Two Day Antique Sale
Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th February 2020

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1.      A collection of Royal Doulton Tintern pattern dinnerwares number D5609 comprising a pair of tureens and covers, two graduated oval meat plates, ten dinner size plates, ten dessert plates, six soup or dessert bowls and ten side plates, an Adderley six place coffee set with floral detail, Coalport June Time patterned floral tea wares and similar George Jones Crescent China floral tea wares, etc (a collection) 40-60
2.      A pair of Sylvac models of seated pups, impressed numbers 3078, three graduated jugs with floral design, a collection of Royal Worcester Palmyra pattern wares, three Royal Worcester Mansfield patterned plates, a Royal Doulton vase (af) etc (a collection) 25-30
3.      An extensive collection of Paragon China, Roslyn China and Royal Standard China decorative tea and coffee wares, all with printed decoration of roses from the Harry Wheatcroft series, including teapot, coffee pot, two sugar bowls and two milk jugs, five cake plates, 30+ cups of different size, 35+ saucers including examples with integral plate, eighteen tea plates, etc, together with an autograph of Harry Wheatcroft, etc (a collection) 80-120
4.      Four Crown Staffordshire bird groups modelled by J T Jones, together with a Karl Ens owl, four Beswick horses comprising a standing brown horse, a chestnut horse (af) a matt glazed black foal and a recumbent foal, five Hummel figures, a 19th century bocage figure of a cherub, (af) etc (18) 30-50
5.      A quantity of Royal Worcester Hyde Park wares with gilt border decoration comprising two oval graduated meat plates, sauce boat and stand, twelve dinner plates, twelve dessert plates, twenty four tea or side plates, eight two handled soup bowls and eight saucers, milk jug and sugar bowl, eight coffee cans and eight saucers 80-120
6.      A collection of decorative ceramics including a large continental table centre piece with applied classical figures, painted blue mark to base and impressed mark S & S, 49.5cm tall approx, a 19th century continental vase in the form of a floral encrusted troika, 26cm approx, a French bowl of oval form with floral detail, a 19th century pink and gilt ground sucrier and cover with painted landscape panels, a set of five Coalport plates with engraved ornithological panels after Pratt pot lids, four ceramic shoes, a Bavarian floral plate, etc (15) 50-80
7.      A quantity of Royal Albert Masquerade wares including teapot and cover, a further smaller teapot (minus cover) two coffee pots and covers, two milk jugs, sugar bowl, 40+ cups, eighteen saucers, etc (a collection) 60-80
8.      A collection of Marcol art deco tea wares with hollyhock detail comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, cake plate, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates, together with nine Hummel figures, four boxed Swarovski crystal animals comprising a seal, a fox, a cat and a hedgehog and four Bell's Royal Commemorative Scotch Whiskey flasks (2 boxed) 40-60
9.      A collection of Portmeirion Botanic Garden pattern wares comprising five cylindrical pots of varying size, ten various plates and bowls, a boxed set of three small photograph frames, etc, together with a small quantity of National Trust Portmeirion Garden Herbs pattern wares including two bowls, pair of condiments, etc, a TG Green & Co Cornish Kitchen ware jug, 14cm tall approx, further TG Green wares, an early 19th century Staffordshire group of a musician and his female companion, etc (a collection) 30-50
10.     A quantity of Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern wares including oval meat plate, pair of rectangular sandwich trays, pair of oval serving bowls, further shaped serving dishes, nine dinner plates, eight dessert plates, seven dessert bowls, two milk jugs, six tea cups, six tea saucers and six tea plates, six coffee cups and eight coffee saucers, etc (a collection) 80-120
11.     A collection of 19th century Staffordshire wares including a watch holder surmounted by a pair of highland characters and a greyhound, an outsized sheep accompanied by a further highland character, a pair of poodles, etc, a pair of 19th century blue ground cups and saucer with painted and gilded floral decoration, together with a further matching saucer (10) 50-80
12.     A quantity of Booths Real Old Willow pattern blue and white printed wares comprising two teapots, a hot water jug, milk jug, two sugar bowls, thirteen cups, eighteen saucers (different sizes) and thirty plates, etc (collection) 40-60
13.     A good quality 19th century dessert service, probably Coalport, with painted botanical sprays including roses, pansies, poppies and lilies, within a turquoise and gilt border, with pierced and scrolling detail, comprising a high two handled comport, a pair of low comports and eight plates, some pieces with painted numbers to base A3019 (11) 300-400
14.     A Wedgwood black basalt two handled, campana shaped vase and cover, with classical figure detail, raised on a square cut base with impressed marks to base, 30cm tall approx 50-70
15.     A Ruskin pottery vase with drawn neck and pink glazed finish, impressed marks to base and date 1921, 22.5cm tall approx, together with a pair of art deco plaster-work figures of young girls with green panted finish and raised on bases with impressed numbers RD809196, with monogram LG and further numbered 231, 31cm tall approx (3) 50-80
16.     An early 19th century continental two handled chocolate cup, cover and stand, with painted panels of merry making scenes, the cover with applied almonds and cloves and with rustic knop, the cup and base with crowned D blue glazed mark, 22cm diameter approx 80-100
17.     A collection of James Kent art deco tea wares with sponged pale blue glaze and with moulded floral handles, comprising a pair of cake plates, milk jug, sugar bowl, seven cups, twelve saucers, twelve tea plates (two sizes) together with a collection of Johnson Brothers Mosaic pattern dessert wares, a 19th century toby jug in the form of a snuff taking toby (af) etc (collection) 30-50
18.     A quantity of blue and white printed wares including Churchill willow pattern plates, a set of three Salem China English Village pattern bowls, Copeland Spode Italian pattern bowl, etc together with further ceramics including a Beswick model of a cuckoo impressed number 2315, a boxed set of Arthur Wood teawares with red and gilt decoration, a collection of crested wares, etc(collection) 30-50
19.     A collection of Royal Albert Crown china teawares with Art Deco type floral decoration comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, cake plate, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates, together with further earlier 20th century Royal Albert Crown china teawares in the Lovain pattern comprising milk jug, sugar bowl, two serving plates, six cups, six saucers, eleven plates (two sizes) (collection) 30-50
20.     A collection of Chelsea Works Moorland kitchenwares with blue stencil type decoration of geese comprising a jug, a lidded storage jar, two further cylindrical pots, teapot, pair of condiments, fourteen plates of various sizes, etc together with a small collection of Court China floral plates 25-30
21.     A collection of Royal Crown Derby blue printed teawares with Japanese style decoration comprising slop/sugar bowl, seven cups, eleven saucers and eleven tea plates 60-80
22.     A Wedgwood blue lustred vase of double gourd shaped form with gilt dragon decoration and with printed mark to base, pattern number Z4829, 20 cm tall approx, together with a late 19th century ewer with gilt leaf decoration, small collection of Japanese eggshell porcelain wares, etc, (collection) 30-50
23.     Royal Doulton wares comprising Dickens ware jug of slender tapering form, designed by Noke and with impressed number to base 1909, a smaller similar jug with country scene detail 6055, a Shakespeare series ware jug showing Falstaff and character jug - Paddy, together with a pair of unusual late 19th century continental dishes in the form of monkeys in leaf shaped boats, 12 cm long approx, and an early 20th century cast metal ashtrays/match strike in the form of a Mastiff type dog with raising head and back, 14 cm long approximately (7) 30-50
24.     A collection of Coalport teawares, pattern number V2665 and comprising slop/sugar bowl, pair of cake plates, twelve saucers and eleven tea plates 140-160
25.     A Royal Doulton veined flambe vase, number 1605, 10.5 cm approx, together with a matching dish number 1620, 10 cm diameter approx, a 19th century continental bowl in the form of a swan with forget me not garland, 12.5 cm long approx, a ceramic figure of the Mad Hatter, a Wade Bells scotch whiskey jug, a glass paperweight, etc (7) 30-50
26.     A collection of Royal Albert Greenwood Tree pattern wares comprising dessert serving bowl and six dishes, jam pot and cover, milk jug and sugar bowl, twelve cups, twelve saucers and twelve tea plates, a pair of cake plates, etc (Collection) 60-80
27.     Royal Doulton Rigi Deco coffee service comprising coffee pot, milk jug, sucrier, six coffee cans and saucers 50-80
28.     A 19th century Wedgwood black basalt teapot with enamelled floral detail and impressed mark to base, 22cm tall approx, together with a 19th century ironstone type punch bowl raised on a circular foot, 25cm diameter, a Royal Crown Derby Bali pattern fruit or punch bowl of octagonal form, 27.5cm diameter and a further 19th century jug (af) (4) 40-60
29.     A collection of Shelley teawares with fruit border decoration comprising three cake serving plates, five cups, five saucers and six tea plates, together with Paragon Rockingham pattern plates, a small collection of Copeland Spode pink and gilt wares, etc (collection) 25-30
30.     A pair of unusual 19th century pink ground, two handled vases and covers, with encrusted floral decoration raised on circular bases with applied figures of recumbent deer, the covers with rose knops, 32cm tall approx, a pair of 19th century Stevenson & Hancock white glazed candlesticks in the 18th century manner, with applied figures of male and female characters, with blue printed marks to base, 17cm tall approx, together with a matching figure of a seated woman, 12.5cm tall approx (mostly for restoration) (5) 50-80
31.     An extensive collection of 19th century Davenport dinnerwares including a large two handled tureen and cover, two further serving dishes and covers, three sauce tureens, two covers and three stands, three large oval graduated meat plates, three further oval serving dishes, 50+ plates, soup plates, etc (collection) 100-150
36.     A pair of 19th century oriental Famille Rose pillows or rests of rectangular form with polychrome painted figure and landscape decoration with pierced detail to the ends, 14.5cm long approx (2) 80-100
37.     Chinese Mandarin porcelain pedestal bowl with typical decoration of figures in a landscape, 27 cm diameter, together with a further good quality oriental bronze tray, 30 cm diameter (2) 40-60
38.     A pair of contemporary Sang De Boeuf vases of square cut tapering form (2) 25-30
39.     A large oriental blue and white jar and cover with prunus blossom, bamboo and pine tree decoration, 28cm tall approx 80-100
40.     An oriental terracotta relief molded vase with dragon detail and impressed seal mark to base, 28cm tall 30-50
41.     19th century oriental charger with painted Famille Rose flower vase detail, 31 cm diameter approx, together with a boxed nine piece oriental supper set with polychrome painted decoration of female characters, boxed, 28 x 28 cm (2) 40-60
42.     Collection of oriental blue and white ceramics, including a vase with flared neck and landscape detail, 30 cm tall, approx, a pair of open dishes with wide rims and character and prunus blossom detail, 27 cm diameter, an Imari type dish with dragon decoration, etc, together with further 19th century British ceramics including a stone china blue and white mug, farmers arms mug, collection of pewter tankards, etc (collection) 40-60
43.     An early 20th century Satsuma vase with painted and gilded floral and character decoration and black and gilt seal mark to base, 12 cm tall approx, together with a further Satsuma bottle shaped vase, a Booth's punch bowl with 18th century Worcester style floral and bird detail, 29 cm, together with a pair of metal double gourd shaped ewers with pierced and foliate mounts (one handle missing), 33 cm tall approx (5) 30-50
44.     A quantity of 19th century Cantonese wares including three kettles and covers, two teapots, a lidded two handled pot, three vases, etc (collection) 150-250
45.     A 19th century Cantonese vase of shouldered form, with continuous decoration of figures in a landscape, 19cm tall approx, together with a similar coffee can of cylindrical form, saucer and two dishes (5) 50-80
46.     19th century Cantonese type teapot of globular form with polychrome painted character detail and brass spout, 14cm tall approx 60-100
47.     An early 19th century Cantonese teapot of globular form with polychrome painted landscape and figure decoration, with rustic spout and handle, 15cm tall approx 80-120
48.     A late 18th century Mandarin type bowl with shaped rim and polychrome painted male and female character decoration, 11.5cm diameter approx, together with a pair of early 19th century oriental dishes with famille rose decoration, 14cm diameter approx (3) 50-80
49.     A 19th century Chinese vase of shouldered form with blue and white painted dog of fo and flaming pearl decoration, with four character mark to base, 18.5cm tall approx 60-80
50.     An early 20th century imperial Russian soup plate with painted chain and anchor border on a green ground, with central imperial crown motif, set within a simulated pearl and laurel wreath border, with green printed mark to base, 26cm diameter approx (this plate is understood to originate from the Czar Alexander II yacht collection) 300-400
51.     No Lot
52.     A 19th century two handled chocolate pot and cover in the Meissen manner with painted panel of a sportsman, his dog, a stag, etc, the cover also painted with a dog, with further floral sprigs and sprays, with blue cross and T mark, 11.5cm tall approx 50-70
53.     A 19th century Staffordshire figure group of the tailor's wife riding on a goat, after the Meissen model of Count Bruhl's tailor and wife, after JJ Kaendler, 13.5cm approx 30-60
54.     A substantial modern oriental vase and cover with trailing floral decoration in the imari palette, 63cm tall approx 30-50
55.     A 19th century white glazed two handled foot bath with gilt border decoration, 53cm long approx, together with a similar ewer (2) 80-100
56.     A collection of Adam's Country Meadow pattern wares including a tureen and cover, jug and serving bowl, tea wares, etc, together with a quantity of Naturecraft plaster figure groups, four Osbourne Ivorex plaques, two Royal Doulton Images series figures of Wistful HN3664 and Sister and Brother HN4356, etc (a collection) 25-30
57.     A quantity of ceramics including decorative teawares, Victorian dinnerwares in the Vesper pattern, etc, (a collection) 25-30
58.     A collection of Hornsea Saffron kitchen storage jars and covers, a matching butter dish and cover, etc, together with a Sylvac bread sauce pot and cover no 4551, a Carlton ware condiment set in the form of a crinoline lady, etc (a collection) 30-40
59.     A pair of early 19th century Nantgarw dessert plates, with relief moulded borders and painted floral sprigs and sprays, 21cm diameter approx 600-800
60.     A good quality 19th century Copeland tray with Imari type floral decoration and moulded handles with impressed mark to base, 49cm approx, together with a collection of matching Copeland China teawares of fluted form comprising a teapot, milk jug and sugar basin (all AF) four cups, four saucers and four tea plates (a collection) 100-120
61.     A 19th century Graingers Worcester two handled ivory ground vase with gilded mask, scrolling and flower head detail and pierced and gilt handles, with printed mark to base no 1248, 26.5cm approx, together with a Royal Worcester ivory ground plate, commemorating the Pakistan Cricket Team, 1962, with gilt facsimile signatures, inscribed Worcester May 2nd, 27cm diameter approx (2) 40-60
62.     A 19th century salt in the 18th century manner with applied figure of a yellow jacketed boy, with painted bird and insect decoration to the interior and faint painted mark to base, 10.5cm long approx, together with further early 19th century and other small decorative ceramics including a Herend dish of oval form, 11.5cm approx 40-60
63.     A collection of early 19th century dessert wares with painted and gilded chinoiserie type decoration comprising a pair of oval shaped serving dishes and six plates 30-50
64.     A late 19th century continental figure group of a classical female character and a child, raised on a floral encrusted base, 26.5cm tall approx, together with two Royal Doulton figures of Bunny HN2214 and Janet M75 (af) a Beswick skewbald pony and a set of three 19th century cockfighting prints of circular form, in circular wooden frames, 20.5cm diameter approx (8) 25-30
65.     A limited edition Border72 Fine Arts model of a standing ram inscribed JA Butler edition number 48/500, raised on an oval wooden base, 16.5cm tall approx 40-60
66.     A Beswick Guernsey bull - CH Sabrina's Sir Richmond, together with a Beswick Hereford cow, Champions 40-60
67.     A Royal Doulton figure of Grace HN2318, a Coalport figure of Constance, two Beswick models of ginger and white cats, a Myott art deco tea for two set with painted floral detail comprising teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, a pair of cups and saucers and a small plate, etc (a collection) 30-50
68.     A collection of Aynsley Orchard Gold pattern wares comprising a pair of two handled vases and covers, 22.5cm tall approx, a sucrier and cover, a plate, 26cm diameter approx, sandwich tray, circular box and cover, etc (12) 40-60
69.     A collection of oriental vases with Sang De Boeuf glazed finish comprising a pair of baluster shaped vases with turned wooden bases, 37.5cm tall including bases, a pair of shouldered vases, 24cm tall approx and a large single vase, 30cm tall approx, together with an oriental celandon glazed vase with crackle finish, 24cm tall approx (6) 60-80
70.     A Beswick model of a grey shire horse with circular printed mark and paper label to base, a Royal Doulton Bunnykins money bank, Wade Whimsies, etc (collection) 25-30
72.     A collection of ceramics including 19th century and later blue and white printed wares including a shaped dessert dish with castle and landscape detail, an oval dish with chinoiserie decoration on a faded rim, a fluted beaker with flared rim and chinoiserie detail, a further beaker, a Coalport cornucopia shaped vase, a pair of B & G Parian type plaques with relief moulded decoration representing night and day, etc (collection) 40-60
73.     A collection of 19th century and later ceramics including pink lustred teawares comprising two bowls, ten cups, twelve saucers and a dish, a Royal Doulton Temple pattern dessert set comprising a comport and six dishes, blue and white printed wares, two jelly moulds, small collection of studio pottery vases, etc (a collection) 25-30
74.     A collection of F Hancock & Sons Indian Tree pattern dinnerwares including a sauce tureen and stand, oval dish, and nineteen plates and dishes, glass and plated wares including a bread plate, butter dish, a pair of condiments, etc, together with a crocodile skin purse with embossed silver mounts, etc (a collection) 30-50
75.     A collection of oriental and other ceramics including an imari dish, 30cm diameter, two Cantonese type dishes, a pair of 19th century continental figure groups of boys and girls representing winter and summer, 15.5cm tall approx, further ceramic figures, etc (a collection) 25-30
76.     A collection of late 19th century French Sarregueimes tea wares with painted floral sprays including teapot, six cups, six saucers and six tea plates, together with Losol ware dinnerwares with gilt decoration, a small collection of glass wares, etc (collection) 25-30
77.     A collection of Royal Worcester Evesham wares including storage jars and covers, tureens and covers, etc (collection) 40-60
78.     A collection of ceramic models of cats including a black glazed humorous example, together with an Arthur Wood pig money bank, three Swarovski crystal animal, etc (a collection) 40-60
79.     A collection of Copeland Spode Eden pattern dinnerwares, comprising a pair of tureens and covers, four rectangular stands or serving dishes and twenty four plates and dishes (collection) 40-60
80.     A late 19th century aesthetic type tile with painted decoration of a minstrel in medieval type costume, 34 x 15cm approx, together with a further collection of late 19th century tiles with various floral and other detail (collection) 60-100
81.     A large continental ceramic two branch table lamp, the base in the form of a tree trunk with four dancing figures, the shade with applied floral detail and pierced panels, 55cm tall approx 70-100
82.     A late 19th century ceramic garden seat in the oriental manner with transfer printed trailing poppy decoration and indistinct impressed mark to base, 48cm tall approx (af) together with further mainly 19th century ceramics including a set of twelve 19th century Wedgwood green glazed majolica leaf moulded dessert plates, four further majolica leaf plates, an Amhurst Japan footed bowl, 23.5cm diameter, a large gaudy type punch bowl, 30cm diameter, etc (a collection) 40-60
83.     A collection of Paragon Country Lane pattern wares comprising oval meat plate, tureen and cover, seventeen plates and bowls of varying sizes, six cups and five saucers, etc (collection) 30-50
84.     A quantity of collectors thimbles including three silver examples (displayed in cabinet) together with a small collection of ceramic and glass wares including a Wedgwood mug designed by Carl Toms, commemorating the investiture of Prince Charles, etc, (a collection) 30-50
85.     A quantity of late 19th and early 20th century sardine boxes and covers, all with handles in the form of fish, with various sizes including floral, lustred, etc, including two examples with plated stands (17) 40-60
86.     A collection of 19th century sardine boxes and covers of various form including four majolica examples, with basket weave moulding and fish knop, mottled green and brown glazed finish, moulded fish detail to the cover, etc, further example with shell knop and seaweed moulding, example inscribed Sardines, etc (9) 40-60
87.     A collection of studio pottery wares by Denis Moore (British 1908-1977) for Green Dene Pottery, comprising a vase with blue glazed finish, 30cm tall approx, a further smaller brown glazed vase and two bowls, together with a ceramic tray with painted cockerel decoration and painted and moulded leaf design, with painted mark to base, Made By Miriam Khosi, Aromoye Studio, dated 2007, 38cm approx (5) 60-80
88.     A collection of mainly 19th century sardine boxes and covers of various design, mostly with fish knops, also together with a box and cover with lion detail (22) 40-60
89.     A collection of ceramics including a Wedgwood Fallow Deer pattern helmet shaped blue and white printed jug, further blue and white printed wares, including a Copeland Spode Italian pattern jug, a sauce tureen, cover and stand, etc, together with a collection of Lawleys Art Deco teawares, Villeroy & Boch dinner and teawares with white glazed finish, including six dinner plates, six soup or dessert bowls, etc (a collection) 30-50
90.     A collection of mainly early 19th century and later decorative miniature ceramics including five chamber sticks with various painted and gilded floral details, four miniature jugs including Spode examples pattern numbers 3022, 2874 and 3777, a Royal Worcester tankard with primrose detail, a collection of green ground miniature tea wares with floral detail and painted D mark to base, etc (a collection) 60-80
91.     A collection of 19th century miniature ceramics comprising a blue ground jug and basin set, with painted floral sprays in the Spode manner, a Davenport jug and basin set with floral sprigs, two further miniature jug and basin sets and four further miniature bowls, with various painted floral and exotic bird decoration (12) 60-80
92.     A pair of good quality early 19th century miniature Davenport ewers, covers and basins, all with reserved finely painted floral panels on a blue and gilt ground with anthemion and trailing floral decoration, with printed marks to base, basins diameter 10cm approx (4) 80-120
93.     A pair of early 19th century miniature Chamberlains Worcester white ground vases with flared necks and painted bird detail and printed marks to base, 5.5cm tall approx (2) 40-60
94.     A collection of 19th century miniature blue ground vases comprising a pair of bottle shaped vases and stoppers with well painted floral sprays on a blue scale ground, 10cm approx, a pair of Derby two handled vases with reserved floral panels and painted marks to base, 8cm approx, and a further similar pair of unmarked vases, 6.5cm approx (6) 80-120
95.     A collection of early 19th century Spode miniature wares in pattern number 1166 with well painted floral sprays on a blue and gilt scale ground, comprising a two handled basket and pierced cover, 10.5cm long approx, a teapot and cover, 11cm long approx, and a two handled footed bowl of circular form, 7cm diameter approx, and a circular stand, 11cm diameter, all with painted marks to base and pattern numbers (4) 100-150
96.     A collection of three good quality early 19th century miniature watering cans comprising a blue ground Derby example with encrusted floral decoration and floral knop, with marks to base, 9.5cm tall approx, a Spode example with floral detail on a blue scale ground, with butterfly knop, 8.5cm tall approx, and a white ground example with floral sprays, 8cm tall approx (3) 100-150
97.     A pair of 19th century floral encrusted vases with well painted floral sprays, 10.5cm tall approx (pair) 40-60
98.     An interesting collection of 19th century floral encrusted miniature wares including continental examples, comprising a ewer and stopper, a bottle shaped vase, three teapots, sucrier and cover, two jugs, four cups and four saucers, some pieces with blue crossed swords mark to base, approx max size of ewer and stopper 10cm (16) 100-150
99.     A collection of miniature early 19th century and later cups and saucers, coffee cans and saucers, etc, comprising Spode examples, pattern no 3710, continental example with blue crossed swords mark to base, etc, together with a collection of ebonised stands (a collection)
101.    A collection of Paragon China Tree of Kashmir pattern tea and coffee wares including coffee pot, teapot, three milk or cream jugs, two sugar bowls, pair of cake plates, six tea cups, six tea saucers, six tea plates, eleven coffee cups, twelve coffee saucers, etc (a collection) 50-70
102.    A pair of oriental blue and white vase with horse decoration, 15cm tall approx, an unusual Satsuma type beaker with painted decoration of the Japanese and British flag, with painted character mark to base, 6.5cm tall approx, 19th century child's plate with transfer printed decoration, A Visit to the Zebra, a collection of Wellington China teawares, etc, together with a quantity of silver-plated wares including cases fish knives and forks, two baskets with pierced decoration, various flatware, etc (a collection) 30-50
103.    A quantity of ceramics including boxed and unused Royal Worcester Evesham Vale pattern dinnerwares, J & G Meakin Sunshine dinnerwares, including tureen and cover, etc, Wedgwood blue ground Jasperwares, etc (a collection) 30-40
104.    A 19th century Staffordshire Watch-holder with applied figures of three women, 31 cm, a 19th century relief moulded lustred jug with sportsmen and dogs, etc (4) 30-50
105.    A 19th century Derby two handled vase with Imari type painted and gilded decoration and painted mark to base, 30 cm tall, a garniture of three 19th century two handled blue ground vases with reserved floral panels, 27cm max approx height and a blue ground Limoges floral vase, 10 cm tall approx (5) 30-50
106.    A collection of ceramics including Wade Tetley tea wares comprising cookie jar, three teapots, etc, a garniture of three oriental vases and covers etc (collection) 25-30
107.    A Royal Doulton figure The Paisley Shawl N+HN1707, a pair of 19th century continental figures of male and female characters, with gilt anchor marks to reverse, four Sylvac vases with relief decoration of leaves, maximum height 26 cm approx, a pair of Beswick blue mottled glaze vases, Fieldings Crown Devon vases, etc (collection) 50-80
108.    An antique bronze figure of Guanyin Buddha seated upon a recumbent elephant, 20cm high, together with a Chinese blue and white bowl, 12cm and a cinnabar style lacquered box and cover (3) 80-100
111.    Good quality cut glass charger with flower head decoration and geometric star cut panels, 43cm diameter 30-50
112.    Carved polished serpentine lighthouse lamp, 35cm high, together with a further pair of good quality cut glass baluster vases, two decanters, further vase and light fitting (7) 40-60
113.    A good mix of glass to include antique blue glass goblet with thick stem, further antique blue glass baluster jug, Venetian glass cornucopia vase and Scottish Millefiori glass paperweight (4) 30-50
114.    A mixed collection of glass and silver ware to include two silver applied easel frames, a silver collared ships decanter with silver decanter label for Port, a glass candelabra, glass butter dish, further frames, etc (15) (decanter stopper af) 60-100
115.    A mixed collection of Murano glassware to include a pair of twin handled baluster vases, an elephant, a sweet corn, vases, bowls, etc (17) 50-80
116.    A mixed collection of various glassware to include an unusual 19th century vaseline glass goblet with wavy rim, a 19th century style goblet, etched with birds of paradise amidst floral bouquets, cranberry glassware, a lemonade set with transfer printed hunting scene and others, (a large collection) 50-80
117.    A collection of antique advertising/beer bottles, many of local interest (11) 40-60
118.    Eleven Murano glass fish 50-80
119.    A collection of vertical Murano glass fish to include a good quality sword fish and others (7) 60-100
120.    Graduated pair of glass domes, 50 and 43cm high respectively (2) 80-100
121.    A Venetian glass stylised bowl with latticino work, a glass lustre and various others (16) 30-50
122.    Waterford crystal cut glass comport with heavy faceted column, 21cm high together with a further Waterford cut glass paperweight in the form of a world globe (2) 40-60
123.    Three boxed pairs of John Rocha Waterford crystal goblets, comprising four wine glasses and two flutes (6) 40-60
124.    A mixed collection of glassware mainly 19th century and later glass decanters together with further scent jars and powder jars, etc (a collection) 60-100
125.    A mixed collection of mainly cranberry glassware to include decanters and goblets, together with a further green glass moon decanter and three further goblets (a collection) 50-100
126.    A large collection of mainly cranberry glass to include decanter jugs, beakers, goblets, vases, etc (a collection) 60-100
127.    A large collection of various glassware to include a good quality bell shaped decanter, a pair of lidded candy jars (1 lid af) various champagnes and others (a collection) 80-120
128.    Four boxes of various cut glass and coloured glass (5 boxes) 30-50
129.    A collection of six tumblers and six rummers upon a party type silver-plated stand, together with four cut glass bowls, a cut glass vase and a mirror plate (7) 60-100
130.    A good quality paperweight type scent bottle/decanter with various Millefiori canes, 12cm high 50-80
131.    Two similar graduated paperweights with latticino cane work, the largest 5cm high (2) 50-80
132.    A good quality Millefiori cane work paperweight with various colourful canes, 9cm diameter, together with a further Stourbridge paperweight (2) 50-80
133.    Two good paperweights to include a St Louis example, one with faceted glass, various cane and latticino work, the other with star cut base (2) 50-80
140.    Art Deco American Ronson cigarette dispenser in the form of a cocktail waiter at a circular bar together with a further silver-plated twin handled gallery hors d'oeuvre tray (2) 200-250
141.    A mixed collection of silver-plated items to include three lidded sardine dishes, boat shaped teapot, baluster coffee pot, candlestick, basket, sardine servers and others (a collection) 40-60
142.    Silver dressing brush and mirror, together with three piece tea service and Morocco leather cased grape scissors and nut crackers (6) 40-60
143.    A pair of 19th century silver-plated candlesticks with novelty bamboo columns and floral sconces, on further swept square floral embossed bases, 31cm high 60-100
144.    A pair of 19th century silver-plated twin branch candelabra, together with a matched pair of candlesticks (4) 40-60
145.    Four piece planished pewter Tudric tea service comprising teapot, water pot, milk jug and sucrier, together with a similar tray and art deco silver plated dish (6) 40-60
146.    A collection of good quality silver plate to include a pair of faceted chocolate pots, a further entree dish with cast handle and engraved decoration and others (7)
147.    A good quality contemporary silver plated lidded dish in the form of a scallop shell, with further conch shell feet, 23cm long, together with a further arts and crafts type silver plated lidded wooden bowl with twin silver plated handles (2) 30-50
148.    Regency style silver plated four piece tea service comprising teapot, water pot, milk jug and sucrier, together with two silver plated salvers, a further Regency style teapot, a silver plated beaker and two caddy spoons (10) 30-50
149.    Three cased part fitted and fully fitted canteens of cutlery, mainly in Kings pattern, with various additions 60-100
150.    Good quality squat baluster silver jug, together with a stylised silver plated four piece tea service, candlesticks, tankards, etc (a collection) 40-60
151.    An oak display case containing a collection of various silver plated souvenir spoons, many with enamelled detail, with a cased fish servers and further cased set of cake forks 40-60
152.    Large collection of art deco flatware comprising knives, forks and spoons, together with a further selection of beaded flatware (a collection) 40-60
153.    Good quality silver plated three piece tea service, together with two silver plated salvers, a goblet, lidded cut glass cocktail shaker and others (a collection) 30-50
154.    Three boxes containing a large quantity of silver plated, mainly dinnerwares, comprising tea services, cruets, entree dishes, etc 80-120
155.    A box containing a large collection of silver plated flatware and others 40-60
156.    A cased set of six silver tea spoons together with five further silver tea spoons and large collection of various silver plated flatware, many in original cases (a boxful) 50-80
157.    Large collection of silver plated flatware to include four piece boat shaped tea service, entree dishes, tazzas, candelabra, etc 60-100
158.    Four boxes of good quality silver plated items to include, toast racks, salts, cruet sets, castors, tea services, flatware, etc 100-200
159.    No lot
160.    Four pieces of Picquot Ware 20-40
161.    Three silver caddy spoons to include a Georgian style spoon with scallop shell bowl and cast scallop shell thumb piece, further bright cut handled example and a sifter bowl example; together with two silver sherry decanter labels (5) 50-80
162.    Two similar early 20th century vesta cases engraved with scrolled acanthus together with a further vesta case and a hip shaped card case with engine turned decoration, 4.5 ozs approx (4) 50-80
163.    Victorian style silver serpentine pill box, the hinged lid engraved with scrolled foliage, with a further hexagonal pill box and planished white metal baby's rattle teething ring (3) 30-50
164.    Good early 20th century silver scent bottle engraved with geometric foliage, the hinged lid enclosing a glass interior with original stopper, maker H & T Birmingham 1918, 6 cm high; together with a further 925 enamelled tinder lighter (2) 50-80
165.    Continental white metal novelty miniature violin, with bow, the violin 8cm long, together with a further white metal pendant in the form of a flamenco guitar (3) 40-60
166.    1950's silver engine turned cigarette case with gilt interior, maker Kemp Brothers, Birmingham 1957, 11.5 cm long, 6 oz approx 50-80
167.    Two silver hip shaped card cases one with engine turned decoration and push hinge, 6 oz approx (2) 50-80
168.    Edwardian silver card case with scrolled acanthus decoration, hinged front, maker C B & S, Sheffield 1905, 3 oz approx 40-80
169.    A mixed collection of bijouterie silver to include good pair of late Victorian trinket dishes with geometric pierced bowls, pair of silver rim cut glass salts, silver trowel, four salt spoons and a silver and glass novelty dish in the form of a swan with hinged wings, together with a Whitby jet plated paperclip (10) 50-80
170.    1940's silver engine turned cigarette case, 6 oz approx, together with a further glass and silver rimmed match striker (2) 50-80
171.    Set of five Victorian silver fiddle pattern teaspoons, maker R W, together with a further matching fiddle teaspoon and preserve spoon, 5 oz approx, together with a set of six silver handled fruit knives (13) 40-60
172.    Mixed lot of silver flatware comprising set of five silver old English dessert forks, maker JR, fiddle pattern table spoon and dessert spoon and preserve spoon, two napkin rings and a further cake fork, 13 oz (11) 100-200
173.    Pair of late Georgian silver berry spoons with silver gilt bowls and engraved handles, maker Robert Rutland, London 1819, 22 cm long, 4 oz approx 40-60
174.    1930s Georgian style squat baluster caster of typical form, 18.5 cm high; together with a further silver sauce ladle and three piece silver cruet set of waisted form, the mustard with amethyst glass liner, 11 oz approx (5) 80-120
175.    1930s Art Deco silver engine turned cigarette box, the stepped hinged lid with engine turned detail enclosing a cedar lined interior, 12 cm long 40-60
176.    Victorian silver and snakeskin hip flask, maker Sampson Mordan & Co, London 1888, 14.5 cm long 60-100
177.    Edwardian silver twin handled quaich type trinket dish, with acanthus and floral cast borders, maker W A, Birmingham 1908, 13.5 cm wide; together with a further silver and etched glass pedestal dish and two silver handled manicure tools (4) 30-50
178.    Two engine turned silver cigarette boxes; both with cedar lined interiors, one with an inscription (2) 60-100
179.    Three silver trophies, one in the Art Nouveau manner with stylised gold club supports, maker Kemp Brothers, London 1935, 6.5 approx (3) 50-80
180.    Pair of Edwardian silver peppers with pierced lids and geometric pierced bowls, with blue glass liners, maker TH, Birmingham 1903, 10 cm high; together with a set of four good quality silver and mother of pearl topped cut glass baluster peppers (6) 50-80
181.    A mixed collection of bijouterie silver comprising five napkin rings, a good quality hand dressing mirror and two easel frames (8) 50-80
182.    An interesting collection of antique silver spoons to include a Georgian silver caddy spoon, maker I T, a knop end teaspoon, a novelty silver teaspoon with golf ball finial, a sifter spoon, further old English spoon and a silver handled pearl letter knife (6) 30-50
183.    A collection of German Hamburg silver flatware by Johana Friedrich Brahmfeld comprising four table forks, four dessert forks, four dessert spoons, four teaspoons and four fruit knives each with king's husk handles, 27 ozs gross 200-300
184.    Good quality Victorian beaded soup ladle, maker GA, London 1874, 35cm long, 9oz approx 80-120
185.    Good quality pressed glass and silver topped desk ink stand / ink well with sunburst lid; together with a further silver collared scent bottle, further silver collared bottle and silver topped lid for a green glass jar (4) 40-60
186.    Early 20th century silver pedestal christening cup, maker JSG, 8.5cm high; together with two further silver pin trays, one of stylised form, 6.5oz approx (3) 50-80
187.    Set of six William IV silver fiddle pattern teaspoons, maker marks indistinct, London 1832, with three silver sugar tongs, 7oz approx (9) 60-80
188.    Victorian silver cigarette box, embossed with scrolled foliage, the hinged lid fitted with a silver shilling, enclosing a cedar lined interior, maker Rosenthal, Jacob & Co, London 1887, 10cm wide, 6oz approx gross 40-60
189.    Late Victorian silver caddy of faceted ovoid form, with pagoda type lid and bowl with banded decoration, upon ball feet, maker Henry Stratford, Sheffield, 1897, 12cm high, 6.5oz approx 50-80
190.    Regency silver faceted christening cup/small tankard, chased with floral bands, maker WE, London 1825, 10cm high, 5oz approx 40-60
191.    Edwardian art nouveau silver bonbon dish with pierced and cast floral geometric detail, London 1905, 16cm diameter, 5.5oz approx 40-60
192.    A mixed lot of silver to include and Edwardian Mappin & Webb silver pedestal bowl of lobed form, 835 continental silver souvenir spoon, the handle in the form of a rose and a silver five shilling coin, 5.5oz approx (3) 100-120
193.    Two silver cigarette cases, one engraved with scrolled foliage, the other engine turned, 5oz approx; together with a collection of various silver plated flatware (a boxful) 40-60
194.    A collection of various silver topped dressing brushes, together with a further Dutch white metal example embossed with a coastal scene and windmill (10) 50-80
195.    1970s Georgian style pie crust rimmed salver, maker AS, Birmingham, 1972, 26cm diameter, 13.5oz approx 100-150
196.    Gloucester Cathedral goblet, with silver gilt cast base and gilt interior, inscribed Number 59 Of A Limited Edition Of 681, Made By Order Of The Dean And Chapter Of Gloucester To Commemorate The 13th Centenary Of The Foundation In AD681, maker HM, London 1981, 16.5cm high, 10.5oz approx 100-150
197.    Georgian style three piece half fluted tea service comprising teapot, water pot, milk jug and sucrier, with gilt interior, maker Elkington & Co, Birmingham, 1896, the teapot 26cm long, 34oz approx 250-350
198.    1930s Georgian style boat shaped bachelor part tea service comprising teapot and milk jug, maker LF & Son Ltd, the teapot 23cm long, 14oz approx 100-150
199.    1970s Georgian style milk jug and sucrier with gilt interior and stepped circular bases, maker ATC, Birmingham 1973, the milk jug 10cm high, 5oz approx (2) 40-60
200.    1970s Georgian style chocolate or coffee pot, of tapered conical form, maker JBC & S Ltd, Birmingham 1972, 18cm high, 14oz approx 120-180
201.    S Kirk & Sons, American white metal lidded butter dish on stand, the lid mounted by a recumbent cow, with embossed foliage all over, no hallmarks present, reference number 1102, the stand 18.5cm diameter, 15.5oz approx 100-200
202.    Pair of good quality Victorian silver topped scent bottles, the silver lid embossed with classical scenes, the glass bowls engraved with birds in flight amidst branches, maker WC, London 1894, 12cm high (2) 200-220
203.    Pair of Georgian style Walker & Hall gravy boats, of typical form upon stepped square cabriole feet, Sheffield 1937, 16cm long, 7.5oz approx 60-100
204.    1940s Georgian style cast brushed silver gravy boat, maker R & B, Sheffield, 1942, 19cm long, 8.5oz approx 60-100
205.    1970s Georgian style squat baluster caster, maker TH, Birmingham 1975, 17.5cm high; together with a further silver sauce boat, 10.5oz approx (2) 80-120
206.    1930s antique style baluster tankard, with acanthus S scroll handle upon a stepped circular base, maker BBS Ltd, Birmingham 1931, 14cm high, 13oz approx 100-150
207.    Victorian three piece ovoid bachelor tea service comprising teapot, milk jug and sucrier, maker EJBWJ, London 1870s, the teapot 18cm long, 15oz approx 120-180
208.    Edwardian silver vase sleeve, with wrythen fluted panels of scrolls and flowers, maker SP, Birmingham 1902, 19cm high with original blue glass liner; together with two silver sugar tongs, 10.5oz approx gross (3) 60-100
209.    Silver twin handled octagonal trophy, hallmarks worn, 22cm high, 12oz approx 100-150
210.    19th century French Doyen silver baluster teapot, with floral cast finials, spout and feet, 18cm high, 10.5oz approx 80-120
211.    Good quality cut glass waisted decanter, with silver rippled collar, maker Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1937, 29cm high 50-80
212.    1930s silver twin handled baluster trophy, with inscription relating to point to point racing, Birmingham 1936, 29cm high, 21oz approx 150-200
213.    Victorian baluster ewer, with grapevine cast finial handle and embossed with various scrolled foliage, with inscription dated 1865, maker DHGH, London 1858, 37cm high, 28.5oz approx 200-300
214.    1930s silver twin handled trophy, upon a stepped circular base, maker M & J, Birmingham 1931, 16cm high, 14.5oz approx gross 80-120
215.    Early 20th century silver gilt twin handled trophy in the art nouveau manner with lobed bowl and inscription, maker Henry Atkin, Sheffield 1912, 32cm wide, 26oz approx 200-300
216.    An embossed white metal framed easel mirror, with Aztec design detail indistinctly stamped, 35 x 40cm 30-50
217.    A small quantity of silver to include a silver pin dish fitted with a Victorian silver coin, set of five silver apostle spoons with scallop shell bowls (af) and a pair of silver sugar tongs, 2.5oz approx; together with a small quantity of glassware (a collection) 30-50
218.    A contemporary silver cigar tube, maker DP, 14cm long, with original case 40-60
219.    Set of five good quality kings pattern teaspoons, maker PA, Glasgow, 1832, together with a further collection of good quality flatware, 9.5oz approx (15) 80-120
220.    Mixed collection of silver flatware to include a scallop shell caddy spoon, two pairs of sugar tongs, pair of knife rests, spoon and scraper, 6.5oz approx 50-80
221.    Early 20th century silver cigar cutter, maker RN & Son, London 1913, 5oz approx gross 50-80
222.    Good quality silver poultry skewer, the finial with nautical decoration of an anchor flanked by coiled fish, maker Susannah Cook, London 1840? 20.5cm long 40-60
223.    A collection of silver / white metal animals to include a stag, camel, cats, frogs (by S M Co), hedgehog, otter, crocodile, mouse and a further character group of two figures in a sailing boat (10) 50-100
224.    Withdrawn 50-80
225.    A box containing a collection of miscellaneous silver items to include a twin handled trophy, five silver thimble, napkin rings, graduated hunting cups, silver lidded scent bottles, two silver applied easel frames, etc (a collection) 80-120
226.    Silver Eupergne, with four flutes, maker marks worn, Birmingham 1907, 33cm high (af) 100-200
227.    Withdrawn
228.    Two silver dressing brushes, with a further silver topped jar and a collection of costume jewellery (a collection) 30-50
231.    9ct rope twist necklace, 52cm long approx, 8g 60-100
232.    9ct fancy link necklace, 44cm long approx, 6.7g 60-80
233.    Group of 9ct jewellery comprising a shell bar brooch set with a seed pearl and two pairs of earrings with screw fastenings, 7.4g total (5) 40-80
234.    18ct wedding ring with floral decoration, size O, 4.2g 60-100
235.    Late 19th century 18ct garnet ring, size Q, 3g, contained in a period box 40-80
236.    Three 9ct dress rings to include a garnet cluster example, 7.3g total (one af) (3) 60-80
237.    Half sovereign dated 1915 in 9ct pendant mount 80-120
238.    Two 9ct rings; a diamond set example and a textured wedding ring, 5.2g total (2) 40-80
239.    Three gold rings comprising an 18ct white stone set ring, a 9ct Victorian style blue spinel example and a further 9ct paste set example (one stone vacant), 7.6g total (3) 40-80
240.    Vintage 18ct sapphire and diamond ring, size P/Q, 5.3g, together with a small quantity of costume jewellery (4) 60-100
241.    Two illusion set diamond rings; one 18ct and one 9ct, together with a further 9ct ring set with pink spinel and diamonds, 6.5g total (3) 80-120
242.    Victorian style 9ct locket pendant with scrolled border, set with a garnet and cultured pearls, 7.7g 60-100
243.    9ct hinged pendant in the form of Concorde, 4.1g 40-80
244.    Secessionist style 9ct drop pendant set with garnet and peridot coloured paste, 3.2g 80-120
245.    9ct curb link necklace, 56cm long approx, 7.4g 60-100
246.    Two 9ct locket necklaces, each with floral decoration, 4g total (2) 40-60
247.    14ct double dolphin crossover bangle, 7.9g 80-120
248.    Mixed group of 9ct fine link chain jewellery comprising three pendant necklaces to include a garnet set cross, together with a further necklace (clasp vacant) and a bracelet, 6.3g total (5) 50-100
249.    14k mesh bow brooch, 4.7g 50-80
250.    Three 9ct dress rings comprising a faceted amethyst coloured example, an amethyst and diamond cluster example (one diamond vacant) and a paste set eternity ring, 8.4g total (3) 50-80
251.    9ct white gold emerald and diamond four leaf clover ring, size N, together with a 9ct emerald and diamond wishbone ring and a further similar paste set example, 6.3g total (3) 70-100
252.    Group of 9ct jewellery to include a large pair of creole earrings, all for repair / restoration, 6.8g total 50-70
253.    Group of 9ct jewellery comprising a pair of filigree drop earrings of foliate form, a further pair of creole earrings and a monogrammed signet ring, 5.7g total (5) 60-80
254.    Good early 20th century sapphire bar brooch, claw set with a pale violet blue natural stone measuring 9.4 x 8.6mm approx, brooch 6.4cm long approx, 5.2g 80-120
255.    9ct bi-colour hinged bangle of wavy form, 12.3g 80-120
256.    9ct jewellery comprising a rope twist bracelet, a Taurus charm / pendant (4.9g total) and a cameo brooch inscribed 'ESPOSITO' (3) 60-80
257.    18ct white gold diamond daisy ring, millegrain set with further diamonds to shoulders, maker J. McM, size S, 2.8g 300-500
258.    18ct sapphire and diamond cluster ring, size J/K, 3g 40-80
259.    Sovereign dated 1892, in scrolled 9ct pendant mount 200-250
260.    Group of 9ct jewellery comprising an amethyst ring and matching pair of stud earrings, together with an art nouveau floral drop pendant set with pink paste, hung on a fancy link chain, 10.8g total (4) 80-120
261.    Four 9ct dress rings comprising a ruby and diamond cluster ring, a similar aventurine example, a crossover example (centre stone vacant) and one other, together with a pair of 9ct stud earrings and a further single 18ct example, 10.6g total (7) 100-150
262.    Good 9ct charm bracelet hung with thirteen 9ct / yellow metal novelty charms to include 1913 sovereign, telephone, 'Jersey' key ring, lobster basket, tin mine engine house, champagne bottle, baby in cradle, etc, 76.5g gross 600-1000
263.    18ct tri-colour brick link bracelet with beaded detail, 17.2g 200-300
264.    18ct tri-colour bracelet with brushed finish, 6.2g 80-120
265.    18ct tri-colour pendant of oblong form, 3.5g 50-80
266.    Group of 18ct jewellery comprising an Islamic script pendant, an enamelled fish pendant and three further small gold items, 7.5g total (5) 80-120
267.    18ct signet ring with griffin and crown crest, size K, 7.9g 120-150
268.    18ct signet ring with bull crest or Taurus zodiac symbol, size H, 6g 80-120
269.    18ct princess cut diamond solitaire ring, the stone 0.45cts approx, size M, 2.7g 450-550
270.    14ct ten stone channel set diamond ring, size R/S, 4g (some stones loose) 450-550
271.    18ct diamond solitaire ring, the stone 0.20cts approx, size N/O, 2.5g 150-200
272.    Five stone diamond ring in unmarked gold, size M, 2.6g 100-150
273.    Stylised 18ct diamond half hoop ring, size J/K, 1.9g 100-150
274.    18ct white gold half eternity ring set with princess cut diamonds, size L, together with a diamond set 9ct white gold heart shaped pedant, 4g total (2) 100-120
275.    18ct white gold diamond ring set with a central round cut stone of 0.25cts approx between princess cut diamond shoulders, size L, 2.9g 200-300
276.    Tiffany & Co. diamond set 18ct white gold pendant necklace, of twin heart design hung from a fine link chain, with pouch, 4.3g 200-300
277.    Victorian woven yellow metal hinged bangle, unmarked, tests as 9ct gold, 16.9g 120-180
278.    Italian novelty gem set brooch modelled as a lion, tests as 12ct gold, 11.8g 120-180
279.    Art Deco style blue topaz and diamond ring in unmarked white metal, size O, 4.4g 800-1000
280.    Platinum sapphire and diamond cocktail ring, the oval sapphire framed by a cast foliate mount and four diamonds of 0.10cts each approx, size N, 6.3g 700-800
281.    18ct diamond set wishbone ring, size L, 1.7g 120-150
282.    18ct ring set with a marquise cut sapphire flanked by a pair of round cut rubies, the shank with intricate scrolled decoration, size O, 3g 180-220
283.    18ct floral cluster ring set centrally with an oval emerald within paste set surround, size P, 3.4g 120-150
284.    18ct white gold aquamarine and diamond trefoil cluster ring, size N/O, 4.5g 500-600
285.    Art Deco style 18ct white gold ruby and diamond bracelet composed of alternating circular and bar links, 15.2g 600-700
286.    Stylised diamond spray brooch in unmarked bi-colour metal, largest stone 0.25cts approx, 5.1cm long approx, 12.5g 800-1000
287.    Art Deco style 18ct white gold diamond cluster ring, with graduated stones in stepped setting, size N, 3.8g 500-550
288.    Pair of 9ct channel set diamond earrings, together with a 9ct paste set crossover ring, 6.2g total (3) 70-100
289.    9ct white gold Forever Diamond solitaire ring, the stone 0.29cts approx, size J, 2.1g, with case, box and IGI certificate 100-200
290.    19th century French Dieppe bone cross pendant, intricately carved with intertwined roses and ears of wheat 80-120
291.    Early 19th century carved bone crucifix pendant with memento mori skull to base 40-60
292.    Silver charm bracelet hung with an interesting selection of novelty / articulated charms to include Clifton Suspension Bridge, Jonah and the whale, cuckoo clock, fire engine, two stamp cases, etc, together with three further silver bracelets and a Scottish agate brooch, all contained in a lacquered jewellery box 50-100
293.    Mixed lot of silver / white metal jewellery to include an ingot pendant necklace, a hinged bangle of buckle design with engraved decoration, five further bangles, Eastern cuff bracelet, cufflinks, etc 50-100
294.    Jersey pearl necklace with 9ct clasp, boxed, together with a large 9ct cameo brooch, a further 14k cameo pendant / brooch (pin vacant) and a 9ct fine link necklace, also with a collection of military gilt buttons 40-80
295.    1920s 9ct lug head watch, together with two stick pins; one 15ct and one 9ct, a Victorian 9ct brooch (clasp vacant), etc 50-80
296.    Mixed lot of costume jewellery to include a Belle Epoque style necklace, a malachite bead necklace, small quantity of silver items, mesh purse, etc 40-60
297.    Interesting collection of silver / white metal jewellery to include a moonstone stick pin by Merriman Silver Ltd, Sheffield 1998, an otter brooch - maker SS, an articulated amber set pendant in the form of an owl, two pendants in the form of turtles, plus cufflinks, rings, etc 50-100
298.    Two polished bead necklaces each with silver clasp; a tourmaline and a jade coloured example (2) 30-50
299.    Collection of costume jewellery contained in a display case, to include a Gemporia silver and diamond dress ring, a silver cocktail charm bracelet and a few further silver pieces, also with a collection of military buttons 40-60
300.    9ct cross pendant set with pink and white spinels, together with a small quantity of costume jewellery to include a modern silver locket necklace with engraved swan and a collection of nine wristwatches 40-60
301.    Mixed lot of costume jewellery to include an antique amethyst brooch (af), set of four French painted gilt metal buttons, selection of decorative hat pins, a small amount of yellow metal jewellery, etc 40-80
302.    A long string of cultured pearls with associated 9ct clasp attached (clasp setting vacant) 80-120
303.    Amber pendant with yellow metal loop, 5.1g, together with a pair of 9ct jade coloured stone earrings with screw fastenings and a small quantity of silver costume jewellery 40-60
304.    Pair of Eastern yellow metal dagger cufflinks with filigree detail, unmarked, test as 18ct gold, 11g 150-200
305.    Collection of silver jewellery comprising approximately 30 pendant necklaces and 25 rings, contained in a display case and a jewellery box 40-60
306.    Mixed collection of decorative contemporary costume jewellery to include some silver / silver gilt examples 40-60
311.    1692 William and Mary Half Guinea, with purchase receipt from Gold & Silver Bureau 300-500
312.    1872 Victorian full Sovereign, with paperwork authenticating that is has been recovered from HMS Douro from Gold & Silver Bureau 200-250
313.    As Good As Gold Collection by Money World Asia Pte Ltd, sheet of 8 uncut 5 notes 40-80
314.    2012 full sovereign with George and the Dragon to reverse, in royal Mint box 200-250
315.    2012 Diamond Jubilee Jersey 22ct Gold Proof 1 coin, with box and paperwork 150-200
316.    2005 Half sovereign, with box and paperwork 100-150
317.    2005 Full Sovereign, with box and paperwork 200-250
318.    1901 'Last Ever Gold Sovereign of Queen Victoria', issued by The London Mint Office, with box and paperwork 200-250
319.    1899 Victoria Half Sovereign, in associated box 100-150
320.    2014 Full Sovereign, with associated box and receipts from Westminster 200-250
321.    1898 Victoria Half Sovereign 100-150
322.    1877 Victoria Full Sovereign, in associated box 200-250
323.    2013 Proof Full Sovereign, with box and paperwork 200-250
324.    2013 Full Sovereign, with pouch and paperwork 200-250
325.    2013 Full Sovereign, with original purchase receipt 200-250
326.    2013 Coronation Jubilee Jersey 22ct Gold Proof 1 Coin, with box and paperwork 200-250
327.    2013 Full Sovereign 'Commemorating the Christening of HRH Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge', issued by The London Mint Office, box and paperwork 200-250
328.    Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Jubilee 22ct Gold 1 Coin, box and paperwork 200-250
329.    Three 9ct 2013 coins, 60th Anniversary of the Coronation, The St George and the Dragon and The HRH Prince George of Cambridge, all with paperwork, 4.75g in total 30-50
330.    2013 The HRH Prince George Gold Numisproof, 1oz 9ct coin with box and paperwork 200-300
331.    A large collection of mainly Westminster gold plated commemorative coins, with other examples for London 2012 and Celebrating Great Britain, with various paperwork, receipts and collector cases (a large collection) 80-120
332.    2014, 2015 and 2016 'Date stamp' specimen year sets, limited editions 5 - 50p, 20 coins total boxed and with certificates of authenticity 40-60
333.    1953 coronation proof set crown - to farthing 10 coins - cased and with certificate of authenticity 30-40
334.    2012 proof set - coronation diamond jubilee issue 5 - 1p, 9 coins cased together with the queens coronation executive proof set 5 - 1p, 9 coins cased, limited editions (2) 30-40
335.    1953 - 2013 coronation jubilee cased set 1955 crown to farthing (10 coins plus a 2013 crown), together with a 2016 presentation set of five proof crowns, one half crown and a 24ct 90th birthday double crown, 10 grams 200-250
336.    Five silver proof 5 coins, reflections of a reign 2015, centenary of WWI 2014, QEII at 90, 2016, Battle of the Somme 2016, QEII at 90 all cased all limited edition 50-60
337.    Seven sets of Royal Mint proof sets, 5 - 1p, all cased years 2000/2006 inclusive 80-100
338.    Collection of uncirculated coin sets - 1994,5,6,7,9,2003,6,8 and 9 (9) 30-40
339.    2001 executive proof set of 14 coins, 5 - 1p limited edition cased, further proof sets 5 - 1p 1998,99,2008 and 10 (5) 40-60
340.    2008 Royal Shield of Arms Proof collection limited edition and four silver 5 coins diamond jubilee 2012, 1977 jubilee, 2009 Henry VIII and Queen Mother centenary year (Piedfort) 40-60
341.    A tray of 30 5 coins and others - some silver 60-80
342.    A collection of 18 Victorian and earlier crowns, Charles II x 1 and George III x 3 and Victoria x 14 200-250
343.    1887 Double Florin, Godless Florin and a collection of Victorian, Edward VII and other silver 3d pieces all pre 1947, 100 grams 30-40
344.    A mixed collection of coinage 5 coins, crowns, further silver and copper coins including a few foreign examples, commemorative's, etc, mainly mid-20th century and later 30-40
345.    No Lot
346.    1975 One Hundred Dollar gold coin of Bermuda, 900/1000 fine gold, 7.03g, with box and paperwork 120-180
347.    1973 The Commonwealth of the Bahamas 'Independence' Fifty Dollars, 500/1000 fine gold, 15.5g, box 150-180
348.    The Kings and Queens of England, first edition, sterling silver proof set, 43 medallions within a presentation folder 300-400
349.    'Elizabeth Our Queen' - Cased set of twenty five silver ingots by John Pinches, each cast with a different scene, with paperwork, 21oz approx 180-220
350.    Boxed 'Peter Scott's British Birds' Proof Sterling Silver Medals by John Pinches, seven folders containing 5 medals each, within a teak case with certificate, 76oz approx 600-800
351.    The 1975 one hundred Balboa gold coin of the republic of Panama, 900/1000 fine gold, 8.18g, in original wallet with paperwork 150-200
352.    A mixed collection of coins and proof sets to include three 'Henry VIII & his six wives', British Virgin Islands The Royal Coronation Jubilee Proof Set, Commemoration of the Apollo-Soyuz Space Mission and others, with further coronation presentation dishes (a collection) 40-80
353.    Mixed lot of old GB coinage to include, pennies, shillings etc 20-30
354.    A miscellaneous collection of unsorted British coinage, mainly mid 20th century including proof diamond Jubilee 5 coin, further diamond Jubilee proof crown and other coinage 30-40
361.    Vintage ladies Tissot dress watch, the champagne dial with baton markers, upon original 9ct mesh bracelet, 15 grams gross, together with a further 9ct dress ring (2) 100-150
362.    Vintage gent's 9ct Rotary dress watch, with 21 jewels Incabloc movement, the gilt dial with date aperture and baton markers, upon an associated concertina gold plated bracelet 50-80
363.    Vintage ladies 9ct Record De-Luxe dress / cocktail watch, with Incabloc 17 jewel movement, the silvered dial with Arabic numerals upon a 9ct gate-link bracelet, 18.5 grams gross, with original box 100-200
364.    Early 20th century mid-sized gent's 9ct rose gold lug head watch, the silvered dial with subsidiary second dial and Arabic numerals, upon an associated gold plated concertina strap, together with a further boxed ladies rotary dress watch (2) 50-80
365.    Vintage ladies 9ct Renown dress / cocktail watch, with Incabloc 17 jewel movement, the champagne dial with Arabic and baton markers, upon a good quality 9ct brick link bracelet, 16.5 grams gross, boxed 100-200
366.    1930s gent's 18ct lug head wristwatch, the enamel dial with subsidiary second dial Arabic numerals, lumen hands, period leather strap, together with a further car clock from a similar period (2) 60-100
367.    Vintage gent's Nisus gent's watch with interesting pie-pan type champagne dial and 30 jewels automatic movement, the dial with subsidiary dial and date aperture, with Arabic and baton markers, upon original concertina bracelet; together with a further vintage windup cabinet clock (2) 50-80
368.    Links of London gent's rose gold plated watch, the textured dial with subsidiary dials and open escapement, with Roman numerals upon an original leather strap, in original box 100-150
369.    Ladies art deco platinum and diamond cocktail watch, the silvered dial with Arabic numerals upon ribbon bracelet with further diamond fitted bands, with stylised bezel and links, period box 350-400
370.    Vintage 9ct gent's Garrard automatic wristwatch, the silvered dial with date aperture and baton markers, upon an associated period expanding mesh bracelet 60-100
371.    Vintage gent's Zenith stainless steel wristwatch, with automatic movement, the champagne dial with Arabic and baton markers, inscribed Zenith Automatic 9362007 to the back, period concertina strap 200-300
372.    Good vintage gent's 9ct Omega wristwatch, with automatic movement, the champagne dial with day/date aperture, baton markers, good quality Omega mesh 9ct bracelet, 82 grams gross 400-600
373.    Good 1950s Rolex oyster perpetual chronometer stainless steel wristwatch, the honeycomb dial with rose gold baton markers, original crown, associated concertina strap 600-800
374.    A collection of antique pocket watches to include good silver fusee pocket watch, further Grinberg & Reichman pocket watch with subsidiary second dial and two further pocket watches (4) 60-100
375.    Continental 800 silver pocket watch, the enamel dial with two subsidiary dials with Arabic numerals 40-60
376.    Good quality 19th century silver single fusee pocket watch, by DLL Griffith of Denbigh 50-80
377.    19th century single fusee silver pocket watch, together with a further railway time keeper pocket time pieces and Smiths pocket stop watch, together with two mid-century mantel clocks (5) 50-80
378.    Good early 20th century carved oak clock barometer/thermometer in the form of an anchor flanked by coiled fish, 48cm high 50-80
379.    Brown & Sons of Bristol oak banjo barometer, with silvered back plates and carved detail, 88cm high (af) 20-30
380.    Mid-20th century aneroid barometer/thermometer, with silvered back plates and carved oak detail, 80cm high 10-20
381.    Twin train drop dial wall clock, the silvered dial with Arabic numerals over a glazed hinged doors, 60cm high 30-50
382.    12 inch Smiths of Enfield wall clock, the enamelled dial with Roman numerals 30-50
383.    12 inch octagonal oak cased wall clock, the enamelled dial with Roman numerals 30-50
384.    J King of Bristol flame mahogany barometer thermometer, with silvered dials, boxwood inlay, 96 cm high 30-50
385.    Comitti & Son of London mahogany ships stick barometer, with brass plaque inscribed 'The Clipper Barometer 115/2000', 90cm long 50-80
386.    Original Black Forest Kundo Junior 400 Day torsion clock, with green painted details, under a glass dome, 23cm high 20-40
387.    Early 20th century mahogany cased twin train mantle clock, the arched case with silvered dial, chapter ring with Arabic numerals, flanked by corinthian columns with Junghans movement striking on a gong, 29 cm high, pendulum and key 40-60
388.    1960s Kienzle world time GMT brass glazed mantle clock, the dial decorated with a gilt map of the world with subsidiary time zone conversion dial, Roman numerals, 30 cm high 80-120
389.    Edwardian twin train, boxwood inlaid, mahogany lancet type mantel clock, the twin train convex enamelled dial painted with Roman numerals, with French drum head movement, striking on a gong, 28cm high 50-80
390.    French lyre mantel clock, the convex enamelled dial painted with Arabic numerals, with cast floral ormalu bezel, flanked by further fruiting cornucopia urns, upon a crackle glazed green painted ground, 48cm high 250-300
391.    Regency style walnut and ebonised drum head mantel clock, the enamelled dial with two train movement and Roman numerals, 27cm high 50-80
392.    American Amosonia oak cased mantel clock, with typical movement and twin train gilt dial, 40cm high, pendulum and key 50-80
393.    Good quality Swiss rosewood and boxwood inlaid music box, the hinged lid inlaid with birds amidst foliage and enclosing a serviced interior with long comb and six striking bells, plaque inside inscribed 'Restoration by West Quay Panel Works Ltd, Poole, 6333, England', 56cm wide 700-800
394.    Black Forest Cuckoo clock, the case carved with humorous bears, pendulum and weights; together with a further bronze hanging school bell (2) 40-60
395.    Military issue brass bulkhead time piece, the enamelled dial with various Arabic numerals and seal number 0552/461-9413, upon a mahogany plaque, 35cm diameter total 100-200
396.    Swiss ebonised music box, the hinged lid enclosing a polished interior, playing on four airs, 36cm long 150-200
397.    American Ansonia Clock Co mantel clock, the two train gilt dial with enamelled chapter ring, with Roman numerals, typical movement, pendulum and key 50-80
398.    Wickenden Of Norwich Westminster Chime mantel clock, the gilt dial with silvered chapter ring and two train musical movement, 30cm high 60-100
399.    Edwardian mahogany lancet mahogany and boxwood inlaid mantel clock, the gilt metal dial with enamelled chapter ring with Arabic numerals, two train movement striking on a gong, pendulum 80-120
400.    A box containing a collection of clock and watch maker workshop items to include cases, movements, etc 50-80
401.    French style gilt cast metal lyre mantel clock, the convex enamelled two train movement inscribed imperial, with Roman numerals, flanked by two fawn type playful putti, green veined marble base and further gilt cast metal decoration, 63cm high 150-250
402.    Four various vintage and antique mantel clocks to include an oak cased twin train mantel clock, a Bakelite example and two others (4) 40-60
403.    Two similar Mecanno clocks 80-120
404.    A collection of watch makers workshop items to include glass lenses and others 50-80
405.    Good quality 19th century Barraud-Lunds of 41 Cornhill, London, single fusee, regulator wall clock, the silvered dial with two subsidiary dials over carved rococo stylings and arched glazed door, pendulum and key, 68cm high 300-500
411.    19th century pocket sundial compass with shagreen case, principally in brass with a silvered dial by Abraham & Co, Glasgow, 6cm diameter with case 200-250
412.    19th century Japanese ivory Okimono, two fishermen, one seated on an anchor 100-120
413.    Car registration number GL05 CAM with retention document 800-1000
414.    A Western Union Telegraph Company brass and enamelled buckle 40-60
415.    A collection of Victorian dolls house furnishings in tin and enamel, two scuttles, two saucepans, two kettles and an ewer 40-50
416.    A small brass field monocular, pair of glove stretchers with silver handles, silver stamp case, etc 20-40
417.    An old Russian open dish with pierced scrolled handles, repeating geometric enamelled detail, raised on four ball feet with script to underside, 11cm diameter max 150-200
418.    A 19th century enamelled spherical box, hand painted with six panels of male and female characters in a landscape setting, 3cm diameter approx 40-60
419.    A brass and steel corkscrew the body in the form of a decanter and on other 30-40
420.    14-15 war and victory medals named Lieut R Hill with a small collection of collectors coins 30-40
421.    Chinese gilt bronze scroll weight in the form of a temple dog, 9cm long 200-220
431.    20th century embroidered Chinese panel in the style of a rank badge featuring a phoenix in flight surrounded by clouds and flowers with extensive couched gold thread border on a silk/rayon ground, 27 x 14 cm (displayed in cabinet) 50-80
432.    Large vintage Union flag 260 x 140 cm 30-50
433.    Collection of 9 gentlemen's jackets including 3 Saville Row tailored jackets by Grieves & Hawkes (100% wool) approx 48-50 chest, club colours maroon/gold striped blazer, size 50, Daks long jacket 46L, and three others (9) 40-60
434.    Vintage union flag 2.75 x 1.45m together with a larger union flag (af) 3.75 x 1.75m (2) 40-60
435.    Two boxes of haberdashery including large quantity of vintage buttons, beads, pinking shears and scissors, sewing kit, etc (2 boxes) 30-50
436.    Collection of textile panels, showing ancient Egyptian figures and hieroglyphs appliqued on a coarse weave cotton ground, largest panel is 170 x 40 cm (8 panels) 80-100
437.    Box of vintage embroidery threads, including 20 Filoselle silk skeins, 19 Washing Filoselle skeins, approx 70 Pearsalls Mallard (Rayon) skeins and 11 Pearsalls 'Sheba' skeins, together with a scrapbook of completed embroidered cards and seven further completed embroideries (one box) 40-60
438.    Collection of vintage lace bobbins including 28 spangled bobbins, SMP type wooden bobbins, 8 Australian wood bobbins, 36 wooden Honiton bobbins (mostly spangled) 29 unspangled and 96 Honiton beginners bobbins (box full) 40-60
439.    Collection of 29 vintage lace bobbins, all in glass by Tufnell, with spangles (displayed in cabinet) 40-60
440.    Vintage crocodile skin handbag with suede interior, zip fastening and looped handles and a remnant of crocodile leather together with a box of good quality vintage table linen (bag + box) 30-50
441.    Two boxes of vintage sample cards for American haberdashery products, mostly Stolze, including 1960's braid/sequin trimmings, sew-on badges, buttons and buckles 20-40
442.    Collection of late 19th century white cotton lingerie including three petticoats with handmade lace trimmings (2 marked 'AH 90'), pair of knickers gathered below the knee and trimmed with handmade lace and pin tucks, two cami-knicker garments, a baby gown, and others, together with a large unfinished panel of partly embroidered bobbinet 50-80
443.    Black silk top hat by Lincoln Bennett & Co, Piccadilly, in original box with brush, internal circumference 56cm 30-50
444.    Silk scarf 77 x 77 cm, marked Christian Dior, blue with yellow flower design and rolled hems in original box, together with a vintage sequinned purse and one other (3) 30-50
445.    Machine worked Belgian/ Bruges tapestry panel showing medieval nobility figures in front of a castle, 67x90 cm. Lined with navy cotton with slot heading 20-40
451.    Vintage games including Scoop, Spin Quiz and Post Office, together with boxed sailor puppet, a Norah Wellings doll (af) a Clapshaw and Cleave Dart score board and a Lion cub 30-50
452.    Mamod Roadster live steam car (unboxed) with cream livery, seat is detached 30-50
453.    Small collection of 25 vintage model vehicles by Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox,Triang and Husky, all unboxed and play worn (1 box) 20-40
454.    Bisque headed doll c.1930s by Armand Marseille, with dark hair, composite articulating limbs and period style white cotton clothes, head marked 1894 AM DEP, 50cm/20" tall 30-50
455.    Collection of boxed model cars including models of Yesteryear, Lledo, Corgi, together with four Matchbox vehicles 30-50
456.    Large collection of Subbuteo pieces including three boxed teams, over 30 unboxed teams, boxed goals, mounted police and TV crews, fencing, signs and cloth pitch etc, together with a box of Scalextric track, cars and controllers (3 boxes) 30-50
457.    Large collection of vintage games including jigsaws, chess pieces, card games, Optikits, Bildablox and a Star Wars jigsaw puzzle 30-50
458.    Box of vintage toys including 15 unboxed Dinky toys (play worn) boxed games of Ludo, Canasta, Snakes and Ladders, etc 30-50
459.    Collection of handmade model figures and scenes including nursery rhyme and fairy tale scenes (2 boxes) 30-50
460.    Vintage games of table skittles and (Bagatelle style) Pin Cricket, together with a House of Marbles Victorian hoop game (boxed) (3 games) 30-50
461.    Collection of O gauge Hornby/Meccano items, included boxed no 1 level crossing, no 21 coach and no 2 turntable, together with unboxed type 20 locomotive with tender and two carriages, a section of tunnel and a quantity of track 30-50
462.    Hornby Railways model of Stephenson's Rocket; live steam, 3.5" gauge, unboxed 60-100
463.    Large vintage model farm collection including people,animals (many by Britain) sheds and pens, wheeled cart, etc 40-60
464.    Box of vintage model vehicles, in excess of 80, by Corgi, Dinky, Lesney and Matchbox including Corgi Commer Bus 2500, Hillman Hunter, Austin Mini van, etc, all unboxed and play worn, together with a small quantity of Meccano (1 boxful) 40-60
471.    Carved and painted softwood coat of arms inscribed verso 'The Arms of the Ancient Family of the Parminters...' 64cm high 100-150
472.    19th century silk work oval panel depicting a stag overlooking a classical landscape amidst floral scrolls and bouquets, oval mount, 63 x 49 cm, framed 40-60
473.    Mid-19th century wool work embroidered panel, decorated with hoses, trees and birds, by Mary Anne Gaile Chard, dated 1940, 31 x 31cm, framed 100-150
474.    Framed embroidered sailors memorial, centrally inscribed 'The Star of the Allies' within a life buoy and various flag over a framed photograph of a standing gentleman, 46 x 50cm, framed, together with a further match card dish (2) 50-80
475.    A box containing a large collection of unopened boxed Willow Tree character groups (a large collection) 40-60
476.    A mixed collection of miscellaneous items to include a lidded terracotta tobacco jar, decorated with humorous dogs, Chinese ceramics, brassware to include an oil lamp and chestnut roaster, a Welle Borg & Co surveyors tool and others (2 boxfuls) 40-60
477.    A box of various polished brassware to include a brass pail, a coal scoop, various companion tools, jug, further copper ware 50-80
478.    A collection of miscellaneous items to include a novelty copper divers helmet, a snooker cue, a wool work foot stool and others (a boxful) 30-50
479.    Hanging brass ceiling light in the manner of Benson, together with a further brass table lamp with articulated arm (2) 40-60
480.    A large collection of miscellaneous items to include a box of cut glassware to include lidded decanters, an African drum, a collection of various metal wares, together with works on paper, etc 40-60
481.    A mixed collection of brassware to include a brass cushion framed wall mirror, with bevelled glass, a brass cushion framed wall mirror with bevelled glass, a further brass burner, and three eastern vases (5) 40-60
482.    Antique brass skimmer, the handle with coiled serpents with a bowl pierced with fleur de lys, 60cm long 40-60
483.    A box containing a large collection of various silver plated souvenir spoons, many with enamel decoration, together with further crested plaques (a boxful) 30-50
484.    A collection of copper ware to include a good antique copper churn, copper warming pan with turned wooden handle, a copper scuttle, with further antique style car horn and cased part sets of fish cutlery (5) 50-100
485.    Pair of Peruvian terracotta figures of dancing gentleman and his partner, signed Viera Chulucanas, each 32cm high (2) 70-90
486.    Continental turned hardwood tobacco jar, the lid with urn shaped turned final enclosing a further weighted lead lidded interior, 25cm high 50-80
487.    Chinese Mahjong set, within a lacquered case decorated with phoenix and dragon 50-80
488.    Victorian cast bronze door knocker in the form of a hand clutching a ball, 17cm long 90-120
489.    Cast bronze Grecian character group of The Wrestlers, 24cm high 100-150
490.    Large cast bronze study of The Venus Demilo 67cm high 500-600
491.    Bronzed resin character group of two standing horses, signed P J Mene, 52cm long 50-80
492.    Pair of bronzed spelter character groups of standing Romanic female characters, one holding an easel, the other a lyre, on turned wooden plinth bases, each 39cm high (2) 200-250
493.    Graduated pair of twin handled eastern copper lidded vessels, the largest with pierced panels, both with embossed foliate decoration, the largest 37cm high (2) 60-80
494.    Set of ten graduated brass weights by Avery & Co 100-120
495.    Interesting arts and crafts planished copper dish, with wavy rims and scrolled applied metal work, upon three scrolled feet with riveted detail, 35cm long 50-80
496.    Two cast bronze horses of mother and foal, by the same hand, 35cm long 80-120
497.    Gilt spelter character group of a cherub, on a naturalist base and further green veined marble plinth, 28cm high (af) 50-80
498.    Pair of 19th century brass scales, upon a mahogany plinth base, 67cm high 40-60
499.    Early 20th century Chinese lacquered box, of shaped lobed form, with gilt highlights, the hinged lid enclosing an interior fitted with a tray over a single frieze drawer, containing a hinged box lid, painted with a character group upon ormolu type dragon feet, 37cm wide 80-120
500.    Victorian cast iron door knocker, the spherical handle framing a lion head back plate, with further Tudor rose detail, 18cm diameter 100-120
501.    19th century mahogany twin handled gallery tray with pie crust rim, 56cm diameter 40-60
502.    An Astrolabio, a calculator for working out several different kinds of astronomy problems, 19cm diameter 40-60
503.    Good quality scratch built pond yacht, with two masts and cabin, 70cm long 50-80
504.    Victorian carved oak panel, the central female mask within an acanthus moulded frame, 100cm long 30-50
505.    Large eastern copper waisted baluster tankard/ewer, with good cast brass handle, 47cm high 50-80
506.    Oak framed glazed table top display cabinet, with shelved interior, 43cm high 60-100
507.    Taxidermy interest - Study of an African Spur-Winged Goose, 58cm high 50-80
508.    Adam Rouilly large scale model of a human hair follicle, 49cm high 50-80
509.    Good quality early 20th century burr walnut, desk top, stationery box, the twin doors enclosing a shaped waterfall interior, two glass ink wells, perpetual date calendar and single frieze drawer, with writing slope, 44cm wide 300-400
510.    Early 20th century golden oak tobacco cabinet, with twin handles and bevelled glazed front, enclosing a ceramic tobacco jar, two mixing jars and three frieze drawers, 43cm high 60-100
511.    A mixed lot to include a collection of crystolean pictures, a washing up bowl containing a large collection of silver plated items, vintage leather boots and a variety of various metal wares to include brass and copper 50-80
512.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include a miniature child's pram, a small stitched leather brief case, a wall mirror and further table top/swing mirror (4) 40-60
513.    Desk top resin study of Concorde, together with a Concorde print (2) 20-40
514.    Pair of brass and glass GNR carriage lamps, 35cm high (2) 30-50
515.    A mixed lot to include a part canteen of cutlery, spinach green jade bowl, a mantel clock, with open escapement, odd coinage, etc 50-80
516.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include a carved wooden study of two partridges, a pair of white metal fighting cocks, a tin money box containing a collection of pebbles and paperwork ephemera 40-60
517.    Two aluminium flight cases containing a large collection of poker chips, one inscribed World Series of Poker, together with a further Abraham Lincoln's liqueur licence and Bonds prints (3) 40-60
518.    Five pairs of binoculars to include Zeiss Jenoptem 7 x 50 and four others, one pair with military markings 40-60
519.    Two Canon EOS 1000F auto focus SLR cameras, one with 35-80 zoom and one with 80-200 zoom, both in a camera bag 40-60
520.    A dozen vintage cameras, a mix of 35 mm and 120 film, German and Japanese, some in original cases 40-60
521.    Five Russian Zenit camera bodies, two with 1980 Olympic Games logo and one in case, with strap (5) 40-60
522.    Two Nikon F55 AF 35 SLR cameras, one camera with 400 mm 5.6 mm lens and one with 35-135 mm zoom lens (2) 40-60
523.    Five vintage Kodak vest pocket folding cameras, various models, one with stylus circa 1920's (5) 40-60
524.    Five mixed vintage folding cameras including two Bakelite models, circa 1920's mainly British (5) 40-60
525.    Mixed metalware lot to include graduated pewter tankards, copper chocolate pot and others (a boxful)
526.    Large pair of Bar and Stroud military field binoculars together with a further large collection of optical equipment including cameras, telescope, etc 50-80
527.    Art Deco opaline glass hanging ceiling light together with a further 1950s style light (2) 50-80
528.    A mixed collection of mainly polished and copper brassware to include a Keswick style twin handled gallery tray, further Arts & Crafts copper twin handled dish with white metal Tudor Rose detail, a Hugh Wallace Arts & Crafts copper tray, various further jardinieres and other pots, brass candlesticks, etc (a collection) 60-100
529.    A mixed electrical lot to include Apple Mac laptop, Lenovo laptop, Strato television, radio and Samsung camera (5) 30-50
530.    Rainbow students acoustic guitar, a further Crafter electric guitar with soft case and strap (2) 30-50
531.    Two similar brass oil lamps both converted to electricity, together with a further brass bulk head type clock and barometer (4) 30-50
532.    Good quality cast spelter figural table lamp marked Ferrand in the form of a cherub, 65 cm high including shade 50-80
533.    Good quality early 20th century pierced brass articulated wall light, with pierced and cast brass work and vaseline type shades 60-100
534.    Cast bronze wall mask in the form of a classical face, within a gilt wood frame, the frame 28 x 20 cm 30-50
535.    Early 20th century watercolour of a fishing scene and a further related fishing embroidered picture together with a Robertson's Golly band (8) 20-30
536.    Royal Doulton buff ware lidded tobacco jar together with a further collection of miscellaneous items to include three silhouette pictures, two chrystoleums, table top butter churn, a silver plated pin cushion in the form of a warthog and other (a collection) 30-50
537.    Two similar Indian spice purses with wrought iron handle and concealed hinged tops (2) 40-60
538.    A mixed miscellaneous lot to include a quantity of silver plated flatware, entree dishes, tablewares, two compacts, a collection of hat pins, two feather brize fans, etc 30-50
539.    A good mixed lot of metalware to include a pair of Louis Phillipe types candlesticks, eastern brass bells, further metalware and a carved wooden stationery box (a collection) 30-50
540.    19th century mahogany cased part set of dominoes together with a further early 20th century example and another cased chess set (af) 40-60
541.    Two miniature cast metal canon barrels (probably an alarm) fitted to a fruitwood base inscribed ES, 12cm long 100-120
542.    Mauchline ware box centrally decorated with a bust portrait inscribed Centenary of Sir Walter Scott Barr, Born 15th August 1771, died 1st September 1832, 11cm diameter 50-80
543.    Fruitwood cased juicer or squeezer 50-80
544.    Carved Black Forest band with musicians and conductor, with carved wood and bone, each 18cm high (af) 200-250
545.    A box of interesting items to include three Venetian coloured glass flutes with scrolled stems, a coral necklace, a white metal owl and other interesting items 30-50
546.    A box of interesting items to include a vintage vanity purse, a cast metal study of a lion, a pair of early Startrite shoes for child, a lighter with a golfer inset lucite, and others (a collection) 30-50
547.    An engine turned silver compact together with a further cast metal, possibly lead candlestick in the form of reclining cherub and further spelter candlestick in the form of a flower growing between two Romanic soldiers (3) 50-80
548.    A circular lead plant inscribed 'Little Dusebury Mausoleum', 16cm diameter 80-120
549.    A bronze panel cast with a procession of playful putti, 37cm long 150-200
550.    A vintage starting pistol, 14cm long 30-50
551.    Good early 19th century percussion pistol by Fray of London, 15cm long 100-200
552.    A good early 19th century flint lock pistol by Wilbraham of London, 16cm long 100-200
553.    Good early 19th century percussion cap musket rifle, 122cm long 100-200
554.    Taxidermy Interest - A two tier bird table, fitted with a selection of stuffed garden birds, to include, blackbird, tits, etc, 66cm high 40-60
555.    A collection of five bronze works by Anthea Whitt (5) 60-100
556.    A large collection of terracotta and stone work sculptures by Anthea Whitt to include mainly horses and dogs (11) 50-80
557.    A large collection of busts and figural studies by Anthea Whitt (16) 100-200
558.    A large collection of figural studies by Anthea Whitt (10) 50-100
559.    Taxidermy Interest - Study of a brown trout within a glazed case, 77cm long (af) 40-60
560.    Cast Chinese bronze twin handled baluster vase, decorated in relief with birds amidst blossom, 23cm high, together with a further Chinese baluster vase converted to a lamp and a blue and white ginger jar (3) 80-100
561.    Pair of art deco brass snake desk lamps, with scallop shell shades and stepped circular bases, 55cm high approx (2) 60-100
562.    Tin plate students lamp, with conical shade, 36cm high 20-40
563.    Art deco Bauhaus style chrome desk lamp, on two tubular columns and circular base, 45cm high 50-80
564.    Arts and crafts style planished brass plated hall lantern, with agate cabochon, 35cm high, together with a further gilt example (2) 50-70
564A.   A vintage table lamp with coiled brass bendy stem pierced shade and domed platform base 20-30
565.    Patinated cast metal study of a standing temple dog, 22cm high 100-150
566.    Good quality 19th century parquetry box, wilt gilt tooled leather top and single frieze drawer, 23cm long (af) 50-80
567.    19th century mahogany sarcophagus caddy, the hinged lid enclosing a lead lined interior, 23cm wide 50-80
568.    Regency rosewood and boxwood inlaid tea caddy, the hinged lid enclosing an interior fitted with two lidded compartments and circular recess for a mixing bowl, 31cm long 50-80
569.    19th century oak and mahogany cross banded hanging candle box, 42cm high 50-80
570.    Henry Brown & Sons of Sheffield 'Gentleman's Tool Chest' oak box with hinged lid containing a variety of tools with a contents list to the underside of the lid, 34cm long 50-80
571.    A scale wooden model of a Monmouth shire wagon, 23 cm high 30-50
572.    Advertising Interest - Tin plate study of a cattle wagon for Atora Hugon's Beef Suet, the wagon on cast wheels containing two papier mache cows, 27cm high 50-80
573.    Taxidermy Interest - Interesting early 20th century desk standish comprising various bull horns and hoof, fitted with a single glass inkwell, upon an oak plinth base, 32cm wide 60-100
574.    A good quality Chinese polished cast bronze, baluster twin handled vase, with twin elephant ring handles and relief panels with birds amidst foliage, of lobed form, seal mark to base, 24cm high 50-80
575.    Interesting engraved copper miniature cauldron with serpentine handle, together with a further piece of eastern metalware (2) 20-40
576.    Two Humidors, one never used, the other with various leather and chrome cigar cases; together with an interesting late 19th century porcelain trinket box inscribed snuff (a collection) 60-100
577.    Taxidermy Interest - - A brace of stuffed pheasant to include and albino example, together with a tin plate garden model of a partridge and art glass vase etched with a shoot (4) 40-60
578.    19th century satinwood sarcophagus box, the hinged lid enclosing a two tier interior, together with a further oak coopered barrel, pair of silver plated servers and a further cased set of four spinach jade bowls (5) 50-80
579.    Two boxes containing a collection of various antique bottles to include ink and apothecary 40-60
580.    Early 20th century oak book slide, the hinged ends carved with crest of lions and flower head roundels, 53cm long together with a further oak plaque with a castle crest (2) 50-80
581.    A pair of Sorrento fruitwood inlaid easel frames, decorated with an artists easel and typical swallow decoration, 40cm high (2) 50-80
582.    Interesting eastern hardwood boxwood ivory inlaid gallery tray, centrally decorated with a palm tree, inscribed 'R.W.A.F.F', 52cm long 50-80
583.    Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson oak kidney shaped tray, with scalloped surface and two carved mice to the rim, 47cm wide 200-300
584.    A box containing a collection of antique measuring tools and gauges together with various cards and games 30-50
585.    A pair of brass and glass hexagonal hall lanterns, with bevelled star cut glass panels, 32 cm high (2) 50-80
586.    Russian lacquered box decorated with two men riding a troika, further gilt detail, 20 cm long 40-60
587.    19th century Japanned safe/money box, with rosewood and mahogany detail, the hinged lid enclosing an interior with two levels 26 cm wide; together with a further 19th century pearl and rosewood box (2) 50-80
588.    19th century mahogany and boxwood hanging candle box of typical tapered form, 47 cm high 40-60
589.    A mixed miscellaneous lot of items to include a Pifco t-o-matic, a Canterbury decorated with dogs head, two antique leather and brass tape measures and a further novelty cookie jar in the form of a sack (5) 40-60
590.    19th century copper twin handled jam pan together with a collection of trench art and other metalware 30-50
591.    Good quality 19th century twin handled cast metal standish in the Rococo manner, with two pressed inkwells, franking a single taper stick holder, 32 cm long 40-80
592.    Oak framed embossed gilt metal plaque inscribed Paul & Barnabas at Lystra, 27 x 35 cm together with a further silver plated plaque (2) 50-80
593.    A box of interesting items to include Black Forest nut cracker, collection of singles to include Do They Know It's Christmas, replica Patek Phillip chronograph wristwatch and others 40-60
594.    Regency rosewood sarcophagus tea caddy, the twin lid enclosing a full fitted interior of two lidded compartments and glass mixing bowl, 32 cm wide together with a further sarcophagus box (2) 50-80
595.    A good quality onyx games board and chess set together with a small quantity of linen and lace 40-60
596.    Good quality simulated ivory and shagreen casket together with a pair of open barley twist candlesticks, a pair of turned hardwood lidded jars and others (a collection) 40-60
597.    A box of interesting items to include prayer wheels, Isnic type ceramic panel with two birds and scrolled foliage, a hanging book trough and others (a boxful) 40-60
598.    A collection of mixed metalware to include a twin branch hanging cylindrical glass lantern, a further smaller hexagonal lantern, various dressing brushes and a dressing plate (6) 40-60
599.    A box containing a large collection of magic lantern slides 40-60
600.    19th century rosewood and mother-of-pearl inlaid dressing box, the hinged lid enclosing an interior fitted with various white metal top glass bottles and others, 30 cm long 50-80
601.    A good box of interesting items to include a rosewood sarcophagus box, nutcracker, decoy duck, porcelain dolls, waterfall stationery rack and others (a box full) 50-80
602.    An Arabic herding whip in leather with decorative finish
603.    19th century dress sword, the sheath with inscription General Thomas Dun of Shaw Park, Selkirk, Died 2nd Feb 1845 80-120
604.    A curious collection of wooden panels in the form of feet and legs, possibly stocking or sock stretchers (a collection) 40-60
605.    A collection of brassware to include two table lamps and a quantity of door furniture, three letter boxes and a door knocker (6) 40-60
606.    Two pairs of vintage black leather hunting boots, soles 30 cm max
607.    Three contemporary graduated samurai swords (3) 50-80
608.    A collection of interesting polystyrene sculptures by Roger Remington dated 1979 and 1971
609.    A cased lucette brass lacquered saxophone (AF) 40-60
610.    Mixed miscellaneous lot to include a vintage Olympus camera, breweryana tray, Japanese lacquered ware and a collection of Christmas decorations 10-20
611.    A box of miscellaneous items to include a scratch built model of a Formula 1 Racing car made from surgical artificial joints, two fencing swords, the Wellington knife board, torsion clock, daggers, die cast toys, a box of various lace and linen and others 30-50
612.    A collection of mechanical drawing instruments with set square and other engineer stationery 40-60
613.    A cased Moti microscope with various further lenses and others 20-40
614.    A mixed lot to include a 1970s orange glass light shade, further plaster lamp, a collection of metal chargers and oil can (7) 20-40
615.    A box of miscellaneous items to include a twin train Edwardian mantle clock with enamelled chapter ring and open escapement, a Chinese ceremonial bell, other marquetry box, walking sticks and others 50-80
616.    Brunsviga vintage tin plate counting machine, together with a further Evershed's portable volt meter and ammeter (2) 40-80
617.    A box containing a large collection of angling and fishing items to include rods, fly's and a large quantity of threads and feathers for fly making (a box full)
618.    A mixed lot to include a carved polychrome crest for Griggs & Collett agents, general accident fire & life assurance corporation, a silver plated lobbed biscuit barrel, collection of silver plated flatware, a sterling silver napkin ring, an oleograph and others (a collection)
619.    Good quality 19th century three quarter length violin, with case 80-120
620.    19th century continental violin the label inside inscribed "J.t.l Geronimo Barnabetti, Paris", with case 80-120
621.    German violin inscribed 'Hopf' under the button, with case 80-120
621A.   A collection of various bows, two stamped Vulliaume (7) 50-80
622.    A collection of various metalwares to include a planished steel coal scuttle and wirework bird cage (a collection) 30-50
623.    A pair of gilt framed hanging display cabinets, one containing a collection of shells and butterflies; together with a Victorian rosewood box
624.    A collection of various 19th century and later ceiling lights to include various prismatic drops, gilt cast metal, etc 40-60
625.    Venetian style glass chandelier with prismatic drops, 40 cm high 40-60
626.    Vintage inscribed glass panel, with gilt lettering " Colonial and foreign business", 59 x 35 cm, together with two further good quality thick glass panels 40-60
627.    A pair of embossed brass chargers, one with Queen Elizabeth I, the other possibly Henry VII, the largest 60 cm diameter (2) 40-60
628.    A collection of six hanging ceiling lights with mottled glass shades 40-60
629.    A large hanging mirrored disco ball, 60 cm diameter approx 40-60
630.    Two boxes containing a collection of Ethiopian tribal and ethnic wares to include carvings, straw work, paintings, etc 40-60
631.    A vintage case of bowls interest, containing four bowls and shoes 20-30
632.    A pair of Kolstr cylinder speakers with teak casing on four stile feet, model number KM651, serial number 154/08135, 34 cm high (2) 100-120
633.    A vanity case containing a collection of pierced brass dressing set items including two brushes, a mirror and a comb, the case 50 cm long 30-50
634.    Two accordions, both in cases 50-80
635.    A selection of seven antique golf clubs, together with two bull leaders (9) 40-60
636.    A collection of various walking canes to include a silver topped ebonised cane, a crook handled cane with silver collar and two others (4) 40-60
637.    Four gilt cast metal curtain ties, cast with entwined roses with tied ribbon bow back plates (4) 40-60
638.    Chinese gilt metal Buddhavista sat in the lotus position with flaming throne back panel, 23 cm high 100-120
639.    Black Forest type bronze twin branch candelabra of naturalistic form upon a black slate base, 29 cm high 30-50
640.    Marshall G15R Cd amp, 36 cm high 40-60
641.    A good quality Edwardian cast brass three branch ceiling light with faceted lobed glass shades 50-80
641A.   Len Desmond (British 20th century) Going Home, After the Eviction, Cottage, Geese and Washing, Lettergesh, (4), watercolours and body colours on paper, all signed and inscribed verso, various sizes max, 25 x 40 cm approx, all framed (4) 80-90
642.    Magnum of sparkling Saumur, Cuvee Reservee, Chevalier de Grenelle 20-30
643.    A small collection of Edwardian photographic plates including a view of Bell Hill, Stapleton, Bristol, 1907 and other local but unnamed views, together with a number of G.W.W. trade mark plates (for George Washington Wilson) together with a graduated set of Victorian dark room lights 40-60
670.    Attributed to Schafer (19th century) - Continental street scene with distant church tower, oil on board, 42 x 32cm, framed 100-150
671.    Y S Huntriss (20th century British) - Forms in Movement, abstract painting in tones of blue, turquoise and yellow, oil on board, signed and dated 1970 with label verso with Blonham address details, 60 x 70 cm, framed 40-50
672.    Two oriental embroidered silk work pictures, one of a cockerel and a chicken and the other of a pair of pheasants, approximately 50 x 96 cm max, together with a further smaller oriental silk work embroidered picture, a reproduction political poster of the Liberal party and a reproduction Disney poster showing Mickey Mouse and Pluto - Society Dog Show 1939, all framed (5) 30-50
673.    David Cobb (British 1921-2014) - Two Lakes, oil on canvas, signed, inscribed, 50 x 60 cm, framed 60-80
674.    Ladislav Cadlec (20th century American School) - Ortega Creek, watercolour and body colour on paper, signed to mount, titled and dated 1957 with American Watercolour Society label verso with Jackson Heights address details, 31 x 43 cm approx, framed 40-60
675.    After Pieter Bruegel The Elder (Dutch 1525-1569) - The Peasant Wedding, coloured print with varnished finish, 59 x 86 cm in substantial frame with carved and gilded finish 60-100
676.    L E Rowbottom (early 20th century British school) - Rural scene with thatched cottage and woman crossing a stream, watercolour and body colour on paper, signed, 35 x 58 cm, framed 80-120
677.    V Loudon? (20th century) - Tunisian city scape at Tunis, oil on canvas, signed, 45 x 54 cm, framed 50-70
678.    Attributed to Louis Munro Grier (Australian-British/St Ives School 1864-1920) - Beach scene, possibly St Ives, oil on board, 23 x 28cm, in gilt frame 400-600
679.    Circle of Jules Achille Noel (19th century French) - Harbour scenes at sunset and in moonlight (pair) oils on canvas, signed and indistinctly dated, 34 x 29cm, in gilt frames 500-800
680.    Early 20th century British School - Winter landscape with figures crossing a bridge and summer landscape with figures walking along a lane, (pair), oil on canvas, unsigned, 44 x 49 cm approx in gilt frames 40-60
681.    A Barden (20th century British) - Coastal landscape with cottage, oil on canvas, signed, 39 x 60cm, together with L H Hughes (20th century British) - Village street scene, oil on board, 50 x 75cm, both framed (2) 30-40
682.    19th century British school - Country scene with a small child riding on a donkey, accompanied by two girls, oil on canvas, 25 x 40cm, in gilt frame 30-50
683.    An early 20th century Indian Moghul painting of a male character and three female companions in a walled enclosure, 29 x 22cm, framed 30-50
684.    F A Stewart (20th century British) - The Craven - at Shefford Woodlands, signed coloured hunting print, 24.5 x 64cm approx visible sheet size 30-50
685.    An 18th century coloured map of Herefordshire by Robert Morden, 35.5 x 41cm approx, together with two 19th century coloured engraved maps of North and South Wales, published by Archd Fullerton & Co, Glasgow, 20.5 x 25.5cm approx visible sheet size, all framed (3) 70-100
686.    Mid-19th century school - Three quarter length seated study of a young woman in a white dress, pastel and charcoal on tinted paper, indistinctly signed and dated 1850, 45 x 35cm, framed 60-80
687.    Leda May (20th century British) - Still life with pears, pastel on paper, signed and inscribed verso Leda May, Bally Delob, County Cork, 29 x 20cm, a signed limited edition black and white etching of a basket of fruit, with initials MEU, 9 x 11cm, a Japanese coloured woodblock print of a mountain range, 24 x 37cm approx, two coloured prints after Frances Marsh - Still Life and Christoph; Chernobyl Expanses II, mixed media abstract on paper, signed with initials and dated 95, inscribed verso Boris Ivanov, 23 x 35cm, various sizes, all framed (8) 40-60
688.    20th/21st century British School - Interior scene with yellow tulips, oil on paper?, signed with initials PJM, inscribed verso Naomi's Yellow Tulips - PJM ex Yew Tree Gallery, 40 x 24cm, framed 40-60
689.    Jane Lampard (contemporary local artist) - The Home Field, Hartsop, Cumbria, pastel on paper, signed, with label verso and biographical details of the artist, 33 x 36cm, framed 80-120
690.    Derek G Phillips (British B.1929) - A Victorian Boathouse at Warwick Castle, Woodland Sunrise, In a Warwick Lane and Willows Near Offchurch watercolour and bodycolour on paper, signed and dated 1990 and with labels verso, 30 x 47cm, framed (4) 50-70
691.    McNeil Mcleay (1802 -1880) - Pair of highland landscapes, one with a boating scene, the other a babbling brook, signed, dated 1872 & 1873, gouache, 29 x 45cm and 26 x 43cm respectively, framed (2) 150-250
692.    Donald Hughes (British 1881-1970) - Cricketing scene Clifton College Bristol, gouache on paper, signed and dated 1929, 22 x 18cm, together with Floyd Patterson (boxing interest) ink drawing around a hand, with signature above, red ink on paper, 27 x 20cm approx visible sheet size, both framed 40-60
693.    Late 19th century British school - Shoulder length portrait of a little girl, watercolour on paper, 36cm max oval, in gilt frame, with moulded ball detail 100-120
694.    A collection of mainly 20th century oriental pictures and prints including studies of young women in landscape settings, a watercolour on silk of a mountainous range with figures, 60 x 23cm, a monochrome woodblock print of a coastal landscape, 17 x 23cm, etc, various sizes, all framed (11) 40-60
695.    Lambert (20th century British) - Buckland-In the Moor, Devon, watercolour and bodycolour on paper, signed and inscribed verso, 32.5 x 41cm, together with a collection of decorative prints including garden scenes after Pamela Kay, botanical subjects, etc, various sizes all framed, 94 x 70cm approx max framed size (9) 30-50
696.    Mid 20th century British School - The Green Armchair (Lydia), life study of a female nude, oil on wooden panel, unsigned and with label verso, 37 x 27 cm in black and gilt frame 40-50
697.    Tom Browne (British 1870-1910) - Sheet of caricature studies of types of horses including circus horse, Shetland pony, etc, probably ink on paper and with some colouring over, with signature, 27.5 x 21 cm, framed 30-50
698.    Barry Hilton (British B.1941) - Late 19th century style city scene at twilight, oil on canvas, signed, 40 x 50cm, in gilt frame 40-60
699.    John Hassall (British 1868-1948) - Pair of full length studies of gentlemen in 17th century style costume, with gouache colouring on textured paper, both with signatures, 38.5 x 24 cm both framed (pair) 50-70
700.    R Gray - Study of the head of a hound, watercolour on paper, signed, 26.5 x 23cm, framed, together with a collection of black and white prints of late 18th and 19th century engravings of London scenes, including examples after Canaleti, etc, various sizes, all framed (26) 30-50
701.    John Varley (Junior) - Conwy Castle with cow herd and cattle to water meadows below, watercolour and body colour on paper, signed, 37 x 55 cm, framed 500-800
702.    Graeme W Baxter (20th century British) - Signed, coloured, limited edition print, golfing scene at The Gleneagles Hotel, Kings Course, Scotland, 55 x 67cm approx visible sheet size, together with a further signed, coloured, limited edition print of golfing interest after EA Pettitt, showing The Marine, Berwick, 31.5 x 36.5cm visible sheet size, also together with a set of framed reproduction Players Cigarette cards of golfing subjects, overall frame size 67 x 42cm (3) 30-50
703.    James Ranulph Jackson FRAS (Australian 1882 - 1975) - River landscape with sheep grazing beneath trees, oil on canvas, signed, indistinctly inscribed verso, 54 x 74cm, in moulded gilt frame 2000-3000
704.    19th century engraving of a still life with flowers on a windowsill, 33cm oval max in 19th century gilt frame of oval form 50-80
705.    A pair of 19th century British school - Studies of sprays of flowers including carnations, roses, etc, watercolour and bodycolour on paper, unsigned, 38 x 31cm, together with a pastel study of a rural landscape, signed with monogram and dated 1938?, 20.5 x 28cm approx, all framed (3) 25-30
706.    Harry Fish (British 1894-1971) - Tarn Hows, 1965, oil on board, signed and dated 1965, 50 x 75cm, together with further oil on board of a red brick house, signed JH Holmes, dated 1975, 60 x 75cm approx, both framed 50-70
707.    20th century school - Dancing African women, oil on canvas, signed Ilen? dated 93, inscribed verso Queen Mourners, 59 x 90cm approx, framed, together with two batik type pictures on fabric of exotic birds, and a signed photographic print of a female portrait (5) 25-30
708.    WITHDRAWN 50-80
709.    A D Bell (20th century British) - A pair of studies of ships on the high seas, Cutty Sark and Evening Light, gouache on paper, both signed and dated 1946, 26 x 37cm, both framed (pair) 30-50
710.    After Jan Van Eyck (1390-1441) - The Ghent Altar Piece, Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, late 19th century chromolithograph plates, published by the Arundel Society (1868-1871) produced from the altarpiece in the Cathedral of St Bavon, Ghent, in 19th century gilt frame with twelve apertures, 101 x 127cm max approx dimensions 300-400
711.    K Wittmann (Early 20th century continental school) - Extensive river landscape with distant windmill, oil on canvas, signed, 64 x 92cm, in moulded gilt frame 50-80
712.    A 19th century needlepoint panel showing the Ascension of Christ, 107 x 71cm in gilt slip
713.    Myra E Luxmoore (British 1951-1919) - Half length portrait of a seated young women in black dress with beaded necklace, oil on canvas, signed, 89 x 68cm, framed (for restoration) 50-80
714.    Marjorie Pigott (Canadian 1904-1990, Echoes of Canada - Snowy winter landscape with trees, gouache on paper, signed, 54 x 72cm, framed 80-100
715.    Early 19th century British School - The Loch of Menteith, watercolour and body colour on paper, with David Cross Gallery, Bristol label verso, 42 x 58 cm, framed 350-400
716.    Attributed to Alfred De Breanski (British 1877-1957) - Loch Lomond, oil on canvas, signed, label verso giving family provenance details, 50 x 75cm, in moulded frame 100-150
717.    18th century continental manner - Still life with fruit, oil on board, unsigned, 48 x 40cm in moulded gilt frame 250-300
718.    VH Kowskail (20th century) - Abstract study of a harbour scene with sailing boats, ink and wash on paper? signed and with Geneva print sellers details verso, 48 x 59cm, framed 40-60
719.    RH Hill (20th century British) - Colonnade, Villa Torlonia, Rome, watercolour on paper, signed and inscribed verso with details of location, with artist's Surrey address details, 40 x 52cm, framed 70-100
720.    James Jackson Curnock, RCA (British 1839-1891) - The Lledr Valley - Wales, watercolour and body colour on paper, signed and dated 1878, further inscribed to mount, 30 x 40 cm, in gilt frame 100-120
721.    Charles Brook Branwhite (British 1812-1845) - Landscape with windmill, watercolour and body colour on paper, signed with initials CBB, 18.5 cm x 29 cm approx (framed) 40-60
722.    Attributed to Sir Joshua Reynolds (British 1723-1792) - Half length portrait sketch of Mrs Crewe, reading, the pose related to the portrait of Frances Anne Crewe as St Genevieve (engraving of this portrait is in the Yale Centre for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection) watercolour, chalk and bodycolour on paper, indistinctly signed with old label verso from JR Cookson of Kendal inscribed 'Reputed Mrs Crewe by Sir Joshua Reynolds PRA, (A Sketch), 21cm max oval, in gilt frame (Lady Crewe was a friend of Sir Joshua Reynolds and a prominent political hostess for the Whig Party, her circle including Charles James Fox, Richard Brinsley Sheridan, etc) 500-800
723.    Archibald M Hamilton (British late 19th/early 20th century school) - The Portway and South Pier of the Bridge on the Avon, watercolour on paper, signed, with label verso, 29 x 46cm, framed 40-60
724.    A set of six early 19th century coloured hunting engravings (in three frames) with humorous captions - Down for a Dozen, A Perfect Snaffle Horse, Podge at a gate, etc, 13 x 56 cm approx visible sheet size, 43 x 71 cm max framed dimensions (3) 40-60
725.    19th century Continental school - Moonlit scene with ruined buildings, figure in punt from a distance, etc, oil on board, unsigned, 22 x 29cm, in pierced and moulded gilt frame 80-100
726.    R Hunt (20th century) - Poultry in mountainous landscape (pair), oil on board, signed, 17 x 12 cm, in moulded and pierced gilt frames (2) 40-60
727.    E Matthews (Early 20th century British) - Morning at Maidstone, pastel on paper, signed, with 'The Pastel Society' label verso, 29 x 39cm, together with Ellis Hills? (20th century British) - Landscape with red roofed buildings and farm worker, indistinctly signed, 24 x 32cm approx, a further collection of pictures and prints including a pair of small watercolour landscapes, etc, various sizes all framed (9) 40-60
728.    WITHDRAWN 80-120
729.    WITHDRAWN 80-120
730.    Captain Edward Handley-Read (British 1870-1935) - Scenes at Loos showing First World War destruction (pair), signed coloured limited edition prints with Fine Art Trade Guild blind embossed stamps, 28 x 37 cm, two coloured prints showing the Mighty Naval Coronation pageant of King George V & Queen Mary, Spithead, June 24th 1911 and the illuminated fleet on the same night (pair), 46 x 67 cm, together with further pictures and prints including a 19th century coloured engraving of sheep outside a cottage, etc, various sizes, all framed (10) 50-80
731.    Lynne Clarke (contemporary local artist) - Panoramic view around Wotton-under-Edge, pastel on paper, signed, 29 x 45 cm, framed` 40-60
732.    E G Vawdrey (early 20th century British) - Scene with figures on a stone bridge, believed to be at Polperro, watercolour on paper, signed, 28 x 22cm, framed 25-30
733.    Ethel C Hatch (British 1894-1960) - The Coming Storm, watercolour on paper, signed, with various exhibition and other labels verso and with London address details, 19 x 25 cm approx size, together with a further watercolour by the same hand of continental lake scene, signed, 23 x 34 cm, both framed (Ethel Hatch was a young friend of Lewis Carroll, aka CL Dodgson - author of Alice's adventures in Wonderland etc) 60-80
734.    Late 19th century Chinese School - Set of twelve portrait studies of various male academics and dignitaries including Su Wen-Ting, Su Wen-Chung, Chen Hsi-Shan, etc 16.5 x 11.5 cm approx in simple gilt frames (12) 80-120
735.    A collection of engraved 18th century maps by Robert Morden comprising a framed coloured example of Barkshire (sic) 36 x 43 cm approx visible sheet size, a further unframed coloured map of Surrey 37.5 x 43 cm and two uncoloured framed maps comprising Barkshire 9 x 45 cm, and Northamptonshire 39 x 43.5 cm approx (4) 80-100
736.    A late 18th century school - Study of the Holy Family in a landscape setting, oil on canvas, unsigned, 54 x 65.5 cm approx, unframed 250-300
737.    An early 20th century school - Study of river scene at Annecy, oil on canvas, unsigned, inscribed with location verso, 45 x 37 cm, framed 40-60
738.    E H Whitfield (20th century) - Pair of ink and watercolour studies of water towers, both signed and dated 1959, 24 x 34cm, a coloured reproduction of Saxton's Map of Pembrokeshire, 1578, 35 x 47cm approx, a Christmas greeting after Percy Vignale from the 48th Division Christmas 1917, inscribed Somme, Peronne and Ypres, 16 x 25cm, etc, various sizes, mostly framed (11) 30-50
739.    An early 19th century school monochrome caricature study of a standing gentleman in profile, inscribed verso Chadburn, 23 x 19cm approx, in mahogany frame with gilt slip, a late 19th century watercolour and bodycolour of still life with two fish, unsigned, 13 x 20.5cm, a photograph of the racing yacht Endeavour I (reproduction) etc, all framed (5) 25-30
740.    J P Bean - The Viaduct looking over Brinks Walk, Stockport, pastel on paper, signed with initials JPB, inscribed verso and dated 1963, 24 x 34 cm, together with two further coastal studies by the same hand of Salcombe and Hope Cove, all framed (3) 25-30
741.    WITHDRAWN 50-70
742.    A 20th century decorative oriental scroll with yellow birds amongst wisteria, 130 cm x 34 cm approx dimensions, together with a brass double section stamp box with pierced aesthetic movement type pierced floral detail, 8 cm long approx, and a cast brass Matchbox/strike in the form of a fly 9 cm long approx (3) 30-50
743.    Ernest Andrews (British 1896-1977) - Connemara landscape, watercolour on paper, signed, with Bristol Savages exhibition label verso dated 1963, 26 x 36 cm, together with a further watercolour by the same hand - a West of Ireland landscape, signed, with David A Cross Fine Art label verso, 32 x 43.5 cm approx, both framed (2) 80-100
744.    A Mortimer (British early 20th century) - Bodinnick, Fowey and Shillingford, Nr Haldon, (2), watercolours and body colour on paper, signed, 36 x 25 cm max approx size, framed (2) 80-120
745.    B Perry - (late 19th century school) - A Difficult Job, two gentlemen attempting to light a cigarette on a windy day, oil on canvas, signed, inscribed verso, 75 x 63 cm in gilt frame 80-120
746.    Cecil Aldin (British 1870-1935) - A collection of three coloured prints showing inns - The White Horse, Eaton Socon, The Mitre, Oxford and The Chequers Inn Tonbridge, max size 45 x 40cm approx, together with two further coloured prints after the same artist - A Likely Spot, showing a fisherman and a huntsman dressing in the early morning, various sizes all framed 40-60
747.    An early 19th century British school - Silkwork embroidery of a pensive young woman accompanied by a small dog, seated in a landscape setting, 54 x 46cm, framed 50-80
748.    Trevor Price (British B.1966) - Flower Picking, signed artists proof on paper, 49 x 53cm approx sheet size, framed 40-60
749.    Attributed to Vanessa Bell (British 1879-1961) - Abstract design in tones of green, blue and yellow, gouache on paper, singed with initials VB, 52 x 50cm approx, together with a signed, coloured, limited edition screen type print by Terence Millington of an Italian landscape - Mosti in Chianti, 52 x 56cm approx sheet size, together with a further screen type print of a landscape subject, all unframed (3) 40-60
750.    Michael Lyne (British 1912-1989) - Scene with the Beaufort Hunt at Badminton, signed limited edition print, with fine art trade guild blind embossed stamp, published by Frost and Reed, 1954, 42 x 55.5cm approx visible sheet size, together with an Edwardian sepia photograph of the Stroud Early Closing Cricket Club, Season 1906, by Henry J Camley of Russell Street, Stroud, 24 x 33cm approx, both framed 40-60
751.    Noel Harry Leaver ARCA (British 1889-1951) - Three Bridges - Venice, watercolour and bodycolour on paper, signed (paper trimmed, but signature still visible) 28 x 45.5cm approx, with moulded gilt frame 150-200
752.    An early (20th century British school) - Study of the mountain Errigal in North West Donegal, watercolour on paper, signed with monogram FR? 23 x 33 cm approx, framed 40-60
753.    19th century British school - Study of a recumbent hare in a landscape setting, oil on board, unsigned, 17 x 20.5cm approx, together with an early 20th century grisaille watercolour of sheep and lambs in an orchard setting, unsigned, 27 x 37.5cm, both framed 40-60
754.    20th century Australian school? - Dancing Stream Turtles I, signed, coloured, limited edition print, indistinctly signed Mungan Lana, edition 34/35, 40 x 56cm approx visible sheet size, together with a panel of 1920s style green ground crepe type fabric, with oriental motifs including chrysanthemums and other flower heads in tones of red, black and cream, 69 x 67cm, both framed 30-50
755.    18th century - Calvary Skirmish, oil on canvas, 40 x 50cm, unframed 700-900
756.    18th century pastel study - Recumbent female surrounded by cherubs, signed plus Bella, 56 x 43cm, framed 200-250
757.    After John R Skeaping (British 1901-1980) - Rejoneador, coloured print published by Frost & Reed 1962, 45 x 50 cm, framed 25-30
758.    Terry Cripps - Two Giraffes, abstract mixed media study of paper, signed with initials and dated 05, 53 x 59cm, together with further contemporary pictures and prints including works by Caroline White, Maggie Caldwell, Kate Loveday, etc, (artists of local interest), various sizes all framed (a collection) 40-60
759.    A folder containing a quantity of architectural drawings and designs including a proposed residence at Bourton on the Water for T Tucker Esq at the New Inn, also poster design, etc, all unframed, a pair of oriental silk work embroidered cuffs, with flower vase detail, 49 x 8.5cm, framed, together with a watercolour of a harbour scene and an oil on canvas of a rural landscape with church, both framed (a collection) 40-60
760.    Roland Vivian Pitchforth, RA (British 1895-1982) a set of six sepia coloured pen and ink life studies of male figures, all signed, four with Colin George Steer London Gallery label verso, 24 x 31 cm, framed (6) 120-140
762.    Charles A Buchel (British 1872 - 1950) - A coloured theatrical print, souvenir of Shakespeare's King Richard II produced by Mr Tree at His Majesty's Theatre, September 10th 1903, coloured print on paper, 34 x 101cm approx, in mahogany frame with gilt slip 50-70
763.    20th century school - Illustration of an interior scene in a mine shaft, with badger, fox and rat, graphite on paper, unsigned, 30 x 44cm approx, together with a pair of similar graphite illustrations of animals, one signed Sellwood and dated 1994, early 20th century watercolour and bodycolour study of a thatched cottage and two early 20th century oriental silkwork embroidered panels, possibly cuffs, showing butterflies amongst foliage and figures in a landscape, approx 55 x 12cm, all framed (7) 40-60
764.    H W Hicks (British early 20th century school) - Pair of studies of moorland landscapes with cattle grazing, gouache on paper, signed, 15 x 23.5 cm, a further similar gouache study of a coastal landscape signed W Mitchell, with Frost & Reed labels verso, 17.5 x 20.5 cm, together with a watercolour of St Mary's Church, Redcliffe, Bristol, signed with initials C J B, 43 x 27.5 cm, and an relief picture of the Bristol Royal Mail coach after John G Norriss, dated 1981, all framed 30-50
765.    Donald H Edwards (20th century British school) - Cotswold town scene, watercolour and bodycolour on paper, signed and inscribed verso, number 2, The Pear Tree, with Gloucester address detail, 29 x 37cm, together with further pictures and prints including a pair of coloured hunting engravings after Henry Alken from the Fore's Hunting Casualties series, 37 x 43cm approx, a watercolour copy of the Carp Pool after Sir William Russell Flint, 25 x 33cm, a coloured nursery print, of a child fishing, etc, various sizes all framed (7) 40-60
766.    20th century Indonesian school - Extensive battle scene with numerous soldiers, cannons, etc, oil on canvas laid onto board, 85 x 144cm, unframed 50-80
768.    Robert Morden (British c.1650-1703) - An engraved coloured map of Gloucestershire, 35 x 42cm approx visible sheet size, together with a mid-19th century watercolour and bodycolour on paper, study of a landscape with church spire, indistinctly signed, inscribed with North Wales location and dated 64, 21 x 42cm, both framed 40-60
769.    A collection of prints including coloured print of a shoulder length self portrait of the artist Frida Kahlo accompanied by a monkey and a black cat, 65 x 50cm approx visible sheet size, Moonlight on the Back Beach, limited edition print after Graham Reynolds, 40 x 28cm, etc, various sizes all framed (6) 20-30
771.    Four small cloth bound poetry books, Twenty Poems from Rudyard Kipling, Ella W Wilcox Maurine and other poems, Poems of Love by Ella Wheeler Wilcox and the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam 40-60
772.    A box containing a collection of Irish FDCs, various dates (1)
773.    Three albums containing a collection of British, Commonwealth and worldwide stamps, various dates, but including some mid-20th century onwards (3) 30-40
773A.   Four albums containing a collection of British FDCs, mainly from the 1980s and 90s, including two commemorative coin sets - NHS 1948-88 commemorative 50p and Queen Elizabeth II 70th birthday commemorative crown (4) 20-40
774.    An early 20th century postcard album containing a quantity of local interest postcards including Badminton House, Iron Acton Court, Yate Rocks, Castle Combe, etc (1) 60-80
775.    A collection of eight stockbooks and albums containing a wide range of British and worldwide stamps, together with a quantity of unsorted mint and other stamps from Tanzania, etc (4) 30-50
776.    Mint and used stamps from France and the French Colonies in two stockbooks and on album pages 40-60
777.    A collection of stamps from the Netherlands Indies and Indonesia on album pages 30-50
778.    A collection of five stamp albums containing a wide ranging collection of stamps from Guernsey, Jersey, Canada, Australia and Eire (5) 40-60
779.    An interesting collection of stamp albums containing British and worldwide stamps, a box containing a number of stockbooks, with mixed stamps, and some mint stamp collections, a box containing mixed postal history and unsorted loose stamps, together with a Postal Heritage Society album celebrating the Queen Silver Jubilee FDCs (7) 30-40
780.    Two stamp albums containing a collection of British and worldwide stamps, together with a large collection of FDCs and some postal history (5) 100-120
781.    Four stamp albums containing an extensive and good quality collection of British stamps, dating from Queen Victorian onwards, together with a stockbook containing further British stamps (5) 60-80
782.    Two albums containing a collection of British and worldwide stamps, one with Penny Red examples, a small collection of Royal Mail Mint stamps, and an extensive collection of British FDCs including two albums, some unaddressed (1 box) 40-60
783.    Four albums containing a quantity of British and worldwide stamps, a stockbook containing British stamps, a box containing mixed items including various philatelic equipment, labels, etc (7) 30-50
784.    A box containing a large quantity of both used and mint stamps from Malta and Cyprus, together with a folder containing further examples from Malta (2) 20-40
785.    A black case containing folders of FDCs including pre stamped mail and details of postal mechanisation etc (6) 20-30
786.    A box of bags and envelopes containing a quantity of unsorted British and worldwide stamps, a number of stamp catalogues dating from the 1960s and 70s, together with seven science fiction paperbacks all signed by the authors (5)
787.    A mixed collection of stamps to include two albums containing British and worldwide stamps, four smaller albums containing commemorative stamps - Royal and Churchill, a quantity of Post Office stamp cards, stamp catalogues, etc (1 box) 20-30
788.    Three WWI USA war posters - 'Do Your Duty, Join The US Marines', 'This Device on Hat or Helmet Means US Marines' and 'What You Can Do To Save' - Use a Vacation Thrift Bank, (3) 100-120
789.    Two WWI posters - 'War Rages In France' produced by the United States Food Administration, and 'Americans All!' produced for Victory Liberty Loans, by Howard Chandler Chrisley (2) 60-80
790.    Three WWI fund raising posters for the Red Cross including 'Hold Up Your End!' designed by WB King, 'I Summon You To The Comradeship' designed by Mielziner and one other (3) 100-120
791.    A metal trunk containing a large collection of copper printing blocks and plates all relating to Peter Scott including signed examples (1) 150-200
792.    A large late 19th century album containing pictures of paintings with the initials 'W.F.D' on cover 30-40
793.    A blue Revelation suitcase containing a large quantity of 1930s ephemera including a quantity of theatre programmes, Post Office telegrams, opera glasses, photographs, etc, together with a copy of Homeward Stowage Plan for M. V. Eumaeus (Blue Funnel Line Liverpool) again dating from the 1930s (1) 20-30
794.    A quantity of vintage Butterick dress and other patterns, a quantity of Butterick Fashion News publications, all dating from the 1940's, various 1950/60's knitting patterns, a collection of USA Vogue magazines, etc 30-50
795.    A box of railway tickets including L.N.E.R. and L.C.D.R. Great Western Railway, Cambrian, Great Eastern, etc, some dating from the late 19th century onwards and pre-nationalisation, etc (1) 20-30
796.    Four boxes of GB and world stamps in albums, envelopes, bags, stock cards, philatelic material etc 50-80
797.    Three cigarette card picture albums, including one which contains numerous cricketers and footballers, etc together with two Wisden Almanacs (1948 and 1954) and The Memorial Biography of Dr WG Grace, published by Constable & Co Ltd, London 1919 (7)
798.    A large collection of late 19th early 20th century, large scale ordnance survey maps, many of the local area including Wotton Under Edge, Wickwar, Charfield, Berkeley, etc (21) 100-120
799.    An album containing early black and white postcards including some of Shanghai and Yokohama, etc, a box of loose mixed postcards, a box of theatre programs, etc and a mono recording of A Hard Days Night by The Beatles (4) 60-100
800.    A collection of WWI silk postcards including one for the Gloucestershire Regiment. together with two Victorian paper lace cards, etc (1)
801.    India from Johnston's Royal Atlas, published by William Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh and London, with a blue cover and gilt writing (1) 40-50
802.    A collection of romantic pop-up cards from the turn of the last century (4)
803.    A collection of vintage motoring magazines, brochures, advertising, etc including a number of Motor Sport Publications, dating from 1955, VW advertising literature, etc (6) 20-30
804.    A postcard album containing an interesting collection of mixed postcards, including an example by Louis Wain, a photograph album containing a large number of black and white family photographs, a brown writing case containing a mixture of black and white family photographs and military pictures dating from 1916, various Field Service Pocket Books, dated 1914, etc (1) 30-40
805.    A box containing a miscellaneous collection of items including a George V Distinguished Service Order Presentation Document to Lieutenant Colonel C.E. Walker dated 4th June 1917, a George V Mentioned in Dispatches document relating to the same officer dated 18th March 1917, with a printed signature of Winston Churchill, a collection of envelopes containing unsorted mixed stamps, various vintage maps and guides, a collection of vintage greetings cards, etc (1) 20-25
806.    A collection of mid-20th century British and Irish sea charts (18)
807.    A collection of early to mid-20th century worldwide sea charts including Gibraltar, Pacific Ocean, Germany, etc (14) 30-40
808.    Three late Victorian photograph albums, two with metal clasps and all with ornately decorated pages, subjects include mostly family photographs, but also cricket team ,music band, holiday photographs, etc 40-60
809.    A box containing a quantity of vintage ordnance survey maps and various tourists guides, including 'Tit-Bits' Road Map of England and Scotland (1) 20-30
810.    A large collection of mixed maps, wall maps, picture maps, etc, including two reproductions of early maps of the Mediterranean and Russia, etc (1 shelf) 30-40
811.    A collection of film posters including 'A Window to the Sky', 'The Deadly Trap', 'Fragment of Fear', 'Problem Child' and 'The Worlds Greatest Athlete', etc (8) 30-50
812.    A large WWII USA war poster entitled 'Put The Pennant Beside The Flag - Both Spell Victory' produced by the US Shipping Board - Emergency Fleet Corporation, Philadelphia, with canvas backing, 110 x 150 cm 60-80
813.    A collection of various classic literature including three volumes of Shakespeare's works, published by JM Dent * Sons Ltd 1911, six volumes of The Oxford Thackeray , fifteen volumes of The Works of Dickens, published by Hazell Watson and Viney Ltd, etc (36) 30-40
814.    A collection of Folio Society books including two boxed set, together with a boxed set of The complete Pictorial Guides by A Wainwright, published by Frances Lincoln, London (10) 40-60
815.    A collection of books by or about Jane Austen including a boxed Folio Society set (11)
816.    A complete set of 40 volumes of The British Essayists, by James Ferguson, (second edition) published London 1823, together with three volumes of Scott's Prose Works, etc (44) 30-50
817.    A leather bound edition of A Display of Heraldry by John Guillin (the sixth edition) printed by T. W. London, 1724
818.    A collection of Folio Society box sets to include The Arabian Knights, The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Knight and a collection of Mapp and Lucia (4) 40-60
819.    A collection of bound Punch magazines dating from 1891 - 1912, various dates (23)
820.    The Life and Sufferings of The Lord Jesus Christ by the Rev Edward Smith, published by S A Oddy 1815 (1) 30-40
821.    A small collection of vintage children's books, together with quantity of miscellaneous ephemera to include various shipping pamphlets and a silver plated teapot with a presentation inscription relating to a shipping company, a folder of mixed advertising and other ephemera, a box of photographic slides of Tunisia, Corfu, etc, guide books, maps, etc
822.    Two boxes of books, etc, about the City of Bath and related subjects (2)
823.    A collection of good quality reference books about the applied arts, illustration, printing, sculpture, etc (approx 44) 40-60
824.    A collection of topographical books about Gloucestershire and the Cotswold (approx 54)
825.    An unopened and boxed edition of Master pieces of Classical Chinese Painting, produced by Abbeville Press (1) 30-40
826.    A collection of mixed vintage books including early Rupert, Enid Blyton, L Montgomery, Lucie Attwell, etc (approx 36) 20-25
827.    The Waverley Novels by Sir Walter Scott in 27 volumes published by TC and EC Jack, Edinburgh, together with 15 volumes of The English Nation by GG Cunningham, both sets with gilt decorated spines (42)
828.    A quantity of mixed books including a number of The New Yorker albums, Just Dogs by KF Barker, Serious Business by JH Dowd & BE Spender, etc (17)
829.    Domesday Book Studies: Gloucestershire, three volumes in a slip case, published by Alecto Historical Editions, London 1987, no 271/1000 (1) 40-60
830.    An interesting collection of mixed late 19th century and other books including Hawbuck Grange; or The Sporting Adventures of Thomas Scott with illustrations by Phiz, together with Pictorial England and Wales with upwards Three Hundred & Twenty Copyright Illustrations published Cassell & Company Ltd (20)
831.    A quantity of books about the Cotswolds (21)
832.    A quantity of books about both World Wars and related subjects (17)
833.    Mixed collection of books including a number of vintage childrens books including Enid Blyton, etc together with ten volumes of The History of The Great European War published by Caxton Publishing Co Ltd (approx 48)
834.    Three boxes of good quality miscellaneous books, subjects include contemporary fiction and poetry, including some first editions, etc (3)
835.    An extensive and wide ranging collection of good quality art reference books (in excess of 65) 60-100
836.    A facsimile copy of Britannia, volume I, or An Illustration of the Kingdom of England and Dominion of Wales by Ogilby, published by Alexander Duckham & Co Ltd, 1939, together with further mixed books including twelve Observers Books (18)
838.    A collection of good quality art, photography reference books (20) 30-40
839.    Six late 19th century editions of The Works of Charles Dickens, published by Chapman and Hall (6)
840.    English Channel Handbook (second edition) published by the Hydrographic Department of the Admiralty, 1943, together with a further interesting collection of Nautical related books (190 30-40
841.    A quantity of mixed vintage and other childrens books including Angela Brazil, Enid Blyton, etc
842.    A collection of Arthur Ransome novels, all with dust jackets, including two first editions - Great Northern? (1947) and Missee Lee (1941) all published by Jonathan Cape, seven volumes of The New Temple Shakespeare, etc (22) 30-50
843.    A quantity of topographical books including nine Pevsners, etc, together with a small number of vintage OS maps, guides, etc (approx 50) 30-50
844.    A mixed collection of Folio Society titles, all but two with original slip cases (28) 40-60
845.    A collection of Beatrix Potter books including some first editions, together with A History of the Writings of Beatrix Potter by Leslie Lynder, published by Frederick Warne & Co Ltd (14) 30-50
846.    A collection of topographical books including five Shell Guides, five The King's England books by Arthur Mee, Ward Lock & Co guides, etc and a number of vintage ordnance survey and other maps (40 approx) 40-50
847.    A quantity of mixed books including a Dictionary Of The Natural History of The Bible by T M Harris published London 1833, The Hero's of Asgard,(tales from Scandinavian mythology) by A & E Keary, published 1880, etc, together with a small quantity of miniature hymn and prayer books (15)
848.    A quantity of good quality art reference books (25) 30-50
849.    A collection of Folio society books, mostly literature and poetry including The Blue Fairy Book and a boxed set of E.M. Forster 60-80
850.    A collection of thirty nine Britain In Pictures books all but one with dust jackets, five The Wayside & Woodside Series Books, & six Observer's books (50)
851.    A charming collection of mainly vintage children's books including Grey Rabbit books, Biggles, Amelia Anne, Spot Books by Mollie Clarke etc (over sixty books) 30-40
852.    A box containing a collection of vintage children's books including Enid Blyton together with an open fronted vintage doll's house by Lundey of Sweden, with two storeys (unfurnished), 68 x 26 x 39 cm (2)
853.    Two boxes containing a large quantity of books about mathematics and related subjects dating from the early 20th century onwards (2)
854.    A collection of vinyl LPs including a quantity of early Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here, A Saucerful of Secrets, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Atom Heart Mother and others, also including Leonard Cohen, Ten Years After, The Beatles, etc, together with some sets of classical music gramophone records (6) 60-80
855.    Two boxes of miscellaneous books about art and related subjects (2)
856.    Two boxes of miscellaneous books (2)
857.    A box containing a large quantity of 45rpm vinyl singles, mostly from the 1960s including Rolling Stones, Beatles, Elvis Presley, Adam Faith, etc, together with a bag of mixed foreign currency (1) 20-30
858.    A box containing a mixed collection of vinyl LP's including classical and pop (1)
859.    An extensive collection of books about India and related subjects (two shelves)
860.    A collection of miscellaneous vintage medical books, including a 1920 edition of Grey's Anatomy, together with a quantity of classic literature (2 shelves)
861.    Five Beatles magazines with a collection of vinyl 45rpm singles, including T Rex, King Crimson, Elvis, etc (1) 30-40
862.    A box containing FDCs, unsorted loose stamps, metal collecting cards, assorted maps and ordnance survey maps, a navigational device with canvas cover, etc (1)
863.    An album of FDCs to include George VI, early Elizabeth II to about 1969, together with a further album of FDCs c.1917 20-30
864.    29 tin Whitbread Inn signs, first series and a Doulton figure of a choir boy 20-30
865.    Four stamp albums containing a worldwide selection of stamps, mid-20th century and later 20-30
1001.   A teak garden bench, with slatted seat and back and later blue painted finish, 5ft long approx 40-60
1002.   A set of six hardwood framed folding directors type chairs, with green canvas seats and back straps
1003.   A contemporary light steel two seat garden bench with slatted seat and lattice panel back, central oval floral and dragon fly panel 40-60
1004.   A cast composition stone garden statue 'Birth of Venus' 112cm high 80-100
1005.   A pair of cast composition stone garden planters, in the form of coopered half barrels, together with a reclaimed, weathered, buff coloured crown top cylindrical chimney pot (3)
1006.   A pair of weathered cast composition stone garden planters of hexagonal form, with repeating relief detail, 57 x 50 x 25cm 80-100
1007.   A cast composition stone bird bath of circular form raised on a standing cherub support, holding a cornucopia, 84cm high approx 50-80
1008.   A pair of weathered cast composition stone garden planters of squat circular form in an oriental style, 51cm diameter at rim, together with a matching slightly smaller example, one other with lattice detail and a natural stone mill stone, 42cm diameter (5) 60-80
1010.   A platform bench with stained wooden plank seat and back rail, raised on a pair of cast iron Gothic style supports, 180cm long, together with an old iron sack truck (2) 40-60
1011.   An iron work weather vane with simple scroll work detail, beneath a raised arrow pointer with sheet steel finial in the form of a running hound 80-120
1012.   A painted wooden dovecote of hexagonal form, in two sections, with pierced arched entrances, beneath a pitched slate tiled roof 70-100
1013.   A sprung steel two seat garden bench with weathered timber lathes, 135cm long
1013A.  Two exterior light steel framed moulded plastic wall mounted exterior illuminated signs advertising Heineken and Amstell beer 40-60
1015.   A cast iron fire basket of rectangular form with loose andirons, with scrolled foliate detail, the basket 60 x 33cm, the dogs 41cm high 50-80
1016.   A hand cart with slatted wooden body, painted metal chassis, T shaped tubular handle and pneumatic tyres 40-60
1017.   A vintage wooden wheel barrow, with through jointed frame, spoke wheel with iron rim 60-80
1018.   A three sectional steel framed rose arch, with lattice detail and arched canopy, approx 100cm wide x 265cm high 80-120
1019.   A pair of steel framed garden obelisks with ball finials and hooped frames, 145cm high 40-60
1020.   A pair of weathered teak three seat garden benches, with slatted seats and lattice panelled backs, 140cm long approx 200-250
1021.   Three cast composition stone staddlestone caps, 60cm diameter approx
1021A.  A rustic pig bench with through jointed legs (AF) 165 cm long x 38 cm wide 40-60
1022.   Four weathered cast composition stone garden planters of square tapered form with mock stone wall relief, 31cm square approx 40-60
1023.   Three weathered cast composition stone garden planters of varying design, with relief detail 50-80
1024.   Four weathered contemporary, weathered, composition stone garden planters, of varying size, with mock stone wall relief detail
1025.   A French cafe or garden table, the circular pierced top raised on swept and scrolled supports together with a set of matching armchairs, all with green painted finish 50-80
1026.   A green painted folding, light steel cafe table, together with one other with circular copper top (2)
1027.   Sixteen contemporary aluminium tubular framed cafe/garden chairs, with faux wicker seats 40-60
1028.   A section of angular steel railing with rod and ring repeating design, 293cm long x 67cm high
1029.   A pair of ironwork driveway entrance gates, with scrolled panels, 8ft span approx 100-120
1030.   A pair of iron entrance gates with simple scrollwork detail, 8ft span approx 100-120
1031.   A pair of ironwork driveway entrance gates, with decorative scrollwork detail and gilt painted highlighted finials, together with one other light weight pair, 8ft span approx 160-180
1032.   A large natural stone trough of rectangular form, with canted front corners and square drainage hole, 106cm long x 70cm wide x 45cm deep approx 200-400
1033.   Hattersley Keighley hardwood garden table of rectangular form, with slatted top, sledge supports and peg rail, together with two ironwork, floorstanding flower baskets (3)
1034.   A painted steel framed, folding garden terrace or cafe table of circular form with slatted top, together with a set of four matching chairs 40-60
1035.   A Barlow Tyrie weathered teak garden D end table, the slatted top with central parasol hole, raised on square cut and shaped supports on cruciform bases, together with a set of six matching chairs with slatted seats and backs 100-150
1036.   A pair of heavy gauge ironwork hanging ceiling lights of hooped form, with four cylindrical turreted light fittings, the main hoops 100cm diameter approx (for re-wiring)
1037.   A large vintage heavy gauge ironwork wine rack, with undulating wave shaped carriers, approx 180cm long x 30cm wide x 172cm high 60-80
1038.   A coated sheet steel floorstanding cabinet with hinged lid and pierced panels
1039.   A weathered teak three seat garden bench, with slatted seat and back, 5ft long 40-60
1040.   An ironwork sectional garden arch or arbor, with decorative scroll work panels, enclosing a pair of slatted bench seats, 192cm wide x 250cm high approx 250-300
1041.   A Hayter Harrier 48, petrol driven, rotary lawn mower, with rear roller and grass collection bag 40-60
1042.   A Hayter Hayterette, petrol driven, rotary lawn mower, powered by a Briggs and Stratton engine 40-60
1043.   20 reclaimed cast iron treads, with decorative pierced foliate and scrolling detail, with cream painted finish
1044.   An old copper, with flared rim, riveted band and seam, 61cm diameter (2ft) x 45cm high 100-120
1045.   A large wicker cylindrical two handled log or toy basket, approx 70cm diameter x 76cm high (including handles) 40-60
1046.   A terracotta ridge tile finial, with foliate detail, together with four small reclaimed 1930s painted pine framed casement windows, with leaded lights and stained panels (5) 40-60
1047.   Maritime Interest - Antique cast iron mooring bollard, with head and shoulder bust of a jolly
sailor, wearing a cloth cap, 48cm high approx 400-500
1048.   Three reclaimed stained pine casement windows of arched form, enclosing leaded stained glass openings, with circular panels depicting rural and other scenes, the outer frames 100cm x 50cm approx 80-120
1049.   A weathered cast composition stone garden water feature, in the form of a standing stork amongst reeds, 62cm high 60-100
1050.   A small weathered Easter Island type head, 30cm high approx
1051.   An old terracotta conical shaped rhubarb forcer, with moulded collar, 66cm high (af) together with a similar smaller example, 50cm high 80-120
1052.   A cast iron fire basket of rectangular form and loose andirons, with swan necks and brass ball finials, together with a further iron fire basket, small grate, pair of andirons and a pair of old chain link hand cuffs
1053.   A pair of weathered composition stone garden ornaments or pier caps in the form of fruiting urns, various fruits including pears, pomegranates, grapes, etc, 62cm high approx 100-150
1054.   A lockable steel cabinet, enclosed by a single full length door, with two locks and keys (painted) 33cm wide x 26cm deep x 154cm high
1055.   A good quality cast iron stove with decorative profuse pierced foliate detail, enclosed by a small central door, over an ash pan, and lion mask feet, 66cm wide x 48cm deep x 98cm high approx 200-300
1056.   Three vintage enamel signs advertising Wills's Gold Flake Cigarettes, 122cm x 64cm, further Wills's Woodbine, 46cm square and Ringer's Shag, 101 x 76cm (af) 80-120
1057.   A vintage sheet tin/aluminium sign advertising Michelin tyres, 78 x 75cm 80-120
1058.   A small weathered cast composition stone garden statue of Hercules, with well defined features, 60cm high 200-250
1059.   A Victorian salt glazed planter in the form of a naturalistic hollowed out tree trunk, with interlaced handle, 42cm high 40-60
1060.   A weathered cast composition stone garden ornament/statue in the form of a female figure holding a basket of flowers beside a tree stump, together with a pair of small cream painted Georgian style cast aluminium urns, with egg and dart flared rims (3) 40-60
1061.   A Tann's Defiance Lock and Safe works London Field London safe enclosed by a single door with brass T shaped handle, armorial plaque, etc, enclosing a vacant interior and later external painted finish, 54cm square approx 80-120
1062.   Railwayana Interest - A British Rail West signal department cast iron signal base plate, further GWR track plate/bracket and a wall mounted sign bracket with scroll detail (3) 40-60
1063.   A floorstanding iron work candle stand, on three graduated circular tiers, raised on a tubular stem, on tri-form base with scrolling detail, 140cm high approx 60-80
1064.   A terracotta roundel with raised relief head and shoulder portrait of a classical maiden, 47cm diameter approx 80-120
1065.   A pair of vintage French cast iron planters of rectangular form with canted corners, tapered and shaped bodies and stepped bases with decorative foliate and further detail, 67cm long x 34cm wide x 26cm high 120-150
1066.   An unusual late Victorian aesthetic movement period cast iron umbrella stand, with geometric and pierced decorative foliate detail, beneath a raised back, with architectural pediment with later painted finish, 61cm wide x 110cm high 100-150
1067.   A pair of large architectural wooden cylindrical columns with all over later simulated marble hand painted finish and raised on square stepped bases, 280 cm high approx 400-500
1068.   A large contemporary folding fire guard with wire mesh panels, beneath a brass top rail with centralised loop handle, the front panel 140cm wide x 82cm high approx
1069.   A pair of architectural moulded plaster columns of cylindrical form, with hand painted simulated marble finish, raised on coloured marble plinths, 222cm high (Provenance believe to be from Kings Theatre, Portsmouth) 300-400
1070.   A good quality neo-classical design electric fire insert, with pierced serpentine grill and basket with coal effect, labelled Berry's Electric London 40-60
1071.   A Elgin & Hall Georgian style three sectional composite, to simulate white marble, chimney piece, the mantel with classical detailing, raised on a pair of mock split column supports, with doric capitals, the mantel 144cm wide (some chips/loss) together with a composite stone fire surround with Art Deco style half round mouldings (dismantled) the mantle 138 cm wide approx (2) 40-60
1072.   A rustic eight rung wooden ladder of slightly tapered form 255cm long, together with one other (to be sold for display purposes only) 40-60
1072A.  Two simple five rung bamboo ladders of varying sizes (to be sold for display purposes only)
1073.   A heavy brass Dutch style six branch hanging ceiling light, with knopped and bulbous stem 60-80
1074.   A contemporary Georgian style hanging porch or hall lantern of square tapered form, with glazed panels, simple scrollwork detail and central stem supporting three candle bulb lights 40-60
1075.   An arts and crafts style copper hall or porch lantern, of square form, enclosing coloured leaded light segmented panels, beneath a tapered hood/canopy 100-150
1076.   An iron work five branch hanging ceiling light with simple scroll and hammered detail, together with a pair of matching three branch wall lights 40-60
1077.   A suite of four large contemporary light metal framed hanging ceiling lights/plafonnier, with loose mottled glass shades, hung from simulated tassel supports, the framework with repeating flower head and ring design, together with a matching framework/cradle and a similar hanging ceiling light with bell shaped shade (6) 60-80
1078.   A polished marble or possibly travertine counter top, 107cm square with moulded outline
1079.   Eight rough cut planks of cedar, approx 190cm long by varying widths, together with two further smaller fragments (10) 60-80
1080.   A Victorian style polished tubular brass effect double bedstead to accept a 5ft mattress
1081.   A small rustic wooden table top chest, fitted with an arrangement of two long and two short drawers with carved Aztec figures, with painted and distressed finish, 50cm wide
1082.   An oak floor-standing two sectional library bookcase, enclosed by a pair of up and over rectangular glazed panelled doors (one vacant) beneath a shallow raised back with carved scrolling detail (possibly Globe Wernicke) 70-90
1083.   An oak floorstanding, three sectional library bookcase, enclosed by three rectangular glazed, up and over panelled doors (possibly Globe Wernicke) 100-120
1084.   Two Globe Wernicke oak library bookcase sections, with up and over rectangular glazed panelled doors (one vacant) together with three other library bookcase sections (5) 60-80
1085.   A Victorian carved oak wall mounted hat and coat rack, with scrolling acanthus, face mask and further applied moulded detail, with all over later painted finish, 130cm wide
1086.   A contemporary reproduction wall mirror of rectangular form, the swept and moulded frame with foliate detail and silver painted finish, 117cm x 91cm
1087.   A reproduction overmantel mirror, the moulded and chamfered frame with peg detail, 107cm x 79cm 40-60
1088.   A convex wall mirror, with moulded and pierced scrolling acanthus plaster frame, 50cm diameter, together with two others and a small picnic hamper
1089.   An Edwardian wall mirror of oval form with bevelled edge plate within a moulded gilt frame, 76cm x 62cm 40-60
1090.   A Georgian style wall mirror, the rectangular plate set within a shaped and moulded frame, with gilt highlighted scrolling acanthus and painted detail, 90cm x 58cm approx 80-120
1091.   A Chippendale style wall mirror, the rectangular plate set within a moulded frame, with carved fretwork outline and raised gilded hoho bird detail, together with a slender shield shaped wall mirror with moulded gilt scrolling frame, with raised cherub surmount (2)
1092.   An Adams style overmantle mirror, the moulded gilt frame, with classical repeating harebell swag, egg and dart bead work and further detail, 106cm x 92cm 100-150
1093.   A contemporary wall mirror of circular form with bevelled edge plate set within a deep cushioned reed or split cane frame, 78cm diameter 40-60
1094.   A Victorian over mantel mirror, with moulded arched gilt frame, 100cm x 65cm 60-100
1095.   An Edwardian/1920s oak framed wall mirror of circular form with bevelled edge plate, 63cm diameter, together with two further mirrors of varying design (3)
1096.   A Victorian overmantle mirror, the moulded arched frame with scrolling acanthus detail and gilt painted finish (originally a chiffonier back) 160cm x 96cm 120-140
1097.   A Victorian style brass and iron bedhead approx 5ft wide
1098.   1920s oval wall mirror with bevelled edge plate within a brass frame, with applied foliate detail, 76 x 53cm
1099.   One lot of miscellaneous furniture including a small oak gateleg table, raised on turned bobbin supports and one other, two nests of occasional tables in the Georgian style, two chairs of varying design, etc 40-60
1100.   A pair of slender rectangular wall mirrors with gilded foliate slips and surrounds, 70cm high x 40cm wide
1101.   Five wall mirrors of varying size and design to include a shield shaped example, with moulded and painted frame and acanthus and shell detail 40-60
1102.   A pair of painted light steel star shaped wall plaque, 104cm, together with two further smaller matching examples (3)
1103.   A Victorian 4ft 6 brass and iron double bedstead with ball finials 40-60
1104.   A hardwood boarded wall plaque with carved Buddistic face mask detail, 77cm x 60cm approx
1105.   A painted wooden wall mounted solicitors sign of rectangular form, advertising Fryer, Griggs & Collett with deep stepped and moulded frame, 126cm x 80cm approx
1106.   An arts and crafts style oak dresser, the base enclosed by a pair of moulded panelled doors and two frieze drawers, beneath a recessed open plate rack with two fixed shelves, 153cm wide x 45cm deep x 202cm high 60-80
1107.   A crackle glazed stoneware urn, the squat circular bowl with applied acanthus leaf detail, raised on a square platform base, 50cm diameter x 34cm high, together with an Edwardian mahogany jardiniere with removeable brass liner (2)
1108.   A Laura Ashley Home Provencale ivory two sectional side cabinet, the lower enclosed by three square panelled doors, the upper enclosed by three glazed panelled doors revealing a shelved interior, 186cm wide x 41cm deep x 220cm high 100-150
1109.   A Victorian brass framed hall or porch lantern of square form enclosing glazed panels, with sunburst detail, beneath an open arched frame/fitting, 53cm high x 22cm square 60-80
1110.   A Dutch style brass six branch hanging ceiling light/electrolier, with knopped and bulbous stem, together with two more contemporary polished examples with glass shades (3) 60-80
1111.   A ten branch moulded glass chandelier, with faceted glass tear drops, together with a further five branch example (2) 60-80
1112.   A hanging melon shaped ceiling light with open wirework frame with repeating facets hung from a chain link with cast foliate rose (lacks internal fitting) 40-60
1112A.  A cast iron book press with central screw thread and club handle 40-60
1113.   A pair of reclaimed pine internal doors, partially glazed with stained glass and starburst panels, together with a pair of similar sash windows, the doors 194cm high x 76cm wide, the windows 98cm wide x 81cm high (4) 60-80
1114.   A vintage iron work wine rack, with wave shaped bars, together with two further wine racks of varying size with strap work frames and wooden divisions (3) 60-80
1115.   An unusual iron work vessel with flared spout, drawn neck and loop handle, floorstanding and portable, with three wheels, 77cm high 40-60
1116.   A vintage wooden hand cart, with T shaped handle, spoke wheels and hard rubber tyres 40-60
1117.   A Raleigh Courier gents 3 speed bicycle 40-60
1118.   A cast iron boot stand/rack, with decorative pierced foliate and scrolled detail and combined beetle boot jack/pull
1119.   A Ladderax type shelving unit, comprising three ebonised wooden ladder type uprights, with four teak shelves, the uprights 230cm, the shelves 195cm long x 20cm wide 120-140
1120.   A collection (stack of) seven vintage brown fibre and leather re-enforced suitcases of varying size and design, together with two gladstone type bags and four satchels (13)
1121.   A pair of contemporary lime washed, light oak bedside lamp tables of square cut form, with open shelves, tapered legs and centralised inset plaques (to be sold with option of purchasing the next matching lot at the same unit/hammer price) 40-60
1122.   A pair of contemporary lime washed, light oak bedside lamp tables of square cut form, with open shelves, tapered legs and centralised inset plaques (to be sold with option of purchasing the next matching lot at the same unit/hammer price) 40-60
1123.   A pair of contemporary lime washed, light oak bedside lamp tables of square cut form, with open shelves, tapered legs and centralised inset plaques (to be sold with option of purchasing the next matching lot at the same unit/hammer price) 40-60
1124.   A pair of contemporary lime washed, light oak bedside lamp tables of square cut form, with open shelves, tapered legs and centralised inset plaques (to be sold with option of purchasing the next matching lot at the same unit/hammer price) 40-60
1125.   A pair of contemporary lime washed, light oak bedside lamp tables of square cut form, with open shelves, tapered legs and centralised inset plaques 40-60
1126.   An 18th century oak coffer, with hinged lid, panelled frame and moulded styles, the front elevation enclosing four lozenge shaped and carved flower head panels, 130cm (af) 120-150
1127.   A good quality contemporary light oak kneehole desk, fitted with three long graduated drawers with heavy cast handles, flanking a further pull out drawer/slide, beneath a inset faux leather top, 130cm long x 67cm wide 60-80
1128.   A good quality elm coal or slipper box, in the Old English style, with exposed fittings and notched detail 40-60
1129.   Hille moulded plastic child's school chairs with pierced backs and tubular supports (stack of six)
1130.   A Matthews steel filing cabinet fitted with fifteen index drawers, raised on a recessed plinth 40-60
1131.   A Bisley floorstanding filing cabinet, fitted with fifteen index filing drawers, raised on a recessed plinth (orange colourway) 40-60
1132.   A small Bisley steel floorstanding filing cabinet, fitted with ten index filing drawers, in brown and cream colourway
1132A.  19th century painted pine pew with Gothic ends 60-80
1133.   A vintage green painted steel floorstanding filing cabinet, fitted with fifteen index filing drawers, raised on tapered legs 40-60
1134.   A Multico Pro-mex multi shop wood turning lathe, drill and saw bench and accessories 150-200
1135.   Four contemporary oak faced and veneered hanging kitchen wall units, three glazed, the other open with lattice work wine rack
1136.   A Gunn and Moore sports bag and contents to include cricket pads, helmet and a bat later adapted as a coat rack, lacrosse racket, fencing foil, etc
1137.   A Jaques croquet set, housed within its original pine and cardboard box 60-100
1138.   A Prokraft generator model KP1800, with instructions, petrol with 4.1 litre tank, max output 650 watts, (appears hardly, if ever used) 80-100
1139.   A small quantity of vintage wood working tools
1140.   A large quantity of tessili, various colours within two plastic boxes 30-50
1141.   One lot of 19th century and later lighting to include a pair of cast iron gas brackets with scrolled detail, further examples, a brass whale oil lamp, an industrial anglepoise lamp, various shades and a Victorian lantern hood 40-60
1142.   An old iron anchor, together with two spent brass shell cases (3)
1143.   Two vintage Salter balance scales, model 250 and silver and copper checker no 5, together with a further set of cast iron enamel scales, postal scales and five fire irons (9) 40-60
1143A.  A Vintage Murphy mains radio type A122, two jam pans and eight vintage iron coat hooks with numbered pegs (11)
1144.   A Hitachi belt sander SB10, further Hitachi, electronic planer, 82mm P20V Black and Decker D370 bench grinder, three drill presses, etc
1145.   One lot of mainly copper and brassware to include a 19th century copper, helmet shaped coal scuttle, two copper kettles, cylindrical coal bucket, with pop riveted bands, copper bed warming pan, brass bell, together with two floorstanding iron work planters and a standard lamp with simple scroll detail (11) 40-60
1146.   A set of four 19th century Windsor stained elm and beechwood, stick back kitchen chairs, together with a further Windsor lathe back armchair (5) 60-80
1147.   A pair of Georgian country made Chippendale style dining chairs with pierced gothic tracery vase shaped splats over solid seats raised on square cut and moulded supports, together with a further pair of 19th century mahogany bar back chairs with solid seats raised on turned forelegs, a Georgian open elbow chair, with pierced comb splat over a generous upholstered seat and shaped forelegs and a similar single chair (6) 40-60
1148.   Set of eleven light weight Regency style stained beechwood dining/occasional chars, with swept slender triple bar backs, over cane panelled seats and sabre forelegs united by stretchers 60-80
1149.   A set of ten (8+2) reproduction Hepplewhite style mahogany dining chairs, with pierced comb splats, moulded frames and drop in alternating striped upholstered seats, raised on square tapered forelegs and spade feet, united by stretchers 80-120
1149A.  An Edwardian stool with oval pad seat, raised on turned supports and stretchers, together with a Gothic pine shelf (2) 40-60
1150.   A Chinese wooden well bucket, with steel bands
1151.   One lot of twin branch wall lights, of varying design, to include a pair of moulded glass examples with faceted tear drops 50-80
1152.   A 19th century stripped and waxed pine box with hinged lid and exposed dovetail construction, 50cm high x 94cm wide x 58cm deep 60-80
1153.   Three sea mans type trunks, with rope twist handles and hinged lids 40-60
1154.   Four novelty table top menu holders, in the form of waiters, together with a coloured print after John Haysom 'Rare Breeds', one other 'The Olypigs', both housed within moulded pine frames, two framed tapestries and two wall clocks with circular dials (10)
1155.   A pair of EV SX300 speakers, together with three Yamaha CBR10 and a Dynacord D8 example (6) 40-60
1156.   A Miele Cat and Dog 6000 electric hoover and attachments 40-60
1157.   Two small stained pine and steel banded ex-military chests, with hinged lids and side carrying handles, together with a similar portable cupboard enclosed by a pair of doors, with strap work hinges (3) 40-60
1158.   A vintage HMV 2012 mains record player, with Garrard model 2000 turntable
1159.   A vintage Herbert Terry & Sons Ltd anglepoise table lamp, with domed shade and two step square base, together with a Muray projector? a boxed Noris Splicomatic and two vintage light bulbs (5) 40-60
1160.   Four Hartmann good quality suitcases (two sizes) with combination locks, tweed clad and light stitched tan leather bound 100-120
1161.   Qualcast electric rotary lawn mower, model no M32EB 1537m, 1500w, together with further a Qualcast 350w electric grass trimmer
1162.   A useful low platform trolley with four hard rubber tyres
1163.   A vintage green canvas and leather re-enforced trunk, with painted initials to lid DAB, together with two further vintage stitched leather suitcases, a small wine rack and small quantity of leather harnesses
1164.   A vintage Silver Cross coach built pram with sprung frame and wire spoke wheels with hard rubber tyres 40-60
1165.   One lot of vintage japanned tin dead boxes, and other trunks
1166.   A terracotta planter of squat cylindrical form, with repeating swag relief detail, together with a small quantity of terracotta flower pots of varying size and a glazed preserve jar and cover
1167.   A 19th century stripped and waxed pine blanket box with hinged lid, candle box to interior, exposed dovetail construction and side carrying handles 60-80
1168.   A stripped pine blanket box/trunk with hinged lid and side carrying handles, together with a small eastern occasional table of hexagonal form with geometric inlaid bone work and further detail (2) 80-120
1169.   A vintage canvas, wooden lathe bound cabin trunk and contents to include, framed coloured print after Cecil Aldin, 'The Pytchley', Vintage Table Football Game, further Battle of Britain game and a BOAC shoulder bag
1170.   A set of six (4+2) reproduction Regency style dining chairs, with moulded frames, drop in upholstered seats and sabre forelegs
1171.   A late Victorian/Edwardian walnut secretaire bookcase, the upper recessed section enclosed by a pair of rectangular glazed panel doors, revealing three adjustable shelves to interior, over a long frieze drawer with patent push button release fall front enclosing a partially fitted interior of small drawers and pigeon holes, and inset leather writing surface, over a cupboard enclosed by a pair of panelled doors with carved foliate detail, set on a moulded plinth, 120cm wide approx 60-80
1172.   A Victorian mahogany bedroom chest of two short over three long drawers, with well matched veneers, turned handles with inset mother of pearl detail, raised on squat turned supports, 106cm wide 60-80
1173.   A 19th century mahogany kneehole side table/low boy, fitted with an arrangement of three frieze drawers, with string banded inlay raised on square tapered supports, 102cm wide 40-60
1174.   An early 20th century mahogany side cabinet freestanding and enclosed by a pair of astragal glazed panelled doors with arched mouldings raised on squat claw and ball supports 40-60
1175.   An oak sideboard with moulded outline enclosed by a pair of rectangular doors flanking a tower of four drawers and raised on square tapered supports, possibly Gordon Russell, 138cm long 40-60
1175A.  A pair of Marcel Brewer style cantilever chairs with light tan leather strap work seat, back and arm pads, tubular steel frames 50-80
1176.   A small reproduction Georgian style mahogany bow-fronted bedroom chest, with two short and three long drawers, shaped apron and splayed supports, 72cm wide, together with a further bow-fronted example (2) 60-80
1177.   A 1970s teak kneehole desk of slender rectangular form with inset formica top over a chest of two short over three long graduated drawers, 153 cm long (5ft x 50 cm wide) together with a hardwood table top, 150cm x 74cm
1178.   An Edwardian walnut floorstanding sheet music cabinet, fitted with five shallow drawers with patent fall fronts, raised on square tapered supports, united by a low under tier (plus contents)
1179.   A 19th century mahogany occasional table of circular form raised on a turned pillar and shaped tripod, together with two reproduction mahogany torcheres of varying design and an oak bow-fronted freestanding corner cupboard fitted with a frieze drawer and tambour door (4) 40-60
1180.   An Art Deco limed oak three piece bedroom suite, comprising drop well twin pedestal dressing table, bedside cupboard, two door wardrobe, with canted and moulded panels and foliate detail, (the wardrobe probably reduced in size) 80-120
1181.   A gilt wood floorstanding standard lamp in the form of a candle stand, with partially fluted and wrythen turned column raised on a moulded disk shaped platform with repeating egg and dart mouldings and blue painted highlighted detail, etc, 122cm high 40-60
1182.   A low pine side cupboard, fitted and enclosed by a pair of panelled doors and an arrangement of three drawers, flanked by split moulded columns, 82cm wide x 42cm deep x 65cm high 120-140
1183.   A Victorian pine bedroom chest of two short over three long drawers, with shaped apron and turned handles, 104cm wide 80-100
1184.   A good quality mid-20th century teak two tier occasional table, with removeable tray top, raised on four simple turned supports 60-80
1185.   A Gothic revival pitch pine table of rectangular form, possibly of ecclesiastical origin, with moulded outline and repeating Gothic tracery frieze, raised on four turned, tapered supports, approx 120cm long x 52cm wide x 74cm high 100-120
1186.   An oak box with hinged lid, fall front and fielded panelled frame, 62cm long x 37cm wide x 36cm high 70-90
1187.   A white and grey flecked marble top side table of rectangular form, raised on ebonised supports, with claw and ball feet, 122cm long x 60cm wide 100-120
1188.   A small reproduction Old English style oak coffer, with hinged lid, the front elevation enclosing two carved arcaded panels with foliate detail beneath a fluted frieze, 92cm long, together with a further good quality next of three graduated oak occasional tables, with rectangular tops, raised on turned supports and sledge feet 60-80
1189.   A good quality reproduction Georgian style bow-fronted chest on chest of six long drawers, cross banded and figure veneered, brushing slide and raised on splayed bracket supports, 72cm wide x 45cm deep x 139cm high approx 80-120
1190.   An early 20th century Jacobean revival oak dresser with geometric and further split mouldings , carved foliate and stop fluted detail, the recessed raised back incorporating three panelled doors, two canted over two deep frieze drawers raised on turned forelegs united by a pot board, approx 5ft long, together with a further stained oak floorstanding open bookcase with fixed shelves and split bobbin mouldings, (2) 60-80
1191.   A 19th century music stool, with circular revolving height adjustable upholstered seat, raised on turned, tapered and swept legs, united by a platform stretcher with central through thread, simulated rosewood finish, together with an Edwardian mahogany freestanding folding cake stand with three circular tiers and swept supports (2) 40-60
1192.   Two 19th century French bedside tables, of varying design, but both with decorative inset coloured marble tops 60-80
1193.   A low Victorian stripped pine bedroom chest of two short over two long graduated drawers, with moulded skirting and shaped apron, 92cm wide x 82.5cm high 60-80
1194.   A low Victorian stripped pine bedroom chest of two short over two long graduated drawers with shaped apron, 106cm wide x 72cm high 60-80
1195.   A stripped pine single wardrobe with stepped and moulded cornice over a three quarter length arched fielded panel door enclosing a hanging rail to interior, over a deep long drawer to base, 190cm high x 90cm wide approx 60-80
1196.   A retro teak framed, freestanding hall stand, with vinyl covered and studded back, rectangular mirror plate and platform base, incorporating a drip tray, together with a teak two divisional Canterbury (2) 40-60
1197.   Stripped pine two tier side table, fitted with a shallow frieze drawer, raised on four square cut supports, together with one other (2) 40-60
1198.   A Victorian stripped pine bedroom chest of two short over three long graduated drawers and shaped apron, 106cm wide 60-80
1199.   A traditional wooden rocking horse, with painted finish, horse hair tail and mane, soft leather saddle and bridle, raised on a stretcher framework 200-300
1200.   A Victorian mahogany bedroom chest of two short over three long graduated drawers, with turned handles and rounded corners (af) 105cm wide 40-60
1201.   An Edwardian mahogany display cabinet, freestanding and enclosed by a segmented glazed panelled door, flanked by fluted detail and raised on square tapered supports, approx 60cm wide x 32cm deep x 150cm high 40-60
1202.   An iron work floorstanding telescopic oil lamp standard, with simple scroll, copper flower head detail, (later converted to electricity)
1203.   An oak blanket box in the form of an old English coffer, with hinged lid, the front elevation enclosing three linen fold panels together with an oak stool with upholstered seat and a gypsy table (3) 40-60
1204.   A mid-20th century low side table fitted with two frieze drawers with stripped fronts and top, raised on ebonised tapered supports, united by a X framed stretcher 100-120
1204A.  A pair of Dynatron floorstanding speakers model number 3238 60-100
1205.   A pair of cream French tray top bedside tables, with serpentine front, fitted with a frieze drawer, and open compartment, panelled sides and scrolled cabriole supports 60-80
1206.   An Edwardian mahogany washstand, with chequered and boxwood string inlaid detail, enclosed by two rectangular panelled doors, beneath a coloured marble top and raised splashback
1207.   A French cream painted three drawer side table with decorative veined marble top, raised on square tapered legs, together with a two tier occasional table of oval form, also painted and raised on four shaped legs, with repeating detail (2) 50-80
1208.   A stripped pine freestanding open bookcase, with fixed shelves and tongue and groove panelled back, together with a small white painted table top cabinet with hinged lid, with foliate detail (2)
1209.   An eastern camphor wood chest, with hinged lid and profusely carved relief detail 100-120
1210.   A Victorian stripped pine kneehole single pedestal desk, fitted with an arrangement of five drawers, partially raised on turned, tapered supports, 108cm wide x 70cm deep x 77cm high 60-80
1211.   A vintage tailors dummy (half female torso) together with a modernist table top head and shoulder bust, raised on a circular platform base (2)
1212.   A continental low oak occasional table of rectangular form, with parquet top, shaped outline and scrolled cabriole supports, together with a further example, with marble top and pierced brass gallery (2) 40-60
1213.   A simulated marble (travertine) low occasional table of rectangular form, raised on an open box section supports, 130cm x 70cm 40-60
1214.   'His Masters Voice' vintage portable windup gramophone, with number 16 sound head 40-60
1215.   A vintage floorstanding steel filing cabinet, fitted with a side by side arrangement of 10 index drawers, with painted finish, approx 55cm square x 132cm high 100-120
1216.   A pair of white glazed ceramic urns, with partially lobed bodies and canted base, 31cm diameter x 40cm high
1217.   An Edwardian walnut planter freestanding and of rectangular form with moulded serpentine outline, further shaped panels, removable tin/zinc liner and raised on slender cabriole supports 100-120
1218.   A reclaimed stripped pine kitchen dresser, the base enclosed by three tongue and groove panelled doors and three frieze drawers, beneath an open plate rack with fixed shelves and further panelled back (one piece) 170cm long x 58cm wide x 191cm high, with three graduated blue and white jugs (4) 80-100
1219.   A Georgian style urn shaped wooden table lamp, with stepped square base and painted finish, together with one other in the form of a classical fluted column and a vintage trap/coach lamp (3)
1220.   1920s Jacobean revival oak monks bench with geometric mouldings and carved detail, the sliding rectangular plank top raised on turned bobbin supports and box seat with hinged lid, raised on simple turned bun supports 120-140
1221.   A Durkopp cast iron treadle sewing machine base with decorative scroll detail, later adapted as a occasional or garden table with removeable faux marble top
1222.   A Georgian oak pad foot dining table with rectangular drop leaves to seat 4/6 (af)
1222A.  An oval tub with decoupage detail, another with barge ware detail, two wire baskets, Scandinavian painted table, naive study of a cat and two mirrors 40-60
1223.   A Georgian mahogany drop leaf dining table of rectangular form raised on four square tapered legs, to seat 4/6
1224.   A small low Victorian pine chest of two short over two long drawers, with turned handles and light blue panted finish, 82cm wide x 44cm deep x 72cm high approx 40-60
1225.   A reproduction Regency style sofa table, fitted with two real and two dummy frieze drawers, raised on lyre shaped supports, united by a central turned stretcher
1226.   An early 19th century mahogany drop leaf table, of rectangular form with broad plank top, raised on four square tapered supports
1227.   A pair of reproduction Georgian style torcheres raised on tripod supports, a further Georgian style stool or rectangular form with drop in upholstered seat raised on cabriole supports and three turned hardwood table lamps (6)
1228.   A novelty cast iron door porter in the form of Mrs Punch, one other in the form of a seated cat with bow collar and a cast iron boot jack in the form of a beetle (3)
1229.   A vintage plywood hat box of squat cylindrical form, with leather strap handle and painted initials to lid ROB, together with a tin trunk, with three clasps, single lock and simulated wood grain finish, the interior painted with applied paper label 'Crown The New World Brand' (clean example) 50-80
1230.   A Victorian mahogany writing table of rectangular form with vacant inset leather writing surface over a frieze drawer and four turned tapered legs with brown ceramic castors, together with a quarteto nest of Georgian style occasional tables, with inlaid crossbanded detail and swept supports (af)(2) 40-60
1231.   A coopered oak and steel banded oval tub with ring handles, together with a small wire work fireguard, three leather riding crops with horn handles, a Hobbs & Co London, reclaimed door lock and key, two graduated tin measures, light fittings, etc 40-60
1232.   A Victorian pine side table with shallow raised back over two frieze drawers and turned tapered supports, with later panted finish 40-60
1232A.  A painted steel candelabra with five entwined branches, raised on a circular platform base, together with an anodised coal bin of cylindrical form, with loose lid and a shallow oval tin tub/sieve with wooden divisions and rope twist carrying handles
1233.   A Georgian oak hanging corner cupboard enclosed by an arched moulded panelled door, with painted fixed shelved interior and dentil moulded pediment, together with one other (2) 60-80
1234.   A vintage floorstanding, two sectional beech plan chest with later painted finish, each section fitted with five drawers, with side locking mechanism, panelled sides and recessed plinth (the loose top with printed lettering verso, ER Moss Partners 1953, 122cm wide x 90cm deep x 92cm high approx 80-100
1235.   Two Georgian style toilet mirrors, one of shield shaped form the other oval, with skeleton frames
1236.   A Victorian mahogany chiffonier the raised arched and moulded back with acanthus detail and narrow shelf raised on spiral twist supports over a frieze drawer and cupboard, enclosed by a pair of well matched, flame veneered, rectangular moulded panelled doors, raised a simple plinth, 106cm wide 40-60
1237.   A Regency mahogany occasional table/pole screen base with turned column and swept tripod with ebonised detail beneath a later circular top together with an Edwardian mahogany two tier occasional table of rectangular form, the lower tier with pierced gothic tracery gallery (2)
1238.   A Victorian mahogany bedroom chest of two short over three long graduated drawers with turned handles, 107 cm wide 40-620
1239.   A Victorian walnut tilt top table of oval form with inlaid detail raised on a turned and carved base with swept supports and brass castors, together with a reproduction floorstanding four tier corner whatnot with decorative burr veneered bow-fronted shelves (2)
1240.   A carved wooden carousel horse with hand painted saddle, bridle and dappled finish, later adapted as a rocker with painted cradle supports, 130 cm high x 244 cm long (8ft full length) 200-300
1241.   An Edwardian walnut wind-out extending dining table of rectangular form with moulded outline and two additional leaves raised on four turned tapered and reeded legs with brass caps and castors, 240 cm long x 100 cm 60-80
1242.   A pair of oak high stools with circular dished and pierced seats raised on splayed square cut and chamfered supports united by stretchers
1243.   A small counter top display cabinet with aluminium frame, glazed panels and sliding doors to reverse, 45 cm wide x 30 cm deep x 60 cm high
1244.   A chipped carved blanket box with hinged lid and exposed dovetail construction 40-60
1245.   A contemporary cabin trunk with re-enforced borders and fittings, a smaller similar case, a child's toy box with hinged lid, painted finish and lettering Olivia, a wicker basket and a lantern (5)
1246.   A reproduction mahogany veneered floorstanding revolving bookcase of square cut form with inlaid detail 60-80
1247.   A vintage stripped pine nest/bank of seven drawers, 66 cm wide x 26 cm deep x 48 cm in height 40-60
1248.   A matched pair of hardwood pedestal side cabinets each of cylindrical form, enclosed by slender glazed panelled doors, 42 cm diameter x 85 cm in height 40-60
1249.   WITHDRAWN 40-60
1250.   A set of four stacking moulded plastic chairs designed by Bendt Winge Oslo, Norway with upholstered pad seats and backs, raised on tubular supports 80-120
1251.   A pair of new unused coach house high stools with saddle shaped oak seats, raised on tubular metal supports 40-60
1252.   A set of four Georgian fruitwood country made bar back dining chairs with solid seats raised on square taper supports united by stretchers, together with a similar pair (6) 60-80
1253.   A Lloyd Loom tub chair with light pink colourway
1254.   A late Victorian low nursing/slipper chair of tapered form with busy stylised foliate patterned carpet upholstered finish and raised on turned bun forelegs 70-100
1255.   A reproduction Fauteuil with suede leather upholstered seat, back pad and arms within a moulded and carved frame, with silvered finish and scrolled cabriole forelegs 40-620
1256.   A pair of Georgian style open elbow chairs with cut floral moquet patterned upholstered seats and shield shaped backs over shepherds crook arms and cabriole forelegs with carved acanthus detail 80-120
1257.   A late Victorian/Edwardian low deep seated open armchair with shaped outline, upholstered finish and turned forelegs 60-80
1258.   A set of seven Edwardian oak dining chairs with horizontal bar backs, reeded frames, upholstered seats and turned tapered forelegs 40-60
1259.   An old English style elm wing armchair with panelled back, sprung seat and loose cushion 60-80
1260.   A set of four Victorian walnut balloon back dining chairs with carved scrolling acanthus detail, upholstered seats and cabriole forelegs 40-60
1261.   A futile with alternating cream striped upholstered sprung seat and shield shaped panelled back within a moulded frame with repeating foliate detail, painted and distressed gilt finish and simple turned tapered forelegs 60-80
1262.   A wicker three piece conservatory suite comprising two seat sofa and a pair of matching armchairs with horseshoe shaped backs and loose associated seat cushions 60-80
1263.   Six reproduction salon chairs with upholstered seats and padded cameo shaped backs, with centralised glittering jewel detail within moulded frames with painted finish raised on turned tapered and fluted supports, comprising three open elbow chairs and three single (6) 80-120
1264.   A set of seven reproduction Chinese Chippendale style open elbow chairs with pierced splats, swept and scrolled arms, generous upholstered drop in pad seats and raised on square cut and moulded forelegs united by stretchers with further pierced detail, together with three further similar examples with turned cluster forelegs and lattice detail (10) 100-150
1265.   A set of six Edwardian Arts & Crafts style oak dining chairs with reeded frames, drop in rush seats and turned forelegs united by H shaped stretchers 60-80
1266.   A pair of contemporary armchairs upholstered in purple velvet with button back, shaped outline and square tapered forelegs 80-100
1267.   A pair of contemporary armchairs upholstered in purple velvet with button back, shaped outline and square tapered forelegs
1268.   A reproduction Georgian style open armchair with recently re-upholstered oatmeal ground seat and arched back over, shaped arms with exotic birds head terminals raised on claw and ball supports with shell knees 150-200
1269.   An Edwardian low deep seated armchair with simple rolled arms raised on square tapered forelegs with brass caps and castors (for re-upholstery) together with a bentwood rocking chair (2)
1270.   A reproduction Georgian style light green leather upholstered wing armchair with button back and studded detail raised on square cut and moulded forelegs united by H shaped stretcher 150-200
1271.   An Edwardian mahogany sheet music cabinet, fitted with five long slender drawers with patent fall fronts, raised on square tapered supports united by an under tier, together with a nest of three graduated reproduction Old English style oak occasional tables, a Georgian style walnut wall mirror/pier glass with carved fretwork outline and two contemporary two branch table lamps (5) 40-60
1272.   A set of four bentwood elbow chairs with ebonised frames, scrolled arms, cane panelled seats and backs, together with a pair of Windsor stickback kitchen chairs with later painted finish (6) 40-60
1273.   An unusual Victorian mahogany snooker dining table with reversible rotating top housing a 6ft x 3ft bed, the main dining table top 208 cm long x 124 cm wide, raised on four turned tapered legs with screw threads, complete with a set of balls, snooker cues and accessories 300-400
1274.   A contemporary beechwood dining table of rectangular form raised on four square cut legs united by a H shaped stretcher, together with a set of six matching triple bar back dining chairs with rush seats (7)
1275.   A Victorian pole screen, the moulded walnut arched frame enclosing a glazed floral tapestry panel, together with an oak framed firescreen, enclosing an embroidered panel of a deer in landscape setting and an oak folding freestanding cake stand with three circular tiers (3)
1276.   A small reproduction Georgian style walnut veneered chest with serpentine front fitted with four long drawers raised on bracket shaped supports together with a late Victorian nursing/low bedroom chair with ebonised and gilt highlighted frame, a pair of Victorian cane seated lightweight bedroom chairs with chamfered detail and a small old English style occasional table, the rectangular top with carved foliate detail raised on turned supports and stretchers (5) 40-60
1277.   A contemporary oak draw leaf dining table, raised on four square cut supports, 91cm square when closed, 175cm when extended (to seat six) 40-60
1278.   A pair of small 19th century mahogany chests of five long graduated drawers (once part of a desk/dressing table), 34 cm high x 30 cm wide x 28 cm deep 40-60
1279.   A Victorian style stripped pine farmhouse kitchen table of rectangular form with rounded corners and raised on four turned tapered legs, 6ft long x 35 inches wide 120-150
1280.   A harlequin set of eight Windsor elm and beechwood stick back kitchen chairs raised on partially ringed turned splayed legs united by stretchers 300-350
1281.   A set of six 19th century mahogany dining chairs, the scrolled backs with interlaced splats over drop in upholstered seats with serpentine fronts raised on slender turned tapered forelegs 60-80
1281A.  A set of three 19th century walnut dining chairs loosely in the Cromwelian style with floral patterned upholstered seats and backs, raised on turned supports and stretchers, together with an armchair with shaped outline, upholstered finish and studded detail raised on scrolled cabriole forelegs (4)
1282.   A 1920s tub chair, the moulded frame with horseshoe shaped back, cane panel, upholstered pad seat and barley twist supports, united by a H shaped stretcher, together with an Ercol stained elm and beechwood, stickback elbow chair (2) 60-80
1283.   An Edwardian day bed with swept and rolled head rest, upholstered finish, loose bolster cushion, raised on turned, tapered legs and wooden castors 40-60
1284.   A reproduction Regency style tub chair with upholstered seat, back and loose seat cushion within a moulded and carved frame with rams head terminals with turned forelegs 40-60
1285.   A low chair with deep upholstered seat and back raised on shaped laminated beechwood supports 60-80
1286.   A Victorian drawing room chair with upholstered finish, rolled arms and arched back over a serpentine front and ebonised tapered legs raised on wooden castors (AF) for re-upholstery
1287.   A good quality low contemporary reproduction centre stool of rectangular form with alternating green and blue piped corduroy upholstery on a cream ground raised on four turned tapered legs with polished brass caps and castors, 125 cm long x 62 cm wide 40-60
1288.   An Ekornes Stressless swivel and adjustable lounge chair with soft stitched navy blue leather upholstery, together with a matching footstool, raised on beechwood ring supports
1289.   A pair of contemporary reproduction fauteuils with upholstered seats, back pads and arms within stained beechwood moulded and carved frames raised on cabriole forelegs 80-100
1290.   A set of eight (6&2) reproduction mahogany dining chairs in the Hepplewhite style, the shield shaped backs with pierced splats and plume detail over drop in upholstered seats raised on square tapered and moulded forelegs with spade feet united by H shaped stretchers 60-80
1291.   A set of six (4&2) 1920s oak framed dining chairs with later floral patterned upholstered seats and back pads raised on turned and block supports united by stretchers 40-60
1292.   A pair of contemporary stitched brown leather upholstered two seat club style sofas raised on squat square tapered supports, 140 cm long approx (AF) 100-150
1293.   A traditional green leather upholstered three seat Chesterfield sofa with button back and loose seat cushions, 200 cm long approx 80-120
1294.   A set of six contemporary tub chairs with shaped outline, pierced backs and green velvet upholstery, raised on stained square tapered supports (to be sold with the option of purchasing the following matching lot at the same unit/hammer price) 60-80
1295.   A set of six contemporary tub chairs with shaped outline, pierced backs, green velvet upholstery, raised on stained square tapered supports
1296.   A vintage stitched tan leather suitcase with metal fittings together with a further smaller fibre suitcase housed within(2)
1297.   An Edwardian low deep seated two to three seat sofa with floral patterned upholstery and later loose cover, squab feather filled cushions and raised on turned bun feet with integral brass castors, 180 cm long approx
1298.   A pair of Edwardian armchairs with rolled arms, arched backs, simply linen upholstered and raised on turned bun feet with integral castors 80-120
1299.   A Maxalto Italian low deep seated armchair with ebonised oak frame, upholstered loose seat cushion and further upholstered panelled back 40-60
1300.   An Art Deco style stitched tan leather upholstered two seat sofa with piped detail and rounded arms raised on simple square tapered legs, 5ft long approx 100-150
1301.   A contemporary but traditional style two to three seat sofa with cream ground chevron patterned upholstered finish, swept and scrolled arms, loose feather filled seat cushions, 220 cm long approx 60-80
1302.   A rustic stripped pine saddle horse together with two leather saddles (3) 40-60
1303.   A Regency mahogany bar back dining chair with brass inlaid detail, cane panelled seat and sabre supports together with a 19th century country made low rush seated rocking chair and a 19th century mixed wood occasional table, the octagonal top raised on a turned pillar and shaped tripod, a toilet mirror and small occasional table (5) 40-60
1304.   A 1970s hardwood D end dining table with moulded outline and two additional leaves raised on angular supports, 100 cm in diameter when closed, 200 cm when open 60-80
1305.   A stripped pine breakfast table of circular form raised on a turned pillar and shaped tripod to seat four to six, 138 cm in diameter 40-60
1306.   A Kashmir walnut quarteto nest of graduated occasional tables of rectangular form with carved foliate bands and square cut supports, the outer table 57 cm long x 37 cm wide 40-60
1307.   A set of four small Kashmir walnut occasional tables of rectangular form with carved foliate bands and raised on cabriole supports, the tops 36 cm x 27 cm 40-60
1308.   A pair of low Kashmir walnut occasional tables of rectangular form with carved foliate banding and raised on cabriole supports, 85 cm long x 37 cm wide 40-60
1309.   A Kashmir walnut quarteto nest of occasional tables with carved foliate bands and fitted with three long drawers with serpentine outline 40-60
1310.   A Kashmir walnut two handled tea tray with shaped outline and carved detail, two further Kashmir folding cake stands, two turned bowls and a carving set (6) 40-60
1311.   A Kashmir walnut standard lamp with carved foliate detail, turned stem, disc shaped platform base 40-60
1312.   A Georgian mahogany drop leaf dining table of rectangular form raised on four square cut and moulded legs to seat four to six 40-60
1313.   A good quality vintage bentwood floorstanding hat/coat stand with scrolled hooks and beehive finial 60-80
1314.   A traditional Edwardian style carved wooden rocking horse with dappled grey painted finish, horse hair mane and tail, raised on a stripped pine stretcher framework with applied rectangular sticker made by Collinson & Sons, Smith Down Road, Liverpool, 95 cm in height x 123 cm long 150-250
1315.   An Edwardian walnut side cabinet with blind fret banded frieze over a pair of astragal glazed panelled doors enclosing three adjustable shelves to interior and raised on bracket supports, 94 cm x 30 cm deep x 114 cm in height 40-60
1316.   An Edwardian mahogany display cabinet freestanding and enclosed by four doors, the upper glazed with astragal mouldings and raised on squat cabriole supports, 123 cm wide x 38 cm deep x 162 cm high 60-80
1317.   An Edwardian walnut triple compactum wardrobe, the stepped and moulded cornice with blind fret, scrolling wave frieze over an arrangement of cupboards and drawers, raised on a moulded plinth 100-150
1318.   A 19th century oak snap top occasional table of circular form, raised on a turned vase shaped pillar and swept tripod 40-60
1319.   A large composite model of a crowing cockerel with gilt finish and naturalistic base, 106 cm high 60-80
1320.   An Edwardian Georgian style walnut chest of six long graduated drawers with cast brass ring handles and bracket supports, 61 cm wide x 43 cm deep x 107 cm high 60-80
1321.   A scratch built dolls house with gabled roof and painted finish
1322.   A 19th century oak Pembroke table raised on ring turned and tapered supports 40-60
1323.   An Ercol medium elm and beechwood nest of three graduated "pebble" occasional tables raised on splayed turned tapered supports 100-150
1324.   A Victorian mahogany kneehole twin pedestal writing desk with inset tooled crimson leather top over the usual arrangement of nine frieze drawers and set on moulded plinths, approx 108 cm wide x 61 cm deep x 75 cm height 80-120
1325.   A Victorian mahogany music stool with circular revolving upholstered seat raised on a vase shaped moulded pillar, petal shaped platform and scrolled feet 40-60
1326.   A mahogany kneehole twin pedestal Dickens type desk fitted with an arrangement of drawers and hinged slope 130 cm wide x 54 cm deep x 106 cm high 80-120
1327.   An Edwardian mahogany linen press with inlaid satinwood banding, chequered and box wood stringing, the upper section enclosed by a pair of rectangular panelled doors, the interior later fitted with a hanging rail, over a chest of two short and two long drawers set on a moulded plinth 80-120
1328.   A late Victorian/Edwardian walnut triple wardrobe with moulded cornice over three, three quarter length panelled doors, two with bevelled edge mirror plates, the central with carved central panel in the form of a classical maiden, the interior partially fitted with three graduated drawers and three linen slides over two drawers to base raised on a moulded plinth 100-150
1329.   A low old English style walnut bench stool, the rectangular planked seat with moulded outline raised on eight turned supports united by stretchers 162 cm long x 32 cm wide x 48 cm in height 100-120
1330.   A decorative cream painted iron work two tier Etagere with plate glass panels and simulated tassel and swag detail 80-100
1331.   A French occasional table with painted finish, serpentine outline and inset marble top raised on four scrolled cabriole legs united by an X framed stretcher 60-80
1332.   A pair of globular opaque glass shades together with a further opaque glass contemporary lamp with tapered shade (3) 140-160
1332A.  A small Japanese table top cabinet partially enclosed by a pair of panelled doors with exposed decorative butterfly shaped hinges and eighteen small drawers with lime wash finish 40-60
1333.   A good quality Regency style kneehole twin pedestal writing desk with inset brown leather panelled top, turreted corners, raised on partially reeded columns and fitted with an arrangement of nine frieze drawers with ebony string inlaid detail and well matched flame veneers, 148 cm wide x 87 cm deep x 76 cm in height 200-300
1334.   An Arts & Crafts hall bench with plank through jointed seat, pierced window type panels and possibly later applied metal fittings, together with a low poker work occasional table of square cut form with stained Art Nouveau foliate detail and a planter loosely in the Arts & Crafts style (3) 80-100
1335.   A Victorian walnut Davenport with inlaid banding, the hinged slope enclosing a simply fitted interior of small drawers and pigeon holes over the usual arrangement of real and dummy drawers 50-80
1336.   A Victorian nursing chair with cut moquet floral patterned upholstered seat and cameo shaped back within a walnut show wood frame with carved shell and foliate detail raised on cabriole forelegs 50-80
1337.   A 1920s oak occasional table of oval form with serpentine outline and inset cane panelled top raised on four barley twist legs united by wavy stretchers 40-60
1338.   An Arts & Crafts walnut two tier occasional table, the square cut and moulded top with canted corners and inset tiles raised on splayed bobbin turned supports united by a further turned cross framed stretcher 40-60
1339.   An ironwork occasional table of circular form with gilt painted finish with vacant glass/marble inset top raised on three looped and swept supports, 70 cm in diameter 40-60
1340.   Two 19th century continental marble top bedside tables/pot cupboards of varying design one in oak the other in walnut, both raised on turned supports 60-80
1341.   An Adams petite grand piano with stained oak case label to interior supplied by Harrods Ltd, London, number 36398 100-200
1342.   A continental pitch pine wardrobe with decorative split bamboo mouldings enclosed by a pair of three quarter length rectangular mirror panelled doors with two shallow drawers to base (will easily dismantle for ease of removal) 150-250
1343.   A small reproduction oak oval drop leaf occasional table in the old English style with swivel top raised on turned supports and stretchers together with a two tier occasional table of octagonal form with carved chrysanthemum decoration (2)
1344.   An Edwardian walnut chiffonier, the raised back enclosing three shaped bevelled edge plates beneath a scrolling pediment and blind fret decoration, over a breakfront cabinet enclosed by a pair of glazed panelled doors flanked by open shelves raised on cabriole supports, 140 cm wide 60-80
1345.   A simulated bamboo x framed folding butlers tray stand and associated two handled rectangular tray with moulded outline 50-80
1346.   An Edwardian oak floorstanding revolving bookcase of square cut form with gadrooned border (lacks base)
1347.   A pair of Victorian gothic revival oak hall chairs with carved flower head and chamfered detail over solid seats and turned tapered forelegs 60-80
1348.   A set of four Lancashire style spindleback dining chairs with stained frames, rush seats raised on simple turned tapered supports united by stretchers, together with two further rush seated child's chairs of varying design and one other (7) 40-60
1349.   A Victorian gothic revival oak kneehole desk with shallow three quarter gallery over an arrangement of five frieze drawers with cast brass rope twist ring handles and raised on square cut and chamfered supports, 128 cm wide x 67 cm deep x 80 cm in height 100-150
1350.   A Victorian gothic revival oak kneehole writing desk with faux inset leather panelled top over an arrangement of five frieze drawers with cast brass rope twist ring handles raised on square cut and chamfered supports, 136 cm wide x 80 cm deep (matches previous lot) 100-150
1351.   A Chinese fish bowl light green ground decorated with mandarin, duck, flower, bird and further repeating decorative detail, six character mark to base, 48 cm diameter 80-100
1352.   A Victorian gothic revival pitch pine triple wardrobe with stepped and moulded cornice over three full length panelled doors with tongue and groove panelling, the central enclosing a mirror plate, the interior partially fitted with drawers and slides and set on a moulded plinth
1353.   A small Japanese four fold screen with decorative carved framework (AF) lacks panels, together with a further four fold example with lacquered frame and embroidered panels and an Edwardian two fold example and a stool with tapestry top (4) 60-100
1354.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany display cabinet with tied ribbon, harebell, chequered and box wood string detail, enclosed by a pair of segmented glazed panelled doors flanking a slightly bow front and raised on square tapered supports and spade feet, 115 cm wide 80-120
1355.   An Edwardian Arts & Crafts style wall mounted coat rack with reeded oak frame and brass hooks, together with a 1920s oak floorstanding Canterbury and combined book trough (2) 60-80
1356.   A Georgian oak plate rack, partially enclosed by a pair of arched cupboard doors flanking open shelves and boarded back, beneath a pierced frieze (ex dresser rack), 203 cm wide 40-60
1357.   An Edwardian mahogany low parlour/nursing chair with inlaid urn, scrolling foliate and box wood string inlaid detail, floral patterned upholstered seat and shield shaped back raised on square tapered forelegs with spade feet, brass caps and castors 40-60
1358.   A Regency open elbow chair probably beechwood with later painted ebonised and gilt highlighted simulated bamboo frame, together with a pair of matching single chairs with rush seats 60-80
1359.   A contemporary reproduction cherry wood writing desk, the hinged lid enclosing a partially fitted interior and writing surface over a frieze drawer raised on square tapered and splayed supports, together with a further reproduction side cabinet, the serpentine front partially enclosed by a pair of doors over three drawers 70-100
1360.   An Ercol dark stained elm and beechwood three tier tea trolley of rectangular form with rounded corners and raised shepherds castors 40-60
1361.   A Georgian style mahogany bookcase in two sections, the upper recessed and enclosed by three astragal glazed panelled doors with segmented interior and adjustable shelves over a low cupboard enclosed by a pair of twin panelled doors with classical mouldings and bracket supports, 150 cm wide x 48 cm deep x 210 cm in height 80-120
1362.   An Edwardian mahogany corner chair with inlaid detail, upholstered pad seat and turned supports, together with two further Edwardian lightweight occasional chairs of varying design (3)
1363.   A hardwood pierced two handled butlers tray of rectangular form and folding stand together with an inlaid Edwardian x framed wall bag and a brass folding firescreen with mesh panel
1364.   A pair of contemporary Arts & Crafts style stained beechwood freestanding open bookcase of tapered form with fixed shelves and boarded backs, 70 cm wide x 37 cm deep x 192 cm in height 100-120
1365.   A 19th century country made oak bar back open elbow chairs with solid seat, shaped arm and square cut supports, together with a floorstanding cantilever sewing box, copper coal scuttle, chamberstick and jug, three oriental pictures, a lacquered tray and a door stop (10) 40-60
1366.   A Victorian mahogany whatnot with three rectangular tiers raised on barley twist supports together with a copper and brass coal scuttle, brass fender with pierced grill and a sprung door bell (4) 40-60
1367.   An Arts & Crafts slim oak students type bureau bookcase partially enclosed by a glazed panelled door and fall flap enclosing a simply fitted interior over open shelves 100-120
1368.   A 19th century mahogany linen press, the upper section enclosed by a pair of raised arched panelled doors with well matched veneers, the interior fitted with four tray slides over a chest fitted with two short over two long drawers raised on turned feet 150-250
1369.   A 19th century mahogany bank of lockers, freestanding and enclosed by a side by side arrangement of twelve compartments with hinged fall fronts and full length door strip locking mechanisms and raised on turned supports, 171 cm wide x 40 cm deep x 182 cm high 200-300
1370.   Two similar wicker linen baskets of rectangular form with cushioned leather rims and rope twist carrying handles (in the form of small air balloon baskets) 76 cm long x 54 cm wide x 71 cm in height 60-80
1371.   A small Georgian style mahogany low side cupboard in two sections, the upper section enclosed by a pair of rectangular moulded panelled doors with shelved interior and decorative exposed brass hinges, recessed over a chest of three long drawers raised on bracket supports, 65 cm wide x 45 cm deep x 100 cm high 80-120
1372.   A vintage coach built pram, labelled The London Baby Coach with painted finish, sprung frame and wire spoke wheels with hard rubber tyres 40-60
1373.   A pair of contemporary Nordic style London mirror topped occasional tables of circular form with foliate detail and gilt painted metal frames, raised on three wooden legs with further gilt painted finish 60-80
1374.   A 'Rex' folding lounge chair designed by Niko Kralj, the beechwood frame with pierced slatted seat, back and moulded plywood arms 100-150
1375.   A vintage wicker cone shaped chair, raised on splayed metal legs 40-60
1381.   A Persian wool carpet with red field with repeating geometric and abstract floral detail within alternating running borders, 310 x 220 120-150
1382.   A Persian wool work runner with salmon pink ground, geometric detail and set within running borders (with damage) 370 x 100 cm 60-80
1383.   Small Persian wool rug, black field and further amber and burgundy colourways on a geometric ground, 130 x 80 cm 20-30
1384.   A Persian wool rug with blue field, geometric lozenge shaped panels and set within alternating running borders, 200 x 150 cm 80-100
1385.   Three rugs in a Persian style, 170 x 120 cm and smaller 30-50
1386.   A large wool carpet in pastel shades, the central panel supporting repeating geometric detail within a cream border with further repeating decoration, 4 metres x 2' metres 90 200-250
1387.   A Turkey wool rug with pastel shades, salmon pink ground, overlaid with abstract and geometric panels, 230 x 160 cm 60-80
1388.   Kelim runner with geometric patterns upon dark shades, 190 x 62 cm 40-60
1389.   A red ground wool rug with medallion centres, further abstract floral detail and set within repeating running borders, 300 x 200 cm 100-120
1390.   A Persian wool chain stitch rug with red ground field and four blue ground panels within repeating geometric borders, 200 x 150 cm 80-100
1391.   Persian wool rug with alternating burgundy pink banded detail within similar repeating running borders, 170 x 90 cm 40-60
1392.   Small Eastern prayer rug with beige field and within alternating borders, 100 x 60 cm, a similar example (2) 100-120
1393.   Bokhara wool rug with pink field, repeating, geometric decoration set within geometric running borders, 220 x 140 cm 80-100
1394.   Kelim runner decorated in relief in reds upon a blue ground, 247 x 63 cm 40-60
1395.   Full pile hand woven Persian Bakta carpet, traditional decoration, red ground, 320 x 210 cm 300-500
1396.   An unusually narrow runner wool and in the Persian style, the red ground with repeating black geometric detail, 140 x 40 cm 30-40
1397.   A red ground Afghan runner with geometric detail within repeating borders of unusual size, 380 long x 100 cm width 200-300
1398.   A blue ground wool rug, the blue field with repeating geometric detail within triple repeating borders, 130 x 83 cm 40-60
1399.   A Chinese wool rug with pink field overlaid principally in a blue colourway with repeating floral panel around a central and circular medallion, 200 x 130 cm 40-60
1400.   A Kelim rug with various dark shades upon a fawn ground, 125 x 85 cm 40-60
1401.   An English wool carpet in the Persian style, the central burnt red field detailing repeating floral sprays within a further border of flowers and repetitive geometric detail, 260 x 190 cm 150-200
1402.   An Afghan red ground rug with repeating medallion detail within running borders, 150 x 98 cm approx 40-60
1403.   Two very small Kelim flat weave rugs/wall hangings, both with geometric detail, 85 x 60 cm, the other, smaller 30-50
1404.   A red ground Persian rug with central medallion and further geometric detail within running borders, 210 x 130 cm 60-80
1405.   Kelim rug with bright colours upon a sky blue ground, 103 x 96 cm 40-60
1406.   Kelim runner decorated with geometric dark shades upon a brown ground, 295 x 80 cm 60-100
1407.   Persian carpet decorated with various scrolled foliage in red running borders upon a cream ground, 340 x 220 cm 60-100
1408.   Massive country house carpet decorated with various scrolled decoration upon a dark ground, 550 x 380 cm 100-200
1409.   An Eastern wool rug principally in a blue and red colourway with repeating lozenge shaped panels within repeating geometric borders, 120 x 110 cm 40-60
1410.   A red ground rug with triple medallion centre within geometric running borders, 130 x 85 cm 40-60
1411.   A Turkey wool rug in pastel shades with geometric panels and with repeating borders, 210 x 120 60-80
1412.   A Chinese blue ground rug with floral panels within a white ground repeating running border, 260 x 80 cm 60-80
1413.   A Kelim runner decorated in relief with red relief decoration upon a navy blue ground, 240 x 60 cm 40-60
1414.   A Kelim runner with repeating geometric detail, 190 x 100 cm 40-60
1415.   A red ground Persian rug with central medallion and further abstract floral detail within running borders, 220 x 140 cm 80-100
1416.   An Afghan wool rug with octagonal medallion panels within running borders and a further rug principally in red and black colourway with multiple medallion panels within running borders, the largest 200 x 130 cm 60-80
1417.   An Eastern wool rug, the central field overlaid with multiple floral detail within further floral alternating borders, 270 x 180 cm 80-100
1418.   A Kelim rug with geometric decoration upon a blue ground, 150 x 100 cm 50-80
1419.   An Eastern wool rug, the central field with floral detail set within geometric and alternating borders, 250 x 150 cm 60-80
1420.   A Turkey wool carpet principally on a blue field incorporating further medallion panels and set within running borders, 280 x 200 cm 60-80
1421.   Persian Kashmir carpet, woven panel decoration, ivory ground, 300 x 200 cm 200-250
1422.   An Afghan rug on a rust coloured ground, multi medallion centres, running borders, 220 x 130 cm 60-80
1423.   A colourful chain stitch rug/wall hanging, cream ground interspersed by a colourful multiple floral spray within repeating geometric border, 180 x 120 cm approx 60-100
1424.   A Kelim wool runner with bright repeating geometric detail, 240 x 80 cm 80-120
1425.   A flat weave Kelim runner with multi medallion centre within running borders, 200 x 60 cm 40-60
1451.   A pine longcase clock in the Georgian style, the hood with turned column supports including a broken arch dial and electronic movement 60-80
1452.   An early 19th century continental long case clock, the pine case with original grained and detailed finish, enclosing a convex enamelled dial within an embossed brass framework, 230cm high 120-140
1453.   A stripped and waxed Georgian pine hanging corner cupboard 40-60
1454.   A tower of 44 drawers with brass mounted handles, with oak veneered finish, 170cm x 90cm 450-500
1455.   A substantial 19th century continental mirror, the arched mirror plated with bevelled edge borders, with a carved and painted frame, with column fruit, acanthus, lion and other detail, 185cm x 115cm 180-200
1456.   An oak cabinet of full height in the arts and crafts manner, with embossed copper hinges, enclosed by a panelled timber door and a leaded light door, 109cm x 62cm 150-200
1457.   A Regency rosewood foldover top card table, raised on a tapering octagonal pillar and platform base 120-150
1458.   A 19th century ladies writing desk, English but in a Chinese style, enclosed by eight graduated and shallow drawers, together with a brush slide, with raised three quarter gallery back, set on four hairy lions paw feet, 93cm wide 200-300
1459.   A vintage oak and glass haberdashery cabinet enclosing 16 glass fronted drawers and four timber fronted doors in a side by side arrangement, 190cm x 92cm 300-400
1460.   19th century ebonised jardiniere table, the oval top raised on four shaped supports with under gallery, with applied brass detail, the detachable top revealing a tin liner, 65cm max 80-100
1461.   A good 19th century spelter figure, probably representing Charles i, with period costume and dress sword, raised on a circular base, 95cm high 350-400
1462.   A Victorian mahogany open bookcase, with four shelves, three adjustable, 121cm wide x 121cm high 80-120
1463.   A 19th century carved oak, X framed chair with lion mask, lion paw and repeating geometric detail 80-120
1464.   A 19th century mahogany writing table, raised on four tapered supports, with applied cast brass mounts, the frieze drawer with segmented interior, 21cm wide, together with a vintage library chair with original mid brown leather upholstery raised on square tapering supports (2)
1465.   A set of six oak elbow chairs in the Georgian style with carved and pierced splats, upholstered seats and square cut supports 80-100
1466.   A substantial buttoned Chesterfield sofa in a dark brown colourway, raised on turned supports, 2.5m long approx 400-600
1467.   A set of six late Regency mahogany dining chairs, with carved and scrolled splats, cresting rails and drop in seats on fluted supports 200-250
1468.   An Edwardian Bergere sofa in an 18th century manner with cane panelled back and sides, within lacquered and gilded chinoiserie framework, 170cm wide 150-200
1469.   A set of Indian veranda furniture, comprising two - two-seat sofas and two matching elbow chairs, all with turned timber frames and upholstered seats, with brightly finished traditional paint work 300-350
1470.   Mid-Victorian oak framed drawing room or library chair with carved detail 180-220
1471.   A substantial, good quality, oak free standing corner cupboard, enclosed by two pairs of panelled doors, fitted with four shelves, 245cm high x 140cm wide 100-150
1472.   A 17th century walnut elbow chair, the carved cresting rail with crown and cherub detail, spiral twist supports, cane work seat and back, the arms with acanthus scrolls 100-150
1473.   Taxidermy Interest - A good wall mounted stags head, set on an oak shield shaped frame, 82cm deep 150-250
1474.   An early 19th century settle, in mixed wood, the back with triple X shaped panels and further spindle mouldings, with scrolled arms and turned supports, 180cm 80-100
1475.   A Victorian mahogany pool table with fold over framework, complete with balls (composite) arch etc retailed by Gamage of Holborn, 90cm long when closed, 180cm when open 80-100
1476.   A late 19th century sofa, with scrolled arms on fluted supports 150-200
1477.   Early 18th century six plank coffer with steel lock plate and hasp and original hinges, 105cm max 250-300
1478.   A Georgian oak mule chest, the front elevation enclosed by three arched and fielded panels over two frieze drawers on short ogee supports, 145cm wide 100-120
1479.   A small Georgian mahogany partners desk, set beneath a red leather gilt tooled top, fitted with an arrangement of twelve drawers and two cupboards, 122cm long x 90cm deep 300-400
1479A.  A folio stand in the form of a ledger with folding mahogany frame and brass fittings 100-120
1480.   A primitive style barrel back chair (cut from a barrel) raised on four simple supports, together with a further similar occasional table, with circular top and under tier (also from a barrel) 100-120
1481.   A substantial early 19th century continental coffer with profusely carved panels, raised on lions paw feet, with repeating shell, acanthus and other detail, to the front elevation a mask and armorial crest, 142cm wide 100-150
1482.   An Edwardian mahogany partners writing desk in a Georgian manner, with inset dark leather top with gilt tooled border, fitted with an arrangement of twelve drawers and two cupboards, raised on bracket supports, with brass side handles, 184cm x 121cm 300-400
1483.   A pair of mid-Victorian period walnut and figured walnut pier cabinets with bird and scroll detail with additional brass mounts 400-500
1484.   An 18th century mahogany joint stool, with pegged frame, turned supports and rails, set beneath a plank top, together with another joint stool with scrubbed finish and carved detail 100-150
1485.   An 18th century oak side cupboard set beneath a panelled framework with carved frieze, 98cm wide x 127cm high 150-200
1486.   A small Georgian strong box, with brass handles, the top with carved running hare and foliate detail, 53cm wide 100-150
1487.   A small rustic Georgian cottage table, with plank top, raised on square cut supports, enclosing a frieze drawer 70-100
1488.   A substantial 18th century continental coffer in mixed woods, including walnut, with substantial steel lock plate, 145cm long 250-300
1489.   A small Georgian mahogany Pembroke table, raised on square tapered legs, the top with satinwood and other banded detail, enclosing one real and one dummy drawer, 76cm long, together with a further inlaid Edwardian occasional table (2) 80-120
1490.   A set of six Victorian walnut cameo back dining chairs with carved and moulded showwood frames, raised on cabriole supports 150-200
1491.   Two Victorian oak kneeling stands, with simple shaped outline (ex-Minchinhampton parish church) 60-80
1492.   A simple oak prayer rail (ex-Minchinhampton parish church) 180cm long
1493.   A substantial Victorian oak prayer or communion rail, the moulded top supported on turned spindles with platform base (ex-Minchinhampton parish church) 3m 20cm approx in length 120-150
1494.   A matched pair of Victorian ebonised pier cabinets, with amboyna wood inlay and traditional brass mounts, enclosed by glass 200-300
1495.   A pair of good quality fleur de lys iron work stands with oak bases and traces of original gilding 200-250
1496.   A mid-19th century papier mache serving tray with raised and shaped borders, to the centre a hand painted bouquet, in oils, raised on a later faux bamboo framework, 80cm wide 60-100
1497.   A continental bombe shaped commode, with repeating marquetry and other decoration, enclosing three drawers, 120cm wide 150-200
1498.   A small Georgian countrymade side table, fitted with a shallow frieze drawer, in mixed timbers on gun barrel supports, 73cm wide 60-80
1499.   A graduated set of five lacquered trays, with gilded detail, showing dragons, pearls, clouds, etc 40-60
1500.   A Georgian chest of three long and two short drawer, raised on bracket supports, with later panted finish and brass fittings, 90cm wide 60-80
1501.   An early 18th century oak side table enclosing a single frieze drawer, presented as two short drawers, raised on four bobbin supports, 91cm wide x 71cm high 200-250
1502.   A simple terracotta pot with loop handles and traces of original yellow ochre glazing and a further terracotta pot, together with a primitive and rustic stool, the simple plank top raised on three stick supports 100-150
1503.   NO LOT
1504.   An oak centre table of rectangular form, raised on four square cut supports, united by a central rail, with repeating geometric decoration, 120cm max
1505.   A Regency mahogany four tier watnot/buffet, raise on turned supports, the upper section half depth with scrolled supports, 69cm wide 170-200
1506.   A mahogany longcase clock with panelled framework, enclosing an arched and painted dial, with subsidiary calendar and secondary dials and eight day striking movement, Truscott - St Austell 60-80
1507.   A Regency mahogany music stand of adjustable height, raised on a tapering spiral twist column and tri-corn base, with brass candlesticks 120-150
1508.   An Edwardian mahogany elbow chair, with lyre shaped splat and carved frieze, bamboo woven seat on square tapered legs, together with a Georgian mahogany three tier washstand of square cut form, with later inset glass top and a towel rail (3)
1509.   A Georgian mahogany side table, fitted with a single frieze drawer, on square moulded supports 60-80
1510.   A small table top cabinet, enclosed by two glazed panelled doors, with painted interior, 63 cm wide 40-60
1511.   Two American chests of drawers, bit with serpentine outline, fitted with an arrangement of long and short drawers, with oval brass plate handles, raised on bracket supports 80-100
1512.   An 18th century oak writing slope, the front panel with repeating geometric detail, the rising lid with butterfly hinges, revealing a simply fitted interior of two frieze drawers, 57cm wide 100-120
1513.   A Georgian oak gateleg dining table on turned supports, with a single frieze drawer 40-60
1514.   A Georgian mahogany wine cooler of oval form, brass banded with lion marks and ring handles, raised on square tapered legs with brass cup castors 250-300
1515.   A Georgian mahogany chest of three long and two short graduated drawers, on bracket supports, with heavy brass plate handles, 94cm wide 80-120
1516.   19th century Chinese, carved hardwood jardiniere stand, set on four shaped supports, with profusely carved detail of birds, prunus blossom, lions etc, set beneath a circular marble top 250-300
1517.   A set of four good quality, Chinese hardwood occasional tables of graduated form, with carved and pierced trailing floral friezes, on simulated bamboo supports, 40cm wide and smaller 200-250
1518.   A Victorian oak hall table of narrow rectangular form with heavily carved detail, including mask, acanthus and other works, set beneath a raised back incorporating a side drawer, 120cm long 200-250
1519.   A pair of unusual occasional tables of rectangular form, overlaid in beaten copper, with repeating and scrolling floral decoration, on turned and tapering supports, united by a shaped under gallery, 75cm x 40cm 100-150
1520.   An inlaid Edwardian mahogany envelope card table, fitted with a frieze drawer, raised on square tapering supports, with satinwood and other string inlay detail 80-100
1521.   Regency mahogany secretaire bookcase, the base enclosed by four drawers, with fitted interior beneath a pair of astragal glazed doors 40-60
1522.   A torchere, the circular top raised on a turned column and tripod base 80-120
1523.   A Chinese hardwood travel trunk with brass fittings, 95cm wide
1524.   A 19th century continental mahogany secretaire abattant, the fall flap revealing a fitted interior of drawers, pigeon holes and central cupboard, with column supports, detailing snakes, with cushion moulded drawer and three further drawers, set within canted sides, 110cm wide 80-120
1525.   An old English oak settle with box base, raised back with scrolled supports, with repeating geometric, green man and other character detail, 130cm wide 150-200
1526.   A Georgian mahogany childs chair with carved and pierced splat and upholstered seat on square cut supports, united by an H shaped rail
1527.   A Georgian mahogany drop leaf breakfast Pembroke table, raised on a turned pillar and four moulded and swept supports, with brass cut castors 80-100
1528.   A pair of Regency beechwood elbow chairs, with painted finish, the lattice work backs over cane panelled seats, raised on square tapering supports 150-200
1529.   A Georgian style mahogany twin pillar dining table, raised on turned columns and swept supports
1530.    A small Victorian mahogany wall mounted cabinet with glazed front and sides, set beneath a spindle moulded gallery together with a 19th century mahogany stool of square cut form, raised on four turned splayed supports, set beneath a green leather top, 52cm high 120-140
1531.   A Victorian mahogany extending dining table, with two additional leaves, within a moulded border, raised on four fluted supports, to seat ten, 235cm long max 200-250
1532.   A mid-19th century mahogany adjustable day bed, raised on six turned supports, with large brass wheeled castors, with caned frame and additional buttoned leather loose cushion 400-500
1533.   A Queen Anne style centre stool, with shaped and scalloped outline, raised on cabriole supports, with shell carved knees and hand worked floral tapestry top 50-80
1534.   A good quality Edwardian mahogany drawing chair, the showwood frame with satinwood, string and other inlaid detail, raised on square tapered legs with spade feet 60-80
1535.   A Regency mahogany drawing room chair, raised on a X shaped frame, with scrolled arms and back, upholstered framework and arm pads 150-200
1536.   A mid-Victorian mahogany, six drawer library table, with inset leather top, raised on fluted supports, 150cm wide 350-400
1537.   A set of eight Regency mahogany dining chairs, with spade backs, carved and pierced splats, drop in seats and raised on turned supports 200-300
1538.   An antique bronze cauldron, with loop handles, 30cm diameter 180-200
1539.   A well carved hardwood boss, in the form of a lions mask, 50cm wide 200-250
1540.   A Georgian oak side cupboard, probably Welsh, the lower section enclosed by an arrangement of five drawers, the upper enclosed by a pair of panelled doors beneath a moulded frieze, 130cm wide x 160cm high 200-250
1541.   A good quality continental rippled ash wardrobe with shaped and moulded front, enclosed by two doors and set beneath a carved floral and ribboned pediment, the interior maple lined, 120cm wide x 225cm high (the successful purchaser has the option to purchase the following lot at the same unit/hammer price) 60-80
1542.   A good quality continental rippled ash wardrobe with shaped and moulded front, enclosed by two doors and set beneath a carved floral and ribboned pediment, the interior maple lined, 120cm wide x 225cm high 60-80
1543.   A substantial Edwardian mahogany triple wardrobe, the central section of bow-fronted outline, fitted with an arrangement of four drawers and a central cupboard, fitted with shelves, flanked by two mirror panelled doors of full height, beneath a dentil frieze stamped - Philips of Bristol, 210cm wide
1544.   Ten sheets of Lincrusta Dado panels, with repeating embossed art nouveau detail, never hung, each panel 100cm x 60cm 200-250
1545.   A mid-19th century oak six drawer writing or library table, with inset leather top, raised on four wrythen, fluted and tapering supports, 150cm wide 300-350
1546.   An Edwardian plaster life size, bust study of a young boy, with collared shirt (probably a choir boy) with painted finish, 57cm high 60-80
1547.   A decorative dressing table mirror with easel back, the oval mirror plates partially set within a carved and gilded draped frame, with acanthus supports, c.1930, together with ebonised finish, overlaid with repeating trailing fruiting vine detail, 88 cm wide 200-250
1548.   A 19th century north country mahogany house keepers cupboard, enclosed by an arrangement of seven drawers and central cupboard, the upper section enclosed by two glazed panelled doors, further side drawers, set on bun feet, 190cm wide 250-350
1549.   19th century fruitwood bench or form on four stick supports 100-120
1550.   A mid-Victorian period figured walnut Duchess dressing table, the shaped top raised on turned and fluted forelegs, supporting an arched mirror, further drawers and alcoves, 125cm wide 120-150
1551.   A Georgian oak bureau, fitted with two long, two medium and three shallow drawers, raised on bracket supports, raised on bracket supports, the fall flap enclosing a stepped interior of drawers and pigeon holes, 95cm wide 60-80
1552.   A late 19th century mahogany kneehole writing desk in the Georgian style fitted with eleven drawers, the recessed cupboard enclosed by two panelled doors with vertical foliate dividers, with inset top, 110cm wide 60-80
1553.   A Regency mahogany side table, with three quarter gallery, over an arrangement of five drawers and central arched raised on wrythen fluted supports, with brass lion mask and ring handles, stamped M & A Khan, Fine Art Dealers, 21 & 28 Clare Street Dublin, 125cm wide 200-250
1554.   An early 19th century mahogany sideboard, the bow-fronted centre enclosing a single frieze drawer, flanked by further cupboards and drawers, crossbanded in satinwood, boxwood and ebony stringing, raised on square tapered supports with spade feet and brass rail back, 214cm wide 100-120
1555.   A Regency mahogany ladies drop leaf sewing or work table enclosing two real and two dummy drawers, raised on a turned and fluted column with platform and four sabre leg supports 150-200
1556.   A good quality Victorian rosewood bookcase, enclosed by two astragal glazed panelled doors, within reeded columns, set beneath a dentil frieze, enclosing three adjustable shelves, 90cm wide 300-350
1557.   A small Georgian oak low boy, with three drawers around a central kneehole on square moulded supports 60-80
1558.   18th century Countrymade walnut and pine chest of three long and two short drawers with herringbone borders, brass pear drop handles and raised on bracket supports, 100cm wide 150-200
1559.   A Georgian oak gateleg table, on turned supports, enclosing a frieze drawer, 104cm long
1560.   An early 19th century oak and crossbanded bedroom chest of four long graduated drawers with kite shaped escutcheon's and bracket supports, 101 cm wide 50-80
1561.   An 18th century oak side table, raised on four turned supports, enclosing a frieze drawer, beneath a plank top, 105cm x 40cm 60-80
1562.   A Georgian oak chest of three long and two short graduated drawers, with brass plate handles raised on bracket supports, 97cm wide 60-80
1563.   An old English oak buffet, the lower section enclosed by two doors with repeating carved floral and geometric detail, with raised back and column supports, 130cm wide 60-80
1564.   A small 18th century oak cupboard enclosed by a single fielded panelled door, 39cm wide 60-80
1565.   A 19th century polished brass music stool, the rising seat upholstered in buttoned leather in a pale green colourway 100-120
1566.   A Georgian oak chest, with panelled framework and sloping lid, 75cm 60-80
1567.   late 17th century oak coffer, with repeating carved detail, 121cm wide 200-300
1568.   A Georgian mahogany tray top commode, the front elevation enclosed by a cupboard and a single drawer, disguised as two 60-80
1569.   A late Regency/William IV rosewood sliding top Davenport, the base fitted with four real and four dummy drawers, within a panelled framework, the rising lid inset with leather and enclosing a simply fitted interior of four drawers, with raised three quarter brass gallery 200-250
1570.   A substantial Victorian mahogany cheval glass, the base with scalloped outline, the mirror supported on a pair of octagonal tapering supports, 120cm wide 200-250
1571.   A Georgian mahogany Pembroke breakfast table, raised on a turned pillar and four moulded and swept supports, with acanthus and other detail 60-80
1572.   An 18th century walnut writing bureau, the front elevation enclosed by two long and two short drawers, the fall flap enclosing a fitted interior of drawers, pigeon holes and central cupboard, with crossbanded and chevron banded detail 150-200
1573.   A Georgian mahogany chest on chest, the lower section fitted with three long drawers, the upper section with three long and two short drawer, with reeded and canted corners with brass fittings, on bracket feet, 103cm wide 250-300
1574.   An early 19th century mahogany Channel Islands linen press, the lower section fitted with three long drawers, the upper section enclosed by a pair of doors, with well matched flame veneers, enclosing four open slides beneath a moulded pediment with further string inlay detail, original cast brass ring handles, 140cm wide 500-700
1575.   A substantial Victorian oak and steel banded silver chest, with Chubb lock, 97cm wide 100-150
1576.   A Cotswold school oak occasional table, the rectangular top with drop leaves, raised on four chamfered supports, the stretchers of hay cart form, with further chamfered detail, 70cm long 200-220
1577.   A substantial mahogany breakfast table, the rectangular top raised on a turned pillar platform and four swept and reeded supports, with brass cup castors, to seat six, 160cm x 130cm approx 200-250
1578.   A Georgian mahogany breakfast table, the rectangular top raised on a turned column and swept quadruped base, 100cm x 90cm 100-150
1579.   A Victorian walnut and figured walnut secretaire Wellington chest, enclosed by six graduated drawers (disguised as seven) with usual central locking system, the secretaire fitted with an arrangement of drawers and pigeon holes, 60cm wide 300-400
1580.   A 19th century Indian wall shelf, with original painted detail, showing arches and repeating floral and geometric detail, within a shaped outline 250-300
1581.   A Georgian oak hanging robe, enclosed by two panelled doors, each enclosing three rectangular panels with well matched veneers with additional string inlay detail, raised on an open and swept base with partially fitted interior 150-200
1582.   A pair of substantial cast torcheres or lamp standards on tricorn bases, with hoof supports and overall decorated finish, 180cm 100-150
1583.   A Georgian mahogany Pembroke breakfast table with drop leaves, single frieze drawer, raised on a vase shaped pillar and reeded quadruped base 40-60
1584.   An Art Deco walnut veneered display cabinet, freestanding and enclosed by bevelled edge glazed panels and single side opening door, raised on a base, partially enclosed by a cupboard with well matched veneers, scrolled detail and shaped supports, approx 4ft long x 45 cm deep x 175 cm in height approx 400-500
1585.   An 18th century fruitwood elbow chair, the panelled back set beneath a carved and arched frieze, with scrolled arms and enclosed box base 80-100
1586.   A hand painted scale model of a Spitfire (with engine) wing span, 165cm x 135cm prop to tail approx 200-250
1587.   A hand painted scale model of a Messerschmitt (with engine) wing span 160cm x 130cm prop to tail approx 140-160