Two Day Antique Sale on
Tuesday 26th & Wednesday 27th February 2019

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1.      A quantity of Mason's and Furnival's blue and white printed Denmark pattern wares, including an oval meat plate and three smaller oval serving plates, two handled tureen and cover, sauce boat, ten dinner plates, nine dessert plates, six side plates, six dessert bowls, eleven tea plates, tea pot, milk jug, twelve cups, fourteen saucers, etc, together with further ceramics including Royal Cauldon Victoria pattern tea wares, Wedgwood tea wares, Masons Mandalay pattern bowl, etc, and three wicker baskets 40-60
2.      A collection of blue and white printed wares including Copeland Spode Italian pattern plates, two sectional preserve dish, sugar bowl and cover, etc, a Cauldon hot water jug and cover, etc, together with a boxed limited edition Wedgwood wall plate produced to commemorate the Clarice Cliff centenary, etc 30-50
3.      A collection of Portmeirion Botanic Garden pattern wares including a large cylindrical bread crock and cover, 35cm tall approx, a pair of vases of shouldered form, 26cm tall approx, two graduated cachepot, etc, together with a collection of Royal Worcester Evesham pattern oven to table wares including three vegetable serving dishes and covers, etc 30-50
4.      An extensive collection of early 19th century Wedgwood teawares with red, blue and gilt Chinoiserie decoration, comprising slop bowl, twelve plates, eleven tea cups, twelve tea saucers, eleven coffee cans and eleven coffee saucers 150-200
5.      Two Royal Doulton Winnie the Pooh figures, Pooh Counting the Honey Pots WP12 and Tigger Signs the Rissolution WP6, a Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, two Hungarian figures of birds, a Sylvac vase modelled as a top hat with cat and dog, no 1484, etc, together with a Royal Doulton blue ground dish with floral detail, a Royal Doulton Shakespeare series plate and a Royal Doulton jug with rustic dancers detail, etc 30-50
6.      A collection of Minton Haddon Hall pattern tea wares, comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates, together with a collection of Masons Mandalay pattern wares comprising cheese dish and cover, sauce tureen, cover, stand and ladle and two jugs, etc, a Wedgwood Clementine pattern bowl, together with a two handled wicker log basket (displayed beneath table) etc 30-50
7.      A collection of Royal Albert Barbara Ann pattern tea wares comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, cake plate, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates, together with a Grosvenor China Bouquet pattern tea for two set comprising tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, two cups, two saucers and two tea plates 30-50
8.      A pair of late 19th century Staffordshire type figures of standing lions with glass eyes and open mouths, 25cm approx, together with a further pair of similar models of recumbent lions, 25cm tall approx 30-40
9.      A Royal Dux figure of a middle eastern style male water carrier, with raised pink triangle mark to base and impressed number 1052, 41cm tall approx 60-80
10.     A 19th century Parian ware figure of The Little Boat Builder, with incised title to front of base and impressed mark to reverse Art Union of London, dated 1879, 45cm tall approx 80-120
11.     An extensive collection of 19th century and later white and cream glazed wares including a crock and cover with moulded repeating daisy head detail, 14cm tall, a set of nine ribbon plates with basket weave moulding, a similar comport, an early 19th century creamware dish of circular form, 25cm diameter, a dish inscribed 'Cucumber', four jelly moulds, etc 40-60
12.     A collection of Japanese Nippon blue and gilt tea wares comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, pair of cake plates, nine cups, twelve saucers and twelve tea plates 25-30
13.     A group of three USSR models of giraffes comprising two recumbent adults and a recumbent baby, a USSR model of a crouching tiger and a Beswick matt glazed model of a trotting brown pony 40-60
14.     A quantity of Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern wares including coffee pot, three milk or cream jugs, seven various sugar bowls, four dessert dishes, four coffee cups, five coffee saucers, etc 30-50
15.     A collection of Poole Pottery ware including a bowl of elongated leaf shaped form with wavy edge and grey glazed exterior and green glazed interior, with printed number to base 6102, 35cm long approx, a bowl with red and orange abstract detail, 20cm diameter, a similar green ground vase, 9.5cm tall, a floral painted bowl, two floral vases, etc 30-50
16.     A Lladro model of a recumbent great dane, 31cm tall, a Lladro figure of a boy in 18th century style costume, seated beside a bowl, two Lladro plaques, etc 30-40
17.     A collection of early 20th century tea wares in the art nouveau manner comprising six cups, eight saucers and six tea plates, together with a collection of Royal Albert Autumn Sunlight pattern tea wares, comprising six cups, six saucers and six tea plates, a Shelley Charm pattern cup and saucer, etc 25-30
18.     A collection of Royal Doulton spirit decanters in the form of birds, including a Beneagles Golden Eagle, Fish Eagle, Red Grouse (2) Whyte & Mackay Kestrel, Tawny Owl, Barn Owl, Merlin (2) Snowy Owl, Short Eared Owl, etc 40-60
19.     A collection of Shelley Blue Iris pattern dinner wares comprising three lozenge shaped graduated meat plates, a pair of tureens and covers, six dinner plates, six dessert plates and four side plates 150-200
20.     Four Royal Doulton character jugs of The Poacher D6429 (3 different sizes) together with a further Royal Doulton character jug - The Angler D6866, further fishing related items including a Sandland mug with fish handle, a farmers arms loving cup and similar jug, etc 30-50
21.     A collection of decorative Franklin Mint ceramics including a lamp base, a mantel clock, a tea pot and coffee pot, covered sugar bowl, etc all with chinoiserie style decoration, a Royal Albert Lavender Rose pattern sugar bowl and cover, etc

******Royal Albert sugar bowl has been damaged during viewing ******* 30-50
22.     A collection of various ceramic horses including a Melba ware mare and foal, an unmarked group of a Canadian Mountie, etc 25-30
23.     A continental figure group in the 18th century manner of ladies and gentlemen playing cards, with blue painted crown and interlinked 'C' mark to underside 25-30
24.     A collection of 19th century dessert wares with painted botanical sprays comprising a high comport and nine dessert plates 30-50
25.     A collection of Midwinter Stylecraft Fashion Shape wares with blue, brick red and yellow geometric decoration, comprising cake plate, tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, six cups, five saucers and five tea plates, together with a dessert set comprising a serving bowl and six dishes 40-60
26.     A collection of Copeland Spode blue and white printed Italian pattern wares, including a toilet jug and basin set, a rectangular sandwich tray, an oval serving dish, a circular serving bowl, a circular serving platter, a pair of candlesticks, four mugs, etc 50-80
27.     An early 19th century Flight Barr & Barr dessert plate with puce and gilt border and painted central panel, with printed and impressed marks to reverse, inscribed Cottage Scene Near Worcester, 22cm approx diameter, together with further early 19th century and later plates including example in the Coalport manner, 22cm approx diameter, a Viennese type with arcaded pierced border and painted decoration of a shepherdess, with blue shield mark to reverse, 26cm approx diameter, etc 50-80
28.     An extensive collection of Copeland Spode blue and white printed Italian pattern wares comprising two tea pots, three various jugs, two sugar bowls, seven dinner plates, six dessert plates, six soup plates, six dessert dishes, six side plates, six tea plates, twelve cups (2 sizes) twelve saucers (2 sizes) and six coffee cans and saucers 100-150
29.     A collection of Beswick animals comprising a trotting brown horse, a shire foal and a further foal and a hound 25-30
30.     A pair of 19th century Staffordshire spaniels with red and white painted patches and separate forelegs, raised on blue glazed rectangular bases, 21cm tall approx 30-50
31.     An early 20th century Coalport two handled pot and cover with blue and white printed floral decoration, gilt detail and moulded rams head handles, printed mark to base 332473, 22cm tall approx 25-30
32.     A quantity of Coalport Blue Wheat pattern wares comprising a pair of two handled tureens and covers, oval meat plate, sauce boat and stand, oval serving dish, eight dinner plates, eight dessert plates, eight dessert bowls, eight side plates, coffee pot, tea pot, pair of cake plates, covered sugar bowl, milk jug, eight cups and eight saucers 100-150
33.     A collection of 19th century Staffordshire figures comprising a group of The Prince and Princess, a further single figure of Princess, a pair of musicians, a girl with a pony, a pair of red and white spaniels, etc, together with a relief moulded jug, a Wedgwood blue ground Jasperware bowl and a collection of George James Abbey pattern Shredded Wheat dishes 30-50
34.     A part set of late 19th century yellow ground coffee cans and saucers with gilt floral decoration on a yellow ground with printed mark to base Staffordshire, Eggshell, the six coffee cans with pierced decorative silver mounts with cherub detail, in presentation case marked West & Son, Dublin 100-120
35.     A collection of various ceramic honey pots including examples in the form of bee skeps, etc 25-30
36.     A quantity of 18th and 19th century ceramics, mostly for restoration, including a continental tin glazed earthenware ink well in the form of a woman wearing a bonnet, 18cm tall, a pair of Doulton Lambeth vases with art nouveau style tube lined decoration, with impressed mark to base, 12.5cm tall, a 19th century imari vase and cover, a turquoise ground oriental bowl of hexagonal form, a dog of fo raised on a rectangular base, two encaustic tiles, an early 19th century blue ground urn shaped two handled vase with painted floral sprays, etc 40-60
37.     A boxed Royal Crown Derby group of a pair of budgerigars, with impressed mark Arnold to base, 14.5 cm approx high 40-60
38.     A 19th century Worcester sweet meat dish designed by James Hadley in the form of a basket with applied figure of a boy seated on a tree trunk, impressed and imprinted marks to base number 1152 and with further impressed mark Hadley to front, 22 cm tall, together with a further Worcester Hadley type sweet meat dish in the form of a boy carrying a basket on his shoulders with impressed and imprinted marks to base number 962, 21 cm tall, 80-120
39.     Three USSR models of animals comprising a recumbent moose, a borzoi dog, and a seal together with a further similar model of a hippo 30-50
40.     A 19th century stoneware ewer in the Doulton Lambeth manner with Arts and Crafts influenced painted and incised trailing leaf, heart and flower head motifs and with faint impressed marks to base and with silver mount and cover hallmarked Hukin & Heath, 29 cm tall approximately 100-150
41.     A 19th century Wedgwood blue ground jasperware copy of the Portland vase with impressed mark to base and moulded capital A, 21 cm approx tall, together with a further blue ground jasperware type vase with incised numbers 650 to base, painted sceptre mark and painted initials M F J ? 25 cm tall approx 100-150
42.     A 19th century green ground Minton's type moon flask vase and cover, probably Minton, with painted decoration by Wenceslas (William) Mussill, of fish amongst water weed to one side and shells and coral to the other, with painted signature to base and with faint impressed marks and raised on four angled supports with further gilt detail, 30 cm approx 120-150
43.     A six place Royal Doulton coffee set of small proportions with gilded cartouches containing exotic bird detail on a mottled blue ground comprising coffee pot and cover, milk jug, sugar bowl, six coffee cans and six saucers, together with a cut glass biscuit barrel with plated mount and rim and a glass cocktail shaker with plated mount and pump action mixer patent number 398324 40-60
44.     A Royal Doulton figure of a seated piglet HN2652, a Grainger & Co Worcester hat pin holder in the form of a flower head with mark to base 79 together with a further similar vase in the form of a water lily, a Royal Worcester matt glazed model of a fledgling robin, a Beswick model of nuthatch and a tin glazed earthenware tile with painted bird decoration 30-50
45.     A collection of Wedgwood blue ground jasperwares comprising a ribbed bowl with lug handles and moulded fruiting vine basket detail, 9 cm tall approx, a pair of salts of octagonal form, a heart shaped box and cover, etc, together with a black ground Wedgwood plate 30-50
46.     A pair of late 19th century oriental kutani type oriental vases of shouldered form with painted panels of female figures and children in landscape setting and birds amongst foliage, painted six character mark to base and raised on circular wooden bases, 36 cm tall excluding bases 80-120
47.     A late 19th century oriental kutani dish with painted and gilded decoration of an assembly of numerous figures with red and gilt seal type mark to reverse, 28 cm diameter approx 40-60
48.     A quantity of blue and white printed wares, mainly Willow pattern examples including two tea pots, tureen and cover, etc 25-30
49.     A quantity of oriental ceramics including a celadon glazed coffee pot with relief moulded flying crane and cloud detail, 21cm tall approx, a vase with painted blue and white decoration of a seated man in a landscape setting, with painted mark to base, 20cm tall, a pair of white glazed vases with bulbous middle sections and drawn necks, and blue seal marks to base, 32cm tall, three blue and white covers, etc, together with a green ground enamel dish, two scent bottles, etc 60-80
50.     A collection of oriental and other blue and white ceramics including, a pair of small vases with dragon detail and character marks to base, 10cm tall approx, three further small vases, a vase with drawn neck and prunus blossom decoration, two similar ginger jars and covers, etc 25-30
51.     An oriental pink ground vase of globular form with polychrome floral decoration, 28cm tall, together with a yellow ground oriental vase with blue and white trailing floral and dragon detail and seal type mark to base, 42cm tall approx 50-80
52.     A pair of late 19th century Satsuma vases with painted and gilded panels of male characters and birds and flowers in landscape settings, 30cm tall approx 200-300
53.     A 19th century oriental crackle glazed vase of cylindrical form with relief moulded dragon and flaming pearl detail and four character mark to base, 15cm tall 25-30
54.     A 19th century Kutani type bowl with painted decoration to the interior incorporating two seated figures in a landscape setting, with scrolling floral decoration to the exterior and with painted seal mark to base, 25cm diameter 100-120
55.     A quantity of 19th century and other oriental ceramics, including blue and white plates and dishes, a pair of celadon ground plates, a bowl with polychrome painted decoration and a blue and white charger with flowering tree detail and painted mark to reverse, 40cm diameter approx 60-80
56.     A Royal Doulton Dickens series ware plate showing Mr Chadband, 27cm diameter approx, together with two Royal Doulton character toby jugs of Mr Micawber and Cap'n Cuttle and a further tiny character jug of 'Arriet 40-60
57.     A Royal Doulton figure of The Sketch Girl designed by Leslie Harradine and made for the Sketch Magazine, based on the cover girl drawing, impressed number 444 to base, 18cm tall approx 60-80
58.     An oriental open bowl with polychrome painted flowering tree detail to the exterior and blue seal mark to base, 21.5cm approx 40-60
59.     A small oriental terracotta type tea pot and cover, with incised character and inscription to body and further four character mark to base, the cover with carp knop, 6.5cm tall approx 50-80
60.     A model of a golly driving a vintage style car, with printed mark to base Carlton ware and painted mark Trial, 12cm long approx, together with four Hummel figures of children, a boxed crested model of the Famous Henley Scull as used in the Diamonds Henley Royal Regatta, etc 30-50
61.     An unusual oriental white glazed model of a recumbent mythical dragon type creature with incised detail, raised on a square shaped base with large moulded character marks, 10cm tall approx 80-120
62.     A Potter's Arts Guild, Compton Pottery, Guildford plaster plaque with tempered finish modelled as a swaddled Christ Child with outstretched arms against a tree, inscribed to base Arbor Vitae (Tree of Life) with guild impressed mark and Potter's Art Guild paper label verso, 15.5 x 11cm approx 60-80
63.     A set of four early 20th century Wedgwood plates by Louise Powell in the arts and crafts manner, with central painted botanical sprays including forget-me-nots, scarlet pimpernel, etc, within green leaf borders, with painted monograms to reverse and painted numbers 5434 and 5367, 23cm diameter approx 300-500
64.     A Royal Crown Derby paperweight designed by Hugh Gibson - Starlight Hare, with gilt stopper to base, 13cm tall 30-40
65.     A small Royal Worcester salt modelled as a shell with matching spoon, 9 cm long approx, a Grainger Worcester dish modelled as a leaf, a further Grainger trefoil shaped shell modelled bowl and an 18th century Worcester blue and white saucer with fruit and floral detail and crescent mark to base 30-50
66.     Capo di Monte - 'Dying Gaul' porcelain study, 16cm long 50-80
67.     A 19th century oriental blue ground vase and cover of shouldered form with polychrome painted reserve panels incorporating male and female figures, with landscapes, insects and flowers, etc, 31 cm tall approx 80-120
72.     A Burleighware Sefton pattern dinner service in a blue and white repeating geometric design, 12 place settings with additional graduated plates, tureens and labels together with a Grindleys six place tea set 40-60
73.     Set of four Crown Devon deep blue and gilt edged coffee cups and saucers, Maling Peony Rose dish, Wade figures, Beswick horse, pair of Victorian overlaid glass vases, sundry plates, etc 30-40
74.     Duchess Indian Tree pattern teawares, Colclough Ivy pattern, tea set, etc 20-30
75.     A pair of large oriental black ground vases and covers with gilt landscape and character decoration and four character marks to base, 50 cm tall approx 40-60
76.     A large black ground oriental vase with shaped rim and reserved painted and relief panels of birds in flight, carp, etc, 60 cm tall approx 100-120
77.     A Susie Cooper Dresden Spray pattern charger with peach ground finish and printed marks to reverse, 46 cm diameter 30-50
78.     A 19th century terracotta charger with painted decoration of a bird at its nest amongst brambles, painted monogram to reverse SV? with numbers 49, 36 cm diameter approx, together with a pair of late 19th century continental vases with applied figures of male and female characters, a pair of Royal Albert ceramic shoes in the Moonlight Rose pattern and a pair of coloured miniature portrait prints in glazed box frames 30-50
79.     A quantity of Aynsley Sherwood pattern dinner wares comprising three circular tureens and covers, two graduated oval meat plates, a pair of sauce boats and stands, twelve dinner plates, twelve dessert plates and twelve side plates, together with twelve two handled soup bowls and twelve saucers 40-60
80.     A collection of Muchelney Studio Pottery wares (owned by John Leech) comprising two large bowls, one with striped glaze and impressed H seal mark, 32 cm diameter, a charger with the same impressed seal mark, 38 cm diameter, a large bowl with spiral glazed detail to the interior, 33 cm diameter, two further smaller bowls and two dishes 60-80
81.     A set of three Royal Doulton graduated jugs from the Gleaners series, together with a collection of Royal Worcester Bacchanal pattern tea wares comprising eight cups, seven saucers and eight tea plates, a further collection of late 19th century tea wares with red and blue leaf detail and a small collection of Crown Staffordshire tea for two wares 30-40
82.     A collection of Rafords Waterlily pattern tea wares in the art deco manner comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates 25-30
83.     A Royal Doulton series ware plate - The Bookworm, together with three Royal Doulton figures - Nancy HN2955, Cookie HN2218 and Marie HN1370 40-60
84.     A middle eastern blue and white dish of circular form with painted flowering plant decoration and painted inscription, 31cm diameter approx 50-70
85.     A collection of five studio pottery groups by Wilfred Gibson of Falmouth, all with blue and white painted decoration, comprising a see saw, Noah's Ark, a Pierrot, a locomotive and a bell in the form of a lady, all with painted initials to underside 40-60
86.     An 18th century continental plate with shaped rim and painted floral sprigs and garland within a blue and purple ribbon border, with painted blue cross mark to base, 20.5cm approx diameter 120-150
87.     A group of six Goebel Hummel figures of children 25-30
88.     A Beswick model of an appaloosa horse 60-80
89.     A collection of three Muchelney studio pottery dishes (owned by John Leech) with various slip decoration, including one with striped detail and impressed H mark to reverse, 18cm diameter, together with a further Mulchelney pottery bowl with lug handles, also with H mark to base 30-50
90.     A Beswick piebald pony, together with a Beswick skewbald pony 40-60
91.     A collection of five early 20th century continental humorous pig groups including pig in a bag money bank, inscribed 'A Present From Scarborough', dish with applied sleeping pig, etc 25-30
92.     A Beswick model of a highland pony together with a further Beswick pony - probably Shetland 30-50
93.     A group of five early 19th century Staffordshire figures of classical female characters, all raised on square cut bases, max height 23cm 150-200
94.     A Lladro Daisa model of a seated male graduate, together with a model of a rabbit inscribed Lladro to base, a Royal Worcester figure - Snowy, a Beswick matt glazed model of a white foal and a Royal Doulton figure Tumbling HN3283 30-50
95.     A pair of 19th century blue ground two handled vases of urn shaped form in the Coalport manner, each with two painted landscape panels, with painted number 206 to base, 16.5cm tall approx, together with a Royal Doulton Slaters hot water jug with pewter cover and a Perry's Farmhouse Cider advertising jug, 23cm approx 30-50
96.     A collection of Copeland Spode blue and white printed Italian pattern wares including a bowl with shaped rim raised on circular foot, 24cm diameter approx, together with a set of six square shaped dishes, 14.5cm square approx 25-30
97.     A green ground oriental ginger jar and cover with prunus blossom decoration, four further oriental ginger jars, a plate with painted goldfish detail, a circular lacquered box and cover with quail decoration and two lacquered trays 30-50
98.     Seven Poole Pottery groups - animals and birds 30-40
99.     Ten 19th century Staffordshire or similar recumbent cows 30-40
100.    A blue ground Carltonware two handled vase with painted and gilded floral decoration and printed mark to base, 30cm high, a late 19th century oriental blue and white vase with flared neck and bird and flowering tree detail, 37cm tall, a 19th century green ground two handled urn shaped vase with landscape and inset panels, 23.5cm tall and a Limoges blue ground bottle and stopper 40-60
101.    A collection of 19th century Staffordshire figure groups including The Lion Slayer, The Prince of Wales, a clock group, etc 25-30
102.    A collection of ceramics and glassware including studio pottery goblets, four Prince of Wales 1969 Investiture commemorative mugs, a pair of candlesticks with printed floral columns and cast brass bases, two Bells Scotch Whiskey decanters, etc, together with a Japanese tin plate model of a Broadway Trolley Bus, a cased set of plated spoons, glass dressing table wares, etc 30-50
103.    A collection of 19th century and other ceramics including a barge ware tea pot and stand with applied floral detail, various majolica plates, a smear glazed jug with relief hunting detail, a 19th century Staffordshire figure group of Tam 'O' Shanter and Sooter Johnny, a 1930s hat pin holder in the form of a bell boy, an imari style bowl of four sided form, a lustred bowl with silvered base and prunus blossom decoration, etc 30-50
104.    A collection of 19th century blue ground tea ware with painted floral sprays including tea pot, covered sucrier, jug, etc, together with a quantity of floral posies, etc 25-30
105.    A pair of boxed plates in the 18th century armorial style from the Nelson Rockefeller collection, together with a reproduction salt from the same collection 20-30
106.    An extensive collection of Noritake Azalea pattern dinner and tea wares comprising tureen and cover, oval meat plate, sauce boat with integral stand, eight dinner plates, eight dessert plates, circular serving bowl, tea pot, pair of covered sugar bowls, milk jug, twelve cups, twelve saucers and fourteen tea or side plates 40-60
107.    An oriental blue and white bowl with flowering tree detail and character mark to base, 23cm diameter, together with an oriental ginger jar with four character mark to base and a quantity of blue and white wares including Willow pattern meat plates and other plates, an Asiatic Pheasant pattern meat plate and two further plates, etc 30-50
108.    A collection of W Adams & Sons Tedworth pattern late 19th century dinnerwares comprising a pair of tureens and covers, meat plate, sauce boat, twelve plates of various sizes, together with a small collection of royal commemorative mugs, a boxed Royal Brierley glass rose bowl, an oriental chess set with carved wooden chess pieces enclosed in a hinged board with decorative chequered panels, etc 25-30
109.    A collection of ceramics including an art deco style wall plaque in the form of a female mask startled by a beetle, a further art deco type wall plaque in the form of a female head, a pair of Royal Crown Derby plates with floral detail and pierced borders, etc 25-30
110.    A quantity of blue and white printed wares including Willow pattern tea wares, oriental ginger jar and cover, a pair of Booths soup plates in the 18th century Worcester manner, etc 25-30
111.    A pair of large late 19th century Satsuma type vases and covers with painted and gilded warrior decoration and handles and knops modelled as dogs of fo, 59cm tall approx, together with further oriental vase, four relief moulded jugs, etc 60-80
112.    A Copeland Spode Chinese Rose pattern meat plate and further Copeland Spode plates and dishes, etc 20-25
113.    A 19th century continental pierced basket with applied and painted floral detail and moulded cherub figure to the interior, with blue cross hatched mark to base and impressed number 295, 24cm long approx, together with a two handled vase and cover with bird detail, an oriental blue and white dish with moulded and painted floral detail, a further oriental dish, a quantity of glassware, etc 25-30
114.    A collection of various biscuit barrels including Royal Doulton example produced for McVitie's & Price, Clarice Cliff example modelled with water lilies, two Wedgwood blue ground Jasperware examples, etc, together with a Portmeirion Pomona pattern two handled soup tureen, cover and ladle, further ceramics, etc 30-50
115.    A pair of continental lamp bases of pierced form with applied floral and cherub detail, 47cm total, further lamp bases, a green ground two handled vase, a green art deco plaster work figure group of a woman and dog, 53cm tall, etc, together with a collection of cut glass drinking glasses, plated flatware, a boxed set of six spoons with golf ball style finials, etc 30-50
116.    A collection of Spode dinner and tea wares with floral border decoration comprising eight dinner plates, eight dessert plates, eight side plates, eight tea cups and eight saucers, together with an embossed brass oil lamp base, etc 30-50
117.    A collection of ceramics including a pair of Mid-Winter Stylecraft mugs with humorous elephant detail, a black ground Jackfield type cow creamer - a present from High Wycombe, a Lladro Daisa figure group of a girl with geese, a late 19th century tobacco jar and cover, various Carlton ware and other leaf moulded wares, etc 30-50
118.    Three oriental terracotta type tea pots, with prunus blossom, bamboo and moulded 8.5cm tall max, all with impressed seal marks to base, together with further ceramics including a Royal Doulton figure - First Performance HN3605, a Mason's Chartreuse pattern vase and cover, a collection of orange ground Japanese eggshell porcelain coffee wares, etc 20-25
121.    Two silver plated and cut glass claret jugs, one with silver lid and stirring swizzle stick, together with a further silver plated wine funnel (3) 50-80
122.    A pair of antique cordial glasses, the bowls etched with berry and leaf decoration upon stepped circular bases, 16.5cm high (2) 50-80
123.    Good quality cut glass table lamp with cut glass shade in the manner of Waterford, 42cm high; together with a further cut glass pedestal fruit bowl (2) 50-80
124.    Murano black glass charger, 45 cm diameter 20-40
125.    A mixed collection of glassware to include cranberry and green examples 40-60
126.    19th century opaline glass baluster vase with polychrome relief decoration of scrolled foliage, 26cm high 50-80
127.    A good collection of antique glassware to include cordial glasses, rummers, etc 80-120
128.    19th century cranberry baluster lobed vase with Mary Gregory type overlay of a boy in the woods, 23cm high; together with a further American studio pottery vase by Ricky Balenger and a further comport (3) 30-50
129.    A good collection of antique and later glassware to include a pair of cut glass decanters with geometric banded decoration with further antique glasses and ink wells, etc 60-100
130.    A large quantity of blue milk glass to include plates, vases, jugs, etc; together with a collection of nine millifiori paperweights slag glass, etc 60-100
131.    A pair of Italian style ceramic twin handled baluster urns, with lids, decorated with fruiting campana urns and scrolling foliage, marked Panda to base, 46cm high; together with a collection of cut glass goblets and others 100-120
132.    A mixed collection of glassware to include various bottle neck decanters, a French opaline glass twin handled vase and others 50-80
133.    A collection of various studio glassware to include an interesting amethyst glass vase with circular recess, various other cranberry examples and others 50-80
134.    A Baccarat glass goblet in original box 40-60
135.    A good collection of antique and later glassware to include hobnail cut glass tumblers, various rummers and other quality glassware 50-80
136.    Art deco shaped glass decanter with metal collar and black overlay decoration, 31cm high, together with a collection of antique ceramic and ivory type balls (7) 50-80
137.    A mixed collection of Mdina and other studio glassware to include a paperweight in the form of a seahorse, various vases, etc (8) 40-60
138.    Six boxes of various antique and later glassware 30-50
139.    A pair of substantial square cut tapered glass table lamps with chrome fittings, 54cm high (2) 150-200
140.    A small collection of vintage glass and ceramic chemist bottles with labels 50-80
141.    A modern silver plated twin handled champagne bucket inscribed 'Louie Roederer Fonde En 1776' 24cm high 30-50
142.    Novelty silver plate and blue glass decanter in the form of a standing duck, 27cm high 100-150
143.    A pair of silver plated Corinthian candlesticks on stepped square bases, 30cm high (2) 30-50
144.    A mixed collection of metalware to include an arts and crafts embossed copper square tapered jug, various silver plated tea wares and others 50-80
145.    No Lot
146.    A good quality gilt metal lobed baluster chalice, embossed with floral garlands and bouquets upon a shaped triform plateau, 19.5cm high; together with a collection of silver plated tea and dinnerwares and an interesting wall pocket made from half a meat cover 50-80
147.    A mixed collection of silver plated items to include a silver plated and cut glass six bottle cruet on stand, a pair of silver plated pheasants, a revolving breakfast dish, flatware, etc 50-80
148.    A box containing a collection of silver and silver plate to include a silver lidded cut glass scent jar, silver napkin ring, various silver plated teawares, together with cranberry glass, etc (silver behind cabinet) 40-60
149.    A box of good silver plated items to include four wine coasters, two with synthetic tortoiseshell bases, together with a further silver plate and tortoiseshell type gallery tray, together with various toast racks, egg coddlers, etc 60-100
150.    Dubarry of Sheffield silver plated canteen of cutlery (complete) 40-60
151.    A mixed collection of silver plated items to include a canteen of cutlery, various other flatwares, teawares, etc 40-60
152.    Impressive silver plate and mirrored cake stand, with engraved cushioned sides and scrolled feet, 50cm diameter, together with a bespoke wooden carrying box 60-100
153.    A box containing a large collection of silver plated flatware, further silver plated flatware, together with a further collection of silver plated candlesticks 30-50
154.    A large collection of silver plated items to include jardiniere pots, baskets, trays, teawares, dinnerwares, etc 60-100
155.    A box of silver plated items to include a four piece tea service, silver plated goblets, various further dinner and teawares, together with an art deco canteen of cutlery 30-50
156.    A box containing a collection of silver plated items to include various flatware and teawares 30-50
157.    A mixed collection of silver plated items to include a canteen of cutlery, various dressing sets and boxed cutlery items, place mats, etc, claret jug, together with a Sorrento type twin handled gallery tray and further decorative items 30-50
161.    Five silver applied easel photo frames dating from the late 19th century and later (5) 100-150
162.    A mixed collection of silver to include a cased set of six knopped coffee spoons, a cased set of six tea spoons, silver applied boot tools and others 50-100
163.    A mixed collection of bijouterie silver to include a white metal rattle and whistle, teething ring with white metal rattle, further bell rattle, white metal chain purse and silver fob watch (5) 60-100
164.    A mixed collection of novelty silver to include two silver place markers in the form of horseshoes, two further circular examples, a white metal figure in the form of a flower seller next to a sign inscribed 9 miles, an eastern white metal character group in the form of an attendant pulling a sedan carriage (6) 50-80
165.    Silver circular lidded box, maker H.A.B, London 1963, 8cm diameter, 6oz approx 50-80
166.    Good quality eastern white metal napkin ring embossed with theatrical characters upon a scrolled ground, 1.2oz approx 30-50
167.    Novelty silver recumbent cow ornament, probably originally a vinaigrette, maker Thomas Bradbury & Son, Sheffield 1846, 4.5cm long (alterations) 60-100
168.    Chinese white metal planished trinket dish with engraved Greek key borders, two calligraphy marks to base, 12cm long, 4.5oz approx (possibly silver, not tested) 40-60
169.    William IV engine turned silver and cut glass travelling ink well, the hinged lid with screw lock, maker Archibald Douglas, London 1832, 7cm diameter 60-100
170.    Two engine turned silver cigarette cases, 5oz approx 40-60
171.    Two silver hip shaped cigarette cases, 4oz approx 30-50
172.    Engine turned silver cylinder sovereign box, with sprung action, maker PGK, London, together with a further brushed silver twin sovereign case with hinged lid (2) 60-100
173.    Mixed bijouterie silver to include two vesta cases, small silver compact on chain and further silver cased pin cushion (4) 50-80
174.    A mixed collection of bijouterie silver to include silver matchbox, silver vesta, silver vinaigrette with missing interior and silver pill box (4) 50-80
175.    1920s silver engine turned cigarette box, the hinged lid enclosing a cedar lined interior, 10.5cm wide 40-60
176.    Silver christening cup engraved with a blank cartouche framed with flowers and fern leaf, 8cm high; together with a further pierced silver dish sleeve, 10.5cm long, 4oz approx (2) 40-60
177.    Late Victorian embossed silver lidded scent jar, decorated with cherubs and diaper panels within scrolled cartouche and acanthus, maker mark worn, Birmingham 1897, 10cm high, 4.5oz approx 50-80
178.    Imported silver lidded jewellery box, the hinged lid embossed with exotic birds, scrolled foliage and a green man mask, enclosing a baise lined interior, 10cm diameter 40-60
179.    19th century import silver tooth pick/trinket box, the hinged lid embossed with a romantic rural scene over geometric embossed body, maker B Muller & Son, Chester 1866, but with import marks, 11cm long, 3oz approx 80-120
180.    Early 20th century Walker & Hall silver hip flask, with silver sleeve, Sheffield 1915, 14cm long, 5oz approx 80-120
181.    Seven various silver napkin rings, 6oz approx 50-80
182.    A mixed collection of silver to include a silver and tortoiseshell pique work pin tray with inlaid garland decoration, 13cm diameter, together with a further silver eye shaped pin tray and small silver jewellery vitrine box with hinged lid (3) 50-80
183.    Leather cased manicure set to include two silver lidded jars, silver handled tools etc, the box 20cm long (replacements) 30-50
184.    Victorian silver lidded trinket dish, with aesthetic period type details, maker SWS, London 1876, 8cm high; a silver engine turned cigarette case, 8cm high; together with a further silver engine turned cigarette case, 7.5oz approx 50-80
185.    A collection of five various eastern white metal dishes each centrally fitted with a white metal coin, together with a further Mexican example, 11.5oz approx (6) 80-120
186.    Silver cigarette box, with engine turned hinged lid and cedar lined interior, together with a similar smaller example (2) 50-80
187.    A mixed collection of silver to include an eastern white metal salt pig embossed with panels of Buddistic deities, together with two silver napkin rings and a small silver golfing trophy (4) 40-60
188.    A mixed collection of silver to include two dressing brushes, a dressing mirror, two silver handled shoehorns and a silver mounted easel picture frame (6) 40-90
189.    A cased silver salt cruet comprising two salts and two spoons; together with a further half fluted salt and two others (4) 50-80
190.    Two similar 1920s silver jewellery vitrine type boxes, each fitted with a decorative enamel lid, one with a marine scene the other a coastal landscape, maker D & S, Birmingham 1926, each 9cm diameter (2) (AF) 50-80
191.    Georgian silver and horn handled toddy ladle, 38cm long 40-60
192.    1930s Georgian style three piece silver tea service, comprising tea pot, milk jug and sucrier, maker G W, Sheffield 1930/32, the teapot 27cm long, 36oz approx 300-400
193.    NO LOT 50-80
194.    Good quality William IV silver three piece tea service, the tea pot with flower head finial and stepped circular lid, darted rim and lobed wrythen fluted bowl, comprising teapot, milk jug and twin handled sucrier, maker GB, London 1924, the teapot 27cm long, 37oz approx 300-500
195.    1930s Georgian style pedestal three piece silver tea service comprising teapot, milk jug and sucrier, each with scrolled handle and stepped circular bases, maker WA, Birmingham 1931/32, the teapot 15 cm high, 17 oz approx
196.    A mixed collection of silver and silver plated to include two silver dressing brushes, silver dwarf candlestick, silver and silver plated topped perfume automiser, silver rimmed fruit bowl; together with silver plated novelty shoehorn and lace hook, cut glass desk inkwell and others 50-100
197.    Walker & Hall silver plated standish, with recessed raised area for an ink well and two raised pen rests, 15cm long, 6oz approx together with four associated glass ink wells (5)
*******standish is silver plated not silver as originally catalogued******* 50-80
198.    An eastern pearl inlaid casket, the hinged lid enclosing a large collection of silver medals, mainly relating to the Bath Cycling Club with enamel decoration, silver weight of 6oz approx 50-80
199.    A mixed collection of silver to include an art nouveau tulip vase with gilt highlights and planished panels, together with four silver spoons and two other silver pieces (7) 30-50
200.    Possibly Edwardian silver baluster bachelor hot water pot, with part fluted decoration, maker marks worn, 16cm high, 8.5oz approx 50-80
201.    Early 20th century Chinese silver teapot of squat ovoid form, maker Luen Hing, of Shanghai, 15cm high, 8oz approx 50-80
202.    Boxed set of six silver tea spoons together with a boxed set of six silver handled fruit knives and a further silver plated and pearl handled boxed spoon and knife set (3) 30-50
203.    A mixed collection of silver to include two napkin rings, stylised spoon, pin tray, small salt, together with two silver plated heart shaped pin dishes (7) 40-60
204.    Victorian embossed silver finger bowl/pot, with arched panels and geometric floral detail, maker JATS, London 1892, 6cm high, together with a pair of further silver finger bowls/pots, 5oz approx (3) 40-60
205.    A large quantity of mainly silver thimbles to include examples by Charles Horner and others 50-80
206.    George III silver teapot of stepped oval form, with scrolled floral band and lobed bowl with engraved crest, maker TW, London 1803, 28cm long, 15oz approx 150-200
207.    Edwardian silver helmet cream jug upon a stepped circular plateau and square base, maker JD & S, Sheffield 1910, 16cm high, 4oz approx; together with a further pair of white metal grape scissors and corkscrew (3) 40-60
208.    Two silver cream jugs to include one half fluted example, together with a silver twin handled sucrier, 5.5oz approx (3) 40-60
209.    Good quality Edwardian silver dish and stand, the bowl embossed with scrolled floral sprays upon a traditional stand with floral swags and hoofed feet, maker Henry Aitken, Sheffield 1904, the bowl 19cm diameter, 15oz approx 100-200
210.    1920s silver twin handled tray, of rectangular form with canted corners, maker TB & S, Sheffield 1927, 48cm long, 46oz approx 400-500
211.    Pair of Scottish silver sauce ladles with wrythen fluted handles, maker JH, Edinburgh 1816, 16cm long, 2oz approx, together with a further Scottish silver mustard with blue glass liner, a silver tapered vase and a selection of silver spoons 50-80
212.    A large collection of various silver spoons, to include Georgian silver old English tablespoon, various tea spoons, collectors spoons, enamel spoon, etc, 20oz approx 150-200
213.    NO LOT 80-120
214.    Interesting silver lidded urn shaped castor, upon a stepped square base, 13cm high; together with a further continental white metal tot cup with engraved decoration, further silver pedestal bowl with embossed decoration and weighted baluster twin handled silver vase (4) 60-100
215.    A cased set of six silver tea spoons, with a further silver ingot pendant and silver feeding set and scraper, 3.5oz approx; together with silver plated cherub, pewter teapot, two boxed porcelain mugs and two complete Royal Mint Millennium Time capsules each containing a 5 coin 30-40
216.    A mixed collection of bijouterie silver to include two cased napkin rings, three cased thimbles, a silver lidded cut glass scent jar, further silver lid and a silver lidded powder jar fitted with a silver coin (8) 30-50
217.    A pair of silver candlesticks, together with a pair of silver dwarf candlesticks and two circular silver easel frames (6) (AF) 40-60
218.    Two silver pill boxes, one with engine turned decoration, 2.5oz approx, together with a further silver cedar lined cigarette box (3) 50-80
219.    A mixed collection of silver to include a silver powder jar of circular form, 3.5oz approx; together with two silver tapered weighted vases, a silver lidded scent jar and a silver rimmed jar (5) 40-60
220.    Late Victorian three piece tea service comprising teapot, milk jug and twin handled sucrier, all with half fluted decoration, maker JR, Sheffield 1894 and 1899, the teapot 23cm long, 17.5oz approx 150-200
221.    Edwardian silver lidded glass scent bottle, with original prismatic stopper, inscribed A Barrett & Sons, Piccadilly London, 8cm high; together with a further silver lidded cut glass scent jar, a silver standish and further glass ink well (4) 40-60
222.    A mixed collection of antique silver cruet items to include four various silver peppers, a blue glass lined silver salt, a further silver salt and others 50-80
223.    A collection of ten Russian rouble spoons, each spoon cast with various busts, fish and other motifs, 14.5 cm long, 19 oz approx 40-60
224.    Mappin & Webb silver jewellery vitrine box with engine turned hinged lid and baise lined interior, hallmarks rubbed, 12.5cm diameter; together with a further smaller silver example (2) 50-80
225.    George III silver salver, with engraved scrolled floral decoration and scalloped cast rim upon scallop shell feet, maker marks rubbed, London 1809, 41cm diameter, 60 troy oz approx 500-600
226.    Sterling silver golf tee and two ball makers (3) 30-50
227.    NO LOT 100-150
228.    A cased set of silver teaspoons, Sheffield 1920, together with various odd silver flatware 10oz approx 60-100
231.    Possible Boer War interest - 12ct 'South Africa 1901' medal, 9.7g, together with two yellow metal 'Central London Rangers' enamelled medallions (3) 100-200
232.    Mixed lot of gold and yellow metal jewellery to include a 9ct chain, engine turned locket, target brooch and an engraved wedding ring, etc, 19g total (8) (af) 80-120
233.    Group of antique yellow metal jewellery comprising three coral dress studs together with a pair of jet and seed pearl hook earrings (5) 50-80
234.    A good Victorian curb link bracelet set with five graduated diamonds, central largest stone 0.20cts approx, clasp stamped '15', 14.7g 400-500
235.    An unmounted diamond of 0.65cts approx 200-400
236.    1 escudo gold coin dated 1814, 3.5g 60-100
237.    A 9ct engine turned cigar cutter of circular form, 3.5cm diameter approx 50-80
238.    A 9ct opal and diamond ring of quatrefoil form, size O/P, 2.4g 100-150
239.    A 'South Africa' mining brooch in the form of a shovel, pickaxe, nugget and rope, in unmarked yellow metal, 5cm approx, together with a further 9ct horseshoe brooch, 7.9g total 100-150
240.    Three gold rings comprising a 14k white gold dress ring, a 9ct Celtic style wedding ring and a further 9ct cameo example, sizes U, R/S & K, 13g total 70-100
241.    A half sovereign dated 1912 in gold pendant mount, suspended on a 9ct chain, 7.8g total 100-120
242.    A shark tooth brooch with engraved 9ct mount, 4cm approx 40-60
243.    An 18ct wedding ring, size I, 3.7g 50-80
244.    An 18ct diamond solitaire ring, the diamond 0.45cts approx, size H/I, 1.7g 350-450
245.    An 18ct sapphire and diamond three stone ring, size O/P, 2.2g 100-150
246.    Three cameo items comprising a 9ct ring, 10k pendant and a plated brooch with associated 9ct bow brooch (4) 30-50
247.    Mixed gold jewellery comprising a 9ct chain and a 9ct diamond cluster ring, together with three further rings; two 18ct examples set with diamonds and a 9ct dress ring (three further rings all af), 10.9g total (5) 80-120
248.    An 18ct diamond cluster ring, set with seven stones of 0.20cts each approx, size K/L, 4.6g 400-600
249.    An 18ct emerald and diamond ring, size J, 2.6g 120-150
250.    A claw set diamond solitaire ring in unmarked yellow metal, the diamond 0.35cts approx, size K, 3.6g 350-380
251.    An 18ct diamond gypsy ring, the diamond 0.15cts approx in star cut surround, size P, 4.6g 150-170
252.    Two 22ct wedding rings; size K & L, 7.6g total 150-200
253.    A pair of 18ct torpedo cufflinks engraved with floral decoration, 5.1g total 80-120
254.    A pair of 9ct cufflinks together with a 9ct wedding ring, size L/M, 10.2g total 80-120
255.    A half sovereign dated 1907 80-120
256.    A 19th century floral cluster ring set with green garnets, seed pearls and heart shaped pink garnets, with ornately engraved shank and scrolled mount, size M, 2g (outer stones vacant) 80-120
257.    A 22ct wedding ring, size O, 7.1g 120-160
258.    A group of yellow metal Etruscan style jewellery comprising a matched pair of earrings with faceted drops and beaded edges, a lozenge shaped mourning brooch with black and white enamel decoration and inscription verso and a further brooch of square form set with lapis lazuli (4) 80-120
259.    An 18ct sapphire and diamond cluster ring, size N/O, 3g 150-250
260.    A group of gold antique jewellery comprising a stick pin of knot form with indistinct stamp to pin, a single engraved 9ct cufflink, a similar locket and a mourning brooch decorated in black enamel with seed pearl forget-me-nots and scrolling border (4) (af) 80-120
261.    Three gold rings; an 18ct wedding ring, 2.7g, a three stone garnet ring (one stone af) and a 9ct white stone eternity ring, 5.7g, sizes M, N & L (3) 60-80
262.    Two 9ct pendants; one of wreath form set with seed pearls and the other in the art nouveau manner set with garnets of suffragette colours, 4.3g total 50-80
263.    A Victorian yellow metal brooch with beaded edges set with emeralds and a diamond, 6.3g (one diamond vacant) 60-80
264.    A 9ct garnet and rose cut diamond gypsy ring, size T, 2.3g 40-60
265.    A 9ct flower head ring set with cabochon opals, size O/P, 1.9g (af) 40-60
266.    A Georgian mourning ring set with seed pearls in floral and triple band formation with plaited hair detail, engraved initials 'T H' to band interior, in unmarked yellow metal, size R/S, 4.6g 100-200
267.    Two Victorian 18ct rings each with enamelled decoration; one with trailing blue enamel and seed pearls, the other reading 'In Memory' to band, 4.3g total 60-100
268.    A Georgian yellow metal ring with hinged locket compartment set with a seed pearl cluster, the shank ornately decorated in relief, size N, 4.3g 100-200
269.    Two 9ct fobs; one swivel example set with bloodstone and agate verso, the other with a faceted citrine in caged setting 60-80
270.    A contemporary 18ct diamond flower head ring, size P, 4g 100-200
271.    An 18ct art deco style diamond ring in the form of a fan, size M/N, 2.6g 120-150
272.    Two contemporary diamond cluster rings; one 10k, size N and the other 9ct, size M, 6.4g total 80-120
273.    A group of 9ct items comprising a drop pendant set with blue paste, together with two cameo brooches each depicting a lady (3) 60-80
274.    A contemporary sapphire and diamond ring stamped '15', size J, 2.7g, (one diamond replaced with a white stone) 80-120
275.    A 9ct diamond cluster ring of stylised design, centre stone 0.10cts approx, size N, 1.8g 50-80
276.    A 9ct white gold necklace with diamond set butterfly pendant, together with a further 9ct white gold and cubic zirconia cross pendant, 5.7g 50-80
277.    Contemporary white gold jewellery comprising an 18ct pendant set vertically with three diamonds of 0.05cts each approx, on an associated 9ct chain, together with a further 10k diamond solitaire pendant of 0.15cts approx, 3.7g total
278.    A pair of 9ct drop earrings in the form of big cats, with sapphire and diamond detail, 4.6g total 40-60
279.    A pair of 9ct articulated earrings set with sapphires of varying hues, with ruby and diamond drops, together with a diamond set pendant of stylised heart form in unmarked yellow metal (one stone vacant), 8.6g total (3) 100-150
280.    An 18ct diamond solitaire pendant of 0.20cts approx, 0.5g 60-100
281.    Cased proof full sovereign dated 1980 180-220
282.    Cased proof half sovereign dated 1980 80-120
283.    Cased proof half sovereign dated 1980 80-120
284.    Good quality 9ct tri-colour bracelet composed of three interlocking bangles, 30g 250-280
285.    An 18ct wedding ring, size M, 4.5g 60-100
286.    An impressive Victorian diamond ring set with sixteen graduated stones in total, largest pair of diamonds 0.20cts each approx, the mount with pierced and scrolling detail, indistinctly marked, size T, 7.5g 600-800
287.    A propelling pencil fob mounted in yellow metal, suspended from an associated yellow metal chain with baroque pearl spacers 50-80
288.    A 15ct rope twist chain suspending a circular engraved yellow metal locket inscribed to interior 'July 31 1862', 16.3g total, together with a gilt metal Albert chain with carnelian / bloodstone swivel fob 150-200
289.    A pink ruby and diamond crossover ring with millegrain detail, in unmarked yellow metal, size Q, 2.1g 80-120
290.    A good 18ct diamond crossover ring set with two stones of 0.75cts each approx and further small diamonds to shoulders, size Q, 4.5g 1000-1500
291.    A 9ct dress ring set with a large faceted amethyst, size Q/R, 8.7g 40-60
291A.   Fine 18ct woven gold Cartier pill box, 4.5 cm long, 23.9g 600-800
292.    Mixed lot comprising a pendant of cross form set with seed pearls, together with three brooches; a Victorian yellow metal paste set example, a silver cabochon moonstone example (af) and a further silver paste set example (4) 50-80
292A.   A pair of 14k cufflinks with applied eastern character decoration and burnished finish, 10.1g total 150-200
293.    A contemporary plique-a-jour enamel pendant modelled as a basket of flowers set with a central cultured pearl, in silver gilt stamped 925 to bale, on an 18ct chain with later 9k clasp 30-50
293A.   A 9ct gate link bracelet with heart padlock clasp, 4.2g 30-50
294.    A vintage 18ct gate link bracelet with burnished finish, 30.3g 400-600
294A.   A Victorian 18ct rose gold thimble with applied yellow gold band and French eagle head stamp, 4.2g, cased 100-120
295.    A cased London Mint Office 'Centenary of The Great War 1914 & 2014 sovereign' set 400-500
296.    A cased London Mint Office 'King Edward VII 1902 coronation year gold sovereign' 200-300
297.    A cased London Mint Office '1966 Queen Elizabeth II gold sovereign' 200-300
298.    A cased London Mint Office 'First British sovereigns of the decimal era 1974 & 1976' set 400-500
299.    A cased London Mint Office 'HRH Princess Charlotte christening sovereign' 200-300
300.    A graduated amber bead necklace, largest bead 1.8cm approx, 15g 60-100
301.    Collection of silver and white metal jewellery and bijouterie to include a hinged bangle with floral and foliate gold decoration, a miniature brush with embossed back, model rickshaw, napkin ring, crown brooch, etc 60-80
302.    Good collection of silver and white metal jewellery comprising numerous brooches to include an arts and crafts style brooch set with cabochon moonstones, two filigree examples and a butterfly wing example, etc, together with a hinged sterling bangle, four medal fobs, various rings, etc 80-120
303.    Costume jewellery to include three silver medal fobs, a decorative white metal kilt pin necklace, a three strand cultured pearl necklace, etc 40-60
304.    Costume jewellery to include three pairs of gold earrings and a quantity of wristwatches, etc, contained in a wooden jewellery box 30-50
305.    A 9ct fine link chain, 0.9g, together with a small quantity of mainly silver costume jewellery, contained in a piano key box 20-40
306.    Costume jewellery to include a heart shaped micromosaic brooch, a yellow metal stick pin with coral finial, string of globular agate beads, pair of silver 'AOFB' enamelled cufflinks, etc 40-60
307.    Collection of costume jewellery comprising a selection of loose stones / agates to include a faceted piece of polished garnet, together with various bead necklaces to include a banded agate example, etc 40-60
308.    A 19th century rosewood jewellery box with Bramah lock and campaign handles, containing a selection of costume jewellery to include a silver and marcasite double clip, etc 50-80
309.    A quantity of costume jewellery 30-50
310.    A large collection of contemporary costume jewellery 30-50
311.    Vintage Longines Grands Prix Niello silver dress pocket watch, the enamel dial with Arabic numerals and subsidiary second dial, 5cm diameter 50-80
312.    Early 20th century silver cased watch movement, the watch inscribed 'Lever 15 Jewels', with an engine turned silver frame dated Birmingham 1915, maker CS FS, the enamel dial with Arabic numerals and subsidiary second dial, 8 x 8cm 40-60
313.    Brass cased single fusee pocket watch by John Williams of London, the enamel dial with Arabic numerals enclosing a fancy engraved back plate, 5cm diameter, within a folding pocket watch stand 80-120
314.    Fine and rare 18ct Baume & Mercier dress pocket watch, the champagne dial with Roman numerals to twelve, three and nine, with further subsidiary second dial, with manual wind and loop, 4.5cm diameter 400-600
315.    19th century silver pocket verge watch, with Roman numerals and subsidiary second dial, together with a further gun metal fob watch (2) 40-60
316.    Waltham 9ct hunter pocket watch, the dial signed Martin Bros of Liverpool, with Roman numerals and subsidiary second dial, 17 jewel movement, 5cm diameter 300-500
317.    Bulkhead watch type movement, with brass casing, fitted with an enamel dial with Roman numerals and subsidiary second dial and an eight day movement, 11.5cm diameter 50-80
318.    A collection of seven various nickel and chrome pocket watches with chains and keys; together with a 9ct dress ring 30-50
319.    1930s brass cased easel travel alarm clock, with inscribed brass chapter ring upon a mottled lacquered red dial, within a Morocco type leather case inscribed 'Selfridge, London', the clock 7.75 x 7.75cm 50-80
320.    A mixed collection of vintage watches to include a 9ct gents lug head wrist watch, together with a further Niello silver watch on concertina strap, further similar silver watch with leather strap, vintage Plaza of Geneve gents watch movement and further decorative fob watch (5) 80-120
321.    Ingersoll gentleman's watch with reversible dial, with one silver dial with luminous baton markers and three subsidiary dials, the other side with black dial and silvered baton markers, upon a stainless steel strap 50-80
322.    Vintage Tungsten gents wrist watch, with black dial, date aperture and gem bezel markers to twelve, three, six and nine, contemporary mirror strap 30-50
323.    A collection of military watches to include military watch company general purpose mil-w-46374c 1980 gents watch, a further general purpose military watch, a Lorus sports military type watch, together with a Everite 1915, 17 jewel gents watch (4) 50-80
324.    1950s gents Sekonda De-luxe Automatic 29 jewel shot proof gents, together with a further vintage gents Camy Geneve Super Automatic 25 jewel Incabloc gents wrist watch with date aperture to the dial and box (2) 50-80
325.    1960s gents Smiths Imperial 9ct wrist watch, the dial with baton markers and Arabic numerals to twelve, three, six and nine, engraved verso, associated concertina strap 60-100
326.    Vintage gents Fortis military type wrist watch, the black dial with luminous Arabic numerals, automatic wind and date aperture, upon original brushed steel strap 200-300
327.    Vintage gents certina automatic blue ribbon wrist watch, with champagne dial and gilt baton markers, associated concertina strap; together with a further vintage Everite 15 jewel gents watch head (2) 30-50
328.    Vintage gents Seiko Kinetic 50m wrist watch, with gold plated dial and strap, the dial with gilt baton marker and date aperture, together with a further vintage Seiko Solar watch with white dial and day date aperture (2) 40-60
329.    1950s 9ct gents Accurist wrist watch, with 21 jewel automatic movement, champagne dial with stylised baton markers and Arabic numerals to twelve, three, six and nine, associated concertina strap; together with a further vintage Seiko and vintage Accurist watch (3) 80-120
330.    1960s gents Bulova Accutron series 218 date model wrist watch, with concertina strap, box and papers 100-150
330A.   9ct Hamilton automatic wrist watch, with champagne dial and gilt baton markers, original modernist 9ct strap, 54.7 grams gross 400-500
331.    Christopher Ward of London Matisse collection ladies wrist watch, with stylised Arabic numerals and three subsidiary dials, date aperture, diamond set bezel and shagreen type strap, with box and papers 100-150
331A.   Art Deco 18ct diamond set cocktail watch, the oval dial with Arabic numerals, diamond bezel and shoulders, 18ct white gold mesh strap, boxed, 18.9g gross 500-800
332.    Vintage gents Longines Automatic Aultracon 18ct wrist watch, the square champagne dial with baton markers and date aperture, numbered verso 15 3111139, boxed 1000-1500
333.    A vintage gents 18ct Rolex Oyster perpetual day/date wrist watch, with diamond bezel, diamond baton markers, champagne dial with subsidiary date/date aperture, original 18ct strap 5000-7000
334.    Reproduction 18th century style barometer/thermometer upon a black ground with figures and landscapes in a red chinoiserie type frame, 95cm high 40-60
335.    A novelty Colman's Mustard wall barometer, 40cm high 30-50
336.    Knight & Son of Northampton walnut barometer thermometer, with silvered dials, 95cm high 30-50
337.    Maple & Co Ltd of London single fusee wall dial in mahogany case, with Roman numerals to the dial, 32cm diameter, pendulum 100-150
338.    Vienna regulator type wall clock, the architectural dial with gilt faced movement and enamel chapter ring, 125cm high, pendulum and weights; together with a further oak wall clock with silvered dial and Arabic numerals, 37cm, pendulum (2) 50-80
339.    NO LOT 40-60
340.    Arts and crafts type oak barometer/ thermometer, 76cm high 30-50
341.    1930s aneroid barometer/thermometer, 77cm high 20-40
342.    Late 19th century JNO Jones of Strand London, flamed mahogany drop dial single fusee wall clock, the single train movement with Roman numerals to the dial, 45cm high, pendulum and key 100-200
343.    E C Theedam of Dudley stick barometer, 92cm high 50-80
344.    Vienna type regulator wall clock, the architectural case fitted with a 20cm enamelled dial, with two train movement and Roman numerals, 115cm high, pendulum and key 50-80
345.    Ansonia Clock Co single train mahogany cased wall dial, 39cm diameter, pendulum and key 40-60
346.    Mahogany cased wall clock barometer/thermometer, 65cm high 60-100
347.    Three 19th century black slate mantel clocks, one pendulum (3) 60-100
348.    Elliot of London mahogany drum head mantel clock, together with a further vintage three train Smiths mantel clock and a Mallory of Bath quartz mantel clock (3) 40-60
349.    A late 19th/early 20th century walnut and boxwood inlaid mantel clock, inlaid with conch shell, the enamel two train dial with Roman numerals, upon gilt ball feet and with bracket stand, the clock 40cm high, pendulum and key 50-80
350.    Good French alabaster portico type clock, the drum head movement with open escapement and enamel chapter ring over a novelty pendulum in the form of a cherub on a swing, under a glass dome on an ebonised stand, with key, the dome 32cm high 150-200
351.    Regency style burr walnut and ebonised mantel clock of architectural form with single train enamelled dial, 23cm high, pendulum 50-80
352.    19th century black slate single train mantel clock, 26cm high 20-40
353.    Brass cased bulkhead wall clock with two train enamelled dial, 17cm dial, key 80-120
354.    Brass cased bulkhead single train wall clock, 20cm diameter 50-80
355.    A novelty John Barleycorn figural clock, 39cm high 50-80
356.    J W Benson of London walnut cased mantel clock, 18cm high 50-80
357.    Edwardian walnut and boxwood inlaid mantel clock of shaped form, 22cm high 50-80
358.    Late 19th century ebonised wall clock, the enamelled dial with Roman numerals and single train movement, 33cm diameter 50-80
359.    Ansonia Clock Co mahogany cased shelf clock with decorative glass front, 57cm high 40-60
360.    Oak twin train mantel clock, with architectural case and silvered dial and gilt rococo fittings, 39cm high
361.    19th century black slate drum head mantel clock, the enamelled two train dial within a gilt darted frame, 40cm long, key and pendulum 80-120
362.    Mid-20th century oak cased cuckoo clock, two weights and pendulum 30-50
363.    Good quality gilt brass repeater carriage clock, with Drocort DC makers stamp to back, striking on a bell, 14cm high 150-250
364.    Brass cased carriage clock with simple windup movement, together with a further copper cased miniature mantel clock (2) 40-60
365.    Garrard & Co of London brass carriage clock, 12cm high, with a further deco glass clock and one other 40-60
366.    A box containing a collection of carriage clocks and carriage clock parts, for a clock makers workshop 60-100
367.    Four brass cased carriage clocks of varying designs 100-200
368.    Four brass cased carriage clocks of varying design to include a serpentine example and twin train example 150-250
369.    Collection of clock and watch makers workshop spares to include movements, decorations, tools, etc 150-250
370.    Four large brass music box cylinders, together with an antique instruction lithograph for changing cylinders (cylinders measure 41cm long x 7cm diameter pinned to play drums, bells and castanet and organ section, i.e. full orchestra ) (5) 80-120
371.    A music box makers workshop lot, to include various movement cylinders, box etc 80-120
372.    Six various barrel organ cylinders to include a good cased example 80-120
373.    Two 19th century rosewood music boxes, both in need of repair, together with a collection of music box workshop spares to include combs, bells, etc 80-120
374.    A large late 19th century rosewood music box with part fitted interior, 57cm long (for repair) 60-100
375.    A large late 19th century rosewood and boxwood inlaid music box cabinet, with no fittings to the interior, 64cm wide 80-120
376.    Early 20th century rosewood and boxwood inlaid music box, with part fitted interior, playing a 4 Air Mandoline, 51cm wide 250-300
377.    Mid-19th century Swiss rosewood cylinder music box by Francois Lecoultre, serial no 13979, bearing retailers stamp B B & C to the bedplate and governor cock, 37cm wide 600-800
378.    Mid-19th century ebonised Swiss musical box, playing on four airs, by Lecoultre Freres, Geneva, playing well known and popular operatic airs in good working order, 35cm wide 500-700
379.    15 polyphon discs, all 50cm 40-60
380.    Modern Japanese music box in varnished hardwood case, 24cm wide; together with a small tigers eye maple music box and pocket watch movement (3) (af) 50-80
380A.   A box containing a collection of watch makers workshop items to include lathes, lancet tools and others 100-150
381.    HRH Prince George of Cambridge 1st Birthday 2014 gold plated silver proof 5oz coin, 5 denomination Limited Edition of 99 - Jubilee Mint with box and certificate 40-60
382.    World War One silver commemorative crown, proof, 28 gm with box and certificate and Centenary of World War One, gold plated silver proof 5 coin 28 gm, with box and certificate 20-30
383.    Collection of English Crowns 1895, 1951, 1953 x 3, 1965 x 2, 1972, 1977 x 4, 1980, 1981 x 3
384.    Queen Elizabeth II 88th birthday 5 silver coin, proof Limited 2014 copies (London Mint), Flanders Fields 5 coin (Royal Mint), a collection of reproduction coins
385.    Four 5 coins (Millennium, Charles 50th Birthday and Queen Mother) twenty crowns, together with a collection of bronze coinage and a small quantity of silver coins 30-40
386.    Plated christening mug, lacquered box, two brass pipe tampers, Victorian toothpaste pot lid, etc 40-60
387.    Vintage "Flying A" Austin bonnet mascot in chrome, together with a reproduction pewter spoon
388.    19th century rosewood pocket snuff box, with silver plated detail, showing a steam/sail boat, tortoiseshell and inlaid snuff box, together with five other containers (7) 40-60
389.    A Victorian mother of pearl, slim inlaid card case 30-40
390.    A 1950s Ronson ladies cigarette case/lighter combination in a black and chrome colourway with original pouch and box 20-30
391.    A silver plated and glazed box containing a mixed collection to include a quizzing glass, crochet hooks, bonework Tunbridge ware stamp box, etc 40-60
392.    Five papier mache snuff boxes with mother of pearl and other inlaid detail 30-40
393.    19th century possibly French dagger with steel blade and white handle and scabbard, with etched detail, together with a steel culinary chopper circa 1750 and sundry coinage etc 30-40
394.    Three cast brass boxes, all with embossed and chased decoration , the larger with romantic scenes, the remainder with applied cameo and painted portraits 80-120
395.    19th century porcelain panel, Madonna and Child, silver two sectional buckle with scrolling detail, cut glass and silver bud vase, two small horn beakers 30-40
396.    A 19th century bronze with green patina, figure of a basset hound, by Antoine-Louis Barye, Ferdinand Barbedienne - Paris Foundry - casting number 16622, 15cm long 400-500
397.    A Schuco clockwork mouse in red velvet trousers playing with a smaller mouse 40-60
397A.   A roll of gold leaf (18cm wide approx) plus a number of small loose pages (labelled to interior of cardboard tube peerless leaf British made) 40-60
398.    19th century horn snuff box, oval mounted with a white metal cockerel 50-80
399.    Five Bristol Aircraft Ltd long service lapel badges, 20, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years and two Bristol Siddeley lapel badges 20 and 25 years 40-60
400.    Brass model of Napoleon standing on a cylindrical raised column 13cm, together with a box constructed from fifteen 19th century German bronze coins, two sets of sovereign scales and an early Sheffield plated teapot stand 40-60
401.    A pair of 19th century bisque roundels depicting in relief Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie, in moulded ebonised frames - J Peyre, Neuwerkerke Dir, overall diameter 14cm 40-60
402.    Arts and craft silver plated buckle, circular with enamelled detail, an EPNS oval engraved buckle, beadwork purse, etc 30-40
403.    A pair of late 19th century ivory carvings showing actors and musician and a fisherman with net, signed, 13cm, together with a collection of 27 cherry coloured amber beads, 40 grams 60-80
404.    A collection of eight miniature carved bonework Masonic emblems, trowel, dividers, set square, etc 40-60
405.    A collection of early 19th century snuff boxes in papier mache, the majority with inlaid brass string work and/or simulated tortoiseshell finish and a further 19th century box showing a portrait of Dr Ferguson (10) 60-80
406.    An unusual circular Regency period box, in cork, with carved flower and swag detail, the hinged cover detailing leaves and berries, 8cm diameter 40-60
407.    An aesthetic period tortoiseshell and silver mounted purse with segmented interior 30-40
408.    A 19th century ivory carving of a mussel shell, partly open, the interior revealing trees, fishermen and boat, etc, signed 60-80
409.    A vintage pocket amp meter complete with enclosed attachments 0-20, with plated watch chain and coin fob 20-25
410.    The War II medals and ephemera of 6018828 Private John David Andrews, 1939-45 France and Germany Star, Defence and War Medal, Ox and Bucks Light Infantry, together with service and pay book, "Missing" document, release book, etc and two Merchant Navy lapel badges, Emergency Service Medal 1939-46, Irish Uprising Na Forsai Cosanta, buttons, cap badge and photograph - copy 60-80
411.    1914-15 star, 1914-18 war and victory medals, all named 2230 Driver H A Hudson RFA 40-60
412.    Small silver christening mug, silver heart shaped box, silver plated pocket watch and two cast brass safe plates, etc 25-30
413.    1950 proof coin set, half crown to farthing, 1851 silver Reales, 1889 silver dollar and various other worldwide coinage, together with a small amount of costume jewellery, silver spoon, lapel badges and stamps, etc 40-60
414.    A mixed collection of English and European coinage 20-25
415.    14-18 War and Victory medals together with a George VI (crowned bust) Indian Imperial service medal - 711649 Gunner A J Bow RA (Alfred James Row) with recent research documents 50-60
416.    A cased Georgian percussion pepperpot pistol with six chambers, having engraved steelwork by W Pritchard, with ram rod, shot flask, bullet mould, etc 1200-1500
417.    Small Georgian flintlock pistol with brass barrel, steel fittings and walnut stock 200-250
418.    Georgian tinder strike, flintlock action with walnut stock, Smith London 400-500
419.    Georgian brass tinder strike, flintlock action with walnut stock, Rawle London 500-600
420.    Georgian brass tinder strike, flintlock action with walnut stock, Blissett London 300-400
421.    Georgian brass tinder strike, flintlock action with walnut stock, Nock London 300-400
422.    Georgian steel tinder strike, flintlock action with walnut stock 250-300
423.    Georgian brass tinder strike, flintlock action with walnut stock, Nock London 300-350
424.    Georgian brass powder measure with wheel gauge and timber handle by Burel 150-250
431.    A 1930s Bingie teddy bear by Merrythought, 16" tall, with large glass eyes, stitched mouth and nose, brown tipped shaggy mohair fur, un-jointed legs, with sitting posture (foot pads have been replaced) 80-100
432.    Teddy bear by Schuco, 18" tall, with jointed head and limbs, glass eyes, light mohair with clipped pronounced muzzle, stitched nose and mouth, stitched claws and replacement pads 80-100
433.    Large Hamley's teddy bear by Merrythought, 24" tall with jointed head and limbs, golden fur, clipped pronounced muzzle, limited edition 26/100, together with a white Harrods/Merrythought bear, 12" tall 30-50
434.    Large teddy bear, 26" tall with jointed head and limbs, golden fur, glass eyes, stitched nose and mouth, with voice box making weak sound when tilted or squeezed 80-100
435.    Teddy bear c1930, 25" tall, with jointed head and limbs, boot button eyes, wearing a knitted cardigan 50-80
436.    Norbears teddy bear, 19" tall with jointed head and limbs and hump back, together with a Peggy Nisbet teddy bear, 15" tall and a 1970s Deans bear, 11" tall (3) 30-50
437.    A 1950s teddy bear, 14" tall, possibly Chiltern Hugmee, with jointed head and limbs, stitched nose and mouth, amber eyes and canvas paw pads 40-60
438.    Baby Chiltern teddy bear, 10" tall with golden fur, amber eyes, stitched mouth and nose, jointed limbs and velvet paw pads, together with a further teddy, 13" tall with jointed limbs, mostly bald, wearing pyjamas (2) 40-60
439.    Collection of vintage toys including two Chad Valley Sooty puppets, a plush bunny, a Beatrix Bear panda with jointed limbs and two further pandas (6) 30-50
440.    Collection of vintage teddy bears including five miniature 1950s bears, all plush with jointed limbs, a 12" jointed bear with stitched nose and mouth and two others (8) 40-60
441.    1940s teddy bear, possibly Chiltern, with jointed limbs, stitched mouth, nose and claws, 15" tall 50-80
442.    1940s teddy bear, possibly Chiltern, with jointed limbs, stitched nose and claws and velveteen paw pads, together with a 1950s Pedigree teddy bear with amber eyes, jointed limbs, stitched nose and mouth and velveteen paw pads (2) 50-80
443.    Three vintage teddy bears; a 1960s Wendy Boston bear, a jointed Berlin souvenir bear and further bear (probably Merrythought) with open mouth, jointed limbs, stitched nose, mouth and claws, all approx 13" tall (3) 30-50
444.    Four Steiff toys including vintage silver teddy with jointed limbs, open mouth, stitched nose and felt paw pads, 13" tall, an 'Original Teddy Bear' numbered 0202/36, a blue eyed pig numbered 5414/18 and a soft toy rabbit with stitched eyes (closed) and nose, all with Steiff button-in-ear 40-60
445.    1920 Chiltern teddy bear 23" tall with glass eyes, stitched nose, mouth and claws, jointed limbs, velveteen paw pads 50-80
446.    1940s Chiltern teddy bear, 19" tall, with glass eyes, stitched nose, mouth and claws, jointed limbs, cloth paw pads 40-60
447.    1940s Chiltern teddy bear, 20" tall with glass eyes, stitched nose, mouth and claws, jointed limbs and velveteen paw pads 40-60
448.    1940s teddy bear, possibly Chiltern, 22" tall with glass eyes, stitched nose and mouth, jointed limbs, canvas paw pads, together with a similar bear, 17" tall with stitched claws (2) 40-60
449.    1950s teddy bear with plush gold fur, 16" tall, with stitched nose and mouth, jointed limbs, cloth paw pads, together with jointed teddy bear, 20" tall, with mohair, plastic nose, velvet paws, and a further teddy bear, 16" tall with dark brown fur, jointed limbs, pronounced muzzle and straw stuffing (3) 40-60
450.    Collection of Steiff teddies including replicas of 1909 Original Teddy Bear 0166/35, 1909 Classic 000492, both with tags, a boxed replica Jackie 1953 0190/17, a 6" tall 'Dicky' bear 650505 and an Anniversary bear, 11" tall with tilt voice box, all with button-in-ear, together with a 1997 Past Times Henry Teddy, 9" tall (6) 40-60
451.    Collection of vintage Merrythought toys including a "Cheeky" bear with, stitched nose, claws and ear bells, a 20" tall gold plush teddy with stitched nose, jointed limbs and suede paws, a miniature jointed teddy 14cm tall, and a soft toy Hippo, together with a further teddy with jointed limbs, stitched nose, 17" tall (5) 40-60
452.    Two die cast metal boxed dinky toys, 88mm gun no 656 and a Range Rover ambulance no 268 (2) 60-100
453.    Large collection of vintage Cindy dolls house furniture, some in original boxes, including lounge, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, plus airport trolley and luggage, together with 1970 Twinkle annuals, etc
454.    Bisque headed doll by Schoenau Hoffmeister, mould 1909- 5 and a half, with jointed composition limbs, sleeping eyes, 23" tall, with period white cotton dress and cape, together with a further porcelain headed baby doll with soft body, marked 'Century Dolls' and 'Kestner', 16" tall, and a small quantity of dolls house furniture, etc 40-60
455.    Armand Marseille bisque headed boy doll, marked 600, 2/0, with soft body, 32cm tall, wearing shirt and blue plus fours 30-50
456.    Heubach bisque headed boy doll, 28cm tall, with jointed composition limbs, smiling face and doll stand, marked 7604 60-80
457.    A Heubach Kopplesdorf bisque headed doll, mould 300, 50cm tall approx, together with a bisque headed doll by Simon & Halbig, 21 inches long, with articulating composite limbs, closing eyes and wearing a spotted dress, socks and shoes, marked KR for Kammer & Reinhardt 80-100
458.    Small bisque headed doll with jointed composition limbs, 23cm tall, marked Germany, DEP 193, wearing floral dress and bonnet, together with a Norah Wellings sailor doll, 20cm tall 40-60
459.    A reproduction Steiff like bear in a brown mohair finish, 40cm high approx with jointed limbs, pronounced muzzle and partly stuffed with straw 20-40
460.    Bisque headed baby doll by Armand Marseille, marked 518/5k, with sleeping eyes, open mouth with teeth, composition limbs, 17" tall, wearing long white gown and bonnet 40-60
461.    Mixed vintage lot including a ceramic headed baby doll, with knitted clothing, two toy chimpanzees, toy hedgehog, a doorstop in the form of a pug dog, etc 30-50
462.    A collection of six vintage Chad Valley Dwarves, together with an associated Snow White figure of later date, each dwarf approx 25-30cm high.
************** A seventh dwarf (unclothed ) has recently been added 100-150
463.    A reproduction Steiff teddy bear, 1926 - 'Happy Anniversary' - 1990/91 limited edition of 5000, number 0371, 65cm high with mohair finish, box and certificate 40-60
464.    A Steiff 1907 replica teddy bear, limited edition of 2000, with box and certificate number 01624, 60cm high, mohair finish 40-60
465.    Steiff British collectors bear for the year 2000, champagne body, 40cm long, limited to 4000, with box and certificate 02994 30-50
466.    A Steiff British Collectors 1907 replica bear, 1992 edition, with certificate and number 01609, limited edition of 3000, 60cm high, with mohair plush finish 30-50
467.    A Steiff reproduction 1906 teddy bear, blonde 43, limited to 5000 copies with certificate and number 03976-1994, 42cm high 40-60
468.    Eighteen Peggy Nesbitt model dolls, all boxed including Queen Elizabeth II, Churchill, Prince Andrew, Queen Victoria, Princess Anne, etc 30-50
469.    Box of antique doll body parts including wax heads, composition limbs and soft bodies 20-30
470.    Collection of 34 unboxed Peggy Nisbet costume dolls including royal miniature figures, soldiers, highlanders, pearly king and queens, etc
471.    Two Merrythought replica bears, "Mr & Mrs Cheeky Twisty", both limited edition, with original boxes and packaging 30-40
472.    Hornby railway 00 gauge engines and rolling stock including R3109 GWR Class 61XX engine, R3104/J94 'Norman' Locomotive, R4099BBR Suburban B Coach W6382W and R4547 GWR Auto Coach 193, all boxed with original wrappings (4) 50-80
473.    Collection of 19 Bachmann Branch-Line railway wagons, scale 1:79/00, all in original packaging 80-100
474.    Bachmann Branch-Line boxed railway engines and carriages including IVATT class engine 32-830, class 8750 Pannier Tank 32-208 engine and four carriages, all in original packaging (6) 50-80
475.    Collection of Dinky die cast toy vehicles including a Foden wagon, a heavy tractor and a Coventry Climax fork lift truck 100-120
476.    Collection of 9 boxed railway models including 5 Dapol wagons, a Corgi die cast GWR Drag Shovel, a Kibri crane, etc 20-30
477.     1937 Great Western Railway Company merchandise consignment receipt book together with a small collection of model railway 00 gauge components, a box of model railway and town buildings (mostly Bachmann), Days Gone toy cars etc 40-60
478.    4 boxes of model railway components including parts for engines, carriages, track, buildings and scenery etc, many in original packaging together with an unused earth colour kit 50-80
479.    Boxed Meccano Army Multikit (assembled) and a Tolato Mozdony railway set, together with vintage games and car shaped sweet tins, etc 20-30
480.    Collection of vintage toys including Wells Brimtoy double decker bus, Tri-ang Minic farm tractor, "The Pendine Super Racer", Corgi Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, clockwork chick, walking French policeman, wooden spinning top, teddy bear etc (displayed by cabinets) 80-120
490.    A classical bronze figural fountain head, young fisherman seated upon a stump, dressed in a lion cloth and wearing a brimmed hat, the water jet directed through a bearded male mask signed CG? L Somnier, 55cm 250-350
491.    Walking stick with ivory handle, carved with a bust of a dog wearing a hat and scarf 40-50
492.    Two horn handled shepherds crooks, one adult size, one child's, one crook terminating with a carved squirrel, the other a thistle (2) 60-100
493.    Two interesting tribal type sticks the first rosewood cane with carved tribesmen head knop, the other with a barley twist cane with twin dog head knop (2) 40-60
494.    Bamboo shafted walking cane with carved goat head knop 50-80
495.    An eccentric walking cane with dog head knop and carved bone collar 40-60
496.    A Cretan walking stick with carved horse head knop and mask detail, inscribed 'Kepkevpa' 80-120
497.    Large shafted walking cane with carved monks head knop 30-50
498.    Interesting walking stick with brass collar and carved parrot head knop 30-50
499.    Two similar knobbly shafted walking sticks with white metal collars (2) 30-50
500.    Interesting slim walking cane with cast dragons head handle 30-50
501.    A mixed collection of walking sticks to include bamboo and Malacca examples, together with a further with a crook horn handle and a shooting stick (5) 40-60
502.    A collection of various 19th century and later parasols 40-80
503.    Two stitched felt faux stuffed animals by Fiona Walker to include an oversized cream rabbits head and a flamingo in flight, the flamingo 100cm long (2) 40-60
504.    Taxidermy Interest - Stuffed and mounted golden pheasant upon a naturalistic wooden perch, 90cm long approx 50-80
505.    Interesting novelty three dial wall clock in the form of a vintage airplane, quartz movement, 120cm long 40-60
506.    Jacobean style panel, decorated in relief with a standing gentleman blowing a horn, 49cm high 40-60
507.    Taxidermy Interest - Stuffed and mounted ring necked parakeet, upon a branch in naturalist setting under a good large glass dome upon a turned wooden base, the dome 65cm high 100-200
508.    Taxidermy Interest - Stuffed greylag goose in flight, 75cm long 50-80
509.    Taxidermy Interest - Impressive pike, in bow fronted glass case with fitted interior, the case 125cm long 400-600
510.    1897 Jubilee Union Jack - Centrally decorated with a panel of Queen Victoria with further panels of Victoria 1837, Albert Prince of Wales, The Duke of York and Prince Edward of York, the flag 66cm, framed 100-200
511.    Two pin boards decorated with a collection of large antique keys, together with a further box of keys (3) 100-200
512.    An early 20th century oak stepped bookcase of small proportions, with red painted interior, in the manner of Heal's, 60cm high 40-60
513.    Chippendale style dolls furniture including a mahogany two seat bonquet with drop in seat, 60cm long 50-100
514.    Good quality 19th century brass trivet, the circular geometric pierced top upon a turned column, triform plateau terminating in cast paw feet, 28cm diameter 50-80
515.    A glass dome with shelved interior containing a large collection of thimbles to include metal and porcelain examples, on a turned wooden base, 40cm high 40-60
516.    A rosewood cased flute, together with an antique leather fire bucket and cased set of binoculars (3) (af) 40-60
517.    Austin Productions - Pair of terracotta figures of a smartly dressed gentleman and his partner in the art deco manner, dated 74, 65 and 61cm respectively (2) 50-80
518.    Le Creuset hanging saucepan set comprising 5 graduated brown colourway saucepans upon a wooden stand, boxed and unused 50-100
519.    Victorian ebonised japanned serving tray, elaborately painted with birds of paradise and floral bouquets, 72cm wide (af) 60-80
520.    A mixed collection of metal ware to include two figural cast iron door porters, a collection of antique copper wares, together with further treen wares to include a carved rococo bracket, rosewood work box and others 100-150
521.     A collection of vintage Action Man dolls, clothes, weapons, accessories etc 30-50
522.    A large collection of Le Creuset cookware to include a set of graduated blue colourway saucepans with wooden handles, various Dutch ovens and oven proof dishes etc 80-120
523.    A large collection of Edison and other music rolls to include boxed examples 60-100
524.    A mixed lot to include various stoneware, oil and other type lamps, together with stoneware jars and barrels, an arts and crafts type Pilkingtons style jardiniere pot, various silver plated flatware and others 60-100
525.    A mixed lot to include two brass oil lamps with coloured reservoirs, various copper wares to include a large flagon, together with a framed picture and others 50-80
526.    A mixed militaria lot to include various helmets, bayonets, tools, etc, together with a flask and various framed military prints, etc 80-120
527.    Two gilt metal ceiling lights to include a five branch chandelier type lamp with inter woven leaf decoration and prismatic drops, together with a further three branch example (2) 50-80
528.    Vintage Amplion dragon type AR114 speaker 50-80
529.    A box containing a large quantity of juvenile roe deer trophy antlers with sculls 100-200
530.    A beech glazed hanging wall cabinet fitted with a collection of die cast figures 30-50
531.    Brenell of London Reel to Reel Player, 40cm wide 40-60
532.    A box containing a large collection of vintage cameras and photography equipment 50-80
533.    Giotto Stoppino for Kartell of Milan, moulded red plastic Canterbury with central hoop handle, 45cm high 50-80
534.    A mixed collection of antique and later eastern metalwares to include a bronze ovoid pot with engraved geometric floral decoration, a further eastern copper flagon and others 50-80
535.    Three vintage spirit levels to include an example by I & D Smallwood of Birmingham England, together with a walking cane with knop in the form of a carved dog, two polo mallets and a javelin (7) 50-80
536.    Cast gilt metal figural table lamp in the form of a seated cherub on a bouquet of flowers on a fluted tapered stepped circular base, 53 cm high, shade 40-60
537.    Chinese cast bronze Buddha vista, in the form of Bodhisattva Manjushri in the lotus position, 28 cm high 150-200
538.    Two cast metal possibly bronze studies of standing lions, 16 & 11 cm high respectively (2) 30-50
539.    Japanese carved figure of a fisherman converted to a lamp with open mouth, teeth and eyes, the figure 55 cm high 50-80
540.    Painted iron stone trivet in the manner of Coalbrookdale with pierced dished top and stepped circular base, 27 cm high 40-60
541.    The New Physical and Political Globe published by Merzbach and Falk, Brussels 1881, upon a turned wooden plinth, 60 cm high 50-100
542.    Good quality 19th century walnut dressing box, the hinged lid fitted with mother-of-pearl detail, enclosing a collection of white metal topped bottles and jars, with secret concealed drawer, 30 cm wide 100-150
543.    An upright airplane propeller upon a black plinth base fitted with a brass plaque inscribed Meo Monente, 82 cm high 30-50
544.    Japanese carved figure of a standing gentleman holding a staff, with open mouth, teeth and eyes, 49 cm high 50-80
545.    A table top two drawer bijouterie cabinet with bevelled glass top and gilt brass fittings inscribed July 1908, 32 cm wide 40-60
546.    Burr walnut stationery box, the hinged doors enclosing a waterfall interior with aperture for perpetual date calendar over a single frieze drawer with recessed handle, 40 cm wide 80-100
547.    Two storm lamps with fluted glass shades on cast pewter bases, 31 cm high 30-50
548.    A good quality pair of cast brass Corinthian column table lamps on stepped square marble bases, 56 cm high (2) 150-250
549.    Tribal interest - an interesting wooden staff with open recess containing carved wooden ball bearings, 80 cm long 30-50
550.    A Little Shop of Horrors 'Audrey' theatre prop with hand puppet action, 55 cm high 30-50
551.    Carved serpentine novelty table lamp in the form of a lighthouse, 32 cm high 60-100
552.    A good eastern porcupine quill box, with ebonised framework, the hinged lid enclosing a segmented interior with nine various lidded compartments, 28.5 cm wide 60-80
553.    Possibly French, cast metal study of a golden pheasant with gilt highlights upon a black marble base, 31 cm high 50-80
554.    French cast spelter figural table lamp in the form of a robed maiden holding a glass flambeau finial, the stepped circular plinth base with plaque inscribed 'Idyle', 61 cm high 20-40
555.    Two carved wooden treen scale models of canons, on wheels, with carved canon ball detail, 45 cm long (2) 40-60
556.    A mixed lot to include two brass and glass lamps, a further brass warming pan, together with a wash set and others 20-40
557.    An M De Lucchi & G Fassina for Artemide Tolomeo Mini' articulated desk lamp 40-80
558.    A good pair of cast brass telescopic table lamps with arched brass arms and stepped circular bases, the lamps 60 cm high (2) 50-80
559.    Pair of French Empire style twin branch gilt metal wall lights, with darted acanthus details, 38 cm high (2) 30-50
560.    Early 20th century oak campaign type stationery box, the hinged lid and front enclosing a waterfall interior with further lidded recess compartment, 18cm high 50-80
561.    Interesting pair of Eastern porcupine quill twin branch candelabra, on stepped circular bases, 18 cm high (2) 40-60
562.    Geographia 6 inch terrestrial globe on turned ebonised stand, 33 cm high 50-80
563.    Two leather cases fitted with a collection of Mahjong set pieces, each 50 cm long (2) 50-80
564.    An ebonised box with carved and decorated with a pagoda detail enclosing a Mahjong set, 25 cm long 50-80
565.    Three Chinese travel boxes with geometric fabric overlay containing a collection of Mahjong sets, 27 cm wide (3) 80-120
566.    Chinese hardwood and jade type inlaid table top cabinet fitted with a Mahjong set, 33 cm high 80-120
567.    19th century rosewood table top collectors cabinet fitted with ten long drawers, each with a baise lined interior, possibly for a Mahjong set, 33 cm high 100-150
568.    A very good quality cased Mahjong set with slide lid enclosing fine pieces and two gilt chinoiserie game counters 200-300
569.    Chinese lacquered and mother-of-pearl applied games box, the hinged lid decorated with two ducks in floral spray over a baise with brass strap work and further pearl inlay of fish and reeds, 24 cm high 50-80
570.    Two ebonised Eastern hardwood boxes both with mother-of-pearl inlay for Mahjong sets (2) 50-80
571.    Chinese hardwood games box, the slide front enclosing five long drawers enclosing a Mahjong set 50-100
572.    Chinese ebonised hardwood games box, the slide front enclosing five long drawers enclosing a Mahjong set 50-100
573.    Chinese ebonised hardwood games box, the slide front enclosing five long drawers enclosing a Mahjong set 50-100
574.    A Chinese lacquered leather games box, the hinged lid enclosing an interior fitted with graduated trays containing Mahjong counters 80-120
575.    A Chinese hardwood games box, the slide front enclosing six long drawers enclosing a Mahjong set 80-120
576.    A collection of various Mahjong game pieces and counters and various other Chinese games counters 100-200
577.    Two wooden scratch built pond yachts with painted bodies, the largest yacht 90 cm long, together with a bakelite telephone (3) 40-80
578.    A box of vintage games and puzzles to include Guess Who, Star Wars Escape From Death Star, Blockbusters, etc 5-10
579.    A box containing a collection of cast metal car mascots to include a Rover car Viking mascot, a swift car mascot, three further chromium plated eagles in flight on various bases, a seated art deco female character, etc (7) 80-120
580.    George Philip & Sons Ltd of London 1970s terrestrial globe, on a wooden plinth base, 42cm high 60-80
581.    A Chad Valley tin plate terrestrial globe on stand, 30cm high (af)
582.    A pair of polished brass articulated wall lights with green glass shades 60-100
583.    A box containing a large collection of die cast toys to include Corgi, Lladro and Days Gone 40-60
584.    A collection of designer looking handbags and clutch bags 20-40
585.    A collection of various die cast toys to include Dinky Star Trek Enterprise and further boxed Dinky examples 40-60
586.    four boxes of miscellaneous items to include Canon and Minolta, plus some classic items and two cine cameras (approx 35 items) 60-80
587.    A collection of novelty angling related items to include cold cast resin sculptures of fishermen, two brass bookends in the form of leaping fish and others 30-50
588.    A box of various antique dolls to include heads, body parts and others 20-40
589.    A large quantity of tripods and flash units in two boxes 30-40
590.    An Aztec type relief moulded panel, of circular form, 74cm diameter 20-40
591.    Good large antique stitched Union Jack flag together with a further American stars and stripes flag on flag pole (2) 150-250
592.    A mixed metalware lot to include two brass wall fitted coat/hat hooks, together with a brass table lamp (3) 40-60
593.    Cruiser by Crafter electric guitar 30-50
594.    Mixed collection of treen items to include an apprentice chest of drawers, further wooden boxes with strap work, a pearl inlaid eastern casket, a mauchline ware cylinder box and others 50-800
595.    A box of interesting items to include a Japanese bronze lidded koro, a further oriental triptych mirror with relief leather panels, various other items to include clocks, stonewares, jelly moulds, etc 50-80
596.    A pair of Regency mahogany carved baluster panels, with scrolled and fluted detail, 45cm high (2) 50-80
597.    David Tennant Doctor Who Tardis game 20-40
598.    Mixed treen lot to include a mahogany box, the hinged lid enclosing boot brushes, etc, together with a further oval swing mirror with marquetry inlay and a leather wrapped waste paper bin (3) 30-50
599.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include two clock dials, a drum head clock case, a leather purse, a brass jardiniere and others 40-60
600.    A box of four vintage Ross prismatic binoculars c. 1890-1900 all good optics (one needs loose eye piece to be fitted) 80-120
601.    A pair of Japanese lacquered table top cabinets, one with gilt overlay, the largest 16cm high (2) 40-60
602.     Cold painted cast bronze study of a jockey on horse back 'Workforce', from the prince khalid Abdula stable, Winner of the Arc and Derby, upon an oval wooden plinth base, 12cm high 80-120
603.    Carved ivory figure of a standing fisherman upon a carved wooden plinth base, 15cm high total 50-70
604.    19th century carved ivory paper knife/page turner, 30cm long; together with a bone handled magnifying glass (2) 60-80
605.    Three pieces of Japanese cloisonne, to include a bottle neck vase, a cylindrical scent pot and a cigarette case (3) 40-60
606.    Chinese cast bronze pin tray, the bowl cast with calligraphy, with pearl chasing dragons and further calligraphy to base 40-60
607.    Art deco veined black marble ash tray, mounted by a patinated bronze goose 50-80
608.    A 19th century Dutch New Testament with full leather bindings with a gold clasp, published 1884 50-80
609.    A collection of Canton cloisonne to include three lidded jars, a cigarette case and two pin trays (af) 50-80
610.    A sailors type valentine pin cushion with various inscriptions and stitching, with beaded decoration, 18cm long 50-80
611.    Japanese calligraphy box complete with ink stone and stick brush, etc, together with a further eastern painted glass panel and carved wooden paper knife (3) 40-60
612.    A box of interesting items to include an engine turned silver cigarette case, a silver and tortoiseshell pin tray, pair of binoculars, pocket watch, etc 50-100
613.    A boxed Staunton's style chess set 40-60
614.    Boxwood and ebony chess set in the manner of Staunton 20-40
615.    Japanese cloisonne powder box, the top decorated with a coiled dragon, 16cm diameter 40-60
616.    Vintage bottle of Crown Royal Whiskey, with purple baise pouch 30-50
617.    A box of interesting items to include a terracotta type warrior, some abalone shell, an eastern white metal (possibly silver) dish with geometric decoration and others
618.    A collection of Chinese metal figures with polychrome detail forming a procession, with glazed lanterns, sedan carriage and other interesting detail 50-100
619.    1960s National Panasonic Sputnik hanging radio 50-80
620.    Interesting brass punch work charger engraved with an elephant amidst palm tree and foliage, 46cm diameter 50-70
621.    A collection of metalware to include a pair of crossed bayonets with sheaths, two candlesticks, one with drip tray and others 50-80
622.    Lampe Belge Patent 12285-1884 brass twin handled oil lamp, with opaline glass shade, the lamp 23cm high, with a further brass valve pipe (2)
623.    A 19th century brass oil lamp, with worked glass reservoir and stepped circular base, period opaline glass shade, 53cm high including shades 50-80
624.    Early 20th century brass oil lamp, with brass reservoir and stepped circular base, with period glass shade, 48cm high 40-60
625.    Good quality brass Corinthian column oil lamp, with stepped square base and original etched glass shade, the lamp 53cm high 80-120
626.    A pair of Chinese carved hardwood elephants with glass eyes and bone tusks, 20cm long 50-80
627.    Arts and crafts secessionist bronze four branch candelabra with raised central bowl on a square platform and footed base stamped Baumiller, 31cm high 200-250
628.    Four various eastern porcupine quill boxes, with typical decoration 100-120
629.    19th century rosewood work box, the hinged lid enclosing a part fitted interior, 27cm, together with two further boxes (3) 50-100
630.    Mauchline type sarcophagus caddy, the front decorated with a fisherman in a landscape with further panels to the top, the hinged lid enclosing a part fitted interior upon gilt ball feet, 20cm wide 80-120
631.    A collection of fossils to include three ammonite's and others 40-60
632.    Two interesting carved hardstone sculptures of modernist form, one depicting a figure with raised arms, the other a child's face, 35cm and 32cm high respectively, three interesting pieces of modern art sculpture to include a stained glass panel, a stone study of a head and a further red veined marble sculpture of a bust
633.    Three Corinthian column brass table lamps (3) 50-80
634.    Leather clad elephant and hippo in the manner of Liberty, the elephant 37cm high (2) 50-80
635.    A good quality brass bankers light, with decorative stepped square base and green glass shade, 40cm high 50-80
636.    A pair of turned mahogany barley twist candlesticks, 47cm high (20 50-80
637.    A good quality 19th century octagonal tea caddy, the hinged lid enclosing a further lidded compartment, decorated with boxwood, Corinthian columns and conch shells, 14cm wide 60-100
638.    19th century rosewood work box together with a further 19th century mahogany caddy and a further Chinese hardwood box with jade type panel to lid (3) 40-60
639.    Five various 19th century boxes to include a sarcophagus tea caddy, a marquetry box, a satinwood tea caddy with fitted interior and two others (5) 100-200
640.    Cast bronze bust of Winston Churchill upon a blacked marble disc base, 33cm high 120-150
641.    Georgian flame mahogany boxwood inlaid tea caddy, the hinged lid enclosing an interior fitted with two further lidded compartment and original glass mixing bowl, 30cm wide 80-120
642.    19th century flame mahogany sarcophagus tea caddy, the hinged lid enclosing an interior of fitted glass mixing bowls, the caddy with twin handles and gilt ball feet, 26 cm wide 50-80
643.    Interesting antique cast lead casket with shaped pagoda type lid and traces of original polychrome decoration, 14 cm high 40-60
644.    Primitive antique wrought iron twin branch candelabra on triform base, 28 cm high 30-50
645.    Two pairs of table lamps, two in the form of Corinthian columns, the other further columns (4) 50-80
646.    A mixed box of four prismatic binoculars to include ENBEECO 7 x 50 Navigation, Pentax 10 x 50 FUJ 8.30 and Carl Zeiss Deltrintem 8.30 60-80
647.    Taxidermy interest - a stuffed and mounted magpie upon a branch together with a further red squirrel and strip of snakeskin leather (3) 40-60
648.    A collection of car memorabilia to include reproduction fuel canisters for Shell and Castrol, two cast metal petrol pump sculptures inscribed Esso and a Bentley mascot (5) 50-80
649.    Late 19th century Tunbrdigeware glove box with typical floral decoration together with a pair of Eastern shoes and a stitched clutch bag (4) 40-60
650.    A box of five vintage prismatic and Galilean binoculars c1900-1910, four Ross (3 in original cases) plus one French example 80-100
651.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include a pair of carved wooden recumbent lions with open mouths and bone teeth, together with two gallery trays, an inlaid Sorrento type wall mirror, various metalwares, etc 80-120
652.    Late 19th century walnut boxwood inlaid gallery tray, centrally decorated with floral bouquet with further scrolls and birds, twin brass handles, 70 cm wide 50-80
653.    A mixed treen lot to include a yew wood sarcophagus caddy, various mahogany twin lidded boxes, a further oak box with cartwheel decoration and a further Eastern hardwood box (5) 50-80
654.    Pair of French gilt metal and alabaster three branch candelabra, 40 cm high; together with a further pair of French gilt metal and alabaster candlesticks, 23 cm high (4) 150-200
655.    Continental copper relief plaque inscribed "SZT.IMRE" within an ebonised frame together with a further copper and applied lidded box and small mirror (3) 50-70
656.    A mixed textile lot to include a brushed velvet top hat, various gloves and four brise fans 40-60
657.    Good quality 'Coach' brief case, 48 cm long, together with a Taiwanese rainbow jade stoneware baluster vase with an associated carved wooden stand in presentation box with a document regarding Taiwanese rainbow jade, the vase 17 cm high 30-50
658.    Pair of 19th century softwood carved Chinese figures with traces of original paint work, 28 cm high 60-80
659.    Mixed box of eight compact binoculars and monocular's to include Olympus, Minox and Praktica examples 30-40
660.    A box containing a collection of twelve miniature woodworking planes to include Record 77, 76 (x2) and 90J, Stanley 93, 92, Patsy 75 and five other unidentified examples together with a Boston number 2a (14) 100-200
661.    A box of interesting items to include a relief copper moulded biscuit barrel decorated with a battle scene, further Chinese metal trinket box, a continental silver plated square baluster caddy, an etched bone panel decorated with a portrait of James Cook and others 50-80
662.    Early 20th century leather clad dressing box, the hinged lid enclosing a fitted interior, 31 cm wide; together with a further Shelley platter decorated with a male and female pheasant, a mahogany swing mirror and a copper warming pan. (4) 40-60
663.    Japanese cast bronze lidded Koro with relief panels of mythical beasts in scrolled foliage with various masks, head decoration, 25 cm high 50-80
664.    Two pairs of prismatic binoculars, one Japanese 8 x 56 with waterproof body covering plus a Ross Stepsun 12 x 50 both in original cases (comes with straps) 60-80
665.    A box of interesting items to include a cast steel perpetual day calendar, various Eastern boxes, a mother-of-pearl card case and others 40-60
666.    A Japanese cloisonne pedestal bowl, decorated with a coiled dragon with artist signature to base, 22 cm diameter, upon a carved wooden plinth base, together with a terracotta study of a seated Buddha with calligraphy mark to base
667.    A collection of Eastern cast metal figures and bust (9)
668.     A box of interesting items to include three postal scales, an oak tantalus fitted with two decanters, a copper kettle and others 50-80
669.    A mixed collection of brassware to include a folding music stand, a spirit kettle, watering can, jardiniere, a brass topped rattan waste paper bin 50-80
669A.   A set of four 1960s furniture legs of tapering ebonised form, with fixing brackets, 47cm long
670.    19th century walnut and brass writing slope, the hinged lid enclosing a gilt tooled leather interior, 40 cm long 50-80
671.    19th century rosewood and brass strap work writing slope/lap desk, the hinged lid enclosing a gilt tooled leather compartment, further baise and flame mahogany detail 80-120
672.    A mixed collection of metalware to include two pairs of 19th century brass candlesticks, a pair of Sheffield plated candlesticks, a cast metal study of a flying cherub and a further cast brass paperweight in the form of a standing lion (8) 40-60
673.    Three pairs prismatic binoculars to include Ross 8.40 and 8.24 stereo prism, plus a pair of Japanese 7 x 50 all in manufacturers cases 60-80
674.    A box of interesting items to include a Chinese type bronze censor, of shaped form, Arts & Crafts copper lidded jars, a tribal mask, silver plated items, etc 80-120
675.    Mve d' Aarmes de St Etienne 1877 bayonet and scabbard guard and scabbard both numbered 90400 30-50
676.    Antique executioners axe with hand finished iron blade and replacement handle, 98 cm long 200-300
677.    18th century French court sword or L'Epee D'Court, the blade faintly engraved, with silvered pommel and guard, 92cm overall 250-300
678.    Tribal interest - African cudgel/axe with hand worked blade, 47 cm long 60-100
679.    A 20th century Chinese scroll painting, decorated with various cranes amidst branches, with calligraphy signature and seal top right, the painted area 90 x 47 cm upon a 1.6 m length of scroll, together with five various antique spoons; three in brass, one in copper, the other in bronze
680.    A box of ladies items to include various compacts and beaded clutch bags, etc 50-80
681.    A box containing eight 35mm SLR cameras to include Canon, Pentax, Minolta examples four including lenses, four body only, two in cases 80-120
682.    Articulated wooden model of a horse, 36 cm long 30-50
683.    Two Barbola easel picture mirrors together with further Barbola wares and a wash basin and jug
684.    A cranberry glass oil lamp together with a further hanging oil lamp (2) 40-60
685.    Two boxes of mixed film cameras to include Canon, Olympus, etc, (approx 30 items) 60-80
686.    A box of interesting items to include a 19th century mahogany and ebonised standish, a shell work frame with marine diorama cased set of binoculars, a box of various buttons, a Bryant & Mays match strike, two tribal type oars, a glove box, a chinoiserie box and others 50-80
687.    Two boxes of photo lenses, tele-converters and mixed optics 40-60
688.    'Releas-o-matic Balance' electronic balance scale in case, together with a further brewer's thermometer (2)
689.    A box of interesting items to include two cast iron door porters, a collection of horse brasses, cast brass statue of an eagle, a bottle cruet, etc 50-80
690.    Good quality patinated copper Art Nouveau charger, with typical embossed detail and planished centre, 52 cm diameter 100-150
691.    A box of interesting items to include a Carvacraft bakelite desk pot, trench art vase, various other metalwares, a treen study of a woodpecker and others 30-50
692.    A box of seven mixed pairs of binoculars to include prismatic and compact examples 30-40
693.    Box of interesting items to include a carved Jadeite study of a tan horse, a terracotta warrior, an etched cranberry glass and others 50-100
694.    Taxidermy Interest - Study of a crow with raised wings upon a naturalistic wooden plinth base, 40cm wide 50-80
695.    A box of various treen items to include carved Indonesian figures, an ebonised cast figure of a bird, etc 60-100
696.    A box of mainly brassware items to include a watering can, a decorative cast brass trivet and others; together with a bronze hand bell 60-100
697.    An interesting novelty carved treen figure of a full figured lady wearing a bikini with wings together with two GPO telephones, policeman's helmet, a Wolsey shoe display and others 80-120
698.    19th century flame mahogany sarcophagus tea caddy with twin gilt lion head handles together with a further rosewood and mother of pearl inlaid glove box (2) 60-100
699.    19th century mahogany cased brass microscope together with two vintage pairs of binoculars (3) 50-80
700.    Two shagreen cigarette boxes together with a leather clad box and a wicker hamper (4) 50-80
701.    Taxidermy interest - an alligator purse with attached alligator head 50-80
702.    A box of interesting items to include a Lalique style chrome night light mounted with an owl, an interesting vitrine box with various carved cameos, a bronze figure of a standing gentleman, a spelter figure of a seated pig, and others 60-100
703.    A Jambiya dagger with leather sheath and interesting Eastern detail 50-80
704.    A large collection of various brassware include candlesticks, a fire curb, mirror, large tray, mirrored firescreen, etc 60-100
705.    A carved wooden automaton of a working engine 30-50
706.    A cased Soprani piano accordion 30-50
707.    A set of three graduated steel twin handled banded vessels, the largest 19cm high (3) 20-40
708.    A Lumar toy gramophone in original case together with a further cased miniature cast iron sewing machine, a collection of records and others 30-50
709.    Good quality Neslein engineer's cabinet with baise lined drawers and fall front 50-80
710.    A galvanised bucket fitted with a collection of antique and vintage spirit levels and other tools 60-100
711.    A gravity clock movement together with a miniature brass study of a canon, a cast metal twin handled porringer and an early taper stick (4) 150-180
712.    Ambassador class B silver plated trumpet 30-50
713.    A large block of wax from a clock maker's workshop, 49 x 30 cm 20-40
714.    'Grumpy Old Git Inside' ventriloquist dummy, with props 150-250
715.    A box containing a collection (approximately 200) interesting antique keys, varying together with a further iron stamp 'RA' 300-400
716.    A mixed optical lot to include a Slik telescope, various cameras, lenses and binoculars, etc 40-60
717.    A mixed collection of bijouterie items to include a Baccarat glass, gilt and gold banded ring, together with various other costume jewellery, a silver hand mirror, etc 60-100
718.    A collection of ivory items to include a vase with a crane at the base, two further vases and a carved figure 50-80
719.    Sony A77 SLT camera, with lens, 3.5 - 3.6/18 - 135 SAM, lens DT 4.5-5.6/ 5/300 SAM, lens DT 1.8/50SAM, flash vertical grip, charger, Sony branded carry case, Nikon Coolpix camera, etc
720.    A glass hanging lamp shade in the Tiffany style, 43cm diameter
720A.   Large and impressive Chinese dragon kite with moulded open mouth with teeth and polychrome decoration, 250 cm long approx 50-100
721.    Vintage Rolleiflex camera with Carl Zeiss lens, inscribed Synchro-Compur and Franke & Heidecke, 15cm high 80-120
722.    A gent's leather belt with heavy silvered cast metal buckle with lion head mask 40-60
723.    Interesting leather and metal applied chopstick holder, with twin chopsticks and knife, 25cm long 40-60
724.    Gilt cast metal novelty inkwell in the form of a tortoiseshell with hinged lid shell enclosing a ceramic liner, 15cm long 50-80
725.    A mixed lot to include antique bronze hand bell, a polished copper novelty lighter in the form of a book and a further sheath knife with novelty deer foot handle (3) 30-50
726.    A Japanese lacquered table cabinet fitted with an arrangement of five various drawers and cupboard doors, the hinged cupboard door enclosing three further drawers, 42cm wide 50-80
727.    Victorian style shopkeepers till, applied with embossed gilt metal and inscribed 'Amount Purchased', 54 cm high 100-200
728.    Good early 20th century opticians box, the tambour front enclosing a complete and comprehensive interior of sized lenses and twin drawers enclosing further lenses and a number of books/ephemera 57cm wide (on display in the office) 350-400
731.    Good quality double weave Welsh blankets, reversible, 215 x 160 cm approx, in shades of orange, gold, black and cream 50-80
732.    Good quality double weave Welsh blanket, reversible, 240 x 210 cm approx, in shades of duck egg, mauve, blue and cream 50-80
733.    Two University gowns by Ede & Ravenscroft Ltd; one is black, length approx 110 cm, other is navy, length 130 cm approx, together with two hoods 20-30
734.    Collection of 19th and early 20th century white cotton women's clothing to include cami-knickers, three identical hand stitched night gowns with broderie anglais collar and cuffs, three further night gowns, three underskirts and four aprons 50-80
735.    Six extra long bottle green velvet curtains, each 3.65 x 1.9 m approx, all lined with pencil pleat heading and fringing along one edge 80-120
736.    Collection of vintage men's dress suits to include three piece morning suit with waistcoat by Vanderbilt, a Burton tailcoat, three further tailor made tailcoats and two pairs of dress trousers 30-50
737.    Victorian ladies black jacket with stayed bodice and ivory silk embellishments at the collar, hem, cuffs and over the shoulder (AF) together with an unlined black vintage jacket with stayed bodice, button front and lace cuffs 40-60
738.    Collection of vintage beadwork items including black collar with choker style fastening, two beaded collars, black sequined ribbon, beaded embellishments and diamante ribbon, together with a quantity of hand and machine made lace bundles, etc 30-50
739.    Large box of vintage white table linen embellished with lacework, crochet, pulled threadwork and embroidery 30-50
740.    Laura Ashley vintage fabric remnants including approx 18m 1986 small cherry design, 7.2m 1986 floral rose, 2m 1982 rosebud (all 1.2m wide) plus 1.5 x 1.5 1983 pink candy stripe together with a machine stitched quilt 2.5m x 2.5m 40-60
741.    Quantity of antique and vintage white cotton clothing to include christening gown, baby clothes and bonnets, children's dresses together with lace remnants and veils 40-60
742.    Four woollen woven blankets together with a vintage waffle bed cover 30-50
743.    Mixed collection of vintage textiles and accessories to include 'Le Francois' top hat, two tasseled velvet smoking caps, four pairs of ladies gloves, lace work fans, a suede lined leather case containing Masonic regalia, and a decorative yoke 40-60
744.    Six cushions with hand stitched needlepoint covers in various patterns, together with two others with tapestry style covers and a small quantity of fabric remnants 30-50
745.    Three woollen woven blankets, all multi coloured 30-50
746.    Collection of Kelim cushions including two large (70 x 66 cm) and seven small, all with piped edging, zips and corduroy reverse side (AF - some fading)
747.    A collection of vintage white table linen including cloths with pulled threadwork, colourful embroidery and crochet edging, together with a vintage white cotton petticoat, embroidered knickers and a crocheted baby bonnet 30-50
748.    A collection of good quality ladies scarves in silk, wool and manmade fabric, including Eastex, Leonardi and Everlyn 60-80
749.    Two boxes of upholstery haberdashery, a large quantity of gimp, curtain pole holders, rings and a bag of nail stud strips, together with several lengths of crocheted insert/edging ribbon 20-40
750.    Set of embroidered place mats in cross stitch made in 1930 at Bownville School of Art, together with vintage textiles including a colourful square sampler, a sampler with shell edging, an embroidered panel, gold work mat set, Indian style Toran,etc 30-50
751.    Collection of ladies hats including hats by Siggi, Peter Bettley, Frank Usher, Miss Dolores and Bermona, together with two vintage hat boxes 20-40
752.    Antique clothing including white cotton hand stitched nightgown, underskirt, christening gowns and children's clothing together with a small collection of embroidered table linen etc 30-50
753.    Single curtain in a bright green and white print, lined, with fixed width triple pleat heading 1.8 m, lower hem width 4 m and length 2.25 m together with a bedspread 2.6 x 2.4 m
761.    Large and impressive country house or ballroom carpet, two red medallions amidst scrolled foliage on a light yellow ground, 870 x 360 cm 200-400
762.    Persian bokara type runner, centrally decorated with geometric floral medallion upon a deep red ground, 200 x 100cm 40-60
763.    Baluchi runner, navy blue ground, 208 x 72
764.    Woven silk carpet, with scrolled floral decoration upon an ivory ground, 310 x 200 cm 300-400
765.    A very large thick weave 1970s carpet with pinks oranges and reds, 360 x 280cm 200-300
766.    Suzni kelim runner, 290 x 90 cm 60-100
767.    Vegetable dye Choli kelim carpet, 205 x 150 cm 100-150
768.    Afghan type runner with three central colourful medallions and geometric borders upon a navy blue ground, 200 x 120cm 50-80
769.    Old Iranian Quasqui nomadic carpet with traditional design, red ground, 300 x 200cm 150-250
770.    A good large and impressive Wilton carpet, with good central floral red medallion and further scrolled floral decoration and navy blue borders upon a cream ground, 550 x 360 cm 200-400
771.    Chinese wool rug thick weave rug, decorated with various floral medallions upon a pale green ground, 200 x 125cm 30-50
772.    Large Persian type Bokhara carpet with typical geometric medallion decoration upon a deep red ground, 400 x 300cm 300-500
773.    Cross stitch rug in pastel shades, 182 x 114
774.    A pair of graduated runners, each decorated with a geometric medallion upon a red ground, 195 x 50cm and 190 x 60cm respectively (2) 50-80
775.    Interesting Persian rug with a central red medallion with various geometric diaper floral decoration, navy blue borders upon a cream ground, 300 x 160cm 100-150
776.    Vegetable dye wool Choli kelim runner, 200 x 60 50-80
777.    Good quality Sha Qum fine wool carpet, with tight floral scrolled weave upon a light green ground, 300 x 200cm 250-300
778.    Two similar Afghan think weave carpets, each decorated with a central row of medallions upon a cream ground in pastel shades, 200 x 120cm and 140 x 80cm respectively 50-80
779.    Vegetable dye Choli kelim rug, 155 x 105 cm 60-100
780.    Kashmari hand stitched wool chain rug, 145 x 90 cm 40-60
781.    Kashmir runner with all over design and unique boarder, ivory ground, 310 x 80cm 150-200
782.    Wolf? pelt rug, 180 x 150cm 30-50
783.    Large and impressive quality Bokhara carpet with typical black medallions upon a deep red ground, 450 x 300cm 300-500
784.    Needlework Sumac kelim, 205 x 125 cm 80-120
785.    Good quality Bokhara carpet with typical geometric black medallions upon a deep red ground, 300 x 210cm 200-400
786.    Meshwari runner, navy blue ground, 260 x 55 cm 50-80
787.    Good quality Bokhara carpet decorated with typical black geometric medallions upon a deep red ground, 280 x 210cm 200-400
788.    Meshwari runner, navy blue ground, 260 x 60 cm 50-80
789.    A good quality Persian tight weave rug, decorated with diaper and architectural panels upon a red and blue ground, 160 x 95cm 80-120
790.    Eastern rug of small proportions decorated with geometric medallions upon a red ground, 120 x 80cm 30-50
791.    Iranian thick weave carpet decorated with various foliate panels upon a light red ground 150-250
792.    Two Afghan type runners, one with red geometric medallions upon a navy blue ground, 190 x 90cm, the other decorated with various multi coloured geometric patterns and floral borders upon a brown ground, 300 x 85cm (2) 50-80
793.    Afghan type rug with Bokhara type decoration upon a burnt orange ground, 140 x 100cm 40-60
794.    Gazak rug, 125 x 110 cm 50-80
795.    Old Baluchi rug, 185 x 110 cm 80-120
796.    Chinese thick weave wool carpet, with central floral medallion, framed by Chinese icons of birds and vases, etc, upon a navy blue ground, 340 x 270cm; together a further large Persian type carpet, 440 x 320cm (2) 50-80
1001.   A two seat garden bench with weathered timber lathes, raised on decorative cast iron end supports, together with one other with slatted frame (2) 40-60
1002.   A weathered cast iron bird bath/planter, the squat circular bowl with crimped edge raised on a fluted cylindrical column and flared base, 76cm high approx
1003.   Two weathered cast composition stone garden urns of varying design (planted) a further weathered composition stone three sectional sun dial, a figure of a girl and a composite ornament in the form of a seated gorilla (5) 40-60
1004.   A weathered buff coloured composition stone planter of square form with Gothic tracery detail, together with a weathered cast composition stone plinth, various planters and s mall ornaments
1005.   A set of four weathered cast composition stone garden urns, with squat circular cabbage leaf bowls, raised on square bases 60-80
1006.   A Victorian style cast aluminium garden terrace table of circular form with decorative pierced detail and swept tripod supports, together with a set of four associated chairs with anthemion shaped backs, circular seats and further decorative pierced detail 40-60
1007.   A small cast iron pub or bistro table with weathered circular marble top, together with a pair of associated chairs with open scrollwork detail 50-60
1008.   A weathered contemporary light steel terrace table of circular form with scrollwork detail, together with a pair of matching folding chairs
1009.   A Victorian style cream painted cast aluminium garden terrace table of circular form with decorative pierced top, raised on swept and scrolled tripod supports, together with a pair of associated chairs with anthemion shaped backs and one other pair of green painted garden chairs with foliate detail 40-60
1010.   A long garden/park bench, with weathered timber lathes and sprung steel supports, 200cm long approx 40-60
1011.   A quantity of weathered contemporary garden ornaments to include gnomes, geese, various figures, three sectional sundial, etc 60-80
1012.   A aluminium or light steel milk churn, two galvanised buckets, two further galvanised watering cans to include a Haws example and a cowl with spinning cap (6) 40-60
1013.   A pair of old tractor/agricultural wheels with iron hubs and rubber tyres (AF)
1014.   Four weathered cast composition stone flower troughs of rectangular form, all with raised relief detail, slight variant in size, the largest 100cm long x 25cm wide 60-80
1015.   A weathered teak two seat garden bench with slatted seats and back
1016.   A pair of light steel three tier flower pot stands of stepped form together with a further pair of aluminium greenhouse examples 40-60
1017.   Two sections of reclaimed iron work railing with central scrollwork panels, the longest 205cm long approx, together with further iron work pedestrian gate (3) 40-60
1018.   A weathered composition stone two sectional sundial in the medieval style, with figural and further relief detail and applied Roman numerals, approx 56cm high x 32cm square 40-60
1019.   A weathered cast composition stone three sectional bird bath, with shallow lobed bowl, raised on a baluster support and square stepped base, together with a further weathered composition stone garden urn with similar squat circular lobed bowl (2) 40-60
1020.   A weathered cast composition stone pedestal of octagonal form with Gothic tracery detail, later loose surmounted by a cast iron bird bath, further surmounted by ducks 50-60
1021.   A weathered cast composition stone bird bath of shell shaped form, raised on a pedestal with stylised dolphin detail
1022.   Five contemporary weathered cast composition stone garden urns of varying design, including two pairs 40-60
1023.   A contemporary cast composition stone Buddha with verdigree style painted finish, 55cm high 40-60
1023A.  Terracotta pot, pedestal bird bath and two further pots, mainly planted
1024.   A set of four weathered cast composition stone garden planters of square tapered form with faux brick work facade. 37cm wide x 34cm deep x 39cm high 40-60
1025.   A weathered cast composition stone three sectional garden bench with rectangular slab seat, raised on a pair of supports in the form of lions, 135cm long x 40cm x 50cm high approx 40-60
1026.   A two seat garden bench with weathered timber lathes, raised on a pair of decorative Victorian cast iron end supports, with scrolling foliate and further detail and cream painted finish, 4ft wide approx 60-80
1027.   A three seat garden bench with weathered timber lathes, raised on a pair of green painted cast iron end supports with foliate detail, 128cm long 40-60
1028.   A vintage three seat garden bench with blue painted timber lathes, raised on sprung steel supports, 5ft long approx 60-80
1029.   A pair of iron work entrance gates, profusely decorated with scrollwork detail, approx 170cm wide x 170cm high 250-300
1030.   An old, probably 19th century, strap work three seat garden bench, with scrolled arms and sprung supports, 5ft long approx 150-200
1031.   A pair of weathered teak three seat garden benches with slatted seats and backs, 160cm long approx 100-150
1032.   A contemporary two seat garden bench with weathered timber lathes, raised on a pair of cast iron end supports, 130cm long approx, together with a matching low table
1033.   Two pairs of reclaimed painted pine louvre shutters with iron work hinges, each panel 200cm high x 56cm wide approx
1034.   A large weathered contemporary terracotta planter of square form with relief detail, 50cm square approx, together with two similar smaller examples, and old weathered planter in the form of a lattice work basket, a forcing pot, etc 40-60
1035.   One lot of weathered cast composition stone garden urns and planters of varying design
1036.   An old weathered grind stone with central iron shaft and shaped supports, together with four further mill/grinding stones of various size (5) 50-80
1037.   A weathered natural stone staddle stone cap, 60cm diameter approx
1038.   A weathered cast composition stone three sectional bird bath, with square stepped base and waisted pedestal 40-60
1039.   A weathered contemporary composition stone Mexican hat style planter, 72cm diameter together with a further composition stone planter in the form of a pot bellied cauldron, with foliate relief band (2) 40-60
1040.   A weathered cast composition stone campana shaped garden urn, with lobed circular bowl and square base, together with one other (AF)
1041.   A reclaimed sign post, with three pointers, two with signs, one cast alloy, the other enamel, for Church Street and Larkham Close 80-120
1042.   Three small vintage implement wheels of varying size, together with a heavy duty cast iron low stand, possibly to support an anvil, and a pair of cast iron pawn shaped caps
1043.   An old iron harrow with painted finish
1044.   An old iron work outsized boot scraper
1045.   A reclaimed cast, possibly bronze, scullery water pump, together with two further cast iron examples (3) 60-80
1046.   A vintage cast iron pig feeding trough of rectangular form, with rung divisions and ring handles, 4ft long 40-60
1047.   A pair of vintage cast iron spoked implement wheels, 114cm diameter, stamped to hub 'Nicholson's Newark 9821' 60-80
1048.   A pair of weathered cast composition stone garden ornaments in the form of seated lions, together with one other 40-60
1049.   A Honda Izy 4.5hp petrol driven cylinder lawn mower with grass collection bag 60-80
1050.   An Al-Ko 46BR Classic, petrol driven cylinder lawn mower, with Briggs and Stratton XC35 engine and grass collection bag
1051.   A Florabest petrol driven cylinder lawn mower, with Briggs and Stratton 450E series engine, complete with grass collection box 40-60
1052.   A weathered natural stone three sectional bird bath with circular dial and pierced gnomon, 76 cm high approx 60-80
1053.   A Cast iron Anvil 77 cm long x 33 cm high
1054.   A cast iron fire basket and loose andirons in the form of columns with fluted detail raised on shaped feet 40-60
1055.   A cast iron strong box with side drop carrying handles (complete with key), 61 cm long x 46 cm wide x 45 cm deep approx excluding handles 60-80
1056.   An antique copper with riveted seams and flared rim stamped D Sealy & Son, Ciren, approx 55 cm diameter x 40 cm high 160-200
1056A.  An ancient granite stone apothecaries grinder, the circular two sectional vessel carved to the top with a recumbent fox, 31 cm diameter 500-600
1057.   A vintage steel floorstanding eight tier graduated saucepan stand 60-80
1058.   A chain saw carving in the form of a bear in standing pose, inset eyes, stained finish, raised on a stump, 112 cm high approx 80-100
1059.   After Canova, a pair of good quality weathered cast composition stone recumbent lions with rectangular platform bases, approx 86 cm long x 40 cm wide x 35 cm high 800-1200
1060.   "The Walmore" reclaimed Victorian white glazed ceramic pedestal toilet with transfer printed floral detail 40-60
1061.   An old weathered terracotta conical shaped rhubarb forcer, 66 cm high 40-60
1062.   A contemporary steel floorstanding log stand/cradle, 80 cm high
1063.   A weathered cast composition stone staddle stone with domed cap, approx 58 cm high, the cap 50 cm diameter 40-60
1064.   A cast iron fire basket of rectangular form and loose andirons, with scrollwork detail, and open basket finials, 130 cm wide (full width), internal basket 56 cm x 40 cm approx 60-80
1065.   A small vintage cast iron anvil, 45 cm long x 25 cm high 50-80
1066.   An old Georgian style cast iron fire basket, the serpentine front with pierced foliate and eagle grill, flanked by scrolled dogs and urn finials, 54 cm wide (full width), internal basket 30 cm x 20 cm approx 60-80
1067.   A large and heavy old English style cast iron fire back of rectangular and stepped arched form with armorial shield, lion, unicorn and crown relief detail, 100 cm wide x 80 cm high approx 100-120
1068.   An old reclaimed cast iron road sign with raised lettering Bonar Bridge 11 3/4 MS, 71 cm long x 14 cm high (excluding bracket)
1069.   A small antique cast iron fire back of stepped arched form, with raised relief detail of a male character playing a pipe alongside a dancing dog, etc, 47 1/2 cm wide x 48 cm high 60-80
1070.   A weathered timber frame supporting nine blacksmiths tools 40-60
1071.   An iron work fan shaped panel with scroll work and simple punched detail, 106 cm wide x 55 cm high 40-60
1072.   A vintage enamel sign, twin sided with white lettering on a navy blue ground 'You may telephone from here' set within a possibly associated wall bracket with scroll detail, the sign 56 cm long x 23 cm high 200-300
1073.   A large weathered cast composition stone campana shaped garden urn with flared egg and dart rim, raised relief classical figures, face mask, fluted socle and platform base, approx 64 cm diameter (at rim) x 92 cm high approx
1074.   A pair of good quality contemporary light oak folding occasional tables with square slatted tops 40-60
1075.   A small lead bird bath in the form of a seated cross legged cherub raised on a shell with bird and naturalistic base (AF) 40-60
1076.   An improved patent fire resisting safe with brass T shaped handle and shield shaped escutcheon with baffle slide (complete with key), 38 cm wide x 33 cm deep excluding hinges x 50 cm high approx 80-120
1076A.  A Phillips & Sons fire resisting safe enclosed by a single door with brass clenched fist and bar handle, shield shaped escutcheon with Climax detector lock, the painted interior fitted with a single drawer, 46 cm square approx (complete with key in office) 60-80
1077.   A small unusual weathered natural stone corner/wedge shaped trough approx 45 cm wide x 30 deep x 28 cm high 50-80
1078.   A rustic log chopping block raised on splayed oak or possibly ash tripod supports
1079.   A natural stone D shaped trough 54 cm wide x 52 cm deep x 20 cm high 60-80
1080.   A Lister stationery engine, serial number 1-1062, fuel driven with crank handle start
1081.   A 19th century wirework fire/nursery guard with brass top rail, 122 cm wide x 68 cm high 60-80
1082.   A vintage Raleigh Budgie child's chopper bicycle with stabilisers 50-100
1083.   A Lonsdale London stitched tan leather hanging punch bag 120 cm high approx excluding chains

1084.   A Georgian oak settle/bench with moulded panelled back over open arms and strung seat (lacks cushion), raised on shaped forelegs and pad feet, with all over later green painted finish, 5ft long approx 60-80
1085.   A small ironwork fire basket of rectangular form and loose dogs with flattened finials and feet, together with one other (2) 70-90
1086.   A steel floorstanding six tier graduated kitchen saucepan stand with splayed flattened feet 40-60
1087.   A tall substantial reclaimed stripped pine door with segmented bevelled edge glazed panels, approx 9ft 8 inches high x 2ft 7 inches wide 50-80
1088.   Taxidermy - a stuffed Wildebeest head 200-300
1089.   A pierced brass fender with alternating pattern and moulded curb, 117 cm wide x 34 cm high, interior measurement 110 cm 30-50
1090.   A reclaimed Minster style carved stone fire surround, the mantle 120 cm wide approx (in sections for ease of removal)
1091.   A small collection of contemporary, mainly long handled, gardening tools together with three rustic wooden trugs
1092.   A weathered cast composition stone statue/study of a standing boy nude clutching a scarf and raised on a square plinth, 94cm high approx, together with one other (2) 80-120
1093.   Two contemporary cast metal hanging ceiling lights/electroliers of varying design, one of hexagonal form with pierced latticed panels, together with a two branch wall light 40-60
1094.   A contemporary cast light metal hanging ceiling light/electrolier with eight scrolling branches with leaf detail, ruby coloured faceted tear drops
1095.   A six branch glass and cast gilt metal framed hanging ceiling light/electrolier festooned with faceted prism drops 40-60
1096.   An Art Deco period hanging cast metal five branch ceiling light/electrolier, the frosted moulded glass tapered shades with foliate detail, etc (one missing)
1097.   A gothic revival cast gilt metal hanging ceiling light/electrolier of hooped form, hung from chains and supporting ten sconces with gothic tracery detail, 60 cm diameter approx 60-80
1098.   A Dutch style anodised brass hanging ceiling light/electrolier with six scrolling branches surrounding a knopped bulbous stem 40-60
1099.   A set of four Art Deco style hanging pendant leaded lights of tapered octagonal form with alternating coloured panels 40-60
1100.   A pair of vintage substantial pine A framed folding trestles with painted lettering FW Fowler, Bristol 3, distressed paint work, 192 cm high x 74 cm at widest point 150-200
1101.   A vintage painted pine sign board of rectangular and partially canted form with lettering Thomas Astley Fish Merchant and raised salmon detail, 122 cm wide x 60 cm high, 4ft x 2 ft approx 60-80
1102.   A small rustic country made pine bench, the rectangular planked seat with canted corners and through tenon and jointed legs, 3ft long approx 40-60
1103.   A large rustic staved wooden sieve and shallow dairy bowl, the sieve 80 cm diameter approx 40-60
1104.   A vintage oak and steel banded bucket with loose iron work loop handle 40-60
1112.   An Edwardian walnut floorstanding shop display cabinet with stepped and moulded cornice over a full length rectangular glazed panelled door with patent brass T shaped handles, flanked by glazed panelled sides, the interior with adjustable plate glass shelves with cast iron brackets, 213 cm high x 81 cm wide x 44 cm deep (at widest part) 300-400
1113.   An Edwardian walnut floorstanding shop display cabinet with stepped and moulded cornice over a full length rectangular glazed panelled door with patent brass ring drop handles flanked by glazed panelled sides, the interior with adjustable plate glass shelves and cast iron supporting brackets, 214 cm high x 77 cm wide x 37 cm deep (at widest points), with cast iron brackets 300-400
1114.   An Edwardian mahogany floorstanding shop display cabinet with stepped and moulded cornice over three full length rectangular glazed panelled doors with patent T shaped handles, flanked by glazed panelled sides, the interior with adjustable plate glass shelves supported by pierced cast iron brackets, 194 cm wide x 210 cm high x 44 cm deep (at widest points) 400-600
1115.   A Victorian overmantle mirror, the gilt moulded arched frame with raised shell and floral detail, 102 cm wide x 114 cm high 80-120
1116.   A 19th century overmantle mirror, the stepped and moulded over gilded frame with Greek key surround and raised cherub playing a flute, with scrolling acanthus surround and bird detail, 135 cm wide x 160 cm high approx 250-300
1117.   A contemporary gilt framed circular wall mirror, the wide frame enclosing a bevelled edge plate, 66 cm diameter, together with a small plaster framed wall mirror of oval form (2)
1118.   A 19th century convex wall mirror with ebonised reeded slip and gilt moulded surround, 60 cm diameter approx, together with one other with bevelled edge plate (2) 80-120
1119.   A large contemporary reproduction wall mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge plate within a swept and moulded matt grey/silver coloured frame with foliate detail, 5ft x 4ft approx 140-160
1120.   A reproduction Chippendale style wall mirror of rectangular form with scrolling acanthus and further detail, 94 cm x 67 cm high 50-80
1121.   A pair of contemporary painted and distressed pine framed wall mirrors in the form of arched windows, each enclosed by two doors with segmented mirror panels, 73 cm wide x 123 cm high approx 60-80
1122.   A Regency style gilt framed overmantle mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge plate and partially reeded surround, 114 cm wide x 83 cm in height 40-60
1123.   A wall mirror of rectangular form, the stepped and moulded gilt frame with pierced fruiting , grapevine surround enclosing an oval bevelled edge mirror plate, 104 cm wide x 78 cm high 70-90
1124.   A Victorian overmantle mirror, the later gilt painted wooden frame of arched form with chamfered outline and raised monogram shield with flower head and leaf detail, 120 cm wide x 127 cm high 120-140
1125.   A contemporary gilt framed wall mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge plate within a moulded fan shaped surround, 123 cm x 92 cm 40-60
1126.   A Victorian gilt framed overmantle mirror with applied scrolling acanthus and flower head detail, 140 cm wide x 150 cm high approx 200-300
1127.   A small reproduction Regency style convex wall mirror together with two others of varying design, (3) 30-50
1128.   A pair of contemporary decorative wall mirrors with cream painted moulded segmented frames in the form of arched windows 110 cm high x 74 cm wide 60-80
1129.   A large contemporary reproduction gilt framed wall mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge plate within a stepped, swept and moulded surround with foliate and further detail, 128 cm x 98 cm 100-120
1130.   A contemporary wall mirror of rectangular form, the oval plate with tan leather surround and ebonised frame, 118 x 87 cm 40-60
1131.   A late 19th century oak framed mirror, the rectangular plate flanked by slender fluted columns and moulded detail, 87 cm wide x 108 cm high 80-100
1132.   A torchere and standard lamp with carved columns (fashioned from bed posts), together with a 19th century piano stool with circular revolving seat raised on turned and swept supports (3) 40-60
1133.   A plaster, to simulate copper, plaque/panel of rectangular form, with raised relief old kitchen interior scene, 93 cm x 47 cm
1134.   A contemporary gilt framed wall mirror of shield shaped form with scrolling acanthus surround together with three further gilt framed wall mirrors of varying design and a circular engraved/worked polished brass tray with foliate detail
1135.   A contemporary reproduction wall mirror, the gilt moulded and ebonised frame with classical split reeded columns, shell, acanthus and further detail, 101 cm wide x 135 cm in height 150-200
1136.   A contemporary light oak 5ft bedstead to accept 4ft 6 mattress, with panelled head and foot boards, together with a similar further oak example and a single pine bed/futon
1137.   An unusual stripped pine floorstanding corner cupboard, enclosed by a three quarter length mirrored panel door, beneath an open compartment with applied scrolling acanthus detail, beneath a stepped and moulded cornice, 200 cm high
1138.   NO LOT 40-60
1139.   A Kemble upright iron framed overstrung piano with teak case, painted frame number 132986, together with an associated stool with shallow upholstered box seat 60-80
1140.   A reproduction Georgian style mahogany veneered side cabinet with broken swan neck pediment over a pair of astragal glazed panelled doors, shallow frieze drawer and cupboard, flanked by canted corners and raised on bracket shaped supports, 94 cm wide x 200 cm height approx 40-60
1141.   A Wurlitzer upright iron framed and over strung piano, model number 2109, serial number 1274377 with veneered case and turned tapered forelegs (retailed by Duck, Son & Pinker Ltd) 100-150
1142.   A vintage Howden four drawer steel floorstanding filing cabinet with original green painted finish 40-60
1144.   An unusual mahogany side cupboard enclosed by a single door with mock four drawer elevation beneath a writing slope with hinged lid and inset leather panel
1145.   A Simplex two sectional floorstanding library bookcase with adjustable segmented shelves, 153 cm wide x 190 cm high x 22cm deep 40-60
1146.   A pair of reproduction oak refectory benches with plank seats, waisted supports and sledge feet united by pegged rails/stretchers, 7ft long approx 60-80
1147.   A Mickleburgh upright iron framed and over strung piano with polished teak case, painted number 113369 80-120
1148.   A reproduction Regency style mahogany floorstanding open bookcase with two adjustable shelves and moulded frame, 122 cm wide x 98 cm high x 24 cm deep 40-60
1149.   A contemporary stripped pine floorstanding open bookcase with segmented and adjustable shelves, 156 cm wide x 34 cm deep x 96 cm high 60-80
1150.   A vintage Herbert Terry & Sons Ltd anglepoise table lamp with square two stepped base in cream colourway together with a further, more contemporary, example (2), and a heavy vintage leather suitcase 40-60
1151.   A good quality contemporary light oak floorstanding open shelving unit, partially fitted with two central drawers, approx 100 cm wide x 40 cm deep x 180 cm high 80-120
1152.   An Ercol medium elm wall hanging plate rack with segmented shelves 30-50
1153.   Four contemporary chain link legend terrestrial globes in various size and colourway 60-80
1154.   An ironwork hanging ceiling light of hooped form with pierced detail supporting three conical shaped shades
1155.   A pair of content by Conran ebonised cast metal occasional tables of circular form with waisted stems and stepped beehive bases, the tops 40 cm in diameter x 54.5 cm high 60-80
1156.   A Georgian mahogany bookcase/side cabinet, freestanding and enclosed by a pair of astragal glazed panelled doors revealing three adjustable shelves to interior over a shaped apron and bracket supports, 125 cm wide x 36 cm deep x 122 cm high 40-60
1157.   A contemporary stripped pine floorstanding open bookcase with one fixed and four adjustable shelves raised on a moulded plinth, 98 cm wide x 34 cm deep x 199 cm high 50-80
1158.   An Edwardian walnut dressing chest with rectangular swing mirror over a central trinket drawer and three long graduated drawers set on a moulded plinth, together with one other (2)
1159.   Two similar iron work telescopic floorstanding oil lamp standards with scroll work detail (later converted to electricity)
1160.   A small child's size settle with panelled back over a box seat with hinged lid, 92 cm wide x 90 cm high approx and 2 Windsor kitchen chairs 40-60
1161.   A contemporary white wood bedroom chest of two short over three long drawers, together with one other (2) 60-80
1162.   Six tubular steel framed stacking stools with moulded plastic seats
1162A.  A circular top chrome bar table and a pair of high seat chrome bar stools with bright green seats
1163.   A reproduction Georgian style yew wood veneered side table, the serpentine front fitted with two frieze drawers raised on square tapered legs with spade feet
1164.   A late Victorian/Edwardian oak kneehole twin pedestal roll top desk, the S shaped tambour roll enclosing a pigeon holed interior over pedestals, each fitted with four long drawers within a panelled frame, the brass escutcheon/lock plate stamped W Richardson, Office Furnisher Leeds & Bradford 80-100
1165.   An Edwardian walnut hall stand of full height, the back incorporating a rectangular bevelled edge mirror plate flanked by coat hooks over a shallow glove box flanked by umbrella/stick stands 40-60
1166.   A 19th century oak, or possibly chestnut, buffet enclosed by two pairs of moulded rectangular doors, two drawers and turned and fluted column supports, 235 cm high x 5ft wide 60-80
1167.   A vintage oak cased portable engineers cabinet, the panelled fall front enclosing a fitted interior of five drawers and comprehensive contents 40-60
1168.   A Hi-fi separate stacking system comprising a Thorens record deck/turntable, TD280 Mark IV, a Rega Mira amplifier, a Marantz CD player, CD606 and a pair of floorstanding Dynaudio Audience 62 speakers 100-200
1169.   A small flexi speed engineering lathe, belt driven with motor and work light, mounted on a later associated painted wooden trolley 80-120
1170.   A Startet electric workshop circular saw bench 40-60
1171.   An IQ air Swiss made air conditioning unit with remote control 60-80
1172.   A small floorstanding display cabinet with moulded and domed pediment over a three quarter length glazed panelled door and cupboard, 2 ft wide approx
1173.   A modern floorstanding wine racket to hold 65 bottles containing 25 bottles of unopened red and white to include Pouilly - Fume 2013, Domain Mason, Blonde let, Vouvray, Kanonkop, Chateau le Vieux Fort, etc 60-80
1174.   Two 19th century stained pine blanket boxes with hinged lids, dovetailed joints and side carrying handles 100-120
1175.   NO LOT 40-60
1176.   A Victorian style chaise with upholstered seat button spoonback and show wood supports
1177.   A 19th century mahogany carver chair with open scrolled arms, upholstered seat and turned tapered forelegs, a further 19th century bar back single chair, a rush seated chair and a Windsor bar back open armchair with turned supports and stretchers (4) 40-60
1178.   A mixed lot of antique metalware to include a brass jam pan with fixed iron loop handle, cast iron door porter in the form of Mrs Punch, a wrought iron pierced brass kettle stand/trivet, sundry fire irons, fender with pierced grill, etc 30-50
1179.   NO LOT
1180.   A vintage Lloyd Loom chair with shaped outline and low circular stool, both in original green colourway
1181.   Two vintage Lloyd Loom chairs of varying design but both with upholstered seat cushions
1182.   A 19th century scumbled pine box with hinged lid, iron fittings and painted floral detail 60-80
1183.   A Clarke metal worker 7 inch wet stone grinder, together with a Draper bench top electric pillar drill, serial number 02060632 60-80
1184.   A vintage green painted steel portable engineers tool cabinet with removable front enclosing four shallow drawers and contents, a further tool chest, a steel framed nest of small plastic drawers containing an assortment of screws, etc 40-60
1185.   A quantity of contemporary hand and other tools, to include a Draper mitre saw, a Bosch S2 drill press, a moulded plastic Stanley tool box and contents, a small skil bench top electric grinding/sharpening stone, etc 60-80
1186.   A Performance Power electric bench drill press, model number PDP350
1187.   A 19th century bell and combined wall mounted bracket with scrollwork detail, (the bell approx 22cm in diameter x 20 cm high, the bracket 53 cm wide x 36 cm deep x 47 cm high excluding bracket) 80-120
1188.   A Hifi separate stacking system comprising a Sansui Integrated Stereo Amplifier - 505, a Sansui stereo cassette deck D-55M, a Rotel RX-200 Solid State Stereo Receiver and a pair of ITT KS 665 speakers
1189.   A Grundig Hi-fi separate stacking system, comprising a PS 2000 Hi-Fidelity turntable a R1000 amp/tuner, a CF5000 cassette deck and a pair of boxed 550B speakers 40-60
1190.   A 19th century copper helmet shaped coal scuttle, cylindrical and brass banded coal bin, horn bowl, bargeware type frying pan with hand painted floral detail, etc 40-60
1191.   Two Georgian oak coffer panelled fronts, one with simple scratch carved detail, together with a further coffer panelled side (3)
1192.   An embossed brass log or coal bin of rectangular form with old interior scenes, together with a pot bellied coal bin and cover with lions mask and ring handles (2) 40-60
1193.   A stainless steel fish kettle, various saucepans, Tower Pressure cooker, etc
1194.   A small collection of Le Creuset burnt orange cookware to include a saucepan with spout and cover, three serving dishes, tureen and cover, frying/griddle pan, together with a boxed copy of Larousse Gastronomique, published by Hamlyn 40-60
1195.   Various stainless steel and other saucepans and frying pans to include Tefal examples, Tefal pressure cooker, etc
1196.   A bundle of vintage golf clubs including a couple of hickory shafted examples, Lacrosse stick, etc
1197.   A miscellaneous lot to include a small Georgian style mahogany wine table with inlaid detail and tripod supports, toilet mirror, ceramic elephant garden seat, vintage wooden toy train, possibly Tri-ang, with weathered paint work, a small gilt wood wall bracket with scrolling acanthus detail and a bagatelle
1198.   A Clarke 5" (125mm) electric bench grinder CBG-5RSB, an unopened NuTool angle grinder NP115, a Bosch electric drill CSB500-2, a boxed Black and Decker BD1200 wall paper stripper, etc
1199.   A 19th century brass and cut steel fender, a vintage Imperial typewriter and a stoneware flagon with impressed merchants mark for Joseph Reed & Sons, Plymouth serial number 2151 (3) and Peacock firescreen
1200.   A large vintage mains radio, with polished wooden veneer case, Orion Imp TYPAR612, together with a quantity of old boxed valves, to include Mullard examples, a comprehensive collection of small fittings, housed within small multi-drawer steel cabinets, a collection of vintage amplifiers to include DS50-02 and 4DS-1000W examples 60-80
1201.   A small Victorian tin trunk and a box containing a quantity of assorted workshop hand tools
1202.   A Stihl HS45 petrol hedge trimmer 60-80
1203.   A Stihl SH86C petrol driven leaf blower and two tube attachments 60-80
1204.   A Stihl FS5DC petrol driven line strimmer 40-60
1205.   A vintage stained wooden tool chest and contents
1206.   A canvas lined and stitched leather re-enforced cricket bag containing a collection of eight cricket bats, to include a Wisden Autograph, The County Driver, Stuart Surridge Rapid Driver, etc and a hockey stick
1206A.  Twelve zinc garden oil lamps/torches
1207.   A collection of approx 20 vintage wood work planes and a boxed sharpening stone 40-60
1208.   A quantity of misc Vintage items to include a stoneware vinegar bottle with printed merchants Mark Councell and Sons general providers Thornbury. Carpentry moulding and other planes, small collection of brass blow lamps, clockwork spit roasting jack, petrol cans etc. 60-80
1209.   Twelve vintage aluminium signs of rectangular form advertising Ringer's A1 Cigarettes and Tobacco 66 cm x 20 cm (Three different fonts and colourway) 60-80
1210.   Ten vintage cream painted steel filing drawers, together with two others and a tin trunk (13) 40-60
1211.   A set of four contemporary folding directors type chairs, with cream painted frames 40-60
1212.   A Victorian pine blanket box with hinged lid and scumbled/simulated wood grain finish 40-60
1212A.  Vintage lot to include the "Pluvette" cast iron lawn sprinkler, Lister Dursley dairy related vessel, cast iron stable corner trough, etc 40-60
1213.   A 19th century stained pine shipwright's tool chest with hinged lid and rope twist side carrying handles, the front with applied plaque with lettering BLAND 60-80
1214.   A vintage stained pine framed and re-enforced trunk, a vintage car trunk and three other cases of varying design (5) 40-60
1215.   A Victorian walnut freestanding four tier graduated corner whatnot, with inlaid detail, bow fronted shelves and turned column supports 40-60
1216.   A pair of contemporary industrial style kitchen/work stools, with wooden seats and white painted metal supports 40-60
1217.   A vintage cream enamel bread bin containing a carved oak bread board of circular form with script, Long Life and Happiness, together with an associated bread knife with carved handle 30-40
1218.   An unusual stripped and waxed pine kitchen dresser with open segmented shelves over a central drop well flanked by glazed cabinets, approx 130 cm wide x 36 cm deep x 190 cm height 100-120
1219.   A Georgian mahogany Pembroke table with oval drop leaves with crossbanded detail, over one real and one dummy drawer, raised on square tapered legs with brass caps and castors 60-80
1220.   A Victorian brass floorstanding and revolving two divisional Canterbury with lattice divides and swept tripod supports together with a small brass firescreen/spark guard and a bamboo curtain rail with brass fittings 40-60
1221.   An Edwardian walnut table cabinet enclosed by a pair of rectangular panelled doors, the interior painted and shelved together with a small oak freestanding open bookcase, a toilet mirror with rectangular plate, and turned framework and an Art Noveau style two tier occasional table with shaped outline and pierced fretwork detail (4) 40-60
1222.   A good quality contemporary stripped pine farmhouse kitchen dresser, the base enclosed by four rectangular fielded panelled doors and four frieze drawers beneath a raised recessed two tier open plate rack over, 6ft wide approximately x 6ft 5 inches in height 150-200
1223.   A good quality inlaid Edwardian mahogany compactum wardrobe with satinwood banding, chequered stringing and floral marquetry panels enclosed by an arrangement of cupboards and drawers, together with an associated kneehole dressing table (2) 150-200
1224.   A pair of late 20th century Italian dining or side chairs comprising one carver and one single, the polished ebonised frames with shaped outline, tapered open vertical rail backs over slightly dished pad seats, (stamped verso to framework Pietro Constantini no 806)
1225.   A 19th century mahogany drop leaf dining table of rectangular form with moulded outline raised on four turned and partially reeded legs with brass caps and brown ceramic castors, together with a 19th century mahogany toilet mirror of rectangular form with swept and scrolled supports and platform base (2)
1226.   One lot of miscellaneous items to include a reproduction occasional table of oval form with moulded outline raised on scrolled cabriole supports, a contemporary metal wine rack to hold 12 bottles, a gilt framed wall mirror of rectangular form with bevelled edge plate, a large oil on canvas, a framed print, simulated cane bound box and two table lamps in the form of oriental vases and covers
1227.   A 1920s oak oval drop leaf gateleg dining table raised on six barley twist supports, together with an Edwardian/1920s mahogany bow fronted display cabinet enclosed by three glazed panelled doors raised on squat claw and ball supports, an oak cased wall clock, a small wall hanging display cabinet and a bench stool with pegged rail/stretcher (5) 40-60
1228.   A Bang & Olufsen Beovision Mx2000 television and stand, together with a contemporary uplighter (2)
1229.   A small 19th century mahogany occasional table with vase shaped pillar and swept tripod beneath a possibly associated rectangular top with rounded corners, together with a standard lamp with turned column, acanthus detail and dish shaped platform base, (2)
1230.   A floorstanding folk art style stained pine corner cupboard enclosed by two doors with hand painted floral detail, approx 80 cm wide x 166 cm high 100-150
1230A.  Wrought iron standard lamp 10-20
1231.   A Victorian stripped pine Pembroke type table, fitted with a frieze drawer raised on four turned tapered legs
1232.   A low stripped pine side cupboard enclosed by a pair of rectangular moulded panelled doors, approximately 3ft wide x 80 cm in height together with a painted pine bedside cupboard (2) 40-60
1233.   An unsual Victorian mahogany occasional table of rectangular form fitted with two drawers (one either end) raised on a central turned pillar, shaped platform and button feet 40-60
1234.   A Victorian oak bookcase fitted with a single shelf with trailing floral, lion mask and ring handles, 91 cm wide 60-80
1235.   A four divisional mahogany Canterbury over two frieze drawers on turned supports in the Georgian style 30-40
1236.   A painted dressing table and stool with shaped outline enclosing three drawers on scrolled supports, the stool with upholstered top 60-80
1237.   A good quality ashwood pedestal writing desk/dressing table fitted with nine drawers raised on bracket supports, 134 cm wide 50-60
1238.   A good quality contemporary ashwood open bookcase fitted with two adjustable shelves, 97 cm wide 40-60
1239.   A pair of contemporary side tables, each enclosing a frieze drawer on turned supports with under galleries, 60 cm wide 40-60
1240.   A low 19th century continental stripped and waxed pine chest of two long drawers with reeded supports, 130 cm x 72 cm high 120-150
1241.   A vintage stool with circular upholstered top raised on a metallic disc shaped base, together with a similar occasional table with white melamine top 30-40
1242.   Two similar painted chests of drawers, each of two long and two short drawers on bracket supports 120-150
1243.   A late 19th century French Kingwood bedside/lamp table with three quarter gallery, single frieze drawer and shallow cupboard raised on shaped supports together with a further mahogany lamp table with cupboard door on square tapered legs (2) 60-80
1244.   A simple oak occasional table on turned supports, together with a further pair of graduated occasional tables on swept supports by Dauber Close Furniture Company, Pittsburgh and a side table with a frieze drawer
1245.   Three graduated 1970s teak occasional tables of rectangular form with inset tiled tops and raised on square cut and chamfered supports, partially united by stretchers
1246.   A traditional gypsy table, the circular top raised on six turned bobbin supports
1247.   A pair stripped and waxed pine occasional table, the circular top raised on four square tapered legs, 60 cm diameter 100-150
1248.   A stripped pine floorstanding corner cupboard, enclosed by four rectangular panelled doors, the upper glazed section revealing a shaped shelf to interior, 201 cm high x 90 cm wide approx
1249.   A rustic Irish pine dresser, the lower section enclosed by a pair of panelled doors, the upper section with open shelves set beneath further panelled doors, 84 cm wide 60-80
1250.   A simple antique oak bench or form with plank top raised on shaped supports, 210 cm in length 50-100
1251.   A pair of small cabriole leg footstools with upholstered tops 40-60
1252.   An oak side cabinet, freestanding and enclosed by three leaded light panelled doors, two with green tinted glass, revealing adjustable shelves to interior, raised on a low stand with turned supports and bun feet united by stretchers, 177 cm wide x 40 cm deep x 141 cm high
1253.   A small butchers block raised on a pine frame 46 cm square 60-80
1254.   A Victorian ironwork jardiniere stand with scrolled and foliated detail 40-60
1255.   Two vintage canvas travelling trunks with applied borders bearing numerous vintage travel labels
1256.   A small Edwardian painted pine chest of three long drawers on bracket supports, 77 cm wide
1257.   A satin walnut chest of three long drawers together with a further painted pine chest of three long and two short drawers
1258.   A stripped and waxed pine chest of two long, two short and one very deep drawer raised on a plinth base, 91 cm 60-80
1259.   A Georgian style mahogany bow fronted chest of three long and two short graduated drawers on swept supports, 72 cm wide 60-81
1260.   A secretaire chest, the front elevation presented as three long and six short drawers (the short drawers of dummy form), revealing a fitted interior with green leather inset top and drawers and pigeon holes
1261.   A 19th century stripped and waxed pine kitchen dresser, the lower section enclosed by a tower of four drawers flanked by two cupboards, the upper section enclosed by two glazed panelled doors and with applied split spindle mouldings, 130 cm wide 80-100
1262.   A pair of Kef speakers type SP3020 100 watt, numbers 016238 and 01073, 70 cm in height 40-60
1263.   A 19th century stripped and waxed pine side cupboard enclosed by a panelled door over two short frieze drawers, 85 cm wide x 132 cm high
1264.   A 19th century mahogany washstand with rising lid and simply fitted interior together with a simple oak side table with frieze drawer (2)
1265.   A set of three vintage graduated stools on turned and ebonised frames and with rush work woven seats 40-60
1266.   A small Victorian painted pine chest of three long and two short drawers on turned supports, 94cm wide 60-80
1267.   An Edwardian chest of two long and two short drawers with block moulded detail, 107cm wide
1268.   19th century copper two gallon measure with loop handle, two copper warming pans with turned wood handles and a walking cane
1269.   A Victorian satin walnut dressing chest on turned supports, together with a jardiniere of circular form raised on three barley twist supports
1270.   A vintage style pine cabinet presented as 20 small drawers, comprising 11 drawers surrounding two cupboards, 133cm wide 60-80
1271.   A Victorian mahogany pot cupboard with carved and panelled doors
1272.   A five section vertical stacking bookcase, enclosed by a series of sliding glass doors and cupboards, 90cm wide 60-80
1273.   A Victorian mahogany Pembroke table, a further 19th century mahogany side table and a 19th century mahogany occasional table with square cut top
1274.   A pair of 19th century carved wood wall brackets, supported by eagles with outstretched wings and with further carved fruit detail, together with a small Victorian oak counter top confectionary cabinet with glazed panelled sides and chamfered supports 60-80
1275.   An Edwardian mahogany kneehole writing table fitted with four drawers on square tapered legs, with cast brass fittings, 123cm wide
1276.   A carved camphor wood chest with character, landscape and sailing vessel detail, containing a number of leather jackets 40-60
1277.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany dressing chest of two long and two short drawers, the raised back with oval mirror plate and box wood stringing and other inlaid detail 40-60
1277A.  A box of miscellaneous mainly carpentry related hand tools together with a small collection of brass, vintage sprayers/syringes
1278.   An oak writing table with frieze drawer on square cut supports, 130cm wide 70-100
1279.   Four boxes containing a miscellaneous collection of ceramics, room labels, Victorian octagonal glass ink well with cast brass top and other miscellaneous effects
1280.   A contemporary hardwood upright bookcase of open form, 55cm wide x 133cm high
1281.   A pair of Windsor style stools, the oval elm tops on turned supports, 68cm high
1282.   A 19th century continental walnut secretaire cabinet enclosed by a series of doors and drawers
1283.   A vintage oak table top gramophone in oak, with painted horn and a King sound box
1284.   A small Georgian style mahogany serpentine chest of four long graduated drawers, together with a brush slide and an Edwardian oak side table, fitted with three drawers on square tapered legs
1285.   A Victorian mahogany side table fitted with three frieze drawers on turned supports with marble top
1286.   A vintage photographic enlarger, a Fujiscascope model M36, a Eumig multi gauge silent projector mark 502D, a Prinz Compere 8 projector, a vintage Gnome British made projector/enlarger, together with a pair of vintage Celestion 15 teak framed Hifi speakers
1287.   A 19th century softwood wall mounted cupboard, the single door well carved with central sunflower motif, oak leaf and acorn clusters and set within a further repeating floral trail, 73cm high 50-60
1288.   A small pine collectors cabinet fitted with five frieze drawers on ogee supports, 63cm wide
1289.   A painted pine bookcase, in the Chinese manner, with four shelves over two drawers, with crimson painted finish, 105cm wide 40-60
1290.   A collection of stereo equipment comprising a Techniques ST-GT500 Stereo Synthesizer Tuner and an RS-B25 Stereo Cassette Deck and SL-P110 Compact Disc Player, a pair of Ross Digital Stereo Headphones and an SU-V500M2 Stereo Integrated Amplifier, together with a Techniques SL-QD2 Record Deck and a pair of Pioneer 100 watt speakers S-Z72, still with original packaging and paper work 80-100
1291.   Two pairs of Bowers & Wilkins Stereo Speakers, both in a black colourway DM110 99070 and 99068 and model DM602S3 0079827 and 0079828, with paperwork 60-80
1292.   A walnut and figured walnut bookcase enclosed by two glazed panelled doors, 122cm wide
1293.   A steel filing cabinet of nine drawers, 29cm wide
1294.   A 19th century salt glazed figure of a jolly sailor, 32cm high
1295.   A teakwood extending dining table and set of six (4+2) matching chairs by Benny Linden, the chairs with stick backs and oatmeal upholstered seats, the table of oval form supported on a stretcher base, 160cm long when closed, 210cm long when extended 350-450
1296.   A contemporary dining table in a Chinese style with ebonised finish on simple square cut and chamfered supports, to seat eight, 180cm long 60-80
1297.   A mid-Victorian prie-dieu, the bobbin frame in simulated rosewood with original hand work Gothic tracery needlepoint seat and back 40-60
1298.   A Victorian wirework hanging flower basket, an iron work basin stand with an enamel basin,
a potato basket, a pair of late 19th century oil paintings, landscapes, lacquered trays, wicker basket, small pine bookcase, etc 40-60
1299.   A collection of six various theatre stage lights by Rank Strand and others, together with two power units 40-60
1300.   Nine various theatre stage lights by Furse and others, in a blue and grey enamelled colourway 40-60
1301.   A pair of art deco Strand electric theatre lights 60-80
1302.   A pair of Victorian rosewood balloonback back dining chairs with cabriole forelegs, upholstered seats and carved rails and backs
1303.   A Regency mahogany elbow chair with bullseye splat and upholstered seat on turned supports, together with a matching single chair
1304.   A contemporary Biedermeier Empire style cherry wood D end pull out extending dining table with single additional leaf raised on four square taper legs with simple ebonised mouldings and cast metal caps, to seat six to eight
1305.   A Victorian pine farmhouse table with frieze drawer on turned supports, 150cm long
1306.   A Victorian pine chapel chair, the rising box seat to enclose a bible, raised on four chamfered supports 40-60
1307.   A contemporary tower of seven graduated drawers in beechwood 40-60
1308.   A vintage style shop display cabinet of square cut form with painted steel framework and glazed panelled sides, 40cm wide 60-80
1309.   An oak hall stand of full height, with circular mirror plate and box seat
1310.   A Chinese hardwood canteen cabinet containing a bronzed cutlery set for twelve 120-150
1311.   An Edwardian mahogany sideboard in the Adam style, the square cut side pedestals supporting a shaped centre raised on square tapered and reeded supports, with overall anthemion, urn and swag detail, etc, 230cm wide 80-100
1312.   A Windsor office chair with high seat, turned spindle mouldings and supports, seat height 51cm 40-60
1313.   A small Victorian drawing room chair, with buttoned back on turned supports
1314.   A Victorian two tier occasional table of circular form with carved detail, a further Edwardian mahogany occasional table with under gallery and a Victorian carved oak piano stool with revolving seat on tricorn base (3)
1315.   A set of four traditional Windsor wheel back dining chairs with stick backs 40-60
1316.   A Victorian Windsor smokers elbow chair principally in elm 40-60
1317.   A continental oak elbow chair with geometric carved detail finish, drop in seat and turned supports 40-60
1318.   An oak office chair with stick back and hide seat, on turned supports
1319.   A Victorian drawing room or library chair, with polished mahogany framework and original ruby red upholstered velvet finish with buttoned back 60-80
1320.   A late 19th century open armchair with recently re-upholstered oatmeal ground upholstered seat, back and arm pads with partial showwood frame raised on square tapered forelegs with brass caps and shepherds castors
1321.   A substantial Edwardian drawing room chair with scrolled arms and back and mustard coloured upholstery
1322.   A set of four contemporary stacking beechwood elbow chairs with upholstered seats and backs 40-60
1323.   An Edwardian drawing room chair with wing back and scrolled arms raised on four square tapered and mahogany supports, with recently re-upholstered finish in mid green and cream floral colourway 60-80
1324.   A mid Victorian mahogany drawing room chair with polished mahogany showwood frame, upholstered finish on cabriole supports 40-60
1325.   A mid Victorian mahogany framed drawing room chair, the showwood frame raised on cabriole supports, with button back finish 60-80
1326.   An Edwardian wing chair with scrolled arms, raised on square tapered forelegs with recently upholstered finish 60-80
1327.   An Edwardian mahogany drawing room chair with carved showwood frame and hide upholstered seat, back and arm panels 50-100
1328.   A 1960s teak wood side cupboard enclosed by three sliding doors over two drawers and turned supports, with maple lined interior, 137cm wide. An Austin Suite 1960's etc 40-60
1329.   An Edwardian oak cottage dresser, the base enclosed by a series of cupboards, central drawer and alcove, the raised plate rack fitted with three shelves beneath a shaped frieze, 137cm wide
1330.   A Victorian style mahogany stick stand, the circular drip tray metal lined
1331.   An ashwood two divisional bookcase with sliding glass doors (removable) on swept supports, 137cm wide
1332.   An old English style oak Welsh dresser, the base enclosed by a T shaped arrangement of six drawers and two carved cupboards, the plate rack with fitted shelves beneath a moulded frieze, 140cm wide 60-80
1333.   A Victorian mahogany side table of rectangular form, with frieze drawer on barley twist supports united by a central rail, 90cm wide. Stamped to drawer C>Hindley & Sons 134 Oxford London 48253 60-80
1334.   A Victorian mahogany bow fronted chest of three long and two short drawers, raised on swept supports, 104cm wide 60-80
1335.   A 19th century Chinese hardwood stool of folding form, with trailing dragon detail 40-60
1336.   An arts and crafts mahogany side table, enclosing a small central drawer on a tapering framework with under gallery, 74cm wide 60-80
1337.   A Victorian walnut writing table of rectangular form with inset leather top, over a frieze drawer, four turned supports and central rail, 92cm wide 100-150
1338.   A Georgian mahogany D end fold over top tea table on four turned supports, with boxwood and ebony string inlaid detail 70-90
1339.   A continental side cupboard with well matched veneers, the top with central oval amboyna panel over three cupboard doors with further inlaid detail and raised on shaped supports, 110 cm wide
1340.   A small Georgian style mahogany chest of five long oak lined drawers with cast brass lions mask and ring handles raised on a low stand with square cut and moulded supports and pierced fretwork corner brackets, labelled to top drawer Historic Charleston reproductions, 60 cm wide 80-120
1341.   A late 19th century walnut dressing chest of small proportions, the base fitted with three long drawers and with raised mirror back, 84cm wide
1342.   A Victorian mahogany chest of three long and two short drawers on turned supports, 96cm wide
1343.   A small oak child's writing desk with frieze drawer on square cut supports, 92cm wide
1343A.  An Edwardian /1920's oak office desk/typists Chair with rail back and revolving seat 40-60
1344.   Two vintage adjustable table lamps, by Best Lite, a further adjustable revolving stool, a further Best Lite lamp and a small electric fan 80-120
1345.   A small oak cottage dresser, the central tower of three drawers flanked by two cupboards on turned supports with raised plate rack above
1346.   An oak framed multi adjustable stool with hand worked floral tapestry top
1347.   An old charm cupboard, enclosed by a pair of panelled doors
1347A.  Pioneer audio equipment turntable PL-Z82, Tuner P-Z92L, Deck Amplifier XD-Z62M, together with graphic equalizer, double tape deck, CD player and a pair of speakers S-Z72
1348.   A substantial 19th century salt glazed flagon, 5 gallon capacity approx 60-80
1349.   A hardwood occasional table, the oval top with inset marble panel, with shaped under gallery and supports
1350.   An unusual three tier side cabinet, the lower section enclosed by two drawers, the middle section by a number of drawers, alcoves, secret compartments and cupboards, the upper section by two glazed panelled doors 40-60
1351.   A useful Victorian figured ashwood wardrobe section, the lower section enclosed by four drawers, the upper section by two panelled doors enclosing two further shelves, 92 cm wide 40-60
1352.   A late 19th century American oak musicians chair with circular rising seat, the back with turned mouldings and applied detail, raised on four turned supports with steel lions paw and glass ball feet 80-120
1353.   A Victorian mahogany shallow inverted breakfront sideboard with raised mirror back over a central frieze drawer and four arched panelled doors set on a moulded plinth, 6ft long approx, together with a collection of 19th and 20th century black and white framed photographs 60-80
1354.   A monks bench of usual form, the box base with linen fold detail, crouching lion supports and folding top 80-120
1355.   A teakwood long low sideboard by McIntosh of Kirkaldy fitted with an arrangement of cupboards and drawers, 205 cm length 150-200
1356.   A G plan teakwood sideboard, the central tower of four drawers flanked by further cupboards raised on an open framework, 212 cm length 150-200
1357.   A light wood settle with winged chamfered panelled back over a hinged box seat and arms, 110 cm wide x 153 cm high
1358.   An Edwardian firescreen, the framework in the Adam style enclosing a hand worked tapestry panel with floral detail
1359.   An Edwardian mahogany demi-lune fold over top card table on four square tapered legs with spade feet with inlaid detail, 76 cm diameter 40-60
1360.   A low contemporary hardwood side cupboard enclosed by two lattice work doors
1361.   A stage prop spinet, the case with painted exterior and interior raised on a square cut framework
1362.   A good quality contemporary chest of six drawers in a side by side arrangement with carved detail and painted finish, 148 cm wide 80-100
1363.   A narrow oak side/hall table in an old English manner raised on turned supports, 99 cm long 40-60
1364.   A mid Victorian mahogany chiffonier, the lower section enclosed by two panelled doors and two cushion moulded drawers with raised and shaped back 40-60
1365.   An Arts & Crafts oak pot cupboard with original applied strap work hinges, raised on square tapered legs with under shelf, a further small oak tobacco cabinet, a further oak wall mounted cupboard, and a Victorian mahogany commode (4) 40-60
1366.   A small contemporary oak hanging corner cupboard of open form enclosing a single shelf 40-60
1367.   An Ercol elm sideboard enclosed by three quarter panelled doors, partially fitted, 150 cm wide 40-60
1368.   A pair of George V Coronation chairs with carved and pierced splats and upholstered seats, by William Bartlett & Son 100-150
1369.   A late 19th century chaise lounge with scrolled ends raised on turned supports 60-80
1370.   A novel substantial three to four seat sofa, the framework constructed from a Victorian half tester bedstead
1371.   A fruitwood occasional table of rustic form, circular plank top raised on a square cut base, 90 cm diameter 60-80
1372.   A 19th century oak kitchen table, the plank top raised on four square tapered legs to seat six, 147 cm length 60-80
1373.   A set of four Georgian oak country made dining chairs with solid seats and Bar backs 60-80
1374.   Pale oak refectory table, the plank top raised on stretcher framework with central rail to seat six, 155 cm long 80-120
1375.   Two similar Edwardian mahogany wine tables in the Georgian manner, one with inlaid detail, raised on turned pillars and tripod bases
1376.   A vintage Henri Wintermans cigar cabinet a further display case and an Edwardian footstool with upholstered top (3)
1377.   A mid 20th century Nathan teakwood extending dining table with single additional leaf, together with a set of four matching dining chairs with shaped seats 60-80
1378.   A Victorian mahogany pull-out extending dining table of rectangular form with moulded outline, rounded corners and two small additional leaves raised on turned supports with studded caps and brown ceramic castors, 6ft long x 3ft 8 inches wide 100-150
1379.   A mid 20th century teakwood elbow chair with blue linen seat and back 40-60
1380.   A Bruno Mathsson by Dux retro beech framed elbow chair with cream ground leather and buttoned seat, back and arm panels 100-150
1381.   A Victorian mahogany tilt top breakfast/loo table of circular form with moulded outline raised on a tapered octagonal pillar, metal collar, circular platform and swept and scrolled tripod, 130 cm diameter approx, to seat four to six 60-80
1382.   Withdrawn
1383.   A small reproduction mahogany floorstanding revolving bookcase of square form, with leather panelled top raised on a central turned pillar and swept quadruped, together with a Georgian style occasional table with octagonal tray top and tripod supports (2) 40-60
1384.   An Ercol Minerva elm occasional table, partially enclosed by two frieze drawers, 125 cm wide 60-80
1385.   A nest of three graduated Chinese hardwood occasional tables with carved detail
1386.   A small 19th century mahogany breakfront hanging wall cabinet enclosed by a central hanging wall cabinet enclosed by a central glazed panelled door revealing two fixed shelves to interior
1387.   A G plan coffee table, the teakwood frame of oval form enclosing a plate glass top on four shaped supports, 122 cm max 60-80
1388.   A Georgian mahogany fold over top tea table of rectangular form with simple inlaid detail raised on four square tapered legs
1389.   A graduated set of four carved Chinese hardwood occasional tables with plate glass tops
1390.   A late Regency mahogany piano stool, the circular rising seat raised on four swept supports, together with a small reproduction Georgian style serpentine chest of four drawers and a further Edwardian mahogany occasional table on three tiers and of oval form 40-60
1391.   A small Georgian countrymade snap top table, partially in mahogany on turned pillar and tripod and two small wall mounted/glazed cabinets
1392.   A set of four Pop Origin stacking chairs, in a red colourway, together with a matching red topped snap top table on a polished chrome pillar and base 60-80
1393.   A circular kitchen table, the plate glass top raised on a polished chrome framework, together with a pair of chairs 60-80
1394.   A Victorian mahogany D end extending dining table on shaped supports, enclosing three additional leaves, 240cm max to seat eight 150-200
1395.   A teakwood two tier occasional table of rectangular form, with smoked glass top, 112cm max
1396.   A bamboo framed room divider of full height
1397.   A late Victorian polished mahogany extending dining table with two additional leaves on a telescopic frame, to seat eight, 210cm max 80-100
1398.   A wooden rocking horse with painted decoration and stripped pine base

1399.   A pair of small pine chests each enclosing four long drawers on plinth bases, 61 cm wide 50-60
1400.   Mid century teak wood D end extending dining table raised on a stretcher base together with a set of six (4&2) teakwood dining chairs with upholstered seats 60-80
1401.   A set of four teakwood spar back dining chairs with upholstered seats
1402.   A small reproduction two tier occasional table, the hexagonal tray top with segmented yew wood veneers raised on three swept and reeded tripod supports
1403.   A bentwood rocking chair with upholstered seat and back 40-60
1404.   An Ercol oak dining table on stretcher base together with a set of six dining chairs with fleur-de-lys splats and a set of three graduated Ercol occasional tables 80-100
1405.   A mid century teakwood elbow chair with upholstered seat and back panels 40-60
1406.   A mid century teak, chrome and melamine occasional table of rectangular form, 108 cm max 40-60
1407.   A mid century teakwood occasional table of rectangular form with beaten copper panels raised on a stretcher base
1408.   A Victorian satin birch armchair with cane panelled seat and back within a turned frame
1409.   A stripped satin walnut dressing chest, the base fitted with three frieze drawers with brass plate handles with raised back on plinth base
1410.   A mahogany Lazy Susan, the 52 cm diameter top on a turned base with revolving action 40-60
1411.   An Edwardian display cabinet freestanding and enclosed by a segmented glazed panel door, flanked by simulated line inlay and raised on square tapered supports, 61 cm wide x 29 cm x 145 cm high
1412.   A Chinese hardwood occasional table with folding action, the octagonal top with deep carved landscape decoration
1413.   A vintage pine framed box ottoman/day bed with shaped and scrolled head rest, upholstered finish and later loose cover
1414.   A mid century open armed elbow chair with upholstered seat and back
1415.   An oak coffer in the old English style with linen fold panelled front over a plank top, 1 metre wide
1416.   A two seat sofa and a matching armchair with electronic control, in a chocolate brown finish
1417.   Peter Hvidt Danish teak daybed, the raised sides on chrome supports, with original striped upholstery, upon tapered legs, 190cm long 300-500
1417A.  1960s teak daybed with original upholstery 40-80
1418.   A collection of Ercol stick back furniture comprising a three seat sofa, three low elbow chairs, further high backed chair, together with a stool and all loose cushions 150-200
1419.   A G plan sofa upholstered in a mid brown leather, 220 cm 100-150
1420.   A pair of Georgian style wing chairs with scrolled arms upholstered in a mid brown leather, raised on cabriole forelegs 80-100
1421.   A John Lewis Chesterfield type tub chair of generous proportions, upholstered in a mid brown leather colourway with buttoned finish 80-100
1422.   A Victorian style spoonback drawing room or bedroom chair with light blue/aquamarine trellis patterned upholstery and button back, raised on simple turned tapered forelegs
1422A.  A Victorian spoonback drawing room chair with upholstered seat and button back within a showwood frame raised on turned forelegs together with an Edwardian/1920's oak framed wall mirror of octagonal form with bevelled edge plate and moulded detail 40-60
1423.   A pair of late Art Deco bergere armchairs set within polished frames and upholstered finish
1424.   A three piece Edwardian parlour room suite with carved and pierced splats, upholstered seats on shaped supports 100-150
1425.   A substantial contemporary Victorian style drawing room chair with scrolled arms, buttoned back, floral patterned upholstery, loose squab seat cushion raised on turned forelegs with brass caps and castors 40-60
1426.   An Edwardian walnut library bookcase, the upper recessed section enclosed by a pair of astragal glazed panelled doors over two drawers and a cupboard enclosed by a pair of rectangular panelled doors with carved Art Nouveau style foliate detail 40-60
1427.   A Victorian brass and iron 3ft 6 bedstead with cream painted finish with mushroom shaped finials, together with one other (2) 60-80
1427A.  A Georgian style mahogany side cabinet enclosed by four doors, the upper astragal glazed
1428.   An unusual stained pine wall rack with diagonal slats, 120 cm wide 50-100
1429.   An Edwardian side cabinet, freestanding and enclosed by a pair of three quarter length arched later wire panelled doors revealing three shelves and paper lined interior, over a cupboard enclosed by a pair of geometric moulded panelled doors, raised on turned bun feet, with all over later painted finish, approx 4 ft wide x 7 ft high 250-300
1430.   An unusual Danish teak two sectional wall unit with paper label verso System Cado Heal's London number 8437, each section supporting adjustable shelves, drawers and cupboards with sliding doors, 225 cm x 80 cm wide approx 100-200
1431.   A late 19th century French open armchair with pale blue upholstered seat and shield shaped back within a stained beechwood frame with carved and moulded detail, together with an oak framed open elbow chair with low triple wavy ladderback and similar upholstered seat (2) 60-80
1432.   An unusual 1970's teak coffee table of rectangular form with draw drop down leaves revealing a central melamine panel and raised on four tapered and shaped supports united by a slatted under tier, 112 cm long x 45 cm wide x 42 cm high 40-60
1433.   A Georgian oak fold over top tea table of rectangular form, fitted with a central frieze drawer raised on four square tapered legs, together with a Georgian Hepplewhite style dining chair with shield shaped back and generous upholstered seat (2) 40-60
1434.   A late 19th century side cabinet with inlaid urn and foliate detail, freestanding and enclosed by an arrangement of three doors and two drawers flanking open galleried shelves, raised on six short turned tapered legs, 137 cm wide x 101 cm high x 37 cm deep 60-80
1435.   A contemporary low hardwood dresser fitted with an arrangement of seven drawers raised on ogee bracket supports, 152 cm wide x 51 cm deep x 75 cm high 60-80
1436.   A collection of eight contemporary reproduction automobila signs of varying size and design, including Pratt's Fill Here, Castrol Motor oil, Michelin, two small aviation Shell signs, etc 80-100
1437.   A Hoffman propeller and combined nose cone 60-80
1438.   A small Edwardian mahogany occasional/lamp table of octagonal form, the top with central female portrait with foliate surround and raised on four slender square tapered legs united by an x framed stretcher, 31 cm in diameter x 74 cm high 40-60
1439.   A substantial stripped and waxed pine farmhouse kitchen dresser, the base enclosed by three twin panelled doors with three drawers, with recessed open plate rack over with two fixed shelves and boarded back, 193 cm wide x 58 cm deep x 226 cm high 300-400
1440.   "The Westminster Easel", oak framed with rectangular glazed panelled and adjustable top raised on shaped supports with rectangular platform base 50-80
1441.   A good quality Continental Art Deco walnut three sectional side cabinet, floorstanding and enclosed by an arrangement of cupboards and drawers with carved fruit and flower head detail, bow fronted cupboards, bevelled edge mirror panels, etc, approx 6ft wide x 2ft deep x 82 inches high 200-300
1442.   A 19th century mahogany three tier whatnot with rectangular shelves raised on square cut supports with brass caps and castors, together with a mahogany and rosewood torchere/plant stand with reeded column (2) 80-100
1443.   An early 19th century mahogany bow fronted bedroom chest of two short over three long graduated oak lined drawers, with shaped apron and splay bracket supports, 102 cm wide 80-120
1444.   A Biedermeier style mahogany writing bureau with applied brass detail, the rectangular panelled fall flap enclosing a fitted interior of small drawers flanking a central open shelf over a long drawer and square tapered supports 40-60
1445.   A small dry oak tavern type table with rectangular boarded top raised on chamfered x framed supports united by a central rail/stretcher, 3ft long x 2ft wide approx 40-60
1446.   An early 19th century mahogany bedroom chest of three long oak lined graduated drawers with shaped apron and splay bracket supports, 3ft wide approx 60-80
1447.   A 1920's oak bookcase/side cabinet, freestanding and enclosed by a pair of three quarter length leaded light panelled doors over a two door cupboard and squat turned supports united by stretchers together with an oak three drawer bedroom chest with moulded detail (2) 40-60
1448.   A Victorian satin birch veneered bedroom chest of three long drawers with moulded glass flower head handles and turned supports, 94 cm wide 60-80
1449.   A Chinese elm side/centre table of rectangular form with pierced and moulded frieze and square cut supports, 96 cm wide x 48 cm deep x 78 cm high 120-140
1450.   A vintage stained pine silver chest with hinged lid, side carrying handles, segmented and baise lined interior, together with a small rustic stool (2) 50-80
1451.   A decorative waste paper bin/stick stand of cylindrical form with hand painted floral bouquet and simulated studded brass bands, 44 cm high x 25 cm diameter
1452.   A Victorian gothic oak freestanding corner cupboard with carved foliate and further detail and enclosed by a central rectangular moulded panelled door raised on shaped supports, triangular platform and bracket feet, 76 cm wide x 52 cm deep x 105 cm high 80-100
1453.   A 19th century mahogany bow front hanging corner cupboard enclosed by a pair of rectangular doors with inlaid detail, the interior fitted with two fixed shelves, approx 3ft wide 40-60
1454.   A good quality cast brass telescopic lamp standard in the form of a Corinthian column raised on a square stepped base with lions paw feet 80-120
1455.   An Edwardian 1920's grandmother clock, the oak case with applied beaded and further mouldings, arched hood and brass dial, the chapter ring with Roman numerals and three train movement 80-120
1455A.  Impressive pair of Art Deco uplighters with weighted steel grey bases and columns and with polished chrome shades, 180cm high 400-600
1456.   A Victorian rosewood pole screen with adjustable rise and fall oval floral wool and beadwork panel raised on a turned pillar and scrolled tripod 40-60
1456A.  An Edwardian metamorphic child's high chair, further Edwardian walnut fold over top card table of rectangular form raised on turned supports united by an x framed galleried stretcher, three occasional tables of varying design and a 1930's adjustable ratchet back rest (6) 40-60
1457.   An Elizabethan style oak side/serving table of rectangular form, fitted with two shallow frieze drawers with carved fruiting vine detail and raised on four baluster supports united by stretchers 100-150
1458.   An Edwardian drawing room chair with stylised geometric upholstery and cabriole forelegs, two similar late Victorian anthemion shaped backed dining chairs, a Chippendale style single chair with pierced gothic tracery splat, an Arts & Crafts style rail back chair with rush seat and a low green upholstered chair with shaped back and turned teakwood supports (possibly Gordon Russell) (6) 60-80
1459.   A Skovmand & Anderson Danish teak D end pull out extending dining table with two additional leaves raised on four turned tapered legs, approx 250 cm long (extended) x 105 cm wide, together with a set of six low vertical rail back dining chair with upholstered pad seats, raised on square tapered and moulded forelegs 15-200
1460.   A pair of good quality reproduction Windsor hoop and stick back armchairs with pierced splats over saddle shaped seats, splayed turned supports and stretchers 200-300
1461.   A substantial (country house size) Regency mahogany twin pedestal sideboard, each pedestal enclosed by a rectangular panelled door with fitted interior beneath a frieze drawer and raised on lions paw feet, flanking a drop well with reeded bow front and panelled back with further reed moulded detail, 8ft wide approx 100-150
1462.   A pair of low Art Deco style open armchairs with floral patterned upholstered seats and arched backs, raised on stained beechwood supports

1463.   A circular mahogany two tier occasional table, the top with segmented detail on shaped supports 40-60
1464.   A Georgian style mahogany library bookcase, the upper section with moulded pediment over a pair of astragal glazed panelled doors flanked by split moulded columns, the lower section enclosed by a pair of panelled doors with inlaid detail and two frieze drawers, 230 cm high x 152 cm wide 60-80
1465.   A large contemporary bespoke painted cut sheet metal remembrance study of a poppy mounted on a rustic boarded plaque approximately 170 cm wide x 152 cm height 300-400
1466.   A reproduction longcase/grandmother clock, the moulded case with arched hood and dial with silvered chapter ring, Roman numerals and three polished brass cased weights and pendulum
1467.   A matched pair of 19th century French pot cupboards with serpentine shaped and moulded outline and inset coloured marble tops over a frieze drawer and cupboard, raised on slender scrolled cabriole legs with carved acanthus detail 300-400
1468.   An Edwardian mahogany floorstanding revolving bookcase of square cut and moulded form with open segmented and slatted shelves, the top 53 cm square x 90 cm high 40-60
1469.   A small Jacobean style carved oak table cabinet enclosed by an arcaded panelled door, the interior fitted with four drawers and raised on squat turned bun feet 60-80
1470.   An Edwardian walnut envelope card table fitted with a frieze drawer raised on four partially ring turned tapered legs united by a raised circular under tier with moulded outline 40-60
1471.   A reproduction Georgian style mahogany veneered kneehole twin pedestal writing desk with inset crimson leather panelled top over an arrangement of nine frieze drawers raised on bracket supports, 4ft wide x 2ft deep approximately 40-60
1472.   An Eastern low octagonal occasional table with profusely carved trailing foliate and banded detail 40-60
1473.   An Edwardian mahogany drop leaf Sutherland type tea table raised on six turned supports with sledge type feet
1474.   A soft toy in the form of Spiderman
1475.   An antique Dutch mixed wood dresser, the recessed upper section partially enclosed by a recessed arched glazed cabinet and further small cupboard flanked by open shelves with turned columns, the lower section fitted with two frieze drawers over a cupboard with raised block mouldings and blind fret detail, raised further on substantial turned bun feet, 118 cm wide x 63 cm deep x 194 cm high 80-120
1476.   A small Edwardian oak table top smokers cabinet enclosed by a pair of lancet shaped bevelled edge glazed panel doors revealing a partially fitted interior 30-50
1476A.  A retro swivel chair with bentwood frame, stuff over faux cream leather seat and chrome tulip vase, 93cm high 40-60
1477.   A pair of Country made Hepplewhite style dining chairs with pierced splats and solid seats railed on square cut and moulded supports united by stretchers
1478.   Six matching window seat cushions with central foliate band 100cm x 50 cm
1479.   Good antique reclaimed Gloucester Road cast iron street sign, 112cm long 100-150
1481.   A Georgian mahogany longcase clock, the hood with Corinthian columns beneath a swan neck cornice, enclosing a circular brass dial and eight day striking movement by Shepherd and Potter of Wotton Under Edge 200-250
1482.   A Georgian longcase clock, the hood with column supports enclosing a broken arch brass dial with silvered chapter ring and applied brass spandrels, enclosing an eight day striking movement with subsidiary calendar and secondary dials by W Thompson of Chester 300-400
1483.   Regency mahogany cabinet enclosed by two glazed panelled doors over a single frieze drawer, with turned column side mouldings and additional carved and pierced detail, 166cm high x 100cm wide 100-200
1484.   A Victorian oak breakfront bookcase of open form with carved and repeating detail, 115 cm wide 80-100
1485.   A walnut and figured walnut wall mounted display cabinet enclosed by bevelled edge glass plates, with further applied detail, 140cm wide 30-40
1486.   Small Georgian mahogany cottage longcase clock, with square hood enclosing a 30cm square brass dial, with applied spandrels and silvered chapter ring, subsidiary calendar and secondary dial and column supports, with eight day striking movement 100-150
1487.   An 18th century French provincial armoire, enclosed by two shaped and panelled doors beneath a carved frieze, showing oak leaves and acorn, with brass hinged, 252cm high x 170cm wide 150-200
1488.   A Georgian mahogany cabinet fitted with an arrangement of 15 graduated drawers beneath an open shelf, 101cm x 101cm wide 100-200
1489.   A pair of mid-Victorian ebonised and burr walnut drawing room chairs with upholstered seats and back, raised on turned and fluted supports, together with a Victorian mahogany toilet mirror and a further oval Edwardian overmantle mirror with bevelled edge mirror plate and small step ladder, orchard and pear 40-60
1490.   19th century occasional pub table of rectangular form, with good quality cast iron base and timber top, together with a further cast iron treadle sewing machine base with timber top 40-60
1491.   A set of six Cromwellian style oak framed elbow chairs with turned supports and rails, with recently upholstered cut moquet floral patterned floral patterned upholstery to seats, backs and arm panels 200-250
1492.   A Georgian mahogany three seat settle, with three carved and pierced splats, scrolled arms and upholstered seat, raised on square tapered supports, 150cm wide 100-150
1493.   A pair of vintage occasional tables of square cut form, with polished steel supports of octagonal form with brass caps, each with two glass panels, 63cm square 50-100
1494.   A good French three piece salon suite in the Louis XVI manner with carved and painted show wood frames, cane panelled backs and loose cushion seats, raised on turned and fluted supports and further acanthus, scroll, ribboned and other detail 200-250
1495.   An Edwardian mahogany tub chair, with carved showwood frame, upholstered seat and back, raised on turned and fluted supports 40-60
1496.   A set of six Victorian mahogany Gothic revival dining chairs, the splats with carved and pierced detail, upholstered seats on turned tapering supports 150-200
1497.   A set of eight (6+2) Regency mahogany dining chairs, with carved splats raised on sabre supports, the elbow chairs with scrolled arms 200-250
1498.   A six piece Edwardian drawing room suite in mahogany comprising small settee, two elbow chairs and two single chairs, all with vase shaped splats and inlaid geometric marquetry detail, with upholstered seats, raised on square tapered legs with spade feet 80-120
1499.   A Victorian country house drawing room chair with scrolled arms and winged back, raised on turned supports, with later linen loose cover 40-60
1500.   A Georgian mahogany Swansea type wall mirror, with shaped and fretted frame work, 94cm long 40-60
1501.   A collection of four early 18th century oak dining chairs, all with high backs, carved and shaped cresting rails, hide upholstered seats, on turned and shaped supports 40-60
1502.   A 17th century oak coffer with hinged lid and panelled frame, the front elevation with carved foliate detail, lozenge shaped panels, scratch carved initials WP, June 3rd 1653 100-150
1503.   A Georgian oak settle, the raised back incorporating four shaped panels crossbanded in walnut, raised on turned supports, with scrolled arms and later upholstered seat, 150cm wide 160-200
1504.   Two similar Georgian country made elbow chairs, principally in elm with shaped and pierced splats, on square cut supports 30-50
1505.   An Italian walnut Cassone the front and side elevations with carved detail, character and repeating scrolling detail, raised on lions paw feet, 120cm wide x 50cm high 100-150
1506.   A Georgian oak mule chest, the front elevation enclosed by three square fielded panels with applied moulded detail, over two frieze drawers, 130cm wide 150-200
1507.   A vintage style folding wardrobe with mid brown leather finish, the interior fitted with five drawers, mirror panelled doors and door hanging space, etc, overall military appearance, 162 cm high 250-300
1508.   A Victorian Chesterfield sofa, later buttoned dralon finish and drop arm raised on turned supports to seat two, 160 cm wide 60-80
1509.   A Victorian style button back Chesterfield sofa to seat two, in maroon coloured leather finish, raised on short bun supports, 160cm wide 100-120
1510.   A 19th century camphor wood travelling chest with brass banded borders and carrying handles, 75 cm wide 40-60
1511.   An early 20th century bentwood rocking armchair, with cane panelled seat and back 60-80
1512.   A matched pair of Victorian drawing room chairs, with buttoned backs, open arms and raised on turned supports, recently re-upholstered with designer fabric 200-250
1513.   A collection of six various Windsor kitchen chairs including an elbow chair all with stripped, waxed and polished finish, with loose cushions 100-120
1514.   A Victorian stripped pine kitchen table enclosing a frieze drawer, the plank top raised on four turned supports, 137cm long to seat six 80-100
1515.   A Victorian stripped and waxed pine dressing table of simple form with two frieze drawers and central mirror, 92cm wide, together with a stripped pine wash stand with tiled back. 40-60
1516.   An old English pine bed head, with panel framework and square supports, 150cm wide 40-60
1517.   A Victorian stripped and waxed pine chest of three long and two short drawers on bun feet, 110cm wide 60-80
1518.   A terracotta vase with incised/combed wrythen decoration, 50cm high, together with an old straw work rope twist basket (2) 40-60
1519.   A Chinese side table of narrow proportions, raised on square cut supports and rails, 210cm long, 31cm deep, 90cm high 40-60
1520.   A Georgian oak bench or form, the cigar shaped top raised on a pair of shaped supports 170cm long 60-80
1521.   A pair of Regency mahogany dining chairs with turned splat back, raised on sabre supports, with later art nouveau carpet seats 30-40
1522.   A set of four Louis XVI style side or dining chairs with carved and painted frames, cane panelled seats and backs and squab cushion seats, raised on fluted supports 80-100
1523.   A set of five Georgian mahogany dining chairs with carved and pierced splats, drop in seats on square tapered supports 50-70
1524.   An early 19th century mahogany commode elbow chair with horseshoe shaped back and conch shell inlaid detail, with rising seat, raised on shaped supports 40-60
1525.   A Georgian oak Delft rack the central three shelves flanked by further short shelves and two cupboards, with brass H shaped hinges, 170cm wide x 110cm high 80-100
1526.   A Victorian mahogany butlers tray and stand, 77 cm max 60-80
1527.   An Edwardian rosewood Bonheur du Jour the convex centre enclosing a single drawer flanked by four further short drawers, raised on square tapered legs, the raised back incorporating four further drawers, central mirror plate, etc with geometric marquetry decoration, 92cm wide 150-200
1528.   A Victorian rosewood pole/face screen with barley twist column supports and tripod base supporting a circular hand worked petit point tapestry panel showing two child musicians 50-70
1529.   A late 19th century walnut collectors cabinet enclosed by two panelled doors enclosing three long and two short drawers within, set on a plinth base, 40cm high x 37cm wide 60-80
1530.   A Victorian mahogany two sectional cupboard, the lower part enclosed by a pair of arched panel doors and a cushion moulded drawer, the upper of smaller proportions and enclosed by two glazed panel doors, 110cm wide 40-60
1531.   A pair of Victorian oak hall chairs, each enclosing two Minton ceramic tiles, showing a plumber and a mason at work, the backs with pierced detail, raised on turned supports 60-80
1532.   A Georgian mahogany chest of three long and two short drawers with original brass swan neck handles, raised on bracket supports, 100cm wide 80-100
1533.   A contemporary spinning wheel by Ashford of New Zealand, with foot treadle and simple three legged stool 40-60
1534.   A 19th century walnut veneered chest of four long graduated drawers in the Dutch manner with serpentine front, raised on bun supports, 77cm wide
1535.   A Queen Anne style walnut writing table enclosing five frieze drawers with central kneehole, raised on shaped supports with shell moulded decoration, the top quarter panelled and crossbanded, 120cm wide 150-200
1536.   A Regency mahogany fold over top tea table, raised on four sabre supports, with geometric ebony string banded inlay 60-80
1537.   A kidney shaped dressing table fitted with five frieze drawers, with applied and gilded detail on scrolled supports 200-250
1538.   A Georgian snap top table, principally in elm, the 80cm diameter top raised on a turned pillar and swept tripod base. 40-60
1539.   A small 19th century mahogany upright tower of seven long graduated drawers of shallow bow fronted outline raised on swept supports, 59cm wide 200-250
1540.   A good quality Victorian triple wardrobe to a design by Charles Eastlake, principally in ashwood, the central mirror panel door flanked by two further panelled doors, with inlaid chevron, fan, geometric and other detail, set beneath a castellated frieze, 200cm wide 200-250
1541.   A small Georgian oak countrymade bureau, the front elevation enclosed by four long graduated drawers (one dummy) the fall flap enclosing the original stepped interior of drawer, pigeon holes, central cupboard and well, raised on bracket supports, 80cm wide 60-80
1542.   A Georgian mahogany knife box, the sloping lid over a shaped frontage, now converted in five segments to a stationery box with rosewood cross banded borders and silver fitting 80-100
1543.   A 19th century chest on stand, the chest with rising lid enclosing a simple interior, the stand with shaped forelegs with acanthus and claw and ball supports, 89cm high x 70cm wide 100-120
1544.   A Georgian mahogany low boy fitted with an arrangement of one long and two short drawers raised on square cut supports with shaped apron and cast brass fittings, 80 cm wide 150-200
1545.   An unusual Victorian mahogany adjustable reading or writing table, with hinged top, the stretcher base of adjustable height, 108cm wide 80-100
1546.   Small antique oak gateleg occasional table raised on turned tapering supports, 67cm long 60-80
1547.   A late 19th century ashwood writing desk of nine drawers with central kneehole, 115cm wide
1548.   A Mouseman oak two tier side table, raised on four square cut supports, one support carved with the insignia mouse, 86cm long x 68cm high x 38cm wide 200-250
1549.   A small Regency mahogany and rosewood foot stool with sabre supports and turned rails, fitted with a rush seat, 44cm wide 40-60
1550.   A Regency oak chest of three long and two short drawers with embossed brass plates and handles, the top with crossbanded detail and raised on bracket supports, 110cm wide 100-200
1551.   A pair of Regency style three tier occasional tables, the simulated bamboo supports in brass, the tiers with chinoiserie detail, 70cm high x 41cm wide
1552.   A mid-19th century mahogany chest of three long and two short drawers with flamed veneers, raised on bun feet, 110cm wide 60-80
1553.   A 19th century continental gilded display cabinet, enclosed by a single panelled door, with three quarter glazing, the framework with carved and pierced scroll work, acanthus, ribbon and other repeating detail, with overall gilded finish and green velvet interior, 165cm high x 77cm wide 200-250
1554.   A late 19th century oak shop display cabinet enclosed to three sides by glazed panels, with adjustable shelving within, 96cm high x 86cm wide x 31cm deep 40-60
1555.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany freestanding corner cupboard, enclosed by two three quarter length glazed panelled doors, over an open framework, raised on swept supports, with satinwood and other banded detail, 145cm high 40-60
1556.   A substantial antique oak coffer, the panelled framework with geometric carved decoration, 120cm wide 120-150
1557.   A Victorian oak pedestal desk fitted with nine frieze drawers, with original brass fittings and inset top, 125cm wide 60-80
1558.   A pair of Georgian oak and elm countrymade elbow chairs with pierced splats, solid seats and square cut supports 40-60
1559.   17th century oak two sectional chest, the lower section enclosed by three frieze drawers, the over hanging upper section enclosed by three frieze drawers and a single deep drawer disguised as two short drawers, set within a panelled framework with applied and carved moulding, 115cm wide 50-80
1560.   A mid-19th century mahogany writing table, fitted with two frieze drawer, raised on a stretcher base, united by a turned rail, 123cm wide 200-250
1560A.  A 19th century camphor wood and brass banded travelling chest fitted with two locks, 1 metre wide 100-120
1561.   An early 20th century pedestal writing desk fitted with nine drawers, with inset leather top, on ogee supports, 123cm wide 60-80
1562.   An early 18th century oak box with rising lid and repeating geometric detail carving, raised on a later stand, four turned supports, united by an X shaped stretcher, 100cm wide 200-250
1563.   A Victorian oak and ash lined pedestal desk of nine drawers, with inset leather top, raised on a plinth base, 122cm wide 80-100
1564.   An ancient terracotta pot with simple loop handles and naive repeating geometric detail 40-60
1565.   A 19th century mahogany butlers tray with shaped gallery, raised on a separate folding stand, 80 cm max 80-100
1566.   An 18th century French fruitwood armoire, the carved doors enclosing four shaped and glazed panels set beneath an arched and carved frieze with steelwork hinges, the central section enclosing a small timepiece, 230cm high x 134cm wide 100-150
1567.   An unusual late 19th century soft wood cabinet, the front elevation enclosed by two panelled doors and two frieze drawers, the upper section enclosed by a further small cabinet with plate glass panels, the interior segment with vertical and horizontal divisions, with overall deep relief carved horse chestnut leaves and fruit, raised on swept supports with original brass fittings, 165cm high x 78cm wide 150-200
1568.   An early Spanish walnut open elbow chair of simple construction with hide upholstered seat and back, with geometric brass roundel detail 200-300
1569.   A Georgian oak countrymade chest of three long and two short drawers, with brass swan neck handles, raised on bracket supports, 1m wide 80-120
1570.   A simple Regency mahogany D end fold over top tea table, raised on a turned and ribbed column and four reeded swept supports with brass castors, 20cm wide 100-150
1571.   An inlaid Edwardian ladies writing desk with inset top, enclosing five frieze drawers, raised on square tapered legs, with repeating geometric marquetry detail, 106cm wide 100-200
1572.   17th century oak coffer with applied split spindle mouldings in a geometric arrangement, raised on bun feet, 110cm wide 120-150
1573.   A late 19th century walnut writing desk, fitted with an arrangement of nine drawer with original brass butterfly shaped handles, raised on turned supports, 126cm wide 80-100
1574.   A Regency rosewood four tier whatnot with turned supports enclosing a frieze drawer, 46cm wide 120-150
1575.   A Regency mahogany pedestal breakfast table, the rectangular top raised on a turned pillar and swept quadruped base with ebony string banded inlay, to seat four 200-250
1576.   A very substantial late 19th century period Italian bedroom suite, principally in walnut comprising dressing chest with raised mirror back, triple wardrobe and bed frame, each piece with art nouveau inlaid floral detail, heavy cast brass panels showing cherubs, trailing flowers, etc, each with illuminated fittings (the images show the suite on location, the mirror panel to the wardrobe door is now missing and the marble top to the dressing table damaged), headboard 2.45 metre wide, wardrobe 2.10 metres wide, dressing table 1.60 metres wide 500-700
1577.   18th century oak panelled coffer with repeating geometric detail, monogrammed FH & R 100-150
1578.   An aesthetic movement bamboo and lacquered single pedestal ladies writing desk with inset leather top, fitted with four frieze drawers, together with an aesthetic movement sewing table with rising lid and fall front, bamboo framework and lacquered panels 200-250
1579.   A Georgian oak gateleg dining table raised on eight gun barrel supports, to seat six, 122cm long 80-100
1580.   A Georgian Windsor hoop back elbow chair, principally in yew wood, with elm seat and ashwood spindles, with pierced splat 150-200
1581.   A small Georgian countrymade chest of two long and two short drawers on bracket feet, 95cm wide 60-80
1582.   A pair of Chinese elbow chairs in mixed woods comprising fruitwood, elm, etc, the shaped splats with pierced detail, panelled seat and tapering supports 120-140
1583.   A small Georgian Windsor hoop back elbow chair in yew wood and elm, with pierced splat and crinoline stretcher 80-100
1584.   A Georgian style mahogany bureau bookcase, the bureau fitted with four long drawers, the fall flap enclosing a shaped and fitted interior, the bookcase with astragal glazed panels, set beneath a dentil frieze, raised on ogee supports, 110cm wide 60-80
1585.   A good quality Queen Anne style figured walnut bureau bookcase, the bureau of two long and two short graduated drawers, the fall flap enclosing a serpentine interior of drawers, pigeon holes, central cupboard, etc, together with a well, the bookcase with double domed outline and astragal glazed panel doors, 100cm wide 300-400
1586.   An unusual child's high chair in the Carolean manner, the beechwood frame with turned mouldings and adjustable step, the cane panelled seat and back set beneath a carved and pierced cresting rail, together with a 19th century Windsor child's high chair, with elm seat and other mixed woods, raised on turned supports and a late 19th century nursing chair with simple twisted stick back, cane seat, on short cabriole legs (3) 60-80
1587.   A good 19th century mahogany pedestal partner desk, fitted with an arrangement of twelve graduated drawers and two cupboards, with a faded good green leather top with repeating gilded borders, 182cm wide x 105cm deep 500-700
1588.   An unusual art nouveau table of octagonal form in a Moorish manner, the repeating hammered copper panels set within a further panelled framework, the top with repeating etched detail, 56cm diameter 200-250
1589.   A pair of old English oak stools of rectangular form, with repeating geometric detail, raised on turned supports, each with hand worked tapestry tops, 41cm wide 120-150
1590.   A Georgian oak snap top table, the 60cm top raised on a turned, ebonised and gilded column and tripod 40-60
1591.   A Victorian mahogany three tier whatnot, with tapering barley twist columns supports and serpentine shaped shelves, 43cm wide x 90cm high 40-60
1592.   An oak coffin stool, the rectangular top raised on four carved and fluted supports, with carved and applied detail, 62cm high 120-150
1593.   A late 19th century military two sectional chest of three long and two short drawers, with flush fitting brass furniture, 90cm wide 200-250
1594.   A small Georgian oak pot board dresser base, the open framework supporting two frieze drawer on square cut supports, 140cm wide 200-250
1595.   Three 19th century agricultural workers cider casks, together with a small primitive terracotta vessel 60-80
1596.   A collection of six period carved oak panels including a good example with Gothic tracery detail, others with further geometric, character and other repeating detail 350-400
1597.   A good large Georgian oak dresser, the central cupboard enclosed by a pair of panelled doors, flanked by an arrangement of nine graduated drawers, with crossbanded detail and raised on bracket supports with brass swan neck handles, 216cm wide 400-600
1598.   A 19th century or earlier continental wall cupboard enclosed by a sturdy panelled door with original steelwork lock plate, key and lock, the interior simply enclosing a single shelf over a frieze drawer, 73cm high x 70cm wide 100-150
1599.   A Japanese occasional table, the shaped top raised on four carved supports with pierced gallery, 43cm diameter, 27cm high 40-60
1600.   A mid-19th century mahogany occasional or centre table, the octagonal top enclosing a figured marble panel raised on an octagonal column and plinth with scrolled toes, 55cm wide 200-250
1601.   A pair of eastern dragon figures with moulded detail, each raised on driftwood logs, 110cm long approx x 1m high approx 300-500
1602.   A Georgian countrymade mahogany snap top table, the one piece top 74cm diameter, raised on a turned pillar and tripod 40-60
1603.   A late 19th century American comb back elbow chair in ashwood 60-80
1604.   An early 20th century beechwood framed reclining chair with recently re-upholstered seat and back 100-150
1605.   A set of four Regency beechwood dining chairs with simulated rosewood finish, the back rails with inlaid brass detail and anthemion and other carving, cane panelled seats and raised on sabre forelegs 60-80
1606.   A William IV mahogany extending dining table enclosing two additional leaves, raised on four turned and fluted supports, 240cm long (max) 120cm (min) x 130cm wide 300-400
1607.   A large Victorian oak extending dining table. with D ends, raised on four turned and fluted supports and fitted with four additional leaves, together with a leaf frame, 3.5m length max, also together with a set of ten matching oak dining chairs (table legs and chairs legs match) the chairs with upholstered seats and scrolled backs 500-800
1608.   A mounted set of antlers, raised on a circular ebonised panel, approx span 80cm high x 90cm wide 80-100
1609.   A Regency rosewood snap top breakfast table, the circular top 122cm diameter, raised on a turned pillar and tricorn platform base with scrolled toes 100-150
1610.   A pair of 19th century Windsor stick back dining chair in mixed woods including elm, beechwood, yew wood, etc, on turned supports 60-80
1611.   A weathered African hardwood free standing model of two figures, 140cm high 60-80
1612.   An Edwardian mahogany office chair with swivel base and scrolled arms, the back with pierced ladder back and anthemion mouldings 40-60
1613.   A Georgian countrymade elbow chair in mixed woods with drop in seat 30-40
1614.   A Georgian mahogany snap top occasional table, the circular one piece top 85cm diameter, raised on a vase shaped pillar and tripod base 60-80
1615.   A rustic occasional table constructed in yew wood, raised on shaped ends united by a central stretcher, 105cm max
1616.   A stuffed and mounted Gazelle head 100-150
1617.   A large George III mahogany library bookcase, the lower section enclosed by two pairs of panelled doors with oyster veneers, the upper section enclosed by four glazed panelled doors with lancet shaped astragal beneath a moulded frieze, containing new adjustable shelves, 225cm wide x 2.75m high 800-1200
1618.   A glass occasional table of rectangular form in a Regency style, four reeded supports united by an x shaped stretcher, 91 cm in length, 41 cm high 60-80
1619.   A Regency mahogany sofa table, having two real and two dummy drawers, raised on swept end supports and united by a central stretcher with wide satinwood banding, further boxwood and ebony string inlaid detail, 115cm wide when closed x 175cm wide open 100-150
1620.   An impressive 19th century Chinese side table, the open framework incorporating three frieze drawers, the raised and shaped back with carved and pierced detail, overall in a crimson and black colourway, various panels depicting sages, birds, animals, flora, etc, 85cm wide x 120cm high 400-500
1621.   A 19th century Faience pottery figure of a seated Chinaman in cross legged pose, clasping a scroll, with naturalistically painted finish, 60cm high 60-80
1622.   A 19th century mahogany bookcase enclosed by two glazed panelled doors enclosing adjustable shelves, 92cm wide 40-60
1623.   A large Regency overmantle mirror enclosing three bevelled edge mirror plates, the trailing frieze depicting chariots pulled by lions, heralded by angels and other characters, flanked by Corinthian capped columns, with overall gilded finish, 150cm long x 94cm high 250-300
1624.   A Victorian stripped and waxed pine cottage chest of two long and two short drawers, 91cm wide 60-80
1625.   A carved and gilded period frame with repeating floral and geometric detail enclosing a later mirror plate (to accept a portrait or canvas 73cm x 60cm approx, either landscape or portrait) 120-150
1626.   A Victorian oak artists easel by Reeves & Son, the telescopic framework positioned on a central screw thread, 60 cm wide 100-150
1626A.  Large machine made Belgian tapestry of a market scene, 130 x 260cm 40-80
1627.   A mid-19th century mahogany longcase clock, the hood with swan neck pediment enclosing a broken arch painted dial, to the arch a moth and child carrying corn, with subsidiary calendar and secondary dials and eight day striking movement by William Spratt, St Field 150-250
1628.   A mid 19th century continental mahogany commode, the four drawers with scalloped outline and with well matched flame veneers raised on turned supports, the top with quarter panelled finish, 105 cm diameter 120-150
1629.   A yew wood serving tray in a Georgian style the raised borders with shaped outline, 64 cm max 40-60
1630.   Large gilt framed wall mirror of rectangular form. Stepped and moulded surround with pierced acanthus detail. 108cm x 168 cm 60-80
1631.   19th century continental and walnut beechwood cabinet enclosed by two panel doors with applied split spindle mouldings, the interior fitted with an arrangement of seven drawers, central alcove and further shelf. 68cm wide 40-60
1651.   20th century British School - Study of a bluebell wood and study of a garden with seated figure, watercolour, one with label verso, inscribed Sketch by RAAK, with presentation inscription dated 1930, also with Ruskin Galleries Birmingham labels, 25 x 36cm, framed 30-50
1652.   20th century (in the 19th century manner) - Two naked female bathers in a coastal setting, oil on canvas, unsigned, 60 x 50cm in ornate gilt frame 30-50
1653.   Still life with flower vases and female life study, pastel and gouache on paper, 60 x 43cm framed 25-30
1654.   A collection of seven 19th century black and white engravings of illustrations including male and female figures, etc, 18 x 12cm approx, framed 25-30
1655.   An oriental coloured woodblock type print of a bearded seated male character flanked by two further characters, 96 x 47cm, framed 30-50
1656.   Henry J Kinnaird (British fl 1861-1920) - Harvesting scene with figures in a river landscape watercolour and body colour on paper, signed and indistinctly signed a Hay Field in Suffolk? 28 x 53cm approx, framed 250-300
1657.   Henry J Kinnaird (British fl 1861-1920) river scene with cattle watering, watercolour on paper, signed, inscribed The Thames Near Reading, 28 x 53 cm, framed 250-300
1658.   David Deakins (20th century) - Marine scene with sailing ship, oil on board with palette knife technique, signed, 50 x 75cm, together with a watercolour and bodycolour study by Alan England - Landscape in Early Winter, an eastern embroidered picture with relief elephant and rider detail, 47 x 89cm, also together with a framed 1882 receipt from Eusebis G Portlock, Chemist of Wotton Under Edge, a dog licence dated 1881 relating to Wotton Under Edge, various postcards on Spanish subjects, all framed 30-50
1659.   20th century oriental school - Study of an eagle amongst pine branches and study of an elderly bearded man accompanied by a bat and a peach, oil paintings on glass, 53 x 78cm in black lacquered type frames with pierced brass hanging handles 40-60
1660.   William F Ashburner (British Fl.1900-1932) - The Coming of Autumn - Garden scene with mother and child, watercolour on paper, signed and with Frost & Reed label verso and further ink label, 36 x 53cm, in moulded gilt frame and gilt slip 250-350
1661.   ET Potter (Early 20th century British) - An Old Worcestershire Cottage and Thatched Cottage at Welford on Avon, watercolours on paper, both signed and inscribed with titles to mount, 17.5 x 24.5cm, framed 40-60
1662.   T Kingsmill Brown - Horse racing scene, oil on canvas mounted on board, signed, 45 x 60cm, together with K O'Sullivan, study of a race horse and jockey, coloured print with over painted finish, signed and dated 88, 49 x 59cm, both framed 40-60
1663.   A black and white print of an 18th century engraving showing the city of Bath by Dr Guidot, 1731, sheets size 83 x 106cm 30-50
1664.   H Alken (Early 19th century British) - The First Steeple-Chace on Record, set of four coloured engravings, published by Ben Brooks 1839, 38 x 43cm, framed 40-60
1665.   John Kingsley Sutton FRSA (British 1907-1976) - Spanish fishermen with the catch, oil on canvas, signed and inscribed on label verso Calpe, Spain, with artist's Surrey address details, 50 x 60cm in moulded gilt frame 100-120
1666.   Gilbert Hanman -(mid 20th century), half length study of a US airman and his female companion dressed for a dance, watercolour and body colour on paper, signed and dated 1945, 50 x 38 cm, framed 30-50
1667.   A late 18th century British School - Dramatic night time scene with horse and rider, possibly Dick Turpin, pursued by further horseman and leaping over a donkey drawn cart, oil on board, unsigned but with inscription York to leaning signpost, bottom left, 35 x 44 cm, in gilt frame 80-120
1668.   Jacqueline L Rizvi (Born 1944, 20th century British), study of an orchard, gouache on paper, signed with initials JLR and with label verso with artist London address details, 22 x 21 cm, framed 30-50
1669.   20th century school (in the Newlyn School manner), study of a fisherman in rowing boat with further shipping including steam ship, sailing ships, etc, oil on board, signed with initials bottom right AEG and dated 1928, 35 x 60 cm in wooden frame with gilt slip 40-60
1670.   An early 20th century Japanese coloured woodblock print of a landscape subject with figures on a bridge, two further Japanese wood block type coloured prints, 30 x 20 cm approx size, together with a late 19th century appliqued and painted fabric panel of a standing Japanese character against a red plush velvet ground, 51 x 20 cm, all framed 30-50
1671.   Mid 20th century British School, pair of full length life studies of male and female characters, oil on canvas, both inscribed verso W Morel, 76 x 51 cm, unframed 200-300
1672.   Geoffrey Squire RSA, RSW, RGI (British 1923-2012), abstract scene with figures and tented enclosure, oil on canvas, signed top right and dated 1951, 109 x 88 cm, unframed, together with a further study of figures in the abstract manner, probably by the same hand, gouache and mixed media on paper, unsigned, (probably preparatory study for larger work and with pencil grid guide lines) 37 x 27 cm, framed 50-80
1673.   DM & EM Alderson (20th century), study of a horse standing in a stable interior setting, watercolour and body colour on paper, signed and dated 1936, 17 x 24 cm, framed 50-70
1674.   C Marks (20th century), still life with vase of chrysanthemums on a windowsill, gouache on paper, signed, 46 x 35 cm approx, framed 40-60
1675.   Late 19th century British school - Humorous caricature of a sporting subject with figures and dogs on a shoot, watercolour and body colour on paper, inscribed with humorous text, 25 x 35 cm, framed 40-60
1676.   Early 20th century British school, stormy marine scenes with shipping off the coast, oils on board, both unsigned and with Salisbury frame makers label verso, 36 x 55 cm in gilt frames and gilt slips (2) 40-60
1677.   19th century school study of birds at their nest amongst blossom, oil on board, unsigned, 29 x 30 cm, framed 40-60
1678.   F J Widgery - (British 1861-1942), study of a moorland scene with grazing sheep, gouache on paper, signed 26 x 36 cm, framed 40-60
1679.   Eleanor Hughes (1882-1959) - Study of a country lane with cottages, probably in Cornwall, watercolour, signed and with label verso, 25 x 36 cm, together with an early 20th century school study of a coastal scene at Duncansby Stacks, Scotland, watercolour and body colour, signed with monogram and with Moray framer's label verso, 27 x 35 cm, both framed 30-50
1680.   Norman Henry French - aka Rima (1906-1984), busy Venetian canal scene, oil on canvas, signed Rima, RRSM, NF, 50 x 100 cm approx in moulded and swept frame 80-120
1681.   19th century British School, pair of shoulder length portraits of an elderly bearded man and a lady in lace collar, oil on canvas, unsigned, 65 x 50 cm in moulded gilt frames and gilt slips 50-70
1682.   A Victorian needlework embroidered panel of a parrot amongst foliage, in burrwood frame with gilt slip, 73 x 53 cm, a firescreen with simulated carved bamboo style frame enclosing an embroidered coat of arms for Pembroke College, Oxford, a further gouache coat of arms incorporating a man, a tree and a goat, inscribed Cazzani, a coloured print after Wintz of a continental harbour scene and a further coloured print of a harbour scene after Callot, with Frost & Reed label verso, Port De Jonville, all framed 60-80
1683.   John Doyle - aka HB (early 19th century British), a black and white lithographic political caricature print - The Thimble Rig, published by Thomas McLean, 1839, together with a further similar political caricature lithographic print - The Ring, also published by McLean 1834, 29 x 41 cm approx, both framed 40-60
1684.   Elis? Patinson (early 20th century), a bust length portrait of oval form showing in a lady in green dress, pastel on paper, signed and dated 1908, 42 cm max oval in wedge shaped rosewood frame 120-140
1685.   John Bampfield, coastal scene with beached sailing vessels, oil on canvas, signed, 50 x 75 cm approx, two further works by the same hand including an Edwardian style city street scene and a Parisian style city scene with artists, also together with an oil painting on board by DC Bayley of a landscape at North Nibley with the monument, signed, 21 x 45 cm, all framed 40-60
1686.   Ella S Tiel, study of a busy scene at a railway ticket office, possibly lithographic monochrome print on paper, with signature, 44 x 28 cm, framed 30-50
1687.   David Shepherd (British 1931-2017) - Zebras and Colony Weavers, signed coloured limited edition print with Fine Art Trade Guild embossed stamp, 49 x 82 cm, framed 60-80
1688.   20th century school - Still life with vases and mask, study of a street scene with parasols, oil paintings on paper in tones of ochre, grey and black, both unsigned, 40 x 60 cm approx, framed (2) 40-60
1689.   Ralph Hutton (20th century) - study of a cathedral facade, oil on board, unsigned, 86 x 88 cm, together with two further oil paintings on board, possibly by the same hand, both showing continental style street scenes, 68 x 92 cm max, two in simple frames, the other unframed 50-80
1690.   A set of four coloured advertising prints for Guinness, three produced as supplements to the illustrated London News, one dated 1959, 35 x 24 cm approx, framed 25-30
1691.   Beeton (early 20th century school), study of a desert scene with camels and riders, oil on canvas, laid onto board, signed, 23 x 29 cm, framed 30-50
1692.   Mid 20th century school, coastal scene with fishing boats, oil on canvas, indistinctly signed, 44 x 88 cm, framed 25-30
1693.   Mid 20th century school, a monochrome lithographic type print of a river scene with two female and a male figure in a rowing boat, indistinctly signed Eli Montlake dated 72, 50 x 75 cm, framed 30-50
1694.   A collection of pictures and prints including an oil painting on canvas in the 19th century naive manner of a bull in a barn interior setting, 28 x 38 cm, a 19th century oval photographic portrait with hand tinted finish showing full length study of a lady, shoulder length portrait oil on board of an oriental woman, a coloured print after Gauguin of two Polynesian women, etc, various sizes, all framed 30-50
1695.   20th century oriental school - Studies of figures taking tea, mixed media on paper, with character inscriptions, 70 x 47cm, framed 25-30
1696.   20th century school, still life with coffee pot and fruit, oil on board, unsigned, 65 x 50 cm, together with a further oil painting on board of a still life with fruit, indistinctly signed, 45 x 58 cm, both framed 30-40
1697.   Early 20th century oriental school - study of women and children, watercolour and body colour on paper, 54 x 30 cm, a pair of Eastern coloured woodblock type prints of male warriors and a pair of early 20th century photographic prints, one of a female dancer in exotic costume and amongst palm trees, 58 x 23 cm, together with a Moghul type gouache study of figures in a tented enclosure, 55 x 35 cm, all framed 30-40
1698.   Late 19th century school - Watermill near Newchurch, Isle of Wight, oil on canvas, 50 x 41 cm, a Pears print of an elderly man with stuffed heron, a coloured print of children and a late 19th century photograph of rickshaws at Yokohama, all framed 20-30
1699.   Early 20th century British school - studies of fishing and sailing boats off the shore, watercolour and bodycolour on paper, both signed with initials EM and dated 09, 53 x 25 cm together with a late 19th century watercolour of a coastal landscape with country house, signed with initials LEF and dated 1891, 20 x 35 cm 25-30
1700.   Simon Ward (British B 1964), Formula One and other motor racing subjects (4), watercolour and body colour on paper, all signed and dated in 1990s, 34 x 41 cm approx max size, together with a similar gouache study of a Formula One racing car driven by Damen Hill, signed Roger Morris and dated 97, 30 x 41 cm, all framed 80-100
1701.   Elizabeth Blackadder OBE RA, (Scottish B 1931), Roman Wall One and signed coloured limited edition screen print on paper, signed in pencil, dated 63 and Edition number 24/50, 54 x 71 cm visible image size, framed 300-350
1702.   After Pablo Picasso (Spanish 1881-1973), Study of two reclining nude female figures, coloured print on paper, with pencil signature and numbered sixteen and with red printed stamp, printed inscription Album de Dibujos de 1963, 25 x 17 cm, framed 50-80
1703.   J M Evers (early 20th century British) - study of a landscape with ruined castle and further landscape with distant church (2) watercolour, one signed, 23 x 34 cm, framed 20-25
1704.   B Davis (early 20th century British School), studies of young women in coastal settings, rock pooling and watching geese (2) watercolours on paper, signed, 24 x 38 cm approx, framed 30-50
1705.   Ralph Hutton (20th century), an interesting collection of watercolours and mixed media paintings including city scenes, landscapes, continental townscapes, etc, including examples signed Hutton and including example signed and dated in 1960s & 70s, maximum size 47 cm x 60 cm approx, all framed 50-80
1706.   Anthony Currell (Born 1942), cricketing scenes with additional figures, dogs, etc, all relating to teams of miners and colliery settings including Cuthorpe (5), all signed and inscribed and all dated 87, with blind embossed stamps to four, 30 x 38 cm approx sheet size, all framed 150-250
1707.   19th century Chinese school, man carrying a black and white banner, followed by further figure, watercolour and body colour on silk, in mount of arch topped form, 15 x 18 cm together with a pair of further similar 19th century Chinese studies of female characters also in arched top mounts, 17 x 9 cm, all framed 40-60
1708.   J P Lagarde (20th century continental school) study of a winter scene with figure and buildings, oil on canvas, signed, inscribed verso number 287, Paysage Hivernal, 20 x 26 cm, framed 30-50
1709.   An early 20th century charcoal and chalk study of a boy's head, dated 1928, 31 x 23 cm, framed 20-30
1710.   France Hilon (20th century) - A moonlit landscape with horses, coloured etching, signed, edition number 1/15, 41 x 50cm visible sheet size, together with Meyrick (20th century) - Greek landscape with ewer, coloured lithograph, signed, edition number 2/50, 48 x 60cm approx sheet size, also together with after William Blake (18th century) - The Progress of Poesy, coloured print, 41 x 31cm, all framed 30-50
1711.   Alan Whitehead (20th century), Estuary scene with fishing boats, watercolour on paper, signed 30 x 39 cm, together with a watercolour and body colour study of sheep grazing signed Jesse Heyden, a gouache of a winter scene with farm buildings signed Paul Weston, and further pictures and prints, various sizes, mostly framed 30-50
1712.   R Easton Stuart (fl.1890-1940), a river scene with fishermen, oil on canvas board, signed and with presentation inscription verso, relating to a stay at the Dachaidh and dated May 1937, 25 cm x 33 cm, together with Roy Beddington (British 1910-1995) study of a fisherman, watercolour on paper, signed 26 x 36 cm, both framed 40-60
1713.   William Ellis Barrington-Brown (1908-1985), study of a leaping salmon, watercolour and bodycolour on paper, signed, 13 x 19 cm together with a coloured print after the same artist of a fishing scene, 26 x 34 cm, both framed 30-50
1714.   An extensive collection of pictures and prints relating to fishing subjects and including signed coloured limited edition print after Robin Armstrong of a leaping salmon, an oil painting on board, study of a salmon, a Spy print showing Mr William Black, a further Vanity Fair print of the Post Master General, both in fishing pose, a coloured fisherman's map of Salmon Pools on the River Tay compiled by Nigel Houldsworth, etc, various sizes, all framed 40-60
1715.   19th century school, coastal scene with figures and shipping, oil on board, indistinctly signed bottom right, 16 x 38 cm, framed, together with an early 20th century study of sailing vessels and rowing boat, oil on canvas, unsigned, 36 x 25 cm, unframed 40-60
1716.   Conner - possibly in the manner of Macauley Conner - (American b.1913) - Study of a seated woman against an abstract style ground in geometric detail in tones of blue and green, gouache on paper, signed and dated August 59, 62 x 50 cm, framed 100-150
1717.   Early 20th century school, half length study of a naked female character wearing a yellow hat, oil on canvas, signed Rudolfs and dated 00, further inscribed verso and with Mall Galleries label and address label for Wandsworth, London, 60 x 42 cm, framed 40-60
1718.   Jenny Edge (20/21st century) - Courtyard Number Six, mixed acrylic media on canvas, inscribed and with label verso, 35 x 46 cm, together with two further works by the same artist, an oil painting on wooden panel of a coastal scene with figure, 30 x 41 cm, two further oil paintings on canvas of a town square and a landscape and a monochrome study of two standing male figures, various sizes, all framed 60-80
1719.   D K Kennett (early 20th century), Middle Eastern street scene with figure, watercolour on paper, signed and inscribed L Avish, 28 x 39 cm, together with a quantity of further watercolours, oil paintings, etc, subjects including landscapes, buildings, figures, etc, various sizes, framed and unframed 40-60
1720.   Philip Osment (1861-1947), Mountainous landscape with river and beached rowing boats, oil on canvas, signed, dated 93, 44 x 64 cm, framed 40-60
1721.   T Williams late 19th century school, country landscape with cattle watering, oil on canvas, (2), signed, 40 x 60 cm approx in moulded gilt frames 30-50
1722.   P Abattucci - possibly Pierre-Jean Abattucci (late 19th century continental school), shoulder length study of female character with floral garland in her hair, watercolour and body colour on paper, signed, 24.5 x 17 cm approx, framed
1723.   Two coloured botanical prints, one showing an Amaryllis, pair of further coloured prints of floral subjects, a pair of prints of female characters scantily clad, etc, various sizes, mostly framed 30-50
1724.   After W Raith (20th century), study of Highgrove House, sepia coloured print, 19 x 29 cm, framed in presentation box 20-30
1725.   Iwan Myles-Jones - Alcoholic's Repentance, mixed media on paper, signed, Royal Academy, Summer Exhibition 1986 label verso, 29.5 x 20 cm approx, framed 40-60
1726.   A Bannister (early 20th century British), studies of ships comprising the SS Mita, The RMS Edinburgh Castle and A Storm, watercolour and body colour on paper, signed and dated 1916, 34 x 43 cm approx sheet size, unframed 25-30
1727.   An early 19th century coloured engraving on glass showing a classical scene with Flora in carriage drawn by a pair of tigers, 23 x 36 cm, a further coloured engraving on glass of an Emblem of Scotland, also together with a half length pencil study of a lady in late 18th century style costume, an 18th century black and white engraving of William Congreve, coloured engraving of Captain Arthur Forrest of His Majesty's ship Augusta, a sepia coloured engraving of a classical scene after F Bartolozzi, etc 40-60
1728.   J H Griffiths (early 20th century school), lake scene at sunset, watercolour on paper, signed and dated 1914, 29 x 47 cm, unframed, a pencil study of a suburban house, signed Robert Scott, 38 x 52 cm, together with a collection of coloured prints after Pascal Wolff of fantastical flying machines, 39 x 41 cm approx sheet size, all unframed 25-30
1729.   After Randolph Caldecott (19th century British), set of eight coloured illustrations on silk from The Three Jovial Huntsmen by Randolph Caldecott, 10 x 8.5 cm approx, framed 80-120
1730.   A late 19th century oleograph with over painted finish showing a humorous scene with three terriers pursuing a cat in farmyard setting, 29 x 23 cm in pierced gilt frame and gilt slip 100-120
1731.   A 19th century school, study of a seated bulldog, oil on canvas of circular form, unsigned, 35 cm diameter approx in circular oak frame 40-60
1732.   A quantity of 1950s gouache on paper paintings by school children, subjects including skating, carol signing, etc, 45 x 60cm approx sheet size 25-30
1733.   Angela Hayes (20th/21st century) - Study of three figures, one with head in hands, (2) charcoal, bodycolour and mixed media on paper, signed with initials, 53 x 35cm, together with further designs, drawings, prints, etc by the same artist, mostly signed with initials AH, various sizes, all mounted 30-50
1734.   J Ferry - Late 19th century school - Coastal scenes with horses and riders, seaweed gathering cart, etc, oil on canvas, (pair) both signed, 26.5 x 40cm approx unframed 40-60
1735.   A pair of well detailed gouache studies of a Crimean war medal with bars for Alma and Sebastopol and a medal inscribed Jellalabad, from the 1842 Afghan siege, 15 x 13cm approx in wide rosewood frames 60-80
1736.   Peter Badcock (20th century - African interest) - A collection of signed limited edition prints from the Shadows of War series, showing various figures, children, soldiers, etc, signed, editions of 350, 64 x 50cm approx max sheet size, together with seven coloured prints of 19th century African exploration subjects, with printed inscriptions verso giving locations in the explorations of T Baines in the 1860s, sheet size 44 x 57cm approx, also together with further prints, all unframed 40-60
1737.   Jane Dorothy Harvey (19th century British) - An album containing an extensive collection of topographical watercolours, drawing, etc, subjects including a view of Douglas on the Isle of Man dated 1837, small studies of Douglas fishing boats, etc, together with views of Pembrokeshire, Doddinghurst, beach scenes with figures, etc, 43 x 30cm 300-350
1738.   Andrew Beer (1862-1954) - Team of horses pulling a timber cart, a horse drawn caravan and figures, a shepherd and his flock and cattle watering in a village scene (4) grisaille oil on board, signed, 22 x 31cm, unframed 100-150
1739.   19th century school - Study of a child feeding a parrot, watercolour on paper, 13 x 10cm, together with an early 20th century watercolour and body colour study of a mother and child on a beach, 12 x 14cm, both unsigned, also together with a photographic portrait of a child inscribed 'Lafayette Dubhar?' with moulded gilt frame and a panoramic needlework panel in the manner of Kate Greenaway showing children gathering flowers, 12 x 68cm, framed 40-60
1740.   An album with decorative fabric cover containing seven late 19th century Chinese watercolour and bodycolour paintings on silk, all showing female musicians, approx image size 21 x 14cm 60-80
1741.   Albany E Howarth (British 1872-1936) - Kings College Aberdeen, The Dochart at Killin and Craig Millar Castle, (3) signed monochrome etchings, max sheets size 32 x 45cm approx, unframed 40-60
1742.   A late 18th century portrait miniature of oval form - half length study of a pensive lady, with lock of hair to reverse and coat of arms incorporating a pelican feeding its young, inscribed Janet Stewart 1785, 6.5cm max in oval gilt metal frame, a further 19th century portrait miniature of oval form showing a half length study of a lady in a red dress, inscribed verso Counis Poalina Borghese Galleria Uffizi Firenze, 6.5cm max, together with a pair of printed oval miniature portraits on ceramics panels showing Nelson and Napoleon, all framed 80-120
1743.   An early 20th century coloured print from the Menpes series of Great Masters - Portrait of Doge Leonardo Loredan, in wide moulded gilt frame, 66 x 54cm overall, together with three coloured prints of King Edward VII, King George V and Queen Mary, etc 25-30
1744.   After Fred Roe (19th century British) - Nelson preparing to board the Victory for the last time, coloured print, 54 x 80cm, in wide oak frame with gilt slip, together with a set of three late 19th century embroidered panels all with relief moulded applied detail, subjects including Home Sweet Home, 40 x 29cm approx in oak frames 20-30
1745.   Mary D A Martin (20th century) - Study of a tiger and study of a resting cat (2) artist proof coloured etchings, signed in pencil , 21 x 19cm approx size, framed 20-25
1746.   A 20th century pastel/mixed media study of a floral still life, George Kinasta, dated 1945, 61 x 46cm approx together with a watercolour of the Bear Inn and a collection of mainly 19th century coloured engravings of topographical views relating to the River Thames including scenes at Bray, Deptford, Lechlade, Battersea, etc and other London related subjects, etc, various sizes, all framed 20-25
1747.   A collection of watercolours of topographical subjects including Cotswold scenes, Chichester town scenes, etc, together with landscapes, etc, various artists, various sizes, all framed 20-30
1748.   A collection of pictures and prints including a coloured hunting print after Cecil Aldin showing the Warwickshire Hunt, a Victorian embroidered and beadwork panel, an early 19th century coloured map of Gloucestershire printed for C Smith, an 18th century map of Lincolnshire, etc, together with a collection of 19th century and later newspapers including The Standard, London 1889, the British Press, July 21st 1817, The Bath and Cheltenham Gazette, June 27th and July 11th, 1837, etc 30-50
1749.   A photographic montage relating to James Dean (1931-1955) comprising a shoulder length study and a full length study, together with a piece of his boxer shorts, with certificate verso from Famous Memorabilia, framed 52 cm square 25-30
1750.   George Vernon Stokes (British 1873-1954) - Cut by the County, coloured print, published by Alfred Bell & Co Ltd 1922, 55 x 66cm approx, with oak frame and gilt slip 25-30
1751.   Early 20th century British School - Study of moorland landscape, gouache, signed indistinctly Winnet? 24 x 45cm, PD Collins (20th/21st century) Spotted Orchid, sepia limited edition signed etching 35 x 27cm sheet size, after Delacroix, bust length study of a girl, oil on board, 50 x 40cm, further pictures and prints, various sizes, all framed
1752.   20th century oriental school - Study of poultry and chicks, watercolour on silk, character and seal mark, 23cm square, together with a set of four coloured book plates after Arthur Rackham of fairy tale subjects, 19 x 15cm approx, all framed 20-30
1753.   Berenice Allwood (20th century) - Study of a view at Tenerife, watercolour, signed and dated 1935, with label verso, clouds over Monte Verde, Tenerife, with artist address details, 25 x 35cm, framed 25-30
1754.   Andrew J Perks (20th century) - study of farm building, watercolour/bodycolour signed, 28 x 38 cm, John Bond, beach scene, signed limited edition print further contemporary coloured prints, an oil on canvas of a landscape signed Grant, together with two gilt frames, etc 40-60
1761.   Two Shaubeck stamp albums containing a mint collection of stamps from France from 1900 to 1985. (displayed in cabinet) 120-150
1762.   The Tower stamp album containing a mint and used GB and Commonwealth stamps collection from QV 1d black to QE . (displayed in cabinet) 300-350
1763.   A mint and used collection of stamps from France in a hinge less SAFE printed pages album from early 1849 Ceres heads, Napoleon III, etc to 1959. (displayed in cabinet) 300-500
1764.   Three Marini stamp albums containing a large collection of used stamps from France from 1849 imperf Ceres heads to 1870's, with postmark interest, varieties, colour shades etc. (displayed in cabinet) 300-500
1765.   An album of world stamps including France, Colonies, Germany, etc 30-50
1766.   Three albums containing mint and used GB and world stamps 30-50
1767.   Three Marini stamp albums containing a large collection of used stamps from France from 1870's Paris siege Ceres heads to 1900 Peace & Commerce, with postmark interest, varieties, colour shades, etc 150-200
1768.   Five albums containing a collection of mixed stamps, a stockbook containing British stamps and an album containing a quantity of postal history, etc 20-30
1769.   An album containing a quantity of British and worldwide stamps including a number from Lundy, a stockbook containing further British and worldwide stamps, a box containing a quantity of mint stamp collections, together with loose stamps and a quantity of guides, Stanley Gibbons books, etc 30-40
1770.   The Royal Postage Stamp Album containing a quantity of Penny Red postage stamps together with a few other British and worldwide stamps 30-40
1771.   Six blank address FDC's, a Royal Mail Mint stamp collection, an album containing a large quantity of PHQ cards and a further album containing horse and hunting theme postcards 30-40
1772.   The Triumph stamp album containing a quantity of British and worldwide stamps including Penny Red examples together with a further mixed stamp album 30-40
1773.   Five albums containing a collection of stamp and coin covers, relating to the millennium and Royal Commemorative 30-40
1774.   Three stamp albums containing a collection of British and worldwide stamps including Penny Red examples, together with an envelope full of loose unsorted stamps 30-40
1775.   Six Royal Mail Special Stamp collections - 1984-1989 30-50
1776.   A collection of eight albums and stockbooks of pre-decimal, mainly British Empire stamps 30-50
1777.   Two boxes containing French postal history 50-80
1778.   A collection of fourteen albums containing worldwide stamp collections including some mint sets and mini sheets 30-50
1779.   A box containing seven albums and stockbooks containing mostly British stamps and including many mint sets, various dates 30-40
1780.   A box containing a collection of British and worldwide stamps in presentation cards and envelopes 30-40
1781.   Nautical Tables designed for the use of British Seamen, published London 1849, three sheet maps, etc, together with two carved wood collapsible book shelves
1782.   Two Edwardian postcard albums, one containing a collection of mainly British topographical subjects, the other containing actresses, beauties, romantic, etc 30-50
1783.   Two boxes containing a large quantity of mixed photographs 20-25
1784.   An extensive collection of Bristol Rovers football programmes, various dates - 1980-2000 30-40
1785.   A small number of vintage car manuals, theatre programmes, football programmes, etc
1786.   An extensive collection of mixed postcards including topographical, humorous, romantic, etc 30-50
1787.   A pair of framed 1920s railway carriage maps, together with a collection of stamps, cigarette cards, coins, etc 50-60
1788.   An album containing mainly hand coloured Victorian and other prints, together with a collection of studio type images of various film and pop stars 20-25
1789.   Four Victorian albums, one containing a collection of children's portraits, a further portrait with a USA tax stamp and a late 19th century picture of American civil war soldiers 40-60
1790.   An extensive collection of Arsenal football programmes, various dates from the 1950s, 60s and 70s 15-20
1791.   A collection of sheet music dating from the 1920s to the 1950s all with decorative cover
1792.   A collection of Express Art Books including first editions with the original cellophane covers 15-20
1793.   An interesting collection of early to mid 20th century share certificates to include the East Indian Iron Company, Philadelphia Traction Company, Great Northern Railway Company (Minnesota) Chicago and Eastern Illinois Rail Company, The Chinese Government - Five Percent reorganisation Gold Loan of 1913, etc
1794.   An early 19th century share certificate document between John Pleurs and John Bilke, five shares worth 500 - Capital stock of and in the Waterloo Bridge (previously the Strand Bridge, dated 1819 transfer number 1545)
1795.   A collection of Royal Mail Millennium stamps - proof issues, January 1999, December 2000, 26 packs in original presentation pack together with an album of proof and first day covers 1979 30-40
1796.   A collection of architectural related books including three Pevsner editions, etc 30-50
1797.   A New History of Gloucestershire by Samuel Rudder, published by Nonsuch Ltd 2006, complete with dust jacket, a further edition of the same book published by Alan Sutton 1986, together with an extensive collection of mixed books about Gloucestershire and related subjects 30-50
1798.   Potter (Beatrix) Ginger and Pickles published Frederick Warne & Co 1909, The Pie and the Patty-Pan, published Frederick Warne & Co 1905, together with 34 further Beatrix Potter editions including some early examples 60-80
1799.   The Beauties of England and Wales or Delineations, Topographical, Historical and Descriptive of each County by John Britton and Edward Brayley, published London 1801-1811, 12 volumes 30-40
1800.   A collection of miscellaneous, antiquarian and other books including Sully's Memoirs, early medical book, Sousthey's Life of Wesley, etc, together with a small number of 18th century editions of The New London Magazine 30-50
1801.   A leather bound edition of The Tempest, illustrated by Edmund Dulac, published by Hodder & Stoughton 1982, Stories from the Arabian Nights, also illustrated by Edmund Dulac, published by Hodder & Stoughton for Boots, Edmund Dulac's Picture Book for the French Red Cross, etc, together with a quantity of Beatrix Potter titles, and further vintage children's books 40-60
1802.   A collection of mostly 19th century travel books including Travels in Western Australia by May Vivienne published 1902, Embassy to China (vol 3 only) etc 30-50
1803.   A collection of books about fishing tackle and related subjects (approx 15 volumes) 15-20
1804.   London Types by W E Henley illustrated by William Nicholson published by William Heinmann 1898 60-80
1805.   A New and Complete History of England from the Earliest Period of Authentic Intelligence to the Present Time, by Temple Sydney Esq, published London 1775, The History of England (volume 1) by Hewson Clarke and Britain in the Hanoverian 1714-1837 30-40
1806.   A box containing a collection of miscellaneous books subjects including politics, religion, social movements and commentary, etc 15-20
1807.   Three boxes of books about the countryside and agriculture, etc, authors include 'BB' and Cecil Aldin 20-25
1808.   32 volumes of The Bristol and Gloucestershire Archeological Society (vol 1 to vol 32) etc 20-30
1809.   An extensive collection of books about Stroud, surrounding villages and the Cotswold in general, together with two unframed engravings of village scenes 30-40
1810.   A collection of mixed books subjects include arts and crafts, costume, etc
1811.   Two volumes of Goldsmith's Animated Nature, published by Blackie & son, 1866, together with a mixed collection of books including two Folio Society volumes and a framed 19th century map of Gloucestershire 30-50
1812.   An interesting collection of late 19th century and other hunting, natural history, game keeping and related subjects 30-50
1813.   A collection of mixed angling books including three volumes of The Art of Angling published by The Caxton Publishing Co Ltd 20-25
1814.   Chaffer' Marks and Monograms on Pottery and Porcelain, published London 1912, together with three Sotheby's catalogues for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor sale 1997 in a slip case 30-40
1815.   An extensive collection of books about fishing and field sports in Scotland and Ireland (45 volumes approx) 20-30
1816.   An extensive collection of good quality books about heraldry and related subjects 20-25
1817.   A late 19th century leather bound edition of Burke's Peerage, a late 19th century leather bound edition of The General Armory, Burke, two volumes of the 106th edition of Burke's Peerage and Baronetage, etc 20-40
1818.   Two framed reward posters reproduced from the Post Office archives together with a small quantity of mixed ephemera including vintage brochures, etc
1819.   A quantity of good quality reference books about Gloucester, Bristol, Cheltenham, etc 20-30
1820.   Bibliotheca Gloucestrensis, published 1825, a Narrative of the Minutes of Evidence respecting the claim to The Berkeley Peerage, published London 1811, together with a small collection of books on related subjects 20-25
1821.   A quantity of books about church architecture and related subjects including Lincolnshire Churches, published 1843, The History of Churches in England, published 1773, etc 30-40
1822.   An extensive collection of British topographical and travel books 30-40
1823.   An extensive and interesting collection of early 20th century general fishing books (50 volumes approx) 30-50
1824.   An interesting collection of well illustrated natural history and fishing books, artist include CF Tunnicliffe and Robert Gibbings, etc 20-30
1825.   19 volumes of The Punch Library 20-25
1826.   A collection of books about game keeping and poaching (15 volumes approx) 20-25
1827.   A quantity of interesting books about big game hunting in Africa, India, etc (24 volumes approx) 20-30
1828.   An interesting collection of late 19th century and other general fishing books (30 volumes approx) 30-50
1829.   A mixed collection of general literature including Lewis Caroll, Hogarth, Shakespeare, etc, together with six volumes of Clarendon's History of the Rebellion 20-25
1830.   Pattersons Road; Being an entirely original and accurate description of all the direct and principal crossroads of England and Wales with part of the roads of Scotland (18th edition) by Edward Mogg, together with a quantity of ordnance survey maps and guide books, etc 20-30
1831.   A collection of Bibby's Annuals 20-30
1832.   The Complete Herbal by Nicholas Culpepper, The Fenland Past and Present, published London 1878, etc 20-25
1833.   The Modern Baker, a Confectioner and Caterer in six volumes, The Gresham Publishing Company 1907 60-80
1834.   A quantity of vintage general fishing books all with original dust jackets (35 volumes approx) 15-20
1835.   A quantity of books about specific fishing rivers (24 volumes approx)
1836.   An extensive collection of fishing books, mainly relating to Salmon and Trout (45 volumes approx) 20-25
1837.   An extensive collection of general fishing books - reminiscences, autobiographies, stories, etc (in excess of 50 volumes) 20-30
1838.   An interesting collection of books about fishing in foreign lands (16 volumes approx) 20-25
1839.   A collection of good quality topographical books about Gloucestershire and surrounding areas, including a Pevsner publication 20-30
1840.   An extensive collection of mixed music CDs with a storage stand, together with a quantity of 33 rpm LPs 20-30
1841.   Two boxes of mixed general fishing books 20-25
1842.   Two boxes containing an extensive collection of antique related reference books 20-25
1843.   Three boxes of general fishing books including a quantity of Anglers Male Annual, dating from the 1970s and 80s 20-25
1844.   An extensive collection of mixed CDs - classical, folk, rock and pop, etc 20-30
1845.   A mixed quantity of 19th century other books including the history of England (6 volumes - 1,4,5,6,7 and 8) Mrs Beetons Fish Cookery, published 1926, A B Melody by Herbert Brown, etc 20-25
1846.   A quantity of interesting natural history books, many about fish and related subjects (24 volumes approx) 20-25
1847.   A quantity of books about fly fishing and related subjects (25 volumes approx) 20-25
1848.   An extensive collection of books about sea fishing, game fishing and other related subjects (35 volumes approx) 20-25
1849.   A quantity of general fishing books (in excess of 50 volumes) 20-25
1850.   An interesting collection of books about country sports and related subjects, including three bound volumes of The Field magazine, 1933/34 (35 volumes approx) 20-30
1851.   A collection of vintage children's albums including Champion The Wonder Horse, The Lone Ranger, Magic Roundabout, etc 20-30
1852.   Three late 19th century and other books about astronomy, The Times Atlas Of The World, published 1922, together with six volumes of The Great War 20-30
1853.   A collection of misc books about fishing flies (approx 25 volumes) together with two trays decorated with examples of fishing flies 30-50
1854.   A collection of good quality children's annuals, a collection of The Beano and other comics, together with five vintage film albums
1855.   Two boxes containing an extensive quantity of vintage and other pamphlets, catalogues, advertising ephemera for fishing and related subjects together with a glass plaque advertising Apollo The Tubular Steel Fishing Rods 20-30
1856.   A quantity of miscellaneous books including eleven vintage Pan James Bond paperbacks
1857.   The 'Rhinebeck' Panorama of London c1810, a portfolio containing four maps of London, together with two LPs, one containing a number of speeches by Winston Churchill 20-30
1858.   Two early 20th century chart Folios containing a large quantity of shipping maps - Chart Folio 304, Irish sea and Bristol channel and Chart Folio 449 serial number 5 60-100
1859.   Collection of fishing rods, some old and some modern 100-150
1860.   A collection of game fishing rods, some old and some modern c/w protective tubes, some by Bob Church and others 100-200
1861.   A shooting stick and collection of various fishing rods 50-100
1862.   Fishing net bag and nets together with a stool and tripod 30-50
1863.   A box of mixed game flies and lures and some miscellaneous tackle items 100-150
1864.   A box of game tackle to include flies and fly tying materials 100-150
1865.   Miscellaneous box of game lures and rod repair items 30-50
1866.   Green Fishing hold-all 10-20
1867.   Specialist fishing net and handle 10-20
1868.   Mixed box of misc fishing related effects 10-20
1869.   Mixed box of course fishing tackle c/w trolley 100-150
1870.   Green padded fishing hold-all and rod hard case 20-50
1871.   A collection of cabinet (3 wooden 1 plastic) containing miscellaneous fishing items 50-100
1872.   A miscellaneous collection of tin boxes containing various fishing tackle items and other fishing related objects in a green plastic container, etc 30-50
1873.   Two hold-alls containing miscellaneous fishing tackle items 10-20
1874.   Hold-all c/w bank sticks and landing net handles and kit bag 10-20
1875.   A late 19th century leather bound family bible with ornate gilt corners and clasps, nine Reece Winstone Bristol books and a Victorian photograph album with music box workings to the back part of the album 20-30
1876.   A collection of albums containing R.A.F. and Channel Isles First Day Covers together with a small collection of loose stamps, etc