July 2018 Sale Report



With the very hot weather continuing throughout July and the holiday season getting underway, one could easily be forgiven for predicting firstly that the saleroom would be empty of lots, and secondly lacking in buyers this month.  However, a continuing stream of probate instructions provided a strong back bone to this sale, and with a good quality mid 20th century furniture section included within the auction, a good overall result was produced.


Amongst the 20th century design an I.B.Arberg parrot chair sold for £540, a Bauhaus dining table purchased from Heals in 1932  sold at £840 and a set of six 1950s Hans Wegner stacking heart shaped chairs made £1,550.  This section is likely to become a stand-alone specialist area in a number of auctions here next year.


A 1977 Land Rover 88 inch wheel base model, not MOT’d, roadworthy or run for around thirteen years, sold for £1,550 as a long term restoration project.


Garden effects have now almost run their course for the season, however a pair of stone lions in the Canova style sold for £1,750 and virtually every lot of garden ware also sold.  This section has become a very successful part of each sale over the past four months or so, and is an area we expect to expand next spring.


The best of the antique furniture was a good large Victorian gothic centre stool in rosewood with an upholstered top.  Coming to us from a local and large country house, it sold for £1,050.  A small collection of Chinese porcelain including a hexagonal jardinière, five 18th century tankards, a further ewer, and a punch bowl totalled £1,550.  Jewellery once again met with strong interest and a black dot paste necklace with gold backing sold for £1,100 and a single Stuart period cuff link with gilt inlaid detail made £520.


The next sale in August is already filling quickly, while work continues on sorting the contents of a most interesting property near Stroud,  which will be included in the September sale.  These include a good collection of 19th century and later jewellery (which is already catalogued and can be viewed online now), together with a large amount of silver found in two strong boxes and packed prior to World War Two.  A quantity of Heals and Howard furniture will also be entered for sale from this property.  A collection of gold and silver coins have also  been found and even a collection of over twenty never worn vintage Levi jeans, still in their original packaging and bought, we think, in the 1970s/80’s.  Every drawer and cupboard in the property is giving up items of interest and value, which should make for an exciting auction.



LOT 1000 - £1,550

LOT 1547 - £1,050

LOT 1088 - £1,750