotic bird and foliage decoration on dark blue ground 20cm diameter approx together with a Poole Pottery red ground dish of octagonal form, a Poole Pottery floral plate a Poole Pottery turquoise glazed serving dish of elongated form and a Hummel figure of a little girl - Just Resting £30-50
66.     A Deruta tin glazed earthenware lidded jug with polychrome painted laurel wreath cartouche inscribed Aqua-Anisi with painted mark to base La Francescena Deruta, height 28cm approx £25-30
67.     Two 19th century Staffordshire figure groups of male and female characters beside a water fountain and a road sign - London 30 miles £20-25
68.     A 19th century tin glazed earthenware vase with manganese purple painted indistinct inscription within a blue border height 24cm approx together with a black ground opaque glass vase with white metal inlaid trailing floral and foliate decoration height 15cm approx £25-30
69.     A Royal Worcester model of a Hackney Stallion modelled by Doris Lindner limited edition number 137/500, with certificate £80-120
70.     A Herend porcelain dish and basket weave pot and cover with bird and insect decoration, a Royal Creamware basket, cover and plate both with reticulated detail together with a Spode sandwich plate £40-60
71.     A pair of large 19th century white and gilt spaniels together with a Staffordshire flat black figure of a horse and cow at a watering trough and a Victorian blue and white platter with a village church pattern £30-40
72.     Five Royal Doulton figures, Ladies of the British Isles series, (Ireland and Wales), Flowers of Love series, (Rose, Primrose and Forget - Me - Not), together with a pair of German pottery romantic figure groups £60-80
73.     A Beswick model of a Jersey bull, marked to base CH Dunsley - Coy Boy together with a humorous tin glazed model of a flower decked cow, impressed number to foot 176 and a set of four Robertson Golly Musicians £30-50
74.     A pair of Clarice Cliff condiments with orange, purple and blue painted crocus decoration and with printed Newport Pottery marks to base together with a Shelley jug with graduated black and green banded decoration and printed mark to base £25-30
75.     A pair of Guinness advertising ash trays/match holders in the form of coopered barrels inscribed Guinness Is Good For You, with printed mark to base Produced in Great Britain by Minton's Ltd, Reg Number 778941 height 9cm approx £40-50
76.     A collection of late 19th and early 20th century oriental ceramics including a Satsuma vase with finely painted female character and floral detail, raised on a circular foot with painted seal mark to base together with an associated cover, height 10cm approx, a turquoise ground bowl with cloisonné type decoration incorporating butterflies and flower heads with red character mark to base, 12cm diameter approx with further miniature vases of various design with character and floral detail including a pair of cylindrical form etc £40-60
77.     A Moorcroft blue ground bowl of circular form with painted purple and yellow aquilegia type decoration to the centre with paper label to reverse - Potters To The Late Queen Mary 11cm diameter approx together with a further Moorcroft vase with drawn neck and mauve and red anemone decoration on a blue ground with impressed marks to base height 10cm approx
78.     A collection of cream ground Moorcroft wares comprising a vase with drawn neck and blue floral decoration height 16cm, a vase with bird and lemon tree branch and fruit detail height 10cm approx and a miniature vase with purple and red pansy decoration height 5cm approx £50-70
79.     Two Moorcroft vases, one with aquilegia decoration on a green ground height 10cm approx, the other with iris decoration on a dark blue ground height 8cm approx, both with paper labels to base £60-80
80.     A Carltonware Guinness Toucan table lamp £60-80
81.     A set of three Carltonware graduated, flying Guinness toucan wall plaques in original packaging £80-120
82.     A good quality 19th century hand painted porcelain panel, attributed to KPM, Germany. The scene depicting a woman, in classical drapery and in defiant pose, standing before a column, a dagger in her right hand. Set within an Ormolu type gilt metal frame, with finely embossed detail, surrounded by an eagle with wings out stretched, the frame marked F.E. verso, the panel with indistinct stamp verso, 20 x 13cm (including frame) £100-150
83.     An African Ardmore studio pottery jug, the handle in the form of a lizard, the cream ground decorated with a further lizard amongst stylised flowers and foliage in shades of pink and green 17cm tall, marked to underside, Made by Paulina, painted by Ottina, Ardmore studio 2007 £80-100
84.     An African Ardmore studio pottery dish of oval form, heavily detailed with applied models of seated brightly coloured birds and leaves, the cream ground decorated further with stylised bird and floral studies in shades of blue and red, 26cm long approx, marked to underside, 'made by Elsie; painter Mbusi, Ardmore St 2007 ax £80-100
85.     A pair of jardinières in the 19th century manner with majolica type glazed finish in green, brown and yellow with moulded mask leaf and scrolling decoration height 27cm approx £30-50
86.     A 19th century Barge ware tea pot with applied floral sprigs and inscribed Remember Me, height 35cm £20-30
87.     A pair of large two handled white ground continental vases with printed 18th century style character and floral sprig detail together with one matching cover, a Royal Doulton blue and white printed jardinière with landscape detail, a 19th century caddy with printed and infilled chinoiserie detail and a 19th century turquoise glaze basket with moulded lower section £30-50
88.     A collection of ceramics including a Royal Venton Orlando pattern plate, a 19th century oriental Japan pattern plate, a Royal Albert Old Country Roses Pink Chintz two handled sugar bowl and cover, a Portmerion Botanic Garden pattern cylindrical pot and cover, a jug with mottled blue glaze finish, a similar globular vase etc £25-30
89.     A collection of Purbeck Pottery coffee wares with brown glaze and gilt border detail comprising coffee pot, six coffee mugs of cylindrical form and six saucers together with further ceramics including Royal Grafton Majestic pattern dinner wares, further dinner wares, etc £25-30
90.     A collection of ceramics including a green glazed four sided vase with stylised decoration, a collection of Royal Worcester Evesham pattern oven to table wares, a Doulton Burslem jug with floral sprig detail, an oriental blue and white prunus decorated ginger jar and cover, a set of six Denby plates, an oriental blue and white bottle shaped vase etc £30-40
91.     A collection of ceramics including a pair of Beswick black and white Staffordshire style spaniels with impressed numbers to base 1378-6, a collection of Portmerion Botanic Garden oven to table wares including a boxed serving dish, a large jug, a lidded storage jar, a cachepot etc, also together with a small collection of Royal Commemorative wares, a boxed Aynsley Cottage Garden pattern sandwich tray etc £30-40
92.     A pair of Copeland Spode Byron pattern cake serving plates with moulded four divisional detail together with a continental six place dessert set with printed fruit detail, a small collection of glassware including a pair of Royal Brierley cut glass candlesticks etc £20-30
93.     A extensive collection of 19th century and other ceramics and glassware including a large buff glazed stoneware barrel, a two handled vase with polychrome painted oriental style decoration, dressing table wares with floral detail, toilet wares including a blue and white printed basin, various tea wares, decorative plates etc £40-60
94.     A quantity of ceramics and glass wares including a pair of oriental blue and white vases with six character marks to base (AF), Susie Cooper coffee cans, cottagewares, etc £30-50
95.     A collection of Noritake Cambrook pattern dinner wares comprising two oval graduated meat plates, an oval serving dish, fifteen soup/dessert bowls (two sizes) etc, together with a collection of brassware comprising a pair of candlesticks with knopped stems, a further similar candlestick, a pair of chimney ornaments in the form of ladies boots and a tea caddy of globular form inscribed Lipton's Souvenir Tea Caddy British Empire Exhibition 1924 £25-30
96.     An extensive collection of Royal Worcester Evesham pattern oven to tablewares including an oval serving dish, two quiche dishes, 35 plates of varying size, tea pot, two jugs, two sugar bowls, etc £30-40
97.     A collection of novelty tea pots including example modelled as a chest of drawers, a pair of large oval meat plates with painted vegetable decoration together with a reproduction 19th century style pram containing a baby doll £25-30
98.     A quantity of Midwinter Stylecraft Riverside pattern wares designed by John Russel including a two tier cake stand, a pair of tureens and covers with shaped rims, two further serving dishes and a further cover, two graduated meat plates, sauce boat and stand and nineteen plates (four sizes) together with further ceramics including two 19th century Asiatic Pheasant pattern blue and white printed meat plates, etc also together with The Age of Art Nouveau by Maurice Rheims etc
99.     An oriental fish bowl with polychrome painted butterfly and floral decoration and painted fish detail to the interior £20-25
100.    A leaded stained glass panel with central armoreal shield and helmet motif 66 x 45cm approx

101.    A good quality 19th century French opaque glass vase of globular form with enamelled decoration depicting cranes amongst bamboo and other foliage, verso decorated with a dragonfly in flight etc, with further gilded borders, 22cm tall approx £60-80
102.    A decorative studio glass vase of graduating tri-gourd form, with an amethyst ground interspersed by wrythen moulded opaque bands, the underside with a pressed base, 41cm tall approx £30-50
103.    A substantial blue glass jar of tapering cylindrical form, 44cm tall by 36cm wide (max approx) £30-50
103A.   An early 20th century emerald green glass ewer designed by renowned taxidermist Rowland Ward in the Nairobi, Kenya series with well etched detail depicting a giraffe beside trees, 27cm approx marked Rowland Ward Nairobi, Kenya to the polished pontil (displayed upon silver cabinet opposite) £30-50
104.    A clear cut glass wine cooler, Petret Liquorelle, Moët & Chandon together with three various clear cut glass decanters and a cream ground ceramic banded and lidded storage barrel marked Sagogryn by Villeroy & Boch, Dresden (16cm tall approx) (4) £20-40
104A.   A large 19th century hand blown glass chemist/medicinal bottle with gilded and painted content label PULV; CINCH; 31 cm tall approx £150-200
105.    Four millefiori type glass paperweights together with a selection of ladies evening bags, purses, a selection of 'Golly' figures £20-30
106.    A pale blue Studio Glass paperweight in the Whitefriars manner with encased bubble decoration together with a further pear shaped glass paperweight in the Wedgwood manner, further vases etc £20-30
107.    A collection of 30 vintage chemists/medicinal bottle of varying type to include clear glass examples with etched content labels, brown glass examples with circular lids, a cobalt blue caster oil bottle with label, a green glass bottle with United Bristol Hospitals label etc £30-50
108.    A cobalt blue glass cane with crooked handle and twisted stem, 97cm long approx £30-40
109.    Mixed drinking glasses to include a graduated set of 5 heavy wines with crackled bowls decorated with stylised foliate motifs, a matched decanter and four drinking glasses, together with a set of six contemporary highly decorative large champagne flutes with gilded borders, together with six similarly decorated large flutes £30-40
110.    A miscellaneous collection to include clear cut glass, fruit bowls, vases, decanters, two silver plated cruet sets with clear cut glass bottles, other silver plated tea wares, sundry cutlery, together with a gentleman's vintage black top hat, marked to interior, C. A. Dunn & Co London, a gentleman's vintage bowler hat marked to interior, British Manufacture, together with a 20th century hat box with G.A. Dunn & Co ltd labels etc £30-50
111.    A quantity of clear cut drinking glasses to include wines, tumblers, sundae bowls, etc £30-40
112.    A clear glass biscuit barrel and preserve jar, each with painted foliate decoration and silver plated mounts, further silver plated posy vases, a selection of vintage domestic linen, a leather clad land tape etc £20-40
113.    A late 19th/early 20th century polished oak chest with hinged lid and divisional interior accommodating approx 40 antique clear glass medicinal/chemists bottle, of varying type to include brown glass examples with lozenge shape stoppers, clear cut glass examples with square stoppers etc, together with further examples with corked stoppers, a small glass funnel etc, (box measures 60cm wide x 33cm deep approx) £80-120
114.    A contemporary pair of leaded glass ceiling light shades, of semi-circle form with mottled opaque glass panels united by amber glass beads, together with a vintage barbola type mirror with pointed arch, bevelled plate and floral detail (2) £30-50
115.    A pair of opaque glass ceiling lightshades decorated with fruiting foliage £30-40
115A.   Four various antique clear glass chemist/medicinal bottle of varying size together with a clear glass dome, a lidded glass vessel, clear cut scent bottles, etc. £30-40
115B.   A good quality Victorian Cranberry glass Epergne the central bowl with flared rim accommodating a central trumpet with applied decoration and three clear twisted glass branches, each culminating in three further hanging trumpets, 55cm tall approx £150-200
115C.   A selection of decorative glass wares to include a Caithness bowl of globular form with mottled blue base, a Whitefirars type ashtray, other studio glass vases etc £30-50
115D.   An extensive collection of glass wares to include clear cut glass decanters, vases, candlesticks, inkwells, salts, cobalt blue glass bottles, together with boxed Dartington Crystal port glasses further boxed Edinburgh Crystal drinking glasses etc £60-80
116.    An antique mahogany case containing a quantity of silver plated and other cutlery, an ebonised trophy stand marked Walker & Hall, Sheffield with applied dedications dating 1931-33, a painted metal work study of a cat, standing on hind legs upon a carpet, a silver plated tureen of oval form, models of fighting cocks, a metal sundial and metal work hens etc £20-40
117.    Antique silver plated tea wares to include a large tea pot, a smaller example and two handled sugar basin together with a large water jug/ewer, further hot water pot (5) also together with a small pair of silver sugar tongs (displayed behind cabinet opposite) £30-40
118.    Silver coaster with pierced border, two further coasters and a glass biscuit jar a small blue ground Coalport vase and a Meissen floral inkwell and stand £25-30
119.    A good quality silver plated drinks tray of oval form with applied handles and chased detail to centre 35 x 54cm approx £80-100
120.    A selection of silver plated wares to include a chocolate pot by Mappin and Webb, two large sugar bowls, a toast rack, oval serving tureen, etc £30-50
121.    Cased silver plated preserve spoons and fish cutlery together with a large quantity of silver plated and other dinner cutlery, a silver plated tea pot, various jugs etc £20-40
122.    Silver plated wares to include a teapot and hot water pot by Viners of Sheffield together with further milk jug, two handled sugar basin, etc, an oval dish with shaped bowl raised on four paw supports, further bon bon dishes, a pair of candlesticks, etc £40-60
123.    A selection of silver plated and other cutlery, metalwork figures of fighting cocks, a pheasant, a silver plated bowl raised on pedestal foot with shaped border, a polished copper work tray of oval form with embossed central detail depicting an antelope, etc £20-40
124.    Silver plated effects to include tea pots, hot water pots, a candle stand, three branch candelabra, drinking cups etc £20-30
125.    A timber cased set of twelve fish knives and forks, the silver plated blades with embossed collars and polished mother of pearl handles £20-30
126.    A cased set of Viners Kings Royal 44 piece canteen together with further boxed stainless steel knives, antique leather cased binoculars, First World War embroidered post cards etc £30-40
127.    Two large old pewter plates together with further antique pewter tankards, a ewer, cups etc also together with a selection of 19th century printed ceramic tiles, a 19th century ceramic meat plate etc £40-60
128.    A part canteen of good quality A1 EPNS Shell & Thread pattern cutlery £20-40
129.    A silver plated Salver, egg cruet and condiments £20-30
130.    A large quantity of stainless steel furniture mainly housed within a steel ammunition crate
130A.   A Walker & Hall oak two drawer cutlery table, containing a quantity of plated flatware (varying manufacturers) raised on four barley twist column supports united by stretchers
130B.   A 19th century carved ebony and ivory mounted walking stick, three vintage umbrellas, a carpet beater, a collection of vintage shoes, crocodile and other, size 5
131.    A 14 carat (585) white gold ring set with two sapphires and a crescent of diamonds, size N £130-150
132.    An 18ct gold cluster ring, the central amethyst surrounded by 18 Diamonds, size P £140-160
133.    An 18ct gold cluster ring, the ruby surrounded by eight diamonds, size Q £140-160
134.    An 18ct gold and three stone diamond ring, 0.75 cts, approx size O £250-300
135.    A 9ct gold three stone diamond ring £90-110
136.    A Marvin ladies wristwatch with 9ct gold Dennison case and strap (15 gm with movement removed - working) £120-140
137.    A South African one Pond gold coin 1898, 8 gm £250-300
138.    An 18ct gold sapphire and diamond cluster ring, size P £150-180
139.    An 18ct gold diamond cluster ring (9 stones) £180-200
140.    A 9ct gold aquamarine ring, baguette cut, 7cts approx, size Q £220-250
141.    An 18ct white gold emerald and diamond ring, the central stone surrounded by a ring of emeralds, further diamonds to the shoulders, size M/N £500-600
142.    A 9ct gold Tanzanite cluster ring, size P £40-50
143.    A 14ct gold ruby and diamond cluster ring, the central pear cut ruby surrounded by 16 diamonds, size L £200-250
144.    Two full Victorian sovereigns, 1896 and 1900, 16 gm £350-400
145.    A vintage ladies wristwatch with 9ct gold oval casework (plated strap), 9ct gold signet ring and a pair of 9ct gold cuff links (10gms weighable, gold plus watch) £120-140
146.    An 18ct gold three stone sapphire and diamond ring, size I/J £110-120
147.    An 18ct white gold yellow stone ring oval cut with diamond set mounts £400-450
148.    An 18ct gold ring set with a central moonstone surrounded by seed pearls, size H £150-180
149.    An 18ct gold ring set with five diamonds, size L/M £180-200
150.    Two Victorian half sovereigns, 1899 and 1897, 8gm £160-180
151.    A marquise shaped emerald and diamond cluster ring set with three emeralds in line, surround set with twenty old brilliant cut diamonds, 0.9 ct approx, tests as 18ct (unmarked), size R/S £300-400
152.    An 18ct and platinum set five stone diamond and sapphire ring, size M £100-120
153.    A 9ct gold link bracelet, 12 gms £80-100
154.    An 18ct gold ring, diamond set, pair of clip ear-rings with simulated pearl settings and a five sectional ring with white and blue stone settings, together with a painted stone bead necklace £80-100
155.    A white gold cluster set ring, nine diamonds in a square format, size L/M £160-200
156.    A 14 carat white gold (585) baguette cut citrine dress ring, flanked by six diamonds, size K £200-250
157.    An 18ct gold three stone opal ring, size M £120-140
158.    An 18ct gold opal and diamond cluster ring of oval form size P/Q £120-140
159.    An 18ct gold diamond cluster ring, floral design, 1.5 cts approx £850-950
160.    Two half sovereigns, both dated 1911, 8gms £180-200
161.    A 22ct gold wedding band, 6.5 gms, size H £100-120
162.    A gold diamond set ring, together with a Victorian locket/brooch £50-60
163.    A 14 ct white gold and diamond set half hoop ring, 1/2 ct approx, size Q £550-600
164.    An 18ct gold amethyst and diamond cluster ring £150-180
165.    A 15ct gold necklace hung with three pendants set with diamonds and blue stone setting £300-350
166.    An 18ct gold and five stone diamond ring, size S £1000-1200
167.    A pair of 15ct gold mounted drop pearl earrings, screw fixture £80-100
168.    A 14ct gold emerald and diamond mounted ring, size M £200-250
169.    An 18ct gold solitaire black diamond ring, 50 pts approx, size U £200-250
170.    An 18ct gold emerald and diamond cluster ring, the baguette shaped emerald surrounded by twelve diamonds, size O £1100-1200
170A.   A 9ct gold ring, the band set with enamel and inset pearls £40-60
171.    An 18ct gold sapphire ring, the stone flanked with baguette diamonds to the shoulders, size M £400-450
172.    An 18ct gold three stone opal ring, interspersed with four diamonds, size L/M £250-300
172A.   A 9ct gold ring set with central opal within a ring of garnets, size M £80-100
173.    Two Edwardian silver and enamel pendants with floral and other detail £80-100
174.    An 18ct gold solitaire diamond ring, 1ct approx, size P £1200-1300
174A.   A 9ct gold ring with solitaire diamond setting
175.    An 18ct gold solitaire diamond ring of square baguette form, 1-2ct approx, size N £1400-1500
176.    An 18ct gold heart shaped pendant, diamond set £300-350
177.    A 9ct gold solitaire diamond ring, 0.20 pts approx, size O/P £80-100
178.    A Victorian mourning locket, inset with a flowing hair bouquet highlighted with wire-work details, in unmarked gilt metal £40-50
179.    A sterling silver charm bracelet, suspended with five white metal charms, with heart-shaped padlock clasp; a sterling silver bangle, of plain form, 64 mm inner diameter, a Victorian style stick pin, terminating with a vine leaf motif set with turquoise and seed pearls, some deficient; and a white metal bar brooch £30-40
180.    A white metal, turquoise and coral set bib style necklace, possibly Mexican £30-40
181.    A 19th century silver cased fob watch with engraved detail (working), further watches, World War 1 army officers pocket compass by Haseler and Son, Birmingham 1918, sundry studs, etc £40-60
182.    Seiko Kinetic with stainless steel case and strap work, complete with original box £40-60
183.    A 19th century cameo brooch with pierced and scrolled framework, the carved centre showing a girl and goat £60-80
184.    Costume jewellery, including two German porcelain brooches showing romantic couples, silver cased fob watch 1966 King Road £20-30
185.    Three various Siam silver and niello enamelled brooches; a white metal and turquoise brooch; three marcasite brooches; two micro mosaic brooches, in gilt metal; and thirty-one various brooches (40) £60-80
186.    A pair of hoop earrings, the fittings stamped for 9ct gold; a faux pearl necklace; and a miscellaneous collection of costume jewellery, contained in a red leather jewellery box, with gilt borders £20-30
187.    A 9ct gold brooch in the form of a flower, the head set with a central amethyst £60-80
188.    An Accurist ladies wristwatch with 9ct gold case work and plated strap, together with an agate bead necklace of graduated form £30-40
189.    Two 9ct dress rings with garnet and white stone cluster settings £50-70
190.    A small tin box containing an Elizabeth 1st shilling 1582-1600 period and later coinage and a quantity of costume jewellery £40-60
191.    A General Strike Service National Emergency Railway Medal 1926, boxed with letter of commendation, headed Euston Station £40-60
192.    A silver cigarette case, snuff box, vesta and sovereign case £40-50
193.    A 9ct gold link bracelet with alternating turquoise and seed pearl setting with padlock clasp, 15 gm £100-120
194.    An Art Nouveau pendant set with a central garnet together with a small gold ring
195.    A continental silver fob watch with engraved detail and a ladies wristwatch with rose gold case work and plated strap £30-40
196.    A mixed collection of costume jewellery and watches £20-30
197.    A pair of engine turned 9ct cuff links 5 gms, together with a pierced silver brooch in the floral theme £40-60
198.    A collection of costume jewellery, agate brooch, white metal spider, etc £20-25
199.    A Victorian gold butterfly brooch with outstretched pierced wings mounted with seed pearls and garnets £300-350
200.    A seed pearl three strand necklace, further seed pearl bracelet, necklace, two pairs of ear-rings, etc £30-40
201.    A gold plated pocket watch with Dennison case (working) together with a Holmann 17 jewel movement purchased 11/76 £40-60
202.    Two 18ct gold rings (9gm) together with a further 9ct gold ring, crucifix and two chains (6 gms) £200-220
203.    A chronoscope by Hever retailed by S Smith & Son £20-35
204.    A large quantity of unsorted costume jewellery £20-30
205.    A Georgian silver framed seven bottle cruet frame - of oval form with pierced borders raised on four scrolled supports with seven cut glass bottles, two with silver mounts, probably by James Dixon & Son £150-200
206.    A collection of silver including an engraved cross, ingot, plain bangle, nozzle and jam pot lid, 135 gms total, together with further small plated items £30-40
207.    A Victorian smelling salts flask with overlaid detail, tortoiseshell lorgnettes, three silver handled manicure tools, silver and mother-of-pearl pen knife, etc £30-40
208.    A Georgian silver cauldron shaped salt with gadroon border on shell feet and a burr timber quaich with white metal mounts £30-40
209.    A Victorian silver letter knife with engraved handle and blade, three fruit knives, etc £30-40
210.    A silver trumpet shaped flower vase on turned base (weighted), silver butter knife and jam spoon £25-30
211.    Five silver apostle spoons, Sheffield 70 gm £15-20
212.    An Edwardian silver watch stand, indecipherable maker's mark, Birmingham, 1906, of plain orb form, loaded; together with a silver open-faced fob watch, the white enamelled dial with black Roman numerals, the case flat-chased with floral details (2) £60-80
213.    A collection of small silver plated flatware £10-15
214.    A 19th century bronze figure of a cloaked and spurred highland character drawing his sword, 13 cm £40-60
215.    Two cut glass salts with silver rims, further toilet water flask, silver brooch, etc £30-40
216.    Seven carved hardwood netsukes, happy Buddha, mythical creatures, snake, tortoise, etc £70-80
217.    A 39-45 War medal, Defence Medal, France & Germany, 39-45 Star with original postal packaging (Mr E Mathews, Hillcrest, Bisley Old Road, Stroud) £25-30
218.    A collection of English bank notes, £5 note 1966-70, £1 note 1949-55, £1 note 1934-49 and four further £1 notes and a 10/- note £20-30
219.    A 39-45 War and Defence medal, Pacific, Atlantic, Burma, Italy, 39/45 France & Germany & Africa Stars, together with two World War One excavated bullets and an Indian 39-45 War medal £30-40
220.    Three RAF wing lapel badges, Safe Driving Competition Drivers award, lapel badge with bars 1943-47 inclusive £20-30
221.    A French World War II medaille du prisonnier de guerre and Citation barbete
222.    An engraved single bangle, sovereign case and vesta, a collection of fruit and pen knives including mother of pearl and silver examples etc, leather correspondence case, two brass bedroom door knockers, etc £50-60
223.    An oval silver jewel casket with engine turned cover, raised on four shaped supports, Chester 1920 £50-60
224.    A silver pedestal shaped powder bowl, the lid with floral enamelled detail and mirrored interior, Birmingham 1902 £50-60
225.    A silver coffee pot, the body of pear shape, raised on shaped supports with ebony handle and knop, London 1902, 14oz all in £80-100
226.    A silver sugar bowl and matching cream jug, 160 gms £40-60
227.    A silver trumpet shaped rose vase, ashtray silver mounted and cut glass, thimble, etc £60-80
228.    A three piece silver backed dressing table set, each with engine turned detail, comprising one mirror and two brushes £30-35
229.    Two Parker pens, sundry crowns and other coinage, etc £20-25
230.    An Ahnenpafs (ancestor passport) together with further paperwork and documents for the early 1940s period £20-30
231.    A carved hardwood study of a rotund owl £20-30
232.    A collection of crowns mainly mid 20th century and later, mixed bronze coinage, etc £20-30
233.    A collection of 450 plus GB and World bank notes £50-60
234.    Coinage:- 1d copper 1863 QV, a George IV medal, silver sixpence George V and a Spanish 1726 Philip V (?) silver coin, George III/Queen Victoria, etc copper coinage, George V 1915 half crown £30-40
235.    Great Britain and European miscellaneous coinage £30-50
236.    An 1896 Queen Victorian old head florin, George III 1817 shilling, George IV 1823 half crown, George IV 1821 half crown and George III 1817 half crown £50-80
237.    A James I shilling £20-30
238.    Two Queen Victoria and one Edward VIII coin sets £30-40
239.    A Victorian Royal Artillery document sabretach £150-200
240.    A wallet containing a collection of worldwide coinage mainly mid 20th century, further folders of English bronze and silver coinage including some pre 1947 silver £30-40
241.    Fourteen Pobjoy Mint Isle of Man crowns, all circa late 1970s early 1980s presented in three cases £40-60
242.    A turned ivory cup and cover, late 19th century, 9 1/2 cm high £30-40
243.    Three late 19th/early 20th century large Japanese carved ivory figures, comprising a female warrior in full dress with sword and open book, signed, 32 cm, a female musician with instrument, signed, 18cm and a group of ivory figure of mother and child, 14 cm £150-200
244.    Two late 19th/early 20th century Japanese carved ivory figures, a woodman with an axe and a labourer with basket and hoe, both with red seal marks to base, 12 cm £60-80
245.    A late 19th/early 20th century Japanese carved ivory figure of an elderly man, crossed legged, smoking a pipe together with a figure of a labourer with a scraper, signed, 12 cm £60-80
245A.   A 19th century lidded lacquer work container with banded detail containing a selection of cut & stained bone work draught tiles, 9 cm tall approx £20-40
246.    A small ivory netsuke of a crouching man with a dragons mask £30-40
247.    A late 19th/early 20th century Japanese ivory netsuke of a seated man and playful monkey, 4 cm £30-40
248.    A late 19th/early 20th century carved ivory ox drawn wagon, a circular Chinese ivory panel with dragon detail and a carved ivory panel showing stag and deer £20-30
249.    Six Victorian Valentine cards, four with lace effect borders with floral centres, the remaining two with shaped and embossed outline, 15 cm x 10 cm and smaller £80-100
250.    Four Victorian Valentine cards all with lace effect borders, decorated with cherubs, floral bouquets etc, 18 cm x 12 cm and smaller £60-80
251.    Six Victorian Valentine cards, examples by Mullord Bros dated 1873, a Royal valentine by Woods, another by Kershaw & Co, all with embossed lace effect and collated detail, cherubs, floral, two with fringed borders £60-80
252.    A Lofoten H G bronze sculpture of a cormorant signed and dated 1996, two bronzes by Siggy Puhta, pony 213/500 and owl 231/500, together with a Japanese framed tower of stones £30-40
253.    A Thomason type double action corkscrew, fruit knife in mother-of-pearl with silver blade, further pen knives, etc £20-30
253A.   A good quality 19th century cast metal bacchanalian cup, the tapering bowl raised on a flared circular foot, decorated with well modeled ram's mask handles, set above trailing low relief detail of trailing fruiting vines, 9cm approx £40-60
257.    A simple brass carriage clock with eight day timepiece £30-40
258.    A tortoiseshell and silver mounted mantle clock with enamelled dial and eight day striking movement, silver hallmarked London 1909 £500-600
259.    A Rolex wall clock, the dial in the form of the Oyster Perpetual Chronometer within a brushed aluminium bezel, 35 cm diameter approx £90-110
260.    A Rolex wall clock, the dial in the form of the Oyster Perpetual Date Submariner within a black and brushed chrome bezel, 35 cm diameter approx £90-110
261.    A Rolex wall clock, the dial in the form of the Oyster Perpetual Date Submariner in a blue colourway, 35 cm diameter approx £90-110
262.    Five various Art Deco and later mantle clocks, two train movements together with a further collection of miscellaneous weights, pendulums, etc £30-40
263.    An inlaid Edwardian mahogany aneroid barometer, a small portico clock with eight day striking movement and a beechwood hall mirror incorporating two brushes £30-40
264.    A 19th century dial clock, the 20 cm dial set within a moulded mahogany casework with eight day spring driven movement £80-100
265.    An Ansonia mantle clock in a carved oak case with eight day striking movement £20-30
265A.   A 19th century cast and gilded brass 4 pane mantle clock, the dial with visible escapement and mercury compensating pendulum, striking on a gong £600-700
266.    A 19th century French wall clock with 30 hour striking movement and convex enamelled dial, the pendulum with pierced rod £40-60
267.    A mid-19th century French wall clock with 30 hour striking movement enclosed by a convex enamelled dial with embossed brass plate work showing harvesting scene, with pendulum and pierced rod £40-60
268.    A Smiths marine bulkhead clock with part brass case, enamel dial and eight day timepiece £30-40
269.    A Victorian black slate mantle clock, the drum movement set within a circular case raised on a scrolled base enclosing an eight day striking movement together with a further similar Victorian black slate and marble mantle clock, differential pressure gauge and gold plated watch £40-60
270.    A late 19th century carved Tyrolean bear holding aloft a hexagonal frame incorporating an aneroid barometer, with German script to dial, 42 cm tall approx £300-400
271.    A Regency mahogany and brass inlaid drop dial wall clock, the 32 cm dial of convex form, set within an octagonal framework enclosing an eight day single train fusee movement, the dial inscribed C R Berger, Leman Street £300-350
272.    A late 19th century American walnut and straw marquetry inlaid drop dial wall clock, the 30 cm dial enclosing an eight day striking movement £50-60
273.    A substantial 19th century Vienna style wall clock, the movement by Gustav Becker, the case work with split spindle mouldings and eight day weight driven movement together with a further Vienna regulator style case (void) £60-80
274.    An inlaid Edwardian aneroid barometer with silvered dial by Negretti & Zambra of London £30-40
275.    A 19th century wheel barometer with boxwood and ebony string inlay and silvered dials and further mirrored plate £30-40
276.    A 19th century rosewood wheel barometer with silvered dials and further mirror panels £30-40
277.    A 19th century mahogany drop dial wall clock, 32 cm dial enclosing an eight day spring driven striking movement £60-80
278.    A Jerome & Co American wall clock with ogee case, glazed panel and striking movement £20-30
279.    A 19th century Vienna regulator style wall clock by Gustav Becker, the case work with split spindle mouldings set beneath a shaped pediment with two train weight driven movement £60-80
281.    A heavy old carpet, the red field interspersed with foliate detail set within trailing borders in shades of blue and green, 310 x 340 cm approx £60-80
282.    An eastern wool rug with pale field interspersed with symmetric medallions in pink, blue and black, set within trailing symmetrical foliate borders in shades of blue, 210 x 135 cm approx £30-50
283.    An eastern wool Mershwari runner, 56 x 242 cm approx £60-80
283A.   Three good quality curtains, the honey coloured ground interspersed with red fleur de lys medallions
284.    A Chinese washed wool rug of oval form, the central red field interspersed with foliate detail set within a further foliate border, 210 x 145 cm approx £30-40
285.    A substantial good quality woven wool rug, the deep navy blue field interspersed with symmetrical foliate motifs in shades of pale blue and cream, set within complex foliate borders, 420 x 320 cm approx £160-200
286.    A wool work carpet with beige coloured ground with foliate decoration in shades of ochre and black, 270 x 180 cm approx £30-40
287.    A eastern wool carpet, the cream field heavily decorated with symmetrical foliate and medallion decoration in shades of pink, red, blue and yellow set within a blood red border populated by foliage and animals, 160 x 110 cm approx £40-60
288.    A woven wool work rug with central panel detailed with symmetrical motifs in shades of amber, red and cream, 140 x 87 cm approx £30-40
289.    A wool carpet, with sky-blue ground centred by a large medallion with symmetric detail in shades of pink, blue and amber, set within a complex foliate border 320 x 200 cm approx £60-80
290.    A Tribal Gazak rug, 112 x 109 cm approx £40-60
291.    An Eastern wool carpet, with pastel shades with geometric detail on a blue field, 330 x 240 cm approx. £60-80
292.    A wool work carpet, the central claret ground heavily decorated with a symmetrical medallion with foliate and floral decoration in shades of cream, green and blue, set within trailing borders, 320 x 200 cm approx £80-120
293.    A small woven eastern rug with geometric decoration in shades of pink and lilac upon a cream ground £20-40
294.    An eastern style wool work carpet, the dark ground interspersed with symmetric medallions in shades of pink, red and cream, set within foliate borders, 380 x 120 cm approx £120-150
295.    Two good quality Welsh waffle type woven wool blankets, one in shades of blue and cream the other in shades of deep red and pink, (2) £30-50
296.    A pair of eastern style wool carpets, the deep red grounds interspersed with a complex foliate medallion, set within running borders, decorated in shades of blue and cream, (2) each measuring 220 x 135 cm approx £60-80
297.    A eastern style wool rug, the central red field interspersed with a symmetric medallion, contained within running borders 200 x 90 cm approx £30-50
298.    A large wool carpet, the deep red field interspersed with foliate and floral decoration, and set within a further foliate borders in shades of blue cream and red 315 x 230 cm approx £80-120
299.    A small Wilton type carpet, the central kite shaped medallion with intricate floral decoration set upon a cream coloured ground with symmetrical foliate medallion 250 x 150 cm approx £60-80
300.    A miniature eastern wool work runner with red central field and medallions in shades of brown and cream, together with a further similar example in shades of pink and grey (2) £30-50
301.    A wool work carpet, the deep blue ground centred with a complicated foliate medallion set within trailing borders with floral decoration in shades of blue and green £60-80
302.    An eastern wool work rug, the brick red ground interspersed with symmetrical medallions in shades of cream and blue, set within trailing symmetrical borders, 180 x 125 cm approx £40-60
303.    An Mershwari wool runner with lozenge centre in a red and blue colourway 250cm x 56cm £40-60
304.    A heavy wool work carpet, the red field interspersed with geometric medallion in shades of blue and green, set within trailing borders, 430 x 275 cm approx £80-120
305.    A pair of mohair worsted hand woven scottish clan travelling rugs in muted shades, 165cm x 120cm
306.    A woven wool rug, the cream ground interspersed with floral motifs in shades of amber, etc, 190 x 130 cm approx £60-80
307.    An old Balochi wool rug, the navy blue ground with geometric medallion decoration in shades of red, green and blue, 150 x 87 cm approx £60-80
308.    An extensive Ivory ground cashmere rug interspersed with complicated foliate decoration in shades of red and blue, 385 x 260 approx £150-200
309.    An old eastern wool carpet, the blue ground interspersed with foliate medallions in shades of cream, green and blue, set within trailing borders 300 x 170 cm approx £60-80
310.    A eastern wool carpet in muted colourway, the terracotta field interspersed with geometric design in shades of black, cream and yellow, size TBC £50-70
311.    An unusual 1960's Axminster wool work rug, the abstract design decorated in shades of cream, purple and orange, 340 x 250cm £30-40
312.    An old eastern woven wool rug with highly detailed decoration, the red ground interspersed with symmetric geometric motifs and further foliate decoration, set within trailing borders, 220 x 130 cm approx £60-80
313.    An extensive wool work rug of circular form, the striking green field interspersed with stylised trailing foliate and floral decoration in shades of green, cream and earth tones £80-120
314.    A large Tapa cloth with stylised decoration in earthen tones believed to denote the traditional Royal Arms of Tonga, 161 x 191 approx £300-400
316.    An old Balochi wool work rug, the claret red field interspersed with geometric medallions in shades of blue and cream, 143 x 86 cm approx £40-60
321.    A Pictorial History of Jazz by Keepnews & Grauer, Big Band Jazz by McCarthy, The World of Jazz by Godbolt, etc, 35 volumes approx £40-60
322.    A collection of jazz related books including Harlem, The Great Black Way by Anderson including The New Year Book of Jazz by Feather, The Oxford Companion to Australian Jazz by Johnson, Jazz in the Movies by Meeker, etc, 30 volumes approx £30-40
323.    A collection of jazz related books including Jazz Away From Home by Goddard, Second Movement by Hughes, For Night People by Wells, At The Jazz Band Ball by Oakes, etc, 28 volumes approx £30-35
324.    A collection of jazz related books including mainly biographies of Glen Miller, Fats A New Word Waller, Benny Goodman, Beiderbecke, Larry Adler, Count Basie, Billy Cotton, etc, 55 volumes approx £60-80
325.    A small collection of jazz related books including Jazz The History of American Music by Ward & Burns, Jazz on Film by Yanow, The Big Band Almanac by Walker, A Cat on a Hot Thin Groove by Deitch, 20 volumes approx together with a framed collection of printed record labels and cigarette cards £30-40
326.    A collection of books all relating to Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong, 19 volumes approx £20-30
327.    Two boxes containing some notes pertaining to Horace Harris including A Glossary of New Orleans Musicians, 2 volumes entitled The Song For Me, The Schedule of the Horace M Harris Collection at the National Sound Archive, a number of folders containing ephemera, three box files containing narratives, articles, etc together with a number of magazines, The IAJRC Journal, Just Jazz Magazine, photographs, etc £30-40
328.    A collection of jazz related books including They All Played Ragtime by Blesh & Janis, Hot Jazz For Sale by Ginell, 75 volumes approx £40-60
329.    Approximately 150 jazz CDs £60-80
330.    Approximately 100 jazz related CDs together with a small number of DVDs £30-40
331.    Thirteen attaché cases each holding 45-50 jazz related cassettes, some professional, some amateur recordings, all with details to cassette cases together with a number of loose cassettes, estimated number 600 - 700 in total together with an NEC stereo cassette deck number K315E incorporating a Dolby system £80-100
332.    Horace Harris' collection of reel-to-reel tapes, all jazz related together with an index of many of the tapes recorded, it seems, between 1959 and 1995 with detailed notes on the majority of tapes, 70 approx £50-80
333.    A collection of jazz related VHS videos, all jazz related, with details to spines, 100 approx £30-40
334.    A collection of jazz related CDs including British Jazz from the 1950s, miscellaneous jazz and early jazz, 100 CDs approx £40-60
335.    A collection of CDs, all jazz related, including continental jazz from 1945 onwards, British jazz from 1950 onwards, US dance bands, jazz vocals, etc, 150 CDs approx £60-80
336.    A quantity of books all jazz related including Trumpet Story by Coleman, The Golden Age of Jazz by Gottlieb, BMI The First 100 Years by Martland, etc, 100 volumes approx £80-100
337.    A collection of jazz related books including several Jazz Book Club editions including That Crazy Music by Paul, Black & Blue by Singer, etc, 70 volumes approx £40-60
338.    A quantity of jazz related books including a run of The Storyville 15 - 161 (1968 - 1995 approx), further bound copies including facsimile copies of Storyville numbers 1-12 covering the years 1996 - 2003, a schedule of jazz records for 1942 - 1962, a schedule of blues and gospel records for 1902 - 1942, jazz records for 1897 - 1942 by Brian Rust, etc £60-80
341.    An antique Malacca walking cane of tapering form terminating an applied metallic cap, set below a polished worked ivory knop handle £40-60
342.    An antique Malacca walking cane terminating an applied worked and polished ivory knop handle £40-60
343.    A good quality antique umbrella marked to internal framework Fox & Co, the bamboo stem terminating in an applied worked and polished tortoiseshell handle with inset metallic shamrock detail above a collar stamped C.A. Harvey, Beedingwood, Faygate £40-60
344.    An antique timber walking cane terminating in an applied horn handle, a further bamboo example and a Thornwood walking stick with applied ferule (3) £30-40
345.    An antique timber walking cane terminating in a crooked handle with applied white metal cap with embossed detail £30-40
346.    A vintage Union Jack flag suspended on a rustic stained timber pole together with a two sectional split cane fishing rod stamped to handle, Horton, Maker, Glasgow, (2) £30-40
347.    A rustic carved timber stick detailed with a clambering serpent, eastern in style, believed to be an article of First World War trench art £30-50
348.    A good quality steel fireside trio consisting of tongs, shovel and poker £30-50
349.    A collection of ladies hats including a black straw hat by Philip Treacey with upturned , tilted brim and high shine black bow, a natural straw hat by Forge Ahead, a russet hat with upturned brim and feather detail, a black straw hat by Tricia with wide brim and hat pin, a dark navy hat with ivory trims by Hat Studio Design and a further black straw hat with upturned brim (6) £60-80
350.    A collection of ladies hats including a natural straw summer hat with floral detail by Gilly Forge, a black straw hat with medium brim and sloping shape by Whiteley (with Harvey Nicholls box), a black straw hat by License, 2 hats by Herbert Johnson in natural tones of shot silk type fabric with contrasting trims together with a bridal cap with veil (6) £60-80
351.    A collection of ladies hats including a navy straw hat by Jaeger, a navy occasion hat by Peter Bettley, three hats with front upturned brim and ribbon band decoration and a further chocolate coloured straw hat with wide upturned brim (6) £60-80
352.    A collection of ladies winter hats including a black pillbox hat with matching scarf by Gilly Forge, a black felt hat with short upturned front brim by Cappelli Condici (with Harvey Nicholls hat box) a chocolate coloured felt hat with upturned brim and velvet band by James Egleton together with a further chocolate coloured felt hat by Jean Muir and two others by Headworks (6) £60-80
353.    An Armand Marseille bisque head doll, 390 - A4/OXM, with open mouth and closing eyes - redressed and wigged, 36cm tall £40-60
354.    An Armand Marseille bisque head doll 390 A3/OM with open mouth and closing eyes - redressed and wigged 30cm tall £40-60
355.    A Bisque head doll - mould 449 - 2 with closing eyes and open mouth - re-dressed and wigged, 34cm tall £40-60
356.    A Marx & Co radar searchlight truck with original cardboard packaging and instructions £30-40
357.    A Lyon Bros tin plate lorry with RHF Livery and a Japanese fire fender with extending ladder £20-30
358.    Two boxes of vintage toys including a Mamod horizontal engine, TWA Boeing superjet, Lego, Stylophone, etc £30-40
359.    Two Cartier red leather trays, plated coaster, Victorian jewel box, Staffordshire flat black figure, etc £20-30
361.    A pair of Trench Art brass shell cases with stamped numbering to underside, each with flared rims, later incised detail depicting fashions, studies of standing female figures, one indistinctly dated to underside 1903, the other dated 1902, this example also detailing a study of Charlie Chaplin to the base underside, each 26 cm tall, approx £20-40
362.    An American 20th century public telephone unit, the metallic frame in red colourway, marked Pacific Bell, addressed 76 Station, 14886, San Canyon, (53 x 54cm approx) and a further 20th century British example (56 x 21cm approx) (2) £40-60
363.    an antique framed and glazed assortment of taxidermy butterflies, set within a naturalistic ground with branches and foliage, the timber case with an ebonised frame 67 x 47cm approx £40-60
364.    An early 20th century framed and glazed athletic dedication, a central photographic portrait card encircled by faux oak leaves and acorns set beneath a painted banner reading I. Turntag 20 August 1916, in Zurich 64 x 51cm approx £40-60
365.    A late 20th century public telephone unit, the circular housing with a polished metal finish, 60cm tall x 37cm wide approx together with a further example of rounded rectangular form, 39 x 27cm approx (2) £40-60
366.    A good quality pair of late 19th century Japanese pierced timber and lacquer work wall hanging brackets of A shaped form, each with graduating hinged shelves upon a heavy carved and pierced framework with foliate decoration accommodating circular lacquered panels with mother of pearl and other inlay detailing lotus blossom and hanging gourds, 68 x 32cm max approx £80-120
367.    A cased brass French alto Saxophone by J. Grass of Paris, the case with a red felt lined interior (partial) £20-30
368.    A collection of plaster mouldings after ecclesiastical carvings of architectural detail to include fragments of frieze etc (6) £30-50
369.    A Bradbury & Co model no.1 sewing machine with ebonised metallic framework with gilded Greek key border, raised on a stepped timber base (lacking hood) £20-30
370.    A selection of decorative stone work and other models of hens £20-30
371.    A reproduction replica of a medieval longsword with bound grip 124cm long approx £50-70
372.    Antique metal wares to include three Victorian copper kettles, a warming pan, candlestick, chamber stick etc £20-40
373.    An extensive collection of die cast model vehicles to include Matchbox etc, together with a collection of glass marbles, board games to include Cluedo, Ludo, Pass the Bomb, Junior Scrabble, Jenga etc also together with various dolls, a Fisher-Price music box/record player etc (3 Boxes) £30-50
374.    A selection of vintage Bakelite telephones to include examples in ivory colourway £40-60
375.    A ceramic bathroom shelf with pink candy stripe finish, 60cm long approx together with an associated wall mounting soap dish, a further lidded enamelled example (3) £20-30
376.    A large collection (4 boxes) of photographic negative glass plates, all detailing curated compositions of well presented antique furniture, together with an associated bound fibre trunk £80-100
377.    An extensive miscellaneous collection to include a good quality iron work 5 divisional floor standing wine rack, a Victorian tin trunk with hinged lid, furnishing prints to include 5 framed from the Vanity Fair series, metal work candlesticks, treen and other bowls, a miniature Chinese timber cabinet of four drawers with marquetry inlay, etc £60-80
378.    A large quantity of miscellaneous items to include a canteen of plated cutlery, an oak gallery tray, brass jam pan, copper coal scuttle, etc £60-80
379.    A boxed Airfix model 4-stroke engine together with further boxed models, a Tamiya N113 US Armoured Personnel Carrier, A Heller Humborl Amx 13 75 model tank, together with boxed strategy game 'Raid' (4) £40-60
380.    A Chinese high relief sculptural panel depicting birds amongst foliage, set within a framed and glazed case 44 x 91cm approx £30-40
381.    A 20th century wall mounting timber framed perpetual calendar of circular form with three scrolling apertures, 30cm diameter approx £30-40
382.    Two similar 20th century metallic lanterns with red colourway, one stamped Geopi, together with a further example in bright yellow colourway, one other labelled Nadec (4) £20-40
383.    A large Indian brass vase and cover with profusely engraved detail, serpent and fish handles etc £30-50
384.    A large 19th century barge ware type painted tin hat box with decoration of sunflowers etc £20-30
385.    A pair of contemporary black ceramic desk lamps of tapering form, together with a pair of baluster ceramic examples with applied faux bamboo banding, a further larger example together with one other (6) £30-40
386.    A large pair of unusual industrial metal work elements of cylindrical form, believed to be from helicopter/aviation usage - each 36cm tall approx £60-80
387.    A pair of 2 sectional industrial metal work elements, believed to be from helicopter/aviation use, one with applied lettering, STI/TURMO/25, with further encised numbering, 31cm tall approx £60-80
388.    A vintage stained pine miniature bank of four graduating drawers, 32cm tall by 29 cm wide max, together with a small oak smokers cabinet with panelled doors revealing a divisional interior, ceramic caddy, a trio of tobacco pipes, simple stereo viewer with photographic cards £30-50
389.    A 20th century timber cased record player, label to interior Manufactured by Clarke & Smith, Wallington, Surrey together with a 20th century Alba desktop record player (2) £30-40
390.    A brass cased railway lantern of rectangular form with glazed panelled sides (later electrified), 37cm tall approx, together with an early 20th century brass ewer of tapering cylindrical form, with embossed decoration in the arts and crafts manner, with central inscription dated 1909, 41cm tall approx (2) £30-40
391.    A 20th century angle poise desk lamp with sprung and pivoting base, in a cream colourway, together with a tin glazed ceramic desk lamp of tapering cylindrical form also in a cream colourway, height 48cm approx £20-30
391A.   An unusual mid century metallic desk lamp, the tapering stem raised on a circular foot accommodating an angled cylindrical shade also together with a further lamp composed from a stencilled timber letter 'Y' with gilded finish, raised on a blockade base (2) £40-60
392.    A decorative cut and polished alabaster dish of circular form with bevelled shaped border and central foliate and floral trailing inlay decoration composed from semiprecious stones, 32cm diameter approx, together with a 20th century pair of worked cattle horn models of fish with incised and stained decoration, 24cm long approx, and 3 further large horn work studies of standing birds (5) £40-60
393.    An antique violin with ebonised bridge and paper label to interior Polaco Amali Facibat Anno? housed within a later associated case £80-100
394.    An unusual inkwell in the form of a Chinese metalwork globe, decorated with Chinese characters, 15cm tall approx, a lidded timber vessel stamped Made From the Original Timber and Copper Sheeting of HMS Victory, an ebony dressing mirror, a pair of late 19th century Satsuma vases, a 19th century tureen base, a lacquered bowl and a further black lacquered jardinière with gilded oriental style character detail, etc £50-60
395.    A copper military bugle with applied stamp CSA together with a further copper horn (2) £30-50
396.    A cast bronze model of a seated hare, 23cm tall approx £150-200
397.    An antique Chinese cloisonné enamel vase of tapering cylindrical form with flared rim, the sky blue ground interspersed with foliate decoration in shades of blue, white and green, set within trailing geometric borders, 35cm tall approx £60-80
398.    A 19th century oil lamp with opaque glass reservoir, brass burner and clear glass chimney, together with a further brass oil burning lamp with clear glass chimney (2) £40-50
399.    A 19th century brass oil burning lamp with a screw tapped reservoir and British made Duplex burner accommodating a green tinted flared and frosted shade (AF) and clear glass chimney £30-40
400.    A pair of Japanese lacquered desk lamps, in the form of baluster vases with drawn necks raised on angular brass feet 49cm tall approx £20-40
401.    Antique telephones to include black Bakelite cased examples with circular dials, each labelled Call Exchange, together with a further example with raised stem, a similar example with stamp reading MARCHE DU3-3-1938 LOT NO.55 etc (4) £60-80
402.    Five antique metalwork pestle and mortars to include an early mortar with classical type decoration detailing fauns further cast brass examples (5) £60-80
403.    Two timber cased antique telephone units (lacking receivers) together with a further example with inlaid dial board detail (4) £60-80
404.    A good quality antique eastern brass charger with Arabic calligraphic detail etc, 39cm diameter approx, together with a good quality eastern cast metal vase with foliate medallion detail, height 40cm approx (2) £60-80
405.    A good quality Victorian cashbox with painted detail and faux malachite and other inlay to the top, the hinged lid revealing a removable fitted interior 25cm long by 16cm wide approx together with a late 20th century cast metal twin inkwell, the stand with well detailed embossed decoration of sycamore sprigs, signed J. Guenardeau, 35cm long approx £80-100
406.    A collection of various boxed die-cast model vehicles to include examples in the Lledo promotional vehicles, Oxford Die-cast and other ranges etc £30-40
407.    A Victorian veneered book trough with inlaid foliate detail and bordering, the ends with applied chased brass work 36cm long approx together with a simple timber donation/cash box with cut aperture and lock remnants, 34cm by 18 cm (2) £30-40
408.    An antique telephone set marked JYDSK Telefon Aktiselskab, together with two Bakelite cased transformers (3) £30-50
409.    A pair of early 20th century Japanese figure groups of male characters, probably street vendors, one with basket of fruit, both raised on irregular shaped bases, 25 cm tall approx together with a similar spill vase in the form of a standing Japanese character, a matched pair of oriental soapstone carvings, both with pierced detail and raised on pierced and shaped bases and a further carved soapstone vase of similar form with fish and bird detail, 16 cm overall £20-40
410.    Two small salt glazed stoneware flagons with merchants marks of local interest, one marked Morris Richens, Grocers, Wotton Under Edge, the other marked Charles H Barber, Wine & Spirit Merchant, Berkeley, 27 and 28cm tall approx £30-50
411.    Three similar vintage Bakelite cased telephone sets, each with red colourway (3) £60-80
412.    A set of brass pedestal scales raised on an oval timber base with five graduated circular weights, a Chinese paper scroll depicting extensive printed brushed ink/watercolour study of a mountainous landscape with accompanying written passage, (460cm long when opened), an antique felt cased vanity set, a boxed clown Pelham puppet, etc (this lot sold on behalf of Longfield Hospice, Cotswolds) £20-40
413.    A 20th century timber and leather cased solid bronze military sight R. E-CO M K 11, 41cm approx £40-60
414.    A vintage Hohner German piano accordion £30-40
415.    A vintage red Bakelite cased payphone unit bearing metallic plaque with '20 cents' aperture and instructions for use, with button keypad set above a coin return slot, label to underside ATLA S GENTECH PT1000, The Red Phone 'serial no. 02100059, £30-50
416.    Six mid-late 20th century German military felt berets, labelled to interior Bamberger Nutzen-Industre together with a military belt with applied brass buttons £20-40
417.    A glass panelled ceiling lantern with gilded framework and associated support brackets £30-50
418.    A cast metal desk lamp in the form of a standing Japanese geisha, 32cm tall approx £30-40
419.    A boxed collectable figure, Robot YM-3 'talking figure', battery operated by Masudaya/Hobbyworld, 41cm approx (lot 699 contains similar/Lost In Space memorabilia) £30-50
420.    An old violin labelled to interior 'Copy of Stradivarius' £20-40
421.    A vintage Westinghouse Handy-Printer unit with a metallic casing 31cm tall approx £30-40
422.    An antique telephone unit with black and metallic house central chromium dial set beneath a cabled handset (1) £30-50
423.    A painted timber case with hinged lid containing a quantity of Meccano pieces, with applied Meccano number label to exterior - number 2 set £30-40
424.    A 20th century British payphone unit, the squared metallic casing with brightly coloured yellow finish, with central keypad, instructions for use and stamp marked British Telecom Payphone 200, 31cm tall x 31cm wide £30-50
425.    A substantial iron work lock plate with key, probably Indian, in the old English style, 19 x 30cm approx £40-60
426.    A simulated bronze figure depicting a Masai female figure with plaque, Soul Journeys, Masai, Aisha Jewel of the Tribe, number 0749/9000 also marked Stacy Bayne, 37cm tall approx £20-30
427.    An antique mahogany students desktop writing box, the hinged lid revealing a simply fitted interior, with two short drawers, 46cm long by 45cm wide approx £30-50
428.    A Regency style sarcophagus shaped caddy with stencilled lacquered detail and lifting lid, together with a selection of antique stained timber door handles £30-40
429.    An early cast bronze mortar, with flared rim and scripted border, (worn) 15cm tall, together with a further example with flared rim, banded detail and looped handles (2) £160-180
430.    Three vintage cast iron nut crackers in the form of crocodiles (one large, two small), together with three further carved African crocodiles £30-50
431.    Two clear presentation domes raised on ebonised stepped cylindrical bases, one glass, the other Perspex, each containing compositions of shells, together with a further vacant matching glass dome, 32cm tall approx (when united with base) £50-70
432.    An oriental lacquered tray with songbird decoration together with a salt glazed harvest jug, other jugs to include a Davenport example in the imari palate, an enamelled white metal dish of crescent form with hand painted Isnic type decoration, further jugs, bowls, etc £20-40
433.    A single Vulcan Minor miniature sewing matching, 15cm tall by 16cm wide £10-20
434.    A collection of six various black Bakelite cased vintage telephone sets £40-60
435.    A miscellaneous collection to include an antique copper sifting spoon with iron handle, pewter tankards and other metal wares, clear cut glass wares to include a pair of vases with applied white metal collars, jugs and other vases, decanters etc, also together with stitched leather cased pocket automatic Eastman Kodak Camera £30-50
436.    A good quality antique stitched and tanned crocodile leather suitcase with lined interior and dual lever locks, 50cm long by 20cm tall approx £80-120
437.    A cased His Masters Voice desk top gramophone together with a Decca metallic disc-case with stained finish (2) £30-50
437A.   A pair of late 19th century French spells figures, agricultural workers with origianl bronzed and painted finish
438.    A small miscellaneous collection to include a hallmarked sterling silver photo frame of oval form together with a miniature brass kettle, saucepan, a brass spill vase and strike with other metal wares and decorative glass vases, miniature oval female portrait etc £20-30
440.    A large contemporary scientific camera unit, believed to be an infrared camera from use with a helicopter/aviation, bearing a plaque reading: reciever, infrared, part no 797549, USA, 25cm tall by 50cm long approx £100-200
441.    A vintage John Jacques composition archery bow (140cm long approx), together with a boxed set of Jaques Sherwood arrows £40-60
442.    A Polish made brass E Flat Fanfare trumpet, with stamped manufacturing details, together with a pair of copper coaching/post horns (3) £20-40
443.    A Lotus 8 string polished timber electric mandolin £60-80
444.    A good quality mahogany T square, 94cm long approx together with a vintage timber metre rule stamped E. Preston & Sons, Birmingham, England (2) £30-40
445.    A small miscellaneous collection to include a large eastern incised timber printing block depicting a seated deity, five brass uniform buttons relating to the Trinity Lighthouse Service, cased playing cards, coinage etc £20-30
446.    A pair of Chinese carved timber studies of infants upon the backs of seated buffalo, 15cm long approx together with a further Chinese cart and study of a fisherman with catch, 30cm tall approx, a further eastern carved timber study of a standing male figure, a lacquered papier mache bowl with painted landscape with centre enclosed by peacocks and foliate studies with a hinged handle, etc £20-30
447.    An antique rosewood veneered jewellery box, the hinges revealing a segmented and removable interior with felt lined lids, the exterior with mother of pearl inlaid lock escutcheon and vacant cartouche, together with Victorian a locking cash tin, a number of vintage evening bags £40-60
448.    A collection of various die cast model vehicles, to include examples by Corgi, Lledo etc (2 boxes) £30-50
449.    A collection of three Swiss embroidered table cloths in pale pink with floral detail, together with further embroidered and lace trimmed table linen £30-50
450.    A vintage Thorens Swiss made record player together with a related Zerostat Anti-Pistol (for use with records) £30-50
451.    A collection of various 20th century cameras to include a Kodak EK4 Instant Camera, a Kodak Brownie, a Keowa Model H Camera, etc £30-40
452.    An antique Gladstone type box/medicinal case together with a quantity surgical apparatus and other medical effects also together with a collection of postcards (varying subjects) £60-80
453.    A Optionica Stereo Amplifier Sound System, model SM-3636 £30-50
454.    Cased copper laboratory equipment to include a cylindrical vessel with funnel lid, a smaller cylindrical beaker and a glass measuring tube £30-50
455.    A collection of boxed die cast model vehicles to include examples by Matchbox, Maisto, Models of Yesteryear, Britain's etc £30-50
456.    An extensive collection (4 boxes) of further boxed die cast model vehicles to include large examples by Burago, Shell Classics Sports Car Collection, Lledo etc £80-120
457.    A timber cased universal Avometer £30-50
458.    Three vintage ivory Bakelite cased telephone sets together with two further white examples and another in green colourway (6) £30-50
459.    An antique Singer sewing machine raised on a stepped timber base with an associated locking cover and turned carrying handles £30-50
460.    A pair of antique coaching lanterns together with a chestnut roaster, three antique brass mortars, a chamber stick, a small assembly of balance scales, with timber base accommodating a single drawer £40-60
461.    A vintage Pioneer reel to reel recorder model RT-707 £30-40
462.    Vintage audio equipment to include, a Marantz model 2060ML, Marantz CD player CD5400, together with a cassette tape bank containing a large collection of jazz and other cassette tapes £40-60
463.    A boxed vintage Action Man training tower playset £30-40
464.    A boxed Meccano set 4M together with a further boxed Meccano conversion set, a boxed Scalextric set no 300 (3) £30-50
465.    Five various wall hanging timber cased telephone units (lacking receivers) £30-50
466.    A selection of vintage clothing to include a child's brown tweed blazer and one other, label to interior Tailored for the branches of the John Lewis Partnership, together with dresses to include a 20th century sky-blue and white polka dot example bearing label to interior The Linzi Line, Made in England, an example decorated with felt work strawberries with label Peggy Paige London, together with a Laura Ashley dress with crochet details and printed floral pattern £40-60
467.    A large polished metalwork grid/vent of rounded rectangular form, believed to originate from helicopter/aviation use 71 cm tall x 45 cm wide £80-120
468.    A collection of exotic seashells of varying form and type £30-50
469.    An early 20th century country house electronic service board, with 20 apertures upon an ebonised ground with red painted shutters, room numbers and lettering, 38 x 59cm approx £60-80
470.    A large Tri-ang 'Circus on Tour' lorry, fitted with cages containing model animals together with a Tonka Motormover, etc £40-60
471.    A trio of field telephones, each marked telephone set 'F'. MKII, two marked TMC, the third marked PL, together with a further timber cased early telephone assembly (4) £60-80
472.    Eight adjusting miniature brass easels, each 25cm tall approx, together with two antique metal work door handles, etc £40-60
473.    An assortment of collectable effects relating to Guinness Irish Stout, to include advertising plaques, mugs, ashtrays, glasses, trays, draught Guinness clock, an unopened limited edition Guinness Marmite, bottled Guinness, (for decoration only not consumption) bar towels, calendars etc £40-60
475.    A small contemporary wicker cased picnic set for two, the divisional interior with contents to include plates, cutlery, mugs etc £20-40
476.    Metal wares to include a copper coal hod, a folding brass fireguard, a lidded copper cooking pan, a pair of brass candlesticks £30-50
477.    A large rustic Adze, the simple timber handle accommodating a single blade stamped Al. Thomas, number 102, believed to originate in railway use, 148cm long approx £30-50
478.    A substantial brass alms dish, the central detail with a figure inside profile, marked H. IV, 1601, set within a border of symmetrical cherubs and flower laden urns, 59cm long approx £30-50
479.    A pair of contemporary glass plafonnier type lights each with a white washed finish with embossed trailing swag and painted rope twist detail, 50cm diameter approx, together with three matching wall lights £30-50
480.    A trio of various 20th century industrial/street lamp heads (3) £40-60
481.    A contemporary dolls house, the property arranged over three floors (to include an attic), with a dual hinged façade, containing a quantity of model dolls house furniture and effect, the house to measure 64cm tall by 51cm wide approx £30-50
482.    A miscellaneous collection to include a quantity of interior and exterior door handles, lock plates and related effects, a pair of iron work shackles, various gas lighting compartments etc £30-50
483.    Five various 19th century sprung service bells together with other sundry metal works £30-50
484.    A small miscellaneous collection to include a large pair of 19th century ironwork tailors scissors, together with a selection of ceramic plates to include several transfer printed examples by Adams in the Cries of London series, Clarice Cliff crocus jug, pokerware box etc £20-40
486.    A plaster panel in the classical style, the rectangular form with relief moulded detail depicting a maiden pouring oil from an urn, with inset brass badge to verso marked NY Carlsberg Glyptotek Kobenhavn Entered 48 x 23cm approx together with a white resin (to simulate marble) study of a reclining female nude in the classical manner (2) £20-40
487.    A selection of tobacco pipes to include a carved black forest type example with fruiting vine detail, a Meerschaum example with applied white metal collar and cap, together with a turned timber gavel, an unusual old jointed straw filled doll £40-60
488.    A 20th century metal cased clocking-in clock, with applied brass plate to exterior, stamped 90964, marked to the silver dial, Manufactured in England Under Licence. British Patent, 25cm tall by 25cm wide £30-40
489.    A single Mallard steam tractor model £30-40
490.    A miscellaneous collection to include a Halda Taxi Fare Meter, a quantity of antique and later pressure gauges, unused paper packaging for R. M. Food Stores and other food stuffs, a wireless procedure training set etc £40-60
491.    An antique timber yoke with iron chain together with an antique brass trivet, further trivets etc £30-40
492.    An unusual contemporary scientific device, propeller believed to be helicopter/avaition landing apparatus, with applied badge reading part no. 680409002, serial no. DOWTY ROT01, Gloucester, England 51cm approx in length £80-120
493.    A collection of boxed Airfix and other model vehicles, some military to include the Airfix 1933 Alfa Romeo Kit Series II code no. 02441-3, a Temiya N106A1US Armoured S.P. Mortar Vehicle, and Airfix model 144 Boeing 707, a Heller Sepecat Jaguar A/B/E, an Airfix model French Cuirassier etc to include a boxed Air war (modern tactical air combat game), model soldiers, a boxed set of 'The Game of Nations' etc £60-80
494.    A good quality vintage teak pond launch set within a hinged timber box, 73cm (when boxed) together with a further motorised example, 63cm long and a similar smaller example (45cm long approx) (3) £40-60
495.    A miscellaneous collection to include souvenir replicas of ancient eastern sculpture, a Wallace and Gromit branded novelty alarm clock, a further Wallace and Gromit novelty wall clock, a single 19th century service bell, a Quimper bowl with four associated cups, all with hand painted decoration etc £40-60
496.    A selection of 20th century cameras and photographic effects to include Pentax and other cameras, an Optimax lens unit, a telescopic tripod, a further Tamaon lens unit etc £30-50
498.    An Antler brand wicker picnic hamper containing a quantity of plastic picnic accessories £20-30
499.    A miscellaneous collection to include a green studio glass vase and cranberry glass jug, sundry silver plated and other cutlery, brass and other candlesticks, treen to include turned timber bowls, woollen blankets etc £20-30
500.    Model vehicles etc to include a boxed Meccano Army Multikit, Matchbox German Infantry, Airfix Afrika Korp, Airfix Modern British Infantry, Airfix Modern German Infantry, Airfix British Infantry Support Group, a Matchbox Formula I Surtees TS16/03, a boxed Nitto M4-18T Tractor Cargo vehicle, together with further die cast models etc £60-80
501.    A 20th century photographic timber plate frames, various glass plates, etc £20-40
502.    An assortment of various vintage telephone sets to include Bakelite cased examples £30-40
503.    A collection of various walking canes and sticks to include, antler capped examples etc £30-50
504.    A cased acoustic guitar with label to sound hole interior Racardo Quiles Baloester £80-120
505.    A collection of ten 20th century British made flags, to include six Union Jacks, two flags depicting the Welsh Dragon and two depicting red rampant lions (10) £100-150
506.    A jacketed copper uwer by W. A. S. Benson, of usual tapering cylindrical form with hinged lid and applied brass handle, 23cm tall approx £30-50
507.    A 20th century metallic cased national time clocking-in clock of squared form 35 x 35cm approx £30-50
508.    A selection of five vintage boxed Matchbox die cast model vehicles in models of the yesteryear range £10-20
509.    A 19th century cut timber pediment in the form of a sweeping eagle, with wings outstretched, with incised detail in the Chinese manner and all over gilded finish, 24cm tall by 88cm wide, approx £30-50
510.    A late 19th century / early 20th century polished brass tray with hammered decoration detailing two stylised dragons with interlocked tails, set within a raised border, in the arts and crafts manner (unmarked) 27cm x 27cm approx, together with a further good quality brass tray of rounded rectangular form simplistic symmetrical beaten foliate decoration to centre, 29cm x 40cm approx (2) £30-40
511.    A Corgi gift set .41-car transporter with automatic coupling - Ford H Series, Tilt Cab, loaded with Ford Consul Super Estate Car (red), a Hillman Imp in gold, a Rover 2000 (maroon), a Morris Mini Cooper (black with wicker style panels), BMC Mini Cooper S (red) with international rally logos and a Morris Mini Minor (pale blue) £80-100
511A.   A Nikon model F-601 camera with Nikon Nikkor lens, together with a further camera etc
512.    A pair of good quality cast metal desk lamps in the form of candlesticks, each with fluted columns, and acanthus moulded bowls raised on tri-claw supports with further scrolling detail on tri-corn plinth stands, 46cm tall approx together with a pair of good quality cast metal stands, each with scrolling framework raised on tri-corn supports with ormally type finish, 16cm tall approx £150-170
513.    A WWII period US Army medical department emergency first aid kit, with partial contents together with a military canvas belt with munition apertures and brass mounts (2) £30-50
514.    A 19th century oil burning lamp with copper reservoir and brass burner set within a scrolling ironwork frame, together with further metalwork lamp bases, stands etc £50-60
514A.   A celestial globe mapping the constellations, the black ground detailed with semi-precious stone inlay raised on a tripod frame and axis supporting a decorative compass to base (35cm tall approx) £60-80
515.    Several vintage cameras to include a Kodak Brownie 127, a Kodak Instamatic 33, and a Kodak 8 Movie camera, etc £30-40
515A.   A large globe comprised of cut and polished semi-precious stone set upon a heavy free standing metalwork base and axis supporting a decorative compass to base 50cm tall approx £100-150
516.    A decorative weathered composition stone model of a seated red squirrel 29cm tall approx £40-60
517.    Vintage boxed games and effects to include, Lego set 8859, a further vacant Lego box, a Big Loader construction set, etc £30-40
518.    A good quality late 19th/early 20th century beaten copper frame containing a portrait photograph of a young man, marked DURAY portrait specialist, 40cm x 30cm approx together with three sections of good quality brass panelling with chased symmetrical classic decoration detailing flower laden urns, trailing foliate swag etc (the longest measuring 80cm) (4) £40-60
519.    A vintage boxed child's model fort composed of painted wooden blocks, together with a pair of African carved hardwood bust, (male and female) £30-40
520.    An African metalwork sculptural group depicting a parade of figures carrying a larger central figure in a day bed, the figure sheltered by a parasol, 14 cm long x 13 cm tall approx together with a further similar smaller group depicting various figures seated at a table £20-40
521.    A Spanish N1941 Bolo knife bayonet and scabbard with Toledo blade, stamped 6800, 40cm long £30-40
522.    A ornate eastern dagger, the handle and sheath composed of semi precious stones of varying colours and shades, 30cm long £30-50
523.    A German Voigtlander camera Perkeo I - with retail label Wallace Heaton Ltd, London, set within original stitched leather case £40-60
524.    Vintage photographic equipment to include a cased 20th century German camera together with a boxed flash gun £20-30
525.    A small assortment of die cast model vehicles to include Matchbox London buses, a Dinky wheelbarrow model 105B, garden rollers, lawnmowers (probably by Britain's) etc £20-30
526.    Two unusual Maltese brass door knockers, each in the form of stylised dolphin with incised detail, the largest measuring 26cm long £20-40
527.    Three early Action Man figures complete with an assortment of uniform, helmets, weaponry and accessories
528.    A small beaten copper dish of oval form with applied twisted white metal border and simplistic incised foliate detail to centre, in the arts and crafts style with monogram mark H W, 17 cm x 37cm approx together with a lidded shallow timber bowl with scrolling metal framework and applied metallic lid finial (2) £20-40
529.    An old Japanese metal work flask/bottle of squat bulbous form with central screwing cap and looping hanging handle with patinated finish decorated with acid etched calligraphic and stylised foliate detail. 7cm tall (excluding handle) x 19cm diameter approx £60-80
530.    A late 19th /early 20th century Japanese chopstick set shagreen on timber with brass mounts & collars accommodating worked ivory chopsticks, (vacant knife slot) with woven cotton band decorated with nine incised bone fragments 21.5cm long £80-120
531.    An antique Chinese pole scale, the polished timber beam with studded white metal details, 63cm long approx £30-50
532.    A Japanese bronzed metalwork candlestick, the bowl in the form of an opening waterlily, the stem raised on a single lily pad with incised detail, accommodating a single crab with incised character marks and folded rim, 19cm tall approx £30-50
533.    A good quality 19th century mahogany veneered timber caddy, canted domed top revealing a vacant interior with ebony banded borders, 12cm tall x 21cm wide £30-50
534.    A 19th century silver plated and ebony well cast crucifix, 23 x 11 cm approx £30-40
535.    A 20th century motorcycle racing helmet, label to interior Skulguard, Chas Owen & Co Ltd, 82-102 Hanbury St London £40-60
536.    A German third Reich period officers cap marked to interior Bamberger Mutzen-Industrie, together with a further cap (2) £40-60
537.    A boxed 00 Gauge railway set, to include a Hornby engine various articles of railway stock, track etc £30-50
538.    A brass ceiling lantern (electrified) with clear globular glass shade £30-50
539.    A pair of contemporary clear glass ceiling lights of domed form with blackened metallic mounts and chain supports (2) £30-50
540.    An old African tribal carved timber mask with peirced eyes, incised detail and ornate head dress in the form of a crouching bird, 53cm tall approx £30-50
541.    A late 19th century black two piece ladies mourning costume(with some later modifications) comprising a blouse with pin-tucked and lace trimmed detail and panelled skirt, also together with a black under-blouse and a later black bead, simulated pearl and gilt chain work multi-strand necklace £100-150
542.    A full length tan leather ladies coat, together with a further full length dark leather coat, (labelled Suede Club), a further leather jacket (3) £40-60
543.    Two good quality vintage sheepskin jackets £40-60
544.    A wedding dress by Jenny Dobell in ivory satin with matching floral lace overlay and with an off the shoulder neckline together with a pair of Emma Hope shoes size 4

550.    A good quality late 19th century interior study in monochrome watercolour and chalk on board detailing a seated male musician beside an on looking young lady, the highly detailed interior decorated in the Gothic manner to feature a carpet cloaked table supporting a glass vase of flowers, beneath a study of the Madonna and child, 35.5 x 45cm £80-120
551.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas of a still life with vase of pink and red roses, signed bottom right Matinil? 40 x 50cm in swept gilt frame £40-60
552.    A 20th century watercolour of a mountainous landscape with woman and dog walking beside a lake and with beached fishing boat on the shore, signed bottom right Beric, dated 54, label verso Beric Young 37 x 51cm in gilt frame £30-50
553.    A collection of three coloured prints after Andy Warhol, all showing Marilyn Monroe and all with printed signature and printed circular mark stating Authorised by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, maximum size 80 x 60cm all in gilt frames £80-100
554.    A signed coloured limited edition screen print by Sondra Freckelton showing a pot of geraniums on a slatted garden seat, signed in pencil bottom right, dated 84 and inscribed Red Chair, edition no 12/50, 60 x 44cm in wooden frame £40-60
555.    A 20th century oil painting on board, shoulder length study of a young girl with a white kitten, signed bottom left Nadi Ken, 40 x 31cm in gilt frame with gilt and linen slips, together with a further oil painting on canvas by the same hand showing a young girl in a flower trimmed bonnet, covered by a tattered shawl, also signed bottom left Nadi Ken, 55 x 38cm in a wooden frame with carved detail with gilt and linen inner slips £80-120
556.    A set of three signed coloured limited edition screen prints showing still lifes of flowers including red tulips, anemones and freesias, all signed bottom right Danka Napiorkowska dated 1982, editions /200 in silver coloured aluminium frames £30-50
557.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas of a clown in top hat and with cane, indistinctly signed bottom left U. Alnucl? 90 x 30cm in wooden frame with cream coloured slip together with a continental coloured print of a girl holding a kitten, indistinctly signed and inscribed with printed text verso Brave Margot 72 x 52cm, a further signed coloured print of four female figures 54 x 52cm a pastel study of a sow and piglet signed S Whitaker, dated 1990 and an oval coloured print, portrait of a woman, all framed £50-80
558.    A 20th century black and white charcoal study in the abstract manner showing a mother holding a child 59 x 48cm in wooden frame £30-50
559.    An early 20th century watercolour by Holland Tringham of a cottage exterior with woman and child, signed bottom right Holland Tringham, dated 97
560.    A 20th century French oil painting on canvas by Jean Pascal Serriez showing a kneeling girl in harlequin style costume seated behind a curtain and observed by further figures, signed bottom left Jean Pascal Serriez 80 x 40cm in wide gilt frame with velvet slip £80-120
561.    A coloured print after Douglas E West of a 1930s style cricketing scene 37 x 55cm in wooden frame £20-25
562.    A 20th century Swedish oil painting on canvas by Ulf Alund in the impasto technique showing a study of two fighting cockerels signed bottom right Ulf Alund inscribed verso Le Coq, 73 x 60cm in wide frame with cream coloured slip £60-80
563.    A 20th century oil painting on board by Dennis Haddrell showing a landscape with trees, hedges and wild flowers signed bottom left Haddrell with inscribed verso Christmas 1978, 29 x 37cm in wooden and gilt frame £25-30
564.    A 20th century signed coloured print showing the Wrapped Reichstag project by Christo and Jeanne-Claude incorporating a sketch, a map and a silver and black textured panel, signed bottom right Christo 33 x 26cm in simple black frame £50-80
565.    A 20th century mixed media abstract study in of grey, pink and white with indistinct signature bottom right, partially obscured, Kymio? 38 x 56cm, together with a watercolour of figures in a landscape setting signed bottom right Peter Bosanquet, inscribed verso The Last Two Miles 25 x 32cm, and a monochrome wash study by Robin Boyd of a landscape signed bottom left and dated 1978 25 x 33cm all framed £30-50
566.    A 20th century mixed media study by Denis Mathews showing an unusual assembly of numerous characters, possibly a court room scene, signed bottom left Denis, inscribed verso Denis Mathews 49 x 60cm in a grey driftwood style frame £80-120
567.    A 20th century screen print of an abstract subject with four red forms against a buff coloured ground indistinctly signed bottom right edition no 39/75, 91 x 64cm in gilt frame £40-60
568.    A matched pair of 20th century Swedish oil paintings on canvas by Ulf Alund, both painted in the impasto technique in tones of brown and blue, one showing a butterfly, the other further insects, both signed bottom right Ulf Alund, maximum size 82 x 55 cm both in wide wooden frames with white painted slips £80-120
569.    A mid 20th century linocut coloured print by Peter Chase showing male figures in a bar, signed bottom left Peter Chase and dated 1955, with label verso London Bar, 5Gns (linocut), Peter Chase with Hampstead address details 39 x 63cm in wooden frame with gilt slip £60-80
570.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas by George McCullough showing an Irish lough scene with moored rowing boat, jetty, etc signed bottom right Geo McCollough, inscribed verso Upper Lake Killarney, Co Kerry, 50 x 75cm in white painted frame with linen detail £120-140
571.    A signed coloured limited edition print showing a Porsche car and a downhill ski racer signed pencil bottom right Twan V edition number 43/500 67 x 87cm in simple black frame £20-30
572.    A 19th century watercolour of a landscape with figures beside a stone bridge, signed bottom left W F Stanley dated 1874, 28 x 24cm, a further watercolour of a coastal scene 20 x 35cm, with a body colour study of a church in winter, signed initials bottom right T.H.S. dated 1947, 29 x 37cm all framed £30-50
573.    A 20th century continental oil painting on canvas three quarter length study of a seated female nude figure with red headdress, signed bottom right A.C.A Fremaux dated 1975, 100 x 60cm in wooden frame with gilt and linen slip £80-100
574.    A pair of Norwegian mixed media studies of still life subjects with fruit by Ingrid Blakstad, one signed bottom right Ingrid Blakstad, the other signed I. Blakstad, 24 x 17cm in gilt frames £40-60
575.    A 19th century black and white engraving showing an exterior scene at Notre Dame, signed in pencil bottom right Axel H Haig with monogram to plate and date 1879, 28 x 19cm in carved wooden frame and oak mount and gilt slips, together with a further late 19th century black and white etching of a cathedral interior scene signed C D Murray, 32 x 21cm in wooden frame with gilt slip £40-60
576.    A 20th century oil painting on board by Tom Greaney showing an Irish river scene with autumn foliage - The Waters-Meet at Killarney, signed bottom right Tom Greaney, 60 x 75cm in gilt frame with linen slip £140-160
577.    A pastel study of sheep in a landscape at sunset with label verso, Evening Pastures Denise Gale, 35 x 53cm, a further pastel and mixed media study of houses, signed bottom left Swaffin with label verso Judy Swaffin Butterow Autumn III, 23 x 28cm, and an oil painting on board of a landscape with label verso Cotswold landscape Val Jones, with Ruscombe Stroud address details, 38 x 45cm, all framed £40-60
578.    A 20th century watercolour and body colour study of female dancers, signed bottom left Armstrong, 75 x 50cm, together with a coloured print of an Irish landscape after Paul Henry and a late 18th century coloured engraving after Sir Joshua Reynolds showing Lord Burghersh as a young child, engraved by Bartolozzi, dated 1788 all framed £30-40
579.    A 20th century oil painting on board of a mountainous landscape with log cabin signed bottom right Rasmussen, 43 x 60cm in wooden frame £30-40
580.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas showing two horses grazing in a sunlight meadow, signed with monogram bottom right R.E.H and inscribed verso R E Hardy 30 x 34cm in cream painted frame £60-80
581.    Two signed coloured limited edition prints after R W Forster, one showing the Avon Gorge 33 x 47cm edition number 130/850, the other showing Brandon Hill 35 x 36cm edition number 400/600, both signed bottom right both in gilt frames £40-50
582.    Early 20th century oil paintings on canvas by J Lewis, one showing a wooded landscape with red roofed buildings beside a river - inscribed Friday St, Nr Dorking, the other showing a village street scene Abinger, with bell tower, horse drawn hay cart, etc inscribed Abinger-Hammer both signed bottom left J Lewis, 40 x 60cm in wooden frame £200-250
583.    An oil painting on canvas in the 19th century manner showing a pair of horses in a landscape setting, signed bottom left A. Fisher, together with certificate from Josef Mensing Gallery (we understand that A. Fischer is the pseudonym of Adolf W. Woitaske, born 1942 Cologne) 50 x 100cm in a moulded gilt frame £30-50
584.    An early 20th century oil painting on board of a river scene in autumn with figures, signed with initials bottom left F.H.E. dated 1912, 31 x 52cm in gilt frame £30-50
585.    A 20th century gouache study of four racehorses riding out on a winters morning, in an extensive landscape setting, signed bottom right M.J. Coates 33 x 46cm in gilt frame £100-120
586.    An unusual 20th century relief study by Stuart Bowman Johnson of a ram in the cubist manner, signed bottom right S B Johnson, further inscribed Stuart Bowman Johnson verso 61 x 81cm unframed £40-60
587.    A 20th century textile panel with gilt thread work and other embroidered detail by Monica Harris of Wotton Under Edge showing a church interior with candlelit chandelier, stained glass window, etc with label verso Iconoskasis-impression II with Wotton Under Edge address details 80 x 60cm in gilt frame £80-100
588.    A collection of late 19th and early 20th century pictures relating to coastal and maritime subjects including an oil painting on canvas of a three masted sailing ship at high seas accompanied by a pilot vessel, signed bottom right A E Goss, 40 x 53cm, a pair of gouache studies of coastal scenes one with a pier, signed WA Earl?, a pair of coloured etchings by Henry G Walker both showing harbour views at Brixham both signed in pencil bottom right 23 x 28cm, a similar etching by Grant Edwards showing Clovelly signed bottom right 31 x 20cm, etc £50
589.    A collection of five late 19th and early 20th century etchings including example showing panoramic landscape by James Cadzow signed in pencil bottom right 12 x 27cm, a study of a thatched cottage in distinctly signed with edition number 39/100 and a sepia coloured example after Constable, various sizes all framed £50-70
590.    A French coloured poster after Vikke Bergh for a production at the Theatre Lyrique Municipal (Gaite) showing a scene with renaissance type courtly characters, with label verso Carnosine Original Opera Poster Mounted on Linen c.1890 90 x 69cm approx in green coloured frame £80-100
591.    A mid 20th century oil painting on canvas painted in the impasto technique showing buildings painted in tones of yellow, green, red and black indistinctly signed bottom left Ginatti(?) 60 x 70 cm in gilt frame with linen slip £500-600
592.    A late 19th century oil painting on board by F E Jamieson showing a sunset scene with a figure outside a red roofed cottage, signed bottom right F E Jamieson 18 x 53cm in moulded gilt frame £50-70
593.    A 19th century pastel portrait/half length study of a gentleman wearing a signet ring and holding a book 75 x 54cm in gilt frame £40-50
594.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas half length portrait of a bearded gentleman in white waistcoat seated beside a table with inkwell and quill, indistinctly signed bottom right H Benning?, dated 1852 92 x 72cm unframed £50-70
595.    A collection of reproduction 19th century style coloured prints of military subjects including German infantry, Dragoons, etc 32 x 28cm in black and gilt frames £20-30
596.    A set of eight coloured prints of early 19th century sporting scenes including hare shooting, partridge shooting, etc 40 x 55cm in gilt frames
597.    A pair of early 20th century oil paintings on canvas of coastal scenes with fishing boats both signed with monogram bottom right A, 60 x 30cm in gilt frames £30-50
598.    An advertising poster for the performance at the Alhambra Theatre Bradford starring Ross Conway, Mike and Bernie Winters, etc 99 x 38cm, a 1970 three quarter length portrait of a stylish woman in black and white geometric dress with red hat, signed bottom right Hunter?, dated 73, 64 x 47cm together with a signed coloured artists proof after Norman Mareno, dated 78 titled Priory Gardens 58 x 66cm sheet size, all framed PLEASE NOTE THE GRULA HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN FROM THIS LOT £60-80
599.    A 20th century oil painting on board by Audrey Hind of a stone mill building with water wheel, signed bottom left A Hind, inscribed verso Maenaddwyn Mill Audrey Hind, 60 x 90cm in cream coloured wooden and gilt frame £80-120
600.    An oil painting on canvas- trompe l'eoil of a classical style roundel with cherubs and a bird cage 75 x 75cm unframed, together with a 20th century oil painting on canvas still life with brass candlestick, pewter quaich etc signed bottom right Loudienne 37 x 45cm in distressed wooden frame with cream coloured slip and also together with a further woodland scene with bluebells signed bottom right Ritz-Gay £40-60
601.    A quantity of pictures and prints including a painting on board of a racehorse, oriental painting on silk of a bird and magnolia blossom, a study of a male figure in eastern costume, 19th century print of a continental harbour scene, art nouveau style coloured print of a girl with poppies, etc various sizes all framed £30-40
602.    A colour print of a 17th century style Dutch townscape with river, figures etc in a substantial moulded gilt frame 91 x 105cm external dimensions £40-60
603.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas, three quarter length portrait by James B Barraclough, ROI, showing a seated lady in a blue dress with pearl necklace and brown cape, the Honourable Margaret Stockdale, (1904-76), daughter of the 1st Baron Faringdon, wife of Col Stockdale of Mears Ashby, Northamptonshire, signed bottom right Barraclough and dated 1933, 101 x 76cm in wide gilt frame with moulded graduating square detail £300-400
604.    A quantity of pictures by John Preece (Fosseway Artists) including an oil painting on canvas of a winter garden scene 51 x 92cm, an oil painting on canvas board of a still life with pineapple and other fruit 24 x 18cm, watercolours including views a Limone, Lake Garda, Ojen Spain, and Eastleech etc, mostly signed and in various frames, together with a mounted signed colour print after Terence Cuneo showing a canal scene in winter, and a coloured print after Pietro Annigoni showing the shoulder length portrait of a young girl etc £40-60
605.    An unusual watercolour and body colour architectural study heightened with gold leaf and including obelisks, tiled floor, mask fountainhead etc, by Mervyn Rodda signed bottom right Mervyn Rodda 71 x 38cm in unusual architectural style frame £40-50
606.    A 19th century black and white print after Holman Hunt - The Light Of The World, 68 x 40cm, a 19th century coloured print showing the First Easter Dawn after F K Thomson both in oak frames with gilt slips, a 19th century coloured map of Gloucestershire from Lewis' topographical dictionary, 27 x 29cm and a reproduction coloured map of Gloucestershire after Saxton £25-30
607.    A 19th century black and white etching of St Augustine's Gateway - Bristol monogrammed C B and dated 85, 46 x 33cm in oak frame with gilt slip and oak mount, together with a further black and white etching of the Nave at Durham Cathedral signed Morton Mathews, 30 x 20cm in simple black frame and also together with a coloured map of Gloucestershire after Greenwood £30-50
608.    A quantity of pictures and prints including an oil painting on board of a landscape with a red roofed house signed bottom right Sheail dated 74, with Suffolk address details verso, 35 x 50cm, a tapestry panel with elongated rectangular form with strap work style detail on a blue ground, a further embroidered panel, a oval gilt framed mirror, a pair of chromolithographs after Sylvester Stannard showing rustic scenes with cottages, a pair of oleographs of continental market scenes etc, various sizes all framed £30-50
609.    A late 19th century Glasgow School oil painting on canvas by James Elder Christie showing a coastal landscape, believed to be at Berwick with figures and distant masts of sailing ships, signed bottom right E Christie dated 99, inscribed verso When the Tide is Low, J Christie, 35 x 54cm unframed £60-80
610.    A pair of unframed limited edition coloured prints after A L Grace showing a boy receiving cricket lessons, one signed by Len Hutton and both edition number 350/500 produced to commemorate 100 years of test matches, England v Australia in England 57 x 64cm £20-30
611.    A quantity of Scholastic Publications Limited posters dating from the early 1990's subjects including Roald Dahl subjects, further children's literary subjects, and other related materials including natural history subjects, etc £25-30
612.    A collection of four 20th century watercolours of landscape subject including example by David Rust - Autumn in the Cotswolds, signed bottom left 11 x 15cm, a harbour scene signed Christopher Hollick 11 x 18cm, a further harbour scene indistinctly signed and a view of Teignmouth signed Joan Barker all framed £30-40
613.    An late 19th century watercolour of a river scene with heavy horse towing a barge inscribed bottom left Medway, Tonbridge and further inscribed verso T Knatchbull circa.1880, 31 x 51cm, together with two further watercolour and gouache studies by the same hand one inscribed Tunbridge Coal Wharf dated 1883, the other showing a scene in Richmond Park with deer grazing both 25 x 36cm all framed £40-60
614.    An early 20th century oil painting on canvas of a scene in a Cornish fishing village with figure seated on steps, signed bottom left Joseph Andrews, with label verso A Fisherman's Cottage - Polperro with Birkenhead address details, 60 x 50cm in moulded gilt frame together with a watercolour of a landscape with river with label verso (possibly associated) E Bouverie Hoyton - Nanjizal Cove 36 x 49cm also together with a coloured print showing the Skeletal System published by Cavellini Papers, both framed £150-200
615.    A watercolour of a Thames scene with Big Ben signed bottom right Phillip Fooks dated 1988 with label verso London Skyline in Wintertime by Phillip Fooks with Marazion Cornwall address details verso, 48 x56cm in simple wooden frame £40-60
616.    A pair of early 20th century watercolours of Cornish type coastal landscapes both signed bottom right H W Hicks, 15 x 32cm in simple black frames together with a further early 20th century watercolour of a scene at low tide with fishing boats, horse drawn cart etc signed bottom left Hannaford 26 x 36cm in gilt frame £40-50
617.    A pair of early 20th century studies of eastern scenes with numerous figures, sheep in the shade of a tree, heavily laden vehicle, etc possibly with over painted finish, one signed bottom right A Stephanin, the other signed beneath frame 28 x 38cm in moulded gilt frame £80-100
618.    A pastel study of a panoramic river landscape signed bottom right Jean Hervey inscribed in pencil bottom right The Don at Paradise dated 1962 with label verso The River Don by Jean Hervey, 38 x 80cm in black and gilt frame with linen slip £40-60
619.    A black and white engraving after William Hogarth with watercoloured finish - The Enraged Musician 38 x 43cm, an oriental painting on silk panel showing male and female characters fishing in a garden setting 28 x 30cm and a coloured print after Edmund Dulac showing a Japanese style female character and an exotic bird, all framed £25-30
620.    A 19th century oil painting on canvas of a rural scene with red brick farmhouse, farm workers including man sharpening scythe indistinctly signed bottom right, 44 x 65cm in gilt frame £50-60
621.    An early 20th century watercolour landscape of an Autumn scene indistinctly signed bottom right L Peuilmann?, with Versailles framers label verso, 29 x 49cm in gilt frame £30-50
622.    A 19th century wide gilt frame with relief moulded laurel wreath and beaded detail 55 x 45cm overall £20-25
623.    A 20th century oil painting on board of pink roses signed bottom right TSE Tait dated 63, 40 x 50cm in cream frame with distressed finish together with a further oil painting study of red and pink roses in a gilt frame £30-40
624.    A late 19th century oil painting on canvas of a landscape with figure walking along a country lane with distant river and city, possibly the River Severn and Gloucester, signed bottom left N Day, 54 x 66 cm in gilt frame £50-70
625.    A collection of three maps comprising a coloured example of Nottinghamshire by Robert Morden, a black and white map of Gloucestershire and a map of Guernsey and its Dependent Isles, both from Lewis' Topographical Dictionary, various sizes all framed £30-40
626.    Two 19th century scrap albums filled with a comprehensive collection of scraps including ornithological subjects, dogs, natural history subjects, a watercolour of a river scene showing the HMS Victory, further watercolours of marine subjects including example signed R M Lloyd dated 1891, portrait subjects, etc £60-80
627.    A substantial portfolio containing a quantity of photographic prints and other photographs of equestrian subjects including many examples inscribed L Agnour?, dogs including a spaniel and her pups, terriers and a wasp, etc £60-80
628.    A mid 19th century folder containing twelve coloured lithographs by Paul Jerrard - Gems For The Drawing Room - Birds, subjects including the robin red breast, the nightingale, the titmouse, the hedge sparrow, the wren, the chaffinch, the yellowhammer, the swallow, the linnet, the golden crested wren, the wagtail and the whinchat, each coloured plate with accompanying verse, approx sheet size 37 x 27cm £380-400
629.    A pair of late 18th century oil paintings on panel of male characters in 17th century style costume one inscribed verso Portrait of Van Dyck, the other inscribed Portrait of Michael Angelo and further indistinctly inscribed by Buonarroti?, 11 x 8cm approx in wide gilt frames with leaf detail £150-180
631.    A coloured print after David Shepherd showing a landscape subject - March Sunlight together with David Shepherd, The Man and his Paintings, published by David & Charles, signed and inscribed To Noreen my best wishes David Shepherd £30-50
632.    A pair of 19th century coloured engravings one showing a pointer bitch and puppies and inscribed to gilt mount T Ward & Reynolds, the other showing hounds in a kennel inscribed to mount G Morland & Reynolds 29 x 30cm in moulded gilt frames £60-80
633.    A late 18th century coloured print on glass showing a crucifixion scene with indistinct inscription verso, This Picture Of Our Blessed Saviour - August 1788 with further family information, 36 x 26cm in black frame £60-80
634.    An early 19th century needlework panel of oval form by Anna Hopkins showing a map of England and Wales with parts of Scotland, Ireland and France, the counties delineated and within a floral border, in black and gilt glass mount with floral detailed corners and in gilt frame 51 x 46cm overall frame size £180-200
635.    A collection of three framed French menus, one in watercolour with floral and wheatear decoration, all dating from the late 19th and early 20th century £20-25
636.    An acrylic and watercolour painting on panel by Allan B Laycock, ARWA showing a Cotswold landscape with stone buildings and apple tree, signed bottom right Allan Laycock and dated May 86, label verso Apple Tree - Pitchcombe with Hartpury address details, 38 x 47cm in simple wooden frame £60-80
637.    A 19th century watercolour of a shepherd and his flock at sunset with label verso Cox (Junior) 17 x 31cm in simple gilt frame £30-50
638.    An early 20th century oil painting on board of a red geranium with uncompleted painting of trees verso 13 x 18cm in simple gilt frame £20-25
639.    A pair of 19th century oil paintings on card both of river scenes with figures, fishing boat etc, one signed bottom left J Munsdell and dated 62, 15 x 27cm in moulded gilt frames £80-100
640.    An early 20th century oil painting on canvas of a Thames river scene, Richmond attributed to James Isiah Lewis signed bottom right J Lewis, 20 x 30cm in swept gilt frame £80-120
641.    A 19th century coloured engraving of oval form portrait of a young woman in an ornate cast gilt metal frame with floral and tassel decoration enclosed in a further gilt frame with red velvet mount, 29 x 26cm overall size together with a late 18th century coloured engraving after Bartolozzi - A St James's Beauty, a late 18th century coloured engraving after S De Coster - The Warrener engraved by W Nutter, 64 x 47cm also together with two coloured prints after Watteau by Quintessa Art Collection, all in gilt frames £40-60
642.    A pen, ink and wash drawing by Michael Frith recording a scene at the trial of Jeremy Thorpe, 1979, signed Michael Frith 38 x 54cm in simple black frame £200-250
643.    A Walt Disney celluloid drawing showing Donald Duck fighting a rat in a garden setting with label verso Original Hand Painted Celluloid Drawing Actually Used in a Walt Disney Production 20 x 25cm in simple white frame £80-120
644.    A late 19th century watercolour and body colour study of a harbour scene at sunset with fishing boats indistinctly signed bottom right R Mulhollands, 12 x 18cm in gilt frame £30-40
645.    A late 19th century oil painting on board, study of daffodils signed bottom right G Offord, dated 1899 faintly inscribed verso Geraldine Offord 34 x 25cm in moulded gilt frame and gilt slip £40-60
646.    Two 20th century Australian collage pictures constructed from natural materials including bark and grasses etc on board, one showing a pair of native Australian huntsmen beside a lake with label verso Vi Hurd, Australia 1984, 24 x 32cm the other showing a landscape with trees further signed verso Vi Hurd dated 1978 21 x 26cm both unframed £30-40
647.    A 19th century oil painting on board of a river landscape with a country house, figures harvesting, cattle watering etc signed bottom left D F, dated 1866 inscribed verso D Farquharson, 26 x 40cm in reeded gilt frame £80-100
648.    A 20th century oil painting on board of a Cornish village scene thickly painted in the impasto technique, signed bottom right S Elliott inscribed verso S Elliott - Fowey, Cornwall and with Randwick Stroud, address details 67 x 47cm in pine frame £50-70
649.    A mid 20th century oil painting on board by Alan Stenhouse Gourley showing a Mediterranean landscape with trees, signed bottom left Gourley, dated 53, 43 x 50cm in hand finished frame £250-300
650.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas by Donald Floyd showing a river landscape, possibly the River Wye, in autumn, signed bottom left D H Floyd 40 x 50cm in painted frame £120-150
651.    A late 19th century crystoleum showing characters in 16th century style costume with partially obscured printed signature Alfred Seifert 24 x 18cm in black and gilt moulded frame, a set of three early 20th century coloured etchings by Henry G Walker, showing city scenes with figures all signed in pencil bottom right, together with a coloured print after F Robson showing Pump Court, York all framed £30-40
652.    A gouache study by W Williams of Plymouth showing a peaceful sunset with figures, signed bottom right W Williams and inscribed Plymouth, 21 x 29cm in gilt frame £40-60
653.    A 19th century needlework sampler by Ann Shipway, aged 9, dated 1838 and incorporating houses, a tree, dogs, floral border etc and verse entitled 'Contentment' 41 x 31cm in oak frame £40-60
654.    A contemporary watercolour of a Cornish harbour scene with fishing boats, figures etc signed bottom right Charlotte Stephenson, 35 x 48cm in lilac coloured frame £40-60
655.    A 20th century oil painting on canvas by Edgar Nye showing a landscape with grazing sheep and red roofed building, signed bottom right E Nye 35 x 45cm in hand finished frame £150-170
656.    An early 20th century watercolour of a country landscape with farm buildings signed bottom right W Avery Adams, label verso A Wessex Pastoral, William Avery Adams, 23 x 32cm, together with a pair of early 20th century watercolour studies of town scenes by Stanley Date, one signed bottom left, 33 x 26cm all in gilt frames £30-50
657.    A 20th century Swedish oil painting on canvas by Olaf Alund, study of an insect in the abstract manner singed bottom right O Alund, 60 x 60cm in wooden and gilt frame £40-60
658.    A collection of 18th century black and white engravings of portrait subjects after Van Dyck including George Lord Digby, Earl of Bristol, Theodorus Galle and Christiano Postulato together with a further 18th century black and white engraving after Alexander Werff showing King William III, approx sixe 36 x 23cm all in black and gilt frames together with a further monochrome print of the Virgin and Child all framed £30-50
659.    A signed coloured limited edition print after David Shepherd - Men of the Woods - Orangutans signed in pencil bottom right limited edition number 273/950 50 x 71cm in wooden and gilt frame £60-80
660.    A signed coloured print after Helen Bradley showing an Edwardian style picnic beside a lake, signed pencil bottom right with Fine Art Trade Guild blind embossed stamp bottom left 44 x 61cm in wooden frame with white and gilt slip £60-80
661.    Two Swiss coloured posters for art exhibitions for Genis at the Galerie Des Chaudronnies Genève, 1980 the other for Bardone at Les Salle Du Palais, Genève 76 x 55cm maximum size approx, both in black frames together with a signed limited edition etching by Barry Cottrell showing Clifton College produced to commemorate the 125th anniversary edition number 99/125 25 x 34cm in simple black frame £30-40
662.    An oil painting on board in the 19th century manner showing three masted sailing ships and other vessels off the coast with storm clouds approaching, 35 x 53cm in wooden frame with silver coloured slip, together with a 19th century engraving after W Joy from a drawing by Captain Crawford showing a View of the Successful Attack of Her Majesties Combined Forces Upon The Height of Chuasan 1st October 1841 published by Ackermann 33 x 58cm in black and gilt frame £60-80
663.    A pair of coloured prints of marine subjects, paintings both in the manner of early 19th century reverse glass, both showing sailing ships, one inscribed Frigate La Junon Capitaine Rosamel, the other inscribed Brig Jessie of Bideford, Philip Lawton Master 42 x 59cm in burrwood style frames with gilt slips £50-70
664.    A 19th century chromolithograph showing a fox watching a pair of rabbits 35 x 30cm in moulded gilt frame together with two watercolours of Leeds Castle and Craigievar Castle both signed bottom right Neville Wilson, 30 x 40cm max approx size, a pair of coloured prints of botanical subjects from the Manuscript Collection by Quintessa Art, a black and white photograph of a young soldier and a coloured Vanity Fair print of a cricketer all framed £30-50
665.    A signed coloured limited edition artists proof after Dean Morrissey - The Telescope of Time, signed pencil bottom left edition number 36/76 50 x 95cm approx, together with a further signed coloured limited edition print after the same artist - Drifting Closer and a further signed coloured limited edition print after E R Sturgeon showing a harbour scene at Crail Fifeshire, signed in pencil bottom right edition number 570/850 59 x 73cm all unframed £25-30
666.    A pair of unusual 20th century charcoal life drawings of circular form showing nude female characters in circular grey painted frames 93cm diameter overall £80-100
667.    A contemporary oil painting on canvas of a landscape signed bottom left Swaffin with label verso Judy Swaffin Vans, May Hill II, 46 x 56cm in cream painted frame together with a further contemporary oil painting on canvas view of a landscape with farm buildings 44 x 60cm in pale wooden frame £40-50
668.    A quantity of watercolours and other pictures, mainly relating to the Painswick area, examples by Donald H Edards and Hector G R Hook including the gate house and Painswick street scenes etc and further watercolours by Hector Hook including a view of The Woolpack Inn in Slad and a further view of Slad etc, maximum size approx 37 x 22cm all framed £40-60
669.    Three oriental scroll paintings of subjects including a male figure, yellow flowers etc £25-30
670.    A watercolour of an interior scene with Mary and Jesus, signed bottom right Alice C Butler and dated 1933, 50 x 40cm in oak frame with carved flower head detail £25-30
671.    A collection of three coloured nursery prints after Molly Brett of a woodland scene with fairies and wild animals , a scene with teddies at the seaside and a teddies picnic in the woods, together with a similar nursery print after Margaret Tarrant, 47 x 55cm maximum, all framed £30-50
672.    A set of three unusual coloured advertising prints on linen probably dating from the early 20th century and with art nouveau style subjects of dancing girls, gentlemen etc, advertising Follies Bergere, Reine de Joie and a Fleur de Peau, 33 x 24cm in simple black frames £150-200
673.    Two unusual coloured advertising prints on linen, probably dating from the early 20th century and with art nouveau style subjects of a man in red scarf and an elegant lady, advertising Eldorado and A La Place Clichy, Nouveautes de la Saison, 33 x 24 in simple black frames £120-150
674.    Two unusual coloured advertising prints on linen, probably dating from the early 20th century and with art nouveau style subjects of a fashionable lady with a parasol advertising the Pall Mall Budget and a lady with parcels and hat box advertising Magazzini Italian, 33 x 24 in simple black frames £120-150
678.    Particulars of pasture, arable and orchard land, public houses and malt houses in the parishes of Wotton Under Edge, North Nibley and Berekeley to be sold June 26th 1876. Particulars of properties in Bournestream W-U-E, and North Nibley, 29th November 1912 £20-30
679.    An interesting collection of photographic and other post cards of the Thornbury, Tockington, Olveston, Aust area (many post marked 1905-10 period) 35 cards approx together with a further 40 black and white amateur photographs of Olveston village circa mid 1950's
680.    A collection of local sale particulars and similar, a portfolio of 6 local views of Thornbury published by A Prewett - High Street, Church and Castle etc, Street & Shellars Lane Farm in the Parishes of Alveston, Olveston and Thornbury, 330 acres, 27 lots, 30th July 1885, Sale of Station Farm, Pilning June 1st 1915 (3 copies) £20-30
681.    Five ring binder stamp albums containing a quantity of British and worldwide stamps with examples from Australia, Ceylon, Iceland, India, etc £200-250
682.    A dark green stock book containing a quantity of British and worldwide stamps from QV £30-50
684.    Four old Lincoln stamp albums containing a quantity of mixed stamps £30-50
685.    Three stock books of British and Commonwealth stamps from Queen Victoria and Edward VII £50-80
686.    Three stock books containing a quantity of mint and used Commonwealth stamps £40-60
687.    Two topographical maps of Rhodesia and Nyasaland produced in 1963 by the Federal Department of Trigonometrical and Topographical Surveys £20-40
688.    A Postal History folder of British and Commonwealth from pre-stamps and Queen Victoria £40-60
689.    A Great Britain Stamp Album with original box containing a quantity of early 20th century and onwards commemorative stamps together with a Simplex Blank Album containing a quantity of worldwide stamps, etc £20-30
690.    An album containing a collection of British, Commonwealth and world stamps including China, France and Colonies, Russia, etc £50-80
691.    Two stock books containing a large quantity of mint and used British and Commonwealth stamps from 1d black, 1d red, 2 blues, Queen Victoria, Edward VII, Cape of Good Hope Triangle, 1d red, etc £200-300
692.    A stock book containing Chinese stamps from early issues Coiling Dragons to 1960s together with some early Japan and Siam (Thailand) examples £30-50
694.    A scrap book containing a large quantity of cartoon cuttings from various magazines and newspapers all in respect of the Second World War together with a box of black and white press type photographs of a Lancaster, Fleet Air Arms Spitfires, various sea planes, war ships, etc and a silk poster titled Success to HMS Hawkins £40-60
695.    Extensive collection of DVD's (in excess 150) subjects including westerns, comedy, TV series etc £30-40
696.    Two small boxes and a box file containing a large quantity of British and World Postal History and FDCs £50-80
697.    Two stamp albums containing a quantity of early 20th century British and worldwide stamps, two framed black and white portrait photographs and a hand written journal £20-30
698.    A ring binder stamp album containing a large quantity of mixed worldwide stamps together with a further folder containing a large quantity of First Day Covers and Royal Mail Mint Stamp Collections £30-50
699.    A box containing a quantity of Lost in Space memorabilia including a signed black and white photograph of the cast, two plastic toys in their original packaging - The Chariot and Robot B-9, a boxed Japanese wind-up robot, various books and publications, etc PLEASE NOTE - THE BELT SHOWN HERE WAS PHOTOGRAPHED IN ERROR. NOT LISTED AS PART OF THIS LOT. £30-50
700.    A box containing a quantity of items relating to Jeremy Thorpe including various books and publications including The Last Word by Auberon Waugh, The Dog Who Knew Too Much by Miss Matilda Excellent, etc, various press photographs, two packets of commemorative postcards numbered 154 and 244 and titled Trial of the Century, various issues of the Private Eye Magazine all leading with the story of the Jeremy Thorpe trial, a 45 rpm record entitled Jeremy Thorpe Is Innocent (We Know Who Did It), produced by Dead Dog Discs, a It's a Bum Wrap Badge, commemorative pieces of ceramic, etc £40-60
701.    A carrier bag containing a large quantity of unsorted stamps, two stock books containing a quantity of British and worldwide stamps, five States of Guernsey Post Office Board Mint Stamp Collections, a small collection of Lundy stamps, etc £20-30
702.    Two albums containing a large quantity of First Day Covers, mainly dating from the 1970s and 1980s £20-25
703.    A large quantity of mixed CD's mostly country and western £20-25
704.    A large collection of navigational sea charts, mainly produced in the 1980s showing various British and continental routes together with a scrap book containing a quantity of information about Incas Textiles £20-25
705.    A collection of ephemera and memorabilia connected to the actor Terry Thomas including various black and white press photographs, magazine cuttings, various records made by Mr Thomas, badges and cufflinks (on display in cabinet), etc £40-60
706.    Two albums containing a quantity of early black and white photographs and souvenir pictures of China, Japan, Egypt, Hawaii, etc £50-70
707.    An extensive collection of mainly black and white publicity photographs for various musicians and groups including Phil Collins, David Essex, Bob Geldof, Hazel O'Connor, etc, some signed, further publicity stills for TV and film actors including an autographed picture of Michael Caine together with an autographed Marlene Dietrich programme and LP record, etc £60-80
708.    Mr Gould's Tropical Birds produced by The Ariel Press 1955 £30-50
709.    An extensive collection of vintage sheet music, various examples including jazz, music hall, film themes, etc £20-25
710.    A large collection of black and white publicity photographs predominantly of stage actors and performers including Tommy Trinder, Jimmy Edwards, Harry Secombe, Frankie Howard, Max Wall, Ken Dodd, etc £30-50
711.    A large collection of theatre programmes including 1932/33 Red Riding Hood at the Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham, 1964 Henry V, The Bristol Old Vic Company, 1960s Camelot, Theatre Royal Drury Lane, etc, souvenir publications of the Bristol Old Vic and the Theatre Royal, Bristol, a 1930 edition of The Alexandra Journal, various theatre posters and flyers, etc £40-60
712.    An interesting and extensive collection of vintage sheet music spanning various decades and genres, examples include Jelly Roll Morton, The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Frank Sinatra, Irving Berlin, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Rolling Stones, etc £20-25
713.    A box containing a quantity of Linton and Barnstaple railway magazines together with a copy of Station to Station by James Attlee £20-30
715.    Five boxes containing a very large quantity of British and world stamps, covers, albums, album pages, China Philatelic journals, Philatelic material, 1960s old school photo albums, old toys, etc £50-80
716.    An extensive collection of theatre programmes, many of local interest including examples on the New Empire, Bristol some dating from the 1940s, further examples from The Bristol Old Vic and Bristol Hippodrome, etc £40-60
717.    Twenty four volumes of The Waverley Novels published by Fisher, Son & Co, London 1837 with green leather spines and gilt decoration
718.    A quantity of good quality hard back books about various military subjects including The Somme, History of The Blitz, Goebbels, etc together with a quantity of After The Battle Magazine (25 volumes approx) £40-60
719.    Twelve volumes of The Birds of the British Isles by D A Bannerman & G E Lodge, published by Oliver & Boyd 1953 together with a copy of Birds of the World by O L Austin Junior and Arthur Singer, published by Paul Hamlyn of London £20-25
721.    An interesting collection of books about subterranean Britain and related subjects, topics include London Underground, railway tunnels, fortifications and bunkers, etc together with a quantity of The Subterranean Magazine, etc £30-50
722.    A large book containing bound editions of The Evening World Bristol (Jan 1st - April 30 1954), a box containing a large quantity of guide books, pamphlets and booklets about Bristol and the West Country, three editions of The Illustrated Lundy News (1972/73), a Bristol Channel District Guide produced by the Steamers of P & A Campbell Limited, etc £40-60
723.    A collection of books by Anthony Hope, approx 35 volumes, including Phroso, The Heart of Princess Osra and Sophy of Kravonia, published by George G Harrap & Co Limited 1925, The Dolly Dialogues reprinted from the Westminster Gazette, London 1896, etc £40-60
724.    Twelve volumes of Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Adjoining Countries, published London 1803 (second edition) with accompanying book of plates £60-80
724A.   Charles Dickens - Bleak House, published by Bradbury & Evans, illustrations by H K Browne 1st edition (book form) 1853 - half calf bindings, Little Dorrit published by Bradbury & Evans, illustrated by H K Browne 1st edition (book form) 1857 £80-100
724B.   A 19th century leather bound volume, Emma Tennyson poems - Gallipoli and Ellis's history of the Iron Mask £40-60
725.    Ten volumes of The Diary of Samuel Pepys, published by G Bell & Sons Limited, London 1928 with blue cloth covers and gold decoration to spine
726.    History of the Russo-Japanese War, 5 volumes with illustrations together with A History of Rome volumes 1 - 6 by Victor Duruy with engravings and coloured maps 1883 £40-60
727.    Wiltshire Village by Heather & Robin Tanner, Stanley Spencer A Biography by Maurice Collis, London Town, two volumes, by W W Hutchings, etc £30-40
728.    Four boxes of contemporary books relating to show business personalities £30-40
730.    Three boxes of books, mixed subjects including James Lees-Milne Diaries including books on Domestic Sanitation Throughout the Ages, British Eccentrics, Dracula, Hindenburg - An Illustrated History, etc £40-60
731.    British topographical books including Bygone Liverpool introduced by Ramsay Muir, further books on Taunton, Oxford, Malmesbury, Stroud, etc £30-40
732.    Books on cricket, golf, bridge, etc, 25 volumes approx
733.    Architecture and related subjects, 15 volumes approx £20-30
735.    Books relating to the motorcar including Encyclopaedias of Motorcars, Classic Cars, Veteran and Vintage Cars, etc, 27 volumes approx £20-30
736.    A large collection of books by Negley Farson including Going Fishing, Bombers Moon, a Danish edition of Paq Fisketuri illustrated by Tunnicliffe, Historien OM EN SO etc, 50 volumes approx £60-80
737.    A collection of books by Daniel Farson, On The Way To Work, Damien Hirst, Gordon Burn, with Gilbert and George in Moscow, etc, 25 volumes approx £30-40
738.    A collection of theatre programmes, mainly regional productions of the 1970s and 1980s together with volumes of Spotlight (an encyclopaedia of actors and actresses of the early 1990s period) together with further magazines, etc £40-60
739.    Henry Williamson, various works by and including photographs of and a letter to Williamson from Lianaton Rectory, Montgomeryshire together with further miscellaneous books including books on Bristol, etc £30-50
740.    Lisa St Aubin De Teran, various works, 30 volumes approx £30-50
741.    Two boxes of VHS cassettes and some DVDs of various Dr Who and Blakes 7, some of the Dr Who videos have been signed by various actors including Anthony Ainley (The Master), Peter Davison (The Doctor), Louise Jameson (Companion), etc £80-100
742.    A collection of 78 RPM records, artists include Sandy Powell, Cliff Richard, Frank Sinatra, etc together with an ITMA boxed set featuring Tommy Handley £50-60
743.    A collection of books about the Royal Air Force, Bomber Command and related subjects, titles include The Lancaster Manual, Bomber Command 1939-45, Bomber Offensive, etc together with five DVDs about the same subject £20-25
744.    A quantity of books about steam engines and related subjects, titles include A Treatise on the Steam Engine by John Farey (volumes 1 and 2), James Watt and Steam Engine, The Steam Engines of Thomas Newcomen, etc together with a quantity of pamphlets and notes, etc, all relating to engineering subjects £15-20
745.    A quantity of garden and garden design books including two folders of TV horticultural correspondence college course notes and study guides £15-20
746.    A quantity of books about birds and related subjects, primarily about caged birds such as finches, parrots, etc, titles include Foreign Bird Keeping by E J Boosey, Foreign Birds for Garden Aviaries by Alec Brooksbank, etc £15-20
747.    An extensive collection of books relating to railways, steam locomotives and related subjects (80 volumes approx) £40-60
748.    Twelve volumes of The Bradenham Edition of the Novels and Tales of Benjamin Disraeli, published in 1926 with gilt lettering and decoration to spine with black covers £30-50
749.    Ten volumes of The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde, Edition Luxe (limited to 1,000 sets), published 1909 £20-30
750.    A late 19th century pulpit Bible printed by George Eyre and William Spottiswoode, Payne's Illustrated Family Bible and a further illustrated Family Bible together with a 19th century edition of The New Testament £40-60
751.    A quantity of books about crafts including stitch work, decoupage, woodturning, etc including four volumes of The Practical Woodworker by Bernard E Jones and three volumes of Turning and Mechanical Manipulation by Charles Holtzappffel £20-30
752.    A quantity of books about British canals and waterways including The Avon and Sharpness Canal, also three volumes of The Highways and Byways Books printed by MacMillan & Co, including Somerset and Gloucestershire £20-30
753.    A collection of five art books comprising Epstein's 56, a limited edition 16/200, photographs by Geoffrey Holland, Introduction by Laurie Lee, signed by both Epstein and Laurie Lee (at end of his introduction), printed by the Lion & Unicorn Press at the Royal College of Art, London, Nymph & Naiad by John Everard, Kromeriz by R Smahel and a Taschen Portfolio of August Macke and Buckinghamshire Watercolours by Sutton Palmer £60-80
754.    An interesting collection of local topographical books including The Fauna & Flora of Gloucestershire by Witchell & Strugnel, printed by Stroud Press 1892, The City of Gloucester by G S Lakeway (Town Clerk) 1924, Roman Antiquities at Lydney Park, Gloucestershire by Reverend W H Bathurst 1879, etc £30-50
755.    An extensive and varied collection of art books, titles include Principles of Ornamental Art by Hulme, Lithographs by Mervyn Levy, Kitcj Prince, The Art of Henry Moore, Wood Cuts and Some Words by Sir Edward Gordon Craig, etc together with a 1903 edition of The Studio Magazine £40-60
756.    A quantity of books about motor racing and related subjects, titles include Damon Hill, Formula One, Goodwood Festival of Speed, etc £15-20
757.    A small quantity of vintage railway related books, a collection of The Railway Magazine, all dating from the 1950s, further railway related magazines, pamphlets, guide books, etc £20-25
758.    A box containing a quantity of contemporary books about medical and health related subjects £5-10
759.    Four boxes of contemporary novels together with a box of vintage paperbacks, mainly thrillers £15-20
760.    A quantity of Scottish topographical books, titles include The Charm of Skye by S Gordon, Edinburgh by John Fulleylove, The Scottish Highlands, etc (displayed on very top shelf) £20-25
761.    A collection of mixed travel books, both historical and contemporary, subjects include The Holy Land, Italy, Venice, India, etc (displayed on very top shelf) £20-30
762.    A large quantity of mixed classical CDs including a number of boxed sets, comprising Schubert, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Brahms, etc £20-30
763.    A large quantity (400 approx) of vinyl LPs, mixed subjects including banjo, organ, brass band, piano, strings, etc £25-30
764.    A large quantity of approximately 300 vinyl LPs including opera, light listening, musicals and comedy (Spike Milligan, The Goons, etc) £30-40
765.    A collection of classical LPs including Handel and Beethoven together with a collection of 78 RPM records £10-15
765A.   A collection of LP's, Van Morrison, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Steeleye Span, Beatles, Sanatan etc, 130 approx
766.    Three boxes of good quality contemporary cook books £10-15
767.    Three boxes of mixed books about literature and related subjects £15-20
768.    Twelve volumes of The Works of Samuel Johnson published London 1810, two volumes of Froude's Short Studies, Sunny Memories of an Indian Winter, Macaulay's Essays and a quantity of further 18th and 19th century books £60-80
769.    Brittany by Mortimer-Mempes, the deluxe limited edition numbered 149/350, signed by Mortimer-Mempes, Happy England by Helen Arlingham together with The Snow Goose and The Small Miracle, both by Paul Gallico £30-50
770.    South - The Story of Shackleton's Last Expedition 1914-1917 by Sir Ernest Shackleton, William Heinemann, London 1919 (with map) £80-100
771.    Rumbo Rhymes or The Great Combine, a satire by Alfred C Calmour, illustrated by Walter Crane, Harper & Brothers 1911 £50-60
772.    Two books - The Mint by T E Lawrence, first edition published Jonathan Cape London 1955 and Revolt in the Desert by T E Lawrence, also published by Jonathan Cape London 1927 £40-60
773.    Two editions of The Ascent of Everest by John Hunt, both first editions, one signed by Sherpa Tenzing, one signed by John Hunt £60-80
774.    A large collection of early 20th century topographical books, mainly with decorative covers including a number from Black's Popular Series £20-30
775.    An interesting and varied collection of books on equine subjects including horse breeding, training, fox hunting, horse racing, etc including Mount and Man by McTaggart and Bridle Wise by Lieut Col Goldschidt, both illustrated by Lionel Edwards £30-50
776.    An extensive and varied collection of antique reference books, subjects include porcelain, watches, barometers, copper and brass, silver, etc £30-50
777.    Eight volumes of The Textile Industries by William S Murphy, published by The Gresham Publishing Company 1910 together with five further books published by Gresham with similarly decorative covers £30-50
778.    A collection of books relating to Sir Winston Churchill including volumes of The Second World War, Winston S Churchill by Randolph S Churchill, etc £20-30
779.    An interesting collection of mainly 20th century plays and poetry including John Osborne, John Coctau, Humbert Wolfe, etc £20-30
780.    Johnsons racing calendar 1830/4/6, The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle - 4 volumes 1806, etc and other 19th century leather bound works 23 vols £40-60
781.    An extensive and interesting collection of poetry books (60 approx) including Quiet as Moss by Andrew Young published 1959 with wood engravings by Joan Hassall, The Tree That Walked by John Fuller published 1967 by Chatto & Windus, Longfellow's Poetical Works, etc, also including two further books The Game and the Candle by Margaret Kennedy published 1928, limited edition 96/500, signed by the authoress and The First Born by Laurie Lee published 1963 £30-50
782.    Thirteen mixed Folio Society books, titles include Moby Dick, Notable Historical Trials volumes 1-4, The Newgate Calendar, etc £25-30
783.    A mixed collection of books on military subjects together with a number of illustrated Michelin Guides to the Battlefields (1914-1918) and further Bomber Command publications £20-25
784.    Introduction to Botany by James Lee printed London 1760 together with a collection of 19th century leather bound books, various titles including The Ocean World, Rise of the Dutch Republic, Practical Sermons, etc £30-50
785.    Eight volumes of The Jorrocks Novels by R Surtees including two duplicate titles - Handley Cross and Plain or Ringlets, all but one illustrated by John Leech together with two editions of The Badminton Library entitled Big Game Shooting and Skating, Figure Skating, Curling, etc £60-80
786.    An extensive and varied collection of worldwide travel books including a number of Freya Stark titles £20-30
787.    A collection of books about opera, classical English music and related subjects, titles include Gilbert and Sullivan, A Season at Glyndebourne, Verdi, etc £20-30
788.    Seven vintage Wardlock & Company illustrated guide books, titles include Broadstairs, Isle of Man, Paignton, Barmouth, etc together with further mixed guide books and a box of Ordnance Survey Maps of Great Britain, some published in the 1950s and 1960s £20-25
789.    An interesting collection of books about the City of London, titles include Prehistoric London, The Faber Book of London, Green London, a Folio Society edition of London, Portrait of a City (complete with box cover) and a boxed set of The Life of London by Liza Pickard £20-25
790.    A collection of books about ornamental glass, subjects include paperweights, Wedgwood glass, Whitefriars glass, Irish glass, etc £20-25
791.    Four books comprising The Admiral Crichton by J M Barrie, illustrated by Hugh Thomson, Loves Progress or The Education of Araminta by James Laver, published by The Nonesuch Press, Dance of the Months by Eden Phillpotts, published Gowans & Grey Limited 1911 and Rabelais by Anatole France, published Victor Gollancz Limited 1929 £20-30
792.    An extensive collection of vintage and some antique children's books including The Bonny Book, illustrated by Millicent Sowerby, The Luck of the Bean Rose, illustrated by Claude Lovat Fraser, The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss (first edition, third issue), A Tale of Peter Rabbit, etc £30-50
793.    An extensive collection of mainly early 20th century pocket sized books, subjects include classical literature and general fiction £20-30
794.    An extensive collection of good quality and interesting Natural History books covering a range of subjects including A New Naturalist titled The Highlands and Islands and a 1910 edition of The Home Life of the Spoonbill by Bentley Beetham £30-50
795.    Three boxes of mixed books, subjects include sailing, history, travel, etc £10-20
796.    Three boxes of books about religion, psychology and spiritual subjects £10-15
797.    Four boxes of books, a wide ranging mixture of biographies and autobiographies, subjects and writers include Picasso, Alan Clark Diaries, Tony Benn, Menuhin, etc, also an edition of Flush - A Biography by Virginia Woolf, published 1933 £20-25
798.    Three boxes of good quality mixed history books £15-20
799.    A collection of 19th century books (four sets) all in good quality bindings with leather spines, titles include Lessings Schriften, Chateaubriand, etc £30-50
800.    A mixed collection of 19th century books including three volumes of Hooker's Works, two volumes of Life of E Burke, three volumes of Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine and three volumes of Lanzi's History of Painting £30-40
801.    Six volumes of The Life and Times of Lord Palmerston, six volumes of Life and Times of The Right Honourable W E Gladstone together with eight volumes of The Age We Live In £15-20
802.    A collection of Punch publications including six volumes of Pictures from Punch, published 1894, The New Punch Library volume 1, various volumes of Punch from the 1920s, etc £20-25
803.    Twenty three volumes of Carlyle's Works, published by Chapman & Hall, London with leather bindings and gilt decorated spines £30-50
804.    A collection of three poetry books to include A Dozen Dogs or So by Cecil Aldin, Cotswolds Days by Jim Turner, illustrated with wood gravings by Miriam MacGregor, published by The Whittington Press and The Modern Traveller, an 1898 first edition published by Edward Arnold, London £15-20
805.    Five boxes of vintage Playboy, Penthouse, Mayfair and other magazines £80-100
806.    Three boxes of mixed books, subjects include military aircraft, Mount Everest, Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T Lawrence, a leather bound edition of The Elements of a Polite Education by G Gregory, etc £20-30
807.    Five boxes of mixed fiction books including a large number of titles by Dornford Yates, Ian Fleming titles, etc £20-25
808.    Two boxes of a wide ranging collection of miscellaneous books, subjects include four volumes of Osbert sitwells Autobiography, five volumes of Macaulay's History of England, published 1905, six volumes of Jane Austen titles, a 1934 edition of London Night by John Morrison and Harold Vurdekin, etc £30-50
809.    A box of mixed biographical and autobiographical books, subjects and writers including Golda Meir, Michael Frayn, Picasso, Alistair Campbell, etc £15-20
1001.   A weathered teak three seat garden bench with slatted seat and back £40-60
1001A.  A weathered teak garden arm chair with slatted framework
1002.   A weathered cast composition stone garden planter of circular tapered form with Greek key, grape and further detail, further squat oviform planter, a selection of galvanised wares and two folding metal terrace chairs with lattice seats
1003.   A pair of weathered cast composition stone garden urns of squat circular form, with trailing classical swag detail and square cut bases together with two others, one of campana shape with classical detailing (4) £40-60
1004.   A pair of weathered cast composition stone campana shaped garden urns with egg and dart rims, foliate and further detailing raised on square cut bases £60-80
1005.   An Arrow aluminium extending ladder, approximate ended height 6.10 metres
1006.   A set of four contemporary steel stacking garden/conservatory chairs with simple scrolled arms, open slatted seats and x framed panelled backs
1007.   A weathered cast composition stone three sectional bird bath, the column in the form of a standing cherub, together with a matching cherub supporting a sun dial with pierced gnomon £40-60
1008.   A contemporary hardwood three seat garden bench with slatted seat and slightly curved slatted panelled back £40-60
1009.   A contemporary hardwood banana shaped garden bench with slatted seat and back £80-100
1010.   Nine galvanised steel rectangular trays including three Mothers Pride bread examples
1011.   A quantity (30 plus) terracotta flower pots of varying size
1012.   A Victorian cast iron framed horse drawn plough with painted finish £40-60
1013.   Four matching reclaimed buff coloured chimney pots of cylindrical form with ring moulded detail £60-80
1014.   Three vintage pine folding A framed step ladders of varying design
1015.   A contemporary hardwood Lutyens style three seat garden bench £180-220
1016.   A pair of weathered cast composition stone garden planters of squat circular and tapered form with pebble dash finish, 67 cm diameter approx £60-80
1017.   Three small garden wheel barrows of varying design, two with galvanised bodies
1018.   A contemporary weathered hardwood garden table of circular form with segmented octagonal slatted top raised on folding x framed supports, together with a set of four matching folding armchairs £40-60
1019.   A pair of eastern wooden surrounds/frontage with inset pierced cast iron panels over scrolled brackets and split column supports 174 cm wide approx
1021.   A lead five sided planter with moulded panels, together with a set of art and crafts style fire irons plus a small run of forged hooks
1022.   A Danarm petrol garden strimmer with Kawasaki TG20 engine, together with a large spool of line
1023.   A floorstanding cast iron conservatory stand with three decorative fan shaped tiers and scrolled supports
1024.   A vintage Ewbank rubber wringer with green painted cast iron frame beneath a rectangular stripped pine folding top
1025.   A vintage French cast iron and lilac coloured enamel stove of oval form by Deville & Co with decorative foliate detail £60-80
1026.   A Robin petrol brush cutter serial number NB351
1027.   A late 19th/early 20th century cast iron framed pyramid shaped garden cloche/hand light together with one other complete with box base (one handle missing, number of glazed panels missing or damaged) £60-80
1028.   A weathered teak garden table of circular form in the manner of Heals, with sunburst slatted panelled top raised on six square cut supports, together with a set of six matching low chairs with tapered slatted seats and curved back rails, designed to sit almost flush to circumference of table, 4ft diameter approx £100-150
1029.   A wooden and steel framed exterior hanging sign of rectangular form (twin sided), 93 cm x 73 cm approx £40-60
1030.   A reclaimed, probably 19th century, weather vane in the form of an arrow with partially gilt painted finish
1031.   An Avery steel yard hanging beam scale with 300 lb weighing capacity
1032.   A reclaimed French painted steel sign of rectangular form with rounded corners and lettering Domaine De La Baie De Valmer Plage De Gigaro (Bay of Valmer, Beach of Gigaro), 96 cm x 30 cm approx
1033.   A weathered moulded plaster ornament in the form of a seated female holding a lute or mandolin, incised lettering to base Mignon? 60 cm high approx
1034.   A heavy cast iron fire grate and loose andirons with substantial ball finials and shaped supports £70-90
1034A.  An antique Georgian style fire grate, the iron bow fronted basket with shaped outline over a polished pierced brass grill and combined brass dogs with urn finial's, 66cm wide (internal basket 40cm wide x 20cm deep approx) £100-120
1035.   A reclaimed Jet Master fire with simple brass surround and raised cowl £60-80
1036.   A vintage cast iron leg vice
1037.   A Victorian cast iron coal box with shaped outline, trailing floral detail, floral detail and hinged lid £40-60
1038.   A weather vane, the cut sheet metal finial in the form of a horse drawn plough with painted finish
1039.   A heavy contemporary cast composition stone head and shoulder bust of a classical male character £40-60
1040.   A Regency cast iron ducks nest fire grate, with classical relief detail £80-120
1041.   A heavy vintage cast iron fire back of stepped arched form with raised relief shield, coronet and tied ribbon detail within a Greek key border, etc, 81 cm x 54 cm approx £60-80
1041A.  A vintage style life ring with painted finish and lettering Laurie Apollo Panama £30-50
1042.   A pair of 19th century wrought and cast iron ornamental garden/conservatory stands of hexagonal form with decorative scrollwork panels with central flower head detail and raised on simple scrolled feet, 98 cm high x 47 cm approx, the frames with traces of weathered painted finish £250-300
1043.   A pair of old English style ironwork andirons with open basket finials and scrolled supports £40-60
1044.   A weathered reproduction cast iron campana/trophy shaped garden urn, the circular squat bowl with wide rim and scrolled handles, raised on a square cut and stepped pedestal, 114 cm in height (including handles), the urn approximately 2ft in diameter £200-300
1045.   A reclaimed street lantern post light with cast alloy cover, stamped Elfco and moulded plastic (to simulate glass shade), AF
1045A.  A section of bleached African jungle vine £50-70
1046.   A decorative wall hanging root carving with central gilded Tai face mask £60-80
1047.   A reclaimed wall mounted ex Royal Mail coin operated stamp cabinet/dispenser
1048.   An ironwork wine bottle rack to hold 72 bottles £60-80
1049.   A reclaimed vintage stained pine front door with decorative coloured inset leaded light panel with rose detail, 197 cm x 84 cm approximately £40-60
1050.   An industrial Rockwell hardness tester manufactured under license by George H Alexander Machinery Ltd, Birmingham, raised on a fabricated stand £60-80
1051.   A hanging ironwork ceiling light of circular form with scrollwork detail supporting five fittings, four outer with open inverted basket shaped shades with further scrollwork panels and painted finish
1052.   A contemporary hanging ceiling light with eight simple shaped branches supporting candle sockets
1053.   A cast and gilt painted metal hanging ceiling light, the central light fitting flanked by three winged female figureheads supported by beaded columns and further decorative detail £80-120
1054.   A heavy Dutch hollow cast brass electrolier, the baluster and bulbous stem supporting twelve scrolling branches on two tiers £150-200
1055.   A large contemporary hanging ceiling bag type light of cylindrical and tapered form with drop finial, the lattice gilt coloured wirework frame housing faceted moulded plastic (to simulate glass) prism droplets £40-60
1056.   A large Eastern probably Morrocan sheet metal hanging lantern of square cut form with domed top and decorative pierced fretwork foliate and further detail £80-120
1057.   An industrial green painted and floorstanding steel vertical flight of eighteen index filing drawers (originally twenty, lower two missing), together with one other two drawer example £60-80
1058.   A small vintage shop display stand /dispenser advertising Oxo Golden Cubes within a galvanised steel frame, a further advertising Gillette Super Silver, Soft 'n Juicy bubble gum, various shop display tins to include Foxes Glacier Mints, Nurse Grant's Clear Mints, etc,
1059.   A decathlon 72 sport racing/road cycle with lightweight frame and shimano gearing £30-50
1060.   A Raleigh Record Sprint touring cycle with Reynolds 501 double butted frame
1061.   A 19th century copper helmet shaped coal scuttle with loop handle, an English hand hammered pewter two handled tray of unusual lozenge form in the Arts and Crafts style, an Art Nouveau copper crumb scoop, candle stand, 19th century copper and brass bed warming pan with long turned wooden handle, etc
1062.   A vintage wall mounted shop cabinet/dispenser partially glazed and painted advertising Smiths crisps £60-80
1063.   A vintage floorstanding haberdashery cabinet, the moulded mahogany frame enclosing an arrangement of forty tray/drawer slides on two tiers (2 missing), originally enclosed by probably glazed sliding doors, now sadly missing, sold with the option of purchasing the following matching lot at the same hammer/unit price £220-250
1064.   A vintage floorstanding haberdashery cabinet, the moulded mahogany frame enclosing an arrangement of forty tray/drawer slides on two tiers (2 missing), originally enclosed by probably glazed sliding doors, now sadly missing £220-250
1065.   A Georgian style wall mirror, the gilt moulded frame with acanthus and further detail, 70 cm x 40 cm approx £40-60
1066.   A vintage, probably 19th century, wall mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge plate within a simple moulded ebonised pine frame, 92 cm x 76 cm approx £40-60
1067.   A 19th century wall mirror of rectangular form with simple rib moulded gilt frame, 128 cm x 73 cm approx £200-250
1068.   A 19th century French wall mirror, the stepped and moulded rectangular frame with beaded slip and foliate detail beneath a raised flaming torch, quiver and floral garland applied surmount £250-300
1069.   A gilt framed wall mirror with bevelled edge rectangular plate within a moulded frame with raised classical urn and trailing swag surmount, the lower frame with paw feet, 114 cm x 72 cm approx (excluding feet) £80-120
1070.   An antique oak framed overmantle with carved arcaded and lozenge panels and three small pronounced shelves flanking a central rectangular bevelled edge mirror plate, 137 cm long x 67 cm high £60-80
1071.   A Georgian style wall mirror/pier glass with bevelled edge plate, gilt slip and moulded frame with carved fretwork outline and gilded ho-ho bird, together with two others £60-80
1072.   A gilt framed wall mirror of oval form with bevelled edge plate and moulded surround together with three further small wall mirrors of varying design, to include one in the Regency style
1073.   Two Victorian mahogany toilet mirrors of arched form with shaped platform bases, one other yew wood veneered example in the Georgian style, four wall mirrors of varying design including two 1920s examples with split moulded and blind fret detail (7)
1074.   A 19th century Flemish oak double bedstead with carved detail and turned column supports, the headboard with raised pediment £150-250
1075.   A Sovereign SQS2500 electric powered garden shredder, serial number 001070
1076.   A stack of eight contemporary commercial elbow chairs, the red moulded plastic seats with charcoal upholstery, raised on A framed and ebonised tubular steel legs (to be sold with the option of buying the following lot at the same unit/hammer price) £60-80
1077.   A stack of eight contemporary commercial elbow chairs, the red moulded plastic seats with charcoal upholstery, raised on A framed and ebonised tubular steel legs £60-80
1078.   A contemporary coated steel framed hall mirror and combined coat rack with shaped outline and bevelled edge plate together with two further contemporary gilt framed wall mirrors of varying design
1079.   A Georgian style wall mirror/pier glass with gilded slip and moulded frame with carved fretwork outline and gilded Ho-Ho bird £50-70
1080.   A late 19th/early 20th century wall mirror probably French of rectangular form with rounded top corners, central bevelled edge plate and broad further glazed bevelled surround with applied foliate detail (AF), 110 cm x 87 cm approx
1081.   A 19th century French wall mirror, the painted stepped and moulded rectangular frame with foliate and further detail beneath an applied scrolling acanthus and floral pediment, 118 x 76 cm approx £200-250
1082.   A wall mirror of rectangular form with decorative faux bamboo frame, 112 cm x 78 cm approx £100-120
1083.   A Solex motorised bicycle with 49 cc petrol engine mounted on the front wheel £300-400
1084.   A 19th century walnut single bedstead, the cane panelled headboards with shaped and moulded frames to simulate bound reeds and raised on turned and fluted supports with brass castors (complete with moulded adjoined side rails and base mattress) £60-80
1085.   A vintage freestanding and adjustable artists easel in stained beech with 'A' framed shaped supports and castors £40-60
1086.   A contemporary steel bound and pine divisional wine rack to hold 136 bottles £60-80
1087.   A Flymo Hover Compact 350 electric powered lawn mower
1088.   A vintage stoneware flagon with impressed merchants mark for W Rogers Grocer, Golden Key, Wotton Under Edge, together with four others of varying size and capacity
1089.   One lot of vintage and later luggage to include cabin and further trunks of varying design (7) £80-100
1090.   One lot of miscellaneous items to include a pair of small painted composition stone garden ornaments in the form of seated spaniels, a small stripped pine three drawer chest with segmented interior, three Portmeirion Totem ceramic cylindrical jars and covers, a champagne bucket, two painted curtain rails, a glazed stoneware preserving pan, a GPO dial clock, two small cases, convex mirror, etc £40-60
1091.   A vintage steel bank of twelve small index filing drawers together with one other £40-60
1092.   A box containing a quantity of Victorian and later door furniture to include white glazed ceramic finger plates, knob handles, bolts, etc
1093.   A reclaimed Novus white glazed ceramic/stoneware wall mounted drinking water fountain
1093A.  A large pair of 20th century fuel cans, possibly from military use £20-40
1094.   Twelve reclaimed bulls eye glass panels of rectangular form (some damage)
1095.   A vintage steel stack of six industrial steel index filing drawers and one other
1096.   A vintage stained pine slender box/crate with hinged lid containing a quantity of reclaimed Edwardian gas light fittings, etc, together with three Aladdin type lamps and associated shades
1097.   A cast and wrought iron fire basket and associated dogs, spark guard, etc
1098.   Seven vintage wooden printers type trays with segmented interior and type (some AF)
1099.   An electric fan operated fire grate by the Fan Grate Company Ltd, the cast metal frame with scrolled decorative detail and wrythen torch finials £60-80
1101.   A small cast iron fire basket with trellis frieze and shaped open finials, together with one other £30-50
1102.   A 19th century brass jam pan with fixed iron loop handle, a terracotta pan of circular tapered form, partially glazed jug/pitcher, a further stoneware jar and a Victorian toilet mirror with shaped platform base and later painted finish
1103.   A Dutch style hollow cast anodised brass eight branch electrolier with entwined eagle surmount, together with one other similar with stylised dolphin detail £60-80
1104.   A reclaimed stripped pine ledge and braced internal door with thumb latch, together with one other partially glazed
1105.   Seven blue painted steel folding trestle tables, 173 x 80 cm approx £60-80
1105A.  A brass 4 poster bed with turned supports and decorative arched panel 150cm wide £60-80
1106.   A dining room suite comprising refectory type table with shaped end supports united by a pegged rail/stretcher, set of six chairs with shield shaped backs, pierced trefoil detail and dresser with linen fold panels and shallow raised back with two fixed shelves and raised on further pegged supports £60-80
1107.   A small early 20th century hall stand the raised back incorporating an arched mirror plate flanked by hat/coat hooks over a two divisional umbrella stand
1108.   A late Victorian stripped pine single wardrobe enclosed by a central rectangular three quarter length panelled door (lacks mirror plate) flanked by arched panels over a long drawer to base £50-70
1109.   A stripped pine floorstanding waterfall type bookcase with fixed open graduated shelves £40-60
1110.   An Edwardian mahogany side cabinet with shallow breakfront and blind fret frieze over three glazed and split moulded panelled doors raised on bracket shaped supports £80-120
1111.   A 19th century oak box/chest with hinged lid and reinforced steel banded corners £40-60
1111A.  A single upholstered bed head board of arched form, together with a country made tall ladder back single chair with string seat and a pair of floral patterned curtains
1112.   An Indian hardwood kitchen work table of rectangular form with central frieze drawer raised on four turned legs £60-80
1113.   A vintage green glass carboy encased in a wirework basket together with a five litre glass measure plus further jar of squat oviform form
1114.   Seven industrial steel panels (ex shelving) with red painted star and numeral detail, each panel 3ft square approx £60-80
1115.   A Victorian mahogany demi-lune washstand, with white and grey flecked marble top raised on three supports, the front with carved paw feet raised on a shaped platform and turned buns
1116.   An aluminium flight case with partially hinged lid, stamped/embossed BOAC
1117.   A 19th century mahogany flat fronted bedroom chest of three long and two short graduated drawers raised on turned supports, 108 cm wide approx £50-80
1118.   A vintage coin operated arcade pin ball machine by Williams Electronics Ink, Chicago, Illinois (AF) £100-150
1119.   A Victorian brass and iron single bedstead together with two further single beds, cottage style to include a hoop back example with central pierced wheel splats
1120.   One lot of vintage luggage to include a lathe bound and fibre trunk, stitched brown leather suitcase, Gladstone type bag, etc (5)
1121.   A vintage aluminium suitcase with pop riveted seams, a further case, an anodised demi-lune coal bin with hinged lid and rocket shaped supports and a Evertaut International office/typist chair
1121A.  An embossed brass coal box and a large photographic travel box
1122.   A large vintage stripped pine clerks desk with partially hinged slope
1123.   A vintage stained pine tool chest with hinged lid containing an assortment of mainly carpentry related hand tools to include saws, chisels, drill, etc
1124.   A Rexon electric 16 inch (400 mm) scroll saw with instruction manual, serial number R048518
1125.   One lot of boxed unused lighting to include two Livarno Lux LED spot lights, twin head solar light with PIR (passive infra red), etc
1126.   A cased Erbauer laser guided 190 mm electric powered circular saw
1127.   A cased Bosch electric drill GBH2-26DRE professional, a cased Tacwise Master Nailer 500EL pro nails 20-50 mm, a cased Black & Decker planer, KA270 type 1 170w with cyclonic action, a Black & Decker KX1682 160 cc w paint stripper, etc
1128.   A selection of MacAllister electric power tools, 3 in original moulded plastic carrying cases comprising a Palm planer 420 w, a Palm belt sander, an unlimited Rebate planer 75 w, and two Dual Random Orbit 450 w sanders
1129.   A quantity of contemporary workshop hand tools to include a selection of woodworking saws, Stanley and further examples, moulded plastic tool boxes with segmented interiors, etc
1130.   Three cast iron bench top work shop vices to include a Draper example, a vintage cast iron pillar drill with hand operated pierced circular fly wheel, various vintage and later hand tools, a Black & Decker HD rotary hammer drill in original metal case, various tool boxes including a painted pine example with iron work fittings, a small selection of cast iron weights, etc £40-60
1131.   Three small vintage table top printing presses with cast iron and alloy construction
1132.   One lot of vintage and later petrol cans, oil jugs and a selection of reference books relating to transport, further books including five volumes of the modern motor engineer, etc
1133.   An Axminster White electric workshop pillar drill ED16B2 together with a further Axminster vice and one other £100-150
1134.   An Hitachi C12RSH laser electric disc mitre saw and adjustable stand, together with a transformer £200-300
1134A.  A Clarke metalworker half inch drill press CPD 5DB
1135.   A Dewalt tough system trolley with three moulded plastic removable tool boxes £130-150
1136.   A small Victorian cast iron fender with pierced foliate detail and later painted finish, a further but smaller bow fronted example in brass, smokers stand, etc
1137.   A 19th century mahogany hanging corner cabinet with satinwood banding, box wood stringing and further geometric and inlaid detail and enclosed by an astragal glazed panelled door revealing two fixed shelves to interior
1138.   A vintage painted pine kitchen dresser base enclosed by a pair of twin rectangular panelled doors beneath two frieze drawers with brass cup handles £60-80
1139.   A late Victorian walnut three piece bedroom suite with decorative figured detail and carved foliate decoration, comprising wardrobe enclosed by a three quarter length central bevelled edge mirror panelled door over two drawers and turned bun supports, dressing chest and marble top washstand with raised splash back £100-150
1140.   Two vintage Avery grocers weighing scales together with one other by the Automatic Scale Company Ltd, London and Manchester £60-80
1141.   A pair of Eastern hardwood freestanding two fold screens with pierced fretwork panels and all over washed painted finish
1142.   An Ercol dresser, the base enclosed by a pair of moulded panelled doors beneath two frieze drawers and raised plate rack over with two fixed graduated shelves and shaped outline
1143.   A late Victorian walnut sideboard with shallow breakfront enclosed by three panelled doors with foliate detail, flanking two central shallow long drawers
1144.   A demi-lune hall/side table with green painted finish and three turned supports united by stretchers, together with a further painted kitchen wall mounted shelf with moulded outline and two drawers
1145.   A mid to late 20th century teak floorstanding low side entertainment unit/cabinet with fixed shelves and record compartments and also incorporating two drawers
1146.   A contemporary whitewood wardrobe in the French style retailed by John Lewis (Rose two door robe) £60-80
1147.   A 19th century mahogany and pine sided two sectional freestanding bookcase cupboard, the upper recessed and enclosed by a pair of glazed and split moulded panelled doors revealing three adjustable sliding shelves to interior, the lower enclosed by a pair of simple blind panelled doors with flame veneers £50-80
1148.   A Ladderax wall unit system comprising three metal uprights and fifteen teak shelves of varying size £40-60
1149.   Five mid 20th century walnut veneered Ladderax type wall/lounge unit sections together with a selection of shelves
1150.   A mid 20th century teak cylinder top writing bureau with simply fitted interior over three long graduated drawers and square tapered legs £40-60
1151.   An antique rustic pine pig bench with through jointed legs, later adapted as a low work bench with mounted cast iron bench vice £60-80
1152.   An Edwardian mahogany hall stand of full height, loosely in the Arts & Crafts style, the back incorporating an oval mirror with bevelled edge plate, open vertical slats and central frieze drawer flanked by umbrella stands with removable drip trays £60-80
1153.   A pair of Victorian mahogany hall chairs with pierced gothic tracery backs over solid seats and turned forelegs £100-120
1154.   A harlequin set of four Victorian elm and beech wood Windsor lathe back kitchen chairs with saddle shaped seats, turned supports and stretchers £60-80
1155.   A vintage pine scrub top kitchen table of rectangular form, the later painted base fitted with a central frieze drawer raised on four turned and tapered legs, 138 cm x 107 cm approx £60-80
1156.   A low contemporary hardwood storage box with partially hinged top, one side fitted with an arrangement of twelve small drawers £40-60
1157.   A Victorian mahogany extending dining table with single additional leaf on four turned and fluted supports, 160 cm max to seat six to eight people
1158.   A contemporary stripped pine box with hinged lid, the front elevation with applied tied ribbon detail, etc
1159.   A 19th century stained pine blanket box with hinged lid and candle box to interior £40-60
1160.   A vintage narrow freestanding painted pine side cupboard, partially enclosed by a pair of doors beneath segmented shelves, 136 cm long x 29 cm wide x 105 cm in height approx
1161.   An Edwardian chaise lounge with upholstered finish, scrolled back and head rest raised on turned tapered supports and castors £60-80
1162.   A 19th century continental extending dining table raised on a pair of turned supports united by central stretcher to seat six, 115 cm length when closed £40-60
1163.   A small reproduction Regency style yew wood veneered sofa type table with inset leather panelled top and lyre shaped supports
1164.   An Ercol dark stained elm refectory table raised on a pair of shaped end column supports united by a central pegged rail/stretcher, together with a set of six associated Ercol stained beech wood dining chairs with triple pierced and shaped slatted and curved backs and an Ercol dresser
1165.   A small vintage stripped pine wall mounted bathroom cabinet enclosed by a rectangular panelled door, a pine occasional table with circular top raised on turned pillar and tripod, and Edwardian walnut drop leaf Sutherland type tea table and two stripped pine freestanding towel rails of varying design £40-60
1166.   A vintage wooden freestanding kitchen cabinet enclosed by an arrangement of cupboards and two drawers with later painted finish
1167.   A vintage G plan teak dining room suite comprising oval drop leaf table, set of four chairs with curved low back splats over black vinyl pad seats and highboard enclosed by an arrangement of cupboards and drawers £100-150
1168.   A cane and wicker work child's rocking horse and further wicker child's tub chair
1169.   A Victorian mahogany Duchess dressing table/washstand with central frieze drawer and turned forelegs united by a shaped platform and turned bun supports, together with an inlaid Edwardian washstand, partially enclosed by a pair of panelled doors raised on square tapered legs
1170.   A vintage elm kitchen/work stool with circular seat raised on four splayed turned tapered legs united by stretchers, together with a pine tripod table with circular top and an Edwardian walnut occasional table in the Arts & Crafts style with octagonal top and four shaped legs £40-60
1171.   A vintage stripped pine bedroom chest of three long and two short graduated drawers with gadroon cast cup handles £60-80
1172.   A large oversized mahogany Pembroke table with frieze drawer raised on four partially ring turned and tapered legs, together with a pair of regency mahogany bar back dining chairs
1173.   A vintage Pye "The Black Box" mains record player with veneered case together with a further vintage Vidor mains radio
1174.   An Edwardian walnut marble top washstand fitted with two shallow frieze drawers raised on four ring turned and tapered supports united by a platform stretcher
1175.   A polished brass standard lamp with partially knopped stem and disc shaped platform base together with two simple fire curbs (one brass, one copper)
1176.   An Ercol style oval drop leaf kitchen table raised on four splayed tapered and moulded legs
1177.   A late Victorian gothic revival cast brass telescopic oil lamp standard (later converted to electricity), with pierced foliate and further detail, together with one other in the arts and crafts style
1178.   A modern stripped pine free standing open bookcase with four adjustable shelves and moulded detail, 168cm wide x 96cm approx £60-80
1179.   A pair of mid to late 20th century teak framed hi fi speakers, labelled to back FRC Ltd Made in Great Britain, Model 2035L serial no 3424
1180.   A vintage teak bedroom chest of six long drawers, 82cm wide approx £40-60
1181.   A vintage ex gymnasium changing room bench, teak open slatted seat and painted steel supports, 120cm long approx
1183.   A mid 20th century teak long and low sideboard, enclosed by a pair of sliding doors with shelved interior, raised on simple turned tapered legs, 6ft long approx £40-60
1184.   A coopered oak and brass banded jardinière and combined stand, on swept tripod supports united by an under-tier/stretcher
1185.   A mid 20th century Alfred Cox teak sideboard, partially enclosed by a pair of doors flanking three central, graduated long drawers with shaped handles and splayed supports, 5ft long approx £40-60
1186.   An Edwardian mahogany sideboard in the Georgian style, with raised shallow and shaped back rail, over a pair of well matched flame veneered rectangular panelled doors, with classical detailing, raised on four square tapered and fluted legs with spade feet
1187.   A vintage Dansette Prince mains record player with Garrard turntable, a EAR 1960 Portable Reproducer with Garrard model RC120H turntable, a portable Junior 4M reel to reel recorder, two Califco transistor radio phonographs, TRP-7, a selection of vinyl LP's and singles etc
1188.   A small reproduction yew wood veneered writing desk, the raised back incorporating six small drawers, flanking an open compartment over an inset leather panelled slide, frieze drawer and four tapered and fluted legs
1189.   A vintage G Plan Fresco dressing stool with central button upholstered circular seat, raised on shaped supports united by a cross framed moulded stretcher £40-60
1190.   A vintage teak two tier tea trolley, with tapered supports, raised on castors with rubber rims
1191.   A mid 20th century Alfred Cox walnut veneered sideboard, partially enclosed by a pair of doors, flanking three central long drawers with shaped and moulded handles and splayed supports, 142cm long approx £60-80
1192.   A vintage painted pine free standing towel rail with turned frame, together with one other in stained beech
1193.   A 19th century stripped pine bedroom chest of three long and two short graduated drawers with shaped tapering supports, 3ft wide approx £80-120
1194.   A contemporary demi-lune two tier hall/side table with three turned column supports, silver painted finish and inset bevelled edge mirror plates
1195.   A Victorian stencilled and simulated grained pine bedroom chest of three long and two short graduated drawers, 93cm wide approx £180-200
1196.   An Edwardian art nouveau / crafts style pine wash stand with original green painted finish and raised splashback incorporating a tiled frieze, including two tube lined floral examples over two frieze drawers and four simple turned tapered legs £40-60
1197.   Five wicker baskets of varying design including colourful examples £40-60
1198.   A 19th century mahogany side table, rectangular top with moulded outline and two frieze drawers raised on turned tapered legs £40-60
1199.   A vintage green painted steel nest of six small index filing drawers £40-60
1200.   A reproduction Chippendale revival side cabinet, probably American, the upper section with broken architectural pediment over a glazed display case enclosed by a pair of doors, the lower section partially enclosed by a pair of gilded panel doors flanking four long central drawers with serpentine fronts £80-120
1201.   A mid 20th century teak Multiplan wall furniture unit by Austinsweet, together with a further Austinsweet side cabinet, free standing, the lower section fitted with four long drawers beneath recessed open shelves
1202.   A small stripped oak two divisional stick stand, together with a small toilet mirror, the bow fronted box base fitted with three drawers, a vintage chrome swan neck table lamp, a further, fashioned from a stags horn, and a small stained wooden box with hinged lid and carrying handle
1202A.  A 19th century pine freestanding corner cupboard enclosed by two doors, the upper glazed revealing two fixed shelves to interior (painted)
1202B.  A small Indian freestanding hardwood corner cupboard enclosed by a pair of lattice panel doors with applied brass detail
1202C.  A mid 20th century uniflex teak free standing side cabinet with fall front over a cupboard, enclosed by two doors raised on simple turned tapered legs
1202D.  An African hardwood stool of circular form with carved face mask detail
1202E.  An inlaid Edwardian mahogany dressing table with satinwood banding and boxwood string inlaid detail and oval bevelled edge swing mirror over an arrangement of drawers raised on square tapered supports
1203.   A pine free standing open bookcase with three deep adjustable shelves and later cream painted finish 180cm high x 103cm wide x 46cm deep approx £60-80
1204.   A Bang Olufsen Beocord 1800 reel to reel tape recorder
1205.   A Dynatron Cavalcade Music Centre, SRX30B with Solid State Stereophonic Tuner Amplifier, combined turntable and cassette recorder
1206.   A vintage Kenwood Chef De-luxe food mixer in cream and brown colourway together with various accessories including mixing bowls, etc
1207.   A rustic stripped pine wall hanging kitchen plate drying rack with through jointed construction and large stone jar
1208.   A pair of solid stripped pine three drawer bedside chests, with turned knob handles £40-60
1209.   A 1920's oak drop leaf gate leg dining table with pie crust border
1210.   A pair of reproduction mahogany veneered, bow fronted bedrooms chests of four long drawers, raised on bracket shaped supports, 70cm wide approx £40-60
1211.   A 19th century mahogany side cupboard, free standing and enclosed by two rectangular panel doors, the upper glazed revealing a painted interior and two fixed shelves beneath a moulded cornice, 73cm high x 75cm wide approx £200-250
1212.   A painted wall mounted cabinet, the tapered front enclosed by a pair of sliding glass doors revealing a segmented shelved interior
1213.   A slim free standing medium to light oak bureau/bookcase combination, the central fall front enclosing a simply fitted interior over three long drawers, flanked by open shelves, top with exposed dovetailed jointed construction, 4ft wide approx £40-60
1214.   A small reproduction four drawer bedroom chest in the Georgian style with serpentine front, bracket shaped supports, together with a further Georgian style shallow break front writing table with inset leather panel top, over a frieze drawer and four square tapered legs, together with an occasional table of rectangular form in the Regency style, with lyre shaped and swept supports
1215.   A medium to light oak Stag dressing table with triple mirror back over three frieze drawers, raised on square tapered supports, together with a matching stool and bedroom chest, fitted with an arrangement of seven drawers £60-80
1216.   A wicker laundry basket, hessian lined
1217.   An oak free standing open bookcase with fixed shelves and shaped back
1218.   A vintage Anglepoise table lamp with square stepped base, together with a further Herbert Terry example (incomplete) and two others
1219.   A vintage galvanised, hanging meat safe with zinc mesh panels
1220.   A Triumph four drawer steel filing cabinet, (complete with key)
1220A.  A freestanding four fold screen with floral patterned upholstered arched panels together with one other, with bird and branch detail
1221.   A Georgian country made pine single chair, with vase shaped splat and one other, a 19th century stained pine box commode with simulated bamboo supports and a small pine occasional or side table of rectangular form, raised on four square tapered legs £60-80
1222.   A vintage oak writing table with faux inset leather top, over two frieze drawers, raised on four square tapered legs £40-60
1222A.  A Songstar floodlight
1222B.  Three Action Man moulded plastic vehicles to include, and American army jeep, a German motorcycle and side car by Cherilea, a flat bed lorry and a Buddy, further American army toy jeep
1223.   A vintage knee-hole desk, fitted with an arrangement of five drawers, raised on square tapered legs
1224.   A 19th century mahogany shop display cabinet, the moulded cornice with dentil frieze over a pair of rectangular glazed panel doors with ebonised slips revealing a mirror lined and shelved interior (incomplete), 223cm long x 126cm high x 34cm deep approx £200-250
1225.   A pair of vintage teak framed and floor standing Tannoy speakers with applied paper labels to reverse, type L8U/HF/15/8 serial no 067905, impressed number 67905 £100-200
1226.   A set of four hoop and stick back dining chairs in ash and beech, with turned spindle backs and ring turned and tapered supports united by stretchers £40-60
1227.   A Victorian smokers bow elbow chair, principally in elm, with turned spindle back raised on turned legs united by a double H shaped stretcher £60-80
1228.   A Victorian nursing chair simply upholstered in white calico, raised on ring turned and tapered legs with brass caps and castors
1229.   A set of four Regency style bar back dining chairs, with stripped frames, drop in upholstered seats and sabre supports
1230.   Two pairs of similar Georgian mahogany dining chairs, with neo-classical urn shaped slats over upholstered seats raised on square tapered and moulded supports, united by stretchers
1231.   A 19th century countrymade fruit wood open elbow chair with bobbin railed back over a rush seat, raised on simple turned tapered supports united by stretchers £40-60
1232.   A Victorian nursing chair with upholstered seat and padded shield shaped back within a gilded wood shaped and moulded frame, raised on scrolled cabriole forelegs with white ceramic castors £40-60
1233.   A pair of Lloyd Loom tub chairs with down swept arms, sprung seats and loose upholstered cushions £60-80
1233A.  A pair of Victorian drawing room chairs with floral buttoned upholstery on a burgundy ground, swept and rolled arms, shaped outline and turned ebonised forelegs disguised beneath a tasselled fringe £200-250
1234.   A reclaimed Victorian pitch pine church pew with shaped ends and plank seat, 200cm long £50-80
1235.   A set of four Hille Robin Day design moulded white plastic polo stacking chairs with tubular painted steel supports £40-60
1236.   A set of six (4 + 2) reproduction mahogany dinning chairs in the Hepplewhite style, shield shaped backs with central combed splats, over drop in upholstered seats, raised on square cut and moulded supports united by 'H' shaped stretchers £40-60
1237.   A late Victorian/Edwardian armchair with cut moquet stylised floral upholstery, swept rolled arms and turned forelegs
1238.   A vintage low wing armchair with shaped outline, burgundy coloured rexine upholstery and simple square tapered supports £40-60
1239.   A contemporary tub chair with purple coloured upholstery, horseshoe shaped back and simple turned tapered beech wood supports £70-90
1240.   An almost new wing armchair, with shaped outline, oatmeal ground upholstery and 'T' shaped loose squab seat cushion, raised on cabriole forelegs, made by Sherbourne Upholstery Ltd, Bradford. West Yorkshire, (copy sales order acknowledgement attached retail price £375, purchased August 2016) £60-80
1241.   A set of six art nouveau style high back dining chairs with shaped outline, sprung upholstered seats, padded backs, raised on cabriole forelegs £60-80
1242.   A good quality contemporary arm chair, with rolled arms, shaped outline and alternating striped upholstery, loose seat cushion, turned forelegs and brass castors £60-80
1243.   One lot of miscellaneous furniture to include a Georgian mahogany drop leaf dining table raised on four square cut and moulded supports, a contemporary hardwood demi-lune side table, a mahogany bedside table of square cut form with drawer to base, a mahogany torchiere in the hepplewhite style (fashioned from a 19th century bed post) four occasional tables of varying design, an Edwardian mahogany low bedroom chest of two long and two short drawers an ercol stained elm and beech wood stick back rocking chair etc £60-80
1244.   A four poster bedstead with simple panelled head and foot boards, the posts united by side rails and canopy, decoratively painted with colourful floral detail on a pale-blue ground £60-80
1245.   A rustic stripped pine kitchen dresser rack, with graduated open shelves, together with one other with two drawers to base £60-80
1246.   A vintage child's school desk and combined chair, the oak slope and chair raised on a cast iron frame stamped with raised lettering Educational no 345, the drop in ceramic inkwell with brass hinged cover stamped/engraved Midland Educational Co Ltd Birmingham £100-120
1247.   A 1970's swivel lounge chair with brown corduroy seat, within a tubular chromium steel frame raised on a five pronged style base
1248.   A good quality Georgian style tripod table, the circular top with moulded outline, raised on a turned pillar £60-80
1249.   A reproduction mahogany library table with inset leather panel top, over three frieze drawers, raised on four tapered, reeded legs, with brass caps and castors, 5ft long x 3ft wide approx £100-150
1249A.  A large green glass bottle shaped vase, one other and a further green glass bottle £50-70
1250.   A late Victorian/Edwardian X framed and adjustable folding armchair, with upholstered seat and combined back
1251.   A 19th century fruitwood ladderback country made nursing chair with rush seat, together with a Georgian ash ladderback dining chair
1252.   A good quality Regency style twin pedestal and D end dining table with single additional leaf and yew wood crossbanding, raised on swept and moulded tripod supports with cast brass caps and castors £60-80
1253.   A 1950's ebonised occasional table, the rectangular top with rounded corners and gold coloured abstract design, raised on four tapered legs, together with one other and a chinoiserie occasional table £50-70
1254.   A contemporary Chinese hardwood D end pull out extending dining table, the figured elm top with two additional leaves, raised on shaped supports, together with a set of six (4 + 2) matching dining chairs with drop in seats and a large two sectional display cabinet, enclosed by an arrangement of doors, the upper glazed £100-150
1254A.  A stuffed and mounted pheasant in naturalistic setting housed within a glazed and ebonised case together with an oak free standing corner cabinet enclosed by two doors the upper glazed with arched mouldings, a small stripped pine flight of open kitchen wall shelves and a demi-lune hall/side table, raised on slender cabriole supports
1255.   A reproduction yew wood veneered shallow breakfront side cupboard in the Georgian style, enclosed by four doors beneath four frieze drawers, 180 cm long approx £40-60
1256.   A Victorian dwarf freestanding, shallow breakfront open bookcase with carved foliate frieze over segmented adjustable shelves, 6ft long approx £150-250
1257.   A Victorian oak kneehole and twin pedestal clerks desk with central hinged slope over a cupboard and four drawers within a panelled framework by Addison Ltd Wellington Salop £60-80
1258.   A pair of Victorian walnut dining chairs with carved and moulded detail, upholstered seats and tapered forelegs, together with three inlaid Edwardian lightweight occasional chairs, two with cane panelled seats
1259.   A mid 20th century Danish teak D end pull out extending dining table with two additional leaves raised on cruciform supports when closed, printed stamp underneath Orte, Mobil Fabrique, made in Denmark, 220 cm long (extended) x 120 cm (4ft) when closed approx £80-120
1260.   A set of six mid 20th century teak framed dining chairs, probably of Danish design, with curved bar splats, lattice work sea grass seats and moulded tapered supports with high adjoining front leg stretchers £200-300
1261.   One lot of vintage contemporary wicker baskets of varying size and design £40-60
1262.   A late Victorian aesthetic movement period chaise lounge with upholstered seat, scrolled and buttoned head rest and back rail within an ebonised frame with moulded detail, turned spindles and gilt highlights £80-120
1263.   A large (outsized) Edwardian mahogany plank top drawer leaf dining table of rectangular form raised on four square cut legs with applied beadwork mouldings and united by shaped and moulded double central stretchers, approx 12ft long x 4ft 3 inches wide (extended), 7ft long closed £250-300
1264.   A set of four vintage dark stained Ercol elm and beechwood high tapered stick back dining chairs with cow horn cresting rails and simple splayed stick supports with high H shaped turned stretchers £40-60
1265.   A stained pine bench with upholstered seat and partially upholstered back beneath a turned spindle rail flanked by chamfered supports and faceted pyramid shaped finials, 112 cm wide £60-80
1266.   A Victorian mahogany snap top occasional table of rectangular form raised on a central turned pillar and shaped tripod, together with a lightweight inlaid Edwardian occasional chair with pierced splats, curved back and oval upholstered pad seat and an early 20th century oak smokers cabinet enclosed by a pair of rectangular panelled doors and partially fitted interior
1267.   A modern beechwood 'A' framed folding artists easel together with one other, stamped Lukas
1268.   A contemporary cane and wickerwork conservatory suite comprising two seat sofa and a pair of matching armchairs, low stool and two occasional tables, all with simple scrollwork panels and loose cushions £60-80
1269.   A set of eight Ercol style stained beech wood stick back kitchen chairs with dished laminated plywood seats raised on simple turned tapered and splayed legs united by high further turned H shaped stretchers (to be sold with the option of buying the matching following lot at the same hammer/unit price) £60-80
1270.   A set of eight Ercol style stained beech wood stick back kitchen chairs with dished laminated plywood seats raised on simple turned tapered and splayed legs united by high further turned H shaped stretchers £60-80
1271.   A set of four hardwood open elbow chairs with x framed splats, down swept arms, solid seats and turned forelegs
1272.   A vintage Ercol stained beechwood Windsor style hoop and stick back three piece suite comprising three seat sofa and a pair of matching armchairs £80-100
1273.   A reproduction chaise lounge/couch with upholstered seat and button back within a flamboyant show wood frame £60-80
1274.   A Victorian brass fender with pierced grill, 122 cm wide approx
1275.   A painted wicker day bed with shaped outline drop in seat and loose cushions £80-120
1276.   A small Edwardian mahogany fold over top card table of rectangular form raised on four square tapered legs, together with a further Edwardian medium to light oak two tier occasional table loosely in the arts and crafts style
1276A.  A 1920's oak oval drop leaf, gate leg table raised on eight barley twist column supports together with a further early 20th century shield shaped wall mirror with bevelled edge plate and anodised frame with flaming torch finials, and three Victorian balloon back chairs
1277.   A contemporary long and narrow two sectional Chesterfield type sofa with buttoned checked charcoal coloured upholstery and squat turned supports £100-150
1278.   A Victorian wing chair with swept and rolled arms, shaped outline, floral patterned upholstery on a pink ground, raised on turned baluster, block and bun supports united by a scrolled x framed stretcher £100-150
1279.   A Victorian drawing room chair with upholstered seat, shaped buttoned back and arm rails with turned spindles and further turned forelegs with brass caps and brown ceramic castors
1279A.  A 19th century continental oak bedside cupboard together with a Victorian brass telescopic floor standing oil lamp standard and a stag telephone seat (A.F)
1280.   A pair of Carolean style high back side chairs with upholstered pad seats and shaped backs, raised on turned, block and shaped supports united by stretchers with carved detail
1281.   A late Victorian/Edwardian day bed, with shaped outline and blue ground lattice patterned upholstery, raised on turned supports and castors
1282.   A small Victorian tilt top loo table of oval form with inlaid urn and floral detail raised on four turned columns and shaped quadruped with carved acanthus detail
1283.   An Edwardian two seat sofa with rolled arms, single drop end, upholstered in Liberty stylised floral patterned fabric and raised on turned bun supports with castors £80-100
1283A.  A 19th century Windsor style rocking chair principally in birchwood with shaped and pierced splat £40-60
1284.   A contemporary low soft brown leather upholstered three seat sofa with loose swab cushions and shaped frame £60-80
1285.   A Chinese red lacquered low level cabinet enclosed by a series of drawers and sliding doors with applied brass mounts
1286.   A good quality 19th century walnut veneered on oak continental armoire/knockdown wardrobe with stepped and moulded cornice over a pair of bevelled edge mirror panelled doors flanked by well matched quarter veneered sides, shelved interior and long drawer to base, raised on squat turned tapered feet £250-350
1287.   A pair of good quality 19th century continental walnut veneered single bedsteads, the moulded stepped arched panelled head and footboards with shaped outline and well matched quarter veneers, the headboard with turned finials, complete with mattresses (matches previous lot) £300-400
1288.   A Victorian spoon back drawing room chair frame, a late Victorian nursing chair with ebonised supports and a Victorian dining chair in stages of re-upholstery and together with off-cuts of upholstery fabric, related hand tools, etc £40-60
1288A.  A pair of Georgian mahogany dining chairs in the hepplewhite style with pierced combed splats over drop in upholstered seats raised on square tapered for legs united by 'H' shaped stretchers
1289.   A set of three graduated Louis Vuitton style cabin trunks, partially lathe bound with re-enforced leather corners and studded detail £100-150
1290.   A Victorian mahogany hall chair, the shield shaped back with C scroll outline over a solid serpentine front seat raised on turned tapered forelegs
1291.   A vintage teak two sectional low two drawer pedestal filing cabinet with brass cup handles £40-60
1292.   A Georgian mahogany side table with frieze drawer raised on square cut and moulded supports £60-80
1293.   An Edwardian walnut side table on two tiers with shallow raised and shaped back with scrolled acanthus detail, the top with serpentine outline raised on slender shaped supports and pierced fretwork corner brackets
1294.   An Edwardian mahogany table top revolving bookcase with boxwood string inlaid detail, the top with serpentine outline over open slatted divisions £40-60
1295.   A Victorian mahogany side cupboard enclosed by three rectangular sliding panelled doors housing a shelved interior and flanked by carved and fruiting corbels/pilasters, raised on turned bun feet, 170 cm wide approx (adapted) £60-80
1295A.  A late Victorian mahogany davenport with shallow hinged box stationery compartment, inkwell, pen tray and leather panelled slop raised on square tapered column supports flanking a recessed cupboard
1296.   An old English style oak dresser, the base fitted with a T shaped arrangement of seven drawers flanked by cupboards enclosed by rectangular panelled doors, beneath a recessed open plate rack with boarded back and three fixed shelves with iron hooks, 150 cm wide approx £100-150
1297.   A small vintage wall mounted/table top display cabinet, the stained pine frame enclosed by a glazed panelled door revealing a lined interior and two fixed shelves flanked by split moulded columns £40-60
1298.   A substantial freestanding side/display cabinet, the hardwood frame with moulded detail enclosing three full length bevelled edge glazed panelled doors, 170 cm wide x 60 cm deep x 200 cm approx £100-150
1299.   A good quality Victorian mahogany bookcase, freestanding and enclosed by a pair of arched, moulded and glazed panelled doors revealing three adjustable shelves to interior over moulded skirting and turned bun feet, 140 cm x 134 cm high approx £120-150
1300.   A contemporary drinks cabinet in the form of a reproduction globe and stand, with spiral twist columns £60-80
1301.   A reproduction two tier occasional table of triangular form with serpentine outline and inset leather panels, the lower tier with pierced brass gallery and shaped supports
1302.   A reproduction mahogany knee-hole twin pedestal writing desk in the Georgian style with inset green leather panel top over an arrangement of nine frieze drawers raised on bracket supports 138cm x 77cm approx £80-120
1303.   An Edwardian sewing chair with flowering urn and bird detail
1304.   A 19th century walnut and figured walnut veneered kidney shaped side table raised on four swept supports with cast gilt metal mounts (lacks central frieze drawer)
1305.   A Georgian mahogany toilet mirror, the boxed base raised on further squat ogee bracket supports
1306.   A 19th century mahogany side table fitted with two frieze drawers raised on four turned tapered legs, 106cm wide £80-100
1307.   A pair of low eastern child's chairs, the stripped wooden frames with arched panelled backs with carved entwined bird and tree detail etc, over lattice patterned string seats and square cut supports
1308.   A 19th century mahogany side table, the rectangular top with moulded outline over two frieze drawers and four turned tapered legs, together with one other with end frieze drawer £80-120
1309.   A good quality old English style oak drop leaf two tier occasional table with frieze drawer and partially turned supports, together with a good quality nest of oak occasional tables and one other £60-80
1310.   An Edwardian mahogany free standing two sectional corner cabinet with inlaid banding and urn detail, enclosed by two doors, the upper astragal glazed beneath an architectural swan neck pediment £60-80
1311.   A 19th century continental walnut two tier buffet enclosed by two pairs of panelled doors with carved foliate detail flanked by turned columns, panelled frame and further carved and moulded detail £100-150
1312.   A Victorian mahogany tilt top loo table of circular form with moulded outline raised on an inverted tapered octagonal pillar, tricorn platform and turned bun feet
1313.   A Regency style ebonised occasional table of circular form with applied chinoiserie detail and frieze drawer raised on three simulated bamboo supports united by a shaped under tier / platform stretcher 80cm in diameter approx £100-120
1314.   A simple 19th century rosewood X framed folding stool with strap seat and turned supports
1315.   A polished tubular shop display stand with T shaped screw adjustable column raised on a domed disc shaped base
1316.   A good quality contemporary light oak dining table of circular form raised on a central vase shaped pillar and quadruped, together with a set of six further good quality contemporary associated chairs with upholstered seats and combined button backs, with stitched labels, Neptune £100-150
1317.   A good quality polished brass jardinière with lions mask ring handles, raised on three shaped lions paw feet £40-60
1318.   A pair of small Georgian style cricket tables with circular oak tops (50cm in diameter approx) raised on green painted and distressed moulded supports £100-150
1319.   A cherrywood armoire in the 18th century style fitted internally as a bar with mirror plate back, two drawers, plate glass shelves, etc £100-150
1320.   A 19th century Irish pine kitchen dresser, the base enclosed by a pair of twin rectangular panelled doors beneath two frieze drawers and raised plate rack over with three fixed shelves (painted) 140cm wide approx £100-150
1321.   Taxidermy - A stuffed recumbent badger with raised head raised on a rectangular teak board/platform £80-120
1322.   A vintage pine bench the long plank seat with rounded corners and through jointed splayed legs £40-60
1323.   A large free standing dolls house with folding painted framework and simulated brickwork façade £100-150
1324.   Five framed 20th Century Fox film musical posters
1325.   A pair of large cast metal three branch candelabra, with central knopped stem and domed disc shaped bases, 100cm high approx £40-60
1326.   A small pine wall hanging kitchen cupboard with cream painted distressed finish, partially enclosed by a rectangular fielded panel door, open shelves and run of four small drawers
1327.   A small oak arts and crafts style oak freestanding open bookcase, with moulded detail and small pierced inverted heart to back rail
1328.   An early 20th century oak knee-hole twin pedestal and roll top desk, the S shaped tambour roll enclosing a simply fitted interior over an arrangement of seven drawers within a panelled frame £100-150
1329.   A set of four cast metal/alloy floor standing candlesticks with domed disc shaped bases, 100cm high approx £40-60
1330.   A Regency style single chair, the cream painted frame with scrolled upholstered back and pad seat raised on tapered supports, together with a similar low occasional table of rectangular form with veined marble top
1331.   A pair of Georgian mahogany open elbow chairs with pierced gothic tracery splats over upholstered serpentine seats raised on square cut and moulded forelegs united by stretchers £80-120
1332.   Four fenders of varying design including brass serpentine shaped example with pierced grill, together with a copper helmet shaped coal bucket and a brass jam pan £60-80
1333.   A set of four pine late 19th century pedestals of rectangular form with moulded detail and lightly marbled cream painted finish, 61 cm high x 48 cm wide approx £300-350
1334.   A Georgian mahogany chest of three long graduated drawers with chequered string inlaid detail and bracket supports with raised well matched but possibly later associated bookcase over enclosed by a pair of astragal glazed panelled doors beneath a moulded cornice with dentil detail, 96 cm wide approx £100-150
1335.   An Edwardian raised oak bedside cupboard enclosed by a panelled door with vertical and horizontal reeded detail, together with two reproduction occasional tables of varying design
1336.   A Victorian gothic revival pine side cabinet/bookcase freestanding and enclosed by a pair of twin glazed panelled doors with chamfered frames and tracery detail, raised on pierced bracket supports, 185 cm high x 130 cm wide x 29 cm deep approx £200-250
1337.   A Victorian pine compactum wardrobe, busy decorative pitch pine veneered and enclosed by an arrangement of four ash lined drawers and two cupboards, one with three quarter length mirror panelled door £180-200
1338.   A contemporary Art Deco style mahogany veneered occasional table of circular form with frieze drawer, green moulded button handle and three square tapered legs/supports (to be sold with the option of purchasing the matching two following lots at the same unit/hammer price) £60-80
1339.   A contemporary Art Deco style mahogany veneered occasional table of circular form with frieze drawer, green moulded button handle and three square tapered legs/supports (to be sold with the option of purchasing the matching two following lots at the same £60-80
1340.   A contemporary Art Deco style mahogany veneered occasional table of circular form with frieze drawer, green moulded button handle and three square tapered legs/supports £60-80
1341.   A small late Victorian/Edwardian freestanding and breakfront side cabinet enclosed by a central glazed panelled door, flanked by further glazed panels with applied scrolled mouldings, raised on six squat and further scrolled cabriole supports, 73 cm wide x 98 cm high approx £100-120
1342.   An Edwardian style three piece Bergere suite with three seat sofa and two matching chairs, with carved and moulded show wood frames and cane panelled work raised on claw and ball supports £100-150
1343.   A good quality contemporary two/three seat sofa in the Howard style, with shaped outline, cream coloured upholstery, loose feather filled seat cushions raised on turned forelegs with brass caps and ceramic castors (labelled Balmain traditional hand made furniture) Sandford Orcas, Dorset £100-150
1344.   A low Victorian armchair with simply upholstered sprung seat, swept and rolled buttoned arms and back raised on ebonised supports (for re-upholstery) £150-200
1345.   A late Regency/William IV library chair with shaped and scrolled outline, partially upholstered with loose cushion and show wood detail raised on turned and reeeded forelegs £80-120
1346.   An Edwardian /1920s armchair, with upholstered finish, shaped outline with down swept shaped outline raised on cabriole forelegs £40-60
1347.   A pair of low Victorian corner/conversation chairs with upholstered finish, the seat with serpentine outline beneath arched backs and raised on turned walnut forelegs with brass caps and white ceramic castors £300-350
1348.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany drawing room/parlour chair with upholstered seat and rectangular back pad within a show wood frame with open arms and turned forelegs £40-60
1349.   An unusual three to four seat conversation type sofa, with shaped outline, cream and blue striped repeating upholstery raised on seven scrolled cabriole legs and further show wood detail £200-300
1350.   A reproduction three seat sofa in the Regency/William IV style, the hardwood frame with carved scrolling acanthus and further carved detail, rolled arms, shaped outline and cane panelled seat, back and arms £100-150
1351.   An early 19th century three seat double scroll arm sofa with show wood frame on turned supports with brass caps and castors £150-200
1352.   A 19th century mahogany cabinet on stand, the upper section enclosed by two arched and panelled doors with marquetry detail showing travellers on foot, the doors enclosing a graduated set of twelve drawers with chequered string inlay, the lower section enclosed by a single frieze drawer raised on turned and tapering supports, 96 cm wide £150-200
1353.   A vintage fibre/timber lathe steel banded travelling trunk with stitched leather carrying handles and removable tray to interior £40-60
1354.   A Georgian /Queen Anne style wall mirror/pier glass, the stepped arched and moulded japanned frame with chinoiserie detail enclosing a bevelled edged plate with star moulded and further detail, 112 cm x 46 cm approx £100-120
1355.   A late Victorian aesthetic movement period walnut hall mirror and combined hat/coat rack, the moulded framework with shaped and carved corner brackets surrounding a central fan shaped hand mirror with bevelled edge plate and trailing floral surround beneath a pronounced brass rail and broken architectural swan neck pediment £60-80
1356.   A 19th century convex wall mirror with ebonised slip and deep moulded surround with foliate and beaded detail, 65 cm diameter approx £150-200
1357.   A large walnut veneered freestanding open bookcase with three adjustable leather lined shelves, flanked by canted sides beneath a moulded cornice with applied classical gilt metal mounts 190 cm high x 170 cm wide approx £300-400
1358.   An oak turners chair with chip carved and geometric detail, open framework and triangular seat, raised on three turned column supports united by stretchers, together with a matching bench and occasional table £150-200
1359.   A Georgian mahogany bureau of four long drawers, the fall flap enclosing a fitted interior of drawers, pigeon holes and central cupboard £60-80
1360.   A mixed wood veneered marquetery picture showing a castle bearing a Union Jack and further Scottish flag, veneered on a rectangular hardwood board, 93 cm x 62 cm approx
1361.   A good quality Georgian style open armchair with upholstered seat and back with arched and scrolled outline and over shepherds crook arms and cabriole supports with pointed toes £150-200
1362.   An Edwardian style occasional table of octagonal form with well matched quarter veneered burr and figured top with inlaid floral marquetry border, raised on open shaped supports united by a square under tier £40-60
1363.   A reproduction mahogany veneered twin pedestal writing desk in the Georgian style with triple inset leather panelled top over an arrangement of eight drawers (disguised as nine), 5ft x 3ft approx £150-200
1364.   A dark stained oak caddy top bedroom chest of six long graduated drawers with rectangular moulded handles, raised on a slightly recessed plinth, possibly Heals, 76 cm x 124 cm in height approx £80-120
1365.   A dark stained oak dresser, the base partially enclosed by a two door cupboard flanked by three drawers either side raised on a moulded plinth, beneath a recessed domed top with two fixed shelves (possibly Heals), 4ft wide approx £80-100
1366.   A dark stained oak refectory table of rectangular form raised on a pair of end square cut and chamfered column supports raised on sledge feet united by a central rail/stretcher, 176 cm long x 76 cm wide approx, together with a set of six open vertical rail back dining chairs with dished solid seats and raised on square cut and moulded supports united by H shaped stretchers (possibly Heals) £200-300
1367.   A 19th century mahogany hanging corner cupboard with bow fronted outline enclosed by two glazed panelled doors, with painted interior and swan necked frieze, 37 cm deep, 105 cm high £120-140
1368.   A rustic oak wall mounted board supporting six cattle horn coat hooks, 160 cm length £40-60
1369.   A substantial stripped pine box over a single frieze drawer with iron carrying handles, 95 cm wide x 95 cm in height £100-120
1370.   A Chinese hardwood refectory table, the rectangular top with cleated ends rasised on a stretcher base with carved detail and central rail, to seat six to eight
1371.   A working model of the German World War II battleship The Bismarck with electronic propulsion, the hull approximately 180 cm in length (6ft) with fully detailed painted finish, complete with plywood travelling case £200-300
1372.   A 19th century Shaker style pine tub and cover with loop handle, 40 cm diameter £30-40
1373.   A set of four Edwardian mahogany Chippendale style dining chairs with pierced gothic tracery splat, drop in upholstered seats and raised on claw and ball forelegs £60-80
1374.   A set of five (4&1) Edwardian oak dining chairs in the Carolean manner with barley twist supports, wavy cut rails and carved cresting rails £80-100
1375.   An 18th century oak coffer, the panel framework with geometric carved detail set beneath a plank top with original bent nail hinges, 120 cm long £80-100
1376.   A substantial pine refectory table with contemporary painted and distressed finish, the plank top raised on four turned supports to seat 14/16 people, 86 cm wide, 4 metres in length £400-500
1377.   A good pair of fruitwood benches or forms, each with single plank top and 'A' framed supports and with exposed joints, 2 metres 35 in length £300-350
1378.   A pair of late 19th century oak framed drawing room chairs with upholstered framework on turned supports £40-60
1379.   A pair of Edwardian verandah or garden chairs with exposed x shaped frames with reeded detail and upholstered seats and backs £100-120
1380.   A pair of Lloyd Loom style armchairs with scrolled framework and original painted finish with drop in seat and sprung finish £160-180
1381.   A 19th century mahogany two tier freestanding corner cupboard with two astragal glazed panelled doors, brass butterfly hinges, set on bracket supports with painted interior
1381A.  A good quality Georgian style walnut veneered tallboy, the upper section with scrolled acanthus architectural broken arch pediment with central shell over six long graduated oak lined drawers raised on a stand with further drawer shaped apron and cabriole supports with braganza feet, 186 cm high x 55cm wide approx £300-400
1382.   A Victorian oak silver chest of usual form with steel banded detail bearing the brass plate of Cecil Chaplin Esq, the lock plate by Frazer & Haws, from Garrards, Regent Street, London, the interior with original marbled paper and single detachable tray £120-150
1383.   A 19th century mahogany demi-lune hanging display cabinet enclosed by a pair of glazed panelled doors, each with three divisions and incorporating four fitted shelves, 60 cm wide, 110 cm high £150-200
1384.   A Georgian mahogany bow fronted hanging corner cupboard fitted over a single drawer, the doors with bird marquetry panels and fitted with three shelves £40-60
1385.   A flamboyant Victorian mahogany serpentine credenza, the central section enclosed by two glazed panelled doors flanked by deeply shaped and cut scrolled supports, the sides of open form with mirror panelled backs and further carved detail, set beneath a white marble top, 170 cm length £200-250
1386.   Two continental bedside/lamp tables, one fitted with three frieze drawers, the other with a single frieze drawer and open section below, both raised on matching cabriole supports with carved detail and three quarter raised galleries £220-250
1387.   A Regency pine side table raised on shaped and simulated bamboo supports with original painted detail to further simulate bamboo with string lined detail, etc, 95 cm width, together with a Gothic side chair £150-200
1388.   A fumed oak three tier occasional table, the top of octagonal form raised on four supports in the Heals manner, 51 cm diameter £60-80
1389.   A mid 19th century mahogany tea table, the circular top raised on a turned column pillar and disc shaped base with lions paw feet, 120 cm diamter £80-100
1390.   A Victorian walnut and figured walnut loo table, the oval top with well matched quarter veneers, raised on a carved column and quadruped base with further carved detail £250-300
1391.   A 19th century continental mahogany bedside commode of rectangular form with raised gallery over a tambour front and two frieze drawers, raised on swept supports £100-120
1392.   An Edwardian mahogany three fold room divider of three quarter height, partially enclosed by glazed panels over material panels £40-60
1393.   An inlaid Edwardian rosewood ladies writing desk enclosed by two frieze drawers raised on square tapered legs with under gallery, the top with inset leather panel, the back with two further drawers and arched centre, 85 cm wide £80-100
1394.   A Victorian mahogany side/writing table fitted with an arrangement of five cushion moulded drawers over a central arch raised on turned supports, 110 cm wide £140-160
1395.   A pair of graduated rustic pine benches, each with slatted tops and painted finish with further distressed detail £180-200
1396.   A Regency overmantle mirror of rectangular form, the cushion moulded frame with gilded finish and further ebonised Tudor Rose detail enclosing a single rectangular mirror plate, 125 cm x 90 cm in height £130-150
1397.   A Victorian walnut pier cabinet enclosed by a single glazed panelled door with marquetry detail and applied gilded ormolu mounts, 76 cm width £180-200
1398.   A mid Victorian walnut pier cabinet enclosed by a single glazed panelled door with marquetry detail and gilded ormolu mounts, 80 cm wide £180-200
1399.   A 19th century mahogany wine cooler of pedestal form with rising lid revealing a zinc lined interior over further cupboards, 40 cm square, 80 cm high £100-120
1400.   A pine cricket table of usual form, the circular top raised on shaped supports with triangular shaped under gallery, 70 cm wide £60-80
1400A.  A small 19th century rustic oak corner cupboard with geometric inlaid panel door and ironwork catch £40-60
1401.   A Georgian countrymade side table in mixed woods, the planked top with cleated ends over a deep frieze drawer raised on turned supports, 105 cm wide approd £120-140
1402.   A Georgian mahogany corner washstand with raised and shaped splashback, with under gallery and swept supports £40-60
1403.   A Georgian mahogany side table with bow fronted outline incorporating a shallow frieze drawer on turned and tapering supports, 90 cm diameter £80-100
1404.   A 19th century mahogany tea table, the circular top raised on an inverted tapering octagonal pillar, tricorn base and with lions paw feet, 105 cm diameter £40-60
1405.   A Georgian oak country made chest on stand, the chest with three long and two short graduated drawers, the stand with three further drawers, shaped apron and raised on four pad feet, 102 cm wide x 168 cm in height £400-450
1406.   An occasional table, the Georgian mahogany base with turned and fluted column raised on three shaped supports with further carved floral detail and claw and ball supports, fitted with a Victorian papier mache and mother-of-pearl inlaid top with shaped border £40-60
1407.   A Georgian mahogany chest of two long and two short drawers with caddy top, embossed brass fittings, raised on swept supports, 89 cm wide approx £80-100
1408.   A Georgian mahogany side cupboard enclosed by two panelled doors with further fluted detail, 131 cm wide approx
1409.   A 19th century mahogany side table of bow fronted outline enclosing a frieze drawer on square taper leg, 43 cm wide £30-40
1410.   A Victorian pale oak secretaire, the lower section enclosed by two arched and panelled doors, the secretaire with fall front enclosing a simply fitted interior, the raised back fitted with two shelves with shaped supports £100-120
1411.   An 18th century or earlier single chair with turned supports, solid seat, the raised support incorporating a rectangular fielded panel beneath a pierced frieze £80-100
1412.   A set of six 19th century continental mixed wood mainly fruitwood, dining chairs with rush seats, the splats incorporating coloured classical prints £300-350
1413.   An old English oak refectory table of good quality, the heavy planked top with cleated ends raised on four turned supports united by a single rail with carved detail to seat six to eight, 215 cm x 85 cm £300-350
1414.   A set of six oak Cromwellian style dining chairs with hide upholstered seats and backs and with brass stud detail £100-150
1415.   A substantial oak framed settee with scrolled arms and turned supports and shaped under gallery, upholstered seat and back, the back panel with hand embroidered floral and other detail, 175 cm width £1500-1800
1415A.  A brass swan neck standard lamp with ribbed moulded glass foliate shade, simple tubular stem shaped tricorn and paw feet
1416.   A Georgian mahogany secretaire bookcase, unusually of concave form throughout, the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors, the secretaire with pull out slide and enclosing a series of drawers and pigeon holes, again of concave form, the upper section enclosed by two panelled doors and three slides, 100 cm wide £1100-1200
1417.   A 19th century French fold over top card table of rectangular form with burr walnut, amboyna and ebony banded detail, with cast brass borders, raised on cabriole supports £100-120
1418.   A pair of Victorian mahogany hall chairs with shield shaped backs with applied and moulded detail raised on cabriole forelegs £80-100
1419.   A 19th century mahogany bow fronted chest of three long and two short drawers raised on bracket supports, embossed brass plate handles, 120 cm £100-120
1420.   A Georgian mahogany Pembroke table fitted with a single frieze drawer, raised on square tapered legs
1421.   A Georgian mahogany dining table with two 'D' shaped ends and simple additional leaf, raised on eight square taper supports to seat six £80-100
1422.   A 19th century centre stool with carved framework with cabriole supports and painted finish together with a further 19th century mahogany stool with carved, moulded and pierced mahogany legs and rails £100-120
1423.   A Georgian mahogany snap top table raised on a turned pillar and tripod base £40-60
1424.   An interesting ethnic hardwood carved panelled/door with repeating character detail, 115 cm high x 60 cm wide £160-180
1425.   A pair of old English carved oak panels with acanthus and other floral detail within geometric borders £80-100
1426.   An Edwardian mahogany three piece bedroom suite comprising double wardrobe, dressing table and chest of four drawers, all with extensive blind fret detail and further applied carved detail, acanthus leaf etc and with cast brass fittings £200-300
1427.   A Regency rosewood drop leaf ladies work table raised on a turned and foliated column and platform base with lions paw feet, fitted with four drawers (disguised as three) including a games slide, 48 cm wide when closed £200-250
1428.   A 19th century figured walnut and marquetry inlaid sewing table with rising lid and fitted interior, raised on a shaped and pierced stretcher framework £60-80
1429.   An 18th century country made oak elbow chair with simple panelled seat and back and shaped arms on turned supports and rails £80-120
1430.   An Edwardian centre stool with carved and moulded supports, shaped and pierced stretchers and upholstered seat £50-70
1431.   An antique walnut single chair with carved acanthus horizontal bar splat, flanked by carved face masked, over an over stuffed brown leather seat raised on square cut legs, united by stretchers £60-80
1432.   An unusual oak refectory/centre table with gothic carved supports and detail, produced from timbers taken from St Mary's church Kidderminster in 1901, 160 cm x 120 cm £200-300
1433.   A set of three antique Windsor wheel back kitchen chairs principally in elm and ashwood £60-80
1434.   An oak and mahogany occasional table, the circular top 95 cm in diameter, raised on a turned pillar and tripod base with carved claw and ball feet £80-100
1435.   A Georgian mahogany cellarette, the rising lid revealing six divisions of rectangular form, raised on spiral tapering supports £150-200
1436.   A Georgian mahogany chest of three long drawers accompanied by brush slide with adjustable baize lined writing slope, raised on bracket supports, 110 cm length x 86 cm high £200-250
1437.   A 19th century papier mache tray of rectangular form with painted detail showing a cockerel defending a hen and chicks and startled water fowl from an approaching hawk, the tray raised on a later lacquered framework on four swept supports, 74 cm x 54 cm £200-250
1438.   A Georgian oak country made side table fitted with a single frieze drawer, raised on tapering pad supports, the drawer fitted in turn with four further small drawers, 90 cm wide £80-100
1439.   An Edwardian mahogany display cabinet of full height enclosed by two partially glazed doors, the whole with marquetry detail over two further drawers and open framework, 115 cm wide £80-100
1440.   An early 19th century Welsh oak freestanding corner cupboard, the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors, the upper section by two astragal glazed panelled doors beneath a moulded frieze and raised on bracket supports £80-100
1441.   A 19th century Hepplewhite style shield back elbow chair in satinwood with dished upholstered seat and raised on square tapered legs with spade feet £100-120
1442.   A Victorian mahogany toilet mirror of unusual size raised on a skeleton framework on scrolled supports, 88 cm high £40-60
1443.   A Victorian walnut and figured walnut 'D' end credenza, the central door with marquetry inlay flanked by two glazed 'D' end cupboards with further applied gilded mounts and set within an ebonised border, 150 cm
1444.   A machine tapestry panel in a 19th century continental manner showing extensively wooded landscape within acanthus border, 230 cm in length, 180 cm width approx £80-100
1445.   An Edwardian mahogany ladies writing bureau with cylinder front over a writing slide and two further drawers, raised on square tapered legs with marquetry and string banded inlay, 75 cm wide £300-350
1446.   A Victorian walnut side chair with carved bobbin moulded and other detail, upholstered seat and back and raised on cabriole forelegs £30-40
1447.   A 19th century continental elbow chair, the framework with acanthus and other detail raised on turned supports and with pierced stretchers with hand worked geometric tapestry seat and back £140-160
1448.   A substantial 19th century mahogany longcase clock, the trunk with spiral column supports, the hood enclosing a 40 cm (16 inch) broken arch painted dial, the spandrels showing Europe, Asia, Africa, America, with rolling lunar phase, subsidiary calendar and secondary dial, eight day striking movement £250-300
1449.   A Georgian longcase clock, the pine case with over painted finish, incorporating a square brass dial with details showing man of war firing cannons and a city siege, the seasons, etc, with subsidary calendar and secondary dial with thirty hour striking movement by George Miles of Horton (George Miles is recorded as living in Horton, Gloucestershire during the 1770s period) £200-250
1450.   A 19th century Windsor comb back elbow chair principally in oak and ashwood with crinoline stretcher £160-180
1451.   A late 19th century oriental jardiniere stand on two tiers with carved detail and polished marble inset raised on lions paw feet £40-60
1452.   A Regency mahogany side table fitted with two shallow frieze drawers raised on four turned supports with ebony detail £40-60
1453.   A 19th century mahogany duet stand with adjustable column on tapering hexagonal column and platform base £60-80
1454.   A 17th/18th century Italian table cabinet enclosed by two doors, the case work with geometric marquetry detail in various timber and with ivory stringing. The interior fitted with an arrangement of nine drawers presented as ten, surrounding a central door with architectural pediment, this enclosing a further ten tiny drawers. The front drawers, door and column support enclosing ivory panels, all with etched detail showing scenes from Greek Mythology including Perseus slaying the Gorgon Medusa and accompanied by Pegasus, Europa abducted by Zeus in the guuise of a bull, the slaying of a deer, possibly by Cyparissus, Hercules slaying the Erymanthian boar, etc. 58 cm wide, 54 cm high, 38 cm deep, raised on a 19th century ebonised stand of simple construction with under gallery, overall height 130 cm £1500-2000
1455.   An 18th century continental box in fruitwood and other timbers, the top inlaid with bonework panels with etched detail showing game bird, coursing scene with hound pursuing a hare, further hound pursuing a stag, etc, the sides with parquetry detail in fruitwood and bonework raised on short bun feet, 45 cm wide x 33 cm deep, 13 cm high approx £250-300
1456.   A coaching table of usual form, the folding framework raised on swept supports £40-60
1457.   An inlaid Edwardian rosewood and marquetry envelope card table of usual form with frieze drawer raised on four square taper legs with under gallery £100-120
1458.   A wall mirror, the plate of oval form with bevelled edge, set within painted and gilded rectangular framework with turret borders and applied floral detail, 100 cm x 90 cm £60-80
1459.   An unusual Arts & Crafts style corner settle, the painted framework with bobbin supports and arcaded back with cane panelled seat and squab cushion £400-500
1460.   A late 19th century overmantle mirror in the Georgian style with three mirror plates set within a shaped and fretted framework, with further carved and gilded detail, 130 cm x 80 cm £100-150
1461.   A Georgian Chippendale style chair with pierced gothic tracery splats on yoke shaped cresting rail, upholstered seat on square cut supports with H shaped stretcher £60-80
1462.   A small Regency mahogany chiffonier, the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors with well matched flame veneers within turned and tapering column supports, with cushion moulded drawer above with further acanthus detail, the raised back incorporating two tiers, turned columns and set beneath a carved and shaped rail, 85 cm wide (together with a sales invoice from Stow Antiques dated for £X) £400-500
1463.   A 19th century gilded mirror of oval form, the central mirror plate with bevel edge set within a further frieze of eight mirror plates within a gilded and moulded frame 115 cm max £100-150
1464.   A pair of Charles, Prince of Wales, Investiture chairs, the bentwood frames in red colourway, the backs with fleur-de-lys detail £60-80
1465.   A Georgian secretaire tallboy, the lower section fitted with four drawers, the secretaire fitted with drawers, pigeon holes and writing area, the upper section fitted with a further two long, two medium and three short drawers raised on bracket supports, 105 cm £300-400