October 2016 Sale Report


So, what do you keep in your sock drawer (besides the obvious) and forget about for more than twenty five years?  Usually not a 17th century purse with finely hand worked floral panels, thatís for sure.   Found in fine condition, due in part no doubt to its forgotten existence, and beautifully worked in around 1680 with flowers and moss.  The small receptacle attracted much interest and curiosity, selling after a heated battle to an Italian buyer for £2,400.  The story continues: a different client to the rooms, on clearing a disused cupboard, came across three small Buddhas, gold in colour and, she believed, Chinese.  However research revealed them to be North Thai figures of the Buddha Shakyamuni and two were indeed in gold, albeit of very thin construction, the third in embossed brass;  the three totalled £2,800.   It was that sort of sale, with wide and varied lots creating wide and varied interest throughout the fifteen hundred lot two day event.

Jewellery prices were extremely high throughout, and included a Victorian diamond ring of oval form at £2,000, a Victorian bypass bangle set with diamonds at £2,400, a triple strand pearl necklace £1,300.  Other rings realised £900, £780, £620, etc.  Watches, including an 18ct half hunter pocket watch, realised £900, and another one £740.  Gold coins find ready buyers;  including  a George II two guinea piece dating from 1738 at £1,700.

A pair of good quality oval marble panels with classical gilt mounts sold at £980 and a collection of log books concerning Flt Lieutenant Strong, a World War Two test pilot who flew both Spitfires and Hurricanes, sold at £600.  Further miscellaneous items included a collection of Hornby OO gauge railway effects which was found to contain a rare Southern Region engine which sold at £650.  A ten air cylinder music box made £600, and a Corgi gift set number 41 comprising a car transporter and six cars in its original box, sold at £550.  A collection of Annabelinda and Jean Muir vintage clothing made £850.

Amongst the pictures, a watercolour by Sir William Russell Flint showing a coastal view of Ostend, with full artist provenance and further inscriptions to the reverse sold at £6,200.  A Breeches bible printed in 1585 and a further example printed in 1599, made a total of £980.  A pair of French silver etched glass claret jugs made £1,450.

Furniture prices seemed to be on the rise and a near total clear out of the five hundred or so lots was achieved.

The two concluding sales of the year are to be held on the 22nd and 23rd November and will include two interesting deceased estates from the Bristol area and an exceptional collection of late oil/early electric/gas lighting by the acclaimed maker Benson.   All entries to be received by November 4th.  The field will then be clear for the now famous Christmas sale, to be held on the 29th and 30th December.  With most of the country on holiday and virtually no other sales to be found anywhere in the land, a high turn out of eager buyers often results in exceptional prices paid for items entered into that auction.  Entries close for this sale by December 9th.                  


Lot 341 - Sold for £1,450

Lot 345 - Sold for £2,400

Lot 802 - Sold for £6,200