October 2018 Sale Report



Following another large, varied and very successful auction at Wotton-under-Edge, some 3,500 lots have now gone under the hammer in the past two sales.

Getting the sale off to a flying start was a large private collection of Wemyss ware, first produced in 1882, in Fife, Scotland by pottery owner Robert Heron and decorated by Karel Nekola, a Czech painter.  The Wemyss family, the owners of Wemyss castle became important patrons and the pottery thrived.  Never cheap, it was retailed by Thomas Goode in London. The pottery was soft and prone to damage and has a very strong following today especially when in good condition.  It is rare for such a large and important collection to come onto the market and it was a privilege to have been favoured with instructions to handle it. The most common Wemyss pattern is the cabbage rose, a billowing pink rose nestling in wide green leaves. Several examples could be found here, but titles such as Iris, apple, black cockerel and hen, greengage, foxglove, thistle, geese, cow, rabbits, sweet pea, etc give you an idea of the range of patterns, painted on mugs, plates, vases, jugs, preserve pots and trays. With eager collectors in the room, telephone bids and international interest, each and every one of the hundred and twenty two lots found buyers and, taking almost two hours to sell, the collection totalled £24,000.

The next special section cannot have been more different and again caused huge interest. During the course of a clearance we began to find and group together a quantity of vintage denim clothing, Leviís, Lee etc, not so interesting, you might have thought.  However, the collection dated from around 1955 to the 1970s and had never been worn, carrying original labels and often in the retail bags in which they were carried home.  Prices were nothing if not remarkable, for instance a Levi type II 507 jacket from the 1955/1962 period sold at £500.  While two pairs of Levi 501 jeans 1955/1962 period made £780 and two pairs of Levi 501 jeans made a further £600.  It is unlikely that such a collection will appear on the open market again, the sixteen lots of denim sold for a total of £5,230.

The highest individual price of the sale was taken for an oil painting found in the attic of a property near Stroud, it was a curious work simply the study of the back of a womanís head, not signed but attributed to the circle of Frederick, Lord Leighton (1830-1896).  Whilst many liked the painting it was indeed a difficult one to value. Two bidders in particular decided it was probably by his hand, albeit a minor work, and it soared to a selling price of £7,500.

Other prices achieved included a matched pair of Georgian silver candelabra £1,550, a collection of Georgian and later silver Kings pattern flatware £1,450. A Victorian seven piece tea set by Robert Hennell dated 1876 made £1,600.  The silver section saw just about every lot sold, so too the jewellery which included a French diamond marcasite ring at £1,000.

A collection of 19th century ivory carvings totalled £7,500, eight small Victorian leaded light panels probably removed from a Victorian porch made £1,450 and a good 18th century oak dresser and plate rack £1,300.

Returning to the textiles section, a small quantity of World War 1 officersí apparel, all Rifle Brigade and in remarkably good condition sold well.  Three uniform jackets sold for £1,650, while three capes made by Burberry also sold for £1,650.  These, together with leather boots, shirts etc, totalled a little over £3,500.  The entire textile collection of eighty or so lots sold for a little over £15,000.

The next sale will be held on November 20/21st and will include a large toy selection of probably around three hundred lots, including the Fosbrook collection of continental railway effects and a remarkable collection of Britainís lead soldiers, World War II vehicles, tin plate and other toys, which have been packed and crated since 1954, never having seen the light of day.  They are generally in remarkable condition and in most cases enclosed within their original packaging.  This will be followed by a collection of bisque dolls. 

The picture section is forming well, and we have already consigned a collection of 20th century and post war art, to include Beryl Cook, Kefyn Williams, John Bratby, so too the jewellery and we have just been consigned an interesting collection of early framed English County maps, so this is likely to be another very busy and interesting auction.


Large collection of Wemyss ware - £24,000

Large collection of vintage denim ware £5,230

After Frederick, Lord Leighton £7,500

Large 19th century Chinese porcelain vase