Two Day Antique Sale on
Tuesday 25th & Wednesday 26th September 2018

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1.      A very extensive collection of blue and white printed Woods ware, in the English Scenery pattern, including six oval meat plates, a large tureen, cover and stand, a further pair of tureens, covers and stands, bowl with shaped rim, rectangular serving dish, coffee pot, hot water jug, three graduated jugs, pair of sugar bowls and covers, dinner, tea and coffee wares, numerous plates, etc (in excess of 320 pieces) £200-300
2.      A pair of 19th century Mason's Ironstone jugs of octagonal form with chinoiserie decoration handles, together with a collection of 19th century green glaze majolica miniature dinner wares comprising a pair of comports, two pairs of shaped serving dishes and nine plates £40-60
3.      A 19th century Staffordshire figure group "The Vicar and Moses" 19cm tall approx, together with a Staffordshire model of a seated Toby holding a tankard 24cm tall £40-60
4.      A six place Royal Copenhagen coffee service with brown and gilt floral detail, including coffee pot, milk jug, cover sugar bowl, six cups and six saucers £30-50
5.      A collection of fourteen 19th century Staffordshire figures including a spill vase-Robin Hood, an outsized model of a seated spaniel accompanied by a young girl, an equestrian figure of Queen Mary, further equestrian figures etc £50-80
6.      A collection of 19th century tea wares with printed and infilled chinoiserie detail including teapot, sugar bowl, slop bowl, cream jug, two serving dishes, ten cups and saucers, together with a large 19th century blue and white Copeland two handled tureen cover and stand, a Copeland Spode Italian pattern fruit bowl and a late 19th century blue ground biscuit barrel with gilded decoration and with plated mounts and handles £40-60
7.      A collection of 19th century Staffordshire wares including a spill vase with sportsman, a watch holder with musicians, a figure of a male character with basket of fish, etc (12) £80-100
8.      A collection of Shelley dinner wares with gilt and black floral detail comprising a pair of covered tureens, sauce boat and stand, two oval meat plates, oval serving dish, six dinner plates, six side/dessert plates, six dessert bowls, six smaller dishes etc together with a similar Grosvenor condiment set £50-60
9.      A collection of ten 19th century Staffordshire figure group, including Abraham and Isaac, an arbour group with a pair of lovers, a pair of figures accompanied by a goat and a sheep etc £60-80
10.     A collection of Coalport Flower-Pots pattern dinner wares including a pair of covered tureens, sauce boat, three oval graduated meat plates and six dinner plates £30-50
11.     A pair of early 19th century tin glazed earthenware blue and white painted chargers in the peacock design with painted marks to reverse, 35 cm diameter £180-200
12.     A collection of Royal Albert Night and Day pattern coffee wares comprising coffee pot, cream jug, sugar bowl, five cups and six saucers, together with a collection of Wedgwood blue ground Jasper wares, a Rye pottery figure of the Wife of Bath, a Masons Chartreuse pattern ginger jar and cover, a Coalport rose patterned bowl etc £30-50
13.     A pair of 19th century four branch candelabra, the columns with applied figures of male and female characters, 41 cm tall, together with a further 19th century two branch candelabra with applied figure of a harvester, 28cm tall approx £50-80
14.     A collection of 19th century and other continental tin glazed wares including an ink stand in the form of a gondola with painted floral detail 40cm long approx, a pair of oil and vinegar bottles, a ewer with pewter mount, etc £40-60
15.     A collection of mid 19th century tea wares with painted floral sprays on a blue and gilt ground comprising covered sucrier, slop bowl, milk jug, pair of serving plates, nineteen cups (two shapes) and twelve saucers £80-120
16.     A collection of various late 19th and early 20th century and later tiles including blue and white painted examples with mosaic type detail, Minton's encaustic type example, etc £40-50
17.     A collection of Paragon china tea wares in the Art Deco manner with yellow floral decoration comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, 10 cups, 12 saucers and 12 tea plates, together with a collection of Shelley Bramble pattern tea wares comprising teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, cake plate, 6 cups and saucers, and 6 tea plates £60-80
18.     Two 19th century figure groups of Uncle Tom and Little Eva on a boat, both with titles to base, 32 cm tall £80-100
19.     A collection of mainly 19th century continental ceramics including a white glazed Capodimonte teapot with moulded classical style figure decoration and crowned 'N' mark to base 16cm tall, together with three further white glazed figures of female characters, a miniature Capodimonte bust of a girl in a bonnet 8cm tall with crowned 'N' mark to base and a further similar bust, 20cm tall approx £40-60
20.     A collection of Royal Cauldon Victoria pattern wares including teapot, three jugs, two sugar bowls, four cups, six saucers (two sizes), twelve plates (various sizes) etc £30-40
21.     A collection of 19th century continental tin glazed earthen wares including a French blue and white painted coffee pot and cover with scrolling and figure decoration, (33cm tall approx) a large white glazed candlestick, a plate with floral detail, a dish with painted landscape details etc £30-50
22.     A collection of Royal Albert Winsome pattern tea and coffee wares comprising coffee pot, twelve cups, eleven saucers and twelve plates, together with a Lladro figure of a girl gathering flowers £30-50
23.     An interesting collection of pottery wares including a slipware dish of circular form with brown and cream combed decoration 34 cm diameter, a further green ground, slip ware plate with wavy line and dot detail, slip ware tankard with initials J E, a three handled green glaze vase, a puzzle jug, etc £50-70
24.     A set of 6 Royal Doulton figures from the Michael Doulton signature edition - Ninette HN3248 Elaine HN3247 Southern Belle HN3244 Fragrance HN3250 Sara HN3249 and Kirsty HN3246, together with a set of 12 similar Coalport figures from the Fairest Flowers series £30-50
25.     A collection of 19th century dessert wares with painted floral sprigs and sprays comprising an oval comport, an oval serving dish, a shell shaped serving dish, a sauce tureen and stand and cover (AF) and three plates, together with a pair of 19th century dessert plates with painted floral decoration against an orange and gilt ground £50-80
26.     A collection of ceramic models of dogs including Beswick model of a red setter, together with a grey coated setter, a Beswick beagle, Beswick terrier, a USSR seated dog, a Heubach group of three dogs etc £40-60
27.     A collection of six Nao figure groups of children with their pets, a girl with a bird, etc £30-50
28.     A quantity of 19th century ceramics including a shaped dessert dish with well painted floral and fruit spray and sprigs, a further botanical dessert plate with moulded border and inscribed to reverse Scarlet Azalea, a further decorative plate and dishes, a continental cylindrical tankard with floral sprigs and sprays and gilt trident mark, etc £60-80
29.     A collection of ceramic animals including a Beswick donkey, a German green glazed model of a foal, an Austrian model of a foal, a model of a stag, a doe and fawn, etc £30-50
30.     A set of 6 early 19th century oriental plates with painted and gilded flowering tree detail, diameter 23cm together with a further oriental blue and white plate with tree detail and one other plate £60-80
31.     A collection of 19th century Staffordshire figures including a group of Hercules wrestling the lion, a double sided figure Gin and Water, a pink cloaked man raised on a square cut base, a matched pair of the cobbler and his wife, a bocage figure of a boy and dog etc £60-80
32.     An unusual continental tin glazed earthenware dish and domed cover with blue and manganese purple painted decoration of huntsman and a stag, painted capital N mark to base 23cm diameter £40-60
33.     A 19th century Staffordshire cow creamer in the form of a milk maid and cow together with further 19th century Staffordshire cow creamer and a similar Staffordshire type group of a cow and calf £30-50
34.     A collection of oriental ceramics including a blue and white jar and cover of ovoid form, a polychrome model of poultry, a pair of Imari type vases, etc £40-60
35.     A 19th century Chinese blue and white vase of shouldered form with 4 character marks to base. 26cm tall approx, together with a blue and white ginger jar and cover with prunus blossom detail and a blue and white bowl with four character marks to base, 22cm diameter approx £40-60
36.     A set of four Chinese porcelain plates, decorated with foliage with polychrome highlights, with three character mark to base, 22.5cm diameter (4) £30-40
37.     A collection of Woods ware blue and white printed dinner wares comprising four oval graduated meat plates, a pair of tureen bases, a pair of ladles, a pair of cake plates etc £40-60
38.     A collection of oriental ceramics including a black ground ginger jar and cover with prunus blossom and bird detail, a terracotta teapot with rustic moulding, a vase with mauve glazed finish and three character mark to base, various plates and dishes, Satsuma bowl etc £80-100
39.     An oriental plate with prancing horse type creature on a relief moulded ground with cloud detail and with six character mark to reverse, 25.5cm together with further oriental decorated wares including a small stemmed dish, 1.5cm diameter, an early 19th century bowl, etc £50-80
40.     A 19th century oriental famille vert vase of four sided form with alternating landscape and character panels and mask and ring handles (drilled to base) 29 cm tall approx £40-60
41.     A matched pair of 19th century Chinese blue and white Kraak type dishes with bird and flower vase detail, 32cm diameter approx £60-80
42.     Two white glazed oriental figures of Guanyin, max height 25cm, together with a further similar white glazed figure 32cm tall and an unusual white glazed spill vase in the form of a standing naked oriental style female character, 15cm tall approx £40-60
43.     A quantity of mainly reproduction oriental blue and white ceramics including teapots in the form of ducks, fish, a bearded male character, etc a large ewer and a basin, a pair of candlesticks etc £25-30
44.     A large 19th century oriental imari type bowl with shaped rim and decoration to the interior and exterior 34cm diameter £80-100
45.     A 19th century oriental dish with painted decoration to exterior and interior in tones of red green yellow and blue and with 6 character mark to base 27.5cm diameter £80-100
46.     An unusual blue glazed vase with applied figures of pheasant in the oriental manner 25.5cm tall £30-50
47.     A Phoebe Stabler art deco plaster work type figure in the form of a little girl with ringlets, bending forward and raised on a shaped plinth inscribed "Phoebe Stabler" 27.5cm tall approx
48.     Two early 19th century oriental tankards of cylindrical form with famille rose painted male and female character decoration on blue and white grounds, one with dragon handle 12 cm tall approx the other 13.5cm approx, together with two other oriental tankards £60-80
49.     An early 19th century cream ware type jug with brick red printed decoration of Napoleon Stopped in his Career on one side, and inscribed Success of the Volunteers within fruiting vine border on the other, 13.5cm tall £50-80
50.     A Troika vase of four sided form with incised and painted relief moulded decoration in tones of grey, blue and ochre and with painted mark to base monogram JD? 9.5cm tall approx together with a Danish Copenhagen faience type vase with buff and blue glazed detail and printed and impressed mark to base No. 3361, 11cm tall approx £40-60
51.     Two Wedgwood lustred bowls including 2 of octagonal form, one with alternating landscape panels and painted mark to base 5125, the other with orange ground and chinoiserie motifs No. 4825 both 8.5cm diameter, together with a further yellow ground Wedgwood lustre type bowl, a similar Aynsley bowl and a Maling dish with galleon detail No 3454 £60-80
51A.    An early 20th century Satsuma incense burner, the lid surmounted by a dog of fo £20-30
52.     A Beswick model of a Dachshund, a model of a Dax bull by Miranda C Smith, a small cast metal model of a Dachshund and a Beswick model of a black Labrador £25-30
53.     A small studio pottery teapot and cover with moulded detail and celadon type glaze and with impressed seal mark to base 6.5 cm tall £25-30
54.     A small Moorcroft green ground vase of globular form with yellow, green and purple pansy decoration and with painted initials and impressed mark to base, 6.5 cm tall approx £30-50
55.     An unusual 19th century heart shaped flask with relief moulded decoration to each side of children at play, 14 cm long approx, together with a pottery money bank in the form of a hen on its nest with Whieldon type brown and cream glaze finish, 10 cm long approx £40-60
56.     A Moorcroft dish of circular form with curved rim and purple pansy detail on a green ground and within painted signature mark to base, impressed mark and numbers 1410, 11cm diameter approx £30-50
57.     A Beswick model of an Aberdeen Angus cow, marked to base approved by the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society, together with a Beswick Aberdeen Angus model of a calf, model number 1406A £80-120
58.     A blanc de chine figure of a female character in oriental style costume, carrying a basket, 26 cm tall, together with a cloisonné bowl with polychrome floral and butterfly detail, 9 cm diameter approx £30-50
59.     A collection of seven Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures, Sands of Time, Cinderella, Policeman, Sailor, Fireman, Father and Sightseer, five together with certificates, (7) £40-60
60.     A collection of eight Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures to include Schoolmaster, Choir singer, Shopper, Sixtieth Anniversary, Be Prepared, Nurse, Sweetheart and Gardener (8) £40-60
61.     An unusual 19th century Imari charger of hexagonal form with painted and gilded decoration of five boys against patterned ground with three character mark to reverse, 39 cm diameter £100-150
62.     A pair of 19th century oriental blue and white chargers with painted floral detail, 42 cm diameter approx £40-60
63.     A large 19th century Imari vase of shouldered form with bird and flowering tree detail, 46 cm tall approx £80-120
64.     A collection of Masons Ironstone Mandarin pattern dinner wares comprising pair of tureens and covers, sauce boat, six dinner plates, six dessert plates and six side plates, together with further ceramics including blue and white willow pattern meat plates, a large oriental blue ground pot and cover with polychrome painted floral detail, 26 cm tall approx, etc £30-50
65.     A Noritake "Windrift" part tea and dinner service; together with a further Japanese tea service and others
66.     A collection of Royal Doulton Fairfax pattern dinner and tea wares including teapot, milk jug, sugar basin, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates, six dinner plates, six side plates and six soup/dessert bowls together with six egg cups £50-70
66A.    Rare 19th Century Brass vesta case in the form of a privy (on view in cabinet) £30-40
67.     An 18th century tin glazed earthenware charger with blue and white painted chinoiserie decoration of a pagoda, 35 cm diameter, a further blue and white Delft type charger with bird and water weed detail, 35 cm diameter and a smaller blue and white Delft type plate m23 cm diameter approx £80-120
68.     A collection of 19th century dessert wares with blackberry and bramble detail comprising a high two handled comport, a pair of oval shaped serving dishes, four further shaped serving dishes, twelve plates with printed marks GW, Blackberry to reverse £30-50
69.     A collection of Nao figure groups including a reclining dancer, children on a bench, a boy holding a bird, etc, together with a further similar Spanish figure of a lady with a parasol (9) £30-50
70.     Ten Royal Copenhagen blue and white plates dating from the 1970s with various decoration including a cat, an owl, sportsman and his dog, etc; together with further ceramics including a Jema model of tropical fish, three piece Sadler tea set and two Karl Ens models of kingfishers, etc £30-50
71.     A collection of Beswick and other model horses including a trotting shire, a pony with raised foreleg, various foals, etc, all with brown glazed finish £40-60
72.     A Wedgwood blue ground lustred bowl of octagonal form with plated and gilded flying bird detail on a blue ground, mark to base 5294, 20 cm diameter approx, together with an Aynsley lustred bowl of octagonal form with repeating dog rose sprays to the exterior and butterfly decoration to the interior, 20 cm approx £40-60
73.     An unusual green glazed ceramic model of a parrot on a branch with incised initials to interior MT? 20 cm high approx £30-40
74.     A Herend group of two rabbits eating sweet corn, impressed number to base 5326, together with a further Herend model of a duck number 5082, a Royal Crown Derby paperweight in the form of a rabbit and a further Imari type rabbit £30-40
75.     A 19th century Staffordshire spill vase in the form of male and female characters in highland costume accompanied by a dog and seated above a base modelled with a steam locomotive, 26 cm tall approx, together with a pair of 19th century Staffordshire spill vases in the form of peacocks, 21 cm tall approx £40-60
76.     A pair of 19th century Staffordshire models of seated dalmations raised on oval bases, 13 cm tall approx, together with further 19th century and later Staffordshire figures including a spill vase with applied ram, spill vase with applied spaniels, etc £30-50
76A.    A Victorian presentation award medal "For Success in the National Art Competition", designed by Antoine Vechte (1799-1868) with etched artists signature 'A.Vechte', the central medallion with image of Queen Victoria and inscribed "Victoria Queen By The Grace Of God 1857" decorated with classical figures to surround, approximately 14.5cm diameter £30-40
77.     A pair of late 19th century Royal Worcester bottle neck vases with panels of wisteria, with moulded leaf necks and stepped circular bases, dated 1892, 28 cm high (AF) £80-120
78.     A late 19th century Royal Worcester blush ivory ewer, RD number 372301, hand painted with dandelions and other meadow flowers, with gilt scrolled griffin handle and stepped circular base, 37 cm high £100-150
79.     A group of mainly 19th century continental figures including a pair of lovers seated on armchairs, raised on oval base and with blue cross swords mark to base, 18 cm long approx, a further pair of rustic lovers with bird cage and lamb and marked Chappel to base, etc, together with a late 18th century Derby type figure of a boy holding a floral garland and a further similar Derby type figure of a woman holding a water flask £60-80
80.     An unusual early 19th century (possibly Leeds) creamware dish with Greek key type pierced border decoration and seven sectional segmented interior, with a dome shaped pierced cover with scrolling and wheat-ear type motifs and with rose knop, 22 cm diameter £50-80
81.     A 19th century majolica jug with relief moulded and decorated portraits of a bearded gentleman, understood to be Ulysses S. Grant, former president of the USA, within a laurel wreath garland, 26 cm tall £80-120
82.     An unusual 19th century tin glazed earthenware model of a cockatoo in the Delft manner, perched on a branch and with VK monogram to underside and number 15, 25 cm tall approx £40-60
83.     A pair of early 19th century Bloor Derby spill vases with flared necks and with painted oval panels showing a boy and a girl, with printed marks to base, 13 cm tall, together with a 19th century white glazed continental model of a dancing woman with crowned N mark to base, 22 cm tall approx, an unusual white glazed group of animals raised on a square cut base, 8 cm tall, a miniature Meissen type model of a parrot, two 19th century Staffordshire models of seated greyhounds, etc £60-80
84.     An 18th century tin glazed earthenware two handled tobacco jar with painted inscription Bon Tabac De St Vincent within a painted blue leaf garland, the neck fitted with a loose brass collar and with further copper cover and raised on a carved wooden base, 30 cm approx excluding base and cover £300-500
85.     A pair of early 19th century Dutch Delft tin glazed earthenware blue and white painted tobacco jars inscribed Duinkerker and Rappe, both within blue scrolling cartouches, both fitted with brass covers, 27 cm approx excluding covers £300-500
86.     An 18th century Italian tin glazed earthenware Arbarello drugs jar with polychrome painted decoration in the Castelli manner with oval painted panels showing a figure in monks habit holding a cross and book, against a blue ground with scrolling and foliate motifs, 31 cm approx £200-300
86A.    A vintage combined letter opener, rule and magnifying glass, in chrome finish £15-20
87.     An 18th century Italian tin glazed earthenware Arbarello drugs jar with polychrome painted decoration in the Castelli manner of a Saint in an oval panel against a predominantly blue ground with scrolling and foliate decoration, 33 cm tall approx £200-300
88.     A pair of late 19th century Staffordshire type figures of Robert Burns and Highland Mary together with an unusual pottery vase with green applied piped decoration on a blue and brown ground and indistinct inscribed mark to base, 8 cm tall approx, a further green ground jug with combed decoration and a relief moulded tankard with frog to interior £25-30
89.     A pair of Satsuma faceted ceramic vases, decorated with Geisha girls and exterior landscapes; together with a further mottled studio pot, cut glass vase, stand and others £20-25
90.     A pair of Japanese polychrome vases with elephant head and ring handles and bird and floral decoration, 31 cm tall approx, together with a further matching smaller three handled vase, 23 cm tall approx £25-30
91.     A quantity of Danish dinner wares with blue painted floral detail and basket weave border including oval meat plates, tureen cover and stand, 21 plates (3 sizes), soup bowls and saucers, etc, together with a collection of Wedgwood cream glazed fluted tea and coffee wares and three small drinking glasses with white metal bases £30-50
92.     A collection of oriental and other teapots including a blue and white example, famille rose example, etc, together with three 19th century Imari dishes, further ceramics including a three piece late 19th century continental tea set with blue moulded and painted floral detail, a Royal Doulton relief moulded teapot, a small collection of Spode white glazed teawares, a boxed set of fish knives and forks, a book - Bristol As It Was by Stone, etc £40-60
93.     A collection of continental tin glazed earthenwares including a tankard with painted church decoration and pewter mounts, a 19th century plate with polychrome decoration and inscribed Aca Ira, small collection of tiles including example of blue and white painted windmill and other decoration, a polychrome painted tile with chinoiserie fisherman detail, etc
94.     A collection of ceramics including a Copeland & Garrett blue and white printed tureen cover and stand, further blue and white printed wares, Copeland Spode chinoiserie coffee wares, Paragon coffee wares, a small stoneware ewer marked to base Made for Jas Schoolbred & Co, a further stoneware jug with mask to spout and with pewter cover, further jugs, etc £40-60
95.     A collection of Copeland Spode dinner wares with flower vase decoration including a large tureen and cover, further tureens and covers, two graduated meat plates, square shaped bowl, eight crescent shaped side dishes, together with a quantity of late Victorian Lowestoft pattern dinner wares by Bishop & Stonier including six oval graduated meat plates, tureen and cover, pair of sauce tureens, covers and stands, etc £40-60
96.     A Limited Edition Lladro figure group - Spring's New Arrivals number 1854 edition number 219/1000, 27 cm tall approx, boxed and with original packaging and certificate, together with a boxed Lladro collectors club plaque, bell, candle holder, etc £150-180
96A.    Pair of 19th Century French spelter candlesticks in the form of humorous Methuselah figures on stilts £40-60
97.     A collection of oriental ceramics including an early 19th century plate with bird and flowering tree decoration 23 cm diameter approx, further 19th century plates and dishes, an unusual charger with three reserved painted panels incorporating figures, landscape, etc, 30 cm diameter, etc £40-60
98.     A collection of 19th century continental tin glazed earthenwares comprising a charger with painted rose decoration 34 cm diameter approx, charger with polychrome and bird and branch decoration in the chinoiserie manner 34.5 cm diameter approx and a charger with polychrome classical style decoration incorporating three cherubs and a goat within a scrolling border incorporating an urn, mythological creatures, etc, 38 cm diameter £80-120
99.     A Beswick model of a Jersey cow and calf raised on an oval wooden base, 24 cm long together with a Beswick model of a duck with outstretched wings, impressed numbers to base 995 £60-80
100.    A Doulton Lambeth Silicon urn and cover with pouring spout to base, moulded and incised blue geometric decoration with buff coloured ground and impressed marks to base, 39 cm tall approx £25-30
101.    A set of three 19th century dessert plates with polychrome painted floral sprigs and sprays, together with a pair of wooden shoe lasts and a further child's shoe last £25-30
102.    An extensive collection of Johnsons Brothers Indian Tree pattern wares including a pair of serving dishes, sauce boat and two stands, four jugs, two oval serving plates, 50 plus plates and bowls of various size, cups and saucers, etc £30-50
103.    A quantity of 19th century Shanghae (sic) dinner wares by T Till & Son, comprising pair of tureens and covers, further tureens, three oval graduated meat plates, thirty six plates and soup plates (3 sizes) £25-30
104.    A collection of late Victorian Brownfield teawares with printed floral decoration, a boxed Royal Worcester cup and saucer with sailing motifs, a 19th century dessert serving plate with painted landscape decoration within a pink and gilt border, 3 majolica plates, etc £30-50
105.    A John Ffrench Arklow studio pottery green ground dish with shaped outline and stylised floral detail, with printed mark to base, 37cm diameter £40-60
106.    A 19th century continental mustard pot, cover and spoon in the form of a goose, the spoon in the form of a webbed foot, 10cm long approx £80-120
106A.   A cased set of 6 art deco silver teaspoons, with green stone handles, marked Birmingham 1923, maker J.S&S, with label to case £30-40
107.    A 19th century Naples tureen and cover, with matching oval stand or serving plate, all with relief moulded and painted swan, crane and other bird and insect detail amongst bull rushes within floral borders, with gilt crowned 'N' mark to base and impressed numbers 933, serving plate - 48cm long approx £150-200
108.    A pair of early 19th century Caughtley chestnut baskets of oval form with blue and white printed chinoiserie decoration, together with matching oval stands, both with crescent and dot marks to base, stands 19.5cm long £400-500
109.    Anita Harris studio charger, a three dimensional frog upon a green leaf background, 40cm, monogrammed SJ (Samantha Johnson) £80-100
110.    A large Spode blue and white printed meat dish in the Blue Tower pattern, together with gravy drainer and well, 53cm max £80-100
111.    A studio pottery jug and cover in the form of a two sectional owl with slip decoration and with impressed seal mark to base initials KR and date 1982, 21 cm tall £25-30
112.    A collection of four Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern paperweights in the form of an Egyptian royal cat, a bear, a ram and a squirrel, together with a Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern bell £40-60
113.    A three piece Wedgwood black ground Keith Murray black basalt coffee set comprising covered coffee pot, covered sugar bowl and cream jug, together with a further Wedgwood Keith Murray cream glazed tankard and a Barum Barnstaple green glazed jug with incised signature to base £30-50
114.    A collection of six Royal Crown Derby Imari paperweights in the form of a limited edition Lyme Bay Dolphin, a brown Pelican, a pheasant, a tortoise, a duck and a snail, all with silver or gilt stoppers to base
115.    An unusual Wedgwood majolica wall plate with daisy decoration, 31 cm diameter approx, together with a set of five Studio Pottery slipware tankards, a pair of Royal Doulton Slaters vases with drawn necks, a Beswick model of a running fox and a Beswick model of a recumbent fox £40-50
116.    An unusual early 19th century Turner caneware four sided vase in the classical manner with relief moulded figural panels of oval form, applied veiled female mask decoration to the corners and raised on four lion paw supports and square cut base and with impressed mark to base and fitted with spill holder, 18.5 cm tall approx £100-120
116A.   Cast iron cannon shot recovered from the wreck site of H.M.S Crocodile, a 24 gun Royal Navy warship which sank at Prawle Point, Devon on 9th May 1784. Returning from Bombay, she struck rocks in foggy conditions. Fortunately the entire crew managed to scramble ashore. Further details are online, including a painting of the wreck done at the time (includes certificate of authenticity) £40-60
117.    A collection of nineteen 19th century dessert plates, possibly by Samson, with gilded crest within laurel wreath surround, some with pseudo oriental mark to reverse, 23 cm diameter £60-80
118.    A Beswick model of a song thrush impressed number to base 2308, a Beswick model of a wagtail, a Crown Staffordshire model of a wren by J T Jones, etc, two further models of birds, together with a collection of Colclough honeysuckle pattern teawares including teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, cake plate, etc, three glass paperweights £40-60
119.    A collection of mainly Art Deco ceramics including a honey box and cover, with bee knop and with Pole Pottery type floral detail, 12.5 cm square, collection of Gray's pottery teawares with blue and green banded decoration, Gray's pottery nursery wares, a Wemyss ware plate with cockerel detail 17 cm diameter, a Royal Doulton tea for two set pattern number H1790 comprising teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, two cups two saucers and a tea plate, etc £50-80
120.    A set of four unusual 19th century classical style, relief moulded panels (in two frames) showing bacchanalian scenes inscribed verso, after Francois Doquesnoy 36 x 17 cm max frame size, together with further ceramics including a 19th century continental vase with lions mask and swag detail and raised on three paw supports, a relief moulded charger with classical profile detail, a pottery model of a Buddha, a terracotta vase with classical frieze detail, etc £50-80
121.    A quantity of 19th century floral decorated dinner and teawares (various patterns) including pair of cake plates, slop bowl, teapot, etc £30-50
122.    An unusual studio pottery limited edition model of a black and white spotted cow with monogram SW to base, 30 cm long approx, a Finnish Arabia dish with figure decoration, further Finnish purple printed wares comprising two bowls and an oval dish, a boxed Japanese eggshell porcelain cup and saucer, and unusual green glass paperweight in the form of a tulip in a vase, further clear glass paperweight modelled as an owl, floral tea and coffee wares, two boxed sets of Aynsley floral place card holders, Royal Stafford Spinney pattern tea for two wares, etc £30-50
123.    A quantity of Royal Doulton Ashmont pattern dinner and teawares including teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, covered sugar bowl, oval meat plate, tea and coffee wares, etc, together with further ceramics including a small collection of Royal Doulton Lynnewood pattern wares, a Royal Worcester matt glazed model of a kingfisher, a pair of oriental style vases, a large Victorian two handled crock and cover, etc £40-60
124.    A collection of Crown Ducal Art Deco dinner wares in the Pussy Willow pattern comprising a pair of tureens and covers, three oval meat plates, dessert serving bowl, etc, together with a collection of J & G Meakin Art Deco coffee wares in the Alpine pattern etc £30-50
125.    A collection of 19th century blue and white printed Asiatic Pheasant pattern dinner wares comprising oval meat plates, serving dishes, two sauce boats, etc £30-50
126.    An unusual Bretby jardiniere with relief moulded classical style cherub frieze detail and with impressed marks to base, 29 cm diameter £30-50
126A.   A late 19th/ early 20th century iron water pump (on view next to rostrum) £30-40
127.    A collection of 19th century and other ceramics including a Royal Doulton Sandeman flask in the form of a cloaked man, a Beswick model of a lamb, an ironstone jug with serpent handle, a collection of floral china teawares, etc £30-50
128.    A quantity of Minton's dinner wares with gilt border decoration, retailed by Phillips of Oxford Street, including an oval meat plate, 43 plates and soup plates, 12 crescent shaped side dishes, together with a quantity of Lawleys blue and gilt dinner wares including oval meat plates, pair of tureens and covers, pair of sauce boats, covers and stands, etc and part Royal Worcester blue and gilt dessert set including a pair of comports and ten plates £60-80
129.    A collection of 19th and 20th century ceramics including studio pottery wares, a charger with peacock decoration, a 19th century vase with painted oriental character decoration, blue and white printed wares, etc £40-60
130.    An extensive collection of Royal Worcester Evesham pattern dinner, tea and other wares including tureens and covers, lemon squeezer, quiche dishes, avocado dishes, boxed place mats, etc £40-60
131.    A collection of ceramics including two Royal Doulton character jugs of Drake and 'Arriet studio pottery wares including unusual vase of flattened form with blue and grey chequered detail, a studio pottery dish with painted fish detail, etc £30-50
132.    A collection of studio pottery wares brown glaze, together with a Skedness pig money bank mark to base Gordon Ottewell, a lamp base, etc, together with a pair of Art Nouveau style vases with relief moulded floral decoration, two Eastgate pottery fauna vases, a part glass dessert set with classical figure detail to the base, etc £30-40
133.    A Susie Cooper six place Katina pattern coffee set including coffee pot, milk jug and covered sugar bowl, together with a quantity of plated flatware including ladles, plated sauce boat, etc £30-50
134.    A quantity of Japanese eggshell porcelain teawares (two patterns) including examples with female head lithopane detail to base of cups, a small circular carved oriental wooden box and cover and a further oriental embossed brass box containing two pairs of Indonesian inlaid Niello work earrings, together with an unframed coloured print on silk of a Japanese female character £30-50
135.    A collection of mainly Art Deco floral decorated ceramics including Grindley teawares with relief moulded daffodil decoration, including cake plate, sugar bowl, etc, together with Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern dinner and teawares including cake plate, dinner plates, etc £50-70
136.    A pair of 19th century black ground vases with painted rose garland decoration, 38cm high £30-50
136A.   A small Edwardian mahogany cupboard with astragal glazed door £30-40
137.    A 19th century continental tin glazed earthenware charger with polychrome painted decoration of a donkey and female rider accompanied by a cloaked man and a boy, 34cm diameter £80-100
138.    A matched pair of 18th century tin glazed earthenware blue and white painted peacock chargers with painted marks to reverse, 35cm diameter £100-150
140.    A collection of Border Fine Arts and other similar figure groups including Border Fine Arts otters RW30, Border Fine Arts partridge, Coalport County Set model of a dog in sporting costume, etc £30-50
141.    A mixed collection of mainly cut glassware to include various decanters, vases, biscuit barrels, etc, the tallest decanter 30cm high £40-60
142.    Opalescent glass vase in the manner of Lalique, with relief band of geometric rams' heads, indistinct inscription to base, possible "model", 23cm high £40-60
143.    A large collection of various glassware to include four decanters, various jugs, vases, sherry, wine and other glasses, to include six wine glasses with enamelled decoration of scrolled foliage (a collection) £50-80
144.    A collection of various hobnail cut wine glasses, together with a further set of star cut glasses, a blue and white plate inscribed "Mess No 21", a 600 Bristol celebration pedestal dish and two wall lights (a collection) £30-50
145.    A mixed quantity of glassware to include various trumpet glasses, baluster wine glasses with gilt rings, four antique decanters and others £80-120
146.    A mixed collection of glassware to include square cut base rummers, further glasses, paperweights, thistle sherry glasses and others £50-80
146A.   An art deco style three tier Bakelite and pressed metal table, with column supports and additional fitted glass top cover (on view next to rostrum) £40-60
147.    A mixed collection of milk and coloured glass, together with various cut glass jugs, bowls and others; together with a set of four antique enamel decanter labels £60-100
148.    Three pairs of good quality antique cut glass decanters, the largest 30cm high (6) £100-200
149.    A mixed collection of mainly hobnail cut glass to include various dishes, decanters and others £80-120
150.    A collection of various coloured glassware to include Bristol Blue, Murano Clown and others; together with a further Poole pottery vase £50-80
151.    A mixed collection of glassware to include a good cut glass fruit bowl, decanter and others; together with a further Cowdy glass pedestal bowl, a Paula Littala of Finland glass punch bowl set comprising large bowl, twelve cups and ladle, all with chrome fittings, the punch bowl 27cm diameter; together with three designer glass decanters £40-60
152.    A pair of good quality antique Bohemia opalescent glass and gilded lidded decanters, with fancy scrolled handles and stoppers; together with five matched tot cups (7) £30-50
153.    Interesting mottled cameo type glass square baluster vase, decorated with lilies upon a marbled ground, 12cm high; together with a Bristol Blue vase, a Caithness paperweight and further glassware £30-50
154.    Lalique of France large glass dish with fern tree decoration, possible Felix or Hesperides, 36cm diameter (af) £80-120
155.    Antique cordial glass, the bowl etched with a band of scrolled foliage, upon a chamfered faceted stem, 15cm high (af); together with a further glass toddy cup, etched with flowers (2) £40-60
156.    A large collection of various glassware to include tazzas, lemonade jugs, champagne flutes, candlesticks, decanters, etc £60-80
157.    Antique glass decanter and glass set, all with gilt decoration; together with a further green glass table lamp and further glassware £80-120
158.    Antique wine glass with latticino work stem together with a further similar smaller cordial glass; also together with a further antique wine glass and further similar smaller example (4) £60-100
159.    Seven glass dumps £30-50
160.    A large collection of good glassware to include a set of twelve cranberry glasses with cut glass band, various further wine, sherry and other glasses, decanters and others £100-200
161.    A mixed collection of coloured glassware to include various coloured wine glasses and cranberry jugs; together with a further Colclough part tea service £30-50
162.    Two similar glass paperweights, one a green colourway the other red, 10cm diameter (2) £30-50
163.    A mixed collection of antique and other glassware to include various antique glass rummers and others £100-200
164.    Six various antique and later glass decanters £40-60
165.    A large collection of boxed Edinburgh crystal and others £30-50
166.    Three boxes of various glassware £50-80
167.    Two boxes of various glassware £50-80
168.    Three boxes of various glassware £50-80
169.    WITHDRAWN £60-80
170.    Reproductions SS Third Reich pocket watch, the steel case decorated in relief with a swastika, enclosing an engraved brass dial, with further brass outer case, 9cm diameter in total £50-80
171.    A collection of vintage, mainly gent's wrist watches to include a Seiko 5 automatic, a Zenith Defy automatic and six others £100-200
172.    Interesting nickel plated Goliath eight day pocket watch, the movement inscribed Non-Magnetic, Octo, EC, within a silver easel case, the case 12cm high £50-80
173.    Silver watch chain with T bar and pendant, 16oz approx £10-20
174.    Royal Marines Commando Chronograph gentleman's wrist watch, the date with gilt crest, three subsidiary dials and date aperture, within a green leather box £50-80
175.    Ladies 9ct cocktail watch on concertina strap with champagne dial, 17 grams gross; together with a further ladies 9ct watch head upon a gold plated strap (2) £60-100
176.    Seiko Quartz Chronograph Sports 150, upon a stainless steel strap £60-100
177.    Three vintage ladies wrist watches all with gold plated straps £30-50
178.    19th century silver Swiss made fob watch, the enamel dial with a floral spray, upon a silver watch chain fitted with an enamel pendant, chatelaine and lace hook, 67 grams gross £120-150
179.    Attractive vintage ladies Rotary 21 jewel 9ct gold cocktail watch upon a stylised textured link bracelet, with extra links and papers, 14.6 grams gross £100-150
180.    A mixed collection of vintage wrist watches to include a 17 jewel Sekonda gent's wrist watch, a ladies Seiko Automatic and six others, together with an engine turned silver cigarette case £50-80
181.    1940s slim 9ct gold pocket watch with subsidiary second dial having inscription to the back, 42.2 grams gross; together with a further antique silver fob watch (2) £60-100
182.    9ct Rotary ladies cocktail watch on 9ct chain bracelet, 30 grams goss £60-100
183.    19th century silver Hunter pocket watch, with enamel dial, Roman numerals and subsidiary second dial; together with two further white metal watch chains, one fitted with a propelling pencil (3) £50-80
184.    1940s yellow metal gentleman's wrist watch in the military style, with black dial fitted with Arabic numerals and subsidiary second dial, upon a period leather strap; together with a further vintage Waltham silver lug watch, with Arabic numerals and subsidiary second dial upon a period leather strap (2) £60-100
185.    18ct gold pocket watch, the back plate engraved Bracebridge's Clerkenwell, London No.39502, 88.8 grams gross, within a Morocco leather case £400-600
186.    18ct half hunter fob watch by Daniel Desbois of London, the back plate engraved Daniel Desbois, London 1925, 65.2 grams gross £200-400
187.    18ct half hunter pocket watch by John Durden of London, the enamel dial with Roman numerals and subsidiary second dial, the back plate engraved John Durden, 21 Fenchurch Street, London No378717, 98.1 grams gross £300-500
188.    Antique 18ct ladies cocktail watch, the enamel dial with gilt decoration and applied Arabic numerals, the watch with fifteen jewel Swiss movement, upon a gold concertina bracelet with rubbed assay marks; together with a further vintage leather watch strap fitted with a T bar (2) £60-100
189.    Antique silver pocket watch, the dial inscribed AWW Co Waltham Mass, with engraved back plate also inscribed Riverside No5519992, 104.2 grams gross £30-50
190.    Good and rare 19th century silver pocket watch Lund Bros (Barraud & Lund) 41 Cornhill, London No1233, the enamel dial with Roman numerals and subsidiary second dial, 75.1 grams gross, within Morocco leather case £100-200
191.    Early 20th century silver Waltham pocket watch, the dial engraved AWW Co Waltham Mass, the back plate also inscribed American Waltham USA Regina, the enamel dial with Roman numerals and subsidiary second dial, 85.7 grams gross within a Morocco leather case £50-80
192.    A World War II aircraft cockpit clock, with 6cm diameter dial £50-80
193.    An impressive Georgian Tarts of London fusee Verge Reposee pair cased pocket watch with shagreen applied outer case (af), further embossed inner case with a musical scene, worked silver dial, 105.6 grams gross £300-500
194.    A good quality 19th century French repeating carriage clack by Henri Jacot, with gilt mask and circular enamelled dial fitted with Arabic and Roman numerals, with simulated bamboo case, striking on a gong, case and box reg no 9815, the clock 15cm high £1000-1500
195.    19th century black slate mantle clock with architectural case, the enamel chapter ring with Roman numerals, open escapement and two train movement, 33cm high £50-80
196.    19th century black slate mantle clock fitted with an enamel dial, the single train dial with Roman numerals and darted gilt bezel, 28cm high £30-50
197.    19th century black slate mantle clock, mounted by a gilt metal figure of a reclining maiden, the case fitted with two malachite panels, with enamel two train dial and applied Roman numerals, 40cm high £50-80
198.    A 19th century rosewood barometer by Bithray of The Royal Exchange London, 91cm long £60-100
199.    Mahogany and boxwood inlay barometer, inlaid with conch shells with silvered dials, 95cm long (af) £200-300
200.    A 19th century rosewood banjo barometer with silvered dials, 103cm long £30-50
201.    Walnut and marquetry twin train drop dial wall clock, 64cm high £30-50
202.    Early 20th century Eccles bros of Evesham drop dial wall clock, gilt 6" two train dial with enamel chapter ring, in an architectural case, 54 cms high
202A.   A single train mahogany wall dial, with 19cm face and single train movement, 36cm diameter total £50-80
203.    Impressive continental wall thermometer, the circular dial mounted by and eagle and wreath, with open workings, 27cm high £50-80
204.    Contra-Barometer, on mahogany back plate with inscriptions, 102cm high £30-50
205.    A Dutch figural wall clock mounted by Atlas and further cast figures of typical decoration, 63cm high £30-50
206.    Edwardian mahogany inlaid two train mantle clock, 29cm high £40-60
207.    19th century brass repeater carriage clock striking on a gong, with a Morocco leather carry case (af) £50-80
208.    A mixed collection of horology to include five folding travel clocks, to include a Mappin & Webb example, a Metronome and three various mantle clocks and a drum head clock (10) £50-80
209.    A 19th century English ebonised twin fusee bracket clock, with enamelled 8 inch dial signed James Macabe of London, striking on a bell with repeater mechanism, domed case with brass fish scale grills, pendulum and key, 42cm high £800-1200
210.    19th century French style ormolu type clock garniture, the dome shaped mantle clock mounted by a campana urn, with further pierced rococo type detail, the 10cm two train dial fitted with enamel cabochon Roman numerals, with two further five branch candelabra, the clock 60cm high (3) £200-300
211.    17th century brass lantern clock by Thomas Knifton at the Cross Keys in Lothbury, the pillared frame with side doors, with polished brass chapter ring round a floral engraved dial, cut steel hands, countable strike on bell, further inscribed William Woodcok, (probably the original owner) 34cm high £2000-3000
211A.   A German walnut two train bracket clock, the arched gilt face with subsidiary slow/fast dial, the silvered chapter ring with Roman numerals, striking on a gong within a walnut architectural case, 42cm high £100-150
212.    19th century brass double fusee lantern clock, with steel chapter ring inscribed A Rhurs, Ashford, 34cm high (af) £300-500
213.    A 19th century black slate drum head mantle clock, with scrolled green veined marble decoration, the two train, 10cm dial with open escapement, 40cm long £60-100
214.    Continental painted pine box polyphon, with twin cast brass handle, the hinged lid enclosing a fitted interior, together with a large collection of steel discs £250-350
215.    Rosewood and satin wood cross banded 19th century music box, the hinged lid inlaid with a bird in a rococo type panel enclosing a fitted interior and music box playing on four airs with list, 36cm long
216.    Georgian tortoiseshell and gold inlaid pocket snuff box, together with three other tortoiseshell boxes (4) £80-100
217.    Georgian tortoiseshell and horn snuff box, a rosewood example with silver inlay and a timber example with carved detail (3) £60-80
218.    Oval 18th century tortoiseshell and silver banded box with engraved detail A Corrocks - Holborn - London 1728, a Scottish rams horn snuff with agate setting and a further example named Riley 1795 (3) £80-100
219.    A Japanese cloisonné box and cover with mountain, bamboo, building and bird detail upon a steel grey ground, 13cm max £200-250
220.    Chinese snuff bottle with painted intaglio winter hunting scene, signed £100-120
221.    Three Chinese snuff bottles, two in jade and one in ceramic (3) £100-150
222.    19th century silver plated wax seal in the form of a nude bound boy, set in a leather arched shaped case with enclosed front, 12.5cm max £100-120
223.    Qua-foil shaped cloisonné box and cover with iris detail and a further circular bronze box and cover inlaid with gold and silver showing a butterfly amongst flowers, 5.5cm approx
224.    An unused vesta box in the form of a chocolate bar - P H Suchard - made in Vienna, 6cm approx £40-60
225.    Plique-a-Jour, enamel and silver mounted Japanese bowl (Meijing period) detailed with chrysanthemums and other exotic flower, 9.5cm diameter x 5cm high, raised on a carved hardwood frame £200-250
226.    A selection of 20 pocket pen knives with stag, horn and other mounts and two further sheaf knives (22) £40-60
227.    A cased set of silver mounted dress studs with speckled ceramic panels and a cased Swedish set comprising two scissors, (large and small) and a pen knife with tri-metal inlay (unused) the box labelled Emil Olsson £80-120
228.    Japanese Aikuchi dagger, with wrapped shagreen tsuka, relief work to the fuchi and black lacquered saya £300-350
229.    A Victorian cast brass ducks bill paper clip, the well modelled head with glass eyes £80-100
230.    A Georgian travelling domino set, pocket size, the mahogany and brass handled box inlaid with two bone dice to double six (28 tiles) 2.5cm max, complete £60-80
231.    Pocket compensated barometer - Lennie Edinburgh, in a red leather case, two compasses, one cased, a Wynnes Infallible Exposure Meter and a table top magnifying lens (5) £80-120
232.    Two 19th century pocket telescopes, a number of vintage whistles, monocle, enamel badges, etc, cold cast painted figure of a hare £60-80
233.    Mother of pearl counters, two tortoiseshell lenses, bead work purse, feather fan, hat pins, etc £60-80
234.    Two 19th century ivory models of elephants, 10cm max £40-60
235.    A collection of insects and small creatures in wire, plaster and with naturalistic painted finish, (late 19th century) together with a card - Exact Imitations of Insects Found in North China (20) £100-120
236.    An arts and crafts copper casket by Rathbone with riveted finish, 20cm together with a brass silver inlaid snuff box £40-60
237.    Silver plated inkwell with serpentine outline, two Japanese brass and copper overlaid detail and a Georgian snuff box (4) £40-60
238.    Three carved alabaster Buddhist figures, one with traces of painted details, 16cm high £60-80
239.    Parker Duofold fountain pen, further example in gold plated case and other pens (7) £20-30
240.    A chess set in the Staunton manner, in boxwood and stained finish, 8cm max £20-30
241.    A large quantity of vintage fountain pens, pencils , boxes and leads, etc £60-80
242.    19th century Indian tortoiseshell and ivory overlaid casket, 17cm max £60-80
243.    A mixed collection of brooches, badges and small miscellaneous effects, etc £30-40
244.    A 17th century gilt brass casket, German probably Norenburg, with engraved panel showing opposing male and female characters in profile, dancing, with hidden lock/escutcheon, original lock and key, 12cm wide x 7.5cm deep x 7.5cm high £600-800
245.    A collection of WWII and earlier military cloth badges, mittens, etc, Princess Mary Christmas box, Royal medallions for the Diamond Jubilee of 1897, flags, etc £40-60
246.    Japanese black lacquered serving tray and six matching stem goblets £20-30
247.    A Victorian leather box (Edwardian & Jones 161 Regent Street) containing a wide selection of English regimented cap badges and buttons £60-80
248.    A Victorian carved oak offertory plate, circular with trailing vine leaf decoration, Southgate Chapel, Gloucester 1881, 28cm diameter £40-60
248A.   World War II compass and mess tin, with a leather cased theodolite scope (3)
249.    A large mixed collection of Victorian, Edwardian and later buttons £30-40
250.    A cast bronze censor with Ing handles - seal mark to base, 16cm diameter £40-60
251.    A small 19th century Swiss four air music box by B.A. Bremond, number 6051, 7cm - comb working with key, the case with figured walnut and king wood bandings £100-150
252.    Primitive carved timber relic of a religious character holding a cross, with traces of original polychrome paint work, 15cm, together with two excavated rings £160-180
253.    A mixed lot to include a brass cased crochet work needle, two Black Forest ivory brooches, a soapstone carving of a monkey, a vintage needle box fitted with a cameo and further leather bound Rototherm (6) £20-25
254.    A collection of vintage parker, platinum, Conway, fountain and other pens £40-60
255.    A 19th century portrait, blond haired male character in a black jacket and red shirt £30-50
256.    Three 19th century ivory billiard balls, 4.5cm diameter £80-100
257.    American Silver Dollars - Ten Morgan dollars, 1883, 1889, 1890, 1898, 1900 x 2, 1921 x 4, plus three Peace Dollars, 1922 x 2 and 1936 £150-200
258.    Six Victorian shillings - 1887, 1893, 1898, 1900 x 3 and eleven Victorian sixpences - 1875, 1887, 1893, 1898 and 1900 x 2, together with six Victorian 3d pieces in extremely fine condition £60-80
259.    Three Victorian Florin's, 1887, 1893, 1900, five half crowns, 1886, 87, 91,98 1900, a Double Florin - 1887, two Crowns - 1893 and 1887 all in extremely fine condition £100-120
260.    George III Bank of England Dollar 1804, in very fine condition £150-200
261.    George III three shilling bank token - 1815 and a George III silver crown 1819 £40-60
262.    Commonwealth period half crown 1651 £150-200
263.    William III half crown (Chester Mint) 1696 £40-60
264.    Elizabeth I shilling and groat £60-80
265.    James 1st half-groat, two Edward 1st pennies and an Edward IV groat £100-120
266.    Two Queen Anne shillings, 1709 and 1711 together with a Queen Anne three pence piece - 1708 £100-120
267.    Henry IV silver groat (pierced), a George II shilling, 1758, a George III sixpence, 1837, a George III sixpence 1817, George III three-pence piece, 1762, William IV four=pence piece, 1836 and a Victorian four-pence piece 1849 (8) £150-200
268.    George III spade Guinea, 1798 in extra fine condition £250-300
269.    Queen Victoria two pound coin, 1887 and a Sovereign, 1887, both in extra fine condition (both Jubilee coins) £400-500
270.    Queen Victoria half sovereign, 1900 and a Edward VII sovereign, 1902 £250-300
271.    Two Queen Victorian half sovereigns dated 1887 £150-200
272.    George IV sovereign 1826 £300-350
273.    Two George III quarter guinea 1772 and 1762 and a George III half guinea, 1808 £300-350
274.    A large unsorted collection of Victorian and later bronze coinage and a collection of post 1946 nickel silver coinage £20-30
275.    A quantity of Victorian and later, but all pre 1946 silver coinage English coinage, 500 grams £100-120
276.    Miscellaneous collection of antique worldwide coinage including some Roman examples £40-60
277.    A collection of worldwide coinage, 18th, 19th and early 20th bronze and silver unsorted £40-60
278.    A White £5 note - October 12th 1944 and two further later examples signed O'Brien 1955-62 and Jasper Hollom 1962-1966 £40-60
279.    Three Bank of Scotland £20 notes all dated October 1963 £40-60
280.    Twenty six £1 bank notes - Elizabeth II including sequential number and eight 10/- notes £30-40
281.    A collection of Westminster and silver proof coinage - twenty silver dollars, nine 5 dollar coins - the majority with paperwork all encased, 22oz approx £140-180
282.    A collection of Westminster silver proof coinage, sixteen coronation anniversary crowns, 1953-1993 - commonwealth countries, the majority with certificates, all encased, 14oz approx £60-80
283.    A collection of Westminster gold proof coins - smallest gold coins in the world collection - fifteen 24ct - many with certificates all encased, 17grams estimated weight £280-320
284.    Royal Mint - 1996 Fiji - Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother - Lady of the Century silver proof $50 coin, with certificate encased, 35oz approx £200-250
285.    Collection of Royal Mint proof silver coinage - seven £1 coins, four £2 coins (small), two £2 coins (large), one £5 coin - all encased with some certificates £40-50
286.    Silver crown - 1822, 1889,1894, 1935, 1937 and 1887 double florin £20-30
287.    Royal Mint proof coinage - three silver £5 coins together with five silver crowns £30-40
288.    Westminster Royal Mint cased set of proof coins - 1996, Guernsey family set, £25, 24ct gold coin, 7.81 grams, silver £5 and £1 coins £170-200
289.    Royal Australian Mint - The Royal Ladies Limited Edition of 5,000 - 1992, comprising four $250 coins in 22ct and a medallion in 22ct, total weight 100 grams approx with certificate set in a walnut and burr walnut case £1500-2000
290.    1998 Canadian $350 coin, 24ct set in an art deco presentation case, 38 grams, with certificate £900-1000
291.    1996 Canadian $100 coin, 24ct - 58% fine gold/42% silver (7.775 grams gold) with case and certificate £120-150
292.    1996 silver anniversary collection - proof coinage, seven coins £1 to one penny, cased with certificate 1995 and 1997 proof coinage, 1997 silver proof 50p - two coin set, Westminster commemorative 50p coin set £40-60
293.    Three cased sets - British Virgin Islands - proof coinage Franklin Mint - 1974/1975/1971, each containing six coins, one dollar to one cent - cased with certificate £50-70
294.    Five cased set - Bahamas - proof coinage - Franklin Mint, 1974,1975, two 1976 and one 1977, $5 to 1 cent cased with certificate £80-100
295.    Six cased sets - proof coins - Franklin Mint, Trinidad and Tobago 1976, Jamaica, 1962 and 1977, Guyana 1976, Panama 1976, Malta 1976, all cased and with certificates £100-120
296.    Two cased sets - proof coins - Franklin Mint, Cook Islands 1976 and Papa New Guinea 1977 £20-30
297.    12ct gold Bahamas 50 dollar gold piece 1973 - 15.5 grams £100-120
298.    Folio of 36 silver medallions, Chaucer and the Canterbury Tales, 1st edition proof set £450-500
299.    1974 coinage of Belize, proof set, Franklin Mint, 10 dollars - 1 cent £60-80
299A.   An 8 Reales silver coin minted between 1772-1783 in Vera Cruz, Mexico recovered from the wreck of El Cazador, Franklin Mint with certificate, together with a cased farthing, penny shilling £30-40
300.    Two Republic of Panama 20 Balboas - proof coins and a Papa New Guinea 1975 Ten Kina coin - Franklin Mint £120
300A.   A Victorian mahogany coin/medal collections cabinet - six drawers and enclosed front £40-60
301.    An 18ct five stone diamond ring, central stone 0.25cts approx, size N, 2.9g £150-250
302.    A platinum graduated diamond ring interspersed with smaller rose cut diamonds to a fancy setting, central stone 0.40cts approx, unmarked, size L/M, 3.9g, together with an insurance valuation of £3700 dated 06/08/2018 £500-700
303.    An 18ct claw set diamond solitaire ring, the stone 0.75cts approx, unmarked, size L, 1.9g, together with an insurance valuation of £3850 dated 06/08/2018 £500-700
304.    An 18ct claw set diamond solitaire ring, the stone 1ct approx, unmarked, size N/O, 2g, together with an insurance valuation of £7450 dated 06/08/2018 £800-1200
305.    An 18ct diamond and pearl crossover ring, the stone 0.15cts approx, unmarked, size N, 2.5g £100-150
306.    A platinum and 9ct yellow gold bar brooch, set with a single diamond of 0.40cts approx, unmarked, 3g £150-250
307.    An 18ct five stone sapphire and diamond ring, each diamond 0.50cts approx, interspersed with smaller rose cut diamonds, unmarked, size L/M, 4g £400-600
308.    An 18ct three stone ring set with a central princess cut sapphire flanked by two round cut diamonds of 0.50cts each approx, unmarked, size L/M, 4g £500-700
309.    A Victorian 12ct ring set with an oval pink tourmaline, the shoulders trefoil set with seed pearls to a scrolling engraved shank, size N, 1.5g £100-150
310.    An 18ct three stone ring set with a central emerald flanked by two rose cut diamonds to a scrolling mount, unmarked, size N, 2.8g £150-250
311.    A 9ct bar brooch set with a circular painted panel depicting a hound's head, signed J.W. Bailey to reverse, unmarked, 6cm approx, 4.9g £80-120
312.    An art deco diamond and carved jade brooch in unmarked white metal, 5.2cm long approx, in Liberty case, 5.3g £600-1000
313.    An Edwardian 15ct circular locket set with a central split pearl to a pale blue guilloche enamel ground, with intricate quatrefoil gold work decoration, engraved to reverse '9th July 1912', unmarked, in original fitted box for J.C. Vickery, 2.6cm diameter approx, 8.6g £200-300
314.    Two Victorian faceted amethyst brooches with seed pearl encrusted borders; the first example 15ct in original fitted box for Carrington & Co, 2.1 x 1.7cm approx, 3.8g and the second example 9ct, unmarked, 2.5 x 2cm approx, 5.5g £150-250
315.    An articulated Arts & Crafts pendant set with aquamarines and baroque pearls in 15ct gold with filigree detail, unmarked, pendant 7.4 x 3.2cm approx including bale, on associated 9ct chain, 12.9g total £300-500
316.    An Edwardian topaz and diamond drop necklace with articulated laurel drop, in 18ct yellow gold and 800 platinum, pendant 3.8cm approx, in original fitted case for Alston's & Hallam, 7.7g £300-500
317.    A pink paste set silver demi parure comprising pendant and brooch, pendant including bale 5.7cm approx, on associated 9ct white gold chain, in original fitted box for W.Phillips £100-200
318.    An Arts & Crafts amethyst and peridot necklace with filigree decoration and three graduated faceted amethyst drops, in unmarked 9ct gold, pendant 6.2cm approx, 6.4g £200-400
319.    A pearl and rose cut diamond floral spray brooch with central flower head motif, in unmarked silver and gold, 4.3cm approx, in original fitted box for Alstons & Hallam, 4.2g £200-300
320.    A 14ct diamond set hinged bangle with central floral cluster, tapered shoulders and trailing band detail, central diamond 0.15cts approx, unmarked, with safety chain and in original fitted box for Whytock & Sons, 10.2g £600-800
321.    A diamond and pearl hinged sweetheart bangle with pearl set double hearts and bow surmount, in unmarked gold and silver, in original fitted case for Hunt & Roskell, 10.5g £600-800
322.    An initial D slider set with rose cut diamonds and white enamel border, on a moire ribbon bracelet with 15ct fastener £40-80
323.    A Victorian black enamel mourning brooch with diamond set flower head decoration, in unmarked gold and silver, two largest diamonds 0.25cts each approx, 3.2cm approx, 6.1g £200-300
324.    A fine lava cameo necklace of octagonal links depicting classical dancing maidens in high relief, with six further loose links, in 9ct unmarked gold, 37.5cm approx, together with a further lava cameo brooch £500-800
325.    A pair of unmarked 15ct hinged bangles, 25g total approx £250-300
326.    Three 9ct bar brooches comprising two citrine set examples and one aventurine example, together with an 18ct citrine ring, size N, 11.5g total (4) £150-200
327.    A collection of pique work tortoiseshell jewellery comprising two brooches, two pairs of drop earrings and a cuff bracelet (7) £200-300
328.    A 9ct vesta case, 4 x 4cm approx, 21g £180-220
329.    A 9ct ejector pencil, 7.2cm approx, 12.4g £80-120
330.    An art deco style ring in 18ct white gold and platinum, set with replacement orange glass panel (af) and diamond border, size H/I, 2.9g £60-100
331.    An Egyptian revival pearl fringe collar necklace hung with droplets of alternating lengths, in unmarked 18ct gold, registration number 188142, with original fitted case for W.Marshall, 39cm long approx, 27.2g £600-800
332.    An 18ct Albert chain stamped to each link, with T bar, 61g £800-1200
333.    A 15ct chain, clasp vacant, unmarked, 25g £300-350
334.    An 18ct gold and enamel mourning ring, the band reading 'IN MEMORIAM', with inscription to inner band 'Thomas Powell, 27 Jan 1878, aged 70' and glazed compartment enclosing lock of hair, set with agate intaglio depicting a turret, size O/P, 11g £200-300
335.    A cased set of six 18ct dress buttons with planished finish, in original fitted box for Alston's & Hallam, 11g total £150-200
336.    Four seed pearl set bar brooches comprising an Edwardian 15ct peridot example, two in 9ct with applied insects (both af) and another 9ct floral example, 8.8g total £100-200
337.    A 15ct seed pearl set bar brooch in the form of three swallows in flight, unmarked, 4.7cm long approx, 4.3g £80-120
338.    A pair of 18ct gold and platinum cufflinks with striped engine turned decoration, in Mappin & Webb fitted case, 8.2g total £100-200
339.    A pair of 18ct mother of pearl cufflinks by Gowland Bros together with three matching studs and an 18ct tie pin, 17.2g total (6) £200-250
340.    Six 18ct gold dress studs, 6.9g total £80-120
341.    An 18ct gold torpedo cufflink together with a similar 10ct example and a single 18ct dress stud, 9.2g total (3) £80-120
342.    A platinum and 18ct yellow gold bar brooch set with alternating diamonds and aventurines, 6.1cm approx, 4g £100-200
343.    Three 18ct dress buttons together with two pairs of unmarked 9ct collar clips, all cased, 5.9g total (7) £50-70
344.    A collection of gold seed pearl set items comprising three 18ct dress studs, a pair of 9ct brooches; one set with turquoise and two similar bar brooches; one 15ct and one 9ct, 8.7g total (7) £80-120
345.    A 1920s seed pearl rope twist lavalier necklace with tassel drop and three carved hardstone medallions £80-120
346.    A cord necklace with tassel drop strung with three faceted Baltic amber beads, beads 12g approx £80-120
347.    A jadeite bead necklace together with a pair of white metal and green hardstone drop earrings £50-80
348.    A Georgian four strand seed pearl necklace, the gold clasp with inscription 'R.H. E.C.S 7th JUNE 1905' to reverse, together with two further pearl necklaces with 9ct white gold clasps set with rose cut diamonds (3) £120-150
349.    Two opal set items comprising a 15ct classical style engraved ring, size O/P and a 14ct claw set stick pin, together with a further 9ct stick pin with diamond set 15ct head, all unmarked, 6.4g total (3) £60-100
350.    A five stone aquamarine and diamond ring in unmarked 15ct gold, size M/N and a 22ct wedding ring, size L, 6.7g total £100-150
351.    A collection of gold rings to include an 18ct signet, 18ct memorial ring (af), 15ct cameo example, unmarked 14ct wedding band, together with a 9ct military brooch, 28.7g total (7) £150-250
352.    A fitted jewellery box with Bramah lock and key containing a quantity of costume jewellery to include a gold plated long guard chain, pendant in the manner of Sybil Dunlop, stick pins, etc £50-80
353.    A good selection of gentlemen's accessories in gold and yellow metal, to include various cufflinks, buttons, studs, etc, contained in a fitted jewellery box with Bramah lock and keys £150-200
354.    A pair of graduated diamond set torpedo cufflinks in white metal, 6.9g £80-120
355.    An 18ct signet ring with engraved monogram, size T, together with a yellow metal chain, 5.6g total £70-90
356.    A full sovereign dated 1899, loose mounted in 9ct pendant £180-220
357.    An 18ct two stone diamond crossover ring, each stone 0.10cts approx, size O, 2.3g £100-150
358.    George III gold 1/3 guinea coin £40-80
359.    An 18ct diamond solitaire ring, size P, together with a matching pair of stud earrings, each stone 0.15cts approx, 5.7g total £250-300
360.    A Victorian diamond ring set with sixteen graduated stones in total, the largest pair of diamonds 0.20cts each approx, in pierced and scrolling mount, indistinctly marked, size T, 7.5g £600-1000
361.    A mixed gold and yellow metal lot to include a 'fums up' charm, necklace with faceted crystal spacers, 1930s watch head - all 9ct, 18ct aquamarine and seed pearl ring and a further coral and seed pearl example (both af), etc £100-150
362.    Two 9ct stock pins to include a fox mask example set with ruby eyes, 6.7g total £80-120
363.    A Sampson Mordan & Co yellow metal propelling pencil fitted with monogrammed seal, 8.7cm approx £80-120
364.    A floral pietra dura brooch of oval form in yellow metal mount with wirework border, 6.7cm approx £80-120
365.    A collection of 9ct jewellery comprising five necklaces to include one example with St Christopher pendant, a bracelet and pair of stud earrings, 21g total £150-250
366.    A mixed lot comprising a cultured pearl necklace with diamond set clasp, coral bead bracelet (af), pair of 9ct green hardstone and pearl drop earrings, two gold rings and a 9ct chain £80-120
367.    A three stone diamond ring in 18ct white gold and platinum, size M, 1.9g £300-400
368.    A 9ct aquamarine drop pendant in the art nouveau manner, 1.5g £100-150
369.    An 18ct five stone diamond ring, centre stone 0.15cts approx, size N, 2.1g £120-150
370.    An 18ct sapphire and diamond cluster ring, size J/K, 3.4g £120-150
371.    A diamond solitaire ring of 0.25cts approx, with further rose cut diamond set shoulders, size L, 2.2g £200-250
372.    A diamond cluster ring in unmarked gold, centre stone 0.25cts approx, size L/M, 2.2g £150-200
373.    No lot
374.    An 18ct five stone diamond ring, size N, 2.3g £100-150
375.    A 9ct diamond flower head ring, size N, 2.3g £100-150
376.    An 18ct diamond set marquise ring with reeded shoulders, size L, 3.5g (af) £120-150
377.    Egyptian revival interest - a Victorian scarab beetle necklace set with eighteen beetles in intricate scrolling mounts with floral links, in silver gilt with later applied 15ct safety chain, 40cm approx £200-250
378.    A Victorian plaited and woven hairwork mourning bracelet with engraved yellow metal clasp £80-120
379.    Two vintage dress rings comprising an 18k turquoise example and a 14k sapphire cluster ring, together with a pair of lapis lazuli drop earrings £70-100
380.    An 18ct diamond solitaire ring in fancy claw setting, the diamond 0.20cts approx, size S, 5.4g
381.    A 9ct diamond and ruby set ring together with a further 9ct three stone diamond ring, both size N, 2.6g total £60-100
382.    An 18ct ring set with alternating diamonds and rubies, size L/M, 2g £120-150
383.    A diamond cluster ring in unmarked white metal, central diamond 0.30cts approx, size O/P, 3.4g
384.    A platinum three stone diamond ring, largest diamond 0.10cts approx, size K, 1.9g
385.    A diamond and sapphire double row ring in unmarked yellow metal, size N, 3.5g
386.    A 9ct sapphire and diamond cluster ring, size N, together with a 9ct mounted cameo brooch depicting the profile of a lady and a further 9ct white gold ring of crossover style set with diamonds, 9.6g total (3) £70-100
387.    A 14ct paste set ring together with a 9ct garnet flower head ring and paste set pendant, etc (4) £50-80
388.    A gold heart shaped pendant with indistinct marks, together with three yellow metal seals; one depicting a pair of scissors with 'We part to meet again' (4) £40-60
389.    An art nouveau style opal pendant in yellow metal, together with a 9ct sapphire set locket and a cameo necklace, etc £80-120
390.    A 9ct diamond set ring of stylised design, size L and a further 9ct ring set with five graduated garnets, size O/P, 4.7g £40-60
391.    Three contemporary 9ct rings; a pear cut opal crossover ring, a channel set diamond example and a further diamond set example with twisted band and central citrine, sizes P, K/L & J/K, 7g total £150-200
392.    A 9ct tri-colour bracelet together with a similar ring, size I, 8.9g total £80-120
393.    An 18ct buckle ring set with a single diamond in star cut surround, size H, 3.9g £100-150
394.    An impressive French diamond marquise ring in 18ct gold with eagle head stamp to outer shank, largest stone 0.25cts approx, size K/L, 4.8g £1500-2500
395.    Two 9ct paste set rings; one eternity and one wishbone example, 5.4g total £40-60
396.    A Victorian 15ct ring set with five graduated pink garnets, with embossed shank and decorative scrolling mount, size P, 1.9g £200-300
397.    A 9ct long guard fancy link chain, 150cm approx, 20.2g £150-200
398.    An 18ct five stone diamond ring, size M/N, together with a yellow metal wedding ring, size J, 5g total £80-120
399.    A collection of gold and yellow metal stick pins to include an imp pin set with rose cut diamond eyes, a faceted amethyst example, further example of knot form, etc (8) £80-120
400.    A mixed lot of gold and yellow metal items to include a seed pearl brooch of interwoven design, a magnifier, 9ct swivel fob, two garnet encrusted brooches, unmounted carved intaglio depicting a classical gentleman, etc £70-100
401.    A pavé set diamond marquise ring in unmarked yellow gold, largest diamond 0.15cts approx, size N, 5.3g £1500-2000
402.    A French 18ct herringbone type bracelet with engraved links and eagle head stamp to clasp, together with a pair of pearl and diamond earrings, 9.8g total £150-200
403.    A pair of French 18ct drop earrings each set with a diamond of 0.30cts approx, lower settings vacant, with eagle head stamp to fastening, 4.2g total, (please see lot 404 for original pair of diamonds) £800-1000
404.    A fine pair of diamond stud earrings, each stone 1ct approx, in platinum with pinch fittings, 4g (please see lot 403 for the original earrings these diamonds have been converted from) £5000-7000
405.    A substantial 1940s paste set cocktail ring, in unmarked 18ct gold, size R, 9.1g £160-180
406.    A 22ct wedding ring, size K/L, 6.4g £120-150
407.    Three wedding rings; one 22ct and two 9ct examples to include one engraved with hieroglyphics spelling 'Jeanie', sizes P/Q, N & T/U, 9.6g total (3) £80-120
408.    Two half sovereign pendants dated 1912 and 1913, each on a 9ct chain, 20.5g total £180-220
409.    A 14ct articulated bracelet with safety chain and double catch to clasp, 34.8g (weighted) £300-400
410.    Two 9ct rope twist necklaces, 8.3g total £60-80
411.    A heavy 9ct flat curb-link gentlemen's necklace, 39.6g £350-400
412.    A 9ct charm bracelet hung with twelve various charms to include a cat, shark and ram, with heart padlock clasp, 28.3g total £250-350
413.    An art nouveau necklace with green paste and seed pearl drop pendant, unmarked, 3.5g £50-70
414.    A contemporary semi-precious green stone and diamond set ring stamped 18k, size P, together with a similar pendant on associated 9ct figaro chain, 10g total £100-150
415.    A 14ct gem set rainbow ring with a diamond to each edge, together with two further 9ct rings comprising a signet with engraved initial 'E' and an example with applied heart decoration and heart shaped sapphire, sizes Q, J/K & S/T, 6.5g total (3) £80-120
416.    A 9ct paste set bar brooch of stylised form, together with a diamond set 15ct head stick pin of knot form and a gold plated picture pendant (3) £50-70
417.    An 18ct diamond ring, channel set with princess cut diamonds, size L, 5.1g £500-600
418.    Sampson Mordan & Co propelling pencil mounted as a bangle, with safety chain and original fitted box for Reid & Sons, 12.2g total £100-150
419.    A diamond set bar brooch with heart motif, in unmarked white and yellow metal, 3.7g £80-120
420.    Three 9ct diamond set rings comprising two wishbone type examples together with a princess style ring, 5g total £180-220
421.    An art deco style bar brooch set with three diamonds, centre stone 0.20cts approx, in unmarked white metal, 3.6g £250-280
422.    A 9ct green spinel and opal ring with raised gallery, size L, together with a cultured pearl necklace and two hardstone pendants (4) £60-100
423.    A 9ct pink garnet ring set with five graduated stones, size M, 1.9g £100-120
424.    An 18ct opal and diamond ring, size M, 3.5g £100-120
425.    An 18ct ruby and diamond gypsy ring, size N, 2.6g £100-120
426.    An 18ct and platinum three stone diamond ring, centre stone 0.20cts, size M, 1.8g £100-150
427.    An 18ct diamond set chequerboard type ring set with twenty three diamonds in total, each stone 0.05cts approx, size O, 9.9g £600-800
428.    A 'Yard-O-Led' 9ct engine turned propelling pencil
429.    An impressive diamond star burst pendant/brooch, central stone 0.35cts approx, with inscription 'From S.J.L.G. May 10 1887', with detachable brooch fitting to reverse, unmarked, 8.8g £1200-1500
430.    An 18ct brooch of stylised design by Garrard & Co., contained in a Garrard & Co. box, 10.6g £220-250
431.    A 9ct hinged bangle in the form of a belt and buckle with seed pearl decoration, 9.5g, together with a 15ct brooch of similar design, 3.5g £150-200
432.    Two good strings of graduated banded agate beads; orange example 66cm approx, black example 68cm approx £180-220
433.    A Victorian velvet choker with banded agate set clasp, together with a gold plated heart shaped pendant set with pearls and garnets, a gilt metal adjustable bracelet and a brooch (4) £50-70
434.    Collection of silver and white metal jewellery and bijouterie to include two enamelled bar brooches, together with a graduated green phenolic bead necklace £50-80
435.    A silver and lapis lazuli demi parure comprising articulated collar necklace and bangle £150-180
436.    No lot
437.    Costume jewellery to include a paste set silver bow brooch, 9ct Edwardian paste set bar brooch and a monogrammed locket with turquoise, seed pearl and coral decoration, etc ***THISTLE BROOCH WITHDRAWN FROM THIS LOT*** £50-80
438.    A selection of unmounted gemstones to include two rubies £50-80
439.    A small quantity of costume jewellery to include a silver plated fob watch £20-30
440.    A quantity of spinach jade beads together with a jade type ring and necklace £40-60
441.    An articulated art deco bracelet together with a small quantity of white metal costume jewellery £40-60
442.    A jade type pendant on yellow metal chain, together with a quantity of white metal jewellery comprising a Links of London bracelet, two pairs of earrings and a necklace £120-140
443.    Collection of bead necklaces to include an oriental engraved ivory example, a coral example, etc, together with a copy of 'Jade Amulets' by Liberty & Co. £60-100
444.    A collection of brooches comprising a blue glass cameo, further lava type cameo and two high relief volcanite examples, together with a similar pendant (5) £50-80
445.    An 18ct diamond ring and a 9ct paste ring together with a quantity of costume jewellery, all contained in a leather jewellery box £60-80
446.    A good collection of silver, white metal and costume jewellery to include a bar brooch with painted horses head under glass, further animal themed brooches, etc £80-120
447.    A quantity of costume jewellery to include two pairs of 9ct earrings, contained in a leather jewellery box £50-70
448.    A collection of costume jewellery to include a Limoges type necklace, a bee brooch set with blue stones, selection of good quality costume rings, two silver charm bracelets, various wristwatches, etc, contained in a leather jewellery box £80-120
449.    A good selection of silver and white metal jewellery including an arts and crafts style amber grapevine brooch, a Victorian name brooch 'Winnie', abalone shell and niello pieces, etc £80-120
450.    A collection of costume jewellery £20-30
451.    Collection of costume jewellery to include a seed pearl necklace with 9ct clasp £40-60
452.    Large collection of vintage wristwatches, to include good replica examples £50-150
453.    A good collection of silver hat pins to include two examples by Charles Horner set with amethyst coloured terminals, together with further stylised and Scottish style examples (18) £250-300
461.    James Dixon three piece bachelor boat shaped silver plated tea service comprising tea pot, sucrier and milk jug; together with a further silver plated lantern type item (4) £30-50
462.    Silver plated cloche engraved with a letter I, 40cm long £20-40
463.    French silver plated Christofle ewer, the glass bowl etched with thistle pattern, 24cm high £50-60
464.    Four Nigerian white metal bowls, each inscribed Kano (4) £30-50
465.    A mixed collection of silver plate to include a four piece oval cylinder tea service, muffin dishes, a leather wrapped and silver plated flask and others £40-60
466.    A mixed collection of silver plated items to include a twin handled serpentine gallery tray, various tea wares and flatwares £50-80
467.    A pair of twin branch candelabra on square tapered columns, with art nouveau embossed styling's, 28cm high, together with a further silver plated salver (3) £60-80
468.    A mixed collection of good silver plate to include a twin handled tray with cast gadrooned rim, a silver plated model of a standing horse, a Samovar type spirit kettle item with glass lid, two chocolate pots and others £50-80
469.    A mixed collection of silver plated items to include various tea wares, entree dished, twin handled wine bucket, cocktail shaker and others £30-50
470.    A collection of various silver handled flatware pieces together with a collection of further silver plated flatware and a toast rack and others £30-50
471.    Art deco Mappin & Webb oak canteen of cutlery, the hinged lid enclosing a part fitted interior with various knives, forks and spoons, all with the typical stepped art nouveau styling's, the canteen fitted with a further frieze drawer containing a collection of further silver plated flatware £80-120
472.    A good quality Victorian silver plated centre piece, with four scrolled arms around a central cylindrical holder, upon a acanthus and flower head roundel scrolled frame, terminating in paw feet, 23cm high £30-50
473.    A collection of communion white metal to include a leather cased travelling communion set, three silver plated goblets, four silver plated trays and two pewter collection dishes £30-50
474.    A large oval silver plated gallery tray together with a collection of good quality silver plated entree dishes £30-50
475.    A large oak cased communion set to include an impressive antique style lidded tankard, the S scroll handle with heart terminal, four silver plated plates, wine funnel and collection of porcelain items, the box 35cm high; together with a large collection of various communal cup holders (a collection) £100-150
476.    A collection of various silver plated items to include trays, teawares, biscuit barrel, various flatware and others £40-60
477.    A box containing a collection of silver plated and pewter items to include a two tier canteen of cutlery, a silver plated wine coaster, a christening cup with Mickey Mouse and others £40-80
478.    A box containing a collection of silver plated items to include various flatware, candlesticks, pin trays, picture frames, etc £30-50
479.    A teak canteen of stylised cutlery by Insignia plate; together with a further boxed set of King handled spoons £40-60
480.    A 1940s oak canteen of various Old English flatware £30-50
481.    A mahogany canteen of King handled flatware £30-50
482.    A Mappin & Webb silver plated bone handled, two tier fish cutlery canteen on an oak case £50-80
483.    Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co Ltd two tiered canteen of bone handled fish cutlery £30-50
484.    Oak two tier canteen of various Elkington & Co flatware to include a collection of bone handled knives; together with a further box of silver plated coasters £30-50
485.    Golden oak three tier canteen of silver plated and mother of pearl flatware £50-80
486.    A good quality walnut canteen of various bone handled fish cutlery to include a fish serving knife and fork £60-100
487.    A leather cased canteen of fancy pearl handled flatware to include six knives and forks, together with a further suite of teaspoons and sugar tongs £50-80
488.    A golden oak two tier canteen of stylised pearl handle flatware £30-50
489.    Two part fitted canteens of cutlery £30-50
490.    Teak cased canteen of various silver plated beaded flatware together with a further part fitted suite of teaspoons and sugar nips £30-50
491.    A good collection of silver plate and flatware £100-150
492.    A teak cased canteen of silver plated kings handle cutlery £40-60
493.    An early 20th century leather cased, horn handled carving set, comprising nine pieces of horn handled cutlery within a baize and velvet lined interior, the box 46cm wide £40-60
494.    Large collection of good quality silver plated flatware to include two soup ladles and others £40-60
495.    Collection of silver plate to include two wine coasters, chocolate pots and others £40-80
496.    Silver plated twin handled tray, cast with grapevine, 70cm long £20-40
501.    Victorian Scottish silver baluster tankard, maker LT, Edinburgh, 1873, 8.5cm high, 5.5oz approx £40-80
502.    George II silver baluster tankard, maker mark W?, London, 1742, 10cm high, 6.5oz approx £60-100
503.    George II silver baluster tankard, maker TF?, London 1733, 10cm high, 8.5oz approx £80-120
504.    1920s Georgian style baluster tankard, maker RW&S, London 1929, 10cm high, 7oz approx £50-80
505.    Victorian silver tankard, with geometric beaded decoration and acanthus s-scroll handle, maker Robert Hennell, London 1867, 9 cms high £50-100
506.    Early 20th century silver salver, with gadrooned rim and hoof feet, maker HE & Co Ltd, London 1919, 20.5oz approx £150-200
507.    Five various silver trophies, four of which are set on plinth bases, the largest 24cm high (5) £60-100
508.    A pair of George III silver baluster castors, maker CF?, London 1801, 16cm high, 6.5oz approx (2) £50-80
509.    Guild of Handicrafts silver lidded dish and pedestal bowl by Charles Robert Ashbee, the lidded dish with hammered finish and stylised finial, 15cm diameter, the pedestal bowl, 10cm high, 20oz approx, together with further similar unmarked planished lidded dish (5) £300-500
510.    Interesting early 20th century three handled trophy inscribed "1910 Wimbledon, The Championship Doubles, RB Pall and K Pall, Finalists, Beaten by AF Wilding and MJG Ritchie," maker James Dixon & Sons Ltd, Sheffield 1910, 16cm high, 10oz approx £100-200
511.    Set of four George III silver table salts, with twin scrolled handles and gilt interiors, engraved with the crest of an anchor, maker Robert Hennell, London 1786, each 12cm long, 12.5oz approx £100-200
512.    A Victorian silver caddy with half fluted decoration, maker TB JH, Sheffield 1887, 13cm high, 6oz approx £40-80
513.    Late Victorian silver lidded pot with wrythen fluted embossed decoration, maker William Comyns, London 1899, 11cm high, 7oz approx £50-100
514.    George III silver oval bachelor tea pot, with engraved decoration, maker Alice and George Burrows, London 1807, 23cm long, 14oz approx £100-200
515.    Edwardian silver pedestal bowl, the neck embossed with scrolled acanthus over a wrythen fluted bowl, maker marks worn, Birmingham 1904, 15cm diameter, 8.5oz approx £60-100
516.    1920s silver pedestal bowl, with cast pie crust rim, maker Atkin Brothers, Sheffield 1923, 22cm diameter, 12oz approx £100-150
517.    Four silver cigarette cases, 13oz approx £100-150
518.    1920s silver waiter, maker Atkin Brothers, Sheffield 1928, 15cm diameter, 5oz approx £40-60
519.    Late George III Scottish silver salver, with cast scallop shell and gadrooned rim, maker AC, Edinburgh 1819, 18oz approx £150-200
520.    Interesting continental white metal twin handled dish/quaich, indistinct marks, with inscription, 27cm wide, 9.5oz approx £60-100
521.    Four various silver applied easel photo frames £30-50
522.    Set of five Russian? silver dessert forks, 6.5oz approx £40-60
523.    Nine various silver coffee spoons together with a further set of five Irish silver tea spoons, 8oz approx (14) £60-100
524.    Three Victorian fiddle pattern table forks, together with a further continental white metal example, 9oz approx £60-100
525.    Pair of George III silver embossed fruit spoons, maker TO, London 1815, 4oz approx £60-100
526.    Collection of six silver old English table spoons, 11oz approx £80-120
527.    Harlequin set of five George III table forks, 1799 and 1804, 10.5oz approx (5) £80-120
528.    Set of six late George III silver fiddle pattern dessert spoons, maker PL, Edinburgh 1818, 6oz approx £50-80
529.    Pair of continental white metal fiddle pattern table spoons, 5oz approx £40-60
530.    Five various antique silver old English dessert spoons, to include two Irish examples, 4.5oz approx £40-60
531.    Pair of Georgian old English table forks together with a Harlequin set of six Georgian dessert forks, 7oz approx £80-120
532.    Set of twelve George III silver old English dessert spoons, maker Richard Crosney, London 1804, 13oz approx £100-200
533.    Set of four 1920s silver dessert spoons, maker Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1923, 6oz approx £50-80
534.    Collection of four various antique silver spoons, 6oz approx £50-80
535.    Early George III set of twelve silver old English table spoons, maker Thomas & William Chawner, London 1768, 22.5oz approx £150-250
536.    George II set of twelve silver old English table spoons, maker Isaac Callard, London 1732, 25oz approx £200-300
537.    Set of four George III silver old English table forks, maker George Smith & William Fearn, London 1796, 9.5oz approx £80-120
538.    Set of six Victorian silver table forks, maker marks indistinct, London 1868, 13.5oz approx £100-200
539.    Set of six George III silver old English table forks, maker William Eley, William Fearn and William Chawner, London 1808, 13.5oz approx £100-200
540.    Set of six George III silver bright cut dessert spoons, maker John Shiels, Dublin 1771, 5oz approx £50-80
541.    Good George III set of nine Irish silver bright cut table spoons, maker John Shiels, Dublin 1771, 21oz approx £300-500
542.    Pair of George III silver sauce ladles, together with a further silver serving spoon, maker Richard Crossley, London 1804, 7oz approx £60-100
543.    Three various silver ladles, together with a further silver berry shifter spoon, 6oz approx (4) £80-120
544.    Harlequin set of twelve 1930s silver dessert forks, maker Francis Howard, Sheffield 1938 and 1938, 19oz approx £150-250
545.    Set of six 1930s sliver dessert forks, maker Francis Howard Ltd, Sheffield 1930, 10oz approx £80-120
546.    Five various continental white metal (probably Dutch) figural mounted spoons, one mounted by a two mast galleon ship (5) £150-250
547.    Set of four 1930s silver table spoons, maker Francis Howard, Sheffield 1938, 10oz approx £80-120
548.    Mixed collection of various silver spoons and flatware to include rat tailed teaspoons, sugar tongs, coronation spoons and others, 13oz approx £100-150
549.    Early 20th century silver asparagus tongs, Sheffield 1919; together with a further silver Stilton scoop, and marrow spoon, (3) £40-80
550.    A mixed collection of Georgian and later silver flatware to include bright cut spoons, tablespoons, teaspoons, etc £80-120
551.    Set of six Dutch souvenir spoons upon a Dutch silver spoon rack, each spoon mounted with either Delft clogs or a Delft cameo of a windmill, the rack embossed with a tavern scene and birds £40-60
552.    A mixed collection of foreign white metal to include Moroccan spoons, Sri Lankan spoons, Zanzibar spoons, Malaysian straw spoons and others, 6.5oz approx £50-80
553.    Victorian silver knife, fork and spoon set together with two further silver mother of pearl pocket/fruit knives (5) £30-50
554.    A mixed collection of continental and foreign white metal to include cased set of cake forks, set of six straw spoons, card case and others £50-80
555.    Cased set of six engine turned silver napkin rings; together with a further napkin ring, six thimbles, silver and mother of pearl folding fruit knife, sugar tongs, and further 900 silver cased spoon (16) £40-60
556.    An interesting Victorian silver gilt and cut glass ear scoop, maker John Evans, London 1846, 15cm long £40-60
557.    Attractive Victorian cased cruet comprising salt, small jug and four spoons, maker William Hutton & Sons, London 1885, within a leather serpentine case £50-80
558.    Art deco style silver three piece cruet set of square faceted form comprising salt, mustard, pepper, with two spoons and glass liners, maker Baker Ellis Silver Co, (5) £30-50
559.    Two leather cased three piece cruet sets £60-100
560.    Mixed collection of silver to include a lancet toast rack, three silver vases (AF) silver sugar tongs and further silver pencil £50-80
561.    A mixed collection of continental white metal to include a Dutch caddy/sifter spoon and other further silver souvenir spoons, 8.5oz approx £30-50
562.    Interesting foreign white metal belt with barley twist decoration together with a further white metal belt and a further silver plated example (3) £30-50
563.    A collection of mainly eastern white metal items to include trinket dishes, salts, menu holders and others £50-80
564.    Mixed collection of silver to include two dwarf candlesticks, various decanter labels, napkin rings, silver lidded bottles, etc £50-80
565.    A leather case containing a suite of apostle/character spoons comprising twelve teaspoons and pair of sugar nips, each mounted with a different character; together with a further case of silver plated apostle spoons and further silver plated flatware £50-80
566.    Walker & Hall arts and crafts style tazza, the planished bowl raised upon three stylized supports and circular plateau, maker Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1911, 10cm high within original leather baize lined case, 6.5oz approx £80-120
567.    Eastern white metal three piece lidded tea service comprising tea pot, milk jug and sucrier, decorated in relief with scrolled acanthus, the teapot 17cm long, 19oz approx (3) £150-200
568.    Good quality Brittannia silver tankard, with embossed band and C scrolled handle, maker Carrington & Co, London 1924, 10cm high, 13.5oz approx £150-200
569.    Impressive pair of Victorian silver tazza stands, the lobed plateau mounted by three sphinx type creatures, maker Frederick Elkington (Elkington & Co) Birmingham 1881, 20cm high, 51oz approx £800-1200
570.    Finnish art deco style four piece tea service comprising tea pot, water pot, milk jug and lidded sucrier, of lobed baluster form, the water pot 20cm high, 46oz approx £350-450
571.    1930s stylised cream jug, with acanthus lobed handle, maker The Northern Goldsmiths Co, Birmingham 1934, 16cm long, 6.5oz approx £40-80
572.    Regency boat shaped lobed milk jug and sucrier with bright cut decoration, hallmarks rubbed, the sucrier 19cm long, 11.5oz approx £80-120
573.    1930s silver baluster tankard, on stepped circular base, maker Viners, Sheffield 1935, 10cm high; together with a further helmet cream jug, 8oz approx £40-80
574.    A pair of Finnish faceted baluster twin sconce silver candelabra, 22cm high, 14oz approx £100-150
575.    Impressive Edwardian silver spirit kettle on stand, the boat shaped kettle with half fluted decoration upon cabriole shell feet, with silver burner, maker Elkington & Co Ltd, London 1902, 33cm high, 46oz approx £700-1000
576.    Early 20th century silver baluster faceted teapot and water jug, both with lids, with the crest of a unicorn, maker Edward Barnard & Sons Ltd, London 1918, the water jug 26cm high, 65oz approx £500-800
577.    A pair of eastern white metal silver baluster vases, with embossed bands of birds and scrolled foliage, 28cm high, 27oz approx £150-200
578.    A pair of Victorian silver Corinthian column candlesticks o stepped square bases, maker Hawksworth Eyre & Co Ltd, Sheffield 1887, 23cm high (2) £80-120
579.    Regency silver squat baluster teapot, with acanthus applied handle and spout and gadrooned stepped circular rims, upon a cast floral base, maker Edward, Edward Junior, John & William Barnard, London 1830, 28cm long, 24oz approx £250-300
580.    Early 20th century Georgian style milk jug and sucrier, each with piecrust borders, the milk jug Birmingham 1925, the sucrier Chester 1911, 8.5oz approx £60-100
581.    1940s silver engine turned cigarette case with gilt interior, maker Frederick Field, Birmingham 1943, 13cm long, 6.5oz approx £50-80
582.    1920s Mappin & Webb silver standish, fitted with two glass inkwells, pen well, the base with scallop shell castings and scrolled feet, Birmingham 1929, 19cm long £100-200
583.    1920s Georgian style salver, with cast piecrust rim and three scrolled feet, maker Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1922, 42oz approx £350-450
584.    Finnish silver dish, with lobed and cast ribbon borders, 26cm diameter, 10.5oz approx £60-100
585.    A collection of silver cruet items to include two lidded mustard, two salts, three peppers and a larger caster (9) £50-100
586.    Good large Edwardian silver hip flask, maker Reid & Sons, Birmingham 1910, 18cm long, 16oz approx £120-180
587.    Three piece baluster silver cruet, by The Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co, the salt and mustard with blue glass liners, with a single spoon; together with a further Mappin & Webb silver pepper grinder (5) £40-80
588.    Edwardian silver cigarette case together with a further engine turned cedar lined cigarette box (2) £40-60
589.    A George III silver baluster cream jug embossed with a rural landscape with a dog and a cockerel, maker Benjamin Mountigue, London 1778, 12cm high, with original purchase receipt from Martin Payne Antiques of Shipston on Stour, 3oz approx £80-120
590.    Late George III silver salver, the rim cast with acanthus leaf, scallop shell and gadrooning, with central inscription "Presented by the Underwriters on the Ship Sarah Anne of North Shields CG Burrel, owner to George Skelton Esq of Peterhead for his Meritorious Prompt and Effect Conduct in Seinding his Ship Gleaner to the Assistance of the Former When in Distress? upon Ratree Rocks in August 1818" maker John Robertson & John Walton, Newcastle 1819, 38cm diameter, 42oz approx £300-500
591.    1920s silver easel picture frame of stylised form, maker Spurrier & Co, Birmingham 1924, 25cm high £30-50
592.    Interesting eastern white metal banded leather whip, indistinctly inscribed Mantebini?, 72cm long £60-100
593.    A collection of silver to include Victorian silver baluster tankard, a Viners silver baluster castor and further silver ashtray, 9oz approx (3) £60-100
594.    Edwardian silver salver with raised borders embossed with scrolled foliage with engraved plate, maker Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1903, 34cm diameter, 35oz approx £250-350
595.    1960s silver waiter, on three scrolled feet, maker Viners, Sheffield 1965, 6.5oz approx £50-80
596.    Persian silver set of six cups upon a long tray, all engraved with panels of foliage, the tray 32cm long, 12.5oz approx £60-100
597.    Finnish silver oval platter with lobed rim, 37cm long, 19oz approx £100-200
598.    Victorian silver taper stick upon a shaped square base, maker Thomas Bradbury & Sons, London 1894, 12cm high; together with a further pair of dwarf silver candlesticks (5) £80-120
599.    A pair of Finnish silver trumpet vase, with acanthus detail to the base, 18cm high; together with a further Finnish silver over easel picture frame, 20cm high (3) £60-100
600.    Victorian embossed silver comb tray, with acanthus detail, 27cm long, hallmarks indistinct, together with three further dressing brushes (4) £50-80
601.    1920s silver bachelor teapot, maker Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1921, 24cm long, 15.5oz approx £100-150
602.    A pair of 1920s Georgian style faceted baluster castors, maker Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1920, 16cm high, 8oz approx £60-100
603.    Three silver cedar lined cigar/cigarette boxes, the largest 18cm long (3) £80-120
604.    1920s silver water jug, with rattan work handle, maker Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1920, 13oz approx £80-120
605.    1940s engine turned christening cup/small tankard, maker WN Ltd, Birmingham 1947; together with a further silver collapsing cup, 6.5oz approx £50-80
606.    A collection of silver cruet items to include two white metal long boat salts (AF) a pair of silver peppers, (AF) further silver salt with blue glass liner and art nouveau pepper castor; Mixed collection of silver to include three napkin rings, sugar tongs, candlestick, ashtray and dressing brush (13) £50-80
607.    A collection of silver dressing items to include a mirror, two brushes, a blusher and two manicure tools (6) £50-80
608.    An attractive art deco silver and tortoiseshell pique ware four piece dressing set comprising three brushes and a mirror £60-100
609.    1960s ecclesiastical silver lidded pedestal bowl, engraved with a crucifix and inscribed "Southgate Congregational Church Gloucester, in Memorial Hannah Nora Nicholas, 1893-1963," maker B&W Ltd, London 1966, 18cm high, 29.5oz approx £200-300
610.    A collection of silver dressing items to include four brushes, dressing mirror, two boot horns and lace hooks (9) £50-80
611.    Attractive silver topped bulbous scent bottle with hobnail cut panels and pierced silver collar, 13cm high; together with three further silver topped bottles (4) £50-80
612.    Matched pair of baluster castors, one maker Richard Palmer?, London 1768, the other hallmarked indistinct, 13cm high, 5oz approx £40-80
613.    Novelty horse hoof silver plated inkwell, inscribed "In Remembrance of Grey Lady 1950," 8cm high £40-60
614.    Early George III circular table salts, upon scallop shell hoof feet, maker D & R Hennell, hallmarks indistinct; together with a further pair of similar more recent table salts, 11.5oz approx £100-150
615.    Three Georgian and later silver mustards, each with blue glass liners and one mustard spoon (4) £50-80
616.    Two silver helmet cream jugs, one unmarked, 6oz approx £50-80
617.    Two similar baluster cream jugs, one dated London 1801, 5oz approx (2) £40-60
618.    Early 20th century silver ovoid cream jug; together with a further silver sucrier, 9oz approx (2) £60-100
619.    1920s ovoid silver teapot, milk jug and sucrier, with embossed band (3) £60-100
620.    Good quality cast silver baluster faceted cream jug, upon 'S' scroll hoof feet, maker Harry Freeman, London 1907, 8cm high, 7oz approx £50-100
621.    Unmarked white metal pedestal bowl; together with two further white metal dishes, 9oz approx £50-80
622.    A mixed collection of silver to include horn and silver mounted quaich, a glass and silver mounted quaich, a silver pin dish dated 1919, a silver baluster castor, a silver Bombe mustard and two others, 15oz approx £100-200
623.    George III silver cup cover? with loop handle, maker Stephen Adams, London 1807, 10.5cm diameter, 2.5oz approx £30-50
624.    Cased set of six Elkington & Co silver lobster picks, Birmingham 1927 £40-60
625.    Three boxes of six teaspoons to include coffee bean spoons, Romanic style spoons and Albany style spoons (18) £40-80
626.    A collection of boxed silver flatware to include boxed set of six silver handled fruit knives, a further part set of fruit knives (5) boxed part set of teaspoons (5) further boxed feeding spoon, feeding spoon set and knife for and spoon set with Albany handles £60-100
627.    Two boxed suites of teaspoons, each comprising six teaspoons and sugar nips £50-80
628.    Mahogany canteen of pearl handled Walker & Hall silver cutlery comprising six knives and six forks, Sheffield 1920 £50-80
629.    Attractive oak cased two tier canteen of mother of pearl and silver cutlery, comprising twelve knives and twelve forks, maker Harrison Brothers & Howson, Sheffield 1937, the canteen 29cm wide £100-200
630.    Mixed collection of bijouterie silver to include silver pocket knife, pearl and silver fruit knife and leather case, silver handled magnifying glass and silver poultry skewer (4) £40-60
631.    Three pieces of silver and tortoiseshell pique ware to include two vitrine type boxes and ink stand (3) £60-100
632.    1920s ivory and silver bound pepper grinder, London 1920, makers marks worn, 11cm high £50-80
633.    White metal mesh clutch bag with chain, further mesh purse and two white metal chains (4) £40-60
634.    George III silver soup ladle, maker Richard Crossley, London 1804, 32cm long, 6oz approx; together with a further horn handled silver toddy ladle (2) £80-120
635.    Persian/eastern silver card case engraved with a communal scene, 14cm long, 6oz approx; together with further silver and enamel eastern jewellery £40-60
636.    Persian/eastern white metal filigree work compact, the hinged lid enclosing a further enamel lid, decorated with a marine scene, 3oz approx £30-50
637.    Russian silver cigarette case engraved with floral bouquet, gilt interior with Russian hallmarks, 9cm long, 3.5oz approx £30-50
638.    Sampson Mordan & Co silver pin cushion in the form of a chick, hallmarks rubbed, 6cm high £50-80
639.    Interesting Walker & Hall silver table lighter sat on four Walker & Hall ashtrays, Birmingham 1931; together with a further sterling silver table lighter, 9.5oz approx £100-200
640.    Silver watch chain with clasp and T bar, together with a further silver watch chain, fitted with a collection of silver coinage, watch with heart locket and further silver coin bracelet, 4oz approx £40-60
641.    Good quality eastern white metal card case embossed with a coiled dragon, 8cm long, 2.5oz approx £40-60
642.    1970s art deco style novelty buckle in the form of posing greyhounds, maker DRR, London 1978, 9cm across £50-80
643.    George III silver wine funnel, maker IM? London 1808, 14cm long £60-100
644.    Three silver napkin rings, 2.5oz approx £20-30
645.    Possibly by Liberty Edwardian silver serpentine casket with pierced geometric sides enclosing a copper interior, Birmingham 1910, 8cm long £80-120
646.    Late Victorian silver miniature playing cards box, the hinged lid enclosing a gilt interior fitted with two decks of cards, maker marks rubbed, Chester 1900, 5cm high £60-100
647.    Eastern white metal cruet set comprising two salts, two peppers and two mustards with spoons, engraved and decorated with camels and further eastern icons, 7.5oz approx £50-80
648.    Two American white metal buckles, one mounted by a gilt metal character group of a man and a horse, the other with embossed decoration, the largest 10cm long (2) £30-40
649.    Two late Victorian silver buckles, maker Laurence Emmanuel, Birmingham 1899, each 6.5cm long, together with a further eastern sterling silver buckle with inlaid shagreen decoration (3) £40-80
650.    Nine various silver napkin rings, 6oz approx £40-80
651.    Scottish provincial silver letter knife by William Rob or Ballater, fitted with an amethyst type cabochon and engraved Celtic handle, the blade inscribed 1894-1919, Edinburgh 1919, 16cm long £40-60
652.    A good collection of bijouterie silver to include various silver pencils, silver vesta case, Chinese silver model of a junk, etc £50-80
653.    Antique provincial silver lidded casket/snuff box, engraved with fern leaf decoration, hallmarks worn, label inside inscribed Cannon Gate, 1780-1790, 7cm long, 3oz approx £80-120
654.    Walker & Hall matchbox cover embossed with cherubs together with a further silver matchbox cover and small silver vesta case, 3.5oz approx £40-60
655.    Victorian silver diary, the case engraved with scrolled foliage and Celtic knots enclosing an interior fitted with ivory pages, maker D&M, Birmingham 1876, within a Martin & Son of Cheltenham leather box, the case 10cm long £80-120
656.    Victorian silver serpentine card case, engraved with chinoiserie details to include brisé fans, bamboo, scrolls, etc, maker Frederick Marson, Birmingham 1881, 10cm long within a leather case £80-120
657.    Victorian castle-top card case, Albert Memorial by Nathaniel Mills, amidst scrolled acanthus and foliage, the card case of serpentine shaped form, Birmingham 1862, 10cm long £1000-1500
658.    1930s silver faceted column table lamp, with beaded sconce and swept square base, with inscriptions, maker F C Sheffield 1933, 33cm high; together with a small collection of white metal flatware, mainly teaspoons £40-60
659.    A 1930s silver faceted column table lamp on swept square base, maker RP, Sheffield 1933, 33cm high £150-180
660.    A 1930s engine turned silver cigarette dispenser, maker marks worn, Birmingham 1931, 12cm high £40-50
661.    An oak cased canteen of fish cutlery with bone handles and silver fittings, maker GH, Sheffield 1934, the box 26cm long £40-60
662.    A case set of 1930s silver cake forks; together with eleven silver teaspoons, 9.5oz approx £80-120
663.    1920 Silver rat tail spoon by Omar Ramsden, with stylised hammered finish, London 1929, 18cms long £100-150
664.    Mixed silver and white metal lot to include two horn handled toddy ladles (one a.f), a silver topped glass match striker, a silver backed dressing, two silver plated salts, a silver plated figure on horseback; together with a 9ct gold and bloodstone ring (8)
665.    Small selection of silver to include a vesta case and four butter knives (5) £20-40
666.    1930s silver coronation dish together with four Australian silver pin trays and five silver handled boot tools (10) £40-60
671.    Chinese wool carpet with a typical decoration upon a burnt orange ground, 280 x 185cm £20-30
672.    A Persian style wool rug in the Afghan manner with central white ground lozenge detail upon a red field with a further black alternating colourway, 190 x130cm £20-30
673.    An eastern wool carpet, the central medallion upon a wine red field within further alternating geometric borders, 110 x 220cm £60-80
674.    An Afghan red wool carpet with multi medallion centre upon a deep red field, within alternating borders, 210 x 135cm £40-60
675.    An Afghan wool carpet, the black geometric detail upon a mid red ground, within alternating geometric borders, 300 x 260cm £80-100
676.    A selection of three eastern rugs, each with geometric detail, 80 x 95cm, 130 x 80cm and a further smaller example (3) £60-80
677.    An early 20th century leopard skin £30-40
678.    A wool carpet in the Persian manner, the central floral medallion with a honey coloured centre upon a cream ground field, with multi floral detail, set within running borders, 290 x 200cm £60-80
679.    An eastern wool rug, principally in a red and blue colourway, within alternating borders, 135 x 80cm £40-60
680.    An old Persian wool runner, the central red ground field with repeating geometric borders and repeating geometric detail within alternating running borders in white and salmon, 230 x 100cm £60-80
681.    A Persian style wool carpet, the ink black central medallion upon a further white field within further geometric alternating borders, 300 x 160cm £100-120
682.    An eastern wool runner, principally in a red and blue colourway with four medallion centre, within wide running borders, 265 x 60cm approx £40-60
683.    An eastern wool carpet with ink black field, with multi geometric panels, set within wide running borders, 380 x 280cm £60-80
684.    An amber ground eastern style wool rug, with multi medallion centre, principally in red and green colourway within a narrow red banded border, 170 x 120cm £40-60
685.    Attractive pure silk hand woven carpet decorated with scrolled patterns upon a duck egg blue ground, 310 x 200 cm £300-350
686.    Two cow hides in a black and cream colourway £100-150
687.    A heavy Persian wool carpet with central medallion upon a red ground, with scrolling floral detail, within alternating blue and white banded border and with further repeating detail, 320 x 190cm £100-150
688.    A near pair of small Persian wool rugs, each with multi medallion panels upon red/pink fields within running borders, each 110 x 50cm approx £40-60
689.    An old Persian rug, the central medallion with a floral theme, the red ground decorated with further abstract floral decoration ad within alternating white and black running borders, with repeating geometric and floral detail, 180 x 120cm £60-80
690.    A Turkish flat weave carpet in pastel shades, the central medallion upon a beige field within geometric pale green and olive green borders, 300 x 220cm £100-120
691.    A pale pink Afghan wool rug with multi medallion centre, within alternating running borders, 180 x 115cm approx £40-60
692.    A pair of crochet single bed covers with lozenge shaped panels and interlinked chain detail, 200 x 120cm approx £60-80
693.    A red ground wool rug with lozenge shaped medallions, set within a geometric running border, 130 x 120cm approx £50-80
694.    A heavy wool carpet in the eastern style with multi-gul detail upon a pale red field, set within numerous geometric running borders, 310 x 220cm £120-150
695.    A large old Afghan wool carpet, with multi medallion panels of hexagonal form upon a red ground field, within alternating geometric borders, 420 x 270cm approx £80-100
696.    NO LOT £80-100
697.    A long old Persian wool runner, with alternating blue and red ground medallions, upon an alternating blue and red ground field, within geometric borders, 320 x 110cm, together with a further old Persian rug with geometric medallions upon a deep blue field, within repeating running borders, 190 x 130cm £80-100
697A.   An old wool runner, within wide running repeating borders, 310 x 100cm together with a further runner, with alternating white ground medallion shaped panels, upon a red field with further blue colourway, within alternating repeating borders £100-120
698.    No Lot
699.    Contemporary runner principally in a red, blue and white colourway with lozenge panelled centre and running borders, 250 x 70cm approx £50-80
700.    An old Persian rug with multi medallion centre upon an alternating red and blue ground field within wide banded running geometric borders, 210 x 140cm approx £40-60
701.    A flat weave Kelim runner with geometric colourway in red, blue and cream, 200 x 60cm approx £50-80
702.    An old Persian rug with multi medallion centre upon a blue field within wide running borders, 140 x 85cm, together with a further old Persian rug, the red ground with abstract floral detail, within running borders, 170 x 100cm £60-80
703.    A deep pile wool rug in an eastern style, the unusual green ground field supporting a geometric abstract floral panels within alternating floral borders, 230 x 150cm
704.    A pair of cotton rugs in the Adam style, in a pale green and white colourway, 140 x 60cm £30-40
705.    A Welsh blanket, with alternating blue, pink, yellow and green geometric detail, 220 x 170cm approx £60-80
706.    A cotton rug in the Persian style with central medallion, abstract floral surround and a repeating floral detail, 200 x 125cm £40-60
707.    An old Afghan rug with multi medallion centre upon a pale pink field within a running border, 220 x 150cm £40-60
708.    An Afghan saddle bag face with tight geometric detail, 105 x 60cm and a further Afghan saddle bag face with repeating geometric detail, 140 x 70cm £60-80
709.    An old Persian runner with multi medallion centre, upon a green field within alternating green, red and white banded borders with repeating geometric work, 260 x 110cm approx £80-100
710.    A Persian wool runner, the central lozenge shaped medallion upon a blue field within a larger red ground field, further geometric detail and alternating running borders with trailing floral design, 200 x 90 approx £80-100
711.    An old Afghan wool carpet with geometric medallion panels, upon a pale red ground, within alternating running borders with further geometric detail, 300 x 210cm £100-150
712.    A heavy wool carpet in the Persian style, with central medallion upon a white field, further red borders and set within trailing and repeating border, 320 x 200cm £80-100
713.    An eastern runner in a red and blue colourway with medallion centre within running borders, 265 x 60cm approx £50-80
714.    An eastern wool runner of narrow dimensions, multi medallion centre, set within running borders, principally within a blue and red colourway, 260 x 60cm £50-80
715.    A Persian wool rug with vase, flowers and other detail, upon a black ground within running borders, 120 x 95cm £40-60
716.    A cotton rug in the Persian style with medallion centre, upon a mauve field within running borders, with an overall floral theme, 180 x 120cm £40-60
717.    A Persian wool rug, the white field decorated with scrolling flowers, birds, etc, within alternating running borders, on a repeating theme, 160 x 130cm £80-100
718.    A hand worked wall hanging with geometric patchwork decoration each qua foil shaped panel set within a circular framework, 120 x 95cm £40-60
721.    A mounted pair of stag antlers with skull, upon a naturalistic wooden plaque, 54cm high, together with a good set of three spoke antique stag antlers upon a mahogany plaque, 66cm high (2) £60-100
722.    A good embossed early 20th century copper framed mirror, decorated with a girl and two geese, with further hammered finish, fitted with a bevelled mirror plate, inscribed label verso "Given to Agnes Huskin, About 1912, From Oldest Sister Amy, Married to Morgan R Morgan Swansea, Uncle Morgan had Furniture Stores and was also an Undertaker. He Learnt Embalming in America and Embalmed Singer Madam Pattie, For Mothers 21st Birthday" 52 x 92cm £80-120
723.    Taxidermy interest - Stuffed foxes mask with open mouth, teeth and tongue, upon an oak shield plaque, 33cm high; together with a further hunting horn with copper bands (2) £50-80
724.    Taxidermy Interest - A stuffed and mounted wild boar's head, mounted on a pale oak shield shaped back £50-80
725.    A 19th century solid ebony walking stick with white metal military embossed knop, 92cm long £30-50
726.    An interesting 19th century silver topped Sunday stick, with embossed white metal knop, with scrolled acanthus and further cartouche, upon a hawthorn stick £50-80
727.    A mixed collection of canes to include walking staffs, a shooting stick, a tribal stick and others (6) £50-80
728.    A mixed collection of sticks to include a good quality shooting stick, further shooting stick and three further primitive canes (5) £30-50
729.    Six various walking, sticks all with crooked handles
730.    A 19th century leather fire bucket of cylindrical tapered form, with overlaid polychrome royal crest, with gilt highlights, 40cm high, together with a collection of various walking sticks and canes (11) £80-120
731.    Simpsons of Turnford vintage fishing rod, together with a leather fishing satchel, a collection of reels and line, hooks and lures, etc £40-80
732.    A pair of 19th century gilt wood peer glasses, each fitted with a reverse painted glass panel of buildings over a bevelled glass plate, flanked by Corinthian columns and pilasters, each 54 x 31cm £200-300
733.    A Chinese white metal picture, depicting a gentleman and his partner underneath a prunus tree with calligraphy top left, on a black baize ground, mahogany frame, 60 x 35cm £40-80
734.    Arts and crafts embossed copper wall pocket in the manner of Newlyn 26cm high £30-50
735.    A 19th century Macrae of London mahogany cased glass fronted thermometer, 51cm high £50-80
736.    A collection of various glassware to include rummers, tumblers, decanters, etc, four boxed sets of Waterford, two horns and other miscellaneous items, including a barometer £30-50
737.    A pair of planished brass trench art vases, one inscribed to base DOD 1916, 28cm high (2) £40-60
738.    A pair of German Golscheider style wall masks, with painted polychrome highlights, one inscribed June to the back, each 26cm high approx (2) £40-60
739.    A pair of 1920s cast brass baluster table lamps, with ebonised bands, dated 1920 to the weighted base, each 41cm high (2) £50-80
740.    Archaic eastern hardwood panel, fitted with twelve cast metal Buddhistic deities, 49cm high £60-100
741.    Chinese pewter and pottery four piece tea service, each decorated with coiling pearl chasing dragons upon an ebonised pottery ground, the water jug 15cm high (4) £30-50
742.    Impressive antique Chinese bronze sensor, with seal mark to base and three typical shaped feet, with carved hardwood base and lid, 29cm high (3) £200-400
743.    A lathe bound leather travelling trunk fitted with a collection of various Laura Ashley fabric, and others £100-200
744.    A large mixed lot of house hold miscellany and kitchenalia to include a pair of baluster terracotta slipware jugs, brass alms dish, enamel watering can and kettle, wine rack, various silver plated flatware and others £50-80
745.    A mixed, mainly military lot to include ammunition belts, various bags, together with riding crops and others £30-50
746.    A mixed collection of various boxes to include a leather applied dome topped casket with diaper effect detail, a shoe and boot cleaning box with contents, a further military type ebonised trunk and others £30-50
747.    Boxes of various miscellaneous items to include candles, Christmas decorations, leathers, dollies, etc £20-40
748.    A collection of cast steel turret clock numbers together with a further equine interest desk standish, the inkwells with jockey hat tops, with a further mounted horseshoe and other miscellaneous items £30-50
749.    Venetian embossed brass brazier with steel liner, upon a stylised base decorated with three standing cranes £250-300
750.    A collection of Stanley wood working planes to include No 7 (with 54cm bed) No 5 and a half, No 5, no 71, No 9 and a half, No 50, No 4 and No 75; together with three cabinet scrapes, two further small record planes £80-120
751.    A box of various eastern textiles and fabrics together with a collection of Chinese shoes and other quality fabrics £40-60
752.    A large collection of vintage toys to include Britons type lead figures, Pelham puppet, Hornby Speedboat No 2, The Warneford Tractor Model Aeroplane, Hornby electric track and others £40-80
753.    Two boxes of various miscellaneous items to include coronation ware, various pewter, Carbonel terracotta figures, cow creamer, others £20-40
754.    Early 20th century wrought iron bow shaped stick stand containing a collection of sticks and umbrellas to include a parasol with dog head handle, a further antique parasol with carved ivory parakeet head handle and others £80-120
755.    A good 19th century flame mahogany cross banded apothecary or medicine box, the hinged lid enclosing a segmented baize lined interior fitted with fifteen various glass bottles, further hinges opening to two further frieze drawers and two hidden drawers, 24cm high £400-600
756.    19th century carved marble character group "The Pankratiasts (the Wrestlers)" - After the 3rd century BC Grecian bronze study, probably a grand tour piece, upon a stepped square plinth marble base, 30cm high (af) £100-200
757.    A pair of continental terracotta figures of a standing Arabic water carrier gentleman and his partner, inscribed 7623 and 7624, the gentleman 70cm high (2) £150-250
758.    Impressive 19th century brass set of postal scales and weights, the scale platforms with various inscriptions, 41cm wide £250-350
759.    An early 20th century walnut box with sloped hinged lid, enclosed a box interior over a dummy drawer and frieze drawer, 31cm wide £40-60
760.    A collection of vintage Meccano in three original boxes, together with instruction manuals (4) £50-80
761.    Tribal interest - Carved African fertility type figure, 55cm high £50-80
762.    A pair of brass baluster candlesticks, together with a further silver plated pedestal jug (3) £20-40
763.    Impressive polished copper and brass antique style divers helmet, 50cm high £100-200
764.    Gilt metal textile clamp together with a further gilt metal four sided glass hall lantern (2) £40-60
765.    Classical style painted plaster study of a standing nude gentleman, 84cm high £50-80
766.    Elliot Bros of London mahogany set square/table rule, fitted with a brass spirit level, 70cm long £80-120
767.    A well crafted porcelain bouquet of flowers
768.    Early 20th century golden oak stationery cabinet, the sloped top fitted with twin hinged doors enclosing a waterfall interior over a single frieze drawer fitted with a recessed brass handle, 40cm wide £50-70
769.    Tribal interest - African stool, the circular top on supports made up of carved standing gentlemen and elephants, 44cm high; together with a further carved hardwood study of a man riding an elephant, 26cm high (3) £40-60
770.    Early 20th century lidded glass four sided hall lantern, with various stained glass panels and barley twist supports, 30cm high £40-60
771.    WITHDRAWN £150-200
772.    A mixed lot to include a pair of French spelter figures of a workman and his partner; together with a further pair of rococo type gilt metal easel picture frames and a further Smiths of Enfield mantle clock (5) £30-50
773.    A large Japanned steel Belgian heater, the case pierced with geometric baluster bands, with red glass flue and brass base inscribed Ardent-Heating, upon paw feet, 83cm high £60-100
774.    Rippingille's Patent ABC Stove of pagoda type form, with gilt metal fittings, 49cm high £40-60
775.    Wright & Butler of Birmingham Patent Cheerful Petroleum Stove, 36cm high £50-80
776.    An interesting copper cased Aladdin paraffin radiator, with twin lamp fitting, 46cm high £50-80
777.    Heavy cast bronze/thick brass exterior water tap, with fleur de lys type mount, 30cm high £40-60
778.    Two small table top vices, possibly watch makers £20-40
779.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include hard stone ashtray mounted with a cast metal terrier, three further hard stone bowls, a collection of silver plate and others £30-50
780.    A 19th century Vizagapatam sandalwood and ivory work box/casket, the hinged lid enclosing an interior fitted with further boxes, lifting to a further baize lined interior, fitted with a further single frieze drawer, 46cm wide £500-800
781.    A mixed medical type lot to include a leather Gladstone bag, various medical boxed instruments to include a eye syringe, a breast reliever and others £40-60
782.    A large collection of good French enamel to include a twin handle lidded tureen with painted floral sprays, a graduated collection of lidded jars etc; with an art deco lamp, Poole vase and Dartmouth bowl £120-180
783.    A good pair of three sconce cast metal Girondle wall mirrors, the bevelled mirror plate framed by masks and coiled dragons, 48cm high; together with a further pair of cast metal candlesticks (4) £100-150
784.    A mixed Japanese lot to include a collection of ceramic dolls making up a band, a lacquered box fitted with further lacquered wares, two enamel scent bottles, Chinese shoes and a further wood block print in polychrome £40-80
785.    A box containing various leather and leather wares to include a small suitcase, various collar boxes, wallets, etc, together with further shoe brushes and others £30-50
786.    A good collection of small boxes to include match box covers, inlaid boxes, burrwood examples, etc £40-60
787.    A mixed treen lot to include three book slides to include a walnut and ebonised example, together with a further folding stand, a carved oak panel of a blacksmith and others £50-80
788.    A very large collection of antique and later metal ware to include brass spirit kettle and other tea wares, together with further antique pewter plates, spoon and others £60-100
789.    A collection of six radios to include a Roberts RD-27DAB radio and five vintage examples £30-50
790.    A collection of various vintage games to include a Bagatel board, jigsaws, bricks, etc £50-80
791.    A vintage travel rug in abstract tiger skin striped finish, together with a vintage car foot warmer, with polished brass ends £50-80
792.    A collection of Hornby tin plate Railwayana to include locomotives, carriages, tracks, building models, etc £100-150
793.    Eastern copper inlaid casket, with sandalwood interior; together with a further eastern brass bucket embossed with various characters, further copper charger and brass bottle opener, collection of vintage advertising and other tins and a small quantity of silver plate £50-80
794.    19th century rosewood writing slope, the hinged lid enclosing a leather lined surface and fitted interior, 47cm wide; together with a further interesting yew wood box (af), a GWR jigsaw puzzle and Royal Copenhagen pin tray decorated with a spaniel (4) £40-60
795.    A mixed toy lot to include a mohair stuffed koala bear, panda and further teddy bear, together wit ha further carved wooden toys of rabbits, dogs, parrots and horses, dolls house furniture, dolls, ceramics and a dolls wardrobe fitted with clothing £50-80
796.    Antique carved treen bracket (in the form of a king wearing a crown) 16cm high £50-80
797.    A pair of twin sconce Girondles, fitted onto a baize frame and with ceramic plates decorated with the busts of young ladies, 53cm high (2) £50-80
798.    A good collection of Romanic and other coinage £60-100
799.    A leather collar box fitted with a collection of interesting miscellaneous items to include a small cloisonné pot, a Moroccan leather folding chain purse, a collection of eastern mother of pearl butter knives and cocktail forks, a collection of African horn spoons, a tribal carved bottle cork in the form of a head, a collection of Chinese cocktail sticks mounted by Geisha type girls £40-60
800.    A haberdashers table top chest, fitted with a large collection of antique and later buttons, beads, cotton reels, etc £60-100
801.    Kodac No 3A folding pocket camera within a leather carry case, together with a further vest pocket autographic Kodac, within a leather carry case (2) £40-60
802.    Tribal interest - Long hard wood oar with carved knop, a leaf shaped paddle, 188cm long £50-80
803.    Tribal interest - Carved hard wood Indonesian paddle with carved knop finial, 140cm long £100-200
804.    A large collection of various miscellaneous items to include metal wares, music boxes, instruments, etc £50-80
805.    A Victorian ebonised papier mache serpentine tray, with mother of pearl inlay and decorated with birds amidst a floral bouquet, 64cm long £50-80
806.    A collection of various wooden and other boxes to include tartan ware, Sorrento style, arts and crafts, etc £60-100
807.    Silver mounted snake skin leather case, containing bow ties, together with a further smaller snakeskin leather and silver mounted bag (2) £40-60
808.    A box containing a collection of various metal ware, to include brass candlesticks, iron door furniture to include handles and knockers, etc; together with a box containing a collection of black and white photographic slide on glass and others £50-80
809.    A collection of various antique and later golf clubs £40-60
810.    A late 18th century flintlock coaching blunderbuss by Meis & Co, with brass barrel and mahogany frame, inscribed with a crown, 90cm long £300-500
811.    A box containing a collection of various novelty animals to include carved wooden study of a west highland terrier, Britons type toys, and others £20-40
812.    Tribal interest - Feng mask with pointed nose and lips, 25cm high £40-60
813.    Alabaster model of the Taj Mahal, with polychrome highlights, 14cm high £40-60
814.    Interesting textile lined case, the hinged lid enclosing a porcelain doll with clothes and a scale book of affections token, 18cm wide £40-60
815.    Early antique French Limoges enamel panel, centrally decorated with a couple in robes and children, under a further panel of a dove, with scrolled acanthus borders, 25cm high (af) £50-80
816.    Early carved treen goblet decorated with panels of figures, a twin headed eagle and hunting scene on horse back, 15cm high £40-80
817.    Chinese polished spinach jade pedestal bowl with flared rim, 15cm diameter (af) £80-120
818.    Impressive North African/eastern betel nut cutter, inlaid with various gemstones, 16cm long £50-80
819.    Antique boxwood brewers measuring stick by Lumley & co of London in six pieces within an original leather pouch, the pouch 28cm long £40-60
820.    A WWI officer trench torch, within original leather pouch, 15cm long £40-60
821.    Mahogany clad brass draw telescope, together with a leather clad brass drawer telescope and three whistles £40-60
822.    Cased pair of Canton enamel scroll weights, the box 30cm long £30-50
823.    Early antique Persian copper and silver inlaid pen case, with various Islamic motifs, pierced with a mosque recess and further heart recess, with bird roundel to base, possibly 10th to 12th century, 34cm long £500-800
824.    A cast bronze study of a standing horse, 21cm high £60-100
825.    19th century flint lock pistol, engraved with GR over crown and inscribed 'Tower', with ramrod and brass fittings, 40cm long £200-300
826.    Interesting pair of Persian daggers, with wavy blades in fruit wood sheaths, each 50cm long (2) £80-120
827.    Cased Samuel Hope of Birmingham 'Stages in the Manufacture of the Wedding Ring, Grain Gold to Finished Ring', the case 34cm long £60-100
828.    Impressive French inlaid shibayama type ivory and gilt metal paper fan with intricate pierced gilt sticks upon a pink ground, 24cm long with an old invoice for repairs from 1967 £60-100
829.    A good wooden pond yacht with textile sail £30-50
830.    Tribal interest - Two Knobkerrie type sticks, one with band of leopard fur (2) £60-80
831.    Tribal interest - Carved wooden figure of a seated gentleman, together with four further figures of standing characters and a polychrome face mask (6) £40-60
833.    Impressive Secessionist type brass lamp, with opened column supports upon a stepped circular base, 45cm high £180-200
834.    A late 19th century brass oil lamp with opaque blue glass reservoir and opaline glass shade, 50cm high; together with two further glass shades (3) £40-60
835.    Famos incandescent lamp, with chrome base and glass shade, 60cm high including shade £30-50
836.    Two similar Aladdin lamps with shades (2) £30-50
837.    A Victorian mahogany wall carved mounted with a tapered acanthus carving, 30cm wide
838.    A collection of small lamps to include one painted glass font base, one opaline glass font base, one cranberry ship lamp, one Doulton/Burslem lamp, one Danish green lamp incomplete with blue chimney and one Danish green lamp, complete with holding base and sconce (6) £30-50
839.    Early wall lamp with reflector, 40cm high in total £30-50
840.    A Bakelite GPO telephone £40-60
841.    19th century Coromandel with box by Lund of London, the hinged lid enclosing a tray fitted interior and further frieze drawer with brass recessed handle, 30cm wide £40-60
842.    Three antique wooden dolls to include Simon and Hallig doll, further Heubach and Koppelsdorf and two others (4) £100-150
844.    Chinese porcelain baluster vase lamp, decorated with polychrome panels of birds amidst foliage, upon a black ground, the vase 34 cm high
845.    A leather photography bag with various camera equipment to include a Miranda 70-120mm macro lens, Pentax MG camera with 50mm lens and others £40-60
846.    A suitcase containing a collection of flasks and bottles to include silver plated examples, treen examples and others £80-120
847.    Two similar antique carved fruitwood fruit bowls, with an iron bound oak barrel and cast brass candlestick (4) £120-150
848.    A mixed breweryana lot to include a famous Grouse wall clock a decanter in the form of a locomotive, three silver plated tankards and others: together with a further Satsuma plate and Royal Doulton Fagan character dish £40-60
849.    A pair of carved open barley twist table lamps, 37cm high £30-50
850.    A pair of French pewter candlesticks, mounted by twin headed griffin's upon a lobed plateau, 29cm high (2) £30-50
851.    Late 19th century pine apprentice chest of drawers, with two short over three long drawers with ceramic handles and turned bun feet, 36cm high £50-80
852.    Chinese carved bamboo brush pot, decorated with figures amidst bamboo woods, together with five further hard wood pot stands to include one small intricate example (6) £40-60
853.    Ebony Kriegsman clarinet, in a Selmer case £30-50
854.    Chinese bronze sensor with cast imperial marl to base, 14cm wide, together with a further eastern brass pot, a cloisonné pot decorated with a coiled dragon and further brass dish with peacock (4) £60-100
855.    Archaic looking bronze three legged sensor, seal mark to base, 17cm diameter £60-100
856.    Chinese twin handled baluster bronze sensor, with seal mark to base, 13cm wide £60-100
857.    A Chinese cast bronze baluster sensor on three short feet, seal mark to base, 14cm diameter £60-100
858.    19th century rosewood dressing box, the hinged lid enclosing an interior fitted with various glass bottles and ivory manicure type tools, with concealed drawer to the side, 28cm wide £40-60
859.    Tonella of Germany accordion
860.    A vintage Brexton picnic hamper fitted with various haberdashery and sewing related items £30-50
861.    Two similar mahogany table lamps, one with stem and barley twist decoration, 33cm high approx (2) £30-50
862.    Pair of arts and crafts type light oak, faceted. baluster candlesticks, 42cm high (2)
863.    Pair of carved oak barley twist candlesticks, together with a further oak bobbin turned table lamp (3) £40-60
864.    19th century flame mahogany and brass inlaid sarcophagus caddy, the hinged lid enclosing an interior fitted with a glass jar and two lidded compartments, 34cm wide £50-80
865.    A mixed lot to include a tolware tray, an embossed copper powder flask, two cork screws, a lacquer work wine coaster, etc £20-40
866.    Chadburns of Liverpool oak cased barograph, 37cm long (af) £50-80
867.    A vintage Bakelite radio, together with a further vintage radio (2) £30-50
868.    A mixed eastern metal ware lot to include a faceted copper petal bowl cast with floral panels, two metal bangles, further rupee and inlaid jewellery and others £40-60
869.    African bronze Gamelan orchestra comprising various musicians £30-50
870.    Two treen wood working planes, one inscribed A Davies and R Allaker (2)
871.    A good box of interesting items to include many hand tools, interesting metal ware, horn, porcelain and others £30-50
872.    A vintage felt Mickey Mouse doll, 22cm high; together with a further bisque headed baby doll, with articulated limbs and further Armande Marseilles bisque headed boll, with open mouth, teeth and shutting eyes (3) £100-200
873.    Three carved wooden bosses, each in the form of a bearded gentleman's face, 20cm long (3) £100-120
874.    A mixed musical lot to include a conductors baton, a rosewood recorder, a further metal flute, a mouth organ, various sheet music; together with a suitcase of various prints, postcards, etc £30-50
875.    A mixed black forest and other treen lots to include carved animals, to include a camel, horses, bears, etc, together with figures and others £50-80
876.    A mixed toy/treen lot to include Russian dolls, cottages, novelty corks, various animals and others £30-50
877.    A mixed metal ware lot to include a James Dixon & Sons powder flask embossed with dead game, a copper jug, a rococo type metal mirror, a circular wall barometer, an oak cased canteen of cutlery £60-100
878.    A ivory cased, part fitted ladies etui; together with further various bijouterie items to include costume jewellery, little boxes, further larger jewellery boxes and mirrors, etc £80-120
879.    JH Nailer Ltd of Wigan, steel and brass miners lamp, together with a further trench art shell vase and military helmet (3) £40-60
880.    Chinese carved hardwood figure of a sage with a boy on his lap upon a scrolled base, 24cm; together with a further hardwood stand (2) £40-60
881.    Interesting Chinese/Japanese lidded brass or bronze Koro, mounted by a dog of fo, with Champleve enamel bands, 20cm high; together with a pair of Canton enamel baluster vases (3) £40-60
882.    Japanese bronze bottle neck vase, decorated in high relief with birds in flight, 30cm high; together with a cold cast resin figure of a nude with a child on her back and further arts and crafts type copper jug (3) £50-80
883.    A good mixed stationery lot to include various rulers, pen cases with fitted interiors and others £60-100
884.    A cased and unlabelled violin with nickel mounted bow £30-50
885.    A box of mixed miscellaneous desk top items to include silver topped ink wells, an ink well, ship in a bottle, blotters, stamps, etc £40-60
886.    A mixed collection of antique porcelain headed dolls to include Heubach and Coppelsdorf bisque headed doll, with shutting eyes, open mouth with two teeth and tongue and articulated wooden limbs; together with a further bisque headed German doll, and two others £60-100
887.    A good collection of bisque porcelain cupie type Christmas figures, together with further small porcelain figures all relating to Christmas £80-120
888.    A cased bowl back mandolin, inlaid with a mother of pearl and abalone shell butterfly (af) £40-60
889.    Two George V Army officers swords, Oxford and Bucks regiments, the blades by Wilkinson numbers 48161 and 48188 with leather scabbards, the blades also having engraved detail and monogram BMC & CNC (Curwen) £120-150
890.    A cased Estrella Accordion £30-50
891.    WWI Period military surveyors triangular level/ruler by MDS Ltd with plumb bob and brass fittings and two rifle barrel cleaning rods £30-40
892.    Interesting antique Turkish or Syrian inlaid brass ewer and bowl set, the bowl 31cm diameter (2) £50-80
893.    A mixed collection of walking canes, together with a large rosewood page turner and plaited leather whip (8) £50-80
894.    Tribal interest - Interesting Polynesian type mask, 37cm high £50-80
895.    Chinese bronze twin handled sensor, with interesting looking imperial type mark to base, engraved with pearl chasing dragons, 25cm wide £100-200
896.    A good mixed miscellaneous lot to include a Japanese lidded cloisonné pot, a further eastern metal pot with pierced decoration, a mahogany stand, a vintage oversized pocket watch and others £50-80
897.    Vintage cased Underwood typewriter, together with a further hacker radio (2) £50-80
898.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include treen items to include a root carving bottle opener, a Chinese pot stand, together with various eastern and English metalware £40-60
899.    Impressive antique native American cudgel, marked with thirteen slits (kills) upon a horn type shaft, 57cm long £200-400
900.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include a globe on a stand, a collection of tribal type foreign items, a wall barometer and others £50-100
901.    A mixed metalware lot to include and antique copper jam pan together with a further brass cauldron, together with a pair of figural candlesticks in the form of knights, various other metal and brass wares to include flatware and together with a collection of wool work cushions £50-80
902.    A mixed optical lot to include vintage cameras, binoculars and others, to include a Watkins Meter Company dark Room Clock, in original box £60-100
903.    Two boxes containing a vast collection of sewing related items to include haberdashery wares and others £50-80
904.    A box containing a collection of vintage tins and advertising £30-50
905.    A mixed vintage lot to include a Coca Cola branded mirror, a Bush radio, a vintage typewriter and various vinyl records £30-50
906.    Three boxes containing a large quantity of vintage and antique card games £60-100
907.    A mixed photography lot to include various cameras and others £30-50
908.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include various brass weights, bowls, Meccano and others £30-50
909.    A small pair of cast iron campana urns; together with a studio pottery pedestal vase, a Rhineware oversized ewer, a further faience type baluster vase and Louis Vuitton type clutch bag (6) £30-50
910.    Two opposing large Chinese boxwood panels, carved in deep relief with scholars and figures, 102cm long £100-200
911.    A mixed metalware lot to include two copper kettles, a brass oil lamp with glass shade and others £40-60
912.    A box containing a collection of catalogued fossilized species to include "Cauldal Spine Cretaceous, 65 Million Old, Lance Creek Formation, Wyoming, USA" and others
913.    A mixed treen and metal ware lot to include an Edwardian kidney shaped gallery tray with boxwood inlay conche shell; together with a glass fronted smokers cabinet, copper kettle and further metalware pieces £40-60
914.    Aladdin 'Blue Flame' heater, 53cm high; together with a further Valor Junior heater (2) £40-60
915.    :Pair of western leather Acme cowboy boots, together with a further leather holster, spurs, etc £50-80
916.    A pair of antique carved oak panels, one decorated with a scholar over two other gentlemen, the other with a communal scene; together with a further box containing a large collection of miscellaneous items to include soda siphon, hunting horn, Zeiss monocular lens in case, other leather wares, etc £50-80
917.    19th century continental violin and nickel mounted bow, together with five carved wooden decoy ducks £50-80
918.    A vintage Dansette portable record player £50-80
919.    A mixed wood working lot to include Thomas Ibbolson & Co smoothing plane, a Morris shoulder plane, together with rulers, spirit levels and others £60-100
920.    A leather case containing a collection of Masonic regalia together with further Masonic clothing £50-80
921.    Spencer Browning & Co of London, Day and Night draw telescope (af) £40-60
922.    Vintage industrial machinist articulated wall lamp, with green enamel pait and brown shade, 66cm long (adjustable) £30-50
923.    A vintage industrial articulated wall lamp, attributed to Dugdills, 60cm (extendable) £40-60
924.    A mixed metal ware lot to include an arts and crafts copper twin handled tray, two similar letter scales, together with further metal ware £30-50
925.    Antique embossed copper alms dish, with flowers and flutes, dated 1707, 48cm diameter £40-60
926.    A pair of stag antlers mounted on an oak plaque £30-50
927.    A vintage cigarette dispensing cabinet with glazed hinged door, 45cm high £40-60
928.    Oak cased Prior of England microscope £30-50
929.    Carved Indian hardwood casket and table, the table 46cm high (2) £20-40
930.    A 19th century wrought iron and brass footman, 31cm high £30-50
931.    A mixed collection of photography type items to include Optimax 300mm zoom lens, Helios 135mm lens, vintage cameras to include a Canon and others £50-80
932.    Queen Anne "Gainsborough" part tea service comprising tea pot, six cups, six saucers, milk jug and sucrier £20-40
933.    A Mixed collection of various antique and other metal wares to include a white metal gong striker, interesting brass ewer, a tankard, and others £30-50
934.    A good mixed lot to include an antique baluster decanter etched with scrolled foliage, an archaic pottery vessel, a slipware dish, further treen and other wares £40-60
935.    A collection of four handbags to include two Radley bags and two further bags marked Gucci (4) £50-100
936.    Two similar 19th century cast copper jelly moulds attributed to Benham and Froud, 12cm high (2) £60-100
937.    Steiff - "Teddy Boy" a 1905 replica, with original button in ear, tag and certificate, 50cm long £60-80
938.    A collection of five twin branch wheat sheaf wall lights in gilt cast metal, each 40cm high (5)
1000.   A stainless steel two tier industrial kitchen work/preparation table of rectangular form, 180 cm long x 60 cm wide approx £40-60
1001.   A vintage sack truck with hard rubber tyres
1002.   A weathered contemporary cast composition stone bird bath, the shallow circular bowl with rope twist detail raised on a baluster column and square stepped base, approx 40 cm diameter x 65 cm height £60-80
1003.   A pair of contemporary cast composition stone garden urns of square waisted form with rose banded detail and square stepped bases, approx 40 cm square x 36 cm height £50-70
1004.   Two pairs of weathered contemporary cast composition stone planters of circular waisted form with relief detail (AF) £30-40
1005.   An unusual vintage pine A framed easel type folding step ladder with eight graduated rungs, by Stevens & Carter Ltd (to be sold for display purposes only)
1006.   A large Chinese planter/jardiniere of squat circular and waisted form, partially green glazed with flared rim and raised relief reserve character and animal panels (AF), approx 86 cm diameter x 40 cm height £40-60
1007.   A matched pair of weathered cast composition stone garden ornaments in the form of recumbent lions raised on rectangular simulated rough hewn platform bases, 80 cm long x 36 cm wide x 45 cm high approx £100-150
1008.   A contemporary grey painted light steel display stand with square cut column and flared base
1009.   A weathered contemporary cast composition stone three sectional garden bench with curved slab seat raised on a pair of stylised dolphin supports approx 110 cm long x 40 cm wide x 40 cm height £40-60
1010.   A pair of 19th century salt glazed stoneware corner stable feeding troughs with later painted finish, stamped Oates & Green Ltd, Halifax, together with a contemporary light steel stand with simple scrollwork detail and two others (AF)
1011.   A 19th century cast iron Singer treadle sewing machine base with the Singer MFG company N.Y. trade mark
1012.   Two vintage Qualcast lawn mowers, a push cylinder example and an electric circa 1950 (blades rotate)
1013.   A pair of simulated lead garden planters of rectangular form with Gothic tracery detail, 70 cm long x 30 cm wide x 28 cm height
1014.   A pair of 19th century salt glazed stoneware corner wall mounted stable feeding troughs, stamped Oates & Green Ltd, Halifax £40-60
1015.   A weathered teak two seat garden bench with slatted seat and back, 4ft long approx £40-60
1016.   A Victorian style cast aluminium garden terrace table with decorative circular pierced top raised on swept tripod supports together with a pair of associated chairs with anthemion shaped backs and circular seats with further decorative pierced detail £40-60
1017.   A partially weathered contemporary cast composition stone three sectional garden bench with curved slab seat raised on a pair of column supports with relief detail and stepped bases, approx 115 cm long x 36 cm wide x 50 cm high £40-60
1018.   A weathered cast composition stone garden planter of rectangular form with repeating raised relief 75 cm long x 35 cm wide x 30 cm in height approx (AF) £30-40
1019.   A partially weathered contemporary composition stone two sectional bird bath of squat form together with four further composition stone planters of varying design (5)
1020.   Four weathered cast composition stone garden planters of square cut form with simulated stone wall facade, stamped to interior Sandford Stone, 40 cm square x 28 cm height approx, together with one other similar, but smaller example (5) £30-50
1021.   Two similar cream painted cast aluminium garden terrace tables of circular form with decorative pierced and scrolling detail, together with four associated chairs
1022.   A Victorian style cast aluminium garden bench with serpentine front, pierced lattice seat and triple anthemion shaped and scrolled back with geometric and further decorative detail £80-120
1023.   A set of four contemporary hardwood folding garden chairs with slatted seats and backs £40-60
1024.   A partially weathered contemporary cast composition stone three sectional garden bench with rectangular slab seat, raised on a pair of scrolled column supports with rams head detail, approx 125 cm long x 38 cm wide x 50 cm height £80-100
1025.   A reclaimed ex Leyhill Prison door with spy hole, studded detail, distressed blue painted finish, 182 cm x 72 cm approx £60-80
1026.   A hardwood framed internal door with diagonal planking, 206 cm x 82 cm approx
1027.   A pair of reclaimed good quality heavy iron work entrance gates with vertical open square cut rails and layers of weathered painted finish, 160 cm wide x 250 cm height approx, together with a matching section of railing with square flattened finial's £100-150
1028.   A good quality partially weathered cast composition stone three sectional garden urn, the circular bowl with rope twist lattice and gadroon detail, raised on a socle and cylindrical fluted column and with further relief detail to base, approx 56 cm in diameter x 98 cm height £150-200
1029.   A large contemporary partially weathered composition stone garden water fountain with two graduated circular foliate bowls/tiers and waisted column supports, breaks down into six sections for ease of removal, approx 160 cm in height x 115 cm in diameter (widest part) £300-400
1030.   A reclaimed cast iron and enamel roll top bath
1031.   A small car trailer, steel framed with wooden body, 4ft x 3ft approx, excluding tow hitch £40-60
1032.   A vintage wheel barrow, iron framed with spoke wheel and wooden body (planted)
1033.   A weathered contemporary three sectional cast composition stone bird bath of circular form with baluster column
1034.   A pair of cast composition stone campana shaped garden urns with egg and dart rims, face mask, floral and further detail, raised on square platform bases, approx 50 cm in diameter, x 62 cm high £200-300
1035.   An old rustic zinc lined wooden trough of rectangular and tapered form, 140 cm long x 70 cm wide x 60 cm in height approx, excluding side carrying shafts £40-60
1036.   A sprung steel three seat garden bench with weathered green painted timber lathes, 5ft long approximately
1037.   A weathered contemporary hardwood two seat garden bench with slatted seat and back, together with a pair of matching armchairs (3) £80-100
1038.   A local family owned old traditional horse trap/carriage, the wooden body with bench seat, iron fittings, spoke wheels, iron rims and hubs with brass locking nuts stamped Whiting Bros, Minchinhampton ( together with a facsimile old black and white photograpth at berkeley show) £400-600
1039.   A local family owned old traditional pony trap, the wooden body with chamfered detail, iron fittings and a bench seat, painted spoke wheels with iron rims
1040.   A pair of small good quality iron work gates with open vertical rails and lattice detail, approx 4ft wide x 3ft 8 inches in height, together with further iron work angular bracket/panels with scrollwork detail £100-150
1041.   A vintage cast iron pig feeding trough of rectangular form with rung divisions, 6 ft long approximately, together with a further slightly smaller example and three vintage cow drinking cups (5) £60-80
1042.   A pair of iron work side/pedestrian gates with arched tops, decorative scrollwork panels and cream painted finish, each 195 cm high x 90 cm wide approx £80-120
1043.   A pair of reclaimed terracotta chimney pots of cylindrical form with louvre type vents together with one other (3) £40-60
1044.   A single iron work gate with simple scroll work detail and weathered painted finish, together with two sections of reclaimed iron work railing (3) £40-60
1045.   A pair of contemporary steel garden obelisks of tapered form with ring flamed panels and pointed finial's, 175 cm high approx £40-60
1045A.  A Giant Coldrock mountain bike
1046.   A contemporary stained hardwood garden table of rectangular form with slatted panelled top raised on four square cut legs, 120 cm x 80 cm £40-60
1047.   A contemporary three seat stained hardwood Lutyens style garden bench £100-150
1048.   A contemporary three seat, stained hardwood Lutyens style bench £100-150
1049.   A stained hardwood garden table of rectangular form with slatted top raised on four square tapered legs united by an x framed and partially slatted under tier/stretcher, 92 cm x 72 cm £40-60
1050.   A good period oak beam, 2.7 m long, together with four other good period oak beams of shorter lengths £50-80
1050A.  A pair of unusual circular stone troughs £150-200
1051.   Fireside lot to include a wire mesh panelled firescreen of rectangular form, coal hod, various brass fire irons, and a wicker basket of rectangular form
1052.   Two vintage agricultural scythes with long ashwood handles together with a hay knife and three unusual long wooden handled spades of varying design (6) £40-60
1053.   Vintage yoke and chains
1054.   A pair of terracotta? campana shaped garden urns, the squat circular and lobed bowls with moulded rims and square bases and later weathered painted finish, approx 42 cm diameter x 46 cm height £150-200
1055.   Three small weathered cast composition stone garden ornaments in the form of recumbent lions, 30 cm long x 16 cm in height approx £40-60
1056.   A pair of small good quality and heavy cast iron two handled urns of circular waisted form with face mask, foliate and fluted relief detail, 24 cm in diameter excluding handles x 24 cm in height £60-80
1057.   A weathered bell shaped terracotta rhubarb forcer £100-120
1057A.  Three graduated patinated bronze obelisks, 54cm - 25cm high (3) £40-60
1058.   A pair of weathered reconstituted pillar ornaments in the form of eagles on rocky outcrops £100-120
1059.    A pair of early wrought iron andirons with open rope twist basket finial's, 62 cm high approx £200-250
1060.   A small Georgian style fire basket with serpentine front, pierced, eagle and foliate apron, raised finial's and arched back plate, 52 cm wide x 32 cm deep x 63 cm height (overall size), internal basket 32 cm xc 24 cm approx £60-80
1061.   Two painted street signs "Shakespeare's England, 122 cm x 45 cm approx
1062.   Two unusual good quality sash clamps, stamped Timbois Ltd, London £40-60
1063.   A reclaimed ecclesiastical wall mounted oak frame with carved foliate detail and central lancet arch enclosing a brass remembrance panel of the congregation who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-18, 153 cm approx 5ft high x 74 cm wide £60-80
1064.   A reclaimed ecclesiastical oak wall mounted frame of moulded arched form enclosing a brass Tyndale congressional church 1914-1918 roll of honour, 83 cm high x 65 cm wide
1065.   A good quality reclaimed ecclesiastical brass wall mounted frame of rectangular form with floral rosette and bead detail, enclosing an etched memorial panel in memory of Samuel Forest James, Second Lieutenant in the Gloucestershire Regiment, 59 cm x 47 cm £40-60
1066.   Two small reclaimed brass signs/plaques of rectangular form, one in memory of Thomas Walton 1857-1934 - beloved Deacon of Tyndale Church, the other in memory of Ernest J C Palmer 1872-1938
1067.   A reclaimed heavy brass ecclesiastical wall mounted plaque with engraved lettering commemorating Members of the Southgate Church and congregation who gave their lives for their country in the Great War 1914-1919, 87 cm x 61 cm
1068.   A reclaimed ecclesiastical coloured marble remembrance plaque of arched form with well detailed carved bust of Reverend Peter Robert Crole £100-150
1069.   A weathered stone garden planter/water feature in the form of a standing long bearded gnome supporting a conch shell, 60 cm high approx £250-300
1070.   A weathered stone garden figure of a standing leprechaun with defined features, holding a harp with winged figure head mount, 66 cm in height approx £250-300
1071.   A good quality scale model replica cannon with cast iron barrel raised on a stepped wooden cart, the barrel 48 cm long £350-450
1072.   An old rustic pine pig bench with through jointed splayed supports, 136 cm long approx £50-70
1073.   A 19th century lead and partially infilled face mask fountain head, the mask with defined features, flowing hair and puffed out cheeks blowing (AF), 32 cm approx £50-80
1074.   An old cast iron anvil, 52 cm long x 30 cm height approx £80-120
1075.   A cast iron fire basket of rectangular form with combined dogs, trellis frieze and urn finial's, internal basket size 56 cm x 40 cm approx £40-60
1076.   A pair of cast composition stone bosses with female face mask, shell and scrolled detail, mounted on rectangular blocks £150-200
1077.   A 19th century free standing cast and wrought iron framed blade sharpening bench by E & H Roberts, Deanshanger Ironworks, circa 1875-1890 £60-80
1078.   Two painted aluminium signs of rectangular form advertising the 28th First Battalion The Gloucestershire Regiment, 'B' Company £350-400
1079.   Sixteen reclaimed garden edging tiles with repeating arched and domino detail £30-50
1080.   Taxidermy - a stuffed and mounted stags head complete with antlers, mounted on a shield shaped plaque with remains of paper label verso Edward Alan, York, etc £40-60
1081.   An old cast iron copper with flared rim raised on later associated claw and ball feet, 65 cm diameter approx £40-60
1082.   An unusual wrought iron two branch lamp standard with scrolled detail and painted finish £60-80
1083.   An unusual cast iron table lamp in the form of a Victorian street lantern post, stamped VR1 and dated 1840, 60 cm high excluding light fitting £40-60
1084.   Six reclaimed 19th century cast iron framed windows with segmented geometric/diamond panes (two sizes), three examples 124 cm x 48 cm, the further 63 cm x 48 cm, one with opening £60-80
1085.   A small Georgian style cast iron fire basket with cast brass urn finial's together with a brass coal helmet, sundry brass fire irons with folding fireguard with wire mesh panels £40-60
1086.   An old Steven Cox & Son Ltd, Sedgley, ex Air Ministry cast iron fire and thief resisting office safe enclosed by single door with T shaped handle, the interior with single drawer (complete with key in office) £60-80
1087.   A large contemporary light oak crucifix 252 cm high x 126 cm
1088.   A pair of good quality late Victorian heavy cast iron entrance gates, probably of ecclesiastical origin and used for interior use, with scroll panels beneath fleur-de-lys and traces of gilt highlighted foliate finial's, approx 150 cm wide (excluding posts x 156 cm height) £400-600
1089.   A replica armorial shield with brightly painted finish
1090.   An old cast iron tub raised on possibly later associated Art Deco style tapered feet, 60 cm diameter approx £40-60
1091.   A vintage eight tier floor-standing and graduated saucepan stand, unusually with combined hooks, 166 cm high £50-80
1092.   Five reclaimed cast iron drain water hoppers of varying design, mounted/displayed on a simple pine board £40-60
1093.   A collection of mainly contemporary long-handled gardening related hand tools
1094.   A cast iron wall mounted water fountain with shaped outline and later painted finish £40-60
1095.   A vintage Planet Junior number 4 cast iron framed seed drill with stained wooden shafts £40-60
1096.   A stripped pine framed apple/fruit store fitted with eight slatted trays £40-60
1097.   An onyx and cast gilt metal five branch hanging ceiling light
1098.   A heavy Dutch style anodised brass six branch electrolier with bulbous stem and scrolled detail £60-80
1099.   A hanging ironwork ceiling light with simple scroll detail and mottled plafonnier shade, together with one other (2)
1100.   A Victorian brass hanging ceiling light with rope twist frame supporting a drop-in font and domed milk glass shade (originally oil, now converted to electricity) £40-60
1101.   A Victorian style hanging ironwork porch lantern of hexagonal form, coloured glass panels and scrollwork detail £50-70
1102.   A contemporary three branch brushed metal hanging ceiling light with Tiffany style leaded drop shades, together with one other (2)
1103.   A heavy old cast iron fire back of rectangular arched and pointed form with raised relief armorial detail (broken, repaired), 90 cm wide x 70 cm high £60-80
1104.   A heavy cast iron fire back of arched form with anchor, fleur-de-lys and Tudor Rose relief detail initialled IFT, and dated 1588, 57 cm x 70 cm approx £140-160
1105.   An ironwork shield shaped plaque initialled BP, mounted on an x frame with fleur-de-lys and open twist finial's with gilt highlighted detail £60-80
1106.   An unusual floor standing two sectional filing cabinet enclosed by a side by side arrangement of two pairs of sliding tambour doors with partially shelved interior, 206 cm high x 110 cm wide x 42 cm deep approx £100-150
1107.   A pair of classical style single bedsteads, the padded upholstered head and footboards within painted frames with fluted columns and further architectural detail £80-120
1108.   A French double bedstead with shaped carved and moulded framework and scrolled cabriole supports and painted finish to accept a 5ft mattress
1109.   A 19th century continental rosewood veneered double bedstead, the shaped moulded and carved arched boards with acanthus and further detail raised on squat scrolled cabriole supports £60-80
1110.   A Georgian style full length wall/dressing mirror, the moulded frame with carved fretwork pediment, 150 x 50 cm approx £40-60
1111.   A contemporary wall mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge plate within a swept and shaped surround, 180 cm x 90 cm approx
1112.   A large deep gilt stepped frame of rectangular form with tied ribbon, foliate and further detail enclosing a composite, to simulate white marble, classical style plaque with lion and cherub detail, 148 cm x 88 cm approx £100-120
1113.   A large wall mirror of rectangular form, the plate set within a moulded gilt frame with foliate and further detail, 120 cm x 100 cm approx £50-80
1114.   A Regency style overmantle mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge plate within a gilt frame with classical detail, 105 cm x 66 cm approx £70-90
1115.   A small 19th century convex wall mirror with ebonised reeded slip and ball surround, 42 cm diameter £50-80
1116.   A wall mirror of rectangular form with stepped corners, gilt simulated onyx frame enclosing a bevelled edge plate, 55 cm x 65 cm approx £40-60
1117.   A small 19th century mahogany glazed wall cabinet, a French marble top bedside cupboard, a Lepaute Electrique wall clock of hexagonal form, a painted wooden antiques sign, a framed and glazed Dutch coloured print, a wall mirror of rectangular form with painted frame and a pair of reclaimed white marble balustrades £40-60
1118.   A 19th century Biedemeir style mirror, the rectangular bevelled edge plate set within a moulded fruitwood frame, 133 cm x 61 cm £60-80
1119.   A vintage wall mounted full length dressing mirror, (probably ex shop), the mirror plate set within a simple moulded frame, 152 cm x 68 cm £60-80
1120.   A gilt framed wall mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge plate and classical detailing, 134 cm x 68 cm approx, together with an iron lamp standard £60-80
1121.   A Victorian Gothic oak wall mirror with carved foliate and green man detail and shaped frame enclosing arched bevelled edge plate, 100 cm x 88cm £40-60
1122.   A Regency style convex wall mirror with reeded ebonised slip and ball surround, 52 cm diameter approx
1123.   A large abstract painting on steel of a woman sitting on a chair, 152 cm x 104 cm £40-60
1124.   A Regency overmantle mirror, the triple mirror plate enclosed within three column supports with applied detail and later painted gilded finish, 135 cm max £90-110
1125.   A reproduction full length dressing mirror with arched bevelled edge plate, raised scrolling acanthus detail, 180 cm x 56 cm £60-80
1126.   A contemporary reproduction gilt framed wall mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge plate and reeded surround, 110 cm x 80 cm approx
1127.   A gilded brass telescopic lamp standard supporting a hexagonal onyx tray raised on a tripod base £60-80
1128.   A Georgian mahogany two tier washstand of square cut form with frieze drawer, together with a further example in oak, an Edwardian walnut drop leaf Sutherland type tea table, a 19th century country made side table with frieze drawer raised on four square tapered legs and a Frister Rossmann portable sewing machine with decorative Egyptian gilt transfer printed detail and walnut veneered case (5) £40-60
1129.   An old English style single bedstead, the panelled head and footboard chamfered and carved detail, together with further a oak coffer with panelled frame and hinged lid (2) £40-60
1130.   A contemporary reproduction oval wall mirror with bevelled edge plate within an ebonised frame, deep scrolling acanthus surround, 98 cm x 70 cm approx £140-160
1131.   An Edwardian oval gilt framed wall mirror with beaded and floral detail, 66 cm x 56 cm approx
1132.   A gilt framed wall mirror of rectangular form with pierced scrolling acanthus surround, 92 cm x 70 cm approx £100-120
1133.   A Regency style overmantle mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge plate and reeded gilt painted surround, 114 cm x 83 cm £30-50
1134.   A Georgian style overmantle mirror, the rectangular bevelled edge mirror plate within a shaped and fretted mahogany framework surmounted by an eagle - wings outstretched, with further inlaid detail, 110 x 65 cm £60-80
1135.   An Art Nouveau overmantle mirror enclosing five mirror plates, pierced fretwork panels and a further anodised panel showing Tudor Rose £40-60
1136.   A contemporary reproduction mahogany super king size sleigh bed complete with good quality vi-spring mattress and twin Morpheus base £200-300
1137.   An Arts & Crafts walnut occasional table, the square inset green tiled top raised on turned supports, (possibly Liberty & Co), together with further Arts & Crafts style open armchair with square tapered forelegs and flared feet (2) £40-60
1138.   A low stool of rectangular form with green deep buttoned leather upholstered seat raised on squat cabriole supports £80-100
1139.   A box Ottoman of rectangular form with hinged lid and Sanderson floral upholstered finish £40-60
1140.   A Ercol Windsor style stickback elbow chair £40-60
1141.   And So To Bed London Versailles Leafed bed, the elaborate arched silk padded headboard with acanthus, exotic bird and further detail, silvered finish, complete with Reylon twin divan base and mattress (super king size) £300-500
1142.   A pair of contemporary Corten steel planter cascade stepped water features
1143.   A modernist dining table, the rectangular plate glass top raised on four rectangular angular cream painted perspex/lucite metal supports, together with a set of four moulded perspex stacking open armchairs with cameo shaped backs and square tapered supports £150-200
1144.   An antique oak blanket box with hinged lid and steel lock plate £60-80
1145.   A 19th century stained pine box/trunk with hinged lid and iron fittings £40-60
1146.   A 19th century stripped pine bookcase/side cabinet, freestanding and enclosed by two pairs of glazed panelled doors revealing adjustable shelves to interior, 220 cm high x 112 cm wide £80-120
1147.   A late Victorian simulated rosewood jardiniere stand/pedestal of square cut form with blind fret floral detail and partially ring turned columns and platform base, approx 40 cm square x 96 cm in height £60-80
1148.   An early 20th century medium to light oak floor standing filing cabinet enclosed by a rise and fall tambour door with index tray slides to interior, the top bearing a brass presentation plaque £60-80
1149.   An unusual contemporary turned wooden jardiniere and combined stand with stepped disc shaped platform base and decorative graining, approx 34 cm diameter x 100 cm height
1150.   A pair of contemporary Thomas Lloyd tall burgundy leather upholstered wing armchairs, with loose seat cushions and polished brass castors £150-200
1150A.  A reproduction oak side cabinet probably Old Charm or Jaycee, freestanding and enclosed by two pairs of panelled doors, the upper enclosing leaded light panels, the lower with linen fold detail, 97 cm wide x 137 cm high £40-60
1151.   A pair of vintage black leather riding boots complete with wooden trees
1152.   A late Victorian iron work floor standing telescopic oil lamp standard, partially sprung stem and scrolled supports with copper leaf and flower head detail (later converted to electricity)
1152A.  A Victorian brass oil lamp with ceramic base, wheat ear detail and domed milk glass shade, together with one other
1153.   A 1920s oak cottage dresser, the recessed raised plate rack incorporating a small cupboard and open shelves over a base fitted with two drawers and cupboard raised on turned supports and stretchers, together with a walnut drop leaf gateleg dining table raised on moulded supports (2)
1154.   A Victorian stained pine washstand with raised and shaped three quarter gallery over a frieze drawer raised on partially ring turned supports united by a under tier/platform stretcher £40-60
1155.   A pair of contemporary stripped pine pedestal chests of five long drawers, 58 cm wide x 44 cm deep x 121 cm in height £60-80
1156.   An Eastern floor standing three fold screen with pierced Moorish fretwork panels, metal overlaid with simulated jewelled detail £40-60
1157.   A Georgian mahogany toilet mirror, the moulded and slightly arched frame with gilded slip raised on a box base fitted with three ogee drawers and bracket supports £40-60
1158.   A Georgian mahogany drop leaf dining table with carved foliate border, raised on simple turned tapered legs and pad feet with further carved decoration £40-60
1159.   A 19th century copper helmet shaped coal scuttle with loop handle, further 19th century shallow copper two handled pan, a copper ewer and circular tray with crimped border, together with a D end table and an upholstered foot stool (6) £40-60
1160.   An Art Deco walnut veneered sideboard enclosed by an arrangement of two doors and two drawers with well matched veneers and oak lined, raised on a shaped base, 130 cm long approximately £60-80
1161.   A sturdy oak tray of rectangular form with tongue and groove boarded base and canted ends together with a vintage car luggage case
1162.   An Art Deco style child's club type armchair with upholstered finish
1163.   A 19th century pine side cupboard with later painted finish, freestanding and partially enclosed by a pair of square panelled doors beneath three drawers and open shelves, the framework with applied moulded detail, 115 cm wide x 186 cm high approx £80-120
1164.   A reproduction blue and white two handled foot bath, together with an iron stone jug, salt glazed jug with loop handle and simple incised detail and a mottled pottery bowl (4)
1164A.  A painted pine Delft rack with fixed open shelves
1165.   A vintage painted steel framed display cabinet, freestanding and enclosed by a glazed panelled door and sides, raised on angular supports and slightly flared feet (probably ex dentists/medicine cabinet), 165 cm high x 60 cm wide x 36 cm deep approx £80-120
1166.   A good quality contemporary steel framed 5ft bedstead with scrolled butterfly shape outline, the headboard with upholstered panel, together with a similar wall mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge plate, with a painted mirror and iron curtain poles (4) £60-80
1166A.  Three Callaway golf clubs (3, 6 and 8 irons) housed within a Regal Titan TI-X30 leather golf bag and trolley
1167.   A Victorian brass and ceramic telescopic oil lamp standard with disc shaped base and cast foliate feet (later converted to electricity) £40-60
1168.   A set of six contemporary button back dining chairs in plush silver velvet raised on ebonised square cut legs, fitted with a chrome ring handle to the back £200-250
1169.   A stained beechwood ladderback rocking chair with open shaped arms and loose cushions
1170.   An Ercol stained beechwood three piece Windsor style suite comprising two seat sofa and a pair of matching armchairs with stick backs, loose cushions and splayed supports and applied gold coloured circular labels £100-150
1171.   A Victorian drawing room chair with upholstered seat, scrolled arms and shield shaped back, raised on show wood supports with carved detail £40-60
1171A.  Victorian earth steriliser, from Greystoke house in Bath
1172.   A Windsor style spindle back armchair, principally in elm, with vase shaped splat, saddle seat raised on simple splayed turned legs united by further turned stretchers, together with a matching slightly smaller example £80-120
1173.   A vintage Lloyd Loom lusty chair with pink colourway and tubular steel supports, together with a further vintage Bentwood child's chair with carpet upholstered circular pad seat
1174.   A quantity of workshop hand tools mainly carpentry related including a quantity of chissels, wet stones, number of G and other clamps, two bench vices, an Arcoy dove tailer in original cardboard packaging, etc £60-80
1175.   A vintage Collaro three speed microgram with automatic record changer and Bakelite arm (RC500)
1176.   A rectangular wicket basket containing a ships copper brass anchor light with oval label Clark London, Bristol, a Bristol Blue type oil lamp (converted), a Chalwyn Tropic storm lantern, drop in font with brass fittings and a stoneware jar
1177.   A Mcculloch 838 petrol chain saw together with two bow saws (3)
1178.   A vintage oak cased portable engineers tool chest with removable rectangular panelled removable front enclosing a fitted interior of small drawers and contents, together with a quantity of various hand tools, a 19th century brass jam pan with loose iron loop handle and a further copper coal scoop/shovel £40-60
1179.   Two vintage carpentry planes of varying design set on cast iron kitchen scales and weights and a Sieverte blow torch
1180.   A mahogany wall mounted snooker scoreboard with brass slide fittings
1181.   Fourteen bottles of unopened vintage wine, various dates to include 1943 Sauteres G Preller & Co Negociants a Bordeaux, a vintage 1957 Chateau Neuf du pape, further later examples from the 1970s and 80s £60-80
1182.   A 19th century brass jam pan with fixed iron loop handle, further 19th century copper saucepan, large copper brass kettle, oval planter with lions mask ring handles and pull feet, two bed warming pans, one copper, one brass with turned wooden handles, etc
1183.   A stack of five vintage brown fibre and leather suit and other cases £30-50
1184.   An unusual vintage brass primus stove number 744 with four burners, a further vintage Veritas copper storm lantern, two old ex possibly railway related lamps (4) £60-80
1185.   An interesting collection of vintage wine and champagne bottles including Chateau Margaux premier grande cru classe dated 1924, Nuits St Georges Grand Vin du Bourgogne dated 1921, Cotes du Bordeaux La Marche, etc, housed within old wooden crates including a Harrods wine department, H & G Simmons, Johnstone Sadler & Co examples, etc, (This lot is being sold purely for the date/age of the bottle and the labels which have survived well - any contents are considered undrinkable) £100-200
1186.   A quantity of miscellaneous 19th & 20th century ceramics to include Victorian Staffordshire flatback figure groups, Art Deco style vases, blue and white transfer printed tiles, sets of graduated jugs, cheese dishes, ornaments, together with a few sundry framed and glazed coloured prints, including a shipping scene after Roddy Charman, etc £40-60
1187.   A collection of cast iron door porters to include examples in the form of Punch & Judy, cherub and dragon, Knight, horseman, hound, etc (12) £100-200
1188.   A 19th century five gallon stoneware flagon with impressed merchants mark for Vees Fear 83 Redcliffe Street, Bristol, two gallon Jas Schoolbred & Co, London and a one gallon Osborn Wotton-under-Edge and a large terracotta crock/preserving pan (4) £40-60
1189.   Fifteen aluminium industrial food canisters of cylindrical form complete with lids, two sizes, the larger 22 cm in diameter x 28 cm in height, the smaller 17 cm in diameter x 23 cm in height
1190.   A 19th century stained and partially painted pine box/chest with hinged lid and side carrying handles
1191.   A 19th century pine box of slightly tapered form with planked hinged lid, iron work carrying handles and later green painted finish £40-60
1192.   An unusual occasional table, the rectangular D ended black slate top raised on a pair of propeller type stained wooden column supports
1193.   A small 19th century stained pine box/chest with hinged lid and ironwork fittings, together with a brown fibre leather re-enforced suitcase with brass fittings, cardings index filing drawers and a cased folding picnic set
1194.   A vintage portable green stained pine cased sharpening wheel/stone £30-50
1195.   A small quantity of various vintage and later hand tools to include two shovels, axe, drills, etc
1196.   A 19th century pine and steel reinforced box/chest with hinged lid and flush fitting side carrying handles together with one other £60-80
1197.   A vintage anglepoise work/reading light with G clamp, labelled 1001 lamps ltd, together with one other similar (2) £40-60
1198.   A contemporary croquet set comprising four beechwood mallets, seven simple wire hoops, various balls £50-70
1199.   A Victorian tin trunk with simulated wood grain finish, together with two Japanned tin trunks of varying size (3) £50-70
1200.   A Shakespeare omni x quiver fishing rod and two others, a fisherman s100 reel rod stand, two tackle boxes and contents, folding stool, etc
1201.   A Georgian steel two handled footman, the bowed breakfront with pierced T shaped detail, raised on swept supports, together with one other (2) £60-80
1201A.  Two 19th century copper two handled circular pans of varying depth, together with a further copper pan with brass handle and two stoneware jugs with glazed necks
1202.   A collection of eleven vintage woodworking saws of varying size to include a Disston and two man example
1203.   A Black & Decker KS64 electric disc cutter, a Bosch Psb600-2 electric power drill, a Bosch Ixo battery screwdriver, a Stanley 267 router, etc £40-60
1204.   A Stanley folding mobile project centre, a further folding stand and a step ladder
1205.   A stripped pine kneehole twin pedestal desk, fitted with an arrangement of six drawers and cupboard enclosed by a field panelled door within a panelled frame, 140 cm long x 70 cm, together with a stained beechwood rectangular occasional table with shaped outline and cabriole supports and a three drawer bedside or lamp table
1206.   An Edwardian Arts & Crafts style oak bedroom pair comprising wardrobe with moulded and dentil cornice over a three, three quarter length panelled doors, two with carved foliate detail, the other with slightly arched bevelled edge mirror plate, over two drawers to base with shaped apron and matching dressing chest of two long and two short drawers with raised rectangular swing mirror over, label to reverse Simpson & Sons Ltd, Art Furnishers, Halifax, Blackburn £100-120
1207.   An Edwardian oak Jacobean revival bureau bookcase with geometric and further moulded detail, the upper section enclosed by a pair of glazed panelled doors over a fall flap enclosing a simply fitted interior, over one long and two short drawers, raised on turned supports united by stretchers £60-80
1208.   An early 20th century oak cottage dresser, the raised recessed two tier open plate rack with shaped outline over a base enclosed by a pair of rectangular moulded panelled doors and two frieze drawers, raised on barley twist supports united by stretchers
1209.   A small inlaid Edwardian mahogany freestanding side cabinet with satinwood banding and boxwood stringing enclosed by an astragal glazed panelled door, raised on possibly later associated bracket supports
1210.   A Victorian spoonback drawing room chair with upholstered seat and button back with a carved show wood frame, raised on shaped supports and castors £50-80
1211.   A Heal's two tier lamp table of square cut form fitted with a frieze drawer with inset circular ivory label
1212.   A Lebus oak floor standing three sectional library bookcase with up and over rectangular glazed panelled doors beneath a dentil frieze and raised three quarter gallery £80-120
1212A.  An Edwardian mahogany shallow bow fronted display cabinet, freestanding and enclosed by a pair of glazed panelled doors, with lancet shaped mouldings and raised on claw and ball supports, 4ft wide approx
1213.   A narrow contemporary ash freestanding side cupboard enclosed by a pair of rectangular doors, the interior adjustable shelved £40-60
1213A.  A vintage French child's school desk with beechwood top raised on tubular painted steel supports
1214.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany freestanding side cabinet, the upper section enclosed by a pair of twin arched glazed panelled doors, the lower with bow front and enclosed by a single door raised on square tapered legs with boxwood stringing £60-80
1215.   An oak cased grandmother clock with arched hood enclosing a brass dial with silvered chapter ring and three train movement, the trunk with applied moulded detail £60-80
1216.   A Victorian walnut whatnot on three kidney shaped tiers with well matched figured and burr veneers, raised on ribbon twist and moulded column supports with brass caps and castors £40-60
1217.   A Victorian stripped pine bedroom chest of two long and two short drawers with rounded corners, shaped apron and later brass handles, 90 cm wide
1218.   An Old Charm oak drawleaf dining table of oval form with single additional leaf, raised on a central baluster pillar and cruciform base together with a set of four matching high back chairs with oatmeal ground upholstered seats and back pads £60-80
1219.   A Victorian style pine farmhouse kitchen table of rectangular form raised on four turned and partially tapered legs, the framework with partially painted finish, together with eight Windsor beechwood Roman candle back chairs £100-150
1220.   A 1920's oak bookcase/side cabinet, freestanding and enclosed by a pair of partially glazed panelled doors revealing adjustable shelves to interior, raised on squat spiral twist and block supports united by stretchers, 106 cm wide x 177 cm high £40-60
1221.   A teak floor standing open bookcase with fixed shelves and rounded top corners, raised on short splayed supports, 122 cm long x 94 cm high x 25 cm deep £60-80
1222.   A 1950's freestanding kitchen cabinet enclosed by an arrangement of doors and single drawer with painted finish £50-80
1223.   A Georgian oak hanging corner cupboard enclosed by a rectangular fielded panelled door, the interior fixed shelved, together with a 19th century Windsor wheelback open armchair, a Regency single chair with turned spindle back, painted frame and string/rush seat, a piano stool, contemporary sheet music and a velvet curtain (5)
1224.   An oak refectory table, the thick rectangular top raised on splayed lyre shaped supports united by a pegged rail/stretcher, 190 cm long x 80 cm wide approx £80-120
1225.   An Ercol light elm and beechwood high stick back open elbow chair with cow horn cresting rail, raised on splayed turned tapered legs united by high stretchers, together with three further Ercol hoop back examples (4) £60-80
1226.   A good quality Old English style oak breakfront two tier side/credence table with applied moulded and fluted detail £40-60
1227.   A vintage Herbert Terry anglepoise table lamp with black colourway together with a further anglepoise 90 example in beige (2) £40-60
1228.   A Victorian mahogany Duchess dressing table, the raised central arched framed mirror flanked by turned columns over trinket drawers and central frieze drawer raised on turned supports united by a shaped platform and turned bun feet
1229.   A Victorian mahogany kneehole twin pedestal desk fitted with an arrangement of nine frieze drawers set on moulded plinths with integral castors, 4 ft wide x 2ft deep approx £60-80
1230.   Two contemporary wicker picnic baskets, together with an Eastern brass tray top occasional table of circular form raised on associated cabriole supports (3)
1231.   A vintage Leak Truspeed record player with gold ring stylus together with a pair of Mission model 760 black ash speakers in original cardboard packaging and a further vintage Stereosound 16 record player and accompanying speakers and with Garrard turntable
1232.   A Victorian stripped pine side cupboard enclosed by a pair of pointed arched moulded panelled doors beneath two frieze drawers and raised on simple turned bun and tapered feet, together with a further pine demi-lune side table raised on tapered supports (2) £60-80
1233.   A Mexican pine side cabinet, enclosed by an arched and moulded glazed panelled door revealing three fixed shelves to interior
1234.   A 1970s G plan high board enclosed by an arrangement of cupboards and drawers with sculptural handles and raised on shaped supports and stretchers, 6ft long x 4ft high approx £80-100
1235.   A Georgian style kneehole twin pedestal partners writing desk, each side fitted with an arrangement of six frieze drawers and a cupboard set on moulded plinths, 6ft long x 3 ft wide approx £60-80
1236.   A perspex occasional table of rectangular form
1237.   An Arts & Crafts oak side cabinet with raised back over a frieze drawer with ring handles and copper back plates over a pair of rectangular leaded light glazed panelled doors, raised on square cut supports and flared platform feet (weathered/dry appearance stored in an outbuilding)
1238.   A 1970s G plan teak occasional table, the rectangular top raised on shaped supports and stretchers, together with a further teak stool of square form with buttoned upholstered seat (2)
1239.   A medium to light oak kneehole single pedestal dressing table/desk fitted with an arrangement of four frieze drawers raised on scrolled cabriole supports, 120 cm £40-60
1240.   A good quality Old English style stripped oak triple folding dressing table mirror with shaped and carved pediments and raised on sledge feet £40-60
1241.   A Victorian walnut veneered pier cabinet, with star inlay, banded detail, and cast ormolu mounts £100-150
1242.   A 1970s G plan teak high board, partially enclosed by an arrangement of cupboards and drawers with moulded handles and tapered supports, 166 cm long £60-80
1243.   A carved hardwood rocking horse with polychrome decoration £40-60
1244.   An Edwardian walnut, side/music cabinet, enclosed by a rectangular glazed panelled door with tapestry panel of a classical female figure playing a lute with winged cherub and garland detail, 70 cm wide £40-60
1245.   An oak two tier side/writing table of rectangular form with inset leather top over a frieze drawer raised on square cut supports, 80 cm wide approx £40-60
1246.   A hand built child's toy six wheeled lorry/dumper truck with brightly painted finish and containing a quantity of square building blocks
1247.   An Edwardian satin walnut bedroom chest of three long and two short graduated drawers with simple incised line/reeded detail, 104 cm wide £60-80
1248.   A 19th century copper bed warming pan with turned wooden handle together with two trench art polished brass spent shell cases containing sundry further brass fire tools
1249.   A Victorian pine bedroom chest of two long and two short drawers over a shaped apron and turned supports, with all over later painted finish, 90 cm wide £50-80
1250.   A 19th century pine chest, fitted with an unusual side by side arrangement of six deep drawers with brass military style brush fitting brass handles and later painted finish, 104 cm wide £50-80
1251.   An Edwardian/1920s oak bookcase/side cabinet, freestanding and enclosed by two pairs of panelled doors, the upper glazed leaded light beneath an arched pediment, 92 cm wide x 200 cm high £40-60
1252.   A Victorian mahogany toilet mirror of rectangular form with shaped supports and shallow box base with hinged lid, together with one other (2)
1253.   A 1930s oak dining room suite, comprising drawleaf table, set of four chairs, three door sideboard, all with carved foliate detail and raised on baluster supports £80-120
1254.   A good quality polished brass fender with repeating oval pierced and flower head grill, beneath urn finial's, 154 cm long x 27 cm deep (full size), internal measurements 144 cm x 22 cm approx £40-60
1255.   A 19th century mahogany bureau, the fall flap enclosing a fitted interior over four long graduated drawers and bracket supports, 94 cm wide £40-60
1256.   A medium to light oak kneehole twin pedestal desk fitted with an arrangement of nine drawers with brass cup handles, 4ft wide x 2ft deep approx £40-60
1257.   A well made oak sewing box of rectangular form with upholstered top over an arrangement of five drawers to either side, with ebonised handles, together with a late Victorian walnut footstool of circular form with floral tapestry upholstered top and turned baluster surround and an oak framed folding firescreen enclosing a further floral tapestry panel (3)
1258.   A low oak occasional table of rectangular form raised on swept supports with pegged frame, together with a similar oak stool with loose seat cushion and small pine shelves £40-60
1259.   A Victorian mahogany bedroom chest of three long and two short graduated drawers with well matched flame veneers, flanked by rounded corners and raised on turned bun feet, 4ft wide approx £40-60
1260.   A low Georgian oak bedroom chest of two long and two short graduated drawers with cross banded detail raised on bracket supports, 98 cm wide x 71 cm high, together with an oak oval drop leaf gateleg dining table raised on turned column and block supports united by stretchers (2) £60-80
1261.   A small Georgian style walnut and burr walnut veneered chest of four long drawers raised on bracket supports, 44 cm wide x 73cm height, together with a Victorian style floor standing corner whatnot with four graduated yew wood veneered tiers, raised on stained beechwood turned and fluted column supports (2) £40-60
1262.   A Victorian rosewood occasional table, the circular flower head shaped top raised on a spiral twist pillar and shaped tripod, together with a late Victorian walnut three divisional Canterbury with frieze drawer and turned spindles, an oak three divisional umbrella/stickstand with partially ring turned column supports and removable drip tray, and a walnut stool/occasional table of rectangular form with shaped supports united by a central stretcher (4) £60-80
1263.   An early 20th century oak desk roll top, the S shaped tambour roll enclosing a simply fitted interior over a central kneehole flanked by pedestals, each fitted with four drawers beneath brushing slides £60-80
1264.   A reproduction Georgian style mahogany veneered twin pedestal writing desk of rectangular form with inset leather panelled top over the usual arrangement of nine drawers raised on bracket supports, 138 cm x 70 cm approx £60-80
1265.   A continental satinwood veneered bedroom chest of three long partially graduated drawers with decorative geometric patterned veneers, canted corners and splayed supports, 96 cm wide £100-150
1266.   A 19th century continental pine side cupboard with later painted finish, partially enclosed by a pair of panelled doors with arched mouldings, two frieze drawers, flanked by canted corners and raised on stepped and moulded bracket supports, 4ft wide approx £80-120
1267.   A rustic pine Victorian oak and farmhouse kitchen table of rectangular form fitted with two frieze drawers raised on four turned, tapered legs, approx 5ft long x 80 cm wide £80-120
1268.   A low trolley in the manner of Arkana
1269.   A pair of Pieff 'Mandarin' low seated open armchairs with soft stitched leather upholstery and loose cushions, raised on stepped chromium plated frames/supports (some damage/rips and tears to leather) £100-150
1270.   Attributed to Pieff, a low coffee table with polished chrome square sectional and angle base beneath a square smoked glass top with rounded corners, the glass top 74 cm square x 38 cm high £60-80
1271.   A 19th century Windsor stained elm and ashwood open armchair with bar back over saddle shaped seat, on splayed turned supports united by stretchers £40-60
1272.   A pair of reclaimed 19th century mahogany and pine framed, probably ex-shop counter, pedestals, each fitted with drawers with shield shaped escutcheons, stamped Gibbons, Wolverhampton £60-80
1273.   A Victorian mahogany veneered davenport with raised hinged stationery box over a slightly bow fronted inset panelled slope with vacant interior over the usual arrangement of real and dummy drawers, raised on a platform base with shaped and chamfered brackets £60-80
1274.   A small oak side cupboard with exposed dovetail construction, enclosed by a pair of plain rectangular doors, the interior partially fitted with a shallow drawer beneath open shelves, the upper with pierced circular receptacles, 61 cm wide x 72 cm high x 26 cm deep approx
1275.   A good quality reproduction oak swivel captain's type chair with shaped splats over a solid seat and shaped supports £50-70
1275A.  Pair of Ercol light elm hoop back dining chairs £30-50
1276.   A small inlaid Edwardian mahogany occasional chair with foliate and banded detail, upholstered pad seat and back rest raised on turned supports and stretchers
1277.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany drawing room chair with tied ribbon and trailing harebell detail, beige ground upholstery and tapered forelegs £40-60
1278.   A set of six (4&2) good quality reproduction Windsor hoop and stick back dining chairs with saddle shaped seats raised on splayed turned supports united by crinoline stretchers £200-300
1279.   A set of four (2&2) Lancashire style stained ashwood wavy ladderback dining chairs with rush seats, raised on turned supports and stretchers together with a further 19th century example with turned spindle back and open arms (5) £80-120
1279A.  A 19th century Chippendale style mahogany open armchair with pierced vase shaped Gothic tracery splat over a drop in upholstered seat, raised on square cut and moulded supports united by stretchers £40-60
1280.   A Victorian library/desk chair with mustard ground, rexine upholstered seat and horseshoe shaped back, raised on a stripped oak show wood frame with turned and tapered forelegs with brass castors £60-80
1281.   A wing backed drawing room chair with pale yellow ground upholstery within a shaped, carved and moulded stained beechwood show wood frame raised on cabriole supports £60-80
1282.   A Queen Anne style pale yellow ground upholstered armchair with shield shaped back, swept arms, loose seat cushion and squat cabriole forelegs £60-80
1283.   A Queen Anne style wing chair with shaped outline, swept arms, yellow ground upholstery, squab loose seat cushion and squat cabriole forelegs £80-120
1284.   A French child's size open armchair with plush red velvet upholstered seat and back within a shaped and painted frame raised on cabriole forelegs £40-60
1285.   A set of seven (6&1) medium to light oak ecclesiastical chairs, the raised panelled backs with castellated detail over solid seats raised on partially reeded baluster forelegs united by H shaped stretchers, the armchair with applied brass presentation plaque £100-200
1286.   A reclaimed medium to light oak church altar of rectangular form with good quality Gothic tracery and further carved detail, twin pedestal panelled supports, stamped internally A Harold & E Jones and dated 1926, together with further brass memorial plaque, etc, 152 cm long x 72 cm wide x 92 cm in height £200-300
1287.   A contemporary stitched leather adjustable lounge chair and similar footstool raised on a ring shaped base
1288.   A modern Windsor beechwood lathe back armchair raised on turned supports and stretchers, together with one other smaller example (2) £60-100
1289.   A high back, swivel office/mastermind type chair with open arms, sectioned pad seat and back, raised on five pronged supports and castors £40-60
1290.   A 19th century country made oak kitchen table of rectangular form with stripped top over a stained base with central shallow frieze drawer raised on four square tapered legs, 120 cm x 70 cm approx £60-80
1291.   A low Indian hardwood occasional table of rectangular form, raised on four turned legs with iron fittings and carved detail, 90 cm x 45 cm approx, together with a small pine hanging corner cupboard
1292.   A vintage, probably 1950s/60s, child's celluloid rocking horse with dappled grey painted finish raised on a tubular steel frame
1293.   An old rustic pine side cupboard of tongue and groove boarded construction, floor standing and enclosed by a full length door with all over later painted/whitewash finish, the interior having fixed shelves, 96 cm wide x 183 cm high x 62 cm deep approx £60-80
1294.   A Victorian stained oak hall chair with scrolled shield shaped back over a solid seat raised on octagonal tapered forelegs
1295.   A small late 19th century French oak dressing table with hinged shallow box compartment over a shaped apron and tall slender supports together with a beechwood sewing table, a low occasional table of rectangular form raised on a pair of turned column supports with shaped feet, and an unusual two tier occasional table/desk raised on angular x framed supports (4)
1296.   A simple wooden planter of rectangular form, overlaid in pewter with decorative fleur-de-lys detail, 60 cm x 22 cm approx
1297.   A substantial Victorian mahogany twin pedestal sideboard, the raised back with shaped outline and applied carved C scroll and acanthus detail over a shallow inverted serpentine front frieze drawer, flanked by cupboards with partially fitted interior, raised on plinths 220 cm long approx £60-80
1298.   A Victorian spoon and button back drawing room chair with shaped outline, upholstered in a simple linen base fabric and raised on turned oak forelegs with brass caps and white ceramic castors (for re-upholstery)
1299.   A 19th century mahogany drop leaf dining table raised on four partially ring turned supports, together with a Victorian mahogany toilet mirror of oval form with shaped platform base incorporating two trinket compartments with hinged lids and a mahogany side table with frieze drawer and raised on four square tapered legs (3)
1300.   A Georgian mahogany Pembroke table, the short rectangular drop leaves with moulded outline and rounded corners over one real and one dummy frieze drawer, raised on square tapered legs with brass caps and castors £40-60
1301.   An Edwardian satin walnut bedroom chest of three long drawers with raised rectangular swing mirror over
1302.   An Edwardian kneehole writing desk of rectangular form with green inset faux leather top over an arrangement of six frieze drawers, raised on cabriole supports, 4ft wide x 2 ft deep approx £40-60
1303.   A Regency mahogany side table fitted with an arrangement of two short and one long shallow frieze drawers raised on four square tapered legs, together with a 19th century mahogany toilet mirror of rectangular form with partial ring turned column supports over a bow fronted box base fitted with three frieze drawers with turned bun feet (2) £60-80
1304.   A low Anglo Indian hardwood occasional table of circular form with profusely carved foliate bands and entwined exotic bird detail, raised on three carved exotic bird supports with stepped plinths, together with an Eastern Moorish occasional table of octagonal form with bone inlay and star and further detail, a Victorian carved stool and a further small folding stool with tooled leather covered top £60-80
1305.   A Regency style satinwood veneered side cupboard enclosed by a pair of lattice grilled panelled doors with pleated backing raised on bracket supports, 88 cm wide x 54 cm deep x 92 cm height approx
1306.   An Edwardian American walnut library bookcase, the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors, the upper section by two glazed panelled doors, 92 cm wide £40-60
1307.   A pair of small reproduction Georgian style figured elm veneered serpentine fronted chests of three long drawers raised on bracket supports, 46 cm wide x 35 cm deep x 60 cm high approx £40-60
1308.   A Regency mahogany drop leaf Pembroke/work table with two end frieze drawers raised on partially ringed turned and tapered slender legs, together with a tapestry firescreen with moulded frame and architectural pediment (2)
1309.   A 19th century Flemish stained oak settle, the hinged box base with panelled front and carved flower head detail beneath a raised partially panelled, open slender spindle back, 134 cm long x 160 cm high approx £200-300
1310.   A pair of probably 1970s Parker Knoll model number 975 teak framed open armchairs, with beige ground floral patterned upholstery £80-120
1311.   A contemporary writing desk in leather with stitched borders, raised on four square cut supports, 150 cm in length
1312.   An unusual 1970s teak circular occasional table with moulded/bevelled edge, raised on four tapered legs united by a high cross stretcher, 80 cm in diameter approx £60-80
1313.   1970s teak extending dining table together with a set of four Meridew teak dining chairs (5) £40-60
1313A.  A nest of 1970s teak occasional table (probably GPlan) with rectangular tops, raised on inverted T shaped supports £40-60
1314.   A White & Newton Ltd long and low teak dressing table of elongated rectangular form with simple framed swing mirror over an arrangement of four drawers flanking a central kneehole and raised on shaped supports, 168 cm long approx £60-80
1315.   A 1970s G Plan long and low teak sideboard partially enclosed by two pairs of panelled doors flanking a tower of four central drawers with sculptural handles, raised on tapered supports united by stretchers, 7ft long approx £150-200
1316.   A Victorian style snooker cue stand with central partially turned column raised on a disc shaped platform and turned feet (to hold twelve cues) £70-90
1317.   A Danish mid 20th century extending dining table of oval form with two additional leaves raised on shaped moulded and angled supports, printed stamp underneath Mobel fabrik Gudme, made in Denmark, approx 8ft long extended x 106 cm wide £150-200
1318.   A nest of two 1970s G Plan occasional tables, the square inset four tiled tops raised on continuous shaped supports
1319.   A nest of three 1970s unmarked but probably G Plan occasional tables with rectangular tops raised on shaped supports together with a ribbed moulded plastic chair and one other (3)
1320.   A 1950s floor standing kitchen cabinet enclosed by an arrangement of cupboards and drawers with all over painted finish £40-60
1321.   A 1970s G Plan D end pull out extending dining table with central bi-fold leaf, raised on four simple tapered legs together with a set of six associated further G Plan vertical lathe back dining chairs with upholstered pad seats and square tapered forelegs £100-200
1322.   A set of four Merridew low ladderback dining chairs with upholstered seats raised on turned tapered forelegs partially united by stretchers, the frame under seat with circular gold coloured label
1323.   An unmarked but probably Archie Shine teak drawleaf dining table of rectangular form with slightly bowed/boat shaped sides raised on four square cut and moulded legs united by a central stretcher, approx 190 cm long x 78 cm (extended) £80-120
1324.   A set of four Ercol medium/dark stained beechwood high stickback dining chairs with cow horn rails, splayed supports and blue ground labels £40-60
1325.   A 1970s teak extending dining table of rectangular form with moulded and rounded outline, bi-fold additional leaf raised on continuous shaped supports, together with a set of six matching chairs with upholstered pad seats £80-120
1326.   A White & Newton Ltd, Portsmouth teak bedroom chest of four long graduated drawers with rectangular moulded handles and shaped supports, 82 cm wide x 102 cm in height £40-60
1327.   A low and long mid 20th century teak sideboard partially enclosed by a pair of rectangular doors flanking a central tower of three long shallow drawers with brass ring handles and raised on square cut supports, 6ft long approx £40-60
1328.   E Gomme early G Plan teak upright bedroom chest of seven long graduated drawers with fixed loop tongue handles and ebonised supports, approx 60 cm wide x 130 cm in height £80-100
1329.   A late Victorian bamboo two tier occasional table of rectangular form with lacquered top
1330.   A vintage stripped pine kitchen dresser, the base enclosed by a pair of rectangular sliding panelled doors beneath two frieze drawers and recessed plate rack, further enclosed by a pair of rectangular glazed panelled doors with sunken brass handles, 3ft wide approximately £80-120
1331.   A Georgian oak high back single chair with possibly later, pierced Gothic tracery back over a solid seat raised on turned bobbin and block supports united by stretchers
1332.   A Victorian stripped pine washstand of two long and two short drawers with turned supports and raised three quarter shaped scrolled gallery, 96 cm wide £60-80
1333.   A 19th century stripped pine kitchen table of rectangular form fitted with two frieze drawers raised on square tapered supports, 112 cm x 64 cm approx £50-80
1334.   A vintage brown compressed fibre and timber lathe bound travelling trunk with brass fittings, stitched leather side carrying handles and painted initials MCH to partially domed lid
1335.   A 19th century open elbow chair with downswept arms, slender splats and partially ringed turned tapered legs (lacks cane seat), together with a further single chair with turned frame (2)
1336.   An Arts & Crafts walnut two tier occasional table with octagonal top raised on splayed partially ringed turned supports and bun feet, together with a Victorian walnut oval drop leaf Sutherland type tea table with turned bobbin supports and shaped feet (2) £40-60
1337.   A Georgian mahogany oval drop leaf gateleg dining table raised on six square cut tapered and moulded supports, to seat four to six £60-80
1338.   A late Victorian oak kneehole dressing table/desk fitted with an arrangement of three frieze drawers with carved C scroll and acanthus detail, raised on further carved baluster forelegs united by a H shaped stretcher, 4ft wide approx £120-140
1339.   A Victorian style footstool, the rectangular upholstered repeating floral patterned top raised on polished turned supports with brass caps and castors
1340.   An early 19th century mahogany side table fitted with two frieze drawers with ebonised banding and raised on four square tapered legs, 3ft wide approx £60-80
1341.   An ecclesiastical oak kneeling/prayer stool of rectangular form with plum coloured velvet upholstered sloping top raised on stained oak supports with pierced Gothic tracery trefoil and further detail, 712 cm long approx £40-60
1342.   A 19th century mahogany bedroom chest of three long and two short graduated drawers with turned knob handles, 116 cm wide approx £60-80
1343.   Two Georgian country made ladderback dining chairs, one with rush seat together with an antique oak high back single chair with drop in floral tapestry upholstered seat and partially carved framework with C scroll and acanthus cresting rail (3)
1344.   A Victorian mahogany writing/library table of rectangular form with moulded outline and rounded corners raised on four turned columns and scrolled feet united by a central turned stretcher, 3 ft long approx £40-60
1345.   A pair of low Chinese hardwood occasional tables of rectangular form with later simulated decorative painted marble tops £40-60
1346.   A tall and narrow oak side cupboard enclosed by a pair of slender rectangular doors with lozenge shaped applied carved detail, constructed from reclaimed antique furniture parts, 66 cm wide x 45 cm deep x 190 cm, in height approx £70-80
1346A.  A stripped pine kitchen flight of wall shelves with broken swan neck pediment, floral fretwork frieze, shaped outline and two drawers £40-60
1347.   A stripped pine framed wall shelf/splash back enclosing transfer printed floral tiles, together with an oak barley twist occasional table, carved foliate panel and a folding cake stand (4)
1348.   A pair of contemporary light oak freestanding side cabinets, each enclosed by an arrangement of two doors and central drawer, the upper door glazed revealing a plate glass adjustable shelf to interior flanked by rounded corners, 75 cm wide approx x 44 cm deep x 156 cm high £80-100
1349.   A pair of Kef teak cased hi-fi speakers Concerto model serial number 6710 £60-80
1350.   A stripped pine side cupboard enclosed by a pair of three quarter length elongated octagonal moulded panelled doors over a long drawer to base with moulded skirting, 116 cm high x 92 cm wide x 47 cm deep £40-60
1351.   An Ercol light elm and beechwood coffee table of rectangular form with moulded outline and rounded corners, raised on splayed supports united by an under tier/magazine rack, 105 cm long x 43 cm wide x 36 cm height £60-80
1352.   An Ercol light elm Windsor low sideboard enclosed by three rectangular doors over two drawers with dished handles £120-150
1353.   A 1970s G Plan teak sideboard enclosed by four doors and three drawers with sculptural handles raised on tapered and moulded supports united by stretchers, 5ft long approx £80-120
1354.   An Edwardian walnut spinning chair with carved foliate detail and octagonal seat raised on, possibly associated, stained pine splayed turned bobbin supports, together with a small accompanying occasional table (2)
1355.   A 19th century, probably continental stripped pine side cupboard enclosed by a pair of rectangular panelled doors beneath a frieze drawer, 95 cm wide £80-100
1356.   An Edwardian kneehole twin pedestal dressing table with decorative cream painted finish, each pedestal fitted with four drawers within a panelled frame, 112 cm wide x 45 cm deep x 70 cm high approx £60-80
1357.   An old English style oak wardrobe enclosed by a pair of full length triple moulded panelled doors with exposed hinges and sliding hanging rail and single shelf to interior, 103 cm wide x 1748 cm height £60-80
1358.   A vintage child's metamorphic high chair with winged back and rexine upholstery, raised on splay turned bobbin supports £60-80
1359.   A reproduction Regency style dining table of oval form with single additional leaf raised on a central pillar and swept quadruped with cast metal hairy paws, caps and castors
1360.   A set of six Edwardian Art Nouveau style oak dining chairs with rexine upholstered seats and back pads within carved frames with carved detail and raised on turned, tapered forelegs with bun feet and integral castors £60-80
1360A.  A late 19th century French open armchair with shaped carved and moulded beechwood frame, together with one other similar (2) £100-120
1361.   A good quality Old English style oak refectory table, the rectangular planked top with cleated ends raised on four partially ring turned supports united by a H shaped stretcher, together with a set of six matching wavy ladderback dining chairs with upholstered pad seats, the table 180 cm long x 92 cm wide £150-250
1362.   An Edwardian child's metamorphic high chair with cane panelled seat and back raised on octagonal splayed supports £60-80
1363.   A Georgian style tub chair with shaped outline, green leather upholstery with studded detail raised on square tapered forelegs, together with a further Georgian style stool of rectangular form with buttoned seat raised on square cut and moulded supports united by H an stretcher £60-80
1364.   A Georgian style kneehole twin pedestal partners desk, each side fitted with an arrangement of six drawers and a bow fronted cupboard with mock three drawer elevation/facade, and raised on moulded plinths, 5ft long x 4ft wide approx £150-200
1365.   A 19th century French open armchair with pale blue upholstered seat and back within a shaped, carved and moulded stained beechwood show wood frame raised on slender cabriole, supports together with one other similar (2) £150-200
1366.   A 1970s teak D end drawleaf dining table with stowaway bi-fold leaf and raised on angled rectangular cut and moulded supports, to seat six to eight £40-60
1367.   An Eastern camphor wood coffer with carved junk detail and exposed dovetail construction £60-80
1368.   A modern stitched soft cream leather swivel adjustable lounge chair with shaped outline, laminated swept arms and five pronged base £40-60
1369.   A Lister woodcraft brass banded bucket shaped jardiniere together with two 19th century polished brass jam pans of varying size (3) £30-50
1370.   A large farmhouse kitchen table, the rectangular teak top raised on four turned tapered and partially reeded oak legs, 234 cm long x 120 cm wide £80-100
1371.   A pair of Georgian style oak dining/side chairs with vase shaped splats over sprung upholstered seats and pad feet united by turned stretchers £60-80
1372.   A brass framed occasional table, the square inset smoked glass top raised on four partially turned and reeded legs united by an x framed stretcher, 46 cm square x 52 cm high approx £40-60
1373.   An Edwardian oak wind-out extending dining table of oval form, the later painted base with claw and gilt ball supports with integral castors (lacks additional leaves)
1374.   A 19th century walnut stool of rectangular form with upholstered seat raised on scrolled X frame supports united by a turned stretcher £40-60
1375.   A Victorian stripped pine washstand with raised and shaped gallery over two frieze drawers, turned supports, together with a matching side/dressing table fitted with a further two frieze drawers and a small Victorian toilet mirror of rectangular form with shaped platform base (3) £60-80
1376.   A pair of unusual mahogany hall chairs with pierced shield shaped backs over solid seats, raised on cabriole forelegs with pointed toes £60-80
1377.   A Georgian mahogany snap top occasional table of circular form raised on a partially ring turned pillar and shaped tripod, 76 cm diameter approx £40-60
1378.   A Victorian style two seat Chesterfield sofa with rolled arms and beige ground scrolling acanthus patterned upholstery, together with a pair of similar armchairs with shaped outline button backs and matching upholstery raised on stained beechwood turned legs (3) £100-150
1379.   A contemporary soft brown leather upholstered two seat sofa with loose cushions £60-80
1380.   A stitched tan leather equestrian racing saddle
1381.   A Victorian style mahogany oval drop leaf pull out extending dining table with two additional leaves, but capable of further, raised on five turned tapered supports
1381A.  An antique oak X framed arm chair with carved acanthus detail and upholstered seat and back
1382.   A set of five (4&1) Art Deco/Crafts style oak dining chairs, the square segmented opened panelled back with central inlaid marquetry exotic bird and branch detail over upholstered pad seats raised on square cut and chamfered supports united by H shaped stretchers £60-80
1383.   A set of four Victorian mahogany balloon back dining chairs with carved acanthus splats and cut moquet upholstered seats together with three further Victorian balloonback examples, a spade back dining chair and a pair of Edwardian dining chairs with pierced vase shaped splats (10) £40-60
1384.   An Ercol medium to dark stained beechwood Windsor style hoop and stickback three seat sofa and a pair of matching low armchairs raised on splayed supports united by stretchers £60-80
1385.   A substantial brown suede leather upholstered sofa with slab arms and loose seat cushions, 8ft long approx £60-80
1386.   A Regency cane seat carver chair, with turned frame, the partly caned back fitted with a gilt metal roundel £40-60
1387.   An Edwardian wing armchair with shaped outline and blue upholstery raised on turned bun feet with integral castors £40-60
1388.   An Edwardian/1920s two seat sofa with rolled arms, shaped outline and brown leather upholstered finish, raised on turned bun supports with integral castors, 145 cm long approx £100-150
1389.   A contemporary light tan leather upholstered easy chair with swept rolled and waisted outline and loose squab cushions, raised on turned supports and brass castors
1390.   An unusual late Victorian/Edwardian low seated open armchair with upholstered seat and arched back, raised on sprung supports and walnut framework bearing an old Pickfords depository label, together with a Georgian oak and walnut crossbanded hanging corner cupboard and a pair of Edwardian dining/occasional chairs (4) £60-80
1391.   A vintage two seat sofa with tapered slab arms and loose feather filled cushions with decorative bird, branch and foliate patterned loose covers, 145 cm long approx
1392.   A pair of good quality reproduction Windsor stained ashwood hoop and stickback elbow chairs with saddle shaped seats raised on splayed turned legs united by crinoline stretchers £150-200
1393.   A Victorian satin birch veneered low bedroom chest of three long graduated drawers with turned wooden handles and raised on a shallow plinth, approx 4ft wide x 77 cm high £80-120
1394.   A 19th century mahogany shallow breakfront sectional wardrobe, partially enclosed by two full length hanging cupboards flanking a central section enclosed by a pair of rectangular panelled doors over a chest fitted with two long and two short drawers and bracket supports £200-300
1394A.  A teak floorstanding filing cabinet with rise and fall tambour door enclosing tray slides £40-60
1395.   A 19th century mahogany two sectional side cabinet, the upper enclosed by a pair of rectangular astragal glazed panelled doors revealing two fixed shelves to interior, flanked by turned columns with carved foliate caps and stepped pediment, the lower section enclosed by a pair of panelled doors beneath a twin panelled fall front with vacant interior, 4ft wide x 6ft high approx £60-80
1395A.  A Victorian mahogany library bookcase, the upper section enclosed by a pair of rectangular glazed split moulded panelled doors with tulip detail over a base enclosed by a pair of arched panelled doors and frieze drawer £40-60
1396.   An Old English style oak corner envelope drop leaf gateleg table raised on turned block supports and united by stretchers £40-60
1397.   A 19th century smokers bow armchair, principally in elm, with turned spindle back over a saddle shaped seat raised on turned supports and stretchers £60-100
1398.   A Victorian mahogany wardrobe with moulded cornice over three moulded arched panelled doors, the central with bevelled edge mirror plate, the interior partially fitted with drawers and linen slides and raised on a plinth £100-150
1399.   A reproduction Regency style occasional table, the top of rectangular form within set maroon leather surface flanked by scrolls, raised on swept supports united by a raised under tier with partially pierced gallery £40-60
1400.   An ecclesiastical medium to light oak floorstanding font of octagonal form, the removable lid enclosing a shallow circular pressed glass dish/bowl, raised on an octagonal column and stepped and moulded base, the frieze with applied brass plaque £60-80
1401.   A medium to light oak box and stand with chip carved foliate and geometric detail raised on turned bobbin supports and stretchers together with an old English oak box stool with carved detail and a light oak book trough (3) £60-80
1402.   A RA Lister & Co Ltd Woodcraft brass banded and ring handled jardiniere and stand with shaped supports united by an x framed stretcher
1403.   A Victorian gothic dark oak mirror back sideboard, the base enclosed by a pair of rectangular panelled doors with foliate detail over two frieze drawers with lions mask handles beneath a recessed rectangular mirror plate flanked by turned baluster columns, 4ft wide approx £150-200
1405.   A reproduction Georgian style mahogany veneered chest on chest fitted with an arrangement of seven long and two short graduated drawers flanking a brushing slide raised on bracket shaped supports, 75 cm wide x 148 cm high £80-120
1406.   A Victorian gothic oak hallstand of full height, the raised back incorporating a central rectangular bevelled edge mirror plate flanked by carved acanthus and fruit panels, etc, over a central drawer with mask handle, flanked by umbrella/stickstands £60-80
1407.   An unusual stripped and waxed pine dressing table, the raised central oval bevelled edge mirror plate with shaped supports over shallow drop well fitted with two long drawers flanked by cupboards with applied carved detail enclosing shelves to interior £60-80
1408.   A vintage floorstanding haberdashery cabinet/counter of rectangular form with glazed panelled front and fitted with a side by side arrangement of sixteen moulded plastic tray slides/drawers and later painted decorative framework, label to interior, Dudleys Clipstone Street, London, W1, 165 cm long x 60 cm wide x 90 cm high £80-120
1410.   A Victorian pine bedroom chest of three long and two short drawers with turned wooden knob handles and later painted finish together with one other similar, later cut down lacking lower drawer £60-80
1412.   A vintage pine and mahogany framed bank of 27 small drawers (side by side arrangement) with painted fronts and cast metal and index handles, raised on turned supports, 126 cm long x 40 cm deep x 91 cm high £150-200
1413.   A Victorian stripped pine kitchen dresser base, fitted with an arrangement of seven drawers flanking a central cupboard with fielded panelled door, raised on turned supports, 140 cm long approx
1414.   An Arts & Crafts oak compactum wardrobe enclosed by an arrangement of cupboards and drawers with copper ring handles and foliate back plates, further carved organic and copper panels £80-120
1415.   A good quality reproduction mahogany serpentine front side table fitted with three frieze drawers with chevron banding and raised on tall slender partially ringed turned and reeded legs with swept feet, together with a similar demi-lune hall/side table (retailed form Banks of Bristol) (2) £60-80
1416.   A reprodux freestanding open bookcase in the Georgian style with six adjustable shelves and string banded detail, 60 cm wide x 183 cm height, together with further Georgian style mahogany side cabinet with crossbanded detail and canted reeded corners, enclosed by two doors over a mock drawer with fall front and bracket suipports
1416A.  A late Victorian oak kneehole twin pedestal writing desk fitted with an arrangement of six drawers and cupboard with tramline reeded detail, 110 cm wide approx £60-80
1417.   A Georgian mahogany bureau, the fall flap enclosing a fitted interior of small drawers, pigeon holes and central cupboard,satinwood veneered and inlaid banded detail over four long graduated drawers with brass swan neck handles raised on ogee bracket supports, 112 cm wide (cut splits into two sections) £60-80
1418.   A 1970s swivel lounge chair with stitched black leather upholstery, low cushioned arms, buttoned cushion back raised on a four wooden pronged base together with a matching footstool (2) £80-120
1419.   An oak dining table of circular form raised on four splayed turned legs 110 cm diameter approx
1420.   A good quality reproduction oak refectory dining table of rectangular form raised on a pair of lyre shaped ends with pierced quatrefoil detail and sledge feet united by a central pegged rail/stretcher, 6ft long x 87 cm wide £60-80
1421.   A set of five (4&1) Georgian fruitwood Countrymade dining chairs, the shield shaped backs with comb splats over drop in rush seats raised on square tapered supports with spade feet united by stretchers £60-80
1422.   A pair of Parker Knoll style open armchairs with oatmeal ground upholstered seats and button backs within light beechwood frames (Cintique chair model LB) £40-60
1423.   A pair of Georgian mahogany open armchairs in the Chippendale style, with gothic tracery vase shaped splats over upholstered seats raised on square cut and moulded supports united by stretchers £60-80
1424.   A 19th century mahogany linen press enclosed by a pair of rectangular moulded panelled doors, the interior fitted with one tray slide beneath later hanging rails over a long drawer to base with brass swan neck handles and bracket supports, 130 cm wide x 178 cm high £100-150
1425.   A late Victorian two divisional bamboo Canterbury with lacquered panels and swept supports £40-60
1426.   A Georgian mahogany fold over top tea table of rectangular form with carved foliate border, raised on square cut and moulded supports £40-60
1427.   A Smiths Enfield grandmother clock in panelled oak case enclosing a three train movement with chrome numerals and bezel
1428.   A large contemporary composite stool in the form of an elephant with head dress, 80 cm long x 50 cm high approx £40-60
1429.   An Edwardian/1920s oak Jacobean revival dresser, partially enclosed by a pair of rectangular doors with geometric panels flanking two long central drawers raised on spiral twist and block supports united by pierced and scrolling acanthus carved stretchers, 6ft long approx £60-80
1430.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany music cabinet with urn and scrolling acanthus detail, enclosed by a twin panelled door with lozenge shaped bevelled edge mirror panels over open fixed and segmented shelves
1431.   A Georgian mahogany demi-lune fold over top tea table raised on square tapered legs with brass caps and castors £40-60
1432.   An Arthur W Simpson of Kendal Arts & Crafts oak open wall shelf with repeating carved flower head detail and further carved hinged dust flap, 100 cm long, together with a light oak Cotswold School table cabinet enclosed by a pair of rectangular moulded panelled doors, the interior partially fitted with two small drawers, 45 cm wide x 23 cm deep x 31 cm high and a small freestanding flight of open bookshelves with simple string inlay detail (3) £80-120
1433.   A rustic oak side cupboard enclosed by two rectangular doors beneath a frieze drawer with carved repeating foliate detail and surround, constructed from 18th century and later timbers/furniture parts and raised on turned feet, 98 cm wide approx £40-60
1434.   A Reynolds of Ludlow hardwood cottage dresser, the base enclosed by a pair of rectangular fielded panelled doors beneath two frieze drawers and recessed open plate rack with three fixed shelves and boarded back, 107 cm wide £60-80
1435.   A W & T Avery brass balance scale to weigh 2 lb, raised on a rectangular mahogany platform base with moulded outline, together with a graduated set of seven associated bell shaped weights £40-60
1436.   A vintage Lister brass banded jardiniere and stand with shaped supports united by an x framed stretcher £40-60
1437.   A small 19th century mahogany bureau, the fall flap enclosing an interior of small drawers and pigeon holes flanking a central arched cupboard over three long graduated drawers and stand with square cut supports united by a central stretcher, 64 cm wide £40-60
1438.   Danish pine a low partially stripped pine two tier occasional table by S Burcharot-Neilsen, the square top with moulded outline and rounded corners raised on painted supports £50-60
1439.   A Georgian style quartetto nest of occasional tables of rectangular form, mahogany with rosewood veneered crossbanding and raised on slender partially ring turned columns and swept supports £60-80
1440.   A small 19th century mahogany bedroom chest of two long and two short oak lined drawers raised on turned supports, 90 cm wide £80-120
1441.   A large ceramic fireside dog ornament in the form of a seated golden retriever holding a ladies bonnet in it's mouth £40-60
1442.   A good quality Georgian style occasional table, the circular pie-crust top raised on a vase shaped pillar and tripod £40-60
1443.   A Georgian and later mahogany side table fitted with an end frieze drawer and dummy frieze raised on shaped cabriole supports with pad feet and pointed toes
1444.   A 19th century elm blanket box with hinged lid, exposed dovetail construction and side carrying handles, together with an ex-post office scale and a small wall mirror £40-60
1445.   An Arts & Crafts style oak bedroom chest of three long and two short graduated drawers with anodised handles, 106 cm wide £60-80
1446.   A pair of lined curtains with art nouveau Glasgow school style foliate design, together with three further pairs of varying design
1447.   A pair of plum ground curtain with foliate design, complete with pole £40-60
1448.   A small 19th century elm box with exposed dovetail joints, hinged lid and candle box to interior (probably apprentice piece) £40-60
1449.   A substantial Edwardian/1920s oak two sectional floorstanding bookcase with applied split bobbin mouldings, each two divisional section with panelled back and adjustable shelves raised on a stepped moulded plinth, 3.2 metres long x 40 cm wide x 140 cm high £200-300
1451.   A Regency mahogany longcase clock, the door with lancet shaped outline, enclosing a circular dial with silvered chapter ring, subsidiary secondary dial and eight day striking movement £200-300
1452.   An early 19th century mahogany long case clock, the case with geometric marquetry inlaid detail, the hood enclosing a painted broken arched dial, with sheep and lambs to the spandrels, to the arch a biblical character and lion, with eight day striking movement, subsidiary calendar and secondary dials, signed A. Neinenger of Stonehouse £200-250
1453.   An 18th century oak cottage longcase clock, the trunk with full length door, enclosing a 28cm square brass dial with applied cast brass spandrels and 30 hour striking movement, the frieze carved with the motto "Time is Precious" £150-200
1455.   A Regency oak and mahogany cross banded longcase clock, the hood with swan neck cornice, broken arch painted dial with floral spandrels and seascape to the arch (now lacking rocking ship action) with eight day striking movement, subsidiary calendar and secondary dials by E Chambler, Newcastle £200-250
1456.   A good Georgian Scottish mahogany longcase clock, the trunk with reeded columns and cast brass ionic capitals, the hood with pronounced swan neck pediments and applied blind fret boxwood panels, enclosing a broken arch brass dial with silvered chapter ring and subsidiary secondary dial, with further chased decoration showing a cornucopia and stylised dolphins, H & R Millar of Edinburgh, 220cm tall £300-400
1457.   A Regency pier glass enclosing a bevelled edge plate, the framework with original gilded and ebonised detail, 175cm x 105cm £300-400
1458.   An Edwardian mahogany display cabinet in the Sheraton manner, the lower section enclosed by two shallow bow fronted frieze drawers, with under gallery, raised on square tapered and swept supports, the upper section with astragal glazed panelled doors, with swan necked pediment, with overall trailing and floral ribboned garland detail, 85cm wide £120-150
1459.   An unusual Edwardian bergere tub chair with cane panelled seat and back, bobbin supports and delicate barley twist spars and stretchers, together with a similar chair on cabriole forelegs and an Edwardian oak footstool in the Carolean manner with barley twist rails £60-80
1460.   A Chinese pine, fruitwood and walnut cabinet, enclosed by two panelled doors, the interior fitted with an arrangement of drawers, cupboards and shelves, 110cm wide £100-150
1461.   An Old English oak coffin or joint stool of usual form, raised on four turned supports £40-60
1462.   An Edwardian mahogany china display cabinet, the framework with satinwood banding, enclosed by a geometric astragal glazed panelled door, raised on four square tapered legs, united by an X shaped stretcher, 160cm high £60-80
1463.   A 19th century day bed with upholstered ends, raised on painted and distressed pine framework with six turned supports £120-150
1464.   A set of eight Biedemeir style dining chairs in mahogany and flamed mahogany with sabre supports, upholstered seats and back panels £200-300
1465.   A substantial eastern silvered tray or table top, with etched repeating geometric detail, 83cm wide £80-100
1466.   Two 18th century oak gateleg dining tables of usual form on turned supports, each enclosing drawers £300-500
1467.   A substantial Georgian mahogany elbow chair with yoke shaped rail, carved and pierced splat, with ribboned and acanthus detail, scrolled arms, raised on shaped supports with acanthus carved knees and claw and ball supports with upholstered seat, together with a further Georgian elbow chair and a further single chair (3) £120-150
1468.   An Old English oak food or dole cupboard with panelled framework, raised on four gun barrel shaped supports, enclosed by a central door, 85cm long x 93cm high
1469.   A pair of 19th century drawing room chair frames, the carved and moulded mahogany show wood frames raised on shaped supports with shell scroll and other detail £120-150
1470.   A 19th century continental sofa, with carved moulded show wood frame and upholstered seat and back and later painted finish, 170cm wide £40-60
1471.   A matched pair of late 19th century open elbow chairs in the Carolean manner with upholstered seat and back panels, the carved frames with acanthus, geometric and lions paw detail £80-100
1472.   A good Victorian country house button back sofa with scrolled arms, raised on turned mahogany supports with original brass castors, with original period floral upholstery, 2m wide £200-300
1473.   A pair of 18th century mahogany elbow chairs, raised on fluted supports, the backs with interlaced panels, scrolls and further detail £200-250
1474.   A Georgian Windsor comb back elbow chair of rustic appearance, with dished elm seat and further mixed timbers including ash, beech, etc £100-120
1475.   WITHDRAWN £300-400
1476.   A substantial good quality Georgian mahogany bureau bookcase, the lower section enclosed by a arrangement of three long and two short drawers, the fall flap enclosing a fitted interior of drawers and pigeon holes, the bookcase with astragal glazed panelled doors beneath a dentil frieze, set on bracket supports, 120cm wide £500-600
1477.   An early 19th century mahogany three step commode, with carpet inset, raised on turned supports £200-300
1478.   A Regency rosewood side or pier table, 27cm deep, the frieze of D shaped form, enclosing two drawers, raised on four square tapered legs with applied lyre and beaded brass detail, 115cm wdie £300-500
1479.   A substantial Georgian mahogany bureau of four long graduated drawers, the fall flap enclosing a fitted interior of drawers and pigeon holes, raised on bracket supports, 125cm wide £100-150
1480.   A 19th century continental wall cupboard in pine, with original simulated mahogany grained finish and beaded and spiral twist moulded detail, 70cm high x 75cm wide
1481.   A substantial Georgian mahogany bureau of three long and two short drawers, the interior fitted with an arrangement of drawers and pigeon holes, raised on ogee supports, 120cm wide approx £100-150
1482.   An Edwardian mahogany D end extending dining table with gadrooned borders, raised on four claw and ball supports, together with a set of eight matching dining chairs with drop in seats £200-250
1483.   An old country house lamp standard with carved and gilded timber base, the fluted column with further gilded detail and material finish, supporting a good quality shade with chain stitched floral bouquet detail £60-80
1484.   A Regency mahogany X framed library chair with scrolled arms, upholstered in mid-tan brown leather with button back and brass beaded borders £200-250
1485.   A William IV mahogany X framed library chair with scrolled arms and maroon coloured button back leather finish and brass stud borders £150-200
1486.   A Georgian style partners desk, each side enclosing an arrangement of graduated drawers, with cast brass fittings, inset leather top and raised on ogee supports, 155cm wide £150-200
1487.   A late Regency mahogany drawing room or library chair, with scrolled arms and moulded show wood frame, raised on turned supports, with buttoned red leather upholstery £150-200
1488.   An Edwardian mahogany side cupboard enclosed by a pair of quarter panel doors below two frieze drawers, raised on square tapered legs with spade feet, 116cm wide approx £60-80
1489.   A Globe Wernicke bookcase of six sections, with glazed up-and-over doors, together with two plinths, (one shallow, one deep) and two moulded tops £150-200
1490.   A large 19th century gross and petit point tapestry panel showing a palm reader with two young girls beside a well with distant rolling landscape, 120 x 95cm approx £60-80
1491.   A 19th century hand worked gross and petit point tapestry panel showing two country girls in landscape, accompanied by a very large dog, in original moulded frame, the panel 70 x 60cm £60-80
1492.   A 17th century oak panel or wainscoting with geometric and other decoration including script " Elizabeth Rolinson, 1669," 135cm square approx £200-250
1493.   A Victorian walnut parlour suite comprising six single chairs, single armchair and nursing chair, all with carved and pierced walnut show wood frames, raised on turned supports, with upholstered seats and backs £200-250
1494.   A set of four Windsor smokers bow elbow chairs, with ashwood seats £150-250
1495.   A William IV mahogany piano stool, the circular revolving top raised on a fluted column and platform base £30-40
1496.   A small 18th century oak food cupboard, enclosed by two pairs of panelled doors, divided by a central frieze drawer beneath a moulded border, set within a panelled framework, 158cm high x 110cm wide £200-300
1497.   A simple 19th century oak hanging corner cupboard, enclosed by a single panelled door £30-40
1498.   An old English oak joint stool, 68cm long, raised on four gun barrel supports united by moulded rails £300-350
1499.   An 18th century oak coffer, the three panelled front with repeating geometric detail, beneath a carved frieze, raised on moulded stiles, 120cm wide £200-250
1500.   A substantial Elizabethan style side cupboard in pale oak, enclosed by two panelled doors and two frieze drawers with overall carved detail showing musicians, cherubs, repeating scroll detail, etc, principally 19th century with numerous earlier parts, 180cm wide £300-400
1501.   A small Old English oak chest of three long and two short graduated drawers (presented as six short drawers) raised on bun feet, 76cm wide £120-150
1502.   A Georgian oak country made chest of three long and two short graduated drawers, raised on bracket supports, 100cm wide £80-100
1503.   A Edwardian mahogany cheval glass in the Georgian manner, with moulded framework, raised on a skeleton frame, the swept supports with acanthus carving, 48cm wide
1504.   A 19th century walnut bedside or lamp table with marble top, the walnut framework with quarter panelled and other detail, enclosing a frieze drawer and ceramic lined cupboard, raised on shaped supports £60-80
1505.   A 19th century Moorish occasional table of hexagonal form with overall carved detail and simple shell panels, 50cm max £60-80
1506.   A good quality Edwardian mahogany bow fronted chest of five long graduated drawers raised on swept supports, 60cm wide £150-200
1507.   A 1930s fumed oak bookcase with drop well centre, together with a Heal's fumed oak single bedstead £60-80
1508.   A small Heal's bookcase in fumed oak, partially enclosed by a cupboard door, 53cm wide £60-80
1509.   A Heal's oak dressing chest, the base fitted with three drawers with raised mirror back, 78cm wide £80-100
1510.   A Heal's fumed oak elbow chair with lattice work back and dished rush seat on sledge seat
1511.   A Heal's oak linen cupboard enclosed by four long drawers, the upper section enclosed by a pair of panelled doors with applied oval detail, 80cm wide £100-120
1512.   A pair of Heal's simple ladder back side chairs in fumed oak with rush seats £60-80
1513.   A Heal's oak nursery cabinet, the upper section with three-quarter gallery over one long and two short drawers and a further pair of cupboard doors, 120cm wide £120-150
1514.   A Georgian oak inverted breakfront dresser, the central tower of three drawers flanked by two further drawers and two panelled cupboard doors, 150cm wide £200-250
1515.   A good large 19th century dolls house - Delamere Rectory, the front elevation enclosed by panelled front door surrounded by an arrangement of nine panelled windows, the interior with central hallway and stairwell with four further rooms, with original painted finish, 95cm wide, amongst the dolls house furniture is a miniature sterling silver carver chair and lidded saucepan (these two pieces are on display in our silver section) £200-250
1516.   A Georgian oak chest of three long and two short graduated drawers with reeded and canted corners, raised on bracket supports, 115cm wide £60-80
1517.   A Regency mahogany supper table, the oval top with cross banded borders, with boxwood and string ebony inlay, raised on a turned tapering pillar and four swept supports, 130cm max
1518.   A small 19th century mahogany spider leg occasional table, 70cm long £80-100
1519.   A Georgian mahogany bureau of four long graduated drawers, the fall flap enclosing a fitted interior of drawers and pigeon holes, with chequered string and other inlaid detail, 105cm wide £80-100
1520.   A Georgian mahogany linen press the lower section enclosed by two long and two short drawers, the upper section enclosed by two panelled doors with well matched flamed veneers, enclosing three original open slides, set beneath a dentil frieze raised on bracket supports with original brass fittings, 130cm wide £250-300
1521.   A Regency style bergere chair, the ebonised frame with scrolled back and arms raised on reeded forelegs £80-120
1522.   A Victorian mahogany writing table fitted with a kneehole arrangement of five drawers raised on turned and fluted supports, 105cm wide (stamped to centre drawer Edwards & Rob 16, 17, 20 and 21 Wardour Street) £100-150
1523.   A 19th century carved oak occasional table of rectangular form, raised on four shaped supports with acanthus and other detail, 80cm long £80-100
1524.   A set of six Austrian or German dining chairs raised on turned supports with saddle shaped seats, the simple backs with pierced hand grips £120-150
1525.   A substantial continental elbow chair with scrolled arms, raised on turned supports united by an X shaped stretcher, with upholstered seat and back £300-400
1526.   A Georgian mahogany D end three sectional dining table raised on square tapered legs together with a later further bespoke overhanging top, approx 290 cm long x 122 cm wide £100-150
1527.   A gilded window seat with carved and shaped outline, acanthus and other detail, 105cm £80-100
1528.   A Georgian walnut and figured walnut chest on chest of six long and three short drawers, with herring bone banding, oak lined and raised on square bracket supports, 105cm wide £300-400
1529.   A small Georgian mahogany occasional table, the elongated octagonal top raised on a vase shaped pillar and tripod, with string inlaid detail, 43cm wide £60-80
1530.   An antique demi-lune side table in pine and in the Adam style, raised on four turned and fluted supports, 120cm £200-300
1531.   A Georgian mahogany toilet mirror, the box base of bow fronted outline supporting an oval mirror plate, with rosewood and other banded detail £60-80
1532.   A Regency mahogany side or serving table with cushion moulded drawer raised on a pair of shaped forelegs, with acanthus moulded detail and lions paw feet, 85cm high, 153cm long £500-600
1533.   An 18th century oak coffer with panelled framework with curious carvings showing cloaked characters walking dogs, cockerels, further creatures and foliage, 127cm wide £200-250
1534.   An Old English wrought iron two branch candle stand, with adjustable detail on tripod base £300-400
1535.   A 19th century or earlier brass brazier, of circular form raised on three stout claw and ball supports, with brass axe head handles and detachable central liner, 46cm diameter £100-120
1536.   An oak occasional table, the circular top with marquetry starburst detail, raised on four tapered supports, 56cm diameter £40-60
1537.   An antique Wainscot chair in oak, the carved and panelled back with floral leaf patterned detail, raised on scrolled turned supports £100-150
1538.   A Victorian ecclesiastical candle stand for seven candles, in the Gothic manner, 70cm high £140-160
1539.   An Old English oak side cupboard, the lower section enclosed by two carved and panelled doors, the raised back with further carved panels, 120cm £60-80
1540.   A collection of four copper pans, two large graduated cooking pots with steel handles and two further open jam pans, 53cm max and smaller £250-300
1541.   A Victorian rosewood prayer chair with Gothic tracery back and original hand worked panels £40-60
1542.   A good quality antique oak hanging corner cupboard of small dimensions, the central door with deeply fielded panel set beneath a dentil frieze, with geometric marquetry inlaid detail in boxwood and ebony, 62cm high x 50cm wide £150-180
1543.   A Georgian Windsor comb back child's elbow chair, principally in ash wood £100-120
1544.   A joynt stool raised on four turned supports, 45cm max £60-100
1545.   An antique oak and mixed wood settle, the panelled back with Jacobean moulded detail, planked seat, shaped arms and on chamfered supports, 125cm £100-120
1546.   An 18th century oak mule chest, the panelled front with three lozenge shaped carvings, with repeating trailing detail above and below, 125cm wide £100-120
1547.   A set of eight (6+2) Georgain mahogany country made stick back dining chairs with dished seats and reeded framework £200-250
1548.   A large Georgian oak gateleg dining table, raised on barley twist supports with double gate action, to seat 8/10, 160cm long (190cm max oval when open)
1549.   A Georgian mahogany serpentine chest of four long graduated drawer on bracket supports, with oak linings, 105cm wide £300-400
1550.   An Old English oak side table, the shaped top incorporating a well figured grain, raised on four turned supports and enclosing a single frieze drawer, the raised and shaped back with further carved detail showing winged lions, 90cm wide £80-100
1551.   A Georgian mahogany child's elbow chair in the Chippendale manner with pierced ladder back detail, shaped cresting rail, drop-in seat and raised on square cut supports, together with a further Georgian child's side chair in oak, with well carved and pierced Gothic tracery splat and shaped cresting rail £200-250
1552.   A small Georgian oak countrymade chest on chest, the lower section fitted with three long drawers and a brush slide, the upper section with three long and three short drawers, 174cm high £200-250
1553.   An old English gateleg table in walnut with two frieze drawer raised on turned supports and rails, 115cm long £60-80
1554.   A Georgian oak dresser, enclosed by three frieze drawers with walnut cross banding over a scrolled frieze raised on pad feet, 155cm wide £100-150
1555.   A Georgian mahogany snaptop table, the circular one piece top 75cm diameter, raised on a vase shaped pillar, with well shaped tripod base £200-250
1556.   A Georgian satin wood and mahogany, D end, foldover top tea table with crossbanded borders, geometric inlaid detail and raised on four turned and fluted supports, 85cm wide £150-200
1557.   A substantial Victorian fire screen, the carved and gilded framework with floral, C scroll and further trailing detail, raised on four scrolled supports, with original gilded finish, the interior, glazed and enclosing a hand worked floral bouquet, 120cm high £80-120
1558.   An unusual 19th century stripped and waxed pine tilt top dining/kitchen table, the oval top raised on twin supports, with gateleg action on sledge feet, 175cm max (to seat 6)
1559.   A Victorian walnut and figured walnut drop leaf Sutherland table, raised on barley twist supports, 75cm max £60-80
1560.   An unusual 19th century oak, three tier side table, fitted with a single frieze drawer, with turned supports, 75cm long x 67cm high x 38cm deep £80-100
1561.   A Georgian oak countrymade chest of three long and two short graduated drawers, oak lined and raised on bracket supports, 96cm wide £80-100
1562.   A small 18th century oak six plank coffer, the front elevation with repeating geometric carved detail, 72cm wide £100-120
1563.   A good quality mid-19th century mahogany bow-fronted chest of three long drawers, together with a brush slide, raised on swept supports, 90cm wide x 89cm high £150-200
1564.   A good quality panelled oak cradle in the 18th century manner, the canopy with arched and shaped outline, with deep fielded panels to all sides, raised on a pair of bow shaped rockers, 98cm long £80-100
1565.   A 19th century Chinese cabinet in mixed timbers, the panelled doors incorporating two carved panels showing characters, landscape, butterflies, devices, etc, over three further carved panels, the interior fitted with shelves and drawer, 115cm wide £100-150
1566.   A small Georgian oak chest of four long graduated drawers, oak lined and raised on bracket supports, 92cm wide x 75cm high £80-100
1567.   A Victorian mahogany gentleman's dressing chest, the front elevation presented as four long drawers, the upper part enclosed by a fall flap revealing two open slides
1568.   A 19th century Windsor comb back elbow chair, with elm seat and ashwood spindles, with pierced splat £80-100
1569.   A primitive mixed woods (mainly elm and oak) elbow chair, with solid seat and tongue shaped back, raised on simple stick supports, probably from the Forest of Dean £120-150
1570.   An oak cricket table of low form, the circular top 67cm diameter, raised on three chamfered supports, 47cm high (probably Heal's) £60-80
1571.   An antique tavern table, possibly in oak or ash, the plank top raised on a pair of X shaped supports with chamfered detail, united by a central rail, 140cm max £400-600
1572.   A small 18th century oak six plank coffer, with steel lock plate and simple geometric detail, 76cm wide £150-200
1573.   A 19th century continental walnut cabinet of small dimensions, the floor standing piece enclosed by a pair of partially glazed panelled doors, over two further panels on bun feet, 80cm wide x 155cm high £80-100
1574.   A small 19th century oak stool in the Georgian manner, rectangular form and raised on four square tapering supports with upholstered seat, 50cm max £40-60
1575.   A substantial and good quality Victorian cylinder top writing bureau, the interior fitted with drawers and pigeon holes, with leather lined interior including an adjustable writing slope over six frieze drawers £400-600
1576.   A Georgian mahogany two divisional Canterbury, the central division incorporating a hand hold, over a frieze drawer on turned supports with brass castors £150-200
1577.   A Georgian mahogany satin-wood D end foldover top card table, crossbanded in rosewood and raised on square tapered legs, with double gate action, 85cm wide £150-200
1578.   A small mid-19th century rosewood centre stool, raised on four carved and moulded cabriole supports, with hand worked tapestry top, 42cm square
1579.   A complicated Regency mahogany ladies occasional table incorporating a writing drawer with additional pen/ink drawer, flanked by two D end shelves containing further segmented compartments, raised on four pronounced scrolled supports, united by a platform and lions paw feet, with acanthus, applied brass anthemion and other detail, 72cm wide £800-1000
1580.   An 18th century mahogany open elbow chair, the oval cane panelled back over a caned serpentine seat, the frame work with carved leaf moulded detail, with further dentil moulded, etc £200-300
1581.   A Georgian style mahogany three pillar extending dining table, the turned columns each raised on four reeded sabre supports with lions paw terminals, to seat 12, 310cm long x 103cm wide £300-400
1582.   A pair of late Regency mahogany scroll armed elbow chairs with carved and shaped splats, drop-in seats and on fluted supports £80-100
1583.   A set of six 19th century mahogany bar back dining chairs of simple form with recently re-caned seats, raised on turned supports £150-200
1584.   An 18th century oak coffer, the three panelled front incorporating later caved geometric and floral detail, within original repeating geometric detail, 155cm wide £150-200
1585.   An early soft wood coffer, the front with original carved arcaded detail, with steel lock plate, of six plank construction, 98cm wide £200-250
1586.   An 18th century oak bible box with steel lock plate and brass stud monogram MB, 55cm max £60-80
1587.   An 18th century oak bible box of simple construction with steel lock plate and hasp, 58cm wide £60-80
1588.   A Regency rosewood duet music stand, the fluted column with adjustable mechanism, raised on a platform base, the upper stand with lyre shaped detail (incomplete) £80-100
1589.   A small 18th century oak side table raised on four turned supports, 68cm long x 65cm high £100-150
1590.   A free standing corner cupboard of full height in pine, with chinoiserie detail upon a black ground showing characters, pagodas, sailboats, etc, within further geometric borders set beneath a swept pagoda shaped top, 195cm high £150-200
1591.   A pair of Georgian style high back tub chairs, in a mid-green leather colourway, with buttoned backs, raised on square tapered supports (some leather repaired/replaced in different colourways) £400-600
1592.   A pair of Georgian style high back tub chairs, in a mid-green leather colourway, with buttoned backs, raised on square tapered supports (some leather repaired/replaced in different colourways) £400-600
1593.   A pair of early carved oak panels - 17th century or earlier, similar detail showing flowers within Gothic tracery borders, each panel 40 x 35cm £200-250
1594.   An 18th century oak coffer, the four panel front within a moulded and arcaded frieze, 145cm wide £150-200
1595.   A Victorian mahogany folding card table raised on a X shaped framework with baize lined top, the border incorporating counters, scoreboard, etc, by W Thornhill & Co, 144 New Bond Street London, reg no 25608-sole manufacturers £75-100
1596.   A small 18th century oak box with rising lid, the front elevation with carved lozenge shaped panels, 56cm wide £140-160
1597.   A Howard & Sons nursing chair, excessively stamped, with each of the four castors engraved Howard & Sons, back leg incorporating the London address and code numbers 176389090, the under sacking stamped From Howard's, Berners Street, London, a further paper label (incomplete) Howard & Sons Upholsterers, 25-7 Bernars Street, London and bearing the original monogrammed H&S fabric in a grey and white colourway £300-400
1598.   A large 19th century Dutch colonial coffer with rising lid, the front elevation incorporating a large pierced floral patterned lock plated, complete with key, the framework banded by further pierced brass strap work, with original detachable turned supports, 153cm wide £500-700
1599.   A medium sized 19th century oak coffer, the three panelled top over a twin panelled front with original repeating geometric detail, 105cm wide £250-300
1600.   A quarteto of Georgian style mahogany occasional tables, raised on slender supports and swept feet, 50cm wide and smaller £80-120
1601.   A 19th century Windsor comb back elbow chair, with elm seat and ash spars £80-100
1602.   A 17th century oak coffer, probably Gloucestershire, the front elevation enclosed by three carved panels, with tulip and sunflower detail and with carved scrolling frieze, monogrammed GIF (anno 1635) 136cm wide £250-350
1603.   A Georgian ash wood spindle back elbow chair, with recently re-rushed seat, on simple turned supports £80-100
1604.   A continental Empire period mahogany armchair with upholstered seat and back, the framework with geometric floral detail, raised on swept forelegs £80-100
1605.   Impressive antique French Louis XV wall mirror, with arched pediment, pierced gilt metal overlay of scrolled foliage and cherubs over a further cushion frame with original glass and further gilt metal mounts, 167 x 103 cm £1000-1500
1606.   An early 19th century Dutch jardiniere or planter of square cut form with canted corners, raised on square tapering supports, enclosing four chinoiserie lacquered panels with floral detail, supporting a zinc liner, together with a steel fender of serpentine form (2) £300-500
1607.   A Georgian mahogany tray top commode, the front elevation enclosed by a pair of cupboard doors, frieze drawer and commode front, with lions mask and ring handles £80-100
1608.   A small Edwardian mahogany side table in the 18th century manner, the front elevation enclosed by three long drawers (disguised as six short) raised on square tapered legs with spade feet, with string banded, chequered and other inlaid detail, 46cm wide x 75cm high £200-350
1609.   A Georgian mahogany kneehole dressing table, the eight drawers surrounding a central kneehole, raised on bracket supports, 77cm wide £150-200
1610.   Sigurd Ressell (Norway) - 'Falcon Chair', slung leather seat upon a shaped chrome frame, 102cm high £500-800
1611.   A 19th century bedside commode with rising lid over two doors and two dummy drawers, on bracket supports, together with a 19th century side chair with turned supports and rails, with cane panelled seat and back £40-60
1613.   A late 19th century drawing room chair, the deep seat below swept arms raised on square tapered supports £60-80
1614.   An 18th century countrymade gateleg table on turned supports, 100cm max £60-80
1615.   A 19th century camphor wood box with hinged lid and brass fittings £100-150
1616.   A late Victorian low deep seated armchair with swept, rolled and tapered arms, buttoned back and turned forelegs £40-60
1617.   A 19th century Windsor child's elbow chair to a smokers bow design, in mixed woods, the seat to accommodate a commode £40-60
1618.   Eastern brass top table, engraved with typical decoration, upon a folding wooden base £40-60
1631.   Anna Rarity (20th century) - Two studies of female nudes, signed, mixed medium, 39 x 57 cm approx size, framed £40-60
1632.   B W Leader (19th century British school) - "Evening Light" and "Amongst the Surrey Pine Trees (2) coloured engravings, 72 x 56 cm approx, framed, together with C Burton-Barber, A Scratch Pack, coloured engraving, sheet size 72 x 99 cm, framed £30-50
1633.   P J Stewart-Smith (20th century) - The waterfront, signed bottom right, with label verso, pastel, 49 x 36 cm, framed £40-60
1634.   20th century English school - coastal scene, signed with monogram AMP, gouache, 30 x 45 cm, framed £30-50
1635.   Frederick Hall & Leigh Suthers (late 19th century British school) - Old Ike, The Earth Stopper, In 1800 and The First Flight, , all with Robert Dunthorne label verso, with titles and inscribed original drawing, 42 x 51 cm max, three mixed media caricature sketches, all signed with monograms, all framed £150-200
1636.   Attributed to Thomas Creswick RA (British 1811-1869) - Country landscape with figures, signed T Creswick RA and dated 59, oil on board, 33 x 26 cm in gilt frame £40-60
1637.   Julian Barrow (1939-2013, 20th century British school) - Interior scene at Little Sodbury Manor, Nr Chipping Sodbury, signed and dated 98, oil painting on canvas, 35 x 45 cm, framed £80-120
1638.   19th century English school - River scene - oil painting on canvas, 74 x 50 cm, framed £25-30
1639.   Attributed to Max Scholes (19th century school), Interior of church, oil painting on canvas, 75 x 62 cm, unframed £40-60
1640.   John Trivet Nettleship (British 1841-1902) - Young lion playing, signed with monogram and dated 92, pastel, 30 x 53 cm, together with a further pastel by the same hand - study of a walking lion, signed with monogram and dated 92, 34 x 36 cm, both with Robert Dunthorne Exhibition labels verso 1892 £60-80
1641.   18th century school - Bust length portrait of a man in wig and red cloak, oil painting on canvas, 70 x 61 cm, framed £500-800
1642.   Rowland Langmaid (British, 1887-1956) - Sailing ship off the coast, signed etching, 19 x 32 cm, framed £60-80
1643.   20th century British school - Children playing hide and seek, inscribed verso, signed "O'Neill 1950s on verso", oil painting on board, 40 x 50 cm framed £25-30
1644.   A Reverberi (Paris School) - shoulder length portrait of a lady, signed, oil on board, Alexander Gallery label verso, inscribed Toile Maroufier, 34 x 26 cm, in swept gilt frame £30-50
1645.   Sir Frank Short (British 1857-1945) - Low tide at Evening, The Lowlands Low and a shore scene with fishing boats (3), all signed, monochrome etchings, all with Robert Dunthorne gallery label verso, 21 x 28 cm max size, all framed £50-80
1646.   Francesco Bartolozzi (1728-1815), after Hans Holbein the younger, half length portrait of a lady, coloured engraving, published 1799 by John Chamberlaine, 43 x 29 cm, and one other by the same hand, bust length portrait of a lady, published 1800 by John Chamberlaine, 35 x 23 cm, framed £40-60
1647.   20th century British school - Two figure studies, signed Pearce? London and dated 67, sepia ink, 28 x 14 cm approx, framed £30-40
1648.   Attributed to William Cruickshank (19th century British school) - Still life with blossom and birds nest, signed Cruickshank, gouache, with Marble Hill gallery Twickenham label verso, oval, 29 cm max, framed £60-80
1649.   D M Teague - Green woodpecker, signed and dated 92, gouache, 44 x 34 cm, framed £30-50
1650.   E Turner-Hill (early 20th century English school) - half length portrait of a young woman holding a tennis racket, oil on canvas, unsigned but with old labels verso Florence, daughter of William Turner Esquire, a relation of the artist, E Turner-Hill (Miss) and with West Temperley address details, 67 x 50 cm, framed £700-900
1651.   David Gentleman (British B 1930), Miles Brewton House, Charleston, signed limited edition lithograph, edition number 71/100, 44 x 56 cm, framed, together with a further signed coloured limited edition lithograph by the same hand - Gaillard - Bennett House, edition number 62/100, 49 x 60 cm, framed £40-60
1652.   G Bundschuh (20th century German school) - Study of a seated Indian style figure in landscape setting, watercolour, signed and inscribed Stuttgard and dated 1947, 27 x 37 cm, framed together with an Arabic type paper cut work panel with gilt text and scrolling detail, 32 x 67 cm, framed £30-50
1653.   J Laurence Hart - Putson On the Wye, Morning Herefordshire, oil on canvas, signed and inscribed verso with title and further signed with artists address details, 40 x 60 cm in swept and pierced gilt frame £80-120
1654.   E G Muller (early 20th century English School), Denham on The River Avon, Nr Bristol, oil painting on canvas, signed and with label verso with artists address details, 29 x 44 cm in swept and pierced gilt frame £80-100
1655.   R Allen (19th century British) - River scenes at Streatley Bridge and The Swan at Pangbourne, oil paintings on canvas, pair, inscribed verso and with David Messum, Beaconsfield Gallery label verso, 24 x 45 cm in swept and pierced gilt frames £150-200
1656.   WITHDRAWN £60-80
1657.   Thomas Marie Madawaska Hemy (British 1852-1937) - The Pool, London, busy Thames scene with shipping, watercolour and body colour, signed and dated 1883 and with label verso with artists address details 75 x 126 cm, framed £400-600
1658.   Wilfred Willliams Ball (British 1853-1917) , four watercolours of Dutch canal scenes with windmills, town scenes, etc, all signed and dated 89 and with various inscriptions, Leiden, Edam, etc and with Robert Dunthorne label verso with exhibition details for 1889, maximum size 32 x 18 cm, all framed £120-150
1659.   19th century British school - Study of a seated man holding a book, watercolour and body colour, indistinctly signed J Huish?, further inscribed verso, 24 x 19 cm, framed £25-30
1660.   Charles J Watson (1846-1927), View of Bridgnorth, view of Shrewsbury, pair of watercolours both signed and dated 1895 and with Robert Dunthorne exhibition labels verso, 25 x 36 cm max approx size, framed £150-200
1661.   William Lionel Wyllie RA, RI (British 1851-1931) - Jenkin Scratchway, etching, coastal scene with shipping, and signed and with Robert Dunthorne gallery label verso, 27 x 39 cm, framed, together with a further monochrome maritime etching by A J Bond, signed, 12 x 16 cm, framed £100-150
1662.   Lionel Percy Smythe, RA, RWS, RI (British 1839-1918), harvesting scene, watercolour and body colour, signed and dated 91 and with Robert Dunthorne gallery label verso, 25 x 34 cm, framed` £100-150
1663.   Herbert Thomas Dicksee (British 1862-1942) - head of a deer hound, monochrome lithograph, signed and with Robert Dunthorne label verso, exhibition date of 1895, 24 x 29 cm, framed, together with Hayward Hardy (1842-1933), Head of a horse, signed, monochrome etching, 36 x 28 cm, framed £30-50
1664.   Charlotte Kell (20th century British school) - Oil on board, signed, abstract subject with Peter Hyde Fine Art gallery label verso - The Mathematician and London address details, 57 x 47 cm, framed, together with a 20th century school oil painting on board - landscape with thorns and bird, 44 x 60 cm, framed £40-60
1665.   Attributed to Eliot Hodgkin (20th century) - Study of shallots - oil on board, signed and having attribution verso, "Eliot Hodgkin, Eleven Shallots", 34 x 44cm, framed £60-80
1666.   John Carter (early 19th century English school) view of a monument in Chelsea Church, architectural study in ink and watercolour, signed and inscribed, 47 x 30cm, framed £50-70
1667.   Bernard Dunstan RA (British 1920 - 2017) interior with nude figure on a bed, signed limited edition lithograph, number 113/120, 28 x 35cm, framed £40-60
1668.   Miguel Aguila (20th century continental school) - View of a coastal town - Sitges, watercolour and body colour, signed and dated 67, inscribed verso, 40 x 55cm, framed £30-50
1669.   After David Teniers - A Village Festival, 18th century monochrome engraving by E Thelot, 45 x 53cm, together with a further monochrome engraving after Teniers of an interior scene with chiropodist, 38 x 49cm, both framed, also together with a pair of late 19th century needlework pictures of fighting cocks in gilt glass mounts and gilt frames, 55 x 42cm £150-200
1670.   John Hawes - Pair of portraits of horses standing in landscapes, oil on canvas, both signed and dated 1960, 50 x 60cm approx, in moulded frames £40-60
1671.   20th century continental school - City scene with figures, oil on board, 50 x 60cm, in moulded gilt frame £50-60
1672.   Eileen A Soper (1905-1990), The Shadow, monochrome etching, signed, 11 x 7cm visible, together with a further monochrome etching signed by the same hand, little girl amongst grasses watching a butterfly, 12 x 11cm visible approx, also together with a monochrome print after George Soper (1870-1942) of a South Down shepherd, 17 x 25cm approx, all framed £100-150
1673.   Eileen A Soper (1905-1990) - Leapfrog on the Sand, signed monochrome etching, 15 x 21cm visible, framed £250-300
1674.   G Drummond Fish (British school) - Mountainous landscape with triple arched stone bridge, watercolour, signed twice and inscribed verso - Brig O'Dee Galloway, 31 x 48cm, framed £80-120
1675.   Ernst Michael Dinkle, RWS (British 1894-1983) - Old Gloucestershire Wagon and Goats, watercolour, faintly signed and with label verso with address details, Bussage, Gloucestershire, 39 x 39cm, framed £80-100
1676.   19th century school - A collection of sixteen watercolour studies of townscapes, landscapes, figures, etc (in four frames) inscribed Chartes, Coutances, Mont St Michel, etc, dated 1894, various sizes max 16 x 12cm, framed £40-60
1677.   Maddalena F Pacini, (20th century) - Study of an interior scene with Begonia, oil on board, signed initials MP and dated 80, labelled verso, 60 x 45cm, framed £30-40
1678.   William Lee-Hankey RWS (British 1869-1952) - Madeleine, study of a girl in hat, monochrome etching, signed, with blind embossed monogram, 27 x 21.5cm approx visible, framed £60-80
1679.   Edmund Blampied (British 1886-1966) - Shore Harvest, Seaweed Gathering, signed monochrome etching, 25 x31cm visible, together with a further monochrome etching by the same hand of fishermen hauling a rowing boat on to the shore, signed monochrome etching, 19 x 25cm, approx visible, framed £150-200
1680.   Edmund Blampied - RBA (British 1886-1966) Cowherd in a stormy landscape, signed monochrome etching, 27 x 34cm visible approx, framed £100-150
1681.   Edmund Blampied, RBA (British 1886-1966) Galloping, signed limited edition monochrome etching, number 20/100, with date to plate, 24 x 31cm visible, together with a further signed monochrome etching by the same hand, of two horses grazing, 18 x 23cm approx, both framed £150-200
1682.   Ladage (20th century) - sailing ships on high seas, oil painting on canvas signed, 60 x 90 cm in gilt frame together with a pair of gilt framed oleographs of further shipping scenes £40-60
1683.   After TJ Barker - (19th century British) - Napoleon The Great rebuking his officers at Bassano, monochrome engraving, 1855, 71 x 120 cm in gilt frame £40-60
1684.   After David Wilkie (19th century British) - The Rent Day, 19th century monochrome engraving 1877, 42 x 67 cm, together with further coloured print after David Wilkie - The Reading of the Will, a pair of coloured prints after Singleton, The Farmyard and The Ale House-door, a further monchrome print - Gloucester Old Bank - showing Jemmy Wood, all framed £30-50
1685.   Gillian Lawson (20th century British) - Gone Fishing, signed coloured limited edition, etching, 56 x 56 cm, together with a further artists proof by the same hand - Village Pond, 54 x 65 cm, further signed coloured limited edition etching after Anna Pugh, Wild Geese, a watercolour landscape signed George Cutler and a framed montage including three five pound notes, all framed £30-50
1686.   After Patel (18th century Continental School) - figures and cattle amongst classical ruins, monochrome engraving by F Vivares, dated 1757, 39 x 50 cm, framed, together with Jacob Philipp Hackert and George Hackert (18th century school), cattle and figures beside ruined stone bridge, monochrome engraving, 1779, 47 x 60 cm, framed £40-60
1687.   Alexandra G (21st century) - The Fall of Icarus, signed, oil on canvas, 80 x 100 cm £50-80
1688.   J Derie? 19th century school - Lake scene with figures and dog, oil on canvas, indistinctly signed, 28 x 46cm, framed, together with an 18th century black and white engraving after Isaac Ostade, by PC Canot - A Country Wake, 48 x 61cm, framed £80-120
1689.   V Lewis (19th Century British School) - Landscape with figure and distant church, oil on canvas, signed, 29 x 40cm, framed £25-30
1690.   Ian N* Stephens (born 1946, Australian) - Australian landscape - "Farmhouse in the Tweed River Valley", signed, inscribed label verso, oil on acrylic on board, 40 x 50cm; together with two similar smaller Australian landscape studies by the same hand (3) £80-120
1691.   William Hoggatt RI RBC (British) - 'The Plains of Heaven', Landscape with pair of heavy horses and farmer, oil painting on board, signed, 40 x 55cm £400-600
1692.   Philip Mitchell (19th century British school) - River landscape with fishermen, watercolour, signed and with St Breock Gallery Cornwall label verso attributing it to Philip Mitchell RI (1814-1896) 16 x 33cm approx £30-50
1693.   J Strandburg (20th century) - Winter city landscape, oil on canvas, signed, 60 x 45cm framed, together with a pair of 20th century oil paintings on canvas, one of a scene relating to the Holocaust, the other of a slavery related subject, both signed with initials AFV, dated 1961, 57 x 92cm, framed £30-50
1694.   17th century Anglo-Netherlandish school - Three-quarter length portrait of a bearded man dressed in black with ruff collar and embroidered belt, oil on oval wooden panel, perhaps by Cornelis Van Der Voort 106cm max, unframed £4000-6000
1695.   John Ogilby (1600-1676) The Continuation of the Road from Bristol to Chester and the Continuation of the Road from London to Holy-Head (2) 35 x 46cm, framed, together with a 19th century map of North Wales, 19 x 24cm approx, framed £60-80
1696.   19th century English school - Study of a terrier's head, oil/oleograph on board, with Frost & Reed label verso, Mrs E Combs, 28 x 21cm, framed £200-300
1697.   Attributed to J B Nollekens (Flemish 1665-1720) - A tavern interior scene, oil on board, with old printed and ink labels verso, 30 x 23cm, in carved wooden and gilt frame £300-350
1698.   A collection of pictures and prints including a Victorian coloured print of a little girl bathing her dog, 59 x 41cm in Oxford type oak frame, a coloured engraving after W Dendy Sadler of a gentleman drinking, a coloured print after EJ Gregory of a boating scene at Boulter's Loch, a 19th century needlework picture of a recumbent spaniel and one other, etc £40-60
1699.   Saulin (20th century French school) - Parisian city scene with Notre-Dame, oil on canvas, signed, inscribed and further signed verso, 59 x 72cm, framed, together with Rosemary Dickens (20th century British school) - Still life with jug of flowers, oil on board, signed and with artists Salisbury address details verso, 60 x 50cm, framed £60-100
1700.   A late 19th century study of a Venetian lagoon scene with gondolas, St Marks Cathedral at sunset, oil painting on board, 24 x 34cm, in carved frame £40-60
1701.   withdrawn £30-50
1702.   Hazel Sherlock (20th century) - Beach scene, oil on board, signed and with Malvern address details verso, 29 x 38cm, framed £30-50
1703.   Attributed to Willem Van De Velde (Dutch, 1633-1707) - Shipping off the Coast, with rowing boat to foreground, oil painting on wooden panel, with old label verso, Van De Velde, Men of War Vessels, 19 x 25cm approx, framed £300-500
1704.   Late 19th century British school - Still life with basket of fruit and bust of a woman, oil on board, 23 x 29cm, framed £25-30
1705.   Julia Ball (British, 1930) - Santa Sophia, Thessalonicka, limited edition lithograph, signed and dated 64, edition number 3/15, with W Heffer & Sons Ltd, Cambridge gallery, label verso, 58 x 76cm, framed £30-50
1706.   Gerald Woods (20th century British) - Kitchen Bridge, Cambridge, coloured lithograph, signed, inscribed and dated 1964, with W Heffer & Sons, Cambridge gallery label verso, 46 x 55cm, framed £40-60
1707.   Henry George Hine (British 1811-1895) - A Chalk Pit at Eastbourne, Sussex, watercolour, signed and dated 1887, further signed and dated verso, 33 x 56cm, framed £200-300
1708.   A framed montage of sixteen early 20th century, London and South Western Railway and GWR Railway tickets, together with a reproduction District Railway notice from 1897 and a pair of black and white photographs of Edwardian Henley Regatta scenes, 23 x 17cm approx, all framed £25-30
1709.   20th century study of a view through skyscrapers, mixed media on paper, indistinctly signed, 35 x 17cm, framed £30-50
1710.   G Wintz (late 19th century school) - Two Oxen in a farmyard setting, oil on canvas, signed, 52 x 71cm, in gilt moulded frame £150-200
1711.   20th century school - study of The Madonna and Child, oil on board, 28 x 21cm, framed £25-30
1712.   19th century British School - Shoulder length portrait of a young boy, water and bodycolour, signed with monogram and dated 1876, 46 x 39cm, a pair of 19th century monochrome lithographs of Prince and Princess of Wales, with presentation inscriptions dated 1873, oval, 50cm max and a 19th century coloured engraving after Henry Alken of a humorous coaching scene, 28 x 52cm, all framed £30-50
1713.   Arthur Foord Hughes (British 1856-1914) - Half length portrait of J T Curwen Esq, seated in his library, oil on canvas, signed, 34 x 24cm, framed (Arthur Foord Hughes was the son of pre-Raphaelite painter Arthur Hughes) £150-200
1714.   Sir David Young Cameron, RA, RSA, (Scottish 1865-1945) - The Sutherland Hills, watercolour, signed, inscribed to mount and with label verso from Wallis & Son, New Bond Street, London, 20 x 34cm, framed, together with further works by the same hand, including a monochrome etching of Dieppe Castle, signed, 26 x 42cm, framed, a monochrome study of a figure beside a building, with initials DYC and with Leggatt Brothers Gallery label verso, 25 x 19cm, framed and a coloured print - The Shadows of Glencoe, unframed £200-300
1715.   Chinese school - study of two pandas eating bamboo, calligraphy and stamp marks top right, 32 x 51cm, framed £50-80
1716.   Joseph Mathias Negelen (Swiss 1792-1870) - Half length portrait of a lady in bonnet, charcoal, signed and dated 1833, 34 x 26cm, framed, together with an unsigned, early 20th century bust length portrait of a woman, 38 x 30cm, framed £50-80
1717.   Hercules Brabazon Brabazon (British, 1821-1906) - A pair of Venetian lagoon scenes after JMW Turner, watercolour and bodycolour, both signed with initials, 25 x 34cm and 22 x 34cm, both framed £300-500
1718.   A pair of reproduction coloured posters for the American Line Ocean Liner and the White Star Line, 62 x 42cm, framed £25-30
1719.   After Samuel Howitt (19th century British school) - Set of six coloured engravings, 17 x 22cm, a Victorian arch topped study of roses, etc, all framed £25-30
1720.   Bernard Kilban (1935-1990, American) - Seven humorous studies of cats, black and white prints, 18 x 23cm, framed, together with after David Roberts (1796 - 1864) - 'Baalbeck' colour print, 51 x 35cm; together with collection of six further colour prints £25-30
1721.   After Henry Alken (Early 19th century) a set of six humorous engravings of sporting mishaps - A Slight Shock, Queer Feelings, etc, published by I W Laird, 20 x 25cm, framed, together with a set of four 19th century coloured engravings after the same hand showing cock fighting subjects engraved by RG Reeve, 14 x 20cm, and a early 19th century coloured engraving after Rowlandson and Pugin of the Royal Cock Pit, 24 x 31cm, all framed £30-50
1722.   Christopher Ironside - Still life with roses and glass, oil on canvas, signed with monogram and dated 53, further indistinctly signed verso, 35 x 30cm, framed £30-50
1723.   Robert Hills (British 1769-1844) - Studies of Cattle (10) monochrome engraved plates from Robert Hills etchings of cattle, published 1806, 47 x 31cm, framed £40-60
1724.   Mid 20th century school - Continental landscape with white buildings in a rugged mountainous landscape, unsigned, oil on board, 75 x 90cm , framed £30-50
1725.   Charles Hunt (19th century) - The Racehorse, Fisherman, coloured engraving, published 1858, 53 x 66cm, together with a coloured print after Stubbs of mares and foals, 36 x 60cm, both framed £50-80
1726.   19th century British school - Half length portrait of an elderly lady in bonnet and red shawl, oil on canvas, 75 x 62cm, in moulded gilt frame and gilt slip £300-500
1727.   19th century school - interior study with a child seated on a wounded soldiers lap with further figures at a doorway, oil on canvas, unsigned, titled 'Glory' to slip, 90 x 70cm, framed £50-80
1728.   19th century Continental school - Townscape with figures and an Abbey in the background, unsigned, oil on canvas, 75 x 42cm, framed £50-80
1729.   20th century school - Continental landscape with towers to the distance, oil on board in the pointillist technique, unsigned, 26 x 35, framed £30-50
1730.   W* Clark after M* Withers - two French studies of pears, with inscriptions, coloured lithographs, each 26 x 20cm, cushioned frames (2) £30-40
1731.   E G Thomson (early 19th century British school) - Bust length portrait of a young officer, watercolour, signed, 17.5 x 12.5cm, framed, together with a collection of pictures and prints relating to the Curwen family including an oil portrait of Miss P Curwen, with label Pamela Nathan, an early 19th century black and white engraving of John Christian Curwen Esq, MP, a pair of pencil studies of doves, signed JC Curwen, a monochrome etching - study of two boys, etcetc £40-60
1732.   After Sir Peter Paul Rubens (Flemish, 1577-1640) - Rubens with his wife and child, monochrome engraving by J McArdell, 55 x 40cm, together with a black and white engraving after Sir Antony Van Dyck by P Van Gunst, showing William Villiers, Viscount Grandisson, 54 x 36cm, both in black and gilt frames £50-80
1733.   Ray Balkwill, (B.1948) - Sailing at Kingsbridge, watercolour, signed and with biographical label verso, further signed and inscribed and dated 92, 26 x 36cm, together with a signed coloured limited edition print after G John Blockley of a landscape subject, both framed £40-60
1734.   James W Stuart (20th century British school) - City river scene with bridge and Cathedral, watercolour and bodycolour, signed and dated 1929, 39 x 59, framed £30-50
1735.   John Speed (17th century) - Map of Suffolk, 39.5 x 50cm approx, Christopher Saxton and John Speed, 17th century Map of Worcestershire, 39.5 x 52cm approx, a further 17th century map of Suffolk, 53 x 63cm approx, all framed, together with Fairburn's Map of the Country, 12 miles around London, 1800, 56 x 54cm approx, unframed £150-200
1736.   W Belch (early 19th century) - Coloured and embellished engraving - The Launch of the Thunderer Man of War, 1831, 20 x 30cm approx, a similar coloured engraving - Outward Bound India Man, a 19th century Indian school gouache of a hunting scene, 24 x 34cm sheet size, a monochrome etching of an eastern scene with temple, indistinctly signed, a signed artist proof of moored boats, signed Halpern?, etc, various sizes, all framed £40-60
1737.   Harold J Watkins (20th century British school) - A quantity of unframed watercolours, subjects including landscapes, still lifes, etc, various sizes, maximum 38 x 57cm approx £30-50
1738.   David Naylor (20th century British) - Three studies of farm buildings, watercolour, signed, with Stroud address label verso, 32 x 42cm, framed £25-30
1739.   After EAS Douglas (19th century British school) - Morning and Evening, hunting scenes, reproduction monochrome prints after engravings by EG Hester, 81 x 68cm sheet size, unframed, together with further unframed prints including McQueen's hunting scenes, Hogarth's Beer Street and Gin Lane, etc £25-30
1740.   Follower of H Matisse (20th century French school) - Still life with bottle and lemon, oil on canvas, bears signature, 41 x 31cm, unframed £50-80
1741.   A M Horan (early 20th century British school) - Mountainous lake scene with deer, watercolour, signed and dated 1908, 11 x 15cm, together with George Birks, 20th century British school, aviation interest, Fairey Fox Bomber, signed and dated 1993, 20 x 30cm, both framed £40-80
1742.   Timothy Pont (1565-1614) - Map of Galloway, The Sherifdome of Wigton, sheet size 52 x 62cm, unframed £50-70
1743.   Robert Hughes (20th century British school) - On Stitchcombe Hill (sic), Lower Swell, Winter Sunshine in the Forest and Liddington Church, four miniature oil landscapes on board, all signed, dated 1986/87, all inscribed and signed verso, with Swindon address details, approx size 9 x 7cm, all framed £200-250
1744.   Manuel Millares Sall (Spanish, 1926-1972) - Town View, probably in the Canary Islands, double sided watercolour with further partial study of a building verso, signed and dated 46, 39 x 32cm, framed £200-300
1745.   A quantity of coloured prints of abstract style landscape subjects with buildings, max size 42 x 54 cm, all framed £20-25
1746.   19th century British school - Study of a gorge, oil on board, signed with initials, dated 85, with old label verso, 15 x 27cm, unframed £25-30
1747.   Late 19th century school - Miniature portrait of a young child in lace dress with blue ribbons, tinted photographic print on ceramic panel, inscribed - Lafayette Dubhaw?, 15 x 11cm in cast gilt metal frame with floral and foliate detail, together with a further 20th century miniature portrait of oval form showing a young woman with indistinct inscription - Sean?, 8cm max in green velvet frame £120-180
1748.   Early 20th century school - Bust portrait of a gentleman in bow tie and suit, work on ivory, oval mount, 8.5 x 6.75cm, framed £50-80
1749.   R Evans (early 20th century British school) - Half length miniature portrait of a lady in Edwardian dress, possibly of suffragette interest, understood to represent Miss Anderson, signed and dated 1909, 9cm max oval, gilt metal oval frame £80-100
1750.   19th century school - Miniature bust portrait of a lady in a white dress, work on ivory, fitted into a gilt metal pendant, 6 x 5cm, upon and easel baize stand £50-80
1751.   20th century school - Study of two female nudes, oil on canvas, unsigned, 74 x 58cm, unframed £40-60
1752.   An exceptional Japanese concertina album of various Japanese woodblock hand coloured prints after Ando Hiroshige, Tsukioka Yoshitoshi and others, manly comprising triptych printed in inks and colours on paper, with a variety of landscapes and domestic scenes £300-500
1753.   A Chinese scroll of wall paper with hand painted decoration of characters, waterscapes and buildings, 3m x 1m £150-200
1754.   M M Isles (early 20th century British school) - Auld Acquaintance be Forgot, humorous caricature drawing of two gentlemen in Scottish costume, singed and dated 1904, 29 x 23cm, framed, together with a coloured print after Cecil Aldin - The Duke of Beaufort's hunt from Great Wood, 22 x 35cm, framed £25-30
1755.   Jack Russell (British B.1963) - Winning Double, signed limited edition cricket print showing Gloucestershire winning the Natwest Trophy in August 1999, signed by artist and players, edition 138/650, 46 x 75cm, framed, together with two further coloured prints of 19th century style cricket scenes, max size 62 x 100cm, all framed £30-50
1756.   Jo Waters (20th century British) - Still lifes with fruit, watercolours, pair, both signed, with labels verso and Watford address details, 32 x 47cm approx, framed £30-50
1757.   John Brunsdon (British 1933-2014) - Cherhill Horse, coloured limited edition etching, signed, edition 59/100, 51 x 66cm, framed £80-120
1758.   Michael Chaplin, RE (British B.1943) - The Thames at Lechlade, coloured limited edition etching, signed, 56 x 46cm, together with a further signed, coloured, limited edition etching by the same hand - Wood Burning, both dated 79, 43 x 55cm, both framed £60-80
1759.   After Paul Draper (20th century British school) - Seven Dials Circa 1750, monochrome limited edition print, signed, 40 x 51cm, framed £20-25
1760.   After John Kip (early 18th century school) - The West Prospect of Gloucester City and Hardwick Park Court (2) coloured engravings, 36 x 45cm approx, after S Reed - Gloucester Cathedral, 19th century coloured engraving, 34 x 52cm approx; together with two further signed limited edition prints of Gloucester after Alan England and J Russell, all framed £40-60
1761.   An interesting and comprehensive collection of 19th century and later artists materials including inlaid wooden artists box, with chequered string inlay and fitted single drawer, a paint box by Lechertier-Barbe & Co of Regent Street, fitted with loose pigments, tubes of pigments, etc, further black tin paint boxes, brush holders, etc, a quantity of early 20th century sketch books, folding easels, pencils, etc, together with a collection of unframed prints, drawing etc, £150-200
1762.   Set of six framed botanical prints, together with a further set of six Tate Gallery prints and two others (14) £20-30
1763.   Robert Walker Macbeth (British 1848-1910) - The Rainy Day, after Fred Walker, artists proof etching, signed, 18 x 30cm, together with Edgar L Pattison (B.1872) - A Moorish Courtyard, monochrome etching, signed, 90 x 23cm, together with seven other monochrome etching artists including Bessell, Sharland, Keeling, etc, also together with a small watercolour study of boats above Assinet, dated 87, all framed (10) £50-80
1764.   After L Whitcombe (early 19th century English school) - The Squadron Under the Command of Rear Admiral Stopford, Engaging Three French Frigates, coloured engraving, by T Sutherland, 17 x 23cm, Chopin (19th century French school) - pair of coloured engravings of elegant curtain designs, 34 x 22cm, a framed set of 10 floral embroidered silk cigarette cards, a pair of early 19th century black and white studies of a woodcutter and a party of gentlemen playing quoits, etc, all framed £30-50
1765.   Sir David Young Cameron, RA, RSA (British 1865-1945) - Perth Bridge, monochrome etching, unsigned, 19 x 27cm, an 18th century map of Cambridgeshire, entitled - The Road from London to Kings Lyn (sic), 18 x 12cm, Samuel and Nathaniel Buck - The South Prospect of Preston in the County Palatine of Lancaster, 29 x 75cm, further 19th century and other topographical engravings, WJ Maskell (20th century British school) - Three Views of Cambridge, unframed, etc £30-50
1766.   Albert Pollitt (British 1856-1926) - Coastal scene with figures, watercolour, signed, together with a further watercolour of a castle with initials RA, watercolour of a still life with flowers and fruit, signed Warren and dated 1946, oil on canvas, still life with fruit, and a monochrome etching of a house, signed Chas Clark, all framed £30-50
1767.   Early 19th century school - Miniature portrait of Reverend Francis Nicoll, principle of St Andrews University (1819-1835), watercolour on paper, of oval form, with label verso detailing the life and career of the sitter, 9.5cm oval max in black frame with brass mount £30-50
1768.   After J Webber (19th century British school) - The Natchie, A Ceremony of Honour of the King's Son, in Tongataboo, coloured engraving, 35 x 53cm, (20th century school) - Study of an 18th century botanist/explorer and study of a Kangaroo (2) - pastel, signed with initials MEH and dated 87, 64 x 48cm, all framed £30-50
1769.   Max A*. S*. Hamblen (20th century) - rural landscape with farm buildings, mountains and poultry, signed, watercolour, 36 x 54cm £60-80
1770.   A signed coloured limited edition print of a tropical style setting with palm trees, garden chair, etc, signed bottom right Oku, inscribed Lunch Break, edition number 101/275, 54 x 66 cm, together with a further signed coloured limited edition coloured print of a Mediterranean style courtyard scene, signed Llana Richards, and a further coloured print of a still life with a vase of flowers, all framed £30-50
1781.   A probate document complete with seal, together with a further related document dated 1853
1782.   A folder containing an interesting collection of KGV and KGVI stamps covers sent to Admiral the Marquess of Milford Haven (Count Louis Alexander of Battenberg (Mountbatten) 24/5/1854-11/9/1921) the latest dated 9th August 1921 and to the Dowager Marchioness of Milford Haven (Princess (Victoria) Louis of Battenberg (Mountbatten) 5/4/1863-24/9/1950), some with 'honi soit qui mal y pense' seal (Order of the Garter) and all initialed and mostly addressed to Kensington Palace - and also a collection of KGV-VI covers. (displayed in cabinet) £40-60
1783.   A folder containing a collection of GB & commonwealth covers ranging from 1840 1d Black 4 margin to 1930's including ½d, 1d reds (imperfs & perfs), 2d blues and surface printed QV. (displayed in cabinet) £200-250
1784.   Two stand stamp albums, 4th editions with leather spines - four pages of 1d reds, one 1d black, nine 2d blues and other Victorian stamps, together with further worldwide stamps from Voctoria to George VI (several hundred total0 £200-300
1785.   A Strand stamp album 17th Edition, together with a further album containing a worldwide selection of stamps - Edward VII to George VI £80-100
1786.   A box containing, sorted and placed in envelopes, a selection of worldwide stamps, a further box of stamps cut from envelopes, five pocket size collectors books and a Simples loose leaf album containing a worldwide selection of stamps, a stamp collectors outfit box 502, Stanley Gibbons Colour Guide, etc £80-100
1787.   A simplex stamp album containing a considerable collection of stamps - English from QV, including a 1d black (good margins) two 2d blue further Victorian, George V, VI and early QEII empire, etc, a second simplex album containing world wide stamps, etc (2) £150-200
1788.   A stock book containing South African triangular stamps over stamped South West Africa - further English stamps from QV, another album - mid 20th century Netherlands, Monaco, German, etc (2) £60-80
1789.   A collection of GB Commonwealth and world stamps in two albums and a stockbook £30-50
1790.   A folder containing mint stamps booklet from Sweden £20-30
1791.   A stockbook containing an accumulation of stamps from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East including blocks, part sheet, covers, etc £30-50
1792.   The Sir Winston Churchill 1965 stamp album containing GB, Commonwealth and World Stamps and covers, etc £20-30
1793.   Two albums containing GB, Commonwealth and World stamps £20-40
1794.   A collection of stamps worldwide, from mid-20th and late 20th century including blocks £30-40
1795.   An album of GB stamps mainly Edward VIII, George VI and QE II, all mint; together with a further album mainly George VI and QEII mint Commonwealth £60-80
1796.   A Postboy Stamp Album containing a quantity of mid-20th century British and worldwide stamps £20-25
1797.   Four stamp albums containing a quantity of British and worldwide stamps dating from Queen Victoria onwards, together with a quantity of unsorted loose stamps in envelopes, plus a small leather note book containing Penny Reds, etc (displayed separately in cabinet) £30-50
1798.   Two stockbooks and a box file of mint GB Commonwealth and world stamps including booklets and minisheets £30-50
1799.   An album of Austrian franked envelopes mainly late 1980s/early 1990s period, a further album of English FDC's - random issues 1976 - 1990 and a quantity of loose postcards and foreign coinage £30-40
1800.   Two boxes containing a quantity of GB and world stamps, albums, catalogues, booklets, etc £30-50
1801.   A box containing five albums of covers relating to cricket including '150th Anniversary of the birth of W.G. Grace' commemorative green album limited edition no76 of 150 and an album of covers relating to Tennis £30-50
1802.   Two albums and a box of FDC's mostly Navy related £20-30
1803.   Six folders of mainly Armed forces related covers and others £30-50
1804.   Two stamp stock books, commonwealth - Aden to Virgin Islands - mid to latter 20th century (2) £60-80
1805.   A box containing five albums containing first day covers/issues definitive mint stamp packs, together with a further box with loose FDC's, etc £30-40
1806.   Five shoe boxes containing a large quantity of RAF and Armed Forces covers and flown covers, many signed £40-60
1808.   A box containing a large quantity of GB FDC's £20-30
1809.   Five folders of RAF/Armed forces related covers (includes flown covers and others) £30-50
1810.   A stamp stock book - worldwide stamps - Argentina to Zimbabwe - mid to latter 20th century and a further stock book (2) £30-40
1810A.  A stamp stock book of Bristol stamps from Queen Victorian to QEII (displayed in cabinet) £40-60
1811.   Three boxes containing a very large quantity of stamps in envelopes, etc £20-30
1812.   A good selection of WWII manuals, Amy, Navy and Airforce recognition booklets, Daily Telegraph and other war time invasion maps, training manuals, etc, together with seven Bruce Bairnsfather Fragments From France publications £30-50
1813.   A box containing a mixed collection of black and white family pictures
1814.   The Novel's of Jane Austen (in 10 volumes) published by J M Dent & Co, 1894, in a matching presentation box £60-80
1815.   An album containing a large quantity of signed black and white film star pictures, mainly from the 1940s and 50s, together with further related ephemera and pictures £30-50
1816.   A large collection black and white postcards including a number showing King George VI and Queen Elizabeth with the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose at the Highland Games, King Edward VIII in Highland Regimental Uniform inspecting troops, etc, together with a further box of humorous postcards, 1950s calendars, etc £30-40
1817.   Eight postcards from Exile on Main Street by The Rolling Stones, (scene five through to scene twelve) Beatles newspaper cuttings, vintage sheet music, etc
1818.   A small leather writing case in the form of a suitcase, a blue leather travelling picture frame, further leather picture frames and journals, etc £60-80
1819.   An extensive collection of mixed ephemera including unused stationery, note books, journals, cigarette packets, vintage and antique cards, etc £30-50
1820.   A collection of Beano and Dandy comics dating from the 1960s
1821.   A large scrapbook part filled with cuttings and clippings, etc a box full of loose scrapbook cuttings, further loose scrapbook pages, flower press, etc £40-60
1822.   A selection of Reggae LPs and 7 inch singles, artists including Bob Marley, Third World, Sister Carol, Sizzla, etc £20-30
1823.   The Handy Royal Atlas of Modern Geography published by W & AK Johnston, 1892, together with a quantity of early 20th century mixed maps and guides and a box of Ordinance Survey maps, etc £40-60
1824.   A mixed collection of Indie, New Wave and Punk vinyl LPs, artists including New Order, Heaven 17, Sex Pistols, Stranglers, etc £30-40
1825.   A box of FDC's in four folders £30-50
1826.   A collection of approx 30 lps, comprising German Rock and Punk, Kraut Rock and Deutsche Neue Welle - artists including Tangerine Dream, Toten Hosen, Grobschnitt, Propaganda, Birthcontrol, etc £40-60
1827.   A collection comprising three stamp albums containing GB stamps, QV to George VI, a quantity of mixed worldwide stamps, up to the mid 20th century, further loose stamps together with a collection of German postcards £300-400
1828.   An interesting collection of four early 20th century hard backed notebooks, containing drawings, notes and signatures, titles include; My Favourite Microbe, The Ghost of my Friends, etc £20-25
1829.   A collection of eight Kate Greenaway Almanacks, 1883, 1889, 1890, 1892-1895 and 1897, together with a Kate Greenaway's Birthday Book for Children (displayed in cabinet) £100-150
1830.   The Zankiwank and the Bletherwitch, first edition, published DM Dent & Co, London 1896, with green cover and gilt decoration (displayed in cabinet) £80-100
1831.   A collection of four Winnie the Pooh books including, The House at Pooh Corner 1928, Now We Are Six 1927 and Winnie The Pooh 1926, all first editions with gold decoration to cover, together with When We Were Very Young 1924 (sixth edition) with gilt decorated cover £60-80
1832.   An album containing eight early 20th century Beatrix Potter greeting cards £150-200
1833.   Robert Ainsworth Dictionary - English & Latin, further parts by Thomas Morell, leather bound 1773, together with a stereotype Edition 1824 £40-60
1834.   The Life of George Lord Anson by Sir John Barrow - published by John Murray 1839 together with a Memorial of Anson's voyage - mid 20th century pamphlet printed for Roche Products Ltd £20-40
1835.   Narrative of Travels and Discoveries in northern and central Africa 1822, 3 & 4 by Major Denham, Capt Clapperton and Dr Oudney with Appendix by Major John Dixon and Capt Clapperton - published by John Murray 1826 - lacks plate number 10 £120-150
1836.   The History of Scotland during the reigns of Queen Mary and of King James VI by William Robertson DD 20th Edition - 3 vols 1817, leather bound (lacks two spines), complete £30-50
1837.   The History of America by William Robertson, 9th Edition - 4 vols, 1800 original boards, complete £50-70
1838.   Michael Bryan - Dictionary of Painters & Engravers, 2 volumes, leather bound 1816 £40-60
1839.   A Voyage to Virginia by Col Norwood 1649 (removed from a larger vol, pages 161-185) - board covers £30-50
1840.   Carys - New Map Of England, and Wales with part of Scotland - published 1794 with hand coloured maps (complete) £1500-2000
1841.   A collection of four dog books including "The Power of the Dog" with twenty plates by Maud Earl (Hodder & Stroughton) half vellum and cloth cover in original box case £40-60
1842.   An extensive collection of interesting good quality children's books including four Babar books, seven Little Grey Squirrel books by Alison Uttley, The Bad Child's Book of Beasts, by H Belloc and B.T.B, A Dog Day, illustrated by Cecil Aldin, a cloth book also by Cecil Aldin, various children's postcards, vintage nursery records, jigsaw, etc, plus a collection of books by J H Dowd £60-80
1843.   A collection of late 19th century children's books including Peter Pan, illustrated by Arthur Rackham, published by Hodder & Stoughton, The Water Babies, illustrated by Warwick Goble, published by Macmillan & Co Ltd, Black Beauty, illustrated by Cecil Aldin, The Book of Nonsense, illustrated by Edward Lear, together with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass (7) £40-60
1844.   A leather bound edition of Shakespeare's Sonnets, together with 1914 and other Poems by Rupert Brooke, published by Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd, 1919 £30-50
1845.   Two leather bound editions of The Naturalist Library - Ornithology Part I and II by Sir William Jardine, published Edinburgh 1838 £30-50
1846.   Goldsmiths Miscellaneous Works: A New Edition in Four Volumes, published London 1801, with leather covers and gilt decoration with two further late 19th century books £30-50
1847.   A large and interesting collection of late 19th and early 20th century children's books including The English Struwwelpeter, Five Kate Greenaway picture books, R Caldecott's Picture Book, etc, together with Struwwelhitler - A Nazi Story Book, produced by the Daily Sketch War Relief Fund £60-80
1848.   A quantity of early 20th century books about sailing, fishing and related subjects including Lloyds's Book of House Flags and Funnels, published 1912 £30-40
1849.   An Alphabet by William Nicholson, published by William Heinemann, London 1898, with twenty six colour plates £100-200
1850.   A Jimi Hendrix Experience/Pink Floyd concert programme, also featuring The Move, The Amen Corner, etc, together with a Beatles' 67 song book £70-80
1851.   A large late 19th/early 20th century album containing a mixed collection of black and white photographs, subjects to include topographical studies, military parades, Oxford Eight Rowing, etc
1852.   Charles Dickens: A Gossip about his Life, Works and Characters, produced by Cassell & Co Ltd, in six parts £100-120
1853.   A collection of books about country pursuits and related subjects including The Badminton Magazine 1903, the Encyclopaedia of Sport (Volumes I and II) published 1897, etc £30-50
1854.   A large collection of miscellaneous books including eleven Folio Society editions, various 19th century poetry books, The Works of Shakespeare, with illustrations by Sir John Gilbert RA, The Waverley Novels, etc £40-80
1855.   Twenty five volumes of The Pentax Way, (various editions) together with two boxes of further photography publications
1856.   An interesting collection of books on or about Bristol £20-30
1857.   The Bill Blass collection produced by Sotheby's 2003, together with a box of miscellaneous catalogues, brochures, etc £30-40
1858.   An extensive quantity of good quality reference books about lace making and related subjects (in excess of 80 volumes) £30-50
1859.   A Catalogue Raisonne-Sir William Russell Flint RA - Deluxe Edition number 460/500, copies with slip case and with personal inscription by Cecilia Green, (perhaps Flint's favourite views) - dated 29 august 97, further signed exhibition cover by Cecilia, further personal inscription to an exhibition of Flint's work at The Richard Green Gallery - January 1990 - invitation to a viewing of the Flint Christmas exhibition 1986 - together with further exhibition catalogues, newspaper cuttings, etc £200-250
1860.   A collection of four equine books including The Book of the Horse, published by Cassell & Co Ltd £20-30
1861.   A collection of books by Captain W E Johns, including Biggles and Gimlet, some first editions and many with original dust wrappers (in excess of 30 volumes) £30-50
1862.   A collection of late 19th century travel books including Under The Syrian Sun by A C Inchbold, (two volumes), The Land of the Midnight Sun by P B Du Chaillu (two volumes), etc £60-80
1863.   A 1930s fabric sample book for quilts and bedspreads £20-30
1864.   A collection of vintage hardback fiction books, many with original dust wrappers £20-25
1865.   A quantity of topographical books including Batsford editions, together with a quantity of related ephemera
1866.   The Illustrated Pocket Shakespeare in eight volumes, with red covers, in matching custom made box, produced by David Bryce & Sons, Glasgow, A Shropshire Lad, Riccardi Press Ltd, edition number 111/1000, together with further mixed literature £60-100
1867.   Motoritis or Other Interpretations of the Motor Act, illustrated by Chas Crombie £200-300
1868.   Barclay's Universal English Dictionary, printed and published by John Childs, 1823, with leather bindings £100-120
1869.   A collection of late 19th century and early 20th century topographical books, many about London and Paris £30-40
1870.   An interesting collection of late 19th century/early 20th century books including Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, illustrated by Arthur Rackam, Gardens of England, by E T Cook, illustrated by Beatrice Parsons, etc £40-50
1871.   A collection of Elsie J Oxenham Abbey School books, mostly first editions and all with original dust wrappers, etc £20-30
1872.   A collection of well illustrated equine and other animal story books, including a number illustrated by Lionel Edwards, Peter Scott, etc £30-50
1873.   A box containing approx 90 records Hip Hop and Rap vinyl records, dated from 1980s and 90s (approx 90) including Grandmaster Flash, Curtis Blow, Run DMC, Public Enemy, etc
1874.   A box containing a collection of rock, pop and progressive music including The Moody Blues, Lou Reed, etc £20-30
1875.   A collection of assorted children's annuals, various comics, three vintage fan magazines, one for The Beatles, etc, together with a child's plastic Beatles guitar £20-30
1876.   A box containing a collection of vinyl LPs mostly rock artists to include, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Rolling Stones, T Rex, etc £30-40
1877.   A collection of 45 rpm singles, mixed artists, together with a quantity of 38 rpm records
1878.   A mixed collection of books including seven Folio Society editions and The Handbook of Classic British Bikes, which includes two black and white photographs showing The Cotswold Cups Trial £20-30
1879.   An extensive and interesting collection of mixed books, various subjects £30-50
1880.   A collection of miscellaneous 1970s football magazines
1881.   An extensive collection of vintage children's adventure books, many about horses, with original dust covers, together with a box of 1940s and 50s Country Life Pony Lovers Calendars £40-60
1882.   A small leather bound bible with decorative clasp, together with further bibles and religious books £20-25
1884.   A large collection of mixed books including nine volumes of Tales of a Grandfather, a set of the novels of Charles Dickens produced by Odhams Press Ltd, a boxed edition of "My Corner of the Field," the autobiography of Edward Wesson, published 1982, a bound edition of The Stand magazine, etc £40-50
1885.   An album containing a quantity of late 19th century pictures of London, together with a mixed collection of books, and a worldwide atlas, published by W & AK Johnston £20-30
1886.   Six folders of GB covers and FDC's, from KGV to modern £40-60
1887.   An extensive collection of railway related books, paperback, pamphlets, etc
1888.   A quantity of medical books including Grey's Anatomy
1889.   A Mark Gerson photograph of the poets Spender, Orden, Hughes, Eliot and McNeice in conversation, 61.5 x 50.5 cm, unframed £40-60